DAP Lim Kit Siang asked the perfect question.

“I have come to know the solicitor-general has concluded that the AG had indeed abused his power to fabricate evidence against the Permatang Pauh MP (Anwar Ibrahim) and I am asking him to resign immediately now. How can we allow a criminal (to serve) as AG? What is happening to Malaysia?” – Kit Siang @ Budget 2009, Parliament.

It’s a 10 year old story but the allegation that Abdul Gani and inspector-general of police Musa Hassan (right) fabricated evidence in  Anwar’s trials 10 years agois fresh in most people’s mind. And like all truths or scandals, it wormed its way into a retired cop’s court documents.

According to Mat Zain Ibrahim, who headed the investigation into Anwar’s ‘black eye incident’ in 1998 implied that Abdul Gani had delayed the investigation process and concealed important facts in the case from then AG, the late Mohtar Abdullah. Abdul Gani was a senior deputy public prosecutor at the time.

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How can we allow someone so mired in controversies, from corruption to murder, to become next Prime Minister? That, too, is the perfect question, but no one can give us the perfect answer.

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  2. siti fatimah says:

    i can’t believe that we can’t do anything but letting this to happen. Really we cant do nothing?

  3. wickwax says:

    Serious need for reform. Separation of power. Anything at all that portray cleanliness

  4. poca says:

    Umno and BN needs a criminal as AG as he would be the BEST in protecting them. If AG was not a criminal, most of the top umno would be in prison.

  5. matt says:

    Susan it is not only the ag it is 90% of the govt that has to be sacked, the cancer created by the mamak doctor has spread beyond control.

  6. reformer says:

    this is what we call a demokrasi country,bullshit

  7. wandererAUS says:

    With this mob running the country, how low must they make this country to descend? Anwar has taken a case against this low down sc*m, hope during the proceedings, his a*rs* will be torned to pieces. This evil man, has wrecked the life of a innocent man and his family for a decade and yet, he still behave so arrogantly and without remorse.
    The smiling snake to be PM what a joke…without cleaning his dusty ass, he is definitely, not fit to claim the ‘throne’. If you think sleepy head is bad, the worst is yet to come!

  8. rider says:

    We, the rakyat have allowed demons to rule the roost which is why we got a criminal for AG. I concede, it is people like me, the older generation, who continuosly voted BN to power. We have betrayed you- who are our children. I, apologise on our behalf, I am sorry I’ve been a wimp all my life.

  9. harus says:


    u r making a disservice if you do not differentiate to your leaders which trial of anwar we are looking at here.

    this supposedly abuse of AG was for the ‘black eye’ trial where he was eventually found out beaten by the then IGP, Rahim Noor. The latter was sentenced to 2 months jail after that.

    How about you highlight anwar’s abuse of power trial where he abused his position as no 2 to intimidate ordinary people like us using the police and the UTK.

    thank you.

  10. elvieho says:

    what hope do we have in malaysia when our PM,AG,IGP are criminals?How can we malaysians allow this to happen and not do anything?How can i migrate when i cant even afford the air fare to cambodia? Is our EPF safe from all these criminals? God,pls do not forsake me.

  11. office girl says:

    Bolehland is blessed with criminals like mahathiu, najib, pakilah, raapidah, nazri, kerissham, zam, baba, lls, lka, okt …….

  12. wits0 says:

    Part of the inevitable fruit of 51 years of umno domination. You can’t have love without marriage – as the Nescafe jingle goes.

    Now more ppl come to realize what they have bargained for! Like the classic horror story of the Monkey’s Paw with its 3 wishes, there reamains on last wish left to save all from the wrong and frivolous usage of the first 2 wishes.

  13. negarakita says:

    now everything they said, no body want to believe, probably except those old ppl that dun have access to the internet.

  14. Anonymous says:

    aiya sloone,
    In this bolehland a rapist also can be AG.

    who else can come in as he wish.

  15. tshock says:

    isn’t it time now that all malaysians (be it muslims, christians, buddhists, hindus, taoists, sikhs, bahais etc., etc…) pray together at the same time and with the power of prayers awaken the concience of these renegades to give themselves up to their gods. this way malaysia will have hope for the future.

  16. Anti-ISA says:

    More of the silent majority needs to wake up from their slumber.

  17. WESILLY says:

    Don’t blame those leaders but blame ourselves, for being silly and brainless to vote them to the top. Idiot people with idiot leaders.

  18. elvieho says:

    dear tshock
    How can we have hope when our EPF is in the hands of criminals? How can we have hope when we cant have a fair trail in court? How can we have hope when we die and our family cant even bury us? How can we have hope when our gov do not have any human conscience? it is a hopeless hope.

  19. amanda says:

    Heartache, seeing our country been played around by this group of clown and jocker. How long can our country sustain its competitiveness , if still rule by this band of circle organizer.

  20. elvieho says:

    Just read in malaysian insider that the gov declare hindraf illegal.How can we have hope
    when criminals are the judge and jury? How can we have hope when genuine grouses by hindraf is ignore? How can we have hope when RPK report the truth and is sent to kamunting? How can we have hope when there are no more TRUTH?

  21. storm62 says:

    should Saddam Husien’s trail be heard in a Malaysian court, he would have live till today.

    Malaysia semua Boleh !

  22. Richard Loh says:

    A criminal as the country AG?

    We have more worst leader in the like of the home minister, declaring HINDRAF as an illegal org.

    Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar What Are You Going To Do With Utusan???/a>

  23. FIFI says:

    I am a housewife following all these stories since 8th March. My written england not that good but just want to drop in a few words.

    So sad, all the talking and talking… be it great , facts or true about BN, we just can’t do anything to stop them ruling Malaysia. Voted opposition also let us down!

    Bye from now, not going to bother what is going to happen in Malaysia.

  24. monsterball says:

    And….as usual…..UMNO will deny it.
    If one ask Mahathir…he may say…
    “I forgot”
    Where is Lingam? He may say..”.it sounds correct….statement appears correct…but I am sure.. it is not correct”
    Samy may say…”It’s God’s will…truth reveals..but I play no part in it”
    Did you see…….first day Parliament…subject is Budget …most important to Malaysians….all UMNO and BN absent!!!….just 4 backbenchers small guys….no PM..no DPM.
    This must be world first government absent from Parliament…..first day…and on most important issue.
    So……what else will…,surprise anyone …anymore.

  25. elvieho says:

    dear FIFI
    If we do not bother what will happen to our country,there will come a day when they will pay you yr EPF in Rupiah.There will come a day when all the blogs will be ban.There will come a day when they will issue us pendatang I/C. As malaysians we must do what we can for our beloved country eventhough they considered me a pengdatang.

  26. cicit says:

    AG dont be stupid, now you are in big shit. You better take mamak kutty Mahathiu go down with you at least you got friend.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Not that we had allowed him to be the country’s AG. We basically have no choice. Appointment of AG is the prerogative of the PM. During Dr.M’s era he had artfully and deviously cultivated quite a few people heading the various institutions. Much of his handiwork is still in place and Badawi had found it “useful” to have such obedient,compliant and “house-broken” pets.

    In Malaysia we also do not have a choice as to who we want to lead the country. This choice sadly rests with a small group of UMNO invertebrates. Look at Ku Li’s nomination todate. He spoke of truth and justice and no one would want him as truth and justice means the end of a long gravy train.

  28. tshock says:

    dear elvieho, if everyone is resigned to just agreeing that we cant do anything then most definitely nothing can be done. just like fifi who is not going to bother anymore, and the rest of us who are like NATO = no action talk only then i will have to agree with you that it is really hopeless

  29. Diva Chin says:

    And they claimed it is for RELIGION, RACE & COUNTRY!
    Acting as if they are HOLIER then Thou!
    Prince of the land my foot!

  30. abil says:

    Hindraf being declared illegal by our botak Syed Albar, but no action on racist Utusan. Demanding the rights for marginilised indian people is illegal. You cannot destroy the spirit which is ingrained in a person. You can destroy our body but we refuse to succumb to you and give our soul.Hindraf Hidup.

  31. DONOTHING says:


    there is nothing much can do about such abuses. Not happy ? go and jump into the sea. The sun will still rise and set

  32. kluangman says:

    Bila suara suara keluar dari mulut pembangkang terhadap kerajaan, semuanya busuk…rakyat minta pembangkang keluarkan gagasan dan perancangan mensejahterakan rakyat dan bukannya membuat tuduhan tuduhan berbentuk hasutan.

    Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Perak dan Selangor di bawah pentadbiran pakatan Rakyat, kenapa tidak ada satu pun kes dibawa jika dulunya sebelum mereka menawan negeri tersebut, berlori berguni tuduhan bahawa di negeri tersebut MB dan KM nya rasuah – sekarang dah perintah, mana bukti itu.

    Nyata pembangkang hanya pandai menuduh tetapi ‘hancus’ dalam memberi kebenaran dan bukti. Mentaliti pembangkang hari ini lebih sekadar sebagai pembangkang yang bijak menghasut rakyat dan akan kekal sebagai pembangkang selama lamanya.

  33. MalaysiaForMalaysians says:

    More & more, Malaysia’s future look bleak with no light at this long unending tunnel..
    Politically, UMNO & BN’s leaders know nothing else apart from playing the racist card in order to stay in power bcos the majority dont care abt justice anymore as long as they can live well without much effort on their part. Whatever truth is spoken by other BN component parties r always branded incorrect or insensitive, whereas whatever unfair & racist statements spoken by UMNO leaders r accepted & made into policies of the govt..
    Economically, we r also doomed as we have been wasting all our petroleum money into kickbacks to the politicians.. how much longer will there be petroleum money?? We r no longer competitive in the world market & our people hav no guts to go out there to really compete. Inflation is high altho we r constantly told our inflation is low (in fact some govt campaigns even say Zero Inflation!!), wages incapable of being increased, graduates being churned out just to fulfil some govt dream. There has to be something wrong when law grads r unable to write a full English sentence & other grads having to be given further intensive courses in order to make them employable!!
    God save Malaysia!!

  34. storm62 says:

    kluangman mesti kaya raya dan tak pernah susah kerana dapat bersembunyi diseluar dalam UMNO selama ini. tak berbau busuk ke?

    cuma hang lihat mentri2 UMNO masa kini, penuh dgn skandal2 rasuah,pembunuhan,menghina orang, menghina agama,merogol gadis2 bangsa sendiri dan Guan Eng pulak kena masuk penjara dan sbb lagi.

    Hadhari itu ajaran sesat lah..baik hang ikut ajaran Islam yg benar.

  35. Sayabaik says:

    Do you recall our LOST Batu Putih island? Did the AG appoint his son onto the Team at The Hague? Did the AG use the false picture as evidence at Court and infuriated the Bench?
    Such fraud!
    Such culprits!
    And such AG.
    You Malaysians deserve something good but you will not get that.
    Why not come over to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have GOOD governance and excellent highly qualified persons as our AG. Shame on you!

  36. elvieho says:

    Dont cry for me malaysia.The truth is I never Love you.I have no hope in you.No hope in a criminal cabinet.No hope in a correct, correct Judiciary,but all is not lost as najib
    says.Pls stop talking najib,the more you talk the more hopeless i feel.

  37. fomca says:

    How about a sodomizer who wants to be the Prime Minister?

  38. jeff says:

    “WE” do not allow that, we do not have the power to appoint AG, it ‘s the call of PM in bolehland style! All these high level civil servants are appointed or employed by elected leader, not ordinary people from the street, so do not blame all these messes on “WE”, other than leaders you voted into office.

  39. monsterball says:

    And why be so surprised??
    Criminals can be Tan Sri…then..a Senator and then… a minister…and back to popular contest…standing for Vice President election.
    So many criminals from UMNO are released…when they know… Malaysians cannot be bothered. Such is the clear signs of UMNO double standards….since Merdek
    Dollah try to outdo Mahathir..to frustrate the old man…and do one better..became the most unproductive….the biggest bullshitter…the lousiest PM we ever can hope to have….and one coming after him..will even be more lousier.
    Who master minded…these two as PM…and DPM?
    So blame who…for the downfall of UMNO?
    But God is great!!! By the very evil hands and mind.. of the biggest devil…comes the goodnesses…showing… good will out beat bad and TRUTHS .. will conquer against lies and evils.
    You can say……Mahathir for all his evil deeds…paved the way for Anwar Ibrahim….to rise again.
    Go…think about it.
    If you agree…then stay focus…and wait to vote…..change of government….period!

  40. monsterball says:

    why message in dustbin?

  41. Botak says:

    I agreed with Donothing. Malaysian must accept their fate that the country will be run by criminals, cronies who had reserved their first class seat to fly out of the country should there is a crisis leaving the poor to fend for themselves.

  42. veryupset says:


    How come is it now they say the AG is guilty…? Why did it take sooo…. long to investigate…?
    Anwar should sue the them…

    Don’t we all worry…
    They will look after each other’s back & cover-up the story…
    That’s what is happening now…

    NO case lah…!

    Now the helicopter issue…..?

    Don’t we all worry…
    NO case also…!

  43. Kulo says:

    No big deal! We have much more sophisticated criminals at higher office.

  44. jean says:

    How can we allow a criminal to be AG? Tsk…tsk…tsk… and then an ex-convict to be MP?

  45. poca says:

    Jean go and read the constitution and ask the Election Commissioner before illustrating your stupidity.
    Soon we will have belakang main Najib as PM while AG does belakang kira.

  46. kittykat46 says:

    In Malaysia, there is a category called “above the law”.

  47. kittykat46 says:

    Najib – enough bad karma for 2 lifetimes.

    Somehow, I suspect his tenure as PM is going to be even shorter than Dollah’s

  48. Anonymous says:

    Japan’s underworld is ruled by Yakuza.
    Italy’s, by Mafia.
    By…., Ameno!!!

  49. WESILLY says:

    we shouldn’t compare ourselves with our neighbour countries Thailand, The Philippines and Indonesia. Because of different culture and mentality. We called ourselves malaysian but in reality we are all divided by racial issues on political parties and govt. So don’t expect all the races would unite together to fight for the nation like true hero. Wait till those racial discrimination being abolished, then only we can talk about unity and demand for democracy.

  50. SINGAPURA says:

    This criminal that were send by the malaysian goverment to fight over P.B.P.ICJ which lost to Singapore? Shame to Bangsa Malaysia. He is even worst then any criminal that I know off that Malaysia have.

  51. chewe for justice says:

    the culture and mentality of Umno are such that you are above the law and you can get away with even murder as long as you protect/promote their collective interest, which will be power and money. Answer as simple as that. So, what’s new?

  52. jean says:

    Actually poca, the constitution or the election commission has nothing to do with it. Its just that if I am LKS, I would be too embarassed to brand anyone (who has not been proven in a court of law) as a criminal when my leader, my boss and ketua is an ex-convict.

    Sheesh, why do a stupid like me has to explain to someone as smart as you. You really think that you are smart, dont you?

  53. Douglas Moore says:

    Dear Poca,

    Please don’t call my wife-to-be stupid. She holds a CEO post and at the 41st day of Hari Raya I was at Ijok and she failed to offer me her house address and my car broke down.

    She’s smart. If you ask her whether Saddam Hussein is evil, she will tell you that he’s a chivalry and if you ask her if Sladovan Milosevic is evil or not, she would tell you to hang him 20 times and sent Ariel Sharon to the stone-age.

    So pleeeeese don’t call her stupid again alrite coz she was cooped by her ideology and to her Mahathir Mohamad deserve a Nobel Peace prize.

    Thank You.

    Douglas Duncan Moore.
    American Expat in KL.

  54. Abu Bakar says:

    Hey, Roger Moore..Oppssss, sorry, whatever you could mull about. Playing a husband-wife teamwork, aren’t? Shouldn’t your husband-wife teamwork is more needed now to take care of your US “backyard” economy crisis rather than involve with ours? Stay away from our country politics!!!

  55. wits0 says:

    Kittykat : “In Malaysia, there is a category called “above the law”.”

    That includes divinely ordained dynastic “Entitlement” and special privileged, “rights to sedition and demagoguery,” as wrt those racist Noosepapers.

  56. tshock says:

    have faith in the almighty coz karma is being manifested. when you grow beans you reap beans, when you grow love you beget love. when you do otherwise….. need i say more……

  57. jungle girl says:

    These BN are not criminal la! We are living in a jungle using the jungle law, that’s all! Where got criminals in the jungle man?

    Bolehland is using jungle law, so do you expect all these Binatang Nasional to do, using human law? Borakkkk!

    It’s only the rakyat are stupid not using the jungle law only!

  58. Douglas Moore says:

    Thanks Tshock. I am a fan of jean. And whatever she says I concur. That Anwar Ibrahim is a hypocrite. Worship Mahathir. Bow to the NEP. Vote out Pak Lah and bring in Mahathirism.

    And thanks for your reasonable advice Mr. Abu before I am “bakar-ed”(Hehehe) that I should concern about my country, US. I am a Washingtonian. Well, I am gonna marry a Malay here and getting a full denizenship here. maybe jean if I can find her house in Ijok after ensconce myself with her ideology. Like Hang Tuah. Hahahahohoho. =)

  59. orang utan says:

    Malaysia is blessed with rich resources and we the voter are happy with our politician to do want they want as long as we are allow to be busy making money. Thats how our former PM think of us. We are so stipid that we spend 24hr making money and paying taxes, the politicians is busy planning to spend all our money in the name of development. Until they overspend and borrow from oversea to satisfy their greediness. Therefore stop busy making money. pay up your debt and spend more time with your family. You only need a roof, a small car and three meal a days. You do not have to aim to be a millionair in your life time. Be smart and honest and corruption will die by natural death.

  60. LHHeng says:

    What justice can our rakyat expect when we have criminals like our AG and IGP running our institutions. These are some of the great products from our Mamak Kutty time.
    These two clowns AG/IGP are so…….thick face not to resign. Anyway, what you expect again from bums with no integrity, compassion, and worst of all brains running the government.
    Here we have our arrogant, pea brain baldie toad banning a peaceful Hindraf when there are tons of injustice done by other groups link to Umno go scotfree.
    Malaysia boleh la!!

  61. Antares says:

    Here’s another unanswerable question for you, Susan:


  62. Anonymous says:

    This for you Antares,
    I came up with and idea in one blogs,
    The only way to bring down this warlords (BARISAN) IS to boikot them.
    Every week people take turn dont go out for shopping or whatever.Demo peacefully.Lets some pressure group remain but the majority like me hate rally or demo.

    Whom am i?
    ask Sloone.

    Thank You.i am 666 but not a devil.

  63. Anonymous says:

    whats i did make cant comment.

  64. tshock says:

    totally agree with orangutan. you cannot take money with you when you are gone. be satisfied, do not be greedy. GREED is the root cause of all these maladies that are amongst us today. it will be synonymous with those leaders who refuse to let go of power. we all know that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  65. poca says:

    “jean (11:14:54) :
    Actually poca, the constitution or the election commission has nothing to do with it.”

    I made a mistake. You are not stupid….but an idiot.

  66. monsterball says:

    It takes an idiot to know another idiot….but Jean is no idiot.
    This means…that idiot is drinking too much coca cola…got drunk.
    Don’t believe coca can make you drunk…try it..drink four bottles and see what happen.
    First..you may die…before getting drunk!!
    Then..amor kui…thinks so highly of himself.
    This white skin barbarian….have onion skin face.
    Talk big and talk cock.

  67. monsterball says:

    First one in dustbin….found and came out.
    Now ….another in dustbin?

  68. Rebel Without a Sauce says:

    Maybe… maybe it was a crime committed in the throes of PASSION.

    Oh. Premeditated assault and battery.


  69. monsterball says:

    Poor jean!
    Don’t worry…monty did responded!..but in dustbin!!!

  70. kittykat46 says:

    Jean is being very sensitive….
    There is a big difference between an elected representative and a senior public servant.
    There is a legal bar on a convicted person contesting an election for a period of time, but after that, its a matter between the constituents and the politician whether they want him to represent them.
    For a person seen by many to have been jailed on political grounds, the conviction can be a badge of honour.

    On the other hand, a senior public servant accused of serious wrong doing – the correct form is for him to be suspended from duties pending an impartial investigation.

  71. wits0 says:

    ‘..- the correct form is for him to be suspended from duties pending an impartial investigation.”

    Very true, not forgetting the existential reality surrounding us is one of, “No smoke without Fire”. Why make a red herring 180 degree loop back to the court, knowing too well in what dismal shape that thing is in?

    All the rogues involved think they can live happily ever after, protected by the moribund System because their collective Karma hasn’t (fully)ripened.

  72. Douglas Moore says:

    Don’t worry Jean, I am” Hang Tuah “to the rescue. Susan, can you please tell Jean that I really miss her and from now on I will “blind my eyes” and patriotically accede to whatever she deems right. Where is “Jebat”?

    Wah so many….Let’s hide 1st darlin’…..Hahaha.

  73. elvieho says:

    Douglas, I am a fan of jean too!

  74. kendra says:

    not surprising since we are soon going to have a highly suspect accomplice in a murder case to become our PM….

  75. jean says:

    Its ok doug. I aint no tun fatimah and guess what? Jebat is dead.

    Its ok monty… there is nothing to worry about a person whose best shot was to be able to call someone stupid or idiot.

    And Elvieho, I am your fan too! We are even then.

    kk46… thank you for the lesson. I think I understand the technicalities quite well now. Its just that I am very simplistic and to me, if you can accept an ex-convict, why not a suspected criminal? Yes, I do agree that that it is being seen by many as being “jailed on political grounds.” But again, to quote wits0, “No smoke without Fire”.

    Hi susan…

  76. […] the other day we ask: “How can we allow a criminal (to serve) as AG?” . And before we knew it, […]

  77. amoker says:

    The AG should resign la … too much sms with Najib also.

  78. wits0 says:

    The maximum smoke fanned by Mahakutty tend to be from a small fire whereas those multiple smokes from his gang aren’t that custom made but from more natural combustions.

  79. poca says:

    ..whose best shot was to be able to call someone stupid or idiot. – Jean

    It was not the best. Hmmm maybe you like being an imbecile better.

  80. jeff says:

    Do nothing! If Malaysians want crooks to get elected into government, they got it. What you voted for, is what you will get. Cheer everyone.

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