Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I got some really good wishes and I am touched for the kind and thoughtful words, prayers even. Mum called me this morning and told me how much she missed me. Aw, bring tears to my eyes…

But FCUK the government for making this a bad day for me!

My favourtite blogger RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN of MALAYSIA TODAY will be sent to Kamunting detention camp WITHOUT A TRIAL, without even having the chance to defend himself. And you call this law and justice!

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had signed his detention order last night for the blogger to be held without trial under section 8(1) of the tough security law. Under the Act, the government can renew his detention indefinitely. (MALAYSIAKINI)


I guess Malaysia has no shame nor conscience. The ISA arrests issue has even been brought up Internationally and all the government does is turn a deaf ear and blind eye.

They plan to silent RPK and perhaps threaten all bloggers and Malaysians at large. But I am afraid they are going to be dead wrong. A thousand more will speak.

You bet!

And the news is…RPK will have MORE to tell once he is out! I AM SURE of IT!

I don’t usually swear but I guess it’s okay to do it on one’s birthday. I think I share the same birthday with Anwar Ibrahim’s grand daughter (Nurul’s child) and Syed Husin Syed Ali. Happy Birthday to them as well.

I am going to light my candles for RPK today. And no birthday celebrations today…

The one thing that brings me comfort is that RPK is such a strong and daring soul, an inspiration. And his wife Marina Lee Abdullah and children are like great rocks in a turbulent ocean.

We’ll do whatever we can to ease the pain, just tell us what you need. I mean it!

DOWN with ISA! AWAY with BARISAN NASIONAL for using the ISA on RPK and the 64 others in detention camp.



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  1. happy birthday susan. all the best wishes.

    rpk to kamunting, well.. it’s crap but there is really nuthin much anyone can do, or well.. maybe except anwar if he even going to do something.

    again… all my best wishes to you. and best for rpk.


  2. Jambu says:


  3. sf says:

    Now I’m really in the mood to FCUK the gomen… really sucks!

    Anyway, best wishes to you, Happy Birthday!!

  4. navinda says:

    Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with all good things.

    The Botak has done it again, despite all appeals to rescind his decision to detain RPK. How do you expect justice from losers? Waiting for DSAI to make his move and we sincerely hope that it comes fast. Otherwise RPK may have to spend at least another month in Kamunting.

    The Goons in the government just cant see it. They will never learn.

  5. Edi神 says:

    indeed RPK is a hero,

    a fallen hero, nobody cares anymore

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  7. Katamari says:

    Just called thePM ‘s office re RPK.

    After a few minutes of cursing the sleepy head
    and guess what that the person at the other end
    of the line told me ? ” Awak takkan hidup selama

    I asked if the ISA is going to be used against the rakyat
    and she hang up the phone.

    Happy birthday.

  8. ThisiswhatM'siahascometo says:

    Your country has failed you, RPK! We have failed you. To RPK’s family, I offer my apologies for being a lesser person than RPK, for my lack courage to stand up for myself and instead having to rely on RPK to fight my war.

    RPK shown us the better side of Malaysians, he brought me closer to my heritage. Now, I feel more detached as ever from my home country. This country has no hope. This country puts one of her best and bravest behind bars.

  9. Harrsion says:

    Another assault on RPK and all detainees (police lock-ups, prisons ).
    Extract From :

    “SHAH ALAM: The spiralling cost of essentials may be affecting the quality of food served to those detained by the government and a review may be overdue, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department T. Murugiah said yesterday.

    He said he was told that only RM5.80 was being allocated for three meals per detainee.

    He said the amount was far from adequate due to the prices of essential goods and he would recommend a review to the government, based on humanitarian grounds.

    Murugiah said the review might take place after he completed investigating allegations by Selangor senior executive councillor Teresa Kok, of being fed poor food during her recent detention.”


    Was that not a direct assault on the very fundamental of our right to live -Human-Rights? With RM5.80 a day for 3 meals, I am wondering how much would a canine owner spent for his pet on food per day?

    If Foreign Minister Rais Yatim wanted to raise and complaint of US intervention of Malaysian affairs at the UN level, he should be likewise “show a good example” (note that I am not supporting this inhumane “feeding” either) this by replicating as a prisoner to be “dog-fed’ for 1 year, only then he can tell the world “What THe HELL LIKE IS MALAYSIA”.

  10. xxxx says:

    This country as hopeless as zimbawe.

  11. Anonymous says:

    we need to unite into one big force n launch a malumalu campaign on dis “detain-you-for-your-safety” idiot n gang

  12. delcapo says:

    DSAI better make his move & soon!!! make it happen!!

    RPK is being F@#ked!
    Home Ministry worked thu the night to give the order…
    Order superscedes today’s case… therefore “events overrides matters” & the hearing being “academic”…

    You tell me non-political? Syed Hamid…. you not involved in ISA decisions??


  13. wandererAUS says:

    Jambu, you are an uncultured and a rude bastard. Sloone, maybe, too polite to take you on. Come on, give what you have, hallow head, I make sure you stay in your shithole…blooming maggot!

  14. Benameye says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan … and way to go!

  15. wits0 says:

    “Sectiom 8(1) – If the Minister is satisfied that the detention is necessary……”

    The Minister wasn’t directly chosen by the people and secondly any rogue can be elevated to be a Minister – by his self serving party. This presumption of quality and integrity lay the foundation for abuse. And there’s a litany of such impossible clauses in support of that.

    The satisfaction of the Minister is no guarantee of the soundness and righness of his juudgement. He/she ain’t God.

    As with Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong, will. And this has been soundly demonstrated without any shadow of doubt, time and time again. QED, over and over again!

    All MPs in the Gomen should be ashamed of being called “law-makers” because if this the kind of laws they make, then they have neither a sound mind or heart. A law to enable repression and suffocate all other laws.

  16. citizenken says:

    it all about ALTANTUYA, come oct 31th , the verdict outcome wont have any justice for the mongolian lady, but with RPK in jail, the murderer gets away.
    all the while, the govt trying to find a reason to nab RPK. najib will get the agp to mistrial the file. it all about timing and the govt really fcuk us

  17. monsterball says:

    Happy Birthday…Susan!
    What a strange birthday message….fcuking the government.
    But then….which one .who love him so much…will not?
    I guess..that sick news..turns your happy birthday….into an utterly disgusting ….day…and in the mood to celebrate the happy occasion at all.
    Take it easy and relax.
    What you cannot do….put it inspired and be one of the thousand RPK.
    Best example is….Martin Luther King…..gone…..but a thousand voices spoke like him…thereafter.
    However RPK is ALIVE!!
    So we pray and hope…he is in good health and spirit.

  18. hasilox says:

    Zimbalaysia is a new UN member.
    Ham-id is a new food certification.

  19. lucia says:

    susan, many happy returns of the day for your birthday! (though it doesn’t sound happy anymore with this RPK news).

    i do hope pakatan will take over the gomen or else is najib become PM, poor RPK will be in kamunting for a long long time.

  20. Harrsion says:

    Section 73 and it’s sub-clauses and Section 8 and it’s sub-clauses are clearly abused of power as enshrined in Parliament that “nobody is above the law, and everyone is (treated)equal before the law).

    As I mentioned before, the BN Government has clearly abused and re-interpreted the laws whether Constitutional or UN (as we are living in International soil being a UN member) to achieved it’s Machiavellian goals by all means.

    *For those who supports the “Ballot-box” rigid dogma, which they denounced defections as simply outright, and “(General) Elections to determine a Government of Malaysia are no better that the BN themselves or the lesser of the 2 evils. Ever heard or aware of “Vote-Rigging” and “Vote-Buying” to start off with.

  21. KNB says:

    Happy birthday, Susan.

    It is indeed a sad thing to witness our beloved country inching closer towards total dictatorship.

    BN shameless government is sending their own signal of distress:

    Push us, and we shall push you harder – to hell. We have ISA, emergency declaration, army, just name it.

    Pray hard for change. Either PR, the Royals, or us the PEOPLE, this change can only be inevitable if WE want it.

    Or else, BN will never regret popping caps into our heads, literally.

  22. splim says:

    Happy Birthday. But I think you are not very good a spelling.

  23. wandererAUS says:

    This country is fast becoming a police state with mad cows running the administration.
    The least we all can do, is support the wind of change (opposition) and sweep the rubbish into the sea.
    The HM Hamid is a non-performer, only evils in his balding head, should be sent back to his Borneo jungle to join his kinds.

    Now I have cooled off , Happy Birthday Susan! I can guess what is your wish.

  24. Happy birthday susan,
    may ur day today and ur wish came tru.

    Lets show us how we can fcuk the goverment!-
    No more sit and watch at home..lets do hartal and go out street proset and show peopel power.

  25. whispering9 says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan. I, too, am deeply saddened by RPK 2 years ISA detention. Nonetheless, the act of a noble man, like RPK, don’t end in vain.

  26. Ahjajal says:

    The Bully and Coward has acted again. HM you are fcuk.

  27. oogway says:

    birthday happy susan. Come back to Pg we go yum cha at anson road.

  28. oogway says:

    birthday happy susan. come back penang we go yum cha at anson road

  29. suchfun says:

    I feel real sorry for him. Hope his stay in Taiping (my home town) is as short as possible. This is one of the absurd law in the civilized world!

  30. Harrsion says:

    I am no Susan’s spokeperson, but I am quite sure that Susan is not in the mood of celebration per Raja Petra’s 2 years ISA incarceration. I mentioned in previous threads that Susan will achieved 4 million hits before Pakatan Rakyat takeover the federal Government on September 16th. I was wrong on both predictions but at least Susan hits 4 millions. (hint*)

  31. Edwin Ng Say Joo says:

    Dear Susan,

    Happy Birthday !

    Let us all do the needful for RPK’s family. Please find out what they need and all his readers will surely respond. Let us show this very stupid Home Minister that we are a caring society and we will keep RPK’s family going until he is out.

    I really hope PR will make their resolution to get RPK out as soon as possible.

    Let us all pray for RPK’s well-being. Let’s pray that he will be stronger each day to bear this injustice.

    BN’s day of reckoning in coming soon… and they know that.

    I will not be surprise if many more will be detained under ISA soon as this is the only weapon they have to prevent DSAI from forming the Government.

  32. Robert Teh says:

    I will be sending a Hari Raya greeting card to Raja Petra Kamarudin today to cheer him up, and I hope whoever is reading this, can do the same thing for him.

    By the stroke of a pen, a cruel Minister can bring so much misery and pain to a man who only knows how to love his country and his people. I believe his spirit is strong and he will make it through this dark period of his life as he has God on his side.

    I will say a prayer for him as well, tonight.

    By the way, happy birthday Susan.

  33. caravanserai says:

    The time has come
    There must be a change
    In the political landscape of the country
    Enough of the one sided affairs

    Many grouses on the ground
    The UMNO/BN leaders pretend
    They cover their eyes to the people’s plight
    They take care of themselves

    The time has come
    The changing of guard must prevail
    No more two sided laws
    The people have seen enough

    Enough of the uncertainties
    Parading in our minds
    Enough of the interferences
    To pursue self interests

    The time has come
    The dark hill needs light
    Enough of the peoples’ suffering
    The change must arrive

  34. temenggong says:

    I like your language! Looks like you’re my kind of gal!

    There is so solution through the judicial process. It has to be through the political process.

    Go get ’em girl!! And happy birthday.

  35. Richard Loh says:

    Susan, just to remind you that you are the one who do not want to sign the petition and shouting loud on your blog to discourage others not to sign.
    Even though the petition may be selective but everyone knows that the ISA must be killed but for you, too smart trying to read all the details to justified your argument not to sign.

    We know that the petition will not work or really help Pete to be released but we must stand together and answer any call to help in any way to fight against this ISA. be it for individual, groups or the ISA itself.

    I hope you will not stop other who wants to support the HARTAL ISA called by Haris if you do not agree to it.

    I know what is in your mind, the petition must be for all ISA detainees and not just Pete or just the ISA which must be repeal. If that is the case please show us the way and lead us to have this ISA repeal according to your only holy sole way.

  36. Anonymous says:

    watch out…
    chaptokam is going to transform himself

  37. selvarajasomiah says:

    Raja Petra 27th September and me 28th September and we had so much in common as librans. Sad and painful to know he is spending his in Kamunting while I still have my freedom.

    I am absolutely devastated by the news of RPK’s detention to Kamunting! Chances are the court won’t abit help… it seems as though it is just a waste of time going to the courts as they are manipulated by our political masters.

    Sending RPK to Kamunting will not silence the masses of opinion against the ISA use, or all the wrongdoings of the BN government. On the contrary, it may galvanise and strengthen the people to see a quick downfall of the BN.The fall of the regime of BN is drawing very near. Mark my word.

    We shall continue the struggle to free RPK. My thoughts and prayers for Marina and the kids.

    Selvaraja somiah

  38. danet7882 says:

    If he’s guilty atleast the court must say so, I suggest just tore down all majistreat, just sack all judge, why do we need them, when the country doesn’t respect the law..

    I thought we Malaysia are a Democracy country, sadly it was control by the PM and PM’s doggie.. they are all above the law.. when one of them are guilty, they just pretend nothing happen.. They are abusing the law, abusing the Democracy.. Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, are you noticing what happen now? We need you to stand firm!! Please say something..

    Sloone, is there anything the RAKYAT can do?? we felt so hapless regarding this ISA..

    What happen to MCA, MIC, PPP, SUPP ?? I thought they came blazing condemming the ISA? Now? Dear RAKYAT, this is what we get after voting for these BN DOGGIE to lead our country!!! They betray our trust, make us look like fools, making us poorer while they (DOGGIE) becomes richer!!!

    BAR COUNCIL- I think you should have just disbanded your council.. The government doesn’t even gives a damn bout u… UPHOLD JUSTICE?? you have failed miserably.. With all your comments, your meeting, voice of disapproved, WHAT ELSE? RPK still kena ISA..

    I’m not saying we should riot, but is there anything at all the RAKYAT can do??
    Signing of Petition, for what? After signing pass it to PM, ended up in rubbish bin..

    Sigh, I might as well as migrate to SOMALIA!

  39. sam says:

    hi susan…seems like you had reservations about signing the petition…guess it confirms the allegations that your blogsite is about you and your activities, your photos, where you went and what you did, who you met and what a well-known person you are…more about you than anything else…

    Anyways, someone of us will continue the struggle to free RPK. Meanwhile, lets flood Kamunting with Hari Raya greeting cards addressed to RPK. Lets tell him to keep the hope and that we have not given up. Here is the address

    Y.B. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

    I am mailing my card today.

  40. sam says:

    We will continue the struggle to free RPK. Meanwhile, lets flood Kamunting with Hari Raya greeting cards addressed to RPK. Lets tell him to keep the hope and that we have not given up. Here is the address

    Y.B. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

    I am mailing my card today.

  41. littlebird says:

    We’ll do whatever we can to ease the pain, just tell us what you need. I mean it!

    Message from RPK, stop ranting and get your fans to start signing the petition instead of asking your million fans. It’s pathetic only 21,556 have signed up and you discourage them to sign up!

    Do it NOW ! Safe RPK

  42. Myblog says:

    Happy birthday Susan. Not much we can do now but wait for hope that is hope that PR will form the gormen soon and a we may see and feel a new dawn, a new awakening, a new life…a freer life where fundamental right are respected and, equality and justice are the mainstay of society.

    This will happen, only a matter of when? Mandela waited for decades, how long more do we have to wait?

  43. Scott Thong says:

    Birthday song for you:

    It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    You would swear too, if it happened to you

    Everyone knows where RPK has gone
    He’s thrown into Kamunting jail
    He’ll be held there for two years
    No trial, no charges, no bail

    It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    You would swear too, if it happened to you

    One by one people are caught in their raids
    We already know BN’s style
    Til Petra’s blogging and free
    I’ve got no reason to smile

    It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    You would swear too, if it happened to you

    Na-na na-na-na, na-na na-na-na

    Syed Azi, Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa Kok
    They’ve been released at long last
    Now Namewee’s facing the charge
    But Ahmad gets a free pass (WTF?!)

    It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    You would swear too, if it happened to you


    It’s my birthday and I’ll swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    Swear if I want to
    You would swear too, if it happened to you

  44. Klaw says:

    Happy Birthday.
    Too bad it has to be overshadowed by a cowardly act.

  45. Sadstate says:

    I feel very sad.This country is in a very sad state.There is no more justice as those who are in control are misusing all the powers that has been entrusted to them.Whatever bit of loyalty and trust that was left in me for this present government are all gone.
    How can certain people go around in their daily lives and not bat their eyelids knowing that what they are doing to others is wrong.There is no more honesty in this present setup…..All I can do is to pray harder for those who have been incarcerated unjustly and that God is listening and that he is planning something good to come for this country in which I was born in…..RPK, keep keep your spirit up.Remember,you are indeed a super hero to many Malaysian at large.

  46. Guava says:

    FCUK Jambu

  47. chris chong says:

    may all your wishes come true.

    happy everyday, susan.

  48. Harrsion says:

    I was inspired by susan Loone for her unflinching courage to fight against injustices and to help the weak and the marginalized.

    I hope Susan’s 2 paragraphs will be supported by many of us:-
    “The one thing that brings me comfort is that RPK is such a strong and daring soul, an inspiration. And his wife Marina Lee Abdullah and children are like great rocks in a turbulent ocean.

    We’ll do whatever we can to ease the pain, just tell us what you need. I mean it!” (clearly a message to marina, RPK’s wife)

  49. equaliser says:

    Susan, I think you need a spell checker for your postings. The right spelling for Baldy, Bodowi and Najis is F*U*C*K and NOT FCUK.

  50. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday susan…………..sad of rpk……….fcuk jambu………….uselese moron………………………….god save this part of the world with land dwelling satans and devils and demons and beasts and monsters and so on……….please.

  51. bamboo river says:

    They are sending RPK to Kamunting for two years.

    Whatever it is, may lightning strike those morons!

  52. Tean says:


    I just came back from Jalan Duta court. I dont want to write about the trial of RPK under ISA. All I just want to say is Go to hell Hamid Botak and BN government.

    Susan, while other people busy shopping for Hari Raya, Marina Lee and her children are now in tears. The tears flow freely after the court adjourn and the judge made her final remarks. Hugging her two daughters, Marina lee could hardly hold back tears. Her young daughter was seen crying while her mother and sister trying to comfort her. The three was seen hugging each other tightly. All in tears.

    I pity the younger daughter as it is not fair for her at this young age to understand why her father has to be in Kamunting while other parents are busy shopping for Hari Raya.

    After the lengthy deliberations by her father’s lawyer and the judge I guess all she want was for her father to be back at home during Hari Raya. As we all know the judge denied her of that simple basic right.

    I dont know their names but my wish to all Malaysian is that please support Marina and her daughters while their father doing his noble duty to his country, his people and his religion.

  53. tshock says:

    Don’t worry all, for the wheels of Retribution is slowly but surely grinding to become a whirlpool. Those who are directly involve with the act of “silencing” RPK will and definitely feel its wrath and God will intervene when the time comes.

  54. Agogo says:

    FCUK you Jambu … SOB !

  55. Markky says:

    When Pakatan takes over the govt, Botak (Syed Hamid)should be put under ISA for protection bcoz so many people will be baying for his blood. Then he should be ordered to sleep on cement and be given food fits for dogs. After that, he can give us a press conference and as usual, lying and telling us how good life is in detention…

    Of course, this is only a figment of my imagination bcoz after Pakatan takes over, ISA and Botak will be finished – sent to the dustbin of history, forgotten and buried.

  56. jiranpp says:

    Happy Birthday Susan & many happy returns
    Let`s pray 4 RPK`s release,come on DSAI do it now it`s now or never,a noble family had been denied the right to be together 4 Hari Raya b`cos of a few coward on earth can we let it happen just like that.let`s fight till the last drop 4 RPK`s release.MAY GOD BLESS ALL TRUE M`SIANS.

  57. Steven L. says:

    I do want to ask the government “Go to Hell” at such incident shame us as Malaysian. FU

    Me too, one who care of Malaysia politic standing in the court room lending support to RPK. How ever, got shock when hear the bad news. My questions, why we have that well renovated court room in the federal court when juristically did not really exist here while they have abused their power.

  58. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Those nuts in BN just don’t get it…. sigh!
    Happy Birthday Susan nevertheless.
    We shall overcome…..

  59. cinta Malaysia says:

    what a shame really! The entire BN Government is so fearful of a single soul like RPK.

  60. Johnny Cheah says:

    Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Susan. I am surprised to know that you are from Penang also. That Syed Hamid Albar is at it again. Detaining RPK during the holy month of Ramadhan and causing so much grief to his wife and children. This Syed Hamid Albar guy should get a taste of his own medicine hopefully one fine day.

  61. kalambong says:

    I have mixed feeling.

    On one hand, I am anti-ISA, and I do not want ANYBODY to be arrested and incarcerated, with or without reason, under ISA !

    But on the other hand, secretly I feel like that botak, and that Najis, ought to taste their OWN medicine, and got locked up under ISA, with the keys thrown away.

    I dunno. I’m just frustrated, I guess.

    Happy Beoufday, dear Susan !!

    Next time you’re back at Holy Spirit I’ll give you my belated bear hug. 🙂

  62. kalambong says:

    To the suggestion of the formation of “Zimbalaysia”, methinks we better have a “Malayabwee” foist !

  63. Katamari says:

    The cruel Chinese emperor Chu Yuen Chang was
    reincarnated as a water buffalo in Thailand for 200

    Hamid botak will meet the same fate plus another
    30 years as an ” Ah Kua “.

  64. Mooi says:

    little bird says,

    “susan, message from RPK, stop ranting and get your fans to start signing the petition……and you discourage them to sign up….?”

    little bird, is this really a message from RPK? I would love to hear more from him to hear his personal view about this petition……contrary to susan’s claims that RPK would reject that petition because it supports ISA…..seemingly and assumingly!

    Anyway, Susan, I am very surprised with you. On one hand ,you fcuk the gomen and cried over RPK’s detention, on the other hand, you say u r not signing the petition “due to some technical error that can be resolved without much problem…..”
    R U having high fever or just wolf ‘s cry? A sensible person must be flexible esp when it comes to a matter of live or die.

    And hi tokkok witsO, i have a handle now, it’s my real name.but it still makes me kokless! Haha.

  65. coffee n tv says:

    AT LAST….

    Thank God for the eye opening for the gov to arrest RPK!!!!

  66. RPK rocks says:

    lol , well you have to get used to it really. Its already hopeless after they explained why they detained the Sin Chew daily’s reporter. The excuse was so stupid and make no sense at all and already shows how stupid the government is. The government think that we’re stupid enough to believe that. However is okay since most of the UMNO members are low educated , including our current PM (LMAO). We cant do anything since we’re living under timid minded ppl but that’s okay. They can keep farking detained all they want but in the future they are no different from zaman Jalid. Bunch of useless @rse LMAO

  67. Safety Wings says:

    Happy birthday, many hapy returns, Susan!
    Abt Raja Ptetra’s detention under ISA, I’m not happy either, so sad to hear that, I did’t expected him to be freed this morning.

  68. littlebird says:

    Stop wasting time and start sigining up. Since my plea at 1.23pm (21,556 petitions), now it’s only 22,083. This is pathetic Malaysians!

    Please get more signatures and sign up here to RPK out of KAMUNTING

  69. Safety Wings says:

    Happy birthday, many happy returns, Susan!
    I expected Raja Petra to be freed this morning but everything turn the other way round, so sad to hear that. But never give up. keep praying for him and his family.

  70. Truth Seeker says:


    Time for HARTAL

  71. Markko says:

    Dear Richard Loh,

    Right on, Richard. You had spoken right on what is in my heart and many others who hold the same view.

    Susan, please give it a serious thought. Frankly, many will think that it would not be easy or possible to get RPK & others to be released just by signing that petition. But then, does it mean that we do nothing?

  72. machitam says:

    where do you refer to when the home minister and the police abse his power?
    ISA was use against political opponent. this is daylight robbery. tyranny of the worst kind. inhumane etc etc…

    blatant disregard of what ever community set for.. any malaysian who can accept this had lost the “human” in them. i can opine that they are worst then animal. because animal also fight like a gentlemen.

  73. Kaninah-boh says:

    The BN govt is really in the bottom of the pit from where all the detestable creatures every lived crawled up. We spit on you! we curse you! we hold our middle finger at you! fcuk you UMNO and all the cancerous creatures that that make up this regime.
    Our fate now depends on DSAI, otherwise we have to wait another 4 years to get rid of this slimy snaky regime of hell!!!

  74. Nudibranch says:

    RPK a threat to peace and security ?????? What the &$#@ !!!! This government has totally railroad the justice system. We have a buch of gangster running the country. Sad day for Malaysia !!!!!! I pray to God that the guilties be punished for their sins against the Rakyat and may there burn in hell for all eternity.

    Happy Birthday Susan !

  75. Solo Miss says:

    Glad tidings and a very joyous birthday dear susan.

    We should not worry about RPK….as he knows what he is doing. The PIG Musang, DPIG mail omar, baldy alba,najis & flip flop are COWARDs doing what any coward will do “hide behind the ass of the law”…..or ass of big mama.

    No way in October can Najis, bigmama, PIG Musang,AG Pak Taik can prove the charge of sedition against RPK, so what better “loophole” to use than ISA.

    This is the deal with najis & flip flop… “scratch my back, i screw your ass”……RPK ha sinformers who will testify that bigmama, 2LtKols were at the scene and shot& C4ed dear Altantuya.

    Machiavelli principle applied….”the end justifies whatever the means” for both najis & flip flop…….so RPK will be out and away for until DSAI takes over to release all ISA detainees & throw ISA into the rubbish bin.


  76. Banker says:

    Nothing I want to add except to tell Syed Hamid this — Fuck you and you will rot in hell.

    You have shown you are childish and a man of low morals by avoiding RPK’s suit against you.

    The day will come and when that day come, I think you are going to be a social outcast!!!

  77. zztop says:

    Happy Birthday Susan and Many happy Returns.
    Keep up your good work. We r all behind you all the way.

    This areshole Jambu bum is a downright hypocrite.
    Hei, bum just be direct when you want to comment on people.
    Fuck you la.
    Please go back and sell Jambuy you bum. Dont talk write shit in this blog.

  78. machitam says:

    want to know their(PIG, botak, AG, najis and bdohwi) hidden agenda? ….

    that evidences against najis, bodohwi, sil, musang and petai, after allwill not be able to be revealed to court…at least for 2 damn years.

    by that time, the usual dumb and dumber malaysian will “mudah lupa” and will hail najis and BN for another 50 more years…..

    poor malaysian………pity malaysian…..

  79. propkr says:

    God bless you and give u the desires of yr heart, Susan.

    What happened to our beloved RPK is DESPICABLE!!!!!!!!SHAMELESS SCUMBAGS!!!

  80. freewave says:

    Susan was right. signing the petition also means you agree the country need the draconian law but only need fine tuning.

    I also think that petition won’t get him out but if submitted to the Prime Minister, it will be the black and white malaysians want a law to ensure national security, only it should be used “properly”. There are grey areas all over they can abuse it again and again.

    When your principle is to abolish the ISA, we don’t want to loose principle in exchange for a “better ISA”.

    Happy Birthday!

  81. Li Huat Chai says:

    hi, Susan, I, too, wish u a happy birthday!

    Yes, fcuk the governemtn!!!

  82. Steve says:

    Happy Birthday and Many More Returns of the Day.

    Take care.

  83. littlebird says:

    I think all the PR members and Malaysians don’t deserve RPK’s sacrifice. PAS has 1million members, PKR few hundred thousands, DAP few hundred thousands.

    And the petition count as of now is ONLY 22,428! Shame on you fellas.

    Prove me wrong and start signing up Click here to safe RPK

  84. tamade says:

    Yes, Susan, fuck all these evil power brokers who disgraced the Holy month of Ramadhan.

    They must have really gone insane by using ISA against a blogger who reveals all their evil and dirty deeds.

    Bolehland, “real great” with all these goons around.

    How pathetic.

  85. martha says:

    Happy birthday Susan. May God always keep you safe. RPK does not deserve a place like kemunting. It should house those UMNO butt heads instead. Justice will prevail. On old man mahathir’s pegging of the ringgit I think it would be better if he pegs that loud mouth of his.

  86. machitam says:

    this Lallang, freewave whatever….is liken to one confuse guy who lost his way in the middle of sahara……

    make a stand will ya…..

  87. machitam says:

    Happy birthday to you Susan…

  88. PAS says:

    Now friends it is time for all of us to support the GMI Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA. Join us. We PAS have been suffering from this unjustise ISA for a long time longer than all of you ever experience.

    Join GMI. No need to create another new unnecessary groups to get rid of ISA.

  89. Another says:

    RPK’s Address at Kamunting

    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting, Taiping.
    Perak MALAYSIA

    Send a card to RPK as a sign of support, to let him know that we are thinking of him…

  90. Another says:

    RPK’s Address at Kamunting

    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting, Taiping.
    Perak MALAYSIA

    Send a card to RPK as a sign of support, to let him know that we are thinking of him…

  91. Linken Lim says:

    Happy Birthday.

    Many happy returns .

  92. Drachen says:

    Any companies linked to SHA?

  93. 2nd chance says:

    Drachen (18:53:51) : Any companies linked to SHA?

    Al-Qaeda International involved in C4, shipping, construction, planes.

  94. cruzeiro says:

    Happy B’day Susan.
    Yep – I never thought I’d feel this way, but I’m feeling quite blue abbout RPK too …

    Let’s pray for him.

  95. voyuer says:

    Susan, can I watch while you fcuk the Government?

  96. najib says:

    happy birthday susan

  97. sklee says:

    Happy Birthday Susan,
    Its really sad that RPK was sent to Kamunting today for a 2 year detention.Albar’s signing of the detention on the night before his Habeas Corpus hearing is prove beyond any doubt that his detention is politcal.For the duration of his stay in Kamunting the government escape facing RPK in court.The government is surely apprehensive of what RPK will bring up in court should his sedition and defamation cases be heard!

  98. rainstorm says:

    Happy birthday Susan. God bless.

  99. Shiok Guy says:

    What the F!

    Support RPK now.. What can we do?

    Light a Free RPK Candle

    Shiok Guy

  100. xxxx says:

    happy birthday sloone.
    i think u know me better than anyone.

  101. wanadoo says:

    1st increase petrol-make raayat susah 2nd Pedatang 3rd ISA…WHY….cos BN want to force raayat march on the street and they can declare Emergency

  102. matt says:

    Happy birthday susan n have jolly good time.

  103. storm62 says:

    I wonder how does Syed Hamid’s family feel if it was him instead of RPK ?

  104. jrajster says:

    Sorry I’m not wishing you on your birthday. What birthday means when our brother comrade is being detained under ISA for 2 years. If at all a wish the wish only to see the end of BN hegemony in Malaysia.

  105. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan, happy birthday and blessings.
    Keep up the good work…

  106. anjali* says:

    Well what can I say. People with balls go to Kamunting. The fuckwits hide in Putrajaya.

  107. storm62 says:

    Can Syed Hamid prove to us that RPK is a threat to Malaysians?

    Can Syed Hamid prove to us that RPK is a threat to Islam?

    Can Syed Hamid prove to us that RPK is a social threat?

    YOU Syed Hamid is FULL OF LIES !!!!

  108. no name says:

    .HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN! i still remember how well u were connected with sabahans last time..I also remember how I “saved” u (or rather u saved me..)in tasik bera..he he. U hv been giving us indept analysis abt politics..Just be careful with d 1/2 past 6 gomen..

  109. boh tong says:

    I am definitely against a gov’t that uses the ISA on a defendless blogger. Will pray for RPK and hope DSAI would take over the gov’t asap and release our buddy.

  110. akarmalaysian says:

    yes….happy birthday to u.wats fcuk?
    i tink it is f u c k rite?…if it is then i wud go along with dat…so
    F U C K these corrupted monkies of malaysia and by the way who is this idiot jambu…..F U C K u.

  111. wah lau eh says:

    happy birthday susan.

    RPK, god will be with you as you stand for righteousness. I hope more and more malay like you exist. You remind me of our great Tunku

    love u brother….

  112. tamade says:

    RPK is sent away because he is too “dangerous” for those so called elites who are covered with shits.

    They just cannot afford to have him showing every piece of proof and evidence in the court room as well as in his website.

    They just cannot gamble their chances (things like Bala’s SD and the SickFool’s medical exam record which appeared in the net, have indeed hurt them very badly ).

    Yes, they know that many conscientious and righteous people have given strong evidences and documents to RPK and they must stop him on all cost.

    To them, RPK is a loose cannon and he will publish some vital documents “coincidentally” when they are planning something evil.

    They just don’t know what are the things RPK still has in his hand and it will be a suicidal mission for them if RPK were to appear in the courtroom.

    So, ISA~ their formidable weapon is being used to put RPK away for two years so that all these “documents” and evidences will not surface.

    The evil power brokers can then sleep soundly and carry on with their evil plans.

  113. […] just been ordered detained without trial for 2 years in the Kamunting detention camp under the ISA. Susan Loone has more on […]

  114. LHHeng says:

    Happy birthday and the best to you Susan. Keep the blog alive and kicking.
    I understand your frustration at this point in time. What do you expect from all these BN bums especially the baldie, shit face, foreign speaking toad.
    However, dont worry, I guarantee the best birthdays are yet to come for you. Keep on fighting for the rakyat. God bless you!!

  115. ktteokt says:

    Long live ISA! Long live Syed Hamid! Long live BN! – all in HELL!

  116. PAS says:

    Now friends it is time for all of us to support the GMI Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA. Join us. We PAS have been suffering from this unjustifiable ISA for a long time longer than all of you ever experience. You are just starting to feel the heat with RPK detention.

    Join GMI. No need to create another new unnecessary groups to get rid of ISA. Useless. Just get into one and get stronger, rather than multiples without enough strength.

    Our PAKATAN RAKYAT is a good example a good team will succeed.

  117. michael chieng says:

    “Jambu (11:49:22) :

    Ya Jambu you wish. We know you are actually Syed Hamid’s ass talking.

  118. ACA Supporter says:

    Syabas ACA!!!! Investigate those potential hoppers!! Bet you will have enough evidence again to put Anwar in Sg Buloh for bribing MPs to cross-over!! I am 200% sure he will!! Where does he get his funds??? From CIA of course. Why were they not the ones who funded Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden?????

  119. Harrsion says:

    “Since When Has RPK Been a Security Threat?” by MarinaM -appears on malaysiakini’s Top Blog section.

    Marina M. should stop being a hypocrite if not muzzle her father’s mouth. The ISA was at it’s peak during Mahathir’s era, using it as a tool of suppression of medias, political dissent. When her father through his son, Mukhriz and other proxies are clearly in UMNO power struggle, Mahathir chided AAB for blanketing him from the press. Recently Mukhriz Mahathir, lamented that some of the UMNO members are being barred from meeting him when he affirmed of contesting the UMNO YOuTH CHIEF POST.

    Note that Mahathir was the one who enhance the ISA to incarcerate his political enemies. Very, very sour grapes. Whatever Mahathir and his filials speak, I probably believe in O.J. Simpson more.

  120. ' says:

    ACA Supporter,

    The 1st to be throw into the cell like a cage animals are you, Syed hamid, Najib, Musa Hassan.

  121. ISA a Must says:

    It’s is only fair and just that anyone who stirs the emotions of people against the government with lies and lies and lies be put away for good. I have read RPK’s comments and my conclusion is that he is a remarkable inventor of false stories called MALICIOUS LIES!

  122. ISA a Must says:

    Sorry, I mean RPK is a remarkable inventor of SEDITIOUS LIES!

  123. ISA a Must says:

    I wont be the least surprised if RPK’s blogging website is funded by the CIA. These ones have vowed to Anwar to make him PM with whatever means! I am too familiar with their modus operandi. Getting very desperate for sure!

  124. ' says:

    ISA a Must said “Sorry, I mean Najib Tun Razak is a remarkable inventor of SEDITIOUS LIES!” and he continued “I fucked saiful’s assh*le”.”

    Korek, korek, korek. hahahahaha.

  125. ISA a Must says:

    It is very necessary for Malaysia to have ISA and ACA because power hungry ones will do whatever it takes to come to power be it seditious lies or bribery. Anwar’s camp is using both.

  126. S. Rai says:

    Happy birthday Susan. Another sad day for me. RPK’s detention in Kamunting blacked my day out. My heart aches to see all the immoral acts carried out by the BN. They are so evil hearted that every step taken is evil too. No words to describe albar the monster.

  127. Joshua says:

    The government is afraid of the people – that’s why it’s using ISA against the people and wishes of the people.

  128. Sambal muncha says:

    Happy birthday Susan, I share your sentiments. Really enjoy reading your comments on our wretched political scene. But you’re our voice of hope. Keep it up, ok?

    In the words of our dear RPK. ‘keep the flame burning..’

    Thanks for being a real champ.

  129. myvoice says:

    To Susan,

    Happy Birthday sweet …?, any many happy return too. May the Good Lord bless you all ways!

    To Jambu,

    I don’t know where you are, but for sure you better be careful, the whole good Rakyat will curse you …you kepala tidak ber otak, mampui lah you!

  130. wits0 says:

    Harrison, why waste our concern with people who avoid outstanding issues like a plague and who might as well compose poetry while Rome burns? She has never commented on Ops Lalang, not ever, has she? She writes to gain fame and accolade for herself and really that whole effort is basically devoid of real moral substance as we understand it.

  131. storm62 says:



  132. Amanda says:

    oh this is terrible!!! when are we going to change government. If not, more of our heroes will be arrested very soon without reasons. Hopefully will see the blue sky once more. Pray and pray to RPK and other blogers and politiciant. hope that they will be find

  133. The Niece says:

    (Laughs) Think about it this way — Those who were detain under ISA are not to be ashamed off. They are our HEROES.

  134. Wendy says:

    Please show your support to RPK ~

    I will go, hope to see you guys there!

  135. Payback Time says:

    Happy Birthday best wishes. Don’t let those goons spoil your day..let me torture them. Just swallow a bottle of high grade viagra..the foreplay is going to take hours, imagine the real hard fcuking.>>>oooh ouch

  136. whimsicaljottings says:

    I read this news thousands of miles away from my country, and it makes me awfully, awfully sad that my country is crumbling; the way I see it. 😦

  137. Khalid says:


  138. Azizan Tahir says:

    Happy Birthday…Susan.I already signed petitioned RPK …let’s sing a song..Negara ku..ku.ku..ku…FCUK amid botak..

  139. ktemoc says:

    Susan, congrats on you plus 4 juta hits – wah, hoe liao, hoe t’ark, hoe … kar liao hoe lah 😉

  140. Azizan Tahir says:

    Selamat menyambut Hari jadi..Susan ..Kita semua amat simpati atas penahanan RPK di Kamunting. To Syed Amit let’s sing negara ku ku..ku ku..

  141. kbguy says:

    Happy Birthday !

  142. BobbyNZ says:

    RPK is a phoney maverick who couldnt even uphold his “No Holds Barred” claims on his blog when I exposed him of breaking the law not to say stirring up seditious feelings amongst the ignorance and sentimental ones!!!

  143. monsterball says:

    Happy Birthday Susan!
    And those who wish to send greeting cards to RPK….here is the full address:-
    Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamuting, Taiping,
    Perak, Malaysia.

  144. sad says:

    Rakyat couldn’t believe Gomen detained RPK under ISA. RPK, a person who posed no threat to national security, a person who caused no harm to anyone, a person who did not commit any henious crime, a person who exercise His freedom of speech albeit a bit crude but all because of dissatisfaction of what is going not right in His country, a person who always want to pursue the Truth and Justice for His country and people, a person who felt that it is His royal responsibility to bring justice to His people and country, a person who wanted to enlighten the Muslims and made His points that could lead to change for the better and in tune with this era, a person who believes in Himself, a person who worship righteousness and human rights, a person who is harmless, a person who wanted to see reform and who speaks the truth to best of His knowledge. Why RPK? Why Him? Why RPK? There are so many out there who spoke their minds and condemn the Government even wrote official letter to PM to step down were not detained? Is it not bias? Those acts by those out there who directly caused turmoil in our economy and those who caused unheaval in the govenment (is it not directly affecting national security?). What about those who abused their power to approve projects that later caused so much miseries and death to the innocent rakyat eg the collapse of the Ampang condominiums that caused thousands of lives? What about those who “rape” our country’s forest reserve and etc and caused flooding and miseries to the rakyat? How come no detention for these real “culprits” and “commercial criminals”? How about those who “amassed” and mismanaged our country’s billions recklessly?Are they not causing the country to fall and suffer poverty and high cost of living and poor conditions of roads and drainage and poor quality of infrastructures??? Those people committed more serious “crimes” than our innocent RPK?? Why detain RPK for just His freedom of speech and is it not for the ulamas to comment on what RPK touch on Muslims issues instead of the Gomen using ISA for that reason. Shouldn’t RPK be given an avenue to debate his views with the Muslim ulamas and find out His root causes of His dissatisfactions.Is it just an excuse for Gomen to abuse ISA on Him at this time.Why this time when Najib is geared to be next PM? Cannot comprehend.wHY?wHY?whY our RPK? To: RPK & family, Our rakyat’s heart and soul be with you all the time. We know you & your family sacrifice your life for the sake of the rakyat and our country for speaking out your mind and we know you wanted goodness for this country and justice for Your People regardless of race religion.Your noble cause will not be fought alone but will be fought by all righteous Rakyat.They are out of their minds to do this to you esp in this Ramadan time.Who is more religeous? Definitely you, our RPK.We rakyat share your sufferings and pains.Be strong.The tough gets going to jail the goings get tough but the tough keeps going!

  145. annoyingmouse says:

    Syed Hamid Al Bustard should be put under ISA, after 60 days of rigorous interrogation he should be tried for abuse of power and then sent to sg.buloh for 20 years.

  146. rajagobok says:

    As a malaysian who love justice, I agree that we don’t need ISA anymore. There are many other relevant law that we could use. However, before we abolish ISA we must make sure that it be use to all those people who been using it not only the corrupt politician for their political survival but also the corrupt and unprofessional policeman. All of them regardless whether they are ministers or high ranking policeman must be pick up at midnight and jail at Kemunting for 2 years without trial. We must separate them from their love one for 2 years. This is justice for them. Let them get the feel of ISA. As soon as they did their time then only we abolish ISA forever. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done.

  147. Ctizen Me says:

    All Bloggers mind your language. Young adults are reading what you write. We do not want bad language to become mainstream in Malaysia. Yes, we are angry but you must learn to put your views effectively and clearly without being abusive. The aim must be to change the way people think and this must be done by the power of examples and not examples of power.

  148. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// FCUK the government for the ISA arrest ///

    Yes. But do it from behind. The government loves sodomy…



  149. daryl says:

    Happy Birthday
    ISA was created to stop the communist but now is use to stop opposition from taking over the government in a peaceful way. Sometime you wonder who is worst one is persecuted because they use violence or the other when they try to use mature and peaceful way.
    They say DSAI is agent for US but yet they hold all these JI suspect without trial. I hate terrorist but you cannot hold them without charging for this long. In RPK’s case it is even worst because he was just trying to expose the truth.

    God Bless Malaysia and hopefully at the end the right force prevail

  150. annoyingmouse says:

    Ctizen Me (08:56:04) : All Bloggers mind your language.

    You must learn to watch yours and stop trying to be prim here. Children know more than you seem to think. And don`t go around giving crappy advice, you only get laughed in your face.

  151. annoyingmouse says:

    BUSTARD, anyone who hasn`t soiled his diapers yet refer to the dictionary for meaning.
    Damn twits.

  152. annoyingmouse says:


  153. E.T says:

    Susan happy birthday to you.

    AAB has chosen the wrong peoples to form the cabinet that is why he is falling and lost the support. Especially, Syed Hamid has showed his muscles to the bloggers that he has the power to put bloggers under ISA. It is very unfair and undemocratic. Please charge RPK in court and be transparent in your administration. Don’t be a chicken. ISA is outdated. It is meant for communists and Militants. Abolish ISA and free all the detainees.
    The outside word is waching us and laugh at us because we are using all kind of act to supress the people.


  154. Nudibranch says:

    With then detention of RPK under ISA more and more Rakyat are aware of the injustice. Almost everyone I meet have reason to detest the present government. Even the younger generation has lost respect for our leaders.

    ISA was introduced to curb communism… it’s been distorted as a tool to silence those who reveal corruptions of our leaders. Our Home Minister states that RPK insulted Islam….who is he to be the judge and jury. If RPK insulted Islam than let the Mufti or religious leaders be his judge and jury. There is no need for ISA. Using ISA itself is and insult to Islam. Our Home Minister is brain dead. Sickening really !!!! No matter….. RPK detention is like wild fire spreading to many…… more and more people now have reason to hate this government. If PR do not take over I am very sure the next election BN will loose in every state.

  155. dorky says:

    Yada Yada Yada …

    Complaining on the detention…complaining on the food in the detention…

    Tho m not fully supporting for ISA on how it is handled, but with RPK, i fully supported the arrest…too bad if lots of you guys dont agree with me …but thank you for the detention…

    Much has been said by RPK and it hurts the feeling a lot of Muslims….He has been warned not once but countless times but he chose to show his arrogance and rudeness…

    And Yes I’ve read his writings….and no i do not support any political party …

    And as for 5.80 ? My opinion, it is a purely cheap publicity….arrogance..Yes people may said good food for a person may not a good for another…but in this context, for a person who can’t live with 5.80 a meal, then something must be wrong somewhere…you are in detention for crying out loud..stop becoming a crying baby…if you are really championning suara rakyat then be ONE….be more like Sheikh…the other ISA detainee…

    To say a Malay Daily misquote your statement, then the Chinese Daily may have misquote the other person’s statement…but to me it could go both ways and in this case i would think the Malay Daily reported what they heard…and i believe i heard it clearly when the press conference was being done and shown….

    Unless the food is rotten or bad, please stop crying outloud on the food …concerntrate more on getting justice on your detention..

    And yes I have lived with 5.80 for weeks and months….its how you do it….

    Dont let be ok when you said something bad about other but when other people said something bad about people you supporting, you become upset..

  156. Menyalak-er says:

    Dorky (11:39), what are you yada-ing about?
    You arrest people, without judicial due process just because you think they are arrogant and rude?
    Can you give specific examples, “o enlightened one” to argue the case that PRK was “insulting” Islam and why you were particularly hurt?
    Why were you living @ RM5.80 or is it 4.50, for ‘weeks and months’?
    It is ok, i’m not upset, i’m angry at this tavesty of justice that’s all…
    Were you paid 5.80 for your post?

  157. maxtor says:

    Biar padan muka si RPK duduk dalam tu. Dia ni takda kerja lain dah selain dari cerita sensasi rekaan dia tu. Macam2 betul benda dia tahu, entah dari mana entah. Dia yang boleh jadi sedap macam tu sebab niat dia pun dah tak betul, nama pun pencacai Anwar.

  158. opensource says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  159. Tirub Ibab says:

    Nice decision by the gvmt! RPK serve you right!

  160. tiff says:


  161. jonathan says:

    Saying FCUK is equating this hamster-al-jabbar-the-nut so much class and distinction and a disgrace to the name of this international fashion brand.
    I believe you made a Freudian slip. It should read FUCK right?
    I’ve signed the petition by Lim TG
    See ‘So what if he’s heartless’

  162. Kaninah-boh says:

    Citizen Me-This blog,s purpose is for concerned Rakyat to give vent to their anger and frustration to the injustices done to us. There is no effective way of venting and making your point heard without the four letter word.
    If you think these are too rough for your senses, I suggest you blog at Women,s Weekly or maybe the National Geographic.

  163. storm62 says:

    hello poor Dorky,

    you must be very poor, thus living with rm5.80 for weeks/months.
    maybe i shall get TV3 bersamamu to visit you in their next episode.

    i recomend that you join the Kamunting camp so that you can enjoy living with rm5.80 a day for your meal?

  164. Gunnfan says:

    Happy Birthday Suz! Any many happy returns.

    And yes FCUK the governmental idiots.

    They will pay for this.

    We have a list 😉

  165. Ctizen Me says:

    Dear Kaninah boh

    If you name is anything to go by I give up. If you do not have adult children I hope that they do not use these words in public when they come into this country.

  166. Ctizen Me says:

    Dear annoyingmouse,

    We need to live by the power of example and not example of power. You are using oral english in written form.

  167. Mankok says:

    Face the Malaysian ISA facts.
    It’s a No No if detainee is kind of light colored.
    It’s makes a lot of noise if detainee is kind of darker.
    It’s not seen, not heard (not even bothered),if detainee is islam-more so a brown-colored islam,assumed and confirmed as “terrorist”-seen the list?read their stories?

    All this high and mighty human right c***-talk…my foot

  168. Yili says:


  169. Dianna says:

    You poor people. You rant and rave, making no sense at all. You want to use swear words and can not even spell them. For the most part you sound like a bunch of nuts. If you do not like where you live, just move. It apears that most of you are not mentally stable. Get some mental health help.

  170. […] oldie I posted at Susan Loone’s blog at the time when three persons were arrested under the ISA, including Raja Petra […]

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