Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad badawi says he “…seemed determined not to be remembered as the man who destroyed the party for his own interest”.

Perhaps, he just did.

According to Malaysiakini, he announced to the 13 party component parties in Barisan Nasional that he will quit in March when UMNO holds it general assembly; paving the way for Najib Tun Razak, his deputy to take over as premier.

Whether Najib would actually assume the premiership is anyone’s guess.

Earlier, the Malaysian Insider says that Abdullah will not defend his position as he feels that the support that he has received in the last few days and reports from the ground confirm what he has suspected – that the “groundswell” against him was manufactured by senior party leaders.

But he has told aides and party officials that a battle for the top position will leave Umno badly scarred and in a weak position to fight off the Opposition challenge.


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  1. carcoon says:

    akhirnya Pak Lah terjaga juga dari tidurnya, yang sekian lama diulik mimpi

  2. youthattack says:

    is this for real or not?.i still havent heard any concrete news from concrete source about this.

  3. Richard Loh says:

    I commented this at Datuk Wong Chun Wai blog:

    One down, one to go. Will you Datuk pen your thoughts whether the passing of baton to his deputy is democratic and also whether the pm in waiting is capable of carrying out his duty as a true pm for all malaysians and without any baggages. Are we having an Honest and Clean PM with integrity?

  4. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    I really thought Park Lah will park Malaysia into oblivion for the next 5 years

    Thank God it is not happening. At last Park Lah is awakening to his senses not to prolonged Malaysians’ misery any longer!

    But he does not know that after he step down, Malaysians will be propel into another era of torture and hardship under the C4 promoter. You see, C4 promoter is another guy who does not sleep on his job but uses heavy artilleries to blow up the job when the going gets tough!

    Sad day for Malaysians. Nothing to rejoice.

  5. True or false says:

    Can he be trusted to stick to his decision? It is not uncommon for him to reverse his decision the very next day.

  6. CWI says:

    The economy look very gloom…Pak Lah or Najib won’t be able to avert the looming crisis

  7. Jeffripower says:

    I dont believe if this news is strongly true. I hope this is not true. Maybe it is just rumours..

  8. Hoyohoyo says:

    He just can’t wipe away my impression to him… A man who sleeps most of the time and acts according to what the 4th floor boys told him to…

    I don’t fancy Najib… but it’s time for AAB to depart… the country can’t take him anymore…

    My top choice is still TRH… but it seems increasingly impossible… bah…

    I dream that I’ll wake up one day seeing RPK to be my PM… anyway…~~

  9. Devan says:

    Pak Lah ,,,,…please dont resign. We need you to remind as PM a bit longer……please.
    With Najib challengeing u for the Presidency of UMNO, we can see the crumbling of UMNO right to its roots.
    It will be THE END of UMNO.
    PR will takeover. So Badawi… please dont give ur post to C4!!!

  10. kittykat46 says:

    There’s no joy for me to see the last of Dollah.
    He was a decent man, totally out of his depth as PM, and kept pandering to the extremists in his party to stay in power.

    His annointed replacement is a far more dangerous person.
    Just ask any Mongolian visitor…

    I fear we are in for a new dark ages.

    Or as their apparatchiks call it, a return to their “Zaman Kegemilangan”.

  11. Norhaslim says:

    Well, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to split the party. There’s too much cracks.
    He’s sacrificing himself for the good of the party.
    Now we can see what kind of man Pak Lah really is.

  12. Moonrider says:

    You never know the flip flop .. No matter what he is still PM and president of UMNO until next year March ..

    U will never know what happen in this few months ..

    This is politics .. dont trust anyone ..

  13. […] are not responsible for the content published. We encourage you to read the full article/post from the original source here. This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  14. ml says:

    sedih jugak .tapi lagi sedih big momma jadi pm.if a man always listen to the wife what you can can get?i heard she is much more greedy than kj.if a woman can destroy somebody’s family and steal somebody’s husband well …susah ini karma rakyat malaysia to get big momma become pm.

  15. Palaniappan says:

    I think there will be a political wrangling within UMNO and the country will go further into turmoil . I hope Pak Lah will call for a snap election but it will not happen because the UMNO goons will never allow that. They know they will be booted out. The only solution is Pakatan Rakyat’s takeover of the government. Hope to see some surprises in the weeks ahead.

  16. Kopi Anan says:

    good riddance.

    from the very beginning, in fact first day, I told my colleagues,

    this Pak Lah would be the worst PM Malaysia could have.

    anyway, the replacement probably, worst in terms of moral and ethics.

    Malaysia is doomed and the UMNO Malays are to be blamed and let them suffer from their own makings.

    All of the UMNO candidates for Deputy President are also unfit to become leaders of the Malay-Muslims.

    Therefore, UMNO is doomed, they are destroying themselves by their own follies.

  17. vikram says:

    perhaps we should give pak lah some credit la this time. You guys were so harsh on him lately. Well he’s after all human. This old chap put his interest aside this time. He sacrificed the post for country and it’s people inside.

    pak lah surely has his own weaknesses. the way we commented about him sort of like we are denying the fact that we too are not perfect.

    i thank pak lah for running this country for 5 years without any major incidents, we should be thankful to God, the peacefulness that we enjoyed, some countries just able to dream of.

    say what you want to say about pak lah and any other leaders, my advice is always put a mirror next to your laptop/computer, and say this to yourselves.. I am not perfect either..

  18. Richard Loh says:

    Hi Susan,

    It seems my comment is still going into your spam blocked.

  19. george says:


  20. amoker says:

    haha .. Najib …
    30% of the country view him as PM material.
    Go figure.

  21. Sedih says:

    Don’t think many malaysians will miss him.

  22. hasilox says:

    Paklah is bad, wait till we try najib. Pray hard people, pray hard. We need all the gods we can find. lol

  23. jiranpp says:

    this is only the beginning of pak lah`s strategy let`s tune in 4 more b`cos he has just woke up he has something up in his sleeve.he can say a thing today & spring a surprise the next hour. more surprises to come.ha!ha!ha!

  24. Nuriz says:

    Is this true or still subject to change? Najis for PM ?…not that fella please…he’s a crap and his wife is a horror to the country. Ameno and BN ppl will never change for its arrogance and hypocritical..Hey PR ! when is the time?

  25. grandma says:

    Pls do one good deed before you leave Pak Lah .The rakyat will say a big thank you to you when you release RPK and the rest of the ISA detainee.

  26. jean says:

    Good bye… sadly malaysians would not be getting back the 5 years lost while the guy is sleeping.

    Err… good question. When is the PR time? If September comes after October, then it would be next month! Wait lah…

  27. syed zalil says:

    ABB need a good term with proper cordination DPM.Najib is all tinted with C4 and$.He may had presume even with firefighting and Damage control the UMNO is a broken glass.
    In the time for farewell He had promise reform on Police.powerfully ACA,Justice and other commision.After He resign many in UMNO will do Hide and seek or cat and mouse
    He may settle some score with the enforcement given.Many will be booked.ACA for one should report to DEVAN RAKYAT

  28. wandererAUS says:

    This gutless captain, jump off the ship before it even tilted!
    With the global financial crisis raising its ugly head, the political instability, UMNO vultures are more concerned with the spoil in the leadership positions. Same can be said, with the component parties of BN. Where is the interest shown to the nation by these so called leaders?
    Najib is definitely no the ‘savior’ Malaysia so desperaly needs, to bring her out of this mess…which in the first place, brought about by these UMNO goons.
    No tears for any of these corrupted and evil politicians.

  29. Fanglam says:

    From the frying pan into the fire.

    The baton is passed from bad to worst.

    What more can we expect ?

  30. caravanserai says:

    Cruise to the nation
    Don’t let the dream dies
    Let it happens
    Now Dollah is going to resign

    Cruise to the nation
    People will make it
    One man will make the difference
    When he really strikes it hot

    When the day is said and done
    There is another man now under ISA
    For he can make the difference too
    In his blog he makes the elites scared
    What is up in his sleeve………….

    RPK UMNO leaders fear
    The man has guts to pen his thoughts
    Leaving trails in the open
    He doesn’t hide; he wants them to know

    Cruise to the nation
    The people wait for it to happen
    Bury the Titanic bring the new
    It is our hope and cherished dreams

    Let it happens
    Now Dollah is going
    Into his dreamland
    Nobody wants to know

  31. LHHeng says:

    If our sleepy flipflop lame duck guy has really woke up, I hope he can at least do something good for the rakyat and country before he leaves.
    Reveal evidence on the Mongolian brutal murder.
    Release all from ISA.
    Whacked the police force to reduce crimes and thiefs.
    Kick those racialistic and religious extremists out from BN especially within Umno.
    Revamp the judiciary.
    Its a high order. Please just do it. Dont’ mumble and flipflop anymore. Plse………………….

  32. i hope somebody will beg him to retract, yeah with tears and knee. aab can’t go, not before heret bijan along….. please finish your job, aab!

  33. zztop says:

    The other one who is suppose to take over our sleepy flipflop lame duck guy is going to be much worst off I guess.
    With his “incredible” credentials and huge amount of dirty and evil baggages upon him, I cry for the country and rakyat. Someone gave this guy a 30% approval.
    Well, I give him a big fat ZERO.
    Looks like we are sandwich between the devil and the deep blue sea. sigh…
    God save Malaysia!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Najis the PM ? Disaster for Malaysia !

  35. Malaysian says:

    Dear fellow Malaysians, ever wonder how the scenario is being played at our expense?

    If ever for one moment we would think that the vultures in UMNO are vying for seats in the Supreme Council to take care of the interests of us Malaysians;

    Well, duhhhhh …

  36. Malaysian says:

    Sheesh, it’s hard not to continue on this ..

    Reason’s for Pak Lah’s delay are so many and the “support” he’s received can only be perceived in these ways. Malaysians are used to it, don’t we know?

    Scene 1 – Pak Lah, jangan lah, macam mana dengan projek saya?

    Scene 2 – Jangan lah, Pak Lah, macam mana dgn projek kita yang belum di sah oleh EPU? You dah sign 2 kali, tapi 4th floor boys block lagi.. jangan lah pak lah.

    Scene 3 – Jangan lah pak lah, I baru kahwin dengan bini ketiga. Kan, I dah kao-tim dgn orang you di Jab PM… don’t lah pak lah.

    Most important Scene – Please dont’ pak lah. Saya ini division leader. We can make you or break you. We are AMNO warlords, you know. We can be stupid & ignorant but it’s ok. Gomen always teach us that it’s ok to be stupid anyway, kan? So, I have to feed the grassroots to always keep them stupid. It’s costs money you know…..

  37. toyolbuster says:

    Pak Lah, may you sleep in peace. Good riddance. 1 down, 31 to go.

  38. Eagle says:

    This old man chicken out and running away macam tikus. Not that I love Pak Lah but just hate that he was pushed out by his UMNO goons like an idiot.
    I have a question: When PM in waiting takes over as PM, where will be his first official visit?
    a. Mongolia.
    b. Russia.
    c. Indonesia.
    d. dare not leave Malaysia.
    The long legged attraction or short and plumb. available 24 hours to accompany for dinner. Payment based on commission. Interested please make your booking.

  39. Mr X says:

    Folks, get ready for the sequel of “The Kutty Kingdom” .. “Return of King Kutty”.

    Start thinking .. What to do in light of Internet censorship, escalating Malay Supremacy, more Islam bashing (victim=PAS+some converts), more 10%, more ISA, more bailouts, more IPP type pf concessions … and ultimtately, no more opposition parties. Yes, Malaysia will be a single party nation like communist country, if King Kutty has his way.

  40. batu ferringhi says:

    From the frying pan into the fire,

    Oh, what’s gonna happen to Malaysia?

    Let us all pray hard, very hard, because we are all really headed for rough waters.

  41. telur dua says:

    All those pembodeks and hand kissers can’t even muster 58 nominations or the one they worship? What a useless bunch. Now they only have contempt for Pak Lah.

    I was waiting for an Oscar performance from the Fat Lady complete with crying and broken shoe. Please, please don’t go, Pak Lah. LOL.

    The goings-on in UMNO has now degenerated into a cartoon show. People don’t be naive. Najib can’t save us from the current economic tsunami. We will all be swamped.

    Anyway, Najib can’t assume that the UMNO Presidency is a given. Muhyiddin can throw in a last minute challenge. He has strong support from UMNO Johor.

  42. Pegasus says:

    Its about 7 months late,but still its a good news to hear the worst PM the country had leaving ,albeit in another 5 months of misery for Malaysian.
    Its the next PM coming in which is worrying, Najib will pass as a bandit of the Somalian pirates. The nation will have to hold its seat when he takes over, transparency and accountability will go down further. The country’s wealth will be rolling out further whether foreign investment comes in or not.Hopefully things will turn out to be better for all Malaysian and the country is lead by a capable and honest leader.

  43. wonton says:

    Are we expecting a Bi-election after AAB step down in March 08 next year? Or he will still be a Member of Parliament until the next GE 13?

  44. Ayoyosami says:

    Pak Lah is truly a GENTLEMAN ! He is unlike Anwar who betrayed Umno and then wnats to be PM under opposition party PKR aka Pakai Kasut Recon.

  45. Menyalak-er says:

    Dopeys goodbye is definitely with a golden nestegg and not only a handshake.
    The “kutu’s” who stabbed him, will ensure his retired years will be be comfortable in extreme, for his ‘ungraceful’ exit.
    Besides a resurgence of mamakutty ‘kingdom’, beware of the fat lady Mdm Lumpiolus who will be the Empress Penguin ‘rabah’ing’ the about to be anointed Emperor Penguin (aka ruby lips) N-name – it ain’t fire but our nation will be cold and stipped barren.
    Well there’s still hope, as long as DSAI continues menacing them… Let’s see what turns up on 10/13, shall we?

  46. doubtit says:

    Pak Lah has more than 120 days to change his mind. He will flip flop again.

  47. hardeen says:

    With Pak Lah gone…be prepared to face tyranny…censorship will soon began, the number of ISA’s wil increase, the police will be kings, and we have to say good bye to Soosan’s blog.

    Someone mention TRH. I lauged aloud when remembering the murdered Jalil in Hong Kong and who was there with the bank which gave free money to politicians.

    The turmoils in UMNO can never end because of it’s culture. It is not a relevant party anymore. Will the Pakistani Kutty come back thru the proxy ? Just observe.

    MCA and Gerakan should quit BN. Let any new government take over.

  48. glaize says:

    Right now, I’m wishing Pak Lah won’t resign. M’sia is pretty a-ok in his PM reign. At least he still has a clean record. Sure, there are some problems here and there, now and then but hey, it’s happening everywhere around the world at this moment. Can’t blame it on Pak Lah actually.

    I’m not so keen on having the VPM promoted. Politicians are difficult. But the VPM? Just don’t pass the throne to him, ok? If he’s on the throne, the Mongolian case (or any case tied to his name) will be null. So much for human rights eh?

  49. If Najib ever becomes the P.M. woes will be upon Malaysia for sure.
    He has done nothing in all his political life, except to say, that he will have Chinese blood bathed with his keris when he was handed the political position by his father.
    Has he ever renounced or even apologised for this ?
    That was and still is all he has ever done in all his life, he has done nothing for Malaysia except parking his ill gotten gains in his brother’s bank and in his name.
    How come his wife never swore she is not involved in C4 the Mongolian woman ?
    If and when Najib does become the P.M. will the murder of the Mongolian woman be forgotten or C4 ?

  50. justmy2SEN says:

    good riddance

  51. Fairy says:

    If najib become PM the whole world will laugh at him and he will feel very shy until he dont feel like to leave the country. There will be no respect for him and also to Malaysia in the eyes of the world. Wherever he goes the mongolian ghost is haunting him, he cannot consentrate on his duty. So please najip for your own good please dont be our PM.

  52. ml says:

    kenapaelah paklah ambik RM200 million for him to retire.if he can continue he can get billions.dari bagi big momma baik bagi kat jeanne.i heard big momma beli jam rm7 can make me and my 7 generation tak payah kerja the whole life.but to big momma just nothing.she can make 70 billion wthin 4 investment 0.balik modal within 2 months.what a karma.better to all malaysian pack your suitcase and move to zimbabwe .

  53. Ayoyasami says:

    C4 is what Anwar scores for Political Science hehe

  54. data says:

    Najib got F9 but he thought it was a new type of plane.

  55. jonathan says:

    Ok, we can thank him for giving us more space than the former one allowing us to wake us (from the years of mismanagement and arrogance of BN ) up even though he seems to dooze off most times. He will now be able to Snooze in Privacy. This is not the time for infighting and narrow politics but

    So we hope Pak Lah can convince us finally that he is not a ‘Sudah Kalah Lah’ Apa Boleh Buat, Biar Lah! PM to a ‘Memang Boleh’ PM and we keep our fingers crossed that somnambulism won’t set him to disappoint us?

    One thing for sure is PM didn’t leave behind a Dream Team, more a Dreadful Team! see


  57. Ayoyasami says:

    Pak Lah is truly a GENTLEMAN ! He is unlike Anwar who betrayed his country and then wants to be PM under opposition party PKR aka Pakai Kasut Recon.

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