What does Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon, Shah Rukh Khan and Mahathir Mohamad all have in common?

Aiyoh! ALL three are GREAT actors-lah!

Koh thinks he can see the death of UMNO, especially after its worst performance at the 8 March political tsunami. He also thinks he can whip support for Gerakan by suggesting that Barisan Nasional should be turned into a multi-ethnic party; by proposing reforms for BN.

His proposal got show down by various sector including  the deputy prime minister Najib Tun razak. 

The wayang does not end there.

But read how the (other) racists were all up in arms over the idea. It’s crystal clear that this pronouncement by Koh is just sandiwara, so that everyone can play their part and show how committed they are to their own ethnic group or party.

Speaking of wayang, there are hues and cries over Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan being confered a datukship by Melaka. “What has he done for Melaka?” people asked. Hiya, what have all the other datuks done for the country, huh?

I know for sure Datuk SRK has at least made lots of women (and many guys, too) happy in Malaysia – refer to pixs. Can’t say much for the other ‘datuks’.

As for wild thoughts, ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad is already lecturing hopeful next premier Najib Tun Razak “NOT to be surrounded by cronies and family members”.

IMPOSSIBLE-lah. How to keep Rosmah away?

And aiyoh! Mahathir is the BIGGEST crony-lah !!!  [How right you are, KNB].


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  2. Kopi Anan says:

    Stratford-upon-Klang they have been.

  3. najis says:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States recorded its largest drop ever as consumer demand continued to wane and oil prices slid, a prominent industry analyst said on Sunday.

    The national average price for self-serve, regular unleaded gas fell 35.03 cents to $3.3079 a gallon on October 10 from $3.6582 two weeks earlier, according to the nationwide Lundberg Survey.

    In M`sia the Finance Minister is busy trying to make the Pm`s son richer by maintaining high petrol prices.

  4. wickwax says:

    Aiyoh, now how? Everyone is putting up a show.

  5. KNB says:

    Rosmah is one thing.
    Che Det himself – kroni also, ma!

  6. BadEgg says:

    …..I don’t get it. I have seen a lot of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie but he is no great actor (probably just average). He looks good but that’s pretty much it. He’s facial expression is pretty much obvious with the apparent onion technique to make his eyes’ red blood shot come out and teary. After a hundred movies (a year, possibly month), he’s basically the same character with little alteration to suit the plot. Other than that he lost to Mahathir, the KING of ‘I don’t recall’. If that’s what it takes to get the Datukship title, I may as well go to Bollywood, get myself plastic surgery, no need to go for audition cause my new good look says it all, earns millions of rupeeh in so call Bollywood (….what and how does “B” get into “Hollywood”?) industry and then come back to malaysia, announce I love all Najib’s wife and that’s it with 100% chances. Wow, I wonder if my dog will get one as well cause it can do a lot of tricks that can woo a lot of malaysian and tourist which can contribute to the development of the country tourism industry.

  7. koli says:

    firstly all are thicl skin.secondly all have gone backon their words and thirdly thy are an obstruction to the development to this beautifull country.

  8. Cheeran says:

    Datuk bawah pokok, datuk atas gunung, datuk tepi jalan, datuk bagi nombor, datuk menurun dan menaik…datuk..datuk …datuk..dan sekarang datuk srk. It’s not what he has done to promote the country or the country’s image, the main question is whether the element of Malaysianism runs in his blood or not. Why giving only one actor from India the Datukship. I have seen many hindi and tamil movies shot in Malaysia. All these actors and actresses too should be given the datukships. Common guys…end of the day..it is whom you like and how much your pocket weighs. If you walk straight, you don’t carrying much weight but if you straddle, that means your pockets are full maaa…Crabs…ooooppppsss…I mean crap.

  9. pj voters says:

    Dey! PJ traitor, this is just a job man, if you are fired, just pack and go gracefully. There is no point making a big issue on this.

    After all, this is just a job. If you are not happy, just shows your middle finger, or vice versa and pack and go.

    Like the lady principal fro Tar College. After dedicating for 38 years in education, she just packed and left, and it’s an honorable sending for her. She doesn’t fight to stay back and want to hijack the TAR college!

    What is your agenda, PJ traitor? Why so much fuss in quitting? What are you up to? There are plenty of jobs up there, why can’t you leave peacefully instead of embarrassing your ancestors?

  10. pj voters says:

    You are just a stupid idiot who doesn’t know the culture of the Chinese! If you have guts, you would not betray the PJ voters, and now your heinous machination shall make you pay big time.

    You escaped from the complicity by intentionally filling the form wrongly and collected a handsome sum of bribe. You deserve to be jailed for lives.

    So resign gracefully before you are locked up in jail for good.

  11. jean says:

    Aiyoh! ALL three are GREAT actors-lah!
    (None is as good as Anwar).
    Hiya, what have all the other datuks done for the country, huh?
    (Yeah… ask anwar that too. “Country” means Malaysia.)
    And aiyoh! Mahathir is the BIGGEST crony-lah !
    (Err… for someone who were just a TPM for a short period, Anwar is actually not that far behind).

    But I do agree with SRK thing and really, I am one embarassed Malaysian.

  12. RKP says:

    May Sean Connery, C. Zeta Jones, Chow Yun Fatt, Jodie Foster, Ang Lee, Wang Lee Hom be conferred datukship. All acted or involved in films shot in Malaysia.

    Ah, not forgetting Alan Wu, Joe Jer, Zabrina and the whole lot of racers from Amazing Race Asia.

  13. apapunboleh says:

    With Najib as the PM, I would say that Rosmah is the one ruling the control and calling the shots. If you are not happy about it, a bit of C4 courtesy of Special Forces should do the trick.

  14. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Melaka CM Ali Rustam himself was quoted in the local press as saying that it was the ex-Finance Minister DAIM ZAINUDDIN who nominated this Bollywood actor for the datukship.

    How can an ex-Finance Minister have a say on who receives the datukship in a state investiture ceremony?

    What is going on here in Bolehwood?

  15. bgees says:

    I fully agree with SRK given a Datukship and he deserve it as making Malacca in the world of Bollywood map, and it’s not fair for Jacky Chan, Jet Li, Sean 007,and Kollywood actors, Mumtaj,vadivelo,Ajit,Kamal Hasan,Vijay,,,etc,,,etc for not given a title. Anyway we must also give more to film stars from Indon,filipne,thailand,vietnam and other’s in future.
    Great work TDZ…..great.

  16. Whatusay says:

    The old Mamak is suggesting that in order to avoid the future PM to have to much say on the matters of running the country and risk the country being turn into gold mine for him and his family/cronies, it is good to set up a panel of advisors to help him run the country and therefore dilute the power of the PM. And that he wants to offer his service for free. Haha. Like the special minister LKY down south?

    You see, why he did not suggest this when he was in power. As he knows too well that it well hinder his prowness. Now he is no longer there, he wants this to be in place. By saying all these, he is telling everyone that he used to have all the power and opportunities to do whatever he wants (as there was no panel to advise him on his authoritarian style). It takes a old timer to tell the truth.

    It is also the case for the quota requirements for UMNO top posts. When he is there, he set it to protect himself. When he is no longer there, he starts to criticise it and wants it removed.

    So all we can say is that this man knows very well how to protect his power and knows very well how a powerful leader can do and the danger of it and how to stop it.

    Now Najib will have to tackle him carefully, to avoid being his puppets or reject him and risk being attacked like he did to Pak Lah for refusing to obey him.

  17. Monsterbola says:

    Politics esp. of BN is made of lies. The better one lies, the greater s(he) will be. And talking about (political) acting, was it not that Mahathir was the one who said that he did not lend an “unseen-hand” for Mukhriz politically?

    Look at the UMNO youths nomination and even KJ trailing Mukhiz by halves whom the latter is already eligible to contest. So, Mahathir, you no help arrrr?

    About KTK, the only thing Ahmad Ismail said about him was true -that Kho Tsu Khoon was a “great actor”. This was reflected in a debate when he prevaricated when questioned about the land-scam by LGE and beat LGE to a pulp in his oratory wordsmith.

    About Sharukh Khan, I think only Jeancumlately will ratify that “Datukship”. She once appraise so highly of his looks. No wonder, in one of her partially hidden avatar, she kneels down and her mouth seems to be filled with sumtin, I guess it must be….ahhhh ya…never mind…Yah haha 🙂

  18. jeff says:

    What can you expect a “lapdog” party like Gerakan to say, their leader portrait was torn apart by the master division leader, keep telling Gerakan to f**k off from BN, this party is not wanted in the racist alliance, but it leader refused to let go of his dream of a federal minister post, sigh!!!! he is such a whimsy…

  19. I hope Shah Rukh Khan was not bestowed Datukship for any ummm… sexual favors?

    What a load of crap. What has Shah Rukh done for humanity but be a pawn in the game of deluding the Indian and other poor masses with 3 hour fantasy “getaways” before going back to their wretched lives? And making millions in the process.

  20. bow says:

    This former Penang CM is playing the role of a good cop to all Malaysians, trying to act like he is whipping the bad cop (umno) to support equality and freedom into Malaysia political scene, he ‘s just acting in a never ending sandiwara bolehland style, haha…..it is called “tai-chi” by Ah Mad.

  21. whispering9 says:

    Honestly….S.Khan would be more interested in getting knightship which comes with the title ‘Sir Shah Rukh Khan’. I read he got raided by our moral Jabatan guys pada waktu malam tidur during his filming in Malacca. Heard he was quite mad with the incident. Anyway, too many Datuks around, to the extent that nobody respect them anymore.

  22. LHHeng says:

    This guy is just one of the clowns in Bollywood. It is no wonder that he got a Datukship. This proves that we have a bunch of clowns running the country.
    Cant we have not better things to do??
    The country is in turmoil, economy in doubt, share market in deep trouble, cut throat political issues, corruptions, crimes etc…..
    Instead of tackling these issues our clowns have the cheek and time to entertain this clown with a datukship.
    My god… how low and stupid did our country goes!!!

  23. hasilox says:

    No award for paris hilton kah? Bolehcircus indeed.

    Advice from someone who destroyed the country’s backbone? Someone who relegated msia from ‘premier league’ into sub-standard league? I am sick of this smooth criminal. When is god going to recall this defective creature.

  24. Volcano says:

    Aiyo,.just calculated. Our petrol price is same as US now. So 3.30 per gal.xRM3.33/US=RM10.99 per gal.divide by 4.546l/gal=RM2.41 per lit.
    We are paying RM2.45 /litre. Above market price.
    Ooi PM dan Sharir… tidor ke.??
    These ministers need to be told what to do, otherwise still sleeping. And they demand respect from us like what Najb did?

  25. MCheng says:


    Following what you said, I wonder why the Jabatan Agama is not protesting. Shah Rukh married a Hindu wife and she did not convert. It is not legal in this country. Is the Jabatan Agama fellas going to send him to Rehah Centre at Ulu Yam when he comes to get his Datukship? Jabatan Agama, being a moral police, you should not have double standard!

  26. ktteokt says:

    So, Malaysia has one more EUNUCH (gong gong meaning datuk)! Just wondering when is he getting castrated!

  27. whispering9 says:


    Hahahaha….why don’t you send him an email; warning him of potential 2nd critizen arrest or critizen protest or whatever. 😉

  28. ian says:

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    … No, no we are not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

    I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for freedom left you battered by storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive …

    I have a dream today.

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    This is our hope … With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day …

    Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom to ring – when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children – black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics – will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

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    Permission is hereby granted to download, reprint, and/or otherwise redistribute this file, provided this distribution statement is included and appropriate point of origin credit is given to the preparer and Douglass.

  29. DalaiLlama says:

    The Public has forgotten that Shah Rukh Khan was personally invited to Najib’s House to meet with Rosmah who is is Ardent fan. The local Media showed a picture of Shah Rukh Khan kissing Rosmah on the Cheek on stage. (perhaps someone can pull up the picture).

    Ali Rustam is vying for the Deputy PM Post and needs Najib’s support. Story about Daim is to shield Khalid (Melaka Chief Minister who was former MB Pahang) and Rosmah. See the connections?

  30. endstands says:

    i just cant understand on why on earth that Shah Rukh Khan got the title “dato” when there are many other Malaysian that are more eligible to that title.it doesnt made any sense at all.he did nothing for Malaysia except for his acting in movies that makes people in Malaysia to spend their hard-earned cash on that.

  31. matt says:

    Ithink everyone has forgot that daim is the one who ask for srk datoship,see he knows what the future first lady like’s- A DRAMA WITH SRK.

  32. adlibudiman says:

    what about anwar? last time he acted as if he had 31 mp’s and acted some more by saying he wanted a parliament seating so that the transition of power can be done smoothly. the day has passed, and im wondering what other script he has up his sleeve…, ape ni kak susan, jgn la close one eye and talk too much about people on the other side. makes you look like a fool

    on a side note, shah rukh khan’s dato’ship is pure bullshit, same goes for the one given to michelle yeoh. haiya, what is malaysia turning into…

  33. Louella says:

    God, even SRK?

  34. Richard Loh says:

    Sorry Susan, side track a little.

    Freedom Of The Press, the way rockybru sees it.

  35. YSW says:

    The sleepy flipflop lame duck guy listened to his stupid bum in the Domestic Trade and Consumer dept to increase the pump price by 78 sen in TWENTY FOUR HOURS. He thought he did a “great” job without thinking of the economic consequences to the poor rakyat.
    Now the crude has dropped below $90. What is that stupid bum adviser in the Domestic and Trade dept going to do??. Pretending or trying to delay so that they can milk more money from the rakyat??.
    This bum has shown his true colours after becoming a somebody in charge of Trade and Consumers affairs. He can be best described as worst than a chameleon. How fast people can reveal their true identity.

  36. cekka says:


  37. Joe Rakyat says:

    Fear rears its ugly head again
    United we stand, divided we fall
    Cruel tyrants seek to inflict pain
    Knights we must be, all for one and one for all.

    Yonder tyrants rise once more
    Only we can stem this evil tide
    United we must stand to guard the door.

    Murderous forces swiftly gather
    Angry, lustful devils seeking revenge
    How true that vultures of the same feather
    Always sit and feed around a stench
    Take courage my friend, we will overcome this sorrow
    Hold strong with Truth as our defender
    In times of tyrants, we must fight for tomorrow
    Roar like lions, smash the devils — TO ARMS! NO SURRENDER.

  38. tamade says:

    Similarity~Khan and Mamak Kutty will be the same country fellowmen since Mamak Kutty wants to migrate to India because he is afraid of DSAI.

    He does not want to end up like the Marcos of Bolehland.

    KSK has no choice but to bodek the Mamak Kutty in order to stay put.

  39. monsterball says:

    It looks like..”aiyoo” caught up with few.
    It’s contagious!
    Alamak!!…Koh again? Can you imagine who wants to stand as President of a deadwood party? No one..so he was elected ….unopposed.
    Alamak…..why mix Mahathir with his chinese god son…Koh ..along .. handsome Khan?
    Have we not got use to UMNO’s weird proposal?
    Remember..everything they propose…have a cunning and selfish ulterior motives. So I guess….the great Khan…will pull in thousands of Malacai and baba siow votes for UMNO…if he is made a Datuk.
    Alamak!!!! Mahathir again? Why ….that old fox…will say or do anything…feeling ten feet tall now…….since Dollah announced his retirement.
    So let these idiots..go and entertain us with their weird stuffs.
    Afterall….soon….most of them…will run like hell.

  40. frustrated says:

    Why Malacca Govt causes hatred to Shah Rukh Khan by bestowing the title Dato to him? He don’t bother even given the title of Tan Sri or Tun for that matter. He is not desperate for any Malaysian Title. Tom Dick and Harry says Dato is so cheap in Malaysia.

  41. oscar says:

    monsterball (19:49:01) :

    So let these idiots..go and entertain us with their weird stuffs.


  42. mervin says:

    Why not give the datukship to Phua Chu Kang, Rosie, Ah Beng, Margeret, Kingkong, AhGoon, Aloysius, Amma and all those in PCK private limited best in Singapore and some say Batam and Pulau Ketam Malaysia.

  43. Jenn Mourin says:

    Wooooooh Che Che! Wicked article LAH!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!

  44. khalid says:

    how about datuk tiger wood. he played at the mines what?

  45. anarky says:

    mixed them all up and you’d get :



  46. Faisal Khan says:

    Why are you so dump dump, srk is a bollywood famous actor and you know he is from India? Dont compare muslim law in Malaysia with other country even our neibouring country, muslim can jump from one religion to another. Dont bring up religious issue here, in ISA still got plenty of room you know.

  47. Monstergirl says:

    I never even told anyone nor boasted that my paternal grandad is a datuk. He is 78. Big deal!

    My maternal grandad was a datuk who lives under the soil. So What?

  48. alamghaib says:

    come on lah. just take a stone n throw sure can get a datuk n also a tan sri n tun. whats d big deal. all those morons no value at all. haven’t we heard that before

  49. daryl says:

    What! Sure this Bollywood actor looks better than the other two. If you question his right to be the Datuk (Sir) title or not than we have to go revisit a lot of the datukship for some or a lot of our Loan Shark or criminal bosses as well. Just an humble opinion of mine.

  50. cicit says:

    My grandad was a temenggong and he also got the title datuk before he died. He cant even read and write, he signed the documents with his thumb print. He still carry his datukship walking around dont know whether in heaven or hell. Who cares all the best to him. I hope he still getting his pencen.

  51. storm62 says:

    dalai lama said,

    The Public has forgotten that Shah Rukh Khan was personally invited to Najib’s House to meet with Rosmah who is is Ardent fan. The local Media showed a picture of Shah Rukh Khan kissing Rosmah on the Cheek on stage. (perhaps someone can pull up the picture).

    very soon Shah Rukh Khan will be conferred “Datuk Seri” by Rosmah, you know what i mean.

  52. Whatusay says:

    Good-lah, suami got his Mongolia taste and bini go for Indian cuisine.

  53. Pegasus says:

    Wonder where is Jack Sparrow in all this. Luckily, Ultraman did not do any movies in Malacca, or we will have Datuk Ultraman!!! ha !ha! haaaa…My God ,what this country coming too!. The Datukship has lost its value and respect…. SRK for Datukship?…get real guys!!!
    SRK is married to a Hindu wife, Gauri. What is the religious authority going to do? Do they want go to India and get his wife converted? That’s the difference between India and Malaysia,it practise freedom, no forceful conversion to other religions and the couple are living happily. Get SRK to come down here and give a talk on how to stay happily without religion coming in between them. Great!!!

  54. alirustamsufi says:

    Shah Rukh Khan, born into a Muslim family, is married to a Hindu and his children follow both religions.
    At home, next to idols of Hindu gods he has the Koran. Makes one wonder if Malacca will now scrap Syariah Courts for a start and all become hindraf members.

  55. alirustamsufi says:


    Why you so stupid? Some more put your picture there macam betul idiot. Look like one kind dungu, bodoh orang.
    Everyone knows Ayah Pin (your papa?) gave Anwar “Dato Seri” long time back lah. That is why he is also referred to as DSAI short form. Now take your stupid face out of our sight.

  56. AliSina says:

    Shah Rukh Khan, born into a Muslim family, is married to a Hindu and his children follow both religions.
    At home, next to idols of Hindu gods he has the Muslim holy book.

  57. hard time says:

    Hi Alisana,

    Please also find out if Shah Rukh Khan family serve Beef, Lamb and Pork on their dinning table at home?

  58. Kherry Scarry says:

    Hello umno government….why focus on giving award to an Indian actor when more countermeasures needed to face the possible coming economic downturn and also please review the fuel price immediately..!!! Idiot !!!

  59. Azmin says:

    AliSina (06:08:20) :

    Please take care of your own backyard. Who are you to dictate what one does with one’s life? What Khan does is his own life, he doesnt owe you anything. Why KEPO ??

  60. capo says:

    hard time (06:54:05) :

    Betoi ke dia makan babi jugak? SiRustam kat melaka macam mana?

  61. miwaki says:

    SRK should be conferred Tun and not Datuk since “Datuks” are all over the places,they are by the road sides,in offices,in stadiums and some in prisons.Shah Rukh Khan is our idol !

  62. aberamly says:






  63. Monsterbola says:

    O o…. I did notice that long comments are normally stuck in spams. This one will go through.

  64. Ziper says:

    Why would she say “how dare they boo Piper” – she blamed a child for the boos when she knew full well it was for her. That is emotional abuse no matter how you call it.

  65. storm62 says:

    for those who have acted or featured in any movie in Malaysia please line up and collect your “Datukship” from Tun Daim.

    those who can’t attend will courier to you.


    terima kasih,
    Melaka State Govt.

  66. bow says:

    Datoshit is easy to get, either you pay up front or always toe the line of u-noputra.

  67. Pak Kutuk says:

    KRONI MAHATHIR BOLEH!!! kah..kah…kah semua orang sudah lupa pada Pak Wayang Producer Utama SARKAS MALAYSIA…DTK MAHA MAHATHIR…semua ini bermula kerana untuk tutup lubang kroni-kroni dia….hang ingat Rakyaat BODOH kah….Jadi PM paling lama disejarah MALAYSIA….letak nama sendiri dalam sejarah MALAYSIA, rampas kuasa Sultan….BOLEH salah pilih pemimpin NEGARA….sokong penuh penuh PK LAH LAH….sekarang kutuk cukup cukup kerana tau PAK LEMAH….pegang bola kuat kuat tak bising pun asal ada rezeki tak kira haram tak haram……

    DTK MAHATHIR cukup SUPER DTK MAHATHIR BOLEH!!!!!…letak PK LAH tutup lubang kroni-kroni…PK LAH tutup lubang NAJIB tutup lubang-lubang najis kroni….yang berbau UMNO … yang terkorban Rakyaat MALAYSIA. Siapa pgang bola siapa???….kerana rasuah dan kroni-kroni DTK MAHATIR….semua orang punya bola ditekan…..kah..kah…kah Mahathir lepas lari….kaha…kah…kah..kah SUPER DTK MAHATHIR….Sharul Khan pun boleh jadi Datuk….Murah nya!!!!

    Sejak PK LAH jadi PM….tak habis hbis Negara jadi SARKAS International….Dtk Mahathir punya rasuah dan kroni-kroni terselamat….syukur DTK MAHAHIR…..dapatkan Kroni Bodoh jadi PM….Bodoh yang bayar Yang pandai lompat tupai


  68. Whatusay says:

    Now according to Malaysia****, the old M has big plans for his son, the young M to become the next PM of the country, after N*j*b. Oh shit! this is getting out of hand, Madness! Madness! Malaysia has become like their datuk punya country, simply passing around to their heirs sesuka hati. Only God can stop the old M, “if a man wins the whole world but loses his life” you know what I mean………

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