Petrol down by 10 sen?


Need I say more?

I guess people can be happy for awhile. When I asked my mum last night about it, she said: Food prices and everything else is still up. What’s the difference?


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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    Better than none – at least Najis has something to be proud of after becoming the new finance minister! ;P

  2. koolgeek says:

    No susan, THIS is the biggest joke…

    Report lodged against Teresa Kok for insulting egg

  3. black crow says:

    When you have monkeys running the goverment you get peanuts!

  4. johnny ong says:

    when they increased it, they knew everything will go up. suddenly they realised that everything else went up tooooooooo high. so, need to remedy it by lowering the price but unfortunately too late as other goods & services will retain the increased pricing

  5. Eric says:

    well, as for me, i think i better beware ……govt may try to earn back that money by other means…..don’t underestimate them…

  6. Jeffripower says:

    Better than Anwar’s promise. He want to reduce to 70 sen but just in his dream. But 10 sen is truly happen. So 10 sen is better than 70 sen.

  7. Bentoh says:

    Pump price increased 42% because crude oil price was 140+ USD…

    Now the crude oil price is 100 USD… about 2/3 of the highest…

    Pump price decreased not even 15%…

  8. hahahaha says:


  9. Drachen says:

    Thank you, PR. Without you I doubt we’ll get a 5 sen reduction.

  10. usan says:

    wat is this rubbish…..reduction

  11. W says:

    to Jeffripower :

    Bah! Anwar has not come into power yet so doesn’t count.
    If you are happy to the slightest with the 10 sen than something is wrong with you. Are you suppose to be happy even grateful if some one rob you RM50 then pay you back RM10 later?

  12. anucia says:

    Jeffripower, of course it ‘truly’ happened-they’re the ones in power now to make the cut!

    Are you expecting Anwar who is not in the ruling party to say “Ok, 70 cents down” and magically this will happen?

    Come on!

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I guess we have to thank PR and Anwar Ibrahim for this.
    Without the political pressure, no doubt Dollah would still be in deep sleep.
    No, make that deep coma.

  14. jiranpp says:

    m`sians offered sweets & peanuts.imagine crude oil price down by usd40 gradually during period of 2 months how much five major oil companies(SHELL,ESSO,CALTEX,BP & MOBIL) are making. it`s a case of `kera dihutan disusui anak sendiri mati kelaparan. SYABAS BN!!!!

  15. Master Yoda says:

    Nak citer psl penurunan harga petrol…

    Seposen = dua biji gula2

    Dua biji gula2 ni la duit raya tuk rakyat Malaysia bile mane depa isi petrol seliter

    Kah kah kah

    Amik cth kete Myvi S.E, isi full tank (40 liter) tuk blik kg, 40 x RM 0.10 = dpt la jimat RM 4

    Dpt la bg duit raya lebih tuk 4 org budak….

    Kah kah kah

    Mentaliti mcm ni,pak menteri2 UMNO je yg piki

    Kah kah kah

    Blajar ekonomi ngan Nordin Kardi kot…Takpon prof2 kangkong yg lain

    Kah kah kah

  16. suchfun says:

    So if one uses 150 litre per month, So every month take away RM117, then pay back RM37.50.
    Anybody want to pay me RM117 per month, and I pay back RM37.50 per month? Good deal ha? Not include increases of prices of other goods n services.

  17. wandererAUS says:

    Good business sense by UMNO goons. 7:1 returns, not a bad strategy to short change the rakyat. Sometimes, I am tempted to say, you vote for what you get…more than half the population still supported them in the last GE.
    When will we ever learn?

  18. GoodWilll says:

    Do we notice when petrol go up in july electricty also go up .. now petrol come down , will the electricity come down ..

    I bet next month they will raise it back ..

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  20. Woo says:

    LEFTOVERS. After the split of the increase of petrol has been evenly distributed, the balance (RM 0.10) goes back to us as “Reduce in Oil price”.

    How gullible we can be ????

  21. Freddy Toh says:

    the real joke is that there isn’t any subsidy as claimed! do you know that it may cost cheaper to buy ron92 in america than in malaysia?

  22. keadilan says:

    what can 10cents contribute to the high course in a family//it is a joke

  23. Orang minyak says:

    We got USD 0.03 reduction….

  24. RKP says:

    That’s why it was a BIG mistake when petrol price was increased to RM2.70 per litre. Even if petrol price goes down to RM1.90 per litre, my kopi man will still ask me to pay RM1.20 for my kopi O, not 80 sen as previously.

    Our policy makers listen to what kind of advisors? Even brain dead knows the impact of oil on inflation.

  25. Jeffrisucks says:

    ” Jeffripower (11:33:02) :

    Better than Anwar’s promise. He want to reduce to 70 sen but just in his dream. But 10 sen is truly happen. So 10 sen is better than 70 sen.”

    Ohhh… I see….. suddenly raise the price for 70 sen while jacking up other prices which is surely won’t come down then slowly reduce it to 70 sen (15+10+40[soon]) gradually with hope that good/service prices will go down….. very realistic indeeeeeddd.

  26. LHHeng says:

    See.. as new FM I have dropped petrol price by 10 cents. BIG DEAL.

    Maybe he has in fact told the cabinet that the drop should be 10%.
    Sorry la… our sleepy flipflop lame duck is still in deep slumber while his cronies are running like helter skelter like headless chickens that they do not have any heads listening to what our great new FM is proposing.
    Pity the poor rakyat who got only peanuts.
    Anyway something is better than nothing.

  27. Oil Man says:

    It’s.. USD 0.029 reduction…

  28. Myblog says:

    Blunder after blunder….but wait a second, if they dont do this then how to pay all Umnoputras.

    The BN should jump in a poodle of urine and commit suicide, bunch of incompetent and hoghly corrupted fools, this is the result of NEP.

    Plunder and plunder….

  29. ipohMali says:

    Quote from TheStar
    “The fuel price cuts will hopefully ease the burden of the people as they celebrate Hari Raya, says Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad”.

    Just another pea brain joker

  30. Steven L. says:

    I think they were encouraged the criminals to patrol more than regular with the reducing of the 10 cents.

  31. ktteokt says:

    When they decide to increase petrol prices, the effect was immediate and the margin of increase was so big but when they want to reduce it, it takes consideration of so many factors, taking so long to decide and just a very slight drop! What sort of “robber” government are we having??????

  32. PeoplePower says:

    This show how stupidity of the Bodohwi govt in handling our national economy!
    Huge increase of fuel price without study of the impact and consequences!

  33. Zubli Zainordin says:

    I have not stopped laughing.

    I even recommend the whole cabinet ministers to retain office and portfolios until 5 PM, 1st June, 2100.

    They are really good!


  34. Anne says:

    This God for saken country

    Everyone stop driving lah for holidays

    Take Air Asia, dont spend on petrol

  35. Volcano says:

    10 sen, what an insult? Or are they are punishing us for supporting PR>? Anyway what can you expect if you have monkeys running the Govt. Yeah! you get peanuts. And our logic of 33% dropped in price of crude oil is translated to only 3.9% in savings. Good, this will teach a lessson to those who put the monkeys in the gomen.

  36. Batu Ferringhi says:

    90% of all goods are transported overland on trucks running on diesel

    All fishing boats are run on diesel engines

    And if they are so fcuking concern on inflation, why did they raise diesel pump price by RM1 last June, bodoh tak pi skola punya perdana menteri!

    And they then give out subsidized diesel cards.

    Now they decrease the pump price by 10 sen, same as petrol, bodoh tak pi skola punya perdana menteri.

  37. amoker says:

    Anybody can figure out the mechanism for calculation ?
    Know when the review ( monthly or 15 days?) or announcement of new price?
    Know who recommends ?

    This ad hoc decision making is so unprofesional. How are they going to manage it when the price goes up? I would not want to be in the petrol business now. Suka suka pilihanraya turun. Suka suka hari raya turun.

  38. amoker says:

    Oh yeah, 10 cent also Shahrir came out in TV to propogade how good the government is. Well, they contributed to the 8.5 inflation in August 08.

  39. apapunboleh says:

    We have clowns and jokers as government.

  40. kittykat46 says:

    Mechanism for calculation ?
    Cabinet meeting to discuss how much to change the price….

    Kodomo Lion aka Botak …… what for drop the price ? Let them eat cake…
    KPDNHEP…. x+y+z – v xx04 = 15 sen
    Transport….kesian the Taxi-loh lah…how about 20 sen ?
    Education…cannot lah…I need more money for my umm…school projects
    MITI – We should Raise the price-lah, we’re still cheaper than Singapore
    Rural Development – I need more funds for my friends…. 5 sen is enough
    Penerangan…kesian sikit, I nearly got massacred at the debate, how about 25 sen ?, getting more and more difficult to “sell” the government line…

    Mr. Dotty….I say 10 sen
    Dollah….Zzzzzz….oh 10 sen…Ok-lah….Zzzzzz.

  41. Kopi Anan says:

    Everytime I buy things in which the prices of the same have gone up, I would say to the seller-owners,

    ” ini masak pakai petrol kah ” or “ini bikin pakai petrol kah”.

    One think I know Ustadz Pak Lah did not quite read Economics at UM.

  42. Wh Cares says:

    Minister of Domestic trade & consumer Affair Ministry should use all enforcement Laws under the SUN to force all wholesalers & Retailers to reduce 25 sen ( 15c + 10 c) across the board for all types of goods & services.

    Or are his enforcement officers sleeping again on 26-8-2008 and now ?

    Mechanism for petrol price computation is not transparent at all.

  43. machitam says:

    let’s ask Bobby to calculate…..he’ll say…..short selling make the oil price to go up….dumb bodoh!

  44. rozlan says:

    This just a sweetener.Those who captivated with it certainly are fools

  45. wits0 says:

    It’s uncertain that the PM remembers his 12X multiplication table just because we(most of us, anyway) do

  46. DanielYKL says:

    Yea. First they raised the fuel price by 78sen. Then they lowered it by 15 sen, then 10 sen. Next round will be 5 sen. Then it will shoot up again another 35 sen. BIG DEAL!!!

  47. Tom&Jerry says:

    The finance guys did not study their maths and science in English lah.

    They are clueless on how to interpret the world oil price movement as all the mathetical terms are written in English….

    It was supposed to be less 1.00 but after the translation process, it became 0.10 and also the reason why took them so slow to act loh. Why a need for translation process, right? Keep MATH and SCIENCE in ENGLISH….or better still, reinvoke ENGLISH medium school…no need for debate and no looser or winner here.

  48. Deol Abdul says:

    Ya rite! … Now with this petrol savings, I can buy a house . . . Ha Ha Ha !!!

  49. Dr. Rosli says:

    PR is not in power yet. That is why the cut is only 10 sen. Could it be that it is UMNO-BN’s strategy to reduce petrol price in phases with the bulk of it in 2013, the election year so that it can hoodwink rakyat to vote them into power again? Maya be. Let us see if they can survive that long.

  50. Kherry Scarry says:

    Well this is what we get from the PM who didn’t do well in economic studies . Rakyat are now suffering from the highest inflation rate ever of which coincidently Strawberry Cake (Shabery Cheek) earlier denied during the debate- another idiot.

    Imagine singapore 18% tax rate (very low) without natural resources still able to maintain its surplus and provide on of the best public transport in the world….compare to Malaysia 25% tax rate – suppose to receive more revenue & rich with natural resources and yet Malaysia is suffering from deficit and having one of the worst public transport system and sufferred head on crashed yesterday!!!!

    10sen another smart move after the sudden 70 sen increase…..yes Rakyat very happy !!! My ass !!!

    PM berjiwa rakyat ??? or PM sakit jiwa rakyat…..

  51. kwai lan says:

    trouble is…petrol price may go down..but all others..once up ..will never come down…
    e.g. roti canai..nasi lemak..blah2…

  52. zulkifli abdullah says:

    Lang booty lang, qweee booty qwee, what a ding dong govt. and what a yoyo way of handling the economy crisis.
    a) first it was a 15 sen trim
    b) now its a 10 sen trim
    But the price of important commodities will still remain the same
    When the clown announced the 70 sen increase in August there was an immediate impact and the has reached an uncontrollabe level.
    Now people don’t be fooled by this oil price decrease, there has to be some hidden agenda
    a) from all angles BN is cornered
    b) we are experiencing infaltion like we have never experienced before
    c) investors are fast pulling their money out faster then they are puting them in
    d) the finance minister is running around like a mad man maybe afriad of what the US might may to him if he goes to US
    e) the minister of home affairs has handled the internal situation of bolehland miserabally
    f) g-men and rakyaat relationship are as far apart as ever
    g) on all other fronts things dont’ look too well it is as if this country is run by sick people
    h) what more is there to talk about every rakyaat is unhappy with the way their beloved country is being governed
    j) and finally like the good old school days when we recieve our repot card we look at our tests and exam results and by all standars the present G has failed the rakyaat in many, many, many ways congratulations PM< DPM< HM

  53. SameSame says:

    Lol….yes today morning heard in radio how so thoughtful is our so called BN gov. They building hospitals and fighting diseases and the drop of petrol price…

    Hey WE ARE PAYING THE TAXES LA!!! they are building hospitals and fighting this and that…ITS THEIR DUTY TO DO THAT!!!!

    We are not suppose to be grateful ITS OUR RIGHT! to expect something good from the FARCE called government we have. Currently we have not been receiving any GOOD things but just crap crap crap and worst we are suppose to shut up and mind our business!!!!

    ISHHH…just makes me to throw up everytime some GOV official says we (the rakyat should be grateful!!!!

  54. Markky says:

    Muhd Taib(after Theresa Kok’s case): Turun 10sen and you say it is a joke. You are insulting the poor you know. 10 sen for them can help to buy…..? To buy….? To buy 3 gula-gula hacks. At least something is better than nothing, you know.

  55. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya, with this type of price reduction we can only afford to buy one teeny weeny egg after filling 4-5L of ‘gas’.
    Telur dua, you’re getting mahal betul nowadays!
    And according to Niamah Patrick the goons have allegedly filed a polis report on Teresa for insulting the egg… hahaha…

  56. Solo Miss says:

    A show …….being afraid the rakyat, especially those celebrating Raya will retaliate…….typical of amno/beeann…… price of petroleum has fallen so much yet, amno/beeann BLOWING THEIR HORNS as a caring gomen…my ass…………….hahahahahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  57. Pendatang Bard says:

    There was a government led by Uncle Lah
    Who brought about the greatest increase in petrol prices by far
    But when other prices rapidly rose
    He reduced prices dose by small dose
    He cares for the rakyat mah!

  58. Anonymous says:

    “THE PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced that the Cabinet has agreed to a further reduction of 10 sen per litre for fuel effective midnight today. He said it is the lowest the Government could give.

    aunty: berapa
    pakcik: tiga 10 ringgit
    aunty: mahal-lah , empat 10 ringgit boleh
    pakcik: tak boleh lah, empat 12ringgit. termurah yg i boleh bagi

    he tot v r bargaining in pasar malam ke??

    now dis is manyak MALUuuuuu

  59. M.Kate says:

    it’s called ‘bagi gula gula kat budak kecil’ oh..that’s us. I guess I am supposed to jump sky high and kiss the ground pak lah walks.

  60. jsss says:

    Oil price 10 cents cut is joke of the year. Kah! kah! kah!

  61. machitam says:

    poor pak lah the bodohwi
    was advised wrongly
    by his so called advisor
    who makan gaji buta
    malaysia economy continue to dive
    but bodohwi think otherwise
    so he increase the fuel price
    this is to punish the rakyat
    for voting pakatan rakyat
    he thought he is smart
    but soon PR will kick his arse hard

  62. Rah rah says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Bodohwi is giving RM0.10
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it trips over the RM0.10 and rolled over to the otherside
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it thought Bodohwi is giving chicken feed, but it turns out to be RM0.10
    My RM0.10 joke of the day….

  63. JUDE says:

    Yes true enough….we should thanks PR (read here as Datuk Seri Anwar)…for pressing hard on government to reduce the oil price…..but of couse everybody is expecting more….something like 30 – 40 cent……….but knowing who manage the government now………..well, they actually may try to make fool of us…….come on Najis…….10 cent ?

    The fact :
    Crude Oil price 2 months ago : $140
    Crude Oil price now : $100
    Reduce by (%) : 28.57%

    Old oil price per litter : $2.70
    Oil price now : $2.45
    Reduce by (%) : 9.25%

  64. gs says:

    10 sen reduction – what’s the big deal??? Peanuts! And we are supposed to jump with joy and kow-tow to the ‘god of prosperity’! Know who are laughing their way to the bank??? – the petrol companies and TNB!!!! And who are the major shareholders of these public listed companies???

  65. chris chong says:

    remember what Najis said during permatang paus election on the 15 sen deduction.
    “if the rakyat didn’t appreciate it, the gomen would withdraw it back.”

    so you better appreciate the 10 sen and don’t complain a single word.

  66. caccan says:

    This country does not belongs to two persons only!

  67. george says:

    Reducing the price by 15 sen and 10sen over a short period of time did not help much in this case. Consumer good price is still going up and did not see to come down at all.

    a wise government should not have rise the petrol price at the 1st place couple months back. Instead, they should have evaluate and foresee the impact 1st and to cut down the unnecessary budget for other projects and stop all the mismanagement of funds and maintain the old petrol price to prevent the chain reaction of price rise in consumet good.

    Anwar was rite again… how can rakyat bare with this kind of government…stupid and fcuking … CHANGE NOW!!!

  68. Uncle Chua Eh Kiang says:

    Haiyaaaaa waa kincing pon bayar 20 sen lorrrr…

  69. monsterball says:

    Yea …save another RM3 per month…..while the formula to keep stealing our money by the billions……is on going.
    Yea…increase it by ..78 sens…squeezed us high and dry….now give 25 sen….and tell happy.
    The magic word is 50 sen …STILL needed per litre….to keep them wealthy and well.
    WOW!! RM3 more for everyone ..per month!!

  70. Phelps says:

    The reason why our petrol is more expensive than other net importing countries could be because we locked in our premium oil export at very cheap price, some say around US$20 per barrel after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis because our treasury were drying up at that time.

    And now, we are importing crude oil at market price, around US$100 per barrel. Can anyone confirm this?

  71. monsterball says:

    UMNO proposed RM18 million for promoting Penang tourism .
    Lim Eng Guan said…RM20k per video is enough….and few varieties….how much will the total cost….total..RM1 million?
    This is but one clear example…how UMNO keep feeding their selected cronies.
    These are the people…..will always vote for UMNO.
    Mahathir onces said….if we are no careful..the whole country can be sold off…by corruptions. We all know …how smart and evil Mahathir is….always exposing…play the nice guy role…before he is ever been suspected!!
    No one can learn the art of twisting and turning …like a snake…better than him.
    And he is so right!
    The only mistake he made was…Malaysia is sold off to few…within our country….not to him.
    And how right he was….saying…’money is power”…….after billions stolen…….and successfully made him a Dictator.
    So is the lesson on money power….by UMNO.
    UMNO is treating Malaysians like parish dogs..eating cheap food…and be happy.
    RM3 saved…sure can buy enough eggs to feed a family with fried rice and eggs…plus sambal balachan..for one day.
    Be grateful!!

  72. monsterball says:

    Phelps….If that is true…Petronas can always break that promise.
    Don’t believe it.
    Our premium oil is in great demand….all over the world.
    UMNO will always give stupid reasons ….to keep sucking us high and dry.

  73. johj says:

    Gov made mistakes announcing reducing fuel prices of 10 cents. Statement should read” RM 1 for 10 litres. Apologise for error regretted. Hope people will not be confuse anymore.

  74. wits0 says:

    “polis report on Teresa for insulting the egg”

    IOW, You can go anyhow overboard as long as you support the Gomen.

  75. ktteokt says:

    Big deal lah 10 sen! AAB Boleh! BN Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! Semua pun boleh (mati)!

  76. Leithaisor says:

    Jokes? Well, Noraini Ahmad, who is Deputy Human Resources Minister and Puteri Umno chief, came up with this “gem”:

    …Kok should be remorseful and cease harping on
    issues which could jeopardise racial unity and harmony.



  77. BobbyNZ says:

    People world over are suffering due to exorbitant oil prices, not just Malaysia. It’s NZ$2 or MR4.70 a litre here in New Zealand as we have no subsidy like Malaysia.

  78. wits0 says:

    Noraini Ahmad is part of the regular crew for the Bodohland’s Titanic. Can’t expect any different from umno.

  79. Insulting-rakyat says:

    Thank you, thank you goven for reducing 10 cent and Fcuk U very much!!! All raykat are beggar? yes, this is what we all are worth for – beggar!!!

  80. wits0 says:

    The “Insulting an Egg” bit must be an unwitting attempt at superceding the Gulliver’s tale of Lilliput and Blefuscu (Re: where the little people fought wars over the manner of opening an egg for breakfast – the Big Enders and the Narrow Enders. One of which way was considered not halal! Whichever end of the egg that Teresa opens for breakfast must be proven wrong so that she would be proven to have insulted their Hadhari!

  81. Dave says:

    this goverment are cheats!!!!

  82. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… wits, you’re having a field day talking about eggs! Nut la!
    Maybe the Lilliputians would consider botak egghead hm SHA for breakfast, but they will probably find the ‘yolk’ too bISA.
    Since they’re trying to rehabilitate RPK now to their franchised hadhari stuff, i also think that ‘egg openings’ are a subject of their curriculum!
    Well we can always take bumno as gullible… er, gulliver.

  83. monsterball says:

    BobbyNZ…….Please don’t compare Malaysia with New Zealand.
    Malaysia is one of the blessed few countries in the world….filled with so many rich natural resources….and our people are so with history and cultures.
    Yours is a land…only good to rear sheep …cows…and produce milk.
    Yes…..New Zealand is a friendly country with a non racialists…attitude..citizens…..but we are miles apart from the way you live and think.
    You don’t understand Malaysia……please read and learn.

  84. tamade says:

    Under the present Guomen, Bolehland has achieved many wonders in the world:

    ~impose the highest auto tax and yet raise the petrol price indiscriminately
    ~the highest number of highway tolls
    ~the most corrupt party with racists who are above the law
    ~ruling party with murderer, paedophile, corrupted evil power brokers who are above the law (acquitted or have never been charged) and holding office
    ~the most morally bankrupt party yet the most thick-skinned
    ~the most corrupt party with the most numbers of greedy and evil cronies
    ~the most numbers of brainless and mediocre cabinet ministers
    ~using ISA on a blogger who only reveals the truth on the evil power brokers
    ~relatively the most expensive petrol price (in proportion to the high auto tax)
    ~the most inefficient guomen that messed up the country’s rich resources
    ~the most corrupt and power crazy guomen who never listen to the PEOPLE
    ~the Guomen who treats the RAKYAT like SLAVES
    ~drafting more and more draconian laws to get rid of those who oppose them
    ~the most communist-like guomen with “gestapos” checking the bloggers and the opposition

    Many more, you can add if you want.

  85. law says:

    Appear to all ordinary Malaysians and the world that all this recent wrongful detention under the ISA was done overnight and in a rush by one most powerfool man i.e. our Sheikh Hamid who made the decision (our poor PM can’t make decision, he let his cabinet and police become overnight PM of the day, he let them decide those very duty of the PM, how come PM got no power over his Cabinet and Police why let them do whatever they deem fit and all caused blunder and abuse of powers). Looks suspicious and all eyes on the Sheikh Ham.. for what he has done, perhaps covering the truths, so Abdullah must investigate on this man and Opposition must go after this Sheikh for answers and probe him for abuse of power and hastily bulldozed the innocents (innocent until proven guilty) into the lion cage of I.S.A.Is this Sheikh the Law or Malaysia got no more law.Just “tangkap”(detain first talk n prove later) sahaja asal bukan UMno..(ABU) members!Why tidak tangkap racist Umno Ahmad under ISA for racial discriminatiion and go against Constitution.What did Hindraf 5 done…nothing except peaceful protest and democracy (not guilty yet unless proven guilty in court).Rule of Court rules but now ISA rules.

  86. machitam says:

    law: Just “tangkap”(detain first talk n prove later)

    wrong….tangkap and detain.
    no need to prove…..why need prove? no need to go to court what!

  87. machitam says:

    RPK rehab…
    Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the programme was aimed at enabling the faster release of Muslim detainees.

    i wonder what JAKIM is going to focus on. JAKIM doesn’t know head or tail of what rpk did.

    i think JAKIM should rehab police and Botak sheikh and bodohwi that they had committed the greatest sin in taking away the freedom of another human being.

  88. Nadia says:

    BobbyNZ said-

    “Ever since Anwar legalized short selling, I lost millions and I am in debt to a few loan sharks. In failure to pay them, I had to work as a male prostitute at Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin having my assh*le rammed by gays and pondans. Did I ever tell you all that shemale and sodomy is legal in NZ?”
    Gee Bob, what a pity, ain’t it. I am sorry to hear that. 🙂

  89. PAK BENGGAP LAH says:

    10 sen at a time.

    that is Pak Lah, being Benggap and Dumb, already start revealing his senility and daftness.

    that also reflect the minds of UMNO members, heading for demise!

  90. storm62 says:

    now we Rakyat are actually SUBSIDISING our petrol $$$ to the Government.

    the Govt. should thank us for buying petrol, using electricity, using gas, using the road, using the highway,etc.

    we the Rakyat is the customer of the Govt.

    time for us to change for a more competative Seller or supplier.

  91. wits0 says:

    Well, Tamade, your list is already more than enough to prove that the whole NS scam is more than simply meaningless but is, in fact, a bad and vulgar joke. These plentiful lies that the MSM abets to keep everyone else poor and stupid all round.

    Young people are supposed to defend the interests of scoundrels and rogues in the name of fake patriotism so that they, the crooks, can continue for evermore. Samuel Johnson was correct to sat that this type of fake patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrel in the eighteen century. Two centuries later, M’sians are presumed unaware of such things?

  92. storm62 says:

    berlalunya musim sumpah, tibalah musim “laporan polis” oleh UMNO.

    mamak : mau makan apa?
    aku: mee goreng…tak mau telur.
    mamak: tak boleh!…jangan “insult” gua mia telur tau..nanti gua report polis tau.
    aku : ok ok ..jangan report..give me mee goreng with telur.
    mamak : ahaa… mee goreng telur coming up.
    mak aku: aiyo…i want roti kosong can ar?
    aku : no no ..u better eat roti telur..u r too old to go to jail.

  93. giko says:

    the joke’s that WE, the rakyat, are subsidising the gahmen 22 sen for every litre of petrol pumped!

    petrol should be 223sen per litre and we are paying 245sen per litre!

    selamat hari raya paklah! here’s my 22sen…

  94. monsterball says:

    Whatever it is….the 50 sen not given back….plus much more…means UMNO have plenty of our money to fool around.
    All we need is to watch out the hundreds of small projects…..involving millions…instead of thousands…like what Lim Eng Guan have exposed on Penang tourism.
    Few million cheated here …few million cheated there…hundreds of such projects.
    They can never stop cheating us.
    Their lifestyle is too expensive…and some are actually competing with each other….jealous against each other…buying bigger cars…bigger house….to show off to each other.
    It is a disease….amongst these crooks…to show off ..and decorate themselves with titles.
    So observe all these….and know…..UMNO is our downfall….if we don’t wake up and chase them out.

  95. hc says:

    Don’t forget also,
    our car’s prices were more expensive than others countries 60% to 2 times.
    we pay our car roadtax at yearly; while others country pay only once at it’s life circle.
    we pay our personal & cooperate tax more than others pay to their country abt 2 time…(27% vs. 18%)
    our alcohol prices were more expensive than others abt 3 to 4 times.(HK, CN & etc..)
    our shoulder bag (tool, camera & etc..)were more expensive than others abt 43%. (total=30%+10%).
    many many list keep on……

  96. Kherry Scarry says:

    10 sen…..seposen…satu kupang….fuel reduction….yeah!!! Rakyat damm fcuking happy like mad, praise the gomen for their fcuking effort !!!! Fcuk !!!

    Shouldn’t the person who screwed up the economy, burden the rakyat and raised the highest ever inflation rate be put into ISA ?

    Why PM so quiet suddenly huh ????

  97. Knight rider says:

    If you do think that the present ruling gomen is that good here in Malaysia, why not we try switching place.

  98. suchfun says:

    So, now petrol had reduce by 25 sen from RM2.70, i.e. 9.25%, Can govt force all retailers, hawkers, wholesalers, service providers, TNB, Telekom, Syabas, etc to reduce all goods n services by 9.25% ??
    Ah,? ah,? but pls don’t reduce all salaries by 9.25% !

  99. freewave says:

    The price of crude oil has decrease by about 30% (USD140/barrel against USD98/barrel now) since the RM2.7/liter hike. The gov should give us back about 80 cents per liter. We were short changed by about 88% (or 70 cents per liter). As with other business, once the price is up, it’s very hard to come down.

  100. BobbyNZ says:

    Knight Rider

    I am saying anything good about the “gomen” there. I am just exposing that Traitor who abetted with the CROOKS to destroy the Malaysian economy in 1997/8. FYI, it’s recession here in NZ but its boom business for me. You know why? I work hard and I work smart!

  101. sf says:

    NZ is a beautiful country with nice and friendly people, what a shame there’s someone like Bob barking around … Bob, please take out the ‘NZ’ from your name, shame shame lah.

  102. BobbyNZ says:

    The “Credit Crunch” is the end result of the “blind following the blind”. Now that the US economy is in deep shit, it will spread to all other economies in the world including Malaysia.

  103. machitam says:

    bobby, the loan shark is looking for high and low…

    what a shame, playing with loan shark and abscond to NZ. i wonder if bobby is also dealing with the NZ’s loan shark….and he had sneaked into m;sia and is hiding.. …at the bazaar

  104. jean says:

    BobbyNz, I dont always agree with u but if you wanna feel welcome in this blog you must adhere to this advise. You MUST worship anwar. You must believe that he is a PM (since semptember 16) and he is going to reduce the petrol price by atleast 50 sen, he is going to abolish ISA, he is going to bring in about 1 triliion new investment by calling his friends, he will turn around the economy like he did in 1998 and yes, legalize gay marriage. If people can believe in Jim Jones and commit suicide, you why dont you just believe anwar. He is that good. He said so.

  105. Jincumlambatly says:

    Dear Jean,

    Hellalujah babe. Praise the Lord. 😉

  106. amoker says:

    It is quite a tactic in forcing Tsu Koon ( After ahmad Ismail’s virtoil and photo koyak action) and Teresa ( after she got ISAed for Khir Toyo/ Utusan’s accusation) to apologozise.

    “See, YOU are the actual cause for Ahmad Ismail / Khir Toyo to say it. It is your fault”.

    Noraini is there for her looks and charmed AAB. See what will happen to her after AAB close shop.

  107. suchfun says:

    Anwar is no superman, but believe he is better than any of the current bunch of ppl in UMNO.

  108. Jincumlambatly says:

    24 SEPTEMBER 2008

    Malaysia deposited the Instrument of Ratification on the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) at the United Nations in New York today. The Instrument of ratification was deposited by the Honourable Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Minister of Foreign Affairs who is in New York to attend the 63rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Session.

    Recognising the importance of the UNCAC, Malaysia was among the first to sign the Convention on 9 December 2003 during the High-Level Political Conference in Merida, Mexico held on 9-11 December 2003. The Convention entered into force on 14 December 2005 after receipt of the 30th ratification. To date, a total of 140 countries have signed the Convention of which 124 countries had ratified. Malaysia is the 125th country to ratify the UNCAC.

    The Honourable Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Minister of Foreign Affairs signed on behalf of the Government of Malaysia the instrument of ratification of UNCAC on 17 September 2008 in Putrajaya.

    Malaysia’s ratification of the UNCAC is a testimony of the government’s commitment in promoting and strengthening measures to combat corruption at domestic, regional and global level in line with our national agenda to make ethics and integrity as an integral part of the society’s norm and culture. It also reflects the intention of Malaysia to be fully engaged member of the Convention and a proactive member of the global anti-corruption community.


    24 September 2008

    Source :


    The Perak ACA Director spoke of awaiting instructions from the AG chambers
    to institute investigations on a Perak (Pakatan Rakyat) assemblyman whom admitted of having sex with a China dollie (prostitute). The very simple question was why the ACA being given it’s autonomy as sanctioned by the PM as an Independent Commission did not assume an independent role to institute investigations/ probe onto widely circulated admission by the Perak Assemblyman whether the sex “token” by a friend constitute any favours that entails corruption?

    Another case was the claims by SAPP’s Raymond Tan whom spouted that he intermediated with Pak Lah with pleading not to institute ACA actions on Yong Teck Lee when the latter had intended to moot a no-confidence vote against Pak Lah at Parliament.

    The inference – How could UN be so biased in accepting Malaysia’s written pledge when the aforesaid abused are cogent without assuming an affective role instructing Malaysia’s government to “show-cause” why such travesty exist?

  109. BobbyNZ says:

    I am stupid stupid stupid…….I ran away to NZ to earn selfishly leaving my ancestors,predecessors and all malaysians……now I do not know why I am hanging on to my citizenship as I am earning alot here as compared to if I am in Malaysia.

    Actually, I am a coward and greedy. I compare with hatred and anger for all malaysians are fools…….like me see coward also but enjoying myself.

    I will wait and see if I can comeback to reap a profit….as I am trained amnoputra beeann goon.

    I actually love mahadey kutty who destroyed Malaysia together with all amnoputra/ultra and bee ann idiots.

  110. Anonymous says:


    why complaint so much? relax and enjoy the 10sen petrol price reduction.

  111. BobbyNZ says:

    OMG, imposters of my nickname. I am taking a long break from commenting. So I dont throw pearls to swines. Cya Susan.

  112. ktteokt says:

    Is AAB trying to make the sea more salty by adding salt to it?

  113. Anti-ISA says:

    Why UMNO cannot REFORM itself, and is DOOMED ….

    Is UMNO a Fascist Party or Not???

    What is Fascism?
    From: NLG Civil Liberties Committee

    Sept. 27, 1992 by Chip Berlet

    This article is adapted from the author’s preface to Russ Bellant’s book “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party,” co-published by South End Press and Political Research Associates.

    “Fascism, which was not afraid to call itself reactionary… does not hesitate to call itself illiberal and anti-liberal.”
    _Benito Mussolini

    We have all heard of the Nazis_but our image is usually a caricature of a brutal goose-stepping soldier wearing a uniform emblazoned with a swastika. Most people in the U.S. are aware that the U.S. and its allies fought a war against the Nazis, but there is much more to know if one is to learn the important lessons of our recent history.

    Technically, the word NAZI was the acronym for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. It was a fascist movement that had its roots in the European nationalist and socialist movements, and that developed a grotesque biologically-determinant view of so-called “Aryan” supremacy. (Here we use “national socialism” to refer to the early Nazi movement before Hitler came to power, sometimes termed the “Brownshirt” phase, and the term “Nazi” to refer to the movement after it had consolidated around ideological fascism.)

    The seeds of fascism, however, were planted in Italy. “Fascism is reaction,” said Mussolini, but reaction to what? The reactionary movement following World War I was based on a rejection of the social theories that formed the basis of the 1789 French Revolution, and whose early formulations in this country had a major influence on our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

    It was Rousseau who is best known for crystallizing these modern social theories in . The progeny of these theories are sometimes called Modernism or Modernity because they challenged social theories generally accepted since the days of Machiavelli. The response to the French Revolution and Rousseau, by Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and others, poured into an intellectual stew which served up Marxism, socialism, national socialism, fascism, modern liberalism, modern conservatism, communism, and a variety of forms of capitalist participatory democracy.

    Fascists particularly loathed the social theories of the French Revolution and its slogan: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.”

    *** Liberty from oppressive government intervention in the daily lives of its citizens, from illicit searches and seizures, from enforced religious values, from intimidation and arrest for dissenters; and liberty to cast a vote in a system in which the majority ruled but the minority retained certain inalienable rights.

    *** Equality in the sense of civic equality, egalitarianism, the notion that while people differ, they all should stand equal in the eyes of the law.

    *** Fraternity in the sense of the brotherhood of mankind. That all women and men, the old and the young, the infirm and the healthy, the rich and the poor, share a spark of humanity that must be cherished on a level above that of the law, and that binds us all together in a manner that continuously re-affirms and celebrates life.

    This is what fascism as an ideology was reacting against_and its support came primarily from desperate people anxious and angry over their perception that their social and economic position was sinking and frustrated with the constant risk of chaos, uncertainty and inefficiency implicit in a modern democracy based on these principles. Fascism is the antithesis of democracy. We fought a war against it not half a century ago; millions perished as victims of fascism and champions of liberty.

    “One of the great lies of this century is that in the 1930’s Generalissimo Franco in Spain was primarily a nationalist engaged in stopping the Reds. Franco was, of course, a fascist who was aided by Mussolini and Hitler.”

    “The history of this period is a press forgery. Falsified news manipulates public opinion. Democracy needs facts.

    _George Seldes Hartland Four Corners, Vermont, March 5, 1988

    Fascism was forged in the crucible of post-World War I nationalism in Europe. The national aspirations of many European peoples_nations without states, peoples arbitrarily assigned to political entities with little regard for custom or culture_had been crushed after World War I. The humiliation imposed by the victors in the Great War, coupled with the hardship of the economic Depression, created bitterness and anger. That anger frequently found its outlet in an ideology that asserted not just the importance of the nation, but its unquestionable primacy and central predestined role in history.

    In identifying “goodness” and “superiority” with “us,” there was a tendency to identify “evil” with “them.” This process involves scapegoating and dehumanization. It was then an easy step to blame all societal problems on “them,” and presuppose a conspiracy of these evildoers which had emasculated and humiliated the idealized core group of the nation. To solve society’s problems one need only unmask the conspirators and eliminate them.

    In Europe, Jews were the handy group to scapegoat as “them.” Anti- Jewish conspiracy theories and discrimination against Jews were not a new phenomenon, but most academic studies of the period note an increased anti-Jewish fervor in Europe, especially in the late 1800’s. In France this anti-Jewish bias was most publicly expressed in the case of Alfred Dreyfus, a French military officer of Jewish background, who in 1894 was falsely accused of treason, convicted (through the use of forged papers as evidence) and imprisoned on Devil’s Island. Zola led a noble struggle which freed Dreyfus and exposed the role of anti-Jewish bigotry in shaping French society and betraying the principles on which France was building its democracy.

    Not all European nationalist movements were necessarily fascist, although many were. In some countries much of the Catholic hierarchy embraced fascist nationalism as a way to counter the encroachment of secular influences on societies where previously the church had sole control over societal values and mores. This was especially true in Slovakia and Croatia, where the Clerical Fascist movements were strong, and to a lesser extent in Poland and Hungary. Yet even in these countries individual Catholic leaders and laity spoke out against bigotry as the shadow of fascism crept across Europe. And in every country of Europe there were ordinary citizens who took extraordinary risks to shelter the victims of the Holocaust. So religion and nationality cannot be valid indicators of fascist sentiment. And the Nazis not only came for the Jews, as the famous quote reminds us, but for the communists and the trade union leaders, and indeed the Gypsies, the dissidents and the homosexuals. Nazism and fascism are more complex than popular belief. What, then, is the nature of fascism?

    Italy was the birthplace of fascist ideology. Mussolini, a former socialist journalist, organized the first fascist movement in 1919 at Milan. In 1922 Mussolini led a march on Rome, was given a government post by the king, and began transforming the Italian political system into a fascist state. In 1938 he forced the last vestige of democracy, the Council of Deputies, to vote themselves out of existence, leaving Mussolini dictator of fascist Italy.

    Yet there were Italian fascists who resisted scapegoating and dehumanization even during World War II. Not far from the area where Austrian Prime Minister Kurt Waldheim is accused of assisting in the transport of Jews to the death camps, one Italian General, Mario Roatta, who had pledged equality of treatment to civilians, refused to obey the German military order to round up Jews. Roatta said such an activity was “incompatible with the honor of the Italian Army.”

    Franco’s fascist movement in Spain claimed state power in 1936, although it took three years, the assistance of the Italian fascists and help from the secretly reconstituted German Air Force finally to crush those who fought for democracy. Picasso’s famous painting depicts the carnage wrought in a Spanish village by the bombs dropped by the forerunner of the which all too soon would be working on an even larger canvas. Yet Franco’s fascist Spain never adopted the obsession with race and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories that were hallmarks of Hitler’s Nazi movement in Germany.

    Other fascist movements in Europe were more explicitly racialist, promoting the slogan still used today by some neo-Nazi movements: “Nation is Race.” The Nazi racialist version of fascism was developed by Adolph Hitler who with six others formed the Nazi party during 1919 and 1920. Imprisoned after the unsuccessful 1923 Beer Hall putsch in Munich, Hitler dictated his opus, to his secretary, Rudolph Hess.

    (My Battle) sets out a plan for creating in Germany through national socialism a racially pure state. To succeed, said Hitler, “Aryan” Germany had to resist two forces: the external threat posed by the French with their bloodlines “negrified” through “contamination by Negro blood,” and the internal threat posed by “the Marxist shock troops of international Jewish stock exchange capital.” Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany by Hindenburg in January 1933 and by year’s end had consolidated his power as a fascist dictator and begun a campaign for racialist nationalism that eventually led to the Holocaust.

    This obsession with a racialism not only afflicted the German Nazis, but also several eastern European nationalist and fascist movements including those in Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine. Anti-Jewish bigotry was rampant in all of these racialist movements, as was the idea of a link between Jewish financiers and Marxists. Even today the tiny Anti-communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters in the U.S.A. uses the slogan “Communism is Jewish.”

    “Reactionary concepts plus revolutionary emotion result in Fascist mentality.”
    _Wilhelm Reich

    One element shared by all fascist movements, racialist or not, is the apparent lack of consistent political principle behind the ideology_political opportunism in the most basic sense. One virtually unique aspect of fascism is its ruthless drive to attain and hold state power. On that road to power, fascists are willing to abandon any principle to adopt an issue more in vogue and more likely to gain converts.

    Hitler, for his part, committed his act of abandonment bloodily and dramatically. When the industrialist power brokers offered control of Germany to Hitler, they knew he was supported by national socialist ideologues who held views incompatible with their idea of profitable enterprise. Hitler solved the problem in the “Night of the Long Knives,” during which he had the leadership of the national socialist wing of his constituency murdered in their sleep.

    What distinguishes Nazism from generic fascism is its obsession with racial theories of superiority, and some would say, its roots in the socialist theory of proletarian revolution.

    Fascism and Nazism as ideologies involve, to varying degrees, some of the following hallmarks:

    *** Nationalism and super-patriotism with a sense of historic mission.

    *** Aggressive militarism even to the extent of glorifying war as good for the national or individual spirit.

    *** Use of violence or threats of violence to impose views on others (fascism and Nazism both employed street violence and state violence at different moments in their development).

    *** Authoritarian reliance on a leader or elite not constitutionally responsible to an electorate.

    *** Cult of personality around a charismatic leader.

    *** Reaction against the values of Modernism, usually with emotional attacks against both liberalism and communism.

    *** Exhortations for the homogeneous masses of common folk (Volkish in German, Populist in the U.S.) to join voluntarily in a heroic mission_often metaphysical and romanticized in character.

    *** Dehumanization and scapegoating of the enemy_seeing the enemy as an inferior or subhuman force, perhaps involved in a conspiracy that justifies eradicating them.

    *** The self image of being a superior form of social organization beyond socialism, capitalism and democracy.

    *** Elements of national socialist ideological roots, for example, ostensible support for the industrial working class or farmers; but ultimately, the forging of an alliance with an elite sector of society.

    *** Abandonment of any consistent ideology in a drive for state power.

    It is vitally important to understand that fascism and Nazism are not biologically or culturally determinant. Fascism does not attach to the gene structure of any specific group or nationality. Nazism was not the ultimate expression of the German people. Fascism did not end with World War II.

    After Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, the geopolitical landscape of Europe was once again drastically altered. In a few short months, some of our former fascist enemies became our allies in the fight to stop the spread of communism. The record of this transformation has been laid out in a series of books. U.S. recruitment of the Nazi spy apparatus has been chronicled in books ranging from by Hohne & Zolling, to the recent by Simpson. The laundering of Nazi scientists into our space program is chronicled in by Bowers. The global activities of, and ongoing fascist role within, the World Anti-Communist League were described in by Anderson and Anderson. Bellant’s bibliography cites many other examples of detailed and accurate reporting of these disturbing realities.

    But if so much is already known of this period, why does journalist and historian George Seldes call the history of Europe between roughly 1920 and 1950 a “press forgery”? Because most people are completely unfamiliar with this material, and because so much of the popular historical record either ignores or contradicts the facts of European nationalism, Nazi collaborationism, and our government’s reliance on these enemies of democracy to further our Cold War foreign policy objectives.

    This widely-accepted, albeit misleading, historical record has been shaped by filtered media reports and self-serving academic revisionism rooted in an ideological preference for those European nationalist forces which opposed socialism and communism. Since sectors of those nationalist anti-communist forces allied themselves with political fascism, but later became our allies against communism, for collaborationists became the rule, not the exception.

    Soon, as war memories dimmed and newspaper accounts of collaboration faded, the fascists and their allies re-emerged cloaked in a new mantle of respectability. Portrayed as anti-communist freedom fighters, their backgrounds blurred by time and artful circumlocution, they stepped forward to continue their political organizing with goals unchanged and slogans slightly repackaged to suit domestic sensibilities.

    To fight communism after World War II, our government forged a tactical alliance with what was perceived to be the lesser of two evils_and as with many such bargains, there has been a high price to pay.

    “The great masses of people. . .will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
    _Adolph Hitler

  114. Disgruntled says:

    Petrol down by 10 cents it becomes the joke of the month . Does any country that you know off gives you RM 625 for every car below 2000cc that you own up to a maximum of five cars ? Any complaints about that ?? Morons grumbling all the time !

    Visit // No holds barred , guaranteed !!

  115. diva says:

    Cabinet 10 cent.

  116. i is immigrant says:

    oh they’ll reduce it again, every time they they make a national blunder with unpolished remarks – their reaction is to lower harga minyak – why? rakyat will be happy, sure. Got ppl will say, so nice the gamen wan. Gamen give money we bising, gamen kurang harga minyak we bising – gamen problem is dey dunno how to help increase our gaji – gaji still same wan – some ppl say take beskal la! Cut yr internet. Gamen real damn care us wan but you bising2 oni.

    if liddat sure wan move to Penang edi. Free WiFi, island so small, the beskal idea damn can work. Some more the CM, i so damn respect – i sure he won’t run to polis to lodge repot abt anyone insulting an egg. Sure also he won’t climb chair and go simply koyak2 ppl own picture. I also feel for the fler – my IC say bumiputra but i know for fact my ancestors came from China wan.

    So you see all the distress the gamen caused wan? they reckon can tiger-balm the great gaping hole of insults by taking off RM0.10 off the minyak. SO damn clever i tell you gamen.

    It won’t cure the fact that these ppl have openly insulted their own citizen, defended an egg and have yet to tell their own supporters to stop hurling molotov-cocktail at people’s house.

    My IC can tell u i bumiputra but i’m disgusted to be grouped as those who made those nasty comments – liddat, i rather be wif my immigrant frens wan.

    10cents? if liddat den gomen must let my Sabah have its oil royalty becos dats wat they robbed from us – as if we derno.

  117. idiot says:

    Msia is a laughing stock

  118. Pegasus says:

    Notice the crimes rates shooting up? Why not ,With the cost of living gone up ,thanks to the BN regime who raise the oil price to RM2.70 per litre, 0.15ct reduced and now another 0.10ct !!!. This is peanuts!!!,after robbing and robbing the nation wealth, the BN does not have much to go around with. They need to keep feeding those Umnoputras, and cash is not abundance as before, so get it from the Rakyat, everything is raise to sustain the BN regime and Umnoputras,to the hell with the Rakyat.. that’s the idea,keep on plundering as long as possible.
    The sleepy lame duck PM will be going to slumberland soon,but it will be no difference with his successor ,the Najis will be another idiot that need to get rid off. Hopefully PR makes it happen and bring a new beginning to the nation.!!!

  119. BadEgg says:

    What I think is that the BN monkeys decided to raise the price to the highest possible value and then lower it down one step at a time. They are expecting people to perceive the government is doing something beneficial everytime they lower the price even by a cent. And when the next general election comes, they will try to give goodies in the form of petrol price reduction to the value before the drastic price increase. In a way, this mean the BN goons will not have to spend a dime and still profits.

    FOOLS. Malaysian are more educated now then they are 50 years ago. We know mathematics better than BN monkeys who only know how to pick fleas out of each others’ back. Seriously. 20 ringgit below then you get free elec? What the hell is wrong with your maths?!! Unless you are so primitive that you don’t even own a fridge!

  120. BadEgg says:

    i’m predicting the next decrease will be 5 cent (following the trend 15 cent, 10 cent, what’s next). I bet on it.

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