Image from scott thong, thanks!

THIS is what we can do for RPK (who just checked into the Kamunting Hotel for insulting the country’s leadership and Islam), all the other detainees and their families. The OBJECTIVES of this campaign is to (1) Demand for RPK’s freedom (2) Demand for freedom of all ISA detainees (3) Demand for the repeal of the EVIL ISA!

PLEASE help distribute this information as far and wide as you can, act on it – you DO NOT have to do it alone, find a few people, not necessarily a big group, 5 maybe 10, and spread the word and action around, if we do it with our hearts and souls, it will catch on, like fire…

If you are living in Bangkok/Thailand and want to get together for one or all of this action, email me @ susanloone[at]gmail[dot]com.

[They are not in any particular order, so it’s up to you how you want to do it]

1. [This has been suggested and I think it is a great idea to start with] Flood the Camp with Hari Raya Cards, do not just send to RPK, I know he’s our man, but also send to other detainees as well. Maybe even the guards. (Quote the Beatitudes).

2. Wear the anti-ISA badge (buy it from SUARAM) or make an ISA flag and fly it in your homes, on top of your cars, office, places of business, etc…Perhaps someone can design the anti-ISA flag and get it done. Perhaps we can just use the design of the existing badge.

3. From now on until the ISA is repealed, give the ISA badge or flag as presents, nothing else, and tell the receiver why you are doing this.Ask them to join your campaign.

4. Flood the YDP Agung’s Istana, the PM’s office and home, his favourite holiday resort, whatever, same goes for the DPM and Home Minister – by faxing/posting/telegramming/email an anti-ISA open letter (example of open letter will be posted soon). They might spam your email, my best bet is the post, fax or telegram.

5. ISA is bad for business. Get your bosses, and if you ARE the boss, send an official fax/telegram/letter/email with your company’s letter head and flood the YDP Agung’s Istana, the PM’s office and home, his favourite holiday resort, whatever, same goes for the DPM and Home Minister and whoever you think is relevant.

Bosses, got it?

6. [This too has been suggested but let me add a twist to it] DON’T go to work on the 23rd of every month until RPK is free or until the ISA is repealed (your choice) – and make sure your boss and all colleagues, even your business partner or associates know why you want the day off.

7. BUT do NOT sleep on the 23rd of the month when you are on leave. For those in KL or whereabouts, GO visit Marina and family, those outside KL or in the northern region, GO camp outside Kamunting and do whatever you like.

8. [Perhaps for some, this is already happening but still] Ask your ustaz/priest/sami/guru/raabi/whoever to conduct daily or weekly (whichever is more convenient)prayers for RPK and all ISA detainees and pray for the repeal of the ISA – take photos, post in your blogs and distribute the special prayers far and wide.

9. For 5 and 6, if your boss is NOT happy with you, ask him or her, to go and complain to the YDP Agung, PM, DPM, Home Minister, whoever, and those IDIOTS to lay off our favourite blogger and STOP using the ISA as a shield to protect their cowardly and weak willy!

10. Lastly, DO NOT forget to blog about your action, event, and distribute whatever campaign information you have far and wide.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who’s on the campaign trail! And THANK YOU!


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  1. 729 NO ISA! says:

    These are good campaign but I dont think Malaysian will do it.. Coz Malaysian mostly dont care what happen to RPK. They just heard from news and talk about it but dont go for action!
    this is Malaysian so far I know lah..
    For me I support you..!

  2. thepeople says:

    Strike with fury, plan with cunning and calm!

    That’s what RPK knocked into my head at a planning meeting in February this year.

    We had met to plan the dissemination of certain documents when some information came in on another matter and I blew a fuse.

  3. hawkeye says:

    I don’t know about others I sure will do my part, and if everybody can do his/her little it will turn out to be quite a lot. Don’t wait for other just do your bit. Thanks.

  4. littlebird says:

    You’re sending a confusing signal. You asked your fans not to sign up this petition Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa…. and not you’re asking them to do the above. Even Dr Bakri Musa is encouraging us to sign up Pak Lah Desecrating Ramadan by Bakri Musa

    As of now ONLY 24,240 Malaysians who care for RPK and the other detainees. If they don’t bother to sign up, probably discouragement by your comment, what makes you think that they’ll even be bother to do your suggestion above.

    Pakatan Rakyat don’t deserve RPK and our support because they have more than a million members and they don’t even bother to sign up.

    Come Malaysians show that you care. Sign up now Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa…. and spread the word around family and friends!

  5. sloone says:

    Exactly Hawkeye;
    We dont wait for others, dont need a big group, just get together few friends, even family, and the ball(s) will start rolling!

  6. Scott Thong says:

    Susan, be prepared for huge amounts of SPAM mail by listing your email add.

    Suggest you change it to susanloone[at]gmail[dot]com to avoid email-harvesting bots and programs.

    Alert has been reposted at my blog.

  7. Scott Thong says:

    PS. Humans can understand the above by reading it aloud, spam bots cannot without the @ and . parts

  8. Truth Seeker says:

    What about nationwide HARTAL?

  9. sloone says:

    Hi scott, thanks for alert
    have changed it 🙂

  10. citizenken says:

    we should organize a sit in protest at wisma perdana , massive force of people protest.

  11. If you have facebook, put your status as “Free RPK” and tell all your friends to do the same. Blogs, websites, emails, when you comment on blogs, flood the internet with FREE RPK.

  12. amoker says:

    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,Taiping.
    Perak, Malaysia

  13. dd says:

    There is ONLY one (1) thing that needs to be done, and that is, for DSAI to stop this ridiculous sandiwara of his, and announce what he said he promised that he was going to do (Sep 16, then Sep 23, now I hear Oct 13, etc, etc). Otherwise, DSAI should just SHUT-UP and stop misleading people like RPK, and the rest of us, with all these promises, promises, promises.

  14. lovepeace says:

    hi. where can i get this badges? do help me…….maybe i can send out some badges.

  15. chris chong says:

    and remember this saturday campaign in dataran merdeka 7.00pm.

    no only t-shirt & badge, we need car sticker, poster and advertisement board too if possible.

    can we raise up fund making up those items? car sticker will be very effective… cos malaysians has lot of cars. and do you think we can put up on the advertisement boards along the main road like the movies marketing? can we get the permit? if it’s just business orientated, it would be easy.

    and the blogger fund… MT has not put up the blogger fund icon on his blog. i can’t contribute this month (though not much)

    if we are really serious about it, we need to manage it like a business. we need to form a committee.

  16. sloone says:

    you can get the badges from SUARAM’s office (
    get their address from here.
    all the best.

  17. danet7882 says:

    I’m from Batu Pahat, Johor… Anyone from the area who wants to conduct anything regarding the repeal of ISA please contact me! danet7882{at}yahoo{dot}com

  18. Why Cares says:

    Petition to PM is a wasted effort ?

    Use section 11 & section 12 of ISA to open public petition the Agong to free RPK.

    Notice section 12, within 3 months means : one (1) days to 90 days.

    Appeal to Agong may get Advisory Board to complete representation within 1 to 3 days under matter of urgency motion.

    We need Agong help to correct gross injustice.

    Home Minister was sued by RPK for defamation is main issue for his crowded decision to order detention under section 8 to protect himself ,since SB found no evidences or threats or insults whatsoever.

    My salute to all Peacemakers.

  19. Harrison says:

    Noted. Except for point No.6, I think I could ratify (for myself)and commence forthwith some of the points as spearheaded by Susan. Thanks my dear. RPK has done nobody in Malaysia has achieved before – being a noble Whistleblower cum formidable opposition mouthpiece and as a consequences, suffered persecution in solitude facing mental and physical torture (that can be presumed being an ISA detainee).

    On the other hand please read Lim Guan Eng’s proposal on the “Malaysian INsider” reports :- “Oppisition wants To Acquire Kamunting Land To End ISA”,
    since Perak is in opposition (PR) control.
    Adjacent : -

  20. Harrison says:

    And, thanks for the address “amoker”. 🙂

  21. whispering9 says:

    Frankly, I don’t like the picture of RPK with the Hannibal type mask. It made him so carnivores. I would prefer him with a Vendetta type mask. Here is V memorable quote:

    ‘Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.’

  22. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Hey Susan, “is under construction” lah….

  23. sloone says:

    hey guys and gals;
    here’s suaram address and contact no:

    Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
    383, 1st Floor, Jalan 5/59, Petaling Gardens
    46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Telephone: 60 3 7784 3525
    Fax: 60 3 7784 3526

    Information: Contact Person: Swee Seng Yap, Executive Director

  24. jiranpp says:

    dear susan, u r RPK`s the other half, i `pantang tengok` article by sloone. u have great ideas.let`s do it now n make sure that RPK is out 4 Hari Raya with his family.

  25. monsterball says:

    I will take up letter writing to him…..and started one….today.
    Any suggestions thought out with loving kindness …to always good.

  26. Nudibranch says:

    With then detention of RPK under ISA more and more Rakyat are aware of the injustice. Almost everyone I meet have reason to detest the present government. Even the younger generation has lost respect for our leaders.

    ISA was introduced to curb communism… it’s been distorted as a tool to silence those who reveal corruptions of our leaders. Our Home Minister states that RPK insulted Islam….who is he to be the judge and jury. If RPK insulted Islam than let the Mufti or religious leaders be his judge and jury. There is no need for ISA. Using ISA itself is and insult to Islam. Our Home Minister is brain dead. Sickening really !!!! No matter….. RPK detention is like wild fire spreading to many…… more and more people now have reason to hate this government. If PR do not take over I am very sure the next election BN will loose in every state.

  27. Lallang exile says:


    as littlebird said:

    “Pakatan Rakyat don’t deserve RPK and our support because they have more than a million members and they don’t even bother to sign up.”

    littlebird sums up succinctly what pkr will do for bloggers like rpk. rpk took up the anwar cause on his own selflessly, but look what’s happening now. in the mad rush to try to seize power the past few days, pkr have done nothing to help gain release for rpk.

    shows the true colours of pkr, isn’t it?


    what about a royal pardon for rpk? nothwithstanding his ties to nobility, this avenue should be explored.

    is there any provision to do so?

    also, is it possible to amalgate the earlier batch of signatures? the wording could be finetuned, i think most who signed won’t mind as long as it’s clear that we want ISA to be repealed.

    and sue, you be careful too in these testy times.

    and to thoe who can’t stand my postings…………

    u can say and label me whatsoever u like, but i will continue to post. i have no interests at stake unlike u people who think u stand to gain in mat jenin’s court.

    and unlike expat witso, i am malaysian and proud to fight to the end for what i think is right. and sue’s blog is not the pkr mouthpiece yet.

  28. Drachen says:

    Instead of doing 10 things and dispersing our energy, why don’t we do just one thing well? Lying on a bed of nails won’t hurt you. Lying on one big nail is going to hurt bad!

  29. LHHeng says:

    Susan great ideas. I will try and spread the words around.
    We have to give this foreign baldie toad a kick on his a_se.
    Cannot knock sense into him as he has no brain. Only mouthful of shit when he utters.

    Hope the royalty can see the blantant use of evil power by our government on a peaceful chap and do something. RPK is a man of integrity. He fight for the good of the country.

  30. squint88 says:

    Hello Susan,
    Y don we asked PKR, Pas & DAP to sponsored/donate flags of Msia with anti ISA symbol on de middle & distribute them at tolls station starting this Friday (Hariraya leave)? De more cars, de merrier… de whole world & gov. will see it! TQ

  31. shar says:

    what’s the address to post to Kamunting Camp?

  32. Spokesman says:

    The one thing that could be done, is write many books on RPK, with titles like:
    RPK-His True Message, Extraordinarily willed RPK, RPK- Intelligent but Persistent, RPK-‘Braveheart’ of Malaysia, RPK’s Secret Mission, Who is behind RPK?, RPK-Why the suffering? RPK’s Purpose, RPK’s Sacrifice, Outspoken RPK, and many other titles soon.

  33. squint88 says:

    Lets kill 2 birds with one stone this RAYA holiday.
    Fly Msia flag with anti ISA symbol for:
    1. Birth of New MALAYSIA
    2. Abolished ISA

  34. aaa says:

    monsterball (11:51:23) :

    I will take up letter writing to him…..and started one….today.
    Any suggestions thought out with loving kindness …to always good.

    Go do blowjob on your beloved Pak Lah monsterball. Give him an orgasm, then tell him to release RPK. That would be the best thing you can do for him instead of writing all the nonsense and rubbish!!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    *light up your candle and send the picture to admin (dot) mtoday (at) gmail (dot) com

    i think dis is a very great idea 2 as part of the campaign

  36. esther says:

    Go post your comments on BBC’s:
    page title “Malaysia detains dissdent writer”

  37. Amanda says:

    hi anyone know how to mail post card to Istana agong. Please help!!!

  38. Amanda says:

    I suggest sent post card to US and other democratic countries embassy too.

  39. esther says:

    oops sorry for typo-error:

    Go post comments on:
    page title “Malaysia detains dissent writer”

  40. xxxx says:

    Forget about all the sending whatever rubbish.
    The goverment wont listen.

    My option if all the bloggers and blogs owner spread a message
    like Kiddafella did – people are no mood to celebrate merdeka.

    1.Try to spread a word around,every week everyone dont go out.Have a peacefull strike.Stay home.(except doctors and some people need urgent needs.)

    2. If thats works continue every saturday and sunday.Following by every Public Holiday.

    Any goverment will just fall but i always believe 2 Party system must exist.

    This idea i hijack from someone thought (blogs) and posting to u.


    hoping for your reply sloone.
    xxxx.I am the ONE play the game and dont know when the game i play will eat me.

  41. maxtor says:

    Tak payah buat penat nak tolong dia ni. Dia bila bercakap bukan peduli orang pun. Main tabur je, makin hari makin gila cerita dia.

  42. Harrison says:


    The address of kamunting as earlier posted by “amoker” is:-

    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,Taiping.
    Perak, Malaysia


    I don;t see a point of you attacking another commentator’s initiative to advocate/ sending goodwill message to anyone. Is there a cause to justify your belligerent critics?

  43. Rababa says:

    Sorry if Anwar can not help now then we have to have an alternative plan of action to free RPK. Remember when Anwar said he has a number of PKR parliments seats to choose from for a re-entry to Parliment.

    What better time is now then to have one of the opposition MP resign his or her seat and force a by-election. This way we can see if they are willing to help and payback the support RPK has given to the opposition parties. Get RPK to stand as a Independent or a PR candidate supported by all PR parties. He should not stand for PKR , DAP , PAS ,or PS but as a apolitical candidate. support his and make sure the BN candidate looses his or her deposit. This will remind BN how unpopular they are.

    The ball is now in PR’s court and what do you all say

  44. […] will add as more information trickle in. And if you see my earlier post (10 things to do for RPK et all now), there’s lots of ideas, but what you have do now, people, is get it going (do one or all of […]

  45. sam says:

    Folks, I initiated that suggestion to send RPK a card for raya and I support Susan’s call to send a raya card to all the muslim detainees in kamunting. Maybe later we can also send Deepavali and Christmas and New Year cards too…its the least we can do…but I got the address (postcode) wrong. Sorry. The correct one is:
    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34600 Kamunting,
    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Please send a card to him and tell him we care and we’re continuing to do what we can to get him free.

  46. Amanda says:

    Thank you Remie,

    I have done it.

  47. Gadfly says:

    The poster picture of the de-faced RPK appears to be repulsive and lacking in aesthetic value. The artist should be sensitive to the feelings of many of those who have deep respect for RPK. The face of RPK should be a face of great courage and hope. Have you seen the dying faces of Martin Luther King and Gandhi despite of the assassinations ? Computerised cut-and-paste can fragment with ease the self into many faces. However, it should still be able to relate to the deep human longing of true freedom symbolised by a truly human and humane face.

  48. sf says:

    The SUARAM wesite has been taken offline currently, wonder where else can we get the badge.
    Can’t wait to get it and give out to people around me.

  49. machitam says:

    agreed with you. in the picture, rpk look like one of those wrestler of wwf. at first i thought it is “stone cold”…..

  50. siew hwa says:

    IF u are malaysian staying abroad, organise a protest la infront of malaysia embassies or MAS office or Petronas office.,
    sure malaysia will be more popular then the “Vist Malaysia” year..hahahhaha
    If u are niot malaysia, never mind,uphold injustice is the universal obligation of any loving human kind. so u are most welcome to protestto malaysia government, and not worry they will arrest u under :ISA as u are not malaysian.,,hahah. and also they need u as their investors and also tourists :-))))
    PROTEST infront all malaysian embassies, MAS or :Petronas abroad.
    CTC susan loone for any material u need for the campaign :-)))

  51. […] 10 things to do for RPK et al now! Image from scott thong, thanks! THIS is what we can do for RPK (who just checked into the […]

  52. Scott Thong says:

    I am the creator of the image.

    Apparently, not many Malaysians have watched The Silence of the Lambs – that is Hannibal Lecter’s anti-biting face mask strapped to RPK’s face.

    The symbolism is that the BN authorities consider RPK a brutal, dangerous, insane, almost inhuman monster whom they must lock away for all time – or risk their comfortable illusion being shattered.

  53. Sheesh says:

    Naturally the brainless ones will not be able to understand the symbolism.

  54. machitam says:


    i think it the other way round, it’s BN that is a brutal, dangerous, insane, almost inhuman monster whom they must lock away for all time – or risk their comfortable illusion being shattered…

    and RPK is Hercules….hee heh..

  55. armyboy says:

    Muzzle brakes and recoil compensators are devices that are fitted to the muzzle of a firearm or cannon to redirect propellant gases with the effect of countering both recoil of the gun and unwanted rising of the barrel during rapid fire

  56. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Please don’t forget RPK – he will turn 58 this Saturday 27 September. What a horrible way to celebrate one’s birthday in prison.

  57. Mankok says:

    Face the Malaysian ISA facts.
    It’s a No No if detainee is kind of light colored.
    It’s makes a lot of noise if detainee is kind of darker.
    It’s not seen, not heard (not even bothered),if detainee is islam-more so a brown-colored islam,assumed and confirmed as “terrorist”-seen the list?read their stories?

    All this high and mighty human right c***-talk…my foot,

  58. NO BS says:

    I notice that there are some lurkers on your blog, Susan, who are trying to get attention. This blog is obviously PRO-RPK, ANTI-ISA, so if you have a problem with that, go wallow in your own lonely self-pity on your own hitless blogsite and chew on some sour grapes.

    More power to all RPK/ anti-ISA supporters!!!!! Who cares about these loveless ****!

  59. missjolie says:

    RPK,Marina & family will be proud when he sees this~thanks Susan…for reminding us!

  60. missjolie says:

    sorry, they will be touched too ..!

  61. […] What else you can do for RPK and others? Read Susan Loone. […]

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