This so-called MANIFESTO is planned to discredit the DPM or MALAYSIAKINI. In the following days, we can see the outcome of this incident.

Now what is the real story behind MALAYSIAKINI’s “DPM Najib Tun Razak unveiled his future plans as Prime Minister of Malaysia”.

They’ve got a manifesto and said it was from Najib Tun Razak. But today, Najib’s office issued a statement in Bernama via NST, saying:

“The Malaysiakini report was therefore ‘patently false and misleading’. Malaysiakini’s decision to publish the story is extremely unethical as they failed to verify the matter with the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office prior to publication,” it said, add that the conduct of Malaysiakini was “regrettable and unacceptable”.

“Certainly, it is an unfortunate display of negligence and lack of professionalism in news reporting,” it said.

The statement was in response to an e-mail published by Malaysiakini, purportedly from a “Najib Support Group” containing a so-called manifesto supposedly linked to Najib, and Malaysiakini, without any verification from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, had published the content of the e-mail.

It said it was important for Malaysiakini to investigate the origin of the malicious e-mail in order for it to clear its name and reputation.

“Malaysiakini has apologised to the Deputy Prime Minister on this matter. Nevertheless, it is our hope that Malaysiakini and other news portals, regardless of their editorial policy, will conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.

“This false story is the latest move in what is obvioulsy a concerted effort by certain quarters to tarnish the image of the Deputy Prime Minister,” it said, adding that of late, since the Umno transition plan was brought forward to March 2009, there has been a consistent and continuous effort by some websites to concoct and publish false and malicious reports aimed at discrediting the deputy Prime Minister.

“We hope the Malaysian public, in particular readers of these websites, are able to distinguish truth from falsehood when reading the materials published,” it said.

Also read Malaysiakini’s take that the manifesto is NOT official but from a “support group”. Malaysian Insider also carried a story saying that Najib had denied the manifesto. Another denial?

Earlier, I blogged, heavily replying on the Malaysiakini report, to wish I also apologize to my readers. I did not think that Malaysiakini,where I worked before would have published this without some verification. Nevertheless, we await a further report from Malaysiakini, if there is one.

Note: Below is my earlier post which elicited (corrected) about 46 comments. Notwithstanding the manifesto may not be official, but most of the issues here are directly related to Najib, for which he had failed to give convincing answers. He is still the “King of scandals and denials”, to me at least.

If this manifesto is official, imagine the kind of PM Malaysia may have come March 2009, or even earlier. Riddled with scandals after scandals. Denial is all we get. Here’s a glimpse of what you’re gonna get when NAJIB becomes PM:

“Ultra-racism and feudalism”

“I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009. This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died”.

“Return of the dictator – Mahathir Mohamad”

He also promised to set up a Council of Presidential Advisors to be made up of Umno elders and past prime ministers.

Who is Nazir Tun Razak?

“I will also ensure that my family won’t become involved in business or interfere in the administration of the country. I will carry out my responsibilities without any influence from other countries.

“More ISA on dissenters and political opponents”

“We realise that BN was scarred during the March general election. I will do all I can to return Umno and the Barisan Nasional to its former glory. I will also not hesitate to use all means to destroy elements that can threaten the stability and peace of the country.”

“So Samy Vellu is now the new Ulamak?”

“I have been attacked by my enemies who claimed that I carry out Hindu rituals. All of you can refer to S Samy Vellu who will vouch that I have never gone with him to any Hindu ceremony. I swear in the name of God that I am a faithful Muslim.”

“No court dares to call you. I dare one court to call you and question you”.

“I have also been linked with the murder case of Altantuya. I once again swear in the name of God that I never knew her. I am ready to face any court to clear my name which those who are envious of my achievements are trying their best to tarnish.

If PI Balasubramaniam is NOT missing, I’d believe there is NO abuse of power. But where is Bala? If you forgot, or do not know who is Bala, read this; “Najib introduced Altantuya to Razak Baginda???”

I deny that my SMS communication with Muhammad Shafee Abdullah was in any way an abuse of power.

 I have not seen PAC or ACA convict a big fish, have you?

“I strongly deny allegations that I am involved in the Eurocopter scandal. The contract went through due process and procedures. The Defence Ministry accepted the decision and agreement from the Ministry of Finance was obtained in the selection of the Eurocopter tender. The Defence Ministry issued a Letter of Intent on Sept 15, 2008. A Letter of Intent can be issued at anytime and in accordance with proper procedure, it was issued on Sept 15 2008. I state my readiness to be investigated by PAC or BPR!,” Najib said.

A PM ONLY for the MALAYS in UMNO – that’s the PM we are going to have VERY soon!

“I have full confidence that delegates will use their wisdom in making their choice of leadership next March. They should be intelligent enough to gauge who among their leaders truly represent the interest of the Malay community and who has in the past betrayed the Umno’s struggle by becoming an agent of a foreign country”.

Goodbye fairness, justice, freedom. Goodbye to Bangsa Malaysia.

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  2. ian says:


    Anti-ISA Candle-light Vigil held in PJ on Sunday, 19th October, 8pm — Photos, Video & Downloads:


  3. Kopi Anan says:

    Dear Malaysians,

    There are 26 million of you people of various races, ethnicities, religions, cultures and political beliefs.

    About half are Malays ie. some 16 million of them and ALL of them are supposed to be Muslims [+- a few].

    The Malays are divided politically into UMNO, PAS and PKR and the few odd die-hard Socialists.

    Yet you Malays cannot even produce just ONE and ONE excellent Leader from the 16 million.

    There is something VERY VERY WRONG if you Malays cannot produce a Leader of Excellent Character, a Muslim, a Good Father, Brother, who can lead the Congrgational Prayers, pays his Zakat .

    You all better go look for this Leader and not likely to find in UMNO, God forbades!

  4. REx says:

    Najib should be arrested under ISA for spreading racial extremism, playing the racial card, cronyism, suspected murder, corruption, etc. And so, should Toyo, Khairy, Badawi, Mahathir, Hishammudin, Syed Albar. Let’s form a committee to investigate them.

  5. Eagle says:

    Wow!!! what a nation Malaysia going to be after Mac 2009? Let us all pray to GOD Almighty so that kind of arrogance leadership and immature in outlook will not see the light of the day in this nation.
    Those who think of not going to fight the new regime and hoping a better future might as well forget it. Time to move far far away and out of this Bolehland. Say Good bye fellow Malaysians. We see no hopes in that manifesto not even for a Malay like me. Bye, bye and good luck. Tyranny is fast approaching.

  6. hard time says:

    Lets learn some lesson here. The black are the master and the white are slave, this is the Zimbabwe of today. White land taken by black in the name of black supremacy. My Zimbabwe friend recount to me that he prefer the old system of “White is master black is slave” because everything in Zimbabwe was better then and he is black.

    So at what cost for supremacy? You got to drain away your last drop of blood anyway as it is tained and I guess Altantuya blood is of a higher grade because it is the stock of Kubli Khan and Gangas Khan.

  7. prega says:

    “I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood..”

    The blood lust has been in him all the while. Pink lips drinks blood. Vampire. And he will pay mightily for it. A long debilitating illness with much suffering like his father is in store.

  8. serene says:

    Prepare to see a town call ISA that create by him on March 2009…

  9. prega says:

    When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.
    — Lin Yutang

  10. ah long says:

    “I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009. This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died”.

    This stupid idiot!!! You are suppose to govern the Nation in the best interest of all the people. Not because of some stupid promise you made to your freaking father!!!

    Apa Ni? Tun Razak dynasty ah? This scum bag become PM the sun will surely set. He is going to freak it all up.

  11. RisingSun says:

    It will be a dark days ahead of us with a menifsto as such. I guess we will see more people leaving Malaysia and we can see a lot more clamping down in the days ahead. Is it too late for PR by then?

  12. kluangman says:

    Dalam kapasiti manifesto untuk ahli UMNO sebagai calon Presiden UMNO dan bukannya PRESIDEN MALAYSIA “I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood ” ADALAH WAJAR DAN NORMAL seperti juga lain lain Presiden MCA atai MIC yang akan menggunakan lenggok bahasa yang sama.

    Selagi undang2 tidak menghukum seseorang itu bersalah, maka dia bukan penjenayah atau pesalah, ini juga berkait dengan tuduhan kepada anwar atau sesiapa sahaja, biarlah proses undang2 berjalan dengan sendirinya. Cakap cakap panas hati, hasat dengki tak boleh pakai, apalagi dalam mahkamah.

  13. Palaniappan says:


  14. Do you all know what is the meaning of SCHADENFREUDE?
    Now here is a sentence – The country , especially those who are for truth and justice will have such sense of schadenfreude when the perpectrators of crime and corruption get dragged off to face life imprisonment. Among the large number of them will be the top ruler of the current administration.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    OMG….this sure sounds like a blueprint for a semi-dictatorship.

    Interesting combination of two statements.
    1. “I will do all I can to return Umno and the Barisan Nasional to its former glory.”
    2. “I will also not hesitate to use all means to destroy elements that can threaten the stability and peace of the country.”

    Put together, they give a pretty good idea how he intends to govern.

    This guy is a regressive, a throwback….its going to get very ugly, folks…

  16. PAS says:

    Starting from 2009 our country will be like hell untill the next ge come. So when that ge comes, give support to pas, no matter what race you are, make pas stronger.
    In pas, racial has no place. For example the pas kota bharu rep is a chinese yb anuar tan, he is accepted by all malays and chinese here. Only islam matters to pas, even that is democtaric, we have a new big hindu temple in the centre of city, in front of kbmall

  17. ruyom says:

    I left Malaysia in search of a better life where I am free to think and do as I please, where nobody tells me what to think and do. I am a free spirited individual.

    I have relatives and friends who now live in the United States, UK, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, and Australia – and call these places home.

    If I were in your position, with all the racial discrimination back home in terms of places in the country tertiary education institutions, scholarships etc, I would be happy to pack up my bags and leave like some have done – like I and others like me, have done although for different reasons.

    Life is more than just having a good job – and is not to be measured in terms of dollars and cents alone. I am not prepared to live a lie and say that I am happy when I am not.

    We are among the fortunate in that we are able to exercise our freedom of choice. Others do not know what they are missing.

    Freedom of speech is very important and should be upheld by every single individual be it in Malaysia or abroad. The Malaysian public has not reached the stage of speaking out their views and minds at the moment, but we have to make drastic changes for the benefit of all regardless of religion and race.

    I am left speechless that now after 49 years of independence, Malaysians are still talking about the Malays, Indians and Chinese race and calling each other names, and telling each other to leave Malaysia if they don’t like it.

    No matter what topic writes, the posting still leads back to us versus them, Malays versus Indians or Chinese, or vice versa. Please realise that not all malays share the views expressed and not all Indians or Chinese share the same views.

    Maybe some have been rejected or disappointed are using this board to vent their anger and in doing so fan the fire or racial hatred. I really object when posters say the Malays, the Indians, the Chinese, etc. This is brushing the whole race with the same slur just because of the acts of a few.

    I believe that the better ‘educated’ people are, the lesser bigot they are. Trust the professional malays (the ones who read widely). The ones you meet or hear about are perhaps ‘trained’ to be professionals and not educated – they perhaps have not even touched a book from the day that they graduated.

    So, perhaps you should not include them in the same category as what we have here at this forum. See, let us encourage them, the others, to get exposed to the ‘elements’ in the real global society and then perhaps they would turn around to create a better nation for Malaysians.

    I believe the first thing that should be changed is the ridiculous race column in our forms. The day we stop filling up the form as Malay, Indian, or Chinese and etc……….we will be truly Malaysians.

    Now you know the reason I left Malaysia. Every race has a place in Malaysia. No Malaysian should feel he/she is a second class citizen. Just because the NEP provide privileges to the malays does not make the malays first class citizens. Remember this is just a privilege, not a right.

    The right is to vote, own land, make money, live a peaceful life, do business and buy properties. Nobody can take that away from the citizens.

    When you talk about emigration, there is more to it than just economics – and affirmative action policies.

    It is our choice – and we are happy for it.

    We still have roots back in Malaysia. We are thankful that as a result of their discriminatory policies, we are leading happy and fruitful lives in countries like the United States – where we are free, and I mean free.

  18. Hon says:


    5 of my closest friends who are highly qualified professionals in the IT, electronics and business areas are overseas doing very well indeed in Singapore, Mainland China, Canada, Australia.

    All except for one started working in Malaysia and subsequently left. The one that didn’t come back was because he started university late, and I told him not to return after realising the molasses we are in.

    I didn’t feel the need to get a PR somewhere as my job afforded me to travel often to make some extra do for a living. However, I believe it is time I join my friends in being able to have a ‘Plan B’ in the form of a PR in another country while my age and qualifications still affords to give qualifying points.

    Goodness knows that while another May 13 or Indonesia riot may not happen, the country sure will not support the bringing up of a family in a conducive manner.

    Better be a ‘second class’ citizen in countries that have no official policies for racism than in a country to be of ‘equal citizenship’ but with policies openly for racism. How do you explain to your kid that while you are equal, somebody else is more equal than you!


  19. Douglas Moore says:

    WOW, So Expl, I mean – Racist! Filled with hatred from the extract of some of your incoming PM’s speeches.

    If you ponder awhile, you will see the similarities with another man and if given you a guess without naming the speaker, one would have mistaken it as uttered by Mahathir Mohamad.

    Our country is the best. We elect our Presidents. He will have to go through the cycle from all American citizens’ and not only the Republican or Democrat or the Green Party out from the reach of Americans to be President.

    Looks like your country is similar with Zimbabwe. When R. Mugabe lost the March 09 election, he used the repressive police force to crush his opponents
    just like the SLORC of Myanmar.

    It is because many Malays living in the kampungs are dickheads. Hahaha. The
    are “turned on” whenever things like the NEP comes up.

    Douglas Duncan Moore
    A Proud American Expat in KL

  20. fargoman says:

    Little did I know the life changing experience I was to face when I took up the opportunity to be trained in Germany back in 1972 after my A level.

    On completion, I spent three years working in Singapore saving enough for a one-way ticket to UK for further studies. Graduated in 1979 with a degree in mechanical engineering and employed by ITT (International Telegraph and Telephone) in London, I was sponsored to continue a part-time master degree in computer science.

    By mid-1980s, I was awarded a grant in robotic research at Imperial College. And further studies concluded an MA in e-business.

    Having worked and lived in UK for 25 years, it was time to look back on my root in Malaysia. Initial programme by Malaysia government to lure back expertise did not impress me.

    By this time I was married with two kids studying in better schools in UK than I can imagine possible in Malaysia. Fortunately I had the hindsight not to uproot my family back to Malaysia.

    I understood the affirmative action to uplift the malays during my time. It was understandable and accepted by my generation in return for the right as citizens in Malaysia. In my eyes Umno had breached the contract with the non-malays.

    Being born in Malaysia before 1957 and in the spirit of independence, my returning to help build a better Malaysia has been a mistake. I will not go into details here.

    A short note should suffice for now. My trying to contribute to society by way of investment and helping the local students in predominantly poorer malay district was repeatedly delayed and later rejected for no reason at all or flimsy and it took me three years.

    Contrast this with my experience of setting up and running a company in UK and Singapore in less than a month.

    For those who are thinking of coming back to Malaysia I would advise them to think again. The only thing that attract me back to Malaysia in the first place was my connection to my parents who were in Malaysia and too frail to travel. Once they are gone, I have no more reasons to return.

    For those who think I have sold my heritage by taking up British citizenship should know that there are no official policies to discriminate minorities in UK.

    In fact minorities are often supported, as in the case of my kids Chinese language class, are provided free by the local government. We are judged by my abilities not on color of our skin or our beliefs.

    Meanwhile my entire family has taken up British citizenship. I may have lost my right as Malaysian citizen but not the right to visit or stay in Malaysia (silver hair and second home program). My kids will never miss Malaysia (you can’t miss what you did not have) and will look forward for a brighter future.

    For those who are staying back to fight for their birthright as equal citizens in Malaysia, you have my support and admiration. I apologise for not being able to be with you for now and I hope you understand my decision. But I will in my own way contribute from afar to help in other ways.

    To the Malaysia government, I quote, “You cannot build courage and character by taking away a man’s initiative and independence.” – Lincoln

  21. amoker says:

    And he denies being a racist.

  22. tshock says:

    Malaysia is NOT at war!!! nor are we fighting (literally) within ourselves. So WHY do we need to make statements like what our supposedly PM in waiting has made about blood and all. Sounds like he is a vampire.

    The rakyat is still going around in their daily routines to eke out a living in these times of economic downturn. We do not have bones to pick with our brethren of other ethnicity who are also facing the same predicament. The only war out there is the war that umno is facing and also the numerous skeletons that are appearing in front of our DEAREST PM in waiting.

  23. tshock says:

    That is why he need to make such atatements to camouflage and to draw attention away from the real issues at hand.

  24. It’s all always about race.
    When the sultans had their conference recently, they said, all Malays must be united. Yeah, fine. A more noble call befitting the royals would be for: all MALAYSIANS to be united.

    Then the sultans went on to say that the rest of people i.e. non-Malays will have a place in this land and their rights will be safeguarded. Nice. Just like how my pet has a place in my home. I am still the master & my dog..well, he’s just my dog. He’ll sit at my feet and adore me & I’ll throw him a bone once in a while.

    And all the YES-men trip over themselves to hail these speeches.

  25. amanda says:

    But ISA never detain him!!! Hahaha

  26. wandererAUS says:

    MCA, MIC and GERAKAN eat your hearts out!!!

  27. Drachen says:

    Gives me the creeps! Is the darkest chapter of the book about to begin?

  28. chris chong says:

    if most of the UMNO grassroots are buying najis future plans… malaysia doomsday is not very far away i believe…

  29. LHHeng says:

    How can we have a guy with so many evil and scandalous baggages to become a PM. Just look at the nominations he gets. This just prove very clearly that there are a bunch of racialistic, greedy and corrupted bums in Umno trying to hold on to their power and greed.
    However, we must keep up the pressure to have justice done not only to the brute murder of the mongolian woman but most important to our rakyat who has been taken for a ride all these years. And do not forget Pete and others under ISA.
    And for MIC/MCA/Gerakan, whoever won in the recent elections, the rakyat especially the chinese community does not give a DAMN anymore.
    You guys are history as long as you work with these evil bums in BN.

  30. lucia says:

    good lord! god help us after march 2009! very scary indeed is his manifesto! something must be done, something must happened to make sure this racist fascist does not become the PM!!

    anwar, where are you?

  31. Douglas Moore says:

    Well Lucia,

    Sorry to dissapoint you, but I think that God has left Malaysia. One thing about your country malaysia, whoever has the vision of Western culture, they are called “traitors”.

    I recalled in one of the article in Newsweek, wherever Mahathir visited any Western designation, he took out a notebook from his pocket and jotted everything that is worthwhile and the only thing he deliberately missed – Western Democracy.

    Question. Why? because, it the Western culture of Government is applied to Malaysia, e.g. Separation of Powers, an Independent ACA and 1st World Police,
    the one ended up in a cell is non other than Mahathir himself.

    Can’t you see why Mahathir spearhead Myanmar’s admission into ASEAN? And has Myanmar progress any further en-route Democracy? Absolutely NO but in fact it fester further.

    And why did Mahathir once seems to embrace President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe? Because they are the same class of tyrants. easy isn’t it, Mdm. Lucia?

  32. […] and whitewash the person who is claimed to say it (say or not, makes no difference to us). (read SusanLoone’s post, she expressed what I wanted to say but since I am not like her, based in Bangkok, I […]

  33. yh says:

    to be fair, malaysiakini came out with a clarification that the manifesto came from a support group and is not an official one. in any eevnt, I am just waitin for his official stance.
    more to that, he is only denying the allegations (especially on the SMS and heli deals) and not refuting it with facts.
    lets await for more developments before we make the final judgement on him.

  34. Magga says:

    The beginning of the THE END ………….

  35. Luke Siaw Lu Tiong says:

    I have been asked to revive communism in Sarawak and we will be holding our first meeting in Mukah. Yes Mukah and right in the birth place of Taib Mahmud and also the place where our corrupt and terrorist BN in Sarawak was born.

    We have enough manpower in our Ranks to give the Sarawak a good fight afterall the Tsunami of March 08 started in Urban Sarawak and we are now bringing our fight to the rural areas where BN think the rakyat can be bullied and bought.

    The Penans will be armed by our group and we will start subsersive activities after this meeting targeting at most BN Politicians and that includes assinations of the key man and their families.

    Anyone who support this cause please contact me at 086484225 and 0198884836.

    Our first meeting will be held at Kpg Lintang Balingian, Mukah, Sarawak.

    We are self funding group and only receive token donations from anti government activist locally and from Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

    If you feel this government have been fair, do not contact us. We invite all opressed Citizens of Malaysia to come forward and support our cause.

    Luke Siaw Lu Tiong
    Commisar Socialist Republic Sarawak
    Kpg Lintang

  36. anarky says:

    If this jerk becomes the next PEE AM, better pray harder for those ISA detainees especially YM RPK.

  37. SameSame says:

    Well, looks like he is so full of S–T. Whatever the consequence be damned thats his attitude. What he fails to understand is the heart of a MALAYSIAN and NOT an UMNOist. He will never be a MALAYSIAN and truly bet on it. He has no heart or for that matter compassion. If anyone saw yesterday’s news where they (our so farty couple to be No 1) you can see that they were SO FALSE! This is not the man or the ‘couple’ we want to represent our country!

    Aiya, malaysia….sorryla, you have been scr**ed too many times by people of this kind. My heart goes out for you.

  38. Fredrick says:

    It is a wonder how Malaysians can be fooled by just one person. By any token of imagination, a leader must be seen to be clean, fair and for all citizens.
    Such a tainted person should not be a leader and supported as one.

  39. Norhaslim says:

    Becareful. be very careful when choosing.
    This guy has a lot of ‘fishy’ stuffs going around.

  40. prega says:

    This guy has a lot of ‘fishy’ stuffs going around. – Just like unwashed underwear

  41. oneofthesedays... says:

    Man Najibman has like zero credibility.

    What does that say about bUMNO….

    What is that going to say about Malaysia…

    Regime Change must happen.

  42. […] and whitewash the person who is claimed to say it (say or not, makes no difference to us). (read SusanLoone’s post, she expressed what I wanted to say but since I am not like her, based in Bangkok, I […]

  43. hang jebat baru says:

    Malaysia need to have good leader like Sultan mansur shah.During his reign malay and chinese have no problem having same sir name Hang….ex Hang Li Poh…Hang Tuah
    The malay court officials and the locals married the chinese maidens from china
    The sultan allow Hang Li Poh and the maidens to practice their customs which they
    brought from china.That was 500 years ago…so progressine.What happen to
    malaysia now…We need heroes like Hang Tuah !

  44. hang jebat baru says:

    Malaysia need to have good leader like Sultan mansur shah.During his reign malay and chinese have no problem having same sir name Hang….ex Hang Li Poh…Hang Tuah
    The malay court officials and the locals married the chinese maidens from china
    The sultan allow Hang Li Poh and the maidens to practice their customs which they
    brought from china.That was 500 years ago…so progressive.What happen to
    malaysia now…We need heroes like Hang Tuah !

  45. FedUP_Malaysian says:

    I’m totally disgusted with Malaysia. People stole their ways to power, usurp people’s rights and properties and brainwash people every moment. Mampus UMNO and the BN gang!

  46. wits0 says:

    It may be trite to use the word, “evil”, but that guy is also roundly useless as well. A state of affair revealed piecemeal over time.

    There is no indication/proof that he actually passed his exam at University of Nottingham – Bachelor of Arts Honours (1974). After form 3 he was purportedly sent to England by his dad of dubious Karma.

    What words of wisdom has he ever been known to have spoken? Apart from those revolting racist/fascist utterances, i.e.

    Surely he’s the King of Scandals and Denials. Not that his ruinous gang is not forever denial prone, ever so constantly, but he is denying ever so frequently and imperiously in the manner that only in Bodohland is this is even regarded as sufficient response! He reeks of expectation to be PM for so very long.

  47. Bujang says:

    “Fredrick (14:58:02) :
    It is a wonder how Malaysians can be fooled by just one person. By any token of imagination, a leader must be seen to be clean, fair and for all citizens.”

    Hasn’t been M’sia all the time been fooled by one Mamak?
    Now, at 82 still wants to keep fooling!! Those who make the most noise are the mamak! The recently suspended guy.. the Penang incidents all incited by mamakI
    I grieve at AAB, why he bothered to go into the political ring when he refused to return blows keep thrown on him by the mamak? Should have thrown in the towel long ago or don’t bother to be the chosen PM after all!
    Now, choosing a successor, history will be even more unkind to him. Let UMNO fights it out but he could just render his support to Najib if he needs to.
    But then…. sigh…. Another mamak, the son is rising, if UMNO is willing…..Sigh…….Sigh……. What will M’sia be????
    Wake up!

  48. 1961 says:

    My education level does not qualify me to migrate to us,aus n.zealand.Anyone out
    there who can let me know how can I migrate.I do not mind even country like
    cambodia vietnam thailand.I have Lost hope in malaysia which I once Love.I can be reach at

  49. BobbyJavanese says:

    Dear 1961,

    I will try to forward relevant links for you vis-a-vis immigration.

    Btw, if you don’t mind, having the comfort to read your e-mail – foreverwillbe.ho65 -sounds so funny. Do you have any idea that what might that translate to, my dear? 😉

  50. […] are not responsible for the content published. We encourage you to read the full article/post from the original source here. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  51. maxtor says:

    Ini masalahnya, bila menyampaikan cerita tanpa memastikan kebenaran cerita. Habis semua fitnah pun boleh keluar. Kalau bab2 nak memburukkan orang ni memang no. 1. Apa nak jadi la..

  52. BadEgg says:

    Najib to questions:

    Did you have XXX with Altantulya? No. Are you involved in the SaiFull’s sodomy case? No. Is there anything shady regarding the helicopter deal? Do you have anything to do with the missing PI Balasubramaniam case. No. Are you afraid of your wife? No. Do you have a dick? No. Are you by any way mentally sound and able to tell an apple from shit? No.

    There you have it. Our future PM.

  53. 1961 says:

    My dear bobbyjavanese,

    Nothing seems funny when Our future PM is the God of scandals
    Nothing seems funny when Zaki can be appt C J -cuci jamban
    Nothing seems funny when merderers are so free
    Nothing seems funny when our dear Altantuyal cry out and the
    bastards dont show any mercy

    Pls help to set altantuyal spirit free.

  54. Lady Jane says:

    Najib has demanded an apology and denied vehemently on his blog. Meanwhile its sad that the Malaysiakini reporter, an experienced journalist has resigned due to the report. Apparently it was not verified first.

    Anyway Najib should have learned from his 1987 incident. Why do this UMNO politicians like to wave kerises and mention the word ‘BLOOD’. This is not from some P. Ramlee movie. For heaven’s sake this is 2008. If the report about the manifesto is true, Najib will be committing a ‘political suicide’ for sure.

  55. toyolbuster says:

    I hope some Malaysian journalists can be brave enuf to expose this najibgate, what with all his enormous amount of scandals and lies that reads like a opened book.

  56. prega says:

    Instead, a group of Najib’s supporters have come out and said that Najib has denied being involved in Hindu rituals. Najib said if you don’t believe him, ask Samy Vellu.

    Wah, now swearing in the name of Samy.

    Guruji not enough, now Gurusamy also?

    But Najib’s office has come out to distance Najib from the statement by his supporters.

    And still no denial of the contents of Thaga’s SD?

    Deny the SD and we produce the proof.

  57. Lady Jane says:

    I think Malaysiakini should get to the bottom of this.

    Apparently the journalist that wrote the report, Wong Choon Mei, conceded that she had not verified the contents of the ‘manifesto’ with Najib’s office. She had received it by e-mail on Sunday. The report was uploaded late that night without going through the standard double-checking by a second editor. Wong was the editor on duty for that day. Steven Gan said that Malaysiakini deeply regreted the error.

    Maybe they should trace the IP of the email sender and find out who send the email. Was it really from a ‘support group’ as alleged?

    I feel a lot of things are at stake here and it is imperative they find out the source of the so-called manifesto.

  58. yh says:

    questions. who are these support groups? what is their linkage to the DPM? has the DPM met up with these support groups to discuss on the manifesto before it is being issued (despite without consent)? why would such support groups want to undermine the DPM (if they are at all his support group).

    by the way, Najib please be consistent and ask your Utusan to do the sme. Check and verify before publication. Remember teresa Kok’s case?

  59. sad, the journalist had been made scapegoat …….

  60. seth says:

    Susan – You wrote “illicited “.

    It is “elicited”

  61. Hang jebat baru says:

    I will get my cousin Hang Li Poh to contact Aminah
    then….the truth will be reveal.Li Poh says to put three
    of aminah belongings or bones in a red vase, then pour 3 cups of dog blood into the vase.The hades king will release her for 3 days to let her roam up
    on earth to revenge for her spirit is restless.She is
    crying out to malaysians for help.

  62. “I blogged, heavily replying on the Malaysiakini report, to wish I also apologize to my readers. I did not think that Malaysiakini,where I worked before would have published this without some verification. Nevertheless, we await a further report from Malaysiakini, if there is one.”


    which is why is fishy – how can a senior reporter missed out important step to verify the source. must be some sort of intimidation to force the reporter to eat dead cat, obviously…..

    the point is the person who can propose such “manifesto” definietely not easy going and much terror than his predecessor … (and used to have army backup too)..

  63. […] come the Malaysiakini-Najib Tun Razak apology episode was given special mention, and not Utusan Malaysia’s fiasco with member of […]

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