I see at least a flicker of hope for Raja Petra Kamaruddin who is facing his sedition trial in Petaling Jaya today. The gist of RPK’s trial today, according to Hazlin Hassan @ The STRAITS TIMES:

While the prosecution took its time to establish a prima facie case against the blogger, the defence immediately pointed out a possible hole in their case.

Defence lawyer J. Chandra told the court that a computer forensics report conducted by the police on a computer seized from RPK showed there was no activity to access the Malaysia Today website on April 25, the date he allegedly posted the seditious article on that same website. Government prosecutors will have to convince the judge that they have a case against him. Otherwise she has the option of acquitting him.

But if he is convicted of sedition, he faces up to three years’ imprisonment. Government prosecutors say the hearing will continue at least until Friday and the court will then decide whether to call for the defence.

Way to go! I am praying RPK will have the last laugh!

But I don’t think RPK is anti-government (as The Strait Times label him in their lead), he believes in the monarchy as well as the Parliamentary system. So how can he be anti-government.

RPK is anti-bad politicians, corruption, murder of Mongolian and all women, and anti-ISA, I am sure!

On his dream while in ISA:

“I dream of the day the government will be brought down and we abolish all draconian laws,” he said.

For someone who has to live in a tiny cell that measures roughly three feet by three feet, he was rather cheerful and cracked jokes with his family and friends in court.

“If (opposition leader) Anwar Ibrahim doesn’t form the government and I stay in (under ISA) for (the full sentence of) two years, I’ll come back to haunt him. So he better make sure,” he said when asked by reporters if the opposition would take over soon as it has threatened to.

His spirits are high, I can feel. Yes, hope everyone who can make it will be in court to show RPK how much we care.

Don’t forget to tell him, if you can, how others, who can’t make it to court, loves him too.


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  1. george says:

    I love RPK!!! I love Malaysia!!!

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  3. Eagle says:

    I have a dream that one day all Malaysian are of RPKs’ quality.
    I have a dream that a change in government is a possibility soon.
    I have a dream that Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal Government through Pak Lah good office.
    So many dreams, but will the dreams come thru.
    Sivaji the boss, where are you?!!!.

  4. ahlong says:

    How can a person be imprisoned twice for the same crime. RPK is on trial for sedition right? Then why is he also been held under ISA.

    This goes way beyond any legal system I know. One of the pillars of English legal principles is, a person cannot be charged with the same crime twice!!!

  5. wits0 says:

    Can anyone tell me whether, in layman’s term, there is such a thing as a bad law?

    I gave up commenting at LKS’s blog because it entertained a smart alec commentator(whose feet wasn’t on the ground) who said that there is no such thing as one!

    Much as I respect LKS, there’s no way you can attract inputs by way of comments if gross flippancy is freely allowed just to show how clever one is!

    RPK is the good genie that’s escaped the bottle and no way that spirit for righteousness can be forced back into it. The people shall be vindicated and a dilapidated governance will simply fall.

  6. amanda says:

    At least LKS has shown his face to support RPK. What about Anwar I?

  7. Ahmike.net says:

    RPK is a great hero.

  8. Menyalak-er says:

    This sedition trial is but a side show, which RPK’s team should win. The real problem is his detention under ISA for ‘other reasons’. The power’s that be, are using all incumbent instruments of governance to curtail his ‘needling’.
    In case you forgot, RPK relishes this battle in court so the truth will prevail.
    If anyone thinks that DSAI doesn’t care about RPK, don’t be mistaken. He’s fighting for his own legal & political battles which will determine the future of this nation and his own life!
    Let us not be so immature and trite to cast aspirations about DSAI’s affection for not only RPK & others under ISA.
    The battle lines are drawn, and the protagonists are willing to suffer a little setback, as long as they win the war! Suffering is part of war!
    Who ever said that toppling the incumbent is easy? If it was so, one might as well go back back to delusional fairy tales… This is reality.

  9. wandererAUS says:

    “I have a dream, I saw Botak in the 3×3 cell”
    I pray to GOD, please make my dream come true!

  10. storm62 says:

    i had a beautiful dream last night,

    i saw Syedtan Hamid, Ahmad Ismail & Toyol sharing the same 6 x 8 cell in Pulau Batu Puteh….enjoying the same smell food vomitted out of RPK’s mouth.

    i remember very well that there was a video cam hidden in that cell and i was enjoy “live” at home with all my friends.

    my dreams will normally come true!

  11. Payback Time says:

    RPK is not seditious..has got balls bigger than the moon. Maybe that got Najis and Big Fat Mama jealous. RPK we are holding on for you

  12. SL!

    The Charge against RPK is Sedition.
    Any Charge has 2 fundamental elements: The Physical & The Mental { Actus Reus & Mens Rea }.
    There must be a Complainant who must have lodged a police report{First Information Report}.
    For a Sedition Charge , in Malaysia, there are only two “persons” who can complain: DYMM The King or DYMM The Sultan/s.
    The “experts” who have been/will be testifying at RPK’s Trial are there only to explain the technicalities of Web/Blogging etc{all technical /ict stuff }. None of them can or dare testify to the contents of the article/s.
    Even when Gobind Deo, pumped the first witness, the Prosecution {Ishak } made it clear that all the witnesses were technical/expert witnesses & The Judge thus ruled accordingly.
    This simply means that at the end of the prosecution’s case, there would not have been proof{a little or beyond reasonable doubt} of the contents /substance of the charge.
    There would be no grounds for Defence to be called to rebut the Prosecution – thus case dismissed – under the law.!
    I was in Court and this is a simple analysis & conclusion.
    There is further an colateral effect: If this sedition matter is dismissed/thrown out, there is the other criminal defamation matter, which we know can be thrown out, it simply means that RPK has been found,in the Court of Law, not to be a threat to the Security of The Nation.
    That being so, the Home Minister cannot continue to hold/detain RPK under the ISA S8 Detention Order, as The Minister will be in Contempt of Court.
    So, pls all of us, have faith in our System that’s slowly extricating itself from the muck & the grime of the last 25 years & healing itself.
    Have faith to in our Judges as they gently take us out the quagmire as the Judiciary is our fundamental bastion of our lives.
    Members of the Judiciary & The Legal System are Fellow Human Beings/Malaysians, and the Office that they hold is somewhat heavy.
    To Err is Human , To Forgive is Divine.We the People must have faith in the Judiciary & give them all of our wishes,prayers & positive vibrations so that their task/s will be a little less burdensome!
    And to all of the foreign persons ,writers & bodies,
    Malaysians are not to be taken lightly or looked down upon.
    Our Civilization has been in existence from about 14,000 years ago-more about that later!
    Codspeed,Susan Loone,Godspeed!

  13. the Razzler says:

    Dear Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan

    Hope what you said is true!! There will be hope for RPK!!

  14. amoker says:

    By the way that the sham trial is going, it makes sense why the police uses the ISA instead. It has nothing on RPK for sedition. Looks like the AG and Police is not up to speed on many trials. And when they are not competent, ISA is the answer.

    No to ISA.

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