THE STAR and People’s Paper reports: “GERAKAN mulls quiting Barisan, may join Pakatan

Gerakan is considering the option of leaving Barisan Nasional and joining the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance.

Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said this was among three options for the party – the other two being to either stay with the ruling coalition, or leave and become independent.

“We are not ruling out any possibility at this moment. We have to assess the situation, but we are not closing any doors.

“Neither are we saying we will definitely leave. It’s something we need to assess but we cannot do it based on sentiments alone,” he told reporters after launching the KL-Federal Territory (FT) state delegates conference here on Sunday.

He adds:

“If you go on sentiments alone, I would say more than 60% (want us to leave), but we are taking a lot of factors into consideration, and a decision cannot be based just on sentiments.

“It’s a very trying time, and there is need for a lot of rational, objective analysis. It cannot be a straightforward simplistic decision,” he said.

Aiyoh, then waiting for what some more?


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  2. ahmike.net says:

    hey this is cool , hilarious photo, ya better leave and causes matter

  3. kittykat46 says:

    Many of the Gerakan leaders are deeply entrenched in the BN patronage system, which means they will lose big if they leave BN now.

    It was also the main reason they happily traded away their souls, supporting the whole rotten, racist, UMNO system, until March 8 blew away their comfortable existence.

    I don’t see their leaders taking Gerakan out of BN, unless BN ends up in the Opposition, in which case there will be no more patronage to distribute.

    Ah, then the mercenaries will jump to PR. Question is, should PR accept these soldiers of fortune ?

  4. Jed Yoong says:

    Nothing much.
    Gerakan has been “bombed”.
    MCA will rejoice as it doesn’t have to “fight” for Chinese seats anymore esp in Penang.
    Cute pic.
    But I’m afraid Humpty Dumpty is Pak Lah.
    He has had a great fall and no one will be able to “put him together” again.

  5. wandererAUS says:

    If Gerakan decides to leave BN, it will be good news. “Without UMNO’s fingers twirling the globe, the world will continue spinning.”
    UMNO -BN days are numbered, it is high time, somebody else, leads the nation. Malaysia needs a change, a new direction, for the betterment of the rakyat.

  6. Joshua says:

    If Gerakan leaves…???

    Umno will be in ICU. Submissive MCA will be weeping over her lover, Umno. Subservient MIC will be lapping at Umno’s feet.

    But then again, I doubt Gerakan will leave. It hardly moves! What an irony!

  7. wits0 says:

    Shameless Ah Koon and gang won’t leave when it should because, as Kittykat said it, of selfish reasons.

  8. hard-t says:

    Gerakan seem to have no identity except as a member of the BN. Gerakan has not tried hard enough to articulate issues to show that they do think as Malaysians. They are doing things but not talking about it. It’s true they would like to work harder to win over more Chinese voters, but they would prefer to have the support of all communities.

    But, that it was not easy for many Gerakan leaders to think along such lines because they had traditionally been assigned to work within a Chinese political milieu.

    There’s no denying it. There is a lot frustration among party members and the public with the party (last general election). They can’t tell us from fish or fowl. To them, Gerakan is just another Chinese party.

    The trouble is, there are people within the party who see politics as the struggle to gain Chinese support whereas they should be trying to get the support of all Malaysians. So let them leave BN. Tq

  9. DeltaP says:

    I have a hunch that the BN-optimists in Gerakan are waiting for Najib to become PM before making any drastic decisions. Why? I don’t have a clue.

  10. KJAN says:

    The Pearl of the Orient had lost its lustre due to the racist and bodoh mismanagement of BN. Gerakan, leave BN now just like Singapore left the Federation, see how Singapore progress and prosper now! Join hand with DAP and make Penang shine again like the Pearl of the Orient!

  11. sitiawan says:

    Just leave! God Bless 🙂

  12. LEONG says:

    I hope Gerakan can make its decision sooner. Many members are already leaving.

  13. Batu Ferringhi says:

    It really has no choice but to leave or else it will be permanently irrelevant party under the ‘rule’ of UMNO in BN. Like Susan said, why wait some more, leave lah….

  14. Anton says:

    Too many blunders, too many lies, too many wrongful oppressive acts have been done by the government. It’s mind-boggling that Gerakan has taken so long to realise. However, still not too late.

    Please jump off the badwagon of hate, deception and lies!


  15. Jin N says:

    Honestly speaking, how many capable leaders are there in Gerakan?
    Since Ah Koon bacame Penang’s CM, there hasn;t been much progress in the state..This is a main reason they lost their foothold in Penang to DAP.
    If Gerakan were to merge with Pakatan, its redundant as I personally think that DAP is doing a better job than Gearkan.
    Those hypocrites from Gerakan are doing so for the sake of their political survival, but theyre not competent to run the state government.
    Therefore, we don;t need those old horses from Gerakan in the government.
    Let them be an opposition and become a check and balance to DAP.

  16. Jin N says:

    Gerakan should leave BN and become an independent party.
    DAP is doing a better job then Gerakan in managing Penang.
    Gerakan is a hypocrite party and we don;t need them.
    Let them be an opposition and become a check and balance to DAP.
    In that way, both party will be workng hard to make sure that they do the right thing !

  17. Mamak Penang says:

    Some leaders coming out from BN for the sake of their parties principles;others their priciples for the sake of the futures!.

  18. Mamak Penang says:

    A politician thinks of the next election – a statesman thinks of the next generations!!!!!

  19. Menyalak-er says:

    Er, i like Susan’s question, heheh.
    Her rationale is probably Gerakan (present members – Geckos, sticky fellas) itself doesn’t matter and is totally irrelevant. Its the bumno reaction to its alleged departure that is the core issue.
    She didn’t even ask whether G should or shouldn’t vacate its premises on the wall…
    Bumno, right now is in its throes of its own meltdown. Warlords to the left and generalismo’s to the right, and the whole house will belong to mamakutty again pulling the puputeer’s strings.
    One would hope that Tg. KuLi would have a fighting chance, but that’s unlikely. Blah, blah, blah… ad nauseum.
    I think in extremis that these lanuns are in now – they will make a lot of noise and threats; and probably bISA some of the more vocal Geckos (dreams never hurts).
    But this isn’t going to happen soon! If the Gecko’s leaders had any spine instead of being of the mushy-wushy sort, they would have packed up immediately after the rotten fishhead Ismail blur, blurted out his insults at ah Koon chai, the fearful mollusc.
    Talk is cheap, platitudes cheaper. Just disband this whole sad Joke and join up PKR, DAP or even Pas.

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh btw, there’s another alternative, ah Koon chai and hangers on could circumcise themselves without anaesthetic in front of a Hadhari kadi, and subsequently rejoin their parent party asap as bumno patriots.

  21. Mr Green says:


    Saya dengan ini mengumumkan bahawa saya, Mohamed Azmin Bin Ali, melepaskan semua jawatan saya di dalam Parti KeAdilan Rakyat berkuat kuasa hari ini, Isnin 29hb Sep 2008. Saya masih memegang jawatan ADUN Bukit Antarabagsa dan Ahli Parlimen Gombak. Saya sudah bosan.

    Azmin Ali

  22. robin hood says:

    Gerakan has been a backyard dog all it’s life. Ask any young pup below 40 ’bout Gerakan outside Penang and all you’ll get is a blank stare.

    Older folks will remember it as a party of the saliva spewing one.

    Generally speaking, Gerakan is dead, habis, de nada whichever way you look at it. It’s time to put it out to pasture. In Bolehland speak ‘gone case’

  23. wits0 says:

    “Older folks will remember it as a party of the saliva spewing one.”

    ‘More saliva than tea’, as chinese parlance would have it except that there’s little light hearted humour really ascribable to it. It’s really the “unspeakable party”. no. 2, as Menyalak-er will surely agree. The actual saliva sprayer has retired but a verbose word overloader has taken over, convoluting blandly in a full 360°

  24. billauchris says:

    In my view, practically all the coalition partners of BN are really not happy with what is going on in UMNO ever since the March 08 General Election.

    Although actions taken or initiated by UMNO ultraputras are always “taken” in the name of the BN, it gives the public the erroneous impression that all the component parties have been notified and consulted. It is only after their agreement and acceptance thereof, that actions are taken.

    I just do not believe this is the situation as testified by the highhandedness in which the ISA was abused in the recent detention of YB Teresa Kok, Ms Tan and RPK. Even if the coalition parties were to meet to discuss the aftermath of the mess created, views and propositions of the component parties are set aside and ignored.

    MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest other than those in East Malaysia are just spent political parties who remain in BN for sentimental reason in the hope against hope over the past 51 years that unity and harmony might be achieved among the races in the country. As long as they are divided along racial lines within BN, nothing will change if they continue to remain in BN.

    So component parties, please do realise that your voice is inaudible to the UMNO ultraputras who are so affected by the POWER FACTOR that your voice is just like crying in the wilderness. Recent events have revealed the weaknesses of the BN.

    The rakyat has spoken volumes of its great dissatisfactions. So the writings are written on the walls very clearly. If the component parties cannot still read and perceive the chaging times, then they will face downfall soon.

    If you have any dignity and decency left, either you start to re-negotiate with UMNO on your positons, terms and conditions, power and relevance within the NEW BN, you may as well leave and fight independently or ally with PR jointly to fight for the rakyat.

    As I see it, Gerakan is like another appendage within the BN. I think UMNO will be happy if you leave BN for your presence is considered an irritant to them. The UMNO leadership is more sensitive and responsive to its members grouses than to the problems of the rakyat raised by the component parties.
    Recent newspaper reports justify my comment.

    Unless political parties turn multi-racial or fight in the spirit of multi-racialism now and the future, I am afraid there is not much hope for them to stay in BN.

  25. wits0 says:

    BN is a virtual fake ; it has always been umno who makes all the rules. MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc. are merely traitorously lending the appearance of legitimacy to umno for some 40 + years passed.

  26. monsterball says:

    The whole issue is not about Gerakan or MCA.
    It is about Najib and Abdullah.
    If Abudllah stays as PM….those who supports him..stays in UMNO.
    If Abdullah PM-ship is shortened…those who support Abdullah will leave UMNO and join keDAILan.
    This is how I view the present situation.

  27. monsterball says:

    And that is the numbers Anwar maybe ….talking about.
    And looking at things…Gerakan is fast to notice Abdullah is loosing out….so the 60% wants out. You think Koh Tsu Koon have any choice?
    Gerakan is a very selfish party!!
    To me…not important at all.
    Depend on them to unite Malaysians …is like depending on Mahathir to realized…he is the cause it it all.
    The numbers…. largely …are from UMNO ministers and politicians…joining Anwar.
    Gerakan can stand on their own….with 20 members…to start all over again….who cares!!
    The emergency meeting by UMNO…seems to indicate..Abdullah need to step down within 6 months. It also indicated Anwar was telling the truths…all along. Abdullah tried all sorts of ways…to stop Anwar….being PM.
    Meeting is commanded by UMNO supreme council people….not by Abdullah.
    And the end results…..favouring Anwar.
    Fresh elections…will be declared by the King…..now that UMNO’s transfer of power is known…not later than March next year.
    The cross over is certain.
    Go…..think….what I have written.

  28. monsterball says:

    Myuhiddin….will be the first to join..Anwar!!

  29. Li Huat Chai says:

    Honestly, Gerakan to me is like “sampah” now. It does not do Pakatan any good anyway if Gerakan joins Pakatan. I think it is time Gerakan should prove to the people that it can survive on its own. Shame on Lim Kheng Yaik!!! He had
    mercilessly attacked Anwar in the past, and now his party is considering
    joining Pakatan??? Yang berhormat Khor Tsu Koon, prove to the Penang people that u are not useless, you can survive on your own, otherwise, dissolve your
    party, simple as that.

  30. Kopi Anan says:

    UMNO can gerak lah .. [cannot move lah ] ..ha ha ha

  31. Mr Blue says:

    What are you waiting for. Just leave. After all you are of no use to BN. You did not perform. You happily passed over power to Pakatan. You are just big mouth. Better lose in dignity than blaming others for your bad performance.

  32. Athiru says:

    Why do you think the leaders of MIC, MCA and Gerakan have been with UMNO all this while? They have sold their soul for all the ill-gotten wealth they are squirming in now. Downright hypocrites or wolves in sheep’s skin they are. Datuks and Tan Sris they may be but they are worst off than the stray dogs in the streets. And we the raakyat are to be blamed for not getting them out much sooner.

  33. Joe says:

    Gerakan is no longer relevant to UMNO. They cannot contribute in garnering votes from the rakyat anymore. Gerakan cannot contribute much to UMNO but a pain in the arse. Instead UMNO has to contribute a portion of their gathered wealth with Gerakan. So, if Gerakan leaves BN, it will be less “men more share” as UMNO continues to rob the rakyat through their corrupt means. So what is the hoo-hah about Gerakan leaving UMNO? Just leave and bungkus-lah.

  34. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Gerakan members are already leaving.

    So, the Gerakan “leaders” will end up with
    a richly deserved empty shell of a party.
    An inglorious end to a party that started out with
    great promise.

  35. machitam says:

    if gerakan leaves BN….it must joint PR.
    if gerakan choses to be independent, then say goodbye… to party politic because gerakan will “mati tak berkubor” ktk can joint then lky to open up a chinese nasi kandar stall…

  36. lgfjtewe says:

    Gerakan has only 2 MPs, like the SAPP. However, unlike Gerakan, the SAPP does not take a long time to make up its mind to leave BN. How much more do you need to tarik harga over your 2 miserable MPs, mr koh tsu koon?

  37. tony tee says:

    Gerakan was founded as an alternative to the Alliance. it proved that it can be a variable alternative in the 1969 elections by taking over the penang govt. joining the barisan national was a big mistake and the leadership style of trading their penang seats to other states be able to have YBs all over the the country robbed the party of their base, which is penang. The saddest part was it discarded their multi racials state aseemblymen after 1969 in penang. The end result is it’s now bassically a party for malaysian chinese. if gerakan wants to be a polictical forces again they must returns to basics, that is the satu hati principles of their founding members.

  38. whispering9 says:

    I knew one Gerakan leader for FT. If he also quit and join PR, well, good luck to those within PR who still cares for anything else except money, power, girls/boys and influence. Bad influence is coming your way. Come on lah, Gerakan existed only ‘cos of UMNO’s patronage. Now that Ahmad Ismail don’t want them, they are fast becoming nobody child. Retire and become fellow rakyat would be a better alternative for us. (Also donate some of your wealth to charities)

  39. caravanserai says:

    Why wait Gerakan?
    You have no home
    Now only on patronage
    Leave BN the soonest the best
    Let the change comes
    Leave the old clothes behind
    Salute the new light

    Yet Gerakan
    You find it hard to go
    The ties binding fools
    You want to shake free
    Then about gravy train

    Don’t sit and procrastinate
    The best leaders never sleep
    About survival and relevancy
    They go and hedge their opportunities
    Gerakan you have lost your soul
    It is time you return to the original

    UMNO sinking with its deceits
    Covering up all these years
    Now it becomes heavy and burdensome
    It is sinking hard on its knees

    Now Gerakan
    Don’t wait any more
    Pack your bags move into a new ground
    Start a fresh hope it survives

  40. Drachen says:

    If Gerakan wants to join PR, do it now when PR is still struggling and needs contribution/encouragement. Gerakan (like Ezam) will not look very good if it tries to join after PR has won.

  41. John says:

    I was bitterly disappointed when Ahmad Ismail called fellow Malaysians squatters. If legitimate citizens who have worked hard and contributed to the development of the country can be told to leave then it clearly exposes how useless the component parties had been in the BN coalition.
    KTK’s picture can even be torn in front of the nation how embarassing it must have been to both KTK and the community he represents. UMNO treats this party like shit and dirt to be discarded at any time. The guy who tore up the picture wasn’t even reprimanded shows all UMNO people think alike. They simply treat other races with disdain.
    To remain in BN is no longer an option for Gerakan, they have to leave to stay relevant.

  42. dd says:

    The Gerakan, if it has any self-respect, should LEAVE its un-holy marriage with UMNO NOW, not later. Whether it wants to be independent (like SAPP), or join someone else, that is up to its members to decide. But, it must LEAVE NOW, if it this originally multi-racial party (and we have not forgotten that the Gerakan could not find even one Indian member to run under its banner in the March 2008 elections) is ever to hope to regain its shattered credibility. Stay, and you will surely sink with the Titanic.

  43. george says:

    It’s doesn’t make any difference for Gerakan to leave BN now or later… The damages has done and no way back now… Gerakan is worthless for UMNO… as apparently they have not even can have Chinese supports in Penang… well, anymore they do just wayang kulit to save their pride…

    Looking at their grassroots, most of they are jumping ship…it’s not relevant anymore…

  44. SNarayanan says:

    When they have been slaves so long, it becomes a way of life and they knows only how to take orders. If one looks at human relationships, it is the same: Abused victims stay on and keep saying the abuser must be given a chance, and they stay in the same situation again and again-thus 51 years have passed. It takes guts to make a decision, it takes guts to make a stand, it takes guts to fight for the people…. Gerakan leaders needs to take this stand as they are already irrelevant since March 8th 2008. Those to have quit have seen the light and cheers to you all.

  45. amoker says:

    Tak bergerak. That is why people are leaving Gerakan.
    For a party that is supposed to be the conscience and activist, it is a shadow of its own principle. Koh can wait till the 60% leaves to other PR parties. Then he has 100% who wants to be dogs to UMNO, mostly old farts ( as he acknowledged)

  46. whispering9 says:

    Gerakan wants to make KL their new HQ or something like that. It is really peaceful and cloudy in KL today since most have left for their Hari Raya Breaks. I like the dedicate this song to Gerakan

    A nice end before even starting. Come next election, I probably will dedicate the same song to MCA, simply for standing idle when RPK and the rest are send to ISA. 😦

  47. Nora says:

    umno doesn’t put a damn shit on gerakan. Why wait any longer? You are just a damn fool to umno. Fed up with all these hesitation and excuses. Think for the future generation if you want them to suffer and live in this mass corrupted nation.

  48. elloh says:

    If what KSK says of the 60% grassroots urging Gerakan to leave BN is true, then the leadership should listen to the grassroots, otherwise the leadership will become irrelevant! Also, the membership will be leaving in droves!

    KSK is trying to obfuscate and in the end stay in Barisan.

    The grassroots should get rid of these leaders when they refuse to listen to the majority!

  49. BobSam says:

    Gerakan & DAP vie for the same seats. Hence it does not make sense for Gerakan to leave BN. Anyway Gerakan joining the Alliance created the new multi-party coalition, Barisan Nasional.

    Hence Gerakan is not a junior member, it is a founding member of Barisan Nasional.

    Gerakan should take its place as the founding member of a new multi-party coalition, with UMNO also taking membership. But the message should be clear that there is no place for Gerakan in PR. But Gerakan can be the building block for a new coalition that can play opposite PR.

  50. Sharvind Pavel Salomiya says:

    Koh Tzu Koon is really so stupid…..he had all the time to plan and lead Penang. Just look what he has done. The biggest mistake was to kow -tow to Umno leaders.
    He was just practically following their instructions….at least please wake up now….
    Go and join PR …..

  51. BadEgg says:

    Koh still accessing his asset and sole benefits with UMmmDope that’s all. He’s not willing to let it go. Or UMmmDope probably has something to threaten him by. Example would be if the party leaves, then the monkeys will expose all the misdeeds he has done cause he no use for them now. Or, he has some “investment” in UMmmDope cronies companies and will have dire consequence if the party leave.

  52. Whiskers says:

    I has always had graet admiration for Dr.Koh Tsu Koon. A man with great patient and cool. I think he will eventually weighted that leaving the BN will be his wise option. Dia ni memang slow-slow style, dont worry friends

  53. Join PR. Even if you don’t want to do that, pls just leave BN & become a an independent force. Don’t pe accessories to corruption & injustice any longer. Maybe then you will regain some respect from the makkal.

  54. mazen says:

    What will happen? UMNO says;nothing,I am ok! Join these two words ( am ok) it becomes amok! Yes amok,that’s what will happen to UMNO.

  55. KongKor says:

    Q – “Waiting for what some more?”

    A – Waiting to be IRRELEVANT

  56. Volcano says:

    I don’t know if those MCA, MIC and Gerakan members are stupid or what? But the next course of action are so obvious. Just like singapore, they just bite the bullet and call it quits. Now they a naton to emulate.
    OK boys…
    Sit down..KTK, Samy and OKT close your eyes and see…
    Oh, Samy please shutup..you don’t need to appeal and beg…
    Imagine the three of you are actually holding the balls of err..Bodowi. I know there’s only two balls la but you are imagining only….Can you feel it.? Now slowly squeeze them. Samy you may say release all hindraf detainees or I will squeeze harder…
    And if all of you squeeze and want something and you do not get it. Those balls are not worth squeezing at all..the balls are dead and efforts are wasted. So don’t play the game. Quit Yes, Quit. The advantages of Quiting.
    When you all quit the social contract that you subject the non malays to will be terminated.
    When you quit, UNMO will lose all the powers to rule. Because three of you are the kingmakers. Without the three of you UNMO is dead…They don’t have any ketuanan thing left. Only the three of you supported the ketuanan thing and wanted to be their slaves.

  57. Maker says:

    This Si Lang Koon is very very slow, slow motion type la. Not aggressive, what kind of leadership he made. Aiyoyo, CEPAT LAH, AH KOON!!! Wait………. wait till the rain fall onto your extra small head to wake you up.

  58. Kaninah-boh says:

    All God fearing parties should search their soul and see whether they can work under a PM who is heavily tainted. No good can come out of it by association.
    They have a crucial decision to make and we the Rakyat prayed that they will make the right decision according to their conscience otherwise with the corrupters, the plunderers and the murderers they will spend their time in hell together.

  59. ktteokt says:

    Gerakan leaving BN is just like taking water out of the sea! It is so insignificant now especially since it has lost Penang! There is no more value for Gerakan to remain in BN and UMNO will not miss this once great party!

  60. PeoplePower says:

    Never ever to expect KTK will bring Gerakan to quit BN!
    This is b’coz KTK is prefer to burry together with BN!

  61. wits0 says:

    Blur sotongs voted for PhD kindred but took 18 years to realize that its isn;t another sotong but a jellyfish cling-on! Almost comical but for the serious detrimental fall-out further afield. Methink he isn’t slow, just simply amoral and insensitive.

  62. BadEgg says:

    Since Koh don’t mind his potrait tear down and UMNO think its ok, I propose all of us do the same. Get Bodohwi, Altantuya Najib, Ahmad Isnail’s pic then all together we shout at the top of our voice like an agonized hemoroid patient “BODOWIIIiiii….” (or any other names you can think of) and tear it in two. After that we hide behind Koh and Koh will say sorry for us (while we cross our finger) and everything will be forgiven. His image not so important than his position.

  63. Anonymous says:

    maybe they are just trying to get some attention since they hardly ‘gerak’ – kan last march 8. Does it matter if their base seemed to be only penang? it’s no point cry baby now with such threats… UMNO will probably feed them with susu fr china to keep them quiet permanently!
    hey susan you insulted the EGG, the seputeh umno fellos will file a police report against you for that!.. see Milking us Dead and Morons at their Best at http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com.my

  64. Menyalak-er says:

    Am totally with you on this, wits(12:00).
    After all, sotongs have the fastest nerve conduction. Ah Koon chai has a very privileged past, he’s no street fighter. In many ways ‘foul spitter-splatterer’ would trump him as he is more gangsta type. Ah Koon, never had gumption to face reality and distress – he’s more worried about his effervescent ‘treats’ thrown to him by his masters. He can’t distinguish these from threats.
    I think there is something more sinister to this.
    Mazen (10:59), is absolutely right in alluding to the amok thing.
    Apparently, Haris ibrahim had news that there was some ‘trouble’ brewing in Pg. on 0921, none other by Ismail blur & bumno cohorts. Nipped in the nick, after polis stepped in. Lame duck dopey didn’t know what to do…

  65. freewave says:

    Leave lah. Someone should take the first step the rest will follow.

    The thing is, every party in BN are the same, the grassroots are not rich fellas like the Tan Sri and the few at the tops, so they have nothing much to lose and would like to leave. On the other hand, those at the tops have so much to lose it’s a heartbreak to leave your fortunes, if not all is at least a big chunks of it behind.

    It’s easy, the leader in Umno do not have to deal with the grassroots, it’s the Tan Sri’s problem. All they have to do is talk off the Tan Sri and the few at the top, next day he’ll annouce loyalty of the party to the coalition.

  66. LHHeng says:

    Seems that KTK have said that currently more than 50% of Gerakan members wanted to leave BN. As the political scenario especially in UMNO is now very confusing. It is hard to predict what will happen within these few of months in BN. I do agree with KTK that Gerakan has to consider carefully what direction to take. However, there are only TWO OPTIONS for Gerakan. First option is to be Independent and second option is to join PKR.
    To remain in BN is already not an option. They shouild not even think about it. Dont waste time. I advise them to take the first option now before they lose all sympathy ans support from the rakyat. So KTK do it NOW. Maybe join PKR later if PKR can convince them that they are really GOOD at their job as the rakyat party.

  67. yh says:

    let me finished the statement for this spineless and gutless individual.

    “we must put sentiments aside and look at the larger picture and the future of the party. taking into consideration the risks of the various options, the leaders have come to a conclusion its best the party stay with BN in order to stay relevant and be part of the decision-making process (read my lips..positions in the cabinet). I urge all members to be patient and stay united and we are confident of making a difference and contribute to reformation within BN (read my lips-a small warlord was able to stick his fingers at Gerakan and has literally tell him to get lost but he is thick-face enough to talk about influence within BN)”

  68. Amin says:

    Gerakan is basically a Chinese based party with a multiracial cap. UMNO often finds it useful to use Gerakan to thwart MCA’s demand for Chinese community’s position. As such, it is just a convenient tool for UMNO. The Chinese community would do better without the existence of Gerakan.

  69. matt says:

    A politician will always be a politician,remember it is always about the money,there only a handful who do things for the rakyat.Gerakan is now a redundant party that only can hope that their 2 Mp can be used as a bargaining chip in this poker game.
    Can only hope for the best for Malaysia with the kind of circus clowns we have in politics.

  70. Rights for all says:

    Latest from The Star
    Penang Umno liaison committee deputy chairman Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah said the former chief minister must determine the direction of his party.
    “I regret that we have parti perosak (party spoilers) within Barisan. These factions can leave if they want to,” he said.

    Doesn’t this message meant anything to KTK. With Najib and Muhiydin at helm in the foreseeable future, don’t expect any change of fortune for all Malaysians. Maybe another cockroach the like of Ahmad Ismail will seal the fate of Gerakan.

  71. voyuer says:

    Gerakan is like a drowning man clutching at straws. Regardless of whether they stay in BN or not, they are finished. MCA hope you can see that if you continue to be a dog the same fate awaits you.

  72. Maker says:

    No money, who would go into politic in this bolehland? hahahaha ALL MONEY TALK LAH. Have you encountered any poor politican?No?

  73. wah lau eh says:

    all they want is kangtau lah…

    kangtow from road sweeping to organizing major political functions, supplies to govt and etc….

    but i guess every most top govt official will want to jaga punggung sendiri…

  74. mazen says:

    matt(17.50) the word politics is short for POwer+LIps+TrICS………..looking for power? read my lips and I will show you the tricks.

  75. Kenny Gan says:

    Koh Tsu Koon, you’ve been sodomized by Umno for 51 years and you still want to stay. Save the last dregs of your dignity, just pull up your trousers and go!

  76. whispering9 says:

    nTV7 just did a SMS opinion vote on ‘Do you think Gerakan should leave BN?’ The result 97 Yes, 3 No. Did my eyes play tricks on me? That is a 97% in favor of quitting BN. Whoa!

  77. Gerakan leaving BN is both a surprise as well as a blessing for the down-trodden race, I must say.

    This is a possibility as Gerakan had lately been seen to speak up for the community they are supposed to represent without fear.

    If they are sincere to fight for equality, I think they should be accepted into the fold of freedom fighters.

    Hey! I still need to know when AI es going to take over the Government. This step is important because our brothers currently detained under the ISA will be released and replaced by the BN cronies. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Keep hoping for a CHANGE.

  78. do-it-now says:

    Penang is DAP’s for the next 5 terms ie at least 25 years. MCA just do not posess the clout or influence in Penang to win over Penang voters. But Gerakan should leave BN at least remain independent and slowly ragain back their political influence. But major reforms in the party needed like speaking out against racism. They need to also have strong leaders in the same stature as Lim Chong Eu and Tan Chee Khoon. Or else they are totally dead.

  79. Cityboy says:

    Gerakan simply don’t have the bargaining chip. UMNO don’t give a toss whether Gerakan is in or out and frankly, they are tired with all the moaning and bitching about mutual respect when Gerakan wasn’t able to pull in the votes in the last GE. If Gerakan is to leave BN and stay independent, my guess is that DAP / PKR will wipe them out completely in the next GE. The last option is to join PR and not expect much in return. Same dog different owner…………..

  80. wits0 says:

    The fake and long self serving role of Gerakan and leaderships in the pantheon of useless BN component parties is sufficient cause to see to its deserved demise without tears.

    It’s superstition to still cling to the said stature of the long past icons like Lim Chong Eu or Tan Chee Khoon and cling to that like as if Gerakan today is still a valid and really needed hedge against the great threatening Darkness which it has unabashedly served to maintain. What’s needed now is even better leadership that the badly tainted Gerakan can ever produce.

    It’s a spineless party led by a jellyfish. Two double speaking equivocators as president in a row! Just drop all the cringing fear and let that opportunistic outfit perish from the weight of its weighty karma today. That will be an object lesson for posterity to remember how a political party should not become, just another thoroughly self-serving fraud inflicting itself on people who long deserved better!

  81. Underdog says:

    The time to talk about options has passed. Just screw up your courage and GO, for goodness sake! KTK, be a man and not an eunuch. Penang BN has asked you to go, so what are you waiting for? Another photo-tearing episode?

  82. Rights for all says:

    Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam today slammed former Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng’s statement that the need for the New Economic Policy (NEP) no longer exists.

    Did anyone hear MCA defending one of their own? With such lapdog like Ong Kah Chuan, no wonder Umno continue sodomising MCA. Gerakan has to swallow their pride and get the hell out of BN.

  83. Disgruntled says:

    Latest !!! Hot News !!!

    Anwar Ibrahim joining UMNO

  84. mesoso says:

    no difference lah. gerakan as a party was never relevant in the first place. come or go also no need perasaan so much, nobody cares actually..nobody will miss you…just go…

  85. Solo Miss says:

    SELFISHNESS BREEDS IN THE BEE ANN COMPONENT PARTIES!!!! They knew that amno was & never sincere in multiracialism…..mere lip service when in fact, harping on ketuanan melayu;N.E.P.; Islamisation; discrimination & disrespect to other races, religions and rights.

    Only after 8 march did the component parties realized that amno was arrogant, racist, discriminative and irresponsible……but “torn between two devils” – all bee ann members have been exposed to illicit monies, scandals, corruption, crimes, ill gotten gains etcetc So how to leave these “luxuries” for “dirty word-human rights,democracy,religious rights etcetc”.

    NONSENSE THAT THEY ARE CONSIDERING LEAVING BEE ANN!!!! They are contemplating all implications of losing the luxuries of a CORRUPT, DISCRIMINATIVE, CASTE SYSTEM PRACTISING GOMEN.



  86. Solo Miss says:

    These selfish component nuthead parties of bee ann…..are only now suspect of amno……….when in fact they had sold their souls to amno corruption, racism, discrimination, caste system, religious disrespect, religious discrimination, islamisation, ill gotten gains, illicit monies, scandals etcetc.

    So now what? How to get out of all the luxuries of illegality……..how to runaway from being an accomplice in all the wrongdoings of amno/bee ann gomen……..how to leave??

    Gerakan is irrelevant……..amno/beeann will be obsolete in the next election……rakyat will throw them out totally……so what is Gerakan trying to salvage…….their souls?

  87. Harrison says:

    Opppps. long comments are normally stuck on the spam. Good day to all. 🙂

  88. Tomcat says:

    Is Koh Tsu Koon fearful of taking Gerakan out of BN because he has lot’s of skeletons in his closet and fear a visit by the ACA? The way he clings on to BN is like it’s a matter of life and death….for himself. Gerakan deserves better than this spineless leader. Bah!

  89. Harrison says:


    Pointblank. That is surely the “mother of all reasons”. He surely can forthwith a compromise with the PR leader to not “witch-hunt” , can he?

  90. wits0 says:

    Why would it be surprising if that wimp has plenty of skeletons in his cupboard?

    Simple things like the oft mentioned(by older Penangnites) fact that his biz(land dealer?) father had more than one wife and that he, Ah Koon himself, had a son who was once seriously ill in the US(with cancer?) have been kept under intentional wrap with the connivance of the MSM. Did his son survive?

    That guy is clearly secretive! And there are Forces abetting his background obfuscation.

  91. . says:

    Gerakan is an irrelevant entity to all — to bn, to pr, to the Malaysian people, and to many Gerakan members themselves.

    Save us all the trouble … just disband the damn thing.

  92. Bola Hangus says:

    PR so far attract those sulking from not getting the BN table scraps. Anwar in his desperation and tegedik2 to become PM will accept almost anybody regardless of their previous affiliations. Today he sings this song, to morrow another tune. This murai sings beautiful tunes but has yet to deliver. What happen to spt 16 and wheres the evidence you said will come in a few days? anwar or anwar, stop talking the talk and do the walk.

  93. thingstocome says:

    Aiyah PR is finished. Najib will be next PM and DSAI will be back in prison. After that all PR leaders will either be picked up and eating dog food or going back to BN.

  94. jonni says:

    golah…Ah koon . 60% grassroots already t0ld you so. By the way, can you practice other kung-fu besides tai-chi?

  95. Nam Te Kcor says:

    Malaysians! R U blind or wat?
    That Kukuson wanna b Senator! He dropped whole basket of eggs, n think Look Sleep-walker donno yet. He whine like dat b4; esp after Rambo brought in Filthman 2 dump filth on LSW’s Handpickman, costing dat guy’s m$ egg squashed.
    With LSW’S HR gift to Rambo, Kukuson sees his S-hope vaporised. So now growl like a frightened dog. N a dog will quickly come running n tail wagging whenever Rambo made a
    positive gesture, or after taking over d master’s seat.
    Question? Will Barking dog ever bite?

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