The SIN CHEW reporter Tan Hoon Cheng who reported about Ahmad Ismail’s racist rant is said to be held for investigations under the ISA, too.

I heard her family had been told about the ‘ISA arrest’ by the police themselves but I am awaiting more information. Her mobile has been engaged for the longest time.

It seems there are others on the list as well. But people, FIGHT ON !

BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY NONSENSE! Ahmad Ismail made the remark and everyone else is suffering due to that and he gets off with a slight slap on his wrist.

Now I am truly, really angry!

Last week Tan’s friend sent me an email sounding very worried for her safety. The police had actually questioned her way before they did to Ahmad.

She stood firm by her report, so does her friends and editors, too, and was seeking legal protection.

It is uncertain now what will happen to her. People, lets hope she is okay.


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  1. […] I am awaiting more info. It seems there are others on the list as well. People, FIGHT ON ! […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  2. MW Ng says:

    These UMNO goons are just too much! Now, why isn’t racist Ahmad Ismail arrested under ISA?! Double standards! Ridiculous!

  3. silverfish says:

    WHY IS AHMAD AND TOYO still free over their seditious remarks? Simple: The govt wants to silent the truth. Are we going to swallow the nonsense from the Albar fellow? PM, please leave and take your goons along so that Malaysians can live in peace!

  4. sitiawan says:

    Holy Cow! What’s going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one who should be ISAed is still free!

  5. KJ Lim says:

    Yes, it is true! Malaysiakini has the news reported!

  6. james chua says:

    Najib and the Mahathir faction is trying to bait the chinese to riot. Pak Lah cannot control his chieftains. Do not congregate, stay calm and wait for the Sept 17 – Good News – unconfirmed Muhyiddin and large numbers of Johor UMNO MPs are crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat together with 30 over MPs from the East.

  7. tarnsamai says:

    bury bn come the next elections. meantime we just pretend nothing has happened or anything is happening. just do it in the ballot box.

  8. wits0 says:

    Bumno has shown its perverse nature fully in this persecution of the Sin Chew’s reporter. It won’t have any support from all decent people. There can be no hiding its evil. This isn’t 1987 anymore.

  9. cinta Malaysia says:

    ONG KAH TING, KOH TSU KOON,SAMY VELLU, PAIRIN,DOMPOK, TAIB MAHMUD, MUSA AMAN, are you UMNO goons still ? YOU can see a needle miles away but you cannot see an elephant in front of you ! Every wise minded Malaysians are angry who values human dignity.Please do not under estimate the will of the people .They are angry and incensed with the BN Government ! People are arrested under ISA but Ahmad Ismail and Toyo are free for inciting and destroying the racial fabric of this country !

  10. cktan says:

    u r right susan. no point discussing the morality or immorality of crossover. just nike it.

  11. angryman says:

    WTF……….BN goto hell !!!!!!!…….those moron farted and bull shitted still f*(^&(*# around……BN-UMNO RIP……..

  12. tamade says:

    People of Bolehland who condemn the would-be cross-camp MPs and and the 916 plan out there, RPK’s detention under ISA is the best proof that Bolehland needs the change badly.

    Have you changed your mind?

    Please pray for RPK and those who are being detained under ISA.

    This kind of thing should not happened in this holy month of Ramadhan.

  13. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    Insyaallah Sept 16 akan menjadi kenyataan.

    may God bless RPK dan se keluarga.


  14. SadMalaysian says:

    You can smell Mahathir all over the place!

  15. V for Vernon says:

    Now we’ll see if the MPs avowedly agreed to hop over are made of sterner stuff or just shallow people with no care for any cause except themselves. Whether they entered politics for principled beliefs and ideals or just personal glory, status, power and money.

    We’d see if they will wield the power to overthrow a despotic regime.

    Personally, I’m wondering why the heck MCA, MIC, erakan, PPP, and the Sabah and Sarawak BNs are continuing to stay with UMNO?

    What drives them? Money? Power? Status too? God help them!

  16. White Shirt says:

    This ISA arrest is inspired by MCA leaders where they are having elections.

  17. SadMalaysian says:

    BN is ACTUALLY provoking racial unrest to declare state of emergency. Cheap trick! People don’t fall into their disgustng trap. Lets pray God will hear our cries!

  18. aDRIAN says:

    Now, this makes me MAD!!!! First they arrest RPK, now they are using ISA on the reporter. And what did that Ahmad get??


  19. cinta Malaysia says:

    PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST ! wherever there is a Malaysian Embassy overseas!

  20. Sohai Goverment says:

    I am truely disgusted of this nonsense government.

  21. wandererAUS says:

    What have these scumbags in Umno come to. Liars become heroes and those telling the truth become the victims of ISA. Are we fast becoming a police state or we are one already.
    Arresting the messenger instead of the culprit who made the racist remark, I have only this to say to botak, “YOU LOWDOWN BASTARD!!”

  22. propkr says:

    STOP THE BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT KIND OF ‘LONGKANG GOVT’ IS THIS!


    INI GOVT. TAK MALU!!!! ahmad shit, BAD awi, nashit, mamakthir, syaitan albar, etc…..what profit is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?


  23. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits0: ‘This isn’t 1987 anymore.’ (21:23)
    Dear friend, do you think they realise its 21 yrs(1generation) future?
    Desperation, cynicsm, contempt and anxiety is a potent brew. This was probably decided on Wed. pm. and is the beginning of the sweep as Susan alludes to. No one who is openly critical of them will be spared.
    Their tactics are ossified and fear palpable, and yet they persist in such injustices and hamfisted tecniques! May God have mercy on them…
    Since the gauntlet has been thrown, we have no choice but to pick it up for the sake of our future generations. But please no active resistance, lest the whole nation goes down in flames!

  24. White Shirt says:

    More will be picked up tonight. Maybe Anwar even.

  25. SadMalaysian says:

    Ahmad claimed she has misquoted him but do you think this should take more than 10 days for him to get back to the paper? He should have rectified with the paper IMMEDIATELY after the reporting to avoid misunderstanding. So simple only!

    The fact that he took more than 10 days to resonse clearly showed that there is a hidden dirty agenda – to stir racial unrest.
    These are all pre planned shows to precipitate Ops Lalang 2 ?

  26. wandererAUS says:

    Since I need to restrain using my unkind words. I have only this to say, “Our Day Will Come!”

  27. toniXe says:

    lets flood the kelana stadium on 15Sept to usher in the change, at last

  28. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is the saddest day to learn that so many innocent people who stood by what they believed and who have been truthful are now being penalised by a law that is so inhuman and lack human dignity. If it is true that the Sin Chew reported is arrested under ISA and not Ahmad the UMNO racist, then the present BN govt is not a government of human being but is a collection of goons and man who has no decency. This includes , infortunately, all those in MCAs, Gerakan, MIC and the likes. I pray that those who has initiated such devious action be punished, if not in this lifetime, let it be in the life hereafter. For I know that the Almighty is Great and fair and just.

    Please convey our support and our prayer to all these good souls, who at this very moment, may be sufferring from mental and emotional anguish in their lockup. They need super human strength to survive, and they need our prayers.

  29. cancan says:

    I agree with cinta Malaysia.

    Can our overseas Malaysian rakyat hold a mass protest at the embassies?

    Can someone lead?

  30. Disgusted Citizen says:

    I just can’t believe this is happening in a so called civilized country. How can those barbaric leaders locking up innocent people and letting mad cows running wild.
    I pray that God will make the change of government a reality to Malaysians soonest possible. Please pray for peaceful changeover no matter what religion u are.

  31. Joseph says:

    Utusan Malaysia inciting racial remarks almost everyday, why hasn’t ISA used on them? Is this the way to foster true unity in Malaysia by practising double standard?

  32. cinta Malaysia says:


  33. David says:

    Where is the LAW and JUSTICE ???? I just hope Malaysian will vote wisely in the next general election should PAKATAN plan falls through. Meanwhile, i urge those with capacity to do something for her. What kind of shit is this nonsense ????????????

  34. SameSame says:

    Joseph utusan is owned by GLC…so go ponder why.

    We should stay calm…yes we are all angry and very frustrated…STAY CALM…

    This is what they want..for our ‘animosity’ and will strike us down.

  35. heartbroken Malaysian says:

    i really dunno what to say but to express my deepest disappointment over BN especially to UMNO, MCA, MIC, and Gerakan. Despite being the founding member of the Parti Perikatan and later on BN…they are just making the numbers in the coalition. What is wrong for merely reporting what was said to be the truth?and for Ahmad that racist guy..he got only 3 years suspension?this is a joke man!!and Badawi mentioned not long ago..Malaysia achieved a lot in terms of development!..really?i seriously doubt so…with such gomen in control.

  36. malaysian says:

    So, is there anyone out there still questioning the morality of crossover to form a new Pakatan goverment after all these evil nonsense act of BN?

  37. […] had been told about the ‘ISA arrest’ by the police themselves but I am awaiting […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  38. ah mad says:

    this is disgusting of this desperate gomen. Detoxification should be speeded up otherwise cancer will pervade and spread fast and the more innocents will suffer.

    Stay calm but our prayers with RPK and Tan Hoon Cheng. True malaysians are solidly behind you.

  39. wicks says:

    Susan, I’m sad and angry!

  40. Theresa says:

    I am numbed and shocked by this turn of events!!! How can any fair-minded human being not see the nonsense that is happening before our eyes……we can only pray and leave this in the hands of God now.Let justice prevail and may the downtrodden ones see the light at the tunnel…..God bless Tan and RPK and give them the strenght to carry on.May God have pity and protect them and take all evil and sorrow from them at this moment!!!!

  41. BadEgg4BeenD says:

    Someone who reporting true story detained by ISA.. whereby the person who made the statement still free willy .. What the heck is this logic …

    May god bless RPK and Tan Hoon Cheng .. And god please punished those who assists in getting this two brave man and woman to ISA .. Dont send them to hell , just send them to Zoo

  42. thaqif says:

    Aku berdoa supaya tidak ada mana-mana keturunan ku yg mengangotai parti Umno,sehingga bila-bila.

  43. Blue Kinetic says:

    I have the same feeling as i am now watching a movie which a very bad goverment and it’s conspiracy towards the nation and her people. This is actually happening on us now. There is no logic at all that Ahmad Ismail is free but Sin Chiew reporter is detained by ISA. Goverment has gone nuts!! beyong nuts i can say.

  44. heartbroken Malaysian says:

    seriously i just dun understand the logic of detained under ISA for reporting the truth..while that ahmad is free to roam around

  45. AngryMalaysian says:

    I’m already so angry with the racist government and until i read the news about ISA arrested RPK and Sin Chew reporter, my anger really reached the point that an elephant can be killed with my bare hands. REally outrageous act by the shiet government!!!!

  46. sang kancil says:

    These despicable Goons are the worst. I thought by arresting they cant go any lower. How wrong and angry I am. These acts are treasonable to our beloved Malaysia.

    Daulat Tuanku. We need Sire’s intervention to stop this ROT. The UMNO goons are moving fast and the spineless MCA & gerakan should be SACKED and disowned by the RAKYAT. Bunch of useless spineless good for nothing leeches and scumbags.

    Angry angry angry.

  47. kampongboy2006 says:

    Jangan jadi so chai larr… just keep calm as what Marina Lee pesan. Bukannya orang tak tau, ini semua itu ‘celakarama’ directed by itu botak. Jangan panik larr… just tunggu dan lihat larr, wait who’s next will get infected by the Mad Cow.

  48. Pegasus says:

    I can’t believe it!!!,The person who should be arrested under ISA,Ahmad is let off scot free and others who speak the truth are arrested instead. This is really Bolehland..,only in Malaysia will such atrocious act takes place.
    The Sin Chew reporter should be praise for her direct and right reporting,she had merely reported what has actually taken place,but instead arrested by the cowards, that goes for RPK too who was speaking the truth which hurts the BN regime till they can’t take it anymore and had to use the colonial ISA act.

    Ah-mad has gone mad and actually stayed defiant till today in not apologising to Malaysians for harping on racial subject. In was totally wrong for him in the first place to give a speech touching on other races ,as a Umno leader he should know that this are sensitive issues, by ignoring this ,he has shown scant disregard to other community feelings and arrogance to the extreme. He should be arrested under ISA without any doubt.. but in Bolehland,this does not happen as they are protected and double standard is the order of the day for Umno goons.

    Sept.16th is fast approaching and BN has gone amok to stay in power.

    BN MP’s in Taiwan can stay there for good and continue further studies to other countries,perhaps Mongolia should be their next stop,with Najib leading the group. Wish they don’t come back,if they had gone a bit earlier ,they could attend the Paralympics and supported our team there in Beijing,that would have make them useful and at could least do a service to the nation by cheering them.
    The way we are heading,the country will become a Indonesian state in a few years if the political change does not take place. We are fast losing investors to other nations around us ,whose economies are picking up.
    DSAI should make his move now as the time is running out and with the BN going all out to maintain power by dubious mean ,these cowards are scared of what will hit them, 9/11,tsunami ,katrina and the earthquake is waiting for BN,they will face all calamities before they parish.
    Pakatan Rakyat should come into power and get this nation back into the right track , as BN leadership have gone off-track and will lead the country to destruction with their mismanagement.!!!. Lets get PR to form the government to save this nation of ours.!!!

  49. Alvin 5 says:

    The use of ISA only hardens the rakyat’s little faith of what’s left for the administration of AAB.
    The originator of the racial incident gets a suspension while the reporter of a factual situation is held under ISA
    I can see us any better than Zimbawe
    This is absurdity of the current administration beyond redemption.
    As for RPK, the police has interogated him numerous occasions, assuming finding nothing much they can do to charge him they now use ISA.
    AAB has clearly and loudly said ISA will not be used, can you believe him after countless flip flops.
    Any strand of faith i have in BN is now washed away forever.

  50. matt says:

    God bless bolehland..

  51. chong says:

    bodowi, WAKE UP!!! before you make yourself as the most incompetent and foolish PM in the gobal history. pls don’t make me hate you more than that mamak!!!

  52. PISSED! says:

    I’m pissed as are right-minded Malaysians! We’ll see what happens in days to come. We know and Remember who started all this!!. C’mon. Be fair, haul Utusan to Kamunting!

  53. Harrison says:

    “People of Bolehland who condemn the would-be cross-camp MPs and and the 916 plan out there, RPK’s detention under ISA is the best proof that Bolehland needs the change badly.” -Tamade

    You are absolutely right, pointblank. The worshipers of the corrupted ballot boxes justified their true nature with the diabolical and impending arrest of RPK and the Sin Chiew reporter.

    Just now, Mahathir Mohamad issued a statement that the Chinese are not against race-base-parties but they are against AAB. Which Chinese is Mahathir referring to? Matthias Chang?

    You are not the only one angry about this Susan. Should sent a protest to the SC of United Nations.

  54. Sir says:

    I implore the DYMM SPB YDA to keep His majesty’s eyes on this.

  55. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er : “But please no active resistance, lest the whole nation goes down in flames!”

    Yup, don’t play into their hands. At this point of time it should be remembered that both BN lapdog parties like Gerakan and MCA are 99.99% complicit too. Don’t think they can change the course of history in an Internet age one generation after ’87. Heck, their bad Karmic balance of ’87 hasn’t even been paid! Don’t expect a squeak from either Kachuak or Ah Koon on this matter.

  56. Patriot Malaysian says:

    This time, I am really angry!!
    They are trying to trigger a fight!
    And I guess this is exactly what they want. So they can declare emergency and get power and control back.
    So people, please be calm. We show our support in democratic way and teach them what democracy really means.

    They are like a super big triad boss. Jail anyone who are against them. What country is this when the government can do anything without any sense?
    Jail the reporter but not the person who did it?

    Wow, if you go and rob a bank, jail the reporter!! Because she reported that you rob the bank. For you, you will be suspended from robbing bank for 3 years.

    What a Malaysia Boleh !!

    “Hahahahahahahaha” – from ALL COUNTRY AROUND THE WORLD

    BN will never change! No, I should say, BN is changing for worst!!

  57. We were upset when RPK was ISA-ed even though it was expected. But to arrest Ms Tan for doing her job while Ahmad Ismail fiddles with his huge (& ugly) rings and gold watch is just unacceptable.
    We are ANGRY!!!!

  58. glenfendish says:

    Well the ball is now in MCA and Gerakan court.Where are the defenders of the chinese race.Dont you think you are now the kingmaker.A defendless girl is just doing an honest job of reporting about a known racist.You were all wanting to taste blood for action from umno and now this ISA on innocent lives.
    Where are you now those bloody chinese lap dogs.What will be your excuse this time.

  59. Dirk says:

    Harrison, no sane chinese can say they are okay with umno as the racist-like leader of BN. Well, maybe MCA and Gerakan. funny, tonight is like the night before CNY. But the flurry of activity and excitement should not give the govt a chance to ISA anyone. ISA is an adjective now. Thanks to Malaysia.

  60. Ayoyosamy says:

    Definitely another round of “Operation Lallang” is good for Malaysian harmony as the weeds have grown tall again.

  61. YV says:

    It is disappointing that government had choose ISA instead of other legal means. Not long ago, PM had stated that media should report the truth without fear and favor. Now, how irony is that. This is the price when truth is reported.

    When he said petrol price will not increase, it increase after 2 months. When he said he won’t dissolve parliment to pave way for election, the next day parliment resolve. When he said media are responsible to report the truth, now the reporter detained under ISA for reporting the truth.

    Is there any credibility left? When government has lost its credibility, people will lost their confidence on its ability to administer to country, to right the wrong.

    How can the culprit could get away with mere party membership suspension and yet the reporter subjected to ISA detention? Where is justice? What could we expect from this government which has no credibility at all?

    Looks like the government is willing to take any measures in order to stay in the power.

  62. alan says:

    The things realy get up side down.

    Where is Justice?

    look we cannot comment FREELY else ISA…

  63. SameSame says:


    What are you..UMNO man or cybertrooper? Rant and rave….thats what you guys always do yes?

    Good luck…the Lalang cutter will be cutting u off too.

  64. scottmatrix says:

    Damm… MCA and Gerakan no balls la…. to stand up against UMNO…bor lampa

  65. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits0, those ‘unmentionables’ are circus freaks – for show only. They can’t scratch their own scrota without getting shouted at. And yes the debt hasn’t been paid back, and the main actor then, is back into the fold (whatever that is). The point is that there is a whole lot of people demanding ‘justice’, ‘fairness’ and ‘a level playing field’, but have no idea of what oldies like us have witnessed and realize how cynical the establishment can be.
    In the order of things, this is peanuts of what they can actually do over the next 24-48hrs. So it is wise not to tempt them, for their ‘passion’ knows no bounds!
    It is also prudent that Susan, remains where she is.

  66. apapunboleh says:

    The darkest hour of our Malaysian history. God help us! The crackdown of innocent civilian is on. GOD HELP US!!!!!!

  67. jenn says:

    ‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

    people!!pass this message to everyone!!!

  68. AngryMalaysian says:

    Latest news!! MP Teresa Kok arrested by ISA too…..this moron government!!!!!!!

  69. gs says:

    BN, bravo and syabas for a brilliant move.

    PEOPLE, cool it and calm down. Can’t you see, that the ISA arrests are to divert your attention from the internal problems of the govt. and DSAI’s plan of 916? How much of our attention today is focused on the pending cross-over of the MPs or the power struggle in UMNO? The motives of the arrests are to disturb and anger all of us to such an extent that we will be provoked and do something rash and stupid. Any civil unrest will result in an emergency rule.

    There might be a few more unpleasant surprises tomorrow.
    So BEWARE and BE CAREFUL in the next few days, especially on the 15th.
    We and those suffering under the ISA must know and remember WE/YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

  70. bangmalaysia says:

    Latest alert:

    DAP’s Seputeh MP and Selangor Exco member Teresa Kok arrested under ISA.

    Star Online

  71. apapunboleh says:

    The arrested reporter will be subjected to physical, mental and sexual torture. These animals will do anything to torture her and make her change her statement that she made this up.

  72. rainstorm says:

    It shows the government is scared that DSAI taking over the government might become a reality very soon, thats why using ISA & whatever means to stay in power !

  73. Ayoyosamy says:

    If I were PM, I would use the ISA much earlier!! Try making such seditious remarks in US and see if you dont get into Guatanamo!!!

  74. wah lau eh says:

    can we help the family of the Hoon Cheng financially. So that she dont have to worry about her family…. donations? funds?

  75. wah lau eh says:

    to all readers,

    dont respond or retaliate… let us use what we have … finance… help those in needs …

    dont we ever ever ever fall into their political trap. like jesus says if they slap u on the right, let them slap u the other side… it wont be that painful lah… coz millions like us are sharing the tears of real freedom …..

    god bless

  76. yusehman says:

    why the hoo hah, its all deceit and lies. this is what you get for stirring the hornet’s nest. let the law takes its course.
    you get what you put in and people get what they deserved.


  77. Jason says:

    Do not fall for the trap set by BN. This article from Malaysia Today tells why. Show restraint. Play it smart.


  78. elizabeth says:

    UMNO is the big bully. UMNO can say what they want, and get away with it with or without an apology. Instead of dealing with the deliquent ah MAD, the govt now use the full force of ISA to silence those whose only crime it seems is to tell the truth.

    So truth is now illegal in Malaysia??????

  79. […] Sin Chew publishes a well documented report of how Ahmad Ismail uttered inflammatory remarks in public. Sin Chew’s reporter is arrested under the ISA. […]

  80. storm62 says:

    hello Mr. PM you are NOT doing your job well, so i think you better go and look for some other job, cos you’re NOT fit to for this job, do you UNDERSTAND? or you want me to write in Bahasa Melayu?

    kalau kau tak boleh buat kerja baik2, aku fikir kau pergilah cari kerja lain, erti tak?

    kilang aku ada jawatan kosong, hang mau tak?

  81. ANg Kong says:

    Wrong move….!! ppl vs UMNO
    who do u think will win?

  82. maxtor says:

    Rasakan. Bakar lagi semangat orang nak marah. Mulut nk berkata2 ikut sedap je.

  83. raj says:

    Peter Parker- Spider Man says..

    “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” but in Malaysia I say…

    “With Great Power Comes Great Oppression”


  84. dan says:

    “chong wrote: bodowi, WAKE UP!!! before you make yourself as the most incompetent and foolish PM in the gobal history. pls don’t make me hate you more than that mamak!!!”

    Too late! That title was his sometime back.

  85. ktteokt says:

    The arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok and the journalist will only catalyze 916! Let’s show them that they are very,very, very biased and cannot represent the people of Malaysia anymore! Bring down BN for the benefit of the people!

  86. PAS says:

    Please give support to the GMI Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA. Make our voice clear to them. Thank you.

  87. PAS says:

    Be careful friends do not fall into their trap. If a new 13may is going to happen, we hope not, let them the BE END be the ignitor but not us. Let the whole world know the real culprit. Let us be cool smart mature please support the GMI Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA thank you.

  88. kai says:

    It’s a very say day for Malaysia, not just the MP or RPK, but especially for that reporter Tan Hoon Cheng. If one can’t report accurately and unbiased, then what is the point of being a reporter? I really feel sorry for the reporter.

    In Singapore you need S$10.0M in cash before you dare to criticise the government. Whilst in Malaysia, it may be free, but no amount of money can buy you freedom.

    If there is a 916, I hope this will chance the political landscape of this beautiful country once and for all. Unfortunately for 916, seeing is believing.

    My one and only question to those MCA, Gerakan, MIC and all those BN’s components in East Malaysia is, how do you sleep every night?

    For those MCA, Gerakan or even MIC supporters/leaders who maybe reading this, please stop saying that you are representing my interest and welfare every time when you are making a speech. You are not! I do not support you nor have I ever voted for you either. You are a disgrace not just to your own race but also for what you are standing for. Shame on you. Spineless and gutless too!

  89. MyFoot says:

    Ordinary Malaysian can’t expect to be protected. God saves Malaysia.

  90. KongKor says:

    I pray for Tan Hoon Cheng and her family.

    But my greatest fear is that the special branch will intimidate her until she breaks down. With that, UMNO will turn the table around and accused the Chinese and Sin Chew for creating racial tension. This has been well documented from the speeches of the UMNO goons prior to the ISA arrests.

    Umno has no more dignity neither do they have any principle. It seems they have sold their soul to greed and power. Now more than ever, Malaysians will need to stand united as one.

    With this action from the BE END government, the morality of MPs crossing to Pakatan Rakyat is no more in question.

    Where is MCA, Gerakan and MIC? Sit boy….sit!

  91. rozlan says:

    We know the arrest were unjustified.In this Holy Month of Ramadhan please pray hard so that BN will go down for good..Never return back to power

  92. ktteokt says:

    Parliament should immediately enact the UMNOPUTRA PROTECTION ACT to justify its actions in arresting innocent people!

  93. Solo Miss says:

    Torture & Rule By Fear = amno 51 years rule; …….we shall ensure that they never ever rule again in the next polls; ensure amno/bee ann self destruction.

    DSAI should ensure 916 really really takes place, please. For the sake of all good malaysians as against this evil rule of flip flop amnoputra/ultra incarceration to stay on in power despite losing peoples faith.

    God bless.

  94. LHHeng says:

    What the BN evil doers did to our three recpectful people (RPK,Teresa Kok and Reporter Tan), lets not talk about morality and fairness now.
    Those BN MPs who has a heart and mind just cross over irrespective. Dont hesistate. JUST DO IT. NOW………………….

  95. Pendrive says:

    To Teach this GOONS,

    Hackers, please hack their bloody blogs whatever
    until they cry for help and surrenders. ALL the blogs please,
    because they don’t have heart for others/( race )


  96. karma.. says:

    what goes around comes around…no one can run away fr karma…what you do unto others will haunt you back in many ways…May Buddha be with THC all d way…

  97. karma.. says:

    and God almighty be with RPK too…and Teresa Kok…and all Malaysians.

  98. Bola Hangus says:

    They should not use the ISa. Instead they should just bring her in her for questioning. She should be querried whether she can fluently understand or speak BM so that she did not misrepresent ahmads statement or choose certain phrase to fan the racial sentiments. Having the ability to print something which reach to millions of people takes on a huge responsibility, this freedom should not be abused. Why should just ahmad only face the public while the accuser remains hiding. The truth on both sides must be heard. I want to see her in a press conference defending her stance just like what she subjected ahmad to.

  99. cinta Malaysia says:

    Bola Hangus,
    You said ‘why should Ahmad face the public while the accuser remains hiding”
    Who is hiding here? She has been investigated by the police to proof veracity of her story.She is a journalist and therefor preposterous for you to suggest that she should call for a press conference to ‘debate ‘ with Ahmad Ismail on her reporting.The newspaper she work with had made a statement endorsing the truthfulness of her reporting.She has not subjected anybody but Ahmad Ismail subjecting everybody feel disregarded as a citizen of this country.
    If there was no truth in the story, why should Najib apologize on behalf of Ahmad Ismail? This is because Najib was there listening to the Monkey degrading fellow citizens that they are squatters in this country!

  100. davv says:

    This moron still got the balls to say it again
    http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=arWnZtE3TdA but got no balls by saying Sin Chew misquoted him….ONE BIG TRUE MORON

  101. Siew Eng says:

    She’s freed. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89649

    And Bola Hangus, here’s an example of irresponsible blogging for you. http://pembelamelayu.blogspot.com/

  102. Bola Hangus says:

    cinta malaysia, why should i suddenly believe the claims of a chinese newspaper who has its own agenda while i must reject other media like utusan, etc as propaganda? What makes this sin jew the absolute truth?

    siew eng, the blogger is saying his views, the beauty about blogging is that people can leave comments whether they argree or not with his claims. Unless the blogger is immature and deletes comments contrary to his opinions, then check and balance is there. The same cant be said about the newspaper media. One guy claims this and points the finger, the other guy is automatiocally guilty. I still have not heard any apology from the gerakan woman who accused ahmad of tearing tsu koon picture. I saw the confrence and no where did he do that.

  103. Harrison says:

    Najib’s apology while seated near Ahmad Ismail is proof that that latter did utter racist remarks at the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    Furthermore, aftermath, Ahmad’s furore calling Chinese “American Jews” for “controlling” Malaysia’s economy and his racist caution against Chinese controlling Malaysian politics substantiate the credibility of rightful reportage by the Sin Chew reporter that Ahmad did spouted racist remarks -“pendatang” and “penumpang”.

    What proof does one wants more? The interrogation of the said reporter under the ISA by the police, but later released under the smokescreen of lies that she was “protected” was a farce. Even a toddler could do better in fooling humans.

  104. Siew Eng says:

    BTW, that blog was mentioned and named earlier in Mkini, with link supplied. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89556

    But the original line referring to it has disappeared. A careless editing job has left the second line still there; so those who read it now will not know which blog is being referred to:

    >The blog also alleged that the petition requested for the calls to prayers there to be “toned down”.

    >In a police report lodged yesterday against Mohd Khir and the blogspot, PAS’ Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said she had ascertained that no such discussion regarding a petition on azan were heard in the Selangor state assembly.”

    Any textual change to a story after it is published should be noted and informed to readers as to the reason. I wonder what pressure Mkini was facing. Or whether there was any, like the bogus pressure that mosque was allegedly subjected to.

  105. Bola Hangus says:

    apology made unbder duress upon threats is not considered an real apology.And if ahmad said that the chinese control the economy, is he lying? should he apologize for speaking the truth? Why dont sin jew apologize for having a newspaper for the chinese? isnty that racist too?

  106. Harrison says:

    apology made unbder duress upon threats is not considered an real apology. -Bola Hangus

    Who are you referring to? Tan Hoon Cheng never apologized. Nor did Ahmad Ismail. Both disputing one’s credibility and honesty. And if you are referring to Najib, give me a break! Najib is an UMNO warlord. When provoked by Mahathir Mohamad once that he was afraid to raise issues of the weak leadership of AAB, Najib replied “I am not a COWARD!”. And he did apologized for Ahmad’s remarks having being near to him at the political speech reflected Ahmad did spouted racial remarks. There is no mistake about it.

    And you justified anyone under coercion is immune from legal/criminal prosecution. You are right and you are also intrepreting facts to justify your own inferences. FOR GOD”S SAKE, DPM Najib TUN RAZAK IS THE DPM of Malaysia and the Minister of Defense.

    Your arguments are totally null, void and out of order. 🙂

    You asserted “Why dont sin jew apologize for having a newspaper for the chinese? isnty that racist too?”

    I find it pointless to argue with you, but leave it for other commentators to discern that. 🙂

  107. Siew Eng says:

    Bola Hangus, the tearing down was on TV news. I don’t know where you saw it, but it could have been edited out.

    As for that blog owner, he got his facts wrong and was inciting others to act negatively to the wrong information he had. Yes, there’s a check, under his control; so, yes, if he supports free expression, he would allow all comments whether in agreement or not. But meanwhile, Teresa Kok has been arrested over such irresponsible spreading of information – under the ISA at that, which allows for detention without trial! While Ahmad Ismail is merely suspended, free to do as he pleases. If the reporter had been irresponsible, Ahmad Ismail had the right to set the record straight. He did claim he did not say those words. But there were others who heard him say them. And Najib himself, who was there, apologised for them.

    Anyway, that contentious social contract has to be revisited. I don’t deny my pendatang roots, but I object that they have any relevance today as I am a Malaysian. I am saddened that our education and political systems have taught us it is all right to discriminate another based on their roots, when existentially all of us are merely penumpang on this home called earth.

    Here’s a quote about from a Jew, who though fictional, had one of the greatest lines about discrimination:

    I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
    warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a
    Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you
    tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us,
    do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall
    we not revenge? If we are like you in
    the rest, we will resemble you in
    that. If a Jew wrong a Christian,
    what is his humility?
    Revenge. If a
    a Jew, what
    should his sufferance
    be by bhristian example?
    Why, revenge. The villany you
    teach me, I will execute, and it shall
    go hard but I will better the instruction.

  108. Bola Hangus says:

    siew eng, did you see ahmad tearing the photo? open that eyes abit wider and tell me who actually tore the poster.In your hatred for ahmad,Bn and unmo you are just being a part of a lyncmob

    Harrisson, najib apologized cos the bN is already shaky and the other non bumi parties threaten to leave etc etc etc. If any apology should be made it should be made by ahmad. I saw his press conference and he explained what happened. Why should he apologize for something sin jew quoted out of context to incite their readers?

  109. Bola Hangus says:

    siew eng, excellent quote from the jew, maybe you should tell that to the zionist in the middle east whos slaughtering the palestinians

  110. Rissa says:

    Why you bothered to read and comment or reply to this pointless ball. Dont waste your precious time on it. Pls Write some comments that would be more useful, like Information on RPK, Kok, DSAI, how the govt and public handle the situation,etc etc.

    Fed up to read those useless argument over and over. Susan’s blog used to be very informative from her commentators, but now….SIGH….Chedet.com is more interesting….

  111. Pegasus says:

    Bola Hangus , your pseudonym suits you suitabily, how stupid can you be?.
    The reporter has reported correctly as what the racist Ahmad has said during his speech in PP, Najib ( he is the Malaysian DPM ) who was on the same stage, had apologise for what the Mad guy said.This will tell you (what the whole world knows )that what the Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng reported is absolutely correct. You are very slow in catching up what’s transpiring or simply in the cyberspace to defend BN/Umno for all their wrongdoing. Well,keep on going…

  112. Bola Hangus says:

    insinuating that others are dumber that you doesnt make her reporting right. I dont trust malaysian media. Why should i trust sin jew. Just because you feel dicriminated and pissed off towards ahmad, umno and malays doesnt confirm what she wrote accurate Shes just pouring gasoline onto your fire. Thats all.

  113. kai says:

    If Ahmad didn’t not make those racist remarks, then by UMNO suspended him for 3 years? Why the reporter Tan didn’t get the sack from Sin Chew if she made that up? Some other journalists attended the same ceramah that night also confirmed with Tan! Boom boom!!

    Have the gut to say it but no balls to admit it!!

  114. ah long says:

    Bola Hangus, how much did Ahmad Ismail pay you to suck his cock and lick jis arsehole??? I hope they paid you enough your mouth sure stinks.

  115. Bola Hangus says:

    under pressure, minyak pun reduce. Why “guilty” ahmad never apologize? which other journalist? Do they speak M or othe rlanguage to interpret as they like?

  116. Bola Hangus says:

    ah long, challenging me to foul worldplay is it? being it on. I have resevoir of vulgarity for a cuntlicker like you.

  117. Rissa says:

    Ayahanda Bola Hangus!! You won la, you want the whatever rights, take it la, you want to take money from others, take la. You want the govt to give you this and that, go and ask la.

    Hard working is always our principle since young and it is our way of life from generations to generations and continue to be independent and capable to bring up our family.

    From my birth till now, still studying, all came from my parents hard earned salary. There are many people like me. So we dont bother much about the rights. As long as we work hard, we can take care of our children’s need. My parents used to say,”be patience, determine and work hard to make a living, don’t ever beg or depend on others.”

  118. Bola Hangus says:

    oi rissa, sapa kata aku nak ambik all the money? dia crita pemyamun tarbus apa nie? Every civilization throught history is forged by their own struggle and fights. I will fight for my rights even if it means i’m not a bangsa malaysia. At least i’m not a bangsa pengkhianat.

  119. Rissa says:

    Ayahanda, you don’t have to fight la. If you are poor, you can just go and ask the govt, surely they would help you. Our govt is very compassionate. Why susah ?

  120. ah long says:

    Bola Hangus, why Chinese cannot have Chinese newpaper? Malays don’t force Chinese to read Malay newspaper. Conversely, Chinese don’t force Malays to read Chinese newspaper.

    Only arsehole lickers like you go and make an issue of it and rock the boat and spread dissent amongst the races. Shame on you lah.

  121. Bola Hangus says:

    Then why ahmad cant speak to his own crown in his own language about their own interests.Why the newspaper has to twist the speech to instigate? Whos asshole are you licking that u like so much that you want to recommend to others?

  122. sginkjets.com says:

    What an excuse. Handcuff me, interrogate me in the name of protection?

  123. Admin says:

    This is the day democracy made a ‘gostan’ in Malaysian history… again!!!

  124. Siew Eng says:

    Bola Hangus, he tore the poster down from the wall. It was an obvious message of rejection of the Gerakan leader.

    And the bigoted blogspot I was talking about (http://pembelamelayu.blogspot.com/) did not post my comment that touched on Umar, the second caliph, who epitomised the principle of co-existence when he protected the Jerusalem church. I was making a point for the true meaning of Islam as a religion of peace. Apparently, that’s not a good point worth promoting, since he didn’t approve my posting!

    And don’t presume that I cannot differentiate Jewish people from the Zionist regime. The point of that quote, from a fictional Jew, was about discrimination. Much as you hate the regime today, you cannot deny the people were persecuted through the ages, giving rise to the cruel regime.

    Rissa, I’m not engaging with Bola Hangus to make him change his mind (I believe that’s a lost cause). It’s for the benefit of the fence-sitters or those who still can’t make out who’s right or wrong.

    Lastly, Bola Hangus, here’s an Islamic authority’s statement on the whole sordid affair for your reflection. Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini:

    Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia
    14 September 2008


    Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) mengecam undang-undang tanpa bicara
    seperti Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dan penggunaannya ke atas Ahli
    Parlimen Seputeh yang juga Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor,
    Teresa Kok, wartawan akhbar Sin Chew Daily Tan Hoon Cheng dan pengendali
    laman blog Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

    JIM ingin menegaskan bahawa prinsip keadilan amatlah penting dalam
    perundangan. ISA menyalahi prinsip keadilan kerana mereka yang ditahan
    dinafikan hak untuk “tidak bersalah sehingga disabitkan kesalahannya”,
    dinafikan hak bela diri, dinafikan khidmat guaman dan boleh ditahan
    selama-lamanya tanpa dihadapkan ke mahkamah.

    Walaupun wartawan Tan Hoon Cheng kemudiannya telah dibebaskan selepas 16 jam
    ditahan, namun JIM mempersoalkan penahanan tersebut atas kononnya untuk
    melindungi beliau daripada ancaman ke atas keselamatan beliau. Ini menurut
    Menteri Dalam Negeri, Syed Hamid Albar dalam sidang akhbar di Ibupejabat
    Polis Bukit Aman pada 13 September 2008. Bukankah suatu yang amat pelik
    apabila seseorang ditahan di bawah ISA untuk menyelamatkan beliau daripada
    ancaman keselamatan sedangkan lazimnya seseorang ditahan kerana beliau
    dituduh memudaratkan keselamatan negara?

    Apakah dengan ini wartawan tersebut perlu berterima kasih kepada Kerajaan
    atau sepatutnya menyaman Kerajaan kerana merampas hak kebebasan beliau
    sebagai warganegara dengan alasan yang tidak munasabah langsung?

    Perbuatan menuduh tanpa sebarang bukti adalah perbuatan yang haram dari
    sudut Syariah, kerana ianya sendiri merupakan sebab utama kepada keadaan
    huru-hara di kalangan masayarakat yang hilangnya kepercayaan antara satu
    sama lain.

    Firman Allah s.w.t. dalam surah Al-Hujurat ayat 6, penyebaran perkhabaran
    dan maklumat yang tidak sahih lagi meragukan menyebabkan berlakunya
    pertimbangan yang tidak adil, lantaran mengundang kepada musibah fitnah yang
    melanda masyarakat.

    Riwayat hadith Ibnu Majah dan Abu Dawud menyebutkan bahawa kadi yang
    menetapkan hukuman kepada seseorang bedasarkan sumber-sumber bukti yang
    tidak benar akan dicampakkan ke dalam api neraka sewajarnya cukup menjadi
    pengajaran bagi kerajaan untuk mengutamakan prinsip keadilan Islam yang
    rasional berbanding dengan sentimen-sentimen perkauman yang rapuh dalam
    menjaga kemaslahatan masyarakat.

    JIM mengesyorkan mana-mana pihak yang terkesan dengan sebaran awam yang
    dianggap menghina Islam supaya tampil proaktif dalam memberikan penjelasan
    yang bernas terhadap isu-isu yang dibahaskan. Islam tertegak di atas nas dan
    dalil Al-Quran dan Sunnah yang jelas. Tuntutan untuk mengemukakan
    hujah-hujah Islam secara berhikmah dan beradab sudah termaktub di dalam
    riwayat hadith-hadith yang sahih.

    JIM memandang penahanan wartawan Tan Hoon Cheng seolah-olah beliau
    bertanggungjawab ke atas kontroversi kenyataan perkauman Ahmad Ismail
    sebagai tidak wajar kerana Ahmad Ismail dan pengikut beliau sendiri yang
    sengaja memberikan provokasi perkauman tanpa sebarang kawalan emosi di
    hadapan wartawan-wartawan.

    Penahanan Ahli Parlimen Seputeh, Teresa Kok pula merupakan satu
    ketidakadilan kerana dakwaan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor keatasnya telah
    dinafikan sekeras-kerasnya. Malah, masjid di Damansara yang dikatakan
    disuruh perlahankan bunyi azannya telah memberi penjelasan bahawa azan tidak
    berbunyi dengan kuat kerana alat pembesar suara azannya mengalami kesulitan
    teknikal, bukannya kerana ditentang penduduk bukan Islam.

    Penduduk bukan Islam di kawasan perumahan sekitar sebuah masjid di Puchong
    pula dilaporkan hanya memohon supaya diperlahankan penggunaan pembesar suara
    untuk majlis kuliah bacaan ayat al-Quran, bukannya azan itu sendiri.

    JIM berpendirian jelas bahawa apa juga alasan yang dinyatakan kerajaan atas
    episod penahanan terbaru ini samada sebagai “pencetus polemik ketakutan”
    atau “pencetus kegawatan”, ianya seharusnya boleh ditangani dengan pelbagai
    akta lain yang sedia ada.

    Tindakan menggertak dan menangkap blogger, wartawan, para pengkritik dasar
    kerajaan khususnya dari kalangan parti pembangkang tanpa hujah yang konkrit
    hanya akan mengundang kemusykilan rakyat terhadap motif dan keikhlasan
    kerajaan dalam melaksanakan perubahan pasca Pilihan raya Umum ke-12
    terutamanya dalam konteks lanskap politik negara kini. Tindakan ini hanyalah
    mengesahkan lagi bahwa ISA digunakan untuk tujuan politik parti pemerintah.

    JIM amat kesal dengan tindakan parti politik pemerintah yang sanggup
    memainkan isu sensitif seperti perkauman dan agama demi untuk menutup
    pelbagai kelemahan kepimpinan sedia ada. Sebaliknya, adalah lebih baik pihak
    kerajaan berusaha menyelesaikan pelbagai kemelut yang terjadi di dalam
    negara sekarang ini tanpa menggadaikan suasana keamanan yang sedia ada.
    Hentikan politik perkauman, fitnah dan tuduh menuduh tanpa bukti lagi tanpa
    bicara dan kembalilah kepada Syariat Islam.

    JIM menggesa Kerajaan untuk membebaskan Teresa Kok, Raja Petra dan
    tahanan-tahanan ISA yang lain dengan serta merta atau dakwa mereka di
    mahkamah. Nasib tahanan yang ditahan dalam tempoh yang lama sehingga 7 tahun
    juga perlu dibela.

    Sebagai anggota aktif gabungan Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI), JIM menyeru
    rakyat yang prihatin untuk turut tampil membantah ISA dan penahanan
    berhubungnya melalui program-program yang dianjurkan oleh GMI. Dalam
    tuntutan keadilan dan kebenaran, tidak ada batasan agama, kaum atau budaya.

    Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh
    Timbalan Presiden

  125. Inspector Joget says:

    Say, I once threatened my buddy, Ah Koh, for scratching my Proton Perdana. Does that mean he’s to go under ISA aarrr??

    And I did also once threatened another friend, Maria, for submitting the wrong tender documents. ISA also arrr?

    Ah Koh also threatened me back la. Shit, I’m ISA material also la like that. Haiyaa, Ah Koh aaarr, laidet means arr we friends balik laaa haa? I belanja you teh tarik tonight la brader…

  126. […] out more at Susan Loone – Sin Chew Reporter Under ISA Too and Malaysiakini – ISA arrest No 2: Sin Chew journalist […]

  127. wits0 says:

    Dear Siew Eng, it’s futile to talk to the village idiot.

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