“Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

The beatitudes are found at Matthew 5: 3-12

Send your Selamat Aidil Fitri card to RPK @

YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan

34009 Kamunting

Taiping, PERAK


You can send him books as well.


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  1. There’s really nothing like the bald truth
    That can be seen right through the roof
    Look around you for your own kind of proof
    Are there still people these days like biblical Ruth?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250908
    Thur. 25th Sept. 2008.

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  3. tshock says:

    They better believe in karma and retribution because its real and definitely the wheels are now in motion. Reap what you sow. Just like what we are all now experiencing with our environment the after effects of industrialisation, developments and all the works. God’s retribution can be seen in the 2006 tsunami, the recent typhoon experienced by Myanmar, the earth quake in Sze Chuan(China), etc, etc….These are all signs. How I wish we have law enforcers who are like Justice Pao. The wronged will be freed and the one who wronged will face the guillotine.

  4. chris chong says:

    i wonder where is all the muslims who protested in front of the bar council weeks ago.

    in RPK’s case, it’s so crystal clear that the shit hamid has abused, rediculed islam to oppress and detain the innocent. where the heck are these so-called islam protectors???!!! where the f*** are they???

    don’t blame me to have this perseption on muslim. because of your silence and your agreement on this evil act under the name of your religion has won you a bad name.

  5. Koe Habakkuk says:

    Dear sloone

    A BIG ‘THANK-YOU’ to what you’re doing to free us from the oppresive ISA and in particular to free RPK and all in Kamunting!!

    I hear of a no. of suggestions here & there……Can I suggest this coming RAYA Celebrations and OPEN House….at PM, DPM, or other Official Open House by the Govt……Let’s ALL attend the Open House…and show our support for RPK…..by shaking hands with the PM, DPM, even the Home Minister!!!… and chant “FREE RPK, ABOLISH ISA!!!”…….Let them see a massive demonstration at the Open House (while eating the good food – besides it’s our money, u know!!)….all RPK supporters wearing “FREE RPK” t-shirts, or “Yellow” Ts…….we too canalso give out ‘Hari-Raya Greeting phamplets”…… in support of our call to “Abolish ISA!” All these done under the “OPEN HOUSE” concept….that will also give RPK supporters in every State to do the same….at every official Open Hosue Celebration!!….

    I think the above would be a massive demonstration – peaceful one too….an an opportunity for All RPK supporters to be involved by showing being present at the Open House Celebrations throughout the length and breadth of the country….and why not….even get the ISA retainees families, relatives, etc… to stand in front of the PM, DPM, Home Minister, etc… and chant their displeasure right at their faces..when we “greet them…..Selamat Hari Raya!…FREE RPK! ABOLISH ISA”…..imagine thousands of RPK supporters doing this at the Open Houses…I guarantee you the Ministers hand will drop!!!!! due to excessive handshakes…and why not, let’s squeeze their hands till kingdom come!!!….

    Kindly ponder the above… I truly believe if we can come out in force….that’ll be most noticeable by the whole nation and perhaps the nations of the world….”HARI RAYA ANTI-ISA Demonstration at OPEN HOUSE in Malaysia!!” Please walk through and sound out the steps to take for the above….It will surely piss-off the Govt!…besides they must welcome all to their Open House Celebration!!!!

    God bless,

    Koe Habakkuk!!

  6. My2cen says:

    I don’t agree. I think everyone should NOT go to PM’s open house, and instead, ask him to send all the food to Kamunting. Same for all the other open houses, don’t attend, leave them empty. Otherwise they will write in Utusan the next day “PM gets huge support to stay on” if people keep flocking to his events.
    I say we ask everyone to boycott all UMNO open house this year for desecrating Ramadan.

  7. wandererAUS says:

    I am going out to buy a card and post it straight away..no Selamat Aidil Fitri card, perhaps, I get a humorous one just to light up his day! It is not all gloom and doom, we are all still fighting…to keep the dream for his freedom alive!

  8. Billy says:

    Yes Susan, my greetings or shall I say, assurance to Pete is that we are with him. And so are our thoughts with Marina and kids during this holy month of Ramadhan. Here is a song which I would like to dedicate to Pete to express our support for him …

    And for the UMNO regime take note, the times they are a-changing —–
    Check out this video clip …

    Sing to the lyrics, guys :

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  9. xxxx says:

    testing to send message.tq

  10. Harrison says:

    Thanks Susan. I decided to sent 2 Hari Raya Cards to YM Raja Petra just now. Another to the wardens with nice flattering words. Anyone with a silver-tongue and slippery in regards to the prison guards? If anyone has any connections, you know what to do 😉

    Pertaining to materials like books, read what Marina Lee Abdullah was saying about the end of her visit to her husband in MalaysiaInsider reports.

    Below are excerpts from Marina :-

    “For example, I wanted to pass him some effects, which I gave earlier to the officer to inspect. But when I was going to pass it to Pet, the officer said ‘Cannot!’

    “Awful! A lot of can’t do this, can’t do that. We were treated like children in kindergarten,”

    This is not only physical and mental abuse and equivalent to the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq mainly for terrorists, but deprivation of human rights such as reading materials. Even in both prisons, prisoners abused by soldiers and wardens are not overlooked and many soldiers are court-martial-ed. I think Syed Hamid and Najib had premeditated a “brutal-package” designated for Raja Perra.

    Note this 2 lines;-
    Her husband’s greatest worry, she said, was that three months down the road, the public would have forgotten his existence.

    “He told me, ‘Please tell them not to forget me’,” Marina said, before excusing herself to attend a meeting with the lawyers on filing a new application against her husband’s detention.

    No Raja, nobody will forget you! Personally I think there is no “Oscar Schindler” serving warden there. 😦

  11. Spokesman says:

    ‘King of the bloggers’ in Malaysia is RPK. We support RPK who has contributed much to blogging in Malaysia. We did not know that ISA is the job hazard for bloggers.That means, detention without fair trial. This is not fair.

    Blogging was the ‘Excitement of the Year 2008’ for all Malaysians. but, this ISA detention dampens everthing that was exciting adventure for Malaysians. Life in Malaysia is comparatively boring. Everywhere you turn, people speak in such poor english that makes life a dreadful thing. People can hardly communicate properly. Life wasn’t interesting until RPK came into the picture.

    RPK has good, enviable english writng,thinking and speaking skills. Its a sheer waste of his talents to be sitting in his solitary confinement without liberty to move around to express his thoughts frreely. I know how he feels.
    If this is the job hazard for bloggers,writers and journalists than reconsider your job choices. There is going to be more limited choices of jobs for those coming out to work freshly from school. Scary isn’t it?

    You tell me, which parent would want their child to go through this kind of harsh job hazard? No parent should. Think again.

    RPK you have taught us a valuable lesson silently. You might say it is not so in many developed nations,I agree, but we are clearly still behind time, even if they do, not this harsh I suppose.

    Anyway, it will be an insult to wish him Happy eid,looking at the nature of his charge but we wish him God’s protection from this harsh and cruel situation he is in. May God’s good angels encamp around him and keep watch and record all that happens all the time.

    It will be an insult to wish his wife and children the same but may kind people be around them to show that God is not cruel. We can learn this from Tok Guru Nik Aziz who sent a bouquet of flowers to YB Teresa Kok. Don’t despair, this shows that there are good people that God has placed around us.

  12. sam says:

    Message from RPK’s wife after her first visit to Kamunting:

    “Her husband’s greatest worry, she said, was that three months down the road, the public would have forgotten his existence.

    “He told me, ‘Please tell them not to forget me’,” Marina said…

    Its RPK’s birthday this Saturday, 27 September. Send him a birthday card and tell him we/you will not forget him…

    We/I will not forget you RPK. The campaigns to free you will continue and I`ll continue sending cards to you…for your birthday, for raya, deepavali, christmas, new year, even when there are no festivities…I hope to God, though, that you will be out before all those festivities…the biggest festivity, however, will be the celebration when you are released…but I`ll still keep sending you cards and greetings…We/I will not forget you…and just in case I get amnesia, I got your pic and the animated candle each time I start up my computer, to remind me…

    I`m sending cards everyday…if you don’t get them, then those f—kers are not passing them to you…

    YM. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

  13. Batu Ferringhi says:

    My family and I pray for the wellbeing of RPK and the rest of the ISA detainees held without a trial!

    p.s. Susan : I’m a bit uncomfortable with this ‘silence’ from PKR leaders on RPK’s detention, really… whats going on ma’am?

  14. Mag M says:

    Ok, already sent my cards to RPK. Your next suggestion are books. What kind of books, title, etc so that we can go get it. However, we must coordinate so that we do not send the same books or stuff. What else can we send him and also what about Marina and children?

  15. Ravichandran says:

    I stand up for all Malaysian regardless of race n religion. Pls dont belief with some irresponsible politician out there try to create clash. Hope that their effort backfire n they go into ISA (their own trap). I have many Malay n Chinese friends but no problem with them. We chat n joke all the while even laughing at the stupidity of these politicians.
    All races want shared prosperous living and unity. I take this effort coz i know outhere many of my fellows fren agree with me.
    Wishing all my muslim frens “SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI”.

  16. Paul Warren says:

    Hey, since Raja Petra is the involuntary guest of Syed Hamid Albar at Kamunting, should not protocol require that any attempt to communicate with Raja Petra should be through the host? Maybe everyone should just address it to Syed Hussein an spam his e-mail address or the info@kdn.gov.my address. or what ever that goes to Syed Hamid Albar!!?

  17. Ravichandran says:

    To my dear fren RPK,
    You may be hidden from public eyes……
    Ur freedom stolen…….
    Ur valued family time robbed………
    Ur responsibilty as husband and dad blocked but…… ur still direct with GOD!!!
    Ur not alone fren. WE Malaysian of every race n religion always pray for U.
    HIDUP RPK !!!

  18. mmz says:

    The postcode should be 34600 for Kamunting.

  19. RPK bye bye says:

    PLEASE VISIT http://disgruntledpolitics.blogspot.com/


  20. JOHN B says:

    The Motley Crew of of Malaysian Politicians

    By any chance do you think that Najib would bring in change if he became the PM ?. Ceratinly not !!. Do you think that he has the interest of the people close to his heart ?. Absolutely not !! Do think he wants to serve the people ? Certainly not !!. He is not the only one amongst our politicians. There are hordes of them in the BN who are kicking and scheming simply for their own vested interest. Nothing else. PERIOD. In the case of DSAI time will tell. But I’ll give him the benefit of my doubt. People do change after going through a bizzare struggle. But not NAJIS !!

    He is simply striving and scheming for power and it is a way to control others. Power is a form of control. Control is the grandiose will disoder. Those who must control everything have this fear to be vulnerable. Why ? Because to be vulnerable is to have the courage to expose oneself of his real self. Afraid to be known, Najis is no longer a giant of his dreams of becoming PM but has become a dwarf of his own fears. Why yhis fear ? Cause when exposed, people would see that he has a flawed and defective character as a person. He will have to face the SHAME he has been carrying in his heart. This power seeking in him has become a total dedication and a life task. He doesn’t have the spirit to have a relationship with people on equal terms, only in the spirit of inequality. What more can I say. It’s an ADDICTION. For the power addict power it is a way to insulate himself from his own guilts and shame that he has always covered up. People who are of this type are really sick. THEY NEED COUNSEL over a period of time.

    Have a g’day

    Prof JOHN B

  21. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Please don’t forget RPK – he will turn 58 this Saturday 27 September. What a horrible way to celebrate one’s birthday in prison.

  22. kittykat46 says:


    Using the ISA to imprison a person for his opinions is immoral.
    Imprisonment without trial is indefensible in a democratic society.
    We are not at war.

  23. Solo Miss says:

    We should also send cards/letters/sms to flip flop,botak alba, PIG Musang,DPIG Isamil Omar……not to wish them but to condemn their actions & to repeal ISA & release all ISA detainees imediately.

    RPK is a legend ……he will NOT be forgotten but go down in history as a crusader for peace, democracy, justice and anti corruption.

    He will also go down in history as the ONLY BRAVE Malaysian to openly challenge the amno/beeann gomen; Najis;Big Mama against corruption,abuse of power, murder and fixing of trials by the AG/PIG Musang/police.

    Malaysians have embossed RPK’s name in their hearts….a household name.

    NEVER FEAR THE RAKYAT WILL FIGHT ON TO FREE ALL ISA DETAINEES 7 REPEAL THE DRACONIAN LAW….only suited for amnobeeann use…..but they are the first to run away if used against them…as in 1987….lee kim sai & many other bee ann guys ran away into hiding.

  24. Bubba says:

    How come poskod is different from what is given on Malaysia-Today?

    I also checked Pos Malaysia website and Kamunting poskod is 34600 NOT 34009. Can somebody check and verify?

    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan, 34600 Kamunting, Taiping, Perak MALAYSIA (<—-From Malaysia-Today)

  25. Ahmike.net says:

    Yeay I like these verses =)

  26. Joe Rakyat says:

    How come so-called social activist NGOs like Amnesty International Malaysia have been quiet and non-active in the efforts to abolish the ISA/call for RPK’s release? Where is their famous activism? Is this because they know something the public doesn’t or have they been paid off to shut up? JR

  27. Sambal muncha says:

    Thank you Susan for this posting.

    Good to see all bloggers coming together in dedicating their time and space for the advancement of justice in our beloved country.

  28. bubble&squeak says:

    I urge Malaysians to tie a yellow ribbon to your car so that we can all encourage each other and remind ourselves about RPK and the need to abolish the ISA in favour of a fair trial. I have also witnessed a number of ‘bald heads’ around town. I am looking out for more signs of RPK supporters. Can’t wait to buy a FREE RPK shirt. I think MT will be selling them. I want to send some to friends and relatives overseas too. I hope they sell caps too.
    All these efforts will help to keep the cause at top of mind.
    I will be sending cards for all occasions to RPK and Marina to remind them that they are not forgotten until Pete is released.
    Even if RPK does not get his cards, it will be great to annoy the wardens of Kamunting with our truckloads of cards. At any length, it might even give them the conscience to treat detainees like RPK better. Afterall, they are in the presence of a Malaysian hero.
    I am firm in my belief that I will meet RPK soon and thank him personally for showing me that it’s okay to fight the good fight.
    I have been inspired by his passion. How many Malaysians dare speak up against Goliath?

  29. Amanda says:

    Hi Susan, can we get Marina Lee Abdullah’s add. Cauze I wanna make sure RPK get our message and cards sent are not trown by those sickening officers

  30. Anonymous says:

    As a East Malaysian living in Australia who has never been involved and interested in politics but love my country Malaysia,it truly sadden me to see what is happening to the political scenerio.I truly salute and am grateful for RPK who champions for all Malaysian rights irrespective of race or religion.Maybe someday when race and religion can be put aside and Malaysians politicans in the current government can treat each equally without racism,I would come home to my beloved country again.I pray for that day to come.

  31. Disgruntled says:

    RPK bye bye (13:24:20) :

    PLEASE VISIT http://disgruntledpolitics.blogspot.com/

    Great Blog , Thanks for highlighting it ! This is really a no holds barred blog !

  32. woody says:

    Dear Susan,

    Just to inform you that I used a picture taken from your website to overlay an animated candle for RPK picture. (I posted a photo credit due to you)

    Details here: Feel free to use and distribute any of the animated gif.



  33. Amanda says:

    Hi Disgruntled, I think you are here to promote your blog site if i I’m not wrong. But don’t get us wrong with your brainless speech, view and thought. One has no need to pay such a hight price to loss freedom and seperated with their beloved family just for fame. This legendary blogger(PKR) has showed his affectionat to Malaysia’s society that has tolerate the sucker government for so long. If he is bad, I think you are worse then him. At least RPK speak the truth. The truth we long to know. Must be you are employed by UMNO to back stab your own country for your personal benefit.

  34. korok says:

    salam eidul fitri brother pete and to your family and friends at kamunting
    pray for your peace and be patient in adversity . surely all bad tidings will
    end with a god news. have an en ending like the lord of the ring saga for you are our lord of the ring.

  35. tanvir says:

    hi eid mubarak

  36. halima says:

    eid mubarik ALLAH BLESS U

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