But I am alive and I will get them!

To recall what happenned to Altantuya, read Antares @ Magick River: “Aminah decribes her ordeal”.


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  1. ian says:

    Does Mr Garang dare to look in the mirror at night, when he’s alone? Might be someone standing behind him.

  2. Kopi Anan says:

    They [Police, Military, AG, PM, DPM, Cabinet, ARB, 2 UTK etc ] know who the murderers are.

    At stake is the RM500 million that’s stopping them from telling us.

    But it looks as if, the sum may be dwindling slowly.

  3. setia says:

    The Murderer(s) who killed Altantuya cannot escape punishment and should be brought to justice.
    Seem like only in Malaysia, the Crooks, Cheats ,Rapists,Murderers are running
    round scottfree ! Where is the soul of the Country ?
    Justice for Altantuya !

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  5. Mr Garang says:

    YES YES I DO ! hehe. What is a sweet young thing hanging around Anwar’s buayas I wonder……

  6. I heard that the Mongolians have powerful shamans who are able to raise the dead spirit to wreck vengeance on the perpectrators. The father of Atlantuya had seen such shaman and her spirit will not rest until her murderer(s) will go insane from their guilt.
    Let watch who at the top are going insane or getting their just deserts by dying a horrible death.

  7. kittykat46 says:

    Antares wrote a beautiful piece. Scary though.
    Thanks for highlighting it, Susan.

    I’ve often wondered how certain people manage to get any sleep at night.
    Then I eventually realised they probably sleep very well, thank you……they left their conscience behind somewhere far away, long ago…

  8. Hazel says:

    Dear kittykat, I am sure they sleep well at night with that much of money they have, heehee…..I hope Altantuya will come and haunt them at night, kuk kuk…..

  9. wandererAUS says:

    “You can see but cannot touch”
    With the appointment of Zaki, murder/s will get away scot free. Can a lapdog CJ tell the master to go to hell. Can you ask a baby not to cry!!!
    That conclude the sad story of judiciary reform…no one is above the law, hahaha

  10. wandererAUS says:

    “You can see but you cannot touch”
    These are the laws of the land practise in Bolehland.
    Only the tears of Altantuya will turn toxic in the minds of the guilty.

  11. icebury21 says:

    Hope Altantuya cekik the stupid Rosmah first than the others.

  12. wapot says:

    Where got this people sleep well. Everyday in fear maa! Just don’t want to show off lor!

  13. ah long says:

    He is not frighten of hantu, got very powerful Hindu bomoh to protect him.

  14. jsss says:

    Don’t worry lah guys. This evil people will never escape. Very soon they are going to have a superb wonderful time with syaitans.

  15. zztop says:

    How cruel and heartless those who kill this mongolian lady can be. Blown to bits!! How can in this country the murderers not only get scottfree but also continue living in style and power ??
    This country is no more a country but hell fit for evils and greedy “hantus”.

  16. jsss says:

    How long the bomoh can protect the evils one fine day sure kena one.So just wait for GOD’s instruction for them to have nice time with syaitans.

  17. zulkifli abdullah says:

    Yes, of course they are still out there silly. What do you expect from boleh land ??
    Unlike Japan, Thailand, USA ,UK or for that matter of fact India.
    When there are whispers of wrong doing by their leaders, they are immediately hauled up for questionning.
    However in boleh land it is the only the opposition that is hauled up for questioning and held without trial.
    Even before he or she is presumed innocent until found guilty.
    It is learned that in Japan and in many other countries that when leaders are suspected of wrong doings
    a) they commit hara-kiri (knife in belly)
    b) commit suicide
    c) resign
    e vacate their political positions
    f) apologise to their citizens
    g)loose all politcal influence and credibility
    h)will not be allowed to hold any important portfolios or positions
    i)will be removed form their political party
    j)will be brought to trial
    k)have their fianancial accounts and assets probed
    l)will not be able to particiapte in any political agenda again until proven innocent
    Unlike in boleh land all things are subjected to changes ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!!!!!!

  18. zulkifli abdullah says:

    Only in boleh land
    a) say something about the “g” men – jail without trial oh what a blunder
    b) suspected of criminal activity – elected become an important leader
    c) made racial remark – suspended 3 years and prosper
    d) promised “kongsi kuasa ” – finally got kongsi penjara
    e) have sex with under aged girl – can become leader
    f) cannot speak english – also can become minister
    g) but if we fail english – boy oh boy, we will suffer
    h) busy fighting with one another – finally loose batu putih to the neighbour
    i) when price of oil come down – what is there for offer
    j) but when price of oil go up – all the rakyaat suffer
    i) many things can happen from now – until december
    j) so dear friends be prepared – to understand and decipher

  19. azisirikit says:

    HE become PM, sure the case close. Now zaki become CJ, sealed case closed. Already SHE now celebrating and partying around. That’s my beautiful country and leaders. Cheers Malaysia!!

  20. Altantuya says:

    To Mr Garang:

    Hi Honey… remember me?…

  21. chris chong says:

    sad indeed when all the top posts of independent bodies; the chief judge, the chief polis, the lawyer negara, the ACA head are all running dogs of UMNO.

    i don’t know if the rakyat can win in these circumstances…

  22. Antares says:

    Thanks for the link, Susan. Aminah’s story deserves a wide audience. She called herself Aminah in Malaysia to support her claim that Razak Baginda married her in Korea. “Aminah” means “trustworthy” or “secure.” The clumsy attempt to cover up and gloss over Najib & Rosmah’s involvement in the macabre case has dishonored all Malaysians and makes Umno/BN an accessory after the crime. This country has seen far too many gruesome abductions, rapes, and murders of young females – some as young as 9 years old. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with a society that allows such hideous crimes to go unresolved & unpunished, while political dissenters like Raja Petra & the Hindraf leaders are unceremoniously thrown in jail to languish without hope of release… until Umno/BN falls, as it must, owing to the burden of its negative karma.

  23. tshock says:

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT under estimate the power of karma, If it appears that nothing is happening, all the more thosewho have wronged should be VERY VERY careful. Karma works in its own ways.

  24. ahlong says:

    I wonder how much longr they can delay giving a verdict on the Altantuya trial? It is already in the book of records. Malaysia Boleh. World’s longest murder trial.

    Anywhere else in the world this is an open & shut case. The evidence to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt is quite easily obtainable if the prosecutor really wants to. Just find out who deleted the immigration records. Or just simply tell the three goons already in custody if they don’t tell the truth they will have a date with the hangman. See if they sing or not.

    But up to now neither of the three accused has yet to take the stand to be properly cross examined. How the hell can they be a murder trial where the main accused Baginda is not put on the cross examination stand after 20 months of court proceedings???

  25. monsterball says:

    Tibetians..and Mongolians..are famous to practice Buddhism…on rebirths and talking to ghosts.
    Atlantuya’s father have some of her daughter’s bones?
    Why can’t he get the best Tibetian Lama and talk to her daughter….who killed her?
    When come to dirty politics…UMNO is the best in the world.
    Don’t dream for justice.
    We need to keep talking and exposing…to vote them out.
    That’s the only way….more truths will be revealed.
    I hope RPK’s sacrifices…will be rewarded…..soon.

  26. Hon says:

    Malaysia and Singapore used to be one body. Both started on par in many things, including their universities.

    Now, 40 years later, Malaysia and Singapore are different. A tale of two nations. One is declining or stuck and the other is moving forward.

    Why the stark difference? One obvious reason is the way human resources are used in Malaysia and Singapore. Another reason is accountability and transparency. Yet another reason is corruption.

    The government of one nation has tunneled vision under a coconut shell while the other has good mission and vision. One is concerned with one dominant race and the other is race-blind.

    Furthermore, one practices an officially approved apartheid policy while pretending to be a fair government that does not marginalise its citizens of certain ethnic groups.

    One is pretends to be global while the other is truly global.

    Malaysia and Singapore: excellent examples for historical and social analyses and studies. Also, excellent case studies in evolution: survival of the fittest.

  27. oversee says:

    While in Malaysia university, I have seen endless rounds of discrimination, and I have to admit that I have been a racist since then. Many of my friends who did STPM deserve the places in university were denied, and their places were filled up by you know who. I am racist because the government made me.

    I am a racist even though I studied in a sekolah kebangsaan for 12 years of my early education. I used to mix with all races, and we were good friends……….That was until I get into local university.

    With the rate these universities are accepting half-baked students from matriculation and churning out quarter-ponder studs every year, you really expect the employment market to absorb them all? Every company will go bust in less than a year if such nincompoops are there. Public sector can absorb la. Use taxpayers money to pay them.

    I was once a distributor for scientific products and what I observe every year is, new lab technicians are employed but most of them sit around chatting and do nothing. Why? Because there isn’t enough work to go around. They are just idling away in front of computer playing solitaire. How nice.

    The government is never remorseful for their sins of wasting the taxpayers money in just employing a particular group for the sake of giving employment.

    During Mahathir era, they were twiddling that the public sector is overburdened by having too many employees and so the privatisation began, and today is there much difference if not worse.

    It is a sin of wasting the people hard earned money by employing so many who do so little and lately the government is told to hurry up to give employment to 30000 graduates.

    Malaysia has the worse system of racial discrimination in this world. Pak Lah, are you listening? Everyone knows it. All the politicians including non-malays hide under their coconut trees and keep quiet. These conditions are not going to change ever. So don’t wait.

    Although my children were Singapore born, we were lucky not to settle back in Malaysia but decided to make our home in Australia. My son is now an engineer with loan from the government here. And my daughter is on a full scholarship reading pharmacy.

    So my advice to all parents is to get out of Malaysia. They should try going to Singapore, Japan or even China. You will be welcome there if you are above average. Good luck.

  28. aston says:

    Is absolutely right!

    For those who have been victimized under the Malaysia made meritocracy trap, look elsewhere. Opportunities abound.

    I left Malaysia long time ago when my mother told me to look for greener pasture elsewhere.

    Absolutely no regret. The local organization and government sponsored all my living and educational expenses here to the maximum I could go.

    Frankly speaking, if not for those incompetent, extremist and brainless leaders and cronies who have destroyed Malaysia for the past 30 years, this land is a heaven on earth.

  29. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    The dead rising…

    Many years ago, I went to a medium to enquire about my grandmother and suddenly a friend of my father started talking about some unfinished business in a temple after he died. This person was a former head of a Chinese temple

    My father being a sucessor was forced to listen to what he has to say about the temple and his intentions after he died!!!

    Imagine what Altantuya can do if a medium is invited to the site where she was murdered….

  30. Harrison says:


    Can you substantiate your claim that Najib is not a Muslim? I am only curious to know. Thanks.

  31. Jamal says:

    I thought that arse banging Anwar wasnt a Muslim hehe

  32. Payback Time says:

    Guys just imagine how PI Bala disappear after his SD episode..think harder as who has that extraordinary power to make him and his beloved family vanish in thin air ?…again for his own safety { claim by PDRM Bala life was in danger } piece it all together and you all will know who are the people behind it. Lets summon Altantuya spirit and unleash it towards her murderers..send them all to hell…otherwise krama has lost its meaning

  33. […] ‘My murderers are still out there” But I am alive and I will get them! To recall what happenned to Altantuya, read Antares @ Magick River: “Aminah […] […]

  34. cancan says:

    Read this interesting story from the movie ‘Hail the Judge’


  35. Hang jebat baru says:

    My cousin Hang Li Poh say aminah ask malaysian
    to remember her.Set up a Blog so that we can pay
    respect online Her spirit is restless.A powerful spell has been casts on her.She is crying for help.Her child
    which is also murderer child.How can you kill your
    son mother?

  36. 1961 says:

    dear Altantuyal
    We know what happen to you.We will never forget you and will
    do everything possible to get your murderers. As we are against the most
    powerful men in our country it will take a longer time.Our dear bro pete have
    gone to prison for trying to do that.we will create a Blog to remember you
    so that the murderers will not live in peace.Everytime they switch on their computer
    your lovely photo will appear in the screen.Will continue to write about you until
    murderers are brought to justice.Only hope that susan will give us her space.
    To be con…

  37. 1961 says:

    Dear Aminah
    You look so lovely,so harmless.I have save your photo in my computer
    I urge all malaysians who love our beloved country to do that and we will sent
    your photo and how you die to UN,to NGO all over the world.email to every member
    of UMNO so they will know who they are voting for? How can they pray to ALLAH?
    Do they fast? What for? Aminah, I will urge malaysians writers to write a story base
    on your life story and the proceed of the book will go towards your son in mongolia
    If there is film director who want to make a movie base on your life story I will suggest
    that the actress will be Zhang Ziyi.Youare as beautiful as her.Dont worry we will
    get your murderers.

  38. 1961 says:

    dear Aminah
    Please let me know how can I help you to bring your killers
    to justice.I cant get your image off my mind not because you are so
    gentle and beautiful.how could anyone kill you so mercyless to the extend
    of placing c4 on your body.not only that,she have to be there to make sure
    you are really dead and in pieces. I am willing to loan you my body for your spirit to come into so that you can take your revenge.I know my life is in danger for saying that.They can tract my IP but I am not scare cos I am
    already dead cos of their policy.

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