Update: A group of Asian NGOs have challeged the Malaysian Human Rights NGOs to visit the two ISA (Internal Security Act) detainees); while SUHAKAM says that it is planning to do just that,  perhaps on Friday. The cases of the ISA detainees have also been raised at the 9th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is currently sitting in Geneva.

The following is an abstract of what Teresa’s mum said outside the police station after visiting her for 90 minutes.  And inside, some words from Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s wife, Marina Lee Abdullah and daughter Sara.

“I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room which is only 6′ x 8′. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!

“I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged!

Continue reading (My SInchew).  Meanwhile, from Malaysiakini:

“My husband has been harassed almost hourly. He has been deprived of proper sleep and does not look good,” she said after the hour-long visit.

Marina says he had been ‘mentally abused’. He has lost a lot of weight, she said, after being in custody for five days. She claimed that his blood-sugar level has dropped.

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  1. […] The following is a transcript of what Teresa’s mum said outside the police station after visiting her for 90 minutes. “I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up […] Go To Source […]

  2. Definite says:

    “I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged! – Teresa`s mum

    RPK`s wife Marina:
    “He spoke very softly and looked weak, pale and tremendously thin,” Marina told reporters after her hour-long visit with her husband.

    Raja Petra complained to her that he was suffering from lack of sleep because the night before, he was “harassed” hourly by officers who recorded statements from him.

    “He said he was never physically abused, but was mentally abused,” she said

    Now we know it is a Cabinet directive to have the 2 dead of “natural causes”.

  3. gofortruth says:

    Home minister Syed Hamid,
    For your information YB Teresa Kok is a much respected 3 term elected MP and she is the key person in charge of the Investment, Trade and Industry ministry of the newly formed Selangor state Government. I would expect you to have at least a bit of human decency not to blindfold her like some hardcore criminal & treating her like a dog. Shame on you!!!!!!!

    She is also currently sueing Utusan Malaysia for RM 30million for planting false accusation regarding the “AZAN” issue and we have every confidence that she will win her case as the mosque authority has also come out in her support. A police report was also lodged pending investigation. Your charging in to have her arrested under ISA while her case is still in the middle of police investigation shows that you are interfering the due process of law. In fact you have taken the law into your own hand!

    Syed Hamid please understand that you are sitting on a very important chair serving us as HOME MINISTER of Malaysia so stop bahaving like a spoilt kid twisting & turning your childish logic and pushing the reponsibilty on the police force and the cabinet. You are dragging Malaysia to international shame and not fame.

    Syed Hamid, will you stop these childish acts, you are reminded here & again that you are a HOME MINISTER of Malaysia so start acting like one and not behaving like a delinquent child in some children home!
    We demand you to release YM Raja Petra and YB Teresa Kok IMMEDIATELY!

  4. monsterball says:

    UMNO is a sick sick sick party!!
    Pray Teresa Kok and RPK….have nerves of steel..and determinations.
    It will not be long…to free ALL under ISA!!
    Pray.. pray..pray is all we can do.
    I feel so helpless…so useless.

  5. Definite says:

    At the very successful DAP Sabah forum, which was attended by some 1,000 very enthusiastic Sabahans yearning for “916 sky-change”, I called on the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to give a categorical public assurance that he would gracefully, peacefully and democratically accept and effect a transition of federal power if Pakatan Rakyat has the support of the majority of the 222 MPs in Parliament…..
    -Lim Kit Siang

  6. Room ISA says:

    FARK YOU Susan’s stalker (19:18:31) :!!!!! Go FARK your Mother Farker !!!!

  7. monsterball says:

    One who thinks like “Susan’s stalker” commentator…should try those actions… to his wife or girlfriend……..if that sounds good to him.

  8. shaydflin says:

    Ah, tell brother annuar he is the prime minister. today 16 September beb!.

  9. Susan’s stalker, (using your lowdown language) when you fark your mother and sister, did you feel good or did it make you, more a man then others…you mother farker!

  10. Edi神 says:

    Teresa Kok is a MP, She is no ordinary people…

    If they can do this to her, what can this police do to us ordinary citizen.

    I feel scare seing polis not feel safe.

    Shall we start reform from the police?

  11. shaydflin says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I am the PM today.

    What do you say?

    Oh, projects huh?

    Wait lah I sit on my seat as the PM about just a second. The punggung not yet hot. Aiyah you ah.

    What, again?

    Marry, who me?

    Aiyah wait lah I marry another, no wory, I have power.

    Tongkat Ali Power root.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

    Tirau titutup.

    Drama ends.

  12. tamade says:

    In the holy month of Ramadhan, bad things which are against the Human Rights are happening in Bolehland. How pathetic.

    The evil racists, religious extremists and evil power brokers are laughing and enjoying themselves after they spread the lie and started the racial issue which caused the innocents to be detained under ISA.

    Dosa, dosa, dosa. The Al-Mighty will punish all those involved.

    The Law of Karma will also prove it.

  13. wits0 says:

    The umno Gomen compounded its own mistake of retaining the Hinfraf 5 under the ISA by further arresting RPK and Teresa under the same evil legislation, so contrivedly and plain to see. It no longer has a future because it has demonstrated clearly its incapacity to change and 51 years of self-servingly muddling along also helped demonstrate this fact about its innate blatant practices.

  14. rainstorm says:

    Hi Susan. I thought RPK’s wife’s name is Marina Lee Abdullah

  15. […] Update: A group of Asian NGOs have challeged the Malaysian Human Rights NGOs to visit the two ISA (Internal Security Act) detainees); while SUHAKAM says that it is planning to do just that,  perhaps on Friday. The cases of the ISA detainees have also been raised at the 9th session of the United Nations Human […] Go To Source […]

  16. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    There are brainless people in our Ministerial lineup. Be CAREFUL.

    There are again stupid and no brain people walking around town not knowing what hit them and how they become what they are. They are a lost group. How to help them when they themselves do not think?

    Thinking like eating, drinking and exercise are part of human activities. Some don’t think and become what they are … brainless.

  17. delcapo says:

    just my summary of tots on 916….
    i know 916 is not meant to be THE whole deal… & DSAI has made sense in wanting a peaceful transition….

    but I cannot help but feel disappontment in the lack of progress…. for i doubt AABzzz & BN will give way at all…

    I wish they will JUST DO IT!!! & free the suffering RPK, Teresa, Hindraf 5 & the rest…

    delCapo still burn candles 2nite…….


  18. Pendrive says:

    Dear Friends,

    Burning Candle Vigil also Wrong for our muslim brothers,
    sigh… What a mentality….

  19. Jackie Lee says:

    For full understanding why Teresa Kok being detained please refer :




  20. Menyalak-ker says:

    I think Marina’s statement of RPK’s ‘mental abuse’ is too polite a term.
    It is mental or psychological ‘torture’. Sleep deprivation, blatant lies, false accusations etc. are aimed to break a prisoners will.
    As opposed to physical torture, this is much more damaging to the psyche.
    RPK has gone thru’ this before, and came out no worse for wear and tear – its his interrogaters who will be worn down and converted.
    This is ‘Reverse Stockholm Syndrome’.
    I’m not being cynical, by saying that the conditions of this incarceration of our esteemed Teresa and RPK pale in comparison to other ‘criminals’ who are systemetically tortured physically and mentally in our prisons and ‘lockups’.
    Remember DSAI in 1998? Beaten to a whisker of his life,,., and yet ready to bear the burden of our nationhood.

  21. desa mentari says:

    we are supposed to keep quiet any further to see all these bloody misbehaviour of this current goverment.let us all march to all police stations and even to kamunting and even to putra jaya and DEMAND the poor boy (badawi) and the nasty boy (najis@ najib ) to get out of tyhe goverment seat.

    how many people can the police detaine and lockup in the cells ? how many people can the goverment holdup people of united malaysia into kamunting cells ?

    im willing to stand forward though theresa and RPK is not ma brother or my sister or even my family members.

    fxxx this bloody government of misleading malaysia for their own pleasure.


    is the badawi (bedoin) so fxxxxxx ? weak or is he also corrupted similar to mahathir ?

    let us all wake up and teach this lesson to this malaysian governmental people.they must repent and fear to god almighty ….or else lets us all wish them a destruction …

    release theresa and RPK and all other ISA detainess witout any understandings

  22. Raktamrittika says:

    Hey!! What do you expect? Italian food and sushi? They have standard “meal” for the detainees, and not all that bad. Perhaps not a decent food for rich peeps like them. I know this for a fact after detained in 1998. Let us not make it look worst than what it is.

    Such a remark by their family members would only jeopardize their chance for the next visit by the police. They might withdraw the oppurtunity for them to even have visitors. We dont want that to happen.

    The purpose here is to gather our efforts to release them from ISA, not to provoke the supporters and the police at the same time. Agree?

  23. Raktamrittika says:

    You are really rude to make such remark! It’s not a matter of mentality.. it’s religous.. and what do you expect from the vigil anyway?.. miricles from god to open their cell locks?.. it was just a waste of time and.. errr candles!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    After 51 years MALAYSIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE but backwards because of the Oppression from the UMNO goons’ divide and rule fear tactics the Rakyats have matured & you must see all this coming because All The Rakyats of Malaysia are all fed-up & can no longer with-stand the hypocrisies, bullshits, lies and deceits of these UMNO Clowns now in Power ok???

    We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. Save RPK as he is the midst of a conspiracy of the real murderers of Altantuya to silence him for good, instead of being C4ed he could be poisoned and worse off if he is on hunger strike by himself. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the Stringed Puppet to be easily manipulated by the Puppeteer, power that be.

    Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia. ONE DAY THE MORONIC BOTAK AND FLIP FLOP AND C4 MUST BE MADE TO TASTE THEIR OWN MEDICINE OK?

    All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

    Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008
    Zymian // Sep 14, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    We are indeed witnessing an attempt by certain hardcore Umno operatives to create unrest amongst the various races. Remember, it is to create the perfect pretence for the UMNO led government to impose emergency law and thus roll back their losses in the last elections!
    The ISA arrests are only part of the plan. There will be further provocations! They are desperately hoping that enough unrest and conflict will arise so that they may use even more hardliner’s tactics with the security forces.
    I sincerely hope our fellow citizens will remain calm. Fight, I say…but fight smart. Use the net, use it to spread the word that violence and conflict is to be avoided.
    The UMNO hardliners (Dr M, Toyo) have run out of ideas. In their desperation, they have become more ruthless. We just need to stay the course….and these jokers will self destruct.

  25. apapunboleh says:

    We should sent those involved in torturing RPK and Teresa to concentration camps. These animals deserve to rot in hell!!

  26. desa mentari says:

    hamid nor badawi nor najib are all suckers…and just commiting sins in the name is ISLAM.

    malaysia is formed in the name of three races ? where was the malays while indiansworked hard to build the railways roads ? where was the malays while the chinese were operating the mines in malaysia ? the malays were sitting and living in the viollages like a cowards ? who is hang tuah ? hang tuah is a chinese ? do u people of malaysia know about that ? this is the truth . believe me ? has any malay people has a “hang or hung” name beside or prior to the names ? none at all in malaysia as of to this date ?

    get up all malaysian people to fight and demand your rights ? FIGHT FOR YOUR STAND ! OR U LOOSE IT FOR EVER / IT IS A CURSE ON YOU FOR NOT STANDING FOR YOUR RIGHTS

  27. telur dua says:

    Only an evil Govt ably assisted by running dogs can commit this kind of despicable act against their citizens.

  28. ktteokt says:

    Syed Hamid – a LAWYER who does not know the LAW!
    ISA – The most inhuman law on Earth!
    Combining these two elements, Malaysia can go down the drains!

  29. Menyalak-ker says:

    Actually, being off the canine species myself, telur dua (20:42); i can tell you confidently that the “running dogs” were not even that (we dogs have pride, u know!) – they were ‘tikus’ or of the rattus rattus species. They are of no relevance to us, for they only serve their decadent ‘lusts’.
    The so-called ‘government’ doesn’t exist anymore, it is just the ‘evil intent’ of those who occupy that space. Airheads, Shitheads, Spudheads(according to wits0) dan lain2.

  30. LynMay says:

    ISA – I Syiok(2x) Arrest.. insane people should not be given the responsibility to govern the nation..

  31. sklee says:

    AAB speaks of love, compassion and generosity during the month of Ramadhan.
    Is he trying to do the above by detaining people using the obnoxious ISA? Cakap tak serupa bikin!?!How can a God-fearing person do such things to his fellow human beings during the “bulan yang mulia”?

  32. lil'mermaid says:

    Today, AAB said “ISA adalah baik”. So i suggest that when DSAI and his gang take over, they should keep the ISA act specially for AAB and his goons (since they think it’s a good thing and also for security reasons). Let’s all pray for Teresa, RPK and the Hindraf 5 and the many others who are being wrongfully detained under the ISA. GOD WILL GIVE THEM JUSTICE!!!

  33. concern nation says:

    BN ,
    Please use ur brain don’t use your ass…unless you have no choice.
    Get ready to say sayonara…..

  34. omega says:

    This Theresa is also itchybelakang for standing elections in Kinrara state and Saputeh Parliamentary eats. Now the Kinrara and Saputeh constituency are without elected rep services.

    This DAP and BNputras are all the same useless dogs. They should all be sent to join her!

    An Open Letter to all DAP Leaders and Members:

    Image removed by sender. PDF

    Image removed by sender. Print

    Image removed by sender. E-mail

    Friday, 29 August 2008 17:20

    The majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!

    Without doubt, DAP has struggled and fought fearlessly and tirelessly over the past 4 decades aspiring to build a democratic and progressive Malaysia regardless of race and religion. However, I can only conclude that over the past 4 decades, DAP has completely failed to fight against the UMNO hegemony in the country.

    DAP had never prepared itself to be the alternative of BN until 08 March 2008. And we have to acknowledge that DAP had been dragged and manipulated by UMNO to become or at least seen to become a Chinese-Chauvinist political party. The fact is that without PAS or Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will NEVER be able to engage the Malay electorate. The leadership of DAP has long been luxuriating in being recognized as the ‘Chinese Hero’ or ‘Non-Muslims’ Rights Defender’.

    Since DAP’s inception in 1966, the Party has failed to recognize the basic and simple fact that it is the Malays who decide the sort of leaders they want and they have voted UMNO in for 12 consecutive General Elections.

    UMNO had always been perceived as the sole defender of Malay supremacy with their special rights and privileges, even if it is at the expense of other ethnic groups. It doesn’t require complex political analysis to understand that the MAJORITY of Malays had always been staunch supporters of UMNO. If they refuse to change their voting preference, the status quo is going to remain. The more we challenge it, the stronger UMNO will be. Thus, for DAP to directly clash with UMNO will further enhance its image as a Chinese-based party and provide UMNO with an opportunity to have more Malay sympathizers.

    An example is, if they increase the number of scholarships for non-bumis, UMNO can easily tell the Kampong Malays that they have succumbed to the pressure of MCA, Gerakan and MIC. The Malays will immediately give their strong endorsement to UMNO to defend their rights. DAP, as one of the strongest opposition parties in Malaysia, is still failing to comprehend the racial game played by UMNO.

    Instead of directly engaging the Malay electorate, DAP chooses to play the ZERO SUM GAME with MCA and Gerakan. These 3 Chinese-based political parties lack the basic political wisdom to survive independently in our multi-racial country where Malays/Muslims are the majority. At least we know UMNO can easily survive by means of communalism and form the government with smaller political parties.

    No matter how hard DAP argues or debates with MCA or Gerakan, it won’t change the fixed mindset or mentality of the Malay electorate. Neither will MCA or Gerakan be forced to change the mindset of the Malays by DAP.

    Remember the iron fact that the majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!

    As our most respected Regent of Perak, Dr. Nazrin Shah put it, ‘The Malay mindset is a crucial factor in our nation’s stability’. Dr. Nazrin further elaborated that, ‘racial prejudice can be erased if the Malay mindset is stable and comfortable towards forging harmony. It is a pre-condition to our nation’s stability’.

    May I ask Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, or even the writer Liew Chin Tong, how much has DAP done over the past 40 years to change the mindset of the Malays? How much has DAP done to win the trust of the Malays? How many times has DAP challenged UMNO in open debate on the academic performance of Malay students?

    Instead of getting closer and winning the hearts and trust of the Malay electorate, DAP has chosen to fight with MCA and Gerakan to play the role of Chinese Hero.

    Worse still, after struggling for more than 40 years in Malaysia’s political history, DAP still doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what ‘political courtship’ is all about. Even the MOST STUPID salesman knows how to be courteous to customers and win their trust.

    DAP chooses to shun Malay electorate and frighten them by:

    a) Refusing to wear songkok,
    b) Raising the issue of Social Contract,
    c) Immediate abolition of positive discrimination policies

    It’s made me wonder whether DAP is paid by UMNO to strengthen their grass root supporters! If I were a DAP leader, I would ostentatiously wear the Songkok to pro-actively court and seek Malay support for DAP. I would put aside the issue of the Social Contract and would clearly and carefully pinpoint the weaknesses of the NEP to the Malay masses before revising it.

    If the Umnoputras liken the fate of the Malays in Penang to the Malays in Singapore, how is YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng going to answer this question or ‘accusation’? What YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng will do is to imitate his predecessor Dr. Koh by keeping his mouth shut and be speechless. Silence means consent!

  35. omega says:

    DAP should pro-actively and sincerely urge the Malay masses to look beyond the tiny island of Singapore and focus on the plight of Malays in Batam, Bintang, Karimun and even the slum areas in Jakarta. Ask them to compare whether Singapore Malays are better off or Batam Malays are better off.

    I can help organize special tours for all the Malays/bumiputras in Malaysia to visit all the Indonesian islands surrounding Singapore to see for themselves how the Malays there are living in abject poverty and sordid conditions. Many young girls in Batam, Bintang and Karimun have to prostitute themselves to feed their family. They are also deprived of the opportunity to receive basic education and training. And we know many of them have to leave their families to become maids in Singapore and Malaysia.

    We should challenge UMNO – NOT to protect the Malays in Singapore, but the Malays in Batam, Bintang and Karimun! We are not defending Singapore, but we have to speak the truth to the Malay masses. Enlighten them and so they won’t be blinded and misguided by UMNO. Shame on our Education Minister who expressed the need to travel to the UK to save ‘our’ so-called prodigy Sufiah. He should go to Batam Island to join the UN’s efforts to curb child prostitution!

    For DAP’s information, Singapore Malays have progressed very well. Over the last 15 years, they have improved significantly in their academic performance. Singapore Malays have the highest percentage of home ownership as compared to the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia! DAP does not have to defend PAP, but I would encourage YAB Mr. Lim to invite Dr. Mahathir for a telecast debate on the plight of Malays in Singapore.

    Dr. Mahathir always reminds the Malays in our country to look at the Malays in Singapore, how ‘miserable’ they are without firm control in politics. For Mahathir’s information, the Singapore Parliament Speaker is a Malay and the Finance Minister an Indian Muslim like Mahathir. And so far, I have not heard of Singapore Malays being maids in Malaysia or Indonesia, and neither have I heard of a large number of young Malay girls in Singapore prostituting themselves to feed their family.

    As Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, DAP leaders should openly and publicly support the teachings of the Quran in our country. I voted for PAS on 8th March to close down casinos, horse-racing, 4D and TOTO. Non-Muslims have long been paying a second tax to the UMNO government by ‘gambling-off’ their whole family savings and children’s education to win the trust and respect of Malays and Muslims.

    DAP should advocate the closure of casinos, 4D, TOTO, and horse-racing as all these vice activities operators are UMNO agents. They take gambling money from non-Muslims and pay it to their UMNO Master. To cut off this source of revenue for UMNO, DAP should explain to the non-Muslim community how this gambling system works in Malaysia – and teach UMNO a lesson as we must expose UMNO’s hypocrisy!

    Unfortunately, DAP leaders don’t appear to have the intelligence, wit, courage and political will to have the paradigm shift and think out of the box politically. As mentioned earlier, DAP is just a political party helplessly manipulated by UMNO. By just simply advocating the banning of gambling, DAP could win the respect and trust of Malays and Muslims plus save many non-Muslims from bankruptcy and family problems. But most importantly, it cuts off a large chunk of revenue from UMNO. ONE stone killing 3 birds.

    Instead of shouting and arguing with ridiculous Umnoputras in Parliament, I urge DAP to instruct each of their members to befriend at least 10 Malays to explain to them the challenge of this ever-changing globalized economy and how we have to work together regardless of race and religion for a better Malaysia. When the Malay mindsets change, Malaysia will change; and vice-versa.

    DAP, hear me and hear me well. You may be sincere, but you are sincerely wrong in Malaysian politics. Go and study what made UMNO strong. Do your political analysis. Also, DAP, you must remember that PAS is your true friend, even though they talked with UMNO. They are righteous and godly people that won’t succumb to the temptation of money. That is not the case with Keadilan. Except Anwar and a few top leaders, many Keadilan people are still carrying the UMNO-DNA, as we have witnessed with the running dog Ezam and Nalla betraying the party.

    DAP, you should acknowledge the fact that the special rights and position of Malays/bumiputras are enshrined in our constitution. You have to respect it. You must have a complete and comprehensive Malay agenda to compete with UMNO. For example, the Penang state government can provide free but compulsory tuition for Penang Malay students at schools. DAP must cultivate and nurture the Malays in Penang to excel in academics and be able to compete on equal footing with others. Penang Malays must be the locomotive change of mindset to the rest of the Malays in our country. If DAP fails to change the Malay mindset in Penang, DAP will never be qualified to be addressed as a ‘National’ party.

    Lastly, DAP, you still have a long way to go and you really have to learn again who’s given UMNO power. Go to their power base, seize their power and cut off their power supply! For a progressive and better Malaysia, wearing the songkok is a trivial matter.

    If necessary, let Anwar’s new cabinet be full of capable Malays like Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Dr. Azly Rahman, Dr. Bakri Musa, Tuanku Abdul Aziz, etc. to prove to the Malay masses that we, Chinese, are not power hungry; we don’t choose to ‘pegang’ so as to destroy their livelihood as UMNO has claimed. We can prove to them that even though there is only 1 Chinese Minister in the Cabinet, it is still okay to us if the highly capable and honest Malay leaders can lead our country to greater heights and serve the rakyat wholeheartedly regardless of race, language and religion!

    Please learn, understand and even master the UMNO’s Art of War in Politics.

    ‘Know your enemies and know yourself, hundred battles hundred victories’ – ‘Sun Tzu’s Art of War’.


    Hidup Malaysia…
    Mr. Loi Bih Siang Benjamin
    Political Scientist

  36. Menyalak-ker says:

    Err… what exactly does a political scientist do for a living? Anyone knows?

  37. Warrior 231 says:

    Room ISA (19:24:01) :

    FARK YOU Susan’s stalker (19:18:31) :!!!!! Go FARK your Mother Farker !!!!

    wah the guy said something within the ambit of freedom and you lot get angry. Shame on you, Susan for removing that comment while keeping the rest equally incendiary or worse comments. It reflects the same sort of mentality that you people complain about and seek to eradicate. Whether you people realise it or not, (i think its the former) you are trying to impose your worldview on others like us who might not subscribe to it. And if you wish to do so, come out your closet and be open about it. you complain that this regime is oppressive what about you people..paragons of freedom when even minor things can be deleted!. i am apolitical in the sense that i am nonpartisan and do not subscribe to the current mechanism to effect change. Nor do i support, the minions who are propelling the movement of change. but because they opine wrongly that they dominate blogosphere, they can ride roughshod over other views when their own agenda is reeking of slime. Tell me what democracy and constitution you people are harping about when your own manner of effecting change is through a socalled constitutional power garb which is an oxymoron. you lot should prove that you can govern first to the 50% who did not vote for you plus the 30% who were on the rolls but did not bother to turn up. plus, what about the 4 million unregistereds. add that all up. and you will see you are a minority and you talk about effecting change as if you own the agenda.

    i think, you lot are shitting bricks that this power grab should come off lest your pakatan goes kaput within the next three years or so. Then you will be left clutching at straws and the poor rebel boy will end up with nothing. You are praying PAS hangs on for your own sakes but behind you make fun of it and its country bumpkin image. its the same the world over, Susan, the user and the used drama being played in different scenarios and settings.

    you lot talk about a new malaysia but the blogs i have trawled with my friend are full of vile jibes against Islam if you want to go after the racial politics, why taunt Islam? leave it out of the equation but i guess your motives are different.. undermine the religion under the cover of race. we are not buying your corn. finally, i emphatise with S.stalker though i may not agree with his views. his fate is similar to a friend of mine who engaged your ilk in a lawyer’s blog and got hounded out. funny thing, the same lawyer recanted and extended a reinvite but when my friend took up the offer, he was humiliatingly barred (and he did not even write anything incendiary, i have seen it myself). Speaks volumes of the freedom of speech you worship. it only applies when its favours and suits your perverted agenda. You may eliminate the BN but dont gloat over it if you ever do, for out there, a third force is gathering across the land to assert our rights and belief. and unlike BN, this new force is not a piece of cake for you to munch. tell, brother Anwar that, we are going to expose him for what he is!

    PS; Your saviour the US of A is melting with all this financial warming.so i wonder how long you lot will live in cloud cuckoo land.

  38. tough cookie says:

    er…it’s Marina Lee right Susan? cuz i think Marina Chin is the Malaysian sprinter if i’m not mistaken…

  39. ktteokt says:

    Keep the ISA for the time being for use on the BN Dogs when PR takes over!

  40. don't be confused says:

    Menyalak-ker (21:16:47) :

    Err… what exactly does a political scientist do for a living? Anyone knows?


    The Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-471 BCE) was one of the first thinkers to adopt a distinct approach to political philosophy. His philosophy was “rooted in his belief that a ruler should learn self-discipline, should govern his subjects by his own example, and should treat them with love and concern.”[4] His political beliefs were strongly linked to personal ethics and morality, believing that only a morally upright ruler who possessed “de”, or virtue, should be able to exercise power, and that the behavior of an individual ought to be consistent with their rank in society. He stated that “Good government consists in the ruler being a ruler, the minister being a minister, the father being a father, and the son being a son.”[5]


  41. Tean says:


    Depriving of sleep, keep in a room, feed with dog food and keep barking at them with questions.

    We are living in a very dangerous police state.

  42. motherchell says:

    With a brain as Albar’s —- no wonder we lost Batu Puteh and his addiction to DNA related issues . Quite a learned LLB.!! What a shame !!! No words to describe him

    Can we Imagine all that he said about the faith that he belongs to ! and all that RPK has been saying ? Can this guy understand English Essays ?– or is it that Jakim philosopers have to teach him what is wrong or right from their understanding of speaka Engreesh .
    To top it during an Holy month he lies thro’ the you know what . He thinks God has no eyes!! We will see about that very soon !

  43. rozlan says:

    Please read the book about ISA experience by Saari Sungip who was detained for two years under ISA.He had written in detail about the treatments given…Depriving the detainees from sleep were part of classic torture.The will deprived from sleep for 36 hours or more.The torturers hope it will break the will of even the toughest men…In may cases they succeed…

    May Allah help both of them.Insyaallah the end of BN is near..We could see how nervous PaklahH and other BN leaders were in tv..UMNO and its lapdog the PDRM were alone facing the public wrath.It seem its allies had indirectly deserted already…

  44. Ayoyosamy says:

    If she treats the country like a dog. then its fair she’s treated like one. If RPK gives the nation “pig food”, then its fair he is given “pig food”

  45. lil'mermaid says:

    Ayoyosamy, i suggest you leave the country pronto coz when PR comes to power, there will be no place or tolerance for ignorant schmucks like you! Did mahathir and you go to the same school?

  46. PAS says:

    PAS For All. I invite all Malaysian to join PAS. Thank you

  47. Menyalak-er says:

    Thanks, don’t be confused (21:42);
    I know Confucius is a humanist philosopher, who made his living as an advisor – but was he a political scientist? A moral-social philosophical genius if you will. Certainly he will be aghast at the thought of as being a ‘political scientist’!
    Does it mean someone who studies political science as a subject is a politician or a scientist? Which is it; and how does one make a living?
    This being the case, then one who studies International Business Studies is an international businessman scholar?
    If you want to use the term Political Commentator or Advisor or even Counselor, its fine, but its going overboard by calling oneself a ‘scientist’ in a soft humanistic subject.
    I’m not confused by the term, i’m just confused about the way its used.
    That is why we have to get away from this mould of ‘titles’.

  48. lil'mermaid says:

    Oh, pls don’t associate yourself with gandhi, ayoyo. He was a good man with a lot of good principles and he was fighting for a good cause. Unlike yourself……

  49. Orang Utan says:

    While some of your comments may be true about the DAP however I disagree with some of your arguments.DAP is infact an offshoot of PAP. When S’pore broke away from Malaysia the PAP in Malaysia changed their name to DAP.No matter what method you used to court the malays as being suggested by d writer is of not much effect unless the top leaders comprised of Malays just like the PKR.In malaysia we only have one casino and it has generated billions of rinngit in revenues & thousands of jobs for the country.E.g if u closed the casino at genting do u think tourist will still visit the place? even S’pore is now building not one but 2 casinos.Can u stop d people from gambling? So the illegal gambling dens will b very happy & the govt will lose billion in revenue.

  50. wits0 says:

    Hi Menyalak-er, after having experienced a “political scientist” like Chandra M, and followed his carreer over time, I think I’d prefer to meditate and cast the oracle of “I Ching” to learn a little of the auspices. That is a more exact “science” than his ‘political science’.

    Like Silva Mind Control, some things can be strong on hype but severely short on real attainment.

    Confucius was a moralist of his feudal times. The principles are quite self evidently and efficacious from an universal angle but the feudal times cannot and should and must not be reinvented or re-adapted. When a system whose time has passed, more viable ideas have to be adopted. Laws must be enacted for the betterment of men, not for the convenience of easy and lazy governance by parasitic bums and sleepy walruses.

  51. peoples' power says:

    gandhi’s a legend…… god bless him …

  52. lil'mermaid says:

    Am i the only one in here who thinks ayoyosamy is an idiot? Any relations with samy velu?

  53. Anon Anon says:

    monsterball (19:25:55) :

    One who thinks like “Susan’s stalker” commentator…should try those actions… to his wife or girlfriend……..if that sounds good to him.

    Go get farked by susan’s stalker monsterball. Your ass needs to be farked so that you can continue to spill more shit in susan’s blog as you have done in other blogs

  54. NewMalaysia says:

    Ayoyo… since you so hate American, why you still using American inventions like internet, computer, aircraft and more. You should stay inside your cave and talk to the walls, please don’t come out here barking around without a proper mindset. Once again please don’t use internet since owned by major American companies…go back to you cave my friend…..

  55. kwmark says:

    Shame on those whose slumber carries on till today.We condemned Myanmar when they refused Shu Kyi her rights and and even to the extend of become ‘penyibuk’ with a noble act of trying to convince and pacify the military.Sent by the BN Goverment? Layakkah the current Malaysian Goverment?

    Bak kata perpatah orang cina ” kura-kura jangan nak ketawakan penyu”

    Frankly,as a true Malaysian, I don’t feel that we are a fair nation until we do away with ISA. To all PR’s supporters and the rakyats, please remain calm and do not let your unhapppiness turned aggression.

    To PR,please remain fair and abolish ISA the next day you form the new government. We never need ISA to revenge what the BN has done to all of you.

    Hope to see Zaid to be in charge of the similar portfolio when the let us all Malaysian pray the Day will come soon…and it doesn’t matter it’s 916 or other dates….Let’s make Malaysia the pride of all Malaysians. Hope to celebrate ‘The Democracy Day of Malaysia for all Malaysians’

    Saya Anak Malaysia

  56. lil'mermaid says:

    Thank you NewMalaysia. Good one! Haha!!

  57. baung says:

    Lepas ni replace botak at RPK room…Harrassed dia sampai Kaput…baru dia tau kepala sapa yg paling BOTAK…BODOH punya Hamid Botak!
    Belajar Tinggi2 tapi cakap macam kanak2 REBINA.
    Gua rasa kalau anak dia CERDIK mesti Kutuk Dia punya bapak “BODOH PUNYA DaDi”.
    Tapi kalau Anak dia Bodoh aaaa….Serupa macam Bapak dia jugak maaa!!!!
    Ini Hamid Botak Boto2 KAPUT Punya Menteri.

    Dia punya SIJIL semua patut kasi RENDAM dalam glass
    satu minggu, lepas tu kasi Diminum…lepas tu… aaaa Lu Pikir lah sendili maa!
    apa jadi sama dia……..

  58. Orang Utan says:

    DAP has to follow their party constitution or else they might be made to look like a hypocrite if they dont talk about equality for all races. If they supported inequality do u think they will be appreciated.Instead they might be look like a fool & they might think that they have no principle.It is just unfortunate that their leaders lack malay participation.

  59. shaper says:

    Sept 16 I Ching:

    The judgment accordingly provides you with the present scenario; The ying line (broken line) at the top symbolize the small and evil man occupying the position of the high minister lending his power to maintain a corrupt government and/or it might be a waxen old dynasty ready to vanish away. And the five undivided lines the sage saw the symbol of good order or the new dynasty inevitably to supersede the old.

    The subject of the hexagram here is how bad men corrupt and yet powerful are to be put out of the way.

    The sages advises that he must openly denounce the criminal in the court, seek to awaken general sympathy, and at the same time goes about his enterprise, conscious of its difficulty and danger. And he who accomplishes the task must do so by the force of his character more than by the force of arms and by producing a general sympathy on his side.

    There is also a caution accordingly and that is as follows; He will eventually win, only if he is not already destroyed in the first place by his failure to take into account his varying position at the ever changing time. In the event of misjudgement of Position and Time, the more the Decisive one is, the more disastrous his defeat will be.

    The classics advises that you Do not show your Anger, Do not act alone Rally people of your kind around you. Once you have built up your influence and occupy the position of the sovereign, you will win.

    “The Cleansing Rain Will Come In Torrents When Enough Clouds Have Accumulated”

    There are other signs and the signs are that of the “Sovereign” the Agong and the classics shows that there is significant inclination to the change and that he will be a support in the most critical moment.


  60. Orang Utan says:

    The Return of Susan Stalker,
    U r a very sick man u needed urgent medical & psychiatric treatment. Please go & consult a spychiatrist immediately. I am afraid if u do not do so there will b serious consequences for yourself & danger for yr immediate family. U may even rape anything that move. So please listen to my advice it is for yr own good.

  61. usan says:

    lets make rpk a minister of home affair or information when pr take over ……..bro anwar pse consider this. hidup pr hidup malaysian.

  62. toyolbuster says:

    Abdullah Badawi, listen here, with 25million bangsa malaysia cursing you right now all at one go, be sure that your 10 generations down hereafter, shall face the wrath of such powerful curse. And for you botak, you will die a thousand deaths with each dying moment, you shall be sodomised viciously by satan’s burning prick.

  63. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes wits0, Confucian and Legalistic ideals are what allows the feudalistic mentality that prevails in society. It may work well in authoritarian monocultural regeimes, but are quite inflexible to accomodate a viable multicultural democracy.
    There is a serious ‘cultish’ mentality prevalent amongst our politicos, it is as if they have lost their own sense of moral ethical values, if they had any to begin with. P’haps the only one awake is Zaid. Philantrophy/charity does wonders for the soul, don’t you think?
    Haha, i betcha that Chandra fella is an avid disciple of Silva, look at his attainments, since he lost his verve (must avoid unkind words la!)

  64. suchfun says:

    An effective cure for The_Return_of_Susan’s_Stalker is 12 strokes of the rotan from a Malaysia or Singapore or Brunei Prison

  65. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-ker, that Chandra fella long lost his verve and revealed his obtuseness with the advent of the late MGG Pillai whose archives are still available.

    Chandra was playing politics when he started focussing on religion to promote his own image after and just before leaving Aliran. MGG Pillai did no such machination ; his writing don’t make use of such partisan fudge when he decried the rot within the Bolehland system. Chandra was also most vehemently anti-American and anti-West. The Arabs might make this ex-Brahim an honorary member on this basis.

    The only thing I disagreed with Pillai was his rabid anti-Americanism that goes as overboard as any Tom Dick and Harry LLL(loony leftist liberals) but then again this may be understood in the context of his experience when reporting as a journalist on the horrors of the Vietnam War. Understood, but not necessarily agreed with. (btw, Jeff Ooi and Stevan Gan are worse in this respect and without such actual experience). I agree with commentator Harrison on his take on such matters.

    Within the nature of the philosphy of bumno, no Philantrophy/charity can be truly nourished in any universal sense. It cannot see beyond racism, contrived victimhood and paranoia as a means for furthering political gain. Having attained that, arrogance and repression must happen like night follow day. Evil always come full circle in this world. All that takes is time, like the past 51 years.

  66. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, i think it’s time you ban that ‘stalker’ flur, ‘cos it’ll be an excuse to take down this site for profanity etc. by uknowwho…
    Btw., Orang Utan and suchfun, this guy is a CT from the nether lands and he’s not a ‘sicko’. At least the ayoyos are identifiable, this guy sounds like that monomaniac BobbyNZ, altough more pungent.

  67. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, indeed some fellas are actually aggravating nuisance and drivel all the while. There’s always a point when Schadenfreude over the victims the ISA arrests become truly annoying.

    Although I know Susan would ban imposters(if she spots that and has the time to do so), there are also useless trolls who deserve no less than to be banned. Namely, Ayoyosamy, BobbyNZ, Stalker, etc. But I have always hesitated to remark/suggest to Susan in the past about such.

  68. kakinang says:

    room reservation for 3>size 6×8 ft.>MADSNAKE,KANIBOH TOY n SH moron.Confirmation pls call PR dept.Special rates for this coming festival.Call now>18082008.

  69. rpk+1 says:

    This Dr. Assly is another useless bugger. I think he still owes the government money and is a product of Umno’s policy.

    This Doctor assly is wa waste of tax payers’ money. I think he is not welcomed any where on this planet as he doesn’t contribute much to society. His theory is only good for the college boys.

    When comes to the rough and tumbling world, he is akin like a small fish playing on shallow water.

    His articles are mundane and fit for for the waste paper basket.

    RPK is in Bukit Aman whereas his ‘buddy’ is enjoying life in the US and only can help from America through wiring.

    Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Better shut the F***up just because he got grouses with Umno!

  70. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits0, we must have at alk about this anti-Americanism thingy one day. I don’t follow Jeff nor Steven Gan, but MGG Pillai’s angst i know. Chandra is a poor shadow. That is the context in which i asked what is a “political scientist”?
    And somebody quoted Confucius, goodness! Haha…
    Yes, i agree that bumno has no charitable heart – not with the likes of these goons hanging around – its been a code of conduct that any ‘charity’ must be accompanied by foto-ops itenary. Look at Aza-touristy, hoard of fotographers!
    Zaid is paying back his ‘dues’ so to speak – not because he felt like it, but in doing so, something in him changed for the better. This gave him the spine to do what was ‘principled’.

  71. Harrison says:

    Bringing to the attention of the The United Nations Human Rights Council is a very good-starter. The mental torture and other inhumane treatments and Human-Rights deprivation suffered by RPK and all detainees incarcerated under the ISA will entails their swift diplomatic actions on the Malaysian Government. As a member of the UN, Malaysia are bound by the Universal declaration of Human Rights.

    Other countries under the UN must unite to assert pressure on the Malaysian Government for this matter.

    Every Merdeka Day, Malaysians are happy celebrating the liberation from the British rule for 1 day. Are they not unhappy to realize that the only one who really plundered us of our liberty is the UMNO led Government of our own – our countrymen and we have been suffering for 365 days a year?

  72. phing says:

    ISA itself is a violation of human rights. the detainees are treated worse than common criminals. where is the justice?

    even those convicted of murder enjoys meals at our prisons, what more those who are innocent !

    ISA’s concept: Guilty till proven innocent.

    Thats why the police needs time to verify the ‘allegations’. Perhaps what the police really needed was to please their political masters?

  73. wits0 says:

    Yes Menyalak-er, Zaid is paying back his ‘dues’ so to speak. Let’s not raise him to the level of a saint for that. That also sounds so Arabesque to do so.

  74. sharp says:

    Zaid has claimed to have the largest legal firm in M`sia. He has much to do with legal firms and clients overseas. His resignation is also to maintain the reputation of his firm.

  75. arifabdull says:

    Yes I agree that ‘Ghandi is legend’, but there was a young Bhagat Singh the real and brave fighter of the rakyat during that same time.

    a message from RPK to the rakyat (Malaysians).
    Terima kasih. Thanks.

  76. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, wits0 a saint? No, i think we’re just changing him from an invertebrate to a vertebrate!
    Anyway, Harrison (0015), the UN thing on bISA might not work except for publicity’s sake. UN is an invertebrate body – slush and mush, my friend.
    It should be amongst the first legislative acts when PR comes into federal power.
    Teresa and RPK has no ‘business’ in this Act of malice by bumno! Nobody should. A more accurate and the narrowest definition for sedition, national security etc. is needed, then only then can we proceed with vigor in building up a viable nation.

  77. shaydflin says:

    I read some comments above on why DAP couldn’t win the heart and mind of the Malays, or why DAP shuns away from getting the support of the Malays, the grass root of the majority in this country.

    I like to comment on this. Let us be practical about getting the magic formula for getting trust from the Malays.

    No 1 and most important ingredient for trust and getting respect from people of different races is language,i.e the mode of communication. About 18 million bumiputera in this country don’t know mandarin or hokkien, and when a Chinese DAP leader communicates in substandard Bahasa about helping the Malays, and later when he communicates with his people in Chinese, what do you think the Malay would say. It is going to create a greater trust between the two, the leader and the group of Malays?.

    If DAP wants to champion the Malay agenda, forget it, it won’t reach the bottom of the heart of the Malays who some how or rather fail to grasp the true meaning because of lesser trust.

    If the leaders are ready to abolish the barrier by being truly local citizen, being conversant with the language of the majority, talk and speak in one common language I believe it will be well received by the Malays and thus win the heart and mind. I can say all would agree that when this is happened then we could reach a state of greater trust in the society.

    You see in China only Mandarin is the official language throughout the nation!. They have thousand other races, much greater in numbers compare with us. Perhaps, communism has taught the citizen of China to know the true value of loyalty, trust, openness, etc.

    Do we need to do just that?. Why India is slower in economic growth as compare the economic growth of China?. The reason could lie in so much trouble the country has when leaders of different factions of races champion their own race and that the country loses competitiveness to China in that sense.

    Well, my friends, if you want trust, you don’t lie in the beginning, in the middle or in the end.

  78. wits0 says:

    Harrison, my friend, as you would already have discovered by now, Bolehland has never ratified the Charter wrt Human Rights of the UN besides as Menyalak-er puts it, UN is an invertebrate body which can’t even insist that its member do so.

  79. wits0 says:

    Yes, Sharp, I think that is the real reason, one of pragmatism rather than higher principles involved.

  80. Menyalak-er says:

    Maybe pragmatism wits, but i glanced thru his book called ‘Coming into the Light’ or something like that. Boring… but he has done well, coming ‘in’ from that rotten system. Anyway, lets go on to more robust things.

  81. WARDEN, S.B. says:

    I think not. More like Sungai Buloh hahaha – Ayoyosamy (03:20:05)


  82. LeeZ says:


    Well they already did it to an ordinary ‘rakyat’ like us, in this case, the Sin Chew reporter!!!


  83. Anak Malaysia says:

    You know what UMNO means– U must not object

  84. Dol and Najis says:

    Just ignore Assyoyosami…was paid RM2,500 per month by the umn# govt being a cyber trooper and still unemployed despite graduated from uitm by way of assisted diploma after being spoon fed and fully paid scholarship. Go back to your kampung and go enlighten the so silence sai-fool please….

  85. mb says:

    Kalau ada bukti…sila bicarakan di mahkamah.
    ISA akan menyebabkan rakyat membenci kerajaan BN.
    Tahan Tanpa Bicara adalah ZALIM.

    Bebaskan Semua Tahanan ISA atau bawa mereka ke mahkamah….

  86. monsterball says:

    There goes on impersonator of me.
    Anyway..the design of my nick cannot be copied.
    I guess once awhile….I am missed by loving idiots.

  87. monsterball says:

    Yip! This is me…with my usual dot dot dot and kopi kau kau….not forgetting my spelling mistakes and manglish english.
    Design of nick..cannot be copied!!
    To copy another person’s nick…is really really … balless.
    It is also trying to confuse others.
    Why do that young man?
    I am 69 years old.
    Are you so proud to disturb senior citizen?
    BUT….senior citizen have license to do anything…..including license to kill.

  88. fergie says:

    Teresa n RPK are NOT terrorists threatening our country so why are they being treated such??? These are EVIL, HEARTLESS, SOULESS, etc people without an ounce of common sense or decency. They do not deserve to be considered as protectors of the citizens! Those who have the authority to stop this nonsense are even WORSE .. SADISTS!!!!!

  89. BenM says:

    Some of the guys who comment are really have low class mentality. Two things to blame for their mentality

    1. Parents
    2. Govt


  90. Scottie says:

    the longer this sham goes on, the more resentment these umno goons reap. there’s no need for DSAI bring this government down – they’re doing a great job all by their lonesomes!

    if they care at all about retribution, islam (as they so profess) & the country, free all ISA detainees immediately. charge them in court if necessary but any & all citizens of this country not only deserves & are entitled to “due process” of law.

  91. ktteokt says:

    Now I know BN operates a NATIONAL KENNEL!

  92. wits0 says:

    Fergie, the supporters of the system via the last election also have been dense and often selfishly ignorant as well.

    BenM, it has a lot to do with the dismal educational standard via the Govt. machination and indoctrination. Non thinking and incapacity to think apart from along partisan line.

    In the US, the conservatives represent the astute people while the liberals, the hare brained ones. In Malaysia, the situation has always been the reverse. The conservatives in Bolehland represent the pain in the neck.

  93. Harrison says:

    Your points of UN being weak I can agree with you buddies but remember during the Anwar Ibrahim in(famous)”black-eye” saga beaten by the ex-IGP, I recalled the UN Human Rights Commissions has asserted much pressure on the Malaysian Government – the resultant, a Royal Commission of Inquiry enacted by the Government and the findings that IGP Rahim Nor assaulting AI that entails to his incarceration. Although less than 2 months of incarceration is a sham and a sheer double standard affair.

    The UN Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly Resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948 denotes many Articles that Malaysia has clearly breached which duly signed and embedded to this respect :-

    Article 1
    “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

    The NEP has already breached the said Article.

    Article 5
    “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

    This was and ever-readily breached by the Malaysian Government. The ISA detainees can testify this.

    Article 9
    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. ”

    Article 10
    “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. ”

    Taking into the effect of what was signed by the Malaysian Government, it has breached, disregard and disrespect the UN Charter. Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Rais Yatim threatened to lodge a complaint at the UN to US Secretary Condi Rice’s criticisms of the Government’s obvious mishandling of the recent Anwar’s sodomy charge. The US recently summoned Bolehland’s ambassador to the State Department for the blatant arrest under the ISA of RPK, and Teresa Kok and will raise the matter at the UN. 🙂

    For your points that the UN are invertebrate on fellow countries in appropriate actions, yes, you might have some points. But I bet Rais Yatim has this in mind when he blatantly disregard and even threatened to filed a complain of US meddling of Malaysia’s internal affairs.

    “U.S. President George W. Bush said Washington will press the United Nations to impose further sanctions on Zimbabwe following the run-off election condemned by the international community.

    “We will press for strong action by the United Nations, including an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and travel ban on regime officials,” said Bush, who had previously called the election a “sham.”

    Source : http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2008/06/28/zimbabwe.html

  94. aaa says:

    islam hadhari under badawi and nazism-style interrogration under Al-Blur (aka Botak Syed) at their best. Show case for world to see the meaning of What Malaysia Can Do her Citizens !

  95. Sam says:

    BenM (10:12:44) :

    Some of the guys who comment are really have low class mentality. Two things to blame for their mentality

    1. Parents
    2. Govt


    Would agree with you BenM, spot on. Best example is monsterball.

  96. Menyalak-er says:

    Woh… Harrison buddy, the US smacks the goons on the wrists at present, but they have a lot of business & strategic interests with us.
    Their main worry is related to our stability as a viable democracy, because of the chokehold that is the Str. of Malacca and their anti-al Qaeda itinary. Never underestimate their resolve.
    In Iran, the common folk are suffering, their infrastructure (besides the cars) are falling apart. That is why Libya took the reprochmant seriously.
    To be frank no one wants to be an enemy of ‘Tai-Kor’ including the Russian bear and China. Look at what happens to nations that do – economy kaput. Those that say that US is in decline ought to realize that they have never lost a war (Vietnam is best looked on as a strategic withdrawal due to domestic quarrels, rather than a tactical defeat; and Somalia – can’t be bothered anymore sort of thing).
    Rais-in is just mewing away but there is actually a lot of anxiety amongst the Sec. of State. Our Military is very pally with theirs.
    No, the US will not push for anything significant in UN at the moment for our sakes – unless our political, ethnic and economic situation becomes untenable for them. If we sink, they will ‘interfere’ indirectly…

  97. alex says:

    LHHeng (13:07:03) :

    This pea brain Ayoyosamy must be a mamak of the worst kind.
    Hei, listen arsehole mamak just ddd=dudok diam diam.
    The rakyat want to move forward rather wasting their time reading your garbage comments.

    He is not the only one putting garbage comments in this blog. The other one who posts even more garbage than him is monsterball. Just look at all the comments in susan’s blog to get what I mean.

  98. LHHeng says:

    The bum who called himself “monsterball” actually have no balls. He dare not put his name on this blog clearly proved what I just said. Absolutely “no balls” bum. FULL STOP

  99. LHHeng says:

    I believe this mamak bum “ayoyosamy” got this name was because he was plugged properly by semi value. He never seem to forget his “ayoyo” scream then. End result. Did a great favor calling himself “ayoyosamy”.

  100. wits0 says:

    Hi Menyalak-er, you’ve described the US-Bolehland relationship well. That’s the case but here and I would suggests that the orphaned Rice is spewing hot air mainly for domestic consumption to show off the typical, “Sovereignty and Integrity” thingy – a line loved by most roughish nations. He is, of course, also worried on behalf of the unpopular Gomen and tries to deflect public angst against the US (a very old trick) which will not interfere at this junction but if it does, there are various options to do so. The rogues in the coterie are worried but the people of M’sia would ultimately have to effect changes themselves under the present circumstances.

  101. monsterball says:

    Sam…First thing..my parents are dead long ago.
    Secondly….UMNO government can never influence me.
    Your opinion is actually speaking out loud… for yourself.

  102. NewMalaysia says:

    Aiyoyo….Malaysia KLCI plunged to 1007.14 points, well done! to the Government effort to boost up economy today. This Bodowi now became defence minister and his turn to use C4 to blast all the evidence and people who against him. Aiyoyo…

  103. sam says:

    monsterball (13:59:10) :

    Sam…First thing..my parents are dead long ago.

    Good thing your parents died long ago. If they had been alive and see all the rubbish you wrote not only here but in MT and Dr Hsu’s blog, they would give you the spanking of your life!


    Secondly….UMNO government can never influence me.

    Ha ha ha….what about all that ball carrying of Pak Lah, Khairy and all that stuff? Don’t be an incorrigible liar like your boss Pak Lah, monsterball. It’s all in the archives of MT!


    Your opinion is actually speaking out loud… for yourself.

    Let you say that to each and every one of the thousands here, Dr Hsu’s blog and MT…Their replies will bury you 10 feet deep, monsterball! Just spare some time and read what LH Heng said about you above

  104. Fifi says:

    Mr PM

    Melayu mudah lupa. Memorable statement from your xboss. Opps!!!!! not pure melayu descendant from china another so called bumiputra.

    I guess you are in this catagory, if not where is your plea, “Don’t work for me, work with me.” Where is your Islam Hadhari concept. Are you still a civilized person, if yes please release all the ISA detaineers. Fear God man.

    Home Minister you have destroy peace and harmony in this home of Malaysia.

  105. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi wits0 & NewMalaysia, phew… the KLSE is in freefall and probably descend to <1000pts. cm. with those 2 clowns jerking around. Howda, no finance experience at all – sure mati plus++, mampus our economy by next week.
    Meltdown! Of course they will blame US and world economy – ‘we got strong fundamentals la’ that old tired refrain! What fundamentals…? Bumno ah?
    Well, wits0, you can say that this crisis has been triggered by none other than ‘TaiKor’ indirectly. Hahaha…
    To restore some modicum of sanity, PR must take over asap!
    There actually is no derth of talent at Khazanah, Bank Negara, EPU and MITI, but they are wrongly used or ineffective.
    bISA need not be used any longer, cos the rakyat will soon KO by starvation!

  106. sam says:

    LHHeng (13:43:28) :

    The bum who called himself “monsterball” actually have no balls. He dare not put his name on this blog clearly proved what I just said. Absolutely “no balls” bum. FULL STOP

    L H Heng, What you say is absolutely korek, korek, korek! Maybe his balls were monster sized once, they then shrunk to pea size and now disappear altogether…ho ho ho….

  107. Ahmike.net says:

    How can they do so to our heros?

  108. what say you says:

    It takes only a short time to ruin the country, especially if it is run by some corrupted, mindless politicians, and Malaysia is at the brink of becoming one.

  109. Bola Hangus says:

    We live in a world of might makes right not some UN nonsense crap laws that nobody reads or follows.The Americans massacred the indians, stole their lands and got away with it. Hitler whacked the jews but didnt get away cos he lost the war. Zionist are getting away with atrocities due to their military might and backup fr uncle Sam. US can imprison whomever they like and use ISA like method of detaining people at guantanamo. And what is the word doing besided jerking off wearing their grandmas panties? Nothing! Hypocrites talk and syok sendiri, doers walk the walk. The victors write the laws which the losers follow. Just or unjust thats the facts of life.

  110. new era says:

    Seems like AAB is taking a more anti malaysian position from what he commented about Anwar to malaysiakini. I won’t be surprised if he put Anwar Under ISA.

  111. Nudibranch says:

    I believe in Karma…. what goes round will come a round……its only a matter of time….people that preaches and condone injustice, racism, corruption, will face the same fate sooner of later. Law of the Universe !

  112. monsterball says:

    Dollah took over the Ministry of Defence….can mean these reasons:-
    1.Najib used that …to apply ISA.
    2.Studying Anwar’s proposal….to ensure smooth and peaceful transfer of power.
    3.Hold that…to create havocs and confusions..by arresting Anwar..to apply Emergency Rule.
    PS: Sam ..don’t be a childish idiot!!
    Just go to..”Justin Choo” blog…search fo the post..on
    Chicken…click to my nick….monsterball..and there you can see my face…all details.
    Just stop talking nonsense…..during this critical part of our lives…OKAy??
    If you want to joke…do it in style..like me..at FSZ3.

  113. By stripping bijan from military, is easy to have polis to arrest him on mongolian woman case from those tentera fight tooth and nail to protect him….. bijan has no more protection, and he’s doomed…..

  114. sam says:


    The one who is talking nonsense all the time, not only in this blog, but elsewhere is you. Many people will agree with me on that. You know why you have become the butt of jokes and ridicule? You think you are smart, but you are actually dumb, stupid! You can’t even write a proper sentence with correct grammar and spelling. And most of the time what you post, you think it’s new, people already know, and it has become stale stuff. Makes you even more stupid! Now you want people to know how you look like? Why don’t you go ahead and post a pix of yourself for all to see here. Better still, put it up in a public place where all can pelt rotten eggs at you! I wish your parents will rise up from their graves and give you the hiding of your life by putting them into so much embarrassment through your senseless postings!

  115. Bola Hangus says:

    I am umnoputra ultra nep award winner. scholarships and monies of malaysian tax payers given to me to acquire foreign degree….on paper only…..no brains…tested already mah. I hate DSAI…..as he is implicated for sodo mee….when he is not so. I practise it and no publicity….i wish say fool will abng my arse.

  116. xxxx says:

    susan,its high time you should moderate all comments.
    your blogs became blue movie blogs one day.

    saja aja ya ,your prof said.

    what you want to proof susan>sloone?

  117. monsterball says:

    Have you finish yet?
    I am a nobody….why talk about me…so much?

  118. Saddened Malaysian says:

    From Rocky’s Bru @ 5.41pm:

    Police arrested blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.ka. Sheih Kickdefella in Kota Bharu, Kelantan today.

    Any confirmation/developments on this?

  119. Bola Hangus says:

    wow, i didnt know i had such a devoted fanbase that people are even trying to be moi.

  120. monsterball says:

    Kickdefella..just got arrested!!

  121. monsterball says:

    Come on…stop copying my nick!!

  122. Is the law no respecter of persons?
    Where is at least the human decency?
    We call upon the prayers of all parsons
    To plea to God to change mankind’s evil tendency

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170908
    Wed. 17th Sept. 2008.

  123. monsterball says:

    Yes….”Saddened Malaysian” He is now at Bukit Aman….K.Lumpur.
    Sorry…I did not read..you out the news first.
    Few of us…are trying to find out…what is the latest.
    i think…he was not arrested under ISA…..but for displaying the National Flag.,,upside down.
    A huge fine will do him good…and get released fast.

  124. monsterball says:

    Susan….Why do you allow copy cats like the above on me?
    So easy..the design of my logo cannot be copied!!
    Anyway…this is the latest news on kickdefella.
    He is on his way to Bukit Aman.
    Few thinks…he will be there for few days…than released with a bail..for a court case.
    Friends are meeting to raise up money for bail…and I committed financial help.
    So….all one can do is to go and find more details tomorrow morning.

  125. Harrison says:

    Monsterball (the original one), thanks for your info on Sheih’s arrest. That blardy Gestapo.

  126. bamboo river says:

    Everyone, Bro Sheih could be detained under the sedition act.
    Hope all bloggers (Zorro,Rocky ) could get the latest info.

  127. PAK BENGGAP LAH says:

    kickdefella was right when writing about Pak Benggap Lah taking the country to like Myanmar.

    Long Live Pak Benggap Lah……. yeah right!


    Wednesday September 17, 2008 MYT 7:31:56 PM
    Blogger Kickdefella arrested for sedition

    KOTA BARU: Police on Wednesday arrested blogger Syed Azidi Syed Aziz, better known as Sheih Kickdefella.

    Syed Azidi’s wife Bariah Ishak said her husband was picked up from their house in Demit, here at 5.05pm.

    She said three plainclothes policemen came in a dark-tinted white Pajero and told her that they were detaining her husband and would take him to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

    ”They said my husband was arrested under the Sedition Act,” she said when contacted.

  128. Stubborn Government says:

    I urge all Malaysian blog and post all seditious comments towards the government. Just see how many millions of blogger they can arrest. Such dirty tactic from UMNO regime really unacceptable in this modern world, where is the freedom of speech now? PM Bodowi your name already tarnished and if you still keep pushing Malaysian people rights to the wall, you and your family would not have the respect from all Malaysian. You should smarter than your son in law and just step down before its too late!!!

  129. monsterball says:

    Cos sarawakian are STUPID !!!!!!

    Investor are losing money due to the poor performance of equity market. ROI not more than 10% for 1 year and u should lose all the money to the bank and extra fee without renting out ur property. why is like that ..cos all the politician grab all the land and left few for the project. Can u imagine our salary is the lowet in state but housing is the most expensive !!!!!!!!!!!

    Developer are making money…there are not losing money due to high land cost….cos they can always get FREE land from the local authority and Slaughter Stupid sarawkian by giving few houses to the ….MENTERI MENTERI,,,that we fed them. TEll me which investor makes money without the help of kang tao???? every good investment went to the hand of the white hair empire.

  130. maxtor says:

    Ni cerita mesti nak lebih2 punya ni. Bagi bunyi macam buruk dan teruk sangat la.

  131. netizen says:

    The Bar Council,Pakatan Raykat and the rakyat should have another peaceful walk for justice and freedom to support our RPK and Theresa detained under ISA for not being a threat to national security but merely exercising their rights and sacrifice for the sake of the people and nation.Our hearts went out to RPK and Theresa for your sacrifices for us to put things on the right path, by providing the rakyat priviledged information and truth to your best of knowledge.The Gomen should not put out fire with fire.Hatred cannot be appeased by hatred.Gomen should find the root cause of their anger instead of detaining them under ISA!Our Gomen can teach the world by telling them to find the root cause of terrorism but do not know how to teach themselves to find the root cause of the rakyat’s anger.Call our country role model to 3rd world?Shameful now.

  132. Pegasus says:

    Where are we heading now ? A Police state ?, The Zombie has taken over the Defence Ministry in exchange with Najis for Finance minister, sound move for Bodowi to solidify his position, the economy is sliding down and its now Najis baby. Bodowi is sure putting himself in strong position to withstand the expected onslaught coming the next few days, he is going down and he knows that, Anwar is not a threat to the country, so is Teresa,RPK,Hindraf 5 and the rest of the ISA detainees, they should be release immediately. The real threat to this country is none other the Bodowi,Najib and those Umno goons.!!!.
    These are the people who should be arrested under ISA, they are the one who incite racist sentiments and utters statement that are damaging to the welfare of the country and the unity of the people, we need more level headed person like Zaid.We are still long way off, hopefully Anwar plan works out fast, he needs to expedite the whole process fast,as time is running out as Bodowi is already planning to arrest Anwar under ISA in reference to his statement.
    We can’t let all the work done by Pakatan to go to waste ,it would be good for DSAI to make his move NOW!!!

  133. HUmanity says:

    SAPP pulled out from BN!!! yippee~~~~~~~~ getting closer to the reality now! More great news in the day to come. This really getting excited! to see the cancer spreading inside BN coalition parties.

  134. kayangsari says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m sure you and I would know that no one in Pak Lah’s cabinet comes close to Anwar Ibrahim’s intellectuality, knowledge, and skill as a statesman. Read: “Nyata sekali Anwar ada 3K” at http://www.malikkassim.com

  135. monsterball says:

    WOW!! Two copy cats..of mine…but who cares.
    Harrison…..few NGOs and me are going to puka puasa ..then proceed to ..where kickdefella is locked up.
    I guess his boss…..Husam will put out bail….as my donation….not needed.

  136. Iban headhunter says:


    stop insulting sarawakians! unless you want us to blowpipe you first and chop off your head! If you’re still alive and walk like headless chicken, we will also chop off what’s left of your pea-sized balls and feed it to the crocodiles of the Rejang River! You are damn stupid monsterball, posting stupid comments which are only fit for the tong sampah of our country! go to hell monsterball. you are not wanted here nor anywhere!

  137. Adam Kontiki says:

    Dear Susan,

    This is the first time I am accessing your blog and I find your postings very interesting, not to mention the various comments posted by several people. I noticed that there has been a lot of personal insults traded between this chap called monsterball with several other people like chaptokam, cilipadi, etc. Well it appears that the same cyber war has been repeated in Dr Hsu Dar Ren’s blog. Dr Hsu is of course irritated by all these and tried his best to be fair to all. In my own little way I tried to analyze the situation rationally after doing a fair bit of research on this chap called monsterball via google. Here is my 2 cents worth of comments which were carried in Dr Hsu’s blog recently. Together with some follow-up comments by Dr Hsu and others, my comments have at least defused the tension and sobered up monsterball. I take the liberty of posting them here because you appear to be having the same kind of problem as Dr Hsu, regarding monsterball and several other people. I hope it will provide you with some insight on dealing with monsterball, assuming you find it difficult to restrain him. If you feel that my comments take up too much of your bandwith, feel free not to carry it. As long as you have read it and understand my intentions, I am more than happy.


    Adam Kontiki.

    Dr Hsu,

    You did the right thing in deleting comments bordering on personal attacks.

    But have you pondered a while as to why the personal attacks crop up? There seems to be a good reason for this. I shall try my best to explain rationally.

    I note that you are referring mainly to monsterball and without malice, I would say that although his comments are generally on issues, many of them (comments) sometimes appear not only senseless, way of the mark, but actually provocative as well. Monsterball in his enthusiasm, may not realize this, but those reading the comments certainly do. Chaptokam is one of them, and as such I don’t blame people like him for criticising monsterball.

    By the way the “war” between monsterball and chaptokam is not only in your blog but also in susan loone’s. I believe they are also in other blogs where both post their comments.

    I would like to add that even while some of monsterball’s comments are on issues, many people find them absolutely boring, repetitive, written in very bad English, poor grammar… contributing nothing at all to the discussion except to waste your valuable bandwith. His writing style is such that he writes as if he talks…that is why sometimes his trend of thought gets disjointed, jumping from one topic to the next…the result is confusion. I think many people get fed up when they read such gibberish, and worst of all, monsterball is very long-winded.

    On that score, Dr Hsu, I suggest, again without malice, that you delete some of monsterball’s comments, which I am sure many would agree with me that they are absolute nonsense. I believe it is the response of many readers of what they perceive to be monsterball’s senseless comments that riled him up, prompting him to make personal attacks on them, using foul and obscene language with expletives…and naturally they choose to hit him back…and there you have the inevitable “war” in cyberspace. This has not only happened in your blog, but also other blogs, especially Malaysia Today..where the attacks on monsterball are enough to fill 10 National Libraries!

    There is enough said in the blogs about monsterball and the conclusion any one surfing the net and accessing the archives of blogs which monsterball had posted his comments, is that he is not a well-liked character.

    He seems to relish in this and in fact provokes others to attack him. I do not know much about this monsterball, but it seems he is a bored retiree in his late 60s or early 70s or something who has nothing better to do than surf the net, giving airs about himself of who he is and what he does, (which many would take with a pinch of salt) and make either senseless or provocative comments at others to invite them to hit back at him…which many did.

    Dr Hsu, I would like to reiterate here that my long letter here is not to attack monsterball or others but to try to give a proper perspective and explanation to what had recently happened in your blog which greatly upset you.

    I hope monsterball, chaptokam and others affected will take it in the right spirit and not be offended and bear with what I had said in a move to find an amicable solution to the problem you are facing, Dr Hsu.

    Keep up the good work in your blog, anyway. By the way I am one of those who are in favour of Gerakan pulling out of BN and reverting to its original multi-racial principles when it was first founded 40 years ago.


    Adam Kontiki

  138. sadboy says:

    anwar when you become pm?

  139. Kherry Scarry says:

    One thing at a time…. ….we shall see more parties turning into independant parties soon, hopefully.

    Gradual change is much better than immediate change….

    SAPP has start the ball rolling, so let’s start counting…..

  140. Oh no! says:

    Malaysia KLCI was down to 988 points now, so blame who? blame Anwar or American or the corrupted government? You’re the judge.

  141. bamboo river says:

    People , the real MONSTERBALL is the nick with LIGHT BLUE icon with four SQUARES in the center.
    Please take note, those monsterballs’ nicks with other colours than the LIGHT BLUE icon are fakes,impostors,penipu,penyangak and instigators!

    monsterball (23:40:29) :

    WOW!! Two copy cats..of mine…

    THIS IS THE REAL monsterball. Check his ICON!!!!!
    Please check before you post your comments.
    Thank you.

  142. Saddened Malaysian says:

    Is something going on? PDRM has positioned 3 truckloads of police, a handful of police cars and vans and a number of traffic police in the vicinity of my office in since yesterday evening.

  143. Oh no! says:

    KLCI fell to 973 points, getting excited!

  144. Ouiiii says:

    Ouiii!!!! No head hunter here la,come on. Whats chopping heads, stupiak!! Enough of those ridiculous comments.
    STOP being IMPOSTER.
    Get back to your business,for the shake of good comments and information on Kok.

  145. Ayoyosamy says:

    Markets down started from shitty US markets fundamentals okay? Wanna grab power by “sodomistic” means should expect ISA treatment!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Oh no! says:

    Can’t deny US is the super power not just economically but also millitary, you either form an alliance with them or you go home tanam jagung to support your family.

  147. Oh no! says:

    970 points now!!! just wondering which point will make the investor start to pack up and leave.

  148. Ayoyosamy says:

    UN will take over as “Big Brother” soon!! US superpower will be history!!

  149. suchfun says:

    US will continue to be big brother, till at least 2020, probably longer, no believe? Can start treating all US fella in Msia like dogs and pigs , then U see lah!

  150. Rimo says:

    Somebody…. please award Datuk to her…..

  151. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Oh no! (10:09)et al., the KLSE will continue its freefall, do not go near it!
    If you’re already in, do not panic – makes things worse.
    Both internal and external factoring in.
    The internal one being more apparent at the moment.
    It can only rebound with a change in the whole system, if you know what i mean.
    Preservere, be strong and above all no ‘monkeying’ around please…
    This few days more will see a new dawn for us, and when that happen’s do not carry out personal vendettas. Cool, chill out and pray…

  152. kittykat46 says:

    Abdullah claimed credit in 2006 , early 2007 for the rise in the KLCI , at that time actually fuelled by foreign hot cash.

    Now he wants to blame the crashing market in Anwar….

    Knock, knock is anybody in charge in there ?

  153. bamboo river says:

    KK46- “Knock, knock is anybody in charge in there ?”

    You should know the country is running on AUTOPILOT.
    No one is monitoring the fuel level.
    By the time we run out of juice….prepare to crash!
    When the PM switch portfolio with DPM, expect to KLSE to drop further down. By the time we celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, it will be below 700 if PR don’t make their move now.

    I am lookng up into the sky at night to see if I can catch a glimpse of a shooting star. Maybe more shooting stars!
    Any news about Kicker?

  154. monsterball says:

    Latest news on Sheih!
    Elivza and Black organised a candle light virgil for tonight …cancelled!!
    Apparently..the reporter gave the wrong news…saying Sheih was brought to KL.
    This morning…he was brought to Kota Baru court and back to jail.
    Everyone expects him to be released on bail …tomorrow.

  155. Lallang exile says:

    Dear All,

    If Anwar indeed loves Malaysia, he will suspend his mat jenin dreams in the midst of the financial tsunami sweeping over the world.

    If Anwar loves Malaysia, he would quieten down his campaign in leiu of the greater interests at stake.

    But no, he must be PM. And to him, the current financial turbulence serves his agenda better.

    Now, what reformer are we talking about?

  156. Lallang exile says:

    bamboo river,

    it’s the other way round.
    if pr takes power, the stock market will dive below 500.

    coz everyone would liquidate their positions.

    wanna take a bet?

    ask the bookies……….

  157. Lallang exile says:

    And, we should vote off Yong Teck Lee and gang the next GE.

    Who in Sabah doesn’t know about YTL and his antics (deals?)

    Now, the ACA should check all his bank accounts dating back to when he first took office!!! Plus his family’s.

  158. delcapo says:

    Haris rocked at DSAI’s PC just now!!!!

    Managed to get some screenshots from the live streaming & posted with comments…(well done Anil once again!!)

    Shows that DSAI & PR are starting to feel the strain… just need that one good shot at it, but not getting the aim… Come On!!!

    keep them candles burning for RPK, St Teresa & the rest…. this is not over by a long shot!


  159. chaptokam says:

    latest news ! ! monsterball got arrested at 3.30 pm today by polis for …..

  160. chaptokam says:

    monsterball (18:28:09) :

    Yes….”Saddened Malaysian” He is now at Bukit Aman….K.Lumpur.
    Sorry…I did not read..you out the news first.
    Few of us…are trying to find out…what is the latest.
    i think…he was not arrested under ISA…..but for displaying the National Flag.,,upside down.
    A huge fine will do him good…and get released fast.

    What huge fine !!! How can ?? I thought Badawi your abang adek and botak your good friend , get him release lah with NFA ( no further action ) , then it proves you still have your bola bola .

  161. Phua Kai Lit says:

    This is a good site for analyses by experts:


  162. Lallang exile says:

    Wake up Malaysians, wake up!!!

    Stop supporting someone who doesn’t care what happens to u and the country!!!

    At these perilous times, the last thing we need(can afford) is to add to the spin of a Mat Jenin bent on becoming PM at all costs regardless of all and sundry.

    The financial holocaust about to engulf us will concern everyone, yet anwar has the gall to add to the present catharsis that malaysia is in.

    now, is he fit to lead us????

  163. Lallang exile says:

    Wake up Malaysians, wake up!!! wake up!!!

    Go for the truth!! The truth is that we need leaders to pilot the country out of the spreading financial tsunami.

    Stop supporting someone who doesn’t care what happens to u and the country!!!

    At these perilous times, the last thing we need(can afford) is to add to the spin of a Mat Jenin bent on becoming PM at all costs regardless of all and sundry.

    The financial holocaust about to engulf us will concern everyone, yet anwar has the gall to add to the present catharsis that malaysia is in.

    now, is he fit to lead us????

  164. Ayoyosamy says:

    Wake up Malaysians!!! The Agong will never consent to a gaylo government for Malaysians!!!!!!

  165. Lallang exile says:

    Parliament to dissolve Sept 23?

    In the midst of what’s happening now internationally?

    wouldn’t that plunge the country into greater crisis? do we want more people to lose their jobs?

    But he doesn’t care.

    Most would seek to calm the political hiatus in the country now, but not AI.

    For that would delay his ambition to be king.

  166. Lallang exile says:

    Latest from Mat Jenin’s press statement

    “As the incumbent Prime Minister actively holding office and exercising all Executive powers, and as the outgoing Finance Minister, we hold him fully accountable for the current political turmoil and mismanagement of the nation’s economy. ”

    Now, have we forgotten who was the finance minister in the 97 financial crisis? And before that, the many financial scandals that many have conveniently sought to forget?

    AAB might not be the brightest and best PM/Finance Minister, but the current mess is not of his doing. But history tells us Anwar himself was at the helm when several financial scandals took place.

    That’s the record. guys!!

  167. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Malaysians!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

    The conflict of the ages is upon us today!!

    As for “current political turmoil,” who is the one causing it?

    Do we need to play the game “spot the difference” that even a 3 year old could manage??

    Wake up Malaysians! Wake up, wake up , wake up!!!

    Break the spell!!! The alarm bells are ringing so loudly now that everyone ought be able to hear them.

    Unless you shut yourselves out of the obvious. like the emperor with new clothes……………..

  168. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Everybody,

    The conflict of the ages is upon us today!!

    As for “current political turmoil,” who is the one causing it?

    Do we need to play the game “spot the difference” that even a 3 year old could manage??

    Wake up Malaysians! Wake up, wake up , wake up!!!

    Break the spell!!! The alarm bells are ringing so loudly now that everyone ought be able to hear them.

    Unless you shut yourselves out of the obvious. like the emperor with new clothes……………..

  169. kittykat46 says:

    Hey Cyber-trooper, don’t you have anything else to do other than spaming Susan’s blog ?

  170. asitis says:

    5. Despite Government propaganda through the controlled media that we are doing well, the reality is otherwise. The foreign investors, including Arabs came, and the reports claim that hundreds of millions of Ringgit in investment would be coming in, but there is no sign that the investors are actually investing. In fact I hear in the IT sector a proposed 600 million Ringgit investment has been withdrawn.

    6. Apart from Arabs buying up new skyscrapers there is no sign that investments are really coming in.

    7. I talked to potential investors and they told me they would not be investing and they are pulling out from the Malaysian stock market. The KLSE figures show how much market capital has disappeared. I am told that it is more than 100 billion Ringgit.

    8. In the meantime the prices of oil and foodstuff are high and may go higher. But incomes are not increasing. In other words we are experiencing inflation. When the American financial crisis really hits us we may not be able to handle it.

    9. Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak’s appointment as Minister of Finance has come at a crucial time. I pray and hope he will be able to handle the impending crisis. If he fails then he will have to take the blame. Dato Seri Abdullah is now only involved in social issues, reform (of what?) and Islam Hadari. Appropriately he has taken over the Ministry of Defence.

    10. We are in for a very interesting time. The PM should read carefully SAPP President Yong Teck Lee’s press statement. But I don’t think he would. He is reputed to have told Malaysian diplomats undergoing training that if they are asked critical questions they should “buat bodoh” i.e. pretend to be stupid. I believe that is precisely what Abdullah would do to Yong’s statement.

  171. tan kiah wah says:

    I feel sad that such a nice person like Teresa KoK would be arrested and accused of being anti islam. I know her and she is definitely not anti islam or try to cause fight between people of different race or religion in Malaysia.
    This is the tactic use by UMNO that is so desperate for the support of the malay that they will play the racial card. shame on UMNO leader like Khir Toyol and Syed Hamid.

    Tan Kiah Wah

  172. james chua says:

    Aliran has reported concern about RPK’ health. And the Royalty sits on the fence while one of their royal blood is being held like a dog.


    If my brother is in jail for no reason, and there is a possibility he could die like a dog, I will be seeking blood. RESPECT IS EARNED, NOT INHERITED.

  173. Ouiiii says:

    Aiyo, old man Lallang, Jangan bising sangat. I know older man normally has sleeping problem. Just Ignore him. Its time to sleep, Malaysians. Tomorrow we have more to do, building our nation together. kekeke

  174. chaptokam says:

    Newsflash: Hot News !!!

    Dato Seri Anwar berjaya dapat 42 kerusi tambahan. 18 dari Ikea , 14 dari Courts dan 10 dari Fella Design.

    Maaf Zahir dan Batin .

  175. bamboo river says:

    We have ‘lallang exile” impostors,penipu,penyangak.
    Still don’t get the big picture about ICONs!!!
    Betul betul bahlol dan bengap.

  176. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Chaptokam and anwar followers

    ha! ha! ha1 ha! ha! ha!

    How witty can one get amidst all this madness!

    nice thing about sue’s blog is that she usually practices democracy, but someone else seems to be in charge since i can’t post. sign of the times

    And, check the icons once more – this is lallang indeed.

    no cybertrooper nor umno supporter

    just sharing me thoughts

    nitey nite nite,

    gotta wake up tommorow, though some are in perpetual slumber………

  177. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Chaptokam and anwar followers,

    ha! ha! ha1 ha! ha! ha!

    How witty can one get amidst all this madness!

    nice thing about sue’s blog is that she usually practices democracy, but someone else seems to be in charge since i can’t post. sign of the times

    And, for the record, check the icons once more – this is lallang indeed.

    no cybertrooper nor umno supporter

    just sharing me thoughts

    nitey nite nite,

    gotta wake up tommorow, though some are in perpetual slumber………

  178. wits0 says:

    Not to worry Bamboo, its just symtomatic of the whole CT locusts army trying to swamp blog comments as ordered from their frantic above. They can’t mail bomb forums like they used to.

  179. Lallang exile says:


    i don’t believe you.

    are u saying dissenting views are not allowed on this blog?

    my respect for u have suddenly evaporated. so, all those post pro-anwar /pkr comments are genuine contributors while those who disagree are cybertroopers. and how many have u deleted?

    what democracy??? this is worse than an Orwellian nightmare! who’s manning sue’s blog?

  180. Truth Seeker says:

    Thank God for Contrast.

    Contrast is a good thing. Contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things. Just like the difference betweeen day and night, light and darkness.

    It is when we are faced with a situation we truly don’t want any longer that we seek to want so dearly, what is truly good for all of us, the rakyat.

    Cheers, to our New Malaysia, cherished by all.

  181. wawasan2020 says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18, 2008 (AFP) – The ads promoting “Malaysia: Truly Asia” aim to welcome visitors with a warm smile to a prosperous and modern nation, so the taxi fleet branded “the worst in the world” can come as a bit of a shock.

    Even the locals are not spared the shabby service of unkempt and hostile drivers behind the wheels of decrepit vehicles who refuse to use the meter, overcharge and pick-and-choose which destinations they will travel to.

    At the popular KLCC mall under Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers is a typical scene, as a gang of cabbies negotiate with a young Norwegian couple just metres from a signboard warning against “taxi touts”.

    “Flat rate, flat rate, no metre,” one driver insists as the tourists try to find a cab to take them to their hotel, less than two kilometres (1.2 miles) away.

    Anxious to escape the baking heat, they agree to pay 25 ringgit (7.22 dollars) for a trip that would have cost less than three ringgit on the meter.

    “Is it expensive? We don’t know, we thought it is normal here,” said the woman as they piled in with their shopping bags.

    More frequent visitors, however, are vocal in their criticism and say that aggressive and unprofessional drivers are tarnishing the nation’s image as a squeaky clean and hospitable destination.

    “I first visited Malaysia in 2006 and I was impressed by everything I saw except for the worst taxi service I have endured,” said Kabir Dali, an Indian tourist waiting in vain for a metered taxi at another mall.

    “I paid a whopping 260 ringgit (74 dollars) from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to town and was later told that was twice the proper amount.”

    Complaints about taxis are common in many countries, but in Malaysia it has escalated to an outpouring of frustration, on blog sites and in letters to newspapers.

    In a survey by the local magazine The Expat, some 200 foreigners from 30 countries rated Malaysia the worst among 23 countries in terms of taxi quality, courtesy, availability and expertise.

    The respondents lashed the fleet as “a source of national shame” and “a serious threat to tourists — rude bullies and extortionists”.

    Salvation is in sight though, as a number of smaller, up-scale operators enter the market to provide a more expensive but quality taxi service for frustrated visitors and locals.

    The uniformed drivers, behind the wheels of smart new multi-purpose vehicles and sedans, switch on the meter as a matter of course and do not refuse destinations — surprising and delighting commuters in the capital.

    Abdul Razak, operations manager for Dubai-based Citicab which launched here in January, said that even in poorer nations such as Thailand and Indonesia, taxis are smarter and the drivers far more courteous.

    “I would say it is the worst in this region, undoubtedly. I have travelled to all countries in this region and our company operates taxis in many parts of the world. The situation here is the worst I have seen,” he told AFP.

    “The vehicles are in shabby condition, the driver will take you if he likes your face — that is, if he agrees with where you want to go for the price he insists on.”

    The government has called on taxi firms to lift their standards, but various campaigns have achieved little, and many blame the lack of enforcement on rampant corruption in the police and bureaucracy.

    “It is difficult for the roads and traffic department to take stern action,” said a security officer at one city mall as he watched the touts swoop.

    “Taxi operators and the company which hold the licences are all linked to some politician or another,” he said. “Drivers here are ruthless because they are unchecked by authorities who are almost non-existent.”

    John Koldowski, from the Pacific Asia Travel Association, said that “less than desirable” taxi drivers have an outsize impact on a nation’s image.

    “The first contact a tourist gets with locals is often during airport transits to hotels and it creates a very, very strong first impression, either be good or bad,” he said.

    “Authorities certainly need to do their jobs and act upon any complaints strongly, quickly and visibly.”

  182. Bola Hangus says:

    taxi drivers are mostly penyamuns. out of 1000, you’ll be lucky to find one honest driver. The rest are just whackjobs out to cheat. This is the only profession which i see a fair representation of the major races in this country. Unfortunately all are united to cheat abd shortchange the passengers.

  183. freewave says:

    I agree with some of Lallang’s point. He (Anwar) has a part in making the investors run away.

  184. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, do something! Strong, quickly and visibly… we’ve been denigrated to thinking about those rotten, stinking teksi kaki-lanuns!!

  185. Dala says:

    Susan…where are you? Are you ok? Looking forward to some posts from you.

  186. monsterball says:

    Susan….25 of us were at the Police HQ.
    Nat…Amin and Bakaq …including Sheih’s sister and relatives….were there too!
    Police came and told us to disperse.
    All in all….about 15 minutes….lighting candles.
    Police Officer Ravi was very polite and understanding..but he has his orders.
    We respected it..and dispersed.
    Two more important reporters…know me and ask me …not to response to insults.
    They say…everyone knows me…..so why get upset?
    I am so touched by all..so nice to me.
    One was upset with the police….I put my hand at his shoulder….he shut up….and let me talk….to cool things down.
    Nat talked very diplomatically too.
    We had to dispersed.no choice.
    Next time…we will try 4 in one group…since 5 is considered as a crowd.

  187. chaptokam says:

    monsterball (22:23:34) :

    Ai Ya they didn’t arrest you ? I ‘ll tell them to watch out for the 69 year old man , face like a ham sap loh , smoke cigars like a or kooi tau sitting in front of jalan besar , and talk cock and big like a bullshitter . Hopefully they give you 30 days curry rice or nasi lemak on the house .

  188. Penang Exile says:

    Susan – has anything hppened to you? Why the long silence without any updates?

  189. chaptokam says:

    alex (21:20:49) :

    Sorry to disappoint you , I told them to give him 30 days of free curry rice and nasi lemak , but they dared not do it after looking at his face for fear of him soiling their premises . Further they just call me up and told me , cannot bring in a pig into the lockup ! aiyo like that ah !!

  190. sam says:

    chaptokam (22:57:53) :

    monsterball (22:23:34) :

    Ai Ya they didn’t arrest you ? I ‘ll tell them to watch out for the 69 year old man , face like a ham sap loh , smoke cigars like a or kooi tau sitting in front of jalan besar , and talk cock and big like a bullshitter . Hopefully they give you 30 days curry rice or nasi lemak on the house .

    You know why they didn’t arrest monsterball that particular day? They found him without his adult diapers and he was not only bullshitting to all and sundry, but also shitting all over the place! Can you imagine the stink he caused. While the police had to use clothes pegs to press their noses to keep away the stink, our or koo tau was not only farting away like a pig but also wallowing in his filth! The police remand centre in Bukit Aman had just been cleaned for the day and they don’t want him to make a mess of it as our monsterbola was not only suffering from verbal diarrhoea but also the real physical diarrhoea! So the had to let him him go…ha ha ha…….

  191. sam says:

    monsterball (22:23:34) :

    They say…everyone knows me…..so why get upset?

    Ya, everyone, including the police, knows you….but for the wrong reasons monsterball! You think they see you as some smart, towkay, making intelligent postings in the blog? Dream on monsterball….wake up to the reality that the police like all of us see you as nothing but a big bullshitter, talking cock through his arsehole…that’s what you are monsterball!!

  192. chaptokam says:

    sam (23:39:59)

    Aiyo like that ah , why you didn’t tell earlier ? I will ask them to bring along a ( too lang ) basket made of rattan where they normally kick the pig in for lock up before transportation to be slaughtered .
    Hey sam , do me a favour , next time you see the pig let me know . I call Musang to get his man to quickly arrest him ok !

  193. chaptokam says:

    monsterball (22:23:34) :

    Police came and told us to disperse.
    We respected it..and dispersed.

    You so good , I thought you very brave , fark polis , now I know you got no balls .
    In the blogs , you write as if you are superman , not afraid of anything , here the chiku polis ask you to dispersed , you quickly chabut !!

    They say…everyone knows me…..so why get upset?
    You chabut oredi , and yet you say everyone knows you ! oo tua pow sen oo boh !
    why get upset ! for what ! talk cock only lah ! big tua kong ( big cannon )

    Next time…we will try 4 in one group…since 5 is considered as a crowd.
    We had to dispersed.no choice.
    Like that means this big cannon got no cannon balls !! I go there I bring 10 people and tell the polis to shut up ! want to arrest , arrest lah !

  194. KOMPRESSOR says:

    SARAWKIANS ARE ALSO HUMANS AS REST MALAYSIANS…. do no harm unto them, care for them as you care for your brothers and sisters. Be united and take note that SARAWAKIANS women are good for homemaker, beautiful and anytime better than China Dolls.

    The enemy of state is not SARAWAKIANS OR SABAHANS but Incompetent P-Monkey!

  195. Ayoyosamy says:

    Stop Press : PKR will adopt a new logo if it takes over this legitimate govt.

    ” (_o_) ”

    Hey sure looks famililar haha

  196. face the fact! says:

    BN ship is sinking and UMNO no more in control on their so called rich states, the only left are Sabah and Sarawak, both states are poor like hell. What else can you do UMNO spoiled Ali Baba? I assumed that Big brother’s up there already answered your calls racist bigot UMNO.

  197. Azmin says:

    Where are you, Susan? Hope we are not the cause for her slience….ISA???

  198. Lallang exile says:


    have your blog being taken over by pkr/anwar? if so, i’ll say bye bye to my favorite blog. where are u? answer me for the last time.


    i don’t believe you.

    are u saying dissenting views are not allowed on this blog?

    my respect for u have suddenly evaporated. so, all those post pro-anwar /pkr comments are genuine contributors while those who disagree are cybertroopers. and how many have u deleted?

    what democracy??? this is worse than an Orwellian nightmare! who’s manning sue’s blog?

    And, all malaysians should read nazrin’s say here:

    IPOH, Sept 16 (Bernama) — The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, today called on the country’s leaders to stop quarrelling among themselves and instead to focus on developing the nation’s resources for the well-being of the people.

    He said the world was now facing a gloomy economic climate with the prices of fuel and food at unprecedented levels.

    “All efforts must be focused on easing the burden of the people. The country’s productivity must be raised, investors must be given confidence, new jobs must be created and essential items must be assured.

    “This is a big challenge for any government. It will not be achieved through political rhetoric alone. It will not be achieved if the leaders, both within and outside the government, continue to quarrel,” he said at the 162nd Conference of the Perak Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council here today.

    Raja Dr Nazrin said the country’s leaders, both within and outside the government, must see the grim economic situation in the world as a challenge facing the country and people which needed their concerted thinking and efforts to do productive work.

    Raja Dr Nazrin said that if this heavy challenge was not tackled, he feared that stability and order in the country would be affected and all the achievements of the last 51 years since independence would be wiped out.

    He also said that the spirit of Ramadan, as the basis to mould noble morals, followed by the spirit of Syawal to build brotherhood, must be reflected in the daily activities of the family, society, government and nation.”

  199. kittykat46 says:

    A lot of American banks could be bankrupt before the end of the year.
    AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, with $ 1 Trillion assets, is in deep trouble, essentially nationalised by the US Federal Reserve.

    And the crisis is coming to Bolehland soon.

    Our government doesn’t have a clue what to do.

  200. kittykat46 says:

    Lallang Exile,
    I think you only read 1/2 of Rajan Nazrin’s meaning.

    I’m tending to agree Anwar needs to cool off on his campaign because of the global economic crisis.

    On the other hand…

    Any observer other than a government apologist can see that this government is focused on utilising its hard power to hammer the opposition. The mailed fist is out in the open.

    That’s the other half of the message

  201. malaysian says:

    “He who jest at scar never felt the wound”. Hamid and AAB/BN racist should have a feel of what RPK and Theresa are going through under the detention of ISA for voicing their rights just like them now and for protecting the rights of all Malaysians and for Theresa for doing her job as an MP by feedback ordinary innocent rakyat views and grievances.Be more open and broad minded, bro.If BN is fair they should also jail the racist Ahmad under ISA.wHY he is scott-free? Oh yes forgot, Ahmad is Umno so he can go off the hook just like so many other Umnopurteras.So Umnoputeras can be criminals and be free from being jailed.Wah! very good priviledge to join UMno (members priviledges).At least our Zaid is a compassionate leader not like those sadist up there.(BN likes to misuse ISA for their political mileage and to jail those who are threats to BN, it is Intimidating sadistic Act).Zaid is right, ISA meant for terrorists purpose. Why those hard core terrorists from Malaysia who affected the national security and world security were not detained under ISA? Why detain non-terrorists and non-criminal under ISA.Jawap-lah if not for their political greed.Do you know what it is like to be jailed for your innocence.What kind of trauma and misery RPK and Teresa and their families go through right now.To most Malaysians this is HUMILIATING AND OPPRESSION!Think-lah.Are they criminals or terrorist? BN’s excuse is only accusing them as threat to national security (this is what Hamid & AAB said not the law said) and that “justify” them to use ISA. All bullshit and lies!! Enough of lies from this Hamid fella and AAB and BN/Umno.Stop all those lies and cover-ups and stop misleading the rakyat at large.A real laughing stock to the world.Embarassing to have such government who only clamp down innocent morally right non-criminal people who are anti BN-Umno mindset and culture and ketuanan!! When is BN/Umno going to learn and reform.Never.BN_umno Ego & Ketuanan!YAAB Zaid, you should start your own blog to reform our judiciary that is paralysed by our TDM and now BN/AAB.Justice always prevails and Truth always remains as Truth!No escape.The wind of Change is blowing across Land of Malaysia.Welcome this wind of harmony and justice in a peaceful rational and DIPLOMATIC way. Change now before it is too late.BN-Umno too preoccupied with their wealth and still in fantasy island and oblivious of the economy and still want to paint a rosy picture of the econony when it is not true and still go on lying to the ordinary Malaysians about the economy.Save Malaysia before Malaysia goes Bankrupt in BN-Umno hands!These people have enough wealth and richness accumulated through BN-Umno to retire and elope to enjoy their lives if Malaysia sinks but what about us poor ordinary Malaysians who slout so hard for 3 meals and maintain our children education.Where are we going to go? Its now or never to save ordinary majority Malaysians.Long live our morally true Reformist!!!

  202. Teresa Kok released from ISA detention

    Friday, 19 September 2008 13:38
    (The Star) KUALA LUMPUR: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was released from detention under the Internal Security Act at about 1pm on Friday, her lawyer Sankara Nair said.
    He said she had called him and he was now on the way to the Jalan Travers police station here to meet her.

    The Kinrara assemblyman and senior Selangor state executive councillor was detained one week ago, together with Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin and Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng.

    Tan was released after 18 hours.

  203. sam says:

    chaptokam (23:22:50) :

    alex (21:20:49) :

    Sorry to disappoint you , I told them to give him 30 days of free curry rice and nasi lemak , but they dared not do it after looking at his face for fear of him soiling their premises . Further they just call me up and told me , cannot bring in a pig into the lockup ! aiyo like that ah !!

    Know how police will solve problem of lockup for a pig like our friend? They eventually will have to put our great monsterball (in reality pea-sized balls after he chabut for fear of being detained like Sheikh) in a tu lang (pig basket) and hang it on their flag pole in Bukit Aman. Members of the public are invited to pelt rotten eggs at him.

  204. Lallang exile says:

    sue, ‘

    sorry for the multiple posts that took up much space.


    yes, i agree with u about the other half of nazrin’s statement about teh need for the govt to do more to lead us thru the financial mess. Umno is also fighting amongst itself.

    i am surprised how little is being reported about our local banks’ exposures to the US investment houses, the effect on malaysians with AIA premiums (AIG fall out), etc.

    Maybank’s purchase of an indonesian bank at an inflated price is also underreported. Now, why didin;t anyone from teh opposition raise any objection to it?

    (HK’s once largest local investment house Peregrine was liquadated because of exposure to an indonesian taxi company.) i have nothing against indo banks/companies, but now is not the time for an acquisition trail . the pakistan buy was already overpriced. seems the opposition will only make noise only when it’s too late.

    but right now, ti would help the country a great deal if anwar stop issuing dates and ultimatums. Let AAB continue until he is voted out by his party, then hold another GE to decide who has the peoples’ mandate to rule.

    By assenting and justifying crossovers/defections, the opposition is no different from BN, for it has renegaded its moral credos in exhange for power.

    i for, one see no difference between Anwar and AAB judging from the way things are going now……….Anwar is repeating what he did as M’s henchman when he bought over the PBS guys during Pairin’s tenure.


  205. Gadfly says:

    Adam Kontiki, you have raised some interesting specific points. I would like to write something in general. It seems that negative exchanges are an inevitable part of computer mediated communication (CMC). We can see quite often uninhibited, or sometimes uncontrollable, communication in cyberspace – name calling, insults, swearing. The hostilities and aggression expressed, at times, can be quite worrying, esp. those with intent(real or unreal) to harm. The contributing factors could be : lack of social cues, lack of social norms, de- individuation, social anonymity and computer hacker culture. The question is then : Is it an Utopian vision to advocate democracy and human rights through CMC? If not, how should the virtual environment be re-designed? Perhaps the moderation of messages ? This is for Susan to consider.

  206. VVV says:


  207. croak croak says:

    hi fellas
    So many comments.

    If conditions are so repulsive, disgusting and intolerable in Malaysia… Why burden yourselves with so much hardship? Apa lagi tunggu??? Cabut ler…

    Go look for greener pastures elsewhere, the skies the limit>>>>.

  208. rogue says:

    Let them feel how it feels like not to have proper food. A lot of Malaysian dont have the luxury of proper food. Theresa did say the food is similar to dog food. Why? She soo love her dogs that she tasted their food. Its good also that she revealed about the food, somebody is sure going to look into it. But please don’t compare food with pets food. Be grateful that you’ve tasted better food.

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