Zaid Ibrahim, former law minister writes an open letter to the Prime Minister on the ISA:

The events of the last three weeks have compelled me to review the way in which the ISA has been used. This exercise has sadly led me to the conclusion that the government has time and time again failed the people of this country in repeatedly reneging on that solemn promise made by Tunku Abdul Rahman. This has been made possible because the government and the law have mistakenly allowed the Minister of Home Affairs to detain anyone for whatever reason he thinks fit. This subjective discretion has been abused to further certain political interests.

He cited several cases where ISA had been abused. Then goes on to add:

In the same vein, the grounds advanced in support of the most recent detentions of Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamarudin leave much to be desired. The explanation that Tan Hoon Cheng was detained for her own safety was farcical. The suggestion that Teresa Kok had been inciting religious sentiments was unfounded as was evinced by her subsequent release.

As for Raja Petra Kamarudin, a prominent critic of the government, a perusal of his writings would show that he might have been insulting of the government and certain individuals within it. However, being critical and insulting could not in any way amount to a threat to national security. If his writings are viewed as being insulting of Islam, Muslims or the Holy Prophet (pbuh), he should instead be charged under the Penal Code and not under the ISA. In any event, he had already been charged for sedition and criminal defamation in respect of some of his statements. He had claimed trial, indicating as such his readiness and ability to defend himself. Justice would best be served by allowing him his day in court more so where, in the minds of the public, the government is in a position of conflict for having been the target of his strident criticism.

The instances cited above strongly suggest that the government is undemocratic. It is this perspective that has over the last 25-plus years led to the government seemingly detaining arbitrarily political opponents, civil society and consumer advocates, writers, businessmen, students and journalists whose crime, if it could be called that, was to have been critical of the government. How it is these individuals can be perceived as being threats to national security is beyond my comprehension. The self-evident reality is that legitimate dissent was and is quashed through the heavy-handed use of the ISA.

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  2. GoodWilll says:

    Damage has been done .. Only way is to change administration ..

    Even Pak Lah release RPK there are still lots of detainness in there . .only way is to abolish but will BN give up this “Special Rights”

  3. Most of the Cabinet Minsiters and teh PM will need a dictionary to go through the letter. It is beyond them!

    Pak Lah has 6 months to do what he needs to do. This is his last chance! He should
    1)ensure the Altantuya trial comes to an end and WHOEVER is responsible must be brought to justice
    2) ACA is free to investigate Defence Ministry and Trade and Industry
    3) Judiciary is free
    4) ISA is repealed and detainees released or brought to court of law
    5) IPCMC implemented
    6) Project M in Sabah investigated and those repsonsible be brough to justice

    This outlined in my blog:

  4. sitha says:

    So many unexpected incidents are happening in the country these days and we are not sure of what to anticipate in future but one thing that we know for sure is not many like and want the PM to continue his journey under the same tittle.
    Therefore, one thing that he can do for sure now, I mean before he leaves is to release all of the ISA detainees.
    At least, this will make the rakyat and the world to remember him for a good cause. The future will say your name for this affort.
    They, the detainees want to be with their families just as how we want to be with ours and as you with yours.


  5. tshock says:

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  6. kluangman says:

    Pooorahhh zaid, hang takut kena ISA lepas ni tupasai hang kelamkabut.

  7. machitam says:

    i don’t think bodohwi is going to wake up…even dpm najis is on the verge of kicking him out…and he is muka “selamba”. he cannot think. his brain is stalling. but sil is puting some spies, pinch of salt….it’s sil strategy!

    najis will not tolerate if rpk is realease. too heavy price to continue play.

  8. Kopi Anan says:

    The Malay has a word for them UMNO fellows ..”bebal”

    if they don’t try to change, God wil just leave them alone to fend for themselves !

  9. Kaninah-boh says:

    He is beyond redemption. Probably he will consult his son-in-law and the answer will be a resounding -NO!!. Khairy is trying hard in his campaign for the UMNO Youth Leader with his rallying cry- I want to be a Youth Leader not just for the Malay but a leader for all Malaysian Youth. Does this ring a bell?

    I am certain that there is nothing in AAB cranial capacity whatever there is , is filled with shits from Khairy and his 4th floor boys.

  10. JP says:

    This is another so called OPEN LETTER (which sure with agenda) I read in Anwar Ibrahim’ official blog.
    Tell me what do you think ?
    Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy?
    By Anwar Ibrahim

    Dear Abang Din,

    Ramadhan Karim and I hope you are well and doing fine.

    I’m an ardent reader of your blog and I leave a comment most of the times specially if the topic is “explosive” and heat generating. (I use the tagname Abdul/Abdullah in your blog). That said, you may know one Baradan Kappusamy who writes for whoever pays him or whichever paper that demands his article which is mainly an anti-Anwar articles. My Indian friends call him a “paid whore.”

    His behaviour and hatred against Anwar is very strong and he strongly supports Najib and we have reports that he has been recruited by him to run down Anwar. You can see it his the Star commentary yesterday and today’s The Malaysian-Insider (both BN leaflets) which are simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.

    I have looked for his contacts and even my Indian friends failed to get them, I wanted to contact him concerning his shameful diatribe and hysterical hatred against DSAI but I can’t get his contacts. I have been told that he is a shadowy figure who is a hired assassin. Therefore, I appeal to you Abang Din to try your best to supply me with his contacts (email, or phone, or both) if you have them or can get them through other friends in the media. He sometimes writes in Malaysiakini, so may be you can get his contacts from your Malaysiakini friends and pass it to me through this email address. (I have also contacted Susan Loone just now and I hope she will answer me).

    Yesterday, I have contacted blogger MagickRiver (Antares)**, an Indian Anwar supporter and he told me that he couldn’t get the contacts of what he called a “shameful paid whore.” So, try your best if you can get me his address. Otherwise, you can contact him ask him the cause of his hatred against Anwar. He should be bombarded with outrageous comments in relation to his outrageous conduct so that he knows there is a limit. I’m really mad at this shameful character.

    Thanking you in advance
    Happy Hari Raya.

    Note from Din Merican: “Let us ban Baradan Kuppusamy from our PCs, if there is truth in this private e-mail to me. Salams.”
    So, how do you feel when Anwar (or his mate) also :
    1. Ban ! ban source of net info;
    2. Search and call and seduce other to search for his foes;
    These are going back to the zero point even worst !!!

  11. Wanadoo says:

    Cold blooded mammal—-naked mole rat

  12. wandererAUS says:

    Human decency comes from the heart and not from the mouth. These hypocrites from UMNO and in particular, Botak the Home Minister are pretenders of Islam.
    Bravo Zaid, taking your resignation from this evil administration, the rakyat will use you as a yardstick to determine the fair minded and the scums. To find another honorable MP from UMNO is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

  13. wira says:

    I think it’s a little late for him to do anything.

    There is one thing he can still do though ie. refuse to resign as PM even when he is no longer President of UMNO.
    That will open the door for PR.

  14. Mr Smith says:

    Please take note that “Who is Baradan Kuppusamy?” was NOT written by Anwar Ibrahim? Yes, it was in his blog.
    Get your facts right?

  15. ernest cheah says:

    It is great to have you and RPK arround, your open letter is fantastic may I suggest a phone call to remind your ex- boss maybe could add more weight as Im afraid some Home minister advicers might not understand like in the case of RPK stand on Isalm miss interpreted……….

  16. Freddy Toh says:

    No,no,no Badawi is being himself.

    He’s just been proven mentally unsound. That’s why this nation has been spelt Malaise-ia under his watch.

    read my post and you’ll see why he’s on his way to hospital bahagia

  17. philipy says:

    aab,when u took over as PM,u are my most respected person and potential good reformist for the good of raayat.With your well said word,Work with me,and don’t work for me.i gave u my personal vote,not for bn in the 2004ge.but u disappointed us and we showed it thru the 2008ge as we felt cheated.aab!u have 6 more mths to prove your worth and do the reforms u had promised us all.or you would be the PM in history whom we really want to forget altogether.

  18. JP says:

    LEt me quoted [Charles Hector]’s wrote in response to your {Get your facts right?}

    “Is this just a blog called Anwar Ibrahim maintained by someone else without the consent or knowledge of Anwar Ibrahim personally – and if so, Anwar must not allow it. Malaysiakini list it as a ‘Top Blog” and it does so possibly in the belief that it is Anwar’s personal blog.

    The post appears to be a letter/e-mail to some other which had been copied and pasted in the Anwar Ibrahim blog. But, as there is NO comment from Anwar Ibrahim about this post, one may assume that he fully endorses the said post and its content”
    (SILENCE means consent -expecially in political fundamental where speech is playing a major role and influence to letting people knows about what’s your thought)

    “It is the Anwar Ibrahim Blog – and as such Anwar Ibrahim must also be very careful about what gets posted in his Blog – because all of us will assume that it is you who are posting it there, or that something is posted here on your behalf with your full knowledge and consent.

    When we go to Lim Kit Siang’s Blog or Mahathir’s Blog or Tian Chua’s Blog or Husam Musa’s blog – we rightfully expect that it is them that are posting in their own blog (or if not, it is some other posting it with their full consent and approval..).

    So, if it is not Anwar Ibrahim’s doing or something done with his knowledge, he better come out and clarify this soonest – and possibly re-affirm his commitment to freedom of expression and opinion…maybe even apologoze to the affected journalist, who does write about many matters that other journalist may shy away by reason of fear..”

    “So, will the soon-to-be Pakatan Government also be censoring those that criticize it, banning them from the Press Conferences (BN was doing this to Malaysiakini reporters before), be maybe also revoking licences of the pro-Opposition newspapers,..”

    Well, Mr Smith I believe you are a smart guy.
    But sometimes we’re just denied our ownself to be believed that the ONE we depends on all this moment is totally out of the track when the power is on their hand and soon bigger power falls to their hands …
    This is called DEVIATION ! when the power is on their hands !

    I curious to find out how many out there (who had voted PR) started to be regret now after we’ve seen throw all these lies … and “twist”

    ONE more agenda here, WHY Anwar’s blog posted this so called OPEN LETTER to public?
    …..sounded a threat here, bro.

  19. JP says:

    In response to Mr Smith,

    If as you said that was NOT writtewn by Anwar,

    1. WHY Anwar’s blog posted this so called OPEN LETTER to public?

    2. Why he (or at least his mate) never clarify anything about this letter?


    Get your facts right, Mr Smith?

  20. mustafa says:

    He is too stupid to respond and need his shitty Shit In Law’s assistance. The Shity in Law is struggling for his political survival because the UMNO iblises are after his organs.

    The existence of Bodowi and UMNO are a pain to this world and we should pray their totall and final destruction.

    Damn UMNO! Damn Bodowi! Damn Najis! Damn Botak and damn the entire BN-UMNO members!!!!!

  21. sinewy says:

    The present government has put in place someone who is oppressive, ruthless, uncaring, inhumane, power-crazy, arrogant, irresponsible and indifferent to have the sole authority to place any citizen in detention without trial at his own perception and discretion. Why should the citizen of this country accept that? This person is put in place by a so-called ruling party who has less than 30% of the voting population’s support. Why are we allowing him to have such absolute power? I think the ruling government has failed to protect the right of the citizen and allow them to be terrorised by such a rude person. The citizen must be given to right to counter this madness in empowering one person in the country to threatened the whole population. It looks like he is even more powerful than the PM and the King. His instruction to detain people as a result of his own perceived possibility of unrest from his self-proclaimed “majority” of the people (or his party member?) is most frightening and difficult for the ordinary people to comprehend. Can some rationality prevail in this country and put some sense to do what is right for the citizen and not the political party.

  22. Rustypin says:

    the guy who is behind the ISA arrests has shown himself to be the most powerful person in the government, to an extant that it has become apparent that nobody could question him, nothing can be done right now, but hopefully, we survive until the 2013 GE , when we the rakyat will teach this egoistic leader a lesson, unless before that he commences a regime akin to the Myanmar junta ! And the way this nation is heading, it seems likely so!

  23. aberamly says:


    and if u have time, please so


  24. bayi says:

    “…will this wake him up?”

    I don’t think so. 😦

  25. Jong says:

    A great piece from Zaid but I’m afraid it’s too kind and too soothing a piece for Mr Snoozy who might not stay awake past the 3rd paragraph!

    Zaid should just leave this termite-laden Umno ship and never look back. Since the days of that Mamakfler, brilliant and honorable men like him are considered “threats”. They have no place in Umno. Umno is only for rogues. If Zaid is sincere, he should join Pakatan Rakyat and contribute to nation building, no ifs no buts, just do it NOW

  26. Siew Eng says:

    Re: that ‘open letter’ from a seeming supporter of Anwar, Antares wrote to say his comment has been taken out of context.


    Antares Sep 29th, 2008 at 1:10 am

    Din, I’m surprised you saw fit to publish this email from Sadiyo Abdi Karim Hassan Shiili. He wrote to me asking for Mr Kuppusamy’s contact and I replied that I was unable to help him. I have indeed noticed Kuppusamy’s anti-Anwar articles and I did refer to him as just another journalistic whore, but that was merely an off-the-cuff opinion that I did not expect to be published. Abdi Karim has misquoted me and made public what was essentially a private email exchange. Regardless of Baradan Kuppusamy’s personal agenda, I question the wisdom and taste of using this approach to launch a counterattack on Mr Kuppusamy.

    I’m an unabashed supporter of Anwar Ibrahim and am often annoyed by malicious attacks on a leader I love and respect – however, dissenting views must be accepted and tolerated if we are to mature politically. There are people who continue to lavish praise on Mahathir whom I regard as a magalomaniacal monster full of cunning and absolutely no wisdom. In the end I have to accept that different people have different worldviews and values – and that the sum-total of our collective perceptions will always be greater than the sum of our fragmented opinions. At the end of the day, life itself is but a drama – and drama is but the dynamic interplay between light and dark. I may detest Najib Razak now, as a politician and PM wannabe – but as a human being I bear him no ill feelings. The moment he gives up his political ambitions I shall cease speaking or thinking unkindly of the man.

    I’m flattered that Abdi Karim has mistaken me for an Indian. Actually I’m just a forerunner of a future race called “Malaysian.”

  27. amanda says:

    Not the matter of wake up @ asleep. They just can’t afford to do so. Once RPK is out, the truth fall from the mouth. The stink truth to all the putra puteri UMNO.

  28. Pegasus says:

    This open letter will put Bodowi to sleep half way reading it as he probably will be hard press to understand the contents. Good intention by Zaid,but that will not be sufficient to wake up this BN government. Fact is, no amount of letters will make any difference for the BN government ,only a change at the ballot box for a new government will ensure a new dawn for this nation.!!!

  29. billauchris says:

    Zaid Ibrahim’s message hit rightly on the head of the nail. The question that oftens crosses my mind is whether BN can really call itself a democratic government in the light of all the undemocratic rules. regulations and practices taking place before the Rakyat who put them to power.

    In the last quarter of a century, the ISA had been abused from time to time to silence critics, human rights activists, opposition parties’ leaders and the ‘innocent’ who are deemed to be prejudical to the national security.

    Sometimes, the grounds for detention were so farcical and flimsical that they would raise the eyebrows of the ordinary and reasonable people on the streets; let alone the educated and the professionals.

    To all intents and purposes, I would go further to describe our government is contiguous on the border of a kakistocracy rather than a democracy,

    Recently, DPM sent one of his stooges to the UN to tell the US Government to stop interfering into the affairs of Malaysia. As far as I do know, US merely voiced their dissatisfaction at how innocent people were being abused and detained without trial under the ISA.

    When our locals voiced their grouses, we were branded as anti-nationals and expose themselves for arrest anytime, anywhere and anyhow without prior warning. Is this called democracy where the peoples’ mouth are gagged, their hands and legs bound and their mobility stymied.

    The BN Government is obdurate, supercilious and arrogant – flexing their muscles stupidly under the ISA petticoats to oppress and suppress the inherent human rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the country. They do not listen to the masses anymore.

    Unfortunately there are many catspaws within the UMNO’s circle who have sold their souls for some nuggets of gold or silver. Look at the moron who tried to criticise Theresa Kok for complaining about the dog food that she was served while she was under the week’s detention. That chap had the cheek and dignity to blazon to the world that he took delights at the dog food served to him during his entire period of detention. He expected everyone to be dogs like him who should keep their mouths shut and eat whatever rubbish given them. I think Theresa Kok has more class that his.

    Look at our Bro. RPK who is now under solitary confinement. The food served him daily causes him nausea. He is not a criminal to be treated like an animal. He deserves better treatment than that. He is languishing and surviving on dates and water.

    The authority had preferred charges against him but did not adhere to the rule of law when it blatantly deprived him of that opportunity for defence on the very day and hour of his hearing by invoking the ISA to shut him up. Where is justice?

    By putting RPK in solitary confinement, the power that be is doing a great disservice to one of the finest gentlemen of Malaysia when you decided to apply the ancient and archaic method of disorienting and weakening his mental faculty and resistance. Psychologists, behaviourial scientists and social experts, please do give your expertise views on the impact of solitary confinement on human behaviour. If I may say so, the ISA is committing a cold blooded murder on human beings.

    Ramadhan had passed into Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. I only hope that the month long fasting did some good spiritual cleansing of those in the government. It is a month to forgive, to show mercy and offer kindness to the weak, marginalised and needy.

    On this note, I implore the PM and those in his government to release Raja Petra for he is righteous man, He intends no harm to enyone. HIs critique merely keeps all those in power to act fairly, justly and openly – which noble objectives are from being prejudicial to the national security.

    My fellow bloggers would agree and join me in our appeal for his immediate release so that he can celebrate Hari Raya with his family.

  30. ETOng says:

    Zaid Ibrahim should join the PR and expose the truth of misued of ISA on RPK.

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