It’s post Deepvali and I am quite unfazed by all the tussling at the UMNO polls. Just a bunch of morons jossling for posts. Internal coup, sms threats and money politics are the order of the day, and yet this group of people get to decide who is prime minister of this country. So unfair…

So, I thought I’d share with you the deepavali story of Raj Kumar, the son of the late Tenggaroh state assemblyman S Krishnasamy, who was allegedly shot by a hitman as he was entering the lift in the state MIC building. (His murder was reported here).

In an email, Raj Kumar says:

Dear police, if you ever read this, you owe us justice. You can’t go on pretending that all is fine. You are not doing a great job. You have failed us. You have failed to upright justice, law and order. You can go on chanting your favorite mantra as long as you like. But remember that Malaysians are watching you, and Malaysians are losing trust in you.

*                    *                    *                   *                    *         

It is also the first Deepavali without our beloved father. Deepavali will never be the same for us without our father. He would be the first one to call us and and ask us abt our travel arrangements to come home. Once we are at home, he would get us to clean the house, decorate the house and hang the greeting cards.

Deepavali eve would be very exciting as everyone comes back home. Old friends and relatives from all over would come back to Segamat. After our prayers, we would meet up and chat till late nite. Mom will be busy preparing the dishes for Deepavali. Dad would be busy with streams of relatives and friends.

Deepavali day, we would get up at 6am, after prayers at home, we would go to the temple. From temple, we would go back home and have breakfast together. Deepavali morning breakfast is very special as everyone is at the table and the morning will be filled with fun, love and laughter. A plate of mom’s ‘thosai’, ‘idhli’ and mutton curry can never go wrong for breakfast. Mom will be busy stacking ‘thosai’ on my plate while dad would complain that i am getting fat.

Deepavali evening would be open house in Segamat. Lots of people, from all races and age would come and celebrate Deepavali in a harmonious way. Underprivileged children would not be left out, every year they would be invited for the open house. My father and mom would prepare presents or gifts for the children. Everyone will have a hearty dinner before they leave. Datuk Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek have also attended our open house before.

Sadly, Deepavali would never be the same again for us. Our beloved dad would not be with us this time. WHY? WHY is he not with us? Did he pass away because of disease? Is he on a working trip somewhere? NO, he was murdered. He was brutally murdered in Johor Bahru.

*                    *                    *                   *                    *        

How does one gets justice in Malaysia? Can we expect justice from the police? from what i see..NO!
Are the police expecting us to take law into our own hands? Are they expecting to see us kill each other? that would make their work really easy. they get to blame the Indians as being aggressive and rowdy and go back to sleep. The process goes on and on. This is like chicken and egg. 

For example:
The crook A commits a crime on person Z.
To get justice, Z runs to the “dear” police. They in turn starts chanting their favorite mantra ” We are still investigating”, “the suspect turns out to be no suspect at all” and etc. This will take forever and ever.
To get justice, Z need to take law into his own hands.
Then the police would immediately wake up from their chanting and blame Z and the community rowdy.
Z, the person who was initially living a honest life would have to take up the role of a crook to live his life. And the cycle continues…..WHO DO WE BLAME FOR THIS?

If the situation is like this, how do they expect the community to come up in life?

The police would not get rid of the crooks and to get justice, responsible citizens would have to take laws in their own hands or get killed by these crooks for being a good citizen. Youths will see these crooks as role model. Youths will think the police would not touch them if they live life like the crooks, they would think that going to school and being a responsible citizen are wrong because it does not pay, they would not be able to see justice, it just does not make sense. Selling drugs or becoming a hitman would be the next cool thing. There are just no reason to be a good responsible citizen. The community will not be able to come up and forever be labeled as aggressive and rowdy. 


I am really sorry about this Raj Kumar, and can understand how you feel during this festival of lights. I pray your family gets the justice you all deserve no matter how impossible it may seem now.

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  1. matt says:

    Susan agreed it is a sad story but in politics especially mic you live with a sword and you die by that sword.

  2. Asliman says:


    These bullies have no love for the country.

    Could it be because they are mongrel immigrants, like the Yemeni Baldy and Kerala Mamak Kutty, masking as patriotic nationalists to fool the kampung folks???

    That’s why they plunder and loot without blinking an eye.

    They couldn’t care two hoots what’s happens to this country, because it ain’t their country, in the first place.

    If we care for our sacred motherland, we would treat it with love and utmost respect.

  3. Sembian says:

    I am very sorry for Raj Kumar and his family, also I am embarrassed with our systems, why do we blame the police force, have they been given full authority to run the force, the answer is NO, it is controlled by a bunch of politicians who only strive to benefit themselves.

    Another note, what all politician in BN have been lobbying so far including the late Mr Krishnasamy, did they ever care about poor Malysians, what happen to the land allocated in Johor for small farmers?? It was given to few individuals who have close links with BN politicians.

    I really hope that whoever involved in the brutal murder is brought to justice and all politicians will repent.

  4. vesu says:

    i felt sorry for raj kumar and his family. You lost someone so dear to you and nothing can replace the lost …not the money and power. I also pity the Indian community for not standing against irresponsible people or organisation until March 8. individual,family and the community must CHANGE for a better future for Malaysian Indians in this country. We need truly selfless,dedicated sincere leaders to take up challenges and bring about effective changes. I honestly feel the people [Malaysian Indians] are in dire need of good role models.. they have lost their trust in the existing leaders.

  5. amoker says:

    Yeah, no kid should go thru this kind of life.

    Deepavali wishes from us.

  6. Tun Perak says:

    Susan I would not be so quick to feel sorry for the S Krishnasamy family. My condolences to the family though. But ask your self this question, how did this S Krishnasamy climb so high up the hierachy of MIC. H

  7. we should all be like max payne – taking law with our own hands……

  8. Tun Perak says:

    S Krishnasamy was not an angel he was preety ruthless in keeping the Indians in check, the scams and swindles he pulled, conning the MIC members is well known, he was a MIC warlord with paid gangster, to shut up any dessent among the members, go down to JB, and ask how corrupted S Krishnasamy was, what happened to the temple funds, tamil school lands? His murder was an internal MIC SQUABBLE, AND SETTLED THE WAY THE AMERICAN MAFIA SETTLES ITS DEBTS, MURDER AND assassination. Go ask the people in JB, WHETHER S Krishnasamy WAS AN ANGEL LOOKING AFTER THE AFFAIRS OF THE TAMILS, OR WAS HE ANOTHER CROOK UNDER THE GUISE OF A white lamb. Go to Segamat, check out his house and the number of cars and their brand names. Than you will understand, why the inaction from the part of the police, they know who it is, believe me they know, only thing is, IN the MIC CULTURE, YOU ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS YESTERDAY, THERE WILL ALWAYS COME SOMEBODY STRONGER. IT IS THE SURVIVAL OF THE STRONGEST AND FITTEST, THOUGHEST THUG. Read between the lines, the son mentions the threat, he will take things into his own hands, even the family knows who killed their father, or else the treat would not have surfaced, another thing is PDRM HAS BEEN PAID OFF.

  9. raj raman says:

    When the Mafia is the Policeman then the Yakuza is the hitman.
    Both living hands to hands and share the ” BIG PIE” together.

    rajraman.thank you sloone,i should come and post my dream to help the poor in your blogs buts gone is gone because my temper took over….will continue.

  10. toyolbuster says:

    My father used to lecture us lots on “Don’t play with Fire”. You play with fire, be prepared to die in the fire. Raj Kumar, learn from this tragedy and your children will have many many more Happy Deepavalis with their parents.

  11. monsterball says:

    Cases of hired guns….jealousy killing….and for no reasons…small matter…start wanting to kill each other are signs of….desperate people…on drugs….or in need of money…to be hired killers.
    Police force…is welknown…no crime solvers….so don’t depend on them…..right now.
    How can they solve anything…when politics is so thick into the force??
    Until….we have a new government….and to get rid of those corrupted leaders…be prepared to defend your family with your lives..with whatever means and ways …you can.
    Who knows….one can get away with murder….if one have the money….to free himself.
    That’s Malaysia…..right now.

  12. reshmann says:

    Dear Susan,
    Just like you I as a human being feel sorry too for Raj Kumar and his family.But one thing you all seem to overlook here.Raj Kumar’s father was also a part of this injustice ,ie MIC(Malaysian Indian Culling) conspitarators with UMNO for selfish gains.A party which sold its soul to the devils.When one associates him/herself with devils this sort of outcome is not surprising.I feel sorry for Raj Kumar though,because he is the one who lost his daddy in a horrific manner and now the police turns a blind eye,just like how the police persecutes and bullies innocent and poor Indians,even for wishing to see the PM with an invitation.

  13. MG Sekaran says:

    hi toyol buster…i find yours comments strange though I think I understand what you mean. My take…..Malaysian police do not have controls… we dont know whats happened to the case with regards to Raj’s dad’s death!…perception is always right! ( did I say that?/?)….but society needs shape and form…

    I would insist on accountabilities from PDRM…. the lack of this is what i have a big issue with!!!!!!!

  14. Samyaavee says:

    Storm in a teacup. I think what a man and a woman do with each other in the private is his own business. Why should double standards be applied to anybody – even a politician? If the majority of Malaysian men are having a good time with their women partner, then it’s really not for us to care. Even politicians are human beings.The MIC had better come up with a better explaination instead, regarding the fiasco surrounding its Youth Member Dr. Punithan Shan and a Japanese teenager.

  15. toca says:

    Sami vellu punya bini pun ada cerita banyak

  16. Freedom Fighter says:

    A classic but sad case of a successful lawyer bringing ruination to himself and misery to his family. For what? Take a trip back to India and see people “pang sai” in public places especially railway tracks then he will appreciate how fortunate the Indians are living in Malaysia. I suggest the successful Indians here pay more for the poor Indians working for them. Many terribly exploited lah. So how can they improve their lot in life?

  17. toca says:

    fark freedom fighter good idea. all indian line up and just fark freedom fighter then he appreciate how fortunate he is

  18. daryl says:

    This story is about tragic assasination and how police failed to do their job they are paid for. We find these type of stories day in and day out maybe not murder but any type of crime. When PDRM is more interested in politic and not solving crime we have a problem.

  19. Nudibranch says:

    Case 1. Lingam Inquiry: Court reserves decision

    KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court will reserve its decision on the objection by the Attorney-General’s chambers against a bid to review the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the V.K. Lingam video clip.
    On July 16, Azizah had objected to the leave application by prominent lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Barisan Nasional and Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and former Chief Justices Tun Eusoff Chin and Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim for the judicial review.

    She had argued the Commission did not make any binding or conclusive decisions and that its findings and recommendations could not be reviewed.

    “It is respectfully submitted that the commission did not make any conclusive or binding decision,’’ she added Tuesday.

    Case 2. Decision on Munawar’s appeal on Thursday

    PUTRAJAYA: The Federal Court here will deliver on Thursday, its decision on whether to remit the appeal of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s former speechwriter, Dr Munawar Anees, relating to a sodomy charge to the High Court for arguments on merit.

    Chief Justice Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi who sat with Federal Court Judges Datuk Nik Hashim Nik Abdul Rahman and Datuk Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin on Tuesday fixed the date after hearing submissions from both parties.

    He said the quorom needed time to discuss the matter before delivering judgment.

    Dr Munawar, who had served six months in prison in 1998 after pleading guilty to to allowing Anwar to sodomise him, was present in court.

    Munawar’s counsel, Manjit Singh Dhillon, is asking the court to review the Court of Appeal’s decision on the High Court’s dismissal of Munawar’s appeal against conviction and sentence and to remit the appeal to the High Court to allow him to argue on its merits.

    Manjit said justice Datuk Ahmad Maarop had struck out Munawar’s appeal without hearing the merits of the case and the Court of Appeal had dismissed Munawar’s appeal against the High Court decision without giving any grounds.

    So much for an independent judiciary !!!! LOL

  20. Taikohtai says:

    Looking at the big picture………….we have all lost a loved one or two or three or more at one time or another. Whether it was through sickness, old age, trauma or some other factor, such losses result in much suffering, mentally and physically.
    Everybody should read the story of Kisa Gautami to understand this and learn how to deal with it.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Somebody got too close to the fire and paid with his life.
    The investigation will not get anywhere, because its not in the interest of the authorities to dig further. Anyway, hired killings are notoriously difficult to trace, unless there is a positive identification. Otherwise the killer is just some anonymous who came out of nowhere, and disappeared immediately after that.

  22. Pendrive says:




  23. Freedom Fighter says:

    Look at China lah. Classic example of success !!! Same with Chinese in Malaysia.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can feel the agony, frustrations and sufferings of Raj Kumar and family, especially so during festive occassion suchas DiWali after the sudden and tragic demise of his beloved father, Dato’ Krishnasamy. I personally knew Dato’ but not in the political arena, but casual acquaintance. From my own life experiences, life is always never fair and you may not always receive what you deserve. But sadly that’s life to many rakyat like you and me, but we have to soldier on and live life the way it should be, learn to make and take the best of what life can offers-no matter its inherent imperfection. So Raj, Rani, and rest of family….Just treasure and cherish the best memories of your late father, and continue to move forward in life as there are just too many happenings in this world that we cant control.

  25. Rustypin says:

    This is what Semivalue’s MIC is all about, with their rumah murah fraud, their cheating of the poor man’s life savings like the ‘maika swindle’, their act and talk like gangsters, now they have majored into murder… what can we do? It’s their way of life. You join them you be like them and end up like them. If you keep away from them and their ideology, you will be able to think and plan for yourselves and your future, you’ll have a blessed and happy life.

  26. jayz says:

    Our police tak boleh pakai.. only serve as politician puppets. Had bad experience with them as good citizens reporting crime but no closure. Suspect never found. Issues do not get addressed. Can understand why Raj had to take his own measure for justice. In such circumstances.. law had no meaning any more. Police Di Raja Malaysia.. failure to uphold the name and shaming the country.

  27. penang71 says:

    I feel sorry for the family but as hard as I try , I cannot bring forth any sympathy for Krishnasamy.
    He is part of the establishment which under the guise of protecting the Indians lead us to the life of poverty, crime and despair we now lead.
    They sold us while enriching themselves .

    Being murdered is not a culture alien to MIC – so why the suprise?
    Don’t remember Krishnasamy speaking up for greater Police efficiency or accountability during his term in exco – so why the lamenation?

    Well the monsters u fed have come back to bite their master.

  28. […] } This article is written by Raj Kumar, the son of the late Tenggaroh state assemblyman S Krishnasamy, who was allegedly shot by a hitman […]

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