LATEST! Zaid Ibrahim quits!

This morning I blogged that Zaid may as well quit as Law Minister for having no power to halt the ISA arrests.

I said that until now, the two ISA detainees are still incommunicado. Despite lots of outcry, the government is turning a deaf ear.

There are reports that they might be released after 60 days.

But this is uncertain. Haris Ibrahim blogs that RPK is in danger, while Teresa may be able to see her family today.

As for Zaid Ibrahim,there is No point in trying to be a “hero”. He threatens to resign as Law Minister if the government continues to use the ISA againt any individuals.

What we really need now is for someone to tell us where exactly and what has happenned to the two ISA detainees.

Anything less is pointless and a waste of time.

As a Law Minister, surely Zaid has some ‘powers’. Or it seems, none at all?


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  1. […] As of now, the two ISA detainees are still incommunicado. Despite lots of outcry, the government is turning a deaf ear. There are reports that they might be released after 60 days, but this is uncertain. Haris Ibrahim blogs that RPK is in danger, while Teresa may be able to see her family today. As for Zaid Ibrahim,there is No […] Go To Source […]

  2. PureMalaysian says:

    Is Zaid resigning to join PR instead? 😉

  3. Pakac Luteb says:

    very worried about rpk on hunger strike. if he dies don’t take to the streets to protest, go on a general strike, don’t go to work.

  4. monsterball says:

    In UMNO…it looks like Dollah’s power as PM…is sometimes powerless.
    Home Minster Albar does not know what’s happening and always talk cock and cover his idiotic position.
    Imagine him saying ISA for reporter is to protect her from danger. Now released…what will be his reasons?
    Actually the police released her….defying obvious UMNO top leader instructions.
    Myhuddin Yasin spoke against Dollah in S’pore..infront of International politicians.
    Under Mahathir…he will be sacked immediately…..but Dollah is just feeling sad…shows Dollah have limited power.
    Dollah needed to consult the whole cabinet on Ahmad Ismail…projecting a PM…to decide…based on majority voices??
    Now…more than 8 ministers spoked against ISA…in his cabinet….and all elected oppositions parliamentarians ..against it.
    If he dares to be ‘People’s PM”….then he should listen to Malaysians voices in blogging….almost 99% against it.
    Does he dare to do the right thing?
    NO!! Malu la. You see..they will never admit their mistakes. They have no guts..just talk big…under protections of twisted laws to favour them….and using police…based on …their elected rights. They will find stupid reasons for those actions…which are infact….using that….to bully top influential people…. going against them.
    UMNO is disunited.
    If Dollah talk too much…..can be thrown off….so he plays the dirty political game..sitting on the fence.
    Near 7 months..never work…..just keep on doing things to protect themselves.
    It is a sick party,….with weak rusty nuts and bolts holding the sinking ship.
    Malaysian ‘Titanic “…ship……made of wood and run by sails is sinking.
    Crews.. enjoy too much ….no sense of responsibilities…..lazy hypocrites.
    Which boat will not sink with such people manning the ship?

  5. Menyalak-er says:

    1. If RPk is on a hunger strike, he doesn’t have much time, esp if he refuses even fluids, 24-48 hrs. max before irreversible damage occurs. Being RPK, he will keep to his principles, unless there’s a way for Marina to persuade him. I can’t imagine his condition now, just as we couldn’t, when DSAI was first arrested in 1998.
    2. I can only hope they would have done something to ensure his physical wellbeing, as dopey is no hypermamak… He must call the shots asap and stop his dittering limpid ways. Be a graceful loser. His Beruk SIaL is still airing his arrogant mantras and that terung spudhead SHA is a clueless idiot!
    3. As for theresa, she should be physically ok but mentally exhausted. She is as strong as anyone can possibly be – her ‘martyrdom’ will not be in vain.
    As for Min. Zaid, he must stand up for his principles and quit asap. Even if he katak’s there will be no difference in DSAI’s numbers game, as he remains a senator. What i really want is to see Muhyuddin’s jump; but i think it’ll be too much to expect. Who knows?
    4. Let us have no delusions as to where all these shenanigans will lead to. DSAI/PR must move now. RPK is larger than life and is our inspiration!

  6. Hitam Had says:

    It seems YM RPK ‘s family will be able to visit him at 11 am on 16/9/08 at Bukit Aman. Hope he is well treated.


  7. Drachen says:

    If RPK dies, the uproar will be so tremendous all BN leaders will have to say bye bye to their political careers.

  8. amoker says:

    MCA lap dogs just complain that they were not consulted. I dun think that they have voice in the cabinet even if it was discussed.

    Zaid should go and come back when there is a real desire to change.

  9. kitasama says:

    sh sh sh sh your sayang2 under threats, pls ISA…….STUPID MORON SH.DAMN…DAMN…..PM U STILL WANT HIM AROUND….DAMN….

  10. danet7882 says:

    If he got balls, Zaid should have resign by now.. Why wait till the next ISA detention?? According to BOTAK there will be no more arrest.. So Zaid, are you acting to be noble since you know there will be no more arrest??

    In the Cabinet we got a bunch of APE swinging around making noises but no action!! 8 cabinet members making remarks/comment but to no surprise still no action!! This is the syndrome of “cakap-cakap sahaja”.. (Can only be happening in BOLEHLAND)

    I wonder what happen to Ahmad Ismail “The Racist”.. Police investigation should be complete by now, why no action.. Oh, I’ve forgotten he was suspended, right?? I thought Party action and Police action are 2 different thing?? Oh, unless you are from UMNO..

    Can Teresa be suspended by DAP instead of being ISAd?? Why not?? What’s the different between Teresa and Ahmad?? Oh, Teresa’s from DAP not UMNO..

    Such a double standard policy are making MALAYSIA a laughing stock in the world community..

    Worst of all when our Home Minister, BOTAK said that Sin Chew’s reporter was detain under ISA because her life is being threaten, hahaha only to be release the next day.. Wah, life is being threaten, 24 hours police resolve the so call “threaten”.. Did the Police manage to detain the person who is going to harm Tan?? Or Tan’s house is being watch 24 hours by the police??

    Botak-botak, please find a better excuse lar!! You are suppose to be our Home Minister not “SIT AT HOME MINISTER”!!

    Finally, to all elected BN MP, all this nonsense is making u all look like fool and shits!! All of you are not being respected by your boss, cause to them you are only the type who swing from trees to trees!!


  11. cendana287 says:

    Hi folks!
    It’s me, from the Recovery from Drug Addiction site.

    I’m taking advantage of the massive hits here to try and promote my new blog this is socio-political in nature – satire, spoof and lampoon. It’s titled Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at

    It’s a mixture of English, BM and a bit of the Kelantan dialect (but you guys will figure it out, definitely). The latest post is: Malaysia to declare war on the US

    Thanks for your time … and the free advertising;-)

  12. cendana287 says:

    Since Susan appears to be a bit unkind to Zaid Ibrahim, I feel I must say something here, for what it’s worth.

    I’ve first known Zaid Ibrahim in 1993, when his company Ringgit Kreatif took over the management of the Kelantan football team (was a journalist then… Oops!telling something about myself here:-) )

    From then onwards, I was impressed by him. Previously, I had a very negative view. He was once the president of the Muslim Lawyers Association, and during the 1988 Tun Saleh Abbas tribunal, the papers made it as if Zaid and his association were fully behind Dr Mahathir. He has since clarifed it.

    In 2004, he won the Kota Bharu parliament; beating the incumbent Keadilan candidate. He’s also involved in charity work; helping the poor and the disabled. Me, I’m with Zaid all the way!

  13. caravanserai says:

    Will it happen?
    The cries and sorrows of the nation
    Is it a beautiful light tomorrow?
    The changing momentum must go on
    Even it doesn’t happen in our time

    The road of change
    It doesn’t come easy
    It is decided not by humans
    It is God’s disposes
    When He hears cries of prayers and help
    Amongst His children of many colors

    The ruling elites
    Growing fat and clumsy
    They forget about the foundation
    They just think about their own

    Now God has heard the prayers
    Calling for change in the nation
    The people want it to happen
    Come what the day
    The change of guards
    Right on the road

  14. apapunboleh says:

    Zaid, don’t pull a NATO on us (No Action Talk Only), be a man, just do it.

  15. cendana287 says:

    @monsterball (11:43:44)
    In UMNO…it looks like Dollah’s power as PM…is sometimes powerless.
    Home Minster Albar does not know what’s happening and always talk cock and cover his idiotic position.

    You know, your sentences here have added some new depth to my understanding of Malaysian politics. Some things just don’t make sense. But if we were to see things from your viewpoint above, things become more clear.

    Sounds very “X-Files” type this one, which hints of conspiracies. But could there actually be … a cabal pulling the strings?! These are the people with the real powers in Malaysia, NOT Badawi, Syed Hamid etc… WHO are they??

  16. silverfish says:

    Calling all bloggers and bloggers community to be at the Kelana Jaya Stadium this evening. Ther are comments in many outstanding blogs; like sloone’s and the others. At this point, commenting is good enough but what is really needed is to make ourselves be counted. If you don’y have the “Mansuhkan ISA” T-shirt, just wear any T-shirts from Pakatan Raakyat. Vendors will be selling various types of T-shirts outside the stadium. Worse case scenarion, wear anything yellow in colour.


  17. Pendrive says:

    ah hahhhh cendana,
    that’s why you support this zaid guy so much. for me all the BN Goons are lousy, lazy and incompitance stupid morons.

  18. The Penquin says:

    Zaid has resigned. Just reported by NST.

  19. cendana287 says:

    @Menyalak-er (11:48:26)
    As for Min. Zaid, he must stand up for his principles and quit asap. Even if he katak’s there will be no difference in DSAI’s numbers game, as he remains a senator.

    I feel he should stay on for a while – let `someone’ take the action to sack him. It’s better this way, for we’ll be able to see who the strong pro-ISA people are and who are against it. Or at least against it being used for political purposes (and not against terrorist acts).

    Right now, it’s obvious that Rafidah Aziz is all for using ISA against anyone who threatens Umno/BN. Let’s see who else.

  20. cendana287 says:

    @The Penguin
    Zaid has resigned!? Darn!
    I was hoping that he’d hang on for a while yet.

    But he left with his head held high – I’m proud to be his supporter (although I support PR too)

  21. cendana287 says:

    Yup, I support him. Because I feel that I know “a bit” about him – his character, precisely.

    No, I don’t want to colour people and things in “black or white” – “Umno = Bad; PR = Good”. Things aren’t as simple as that.

  22. yh says:


    your wish came true.

    ZAID, I have my utmost respect for your principled stand. Join PKR to continue your reformation works on the judiciary.

    May God always bless you.

  23. danet7882 says:

    I salute you, Zaid.. but please don’t do the flip-flop thing k.. Wish you all the best..

  24. Kan_Yan_Kin says:

    he wont flip flop…
    in fact hes the only minister with brains on the head….unlike najib….brains at the crotch
    perhaps whn the government has been toppled… anwar can make use of him

  25. cendana287 says:

    There’s one new blog that I’m starting to like very much, Our Table by Mike at

    This guy is non-partisan, which makes what he says all the more impactful (plus he says nice things about me too;-) ) But seriously, his posts and links are worth looking at – they spell “intelligent”. maybe some of you folks will like what you read over there.

  26. mauryaII says:

    Thank you Zaid for being a man of principles. What is a human being without scruples and absolute faith in God Almighty?

    When inhuman and barbaric actions are taken against fellow human beings under the guise of ‘national security threat’, it just shows how desperate and cruel the UMNOputras are. They are even worse than the animals they condemn as unclean.

    Hope Zaid would not just fade away but fight with other right thinking people to free the oppressed, downtrodden and the marginalized in the country. Above all fight to free the ISA detainees. Join the other sane and God fearing people in Malaysia to ABOLISH THE ISA.

  27. cendana287 says:

    @Kan_Yan_Kin (13:49:30)
    I’m starting to be Zaid Ibrahim’s PR here, but it’s a job that I’ll gladly do for free.

    You’re right about him – Zaid has principles. And intelligent.

    Trouble is, he’s not what you’d call “a wily politician” – the slick type who can (and will) bend according to how and where the wind blows.

    He can’t keep his mouth shut when it comes to his principles; things that he believe in, although it’ll get him into trouble. The Malays call this type mulut celupar. But I say, better a mulut celupar than being an unprincipled snake…

  28. cendana287 says:

    Oops! Sorry about the above – Made an error with the “bold” tag. Maaf zahir batin, Selamat Hari Raya:-)

  29. wapot says:

    Salute u Zaid. Hope you be a good example for all the brainless UMNO ministers. Especially the botak albar lier & the najis nut.

  30. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, cendana287, spot on.
    These Zaid’s are all our nation needs.
    Principled, non-egoistical, fair minded and ready to be counted – the true blooded Malaysian.
    As i had mentioned in DinMerican’s blog he will be the straw to break the camels back. My utmost respect for him.
    Let the worms implode!

  31. jsss says:

    Zaid, You are great . You are invited to join PKR. Please welcome.

  32. Whatusay says:

    I think Zaid is fed up with all his reform efforts getting negative feedback from his colleagues in the cabinet. How to work like that ? This is the last straw.

    Not sure about Zaid’s political principles but once read that he is one of the top philanthropists in Asia, along-side with Lee Kar Shing of Hong Kong, providing free education to children in rural areas.

    Now the question is : What’s next for Zaid ? Is he going to continue to fight for justice in the country or back to full-time law practice ?

  33. Whatusay says:

    Hey, danet7882,
    Confirmed Zaid got balls lah! He resigned already. (@2pm according to Malaysiakini & NST)

  34. So Zaid is gone. Who will be next to follow?
    Anyone from MCA? Or the MIC minister?
    Pfffttt! That’ll be the day….

  35. cendana287 says:

    @Whatusay (14:26:28) :
    I think Zaid is fed up with all his reform efforts getting negative feedback from his colleagues in the cabinet.

    Yes, I think that is the major reason why he had resigned. After all, how would he feel (and us too) about all this.

    I’m sure most reasonable minded Malaysians would agree with most of his suggestions and plans to set things right in the judiciary.

    I was quite excited by it all; had even felt that “Why not give this damn BN government the chance to serve the full term; if only to set things right with the judiciary … after that, we’ll dump them in the next GE”.

    But there are invisible forces at work within the government – the “cabal” that I’m speculating. And they need not be directly involved with the government/cabinet … heck, they might not even be BN MP’s. But they are powerful, as we have seen from the rejection of these proposed reforms.

    This being the case, I don’t want to wait for the next GE. That’s TOO LONG, and a lot of damage could be done in the meantime. We need to save our country NOW!

    I’m all for Anwar Ibrahim/Pakatan Rakyat `seizing power’ with crossovers. If they are just more talk than action, and show signs of corruption and hanky-panky; why, we’ll just dump them and put back BN/Umno in the next GE. Fair enough, folks?

  36. […] LATEST! Zaid Ibrahim quits! This morning I blogged that Zaid may as well quit as Law Minister for having no power to halt the ISA arrests. I said that until now, the two ISA detainees are still incommunicado. Despite lots of outcry, the government is turning a deaf ear. There are reports that they might be released after […] Go To Source […]

  37. Jong says:

    Zaid did the right thing, that’s great – drop everything and never look back!

    Umno in crisis, and crumbling to the ground!
    Soon Grave-digger Khairy Jamaluddin aka Son-in-Law, will be laughing to the bank with his sudden windfall, for demand of his services to bury the whole lot in Umno and BN.

  38. cendana287 says:

    This guy, The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy aka “Big Dog” at …

    From what I had read, he’s one of Umno’s spin doctors during Mahathir’s time. Does anyone here know his identity please?

  39. kittykat46 says:

    Zaid Ibrahim has resigned from the Cabinet on a matter of principle.

    I’m glad there is still one Jantan in the government.
    The rest (with due respect to the ladies) are all Betina…

    Unfortunately, there goes also whatever reform agenda the government claimed to have.
    IPCMC, Judicial Commission etc….habislah….

    I had said before I could live with a BN government, if the badly needed reforms could be delivered in the context of the current regime.
    There is Zero hope now…….

  40. fergie says:

    Read a comment on Haris’ blog .. “what’s the use of a dead martyr” .. can someone pls send that ms to RPK? He is of more use alive than dead. He was the one who said “becos of a mosquito you burn the mosquito net” .. isn’t that what he’s doing by going on a hunger strike? Maybe he has a reason .. suspicions that someone on the inside may try to poison him? cendana287, another identity I am curious about is “Barking Magpie” .. very ANTI Anwar .. refers to him as BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) .. I agree with you, Big Dog sounds like an Umno spin doctor from the way he writes.

  41. ktteokt says:

    Great move by a man of honour and truth! Knowing things are wrong, it is only right that one should not get involved in the mess which is getting dirtier by the day! Keep yourself clean and lean on the side of justice. Brave move!

  42. wits0 says:

    Good thing Zaid did ; that’s the least he can do since he’s, afterall, a lawyer.
    We don’t see lame guys like Abu Talib leaving SHAM.

  43. apapunboleh says:

    I’m surprised that Zaid has the guts whereas the spineless BN components such as MCA, MIC and Gerakan does nothing. Spineless cowards.

  44. ANg Kong says:

    ZI, the ex-law minister….

    hats off to you……need we say more?

  45. danet7882 says:

    WHATUSAY.. (I’m returning Zaid’s balls)

    Cheers Zaid.. U are my man at the moment.. Please continue with your reform but PLEASE more action than talking k.. If Zaid can be neutral without taking any side, UMNO nor PKR he is my best bet for Juristical Reform!!…

  46. danet7882 says:

    Now the balless move to MCA, MIC, GERAKAN… hehehe…

    DR CHUA sure got BIG ONES.. Wonder where are the balls of the rest MP!!! After all this years being label as waging dogs, when are these MPs going to stand-up for their principle and fight for their so-called party’s vision UNLESS they too share the same AMNO vision!! RACIST VISION!!


  47. MyFoot says:

    Let’s cheer for Zaid Ibrahim.

    Like to see some more of the BN ministers and MP quit too. Come on, do it now.

  48. MyFoot says:

    Please sign petition to free Teresa Kok.

    I sign at 600+, this morning at 6000, now at 12,009.
    It is not just the 3 that have been ISA-ed!. All rakyat have been ISA-ed, except we are lucky not to be in detention. All the same, any one can be ISA-ed for no reason.

  49. Penang says:

    If anyone cares …

    Teresa Kok was FRAMED !!

    Some racist f*ckhead from the “Pembela Hak Keistimewaan Melayu” blog ( ) wrote that Teresa Kok initiated a neighborhood petition, with the help of a certain “neighborhood association”, petition against the loud blaring from a nearby mosque.


    Teresa Kok never did such thing. In fact, the neighborhood association has confirmed that there was NO SUCH PETITION IN EXISTENCE !

    Teresa Kok’s arrest under ISA was based on THAT LOUSY LIE !

    Now that the case has blown up, even that racist f*ckhead (of has wrote an APOLOGY over his DAMN LIE !!

    Does that help Teresa?

    No !!

    She is _still_ being locked up !!

    What the _f*ck_ is wrong with this country??

    What the _f*ck_ is wrong with Islam in the first place??

    Why Islam allows such people to post such damn lie, and then encourage their followers to perpetrate all sorts of goddamn acts based on those lies???

  50. Anonymous says:

    The disease of excessive greed of power has created our Malaysian leaders being inefficiency , negligence, corrupted , malpractice and abuse of power. What is highly objectionable, however is the use of ISA to restrict the publication of matters of public interest – when our public interests required openness and continuing need freedom of information in our modern society.

    We have to create a more open government, which respect and upholds the fundamental right to allow all rightful Malaysian citizens in all matters affecting the country and people everyday life.
    The use of ISA on political leader, blogger and journalist by it self is a self definition of an undemocratic and autocratic government.

    Such a government does not become a democratic just because once in every five years it holds general election and win marginally in the 2008 therefore denied people the opportunities to intelligently exercise a free choice of opinions. Through the denial of information and mass media control has confirm that government is hiding information from the public.

    This can only deepen the despair and disillusionment on Malaysian and this clearly cannot be beneficial to economic development and progress.So I as a Malaysian citizen pledge to the present prime minister to release those held under ISA .

  51. LHHeng says:

    Only if our country have people like Zaid running our country, Malaysia will be number 2 if not number 2 in terms of prosperity peace and integrity in SEA a long time ago. Actually it gives you a good feeling having people like Zaid running the country.
    I wish him and his family the best for the future.

    Coming back to the ISA issue.
    The reason/s given by our “Baldie” for the arrest of 3 respectful people is nonsensical, ludicrous and dowright stupid justifications that insults the intelligence of all peace loving Malaysians.
    It was really amazing to have a so called minister talking like this and expecting the rakyat to beleive him.
    Another big laugh for the whole world. Well done.
    This guy is 101% NOT FIT to be where is he now.
    With the type of things going on, our sleepy flipflop lame duck guy is finished COMPLETELY. Whatever he is going to do and say NOBODY will ever believe him anymore.
    Enough is enough.

  52. monsterball says:

    It seems those that are brave and righteous have no place in UMNO ministry.
    It must always be yes men…sitting on the fence….and idiots.

  53. Sam says:

    cendana287 (13:12:04) :

    @monsterball (11:43:44)
    In UMNO…it looks like Dollah’s power as PM…is sometimes powerless.
    Home Minster Albar does not know what’s happening and always talk cock and cover his idiotic position.

    You know, your sentences here have added some new depth to my understanding of Malaysian politics. Some things just don’t make sense. But if we were to see things from your viewpoint above, things become more clear.



    It is common knowledge to all and sundry that Badawi is a wishy-washy indecisive PM, and Syed Hamid Albar is someone who does not know what he is talking about, whether as Law Minister, Foreign Minister of Home Minister. Otherwise there would not have been such a big outcry against the ISA arrests as well as the other numerous blunders the govt has committed. It is all been said in the various blogs over and over again and many people have become aware of them. Otherwise how would you explain why the BN was so badly mauled in the last GE 8 Mar.

    Unless you have not been following events and developments, I am surprized that you find the above comment by monsterball having “added some new depth” to your understanding of Malaysian politics. As such the poster said what so many people have said elsewhere so many times before. It is nothing new at all.

  54. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Zaid should have asked to police to free Teresa and RPK and then resign. That there is ooomp..

    Resign like wasted lah.

    Prak lah

  55. cendana287 says:

    @Sam (15:47:10)
    Unless you have not been following events and developments, I am surprized that you find the above comment by monsterball having “added some new depth” to your understanding of Malaysian politics.

    You’re 100% correct with that one – I haven’t. At least, not as closely as some of you here.

    You see, I was `unavailable’ for about 16 months – was in prison and pusat serenti, until end of Dec 2006. And after that, I didn’t have Internet access.

    Had rarely read the papers too (house is 5 miles from town). It was only exactly two months ago that I have access (only getting GPRS 53.6Kbps, but that’s way better than “none”, right?)

    This is what I love about forums – your mind opens up to new things, ideas and concepts. I’m quite naive when it comes to politics – had supported Badawi for so long. That’s why the comments by monsterball “was new” … to me, at least:-)

  56. […] LATEST! Zaid Ibrahim quits! This morning I blogged that Zaid may as well quit as Law Minister for having no power to halt the ISA arrests. I said that until now, the two ISA detainees are still incommunicado. Despite lots of outcry, the government is turning a deaf ear. There are reports that they might be released after […] Go To Source […]

  57. Whatusay says:

    “@Penang (15:41:29) :

    If anyone cares …

    Teresa Kok was FRAMED !! ”

    I strongly believe so.

    As this initial accusation no longer hold water (clearly disputed by the residents association and head of mosque concerned), they have come up with 2 new police reports against her lodged by some religious bodies, to justify and pro-long her detention.

  58. Kaninah-boh says:

    I do not know what this BN is thinking when it comes out with this ISA weapon of mass destruction ie self -destruction. Don,t they know that with this, they have about lost whatever support they have with the Rakyat except for a very few handful like that Ahmad and some cronies whose hands are still in the till.
    If DSAI managed to swing the 30 or more MPs to his side and the BN called for a fresh election, there is no doubt that BN will hardly win 10pc of the seats. Then it will be payback time. The law will be used to put all the shits behind bars, the keys will be thrown away and nobody will be too bothered of what happen to them.

  59. PAS says:

    To all who condemned islam for all the f**king immoral things malays do, please do not continue to say those again. Islam is great, but those melayus islam are the real culprit. Those Pembela Hak Melayu does not have any strong bases in islamic teaching, only dark age principles. Islam is against racial motivated acts. Islam is for all. Islam is all about religous life 24/7.

    And about Zaid, being a kelantanese and had many encounters with pas and tgna individually, i’ll bet he will join pas, not pkr.

  60. ah long says:

    MCA Ong Kah Tin should also quit. MCA good for nothing.

  61. cendana287 says:

    @Penang (15:41:29)
    If if Teresa Kok had initiated the petition, why and how could that be just cause to detain her under the ISA? She is, after all, a MP – someone elected to look after her constituents in all matters.

    With this “Azan” thing, it’s a wonder how some people could be so intolerable – and I mean BOTH sides. To me, the most important thing is the manner in which we go about to handle things; plus out intentions (including “hidden” ones).

    I don’t see why it should be a problem of such magnitude when residents sign a petition to ask a mosque (or temple or whatever) to lower the volume – on condition that they did so “in a proper manner” that is, i.e not being confrontational. [I hope the Puchong residents had behaved as such(?)]

    And the mosque authorities and Muslim residents should be open-minded about that too – to try see others’point of view. I’ll say this is good (petition, which leads to talks) – better this way than having people keeping quiet but seething inside with all sorts of resentment.

    At the same time, the non-Muslims who have problems with this should consider “the other side’s” views too. But if both are honest and sincere, things like this are easily solved; with feel-good feelings on all sides … like deciding the maximum decible etc.

    It’s a wonder that in my 13 months at Pusat Serenti Gambang, there wasn’t even one issue that was race/religion related! This was possible because everyone was willing to understand and be tolerant of the other. And these are the people scorned by society – the so-called “low-lifes”.

    Hmm, maybe I should write a post about this matter at my “Recovery” blog.

  62. cendana287 says:

    NOTE: The start should be: “Even if Teresa Kok had initiated…”

  63. wanadoo says:

    Crude oil bellow US100 now…….how much are we subside the BN gomen now??????demand for immediate revise petrol price!!!!!!!

  64. Anonymous says:


  65. amoker says:

    Zaid gives a mixture of emotion. He was the ‘man’ when he came onboard, but soon acted like one of the UMNO goons. But this episode does show his exemplary principles, something that the government needs but will never have the will to obtain.

    While it is sad, it is better to die now that to mati mati ikan. His UMNO colleagues will never endorse the change and he was losing an uphil battle. Let the suckers carry on and he can move on knowing that he has tried.

    Regarding Teresa, check out Malaysian Shares ( as this chap did a good job compiling the chronology of event. After reading it, I knew that Teresa is not guilty. I wonder if the police will act against those “Islamic NGOs” who made the police report and not knowing tail or head.

  66. lpplmala says:

    Yb Zaid should not resigned. It is easier to resign than stay on to fight for the judicial reform, especially they are many resistance from within the cabinet itself. If he resigned now than the past few months works are all gone down the drain. It also give ABB an excuse not to proceed with the promised reform on judicial and police. Further he had promised the PM to join his cabinet to do certain task and the jobs are not done yet. How could he resigned ? Yes, he had spoken publicly agianst the government on the ISA as a matter of principle but unless the PM ask for his resignation,he should stay on to fight for what he believe which require more sacrifice than just resigning

  67. ah long says:

    Penang should declare independance and break away from Malaysia. There is no future staying with the Federation.

  68. cendana287 says:

    Another interesting development that I was first alerted to by a RSS feed from Anil Netto’s site.

    It appears that the Mufti of Perlis has also criticised the government for using the ISA. And this guy is NOT from Pas but Umno! Anil had quoted M-Star in that post.

    Which just goes to prove that we should do away with looking at things in either black or white, with no shades in between. Like “Umno people = BAD; Pakatan Rakyat people = GOOD”. Things aren’t that simple, for we must also acknowledge that there are good elements in Umno too.

    At the same time, be wary of those who are actually “investing” in PR – hoping to reap personal benefits and gains should PR come into power. There are good and bad people on ALL sides, regardless of nationality, race, religion and political affiliations.

  69. Wisdom says:

    A normal human being with normal common sense will run away from the stupid wrong use of ISA in this country. Zaid has finally come to his senses by choosing to tender his resignation and this proof him as a normal human being unlike those dogs still barking and biting anything that they can. I felt sorry for those who acted like animal in this modern world. bn and umnoo goons has made a fool of themselves again in the international eyes by using ISA on the news reporter. This is also the leftover shit by the old mamak who carefully handpick a soft PM to run this country. What a bunch of idiots running our country! We want change!!!! We want Anuar to be our PM!!!!!!!!

  70. cendana287 says:

    @lpplmala (17:01:25)

    Zaid had to. Sooner or later, he’ll be forced out for he has made some powerful enemies within the government and party.

    Rafidah, among other powerful figures, has condemned him strongly. And he has been sabotaged in the Kota Bharu Umno division by other Umno leaders.

    He knows that his proposed reforms, good as they are, will go nowhere with these people around. So why waste any more time, and have his reputation tarnished and being accused of “not doing anything”. I suppose resigning is the best option for him.

    But I hope a good and capable man like him will one day re-surface and be given an important portfolio in the future … in whatever government. It’ll be a waste if someone of his calibre is put in cold storage.

  71. monsterball says:

    All good clean politicians …I am sure… are welcome to opposition camps.
    But no matter how hard Rafidah tries to join opposition…she will not get in.
    Now compare the smart men and women…from People’s Party against UMNO and BN……miles apart.
    Yes….Zaid should joIn Anwar…..better still DAP.

  72. ah long says:


    Truth is there are too few good people in UMNO. The bad, the immoral, the greedy, the stupid and the incompetant have taken over UMNO.

    They don’t realise that they are destroying the very hands that hold them up Barisan National. What they are doing is plunging an increasingly unpopular BN further into it’s demise.

    UMNO idiots, if BN lose government you too will have lost. Or maybe UMNO is on Anwar’s side.

  73. Wisdom says:

    The ISA thing must have been approved by majority during their hidden goons meeting. The old saying is always right, “Sometime when promises are made, it simply means ALL THE FOOLS ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!!!!”

  74. ZaidGotPlayOut says:

    ‘Taktik kotor’ punca utama Zaid tewas
    Muda Mohd Noor | Sep 15, 08 5:52pm (sumber

    Seorang ahli jawatankuasa (AJK) Umno bahagian Kota Bharu mendakwa, Umno bahagian itu sengaja membatalkan mesyuarat cawangan yang mencalonkan Datuk Zaid Ibrahim untuk bertanding jawatan ketua bahagian.

    Sebaliknya, kira-kira 30 mesyuarat cawangan yang tidak cukup korum dibenarkan kerana mencalonkan Datuk Mohd Fatmi Che Salleh untuk bertanding jawatan ketua bahagian, kata AJK berkenaan Wan Mokhtar Wan Abdul Rahman.

    Daripada 112 cawangan yang telah mengadakan mesyuarat, Zaid mendapat 17 pencalonan kurang tujuh untuk membolehkan beliau bertanding jawatan ketua bahagian.

    Berikutan itu, Mohd Fatmi yang juga setiausaha politik Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak menang tanpa bertanding jawatan berkenaan.

    “Permainan kotor ini menjadi faktor utama Zaid tidak cukup pencalonan untuk bertanding jawatan ketua bahagian.

    “Mengikut perkiraan kami, Zaid sepatutnya memperolehi 28 pencalonan dan bukannya 17 seperti sekarang ini,” katanya yang juga ketua Umno cawangan Telaga Bina.

    Wan Mokhtar berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas kegagalan Zaid untuk mendapat pencalonan mencukupi bagi mempertahankan jawatan ketua bahagian.

    Sementara itu, seorang lagi AJK Umno bahagian itu mendakwa pihak tertentu menggunakan agensi kerajaan supaya cawangan tidak mencalonkan Zaid.

    Beliau yang enggan namanya disiarkan berkata, berikutan itu banyak cawangan yang tidak berani mencalonkan Zaid untuk jawatan ketua bahagian.

    Katanya, pegawai-pegawai Kemas, Jabatan Pelajaran dan jabatan khas Kementerian Penerangan memberi tekanan dan ugutan supaya cawangan-cawangan tidak mencalonkan Zaid.

    “Ada guru yang mengadu mereka akan dikenakan tindakan jika mencalonkan Zaid untuk jawatan ketua bahagian.

    “Manakala Kemas pula akan menghentikan bantuan kepada cawangan yang mencalonkan Zaid,” katanya.

  75. matt says:

    Now it’s said pm rejects his resignation letter and has asked him to go on leave.

  76. monsterball says:

    Yes Ah Long…..many UMNO kingpins respected Anwar…but dare not speak it out…under Mahathir for 18 years…so now…an extra 5 years or so under Dollah…have become a way of life….sitting on the fence….”no comments”…..nice nice guys…they become.
    In actual fact….no more balls!!
    But few are daring…like Zaid….and there goes his future with UMNO…gone case!
    So to speak or not to speak.
    To think or not to think.
    To say what they feel or just keep fools.
    This is the way….every UMNO minister and powerful members are going through in their lives.
    Are these signs of a good government leaders?

  77. The Fact says:

    Keeping quiet and dare not speak out was the old mamak rules and regulation. Old mamak mathir rules for so many donkey years with his iron fist. Remember the story of a baby elephant’s leg that chain to something and when they grow up? What happened?

  78. Zaid, my hats off to you for your obedience to your conscience and principles.

  79. The Fact says:

    From – “On Saturday, the home minister said he had not interfered with the police decision. Today, a Malay daily quotes him as saying he was only doing his job.” What is this U-Turn ass talking about? He must have been talking through his backside!

  80. kakinang says:

    zaid ibrahim>JOIN PR>Future PPPPPPPPMMMMM.

  81. cendana287 says:

    @ah long (17:55:58)
    The bad, the immoral, the greedy, the stupid and the incompetant have taken over UMNO.

    You may be right here, and that’s very sad, really.

    I know that there are many decent people in Umno, at the grassroots (my father is one, and my elder sister and brother-in-law, among others). But people like them don’t have any influence on the party’s course of direction – they only suddenly become important and relevant when a general election is near. Or when there’s a crisis when you need the numbers to boost your position. After that, Bye-Bye!

    But like you have said, it’s taken over by the greedy and corrupted. Else, how can you explain how someone like Najib could still be around? And Khairy is still allowed to call the shots?

    For Muslims (and everyone else for that matter, for this one concerns “universal principle”), there’s a warning from Prophet Mohamad in a Hadith about electing leaders “who are morally corrupt” – do this at the country’s eventual disaster.

    No, I don’t know whether all those allegations against Najib are true – especially about the murder of the Mongolian. But can any Umno zealot deny that he is a womaniser? I don’t really know, but there’s too much talk about this to just keep quiet and not think about it (as opposed to allegations that Anwar is involved in sodomy, which most people would dismiss as crap).

    Yes, I’m not a really good person myself. BUT I’m not the leader of anything – and neither do I want to be one. At the same time, I expect and want my leader – someone who leads me – to be morally sound. Whatever your race or religion, is this too much to ask?

    Surely there are better people than Najib in all of Umno! But he’s still at the top. I take that to mean whoever or whatever group within the party that calls the shots aren’t trustworthy people if they want to promote and shove him to lead all of us. It means they aren’t working for our best interests BUT FOR THEMSELVES ONLY.

    I want out – Anwar as PM, with the Pakatan parties acting as watchdogs to ensure that he doesn’t deviate. I feel this is the best choice for us all.

  82. ah long says:


    Whether you are a good person or not, it is for Allah to judge. No man is qualified to pass that kind of judgement.

    I guess they still want Najib as the potential next PM is because they hold something over him and they can control him.

    There is enough dirt and unanswered questions hanging over Najib and his fat mama that if he don’t do as he is told they will reveal all. The powers in UMNO want a PM they can control, they want Najib.

  83. 104East says:

    aiyoh, don’tbe fooled. This is just a sandiwara. This guy got cornered so he just pretent to resign to please some quarters. Now ABB oledi reject it and ask him to go on leave for two weeks. This all planned out by the gomen la.

  84. ktteokt says:

    The first katak has already hopped and right on time! Many more katak will come hopping after this, so looks like 916 is really happening!

  85. SameSame says:

    looks like AAB didnt accept his (Zaid) resignation.

    Anyways about Theresa….why the NGO lodge report? Do they know what really happened or were they mooted by Khir T? Whatever he (KT) is the devil and trying his level best to instigate things. Or better he was ordered to do this….a domino in reverse act. All leading back to the Source…the prime evil master…..and we know who it is isnt it?

    All these are some massive high-level scandal and GOD knows where and when its going to end. I suppose people will say when AAB steps down or forced out but do you think so? I dont, it will never stop…as this is all a huge POWER STRUGGLE.

    The only victims will be us and our Future Generation.

    Whatever…I just pray that Theresa and RPK will be released. I have no wish to have anyone ISA-ed but honestly….a part of me just wish it a certain no. of people who truly deserves it. They are not a threat to the government but to the welfare of the nation.

    I also notice many calls of help from the royalties….do you honesty think they can?

  86. Pakac Luteb says:

    i was laughing to hear the deputy igp ismail omar say the isa arrests were due to heightened racial and religious tensions.

    umno stirs things up but it’s the opposition who gets arrested.

    and the deputy igp reasons are different from those of botak hamid. i guess they don’t talk with each other.

    if DSAI or others kena isa, don’t street protests, that will give government excuse to use emergency rule, just simply general strike.

  87. wanadoo says:

    crude oil price only US$95.68 how long Paklah want us to subsidy GOMEN

  88. Solo Miss says:

    Resignation rejected by flip flop……..why? Not enough supporters in cabinet!!!!

  89. Pegasus says:

    BN has gone bonkers!!!,The Botak minister should resign if he has any dignity left in him,not only he make himself look like a fool and a idiot ,he had also embarrassed Malaysian with his logic. He had once again make the nation a laughing stock of the international community. From FM demoted to HM,he should simply resign as he is unsure what he is supposed to do or say.Enough being said by the bloggers on his stupidity and illogical response to the ISA arrest.
    Zaid is indeed the man of the hour,however ,his resignation won’t meant much to the Umno goons as they are totally blinded by greed and power.Bodowi is the living death,more like a zombie , its only honourable for him to resign now rather then being kick out soon,he will go down in Malaysian history as the worst PM the country ever had.His failure in managing the country ,failure in promoting unity among the races and failure in bringing in foreign investors to boost the sliding economy speaks lowly of his capability,along with his numskull irresponsible ministers who are not highly educated ,some in fact ,speaks like retarded people .The country have gone through storms after storms created by Umno/BN to wreak the harmony of the people. Malaysians on the whole are tolerant and peace-loving citizens, its the umno/BN politicians who have taken turns to cause uneasiness and inciting the people with hatred sentiments more so after March 8th.
    Its time now ,for all us to unite and bring down this terrorist regime.!!!

  90. Orang Utan says:

    Since BN has already made up their mind to arrest innocent people under ISA there is no need to talk reason with them. It is like talking to a crocodile on why they r eating carcass. So dont waste time talking reason with them.

  91. Orang Utan says:

    I think they r doing this to serve as a warning to anyone who dare to goes against them. They dont need to give any excuse to arrest people.

  92. Orang Utan says:

    What they r trying to put forward is that: We arrest u so what? U know we dont have to give excuse.Talk some more more arrest. So what/

  93. Penan says:


    I wanted to put a bullet in PM AAB, shit useless leader without balls.
    I wanted to cut his penis and cook soup for DPM NJR.

    I will surely cut off DPM NJR Penis to boil soup for KJ

    All these will be done in front of their WIFE and CHILDREN.

  94. Kaninah-boh says:

    The PM has rejected Zaid resignation and was asked to take 2 weeks leave to think it over. 2 Weeks is an eterrnity in Malaysian politics and it is uncertain whether BN wil still be around then. Having said that, if PM really needs the service of Zaid, why doesn,t he says he will stay on condition that the 2 citizens ie RPK and Teresa are freed


  95. billauchris says:

    What game is our Home Minister trying to play? On one hand he denied that he knew nothing about the detention of the RPK, TK and Ms Tan under the ISA. On the other, he told Utusan Melayu that his decision was made by the Government. What sort of man is this with a double forked tongue.

    I felt compelled to express my views that by applying the ISA to detain the above three persons when the country was not under any security threat at the material time tantamount to a blatant abuse of power.

    By detaining Ms Tan on the pretext of her security being threatened was indeed a boo boo.

    Then came TK, her detention was attributed to her attempt to prohibit the Azan being said.
    What a fabrication of facts! We now see in todays papers a flux of NGO religious bodies making police reports. What does this dastard actions show? Simply that TK was arrested without any convincing evidence. The detention could not be based on evidences obtained after the fabricated reports.

    If the Government feels so threatened by one man RPK, what is holding up the Police to charge him and try him in the open court? Is the Police so weak to prosecute RPK?

    At this juncture, I must say that two wrongs do not make a right. The de facto Law Minister must be applauded for his verve to stand by his principle. The ISA must not be abused on to incarcerate the civilians who cannot defend themselves.

    It looks like the Ministers now are not working harmoniously. They do not consult and act on conscensus anymore. So ABB must come in now to stop the rot. Home Minister in this instance is wrong adn I am sure if ABB is fair minded, he should know what do do.

    I am sure the whole country would be happy if the Home Minister is suspended or removed altogether as a Minister. Zaid must be retained. He is doing a fine job till to date. He means business and knows what to do to restore the credibility of the judiciary.

    I hormat you Zaid Ibrahim. How I wish moe Ministers are of your calibre.

  96. Orang Utan says:

    MCA MIC Gerakan only give feeble reponse to d recent arrest. They said it should be reviewed but how long ? They did not demand that the detainee should be freed immediately.I think those responsible should be charged in the world court under crime against humanity.

  97. phing says:

    syed hamid albar is an embarrasment to this country! one wonders how he got elected for an important portfolio in the government.

    the man does not deserve to be a politician in the first place. he single handedly made our country a laughing stock to the world ! i feel so ashamed to have such ministers in the country!

    what is badawi doing?

    continuing his flip flop style administration. sigh.

    thank god for such good people as Zaid around. may the truth prevail.

    lets all pray for rpk, teresa and all the other ISA detainees.

  98. tamade says:

    All Malaysians must now stand up to fight for justice. We must voice out and used our votes wisely. Hope that the 51% who have voted for the present Guomen will know what to do in the near future.

    The evil power brokers are still roaming freely outside and it seems that they are immune from the law.

    The Mamak Kutty, KT Ayoyo, the evil MSM and etc are not touched at all even though they are the main culprits who have been playing the racial fire for the past years.

    They are the master minds that disrupt the racial harmony in this Bolehland. Nobody else.

    Bolehland will never enjoy any peace as long as these evil power brokers are not apprehended and put into the jail.

    The next generation will continue to suffer under these draconian laws.

  99. Nationwatch says:

    Zaid’s leaving of this BN,would not have much effect.I am sure there are many people in umno who would want his post.


    The world court has limited power’s over an independant nation,Country’s like Burma who commit mass genocide,is still ruling with the iron hand,The reality,is there is little we can do,except make some noise.I think even RPRK never consume any food,they can still inject him with insulin or force-feed him
    (I hear there is device used by germans to forcefeed detainees)
    It’s very unlikely that oppoition will form the govt.I am sure they are many BN’s spys have inflitrared this coalition.BN have certainly have means to buy over any poltician.Let’s assume the BN mp’s defaect,I am sure all Mp’s dark secrets of corruption or scandal will be revealed.It seems we are gonna see more arrest.Those in power,will do whatever it take’s to stay in power.Even,if anwar come to power,the majority of those sitting in opposition will be malay MP’s from umno,for instance,if he’s found guilty then PAS will become the PM alay mp’s would defintely support them.(A PURITAN ISLAMIC STATE)
    we are caught between the devil and the deep,I
    want anwar to win,but i also know he will have big headache dealing with malay protest,will the king,who is head of armed forces support him or more than 50 years of armed forces bonds with umno will not assure any loyalty to anwar.

  100. Mat Cendana says:

    According to Anil Netto’s site, Anwar has this to say about Zaid:

    Anwar says, in a few days time, there will be “good news” from Zaid Ibrahim.

    Zaid joining PR??

  101. Mat Cendana says:

    @Pakac Luteb (20:53:54) :
    i was laughing to hear the deputy igp ismail omar say the isa arrests were due to heightened racial and religious tensions.

    Yup, this one was indeed ridiculous!
    Some of the newspapers and bloggers were skirting the line, but most of the rakyat were fine enough. Certainly nowhere near the “racial and religious tensions” that would have provoked riots.

    But if anyone was responsible, it’s Khir Toyo. Definitely NOT Teresa Kok.

    From what I see, the arrests were to provoke the Chinese. Had there been angry demonstrations, no matter how small, that would have been enough to proclaim Emergency Rule. And end this problem of PR taking over. Fortunately, their scheme didn’t work.

    BTW I have the feeling Teresa Kok will be freed `soon’. Most likely before the “one month investigations”.

  102. I take my hat off for a true gentleman in Datuk Zaid. You have not only stuck to your word but have shown your true colours to the useless MCA, Gerakan, MIC “good-for-nothings” who are supposed to represent the minority. All words and no action as usual – and really with “no balls”; “yes men” to BN.

    Teresa should be tried by DAP while RPK by the Blogger community as Racist Ahmad by UMNO. This racist should, in the first place, be arrested and detained under the infamous ISA. Where is the fairness in Malaysia, you tell me?

    The only smart move by BN was to release Ms Tan from detention, else BN would be a the laughing stork to the entire World.

    Datuk Zaid should be roped in to fight for the rights of the minority – i.e. non-bumis. He should be welcomed into the PR fold.

  103. Khalid says:

    ISA is a barbaric law and must be abolished.
    Bravo Zaid. I salute you for standing by your principles. You are not a “pak angguk”.

  104. harimau akar says:

    way to go ZAID!!!!!!

  105. Rights for all says:

    Datuk Zaid…..You said what you meant, you meant what you said.
    Umno still has some decent person like you. However, it’s best that you quit Umno before the party taint you further.

    TeeKeat, TiongLai, Krisman, Botak, Bohdowi, Najis…….eat this!!!!

  106. KAKINANG says:

    TWO LADIES are threat to national security !!!!!!!!!!NIAMAH !!!! ISA YOUR MOTHER FOR PROTECTION.STUPID GOMEN. DAMN……………

  107. Bujang says:

    When AAB was first interviewed by BBC after becoming a PM, I had my trepidation of him after listening to how he talked about the Chinese and Indians.
    Now, I’m convinced how useless he is and I blame Mamak Mahatir why being so blind as to pick this 6-past-half (crazy enough?) lame duck to be his successor.
    What ever it was, this Mamak was and is never a clever man. His tool is to hold on to racist view forgetting even his own skin color and selling eerybody off for his own gain.
    In fact it was said that how he could lose so many billions of our money was because they played on his ego and cheated him off again and again! Of course that were our money and he got 10% of each transaction!
    If any Malay still holds him high, he has nothing more than a pity from me why it is so hard to get him to see and learn what can of man this Mamak is and why he still making noise!
    He doesn’t care about us. He said so when he was asked what would he like to be thought of in future? He told AAB to implement his project so that he could shut up. Now you know what is he ranting for!
    But, back to AAB; he goes or no goes, life would be hard for him; the meltdown in US stock and the backlash in world market. How much could he gain and at the expense of being called a fool by everybody everyday????
    Given time, he would be a real fool and would suffer even greater humiliation if Anwar really takes over!
    So, go or no go? Why don’t he strikes a deal with Anwar since he had released him from the unfair jailing?
    But, I hope before he goes, he gives Mamak a big “stab” at the back and unearth all the worms that had been wriggling in his body. This is to relieve the steam caused by him. You don’t do it, others would after you have gone. Then you would feel the “siok” after being so much belittled by him.
    After all Mamak never cares about anybody, so why should you care about him with some suffeerings too???
    Good Luck AAB. Better Luck Anwar.
    I only hope a better world be come to all of us Malaysians with the change over!!!!

  108. LHHeng says:

    I salute Zaid for what he did. He is a man of integrity. From what he said at the press conference, seem that he was trying to tell the rakyat that there are racist bigots running around doing more harm to the country in terms of race and religion rather than moving the country forward.
    Here we have a great man trying to move the country forward and on the other side we have these bums doing the reverse. And not only this, they also prevent a good man from doing his job for the rakyat.
    This also shows what type of people we have running the country. sigh…………..

  109. monsterball says:

    Dear all, please bear with all the nonsense I spew in this blog as I am a senile old coot who is bored with nothing to do. I like to be long winded and talk rubbish

  110. Johan Baba says:

    Zaid should have resigned a long time ago, but perhaps he could not find the right excuse. Now that the ISA has given him the excuse to leave the cabinet, he should have nothing more to do with the govt. Zaid is perhaps the only principled leader in UMNO and BN

  111. Whatusay says:

    Ya. We can gather from what Zaid has said in his press conference that it is very difficult to push agenda on equal rights through in the cabinet. He is even expected to fight for Malay rights in his course of reform.

    What does this imply ? Very clear, racialism alive and kicking in the Cabinet Members themselves. They work not for the country which consists of various races, but more for their own race’s rights (which is later translated into benefits in their pocket). So, how do we expect any good things to come out from there when the law-makers are with this kind of mindsets.

    This government is on the wrong footing and needs over-hault badly. But sad to say, we don’t have many Zaid around to bull-doze things. He left because he cannot change them and he refused to be changed like them. He has very clear and strong conscience. Most importantly, he is sincere and true to the course his is fighting for, a fair and equal country for all.

    He is going to do his own little bit, free from any political contraints, to work among the children to narrow the gap between different races in the country. Bravo, if he cannot change the deadwood, he will work on the next generation! If Zaid were to head a reform, I would not hesitate to give him my 100% support!


  112. netizen says:

    Although we are Malaysian Chinese we are not racist.We vote for justice.We vote for Zaid the King of Law to be DPM if Anwar is PM.Time to have righteous people up there regardless of race and religion.Dont mix race and religion into politics and administration.Dont give up, Zaid, continue with your reform for the sake of the country and future generations.We love you.May you be bless with good health and peace be with you.Be patient always.Belive in yourself and believe in your mission for reform.Dont be defeated by BN-Umno.You are role model for the Malays who can live in harmony with other races.Well done.

  113. maxtor says:

    Biar je lah dia keluar. Dah memang tu yang dia nak. Kalau simpan lama2 kang lagi dia buat macam2 lagak tunjuk hero.

  114. malaysian says:

    “He who jest at scar never felt the wound”. Mr Maxtor should have a feel of what RPK and Theresa are going through under the detention of ISA for voicing their rights just like him now and for protecting the rights of all Malaysians and for Theresa for doing her job as an MP by feedback ordinary innocent rakyat views and grievances.Be more open and broad minded, bro.At least our Zaid is a compassionate leader not like those sadist up there.(BN likes to misuse ISA for their political mileage and to jail those who are threats to BN, it is Intimidating sadistic Act).Zaid is right, ISA meant for terrorists purpose. Why those terrorists from Malaysia who affected the national security not detained under ISA?Why detain non-terrorists under ISA.Jawap-lah if not for their political greed.Do you know what it is like to be jailed for your innocence.What kind of trauma and misery RPK and Teresa and their families go through right now.To most Malaysians this is HUMILIATING AND OPPRESSION!Think-lah.Are they criminals or terrorist? BN’s excuse is only accusing them as threat to national security and that justify them to use ISA.All bullshit and lies.Enough of lies from this Hamid fella and AAB and BN/Umno.Stop all those lies and cover-ups and stop misleading the rakyat at large.A real laughing stock to the world.Embarassing to have such government who only clamp down innocent morally right non-criminal people!!When is BN/Umno going to learn and reform.Never.BN_umno Ego & Ketuanan!YAAB Zaid, you should start your own blog to reform our judiciary that is paralysed by our TDM and now BN/AAB.Justice always prevails and Truth always remains as Truth!No escape.The wind of Change is blowing across Land of Malaysia.Welcome this wind of harmony and justice.

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