This may be your new top leadership come next year, as early as June 2009.

While Raja Petra Kamaruddin, and all other ISA (internal INsecurity Act) detainees will rot in Kamunting.

While the people groan because of poor economic management of the country.

Are you happy now?

Is this what you want?

Well, if you are not, don’t worry, wait for 2013, the next general elections to show them out of the way.

If you can’t wait, make sure your MPs push their way for a No confidence vote in parliament.

Will UMNO allow that?!

They can bully others into accepting their leadership, but not fool everyone all the time.

Lets see what the bullies have to say after their meeting this morning (Malaysiakini). They are supposed to meet about:

– the 2010 power transition plan by Abdullah in July will MAY have to make way for another that allows Najib Tun Razak to become PM.

Isn’t this a coup de tat as well, as Abdullah won the 12th GE while he was still PM, though the numbers have reduced substantially?

But those opposing Anwar Ibrahim’s plan to take over the country’s leadership (when?) has never seen it this way.

– Postponement of the party’s December annual general assembly, which includes the critical election of top office bearers – to June 2009 at the latest.

The more time the better, more mistakes, more showdowns. More money flowing out of the mighty river…


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  1. WILSON says:

    Actually the rakyat is getting very anxious. We can’t wait til 2013. 51 yrs is enuff…. no more. And most of all we want to get RPK out ASAP.

  2. SameSame says:

    LOL Susan, i just finished posting on whats happening in this country and its UMNO presidency and then i see your headlines.

    As i said in my blogspot, if Najib becomes the next president and PM, well……………………………………………… OH DEAR ME!!! Pete will stay in ISA until 2013 when the new Gov takes over.

  3. Phua Kai Lit says:

    The economic tsunami is heading our way from the USA.

    A responsible government would gather all the
    finest economic and financial brains in Malaysia, brainstorm and come up with an action plan, and get to work implementing it straight away!

    P.S. I read somewhere about how the Swedish govt successfully tackled its
    serious economic problems in the 1990s. Can we learn from the Swedes?

  4. hasilox says:

    A PM who is well known internationally for the mongolia and C4 connection?
    Well, lets brace up for the worldwide recognition and respect!!!! Don’t be surprised when bolehlanders are strip-searched at the immigrations when visiting other countries.

  5. Shanker says:

    Sheeesh…..and I thot DSAI was supposed to deliver us…..wha happen la….was it just another polician “talking”….??…

  6. suchfun says:

    Bush, Obama, Mc Cain, can sit down talk abt solution for economic problems. Here, can similar thing happen??

  7. goldenscreen says:

    Maybe we all (me included) overestimated the powers of RPK & Anwar. Maybe Najib HAS to become the 6th Prime Minister first before we can finally sound the death knell of Barisan Nasional. Does anybody now doubt the truth and power of the RAHMAN prophecy? According to RAHMAN, Anwar will never become Prime Minister before Najib, only AFTER.

    Well, time will tell if all this mumbo jumbo is true after all.

  8. Batu Ferringhi says:

    The confidence level of the people who supported the 916 is waning… too much confusion from too many spokesmen and now silence. Pakatan is losing the groundsurge / goodwill pretty fast. Even I am beginning to feel tired….

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  10. Oogway says:

    no, dowan! dowan! boo hoo! i dowan! C4 C4! (sei foh sei foh!)

  11. Palaniappan says:

    We have to move fast to get RPK out asap. I hope DSAI is working behind the scene and it’s the nation’s (people) desire to see Pakatan Rakyat takes over but when? The sooner the better so that RPK and others at Kamunting will be freed from languishing in the rotten cell.

  12. goldenscreen says:

    I think we should pray for Najib to takeover from Pak Lah as soon as possible so that the last condition before UMNO’s downfall can be met. We should brace ourselves for the time when Najib unleashes his warlords, sycophants and executioners upon the people of Malaysia. But do not despair, for the night is darkest before dawn..and dawn is coming.

  13. Drachen says:

    We say PR is all about AI. Well now that he has hit a brick wall, it’s a good time for other people in PR to do something. It’s also a good time for people who don’t support PR but want change to do something.

    Are you (anybody reading this) going to do something?

  14. veryupset says:

    Najib become PM…?
    Sey four lah……………! Kesian RPK !
    Who will rule the PM…? (The rose very very silent lately. Yah…?)
    We die lah, like that….! Kesian us !

    Its like jumping from the frying pan into the fire……!

    What else is there to say some more lah………………..???

  15. lovepeace says:

    ohh lord show us your mercy and let your will be done and dont ever let the evil and satan rules us………..we know the existence of hell after death but please dont give us preview of it on earth……………amen

  16. Harrison says:

    If I am AAB, I might be secretly endorsing AI and PR to power by allowing a “no-confidence-vote” to assume another fresh GE which the PR might have assailed BN nowadays as of bad government riddled with corruption, injustices, a plummeting economy, biased police and ACA expediency.

    If AAB like Susan’s reasoning in below para. that AAB was an elected leader as well. AAB should wait no time in endorsing PR as the next Government before he is “toppled” by his warlords. AAB is so stupid if he overlooked this noble option.

    “Isn’t this a coup de tat as well, as Abdullah won the 12th GE while he was still PM, though the numbers have reduced substantially?”-Susan

    I also like this sentence written by Susan:-
    “Well, if you are not, don’t worry, wait for 2013, the next general elections to show them out of the way.” -Susan

    Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing, logically.

  17. bruce says:

    Welcome to C4 era…… this time round we don’t need all the court and the judge anymore…just get the C4 expert to do the job to solve the crime in m’sia…

  18. Solo Miss says:

    Latest: MTamno has deferred party elections from december to march2009…..flip flop to decide on handing over power to najis b4/on/after oct9……stupid peeing am is seen as a liabilty to amno….HOW TRUE BUT IT IS OF ALL AMNO FOLKS NOT PEEING AM ONLY.

    Najis will not be peeing am but opposition nuthead…..with amno/beeann goons.

    DSAI will be PM with PR government even b4 march9………DYMM YDP AGONG will decide in favor of DSAI & PR…….God willing.

    God Bless. Malaysia for Malaysians.Abolish Malaysian Alcatraz(kamunting); Abolish draconian laws-ISA/OSA/SA/POLICE ACT(especially Sec.27); ABOLISH MALAYSIAN CASTE SYSTEM.


  19. earthwalker says:

    AAB gets the better deal because he won’t go down history as the worst PM Malaysia ever had, now that there is Najib.

  20. kittykat46 says:

    Every time I see him appear on TV, I can almost see the ghostly shadow of a young woman behind him, crying out for justice……

    Bad karma always gets you in the end… can run, you can hide behind your trappings of power, but you can never escape…

  21. wandererAUS says:

    God save Malaysia!
    Nothing will bring back what Malaysians cherish most…freedom and equality.

    So Tun Mamak still has a place in Bolehland, no need to migrate.

  22. tshock says:

    What is going to happen to our dear country? Aiyoyo! How can we have a Prime Minister who has all these skeletons in the closet. All the foreign investors will take very wide detour now. The BN gomen better believe that it is a very vicous cycle. They turn the wheels, they will face the consequence. The rakyat are not sitting on their laurels.

  23. jsss says:

    C4 going to rules the country oh! no please lah very disgusting.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ermmm …… bad news is goog news

  25. wapot says:

    If C4 become PM, many people can get free scholarship maa!.

  26. jsss says:

    Earthwalker, you are “RIGHT”. I agree with you 101% fren.

  27. Amanda says:

    Oh will never be Najib nor Muhiddin. Nither one of them please. Malaysia is now like frying pan for us. Jumping out from crocodile’s mout and enter to tigers’s mouth and etc and etc and etc. Both are too disgusting instead.

    I still remember Muhidin as somewhat Minister of hal ehwal M’sia, the way he sarcasms those illigal sex bizz in tapak pembinaan is really a disgusting one too. Not him too PLEASE!!!!!!++++*******#####

  28. wkp says:

    There is nothing scary about having C4 as PM. Look at Zimbabwee, they are doing better by the day. As our leaders once said, “there are many other countries which are worse off than us.” Lets compare with them. Lets not look at those better than our country. We are a very blessed lot to have such thoughtful leaders. They have great vision for the country while we are still ahead of the rest of the worst.

  29. Rustypin says:

    june 2009 till 2013..? Are we ready for Mob rule??

  30. machitam says:

    golden screen “Does anybody now doubt the truth and power of the RAHMAN prophecy”

    i doubt it! whose prophecy is that? tell me more! definitely it’s not Islam….

  31. ah long says:

    What financial tsunami??? Malaysia is immune. We are not affected. This is the general message that our leaders are giving us. Have you heard any warnings from them?

    The media has hardly mention anything about how the global financial meltdown can or will affect Malaysia. The show goes on as usual.

    Have faith and trust in the two clowns. The circus is ok and is getting bigger everyday.

  32. wira says:

    Actually UMNO cannot stop a no-confidence bill.
    In a Westminister modelled democracy, any defeat of a major fiscal bill will be taken to mean that the PM has lost confidence.

    So DSAI, if you have the numbers, get your supporters to vote against the current budget bill before parliament.
    What better way than this to show the sovereign that you have the majority with you.

  33. deja vu says:

    well, if C4 gets to the top, be prepared for big mama to come up with tricks in the next GE and pakatan can kiss goodbye to winning in the election. and i think that’s why RPK wanted so much to stop C4 at his track, no matter what it takes (even his own freedom).

    and to those who are anti-Anwar (u can find them in the colours of KT and his goons in ktemoc konsiders…), why they dont codemn this undemocratic ‘peralihan kuasa’ in UMNO but only anwar’s katak ways???

  34. cry-wolf says:

    DSAI, if you have the numbers, get your supporters to vote of no confident before parliament. otherwise your reputation is gone.
    Is better to show the sovereign that you have. or your credibility is finished. this goes to all the PR leaders.

  35. ANg Kong says:

    what abt DSAI be the PM? what has happened to PKR? he promised us 916 but pointing his finger to PM not wanting to meet with him. I am just disappointed with DSAI, don tell me he did not anticipate this move fr Pak LAH.don tell me you need more time. Anwar, looks like you hav toyed with yr supporters one time too many!

    I support change and I dun care who becomes the PM as long as he treats all MALAYSIANS (tht’s Malays, Chinese, Indian and other smaller ethnic minorities fr Sabah n Sarawak, actually I’ll made it simpler…..ALL THOSE tht hold Malaysia passport ) equally regardless of religious background and skin colours.

    JUST BE FAIR! Malaysia could have been a much better country. Be fair, is this too much to ask?

  36. chris chong says:

    a murder suspect to be PM… that’s the world history!!! only in malaysia.

    i’m sure razak baginda will be very very happy.

  37. Markky says:

    UMNO seems to be the one who is obsessed with dates. Look who is having the last laugh?

  38. lakshmi says:

    All supporters for a free Malaysia must give Anwar more time, but not too long. We have to understand the mammoth obstacles he faces. Just any statement or move by Anwar deemed as dangerous to BN may see him behind ISA to keep RPK company. BN still owns the guns, and they will use it freely. At this crucial juncture, we cannot afford to lose Anwar. We have to give him the support he needs. It is good that he is working silently, keep BN guessing and spring a suprise on BN and us. I am willing to wait though the waiting is killing me and sending my pressure up.
    We need Anwar out to get RPK, our hero, out

  39. Uncle says:

    what did we do wrong? why we Malaysian got this karma why? anyone can answer me?

  40. SameSame says:

    Uncle….bcos of all these. He started this power craze…follow by example so AAB following and so will other UMNO-ites. Even his own son is doing it.

    You see what Mahathir has done to this country? And there are people still calling this fella ..abah, ayahanda…makes me wanna puke so bad

  41. Whatusay says:

    Well guys, still remember the theory of RAHMAN ? It has to go through the last N before UMNO/BN come to an end, latest by next GE.

  42. Today i almost kena arrest with blady police in GMI Anti ISA gatering at Masjid Jamek.anyhow with the god grace they let me go.Gosh i wonder if C4 become PM.the country wil be rule like pakistan or china.police and army in total control.PLsssss!PLSSSSSS!PLSSSS! DSAI and Pakatan do something before the devil demon C4 rule this country.

  43. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, my usual gang had a multi-racial Buka Puasa session last night, and the discussion turned to the “RAHMAN” theory.

    The “N” is Najib alright – but it also foretells the “N” as the last BN Prime Minister…..believe it..or not…

  44. SameSame says:

    lol..hopefully we wont need to wait that long….N maybe the END of BN rule…He might just enjoy a short-stay..who knows. Anything can happen and transpire!

    Maybe Altantuya’s spirit will haunt him so much that he runs helter skelter. Even the samis in the world cant help him and rosmy….who knows….LOL

    What goes around comes around.

  45. Kherry Scarry says:

    Alamak !!!

    From the old sleeping beauty into C4ed related mongol beauty …..ayoooooo!!!!

    Good luck Malysia….

  46. Markky says:

    Whatusay (14:44:50) :

    Well guys, still remember the theory of RAHMAN ? It has to go through the last N before UMNO/BN come to an end, latest by next GE.

    N in the RAHMAN theory stands for “Nurul Izzah’s father(Anwar)”, not Najiblah

  47. livegoeson says:

    his birthdate suggests that this is a rather difficult year for him, and this will last all the way until late Jan.

    Of course it is obvious that he’s struggling for the entire year so far, it isn’t over yet.

    over into 2009, it isn’t that great for him either.

    so net-net, it is safer and more beneficial if he prepare for a soft-landing.

  48. Shower says:

    SIL lagi ada time lah!!! stop the Mongolia festival.

  49. Nuriz says:

    Sounds very scarry and a nightmare to all m’sians ! DSAI @ PR…where’re you guys..?

  50. says:

    No way please. We as new generation going to suffer for years.. Three generations must come together and pray? are you guys ready?

  51. ironic_law says:

    We need RPK (pretty timely ISA detention right, everyone agrees hahaha) to reveal the evidence against ROSMAH NOW!!! So that we can implicate NAJIS (yeah that is for lying in a mosque and upon the HOLY book, INFIDELS) and stop him from ascending to the GOLDEN THRONE…. NO!!! I wonder what is wrong with those UMNO goons, with SLEEPY DOPEY you can still continue KOREKING but why now with NAJIS.. Are you sure NAJIS will provide a better life for you (UMNOPUTRAS)?? , Are you SURE he will able to save UMNO?? Or your pockets hahaha??.. I think this is the main DILEMMA for all UMNO goons hahaha (as if they cared much about UMNO)..
    Dun get me wrong, just that NAJIS is like father like son, father got involved by allowing Harun Idris to cause May 13, Son got involved by sleeping with a mongolian and ROSMAH hahaha Both are considered as MURDERERs (thou indirect la but was conspiring MURDER considered as MURDER in this BOLEHLAND law right opps I had forgotten BOLEHLAND only got KANGAROO laws hahahahaha die la like this)…
    Aww NAJIS ascension is to save BOLEHLAND ECONOMY ehh hahaha, I’m pretty sure BOLEHLAND will had no problem coping with a RECESSION but.. At the COST of WHO ?? I guess most of us got the PICTURE.. So by 2013, I guess we will know what to do next hehehehe

  52. maha says:

    NO WAY…….PLS DSAI speed up your actions.

  53. machitam says:

    pity altantuya’s child and dad. no court in m’sia would dare to implicate…&^(*

    pity dopey, family and sil…….eventually they will be doomed since umnobodo will hail to those in power only….unlike drM, he bowed out in style.

    pity razak baginda, the two SB “fools”…they will be banished to prevent from the secret to surface


    i have been pukeing and wanna puke again….urrrr..arrrgh huh!

  54. livegoeson says:

    dsai’s birthdate is making him prone to impatience and changing ideas at time.

    2008 is very exhaustive for him, in particular in sept to nov, it drains his energy and making him susceptible to fatigue and suddenness of event.

  55. lucia says:

    ahhh… see who we are going to get for a PM – one who has no guts to go to court to clear up his name but one who prefer to use swearing to clear his name. alamak! will this set a precedent for the other MPs to follow?

    anwar had better come up with his plan to take over the gomen… else… poor RPK will be in jail for several years with his worst enemy as PM.

  56. Today UMNO clowns huddled to discuss how they can topple their own Presdient and Prime Minister.
    Meanwhile PM in waiting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was busy working; engaging with analysts, investors and CEOs in Hong Kong. See my recent posting as pictures speak a thousand words:

  57. whispering9 says:

    Mr. End is usually pandering up to his boss like ‘No, no boss. After you.’ Must be the first for a politician to be so confidently condescending. Party people want him to be PM, he pulak tak mahu rush into it. Is there really a jar with the balls somewhere? It that the reason why some want him as PM and some who don’t? Seeeesch, what a whack up for Malaysia. Anyway, I really like one blogger’s punchline ‘Hello, this is your Captain Sleeping.’

  58. Yusri Mohd Ali says:

    We desperately hope that PR will take over this year

  59. Justice 4Altantuya says:

    Malaysia is losing its heart & soul if Najib with so many skeletons in his cupboard & so many unanswered questions regarding his reputation & corruption in Russian submarine deal that involved Altantuya & a suspect in the cruesome murder of Altantuya takes over as PM.
    Raja Petra & the Indian Man (Private Investigator) who alleged in a statutory declaration that Najib met Altantuya have both met with unfortunate detention & disapperance respectively !
    Oh how the Justice seem to work in Malaysia !! Our hearts bleed for the Country with such Leaders. Thank God for Good & Conscientious People like the former
    De facto law Minister Zaid Ibrahim who resigned on principle over the indiscriminate & blatant use of ISA on the innocents.
    Lets work together & pray for Anwar Ibrahim with PAS & DAP to form a New Government to bring REAL CHANGE for all Malaysians ! REFORMASI

  60. Justice 4Altantuya says:

    Lets all pray for Anwar & Pakatan PAS & DAP to bring an end to such Crooks raping the wealth & running the Country.! REFORMASI !!!!

  61. Azmin says:

    Oh Shitsssss….don’t want to live anymore!!!!!!!!! hmmmm not in malaysia anyway. Really no mood to comment much these days, and whats happening to 916, very disappointed and switched on the tv watching that “red-lip” guy damn put me off . (SIGH)

  62. LHHeng says:

    Hope sleepy flipflop lame duck guy will do at least something good and decent for the rakyat when he leaves. Abolish ISA, reform the judiciary and the police force to mention a few.
    And for god sake, dont get Mr.C4 as your successor. This guy has too many unpleasant things link to him either directly or indirectly.
    At least Umno has Ku Li who is a very very much better person to take over as PM until our political issues get resolved.
    He is the best person now in Umno.
    The country do not need someone who is a human and at the same time is also a “hantu”.

  63. delcapo says:

    will Ku Li still challenge if it’s Najib?? that should tell us a few more things =]

    wat will become of KJ??


  64. Sedih says:

    For someone who pro-ISA,pro-NS,pro-corruption to become PM, we as Malaysians will have more worst days in this man and his wife’s hand.

  65. cancan says:

    This country does not belongs to two persons only!

  66. BRPY says:

    If ever this man become the new prime minister, two reforms will be thrown out the window if not, blasted into pieces. These two reforms will be our justice system and ACA. Please help. Whatever and whoever you believe in is much better than this man.

    Come on Malaysian… we must all unite to ensure this man will be removed from being the most powerful person in Malaysia.

    Our country is in Red alert now. The people’s voice must be heard. Under Pak lah even though he is soft but actually he is quite democratic. Under his leadership, more chinese schools were built, much more than under tun or other past PMs and also we all had the freedom to blog. Now whatever good things goes to the Pak lah’s cabinet but bad things, Pak lah gets the blame.

    Never once did he issued any isa orders but since it was issued, he gets the blame. The person who frees the detainess, get the applause, even though he may be the one who ordered the detention in the first place.

    If Pak Lah steps down, and Anwar is not the PM, this new guy will definately cause the end on Malaysia. If there was a voice once, let it be heard much more now.

  67. Ctizen Me says:

    Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah. Pakatan sudah lambat.

  68. syed zalil says:

    Have you known A KING Corba female is not sure weather The male Corba is comming around to mate or to eat her.Male approve her in a erotic manner its mate.Quite often after the act Male eat her up.Another things quite often the snake change its skin.With a fresh code the Venom is stronger. Like wise Do the
    Tinted Najib is seen to close to ABB almost erotic manner .Come March 09 sooner or later swollow ABB.Next step Pm got to the option with Venom will take a complete circle meaning more ISA,More C4 .New version of MR TDM.His body language seen more like its.

  69. monsterball says:

    Having Najib as PM like living in wonderland….all things are possible.
    Having Najib as PM…is like our country have improved so fast…to declare Lesbians and Gays..are the best and sodomy is finally…couples freedom of rights and acts…WOW!
    Having Najib as PM…we will have the opportunity to be.. world suppliers of C4…another must for every country to buy….from Malaysia.
    Having Najib as PM…most men will have red lips…and rosy cheeks.
    Having Najib as PM….tall girls …no chance to get married to handsome men.
    Having Najib as PM…I better get ready to shave my head bald…asking God…..what sins have I committed ….to deserve such punishments?

  70. allen ng says:


    It seems that the baton would be passed to Najib not later than March next year but the question is would Najib would handle the pressure as our coming PM? I believe he would face the same fate as Pak Lah not later than a year.Guess what happen in USA? A leading bank goes bust and this Najib handling the Finance portfolio!! He must be joking and I wonder whether he knows economic or not? We are hoping for a change of government and not this corrupted and tainted regime of BN.

  71. monsterball says:

    I mean… shave my head bald….and get protections from God…deep into a cave…before someone gets me……do me up!!
    Anwar like hell…and then be like McAurther..,saying…”I shall return”……..but when …only he and God knows.

  72. ernest cheah says:

    D.s. anwar’s plan is like an open book therefore lots has been done to make it difficult, now probably he knows the effect, is laying low to spring a surprise I hope its this way I READ.
    Anyway we should encourage this to go on for at least we heard lots of
    hoo haa here and there for some form of check and balance even though there
    isn’t enough of balance.
    I guess everybody agrees with me that to chop off a 51 year old tree will take sometime not to talk about removing the root. As i see Dato’s open book is because he want the public to know but couldnt do away with the devil in the public.
    We have been living like this for the past 51years I think time is on our side now but I dont know about Dato Seri.
    My final comment, even our resource is completely drain off in 3 to 4 years we can still be in a better shape if this country is managed well……… exemple of s’pore.

  73. bullshit says:

    Get out lah all of you to Iceland.

    Ha ha ha ha.

  74. ktemoc says:

    kittykat said “Yeah, my usual gang had a multi-racial Buka Puasa session last night, and the discussion turned to the “RAHMAN” theory. The “N” is Najib alright – but it also foretells the “N” as the last BN Prime Minister…..believe it..or not…”

    You can always rely on kittykat to tell us a new tale … 😉

    Mind you, I believe him. After Najib, the RAHMAN Da Vinci code will be recycled, with the PM after Najib as:

    R – RPK or Rais Yatim or, mind you, Razaleigh still qualifies if younger Najib dies of heart attack shortly after assuming the PM-ship

    A – Azmin Ali or Ahmad Ismail (Penang larng wakakaka) or Azalina (wakakaka) or Ahmad Shabery Cheek, or even my dear friend Anwar (if Azmin doesn’t leap-FROG over him)

    H – Hadi Awang (if he’s still around) or Husam Musa (Alhamdulillah – green flags waving) or Hishamuddin (keris waving) or Hamid Albar (Mr ISA)

    M – Muhyiddin (alamak, so late one) or Muhkriz Mahathir or Mohd Taib (he has millions) or (kaytee)MOC wakakaka

    A – Anwar can still have another stab here 😉 Everyone better name your offspring with an ‘A’ – he/she gets two go at the RAHMAN code to be PM

    N – Nurul or Ng Yen Yen wakakaka

  75. monsterball says:

    ktemoc…is getting from bad to worst with his brain…..but he should be praised to dare come out with such a rediculous prediction…for second coming of… RAHMAN.
    I will make it short…RPK…Anwar Ibrahim…Hew Chee Wah…Mah Kong King…Antony Samyvellu…Nurul.
    I am am sure…Malaysians have not heard few of those names.
    Be surprised….be very surprised.
    That’s the beauty… in dreamland.

  76. ktemoc says:

    Thnak goodness for monsterball’s prediction to ameliorate kayteemoc’s bad brain forecast 😉 wakakaka thanks buddy 😉

  77. krampus666 says:



  78. SameSame says:

    Wonder if Najib is reading this blog…LOL….he must be fuming mad and start to arrest each one of us for all the things we are telling about him, which by the way is soooooo true.

    Malaysia will be run by a kollakaran and pondati (hmm…its a language to translate 🙂

    Syed Ali will have his work cut out and hey there will be a contract out to make Kamunting a bigger centre……

    So no shame wan this fella!!

  79. papillion says:

    Be calm and patient folks.
    “there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in …..”

  80. Mr X says:

    People, prepare to be cursed for the next 9 generations … See Abdullah Badawi the King Kasihan for my thought.

    As for Khairy Jamaluddin the Oxford Wizard, either you do a Harry Potter quick or just be contended to run errand for living.

  81. veonszu says:

    What would be Pak Lah’s legacy? Mr. Clean or Mr. Flip-Flopping? The PM who won the unprecedented landslide victory in 2004 or the PM who lost 5 state governments and 2/3 majority in Dewan rakyat?

  82. dynamite says:

    Smart move by dopey Badawi who never wanted Najib as DPM but was forced into it by TDM.

    At a suitable time (which Badawi will determine), Najib/Altantunya pics will turn up. Najib will be finished, his supporters crushed, and replaced by Nazri.

  83. Siew Eng says:


  84. iTS MY Malaysia Too says:

    What d FISH!! (excuse my french) !!
    Malaysians cannot sit back and allow yet another atrocity to go past right before our eyes.
    To PR, my daily prayer is that you deliver.
    To the power crazy and sleepy hollow members that govern us, do remember that every deed of yours in systematically destroying this country of mine for selfish and self-serving reasons is akin to a boomerang will surely come back and bite you where it hurts the most.. my only wish is that it happens sooner than later
    The rest of us rakyat..please do not lose hope…remember our pledge of a better Malaysia.
    To RPK & the rest of my brothers detained unjustly..we promise to keep up the good fight..we will never quit till justice is served.

    Please attend the vigil tonite – 27/9/08 at the main entrance central market, 7pm to show our solidarity and unequivocal stand in respect of the ISA.

  85. Alfonso D Albuque says:

    If Najib become the Prime Minister – End of the world is nearer!!!

    Prepare for a real Tsunami to hit Malaysia because God will save its people and the cruel and injustice shall be punished and step under his feet!!!

    Fcuk Najib and UMNO

  86. rozlan says:

    AS far as UMNO is concern they prefer Najib than Anuar Ibrahim..Because under Najib they could continue plundering the country resources without fearof punishment…

  87. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, rozlan (21:30), its a forgone conclusion. The whole country is in a mess, and we have these goons playing musical chairs in PWTC. Idiots beget idiots, and their whole house of cards will be blown away – problem is they’ll take us, the rakyat, a long to whatever purgatory/hell they’re going to.
    Honestly we can’t wait 4-5 yrs. with the economic meltdown of this magnitude.
    Temujin’s (aka Genghis) conscience just isn’t cut out to be a leader. Mamakutty will be leading him by his pecker, with a shipload of vultures.
    Soon there will be a levy on our farts!

  88. daniel kannan says:

    brothers and sisters, learn to relax and put your TRUST, hope & faith in GOD.

    “HE who infinenitely High is also infinenitely NIGH…”

    we mere mortals are but a evanescence…..chaff blown in the wind, vapor….

    Trust in the One who is the Creator of the Heaven’s and the Earth, of everything in between and beyond, from the microscopic to the cosmic, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown….

    Put your trust in almighty GOD….

    GOD bless us all…..

  89. PAK BENGGAP LAH says:

    Let us all hope Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim wrest the Government before Pak Benggap Lah retire from Premiership. The day Najib become the Perdana Menteri, the country will never be safer than Pakistan if not Afghanistan. When C4 Plastic Bombs are all available at 7-Eleven, bombs explosions and disastrous economy will ruin the people of the land. Rising inflation and all sort of calamity created by the BENGGAP Organiation, CIMB will replace Central Bank. Money Lenders and Tai-Yee-Longs will be Agongs and Sultans, whereas Soh-Geh-Yans will be Generals of Army. May Millions of Bright Angels lands on the country from Heaven to help fellow Malaysians facing the damned Benggaps.

    May GOD saves Malaysian from The BENGGAPS (claimed in 2 / 3 millions!).

  90. ktemoc says:

    rozlan (21:30:05) said: As far as UMNO is concern they prefer Najib than Anuar Ibrahim … Because under Najib they could continue plundering the country resources …

    True, I agree – because under Anwar (when he was Deputy President of UMNO) many UMNO people (of other factions) complained they were denied their ‘share’ by Anwar’s faction who grabbed everything, which unsurprisingly must have led to the sodomy photos – the same mistake of absolute aggressive avarice, as someone (very young) and his faction (inside and outside) have been making until recently, which has been why daddy-O is in deep shit.

    Some UMNO people don’t learn from history, that the UMNO family which ‘shares’ together stays together – wakakaka!

    Now you know why Najib is preferable 😉

  91. dynamite says:

    Before Najib can become PM he must first go to prison to atone – which Anwar has already done.
    ktemoc also has not gone to prison yet.

  92. dynamite says:

    `Anwar’s faction who grabbed everything, which unsurprisingly must have led to the sodomy photos` ~ ktemoc

    Before Najib can become PM he must first go to prison to atone – which Anwar has already done.
    ktemoc also has not gone to prison yet. Maybe he can post these sodomy photos that no one else has ever seen.

  93. Andrea Kuzlakova says:

    “True, I agree – because under Anwar (when he was Deputy President of UMNO) many UMNO people (of other factions) complained they were denied their ’share’ by Anwar’s faction who grabbed everything, which unsurprisingly must have led to the sodomy photos – the same mistake of absolute aggressive avarice, as someone (very young) and his faction (inside and outside) have been making until recently, which has been why daddy-O is in deep shit.” – Sucker

    commenting on: “As far as UMNO is concern they prefer Najib than Anuar Ibrahim … Because under Najib they could continue plundering the country resources …”

    Yeah, you probably plays another role in licking Anwar’s foot in person, whilst your anonymous role as “Ktemoc” the anonymous blogger plays a cock-talker hurling rubbish at him. Ever heard of Joe Klein penning his infamous “Primary Colours?” Oh btw, it wasnt the Clinton-bashing book that offended many Americans, but his dishonesty of admitting being the author of that book when asked by reporters until he was discovered. “A sucker is born every minute”. And you are that sucker! Go and lick Sami Velue’s balls.





  94. Nadia says:

    Marina Mahathir’s latest caution “Scammers on The loose:-


    Oh. that small scam. Aiyah! I am only interested for those big time plunderers who are are also interested in their emphatic compassion for the poor and needy.

  95. wits0 says:

    “Anwar’s faction who grabbed everything..”

    Now KT is sounding like any naked CT 😀
    He’s supposed to be somewhat sophisticated.

  96. ktemoc says:

    The discussion was on why UMNO peoplr prefer Najib to Anwar – I provided an answer.

    Whether Najib should go to prison or not (just because Anwar went) is a new discussion.


  97. Belinda says:

    Wow! Now that I know…..ha ha ha. 😉

  98. Belinda says:

    No wonder. If BobbyNZ disappears, Ktemoc appears but at no time I am saying that both is the same author but by lawyer speak, can establish a persuasive possible connections. 🙂

  99. kittykat46 says:

    Ktemoc is an online persona who claims to be an independent blogger who spends 100% of his blogging time attacking Anwar.

    Most of what he writes is almost identical to UMNO spin, and his postings are often most shrill when UMNO is on the defensive.

    Now, I will accept his claim at face value that he is not on the payroll or otherwise materially benefits from any “Dacing” party.

    Now, most of us who have had formal training in logic and thinking learn to piece together evidence of what we can see and read….I’m just pointing out what I can see on his blog…

  100. kittykat46 says:

    Ktemoc – “sodomy photos”
    Ktemoc purveying more UMNO rubbish.
    How come you must have lambasted Tian Chua xxx times for his one naughty attempt at Photoshot involving Najib, but you are actually peddling UMNO garbage here ?

    Makes me wonder, again, who you really blog for….

  101. wits0 says:

    “How come you must have lambasted Tian Chua xxx times for his one ” – Kittykat46

    Elementary, Kitykat46, it’s like rerun movies cause there’s nothing new to offer and he’s an ole guy…you know how ole guys are, telling, repeating the same thing. 😀

    Who does he blog for? I should think he’s on a retainer for somebody. Something Susan would never do or be suspected of.

  102. KJAN says:

    If this shameless idiot Najib becomes PM, this idiot together with its satanic umno goons will surely destroy and plunder the country kau kau. Not Malaysia Boleh but Malaysia Bodoh!

  103. KTemoc says:

    I love it when kk46 attempts, by projecting his ‘famed impartiality’ and world famous ‘logic’ to play detective (he commented ‘most of us who have had formal training in logic and thinking learn to piece together evidence of what we can see and read’ wakakaka) in identifying me as a BN spinmeister 😉

    And it gets even more (but absolutely predictably) comical when my dear mateys wits0 and (now where’s that other matey of mine) hutchrun, get together to attack me for attacking AI wakakaka – at least I am doing some good if I can satisfy their ‘needs’ – good karmic outcome for my passive good deed.

    kk46 is of course pro AI, which may hopefully explain to him why an independent blogger like me, very much unlike him, has no blind devoted loyalty to avoid lambasting the world’s greatest reformer when I see a necessity to expose his hypocrisy and gross inconsistency – wakakaka

    For a person like kk46 who claimed to have ‘formal training in logic and thinking’, he has demonstrated extraordinary intellectual laziness in not reviewing my past posts on various BN personalities. Or worse, maybe he prefers that not to be noticed so that he can excuse my points against Anwar as that of a BN person – if so, then he earns my most disdainful DISrespect.

    I am more confortable with wits0/hutchrun’s attacks because these two just can’t help themselves in wanting to attack me – we are familiar, and may I dare say even ‘friendly’ foes – wakakaka.

    But kk46 as an AI supporter (if not an anwarista, though once he proudly admitted that but now disown that appellation) should exercise greater intellectual honesty if he wants to defend Anwar, instead of adopting a negative approach by attempting to paint me as a BN writer. Maybe I am expecting too much! 😉

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