Altantuya Shariibuu’s dad, Stev, has emailed me his statement (through his lawyer in Mongolia) regarding RPK’s trial and detention under the ISA. The image above is his own handwriting.  The translation copy I receive in his mail says:

I understand, Mr. Raja Petra has good personal character and has a good reputation and runs humanitarian activity.

I understand that the below issues were directly connected with murder case of my daughter:

– Who did arrange visa issue for my daughter while she visited in French?
– Who was attending in the trip to French and what did they do?

If it could make clear those issues, they would understand every thing. Why is there so much force and influence in the case? Because there was a serious issue. Thus they destroyed my daughter.

Unfortunately, they pressed down Mr.Raja Petra’s statement. I think this issue needs to get attention from international human right organizations.

He (RPK) shouldn’t be a victim of politic for justice. It would be justice if they release Mr.Raja Petra.

As we are, all Mongolian worry for him and his justice, we lack of information on truth and situation.


Mongolian citizen:Shaariibuu Setev

I am also sending this information to my friends in the media and bloggers. Hope this letter can be distributed for RPK’s sake.

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  1. Rashid says:

    Her killers will be killed; Karma will strike sooner than later bcoz it is written.

  2. monsterball says:

    At last..the mongolian father speaks up.
    At least …we all know know…..what he thinks of RPK.
    And his two questions…seems to indicate…he agrees with RPK…all along….but have no tangible proofs….as his late daughter’s file…..on visa..all vanished from our Immigration Dept….yet our government is not interested to get to the bottom of it all.
    So the kangaroo trial goes on and on….and we know…what will be the out come….don’t we?
    RPK can feel proud…his sacrifices are appreciate by Atlantayu’s father.

  3. ahlong says:

    I wish they don’t talk in riddles? Who arranged her visa? And who was in France at that time? Steve why don’t you tell us instead of leaving us guessing. Surely, some lawyer can subpeona the French authorities for that information to back up your claims.

    Surely, someone can ask for a copy of the visa application form. Surely, we can supply them with two Malaysian names and ask if they were in France during the same time.

    I do not know French law but under English law, one can go to court and if you can satisfy the court get a subpeona to examine such documents.

    What is the Mongolian government doing? Have they tried to get such information from the French? Aren’t the French a signatory to Interpol? Or maybe Mongolia is not. BUT surely, if the Malaysian authorities want justice to prevail they can ask Interpol. Malaysia is a signatory.

    Surely if Najib is interested in clearing his name once and for all he can request that information and cast away any doubts over his good name.

    Or maybe he is as guilty as hell !!!

  4. danet7882 says:

    this trial is just like “main masak-masak”.. so many doubts and yet our authority seems like ‘stupid fools’ handling such case.. Pak Lah, PDRM, Imigresen, Botak(syed hamid) doesn’t seems to bother about the truth.. Why records gone missing?? no one seems to bother!!

    All these goons care only to implement ISA on the one who seeks the truth..


  5. Eagle says:

    Do people still want the no 2 guy to take over the Premiership?
    Will Pak Lah makes a political blunder tomorrow?
    The nation awaits from a man who will either be a hero or a villain or someone who mean what he says and a true Hadhari and GOD fearing.
    I believe he has the answer by now.The man to watch for the next 24 hours. So here comes next change!!!. IN GOD WE TRUST!!!

  6. […] translated version of what Altantuya’s father Shariibuu Setev, has to say, as highlighted in Susan Loone’s blog: I understand, Mr. Raja Petra has good personal character and has a good reputation and runs […]

  7. Vejay Chin says:

    What else u expect in a Kangaroo court, other than kangaroo justice……….

  8. LHHeng says:

    This is great news. Someone please dig real deep into this visa application issues. And broadcast to the whole world on this poor mongolian woman brutal murder.
    Deleting immigration records are very very serious offence. Only the No1 and No.2 man in governemnt can handle this.
    Some thing is real wrong here.
    The way this case is carried out clearly demonstrates the mockery of our judiciary to the whole world.

  9. amanda says:

    Hope that this news goes internationally. Someone who have connection to any democratic government, please help.

  10. HING says:

    Thanks to Lim K.S for his brave talk!!
    NAJIB sucks!! & Malaysia Government mostly fucked!!
    This NAJIB bastard guy just escape from the punishment!!

    Try to think, if any normal status people done this, those policeman & government sure will take action immediately!!
    Long time case closed & being judged “Death”!!!!!

    I’m getting really mad & sick with all these ISA & nowadays government!! I hope RPK will get released, & Anwar will take over & form a new government SOON!!!

    Don’t Stop the peace campaign for “R P K” !!!
    & together we grab our hands to pretest against ISA & stupid ass-hole bastard Najib & fellow government!!!


    I AM SO PROUD OF U, R.P.K !!!

  11. batu ferringhi says:

    A picture paints a thousand words… someone, get that 1 elusive picture, habis cerita!

  12. HING says:

    I’m getting really mad & sick with all these ISA & nowadays government!! I hope RPK will get released, & Anwar will take over & form a new government SOON!!!

    Don’t Stop the peace campaign for “R P K” !!!
    & together we grab our hands to pretest against ISA & stupid ass-hole bastard Najib & fellow government!!!


    I AM SO PROUD OF U, R.P.K !!!

  13. Edwin Ng Say Joo says:

    Dear Susan,

    Najib was the Minister of Defence when he visited France and parts of Europe.

    France and the other countries he visited would have provided some level of intelligence protection ( official undercover protection ) and who he is with and wherever he goes to shop or to dine….he would be watched at a distance by the countries intelligence undercover.

    I know because I was a member of a team which was supposed to supply the Russian Kilo Class Submarines to the Navy. I had then quite frequently travelled with HRH the Sultan of Selangor – The late Yang di Pertuan Agong.

    You need help from various embassies as well as our Foreign Affairs people to provide the information.

    There will be video and photograhs recording these visits.
    Who is having them or keeping them….that is the question.

    I know more than two bits about supplying submarines to the malaysian Government.

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  15. wandererAUS says:

    It is very comforting that decent Malaysians are in sympathy with Altantuya’s family and want justice to be done…the barrier blocking this fair outcome is the people in authority. We shall not be denied, we shall continue with our drive to seek a true verdict and put the culprit/s to hell!
    Altantuya’s soul can rest in peace and let her ghost forever haunts these evil murderer/s.

  16. Anne says:

    Rest in Peace, Altantuya, the Truth will prevail some day

    May God Forgive the Guilty

  17. storm62 says:

    Najis visit to France with Altantuya will be deleted in exchange to purchase the Subs.

    since Pak lah has taken over the MOD, he is the only one who can query the French supllier of the Subs on Najis’s visit.

    so Pak Lah have got his handfull of Najis balls.

    Najis won’t be the next PM, Pak Lah will stay thats what i think.

    thank you Mongolians for this letter.

  18. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    The truth will surface but is it time?

    Imagine the information in the hands of the powerful countries. What will Malaysia become if the guility comes into power and is continually being milked by them?

    Scary but it is the reality of life.

    Tomorrow ParkLah will say he will stand for election come December or March and will carry on as PM. There is nothing Lajis will do! That is also reality in Malaysia.

    If you want to be righteous stay righteous. It is not easy in politics. Everything is a compromise. They have been at it for the last 50 years. It will continue for another 50 unless the Raayat sees the light!

    Pete is the light and salt for us to see and taste. We all can be light and salt, we must try.

  19. jrajster says:

    Perhaps RPK’s defence should call Mr.Sharibu to be one of the witness as I’m sure RPK must have received a lot of information privy to Mr.Sharibu himself.

  20. nurul hani says:

    Go ahead and get the Foreign Embassies help!!! Please do it!! Get the French embassies and Mongolian embassies and every foreign destinations they went to together. Subpoena or whatever the law require so long as can get the evidence and send Najis and culprits to hell forever!

  21. syed zalil says:

    The making of a New Prime Minister is on the forth front in Malaysia.Najib is so TINTED yet some want to honour him as the PM in waiting.2 SD was make public.The person who make this SD hasss disapeared from Malaysia.This poor give her life and the true is never from TIME>.
    PRK is not that silly to put his head on the choping board and face ISA.
    To get the true out of the BOX we the Malaysian need a change in GOVT for the current GOVT will not lift its finger for the true.

  22. tshock says:

    Abdullah will announce that he will stand for re-election period.

  23. Payback Time says:

    How can this murder case be persecuted in Malaysia when the victim which is a foreigner doesn’t has her entry data recorded by our imigration? If indeed this case need to be proceed than our PDRM should first investigate how and who are those people involve in deleting her entry record in our bolehland. Why the PDRM is silent on this matter? Some very powerfull people behind? Everyone of us is suspicios and guessing

  24. When there are linked cases
    There’ll be more solid bases
    With some familiar public faces
    Struggling to escape the mazes

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 081008
    Wed. 8th Oct. 2008.

  25. Rustypin says:

    We thank you Mr. Shaaribu Setev, you’ve opened our eyes, we now know what kind of person your daughter’s murderer is, as a father of my daughters I will beg God to deliver justice on your dauhter’s murderer,and as much as I believe in God, I believe he will not reach the position which he so covets! God IS Great.

  26. […] tersebut dikirimkan olehnya kepada penulis blog Susan Loone yang ditulis dengan tulisan tangannya sendiri. Terjemahan dalam Bahasa Inggeris surat tersebut […]

  27. Coolandy says:

    Maybe we should engage a BBC investigative reporter to do some research on this issue.

    Najib & the Mongolian issues will not go away before a serious investigation is conducted.

    Free RPK!

  28. Scared to death says:

    If all these accusations are true, the most terrifying thought for all Malaysians is, this monster will be our PM soon.

  29. dewarrior says:

    Hi Susan!

    Just would like to give a bit clearer understanding

    2nd sentence from the last as ” He ( RPK) can’t be victimized as a prisoner of the politics by revealing the truth”.

    Thank you.

  30. sikapitan says:

    Hey Susan,

    Perhaps we should consider the possibility that both sides have something to hide?

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  32. Fanglam says:

    Perhaps the Singapore immigration may have the visit documents of Aminah and DPM during the Diamond exhibition there as well as the hotel they are staying.

  33. ken destino says:

    Just get to the bottom of the case. The people are not stupid. Why must all these facts be hidden from public. Go for the right catch once and for all instead of wasting the court’s time. Bala, immigration record, visa, commision, the shooting, xplosives, etc…. Bring them all out for the sake of JUSTICE.

  34. daryl says:

    Sad to say Malaysian PDRM is not able to push to answer all the questions that someone like “dad” posted on the letter. Sad isn’t it if you ask me but police failed to do their job but this won’t be the first or the last as long as BN is still in power. But, PDRM can put people in ISA at any time, any day, anyone that is against them.

  35. LHHeng says:

    Not able to post my comment on your block. plse help

  36. .... says:

    Knew someone from the French intelligence, a long-term friend, knew him for over 30 years.

    At the beginning of the C4 trial, I was in Belgium. Met him one evening, offhandedly he said (and I paraphrase) the following …

    “They got the wrong people”

    Tried to dig further, my friend just smiled, and told me ….

    “That guy would be your premier one day”

    Now people, I can’t say that that guy is telling the 100% truth, but on the other hand, obviously he knew something.

    Oh well ….

  37. grandma says:

    Come on Malaysia government, please be fair to Altantuya’s and her family.the case had been dragging for too long,Get the murderer and hang him and close the case.

  38. Nudibranch says:

    If Malaysian PDRM is not checking on Najib & Atlantuya cannot DSAI with his connection approach the French and Singapore embassy for help. Surely if the Turkish embassy can give him refuge, other embassies can help too.

    If it’s proven that Najib knows Atlantuya I’m very sure 2 thing will happen.
    1. Najib will not be PM
    2. RPK will be released

  39. jiranpp says:

    go ahead dr. shaaribuu setev bring this case to the international court of justice. gather more evidence 4 the next on slaught.justice 4 ur daughter.the guilt and evil must pay 4 it.MAY GOD BLESS U & FAMILY.

  40. hast says:




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  42. Rustypin says:

    can any one of us still believe that the IGP is god-fearing? can we still trust this man who is going to be the PM?, can we still depend on the ARMY to be truthful? can we still expect BN to lift this nation from out of the doldrums? AS PARENTS CAN WE GUARANTEE A SAFE FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN AT ALL??? even today my daughter’s hand bag was snatched? where are all these people leading this nation to? I think even Vietnam is much safer than our cities!!

  43. Meyalak-er says:

    I truly sympathize with Mr. Setev. He’s certainly no run-of-the-mill citizen of Mongolia but an academician and intellectual. What he see’s here is the mockery of law of natural justice. Although his questions here are rhetorical, he is aware of the implications of “pushing the limit” of what he can say, lest it complicates matters for RPK.
    The festering state of our nation is laid bare to the world with the RPK’s unjust incarceration under ISA.
    Mr Setev’s view of RPK being a “political prisoner of conscience” is most apt.
    Lest we forget – we must pray for him and his family, as well as RPK.

  44. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Waaa, very nice handwriting la. Just an observation.

    Ah well, back to krazy…

  45. Nick says:

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