It’s true. My dog protects my home at nights, and barks if a stranger stands at the front gate. He is the first to jump in line and growls when someone even raises his or her voice at me, ever ready to pounce. But sadly, my dog has gone to ‘heaven’. But…

“Why do I need to comment? There is no abuse of power,” (Najib Tun Razak, Malaysian Insider)

TRUST NAJIB, FORGET ALLEGATIONS? (PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on latest sms controversy involving Najib Tun Razak in the Altantuya Shariibuu murder case).

What if the allegations are NOT allegations, but indeed have truths in it, then Abdullah is an accomplice to the entire scandal as well.

Very irresponsible for a Prime Minister to say this, really. This PM also has the lowest credibility in the history of PM-ship. So does his words carry weight? It seems he did Najib a disservice by opening his mouth on this issue.

We all know there’s a bitter struggle between Abdullah and his deputy. The result? Giving up without a fight, surrending to a coup, and throwing electoral democracy out into the garbage.

And now he has the audacity to tell us to trust a future PM (not so sure yet) most of us do not want and did not elect or appoint, and who is mired in controversies and scandals, from corruption to murder, to whatever else?

To a question on an allegation by Malaysia Today that Najib had allegedly abused his power and interfered in the investigation into the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, Abdullah said he did not believe Najib had abused his power.

WE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.  Funny that Abdullah is so eager to defend Najib on this. Speaks volumes. In a way, it’s a great give away.

Whatever redeeming quality he has is lost. Nobody likes a leader who promote impunity, only the perpetrators themselves.

Wel, this is what UMNO is like. In their pursuit to salvage a sinking ship, they’d cover up anything. But walls, they say, have ears. And God is everywhere.

In fact, Abdullah just gave credence to the allegations. Why should we forget it, if it is NOT true? We should condemn it. Or, ask that he be investigated so he can clear his name:

Read also ANWAR WANTS PROBE ON NAJIB (Malaysian Insider)

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  1. Joe Rakyat says:

    *Woof!* JR

  2. […] are not responsible for the content published. We encourage you to read the full article/post from the original source here. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  3. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Yup Sue… my choice is also my doggie!

  4. Ordinary Malaysian says:

    I think that there should be a probe to get to the bottom of the SMSs. Important to establish first whether or not they are genuine.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    If Naj keeps to the reactionary course which he appears to prefer so far, he will be instrumental in BN/UMNO’s final fall.
    Unfortunately in the process there could be a lot of casualties, including likely the country’s social and economic fabric.

  6. Myblog says:

    No question of trust. It is irresponsible for a PM to request the rakyat to trust his deputy when there is doubt. He should by right order a full scale investigation as his deputy is the PM in waiting.

    But then again, we are dealing with numbskulls and morons who probably laugh at us when they are by themselves.

    What a sorry state of affairs and we call our selves a fair democracy where the bosses can get away with anything.

    Are they not afraid of GOD

  7. cerita dongeng says:

    no1 put it better susan.

    many ppl say dis lala have good heart n intention juz dun have the capability…. i strongly disagree.
    everytime lala open its mouth, it irks me by leaving an impression of a typical arrogantly ignorant fool

    i wont trust a fool
    i wont trust a flip flop fool
    i lagi wont trust a flip flop fool so full of itself

    pandang dicabar konon

  8. Malaysian says:

    Notice how the skeletons are crawling out of the UMNO closets of late?

    Like the vultures they are; they’re all busy with the divisional elections rather than concentrate on economic issues for the RAKYAT. Why, one may wonder….

    Coz’ the treasures which abound for them once elected to positions in power. This has been their credo all these years. (Umno dulu, umno sekarang dan umno selamanya, will screw the rakyat in all ways UNLESS there’s a serious wake-up call for change. By & for all Malaysians, now and forever more ….. Amen.

  9. Palaniappan says:

    Any allegation must be investigated and simply can’t brush aside. The irony here is that the PM asking us to forget about the allegation and trust Najib. Yes, it shows that PM is an accomplice. It’s a story of ” you scratch my back and I scratch yours”.

  10. UMNO D.U says:

    Hi Susan,

    Well, if you have quite eloquently dismissed of Pak Lah’s credibility and generally regard him as an idiot, then you shouldn’t get too worked up over any of his statements, because he might not (well, who are we kidding…) be thinking before saying these things, as usual 🙂


  11. seokto says:

    No it is not funny that Abdullah is so eager to defend Najib on this.

    This PM is protecting his own ass whilst Najis can protect his – each protecting the others asses from being s@#$%^.

    It’s stupid of those who still vote them in.

  12. Mango says:

    Becareful with the word “Dog”. When Teresa Kok used it to describe the food she was fed, they turned it into a racial issue that it is insulting the malays. Then when Teresa sued Utusan, the Umno guy said she is challenging the malays as Utusan is owned by malays. It is getting more and more childish and cynical remarks are uttered as each day pass by with the politicians getting desperate.
    Shafee called RPK a “pariah” and it was telecasted in TV3. Why didnt the so-called champions of malays come out, protect him and protest ( a more devout muslim that most umno members) against this Indian convert? Isnt calling a malay a pariah a far worst act than talking about “dog food”?
    The way the desperate politicians from Umno is behaving is getting pathetic. One day, they gonna complained non malays did not buy Mercedes from Naza and want to make it compulsory 30% must be bought from Naza ! When are they going to grow up and stop the “jaguh kampung” behaviour? The world is changing and they know ( they carry latest handphones, watches etc !) . Problem is they are still using racist politics to “popularise” them selves.

  13. Bala Pillai says:

    One scenario:-

    Let us say Badawi WANTED the SMS to be investigated.

    Let us say that Badawi wanted them investigated because he wants to either:-

    a) have some hold on Najib so that he can negotiate the best terms on his departure (eg you ain’t going to try me for corruption or I will spill the beans on _____) OR
    b) Badawi’s boys want to reap vengeance on Najib and boys so hope to ditch him and favour another candidate for President who has better ties with Badawi

    A) Which of the following would be the best approach, if you were Badawi?

    1) Say to the press “Investigate Najib, Investigate Najib”

    2) Say “Don’t Investigate. He is a good man” — get the issue into circulation in the press and become a talk of the town

    3) Say nothing

    B) Conversely, let us say you really wanted to hand over to Najib with least undermining. Which option is best?

    Is it not true that if you wanted Najib to be investigated the best approach is (2) — say “don’t investigate” etc?

    Conversely if you really wanted to hand over to Najib with least undermining wouldn’t (3) be the best approach?

  14. Kopi Anan says:

    same here, Ms Sloone except it is a cat !

  15. Bola Hangus says:

    a dog is often the choice of many exploiters as it will protect their property which is the only reason of being. money money money, thats these people ever think about.

  16. amy says:

    i alreadi say thousand of times that we should not give pm due credit, from the beginning till the end. Whatever it is, he is no angel himself, devil in disguise, maybe! No apologies for saying that from me!!!!!! I hope the pm reads this comment!!!!! As I said in MT, whether he is teasing dpm or not, I don’t care a damn! Either way, he is history for me since last year!!! I really can’t believe the audacity of this pm!!!!!!! Such, such, such low IQ!!!!!! Better be a imam for life!!!!!

  17. wakakaka says:

    Yeah, we should also trust his SIL and son and daughter and brother and everything he says we must trust. The Iraqis also trusted him and look at their Oil for Food scandal

  18. bgees says:

    I dont want to compare my pet “Jack”…..totally cannot think of it.

  19. amy says:

    anyway, my dogs are a million and one times better and more credible than the PM!!!!!! So, please, don’t insult my dogs!!!!!!

  20. La Cha Mau says:

    You said this:”We all know there’s a bitter struggle between The Sheriff and his deputy. The result? Giving up without a fight, surrending to a coup, and throwing electoral democracy out into the garbage”.

    GIVING UP come March 2009???? I don’t think so. He will not go out without a fight. Not yet anyway. Come 1st week of February, 2009 or even earlier, the nation will be held enthralled with juicy morsels being released confirming what we have already known. Only this time it will be in the form of hard evidence e.g. the military intelligence report, photographs of the various entourage clearly showing both of them together, cctv footage from the various hotels in France, the re-appearance of Bala, new stat dec from the driver of the Suzuki Vitara etc etc… much so that the power transfer simply cannot take place according to plan. The Sheriff would have to continue riding for a longer period, only this time he will ride on without his deputy because he will be successful where Bob Marley failed.

  21. wits0 says:

    “When are they going to grow up and stop the “jaguh kampung” behaviour? ”

    Afraid they can NEVER under the auspice and banner of umno. How does a leopard change its spots?

    Like this Cheras world perverting umno demagogue, for example, with such spews : “…Syed Ali Al Habshee was quoted as saying “Teresa has challenged the honour of Malays by suing Utusan Malaysia as it is a newspaper owned by the Malays. He went on to add “Challenging the Malays is similar to challenging Umno,”.”

    Dogs are far more noble creatures. They can transcend species and truly regard you as family and fare aithfully and unquestionably protective. Pathetic humans can’t even transcend race!

  22. Whatusay says:

    Too many controversies and unsolved misteries revolving around NTR for the rakyat to put their trust in him to spearhead our troubled country. Yes, he may be the impeccable politicians pedigree (hey, I like this term, it reminds me of my four-legged pet) and posess the finest brains, but here we are talking about a position that requires someone with the welfare of the rakyat at heart. If he is going to use all those brains to shovel up wealth and assets for himself and those related to him, then those fine points have become liability to the country.

    AB is asking us to trust NTR and forget all allegations. The rakyat is not stupid. You want us to trust somebody. You must convince us with proof and evidence. How can you expect us to trust someone just because you say so. Excuse me, especially with your reputation of “blur-blur king” and “Mr Parrot” who talks based on hear says. Or is that is how easily you trust somebody?

    P/S: wonder it is democratic to just pass the PM baton like that. Even with the UMNO election, that is only valid for UMNO presidency as only UMNO members get to vote. What about the PM post for the whole nation (although technically it is a package deal), aren’t the rakyat supposed to have a say and decide whom they want to be their next PM. This is similar to Wan Azizah’s resignation for her PP post. And you still remember AB’s comments about her ?

  23. pissed says:

    Has the PM no principles of justice left in him? Is he sending the message that his deputy is above the law and can do as he pleases with impunity.

    Doesn’t he know that even God cannot absolve a person from his sins and yet he’s trying to play god, time and again.

    Doesn’t he realise that there are 2 more big scandals committed recently by his deputy, the Broadband contract and the shady Eurocopter deal which cost the rakyat billions of dollars made by his Deputy and yet he is brown nosing him.

  24. anarky says:

    “…..He is the first to jump in line and growls when someone even raises his or her voice at me, ever ready to pounce…….”

    One fine example of a good doggy……..

    “Bapak Demokrasi” – KTKoon


  25. Thong says:

    No offense to God but sometimes I think he overlooks certain
    part of the hemisphere. Maybe we feel comforted by the self thought
    that the day of reckoning will ultimately dawn.

  26. Monsterbola says:

    Pak Lah is as guilty as hell in his “shielding” of Najib from an independent investigation to the possibilities of the latter’s involvement in the “Altantuya murder trial”.

    Every corners in every towns, people are gossiping about najib’s involvement but that does not mean that allegations against Najib is merely rumours, but of high levels-of-cover-ups.

    Remember Raja Petra once said that he will expose in due time a book – “100 Dalil Why Najib cannot become PM” when he overview and substantiate some of the evidence he procured.

    May the Almighty Allah grants Justice for Altantuya Sharibuu and expose the “dark-hands” of the impending PM. Amin.

  27. Anti-ISA says:

    Please support the Global Online Freedom Act of 2007, H.R. 275, without any amendments that would hinder its ability to prevent U.S. Internet technology companies from cooperating with repressive governments attempting to limit freedom of expression and access to information.

    Governments are now making Internet and technology companies allies in their effort to censor and repress the Internet. For example, the Chinese Government pressured Yahoo! to turn over to its police the names of political dissidents who use the company’s e-mail service. One such dissident, journalist Shi Tao, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being identified by Yahoo!. China convinced Microsoft to shut down Internet blogs in which Chinese users were criticizing their government, and persuaded Google to censor its search engine results.

    As it now stands, H.R. 275 would help ensure that the Internet remains an open forum for free expression in every part of the world, and help American companies resist pressure from foreign governments to compromise their U.S. values of free speech. Specifically, I ask you to protect the key provisions of the Act, which prohibit U.S. companies from locating personally identifiable information in a country that represses freedom of expression and resist providing repressive governments with personally identifiable information of users (except for legitimate law enforcement purposes).

    Internet companies have an invaluable role to play in the realization of freedom of expression and information. To help ensure that U.S. companies operating in repressive countries can influence the development of the Internet in a positive way, they must operate on a higher standard than do local providers. Thus far, the leading U.S. companies are not doing so. Their task of standing up to repressive governments is more difficult, though, without clear rules of the road and strong engagement from the U.S. Government.

    This bill helps companies stand up by requiring them to tell the U.S. government what terms they are using to filter, limit or affect search results based on a request or policy of a foreign government, and the content they are removing or blocking. This transparency is essential if we are to combat restrictions on freedom of expression around the world.

    There will be increased scrutiny of abuses to freedom of expression and access to information in China, and around the world. At this critical time, we call on the U.S. Government to demonstrate leadership in ensuring U.S. companies are not a party to censorship, but are truly a force for greater Internet freedom in the world.

  28. amanda says:

    There is no use we talk so much now. Oct 13 is over. We have to accept the fact that this najisss will be our PM in the history of M’sia. Might be his pass karma is tooooooooo gooooooood. 😦

  29. Lady Jane says:

    PM may knowingly or unknowingly be abetting a dastardly crime. But in law, ignorance is no excuse so he can be charged one day for being an accomplice.

    But isn’t it humiliating, the PM of a country, on his knees like a lap dog he is, kissing and lapping his Deputy’s ass. SO so lame-duck humiliating.

  30. serene says:

    Who cares? Fed up with all this…why, with so many evidence and yet they only question the people who produce the evidence. Finally, ISA…is this fair? In Malaysia , the law only protects the wrongdoing and the good in jail or ISA.

  31. Lina Joy says:

    No, my dog is so lovable and huggable.

    We are talking of a rabid, satanic mongrel frothing in his mouth with no qualms about hunting and killing its prey.

  32. serene says:

    One more thing, happy to hear PR going to take over ..say from one date to another date…finally nothing happen.. Really sad and dissapointed and now we are going to have this kind of person with guilty conscience to be our PM, I feel like vomitting, how to respect him and see high on him. I bet he is now working out how he is going to revenge or get back on all this people who trying to put him in jail ( but can’t) after when he sit on the PM chair comfortably .

  33. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:


  34. […] NOT true? We should condemn it. Or, ask that he be investigated so he can clear his name’ – Susan Loone, on Pak Lah’s ‘I believe Najib’ […]

  35. Ahjajal says:

    What is reform, when he is part of the act The PM needs to reform himself first as the first discipline . At such an old age he is not seeing the horizon but engage with the xxxxyy what a sad end of the PM . As far as Najis the stray dogs will be
    much better to keep.

  36. Bentoh says:

    You will be charged under sedition act like RPK, and attacked by Utusan like Teresa…

  37. . says:

    to me, the only good dog is the hotdog. a dog that i can bite.

    and that najis? haha… he’s not even worth a hotdog.

  38. Rustypin says:

    What is he NOW that we must listen to him? one day he says there will not be a petrol price hike and the next midnight priced shot up 78sen, another day he says prices won’t be lowered in the next few months and two weeks later it dropped 10sen. He may sound sure-footed, but we all know he is not. Let’s forget about what he says or will not say. We the rakyat are sure-footed about what we are going to do next election, let’s keep our spirits high and the fire burning! And yes, I trust my dog more!

  39. Lady Jane says:

    Latest in Malaysiakini:

    Najis said,

    “Why do I need to comment? Nothing. There is no abuse of power. It doesn’t really matter.

    Pressed by reporters, the deputy premier did not confirm or deny if he had sent the text-messages and whether he was trying to help his close ally, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda who has been charged with abetting the murder.

    “Why should it be a major concern? The important thing that is of public concern is the (allegation of abuse of power). If you read it (the messages) very carefully, there is no abuse of power. Period.”

    From his arrogant response, it is apparent that the sms is genuine. Najis did not deny it. But he left it to his lapdog, the lame-duck PM to lick his ass.

  40. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    Correction in your posting on Pak Lah saying ‘he did not believe …’ with respect to allegations on abuse of power. I reckon he said ‘I can’t believe … “, not once only, but repeated this ‘I can’t believe … ‘ the allegations of power abuse.

    I’m wondering why he can’t believe! Hedging his ‘can’t’ just in case the issue blows up!!

  41. frust says:

    why dolla allways ampuh najis balls

  42. maxtor says:

    Semua cerita tu kebenarannya belum tahu lagi. Kalau percaya sangat anjing, suruhlah anjing jadi PM. Boleh?

  43. foodforthoughts says:

    malaysia boleh. Therefore my anjing ALSO boleh. We do have some colourful characters running for the office of pm and dpm. One is linked to murder. The other is an ‘educated teacher’ who claims ‘I no understand LAH’ when caught with millions in CASH in a foreign land.
    Semuanya BOLEHLAH kawan!

  44. storm62 says:

    ok guys…please DO NOT compare Najis to a dog or any other beautiful creatures or animals in this world.

    it’s an insult to the Animal kingdom.

    the name Najis speak for it’s self.

  45. […] It makes you think doesn’t it? Do you want a PM that is capable of using his power and authority to assist his friends who have murdered someone directly or indirectly involved in a murder? […]

  46. justis forever says:

    In the end, this najib guy is going to inherit the ‘takhta’ Malaysia after March next year, at the latest. In Bolehwood, integrity, morality, honesty are not important criteria to be a leader, judging from what has happened in the past. So, even if najib is tainted by all kind of suspicions (corruption or even murder), as long as AMNO wants him to be PM, he’ll be PM. What AMNO wants, AMNO gets–that is until March 8 this year. Our only hope is the next GE (13th) when the rakyat are back at the ballot box. Unless, of course, DSAI can get his act together, as they say. When is DSAI going to see the Agung over his claim that he ‘has the number’ to topple the BN govt. Many people think DSAI hasn’t actually got the number! If he has, he would have done something drastic by now. Why, he hasn’t even tried to pass a motion of no-confidence in parliament, which is now back in session. The iron has turned cold, and it is damn difficult to strike it now and make an impact or a dent. So my fellow Malaysians, please think hard as to what DSAI should do now, and give feedback to him.

  47. Pro Kutuk says:

    HEY semua orang sudah lupa pada Pak Wayang Producer Utama SARKAS MALAYSIA…DTK MAHA MAHATHIR…semua ini bermula kerana untuk tutup lubang kroni-kroni dia….hang ingat Rakyaat BODOH kah….Jadi PM paling lama disejarah MALAYSIA….letak nama sendiri dalam sejarah MALAYSIA, rampas kuasa Sultan….BOLEH salah pilih pemimpin NEGARA….sokong penuh penuh PK LAH LAH….sekarang kutuk cukup cukup kerana tau PAK LEMAH….pegang bola kuat kuat tak bising pun asal ada rezeki tak kira haram tak haram……

    DTK MAHATHIR cukup SUPER DTK MAHATHIR BOLEH!!!!!…letak PK LAH tutup lubang kroni-kroni…PK LAH tutup lubang NAJIB tutup lubang-lubang najis kroni….yang berbau UMNO … yang terkorban Rakyaat MALAYSIA. Siapa pgang bola siapa???….kerana rasuah dan kroni-kroni DTK MAHATIR….semua orang punya bola ditekan…..kah..kah…kah Mahathir lepas lari….kaha…kah…kah..kah SUPER DTK MAHATHIR….Sharul Khan pun boleh jadi Datuk….Murah nya!!!!

    Sejak PK LAH jadi PM….tak habis hbis Negara jadi SARKAS International….Dtk Mahathir punya rasuah dan kroni-kroni terselamat….syukur DTK MAHAHIR…..dapatkan Kroni Bodoh jadi PM….Bodoh yang bayar Yang pandai lompat tupai


  48. ADY says:

    its simple. why pak lah is protecting najib. one must recall p. amlee movies. “Nujum Pak Belalang”. Conversation between aziz satar and s shamsuddin in the cave scene. ‘Satu untuk aku, satu untuk engkau, dua untuk aku dua untuk engkau, tiga untuk aku dan tiga untuk engkau……’ In so splitting up the wealth, power and influence and getting their territorial rights. That must be done. Unlike paklah who denies the territorial rights to mahathir earlier and he got a bashing.

  49. JEFFRY BONG says:

    SEK ,–TAU SEK Mee sek mak jui.
    God bless u, happy gatherings.

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