Perhaps a leopard can change its spots but a flip flop?

First he said:

“If we do not change, the people will change us. In the not-too-distant future, we will see all the elements of the New Economic Policy being replaced. It’s a huge challenge. There must be this political will and desire to change within Umno. I don’t think we can expect people to look at us in more favourable terms unless we change, unless we rectify our weaknesses.

Source: Prime Minister in Waiting, Najib Tun Razak, in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

Today, his aide clarifies “Not all elements will go”.

“…there would be a “gradual liberalisation of some of the elements of NEP”, and not the entire programme”.

Source: The Malaysian Insider.

This flip flop sounds very much like the case of the mysterious and scandalous “manifesto” published in Malaysiakini, which incurred the wrath of that persona himself.

The controversial manifesto was purportedly send by Najib’s support group although the DPM denied it outrightly. 

As for the NEP declaration, which is which? And why is the aide speaking for Najib, making him sound like a flip flop all over again?

Earlier, Najib sounded very much like Anwar Ibrahim, promising to do away with the NEP and replace it with a MEP (Malaysian Economic Policy).

Now that Najib’s becoming PM, as early as March 2009, or maybe earlier, Anwar has become merely a shadow (without a cabinet 🙂

It’s not that a leopard can’t change its spots, but can we trust a flip flop?

They are way to many of them in our politics lately.


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  2. Jed Yoong says:

    PErhaps with Najib as PM.
    UMNO will truly crumble as the people/rakyat may not return to Barisan.
    MCA in its current state is just gone. What more with a porn star dep prez.
    MIC? You have to be joking esp after they banned Hindraf.
    PAS is looking good. And some Malays prefer PKR as at least it’s not so elitist and grossly all about $$$…jelek-ler. Money this, Money that.
    So all is well, with or without Anwar. 😉
    I am actually enjoying the peace. And I thank him for that and March 8.

  3. bursa says:

    Saturday August 23, 2008
    Najib swears in mosque that he did not know Altantuya

    BUTTERWORTH: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has sworn in a mosque that he did not know Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu and has nothing to do with her murder.

    “Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (with Allah as my witness), I swear I do not know or have any connection with the Mongolian woman,” he said.

    He made the declaration last night at a mosque in Guar Perahu near here after announcing that all mosques and suraus in Penanti would receive a RM1.4mil allocation from the Government.

    Najib said his actions did not amount to an “official swearing ceremony”.

    So with his Allah he can be unofficial also.

  4. bursa says:

    Najib said his actions did not amount to an “official swearing ceremony”.

    Wonder what kind of God he has. Do they send memos to each other? Do they have direct links and are they in touch by email or did Telekoms lay a hotline for speed access.

  5. bursar says:

    Anwar is smart in not pushing at the present moment. Najib is the one who will suffer most as the BN proves itself unable to handle the economic turmoil which will hit malaysia very soon. IOI just reported massive losses and Sime Darby is also suffering in their losses.
    Oil prices are also dropping like flies. BN are so desperate they tried to raid the EPF to save the KLSE.
    BN has no money to pump prime the economy. More malays will be disgusted by the sudden loss of their ketuanan and many even their kemaluan.

  6. casper says:

    Najib by all counts is already on the helm calling the shots. The only obstacle to him being named PM officially is the pending verdict of Altantuya’s murder trial – so far so good, all as scripted Rosmah would say.

    Nothing much any of us can do to prevent the ascension as both Najib and spouse emerge unblemish with finishing line in sight months end. No matter the verdict, we can all cast a suspicious eye to say the ‘handlers/fixers’ have done a remarkable job protecting #2 – with Raja Petra locked away for good measure.

    As for Anwar, he is set to go back into hibernation but will soldier on to plot another day. In my view, it must have crossed his mind now that Sept 16th has come to pass – Pakatan Rakyat is now a viable second party with a collective make up cohesive/strong enough to challenge BN -with or without his head at the top of the totem pole.

    The greens on the fairway are calling out my name. I’ll end my thoughts by saying – if the ghost of Altantuya does not rise, we are in for a lull with no power grab in play and Rosmah all happy.

    Regards as always and happy Diwali to all observant – never forget the noble quest to persist and triumph over sinister forces.

  7. This aside, what is the Domestic Minister doing with the crude oil now at about USD61 per barrel, which is less that that when we paid RM1.92, before the huge increase of 72sen?
    If the Government is in tune with what is happening around the world, the price at the pump should be less than RM1.92 now. Please , Gomen, do something for the Rakyat and not just embroiled yourself with politics and craving for power!!!!

  8. Tried to raid the EPF is the biggest understatement. They ALREADY HAVE RAIDED the EPF and is thinking about the money in Petronas.

  9. TILAPIA says:

    I am actually enjoying the peace. – Jed Yoong

    Enjoy the calm before the storm & in peace time prepare for war. Lay offs are already begining and more factories will close down. Police are already running away from unsafe areas.

  10. tun Perak says:

    Maybe the we shall finally see the end of the Rahman theory. LIKE THE SAYING GOES, with najib fulfilling the prophesy, umno will crumble and die its natural death. WILL A PLANE END IT, WILL AN ASSASSIN, OR WILL A BOLT OF LIGHTNING STRIKE HIM DOWN IN HIS PRIME, LIKE HIS DAD, GOD AND TIME WILL TELL.

  11. Crude oil is now at USD61.00 per barrel which is the lowest since June 2007. We paid RM1.92 when crude was higher than this. We should be paying less than RM1.92 at the pump but this Gomen is either too dumb to do anything or just too busy plundering resources to care about the Rakyat.

  12. TILAPIA says:

    Petronas also soon run out of money because they also must have lost hundreds of millions hedging on oil prices. Pakatan should raise the question in Parliament – How much has Petronas lost in hedging?

  13. TILAPIA says:


    He will be hoisted on his own kris

  14. Drachen says:

    Not possible to change. Malaysians join BN to GET something. They join struggling underdogs like PR to GIVE! If BN changes, it will lose all its “supporters”.

  15. little ball says:

    you can remove the leopard spots, but the problem? These leopard spots will grow again.

    The only solution is to skin the leopard alive and dyeing the leopard skin with permanent set dye.

  16. little ball says:

    Or feed the leopard with monsterballs which would arrest the hormones in the black spot of the leopard, thus preventing the growth of black spots.

    The only problem is that the leopard will have big monsterballs though like monsterball.

  17. Najib Supporter says:

    Ahhh yaaaa, this flip flop is nothing lah compared to George Bush’s worldwide telecast that the US Economy is “fundamentally strong” which turns out to be the opposite. Come on man, Malaysian economy is doing so so much better than the Americans or even the Europeans. SYABAS !!!! Be proud of Malaysia, the true Sang Kancil in these economic turbulence.

  18. toyolbuster says:

    a porn star in MCA is no big deal. There are as many bigger porn artistes within MCA as they have as many Dato’s/Datuks. Even in MIC, beside the very infamous Vijandran’s collections, their scandalous sex episodes are more spicy than their curries and masalas. If only there’s a RPK amongst them, you may see no end of their sequels.

  19. Ahabshi says:

    The US economy will continue to be fundamentally strong. Don`t worry about them. It is the malaysians who are going to suffer because they cannot export their way out of the problems unless their arab brothers lend money at no interest.
    Najib will have to support head of the Europe and US Department in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Wahid Karimi, who said that an attack on London would deter the US from attacking Teheran.
    “The most appropriate means of deterrence that Iran has, in addition to a retaliatory operation in the [Gulf] region, is to take action against London,” Karimi said.

    By supporting the London attack Najib will be able to control hindraf “terrorists” (as labelled by Hadhrami Arab Syed Hamid Albar).

  20. Ahabshi says:

    Instead, a group of Najib’s supporters have come out and said that Najib has denied being involved in Hindu rituals. Najib said if you don’t believe him, ask Samy Vellu.

    Wah, now swearing in the name of Samy.

    Guruji not enough, now Gurusamy also?

    But Najib’s office has come out to distance Najib from the statement by his supporters.

    And still no denial of the contents of Thaga’s SD?

    Deny the SD and we produce the proof.


  21. Palaniappan says:


  22. matt says:

    This is the calm before the storm and wait till the dec umno elections where the 5b epf money is heading.We should wonder when Malaysia will switch off the auto pilot switch and be back on manual control.

  23. bait says:

    By openly admitting to having met with Saiful 3 days before the alleged “sodomised victim” lodges a police report, Najib actually gave himself a big slap on the face. The people are now laughing real hard. It is stupidity beyond limit. He should have carefully consider the consequences before releasing a statement like that. I mean, it makes him look stupid, really really stupid.

  24. saiful says:

    Najib visits the Asylum

    One day Najib visits a particular asylum to check out the place, all the patients stood by the corridor loudly cheering at him.
    “Long live Najib! Long live Najib!”

    Only got one patient’s facial expression remain unchanged, not paying Najib any attention at all.

    Najib saw that, asked the warden: “Why that patient did not cheer for me?”

    Warden: “Because today his mental status is very normal.”

  25. samivellu says:

    Pak Lah, Najib, Shahrizat and Anwar were sitting in a KTM train
    heading up to Penang for campaigning. Near Ipoh, the train goes
    through a tunnel and it gets completely dark.

    Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap!

    The train comes out of the tunnel. Shahrizat and Pak Lah are sitting
    there looking perplexed.

    Najib is bent over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap.

    All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.

    Pak Lah is thinking: “These guys are all crazy after Shahrizat. Najib
    must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel. Very proper that she
    slapped him.”

    Shahrizat is thinking: “Najib must have moved to kiss me, but kissed
    Pak Lah instead and got slapped.”

    Najib is thinking: “Damn it, Pak Lah must have tried to kiss
    Shahrizat, she thought it was me and slapped me instead.”

    Anwar is thinking: “If this train goes through another tunnel, I could
    make another kissing sound and slap Najib again.”

  26. monsterball says:

    Leopards cannot change their spots.
    They can play cunning games.
    It has started…..now….to brainwash Malaysians….by Najib.
    He will be programing all Malaysians…how much he cares for the people…his private simple life…raring cat fishes…with few ponds in his house….soon an announcement of petrol reduction…..on and on…till next election.
    Meanwhile.anyone expose them…they apply provocations…now concentrating on the Indians.
    Everyone knows….Mahathir…Dollah’s “People’s PM”…and who is Najib?
    Well….he will need the biggest team of advisers….and he will still need to consult his mother or wife…what to say.
    That sums up..who is Najib.

  27. hindraf says:

    Najib was a lousy student in St. John`s and has not improved much since then, but clever in bluffing even in school.
    Now he bluffing the rakyat that the economi is ok, he cares for citizens bullshit. Like his father he bluff his way through life. His father also was conman.

  28. alamghaib says:

    well domestic minister u said that oil prices goes down to US72.00 our pump prices will be RM1.92 now that oil price is US62.00 and u stupid minister said u can’t bring it down cos it will hurt d petrol station but don’t forget when u increase 41% d petrol station make good profit why didn’t d petrol station make noise. wat type of minister r u. making a stupid big fool yourself. if d petrol station can’t take risk in business then close shop. business is all about risk. u can’t think of profit only. when increase u happy when decrease u cry foul. and let d citizen suffer. i think u minister should RESIGN NOW.

  29. wandererAUS says:

    A very flashy start by the PM-in-waiting…acting like a PM for all Malaysians.
    Just like all other component party leaders during their conferences, a lot of hot air. All the bla, bla, bla, once their goals are achieved, they will retreat into their slimy holes!
    Can you expect the sun rising from the west and babies not to cry!

  30. Will a leopard change its spots?
    Yes, if only politics is its sport
    It’s quite easy for the old spots to deport
    When there are brand new spots easily to import

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 261008
    Sun. 26th Oct. 2008.

  31. DONOTHING says:

    With the great Tun Dr Mahathir guiding him Najib will run the country well. So don’t worry folks good times will be here again soon.

  32. Scorpion says:

    “Can monkeys change its antics?” would be an appropriate title. We have given a garland (the country) to a bunch of monkeys. Now we are winessing them ripping it apart.

  33. jiranpp says:

    a leopard will always be a leopard with or without spots

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, please don’t insult the poor leopard with its God given spots.
    To change the metaphorical ‘spots’, one must ‘skin’ and ‘cure’ it – then possibly use it to garb the porcine wifey. This is impossible in reality.
    Otoh, a ‘flip flop’ is best described as footwear, and that is what this flur is.



  36. hindraf says:

    He is a followerr of Gurusamy

  37. hindraf says:

    A leopard cannot change its spots


    The notion that things cannot change their innate nature.


    From the Bible, Jeremiah 13:23 (King James Version):

    “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.”

  38. hang jebat baru says:

    also a lover of aminah

  39. Anonymous says:

    It is a game of deniability in politics. They would leak out some information by someone purportedly from someone else and when all hell break loose they knew where the popular opinion is and from there denied having issued the first statement.

    After Najib’s statement about removing some elements of NEP he probably got a few phone calls from quite a few people and he had to put a spin on what he said.

    It’s just politics and these are very naive political game.

    Can the real Najib please stand up ?

  40. tamade says:

    The country’s economy will be in deep turmoil judging from the denial syndrome as depicted by the No.1 and No.2 of the Finance Ministry.

    In the 1980s, when Bolehland was facing an economy slowdown, many Bolehlanders “jump plane” to the western countries and Japan, so alternative route is there.

    In the 1997 financial crisis, Asia was scorched except China, but USA and the European countries were in good shape, hence our exports and both oils could still save Bolehland.

    In 2008~2009, the palm oil, petroleum and rubber prices came tumbling down, and the west are in deep trouble. This time, who can save us?

    If the situation in the west continue to worsen, many OEM manufacturers and SMIs are going to retrench their work forces, expatriates are going to leave this country in doves, what will happen then? (those posh condo owners who rent out their units to expatriates, please beware and take pre-emptive measures before it is too late).

    Also, will credit card usage pull down the bank? Remember the South Korean Credit card debacle years ago?

    And the most worrying one, will the massive housing and car loans (deemed unproductive by many experts) given by the banks for the past 10 years become another nightmare like in USA? (when many bread-earners are jobless, what will happen then?)

    Well, time will tell. Use your imagination.

    May be, all of us need to pray more for miracle to happen before the worst hit our country.

    Hope we can sail through this time.

    Pray, pray, pray.

  41. yo67 says:

    ha ha thats funny sorry not alot of comment but i was only saying its really funny

  42. yo67 says:

    its a bit like “gesyst crist is lord and he gets prayed so pray,pray,pray,pay
    oops i said pay instead of pray” dont ya think

  43. james says:

    In view of the shicking developments as inevitable results of the sudden oil price hike, I woul like to raise several issues with regards to the situation in Petronas which I believe most people are niot aware of. This is especially pertinent in the face of several revelations, such as the fact that the oil wells in Sabah will dry up six years from now. The issue has also been raised that Petronas “could go bust in 2018”, forcing us to ask: Where have all the huge amounts of Petronas money gone to?


  44. jambo says:

    Petronas went on a investment spree as oil prices went up. Now that oil prices are on the way down those investments would have depreciated in value. Also we do not know how much Petronas has lost in hedging on oil prices.
    The Finance Minister is silent on all these losses including those by Sime Darby (a govt instigated merger of oilpalm plantations).

  45. jambo says:

    The government should instead work out measures to protect small-medium businesses and jobs. SMEs provide 56% of total employment in the country. These companies will be facing severe credit crunch and lower sales in the coming 3 months. Close to 25% of these 560,000 registered companies face a possibility of closure. If this scenario materialises, Malaysia’s unemployment rates will go up to more than 4.5% since 1997 financial crisis.

    Consumer demand is expected to remain cautious and most consumers will focus on essentials, mortgage and loans. Another aspect which requires immediate attention is the dramatic growth of credit care usage. In the last two years, it has registered almost 500% growth and credit card loans stood at RM250 billion in the country. This does not augur well for the country.


    Finance Minister and his cronies say malaysia are ok

  46. Menyalak-er says:

    Well if the FM and the dep. gov. of BNM says our economy is ok, it is a truly leopardy thing to say. They are top predators and the rakyat are their game. They are ok but we are being eaten alive – with escalating cost of living, high cost of raw material (read steel and concrete enuff), skilled labor shortages, high crime rate blah, blah.
    Was watching BizReport last night on Bernama tv, at least the lady dep. ceo of Matrade was realistic, unlike this blur dep gov of BNM.
    Since we are a trading nation, i think the SMI’s got to diversify asap. The problem remains, as to where these so called soft SMI/Biotech gomen/bank loans actually go to.
    Tamade, do have any idea how this thing is done? Anyone?
    Perhaps the 5 PR states should have their own international trade show.

  47. anonymous joe says:

    dei samivellu, u r funnier than the syed fler…

  48. Leopard says:

    Hey you guys, dont you call me to change my spots. I am proud of my spots!!!!

  49. thanesh says:

    “Hey you guys, dont you call me to change my spots. I am proud of my spots!!!!”

    You had to shout iznt it? Now Najib looking for you to replace his fading ones.

  50. Gloomy in 2009 says:

    Finance Minister and his cronies say malaysia is ok…….because that’s their job to say so after robbing the rakyat and will continue to do so.
    Since several months ago, local companies had their foreign job orders either canceled or on hold till further notice. When the government start asking the rakyat to start growing vegetables in their backyard, what does that tell you……..

  51. kittykat46 says:

    Najib is almost a caricature of the worst about UMNO.
    The authoritarian, money-grubbing, racist, corrupt, ISA-all-the-way UMNO.

    Last week’s statement was just a feeble attempt at burnishing his “future PM” image. There’s no heart in it, hence the back-pedalling.

  52. Just like AI with his promise of the takeover of the racist government on 16/9 (it is now 27/10), which is nothing but the biggest bluff, Najib too, with doing away the NEP in due course (How much longer ? Another 50 years ?), is another one similar to AI bluffs of taking over and is claiming to be now running out of options now, what options, there was never an option ?
    A chip of the old blog , very similar to stabbing Tengku’s back by his father, Najib too is a racist, he is just trying to get the support of the non Bumis to become the P.M..
    So do not even believe him for a minute for whatever he is saying, he is another bluff out to get the non Bumis’ support.

  53. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — In what will be seen as an endorsement of Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir’s candidacy by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Pekan Umno Youth today nominated the son of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to contest the party wing’s number one post.
    Kata pepatah Melayu, ke mana kuah kalau tidak tumpah ke nasi…..Begitu juga kita diingatkan dengan ‘ bapa borek anak rintik ‘ tanda bahawa sesuatu bakat itu akan tumpah atau mengalir kepada anaknya…

    Kalau ‘kuah yang lazat dan enak’ tidak mengapa kerana ia memberi nikmat kepada yang menikmatinya. Tetapi jika ‘kuah basi’ tentu semakin dimakan semakin banyak mudarat akan timbul dan mungkin ‘isi’ perut yang lain akan turut sama keluar. Akhirnya si tuan punya tubuh akan terbaring lemah kerana ‘virus’ dari ‘kuah basi’ tadi.

  54. daniel says:

    We won’t believe in you anymore. Remember what you had say about us!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  55. yh says:

    original interview was meant for foreign audience and Non-UMNOputras.
    clarification is meant for UMNOputras.
    Its not flip flop. Its flop and flop before he even assumes the PM post.

  56. thangaveloo says:

    According to Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop, RM2.37bil has been spent to finance the national service (NS) programme since it was introduced in 2004. RM608.6mil was spent in 2004, RM604.8mil in 2005, RM588.2mil in 2006 and RM565mil in 2007. Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said earlier that the programme would not exceed RM500mil a year.

    This is wasting money, scrap it and use the money for small business finance.

  57. ktemoc says:

    Happy Deepavali everyone!

    Good topic and as Palaniappan (08:56:00) said wisely:


    😉 and which leopard could we be talking about – wakakaka

  58. chiplak says:

    Aiyoh yo ktemoc, we all know you love najis and hate anwar lah. Dont shy shy, talk straight. Next time before posting clear your throat oso that wakakaka sound like you got fecal matter (kaka) stuck in your throat. Use listerine more frequently.

  59. amoke says:

    I am one of the 70% of Malaysian who do NOT want Najib as my PM. He is more than a flip flop, he is a schemer and based on his behavioural pattern, i do not like to see what he will do when he is the PM. above all, he does not seem able to not follow what Mahathir says.

  60. Caesar says:

    It’s not that I love Najib more, but it’s Anwar I hate …………. cos an arse banger cannot be PM, as simple as that !

  61. tamade says:

    Happy Deepavali to all the Hindu brothers and sisters in Bolehland.

    May the blessings of the Al-Mighty be with you always.

    May God bless the Bolehland and her Rakyat.

  62. Najib's aide says:

    Najib will follow Dr M’s advice to deal dissenters with an “iron hand”. That’s the only way to deal with so many PMs wannabes hehe

  63. Cato says:

    …………. cos an arse banger cannot be PM, as simple as that ! ……Caesar

    PI Bala said in his SD that Najib was doing that

  64. ktemoc says:

    chiplak, aiyoyo also, what men, we are talking about leopards ma & I merely quoted Palaniappan – so why bring in names lah 😉

    ok ok, let’s not talk about leopards anymore – what about glass houses? wakakakakakakakaka

  65. toca says:

    ktemoc turd man? (ktm)

    (Noun) Poop, feces, sh*t, dung, dump, Load.

  66. ktemoc says:

    if this sort of exchanges pleases you – wakakaka

  67. pj voter says:

    Hey! Loony, you know something? This is the 67th blogger commenting on this thread. To your question, I hope this is not the answer.

    Well! Everybody knows that a leopard will never change it’s spot.

    How can a leopard change a God’s creation? Just like a tiger, it’s cannot change its strikes.

    These patterns are permanently set and therefore cannot be changed. It’s irreversible.

    But you can tame a wild leopard into a tame one. Just like you can tame your naughty kitty.

    A human life is above all animals and is at the top of the hierarchy of living chart.

    Though we cannot change the spots of the leopard but we can change the behavior of the leopard.

    As to Najib, he can be changed. He has the knowledge of a lawyer, hence how to rule the nation using a good rule of law.

    Najib could also be like his predecessors, practicing the divisive divide and rule system, further damaging the co-relationship of the rakyat.

    If Najib is the pm with the three tiers of power in his hand, he could be like the despotic Mahathir or the zzzz Pak LAh, or his beloved father who practiced the separation of powers and checks and balances.

    If Najib is like a leopard that doesn’t change its spots, that might be good for Bolehland- for Najib could be like his former dad who knew the importance of checks and balances for a democratic country, unlike the previous two pms who have no knowledge at all pertaining to the principle of separation of powers and checks and balances.

    It was Mahathir who destroyed our democratic system and Pak Lah due to his lack of knowledge on the importance of these two democratic features let to their downfall and getting the tag names of dictator and/or hp6 pms.

    Will Najib follow the routes of this two predecessors or his late father? With Najib’s knowledge in the rule of law and the experience of the demised Tun Razak, I think Najib could reform Bolehland- at least Najib has the knowledge and capability- unlike his two predecessors, they were/are failed leaders because of lack of knowledge in the rule of law, separation of powers and check and balances which are a vital ingredients in ruling Bolehland properly.

    Whether a leopard can change it’s spot is not a criteria, the more important thing is a leopard can outpaced it’s prey and feed on it.

    Hence as to Najib, Najib will uphold his late Dad- Tun Razak’s legacy and restore Bolehland to it’s original state, like what it used to be under the late Tun Razak era.

    Najib will definitely uphold the legacy of his late dad, and would not want his late dad or Uncle Tun Hussein legacies being dislodged by the two previous ignorant predecessors.

    The spirit of Tun Razak is always with Najib, hence Najib would follow his father spirit of righteousness than the wicked/incompetency of the two predecessors.

    The late Tun Razak could rule Bolehland like Mahathir after the May 13 debacle but didn’t just shows that the Razaks have conscience, dignity and honor in their characters.

    A Chinese proverb says one cannot use a person’s figure to determine one character.

    We knew the late Tun Razak’s character and Najib character. Kudos to Najib for his wisdom in forgiving the Sin Chew reporter in misreporting the manifesto of Najib.

    At least this is a precursor of a good pm.

    I think Najib will make a good pm, else the spirit of his late dad would be very unhappy- more than anybody else!

  68. toca says:

    ktemoc (15:35:43) :
    if this sort of exchanges pleases you – wakakaka

    you are the expert on Poop, feces, sh*t, dung, dump, Load that pleases you

  69. kakinang says:


  70. ISA SUPPORTER says:

    So far, Malaysia doing so so much better than the US now suffering a massive “stroke” to be preceded by a death stroke! Imagine a country owing other countries more than US$10 trillion. How can you guys get fooled so easily man!!!!!

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