Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was given a teddy bear and a Hari Raya card by six-year-old W. Vwaishhnavi, the daughter of Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) chairman P. Waythamoorthy at the recent Hari Raya open house at PWTC.

So what commotion are we talking about? Can a group who wish to present the PM with a ‘teddy bear’ and ‘raya card’ by a ‘six year old’ wish to cause a commotion?

It does not gel. Does asking for ISA detainees to be release amount to causing a commotion? Hmm…some might think so. But I don’t.

Haris Ibrahim of People’s Parliament was there as well. He has his own account here “Harta ISA @ PWTC“. I don’t read him complaining about a commotion.

Perhaps STAR reporters were in another world?

Hindraf commotion at govt’s Raya open house by JANE RITIKOS, TEH ENG HOCK, LISA GOH and LESTER KONG.

Another person who lives in another world is my ex-friend Azalina Othman (Tourism minister). She says that HINDRAF could send a memorandum on Oct 13 when Parliament convene.

Do you think they could do that? Then let me refresh her memory: “160 held after illegal rose rally“:

Police detained 160 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters who took part in its “rose” campaign near the Dataran Merdeka area here yesterday morning.

The Hindraf supporters with children holding roses had planned to gather outside the Parliament building and the leaders wanted to hand over a memorandum on improving the lot of the Indian community.

So what is Azalina talking about?

Read The STAR’s out of this world Oct 1 report:

Some 160 Hindraf supporters visited the annual Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house hosted by the Prime Minister and other Muslim Cabinet ministers, causing a short but loud commotion in the process.

Together with their children, some met with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was given a teddy bear and a Hari Raya card by six-year-old W. Vwaishhnavi, the daughter of Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) chairman P. Waythamoorthy.

Waythamoorthy’s wife K. Shanti said the card contained a message asking Abdullah to release Hindraf Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees.

Waythamoorthy has been living in London since last December after his colleagues M. Manoharan, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabatirau, R. Kenghadharan and K. Vasanthakumar were detained under the ISA for organising a protest rally in November, 2007.

“Our message is that we want our heroes released. It is an open house and we can come as we want. During Hari Raya, you are supposed to ask for forgiveness.

“So we forgive Umno’s sins against the Indian community. We just want the detainees released,” said Shanti.

Clad in orange T-shirts, the supporters gathered outside the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) around 11am on Wednesday and joined the public queue at noon.

After about an hour, they were ushered into one of the dining halls but did not get to meet Abdullah.

“We are not here for the food and drinks. We want to pass a message to the Prime Minister,” said Shanti.

Undeterred, they exited and re-entered via the entry meant for VIPs, causing a loud commotion as security personnel tried to restrict them.

After 10 minutes, a compromise was reached and the group was allowed to join the public queue to greet the Prime Minister. They waited patiently and managed to pass the teddy bear and card to Abdullah at about 2pm.

Several Cabinet Ministers disapproved of the timing of the memorandum, saying that a Hari Raya open house was the wrong platform for it.

“This is not the time, this is not the correct venue. They can come to wish Selamat Hari Raya and shake hands, but the rest of it, different time, and different date.

“If they come in peace and harmony there shouldn’t be any problems,” said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said Hindraf members should have known their limits and not turn up at an open house “like this”.

“There are platforms for you to make your submission. This is not the proper way of doing things. I mean, it’s a Raya do. Today is Hari Raya, it’s got nothing to do with memorandums.

“This shouldn’t have happened like this, especially during this festive season, whether it’s Hari Raya, Christmas, Deepavali or Chinese New Year,” he said.

Tourism Minister Datuk Azalina Othman said such behaviour would reflect poorly on Malaysia’s image to tourists.

“If you are here as a guest, then behave as one. Parliament will convene on Oct 13. They can do so (submit their memorandum) then,” she said.


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  2. Jed Yoong says:

    All the Star top editors on leave? WCW is in NYC rubbing shoulders with Clinton.
    Dun mock Pak Lah + Star-lah 😉
    Roses and teddy bears can be scary….
    Din you watch Carrie and Child’s Play…GrRrrRRrrr
    Nanti kena pukau, got some Voodooo maybe..
    Soli-lah, strain, non-stop political action since erm…last March/April?

  3. Jed Yoong says:

    Oh nice new look, I like this one. 😉 Kee Kee.

  4. host says:

    Star is anti indian, pro ISA, pro MCA and Wong Chun Wai should be whipped. Indian newsvendors should boycott Star.

  5. Musa susah says:

    All the Ministers who were present and disapproved of a child presenting the memorandum to the PM are shit eaters. Do you think the child or the peaceful group could ever get near to the Parliament house to do this? Saw what they did to Anwar Ibrahim when he actually did not even plan to go to Parliament house? It was like a war zone around the Parliament house like the whole country was about to be invaded by the enemies or Aliens.
    If the Umno ministers were in the position of the Hindraf group they would have resorted to violent action to meet the PM. We know the Umno members’ mentality – even though many of you have strings of University degrees. This is called KIASU MENTALITY. Worse than the Singaporean ruling party.

  6. Mustafa says:


    Yeah, a bed of roses can cause political instability to a country that is said to be strong in its fundamentals. 🙂

    Nice makeover. So Sue-thing!

  7. The mission is considered partly finished
    When handing over of gift is accomplished
    There are still five inside to be nourished
    While waiting for justice to fully flourish

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 031008
    Fri. 3rd Oct. 2008.

  8. JOHN B says:

    Huh!! All this complaints of the unfairness shown by these supposedly adults, the immaturity and idiosyncrocies of our political incumbents avails to nothing. You can only take a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. Well, we can’t expect them to behave any better. That’s all they have in their heads and hearts. They can’t give that which they don’t have in their character. Its not UMNO thats the problem, its the people who lead UMNO who are the biggest threat to national security. So what can we do. Trust in the Almighty. HE knows better what the people are thirsting for than this motley crew of corrupted, self-centred and selfish blokes. I doubt they understand the real meaning of Raya and forgiveness. They only know how to live out a live of facades.

    Prof JOHN B

  9. Wanadoo says:

    Crude oil is US$93.50….how much are we subsidy BN gomen

  10. amoker says:

    All 3 who comment are those normal bigots who are pro Ketuananan . I do pity these people who have no avenue but to crash on a party to submit a memo. If the 3 ministers say that there are other avenue, am sure that Hindraff have tried and ‘ushered into another room’.

  11. wandererAUS says:

    All these muslim Ministers including the top two, dressed in their best and pretending to be rakyat friendly, the true faces of these goons were revealed, when confronted by a ‘baby warrior’ of justice…just offering flowers and a well wishes card to the PM!! Malaysia Boleh…hahaha
    I was told, the coward Botak Hamid was missing, possibly hiding in the toilet. Tourism Minister, what bad image have these true Malaysians created. Look yourself in the mirror before opening your tiny mouth. Locking up innocent citizens under ISA creates a good image for Malaysia. As for the other b*lls carrying Ministers, they have no ability to a constructive debate, only understand sign language…pooorah!
    As for the star lapdogs, be ready to go for a refresher course in professional journalism, when PK takes over the govt.
    Well done to all my Freedom fighters, you were brilliant!

  12. ciltra says:

    Hi guys!You know there is a saying,If you don’t use it,You loose it!!! You have eyes and you dont see.You have a brain and you dont use it.That goes for the big guys at PWTC.As for the journalists,They have a hand to write and they dont use it,they will loose it.the activists didnt bring my child or your child.They brought the detainees child.Isnt that appropriate.The noise is like there were hundreds of children.How can the child be traumatised(commented by someone).When we deem it fit to lock up her father ,she has to do the begging for the release of her dad,lah.Let her learn early in life that her bread doesnt get buttered on both sides.This child will grow up strong mentally.Its the big guys who behaved badly infront of her who will have sleepless nights.Kudos to the bloggers and the Hindrafs.Behind the smile were some very pucat faces!!!!!!You guys made them all shit bricks,lah.

  13. whispering9 says:

    At least The Star is not spinning that 200,000 guests visited PL open house. It reported only tens of thousand visited. After Olympic 2008, most people can estimate how many is 200,000 guests. The whole of the Bird Nest Stadium held much less than 100,000 people during opening night. But they did report that food was prepared for 200,000 people. I think just a portion of it can go into feeding all our detainees for a year adequately. Who foot for the open house food bill? The Tax Payers?

  14. monsterball says:

    When a person have a strong guilty conscience….in front he sees an enemy….and feels …he is being followed by enemies a the back.
    That gift of a teddy bear .. and greeting card…by a 6 year old child…is a sucide bomber to that guilty person!!
    He will have nightmares.
    Hundreds are with T-Shirts….saying ..”I am with RPK”…
    “Free RPK”….no laughing matters.
    Just watch the faces of those wearing the T-shirts. Are they laughing?
    Yet..Dollah put out such a low class big laughing…..acting….like those went there to have fun with him.
    They went to pay respect and and a clear serious message to Dollah.
    No wonder…..UMNO wants him out as PM……soonest possible.
    He is a scapegoat. ..chosen by UMNO. He asked for it….as he was…trying to be too smart and so selfish.

  15. monsterball says:

    And the real sly fox….old man…..latest post in his blog….telling Malaysians…he can easily forget things…..and talk of stupid questions he will be asked….in his coming court case with Anwar…few days from now.
    He knows …he will use the same line.”I don’t remember”….like he did..14 times ….questioned in the… Lingam case …by Commissioners.
    So…here he goes again…preparing Malaysians to accept his famous….”I can’t remember”…..by believing he really cannot remember.
    This old man have a memory… of an elephant!
    Don’t be fooled by him anymore.

  16. Mr. Clean says:

    Mr. Clean does it again:

    What Malaysian failed to see is that,

    1. Among the first thing done by Dollah was announcing the Eurocopter – Ministry of Defense thingy.
    2. Agreed for transition of power to be flexible and maybe earlier but asking for extension of 3 months till March 2009 as The Prime Minister.

    Is it true that Dollah’s double action as mention above is due to the fact that,

    1. The Eurocopter deal will mean Kamaluddin will get RM250 Million a year for the next 30 years?
    2. By postponing the UMNO AGM, Dollah can make sure the deal is sign before he step down.

    Hurrah for Malaysia! Selamat Hari Raya and please ask around about this Eurocopter deal during all your Raya visits.


  17. Mr. Clean says:

    If Pak Lah is Leaving, Why is a ‘Level Four Boys’ Still in Command?


  18. Mr. Clean says:

    If Pak Lah is Leaving, Why is a ‘Level Four Boys’ Still in Command?


  19. ironic_law says:


    Yeah! we must rally for HINDRAF and RPK release at once. For those who are candle-vigilating we support your cause and for those who passing the message please do so without fear of BN goons. Must ABOLISH ISA say NO TO ISA. As for Bodowi, he tenureship is up hahaha by next GE we will remove BN from BOLEHLAND and replace them with PR.. GO PR

  20. wandererAUS says:

    Don’t bet your money on Abdullah and his mob being the Beacon of Hope, on social justice for Malaysians.
    PM may have at the back of his mind to have some sort of reforms on the tinted institutions of the land but, his evil and corrupted comrades may be his biggest obstacle. He has to rid the garbage, before reforms can begin. Is he the man up to it?
    Has he the courage to make all these hard decisions?

  21. GOGETALIFE says:

    I don’t know how to describe any better about bodowi, all I could say is that he is the worst pm we ever have but yet through him, we rakyat becoming most outspoken, rebel and daring rather than many years ago. So I took it is as a blessing in disguise.

  22. whispering9 says:

    A blessing in disguise. Hardly. I see it as ‘which came first; an egg or chicken’ ideology. Some may see as more freedom and, then, more outspoken. I see it as more dissatisfaction, injustice and hence, more courage first. I rather go back to the time where less need to be spoken and heard if I can have it no other way.

  23. hintDoMale says:

    “Kurang Ajar” attitude at its highest order. These Hindraf thingy should be shipped back to the Queen. When will QE be sending her ship to claim all these subjects of her as claim by Hindraf.

    Given a choice, I would prefer these kind of subject belongs to the QE.

    But, even the QE would not prefer them and being silence so for so long.

    If you can’t behave yourselves, then don’t blame others for your own doing.

  24. . says:

    Too bad we live in a country where our leader prefers to meet with foreigners than the citizens of our own country.

    Too bad we live in a country where foreigners are given mykad but citizens born inside this countries are given “green id”s and “red id”s.

    Too bad most of our citizens are still asleep.

    Just too bad.

  25. Indian says:


    Why you talk so much? Go and do something about those pesky indians who bother you. To me it looks like they are not interested in being your slaves anymore.

  26. Aru says:

    I believe these mad dogs can only make an exit after taking this country to the journey of hell that we are going through now.

    Only the citizen can save it.

  27. Mat says:

    Sorry in advance for the controversy and those irked by my remarks that I presume will entails . Personally I think Hindraf is only championing the rights of the Indians. When reporter Tan of Sin Chiew and Teresa Kok were arrested by the ISA, I did not see them making the same condemnation equilibrium to the 5 Hindraf detained under the same Act.

    I was irked when a blogger, Sammy Chan who wrote simply facts when her cellphone were stolen by some Indians, draws such macro-condemnation from Hindraf until she apologized when her comments was in fact referring to some Indians. She could have blow her top off if they were Chinese. This is simply too much and senseless.

  28. Pegasus says:

    That’s nothing “kurang ajar” about a small girl giving a teddy bear and a Hari Raya card to the PM on a happy occasion,as you are aware ,the PM have play hide and seek with this group,running away from his responsibility as a PM for all race which he keeps mouthing all the time but behave as a coward. Bodowi will go down in the history as the weakest PM this nation ever had. Its people like you who are “Kurang ajar” and expect the BN government to keep you feeding at the expense of other races. What Hindraf is asking is to be treated equally and given the same opportunities as given the Malay race. This is where the bloody BN have fail totally, in championing the Malay race ,they have neglected the other races.This country is make of the Malays,Chinese , Indians, Sikhs, Ibans,Muruts,Kadazans and all the other races kn owns as Malaysians. The BN government should be fair and gives equal attention and help to all, not only to certain Umnoputras, there are poor Malays,Chinese,Indians and other races who need aid from the government, but when the BN government only takes care of certain elite group,divides and rules the nation with race and religion being burn at all times to keep the people divided.Its difficult for group like Hindraf which emerge from being oppress and suppress for so long by the BN regime, that they had to fight for their survival.
    The BN regime knows very well they are neglecting these people but could not care less when the very person who is supposed to be the Indian leader , Samy Vellu ,dead man still alive ,himself did not bother to fight for the Indians right when he was in the cabinet for 30 years.
    Its was then up to Hindraf to awaken the Indian people and they are still fighting, the 5 Hindraf leaders ,(RPK and the rest) under ISA should be release without any condition, they were only asking to be treated humanly and given the same opportunities as others, nothing more ,nothing less and certainly there’s nothing kurang ajar but penuh ajar wth life’s reality.Wake up , the earth is moving.

  29. Mind Matter says:


    Proceedings are scheduled to start at 9am, which means RPK can be expected to be brought in earlier
    Its our ‘Reserve Group’ turn to do our bits (those who missed the trip to Kamunting) from PJ and KL to show support to RPK. Next Monday 6th Oct, take hald-day leave if you have to. It’s “RPK Sedition trial : Directions to the PJ Sessions Court”
    Pls go to


    to get full details. I will be be there. Pls be early.
    God Bless All.

  30. frugalpoodle says:

    I like your site, here’s mine http://frugalpoodle.wordpress.com/

    what do you think?

  31. […] Huh, commotion with roses? (image) Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was given a teddy bear and a Hari Raya card by six-year-old W. […] […]

  32. NotMIC says:

    Mr. Mat you said “Personally I think Hindraf is only championing the rights of the Indians. When reporter Tan of Sin Chiew and Teresa Kok were arrested by the ISA, I did not see them making the same condemnation equilibrium to the 5 Hindraf detained under the same Act.”

    You should stop blaming Hindraf for the govt owned media restricting the flow of information. If you are half the person you think you are the least you could do is go and search for the info yourself. Hindraf cannot be held responsible if you are a lazy fellow.

    To cure your malady, try visiting this:

    We went as PEACE loving Malaysian citizens, to the Prime Minister’s Hari Raya Open House at the PWTC, to express our forgiveness in the spirit of Hari Raya to the PM for what he has done to our Hindraf Lawyers. They just spoke out on the issues of marginalization, discrimination and permanent colonization by the UMNO led government. They did no wrong. We told the PM to please release the HINDRAF 5, RPK, all ISA detainees and Abolish ISA. The Prime Minister said he will look into it.


  33. GOGETALIFE says:

    A 6 yrs old child gave a teddy bear and a hari raya card to PM, tidak boleh kah? What kind of mentality these umbok people and those pro- umbok reporters. Trying to write something and cari makan is understood, but making this visit out of nothing, and making a fuss out of it, reflected the malaysians poor mentality overall to the world and laughing stock.

  34. machitam says:

    firstly, i would like to wish eid ul fitri al mubarak to all muslim…

    this open house thing, i would not have come near to it in the first place.. i am a tax payer. i know that pm use tax payer money to host this occasion….but i despise him so….let him be with his whoever willing to celebrate hari raya with him…

    we know that he won’t barge….

    we have to change the goverment in order to change things around us…

  35. monsterball says:

    And that thick skin idiot…Samy Vellu said..that this will make Dollah mad and will make his efforts to get the 5 Hindraf under ISA released.
    He is such a big big idiot…thinking how powerful and influencial he still is.
    He does not know….by saying all these….are infact …proving he is a useless man..be it as MIC president or by own face value..as ex minister.
    If he is so powerful…and he have been saying so many times….he will help to get them released…..the 5 would have been released by now.
    I have to write in details..as Samy said…he is doing this for his own race…and when it is done…the 5 need not come o thank him……….hahahahahahaha
    Just wait the day….5 are released…and see the big mouth with pea brain brags.
    Previously…such type of talks make him famous and trusted by his community.
    Little does he know..or refused to know…..there were much more other Malaysians of all races…walking with candle lights…..along with the Hindraf few hundreds…praying for the released….of 5..plus RPK..plus all under ISA.
    Even the Police were touched by the 2000 walkers….letting everyone walk …with no hindrances……right up to the end.
    I and Sheih and his family were there….right up to the end.
    This Samy Vellu is full of shit……finding all sorts of excuses..to cover up his fat ugly asre….failing to influence UMNO at all.
    He can be MIC president…till the day he dies.
    MIC is finished!!

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Remember the outfit “Guns and Roses?” Those blurs got the guns mixed up with the roses! Letters and cards are not allowed to handed over personally because of ‘literate’ toxicity mah… Teddy bears might be vodoo dolls stuck with pins! Even though it’s handed over by a child, sigh…
    That’s how much dopey’s dprm minders think of the rakyat!
    Yeah, mac, never went to those “do’s”.
    Selamat Hari Raya to you and all Muslim brothers and sisters.

  37. istgah says:

    very nice and interesting
    tankx !

  38. Patrick Ling says:

    That’s why I’ve stopped buying & reading that newspaper for a long long time. And I can’t understand why people still continue to read this crap!

  39. machitam says:

    mosterball, menyalak-er and friends,

    this samy who has no value, he’s the culprit responsible for the hindraf 5 isa detention. he’s playing wayang as if to “lobby” for the 5 to be released. i don’t think the indian trust him anymore. remember that he was the one who gave the green light to toyol for the temple demolition(toyol said…). now he trying to be the champion for the indian. this guy should not be allowed to open his mouth. the indian must do something about this guy…

  40. Menyalak-er says:

    Mac, that semi value flur is the most perverse, deceitful, selfish, false witness and prideful corrupter of the whole gomen. Remember his awful remark of an “act of God”? Blame here, blame there and yet has the gumption to refuse disclosure of the Maika affair. What he did to the Hindraf 5 is totally horrible, all the while wearing that ‘sarang’ mop on his head!
    He never had a single iota of compassion for any of the marginalized Indians in the estates. During the early and mid 90s these poor folk were literally kicked out of the workforce, what did he do then?
    His gangsta behavior became a model for a whole younger generation of have-nots who think that life is like the Bollywood dramas. He is Nalla the snake’s boss all this while!,
    What champion? As long as there is a sen to be made that vulture will be waiting! The Works Min. is the epitome of corruption. Now he’s tokingkok abt. Hindraf! Makes blood boil.
    In fact i think that although Ananda made his pile thru bodekism of hypermammak, he at least employed a sizeable majority of the better educated ones and contributes significantly to charity. But that’s another story.

  41. wits0 says:

    “He never had a single iota of compassion for any of the marginalized Indians in the estates.” – Menyalak-er

    He also insult the memory of true and forgotten heroes by portraying himself as one.


    “..The Gurkha’s fought hand-to-hand with kukris. The Argylls repelled several attacks and the Sikhs carried out bayonet charges through machine-gun and mortar fire. By January 2, though, the Indian 11th Infantry Division was out flanked, cut off from the road to Singapore, and so they withdrew to some prepared positions at Trolak five miles north of the Slim River.[1]..”

    “Two Indian brigades were practically annhilated at Slim River.”

    A heavy price is naturally elicited from supporting an abomination.

  42. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…..Now Samy said….MIC will not push UMNO for release of Hindraf 5.
    He said….’We will ask for an early release…but we will not put any pressure”
    What he meant was….MIC or himself…have no power nor influence…anymore.
    This Samy…can twist and turn and talk like a real snake.
    But he is an idiotic…low class..thick skin..no brain snake;…..not like Mahathir.

  43. wits0 says:

    “It does not gel. Does asking for ISA detainees to be release amount to causing a commotion? Hmm…some might think so. But I don’t.” – Susan,

    Obviously he was translating from his own mother tongue and being stricken fast by that quasi-traditional feudalistic think, by habitual kneejerk, he cannot analyse the matter and see how absurd such a rendition of illogic has been incurred.

  44. Menyalak-er says:

    Haha… wits0, what do mean by ‘quasi-traditional feudalistic think’?
    That narcoleptic dopey is no quasi anything – zilch!
    In fact i think he should have just stayed in civil service and would have retired as a grade D super-clerk. Goes for that semi-value chap too.
    Btw wits, plagiarism by semi of ‘heroic acts’ is a must for the consumption of his despicable toddied toadies. Too much Bollwood stuff in their psyche!
    Susan seems to have a falling off with that Azalina persona, many moons ago. Aza too tainted by corruption huh…?

  45. Disgruntled says:

    hahaha little Indians scums you find them everywhere , in prison 80% of the population , in simpang reggam 75% of the population . snatch thieves 80% committed by them , robbery and burglary 85% committed by them , drunkards % ? Kamunting % going up , hahaha

  46. Disgruntled says:

    hahaha little Indian scums everywhere snatching poor sammys handphone ! hahaha

    Blogger apologises over controversial remarks
    Athi Veranggan | Oct 3, 08 6:41pm
    The controversial ‘Life is a drama’ blogger has offered her “sincere and honest” apology to all Malaysians, especially the Indian community, for her ‘spur of the moment’ inflammatory remarks posted on her website 10 days ago.

    typical of them easy money ! hahaha

  47. Paul Warren says:

    Disgruntled, (9.56, 10.06)

    You have not mentioned the %age of mamasans pimping the prostitution industry in the country. Unless of course that is perfectly acceptable conduct and a profession befitting the best of your society’s norms. Am I to assume, therefore, if I were to consider this relevant, that all women from that community are, were, will be, mamasans, or Angeline Yam?

    Now it makes me wonder about the mother of my kids!

    Racist generalisations have always been a double edged sword. Those who rely on it to find comfort, or a sense of superiority or a sense of being more authoritative forget that maggots from their closet also are just as visible. Just that the more cultured does not point it out.

  48. LHHeng says:


  49. LHHeng says:

    I was unable to post some comments on your blog these 2 days. What happened???

  50. LHHeng says:

    I was unable to post this comment under one of your topics for nearly 2 days. So I post it here.

    As I have, Gerakan have TWO options.
    One is to quit BN immediately and be as Independent.
    The other is to consider joining PKR to fight those arrogant, corrupted, racialistic etc running the country.

    AS for Zaid, I have great respect for him.
    I believe he can handle his affairs under current political scenario. Wish him the best.

    Susan, you did a great service to the rakyat in your blog.
    Keep it up although you are a busy person.
    God less you!!

  51. LHHeng says:

    As I have said, Gerakan has TWO options.
    One is to quit BN immediately as an Independent and the other is to consider joining PKR to fight these racialistic, arrogant, corrupted people running the government.
    Otherwise , Gerakan is as good as gone. That is a fact.

    As for Zaid, he is a great man. I have great respect for him. And I believe he knows how to handle his affairs during this period of political instability. Wish him the best.

    Susan, you are doing a great service to the rakyat in your blog. Please keep it up. I really appreciate your sacrifices even though you have a tremendrous amount of personal things to take care of.
    Bless you!!

  52. Disgruntled says:

    Paul Warren

    that all women from that community are, were, will be, mamasans, or Angeline Yam?

    mamasans do no harm to the community , as a matter of fact that profession is the oldest profession in the world . They do help to solve some personal problems . However this is a far cry from the criminal aspects of certain races that I mentioned above .

  53. […] else can HINDRAF members meet the PM and present him with roses and a teddy bear? [read: commotion with roses?] Abdul Aziz also said the police were looking into who were behind the […]

  54. […] was he merely jealous that only Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the PM got a teddy bear and roses from HINDRAF on Hari […]

  55. […] Remember, you can’t even get that from the dominant group’s OPEN HOUSES. Remember what happenned to HINDRAF when they went over to present the Prime Minister with a teddy bear and roses, from the hands of a six year old? Yeah, they get busted. […]

  56. laura says:

    las roses mi encantan

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