What does Koh, Zaid and the PM’s hari raya open house have in common?

Nothing, except they all have something to do with “quitting”.

Koh Tsu Koon should create history and take GERAKAN out of BN and part ways with UMNO, now that he is GERAKAN president, or before the party is kicked out by UMNO anyway.

Zaid Ibrahim should quit UMNO as the ISA arrest on RPK was a slap on Zaid’s face anyway, rendering him a useless Law Minister. What else is there to mull?

HINDRAF boycotted Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s open house in Kepala Batas on Saturday for ‘security reasons’ and yet, thousand flocked there, some as early as 8.30am, just to get a glimpse of the PM and his wife, who wore matching traditional Malay costumes. The array of food was the main attraction.

I want to ask who’s paying for the food and drinks of those thousands?

But I also want to know if this is Abdullah’s last hari raya duo as PM?


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  2. Rashid says:

    It is me and you who are footing his Hari Raya food. Who else? You think it is part of his son’s commissions? Huh.

  3. Erotomania says:

    Who’s paying for the food? There’s an allocation by the Govt for these kind of events, so I was informed. It’s not from Pak Lah’s own pocket.

    Talking about taxpayers’ money, I’m compelled to say here that we tend to complain about taxpayers’ money being used for lavish govt spending, right? However when PR MPs spend lavishly, no one says anything about taxpayers’ money being used. Where is the source of these MPs income if its not from you, me and millions of other hard-working rakyat?

    It could be his last Raya as PM.

  4. Johnny Cheah says:


  5. Bentoh says:

    LOL, didn’t you hear Kwang Chye said, No quitting agenda for the upcoming NDC?

    I don’t think Koh Tsu Koon has balls to do so…~~

  6. wandererAUS says:

    Most definitely by the taxpayers. Afterall, they can easily cook the books…UMNO most talent field.
    Wonder if they charged for appearance fees!

  7. ernest cheah says:


    This KTK is a very selfish highly educated politician in Penang. After 18 years of telling people what to do, he doesnt know what to do now, he is still stunt.

    The penang Hokkien say,( a bird in the hand if you press might kill it but if let go might fly away)

    Just dont waste your time………..

  8. BadEgg4BeeEND says:

    Not sure whether any abolone , shark fin on BN tables during the open house at PWTC . …

    Open house is good for tourist .. so I have no objection just make sure it tranparent to show us how much it spend on the open house ..

    The food does not need to be so good .. cakes and kuih muih will do ..

  9. billauchris says:

    The ISA is not in vogue with the masses anymore. Besides, it is not in sync with modern times when people are more literate, rational and discerning about their rights as enshrined in the consitution of the country. They cannot see nor tolerate injustice being meted out to innocent people.

    Any leader who is imbued with moral courage cannot stomach nor accept such draconian legislation being applied to the common people who do not pose or perceived as threats to the national security.

    No wonder, Senator Zaid Ibrahim resigned as the de facto Minister for Law. For what you did; that is, resigning from UMNO, the masses regard your act an a highly moral feat anf for which, they salute you and will always remember you as a fair, principled and just man who means what he says and will never bury his head in the sand in the face of rising problem contiguous on injustice.

    SAPP had withdrawn from BN while UPKO, according to the press, recently threatened to pull out from BN if the citizenship of one of the Sabahan Bumiputras is not restored.

    If I may opine, all the BN component parties are wasting their time in BN. Look at PPP, MIC, Gerakan etc. their membership in BN is becoming a pain in UMNO’s neck. All these three parties had witnessed and experienced their glorious past and let us see what has happened to them after the past three decades. The influence has been weakened and their leaders’ barking voice is inaudible to the authoriites.

    So, what the hell are you still waiting for? Afraid of losing face and public criticism? Let me tell you this, in politics, if you cannot serve the masses effectively, then you must realise that it is time for you to move on and forward to establish new grounds, means and directions. You have to come out of BN and fight for the masses on a multi-racial platform. Your party’s constitution shall need to be amended to accommodate membership of other races. Unless you do that and fast, your party is doomed to decimation in no time.

    Component parties, make up your mind. Time is the essence.

  10. Eagle has landed says:

    Many moons we have been talking about all those BN fellas, but they just ignore us and continue to rule as though nothing happen.
    Don’t you guys out there feel something?There is this word fit to describe them-‘muka tembok’. Look at PM face, he makes dono and ‘selamba rock’ together with his wife wishing Malaysian Hari Raya. And look at DPM, no wife, showing his innocent face, wishing the rakyat Hapi Raya. It can only happen in Malaysia that you don’t have to worry, no matter how loud is the voice of the rakyat protesting as long as you hold the power just bulldoze thru and anybody talk much send them to Kamunting for holiday. Comm’n people.!!!!!!

  11. colimac says:

    all of you are asking who is paying for the bill?.its a very myopic view taking into view the billions that we hav lost on corruptionafter the release of RPK(hope so) the net agenda should be to expose corrupton like MUKHRIZ& najib”brother who is valued at US100 million.what a shocking revealation.

  12. monsterball says:

    Koh Tsu Koon said 65% Gerakan members want to pull out of BN…yet he stayed on…with his cunning 4 questions.
    I suspect..he will try his utmost best …to stay on..in BN….as that’s his only hope..to be somebody.
    Outside…he is nobody!!
    He is praying very hard…..UMNO will rise again…or else ….his days are numbered…as a politician…as well as a free man.
    More and more Gerakan will resign….sooner or later.
    Zaid Ibrahim is a man of principles.
    He can walk tall…all his life!
    S.Times said..100,000 went to Dollah’s open house….Hari Raya party. Star said.”few thousands”…bla bla bla.
    S.Times has a photo…showing close up…few shaking hands with Dollah. Start….no photo.
    You see….if S.Times was truthful…..they will have a huge huge front page photo….showing the 100,000 people!!!!
    Such is the low class ….report of S.Times.
    Yes….that will be the last public handshakes for Dollah.

  13. monsterball says:

    Where is my message? Gone to dustbin?

  14. imwatchinu says:

    Fat chance that they foot the bill thenselves. It’s all paid by Ali, Ah Chong and Mutu like us. That’s why I said go and attend and bring with you your Tupper wares and plastic bags for ta-pau as well. Remember now, you can only do it once a year.

  15. JOHJ says:

    You guys dont know yet?, cmon men all the time sponsored by big time towkays for the past 50 yrs. Who else?

  16. wandererAUS says:


    Big time towkays don’t pay for nothing. They get all the ‘fat’ contracts and etc with inflated prices. So it is back to square,
    the taxpayers are still the suckers!
    The bottom line is, don’t expect these undignified hosts to pay. Stay away, why pay top price (tax money) to get hawkers’ foods?

  17. 104East says:

    count you KLites lucky. You could at least get some of your tax contribution back by eating as much as you can and may be do some ta pau. Those oustside KL esp. those from east msia dont even have a chance. damn.

  18. Volcano says:

    This is what UNMO’s NEP. They got the big commissions and you guys got to struggle and fall in line to have your share. And don’t say that you didn’t benefit from or have a share on those big commisions.
    And Of course unknown to all of us we all got to foot the bills. Yes all of you, including those who didn’t turn up. It’s a pretty good guessed. Unless of course the Auditor General confirm that it is not paid by taxpayers fund. But then he can’t comment now not until he sees the accounts next year after the bills is paid.
    If not Probably will be paid out from the slush fund reserve. Billions there..each of you who attended will cost all of us 1,000 per head? I guessed. Too low? OK I am trying to be conservative here.
    I reckon that the PM will say…What too much? you all must be kidding…You guys wants me to retire right? Without cash in my pocket how to retire. I will retire only when I want to retire..There is a no pressure from anyone……In this country all must be equal but I want to be more equal than Najb. I am only 5 years as PM mana cukup? I ada keluarga saya, anak saya..son in law…cucu…to feed.
    All of you must be reasonable la…..this is a democratic country..I am elected with a majority…I am still the leader how can you guys be so heartless, undemocratic…”

  19. jiranpp says:

    both tansri koh & dato zaid r role model leaders of m`sia. they r fine leaders 4 a future m`sia. but the problems is that m`sian politics r still not ready to accept this type of leaders. i 4 one has never been to any of these leaders open houses. to the tourist i have no objections,but not to the general public. it should be treated 4 those hardcore poors & unfortunate

  20. Hi..

    No lah.. i know who’s pay for all food serve there..all his dumbest cronies and proxies…my friend’s father-in-law was one of dumbest cronies to paid becoz…before this,when pak lah 2nd wedding ceremony, this cronies was the dumbest one in the world gave rm30k to pak lah as wedding present….hahahahaha..bodoh punya olang..bagi kat aku pun baguihh…” Sungggoohhhhh…!!!!”

  21. PAK BENGGAP LAH says:

    Tsu Koon is no gutsy like SAPP President Yong Tek Lee. Tsu Koon will only talk talk and talk only; typical of ‘mou-yoong’ leader. Pity the 60% Gerakan members gotten another daft and dumb malaysian for its Leader.

  22. amoker says:

    Yeah, and government ask us to berjimat cermat. State sponsored gluttony.

  23. Menyalak-er says:

    jiranpp (13), surely you don’t mean tansri koh as a role model leaders for our leaders. He has the principles of a mole, spineless one at that. Apt verse to describe him – tumbling in the wind!
    Zaid on the other hand is principled and his root is deep…
    Btw fellas, the PM’s Dept. has a pretty big allocation for this type of hoo-ha, to give the ‘position’ a larger than life profile as in all goverments.
    Yes it’s our tax money – now you know why we are also running into negative fiscal policy… they are trying to prop-up an image that’s irrecoverable!

  24. wits0 says:

    Irrecoverable and irredeemable! Zaid should junk his membership because he should have realized this fact as well. Lay the ghost of “reform from within” to rest and exorcise that crap from himself completely. This is unavoidable.

  25. veryupset says:

    Of course they use tax payers money to feed the tax payers…!

    We don’t know how much the open house was..! Do we???

    Why do these goons always,always HAVE to use our money for their enjoyment…?
    They are already earning such high salaries & plus plus…!

    That’s why i NEVER go these open houses. EVER…!

    No matter what we write & blog everyday, these people with the powers to be just don’t seem to care still. Yah…???

    They are just busy fighting for positions & powers. Once they get what they want….. err.. the rakyat will be looked into eventually !

    DSAI better bring Malaysia back to the glory days……….

  26. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… veryupset (18), DSAI’s ‘open houses’ will be much, much bigger.
    Say what, instead of using gomen money on this, can we suggest to DSAI that we do a halal ‘pot-luck’?
    I must admit to having attended some of the gomen ministries and agencies do’s, but never ‘buka rumahs’, bum that i am.
    Wah… mega luxury, but the food – everythings fried! Just like their organizers.

  27. matt says:

    What makes you think the new pr govt won’t do the same,this form of cancer is so wide spread,don’t know if there will be any remedy.

  28. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    The lavish spread comes either directly or indirectly from all of us.

    If through govt allocations, it’s taxpayers’ money.

    Even if sponsored, the funds that the sponsors dished out are from outrageous profits from lob-sided terms in contracts, of which many are through direct negotiations! All these about know-who ‘entrepreneurs’. These ‘obscene’ and immoral profits/commissions are also from taxpayers’ money!

  29. Alfadz says:

    Mengadakan rumah terbuka dengan dihadiri puluhan ribu orang tak jadi masaalah kepada pak pak menteri kerana fulus yang dibelanjakan bukanlah dari poket sendiri, yang masaalahnya ialah kita yang nak mengadakan open house semua kena belanja sendiri.

  30. Monsopiad @ Kulindod says:

    Tradisi mengadakan rumah terbuka adalah amalan yang baik. Yang tak baik dan memalukan orang yang mengadakannya pabila menggunakan wang rakyat. Sudahlah gaji tinggi dan commission, salah gunakan wang rakyat pulak. BERKATKAH RAYA SEDEMIKIAN?….

  31. allanlee says:

    I just watched the ‘What U say’ chinese forum in RTM2 at 7-8pm.

    The topic is something like ‘Where should Gerakan heading NOW…’ . Tan Sri Koh is one of the three speakers.


    From start till end, he was trying hard to justify the above.
    No, Koh will not get Gerakan out of BN.

    I still beleave his heart is always with the BN.

  32. GOGETALIFE says:

    Malaysians’ duit la who else. If any PM would foot the bill for this open house, surely there won’t be any open house to the rakyat but only restricted to his family members & relatives.

    This is called “Malaysian Boleh.”

  33. Rights for all says:

    During the “What You Say” on RTM2, KTK was very evasive on the question of leaving BN. Gerakan or rather KTK has nothing more to lose. He will have Gerakan stick with BN hoping Najib can do wonders once he’s PM. KTK has no choice as his balls is being locked up by Umno goons.

  34. wits0 says:

    “Still, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.”


    All that’s sh*t that Jostling sees fit to fudge!

  35. Menyalak-er says:

    Sdr. Alfadz & Monsopiad (29&30), memang betul alasan u.
    Kalau menteri menadakan rumah terbuka tanpa membazirkan wang rakyat dan terpakai wang sendiri – maka se biji ketupat pun tidak akan di jempui…
    Bila kah mereka mengingati kami semua? Masa pilihan raya, 5 thn sekali! Wang itu dari mana pula?

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, wits (34) – you’re right, i think that Jostling got her verbiage & fudging skewed! Its much more accurate to say: “Still, when you hit rock bottom, the only thing that happens is being splattered!”
    See the quality of education nowadays – simple gravitational laws oso dunno! Who ever said that molluscs can bounce?
    G’kan under kohoctupus won’t leave lah – his party will remain with the Captain and 1st and 2nd Lt. as its only members… Going ‘national’ is an acronym for imminent demise.

  37. whispering9 says:

    “Still, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.”

    Hi wits0,

    I saw her article today too; more precisely what you quoted. It really got me thinking.

    I once had the opportunity to listen to Chinese Laureate CN Yang. What he said that day didn’t go down well with many of us. He said “When you hit the rock bottom, the only way to go is OUT.” He was actually trying to dissuade some of us who are not cut out to be physicians to pursue some other courses. Those days, due to the education policy, most 6 formers can only opt for science courses. He was harsh but he was right. Most of the time, we comforted ourselves by saying that after the worst, better days will come. Most of the times, better times doesn’t happen; so the only way and solution is OUT. It is a better reality than misleading yourself that after rock bottom, up is next and then stay rock bottom for the rest of your life. Good medicine is usually bitter.

  38. wits0 says:

    W9, it’s a worse thing to consciously mislead others as well.

    It appears that though truthful journalism hardly brings enrichment under this evil climate that Bolehland is encased in presently and for a long time, these lying scribes(she and WCW, for e.g.) actually don’t care a damn as long as they can feather their comfortable ivory towers.

    Furthermore , they act like the one eyed man/woman in the kingdom of the blind and pontificates(spins) like there’s no tomorrow or that everyone of their peers are so dumb as not to perceive through their cheap sycophantic fakery called “journalism” here. She always write like she can do a raising of Lazarus for the dead. Such ‘positive thinking’ that presumes that the System is divinely ordained and so wonderful that there can be no other.

    All the classic jellyfish cases of which Ah Koon is an outstanding example. This has been the only accepted in-thing ; be “kuai, kuai”, and you may make it big time up the social ladder.

  39. . says:

    The camelface showed up in a call-in program (in Mandarin) on TV2 last night.

    For the entire hour, the camelface did his usual stuff — he lied, Lied and LIED SO MORE !

    Near the end of the program, two other panelists pressed him for a definite answer to whether or not Gerakan would leave BN, and if so, when …

    Camelface responded by saying — we will analyze, and analyze, and analyze some more.

    Followed by the closing music, credit rolled, and screen faded.

    Such is the performance of the camelface.

  40. LHHeng says:


  41. LHHeng says:

    How come wen I type with longer text, I cannot post??

  42. LHHeng says:

    As I have said, Gerakan has TWO options.
    One is to quit BN immediately as an Independent and the other is to consider joining PKR to fight these racialistic, arrogant, corrupted people running the government.
    Otherwise , Gerakan is as good as gone. That is a fact.

    As for Zaid, he is a great man. I have great respect for him. And I believe he knows how to handle his affairs during this period of political instability. Wish him the best.

    Susan, you are doing a great service to the rakyat in your blog. Please keep it up. I really appreciate your sacrifices even though you have a tremendrous amount of personal things to take care of.
    Bless you!!

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