Image: Malaysian Insider, cops grill HINDRAF members over their Hari Raya ‘adventure’ at the PM’s open house’.  

The article below was circulated in the email by Sambulingam Wisvalingam, Hindraf National Coordination Team, today.

Two similar occasions, one was the PWTC Open House hosted by our PM, the other Hari Raya Open House hosted by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and yet how different the treatment…

The very same 6years old Vwaishnavi, daughter of Hindraf chairman P.Waythamoorthy with the almost similar home made, Hari Raya greeting card carrying the same message accompanied by a teddy bear.

The same Hindraf supporters of approximately 200 members, in their now familiar, orange Tee shirts.

The very same occasion of Hari Raya open house but only this time hosted by the opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur on 12th October 2008.

As the supporters began to gather outside Sultan Sulaiman Club, our Muslim brothers who were passing by smiled and waved at us. In return Hindraf supporters wished them “Selamat Hari Raya ‘bang.

Police officers on duty too were greeted Selamat Hari Raya by the Hindraf supporters, some of them wished us back while some just smiled and waved.

What a contrast from the reception we got from the policemen on duty at PWTC? Were these officers the same ones who stopped and bullied us at PWTC? On whose orders?

Similar to our attendance at PWTC on the 1st of October 2008, Vwaishnnavi and her mother Mrs.Shanti took the lead into the club together with the Kapar MP YB Manikavasagam.

The moment we stepped into the compound YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, the Ampang MP welcomed us .

There was an announcement made to mark our presence and thousands of our Malaysian Muslim brothers cheered, clapped and welcomed us into the hall.

Among the MPs who welcomed us were YB Tian Chua , YB Sivarasah ,YB Nurul Izzah and I might have missed some of the other hospitable YB’s. Minta Maaf.

YB Anwar Ibrahim and Datin Wan Azizah who came in after prayers welcomed the hundreds of the Hindraf supporters with a welcoming smile .

They shook hands with each and every one of us. We greeted them “Selamat Hari Raya, Release all ISA detainees and Abolish ISA”.

Datuk Seri confidently said “sure I will” to me and I believe to the rest as well.

To digress a bit, no body says “Makkal Shakti” with so much conviction, encouragement and yet these powerful words of “Peoples’Power” is expressed with gentleness by Kak Wan – truly a woman of substance!!

They accepted the same home made card and the teddy bear from little Vwaishnnavi.

Yet what a difference on how we were received by the two hosts and how it was reported by media, Hindraf had been demonized for attending the PWTC open house on 1st October 2008.

Frankly, we never anticipated the shameful way we were treated during the Hari Raya Open House hosted by none other than the PM of Malaysia and his cabinet ministers at PWTC.

Malaysians were fully aware of intentions of getting our Hindraf leaders out before Deepavali so that they may celebrate this auspicious occasion with their family.

We are also serious about getting our brother RPK and other ISA detainees released. All of which was turned, twisted , manipulated and propagated by the powers that be.

Hindraf was accused as “Biadap” , “Kurang Ajar” “Pengacau” and the most heart breaking “Insulting Islam and Muslims of this country”.

This was further compounded with 4 Hindraf supporters being summoned to the Dang Wangi Police station for merely attending the open house of the Prime Minister.

They were charged for illegal gathering?? and trespassing?? at PM’s Open House.

By the way, we even informed Senior Officers in Putra Jaya on 22nd Sept 2008, that Vwaishnnavi and some of us Hindraf supporters would be at the Open House, PM’s secretary assured us that we would be welcome at the open house.

Additionally, wasn’t the PM’s invitation to the open house extended to all Malaysians?

So then why PM Sir, were we consistently provoked ever since we stepped into PWTC premises? You yourself saw how the hand made Hari Raya card by six years old Vwaishnnavi was torn by your officials? This wasn’t a petition or a memo.

A simple self made Hari Raya Greeting card offered to you by a Malaysian Child was taken over by dozens of police officers who stormed in to confiscate and rip it apart, what an insult to the Indian children and the entire Malaysian community!!

Why then did you say we did not greet you? You and your advisors, the police insulted us Indians, every step of our way in the Open House.

Are we not correct to assume that the Hari Raya Open House was paid by us Malaysian Tax payers?

So then, why were we so badly treated at our own Malaysian open house? Mr PM, don’t you consider us Hindraf supporters as Malaysians?

Is it wrong for us to ask to release our Hindraf leaders, RPK and other ISA detainees, who are in prison, without giving us any valid reasons for their imprisonment?

So many Malaysians of all races concur with us that the draconian ISA law should be abolished, even members of UMNO voiced it out, so what’s so wrong about us voicing our democratic right at our own Malaysian Open House??

Then again, why didn’t Datuk Seri Anwar , Datin Wan Azizah , rest of the YBs and VIPs present at Sultan Sulaiman Club think that Hindraf as Biadap , Kurang Ajar , pengacau.

Our Malay brothers there never commented or felt that Hindraf had insulted theMuslim, by attending this open house in our orange colored Tee shirts with a simple home made Raya greeting card and a teddy bear??

By the way we still asked that ISA be abolished and detainees released, yet what a contrast in treatment we received at PWTC ?

The Main stream media especially the Malay newspapers under the government’s control has blamed and accused us for unruly behavior, labeled our women and children as trouble makers and said Hindraf supporters never respected Hari Raya.

The Almighty God knows the truth and you too should let all Malaysians know the truth, that we conducted ourselves with decorum, even though we were initially stopped and not allowed to meet you.

UMNO all with it’s propaganda had Hindraf demonized, some of the Ministers even wanted the society deregistered!! Do you think you can kill the spirit of Hindraf??

Sorry, we are not just a society, we are united in spirit, not just Indians, but every Anak Bangsa Malaysia, and this spirit can never die, it will continue until all are accorded due respect as Malaysian citizens.

One may ask why we chose the Hari Raya Open House, our answer is that PM had avoided all our calls to meet him in his office or elsewhere.

We had no other choice but to state our request at this open house, we wanted to look in the eyes of PM so that we could directly tell him to release our leaders, RPK and other detainees. That’s all. So cut out the condemnation and lies about our behaviour.

Many guests who were at the PWTC open house did not even know that we were present. Categorically we did not create any ruckus or commotion, full families came in support.

We are the ones who feel insulted that as our Prime Minister, you did not treat us Malaysian citizens with due respect of a courteous host, especially as one would expect from a person of your stature.

Finally, though I am not a scholar on religion, however, I can definitely say that what the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the Information Minister, the Tourism Minister; Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister and rest of the Ministers have said against Hindraf on and after the 1st of October 2008 Hari Raya Open House at PWTC cannot be condoned for untruths, insincerity and lies are unacceptable by any religion!!

Was this an issue to merely garner more votes prior to UMNO General Election??


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  2. Anonymous says:

    weldone makkal sakthi.anithikku kural koduppom.namathu otrumayaii valarppom.

  3. In the tale of two Open Houses
    One host was full of grouses
    The other was most gracious
    Can we be free from being suspicious?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 141008
    Tue. 14th Oct. 2008.

  4. wandererAUS says:

    What a bloody joke, having the galls to accuse the Hindraf group as trouble makers and not paying respect to a Islam celebration. If I have to compared the UMNO monkeys’ behaviour in Penang, when they were condemning a component party leader, UMNO leaders need to wash their distasteful mouths. Hindraf by far a civilized and respectful group…no comparison.
    UMNO ministers” arrogance and dishonesty made them unworthy of respect from the rakyat.

  5. Rustypin says:

    What is umno? what is a PWTC? What is a pm? Or his goons and warlords? I dont know all those things but let’s stop being depressed about them and their newspapers, and start preparing for GE2013, which may even be sooner, we will change all that then.

  6. Ziper says:

    What is umno?

  7. Ziper says:

    what is a PWTC?

  8. Menyalak-er says:

    The mindset of bumno will not change. They are ossified in their fascist-supremacy rhetoric about ‘ular’, ‘thambi’ & all that other bilious vomit.
    They can’t relate to other people including fellow muslims in PR, so don’t expect anything from them except negativity.
    I’d hazard to guess this is because of their prolonged exposure to the likes of semi-o-value, tape-o-lingam, nalla-snako-evidence, guru-o-ji etc. and haven’t met any real Hindus.
    Hindraf has tried so hard and their ardous journey doesn’t seem to end. Only Anwar and PR will do something about it.
    Somemore dopey dare to tok-kok about direct member penetration into BNend? As slaves and coolies ah?
    Blessings to Hindraf, their members are fully erect and true to the Cause!

  9. wits0 says:

    Bumno has always blame others with the vulgar accusations of which it itself is truly guilty of. It has always pretended towards fake umbrage as an instigatory means to rally Neanderthal support and the unmentionable component BN parties are totally complicit in promoting its characteristic and sheer bottomless arrogance. If the nation can progress with this vugarity continuing, then the Sun can also rise in the West.

  10. elvieho says:

    Hindraf Raya open house in PWTC was a peaceful protest,they really have no choice as the gov have refuse to deal with the issue.I am not a hindraf member or a indian but i urge all malaysian to support the injustice done to our indian brethen as their grouses
    are genuine.

  11. reshmann says:

    Hindraf is not a political organization ,it is merely representing the voices of the hard core poor,the poor and the marginalized who had to brace through many obstacles put forth by the govt who chose to champion the cause of only one particular ethnic group.Therefore the birth of Hindraf is the doing of our govt.The govt can ban hindraf but can they ban the spirit of the people? The govt should be brave enough to release all the photographs and video clips taken during the open house in PWTC,so that the whole nation can see for themselves as to what actually transpired,as was challenged by the chairman Waythamoorthy.Why aren’t the govt doing so? They will never because all those accusations against those poor people are `fitnah’.

    God is watching,Mr PM,so do the right thing before you leave office and we rakyat will shower you with praises and accolades.Please dont listen to your advisors who are out there to kill you off politically.You are a nice and a humble man,please dont bully those who come to you for help,sir.You may choose to ban Hindraf today,but rest assured, that action will only lead to the emergence of more Hindrafs,and you shall not be surprised that even our chinese and malay brethrens may join them in the near future.Please do the right thing to save the nation and you will go down in history as the most loved PM in Malaysia,sir.May god give you the courage to do the right thing,Mr PM.

  12. Raffles says:

    Hindraft thank u for a job well done.We apologise for PM’s/DPM ‘s/MPs’ rude
    behaviour at PWTC. Sad to say but it’s in the upbringing.Their arrogance will be their downfall. Stay strong my friends.

  13. kluangman says:

    Ini pariah bodoh tak tahu menggunakan budi bahasa untuk berada di rumah tetamu, buat malu kaum india lain sahaja.

  14. Monsterbola says:

    Coming to the terms of investigating Hindraf members for being unruly as the BN men claimed exhibited the arrogance and abuse of law and order with the Police acting as agents of harrassment and intimidation on the part of UMNO, and above all- zero compassion wherein they (BN) have none or falsely exhibited.

    At least two groups, one supporting RPK and the other Hindraf were called in by the police for their statements to be taken for illegal assembly and trespassing.

    This is clearly a political persecution. I even hear Sami Velu chiding the Hindraf members for unruly conducts as he charged.

    Give me a break, a very short one at least. This is an open house and all these men, women and child were there to present the PM with a supplication for the release of their affiliated leaders.

  15. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Monsterbola (22:57), you see them ‘dear leaders’ are actually not having an open house nor were they celebrating a religious festival, as far as Hindraf was concerned.
    Political persecution? Nah, its just plain old racism, fascism, feudalism and other -isms. Even if you greet them with ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ they will say that its actually “Eid alFitri” etc, as wits0 says neanderthals what…

  16. bow says:

    Well,in next hari raya open house; PM will put out a sign stating no HINDRAF or RPK supporters, and only u-noputra and supporters are welcome.

  17. justmy2SEN says:


    ps: Lepas ni kita reramai crash lak Deepavali open house ke..Thaipusam ke…aku nak dgr apa depa nak cakap lak

  18. poca says:

    Do it. Send in Najib`s warriors with keris to Thaipusam and for Deepavali. Just do it if got balls, if not shut up.

  19. poca says:

    PM will put out a sign stating….

    Next PM will be the racist Najib, only MIC, MCA pigs etc allowed.

  20. have u read hindraf’s memorandum to the queen???

    can hindraf explain what did they meant by saying ethnic cleansing by UMNO??

    i take it as an insult to the malays and malaysian government.

  21. temenggong says:

    “can hindraf explain what did they meant by saying ethnic cleansing by UMNO??”

    I have explained this in detail many times in Malaysia-Today. Please do a search there. Also do a web search on definitions of ethnic cleansing and the areas it covers.

    It short ethnic cleansing is ‘a process’, that starts with discrimination and ends with a pogrom. For instance the Kg. Medan riots is a pogrom of a single race. For instance non malays have been cleansed from the govt services and the uniformed services.

    Malaysia is a textbook case in ethnic cleansing. Its meets the parameters set out in the definition .

  22. poca says:

    temenggong is right. Only idiots do not know what it means.

  23. poca says:

    Claims of modern day slavery in estates

    GEMAS, Oct 15 — Recent news reports claimed that there were at least five forced labour cases in Negeri Sembilan estates but only three made it to the court due to the lack of evidence.

    Absence of crucial evidence like the birth certificate that could verify the victims as Malaysian citizens had made the cases failed to ‘hold water’ in the courts of justice, said the English newspaper.

    Incidents of forced labour happened when unscrupulous contractors or agents took the advantage when recruiting workers for jobs in the estates.

    The irony is that most of the victims were Malaysians, and not foreigners as initially believed, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam.

    Poverty and illiteracy have further compounded this problem, resulting in what can be described as modern day slavery as what had been claimed to had occurred in an estate Sungai Senarut in Gemas, close to the Negeri Sembilan-Johor border.

    A similar incident was reported in Jempol, not far from here.

  24. reshmann says:


    Kamu nak pergi ke thaipusam dan deepavali open house tu nak minta apa? Kan kerajaan dah bagi kamu semua tongkat lepas tu `crutches’pun dah di bagi,kamu nak minta kerusi roda ker? Kalau macam ini pemikiran kamu,sampai 1000 tahun lagi pun kau orang tak kan maju lah.Macam mana yer kamu semua boleh hidup dengan titik peluh kaum lain? Ta malu ker?Kan tuhan dag bagi 2 kaki,2 tangan dan satu otak pada kamu semua cam kaum lain juga?Berusaha lah,berapa lama lagi kamu semua nak tongkat ini?Sebagai manusia kita semua mesti ada maruah diri sikit,ok.

  25. jeff says:

    “religion cleansing ” is a much appropriate term instead of ethnic cleansing, it is an on going process in bolehland now, mainly targeted at non islamic faith all over the land.

  26. brotherhood says:

    Kluangman, the distasteful and harsh words that you use against our hindraf brothers and sisters reflect your own nature. Why do you unshamefully showing your disgraceful, distasteful, biadap nature to the entire world?

  27. […] “Hindraf did not and will not ever insult our Malay Brethren” […]

  28. J says:

    UMNO is a useless piece of sh*t.

  29. Ponniah says:

    That’s the same guy!…he’s the one causing the ruckus in the Uthaya’s Courtroom and they all complained that it was the Police that started it.
    It was actually this guy (holding the cloth with the words No to isa)

    THIS GUYS WAS THE ONE WHO CAUSED THE RUCKUS by pushing and shoving the police to get into the courthouse.

    He is an insult to everyone. Bloody trouble maker.

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