If this is your first time looking at the picture and after 30 seconds, probably more, you still didn’t realize that there is a shark at the back, you probably need to train/check your adversity quotient. It is the same when doing investments (or signing an online petition), you always get attracted to those big returns.  Be careful of the hidden adversity that might occur.

*         *           *          *            *          *          *        *          *

Now let me tell you why I am not signing the online petition. Because Charles Hector is right: “Do NOT sign online petition to free RPK, Teresa Kok…unless you support ISA“.

How can you sign an online petition that perpetuates the Internal Security Act (ISA)?

It doesn’t seem like a petition that is anti-ISA, only one that asks for Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Teresa Kok plus others to be released.

It still endorses the ISA is good enough for ‘armed terrorist’ and ‘those who topple the government by force’.  Who decides who is good enough for the ISA?

Who are the drafters of this online petition? Is that line in bold necessary? Hope future online petition would take these things into consideration:

We are encouraged that various leaders of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition parties have recently spoken out against the use of the ISA. We wish to express our deep respect for the de facto Law Minister, Zaid Ibrahim, who has resigned in protest against the Government’s use of the ISA on the three individuals. We agree with his view that “there [are] ample punitive laws to act against lawbreakers without having to invoke the ISA. [The law] should only be used on armed terrorists or those out to topple the government by force”.

The problem with this is, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or any other authority can easily use any excuse or justify their reasons to detain unproven armed terrorists or those out to topple the government by force.

What we are saying is that a law (that detaines people without trial and has the potential to ‘disappear’ you) that does not respect natural justice and is a total violation of human rights SHOULD NOT be used against ANYONE!

So, go ahead, sign that petition if you wish. But I am not signing it.



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  1. Saddened Malaysian says:

    Agreed, Susan! Preventive detention without trial for whatever reason is totally abhorrent in a democratic system. The ISA actually dates back to the time of King Charles 1 in England when he tried to arrest MPs in Parliament who opposed voting more money to subsidise his royal lifestyle without proper charges or giving them the right to a trial. The eventual result? The English Civil War broke out – Parliament against the Royalists. The Royalists eventually lost, King Charles lost his head for committing treason against the state and Parliament reigned supreme with Cromwell as “Lord Protector of the Commonwealth” (read: dictator). A proto ISA was introduced by Cromwell to get rid of his political opponents during his dictatorship which also saw the emasculation of Parliament – familiar?

  2. deunan says:

    Darn.. Thanks Susan.. I am ashamed that I signed it without fully reading it. I’ve already sent an email to the petition writer requesting my name be removed.

  3. Robert Teh says:

    ISA must be abolished – it has been abused far too many times and used to perpetuate the power of an unpopular regime.

    All decent and fair-minded Malaysians must oppose and get rid of this detestable and inhumane law.

    Pray to God Almighty that He shall gives us the strength to fight our common enemy and to free all ISA detainees currently being held in our jails.

  4. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, are you really o.k.? Flu? Go re-check with your GP if fever not down by 2morrow. Heard dengue outbreak in BKK… Take care ya…
    Anyway, that bISA thing must be abolished – definitions too general and subject to rampant abuse as in Ops Lalang and in Teresa, RPK and Ms. Tan’s cases recently.
    Taking into consideration of the realities of fundamentalism and terrorism, and the need for national security – it may be replaced by a Law (not an Act), that defines precisely or in the narrowest possible sense, what such acts/intentions are, including all evidences threreof. The period of detention must not exceed a certain period, say 48hrs, before being brought up for judicial review as per the detention ‘act’ at present.
    The petition as stated by you, is inadequate and there actually is no point in supporting it as we know the goons aren’t going to bother. No more draconian extrajudicial “acts”!

  5. Rah rah says:

    OH, SHIT!!! I just signed a few minutes ago!!! Aaaarrrggghhhh….!!! Can I retract it back?

  6. future Malaysia says:

    What you say is not right.
    Yes, we want the ISA abolished but for the time being we want all released under ISA detention.
    Please if you feel it is not right to sign – keep quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself as you are not there detained under the ISA.

    RPK may die there.

    So folks please sign the petition.

  7. Mr Smith says:

    This is what I wrote in my blog but seems the response has been cool since this morning 🙂


    By signing the petition, you agree to the use of the ISA without trial on ‘armed terrorists and those out to topple the government by force,” while our stand should be for the abolition of this draconian law.

    Read the last, but two paragraph, which ends with these words:

    [The law] should only be used on armed terrorists or those out to topple the government by force,”

    Now decide, do you still want to sign the petition for the continued use of the ISA.

    I suggest this sentence be deleted before I append my signature.

  8. Harrison says:

    The last petition online I signed was the one in regards to a clean Judiciary drafted by Harris Ibrahim. To be honest, the way I see it, I hardly see any progress in online petition so far. The way I look at it, the recipient may be the wrong addressee.

  9. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    I also signed without realising this.
    I’m also going to retract my signature.
    Could be part of a dirty tricks/disinformation campaign

    (There was an earlier petition for the release for Teresa Kok
    which was OK and which I signed)

  10. Crotalus says:

    All of you should sign this petition instead:

    Following is an excerpt from the petition:
    “The petitioners hence resolves that the BN government should not use draconian powers under the ISA to cling on to power and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Teresa, Raja Petra, the Hindraf 5 and other detainees. In addition, we the petitioners demand the immediate repeal of the ISA to prevent abuses that oppresses the fundamental liberties of each and every Malaysian.”

  11. Harrison says:

    Alert : Teresa Kok was realeasrd at 1p.m. today. 🙂

  12. Phua Kai Lit says:

    I think you can retract your signature by contacting the following e-mail address:


    I just sent off an e-mail to do this.


  13. Harrison says:

    Sorry : “released’. Too happy to hear that. Hope RPK is joining her a.s.a.p. for God’s sake.

  14. ctchoolaw says:

    Susan, you are dead wrong. Charles Hector is dead wrong. The petition specifically calls for the release of ISA detainees. The title is so clear. And, they were quoting Zaid Ibrahim verbatim.

    For God’s sake, don’t let silly idealism and semantics cloud this exercise. You are a prominent blogger. You have to be less flippant about this. As I write this RPK is being held under ISA. Kit Siang’s blog says that Teresa is being released this afternoon.

    So? Now what? You tell people not to sign. Are you going to get another petition going? In the mean time what would you tell the ISA detainees…”Sorry-lah! Wording not right-lah!”

    What is wrong with you people? I’m a frigging lawyer and even I am not that finicky about semantics. Charles Hector is well-meaning. But he can be a real anal a–hole at times like this. Rome is burning and you guys are fiddling with words.

  15. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Dear Susan

    May I take the liberty of making one more comment:

    If Prof Lim Teck Ghee actually wrote this petition, he probably mistakenly overlooked this troubling sentence.

    harrison: Thank you for the wonderful news about Teresa’s release!

  16. PeoplePower says:

    Teresa Kok and RPK had been released at 1pm today!

  17. Richard Loh says:

    If you do not want to sign, don’t sign, nobody is forcing you to sign and do not shout out loud and encourage other not to sign.

    This petition is the way to show our support to all the detainees that they are not forgotten. We know that the bn shit morons is not going to repeal this ISA as long as they are in power. There are many parties working their ass out to call for the repeal of the ISA and other silly acts and laws, so this petition is running parallel for immediate action and showing of support.


  18. propkr says:

    CtChoolaw, u r absolutely right, title speaks for itself!

    Thank you LOrd for the release of Teresa.

    We continue to ask for yr mercy upon RPK, Hindraf 5 and persons u know who r wrongfully detained. You have come to proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound, (Isaiah 61:1) amen.

  19. danet7882 says:

    lol, i’ve signed it.. shit!

  20. temenggong says:

    Yes, the petition was not drafted properly.

    But Susan, what purpose does it serve in you not signing the petition, and discouraging others in the process?

    Why don’t you launch a petition then? We shall all sign it.

    Meanwhile I shall support all attempts to free ISA detainees.

  21. bangmalaysia says:

    Teresa has been freed. Thank God, Thank God…


  22. jsss says:

    Good news Theresa realised from ISA. Hope RPK too released soon.

  23. PAS says:

    Friends, you don’t have to do anymore new initiatives regarding this ISA thing.

    Why don’t you all just join the GMI Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA? Strengthen that and it’ll be enough to topple down the BE END.

  24. a,John says:


    I signed the petition cos’ i want all those detained under ISA to be released. That susan is my first priorty ! As for the law itself it should be abolished. First things first ya!

  25. ZZtop says:

    Please read one blogger great comment:=
    “its exactly responses like this that BN will falter… he(the Baldie) is saying that the relevant Ministry has no power over what is decided by police in connection with ISA…. Of course in the first place, there is no justification whatsoever to use ISA on citizens. Even if Teresa did say/do those things (of course she didnt), does that tantamount to terrorism or killing of Malays. Cant believe i am writing this.

    No educated person in Malaysia will accept that statement you fool… we are the public and we are telling you NOW that we have no confidence in the police and what more.. you are saying that they are the main powers in ISA. I DARE you to go out and get a vote from the Rakyat who sanction the use of the ISA and see how many agrees to it.

    Your statement will only go well with the uneducated. So next time only publish this kinda statements in kampung newspapers please. Also stop lying to the rakyat. This is the same public statement as sending your MPs to Taiwan to study agriculture. At least DSAI does not insult the Rakyat intelligence and was straightforward to announce he will send his team to Taiwan for crossover.

    Study this post and others and dont treat the rakyat for a fool. Your statement disgraces and disqualifies you as a leader for any position in the Government. ”

    As I have said, this guy is not fit to be a clerk not to say a minister.
    See, what type of “quality” people we have in BN.
    Downright despicable fromn the rakyat point of view.

  26. Theresa says:

    Words do not matter now.the most important thing is to get them out and I have been feeling so helpless especially about RPK and I will support anything that involves the release of RPK ,Teresa Kok(thank God at thispoint in time,she has been released) and others in detention unfairly

  27. Ahila says:

    Somehow..I am yet to sign the petition. But I’m wearing a bagde which says ‘Mansuhkan ISA’.That’s my way,guys.
    Anyway, the ISA is becoing too ‘ bISA’ these days…dont know who will be stung next! Right now…I’ll rejoice Teressa Kok’s release. I hope RPK will be out soon AND so will the Hindraf 5 and others. Ms.Teressa, I am not related to you,am I?
    My skin colour is different from yours but I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. That’s us..true Malaysians !!!
    New Gov’t ………….anyone,,hello……..why ,the silence ? Waiting…………

  28. SameSame says:

    I didnt sign the petition NOT bcos i didnt want RPK or the rest to be released but due to internet security. Sometimes these things trigger some smarty virus and you are giving your ic no…so one must be careful.

    Anyways, Theresa is released…God does listen to our prayer! Awaiting for RPK and the rest. Praying there will be no more use of ISA from the BNites. Have to hold and see as we know our so wonderful flip-flopper.

    Take care susan…cheers all.

  29. Mr Smith says:

    Friend, I know many lawyers and some of them can be real dumb. Read the petition again.
    It simply says that the “We agree…………”
    meaning we agree with Zaid’s view that ISA be used to detain terrorists …blah,, blah.. blah.

    NOTE:[The law] should only be used on armed terrorists or those out to topple the government by force”.

    All I am saying is just delete that sentence . As long as it is the statues, it will be abused. Detention without trial has NO PLACE in a civilized country.
    No ifs, no buts.

  30. monsterball says:

    Teresa Kok is released!!

  31. wandererAUS says:

    Agreed. In a civilized country, we cannot allow detention without trial on her citizens. It is barbaric! Only an evil govt will welcome the retention of ISA to silence critics of the govt…even non-violent ones. UMNO has abused this law to stay in power, we shall not allow them the luxury to use this act any further, to satisfy their evil deeds.

  32. merlin says:

    The Isa will remain whether we sign or not. Do not think that UMNO will
    simply allow their biggest weapon to slip away just like that.
    I signed as I cannot see RPK , Theresa, and the rest sit in an 8×8 or 8×6 cell eating pig swirl. Additionally, the torture they are undergoing is inhuman. RPK for one may not survive it. Do you want him to just pass on. By signing I am in no way supporting ISA. Wars are won taking one step at a time. So please don’t take the holier than thou attitude. My conscience is very clear hear.

  33. poppycock says:

    To be honest,I don’t know even if we get one million petitions or more,those detain under isa will be released knowing well how arrogant this higher authorities are. They will just thank you for the petition list and say will look into it but chuck it aside. They are really really cruel. Forgive me for being negetive but meanwhile we must do something and hopefuly things will change. ISA must be abolished and no more arrest without trial.

  34. Anonymous says:

    wats wrong wif u ppl argueing on dis ‘might b’ technical mistake??

    arent strenght is wat v need most now, focus on the constructive way out NOT bitching abt puny thing alrite?

    jam the fcuking gheelim@yahoo.com with a request for amendment, retract ur name if the writer reject 2 do so within an hour, get another petition up 4 signatures

    av1 have his own i-think-do-dis-no-good-do-tat-better solution, but pls stop such bitchy behaviour 4 now n start kicking ur ass if u sincerely want the release/abolish/wateva


  35. Shower says:

    “””I am not signing that supposedly anti-ISA online petition”””
    Who care.??….n… .don’t blame the earth is hard when you are not able to release your byproduct.

  36. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    RPK released? ??????

    Sure or NOT?

  37. fergie says:

    OMG .. I’ve already signed and emailed to friends! Did not read it carefully .. just saw the heading.

  38. Anonymous says:

    wats wrong wif u ppl arguing on dis probably technical mistake ??

    arent strenght wat v need most now??

    stop dis bitchy behaviour 4 a second n start doing sumthing constructive will u.

    juz go jam tat fcuking gheelim@yahoo.com wif an amendment request, retract ur name if the writer reject/no reply within an hour, sum1 juz put a correct 1 up lar


  39. xuheida says:

    ops…i’ve signed the petition yesterday :-\ …how to cancel..??

  40. Eric says:

    Seems we are fighting for independence from umno…

    i wonder where is David Chan…will he still think govt is good or
    nothing is right or wrong

  41. ctchoolaw says:

    mr smith

    why don’t you prepare another petition instead? I’ll sign it. I’ll sign any petition that calls for the release of RPK and ISA detainees. it is impt to put the human beings first. that is the core principle…unless the sentiment is that all these petitions are not necessary. many of us are under the impression that time is of the essence. so, when can we have the new petition?

    ctchoo (dumb lawyer)

  42. horny says:

    Is that you,in the middle…you have real big ass tits girl…

  43. Bola Hangus says:

    i dunno which one to be scared of, the shark or that monster in the middle …

  44. Ms Lim says:

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    You make my day Susan but I will have to send you the medical bill(s). 🙂

  45. horny says:

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  46. lilian says:

    Though I’m for abolishment of ISA, it doesn’t stop me from signing this petition cos’ the ESSENTIAL is to gt RPK out (and the others). For Heaven sake, while some of you are bickering over this ‘controversial’ part of the petition, RPK’s health is deteriorating. The thought of him having to spend another night on a cold wooden floor and facing hours of mental torture, breaks my heart. Drafting another petition will get people confused ….TIME is running out. If you don’t or not willing to do something for RPK, that is your prerogative but DON’T discourage the others to do it.

  47. Bert says:

    Lets take one step at a time. It’s a lot more difficult to get the ISA repealed than to get the detainees released. Meanwhile the detainees rot in jail. Shouldn’t we get the detainees freed first and then focus on getting the ISA repealed? Look, both Tan and Theresa have been released while the ISA is still intact. Do we want to wait until RPK perishes in jail while waiting for them to repeal the ISA? Knowing the people in the govt at the moment, you will have a “snowball’s chance in hell” getting the ISA repealed until PR takes over.
    Lets not split hairs over such an issue. Let’s focus on getting the detainees out first as it is much easier and quicker than having to amend the law.

  48. Another dummy says:

    In this issue, I rather play dumb to get RPK out than to play safe!

  49. Another dummy says:

    ……..or rather to play smart!

  50. logan says:

    I agree with ctchoo. So if you disagree with the death penalty, you don’t fight to get someone off it? Because fighting it on how it’s applied in one specific situation means that you agree with it in principle?

    I doubt signing this petition played any big part in the release of the detainees. It only will play any role if it gets amazingly huge – then it can be used by other NGOs or legal groups or people in politics as fuel. What it does do now I think is it’s a form of catharsis, helps people feel they are doing something to protest – protest against a cruel stupid ineffective law, that being used in this particular situation in such a amazingly stupid way.

    How does all the people taking their name off this petition help destroy the ISA? And would a longer list of people supporting this petition help sustain the ISA, or help free people now being held by the ISA?? And wouldn’t that raise awareness against the ISA??

  51. sadboy says:

    anwar,when you become PM?…..

  52. Let us praise God for prayers answered
    Let us thank God for those released as appealed
    Let us raise our voices for ISA to be abolished
    Let us bank on men’s sanity for ISA to be repealed

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 190908
    Fri. 19th Sept. 2008.

  53. travic says:

    Yes, the ISA must be repealed. For now, just release all under ISA first. Petition writers, perhaps you could review the petition and put an updated one where you will get an even greater response, by the looks of it!

  54. Kok Keong says:

    You and Charles missed the point. People ARE suffering right this minute, and have been so for years, because of the incarceration. The immediate attention here is their lives. What you and Charles are saying here shows you are behaving like the pejorative arm-chair critic. By asking the authorities to release the ISA detainees now who ARE suffering, it does not mean in any way we support and want to keep ISA whether implied or not. It means we deal with what is most pressing first. And the picture you use here fails to get your point across. People will be drawn to what’s in front but that never precludes them from seeing what’s in the back. Yes, they may not realize the shark in the back right away. This is where the analogy fails. Concerned Malaysians have known about the ISA for far too long now. People want to help others who are in trouble or suffering right away but they by no means want to stop only at that. Be REAL.

  55. monsterboobs says:

    Ms Lim (17:38:38) :

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    If she ever were to swing her boobs at monsterball , he ‘ll probably get a technical knock out ( t k o ) .

  56. nhfsryj says:

    Never fear, the shark at the back is swimming away, scared off by the 6 huge bags of silicone hanging down from the 3 gals

  57. temenggong says:

    Susan, you made a bad judgement call. Admit it and move on!

    The picture is not helping.

  58. […] although it called for the release of Raja Petra Kamarudin and Teresa Kok and others.  Thanks to Susan Loone who pointed out: It doesn’t seem like a petition that is anti-ISA, only one that asks for Raja […]

  59. robin hood says:

    Whoo Hoo……………… those BN cyber rats are gonna have a field day on this.

    BTW, who would have noticed the shark in the background with the repulsive sight of the three sows. Is it Z the lezbie, Losmah and the AP hag ?

  60. bamboo river says:

    Thank you Susan for highlighting the ‘possible mistake’
    I did not sign the petition.

    If ISA is ABOLISHED, we don’t have to sign petition for their RELEASE.

    Nice photo. I thought I saw a ship at the upper left corner.

  61. Mankok says:

    Dear Susan,
    DONT ACT like a spoilt child. You are confusing the subject. Surely you can appreciate that ISA is one thing, a protest to release is another. it’s just that you want to ‘show-off’ you linguistic skill and more.
    Advice to you -Desist from this character to earn people’s respect.

  62. markko says:

    Dear susan, u may be right about that wrong phrase of words, but asking others not to sign is a bit too much lah……think about those who are still suffering under ISA! Do the first right thing, then correct that small mistake later! no harm right?

  63. carboncopy says:

    Then you will be happy to sign Petition organised by DAP :

    [quote]The petitioners hence resolves that the BN government should not use draconian powers under the ISA to cling on to power and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Teresa, Raja Petra, the Hindraf 5 and other detainees. In addition, we the petitioners demand the immediate repeal of the ISA to prevent abuses that oppresses the fundamental liberties of each and every Malaysian.[/quote]

  64. lilian says:

    For those who still hesistate or refuse to sign that controversial petition, please read what Haris Ibrahim got to say :


    In other words, our priority is to get RPK (and the others) OUT first! So, please reconsider and get that petition going and moving …….

  65. Mankok says:

    although no one likes to admit so, but beneath all this, a tinge of familiar ugly smell seeps out. After “2” ISA successfully released,mission accomplished; it’s suddenly ok again to yell.
    Priority and Honesty are surely beckoning among all of “us”. Think deep and go figure why-many already see what’s underneath all those “high and mighty moral talk”.

  66. Jincumlambatly says:

    Dear susan, u may be right about that wrong phrase of words, but asking others not to sign is a bit too much lah…-Makko
    Susan’s footnote :

    “So, go ahead, sign that petition if you wish. But I am not signing it.


    Please put on your glasses. 😉

  67. wits0 says:

    Some people dunno how to read properly and then tok kok as a kneejerk. 😀

  68. markko says:

    Correction: dear susan, you may be right about that wrong phrase of words, but “instigating” others not to sign is a bit too much lah…………..how about that?…..er, i am no English expert, can some one think of a better word?

    We are talking about people suffering under ISA and some “kneejerks” are playing with words and trying to show off their linguistic skills……..as some one else has put it.

    Shame on you! If your own family members are charged under the ISA, i bet you guys would beg on your knees to sign the petition.

  69. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi markko, i think another word that would be approximate would be “insinuate”. Instigate is a bit ‘strong’, as you have suggested.
    Well i can’t speak for others, but i think there is a worry when we don’t know who are the draftees actually are. Where is this petition going to end up?
    The other petition for judicial reform by Haris Ibrahim et al to the YDP Agong, i had no problem signing for the reasons given above.
    In signing petitions we require discernment, especially when the authorities are ‘recalcitrant’ and refuse to listen. Their attitude is that of absolute feudalism – they being our “overlords”.
    Whatever it is, most of us hate the bISA, and we pray for the immediate release of all the detainees. And we want it to be repealed/abolished asap!

  70. Markko says:

    Thanks Menyalak-er. The word insinuate sounds fine to me. The point is ; every right thinking citizen of Malaysia would like to see the ISA abolished lest one day it happens on ourselves, our family members or any other innocent beings.

    The message is let’s give support to these suffering people first then talk about amending the petition to perfection. Rewrite the petition now will only delay the release of RPK and others, delayed even by a day is enough suffering for these poor people!

    Don’t u guys watch movies? The hero’s girlfriend is held ransom by some mafia gangs and is raped, beaten & tortured.The hero has to beg on his knees to get his girlfriend released, even if he is asked to eat dog shit now.Principle? what principle? got his girlfriend out then the hero fought to his death to kill all the bad mafia. (the usual plot of a hero movie)

    Get the ISA detainees out first and then tok kok! Get it witsO?

  71. kwtan says:

    Some kneejerk witsO can read properly but dun comprehend the real issue behind the message. please jerk off and dun tok kok to stir up trouble water here. The issue here is how to get those detained under ISA to be released FAST! so please sign the petition and amend that technical mistake later or concurrently!

  72. Mankok says:

    While on this ISA subject,I mean to provoke some deeper thinking-hopefully).

    It sort of began when those Hindraf guys got it, there was a build-up of protest.*URGENCY was NOT there.
    Then when Kok,Tan and RPK got took in too..ANY petition was a BIG yes.**URGENCY was IN.

    After that, when Kok and Tan gets out,petition comes under debates, bickering begins-some tries to sound like lawyers,some say it’s not enough.***URGENCY went OUT.

    Now go figure.

  73. pathfnder says:

    Agreed, however consider this.

    Given the current situation, the number one priority should be the release of all ISA detainees. Once that is achieved, we can move forward by signing another petition requesting ISA to be abolished.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” – Lao-Tzu

    This is where we stand today, and this is where we should start our journey, first the release of ISA detainees, and then the removal of ISA itself.

    Last but not least, what other measures have you taken to fight for RPK’s release, if signing the petition is not something that you are going to do.

    Think about it…

  74. Menyalak-er says:

    Mankok (10:32), i totally agree with you. The problem with this ‘urgency’ thing is not that many of us can’t be bothered… aking a good look at the present gomen goons, does anyone think they are going to act on this issue?
    The petition ain’t gonna hack it – what we need to do is to help change the gomen – immediately in a constituitional manner. Agreed?
    Even the YDP Agong has no jurisdiction over this draconian evil law!
    Believe me the poor citizens under bISA are not treated any worse than the other ‘criminal’ prisoners, but they are our ‘conscience’ – which mean every means practically possible… but all of know what will happen if botak HM SHA, and topdogs in bumno will do don’t we? They will chuck that petition out as sampah! Just pray we change Gomen asap.

  75. why says:

    sloone ,
    i am not signing anything or give moral support to anyone.
    look like since the virus came i only can blog to your blogs.

    hard to explain,nobody believe me.Thats why i still coming back to you without name and mail require.

    can you solve for me please.
    take care sloone.

  76. tommycol says:

    dear susan ,
    i don’t find it wrong to sign the petition . ISA is being abused . it’s not wrong if it’s really used on armed terrorists( personal opinion) but to abuse it is definitely not right here .
    i’ve signed anyway and i think all who blogs are smart enough to think for himself and do what he thinks is RIGHT .

  77. terri says:

    u’ve got a point. but i agree with those who signed, first things first, don’t get into the words between the lines, armed forces n whatever. you have to believe the sincerity of those who drafted it and those who signed it who are protesting against the recent arrests. nothing wrong with that.

  78. markko says:

    once upon a time, there lived a self-proclaimed emperor in bolehland (The ISA law),There were many people (the bloggers, reporters, opposition MP, hindraf5 etc) who have fought hard against his regime. One day, he caught hold of all these people who had rebelled against him and detained them for an indefinite period of time.

    All these detainees’ families, friends, acquitances have vowed to topple this emperor( abolish ISA) so they have drafted a letter (petition) demanding the emperor to release all the detainees immediately.

    The emperor said to them:” alright, i agree i will not use my magic wand (ISA) on human beings (innocent people) but i can still use my magic wand on tigers (armed terrorist) and the lions( those who are out to topple the government) when these animals attack me. So put that in your letter(petition), sign it, and i will release all the detainees.”

    The people cried and shouted,: “but no sir, how can we trust you that you will use the magic wand wisely? Besides, our principle is to destroy (abolish) the magic wand once and for all. so how can we sign the letter? we will rather see our people suffer but we will not sign that letter! A principle is a principle. fullstop.” (and so their people continued to suffer under the magic wand!)

    “Stupid people!!!!” suddenly they heard a voice from the sky, the devine had spoken, ” WTF, dun tok kok, just sign the letter and worry no more. i will send the monkey god (pakatan rakyat) down next week to help you conquer the devilish emperor’s warlord (BN). The magic wand will then be taken back to the celestial court and keep there forever.(abolish ISA)”.

    So people, if you haven’t sign the petition, please sign it now. RPK needs your support, hindraf5 and many others need your support.

    (Apology for the not-so-good standard of English used. i can write better in mandarin if you guys can read.)

  79. stupidmalaysian says:

    A man’s life is at stake and many others are suffering . They can’t even see the sky and a breath of fresh air. And here we have, are people arguing about tenicality and whether they should or should not sign becos of that “not- urgent-at-the-moment” line of sentense……..!! They can only see that small black dot on a piece of white paper and ignore the rest of it !

    Damn stupid malaysian!

  80. stupidmalaysian says:

    sorry, it’s “technicality.”…………

  81. bravemalaysian says:

    Hi guys, Zorro unmasked blogged this on 22.9.08………

    online petition to free RPK & others under ISA>>>>yesterday noon the figure was 10521…….in one day it has risen to 20,000. Keep them coming, RPK needs your support.<<<<

    Bravo to all those who have signed, those who have not, what are you waiting for????????

    Stupidmalaysian, u owe us an apology……………..

  82. jeff says:

    The best post ever posted by Susan.. it ‘s such an enlightening photo!!!!

  83. stupidmalaysian says:

    Dear bravemalaysian,

    Yes, I salute those who have already signed the petition.

    yes, i am ready to offer a public apology if the figure will rise to 30,000 by tomorrow.

    yes, yes,yes……………….

  84. anonymous says:

    Jincumlambatly says,

    susan’s footnote: “so go ahead, sign that petition if you wish. But i am not signing it.


    dear Susan, please dun forget that you are a prominent blogger now whose words carry great weight and can influence many others’ opinion. Just read the comments and you will know. DSAI never force anybody to support REFORMASI, but millions of malaysian are buying the idea…………

    The worst part is, Susan can just tok kok, but Jincumlambatly and funny witsO just ate the kok and swallowed it without 2nd thought.!!

  85. susanloone says:

    Little bird;
    I dont think RPK would have wanted an online petition that merely want to free prisoners but supports the ISA.

  86. wits0 says:

    Now, now, anonymous (09:26:43), won’t you at least get yourself a handle so that you may be addressed properly instead of hiding koklessly in a crowd of other anonymous commentators? Haha!

  87. anonymous says:

    wtsO says,

    …….instead of hiding koklessly in a crowd……….

    You are damn right, tokkok witsO, I am kokless!! Because i am a woman!! haha…..

    what is the difference between a witsO and anynomous? you can call me nancy or angel…….which one u lik?

    Dear Susan, you are not RPK, dun assume you know him so well that you can speak for him…….without even asking him. Anyway, nobody is talking about supporting ISA, I myself certainly did not utter a word of pro ISA. i fully support the view that first thing first, do the second thing later or if possible, at the same time.

  88. anonymous says:

    Dear witso, u r damn right , i am kokless cos i am a woman, haha.

    just call me nancy or angel….which one u like?

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