Mukhriz Mahathir does not want to debate Khairy because (1) party elections are internal matters (2)Opposition will spin something out of the debate.

I believe No (2) will happen even more now that Mukriz shows his reluctance to debate Khairy.

Or are there any other fears as noted by this blogger in The STAR.  Ranunasalam refers his post to Mahathir Mohamad, Mukriz’s dad: (source: Tun Mahathir – why should Mukhriz Mahathir be made the next UMNO Youth President? )

I presume you have advised him not to debate Khairy because it will clearly show how Mukhriz is
1/ Ignorant of the issues that affect UMNO and how to respond with clarity
2/ Afraid he will be seen less articulate than Khairy
3/ Will clearly come out as second in the two-horse race if allowed to debate.

Why don’t you ask your son to stand on his own two feet instead of using your support to make inroads in UMNO, and more importantly stop influencing his progress in the next Youth elections?

And please don’t state you have no part to play in Mukhriz’s attempt in gaining the Youth Presidency – which father would sit on the sidelines and watch his son play without even a slightest hint of cheer.

I just hope you pratice what you preach and no money or back-scratching has taken place in getting Mukhriz elected to the position.

I would like to read your next blog on why you think Mukhriz is eligible to stand as UMNO Youth President. Given you were “free” with your comments on why PM Abdullah should step down as UMNO President, it’s only important that the public know from you why you think your son should be the next Youth Pres.

Please don’t dissapoint me by not writing about this…

I believe Khairy is gleefully watching all this while he prepares for his debate with x-Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo.

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  1. lanwm says:

    come on lah just accept the debate mukhriz

  2. I have yet to see any of our leader equal to the least of Singapore cabinet minister. At best, they are just a gallimaufry of noisome blatherers and malefactoring characters. The debate will reveal their true character.

    As usual, the old fox is cunning enough to discourage his son to be involved in the debate as it will give a hint of his stupidity.

  3. Moonrider says:

    Mukriz is favourite to win the pemuda with strong support , so he will not debate , just like ong tee keat .. no guts …

    For underdogs like khairy and toyo , they have no choice .. but using the opps to win back the votes..

  4. Kolonel S.M. Mutusamy says:

    Mahathir “Machiavellian” Mohamad is Malaysia’s greatest manipulator.

    During the 2008 GE, he declared that unlike other PMs and politicians, he never lend “any hand” to his offspring when in power (referring to Mukriz Mahathir) when asked by reporters whether he was campaigning for his son, Mukriz Mahathir for Mpship. The inversion is true – that the original truth is that he really want to ensure Mukriz as PM after Najib.

    Before the UMNO Youth Party President nomination kicks-off, again, Mahathir ‘s played a psychological contrivance – predicting the unassailable winner is undoubtedly Kera Jamaluddin when now -the inversion is true – that Mukriz is
    far leading.

    We have lived in the years of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for years – mauraded the independence of the judiciary, used the police and the ACA as his personal tools to persecute his enemies and how he deployed another of his offspring -marina Mahathir to neutralize the hard-hitters in cyberspace to his (Mahathir’s) favor like Bernard Khoo a.k.a. Zorro, multiple-personalities cyber-prostitute like Ktemoc (one probably live the life of an “eminent” journalist, another prostituting for Marina Mahathir).

    Now, take a look at Rocky Bru. You know the answer. The only one who dares to speak against Mahathir is Susan Loone.

    Even RPK was like a lamb whenever mahathir is concerned. discovered Did he make a noise when Mahathir was implicated in the Linggamtape scandal?

    Ensure this- my peace loving Malaysians – Do not let Mahahtir and his bloodline return to the PMhood in Mahathir dynasty again.

    Kera Jamaludin is not an evil man. I read his eyes. Politics is like a “ball-game” but the casual usage of the ISA, police and ACA as your subservient “dogs” to persecute your enemies is not!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you hear me you f*g idiots? I mean, promise?

    (Retired) Kolonel S.M. Mutusamy
    Tentera Udara Di Malaysia

  5. delcapo says:

    honestly… i dun give a toss who is debating who … it’s bloody UMNO Youth…. all shiok sendiri thinking anyone but themselves wanna hear the bullshit they spit…

    ultimately, it’s about $$ anyway…. that’s the real UMNO deal… hahahahaha

    i’m wif Mukritz on this… let them go kill each other =]

  6. Kopi Anan says:

    Just like Anwar Ibrahim who loves to debate and at the end of the day, say, 16th September, 2008 he failed miserably to take over the government.

    Likewise, this Oxon chappie, KJ, from Rembau may be able to twist and turn Philosophy, Politics and Economics but may suffer the same fate as Anwar Ibrahim, in KJ’ s case, to win the seat of Ketua Pemuda.

    In Malaysian feudal politics, it is good to have aristocrats and ex-PM as fathers or father-in-law.

  7. Batu Ferringhi says:

    22 years under Mahathir and probably another 22 years under his cronies… macamana Malaysia bolih progress?

  8. jit Singh says:

    It is not necessary to debate for he has got the most nominations.One who has got the least and thinks that he will lose the battle he will use all kinds of ways to belittle the winner.Thus if i know i can win why should i debate and give my opposer a chance. That means i am digging my own grave,

  9. wandererAUS says:

    Time is not on the side with mamak kutty. He has knocked off flip flop and the passage is now clear to jack up his ‘little baby’. It is obvious, he is the silent mover for baby’s climb the ladder of power.
    Where has Mukriz got the balls to debate Khairy, playing safe and leaving all the immoral moves to the master mind of dirty politics to the old dog.
    This UMNO’s politics…the commoners fed with juicy cherries, while the powerful build their dynasty.
    Quality aspiring leaders take back seat to the privileged few.

  10. Markky says:

    Mukhriz is riding on his father. That’s why no debate. On his own he is just lost.

  11. apapunboleh says:

    Mukhriz still needs daddy to protect him, a coward on the rise….

    Daddy? where’s my daddy, those bad people wants to debate with me…..i want my daddy…..

  12. Douglas Moore says:

    Before the likes of Monsterball attack me(haha) for promoting true-democracy via American culturalism, I take this opportunity to give Mukriz Mahathir a “nay” for bowing out from a needed debate on the whatever pretexts that is his and his sweet daddy’s Pandora’s box.

    This is what Dr. Azly Rahman, an eminent philosopher residing in US said about the neccesity of debate :-

    Extracts from Dr. Azly Rahman

    Links below (footer)

    “We are having an elections at the time when America is having hers too. We should take this opportunity to emulate what is good from the world’s most advanced liberal democracy. We must learn how they debate on election issues. It will be an exciting and education moment not only for the but also for the nation.” -Dr. Azly Rahman

    “In debates, not just charisma will be a plus, but wit, intelligence, and good arguments that appeal to the audience count as well. Candidates will be given the chance to be scrutinized on all these qualities. My view is that if a candidate is ready to be nominated, he/she is ready to make a stand on issues and articulate them to the constituents. Only then we will know how to differentiate between street politicians and budding statesmen.”

    “In a debate, it is the appeal to reason, more than to emotions that will ultimately count. The outcome is how these candidates will best present the assets and liabilities of taking this or that stand.”

  13. youthattack says:

    no.i just cant take it anylonger.i dont want Malaysia to be ruled by Mahathir cronies.Mahahathir had his share of governing the country for the past 22 years.if Malaysia gonna be ruled by his cronies,then it’s quite the same as like Mahathir governing Malaysia.the only difference is he’s not in the PM seat.

  14. carmanio says:

    if dr m was/is biased, muk wld’ve been youth chief ages ago. dr m was pm/president for >20 yrs lah.

    why only now? i am with dr m on this.

  15. freewave says:

    Mukhriz, Khairy whoever wins, the rakyat still lose.

  16. wandererAUS says:

    Perhaps, Mukriz with participate in this debate, if he is wired to his daddy behind the curtain and guide him all the way. “A puppet in action”
    Sadly, UMNO empire belongs to a privileged few!

  17. Benjamin Sim says:

    10 years ago, when I registered my daughter for standard 1, I was forced to pay “coffee money” inorder to be registered. Thanks to Mahathir, the country has gone to the dogs. My business span from Europe to North America and the feedbacks was Malaysia do not command any respect from countries. Just look at the news channels around the world. The news channels dont even carry news about our KLSE index on a daily basis. Corruption is a every level because we kept giving the BN 2/3 majority. Even my families has since left Malaysia, I still keep abreast of what is happening and I beleive it is time for a total change irregardless BN or PKR!

  18. Anonymous says:

    the truth is, many politicians are script readers…
    lousy debators….worse than Palin perhaps….

    there are just too many sons/daughters/inlaws of somebody….
    we need new blood to resurrect the nation in distress!

  19. jrajster says:

    Mukhriz does not have the wits and charisma of Khairy. And at any one time Khairy can easily outclass. Mukhriz knows that very well. But I wish Mukhriz becomes the next Youth Chief for 2 reasons.

    1. Khairy needs to be taught and humbled
    2. Mukhriz doesn’t have the charisma to motivate youth in Umno that could indirectly help the degeneration process of Umno which will be good for the country.

  20. jiranpp says:

    to hell with who wins or who loose, most important is PR sink b end the sooner the better. DSAI take your time i still have faith in u. gohead fight the evil till the last drop.

  21. Anonymous says:

    the same bunch of crooks

  22. Anonymous says:

    wake up don’t you see our country is in ICU. stop sucking the raayat money

  23. jan says:

    Mukhriz wouldn’t debate because it could give Khairy a chance to shake TDM’s closet and you know what’s inside that closet.

  24. Dab says:

    Its a strategy… If you’re already ahead with big lead, why fall into the trap made by your competitor.. KJ is a good debater, but he’s a fox with sheep cloth.

  25. Ronin says:

    KJ and Khir are damn smooth debaters, but KJ is a linguist. Seen KJ in action in Permatang Pauh and KT in Ijok. Mukhriz is nowhere near the class of the 2. Mukhriz will be torn apart.

  26. Eagle says:

    UMNO youth will only change if KJ takes over the leadership. But three of them if you look at their faces-you will get this hatred feeling that you just hate to see their faces. So the best thing to do is to totally ignore them.

  27. Dave says:

    Between Khairy, Mukhriz or any other who is representing our cabinet today, none of them is deserving of their position. It is only the politics of Malaysia which enables them to be there, not we who voted them there, just the few thousand of their cronies.

  28. Botak says:

    Tun has lead Malaysia for 22 glorious years. These were the times whereby Malaysia can stand up to the westerners and made one proud to be a Malaysian. Now it is time his son should take over the rein and with the guided hand of Tun, Malaysia will return to its glory days again. Looking very much forward to this day

  29. jlb4400 says:

    my vote 4 mukriz…

    don 4get…who r kj 5 yrs ago??? its too early just 32yrs…he is the richest unemployed man in the world…bcos of paklah…malays r stupid if they choose kj to replace hishammudin…he is moron from 0xford.. don fall into trap made by kj..he is nothing now due to paklah will resign next year..

  30. Lord Of the flies says:

    Hm…KJ looks the part on the debate, but if they are debating on UMNO issues, Khir might just take centre stage. he is far more facist. KJ is more of a nationalist than an outright racist like Khir. Mukhriz is more of a party man. From the dayd of Saqs and Tin Mine.

  31. Lord Of the flies says:


    How much did Mukhriz pay you to post ur broken english comment? LOL? Mukhriz has cybertoopers!!

  32. Nadia Ismail says:

    good piece

  33. Invitation

    Check out the latest news in The Malayan Times at

  34. Rastaman.JB. says:

    Glad you are still hiding in some caves.
    22 glorious years ????? What have you been smoking ?

    Corruption,short circuiting the rule of law,deregistering of UMNO,police excesses,money politics,racist policies,rape of the judiciary,antogonising the western world,cronyism,substandard education system,highly corrupted civil services,poor English,worthless automobile industry,crooked finacial systems,dividing the Malays into 2 classes (haves and have nots),bullying fellow component parties into insignificant partners…….and the list can go on and on and on.
    And you have the cheek to say ’22 GLORIOUS YEARS’.
    During the reign of the first three Prime Ministers, all the above were alien to most Malaysians.
    Get That ???


  35. Botak says:

    Rastaman JB,

    If the years under Tun is so bad why is Malaysia is still here today ? The country would have kowtow to the westerners during the 1997 crisis. But now who has the last laugh. What Tun did is best for the country this is a fact. Malaysians should count the blessing to have Tun as a PM. May he past his wisdom to his son and guide him along in running the country.

  36. Confucius says:

    Debate or no debate does not prove anything at all.
    You can promised everything and says everything good but that doesn’t means you’re damn good.
    Just like a salesman, you’re good at selling your product but you can’t guarantee that your product do good.
    Khairy thinks he’s real smart in talking and wooing and that’s why he choose to debate but he’s just like his father in law.
    Speaking of one thing and doing another.
    All empty promises!!!
    Khairy is not matured enough to lead and he’s “cocky” as well.
    I would prefer someone who talk less and do more work instead.

  37. toca says:

    Fark mahathir, his wisdom and his son.

  38. Nikey says:

    Just debate la bro MM… Ask your papa to come along. Papa Chedet… I want my papa. Hahaha. Pemuda Berani Cari Papa.

  39. Hang Tuah says:

    Apa lagi Mukhriz, lawan jer la. Paling teruk pun kau dapat no 2. Tak kan dengan Khir Toyo pun kau takut. BERANI BERUBAH, PEMUDA BERANI dan SETAKAWAN. Kita lihat siapa yang kena.

  40. cilipadi says:


    morons dont get admitted to oxford for God’s sake unless there’s something wrong with the world’s 4th ranked university’s selection process. And if KJ is the richest unemployed person in the world, how come his name is not listed in Fortune 500 !!!

  41. toca says:

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister informed that his son, Mukhriz had to beg the ‘powerful’ Umno Youth deputy chief and son-in-law of Mahathir’s successor, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Khairy Jamaluddin to have the Opcom-Telekom Malaysia project reinstated, but ended up having the project’s value slashed by 15 percent.

    This RM200 million project deal was scrapped after Tun Dr Mahathir had stepped down as prime minister in 2003. This forced his son to request Khairy assistance although Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has denied.

  42. toca says:

    Mukriz is the Chairman and Managing Director of the fibre optic company, Opcom Sdn Bhd.

    A document from the Finance Ministry dated 7 October 2003 is being circulated in a ‘pro-Umno’ blog that an agreement letter to appoint Opcom as the supplier of fibre optics worth RM214.2 million to Telekom Malaysia was done through a direct deal and not via a tender process.

  43. Confucius says:

    Why debate???
    A person who only knows how to talk good does not prove that he’s real good.


  44. matt says:

    Actually susan there are far better topics to discuss than stories on 1)mukriz-daddy kasi 2)khir toyol-mahatir kasi and 3)kj-fatherinlaw kasi.

  45. Diva Chin says:

    Tabik Col Muthusamy..Your comments is Spot on. Couldn’t agree more!
    All those so called daring blogger also behave like BN
    Selective prosecution…
    They’re only good at tearing into Chinaman and some small fries etc, BUT when some of their TUAN or TUN then…they wear colored glasses!
    Friend, friend mah… remember they kept in touch by SMS..

  46. jean says:

    Some people are just born to be a talker and can get away with murder just by talking. Everyone knows that kj is good at that. Damn good. Otherwise, how would he able to convince his FIL to do almost anything. And it seems that it is not just his FIL who fell for it. With his track-records full of shady deals in the short span of times, he still has loads of worshippers. Amazing.

    Mukhriz may not be good at it and he knows that too, probably. So, why should he do something he knows that he is not good at? And it does not mean that just because be is not a good talker, he is going to be a bad leader either. Mukhriz should just let kj bark and bark. Some people may be impressed.

  47. Lopez Sequeira says:

    I think on his own, Mukhriz will lack the confidence to debate, not only against Khairy, but Khir Toyo as well. Notice that Mukhriz, together with his brothers Mirzan and Mohkzani had been cocooned and sheltered from all harm when their father the mamak madhatter was PM for 22 years. Now with the mamak all set to come back, Mukhriz expects his father to fight Khairy on his behalf, while he sits back, folds his arms and does not even have a clue how to react if Khairy or Khir Toyo whacks him. Let all the 3 candidates for UMNO youth presidency stand on their own to fight their battles and Khairy will emerge the winner, Khir Toyo second, while Mukhriz a poor No 3 left way behind. Among the 3, I think Khairy is the least of the evils, but all the same UMNO youth, together with the main parent party, should he chucked out of power as soon as possible. What are you waiting for Anwar? Get your arse into gear as they say!

  48. LHHeng says:

    Now we have three clowns running for the Youth Chief. Let me say that none of these 3 clowns are fit for the chief post. We have the Mamak Kutty “string along daddy son” who are here today was because of his father unethical deeds etc…. Then we have this “ox-fart” graduate who is using his unethical , apportunistic character to wankle his sleepy flipflop FIL to be the current Deputy Youth Chief. Lastly, BUT not the least, we have this greedy, racialistic, “pendatang’ so called doctor who resort to do anything however unlawful to ahieve his ambitions.
    With their “incredible” credentials, they are not fit even to be any division leader. This clearly shows what type of people the country have, running Umno not to say running the country in the future. However, those who are really capable in Umno have been neglected or ignored completely by the generally greedy, racialistic and unethical members. I feel sorry not only for Umno but for the country as a whole.
    Hence, there are no 2 ways about the current political situation now. Either PKR wake up and take over to save the country. If not our country will be forever like Zimbabwe or Sudan in terms of economy and progress. God knows, may be worst off.

  49. telur dua says:

    Look at Mukriz’s face. Do you see a smart cookie, an intellect? I don’t.

    In a debate KJ will eat him for breakfast.

  50. Mirth says:

    Ironic how TDM is trying to emulate his across-the-causeway nemesis by being the minister mentor and mentor to the son.

    calibre tak sama la…

  51. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    enough of all these nonsense about debate.
    when are all the state govt Pakatan or BN
    going to take action against all those incompetent
    president, timbalan president and whatever majlis perbandaran joker
    who are obviously not doing their job but are highly paid
    for doing nothing.
    look at the state of this country, not a place that is clean, neat and tidy.
    the city drains are filled with rubbish the sidewalk overgrown with lalang
    the list goes on and on.
    it is time for Susan to declare war on all this joker
    who are not doing their job. in fact they should be sacked immediately.
    to all readers get the ball rolling.

  52. Douglas Moore says:

    Botak (14:46:54),

    The one who really should be held responsible for the 1997/8 financial crisis is none other than Mahathir Mohamad.

    In Oct 6th 1997, Ron Moreau wrote a piece in Newsweek titled “Vinegar by the Bucket”.

    Though it is not improbable that hedge fund heavyweights like George Soros might have a hand in the fall of the Ringgit, one of the greatest Archilees’ heel of Malaysia is PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for his ruthless and unabated ill-will hatchet against the West.

    Ron wrote “His behaviour ( Mahathir) is increasingly bizarre” says one Malaysian stock analyst.

    Ron elucidated the worst of Mahathir’s psychology – intemperance wherein he continued – “But last week, as Mahathir broadened his attacks against the international investors who have helped to generate Malaysia’s groth, even the loyalists in KL is no longer laughing.”

    While Mahathir’s attacks against the jews and Western democracies, Ron ended up suavely “Last week the Prime Minister (Mahathir) departed on a ten day trip to latin America, and as he flew away, the ringgit spiked upwards”.

    On the bottomline, Ron Howard insinuated “Did Mahathir get the message”?

    Do you want an offspring of Mahathir’s bloodline who can be seen as a clone of his father’s ideology to be a PM who has ruthless and unnecessary hatred and belligerence against the West and has close associations with murderers like Robert Mugabe, Suharto, and policies affiliated with Myanmar’s Generals, Saddam Hussein and other hardliners?

    I bet even “Chin Peng Mosterball” may agree with me on the aforesaid.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  53. Ganesan says:

    Khairy will skin Mukriz as Khairy is very eloquent and articulate.However Mukriz has his father for advice. Mukriz is not on his own as all this is manipulated by his father the great Mahathir. Any other reason is not acceptable as debate is the best critria for judgeing the candidates capability. Now mukriz is hidden behind his father as very statement is coached the greatest con artist.

  54. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    INSTEAD of going away for the long weekend holiday, members of the First Assembly of God Church in Kuala Lumpur decided to hold a gotong-royong yesterday to clean up the Pudu area.

    The event was in collaboration with the Bukit Bintang DAP office and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

    The enthusiastic participants gathered at the church area on Jalan Sayor as early as 8am for the big clean-up. The DBKL provided the equipment and trucks to collect the garbage.

    About 150 church members, both old and young, were divided into groups to clean up various segments of Pudu, accompanied by some 50 DBKL workers.

    Pick up: Members of the First Assembly of God Church taking part in the gotong-royong to clean up the Pudu area on yesterday

    The areas involved were from Jalan Pasar to Changkat Thamby Dollah.

    According to a church leader, the joint effort was part of the Pudu renewal project to make the area a better place for quality living and to enhance its image.

    “Pudu is located in the heart of the city and plays an important role in the overall image of Kuala Lumpur as the capital city,” he said.

    “At the same time, the project also trains our young people to be conscious and caring of their community,” he said.

    this kind of event is good for the
    country and must be held nationwide.

    to all those MPs PR or BN who are still sleeping what say you..

    Susan get the ball rolling for heavens sake..

  55. RBY says:

    Whoever becomes the next Prime Minister or whoever becomes the next leaders, be it the BN or the PK, you think there would be no corruptions? You think there would be no croonies? You think Malaysia would be a better place? Probabaly there would be some hope but again only probabaly. Is there anyone who can cites some good things anybody have done? Probably a lot of you can and also you will also cites the bad things as well. So in all fairness which there is none why do you bother to give distructive criticism instead of telling the leaders how to be better?

    We talk about the positiveness of the debates like in the US, I do agree but the maturuty of the two country and their fellow politicians and ours is wide. What has the leaders done to us that we use foul language on them? Now everyone can earn a living. We can all walk and feel safe anywhere we go. As a chinese malaysian, I feel safe whenever I am in Kelantan. I don’t see any racial disharmony there. You think we can ever have equal rights? You think the hokkien, the teo chew, the hakkas, the whatsoever chinese sect in China have equal rights? Do you think all the Indians in India have equal rights?

    Why not all just use the bloggs to give our leaders insight on what they should do in their leadership and how they should run the country, instead of telling them to fuck off or other demeaning words.

    All of your comments in this bloggs shows that you guys have indeed a bright mind. Why not put it into good use instead of distructive criticism, use it on constructive criticism.

    We should all tell our leaders what we want and tell them what we know is wrong. We should write to our leaders.

    To err is human to forgive is divine.

  56. toca says:

    Why ask susan? What that a*se najib doing with all that national service crap? You so concerned go write to star newspaper lah wong chun wai will give you gold medal. sickos everywhere.

  57. toca says:

    ask lam thye go clean puduraya. one stupid assembly do something shouting from rooftops.

  58. Drachen says:

    Botak above thinks that having Mahathir’s boot in your face is much better than having a Westerner’s boot in your face.

  59. wandererAUS says:


    No one is indispensable in this world…including mamak kutty. Malaysia will fare better without this shadow of evil.
    Again Botak, Malaysia needs the Western world, the Western world does not need
    Malaysia. To them, Mamak was just an ant bite in the a*se, more a nuisance than a threat. Get out from your well and look further and wider ahead, you will find, we are just a tiny peninsular with two man hunting States!!

  60. toyolbuster says:

    A Tyrant will always be a MF Tyrant. Always gate-crashing his big fat nose into everywhere that he’s not welcomed. He had criticised that Tunku was not good for the country, Didn’t have enuf time to say the same about Tun Razak, Hussein Onn was not good neither, Abdullah is a moron, and we are left with one in this Mamak who he thinks is just the only best person to rule the country. And he is not even a Malay. Blady thick skinned mamak.

  61. hang jebat baru says:

    I am not interested in the debate,when evil debate evil nothing
    good will come out of it,lets draw your keris,mukeris & kheris.

  62. monsterball says:

    Yes…who cares …when two devils debate or not.
    But for the sake of letting them know….Malaysians are not stupid….I think Mukriz….thinks he is riding high on votes..why utter anything…to rock the boat? He also knows…UMNO youth guys are mostly half past sixes…so he keeps quiet…better chance to win.
    Khairy is in a desperate position.
    He needs … to make as much noise with Mukriz to response…to expose his advantage …as a better speaker.
    But both have nothing interesting for Malaysians to watch…or listen to them.

  63. LHHeng says:

    Thats the problem. In bolehland, we have these 3 clowns running for the chief posts. To me, NONE I repeat NONE of these 3 clowns are deem fit for the post. Not to say they deserve any division leader post.
    First you have that “string along mamak kutty son” who is here today is because of his ancestor unethical and greedy deeds. Then we have that “ox-fart” graduate who use his greedy and apportunistic ways to use his sleepy flipflop FIL to be the current Deputy Youth Chief. Lastly, but not the least is that greedy, racialistic “pendatang” bum who is not only power crazy but thought he can do whatever he likes as if he can cover the whole sky with his filthy hands.
    They are here today were because we have a bunch of cronies with similar characteristics voting for them in their party. Whoever win this chief post makes no diff at all to the rakyat.
    The capable and forward looking members in Umno are not only been neglected but also prevented from vying for the post.
    What a sad situation bolehland has become till todate.

  64. wira says:

    Among the 3, Mukriz is the front runner.
    When you are at the front, you do not allow comparative opportunities for others to catch up.
    Instead, you allow the other 2 to expose the weaknesses of each other and self destruct.
    Non participation in a debate is the smart thing to do.

  65. toca says:

    Side Effect of UMNO’s Racist Rule

    Incoming Prime Minister Najib Razak has promised to relax the FIC guidelines and dismantle the New Economy Policy. The relaxation of the guidelines mean very little if the mindset of policy makers, civil servants and some segment of the community remains the same.

    The appointment of Low Siew Moi as acting GM of PKNS by Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim is a prime example.

    Six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) have objected to the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager on grounds that she is Chinese.

    In their joint memorandum dated Oct 25 to Khalid, the staff associations said: “PKNS was established for Malays and to fulfill the Malay agenda. Because of this, the organisation needs to be led by a Malay.”

  66. storm62 says:

    who the hell cares about an UMNO debate, huh?
    go close your doors and debate until kingdom comes…Rakyat don’t care a damn.

    minyak bila lagi mau turun? harga makanan macamana baru boleh turun? BN bila mau turun? UMNO bila mau turun…itulah yang Rakyat mau dengar….sibuk pasal debate tak gunalah….Rakyat dah bosan

  67. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… debate what? Mamakuttisim vs. Dopeyism vs. Toyolism.
    Guess who will win, Rosmanajibism (linguistically akin to mamakuttism).
    Well in any case the oxfordian cum london uni masters will whup them black and blue, if debate in Inggeris.
    Wira and others, right in saying Mukky doesn’t need to debate.
    But, i do believe it’ll be held in bahasa malaise or korupto. No losers, if so.

  68. 104East says:

    For heaven’s sake debate about WHAT???? Anybody have a clue???

  69. Dave Bromley says:

    How do you know a politiciamn is lieing?

    He or she has their mouth open!

  70. Pat Ling says:

    To win any battle you must have 3 qualities: (1) GUTS; (2) STRENGTH; (3) SKILLS. Mukhriz can give all kinds of reasons and excuses in not accepting the debate challenge. At the end of the day he will be judged by whether or not he possess all these 3 qualities or none of them. Let the UMNO members be the judge.

  71. zztop says:

    What are these bums doing??? Debating…what..?? Have they not got better things to do?? Or trying to tell the whole world that they are great??
    What a stupid bunch. Our country are now not only in a mess politically but also economically. Instead of trying to help resolve these issues and we have these 3 clowns trying to outwit each other in a “debate”.
    Hey, please debate between your stupid selves till the cows come home.
    We, the rakyat dont care a damn.
    Actually, whoever wins this post makes no difference to the rakyat.
    They all have the same “incredible” credentials.

  72. alamghaib says:

    old maha retire peacefully why let rakyat hate u. you ve already dun so much misdeed 2 d country.pergi lah retire. go write your book.stop meddling with dour country. 370HSSV.

  73. toca says:

    104East (20:13:02) :
    For heaven’s sake debate about WHAT???? Anybody have a clue???

    Very easy – how to teach non malays a lesson (all 3 clowns are fanatics)

  74. Anonymous says:

    I remember reading Rais saying that UMNO is not matured enough to have debates. I was ROTFLOL and with both legs kicking up in the air 8-). Now we know why Malaysia is in such a bad shape – it is been run by a bunch of teenager.

  75. toca says:

    – it is been run by a bunch of teenager.

    Semua mat rempit rowdies only good for wheelies

  76. toca says:

    The appointment of Low Siew Moi as acting GM of PKNS by Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim is a prime example.

    Six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) have objected to the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager on grounds that she is Chinese.

    In their joint memorandum dated Oct 25 to Khalid, the staff associations said: “PKNS was established for Malays and to fulfill the Malay agenda. Because of this, the organisation needs to be led by a Malay.”

  77. I disagree with those comments that indicate Khairy is cocky, selfish, and needs humbling.

    Malaysians are confused – they want a leader who is charismatic and bold. They also want a leader who is articulate and able to reach out to the younger generation.

    However when they get one in the form of Khairy Jamaluddin, they show dissatisfaction of some form.

    if Khairy is truly corrupt – how come he is still operates in the real world. Wouldn’t Tun be able to get him strung with all the influence he wields? (for those who don’t realise, Tun got his termites out and chipped away at PM Abdullah’s base and got him to reconsider his 2010 decision for transition). Tun for all his indiscretions is still very much loud, alive and kicking – if he did not wield the influence he has over ACA, he would be under massive scrutiny especially in the most recent Lingam-gate incident.

    For Khairy to put his candidacy and openly challenge his competition to a debate and want to elaborate on his views to public, one must acknowledge the man wants to openly show his strengths (and potentially his limitations). A great progress since during the TDM-era, there was no such thing as open debates.

    For Khairy to oppose the government’s decision to censure and ban certain political websites, goes to show Khairy is not opposed to speaking against his own party/government if there is a need for it.

    More and more where people call Khairy corrupt, the more it makes me wonder if people are just mouthing what the next guy says and not ask for clear evidence.

    If anyone has any evidence on Khairy’s corruptions, then don’t talk about – lodge a report and submit it.

    But if all you have is hearsay, then shut-up. It shows your ignorance and makes me wonder if all you are is just a puppet.


  78. zztop says:

    PKNS issue
    Just look what type of people we have running the state government. Narrow minded, racialistic and arrogant bunch. You name it, they almost have it. Look, we are a multi racial country. And this is a fact. We need the best people who are capable of making the country move and progress forward irrespective.
    I for one, if all the best people running the state government are malays, so be it.
    Come on, have an open mind and not live in a cocoon of racial, “ketuanan” etc…perception.
    I can guarantee, there will be more huha from UMNO members in the coming days.
    Its amazing, in Bolehland, some people never learn.

  79. 104East says:

    Okay, okay, now slow brain like me begin to see what the debate is about. This KJ fox aka son-in-law is trying to nail the other two clowns by challenging them to a debate. The idea is to see who chicken out. Already ppl start to have -ve view on Mukriz. Veterans like DrM are stepping in to stop the debate. That way the son in law not only dont have to debate, he also can claim victory. Foxy oxfond plus two clowns.

  80. 3rd Floor says:

    I disagree with those comments that indicate Khairy is cocky, selfish, and needs humbling.

    Mr. Ravi,
    I know who you are!
    You’re from the fourth floor.
    I’m from the third floor.
    Guess who am I???

  81. maika says:

    “If anyone has any evidence on Khairy’s corruptions, then don’t talk about – lodge a report and submit it.” ………ravi a.

    heeheeheeheeheehee MIC Joke of the Year Award

  82. 3rd floor

    are you the one who turns of the light when everyone leaves the building?


  83. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// If the years under Tun is so bad why is Malaysia is still here today ? The country would have kowtow to the westerners during the 1997 crisis. But now who has the last laugh. ///

    Malaysia will still be here for many years, unless that mad guy from Iran decides to wipe it off the map. But why is Malaysia in such deep shit now? Due to those 22 glorious years of course. What’s wrong with kowtow. Korea and Indonesia kowtowed to the westerners and see where they are now.

  84. Asliman says:

    Will you plunder and loot from your “home”?

    Only if you only know that “home” is not your own home.

    BN leaders don’t think of Malaysia, as their home.

    And home is somewhere else for them. Ask Yemeni Baldy or Kerala’s Mamak Kutty, where is home actually?

    They obviously don’t love and don’t really care what happens to this home.

    That’s why its easy for them to plunder and loot this home because it’s not their home. And they would silence anyone who stands in their way.

    What is going to happen to our motherland in the hands of aliens?

  85. hang jebat baru says:

    You are khairy ‘s one and only supporter.May the devil bless you!

  86. sungai buloh says:

    Aiyo! This Mukriz is a well known crook. If a crook is debating with another debater, sure all the clandestine pasts would be revealed.

    The result will be this crooked Mukriz and the whole family members will be sent to jail.

  87. sungai buloh says:

    Unlike the crooked principal from New Era College. This crooked principal knew the other party (his boss) is not keen to debate and the boss knows it’s a waste of time debating against a crook.

    If a boss wants to sack a crook, could the crook ask for a debate with the boss?

    Porrahhh! The boss is the Rakyat, could this crook asked the rakyat to debate against a crook?

    Just pack and go! Don’t embarrass your ancestors further.

    This Mukriz is a blatant crook, like father like son. This Mukriz was elected by cheating.

  88. sungai buloh says:

    A crook is a crook and forever is a crook.

    All the Mahathir family members + the principal of NE college are Congenital Crooks of the Century !

    They are all wolves masquerading in sheep skin. Send them to Sungai Buloh! They belong there!

    Mukriz Mahathir cheated in elections? (update)

  89. sungai buloh says:

    Can’t stand all these horrendous crooks. They belong here.

    The crooked mahathir and family members+ that crooked principal of NE college + all the political crooks are all deserving to be here eating curry rice everyday!

  90. Botak says:

    Tun is among the great statesmen of the world. Glorious Malaysia Glorious Tun. Recently China built a huge statue of Mao. Malaysia should do the same in Tun’s honour.

  91. Jejaka Kampung says:

    Yeah, and when foreigners attacks Malaysia militarily, you will see how his statue is torn. Just like Saddam.

  92. Penang Tionghua says:

    Someone stated that Debates are suitable for Americans only.

    Recent scenes indicated that the higher-ups could not join any debate because they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. They were like a boxing defending champion who had everything to lose if they debated with an assumed ” below par” challenger.

    Someone also stated that a retired politician had more time. Therefore, the retired man could stage debates.

    Ask that someone what he was doing on the night of debate. Possibly, he was watching the solo debate on the TV.

    It’s the pride to safeguard their egos more than anything else.

    Is that a good benchmark for the servant of the rakyat?

  93. observer says:

    The greedy politicians should ponder and think really hard that the money from their corruption could not be brought to their graves. Well, their children or grandchildren can have the ill gotten wealth. But they could not keep them too when they pass on.

    It’s sad when human do not cultivate virtues and see the true nature of life.

  94. BRPY says:

    In all fairness to all parties, greed is in each and everyone of us. Tell me who is not greedy? If without the mamak, would we have achieve better? If without these clowns who are running for the country, where are we bloggers? Life would be dull. You guys are great. Your comments are plausible. Why don’t every one team up and run the country? I am sure we can perform better right? After soon, you and I would have scandals, $$$$$$ in commissions, thousands of APs at our disposable, I would probably get bald and someone would probably blow up some someone..and the list goes on. Susan can be the next PM and someone will try to discredit her and remove her from office. Ain’t that exciting?

  95. Ravi says:

    Hang Jebat Baru…mate…

    so who do you support ? Mini-Mahathir?…nice!

    You’ld want me to be blessed by the Devil whereas you’re worshiping one yeah???

    Double NICE!!!


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