I received this email plea today and would like to share it with you:

Dear MP and Editor,
I’m currently teaching in a secondary school in Johor and I am totally dissatisfied with an issue so I am writing this complain hoping that it will make a difference. As most of you are aware of, we had just completed the PMR examinations throughout Malaysia. We as teachers also look forward to marking the PMR papers, as we will be able to gain experience and insights, which will be useful when conducting the Form 3 classes for the coming year.

However, all the hopes of Indian teachers are dashed to the ground as the meeting with the heads of the marking group is being held on the eve of Deepavali in some places.

These meetings are held over a span of two to three days so that each group is able to discuss with their respective group leaders on issues concerning the marking of the papers. The examiners will also be given their scripts and briefed on the issues of marking. These meetings are essential and if they are held during the preparations for Deepavali, many Indian teachers will not be able to attend and thus they lose out as they won’t have the chance to mark the papers.

Some may argue that these meetings are not long, and the teachers will be able to attend the meeting and then go back home to continue with the preparations, but I ask you is it fair? Some of us are sent to different states away from our hometowns and we dedicate ourselves to our work but during the holidays we would like to spend time with our loved ones.

I’m not surprised that this sort of incident is taking place as we have come across many incidents like this over the years but I would seriously like to pose this question. Is this what we call BANGSA MALAYSIA? This ignorance of the celebration that is going to take place and the importance of this celebration to a small group of people who are a part of Malaysia.

I can only hope that things will get better and even though we are a small group of people we still contribute to the development of this nation and thus our voices should be heard. The meeting could have been held during the weekday since we already know beforehand when the examinations are going to take place and when it’s going to be over. There is no logical explanation on why the meeting is held on the eve of Deepavali unless it has been done on purpose.

Signed: Disappointed Teacher.

Well, people, what do you think?


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  1. anarky says:

    This is done on purpose.

    sick gomen

  2. Anonymous says:

    Malaysian Indian community had been marginalised all these years..
    And poverty had struck them hard.
    I had some schoolmates back in secodary schools who dropped out due to family financial burdens.
    I believe there are even more suffering in the isolated estates.
    Although I dont support Hindraf, I do have sympathy to those fellow Malaysians.

  3. lz says:

    No surprise since umno assembly was conducted on deepavali before.

  4. prega says:

    UMNO has to treat the idol worshippers as scum. At the last UMNO assembly Khairy condemned indian newsvendors for paying more attention to deepavali than distributing the umno news.

  5. Eagle says:

    As I have commented before and I am going to say it again, those decision makers up there mostly scums and they sit there not base on merit but crony. Or otherwise why do they do this, no excuses and this has to stop.

  6. Only when you are people who really matter
    Then only will they consider this holiday factor
    Otherwise there won’t be the need to shatter
    The ‘myth’ that some folks are meant to be actors

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 211008
    Tue. 21st Oct. 2008.

  7. Menyalak-er says:

    Whadda, this is a storm in a very small spitoon?!
    Look, we have professional exams& work before, during and after X’mas, Easter, Gawai, Hari Raya, CNY etc…
    C’mon this ain’t racial or religious. It’s just is! Reality check… please.
    If we pander to everybody, we end up with nothing. The Roman Catholics will be aghast if we suggested they celebate every Saints day! No need to work.
    There is enough religious and racial angst to last a zillion lifetimes, and we just don’t want to hear anymore of this – otherwise, we can’t shit during somebody else’s festival…

  8. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    but got no guts to leave BN.

    please MCA and MIC just close shop.
    all its members can go sell their policies
    at the pasar malam.

  9. Antares says:

    For some folks caught in a time warp, WHITE = GOOD and BLACK= BAD. So the Orang Puteh is called TUAN (contraction of Tuhan), the Orang Kuning is called TOWKAY (Hokkien for boss), the Orang Umno is called DATUK, TAN SRI or TUN, and the Orang Hitam is called OY THAMBY!
    Pathetic, ain’t it? Well, at least, our DPM & his gracious wife aren’t prejudiced – they reportedly had an Indian swami on their payroll (until his guru recalled him to India, according to local gossip, for accepting blood money).

  10. Azmin says:

    365 days a year. In this multi-racial, multi-religions, yadee, yadee, yadaa….then we would end up half the year holidaying. Very tired to run this country….hahaha

  11. That is why a reader said, a Malay issue is a national issue, a Chinese issue is a racial issue and an Indian issue is a non issue.

    So, to all my Indian frds, vote BN out the next general election. Dont be conned by that Samy again and his colleagues.

  12. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    No problem lah…

    Don’t fret over it lah. Eve only mah!.

    I farking working through Christmas, Deepavali, Hari Raya and CNY. Where is the farking problem. You work harder don’t die onelah!

    Working never kills anyone.

    If you got money, hari hari raya. Like the Melayus says… Gaya kaya, hari raya.

  13. selvaraja somiah says:

    Well it only goes to show that the Indians aint important to our political masters and I’m not surprise at all. We can shout and scream “not fair” but BN won’t give a shit to us. This is reality, this is truth and if it hurts, so what can we do about it?

    As Plato says come to my mind, “and isn’t it a bad thing to be deceived about the truth, and a good thing to know what the truth is? For I assume that by knowing the truth you mean knowing things as they really are.”

  14. Ellie says:

    blame no one but you indian people who chose Samy to be your leader. So either bear with it or correct it soonest before too late.

  15. freewave says:

    Because they enjoy doing it. You know what… all those talks by MCA and MIC about going to change are just talk. Don’t ever believe them. They are incapable of doing it. Not to say that they don’t have balls, but they gave them to their UMNO masters, so that they can squeeze them whenever they want.

  16. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    I am a Chinese and let me tell you this…

    My mother came from China when she was 3 years old and died at 73 years old. During her life, she has never rested one single day for CNY. Chinese new year is a day to do business for her because the Indians, Malays still requires her merchandizes.

    She never rested and never complains. The only time she rested was during childbirth and that is only for 1 day! My younger sister was born at 8.00pm and at 7.30 pm she was still working!

    Weaklings… work on eve of festival also complain. FARK

  17. toyolbuster says:

    ANd you think the Indians have learned from this. After last Deepavali with umno and khairy, there are still many who think so highly of MIC and samy the slimy value.

  18. Rights for all says:

    This is the time for slimy samy and his MIC honchos to save the day.

  19. freewave says:

    However in reality, this scenario is very common lah, the gov is a malay gov, so sure give preference to Hari Raya. If you are aware, the western companies would give preference to Christmas, Chinese companies to CNY, Indian companies to Deepavali, so on and so forth… no big deal. And, they didn’t force you to work, did they? If you want the money, just go and work friend, else go for you holiday, simple as that!

  20. freewave says:

    And that’s why we must decide ourselves and make this gov a malaysian government instead of a malay government.

  21. DONOTHING says:

    Stop the complaint !!There is nothing much can do about such treatment so just accept yr fate and behave like a good servant should do. Maybe then they will take some pity on you and leave some crumbs on the table.

  22. […] are not responsible for the content published. We encourage you to read the full article/post from the original source here. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  23. anonymous says:

    This gover nment is not sensitive to the minority races. All they talk is of malay issues and not malaysian issues. All races deserve a fair deal under the malaysian sun. How are we to achieve national integration and unity in order to propel the country to greater heights with these type of decisionmaking.

  24. Pegasus says:

    That’s nothing to cry about considering that the Umno led regime has been arrogant and selfish. Samy is still licking their boots after all these years , the Indians are being treated as a nobody due to MIC selling off the Indians rights and making the Indians fools. Majority of the Indians are poor and living in hardship. Most of the Indians who are successful , make it on their own will power. The Indians are treated like scums , those uneducated face problems when dealing with the government authorities as they hardly speak malay, as they had grown up among their own community in the estates. Deprived of education and neglected, they are treated shabbily as most are poor without jobs.
    Samy has totally fail in helping out this group, those without IC’s were in thousands and still are, while the Indons are given citizenship without much difficulty.
    Either you sacrifice your Deepavali plans or just throw everything and take a leave on your own. Life goes on…, if you want a change for the better then ,vote for the opposition and seek a better tomorrow. Cheers!!!.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The examination paper marking meetings are scheduled the same way every year. It is the shifting deepavali date that had made it the same this year. I was a teacher before and these meetings are important and the marking schedule is very tight.

    It is not a racial or religious issue. In fact it is a non-issue at all. We have bigger and more important fish to fry.

  26. nor'aini says:

    it is a non issue, just celebrate your deepavali and be the examiner next year.

  27. Rustypin says:

    No need to worry. Go look for MIC branch office, go see Datoseri Samyvelu or go see National MIC youth leader and his assistants. They will be able to help the teacher. They will bring this up in parliment, they will change the ministers mind and through that a lot of indian teachers working away from home benefit. They have done this before and will do it again. Small problem lah!

  28. veryupset says:

    Why is MIC so quite on this issue…?

    “Tak apa..! Kita sokong Barisan sahaja…!”

  29. triss says:

    I’m confused … at one hand I can feel frustration of the Disappointed Teacher, as this date thing can be planned better. on another, I also agree with some other comments that suggest that’s it’s non issue.

    So although it’s a none/small issue, it can be plan in a better way to minimize/reduce/eliminate dissatisfaction.

  30. riki says:

    What is the issue? I still working a day before Raya.
    My wife who is a lecturer also working.

    We did our preparation on weekend and other possible time.

  31. Douglas Duncan Moore says:

    To be honest with ya all and the grievanced teacher who cried-out-loud, I wish to summarize my view and opinion.

    If you look at a larger view, say, in many States of Australia and in our country, the Great US, the newscasters are even unsure whether Chinese New Year falls on the specific date as the female asked the male newscaster “Is tomorrow Chinese New Year” and her colleague on air replied “Yes, and I wish all Chinese………..” . Chinese New Year is not even a Government gazetted holidays in Australia and US despite many Chinese domiciled in the said countries.

    However, the government should give leeways at the eve/during/after Deepavali for the celebrants.

    Douglas Duncan Moore
    Righteous American Expat in KL

  32. Zulkifli says:

    you’re lucky to have a job. I would be more than willing to work on Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Gawai, Lunar New Year, Thaipusam, raya haji, Kaamatan, Chet, Guru Nanak;s birthday, Good Friday, in return for a job. You whine because you return home late on the EVE of Deepavali. Please grow up. Stop turning everything Indian into a case of discrimination. A lot of malays also work during Hari Raya.

  33. Pendrive says:

    Dear Zulkifli

    You’re working because your gov employ more malays into goverment jobs( (98%), less non bumi staff, so kau kena kerjalah, jangan soggel sangat. Kalau kerajaan pandai mengisi jawatan dengan pengambilan belbagai kaum ini tidak ada masaalah.. One down for u.

  34. moore says:

    I am not sure if I could say it is a non-issue if it involved me. Since time immemorial teachers have sacrificed for the betterment of students – we dont call it a noble profession for nothing.
    On another note i noticed during the recent raya celebrations it was almost exclusively only malays working in hypermarkets and in most of the shops in the mall in their full raya costume. This means these shops exclusively employ malays. does this also mean that other races dont even qualify to work as shop assistants or cashiers?

  35. sumathi says:

    Festival is festival, work is work don’t complaint. Festival every year also got but this job not everyone can get. You ask for it you got it. You want extra money mah.

    Why don’t you send this message to your uncle sam, he can help but not here in this blog. Be grateful, you are so lucky to be one of goverment servant and you are non-malay. How about those who are poor out there, there not never knows what is festival all about and how about those who apply for teachers training and never get.

    Be grateful and don’t always complaint.

  36. saint statue says:

    saint statue…

    Thank you…

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