Please tell me why, whether it is “yes”, “no” or “may be”.

Today is World Day against the Death Penalty.

On 1 October 2008, World Coalition Against the Death Penalty called on all citizens to take action to end executions in Asia. This continent alone represents 60% of the world’s population. 95% of this population lives in a country with the death penalty. According to Amnesty International, 27 countries have already abolished the death penalty in law or in practice while 14 countries continue to carry out executions in worryingconditions. In many cases, trials are unfair, the death penalty is used for a widerange of crimes, including non-violent ones (drug trafficking, embezzlement), andthe lack of transparency characterizes the legal system in many countries.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions,Philip Alston, reminded that “countries that have maintained the death penalty are not prohibited by international law from making that choice, but they have a clear obligation to disclose the details of their application of the penalty”.

In Japan for example, executions of death sentences are carried out in secret. People on deathrow are notified of their executions only a few hours before they take place and their families are not informed.

Some changes are signs of hope for a death penalty-free Asia. Over the last few years, the total numbers of death sentences and executions have decreased in Asia.

Periods of moratorium (i.e. the temporary suspension of executions) are longer and more frequent.

Alongside these improvements, there are more and more organized Asian activists in favor of the abolition of the death penalty.

After it had concentrated its efforts on China on the occasion of the Olympic Games, the World Coalition has selected six particular countries to focus on. T

The WCADP denounced the lack of transparency in Japan, unfair trials in Pakistan, the high number of offences punishable by death in Vietnam. It encourages the introduction of a moratorium in India and Taiwan and calls for abolition in South Korea.

The World Coalition addressed the petitions signed during the World Day to the governments of Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Hundreds of initiatives and actions (debates, press conferences, demonstrationspetitions) will take place in many countries around October 10th to oppose the useo f this inhuman, cruel and degrading punishment.

Asian abolitionists are taking action against death sentences, against executions,in favor of moratoria on executions, in favor of the abolition. It’s time to support them.


The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty was created in Rome in 2002. It brings together 75 bar associations, trade unions, local governments and non-governmental organizations.

It aims at strengthening the international dimension of the fight against the death penalty and at contributing to put an end to death sentences and executions.

In 2003 the Coalition established the World Day Against the Death Penalty. In 2007, the European Union also chose October 10th for the European Day Against the Death Penalty.

This event is followed all over the world and especially in countries that continue to use the death penalty.

Read the full text of the press statement HERE.


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  2. monsterball says:

    Death penalties should not be abolished…especially to drug traffickers…..serial killers and murderers.
    If they are commuted to prison sentences…..which may range from 10 years to life…..some are freed within 6 years..after serving 60% of time….while the victim relations have lost their love ones forever.
    Worst still…that same person will repeat the crime…as most of these people are having weird characters with a sick brain.
    That’s not fair at all.
    And for drug traffickers…thousands of potential young citizens future are spoilt by this man/woman.
    Our strict laws on death penalties is excellent.
    Unfortunately…..some corrupted high ranking government officers are on the take…and drug is still freely available in Malaysia.
    These re very sinful people…out get get rich…with no love for human all.

  3. Lady Jane says:

    A BIG NO!!

  4. I believe an eye for an eye !

  5. data says:

    UMNO would say hindraf members should be hanged. Najib`s performance on TV last night points thataway. He was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog – just like his father.

  6. Robert Teh says:

    In these days where our societies are deemed more civilized than the times of our ancestors, we should no longer have laws where we put a person to death, no matther how serious the crime.

    God Almighty gives us life, let Him takes it back from us – not laws made by man (or women).

  7. george says:

    I must be admitted that I really like the picture shown in this topic… it would be good if to hang all the UMNO racists & its clonies… May it be Najis, Ahmad, Krishamuddin, Syed Vomit, Musang, M M Taliban, Khir Yoyol, Satin and countless in the list… Then i will call it a justice served.

    Damn them! Send all of them to hell!!!

  8. johanssm aka Khun Pana says:

    It is a no.
    Wrong way to admin justice.
    Even if the convicted is a serial rapist or murderer.
    Punishment is not about taking another life.

  9. data says:


    But why construct special gibbets for their hanging. A cheaper way will be to hang them from the lampposts at Dataran Merdeka.

  10. if not death penalty, it will be life sentence where no no to our country where jail is scarce and taxpayer to pay for these scum food and accomodation!

    not only death sentence uphold, these scum should be executed days after the sentence is passed to save taxpayer wastage…… remember the bomoh who took 10 yrs for the sentence to carried out…..

  11. Eagle says:

    NO, to the death penalty. In God We Trust.

  12. wickwax says:

    Everyone will have his/her reasons. Speaking for myself: If I know what I wish to do is wrong, then I shan’t do it. Save me the hassle of going to court and the gallow.

    But then, for the worse of criminals, there is forgiveness for them. Being in this imperfect world, we can’t hope for compassion nor forgiveness from these laws and we reap what we sow.

  13. whispering9 says:

    Do you know why humanity is so screwed? Fairness and compassion. Darwinian rules that the fittest survive. In humanity, how do we view Good people and Bad people. Bad people will not give you second chance period. Good people, however, must be compassionate, fair, blah, blah, blah; so they will give badness another chance.

    Why are we screwed? Personally, the Goodness in people represents the fittest trait, so naturally, Goodness must eradicate Badness. Well, either we screwed it up ourselves or Cubid did with his puny arrows since love is in the air. Have a nice friday. Go hug someone even if they are bad people. 🙂

  14. fergie says:

    Definitely a NO!!!

  15. jungleboy says:

    Why hang those idiots! Let God send them to hell where satan can have a wonderful time with them, put them in boiling oil, strip their skin piece by piece, non-stop being sodomised by the dead people of Sodom, body carved like a turkey.

  16. wandererAUS says:

    NO! Not until we become a more civilized society. How could we possibly allow murderers, who blew Altantuya to pieces go unpunished with death penalty. “A tooth for a tooth”
    Malaysia has a long way to go. In any case, the ruling party ‘VIP’ members will get away with murder…they are well protected by the tainted judiciary.
    Change the govt, no one should be above the laws of the land. Murderers should not be spared.

  17. 729 NO ISA! says:

    Ask Ulama Council.. Not civilian people!

  18. liberalsickos says:

    There is no satan and all that. Those against hanging should be vegans and stop killing mosquitoes and rats also. Where a robe and go sit in a cave.
    This same people when something bad haappen to their family are the first to go looking for blood. hypocrites. You all supported hanging for dadah traffickers. some innocent people with a bit of harmless ganja were hanged. podah keep your sntimentality to yourself.

  19. Drachen says:

    Hang Hindraf members? The fools in gomen must be joking. It will start an Indian mutiny that BN has no hope of controlling!

    About the death penalty, yes, I think it’s necessary. Otherwise tax-payers will have to feed, clothe and shelter hard-core criminals until they die of old age!

  20. liberalsickos says:

    Coward Najib wont hang hindraf members. Cakap saje pandai, bola tada.

  21. pkler says:

    Show me evidence that the death penalty reduces crime and I will, on a purely evidence-based view agree with it. I still wouldn’t on the basis on my moral outlook of the world though.

    What about people wrongly convicted? What about disproportionate punishment like all the drug couriers we’ve hung while never having caught a big fish?

    The death penalty does not achieve what it is said to do-reduce crime. Maybe it did hundreds of years ago, but no more.

  22. Straycat Strutting says:

    Dear Susan,

    Its good of you to bring this topic for discussion but if you have a chance working at a Human-Rights Org., kindly observe that some of the inmates (in all countries) impending executions or life-imprisonment committed suicide.

    Taking some complainants of our inmates – Teresa Kok, RPK, Hindraf and others who were even being deprived of the basic Human Rights – adequate food, exercise, rights to medication, etc.

    Going to your question whether I am against or for death penalty, I am against State execution. Why? Because in the US alone, thousands of inmates serving life imprisonment are exonerated by DNA evidence. Note that some States in the US still carry out State executions (if I am not wrong).

    In China, a murder trial is fast-tracked and biased and they will put the one found guilty in a line to be gunned down. Some even compare that China is an example in dispensing justice and will not compromise corruption to Malaysia as the guilty party will be shot which is laughable. Only a very naive person will say so.

    Back to the treatment in prison, all inmates must be given the basic of Human-Rights and of course free from torture.

    I propose, if there is any chance for you to suggest to anyone that might help in this matter, an inspectorial by a Human-Rights Committee to be planted in every prisons in the world endorsed by the UN HUman Rights Council to oversee that no inmates are deprive of the basic neccesities.

    Personally speaking, what is life, or why does it matter anymore when an inmate is subjected to repeated abuse, deprivation of adequate food and rights to medication.

    If my commentary is of any help, I am glad.

    Thank You.
    Straycat Strutt (not the all-female band but just strutting) 😉

  23. emannual says:

    No take away life is so sad ..
    Good will pervail .We can have HOPE.

  24. jsss says:

    Hi GEORGE, true what JUNGLEBOY said lah. Why should we dirty our hands? Not worth hang those crooks, they might escape. Let GOD send all the UMNO goons to hell. Let them taste their own medicine by having good time with devil’s and satans.

  25. two-face says:


    The Hindraf Tamil Tigers shouldn’t be subjected to the death penalty…… ISA will do.

  26. lauyee says:

    A big YES!
    Sorry but I really think that sometimes some people are better dead then eating the tax payer money their whole life in the prison. However it all depends on what kind of offense one committed.

    No one should determine the live or death of another person? Who said so?

    “God Almighty gives us life, let Him takes it back from us – not laws made by man (or women).”
    Sorry Robert, but I’m not a great believer in some superman figure above what we can see. I believe that even if they do exist we are closer to the situation and there are some decisions that we need to do ourselves. Just like under some circumstances a first line manager have the rights to override the decision of top management.

  27. The Penquin says:

    A criminal must be punished not killed.

  28. sim kwang yang says:

    no to death penalty.

  29. ganesh says:


    October 10th, 2008 at 11:08 am


    The Hindraf Tamil Tigers shouldn’t be subjected to the death penalty…… ISA will do.

    2face you are an idiot of the lowest order. You say 6 year old child presenting flowers the idiot pm is terrorism?
    Hindraf have not carried out any terrorist act like bombing. They only demonstrate but Hindraf have been terrorised by police.
    umno have carried out terrorist act like may 13 and taman medan and operation lallang etc etc etc.
    Police are used to protect umno terrorism.

  30. Scott Thong says:

    The alternative to the death penalty is usually life imprisonment, at taxpayer expense.

    The cost per prison cell in Britain is £38,753 per year.

    That means that a 30-year-old serial killer given multiple life sentences without bail could cost up to . And in the modern system, he would have to do no work or labor, instead being given access to university education, exercise equipment, entertainment, reading materials (including Playboy)…

    What do his victims and their families get?

  31. jean says:

    Stop being a hopeless romantics lah. Dont tell me that the chilp rapist, the serial killer and the drug dealers who destroyed millions of lives deserved to live. Ask Nurin Jazlin. Dont tell me that letting these people live will make this world a better place.

    True that there is probably no proof that death penalty will stop crime. Will its abolishment stops it?

    Go and give Ted Bundy a good hug lah…

  32. Scott Thong says:

    Sorry, broken thread.

    A 30-year-old serial killer given multiple life sentences without bail could cost more than a million British Pound Sterling to keep until he’s just 60.

    If one is going to oppose the death penalty for convicted, undeniably proven, sound of mind, self-confessed and unrepentant/irreformable serial killers, one ought to also oppose abortion – i.e. the death penalty for 1.2 million innocent babies worldwide, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

    That surely exceeds the YEARLY number of executions – be they legal, secretive or wrongful conviction – by several magnitudes.

    What did these children do to deserve death? As we speak, another 27 babies are being murdered every single minute.

    So where’s World Anti Innocent Baby Death Penalty Day?

    For or against the death penalty?

    If it would apply to unborn humans, I’d support paying a few billion Pounds Sterling yearly to keep Charles Manson wannabes alive and living in prison luxury in order to protect the innocent and defenceless.

  33. two-face says:


    This year, Hidraf Tamil Tigers presented flowers but I have a real fear that next year the Hindraf Tamil Tigers will present a bomb. Thus, the need for ISA. Previously, we have fear that the JIM people will bomb KLCC, that was why they were detained. But for the topic, I am against the death penalty.

    I thought May 13 was started by Chinese, Operation Lalang for Malay and the Taman Medan by Indian.

    Ganesh, how many Indians do you recall were detained in ISA before the Hindraf Tamil Tigers leaders? But I can recalled a lot of Malays and Chinese. But somehow the Malays and Chinese are not so ‘kurang-ajar & ‘biadap’. Surely, we can see screen to screen on this one.

  34. ganesh says:

    Surely, we can see screen to screen on this one.

    No we cannot. My earlier comment stands. You fear next year. Your mother maybe started taman medan and your father started operation lallang and before that your grandparents started may 13.
    A family of idiots and terrorists you come from. You also are idiot and terrorist and you need indians to be your slaves. We will not be your slaves any longer. You can go to your mummy and cry. You can get rid of a few indians maybe, but we will perservere.
    The most biadap and kurang ajar are malays and chinese who think lowly of the “keling”.

  35. La Cha Mau says:

    Definitely a YES but reserved only for politicians not ordinary criminals.

  36. two-face says:


    Where are the Indians when the Al-Arqam and JIM members were detained? But of course, it won’t matter until it hits your own.

    If I am wrong, I stand corrected. But from what I understand, the “untouchables” or p****h as you called them are the real slaves in your community. Maybe the Hindraf Tamil Tigers should fight to correct this before having others as scapegoats.

    Sorry, Susan, I will stick to the topic after this.

  37. storm62 says:

    death penalty stays for murderers,drug traffickers,terrorist and hardcore criminals.

    Najis last nite “kita akan ajar orang2 sebegini”
    what do you mean Najis?
    are you threatening the Rakyat?

    ask yourself a question Najis : am i fit to be a PM?

  38. Menyalak-er says:

    Two types of prople here – the legalistic and the spiritual, (irregardless of religion, agnoticsm or atheism).
    The former will see the ‘Laws of Man’ being supreme. The latter the ‘Sanctity of Life’ is supreme.
    Same question and answers will be forthcoming from pro and anti-abortion and the euthanasia debate.
    It is not about money or material things expended in keeping the ‘criminals’ alive – it is question of ‘Life’.
    If one is so keen on death row, kindly define the meaning of ‘human life’? What is sentience?
    Some have approached it from ‘evolutionary psychology’ as whispering9 (13). Good answer.
    My answer? No to death penalty.

  39. anton chigurh says:

    yes. man created man so man can kill man

  40. apapunboleh says:

    A BIG YES!!!!!

  41. Solo Miss says:



    1. God creates & he disposes;

    2. Even the most serious of crimes – premeditated murder; trafficking of illicit drugs should be punished with natural life imprisonment( ie no remission)- I believe one will fear being locked up & exposed to rehabilitation more harder & torturous then death( an easy way out );

    3. Punishment, though to acertain extent must be punitive, it must be more towards rehabilation & bringing the offender back to society – as a treated person; except those “hardcore” criminals as per para 2.

    The death penalty does not increase fear in criminals, it merely encourages them to be gruesome, daring and brave in committing some of the most “sick” crimes.

    They become “SICK PERSONS” who actually need corrections and psychological assistance to be rehabilitated. NOT “an eye for an eye” methodology in punishment.

    The prisons should renamed “CORRECTIONS FACILITY”

  42. Solo Miss says:

    Correction: Para 3 line 2……”rehabilitation” TQ & thousand apologies.

  43. Scarlet Pimple says:

    I would like to address 2 areas. 1 is that there has been documented cases of the wrong people being given the death penalty. 2 is that the death penalty is often prescribed in inconsistent forms. In Malaysia for example, possession of drugs beyond a certain amount, automatically attracts the death sentence. The rationale is that having that amount would mean you are a drug pusher AND NOT a drug user. The problem is that the prescribed amount is small and the courts do not have the authority to determine the crime of drug pushing. So we have drug users being hanged.
    So NO.

  44. When we believe that God is the Creator of every single life
    And the Bible’s ’10 Commandments’ states clearly ‘You shall not kill’
    Then no human being on earth has the right to take another person’s life
    When there’s still the hope of rehabilitation when applied with appropriate skill

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101008
    Fri. 10th Oct. 2008.

  45. sungame says:

    An absolute no to death penalty from me. I do not see what makes the hangman any better than the murderer he executes, or what separates execution from pre-meditated, cold blooded murder.

  46. pissed says:

    Generally NO.

    But when I think of an evil murderous beast who killed an innocent Mongolian girl and mother by using C4 and blasting her alive without any remorse, the answer is YES.

  47. Seng says:

    Unlike other forms of punishment, the Death Penalty – once executed – is not reversible.

    Immediately, there is the issue of whether the trial is conducted properly, and whether the defendant is indeed guilty or not. An incompetent judiciary can send someone to death unnecessarily, when, the defendant could be innocent. The proof must be absolute. The problem is can anyone guarantee this?

    And then, there is the issue of fairness whether small time drug pushers deserves the death penalty, or a jail and rehab sentence that is more appropriate to the severity of the crime. I’m not talking about the hardcore, major cases that have been proven without doubt, but current laws on past death sentences on people who brought in drugs into Malaysia for personal uses. I despise and do not condone such actions, but do we have the right to take away anyone’s life who does not intend to harm others but only themselves? Remember, we have mandatory death sentence for drug traffickers, even though it is only personal use. Is the sentence appropriate to the crime? If it is not, then, I say NO to the death sentence in this case.

    And then, we have the other side of the coin where people like Hitler who directly contributed to the death of millions of lives. If Hitler did not die, but was brought to court, should someone like him have a death sentence? I think again, the court system reflects the society, whether we are a revenge based society, or a caring society. My own position and belief is that if the society is capable of ensuring that someone like Hitler can be imprisoned completely in isolation where he will never again pose any problems to the society, then, maybe this is the better solution. Of course, there is the side problem of taxpayers monies, so, this is also an issue. I think if the society can afford it, again, NO to death penalty in this case.

  48. Rama says:

    But from what I understand, the “untouchables” or p****h as you called them are the real slaves in your community. – 2face

    So chinese and malays must follow izzit. 2face p*riah idiot. Go to the estates and learn how the indians survive there before talking rubbish. The british brought them in chains and malays and chinese want to continue keeping them in chains.
    Anyway, m`kini reporting that 5,000 indians leaving MIC in Penang to join PKR.
    P*riah Najib thanks a lot. Take a keris and go after chinese now.

  49. RotiBhai says:

    Life is precious and sacred
    who are we to condemn and execute a person

    “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” – Ghandi

    Yes there are drug traffickers, murderers and vicious criminals, but still – we have to accept that this is part of His plan.

    no journey is ever completed without some obstacles.

    and to those who support death penalty
    – ask yourselves what incited this criminal to commit a crime. What did the Community do to address this issues – most of the time nothing. We are all Culprits, we let things happen and then point finger at others.

    Oh dear! very practical solution (clap, clap, clap) one less criminal

    in your innate anger one life is taken away forever

    remember it is easy to take life away, flick a switch or press a button and its done.

    in short, we are equally responsible.
    Please think and please stop killing people

  50. kittykat46 says:

    I support the death penalty in the most serious of crimes, and only after a thorough due process.

    And I oppose the ISA for the same reason – there is no due process worth talking about. The regime labelled Hindraf with the Tamil Tigers link, but to this day, not a shred of evidence has emerged.

    Podah Naj !

  51. ktteokt says:

    Actually, the death penalty in Malaysia should be extended to cover corruption cases, as in China. This will serve as deterrent to those in power to fully dedicate themselves to serve the rakyat and not work for their own pockets. In fact, it would be even better if we can follow what is practised in China, execution by firing a single bullet, cost of which has to be borne by the convict himself.

  52. Rama says:

    Terrorist AG the patel from Gujrat India now UMNO member:

    A retired senior police officer who probed the infamous ‘black eye’ incident involving Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 has made startling claims on how attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail allegedly tampered with evidence in the case. – mkini

    AG should be handed over to the Indian Govt so he can be probed for involvement in india bombing incidents also.

  53. wits0 says:

    Exactly, Kittykat, certain horrendously violent capital crimes do need capital punishments but never that for merely opposing any wickedly corrupt regime of known bad governance.

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi kk46, how does one define ‘the most serious or heinous of crimes’?
    During the Spanish Inquisition, people were burned alive on the stake because they were ‘heretics’. Same by Taliban and other Muslim fundamentalists today on the question of apostasy. They too had ‘due’ process which included torture to extract confessions.
    Or would you only consider serial killers like Jeff Dahmer/Ted Bundy? Political assassins? Economic terrorists?
    What about treason to the state… and the list goes on & on.
    On what grounds is the death penalty valid? Laws made by man change all the time, not necessarily in positive ways.
    Taking the guilty ones life does not bring back the slain, and seen in a wider perspective is mere ‘revenge’.
    I’ll leave it as that. Cheers.

  55. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA kepala botak hijau AG dan Polis:

    Gobind (Defence Council,/MP for Puchong, the Puchong Panther to Interpol something, Gan T G:
    “What is your Religion?”
    Interpol Gan: “Buddha”
    Govind: :How come in this official Police Report by you, you put under race: Melayu?


    Defence: C4 explosive was used?
    Prosecution Witness: No.
    Defence: What then was used?
    Prosecution Witness: Plastic substance.


  56. Hitam Had says:

    It seems that a lot of people try to rationalise that the death penalty is not the appropriate solution to punish those who commit crimes against humanity.

    I wonder if they also try to rationalise that putting animals out of their misery when they are badly injured or critically ill is not a humane act.

    And do they also have strong unarticulated views on the termination of the lives of innocent babies through abortions? Or the killing of soldiers and civilians in wars or conflicts?

    Yes, abolish the death penalty by all means . But how to deal with the parasites of society who destroy the lives of their fellow citizens whether by force of violence or addiction to narcotic drugs, knowing full well that if caught, they will only enjoy the rest of their worthless lives with the full sympathy of their victims who are also required to pay for the cost of their incarceration. Or if rehabilitated, will society live in hope or fear that when they are released they will not relapse and prey on those who are humane to them.


  57. Tak Nak says:

    I believe in abolishing the Death penalty for sure. I’m from the UK and happy to say that the DP was got rid of a decade or so before I was born.
    Basically it’s supposed to be a deterrent, but look at the USA, where the have DP and yet highest murder rate in 1st world, one of highest in the world. Deterrent? Erm. No. It deters those who wouldn’t commit crime in the first place, but then, what’s the use of that?

    One of the main cases for getting rid of the DP in Britain was relating to Appeals. There were a number of people put to death for crimes they didn’t commit. Then, after they were hung, new evidence comes up, and how to pardon them? Go to their grave and say “oops, sorry”. No dice.

    Also ask yourselves this question, if somebody kills somebody, that is bad, it is murder. But if they are then killed by the authorities, that is not bad, that is not murder it is punishment. But somebody still killed somebody else. The net result is the same, somebody is dead. But one is OK, the other is not?

    Imprisonment, re-education, re-habilitation, make them suffer through having to sit for eternity and ponder their bad deeds, and also, never know, they might not have done it and down the line new evidence might come up.

    Death is very final.

    The only thing in favour of the DP, is it’s cheaper

  58. Gadfly says:

    No to Death Penalty. Reasons 1) Unconvinced by one life for one life argument. It is not logical. Whether you kill one person or one million it makes no difference. In fact, it encourages people who have the means to choose the latter as their name shall live forever in history. 2) It encourages the killer to kill the potential victim if the latter survives to tell the story. 3) Unconvinced that it is better to kill dozens, or more, of innocents than to let one guilty go whom may kill more innocents. This is number game.

    No to the Near Death Penalty. This is to torture the prisoners to near death so that they are made ‘harmless’.

    No to the Useless Death Penalty. This is to lock them away and let them rot until they die without any compassionate reform.

    No the the Half – Death Penalty. This is to paralyze the prisoners until they have to sit in wheel chair.

  59. frivolo says:

    In my honest opinion say………. yes.

  60. Barbara Brayshay says:

    Two wrongs dont make a right – the state murdering a murderer in the name of justice is totally illogical. Methods of executioin are barbaric, to often innocent people have been murdered by the state A BIG NO.

  61. Filip Spagnoli says:

    Here’s a post you might want to read:

  62. ian says:

    Everyday people like RPK, you and me – we change the course of history

    Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies
    They change the course of history
    Everyday people like you and me
    We’re the renegades, we’re the people
    With our own philosophies
    We change the course of history
    Everyday people like you and me

  63. los que dicen que sí no sean cabezas,
    NO NO NO

  64. Dudley Sharp says:


    There are some excellent moral/ethical writings supportive of the death penalty. Here are a few. I hope you have the chance to read them.

    (1) John Stuart Mill, speech on the death penalty

    (2)”The Death Penalty”, by Romano Amerio, a faithful Catholic Vatican insider, scholar, professor at the Academy of Lugano, consultant to the Preparatory Commission of Vatican II, and a peritus (expert theologian) at the Council.

    titled “Amerio on capital punishment “, Chapter XXVI, 187. The death penalty, from the book Iota Unum, May 25, 2007

    (3) Immanuel Kant, “The Right of Punishing”, inclusive of the death penalty

    (4) “Capital Punishment: A Catholic Perspective”,
    by Br. Augustine (Emmanuel Valenza)

    (5) “Defending Capital Punishment” by William Gairdner

    (6) “Capital Punishment: The Case for Justice”, Prof. J. Budziszewski, First Things, August / September 2004 found

    (7) Just Violence: An Aristotelian Justification of Capital Punishment

    (8) “Catholic and other Christian References: Support for the Death Penalty”, at

    Dudley Sharp, Justice Matters
    e-mail, 713-622-5491,
    Houston, Texas

    Mr. Sharp has appeared on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, NBC, NPR, PBS , VOA and many other TV and radio networks, on such programs as Nightline, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The O’Reilly Factor, etc., has been quoted in newspapers throughout the world and is a published author.

    A former opponent of capital punishment, he has written and granted interviews about, testified on and debated the subject of the death penalty, extensively and internationally.

  65. The United States will never have the courage to carry out the death penalty the way it should be done – walked out of the courtroom after the verdict and shot in the head. Televised.

    In the absence of that, abolish it. The only ones who benefit from it are the lawyers.

  66. ixequi says:

    No, Of course NO.
    Why? esta demostrado historicamente que la pena de muerte no logra mejorar para nada la situación de violencia, no causa miedo saber que te pueden matar por ser narco, violador o ladrón… pues las leyes no se cumplen.
    Lo que si logra es enaltecer nuestra pobre condición de jueces… quitando la vida porque el fulano le quito la vida a alguien más, VIOLENCIA produce MAS VIOLENCIA, esa persona si merece un castigo, y la pena de muerte en ese caso es la más absurda… pues se le hace practicamente un favor, de no hacer examen de conciencia, de no sufrir el encierro, dejar de vivir para no darse cuenta de su pobreza humana.
    La pena de muerte es un absurdo y una muestra de la incapacidad de los estados a responder a estos problemas, quieren terminarlos de raíz matando… como si eso fuera una solución.

  67. elvie ho says:

    I think we have no right to end life.death penaly is not the deterent
    to crime.A good example is malaysia drug ordinance sec 39(b) Is there less drugs?

  68. wits0 says:

    One can also perceive that the malaysia drug ordinance and its mandatory death sentence is tainted with racism because it suspiciously identifies the dealers and the victims by race. Also it demonstrates a certain ineptness in policing and laziness to be more discerning. Easy to be draconian but it never solved the root problem. A very good example here.

  69. Payback Time says:

    Hang ‘Big Fat Mama’ and those evil accomplice responsible for the C4 murder of Altantuya. Do not abolish it

  70. robin hood says:

    I wonder what will all those ‘holier then thou’s’ against the death penalty be yapping when their mothers and sisters are robbed and murdered , sons are hard core druggies and daughters raped and mutilated?

    DON’T ever say that you empathise or understand the feelings of the victim’s family.You will never, ever know that until you have gone through it yourself.

    Some buffoon even stated that it is God’s will and He will do justice. Oh puleeze. Have you ever seen a convicted criminal go off scot free due to some legal technicalities get zapped by lightning? Or those with a long string of convictions?

    So, does this mean there is no God?

    And, what if the said criminal commits more rapes and murders? Does it mean that God condones it?

    The gun control act and drug ordinance law was very effective before ‘correct,correct,correct’. ’nuff said.

  71. aston says:

    New Cabinet:

    Prime Minister – Anwar

    Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

    Agriculture Minister –

    Community Minister –

    Culture Minister – Farish Noor

    Defence Minister – Azmin Ali

    Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

    Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

    Finance Minister – Tony Pua

    Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

    Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

    Home Minister – Sivarasa

    Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

    Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

    Manpower Minister –

    Sports Minister –

    Technology Minister –

    Trade Minister – Khalid

    Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

    Tourism Minister –

  72. pj voters says:

    If this PJ traitor and his collaborators are living in China, these traitors would have been hung long ago.

    Now this PJ traitor and his collaborators are up again trying to hijack the the New Era College for their insatiable greed.

    This PJ traitors and his collaborators should be lying down for good a long time ago.

  73. tobeme says:

    The death penalty is an act against our nature. In essence we are love and love cannot kill even another who has killed. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The death penalty is abuse of power and a crime against our spirit.

  74. pj voters says:

    If all this PJ traitor and collaborators are living in China, in the Han Dynasty, all these traitors and all their family members would have been juxtaposed in public and their heads would drop like durians.

    No Death Penalty is only applicable in a utopia country like Switzerland, not a country filled with heinous crimes like Malaysia.

    The Pj voter should not be spared, otherwise, we have traitors doing blatant machinations eternally.

  75. trickyguy says:

    It is, for me, one of the toughest questions.

    All of the religious hyperole aside, it is clear that certain criminals are cannot be rehabilitated and will pose a risk to society is they are ever released. And the cost of imprisonment for such offenders is staggering.

    Yet, how can we be sure that justice was served? How do we know without any doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime?

    It is just not nearly as cut-and-dried as many people would like.

  76. Mr X says:

    Three new Polls on UMNO Elections: –
    1. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
    2. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?
    3. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
    HERE –

  77. monsterball says:

    But…no matter what crime UMNO powerful people commits…there is no death sentences….nor even jail.
    Go check out the history of some serious crimes..committed.
    Cornered and under fail Judge trail…go to jail…or sacked from UMNO…then after awhile…all pardoned…jail bird .freed…can join back party..and even become a Minister again….when they see Malaysians…are calm and quiet.
    That’s so clear double standards….besides race and religion politics.
    Ever wonder why Samy Vellu was so powerful?
    Touch him….that cracko….will reveal all….and not afraid to die …bringing all with him….to hell.
    That’s how powerful he was.

  78. monsterball says:

    message in dustbin again!

  79. penang fried koay teow says:

    Lim Kit Siang should migrate to Penang and made himself the emperor there like Harry in Singapore.

    Lim Kit Siang is like a eunuch (no-ball pondan)in the Peninsula.

  80. love_peace says:

    no. i dont agree with killing..


  82. Disgruntled says:

    Today there’s no death penalty !!
    Its death by execution

    when they are cornered don’t bother to arrest them . Shoot them and make sure they are dead . Put them in body bags , throw a few guns beside them and file a report , they shot us first or they open up on us first , we shot back and bye bye they are in hell !! .Why waste taxpayers money to feed them , why bother to expand the jail with tax payers money ? This is the easiest way and most effective way to rid these bastards !

  83. Orang Utan says:

    All those who said that death penalty should be abolished r hypocrites. Just let me ask u a question if it is your sister/daughter/mother who were being robbed and ganged raped/tortured before being stabbed to death do u still love the person who did it? Do u still ask the judge to be lenient on the murderer cum rapist cum torturer? Or your son /daughter who is a victim & being forced to take drugs until they slept on the verandah with wounds & drtt all over their body do do still ask thejudge to be lenient to the drug traficker? U can talk only bcos u r not the victim.

  84. Orang Utan says:

    Have u read of how the drug tracfiker smuggle drug across the border?. They will killed the baby & stuffed their body with drugs and carried the dead baby across the border as though they r sleeping. I have a friend whose tow daughters were kidnapped and sent to Thailand. After one year the parent happened to visit Thailand in hope of finding their daughters. U know what they found? Both their daughters legs were being amputated and foced to beg on the street . Even their tongue were being cut to prevent them from talking. Do u still show mercy on the kidnappers? Even death penalty is not enough to punish their crimes!!!.

  85. Orang Utan says:

    U know what happen to their parents when they found their daughters? They became mentally deranged & need psychiatric treatment & they lost their job & all their wealth.

  86. Orang Utan says:

    If that guilty person who commited scuh crimes as described above I would recommend 40 strokes of the rotan before hanging!

  87. daryl says:

    I am for capital punishment but only for crimes that fit the punishment. However, at this point in Malaysia we have to suspend that because of the sorry state of our Polis and judiciary. These two department is just not up to par on even a simple theft or murder or sodomy charge or c4 case. So, until we get these two very IMPORTANT department online we shouldn’t I am against capital punishment in Malaysia.

  88. if you read david marshall cases why he so against death sentence to kidnappers is that it gives mercy not to kill his victim (if kidnapper is death if caught, why not executing his victim to increase change of not being caught). anyway, to hell with the kidnappers, they not only be hanged, but hanged in public without face covered!

  89. ttc says:

    NO to the bad death penalty simply because:

    (i) it is barbaric and civilised humans must not KILL each other pre-meditatively and deliberately, and execution by the collective called the State is exactly that;

    (ii) knowing how prone to mistakes all humans are, any wrongful execution of an innocent person from a miscarriage of justice will result in a catastrophic error that will never ever be rectifiable;

    (iii) killing another deliberately is a crime against God, the Creator and Giver of all Life.


  90. Anon says:

    I think all UMNO leaders should be hanged first starting with the next PM-to-be. If they want they can have a kangaroo trial first. Mahathir oso.

  91. hutchrun says:

    Next PM of Malaysians:

    Shafee to Najib (S2N) Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56

    –> Met the investigating officer today. Position is serious for RB. The 3 are highly implicated. RB’s case can be fought. There are redeeming features for him. But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large. But not to worry. Salam, Shafee

    Najib to Shafee (N2S) Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11

    –> I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.

  92. hutchrun says:

    Shafee to Najib (S2N) Date: 10/11/2006 15:19:40

    –> Dato Seri, Negotiating for conditional release. If not police need 2 or 3 more days extention. I suspect its an exercise in public relation as they do not want public to think a VIP was given an easier time. Being a vip under these conditions is a liability. Otherwise we are on track according to plan. Salam, Shafee.

  93. hutchrun says:

    RPK is behind bars but his campaign to link Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak with the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu intensified today – with a startling allegation.

    His website, Malaysia Today, carried a report detailing what it alleged was an exchange of text messages between Najib and Shafee Abdullah, the prominent lawyer who represented Abdul Razak Baginda before he was charged with abetting two police officers in the murder of the model.

    These SMSes – if true – raise some questions over the handling of the case and suggest that Najib took a strong interest in the investigation from the beginning.

    The SMS exchange, which went on from Nov 8 to Dec 2, 2006, is likely to become great fodder for the Opposition when Parliament sits again on Monday. More so now that Najib is a cusp away from becoming the president of Umno and the prime minister of Malaysia.

    In one SMS, Najib allegedly tells the lawyer that Razak Baginda – his advisor – “will face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”’

    Malaysia Today said that this message raises some questions about Najib’s role in the case. “Why did he mention ‘tentative’ charge and that ‘all is not lost’ for RB (Razak Baginda)? How would Najib know this before Razak was charged? These are important questions which will have ramifications, not just on this case but far beyond,” a posting on the website said.

  94. hutchrun says:

    Website, Malaysia Today, carried a report detailing what it alleged was an exchange of text messages between Najib and Shafee Abdullah, the prominent lawyer who represented Abdul Razak Baginda before he was charged with abetting two police officers in the murder of the model.

    These SMSes – if true – raise some questions over the handling of the case and suggest that Najib took a strong interest in the investigation from the beginning.

    The SMS exchange, which went on from Nov 8 to Dec 2, 2006, is likely to become great fodder for the Opposition when Parliament sits again on Monday. More so now that Najib is a cusp away from becoming the president of Umno and the prime minister of Malaysia.

    In one SMS, Najib allegedly tells the lawyer that Razak Baginda – his advisor – “will face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”’

    Malaysia Today said that this message raises some questions about Najib’s role in the case. “Why did he mention ‘tentative’ charge and that ‘all is not lost’ for RB (Razak Baginda)? How would Najib know this before Razak was charged? These are important questions which will have ramifications, not just on this case but far beyond,” a posting on the website said.

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Opposition have tried to link Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, with the murder since it happened in October 2006.

  95. HangMan says:

    Hang the murderers, rapists and sodomists!!!!

  96. Disgruntled says:

    Orang Utan

    I am with you . There’s no place on this planet for people like these . Don’t bother with them , just put a bullet thru their skull and that’s it . Bye Bye !!

  97. kakinang says:


  98. ktteokt says:

    najib Manaukau, if you believe in “an eye for an eye”, then would you approve of blowing up the murderer of Altantuya with C4 just the way it was done onto her?

  99. anna brella says:

    Am against the death penalty as it cannot be justified for all the reasons many others have stated above.

    But I am against all criminals who break the consensually made GOOD, JUST laws of the societies in which they live as a member of that civilised society.

    That is why civilised nations need a PROFESSIONAL well-resourced and well-integrated police force who have the requisite professionalism, intelligence and wherewithal to hunt down criminals, find them and the supporting evidence needed to charge and arrest them, then read them their rights and treat them fairly within their rights as EVERYONE, irrespective of what they may be suspected of having done, are, under a civilised ruleof law system, presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    If found guilty after a FAIR trial in a JUST court of law, then the guilty person/s can be sentenced accordingly by the respective Judge. For the most heinous of crimes, as decided by that society, slapping on a sentence of life imprisonment (which means life) with adequate rehabilitation should I think be sufficient punishment for any one and the maximum that humans can subject another human to. If anything more is required, I suspect God will intervene and take care of it.

    To illustrate further the tendency for human barbarism in so-called civilised societies: Arresting international criminals who commit crimes against humanity such as Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic and Saadam Hussein is, in my view, the right thing to do for we cannot stand by and watch innocent membesr of humanity butchered by bastards. But killing these bastards like animals for pure REVENGE, like the sickening way that Saddam Hussein was killed, only goes to poison all civilised human society and reduce everyone who watched, condoned and participated in Saddam’s despicable execution down to the same despicable human bastard gutter-levels that Saddam himself operated in/from.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  100. Orang Utan says:

    Please stop giving excuses for those who committed the most henious crimes. Pl;ease thin of the victim & their immediate family members. Their whole life is being ruined until they die. If it is yr own daughters/wife/mother who were being raped and tortured to death e.g by using a broomstick to pierce their priviate parts how do u feel?. I think u may even ask the judge if possible to perform the execution yourself.

  101. PAS says:

    Allah creates humans, so humans should follow Allah’s rule.

  102. bow says:

    Death penalty is the right punishment for a convicted murderer, only after he or she is given a fair and unbiased trial under an independent judiciary or jury of his peer,and law enforcement agency. Law maker should have all necessary and preventive measures in placed and followed through by judges in the procedure to prevent the execution of an innocent person.

  103. Disgruntled says:

    Lets introduce the guillotine to Malaysia and publicly execute them for all to see !!

  104. Polemarchus says:

    Well, I belive that we do live in modern and civilized time and not medieval… where the like to torture and exicute people. We know about humanism, ethics and moral as well… and we dont need death penalty as it is still practice in certain countries… where the ruling ones still didnt arrive with there mind in modern time today. There where already tousands of innocent people murded by death penalty especial in USA but also in other countries, that is really a crime still to use it. Because how to bring those people back to live if you find out that the are innocent?? And what to tell there family? Like: Sorry was just a mistake… Well one proposal I still would have in offer: Any judge who give some one the dead penalty, should be responsible for it, and if later the innocense of the deliquent is prooved then the judge who was responsible for this penalty, should face the dead penalty as well. I wonder how many judges would still give dead penalty so easy to an yone..

  105. Azmin says:

    It is easy for one to say “NO” to death penalty. But when you are the victim’s family, the situation will be very different because of the lost and pain that you will pursue for fair justice for your loved one who was brutally murdered, example Altantuya. Can you feel what her father feels throughout his life?

  106. freewave says:

    Those worse-than-beast criminals don’t deserve the rights of human because they ain’t human.

  107. Orang Utan says:

    We r talking about the truely guilty & evil ones lah.If it is your legs being amputated & tongue cut out & forced to beg in the street daily until no more use to them they will cut open your body & sell whatever body parts, I think u will pray everyday that somebody will cut off the head of the evil doers. So stop talking rots.

  108. Disgruntled says:


  109. peter wiltshire says:

    Death penalty: Yes

  110. Death penalties should be gone already – universally.
    They serve no purpose. They do not deter, they can be all too easily falsely given and the person killed is later found innocent, and as for saving space in prisons, well that’s just the most senseless excuse I’ve ever heard – the world’s over-populated, shall we kill off China to make some room? Come on…

  111. Rush-iie-pooh =) says:

    wow! NO! people should b able to live out life even if they do something wrong! Also no 1 else should takes someones life………….

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