Malaysiakini reported that she will be released soon under police bail as they failed to get a remand order.

But police acted cowardly again when Cheng Lee Whee, 26 was arrested on 17 October 2008 under ISA at 10.45pm at Sri Alam Police Station, Taman Sri Alam, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Cheng was arrested under the tough security law which allows for detention without trial after giving statement 112 to Inspector Azman Bin Mustafa.

She was giving statement regarding a unlawful arrested on 27 villagers and Human Rights activists when defending Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah from being demolished by developer Bukit Lenang Development Sdn Bhd on 16 October about 10.30 morning.

She lodged a police report against the arrest and called for immediate release of all villagers and activists. Inspector Azman is the Investigating Officer (IO) for this case.

She was taken by the police to the Pasir Gudang police station. DSP Mohd Nor, CID chief of IPD Sri Alam confirm that Cheng was arrested under Section 28 (Dissemination of false reports) under the act. He said the police will apply remand order at tomorrow morning.

The use of the ISA is totally unjustified and indefensible. It only shows that despite being a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Malaysian government pays scant respect to human rights. It is unfortunate that the government decided to switch from the use of the court of law to the use of the ISA in dealing with the issues.


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  1. pozdny says:

    Here’s a thought,

    send an email to the UN Human Rights Council! = )

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  3. ian says:

    ‘Mahathirism’ can be defined as a “Machiavellian ploy to exploit race and religion for financial gain and power.” Do you agree with this statement?

    Cast your vote at:


  4. theminority says:

    Things are getting bit out of hand now. Shit hamid is running amok now, from being very bodoh to insane to show the people who is the boss.

    Very soon, he will come to know actually 4 n 1/2 yr is not that long indeed….when he will get what he is doing now.

    Inferior product of BN….!

  5. Bentoh says:

    3 consecutive women catch by ISA… not bad not bad…

  6. ken says:

    save it! Malaysia no human right but Mahathir rite!

    no hope at all.

  7. anarky says:



    Of the 4 recent ISA arrest, 3 are women.

    Of the recent Political assasination, character assasination, 1 woman MP was targetted.

    Of the recent political “SET UP”, 1 woman MP is targetted.

    sick gomen targets women only.

  8. rider says:

    HM is rotten to the core! Abuse of power and arrogance were never traits of God fearing people.

  9. amoker says:

    With Najib listening to Mahathir and Syed Hamid not understanding his own logic, it is quite sad to hear that ISA is being used again for another incident that could be dealth with prevailing laws.

  10. gooeyglobs says:

    The shit govt is losing control in the country. In the desperate attempt the govt abuses ISA whenever it feels threatened. They are in office to protect the citizens but instead the citizens are harmed by their very own govt. Don’t Malaysia have any law anymore except ISA?

  11. elvieho says:

    The gomen have no more card to play expect the ISA card.Hamid you are really a coward.cant even deal with a 26 year old wonder your police move out of chow kit.The end is near for BN.

  12. Palaniappan says:

    Cheng Leng Whee just went to report but was arrested under ISA. If you can notice the recent developments, it’s clear that UMNO is deliberately behind all this trying to incite racial tensions so as to create trouble and use as a pretext for their advantage. They are slowly but steadily building up these tensions. But Malaysians are matured and aware of UMNO’s dirty tactics. We have to be careful but cunning and fight them peacefully. ISA is UMNO’s political weapon to silence dissension in order for them to stay in power. UMNO is the government and other component parties in BN are lame ducks just wagging their tail behind their master. The greatest joke is that UMNO couldn’t care for their views and yet they are clinging with them. Recently they are seem to be vocal at their delegates meeting but ironically they never voiced their opinion on several issues currently being debated in Parliament. You know what are the issues! We must ensure these no back bone racial based component parties are buried in the next election. Hopefully Pakatan Rakyat’s takeover of the government will put an end to these racist parties in BN.

  13. miracle says:

    where are the women group? could you do something to protect us the women? what’s going to happen to all of us msian when this bodoh botak goes insane? anyone could be his next target, if his head wing blow the other side he will put another one under isa again .. to pleased himself.. anyone of us could be the victim if we dont change the govermt asap…

  14. Markky says:

    Greeks saying,”Those whom the gods intend to destroy, they are made mad first.”

    Obviously if you can read what is going on in the country, the end is very near for BN.

    Day before yesterday, Syed Hamid told the parliament that one of the reasons why the police beat base in Chow Kit was closed down is because the criminals pose a threat to the policeman-statement of a mad man.

    Today at the MCA general meeting AAB told Malaysians that UMNO is not a bully-statement of another mad man.

    Look out for more mad statements!

  15. Lady Jane says:

    We are already catchng glimpses of the coming Najis regime – vicious and deady. God hep us all.

  16. JJJoe says:

    That arrogant pea brain baldie toad has gone bungkus now arresting an innocent victim recently. He is now running like a headless chicken.
    Another shining incident of double or triple standard. People from opposition to all walks of life get threatened and arrested at his whims and fancies.
    While all the umnoputras who are racialistic, religiously extremes, corrupted and stupid are scotfree.
    The country is going to the dogs.

  17. Anak Jinggo says:

    If you want to be an activist, you must be ready to face any consequences. If you say what the police did as a coward act, then you can consider yourselves sissy activists for complaining about the consequences that you face following your act. I think all NGOs in this country only seek cheap publicity. Making trouble here and there. You complained about media’s misreporting but yet you yourgoodself too disseminate false report. NGOs are tools of certain people who aspire to become someone important. People who wanted to be look high upon. Protest, protest, protest..that’s what you people can only think men thinking of sex, like ants and sugars. Do you really think the police really like to beat up people? They would rather spend their time at home with their family.

  18. stenson says:

    One day syed hamid might put his wife under ISA.You never know.

  19. msiaman says:

    Some idiotic UMNO sympathizers are supporting ISA citing global development in terrorism and crime rate makes it relevant. I personally think these morons ought to push for police reform so that they can be more professional in their enforcement and not only act as security guards for the government.

    Like Chow Kit, it does not involve the welfare and security of the pembesars, so no issue. Johore arrest must have involve sizable money at stake. Imagine a mega construction development deal derailed by some squatters?

    Si Botak’s brain is too exposed, that’s why he may not be able to function much in that department. ha ha….

  20. rider says:

    Mega construction development deal? Look at all the white elephants sitting in JB – Waterfront City , Pacific Mall, Bestworld Plaza and Kemayan City, not mentioning the CIQ building among others, how much more of rakyat money? Yet oppressing the very same rakyat? This is madness!

  21. Hahaha says:

    In the eyes of the UMNO bums and in particular botak, anyyone who dares challenge these almighty goons is a terrorist.
    ISA is the best vehicle available to them, using this evil law, although totally unjustified, to silence dissent. Botak and UMNO goons fail to realize, they cannot silent human will and spirit. We as good citizens of the land, should stand in ONENESS and spoil their dirty ambition. When we have the will we have the way…God save the king but nothing will save these goons!

  22. aaa says:

    al-blur hamid said it had to close a police base in a seedy part of KL because the place is infested with criminals and therefore posed a threat to the police.
    police scare of criminals? no wonder, crime rate is rising.
    and now wantonly using ISA against civilians?
    God save Malaysia.

  23. A bully’s motto is “To bully anyone who can be bullied”
    Always on the sharp lookout for fair victims to be cullied
    Cruelly bent on making the lives of targeted persons dully
    Every bully will eventually pay for all his misdeeds fully

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 181008
    Sat. 18th Oct. 2008.

  24. Menyalak-er says:

    Shame… shame on you Pdrm and sibotak.
    The fascist junta now finds it more and more convenient and essential to use the draconian bISA as we have predicted. Evil begats evil. We’re being FUBARed repeatedly. This Suaram lady is just reporting what had happened; and they went after her like snarling rabid dogs that they truly are. Their current motto seems to be: “Persecute the righteous, run from criminals and flying V.D’s!”
    G.K.Chesterton said it right: “You can never have a revolution in order to establish a democracy. You must have a democracy in order to have a revolution.”
    Today, we step in deeper into the mould of ‘Failed Nation’.

  25. elvieho says:

    Let us not be cow by the cowards who use ISA at the slightest incidence. I beleive Bodak is karang kabut also.He is being pressure from mahathir,najib,umno ultra right
    ultra left.nazis .The end is near.Be patience

  26. alamghaib says:

    don’t worry folks, just remind all ur frens, relatives and all people u meet that 4 years from now we shall all vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT and kick barisan national out. and we shall rule. just keep on reminding folks everyday. then we will not forget.

  27. Harrison says:

    Hi Stenson, where are you all these while? Using other nicks?
    If Susan or any activist blogger can draft an online petition to the UN Secretary General/Human-Rights Security Council, I’ll be ever-readily to participate.
    I take this opportunity to protest the recent actions of the present UN Secretary General Ban, whom urged the Malaysia Government to act as intermediaries in the Myanmar affairs.

    If say, Ban is presuming that Malaysia should play intermediary role beacause Malaysia is more democratic than Myanmar, and at the same time nominate a country who is more democratic to Malaysia, say for eg. -Australia to play an advisory role on the misrule of our Government, the ever-ready abuse power of the police and other misdeeds, I would salute UN Secretary-General Ban of South Korea.

    If he(Ban) ratified Malaysia to oversee the Myanmar affairs and accepted Malaysia’s Government rebuttal against other critics – eg. US Foreign Secretary, Condolezza Rice criticisms of Malaysia’s putridity in “Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy trial” as acceptable, then I say to Ban, “go and lay some eggs, you pussillanimous bastard!”

  28. sinewy says:

    Anak Jinggo, why not you do a self imposed ISA and allow someone to lock you in a 6’x6′ encloser for 6 months without any contact and communication with anyone. Then we would like to hear from you whether this is the right thing to do to a human being. Sure activists do understand that they run the risk of arrest when they are acting on behalf of discriminated people against the government. What they are asking for is to have their rights in the court of law. Charge them by all means if they have broken the law, but do it in the court and not by an arrest without trial. Do you get it?

  29. elvieho says:

    The gomen dont want to charge it in court bcause not all the judge are the coret,coret type.Charging them under the ISA is the mark of a coward, no need to face judge,withness,defence need investigation.heard that during hari raya open hse in PWDC bodak hamid hide in the kitchen when he see Hindraf carry a dangerous toy-teddy bear.

  30. apapunboleh says:

    It’s really the right time for the UN to step in.

    ISA has been misused by the government to silenced anyone who threatened the current corrupted government.

  31. Zulkifli Ahmad says:

    apapunboleh and others of similar minds

    “It’s really the right time for the UN to step in.
    ISA has been misused by the government to silenced anyone who threatened the current corrupted government.”

    don’t be naive… the UN is powerless to step in and act. ISA is an act lawfully passed by an elected government. Even members of the UN Security Council also have such laws. Lets be realistic in commenting.

  32. Kopi Anan says:

    Our ONLY EXCUSE is that, even UK, USA, France, Germany, and every other country is NOW doing it ….

    ie. detaining suspected TERRORISTS [in particular, what the West calls Islamists, Fundamentalists, Extremists, Taliban, al Qaeda and just about any bearded, long dressed , turban-wearing, air passenger ]

    This practice will GO ON for many years to come, most likely, until the REAL conflict flares up in Palestine between the forces of Jews-Christians-Others and Muslims ….. it is inevitable.

    Regardless, what Scholars and Leaders may say, only mitigated by the occasional PEACE and Financial-Economic crisies or Environmental Disasters, well, including Famines.

    If you don’t believe go draw a TIME-LINE and see for yourselves …

  33. […] Cowards arrested activist under ISA last night Malaysiakini reported that she will be released soon under police bail as they failed to get a remand order. But police […] […]

  34. ruyom says:

    The truth is that Umno has ruled supreme for the last 50 years. It always got its way because the dominant ethnic majority of the country always supported its policies.

    The state of the nation is corrupt, racist, discriminatory, abusive, unjust, inefficient, and backwards. If Malaysia stinks then it is because Umno stinks.

    If the “morals of the country” stinks, then it is because the morals of Umno politicians stinks.

    I won’t even discuss the morality of explosives and murder of foreign nationals as most people seem to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong in this instance.

    Instead, I shall talk about Umno corruption and Umno racism as the former will occasion the disastrous downfall of this nation, and the latter will be the downfall of the Malays.

    Umno teaches that it is just to discriminate against all non-malays and non-Muslims – jobs, education, schools, colleges, universities, business opportunities, government contracts, taxes, and even finding a cemetery to bury the dead.

    Umno teaches that it is right to discriminate on the basis of a person race, culture, language or religious belief.

    In front of non-malays, it speaks of tolerance and unity in diversity, and in front of malays it speaks of race, religious, cultural and language supremacy, and the glorification of power and ethnic subjugation.

    Bung Mokhtar leadership role as characterised by a yobbish machismo, obscene gestures, medieval attitudes towards women and minorities, and strutting bigotry within Umno is not only not an accident of chance, but an exemplary example of Umno appeal to the baser instincts and darker fantasies of its ethnic constituency.

    To the vernacular schools it gives a pittance for support, and to malay language schools, there is no need to be diplomatic and call them “national language” schools, it gives 100% support.

    As for English-medium schools, the type that made Malaysia education the best in South East Asia, and our school leavers the most sought after anywhere in the civilised world, they were made extinct, courtesy of Umno language and cultural supremacist fantasies.

    So we are left with unemployable graduates with deplorable job skills and prospects.

    Umno policies caused a brain drain to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the US.

    Umno language supremacist policies caused the extinction of the best high quality education that Malaysia and the malays would ever know.

    Umno perversion of the very idea of meritocracy in favour of racist discrimination has ensured the lack of meritocractic competition for all Malaysians.

    Sooner or later, the malays will realise that denying meritocracy to non-malays guarantees that there can be no meritocracy for malays even within their own community.

    The fact that there is no notable inferiority complex nor entitlement complex or NEP dependence amongst the non-malays is no accident.

    If the non-malays were the dominant ethnic majority, and they had an Umno-like racist party to lead them with promises of ethnic supremacy, racial discrimination and ethnic privileges, then I believe they would have lost their self-confidence, self-respect and self-belief too.

    Farish Noor once said “Umno ternak melayu untuk disembelih”.

    I agree, and if the dominant ethnic majority fails to see past Umno seductive promises of ethnic supremacy and false gods of ethnic aggrandisement, then we are all finished.

  35. julee says:

    The BN has criminalised all our freedoms.

    We cannot walk as a group, we cannot put up a banner on our own building, we cannot have equal radio and TV time for all registered political parties to reach out to citizens to explain party policies, we cannot have access to information, we cannot have a reasonable campaign period prior to election, we cannot have a licence as a matter of right to publish, we cannot challenge any ministerial decisions in any court of law.

    Our basic fundamental rights and freedoms have all been taken away through subsidiary regulations and laws.

  36. San says:

    The ruling coalition has enjoyed an almost unbroken 50 years of 2/3 majority in parliament. The only time this overwhelming majority was lost was in 1969.

    Immediately, the race riots were triggered, parliament was suspended and the National Operations Council (with 100% control) installed. The semblance of democracy was only restored after the major opposition parties were sucked into a new and larger coalition and the 2/3 majority regained.

    The ruling coalition operates on the whip principle – component parties and representatives must toe the official line. Under no circumstances is a wakil rakyat allowed to vote according to his conscience or according to the mandate the people he represents gave him.

    So what has 50 years of 2/3 majority given us?

    * The Malaysia Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.

    * The Malaysia Constitution is amended for matters as trivial as extending the term of office on the Elections Commission officer, simply to avoid facing rejection by the Agung.

    * Because of the overwhelming power available to the executive, the judiciary has been emasculated and corrupted, the legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the powers of the Agung have been clipped.

    * The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling clique.

    * The Elections Commission serves only to ensure that the ruling clique is returned to power.

    Look at the statistics:

    · In the last election, Barisan Nasional received only 63.8% of the popular votes but has 91% of all parliamentary seats. All due to gerrymandering, phantom votes, voter relocation, voter substitution – there are even suspicions of ballot box stuffing.

    · Umno received 35.9% of the popular votes, has 50% of the parliamentary seats and holds 71% of the ministerial positions. The other members of the coalition have been reduced to running dogs, wagging their tails and begging for scraps.

    · Little Napoleons have been allowed to run rife and the rights of non-malay, non-Muslim communities have been trampled upon.

    · The wakil rakyat do nothing even when constitutional amendments threatening these rights are proposed. It is left to the opposition members to highlight these alarming matters and try to prevent total steamrolling.

    · Meanwhile, it is not like the rights of all malays are really being addressed. Claims of hardcore poverty among rural malays indicate that wealth distribution is not making real headway.

    · Under the umbrella of the NEP, wealthy Umno leaders continue to steal the wealth of the country, feeding pittance to the people. And the malays are being deprived of the ability to compete and gain new skills.

    · Under the shield of the NEP, incompetent people (skilled in politicking) are given promotions while capable people are being deprived of the opportunity to lead.

    · Major national corporations and companies are blundering from error to error. We have lost our competitive edge in practically every field.

    Change may not necessarily be better.

    If we want to become better, we must want change.

    We hold that power.

  37. Douglas Duncan Moore says:

    Mr. Kopi Anan,

    Stop ridiculing the West for such nonsense as you claimed. In he US, we don’t simply detain any bearded, long dressed , turban-wearing, air passenger. You are all wrong about this.

    Of course, almost all the domestic and international terrorism are commited by Moslems against us.


    We, the US doesn’t need to consult with the UN Security Council, you see, we just by-pass them – as in Serbia and Iraq.

    A Proud American.

    Douglas Duncan Moore.

  38. JIm says:

    Why are the MCA loonies keeping quite?

  39. dunnoalso says:

    what r u doing about rpk?
    lost cause? or not so sensational
    any more?
    dont be a fake…if u r not one already.

  40. Captain says:

    I will not be surprised when the time comes for the police to arrest a whole kindergarten class under the isa for singing the national anthem out of tune.

  41. stenson says:

    Harrison,Stenson never change nick.Not like one lady we know who change her name from Jeancumlately to Jean.Make a guess I bet you know whom I am referring to.How is life with you buddy hunky Handsome? Is Sofia still teasing you? She is harmless just cheeky and mischievous that is all.She is fun to be around with.
    I was in Tasmania for quite sometime.Pretty cold at times even though it is spring.I wish Jean is around with me.Little bit of hug to keep me warm.
    One day we might find dogs and eggs under ISA.Is our country losing direction? Handsome,I think you make better Home Minister.You know whom to put under ISA.

  42. Shura Mahmood says:

    Mr. Douglas Duncan Moore,

    I want to sincerely express my gratitude to your good country, the United States Of America for invading Iraq. During the year’s of Saddam and his demonic warlords, we, the Iraqis suffered countless of unimaginable ordeals.

    Thank Allah, Saddam was sent to the gallows. We, the women had been raped, humiliated and those who dissented against him and his ruthless Republican Armies were tortured and killed.

    I was raped gang-raped by one of Saddam’s circle. It was so painful as they took turns to rape me and one of his man has a 10″ penis mercilessly ramming my sore womanhood.

    Thank You Mr. Douglas and President George Bush and your great Country.

    Shura Mahmood

  43. rozlan says:

    It seem UMNO had started using ISA more frequently on petty things…Those bastards never realised and will never change

  44. says:

    I have no idea why they really do so, everything ISA, talk ISA, laugh ISA, Shit Isa..

  45. storm62 says:

    since pak lah have said Dr.M is creating hatred & racial tensions yesterday..i wonder if this Idiot SOB Botak Hamid has the balls to arrest Dr.M under ISA.

    what happens to the 5 police reports on racist Ahmad Ismail, Botak?

    come on Idiot Botak, show me your guts..don’t be a coward, clown !

    if you not, you’re a real disgraced evil HM and i’m right to call you Idiot SOB Botak Syedtan Hamid Albar_stard. you’re a piece of shit without HONOUR.

  46. hang jebat baru says:

    not only without honour but without balls, I pity the wife.we need to bath the kris of hanh tuah wit botak’s blood.

  47. forever1961 says:

    you will kena ISA for saying that

  48. Lest we all far too easily 1987 forget
    Draconian action taken on 106 as targets
    Majority among them were plain social activists
    Yet these innocent ones were also included in the list

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng -191008
    Sun. 19th Oct. 2008.

  49. proverbs says:

    Proverbs 17:2

    A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren.

    Discrimination is a flimsy excuse. Foolish and lazy men must shift the blame for slow career progress, so some cry about discrimination. They say they are held back because they are black, old, female, Hispanic, white, young, male, pierced, purple, or Muslim. If you have not heard it, they will invent it. They blame the great enemy discrimination.

    But Solomon knew better. Servants, or even sons, are not promoted due to being lazy, stupid, disrespectful, or slow. Color, age, sex, creed, or nationality has nothing to do with it. Men in positions of authority need performance and productivity; they will reward those who help them achieve their objectives, regardless of their personal characteristics.

    How important is wisdom? Wisdom brings promotion and honour – foolishness brings demotion and shame (3:35; 4:8; 12:8; 16:20; 22:4). Diligence brings advancement; slothfulness brings starvation (12:24; 20:4; 22:29). A man not progressing professionally must be foolish, slothful, disrespectful, slow, or a combination thereof. Mark it!

    A wise servant will be promoted over a foolish son. Consider the rule. A son has the inside track and his father’s heart. But an owner or employer must have performance! He does not care about age, color, sex, creed, or nationality. He desperately needs productivity, punctuality, integrity, and obedience. He has no use for foolish or lazy sons.

    A wise servant can be promoted over a son, and he may get an inheritance with the man’s own sons – a portion of the family business! How? An owner or boss craves performance by those under him, or he cannot get a sufficient return on labor or capital for his own objectives. He will reward those who perform well with their assigned duties (27:18).

    A hard working servant will go right past a lazy son (10:5). Kings promote such men (14:35). Discrimination is a lying excuse of foolish, lazy, slow bellies! Successful men resent complaining sluggards, who blame circumstances rather than their foolishness and poor performance. They want men who will get the job done, and they will reward them.

    When King Solomon saw Jeroboam’s industry – intelligent, diligent, and systematic application of effort, though he was a young man, he promoted him into a management position (I Kgs 11:28). He did give the job to any of his sons. A few years later Jeroboam was the king of ten tribes of Israel, and Solomon’s favored son Rehoboam had only two!

    Success in this prosperous, generous, and slothful age is easy for a Christian. It hangs like a ripe plum from a tree. With a ladder named wisdom, it is within easy reach of all. Dear reader, climb and take it! Do not make excuses; do not blame others; use the ladder and pick the fruit before someone else does! This book of Proverbs is the manual for wisdom.

    Foreigners often come to America with very little and make prosperous lives. They do not complain, sue, or talk of discrimination. They work diligently, live frugally, save faithfully, adapt wisely, and exist peacefully. But others with greater advantages go nowhere. What is the difference? Without knowing God, they practice natural wisdom.

    Joseph was a teenage foreign slave with a shepherd’s resume, which the Egyptians despised. But he advanced by God’s blessing in Potiphar’s house (Gen 39:1-6). Though accused and convicted of rape, faithfulness in prison earned him a supervisory role there (Gen 39:19-23). Then he passed Pharaoh’s sons and ruled Egypt (Gen 41:38-46)!

    Daniel was a teenage Jewish war captive that was made a eunuch. But he graduated at the top of his class in the king’s graduate program (Dan 1:18-21). Though a foreigner, he was promoted over all Babylon and was chief of staff to King Nebuchadnezzar. He retained his high positions for 70 years, even during a transfer of the empire to Cyrus of Persia.

    David conducted himself wisely and the nation loved him (I Sam 18:30). What was his background? He was a shepherd from the lowly town of Bethlehem, ignored by his own family when they considered sons for honor. He easily passed his seven older brothers. And the reigning king’s own family chose David over their father. Let God be true!

    What is the source of success in this proverb? Wisdom! It is the quality that embodies all the instruction of this book. A black, female, Hispanic Muslim from Sri Lanka with a lisp and a limp can still get ahead, if she were to practice the wisdom of this book. But if she does not, the fool will end up serving a wise man (11:29)! Which will you be, reader?

    A poor child can be promoted past an old king for one simple reason – wisdom (Ec 4:13). The king resents being admonished, so he rejects correction. A man too proud to listen to others is worse than a fool (26:12). A wise child is willing to learn (9:9). He has no problem being told what to do. That young man is going somewhere! The king, nowhere!

    What is diligence? It is working hard and fast without let up until the job is finished. Diligence looks for the next job, attacks it with passion, and finishes it without complaining or resting. Wisdom does not think about lunch all morning and quitting time all afternoon. It seeks to do the best job it can, quickly, until the job is finished perfectly.

    Reader, God through King Solomon has given you much professional hope, if you will read and believe this proverb. Forget excuses! Remember performance! Stop blaming circumstances and outwork those around you. Learn to work smart. Be punctual, respectful, and honest. The cream always rises to the top. Learn the book of Proverbs and apply it every day. Admit mistakes and redouble your effort. Love your work, and do it with your might (Eccl 9:10). Trust God to promote you (Ps 75:6-7; Col 3:22-25). He will!

    Jesus taught this doctrine regarding spiritual things for His disciples and apostles (Luke 12:35-48). Diligent servants during a master’s absence would be promoted to rule over all that he owned! But those who slacked off would be fired and thrown out with the liars! Consider well the high standard to which you are called. Labor is not in vain in the Lord!

    Multiply your privileges in the kingdom of heaven and receive His blessing, rather than complaining He is too hard and discriminates (Matt 25:14-30). Jesus condemned that wicked and slothful servant, stripped him of his money, and cast him into outer darkness where he could gnash his teeth and wail about his misery! And He gave his money to the man with much. The rich get richer by wisdom, and the poor get poorer without wisdom!

    Christian employees should be the best on any job (Rom 12:11; Col 3:22-25; I Thes 4:11-12; I Tim 6:1-2; Tit 2:9-10). Outstanding conduct on the job adorns the doctrine of God our Saviour and saves Christianity from blasphemy far more than words. Do everything you do as to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and He will reward you now and later!

    Jesus Christ was made a little lower than the angels as the human Servant of God (Matt 12:18). But He so wisely and faithfully finished the most difficult work ever assigned that He was promoted far above all of the angelic sons of God (Job 1:6; I Pet 3:22)! He never slacked off nor became discouraged, and today He rules over all (Phil 2:5-11). Glory!

  50. hang jebat baru says:

    Raja adil raja disembah Raja zalim raja disangguh. Power comes from my Taming sari keris. I am not afraid of ISA so do many of our malaysian brothers and sisters. It is only Botak, najib, patail, musa who should be afraid. Only heroes will be ISA.

  51. Dr. M says:

    My 12 years old daughter was reading about the police and Syed Khabar story….

    She told me the police must be 100 % corrupted and that was the reason they left the police beat giving the excuse that they are scared of the criminals and diseases… utter bullshit…

    If they are scared of criminals why don’t they change profession and become an iman or fishermen?

  52. Markky says:

    Police afraid of criminals in Chow Kit but not afraid of using ISA against innocent people….What do you call this kind of people? #@$**+#

  53. Dr. M says:

    No Wonder….

    So many criminals around…

    So many corrupted politicians…

    So many corrupted policemen…

    So many corrupted MPs in BN…

    So many corrupted state councillors…



  54. Hi jebat!

    Bang had hung up my tamingsari many many moons ago. Once in the sheath, it would never be drawn out again.

    Fyi, bang’s taming jaya is kalatproof, so no need to bathe in blood, unlike that kampong Pekan keris which needs to bathe in blood.

    Asked that botak hid to save his bloods and donate to the neediest in GH.

    500 years ago, they were like this, and 500 years later, they are the same.

    Bodoh dahulu, bodoh sekaramg.

    Sigh! If you mire yourself in all these worldly things just to please your sensory organs, you lack wisdom!

    It’s greed that set you to the abyss, down… and further down into the abyss…..

    You have the power to choose, to go up… or falling into the abyss…. the choice is yours, son/ daughter.

    Leave them alone, Jebat! Earth problems persist eternally. We will never finished solving earthly problems.

    Makkal Sakthi will take care of them…..

    Time to return to our homes …. going up together?

  55. ivan yang says:

    Funny, only retiring politicians such as people like lim keng yak and ongka teng when delivering their swan song speeches will dare to speak out against umno! Only goes to show that they got no bola to speak out against their masters when they are in power. Malu betul!

  56. Nudibranch says:

    Please don’t insult the clowns by comapring botak to them. Clowns need to understand its audience in order to make them laugh. They have to be intellectual to be funny.

  57. hang jebat baru says:

    Hang tuah baru

    I cant leave our rakyat to suffer in the hands of the bodak who continue to use ISA. It is time for our battle cry Raja adil Raja disembah Raja Zalim Raja disangguh ! For the sake of our rakyat and our Land let us draw our Taming sari to finish off bodak once and for all. Then….we shall go home

  58. hang jebat baru says:

    hang tuah

    I couldnt get my msg to you, maybe susan ISA my msg which is my battle cry Raja adil…
    Raja zalim….you understandlah. For the sake of the rakyat let us draw our taming sari
    to finish off bodak and his gang. Then we shall go home and Hang Li Poh will rest in Peace.

  59. hang jebat baru says:

    Hang Tuah

    could not get my msg across to you. maybe susan censored it with botak using ISA like no body bussiness. Its urgent now we need to let our battle cry be heard….sure you understand what it is.Let us draw our taming sari to finish off bodak so that rakyat
    will be releive and Hang Li Poh will rest in peace. Then we shall go home…

  60. ian says:

    We walk with all our brothers locked up unjustly under ISA.

    Anti-ISA Candle-light Vigil held in PJ on Sunday, 19th October, 8pm — Photos, Video & Downloads:

  61. aston says:

    Let me be the first to tell you that Singapore is not a perfect society. But in Malaysia, we are citizens but still treated like second class citizens, right!

    Let me be honest with you. I am better off in Singapore as a PR than as a Malaysian. In the 10 years I am in Singapore, nobody has told me to get lost and I have never felt like a second class citizen despite being a PR. In Malaysia, you know the story.

    I feel so let down to know that Singapore treats us better than our own country. What a shame! Ask any other Malaysians living in Singapore and they will tell you the same.

    If I am given a choice to serve in the army of Singapore or my own country Malaysia, I would have no problem choosing Singapore despite you claming it is unfair (and you maybe right too).

    Why? Do you think the Malaysia government cares for me to putting my life on the line for the country? Let us be honest.

    Like I said, Singapore is not perfect, but it is anytime better than living in Malaysia.

    While Singapore government is sincere and doing all the right things, saying all the right things, in contrast, we can’t say the same about Malaysia government, filled with hypocrites who only sing song, nice racial harmony song on certain occasions, the once in a year Merdeka speech, in general elections vote-fishing speeches, that is all.

    And talks are cheaper than bull shit, or dinosaur shit for sure. Cause on many other occasions, during Umno assembly, meetings in kampung etc, we see the apes come out of their cages, instigating hatred, this is our land, waving keris, we are the tuan, we deserve this and that, we need to be strong so that other races won’t get to take advantage of our weaknesses, blah blah blah……….no more Chinese schools, no more funding, blah blah blah. Same old shit from the same old clan of monkeys.

    Open your eyes, go and live in Singapore for a few years, then you will feel differently perhaps.

    On the surface, Singapore government is doing everything right to forge racial harmony, that is important, because perception is everything.

    In Malaysia, we have all the opposite. That is the difference. Big difference. Big mama difference. Huge difference.

    When I first lived in Singapore, I had the mentality of a “Malaysian”.

    Guess what? I now don’t think like that. Every time, you hear a speech given by the Singapore prime minister, you know he is speaking from his heart and that matters.

    I am a very skeptical person and it is very hard to buy me over unless you are speaking the truth. Do you know the government tells all their citizens in their national day rally speech to welcome us foreigners?

    I personally admire the Singapore government, they actually walk the talk, really! I can see this with my own eyes! Nothing is more convincing than this. As for our Malaysia politicians, all they care is their bloody self (MCA, MIC, Umno) and their hoodlums.

    The large publics of Chinese, Indians and Malays have to fend for ourselves. Why should I go back to Malaysia if I believe I have a better life in Singapore! I don’t want my kids to grow up in an environment where they are told there is a distinction between malays and non-malays. Think about this!

    This is my personal answer. The 10 years of being happy in Singapore is nowhere compared to the 30 years of rubbish I have got from Malaysia as a non-malay.

    I will pass you my Malaysian passport next year.

    Yup right, what an irony, I am willing to die for Singapore being a PR and not for Malaysia being a citizen. That shows much we feel we belonged in Malaysia.

    In 1994, I tried to apply a scholarship in Malaysia but I couldn’t get it due to the impartial system albeit I desperate for a scholarship as I was very poor. I tried to re-appeal but to no avail.

    Fortunately, Singapore had offered me a scholarship and I was in fact forced to leave Malaysia no matter how reluctant I was.

    Having stayed in Singapore for 10 years now. I salute the Singapore government for its efficiency. Whatever promises they make to the citizens, all will be materialised. This country practises meritocracy and if you capable and work hard, you will definitely be able to hold high post regardless of race.

    I agree that Singapore is not a perfect country but it treats everyone in Singapore fairly whereby there is no discrimination at all.

    On the contrary, Malaysia marginalises the non-malays which ultimately will have great impact on itself. I believe eventually Malaysia will lose (already lost) the competitive edge in which all the capable and smart non-malays will leave to other countries.

    It is no doubt our Malaysia education system is getting down the drain as almost all the key posts are filled with all the cronies who are incapable and apple polisher. Besides, lots of our ministers act like an uncivilised person and speak with no substance.

    We have already suffered a high level of brain drain – a lot of Malaysians have left for greener pastures in Australia, Singapore etc. Some of these are my friends and they are very happy where they are.

    These are people whom others recognized as huge contributors not only to the company they are working with, but the country as well.

    Imagine how great Malaysia would have been, if these people are working in Malaysia, and contributing to the growth here.

    A lot of non-malays are feeling the pinch of staying in this Malaysia country, especially when our politicians are becoming more confident about being louder and vocal at being racist to win more votes.

    But I have heard very few Singaporeans saying they would prefer Malaysia. I know – I was there for more about 10 years.

  62. Hi Jebat!

    It’s no use to condescend ourselves to deal with all these people who live in a parochial world.

    Once they have attained some power, their hearts are blinded instantly. Most politicians are like this- all over the world.

    Can we obliterate all these rascals?

    No! No! No!

    So what is the solution?

    You and I had that solution! We were not wiped out by any of our enemies on earth, but by this solution.

    So this solution will deal with all these political rascals. These rascals are ignorant. They lack knowledge, and knowledge is power.

    These political rascals lack knowledge and therefore real power. They are going… each day… like the clock… tick tock tick tock…. going… going… and gone!

    Very soon the solution will finish them off, like finishing us off!

    So let’s go and let the solution finishing them off- regardless how powerful these persons are on earth!

    The solution!-> THE TIME

  63. Hi Jebat!

    It’s no use to condescend ourselves to deal with all these people who live in a parochial world.

    Once they have attained some power, their hearts are blinded instantly. Most politicians are like this- all over the world.

  64. coolooc says:

    Islam in Malaysia is suppressing humanity, dignity and desire of a normal human being.

    Islam in Malaysia is causing trouble to non-Muslims who goes about their everyday life to do what any other normal human being on earth are doing.

    Islam in Malaysia does not respect traffic law when Muslims can park their cars all over the road and causes inconvenience to everybody.

    Islam in Malaysia does not contribute to the progress of the malay race and any other race in Malaysia.

    Islam felts threaten in Malaysia, when nobody actually gives a damn about them.

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