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Please help send this sms in various languages if you can… RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’. (Haris’ Peoples Parliament).

Also read ALIRAN’s statement on RPK and the threats against newspapers:

“RPK’s detention is unjust as it denies him his democratic right to defend himself. He should have been charged in open court in relation to the earlier charges made against him under the Sedition Act. By resorting to the ISA, his innocence can no longer be proven. This is indeed undemocratic, unjust and un-Islamic”.

It’s a repeat or you can say…a prelude to 1987. We still do not know where he is! But activists in Malaysia are already planning a campaign to call for his release. So, please help them if you can.

According to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, the 58-year old father of five would be detained under Section 73(1) of the ISA, which allows for detention of up to 60 days.

“The police will do an assessment during this period and if they feel he should be held more than 60 days, the police will then refer to me,” Syed Hamid was quoted as saying by The Star.

Earlier, I blogged :

Just because Mahathir Mohamad is returning to UMNO, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants to become worst than him, to show off his mighty power by imposing the Internal Security Act on bloggers.

Evil breeds evil.

What else can we describe cowards who use such weapons against its own citizens? And none of the reasons used was convincing.

Anyway, this is Raja Petra’s second time in ISA, the first was in 2001. His articles on Malaysia Today is said to have insulted Islam.

Since ISA is a law that detains one without trial, it is unlikely that Raja Petra can defend himself.

That is why this is a coward law used by cowards in power.


Newspaper The SUN, Sin Chew and Suara Keadilan have been issued show cause letters too, for manipulating some political issues (The SUN), playing up the Ahmad Ismail rants (Sin Chew) and reporting ‘false’ news on the IGP Musa Hassan’s health (Suara Keadilan).

All of us are made to pay for UMNO’s internal crisis. Looks like the leadership transition is not so clear cut anymore with Najib Tun Razak saying that it should be left to delegates. What a flip flop!

We might see Najib as the next PM even before 2010. Still want to debate on the ‘morality and immorality’ of cross overs?

Or do you still want to debate whether we should have the ISA or not?

We can probably do that in Kamunting Detention Camp. Because if UMNO is permitted to carry on for another few years, we may as well rename Malaysia – Kamunting.

With the culture of fear permeating, the whole country is on its way to being a detention camp!

Which is why, we should never wish the ISA on anyone!

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  1. fiza hashim says:

    oh god!stoopid gov to be acting like this!
    may he’ll be release soon..

  2. BenM says:

    I am anti ISA. But by going by the Barisan Regime should it be that the Ahmad guy who should be detained under ISA for sake of national interest! Why RPK???

  3. BenM says:

    Another sad day for mother Malaysia.
    May God protect RPK.

  4. PureMalaysian says:


  5. kwai lan says:


  6. Tualang says:

    Sad day for freedom of speech. Selective prosecution. Ahmad Ismail should be there instead!!!

  7. lpplmala says:

    Don’t you had this perception that there are 2 set of rule of engagement in Malaysia. One for the general public and one for BN members

  8. de Villaine says:

    de Idiotsssssssssssss………..go to hell with BN……..go to hell with UMNO……..may PKR rules over the gvt soon…!

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  10. Metalhead says:

    Dear Government.
    As a Rakyat, all I have to say is
    Fuck You! Democracy doesn’t exist in Malaysia. You all are cowards!

  11. wira says:

    Shoot the messenger and let the culprit go with a slap on the wrist.
    Rename Malaysia to UMNO boleh.

  12. Malay Down Under says:

    This is unfair…

    Ahmad Ismail should go under ISA too….

  13. nashita says:

    sama-sama bangun berjuang membebaskan raja petra dan semua tahanan ISA yang dah bertahun ditahan di KEMTA!!!!


  14. sitiawan says:

    Hope RPK will be release soon!!!!!!!

  15. Room916 says:

    &#*(&#*&$(&($*&*%*%& !!!!!!!!! HAM KA CHAN BOTAK CHAO CI BAI BOTAK !!!!!!! BOTAK BO LAN PA Y NOT TANGKAP AHMAD TO ISA !!!!! !!! BETUL BETUL KAN NI NA BO !!!!

  16. lovepeace says:

    i totally disagree with the action….even i dont agree with ahmad ismail being sent to isa……..its not fair……………oh my god…………..what is going to happen to my beloved malaysia………..

  17. johan says:

    wat a bunch of coward pea brain money hungry gestapo ..remember how they looked down on SA. Soon it will Malaysian looking for maid,construction jobs in Indonesia,Thailand,sri lanka..etc…

  18. Ju says:

    If RPK is a threat to the security of the nation so is Ah-mad In-sane. What double standards in just giving Ah-mad a slap on the wrist.

  19. ML says:


  20. rpk supporter says:

    lets all go bald in support of RPK

  21. Room916 says:

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBOTAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkKk !!!!!!

  22. MatDeck says:

    this is horrible news. There are samsengs in UMNO who needs to be arrested under ISA instead. How can they do this in the name of democracy? Hypocrites!!!!

    I hope DSAI makes it to PM in the next few weeks / months and shut down the ISA and revamp the judiciary and police forces.

  23. rpk supporter says:

    oh! oh! oh!bodowi, najis, shit hmd……
    now the whole wide world knows that the govt of msia hv a brain the size of a pea…. you all got no balls ahhh???? panic right???? now that sept 16 is near!!!!!! you all just a bunch of useless cowards. f*@< the govt

  24. usan says:

    what is this ? wats happening to our country ? THIS IS NOT GOOD . VERY VERY SAD N UPSET

  25. andreas says:

    RPK..ur writing went beyond race and religion..i will miss u badly in coming days….sad Malaysian Indian

  26. Isa X says:

    Let them put everyone behind bars. The month of Ramadan Muslims arrest another seconds before his Juma prayers. This the same thing the Israelis do in the occupied Palestine – they wait for the call to prayer. But I can understand their rational as Muslim/Islam haters. What BN/UMNO have to say for themselves now. These munafics sit and smile and shake their political dirt in the Mosque as they prey on the masses. We will never give in – Tsunami is joke. We resent you gomen we want you our and no army police or others can change our hearts. Vagrants.

  27. Kenny Gan says:

    Somebody should start a petition for Royal Intervention for RPK’s release. We don’t want him rotting in Kamunting for 2 years! His only “crime” was to expose the dirt of this corrupt regime while the racist from Penang who stirred up racial tension isn’t subject to the same law.

  28. Hitam Had says:

    Predictable desperate measure with an equally predictable future outcome, as it is becoming clear that the electorate is getting smarter than the elected “leaders”.


  29. deekay says:

    A very sad day indeed. Hopefully, RPK’s stay in Kamunting will not be long due to change in the Government. Sep 16, or Sep 20….don’t care when, JUST CHANGE IT!

  30. selvaraja somiah says:

    Lets pray for Raja Petra my buddy. It is a sad day for Malaysia. It’s selective prosecution and the Government is using the mighty and dreadful Internal Security Act to shut him.

    I spoke to Petra lastnight and he told me something is not right and they are up to no good as the sudden turn around on the unblocking of MalaysiaToday is sure a tell sign that they are planning for something big on him. Now I understand what Petra was trying to tell me.

  31. BenM says:

    UMNO lack of intelectual capability to counter react in civilised way. Using draconion law to silence their critics!! BODOH!!!!!
    Albar- Bodoh
    Bodowi -Bodoh
    KJ – Monyet
    Ahmad – Lembu gila

  32. Tantech says:

    Should Rakyats tolerate such barbaric tactic? Are we maturing each National Day? We are 51 now!

  33. Azmin says:

    Double standard!!!!!! DSAI!!! can u guys do something? Where is the Agung???? Where is everybody?????

  34. maxtor says:

    Sumbat je dalam ISA tu. Kalau biar dekat luar banyak sangat mengarut, menghasut dan menyesatkan orang.

  35. Risssssss says:

    This is a horrible news and very upset. Whats a coward act!!!

  36. For Pakatan's Govt. says:

    Psalm 46:1-11 (New International Version)

    1 God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble.

    2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
    and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

    3 though its waters roar and foam
    and the mountains quake with their surging.

    4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
    the holy place where the Most High dwells.

    5 God is within her, she will not fall;
    God will help her at break of day.

    6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall;
    he lifts his voice, the earth melts.

    7 The LORD Almighty is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our fortress.

    8 Come and see the works of the LORD,
    the desolations he has brought on the earth.

    9 He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth;
    he breaks the bow and shatters the spear,
    he burns the shields with fire.

    10 “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

    11 The LORD Almighty is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our fortress.

  37. delcapo says:

    Damn he was right when he suspected ulterior motives…

    maybe the rest of higher profile bloggers must watch out too..

    this is bad…
    FIght to !!!FREE RPK!!!!….


  38. peng says:

    Democracy is dead in Malaysia.

  39. amoker says:

    Oh, and they forgot Utusan Melayu for adding tension to the mala fide claim by Khir Toyo that a Catholic Chinese MP wants the azan to be toned down. So, that is ok but it is not if Suara Keadilan make a mistake in theirs( which the apologized profesionally) and got a threat to withdraw permit? Double standard. All 3 are not directly owned by BN linked parties.

    Ahmad Ismail should not be ISAed. He is seditious and given a free ticket to roam around.
    RPK should not be ISAed. He should also be trialed for sedition, if proven but government seemed not able to get the proof.

    Gangster UMNO.

  40. Harrison says:

    For Pakatan’s Govt. (13:42:29) ,

    Thanks buddy, U gave us hope. Susan was right. AAB’s administration since he ascended to power has never been this autocratic on Press freedom until of late.
    Mahathir spoke of press freedom only when he was not in power. Likewise my question yesterday- “Is AAB still in control?”

  41. silverfish says:

    What is important now is to hold the horses until 916. The power is in their hands to abuse those whom they feel are against them. To all who believe in democracy, we should hold the half botak fellow responsible. No point talking about the PM because he follows blindly whoever tells him what to do.

    Such detention is selective. It is fair when Ahmad the samseng and Khir Toyol the cry baby are detained under ISA also. This is why seditious remarks are boldly utter by UMNO goons because they know the half botak fellow dare not touch them!

  42. SameSame says:

    God bless RPK.

    I can only say this ‘MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!’
    So der …………………..

    This is the price we pay when we have such ‘dedicated’ government running the show.

    You know what i mean…..

  43. Harrison says:

    I have not seen such a clampdown of the Badawi regime comparing to Mahathir. And oh, I have never seen all commentators in this blog so united regardles of ideological differences. 😀

  44. malaysian says:

    If anyone said again that the 916 takeover is not moral or ethical, please consider all the devil deeds done by BN. They kill , they steal, they lie, they corrupt. THEY ARE ALL EVIL.

    I am a doctor and have seen all sorts of end meet by my patients. May be the BN politicians never think that one day they will die and meet their fate.

  45. donplaypuks says:

    Cowards of the worst kind! Deserve to be hung by their goolies.

    The end will now come sooner than planned.
    refer my blog Sept 16th Chronicles-Sighful’s Pregnant

  46. javabean says:

    they have just sealed the deal. Government change now!!!!!

  47. Ultraman says:

    The PENULTIMATE nail of a very, very big BN coffin!!!!

  48. cat says:

    You are right, Susan. Those people are real cowards, hiding behind religion, ketuanan melayu, ISA and whats not to keep their powers.

    I say Home Minister, if you are man enough, come out of hiding and fight what you think belongs to you, like a man. At least RPK is man enough to say what he wants to say without hiding anywhere. That’s why he is a HERO and you are a COWARD.

    My advice to you is this: Listen to the voice of the people. We are sick and tired of your limp excuses for detaining people (especially RPK) in ISA. If you, in your power as a Home Minister abolish the ISA, we the people will thank you. But if you persist in doing what you are doing, then face the wrath of the rakyat. Don’t make us angry. You won’t like it when WE are angry!!

  49. gs says:

    Yes we are all upset but we are expecting something like this to happen as the deliberately orchestrated Ahmad saga had failed. This is the second phase. But we bloggers are matured and clear thinking individuals. So we WILL remain calm and not do anything silly. We must NOT fall into their devious trap and give them the satisfaction of ‘mission accomplished’!!!! Our prayers go to RPK and marina during this episode of mad injustice.

  50. isa says:

    please publish the article in the newspapers and let the people read it.

  51. chewe for justice says:

    there is no justice, no rule of law in malaysia under Umno-Bn regime. Pathetic! utter disgrace to humanity!

  52. Ayoyosamy says:

    He deserves it. Long overdue!!!!!

  53. royz says:

    Looking at other perspective, someone is trying to do what TR tried to do to TAR nearly 40 years ago.

  54. Bola Hangus says:

    Isa should not be used but that doesnt mean that RPK has the right to insult islam as he wishes. I’m not a religious person but there are things many consider sacred and Religion is one of them. You guys should check out tulang besi’s examination of RPKs islamic comments. Be the judge yourself.

  55. Rakyat Malaysia says:

    No one should be detained under ISA including that Ahmad fellow. Look like UMNOputras are desperate to save their corrupted life….Their so call corrupted “Way of Life”. Can our beloved King intervene by not agreeing to RPK detention? How can a person well being can be decided by a stroke of signature of home minister & PM……..ANOTHER MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!!!

  56. nick chan abdullah says:

    badawi is making a huge mistake
    with RPK in kamunting, malaysiatoday is gonna publish more explosive articles without fear

  57. PeteWeSUpportYou says:

    Someone should really quickly create a petition to ask the freakin government to free RPK/Pete from ISA immediately! This is oppression! Petitions can be freely created at

  58. Adeline says:

    i’m sick of these brainless leader from UMNO..we r in this era yet ‘leaders’ are like the uncivilized people. pls God, help us..we wants peace in this little world. save us fr the cruelty made by a human being like us

  59. PureMalaysian says:

    This is Bald (RPK) vs Bald (Hamid)! 😉

  60. hanisma says:

    Di bulan yang mulia ini, tergamak pemimpin-pemimpin yang kononnya Islam menahan seorang pejuang Islam kerana bermotifkan kepentingan politik mereka. Allah amat mengetahui, terimalah balasan dari Allah kepada mereka yang busuk hati kepada seorang hambaNya yang cuba menentang kezaliman dan kekufuran pemerintahan Umno. Every dog has its day! BN/Umno its facing its doomsday.

  61. Juanito says:

    as i wrote earlier, what is the justification for the arrest under isa? yes i know u can be arrested without trial but there shud be a valid reason to arrest rpk now. if he insulted islam, this is not day 1 of him doing it, so why only arrest him now and not earlier??

    why is this govt flip flopping whenever and wherever they like? and why is it rpk being arrested only now when he is scheduled for trial in oct? is this a ploy to prevent him from attending any trial in oct as he will spill the beans there and then??

  62. Adeline says:

    rpk, we r sad..our heart goes to you and your family. we will never fail to pray for you day & nite..

  63. navinda says:

    Badawi has lost the plot and is in slumberland. Does he know whats happeninmg around the country. and he allows his henchman Botak to use the ISA on RPK. Most idiotic thing to do considering just a few months ago he screamed, “I have heard the voices” “I have got the message”
    The government is sinking lower and lower in esteem. Badawi is worse than Mahathir. He not only has not kept his promises of reforms, he has adopted all of Mahthir’s tricks and improving on them. Idiots.

  64. rozlan says:

    we had expected it.Sooner or later RPK will be arrested under ISA…They cannot censored Malaysia Today.Censoring in Internet is difficult.Even CIA find it difficult..So the next best thing is censoring the blogger instead…Remember UMNO,your days are numbered…

  65. PALABUTO says:


  66. hpchua says:

    Ahmad Ismail said such seditious, inflammatory things and only got off literally with a 3 month suspension, while RPK who only spoke the truth gets ISA? What a stupid, rotten government!

    But it may be a sinister move by the desperate BN, to incite RPK’s supporters, and those of the PR. They may have some ominous plot brewing. Be wary of another Ops Lalang being orchestrated.

  67. SameSame says:


    BN is desparate and have lost its strings end. So wham…the use RPK and his remarks. They cant use Ahmad as if he is used..all the secret of AAB and Najib and cronies alike will be bongkared. Not that RPK wont bongkar it soon too.

    They (BN/UMNO) have just dug their grave deeper.

    Only in Malaysia one cant discuss about religion without bars and ISA hoovering. Is RPK the national threat or BN?

    Hands down, BN.

  68. propkr says:

    the country of malaysia is beyond salvage! but the righteous are blessed! the evil bow before the good, and the wicked at the gate of the righteous! the wealth of the sinners will be reserved for the righteous!

  69. SameSame says:

    BTW I believe Susan, we are being watch like hound-dogs. By the no heed to cry foul of the cybertroopers who are planted here to instigate things.

  70. bigbadwoof says:

    where’s the rational arguments?? r the incumbent govt escalating their demise I hear the ticking. U have heard of the “Tipping Point”?. First time leaving a comment and probably not the last my hats off, sloone

  71. Taikohtai says:

    Its time the Royal Families earn their keeps. Yes, one of their own is again being ISAed but would they rally or continue with their apathy? RPK is the Rakyat. No daulats from me and stuff the Royal birthrights until the Agong does his bit.

  72. Peril says:

    I believe as really angry and mad i am rite now and the people here.. I pray and i pray..when this all going to stop? please god please make it all stop. i cant take this anymore.

    The most feared and ruthless soon find out recently it is not us..but they are the ones who feared and cowards.

  73. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, Susan, this is the prelude to Ops Lallang II from what i understand. The controlling chip has blown, with a little help from hypermamak.
    This is devolution not evolution, and that is why DSAI & PR must shift gears now. No more sopan-santun and other niceties! Only hard reality…
    Those who remember those dreadful days of Ops Lallang I, will remember the utter defeat of public morale. Let us here make sure this doesn’t happen again…
    Hidup Rakyat! Hidup RPK! Hidup DSAI! Hidup PR!

  74. tin koo song says:

    In support of Dear RPK, i am done with my hair. As bold as RPK. Long live RPK. God bless you and your family. Just hang on there. It won’t be long……

  75. propkr says:

    promises for evil doers. taken from Psalm 37.

    do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity, for they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb…the wicked plot against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming……their sword shall enter their own heart!

    hang on in there RPK! the face of the Lord is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth. many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all!

  76. danet7882 says:

    lol, what’s this!! RPK under ISA arrest.. While our racist Ahmad Ismail is let off with 3 years suspension… LOL, why not banning RPK for 3 years from surfing the net??

    My appeal to all Malaysian, don’t get worked up.. This is a plot, the UMNO government knows that by arresting RPK under ISA surely will create havoc but they still did it, WHY? Because they are hoping that Malaysian will go to the street to protest, then they will announce “state of emergency”..

    Let our beloved DSAI (although I’m not his supporter) plot the fall of this corrupted government.. I wonder whether I will be arrest under ISA for this comment or not.. Anyway, to all BN MP, better lompat now if not you will be drown together with the sinking BN ship!!

  77. Aniza Alias says:

    I don’t like to swear or curse. But this is just too much to take. Just Pray that one day ISA would be demolished….ya, just one day when the righteous leader comes to save our nation. God hear my prayer!!!!

  78. Osama says:

    Shame to democracy! The most idiorotic ,moron , hyprocrit government in the world!

  79. nhfsryj says:

    The ISA should now be renamed the USA (Umno Security Act) because opponents of umno are its targets

  80. David says:

    COWARD isn’t the right word for BOTAK but no balls would be more appropriate. PAKATAN should work overtime and double or triple up their effort to make this take over and make all these changes. And i hope all these NO BALLS will be penalised accordingly for them to taste their own medicine. Take them to task for whatever wrong doing, dig every where to penalise those wrong doing without second thought just like they never give thoughts for others. GO PAKATAN GO.

  81. Siti says:

    RPK, you are always in my prayer. Only you have the gut to confront those bullies. The rest of us are useless, just useless. Where are those people’s power? Doesn’t it exist in this beloved country of mine? Are we just going to sit and wait and see what is happening next?

  82. RPK my hero says:

    Fuck the government to be so double standard. Ahmad is more dangerous creature than RPK.

    Malaysians….. Please stand up and topple BN government..

  83. monsterball says:

    This is a sad day for freedom of speeches and rights.
    Just received good news..his blog no more banned……and now this.
    It looks like government is very unpredictable and inconsistent…showing clearly..Dollah is no more under control….neither out of control.
    Things done are somewhat…strange….meaning opposite camps are dictating things.
    I sincerely hope RPK will be strong and be like Anwar….always ..positive thinking….all the way…for 6 years.
    Malaysians know…RPK and 5 others will be release very soon.

  84. Azmin says:

    I am going to shave off my hair as bold as RPK to show my supports. Hidup RPK!!!

  85. Edi神 says:

    No wonder, they unblocked the Malaysia-Today website as UMNO is going to get the HERO!

    My Hero… I’m with you all this time!

  86. wits0 says:

    Bad awi just declared himself a bankrupt but this has been expected. Spudhead and Prickhead surely would have concurred with his taking this step too.

  87. peace brother says:

    This ISA shit is not right, If it is right there are so many others deserve to be put to ISA but certainly not RPK.

    Malaysia lost so much today. And I feel so sad.

  88. wits0 says:

    Of course, others like Utusan can do no wrong…

  89. Devout muslim says:

    He didn’t insult Islam he didn’t insult Prophet Muhammad. He did insult the corrupt and stupid muslim that didn’t act as muslims at all. Let us all give support to the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA led by PAS to save Malaysia from corrupt BE END.

  90. Amanda says:

    Look at this. Just any media either with or without licence (Sin Chew, The Sun & of course Malaysia 2day), if they report something true but not in favour of government, they will get pressurefrom all the bustard UMNO gang. Heard from someone they pay all those who went to Taiwan RM500K each for travelling allownces. There goes our money$$$. I think it is really time to change government.

  91. Anak Malaysia says:

    This country is going to the dog.Why this Ahmad Ismail is not under ISA?

  92. Eastman says:

    Guys, I think we are at the brink of another Emergency. Several sign has shown. Military showing sign. Plot to overthrow Pak Lah in UMNO . That means, there is a COUP going on. The arrest of RPK and show cause letter to 3 press is a warning to the other media. This is to cut of any early sign of COUP. Prepare yourself and your family. Get your emergency bag ready. Flee if you have to and live to fight this tyranny for another day!

  93. Malaysian.. says:

    Be patient everyone…. WE WILL TOPPLE THE CURRENT GOVT IN A FEW DAYS TIME.. Be patient coz every dog will have its day… BN and UMNO we never let you for all the crimes that you have inflicted on the Malaysian people….. We will get everyone, one by one, from En, Puan, YB, Dato, Datuk, Dato Seri, Tan Sri and TUN too……

    We Malaysian true citizen will have our day!!!!!!!

  94. When there’s no open public debate or contest
    It’s always the much hated draconian arrest
    Putting democracy to its most severe test
    Let’s join forces to put things right at their best

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120908
    Fri. 12th Sept. 2008.

  95. Amanda says:

    Luckyly our Malaysia still have heroes like those days i.e., Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    Thank you 4 everything RPK, the LIM father and son, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz and all the members behind the parties.

  96. 729 NO ISA! says:

    ISA is cruel than ever on the earth.
    So who use it can be consider the most cruelest person the the earth!!
    Pak Lah and those bastards (you decide) really rules the Malaysia with shit!
    Why Ahmad escaped? What is wrong with RPK statements?

  97. Tony Wong says:

    No one at the BeEnd side behaves like human.

  98. Kaninah-boh says:

    This is a portent of more serious things to come. There is no alternative but to get DSAI into power and immediately do away with the ISA and hound the assholes who hide behind this draconian law to kingdom come. Botak will then have to wear a wig to walk around incognito.

    DSAI please get things moving fast to overthrow this despicable regime!!!!

  99. you silly bitch! Don’t be a heroine like that nut! You will be next!

  100. shaydflin says:

    Yes, I agree perhaps Susan Loone too who harbors comments that perpetuated Malay hatred among her visitors in this blog which caused people like me went haywire about race relation, should be in the list for the prestigious award of ISA.

  101. Amanda says:

    Looks like this BeeEnd is now taking action so fiercely, I wonder does our safety will be treathen somehow in this country currently

  102. wits0 says:

    Shaydflin da shady tempurong toad returns!

  103. harimau akar says:

    wats his fault??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. pohkuat says:

    The Lord is my tower
    He will give us the power
    He wil crush the devourer
    And bring the power of darkness underneath our feet
    Give the evil one the big foot!

  105. Aiya! Why worry? Relax man! Botak-head rpk will be in Kemunting playing dam with his buddy botak-head hamid.

    Botak-head rpk also needs a break after all the spewing, he needs to reinvigorate in Kemuting to recharge himself.

    Just take it that he is having an all expenses paid holiday in the golf resort of Kemunting by the courtesy of his buddy botak-head syed!

    He has also prepared another bed reserved for our slooney who will be joining him real soon…. he he he!

  106. Mark Ling says:

    Cowards hide behind ISA. That’s BN for you and I.

  107. San says:

    Singapore’s prime minister mentioned during the 2006 National Rally that Singapore needed a population of 10 million to stay competitive and thriving into the future. Now it has 4 million. So, it needs a population injection of 2.5X.

    And to sustain a larger population, it needs a larger land mass. I remember reading during the sell sand fiasco that the Johor sand was supposed to sell to Singapore, could have increased the island land mass to accommodate 2.5X its population, i.e. 10 million.

    Malaysia has 25 million people. Roughly 24% are Chinese, i.e. 6 million people.

    So ~ if we put 1, 2 and 3 together, isn’t the road to solving Malaysia racial and religious problem as simple as selling the required sand to Singapore and then allowing all 6 million Chinese to emigrate?

    If Malaysia and Singapore allow dual citizenships, or if Singapore loosens its PR processes, or if the commutes between Malaysia and Singapore is made simpler – the cows will naturally move themselves.

    In any case, I just wanted to highlight the convergence the figures 4 + 6 = 10 million, from the seemingly independent issues.

    At the end of the day, I doubt Singapore, given its track record, would want all 6 million of the Chinese Malaysians. They’d take all the high net worth people, the professional and the skilled, but would not go out of their way to court the rest.

    They have got to make room for other sources of very, very talented people – China and India.

  108. Malaysia..truly an Asian Nightmare..

  109. southall says:

    Rakyat should declare Sep 16 a day of prayer and fasting (non muslims included). No work/business should be carried out amounting to a general strike by the people against the state. This will send shock waves and a message to the state that the people had enough.

    Gandhi during his struggle for independence used this tactic and brought the mighty British Empire to its knees, can it not be applied to the current Malaysian government which has lost all credibility

  110. cool man says:

    I have suggested in the past that Chinese Malaysians should just gather their wealth and leave Malaysia and let malays them become backwards.

    Singapore is desperately looking for skilled foreign workers due to dwindling birthrates. Many Indians are working over there. Seriously Chinese Malaysians should look into moving to Singapore.

    I am sure China can make good use of the wealth of Chinese Malaysians. Is there any policy the China government have enacted to encourage overseas Chinese to come back and make China their home once again?

    That will teach the Malaysians a lesson. Their economy will crumble and will put them back 50 years.

  111. Kaninah-boh says:

    San-dont,t talk shit. We are here arguing about life and death issues and here you are rambling about something that is not relevant .

  112. shiver says:

    stupid idiots ruining the country
    we must pray for RPK safety and release asap.

  113. gs says:

    For those who have suggested ‘coming out in force’ (however peaceful) – DON’T. We know how peaceful demonstrations can turn ugly because the police will be waiting with their water cannons and batons. RPK is being used as the bait. They are ready to apprehend anyone involved in such street demonstrations and slap him with the ISA. Don’t fall into trap! Imagine, if the PR MPs are locked up in Kamunting, how can 916 be achieved!

    The recent developments – ISA for RPK, 3-year suspension for Ahmad, and the show-cause letters for the media – they are just provocations. For those who are riled up, go and do some deep breathing exercises, yoga, ‘tai-chi’, whatever, to clear your heads. Passive aggression – We will not be provoked; We will not do anything rash; We will remain calm. If we don’t give them the desired reaction, then we might see Act III, Scene I of their ‘sendiwara’. Remember : It is always darkest before dawn.

  114. rpk4pm says:

    Hello! Fellow Brothers and sisters! Take it easy man! This is not the end of the world.

    All the famous leaders of the world used to in jail for a period of years. When the revolution succeeded, all this jailed leaders then became top man, like Gandhi, Mandella, Deng Xiao Peng, etc…

    So, our rpk will also be the pm after he comes out from the Kemunting Funland!

    All visitors are welcome to visit him, but don’t forget to bring ginseng, bird nests, sea cucumber, cigar, … but no Viagra please, else he is AI III…..

  115. Azmin says:

    won’t be surprise that in this crisis, there is a handful of “Shaydflin” out there to rub salt into RPK. Disguisting!!!! To our hero, we will continue show our supports and our daily prayers in this special month goes to you and your family.

  116. Rissa says:

    hey, San, come on my brother you are not helping at all talking those irrevelant stuff at this moment. Its about RPK!!!! Think think, be more compassionate and supportive. Otherwise you better diam diam lah.:)

  117. allen ng says:

    Double standards.Why Ahmad Ismail was not arrested under ISA in the first place?He was far more dangerous than RPK. It seems that this government has nothing to do rather than jailing all their political opponents.

  118. Simon Heng says:

    Simon used to respect the followings but not anymore:-
    1) Lee Lam Thye
    2) Dr M
    3) Ling Leong Sik
    4) Badawi

    Simon respect the followings:-
    1) Raja Petra – a true Malaysian
    2) Nik Aziz – very humble and a true Muslim
    3) DSAI – a changed person (to a better one)

  119. javabean says:

    These cowards! Eunuchs the lot of them. No balls to fight. Hide behind ISA.

  120. Amanda says:

    Hi San, I think you have a very wrong perception that to migrate 2 Singapore is good. Don’t you know that the brother Lee is worse the our LaoMah (Mahaldeal). At least LaoMah love his own trips. He had nuture them to grow and develop. Perhaps you can see those in metropolitant are those good in exposure and educated. Brother Lee is running S’pore not like a country but more like a corporation. Squenzing their people to the edge to be efficient and effective. If not your job will be take by expatrate for those high pay job. If you are not so competative perhaps you still have to fight for your living with those foreign workers. Don’t think Brother Lee is competionate towards his citizen. He his rather more interested to make S’pore resident to work and make profit for his dynasty in S’pore. I think Bro Lee is more towards thisthat he don’t care you are black or white cat. The cat that can catch the rat is good cat.

  121. Amanda says:

    Blessed to you San, that you are still born to be Malaysia

  122. […] against newspapers: “RPK’s detention is unjust as it denies him his democratic […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  123. I like to congratulate the Badawi Administration on becoming
    a global laughing stock.

    Using an arcane obcurantist colonial era law to avert a security threat that exists only in the ruling governments demented imagination.
    That too based on police reports lodged by misguided persons who probably do not even comprehend the 2 articles that RPK wrote.

    Everytime I thought that satire died – one after another lame political spin is dished out, they amazingly come out with with yet another to prove their lack of cognitive abilities.

    If Shakespeare were alive today, he would be laughing and crying at the same time bearing witness to this tragicomedy.

    This is just another in a long string of actions that will backfire, it seems history is a lesson lost on some.

  124. delcapo says:

    15 sep Kelana Jaya Stadium… be there!
    meanwhile… stay cool… use your brains… constuctive protest… but dun do anything stupid..

    FREE RPK group started…


  125. blaster says:

    Malaysia (AP) – Malaysia’s embattled prime minister appeared to lose support in the ruling party as opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim ramped up efforts Friday to bring down the government.

    Apparently rattled by mounting setbacks, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration arrested a prominent anti-government blogger and warned three newspapers their coverage of sensitive issues could cause them to be shut down.

    The developments underscored a worsening sense of political insecurity in a country that has long been considered one of Southeast Asia’s most stable territories.

    Abdullah faces threats from two corners. While Anwar seems poised to seize power through defections from the ruling coalition, Abdullah is also battling demands from dissidents in his own party to resign and to let his deputy, Najib Razak, confront Anwar’s challenge.

    Abdullah has said he wants to hand power to Najib in mid-2010. But Najib signaled a shift Friday in his support for Abdullah’s plan by saying that ruling party officials can decide next month whether to back a faster power transition.

    “Because (this) is a party that practices democracy, the matter must be decided by the party members through its internal process,” Najib told a news conference.

    Najib comments follow an outcry over the past week involving a ruling party politician who described the ethnic Chinese minority as «immigrants» who were power hungry. Abdullah was forced to suspend the official after other parties in his multiracial coalition protested.

    Separately Friday, Anwar sent four envoys to Taiwan, where they will likely meet with a group of traveling Malaysian government lawmakers in an apparent bid to finalize defections.

    “The scenario is developing very fast,” said Tian Chua, an opposition lawmaker participating in the trip. “We are relatively confident that by Sept. 16, we will be able to make a concrete announcement.”

    Anwar’s alliance has said it hopes to hold fresh general elections within a year if it succeeds in its ambition to overthrow Abdullah’s ruling National Front coalition next week.

    The National Front lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority in March elections. Anwar needs at least 30 government lawmakers on his side to take over.

    In signs of tensions, police arrested anti-government blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin under a law allowing indefinite detention without trial. Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said Raja Petra’s writings pose a threat to national security.

    The Home Ministry also sent warning letters to two newspapers and an opposition publication about their coverage of political and racial issues, the Malaysiakini news portal reported. Media outlets operate with a government license that can be suspended at any time.

  126. Menyalak-er says:

    I’ll be fasting and going on leave on 0916. Any like minded individuals may do the same.

  127. sharleen says:

    god bless my hero rpk….

  128. nikki says:

    DSAI, its up to you now, you carry our hopes and aspirations for this country. Bring us to the new dawn, enough of all these nonsense.

  129. […] Cowards using ISA on Raja Petra […]

  130. monsterball says:

    This is a typical low class UMNO policy.
    I suspect they have a big grudge on RPK…speaking at the 12th election..supporting Nurul….who surprised all ..when she won the election…killing off one UMNO’S big gun.
    UMNO keep finding all sorts of reasons…to revenge….provoke….to show to their supporters…they are powerful….they can do anything ..they like….so those ultras … UMNO members….who have brains like a pea…cannot think…just admire keep supporting …UMNO’s false hopes to them.
    Ask these people….what’s happening..what’s up in Taiwan…non of them know nor care. These are the remaining of few thousands …half past sixes…….fanatics..created by Mahathir.
    These are UMNO’s tools…to use…..or not to use…to play their dirty games.
    So they must perform…show their might.
    They know in any election……they are finished.
    Had RPK stood for an election under keDAILan…UMNO will not dare to touch him….until they touch all.
    RPK love to be totally independent…yet spoke for opposition political parties….may have cause his own downfall. Had he join either DAP or keDAILAn…..LKS..Anwar..LEG…Karpal…all can voice out…with more powerful reasons….but cannot do so… RPK do not want to link himself to a party…yet spoke for Nurul…for… keDAILan.
    How strange.
    RPK is one hell of a powerful writer…with thousands really admiring and will follow him.
    No doubt the planned rally will have the stadium full…..all will speak….but will UMNO …or be concern??
    Just look at the 5 Hindraf ….now 6 months is ISA….all forgotten??…..NEVER!!!
    I respect and admire RPK as much as anyone….but feel totally helpless.
    If there is one way….right now…something can be done….to get him released…I will support.
    I see the fastest result is hoping Anwar takes over the government.
    So I can only pray for RPK…to have strength…keep smiling….read lot of books…to pass time…self exercise at his cell…get tired and sleep it off.
    Shouting and yelling will not help RPK.
    Lets offer lots of prayers… our love and support

  131. cinta Malaysia says:

    Susan and all loving Malaysians overseas,
    Pls organize protest in all Malaysian Embassies overseas against ISA and Free RPK to secure International exposure and condemnation of the draconian law.Put Banners and placards in front of Malaysian Embassies overseas to get attention!!Put to shame this Government!!

  132. It’s a shame to arrest him under ISA. More so the detention was done during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

  133. says:

    Walao, I was really shocked when I first know this.

    Anyways, i post that too.

    Bloggers lawan tetap lawan ya!

  134. African says:

    Dear Malaysian,

    I might sound radical, but the only way to move forward is by some kind of resistance. I personally believe, UMNO will not let go their power and allow DSAI take over the country. Its not going to happen. I am not being negative here and personally believe that if DSAI fails to take over the goverment, we must demonstrate on the streets. Thats the only way to go. Just like what is happening in Thailand. We must keep exerting pressure. If DSAI fails to take on the goverment, thats the end of Malaysia. Are we going to keep quiet and watch UMNO rob us again?

  135. pendrive says:

    Yg Berbahagia Datuk Sri RPK

    We respect and admire your courage
    we love you and your courage to speak
    may god take care well
    we will pray for you and your family’s well being

    Please ISA Pak Lak, Syed Albar, Najib, Monyet, Ahmad Ismail and UMNO IT SELF
    menyampahlah dan meluatlah kalau tengok dia orang berucap di TV.

  136. ANg Kong says:

    ISA should be scrapped! it’s an out dated legislation, baseless and opens to exploitations and abuses in the hands of those cowards in power.

    did i say tht’s just my ‘personal opinion’….?

  137. raktamrittika says:

    Raktamrittika |

    RPK may be considered a hero for his fight against the tyranny of BN but as for islamic matter he’s a MURTAD!!

    I used to adore him before, but all the admiration and supports he’s having make him arrogant and “BESAR KEPALA”. To condemn his own religion the way he did is unforgivable.

    He’s a disgrace for any religion! Hope he’ll convert to christianity or hinduisme and do the same, then u’ll know what it feels like to have someone like him uttering “SINFUL” statement over your religion. Perhaps he might end up saying JESUS is just a “ANAK HARAM”!!

    I support the PR whole heartedly but i will never support anybody who insulted ISLAM in any way!. Baca betul2 la wei, apa yang RPK dah tulis dalam “debate about TUDUNG” and ” promise to be a non-hypocrital muslim”. Kalau tak faham tanya. Jangan pulak korang jadi BERSUBAHAT mengingkari ALLAH!

    Komentar2 dari pengunjung nya pulak MASYAALLAH.. macam SIAL. Kafir laknat senang2 aje KUTUK dan HINA islam sambil memuji2 tindakan RPK mempersoalkan agama sendiri. Dan kalau betul ianya tidak bertujuan menghina… the article should have not been publish at the first place!

    “SOKONG JANGAN SAMPAI MEMBAWA REBAH”. Yang baik kita kata baik, yang HARAM DAN MURTAD, kita jangan sokong pulak.

    Cuma, penggunaan ISA memang tak patut. Aku KUTUK ISA sepenuhnya. Aku setuju dgn DR. ASRI, kalau MURTAD.. tarbiyahkan dulu, kalau tidak baru lah di hukum! HAPUSKAN ISA!! HAPUSKAN ISA!!

  138. I for one would definitely not support ISA which detains a person without being given a chance to defend himself. The power to invoke the use of ISA rest with the homo-minister and there is a high chance that he will use it according to his whims and fancy. Anyone, please start a petition to free our beloved brother RPK.

  139. matt says:

    Like zorro said when you are down to nothing ,god is up to something.Never let a good man down-RPK.

  140. Kurang asam sibotak shit lebar and bodohwi. They should study how did RPK had insulted islam and the prophet in his blog. In fact RPKwas trying to explain explicitly the stories of the prophet and their followers in other words enlightening the facts that the majority of the muslims do not know. How can the home ministry dictate islam and claim to know more about islam. Dumb UMNO!!!

  141. chandran says:

    Ulamak Badawi strikes again!!!

  142. Aiyaya says:

    Aiyaya.. what a desperate act from a desperate government!

    Regarding RPK’s arrest . i can only see something good come out of this. It’s like “lose” this battle, but win the war! When godly, righteous people stand up for truth, God will do the rest, be it through individuals or in His might.

    Let’s continue to keep RPK, his family and our country in prayer.

  143. Amanda says:

    Hi up there, I humbly would like to clearify whats wrong if RPK wrote that ‘not all Arabians are the decendent of Nabi Muhammed’. Firstly, if the decendent are not from the family of the Nabi. And secondly, if once would like to practice religion like a ritual or some kind of tradition but not at all whole heartedly take the teaching as gospel in practice. Indeed these are very common in all religion.
    Hi our friend Raktamrittika, please don’t take my question as an offence to you, but more over a clear understanding from you.

  144. Amanda says:

    Cauze it is very much depend on the individual how they perceive and put into practice on the religion teaching itself. It will be far different if the individual practice religion for sought of holy fame, to protect themselve such as what Najib deed on supah to Allah or just get material and $$$ benefit from the good will from religion

  145. sham says:

    RPK may be considered a hero for his fight against the tyranny of BN but as for islamic matter he’s a MURTAD!! – raktamrittika (18:58:52)

    OK. Now we know you believe non muslims are worse than animals:

  146. sham says:

    Syed hamid Albar abuse his power as RPK wrote:

    “He looked Indian, as some Arabs do, and if I had not been told he was a ‘Syed’ I would have thought he was just another of those millions of Mamaks running around all over the country and making a nuisance of themselves.”

    This Syed is taking it personal. He has teamed up with Najib:

    Datuk Syed Rahman’s shocker was about them finding the remains of seven or eight people at the murder site. “What? Seven or eight people? You mean Altantuya was not the only one murdered and dumped at that site?”

    “Those two UTK are assassins. Their job is to get rid of people. And that murder site is the place where they get rid of the bodies by blowing them up.”

  147. Amanda says:

    hi Sham, thank you for you respons. I agree with you on you comment. In deed muslim is a good religion that believe very much in peace and truth. It is a religion that always bless and greet other ‘peace be with you’.
    But peace must come from the one who greet at the first place. If you yourself have no peace how are you going to bless other with peace? Moreover peace wiil only be created when there is harmonious phenomenon where there is no discremination and twisting of fact.
    Like the Syed you mentioned above are truely one in a million fact twister and supporter of racist discrminator that live other no peace for self power, fame and worldly material (yang tidak halal)

  148. Amanda says:

    Like how he question and give warning letter to licenced media in the M’sia kini news today

  149. frustrated says:

    “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” We are living in the Animal Farm.

  150. LHHeng says:

    The racial idiot AI should be the one to be thrown into ISA instead.
    RPK is a hero who fight for all the injustice done by the present running government.
    Let us all peace loving rakyat pray and support RPK.
    Use all means to make these stupid corrupted power crazy idiots release RPK at all cost.

  151. kalaimani says:

    relax people. RPK has been delibrately courting trouble by writing grotesque reports on his website. the worst was linking najib to altantuniya’s murder. he has exposed many things but also has gone beyond the limits at times. may be it was one of RPK’s tactics to provoke the govt and then get people critise the govt and ministers. and so we have a torrent of outbursts here.

    RPK will explain the details when he is given a chance. until then stick to law and order.

  152. raktamrittika says:

    Sham.. or was it Shame?

    “sham (19:32:15) :

    RPK may be considered a hero for his fight against the tyranny of BN but as for islamic matter he’s a MURTAD!! – raktamrittika (18:58:52)

    OK. Now we know you believe non muslims are worse than animals:”

    Never have I instigated that non-muslims are worse than animal!
    In a matter of fact, i havent mention anything about animals.. but maybe an animal like you won’t notice that.

    I support the equal rights for all malaysian. But not the right to humiliate and insulted Muslims and Islam. NEVER!!

    Cappish?..hope so SHAME!

  153. may god bless botak, and may the other botak repent his sins soon.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Hi folks! Why worry? What can they do to our Mr. Malaysian no:1? Confucius says: What you do to others, others will do the same unto you!

    So those buggers please beware! If you dared touch any single strand of hair, the people power will make sure Confucius theory applies to you!

    The people power is the supreme, not Agong, Pak Lah, Botak hid or Najibsaw.

    Please take heed! This Confucius law has been existed for 6,000 years and it works every time, hahahaha!

  155. raktamrittika says:

    Anonymous (20:43:07)
    “Confucius says: What you do to others, others will do the same unto you!”

    Hmmmmm… i wonder what a RAPIST will think about these silly QUOTE!.. Repent? NO WAY!!

  156. smchan says:

    don’t abolish ISA yet. when Pakatan Rakyat forms government, use it on those UMNO goons. let them have a taste of their own draconian law. Especially on that mamak kutty.

  157. alquds says:

    raktamrittika, hang nak publisiti murah je. meh, i lawat laman u. xyah lah nak debat2 kat cni. bagi komen, bukan patronize pandangan orang laen. Hai, ape yg i tengah wat nie?? patronizing you, duh!

  158. Anonymous says:

    raktamrittika! You are a typical 馬來豬哥! Ha ha ha ha

  159. abanghal says:

    keep replying to other peoples comments? so self-conscious until you have to stay here and keep reloading the page for new comments? tsk tsk tsk… i’d be embarrass, man.

  160. james chua says:

    Well it is Ramadan, supposedly a religious period for Muslims, and we can see true muslims versus the animals in Barisan Nasional

    It is only bait to declare state of emergency. Dont fall for it. Operasi Lalang all over again.

  161. tamade says:

    Those “mad bull racists” from the north and the former MB who deliberately lit the “racism fire” and almost burnt down the house of racial harmony are being spared the rod, but people who reveal the truth and who are against the evil power brokers are being detained under the draconian ISA.

    What has gone wrong? Are these goons insane?

    The reporter from Sin Chew who is righteous is being detained and the MSM linked to the those racists who always plays on racial issues is not touched at all.

    What kind of nonsense is this?

    Bee-end MPs out there, if you people are righteous and have conscience, cross camp now without any hesitation.

    Don’t fail the people or the people will fail you.

  162. A true Malaysian says:

    Susan and all,

    Go read yourself is there any truth in this news. If true, Malaysia is a very scary place for us. Anything can happen. The link is here,

  163. KarmaKloth83 says:

    WTH… got ISA just because of BLOGGING, the BOMBING and RACISM one still free giving speech. Sure I’ll be there at Kelana Stadium on the 15th September, but too bad my RPK shirt will only be ready on the 19th September.

    We don’t do BOMBING, only BLOGGING!

  164. KarmaKloth83 says:

    Wonder How can this happens in this so called Democratic Country?? WHY

  165. Hahaha! Islamic Hadharam at its best. No wonder everybody is a prophet, especially the biggest snake aka Mahakutty is striking back!

  166. barney says:

    I think this is the work of the mamak who has no dignity. First resign then regretted for his action and was waiting like a hungry dog hoping that someone who owes him a favor would invite him back. First he said as long as AAB is PM he will not join UMNO now with no shame return going back on his word. A man who has no pride nor dignity. It he who must have instigated H. Bota to arrest RPK under ISA because he must have read how readers had cursed him in MT and feels RPK is the cause of people hating him so much and now after coming back to umno he decided to take revenge on RPK. It must be him and no one else. We must all be united and show our disapproval and displease on the arrest of RPK. We must be bold and do our part to free RPK.

    Set a date to march to Putra Jaya. I think now AAB has no power to make any decision since the mamak is back in power through the back door and ready to stab AAB in the back. No way now Najis can be the next PM and I smell the rotten fish here. It is time for weeding and PR must make the move to take control of government. YPA must be called back to Malaysia as it now faces a crisis and without the King there would be chaos. Only the King has the power to appoint PR to form the government. DSAI must make the move now so in order to wrest power so that he can release all the ISA detainees. Long live RPK and DSAI and may GOD bless the righteous and sent all the evil doers to hell.

  167. Ayoyosamy says:

    It’s the best news I have heard since the US Ambassadors have been booted out of Venezuela and Columbia for inciting the public to uprisings like in Malaysia!!!!!

  168. jenn says:

    ‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

  169. jenn says:

    People !!please pass this message to everyone you know.

    ‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

  170. Ayoyosamy says:

    Solidarity for people without any principles and respect for democracy???? Strange for sure. Not so for arsebangers!!! Politics also want to come from behind haha

  171. ANON MALAYSIA says:

    latest news teresa kok arrested under ISA, GO TO TUKAR TIUB

  172. Jason says:

    Do not fall for the trap set by BN. This article from Malaysia Today tells why. Show restraint. Play it smart. Stay at home.

  173. Hunter says:

    I am not in favour of any political party. however, i do believe that the interest of the state comes first then the interest of the individual comes in. i don’t believe in human rights but i do believe in the rule of law where for this instance, a person must be responsible for his acts. rights cannot be separated from responsibilities. if anyone wants to claim for his right, be responsible.

    I would say, RPK must be responsible for his acts. i don’t believe that ISA can solve anything. but it is a temporary measure to control havoc and disorder. the very powerful sentence in the act is ”where there are any reasons to believe”..maybe there are reasons for the government to believe that him and his action may cause threat to the security of the state..internally.

    i hope that he would be released soon and the government should charge him in court so as to give him chance to represent and defend himself. everyone is entitled under the law for legal representation. get a good lawyer.

  174. Joe says:

    Whatever RPK writes about Islam is between God and him, so why the BN is judging him and putting him under ISA? Ultimately, God is the judge! The truth is BN knows their days are numbered and UMNO having being in power for 50 years will fight with ISA to remain in power. So, all able thinking Malaysians, irrespective of race or religion, rise up to the occasion to make sure that is a CHANGE for a better Malaysia.

  175. Bujang says:

    barney (21:54:50) :

    I think this is the work of the mamak who has no dignity. First resign then regretted for his action and was waiting like a hungry dog hoping that someone who owes him a favor would invite him back. First he said as long as AAB is PM he will not join UMNO now with no shame return going back on his word. A man who has no pride nor dignity. It he who must have instigated H. Bota to arrest RPK under ISA …..
    First, this Mamak never has any guilt or shame in him. He only exist in side Malaysia as AAB let him.
    AAB has made many mistakes. This is a big one as he got the wrong fellow. The person to lock up is Mahatir who instigated the racial hatred for the last 30 years but AAB has no balls to arrest him.
    This time Mahatir is after him and after his jagular vein. Will he survive?
    I had faith in him and voted for BN many years ago. Now I lost faith in AAB and cursed myself for ever voted BN!
    Why BN “criminals” could get away free all the time?
    The Mamak is coming back again. His only tool is the racial tool used repeatedly with impunity only by him.
    The question is when will we all wake up and see his rotteness? And ignore him once and for all.

  176. Drachen says:

    Dear BN,

    Do you know what’s the difference between yesterday and today? Yesterday I still had some respect for you. Today I have none. Using the ISA is the dumbest thing you can possibly do politically. You are trying to tell the rakyat you have the power to do anything you want without any reason whatsoever. Yes, we get your message. In return you lose all our respect. You cannot govern a country if the people don’t respect you. When the people don’t respect you they won’t do anything for you unless you pay them or you force them. You have just committed suicide.


  177. SitiawanKia says:

    Najip’s quote: Ini menunjukan negara kita masih mengamalkan democrazy. We bising no problem punya, u bising we kasi lokap kau kau..ISA, ‘I’nsane ‘S’tupid ‘A’ct ialah satu lagi project kerajaan ‘B’odoh ‘N’egara that keep them safe from rakyat…..RPK, u r our saviour, we sokong u 1000000%%%%…

  178. omg says:

    omg!!! What are they thinking with these detention??!!
    The whole world is watching us and now these???

    Seriously, our government doesnt seems to wake up from all their failing?
    Isn’t Ahmad is the one who’s supposed to be detained under ISA?????????????????????????????????????????????

  179. Kenapa? says:

    Wow! This was kinda expected but still I’m appaled and shocked about this incident. There is no Freedom of Speech in this country. You may build the tallest structure in the world to show that you’re economically civilized but not mentally civilized. Power hunger premier and party will do anything even plot with the devil himself!

  180. […] | Aliran | Centre for Independent Din Merican | Rocky | Haris Ibrahim | Mat Saman Kati | Bakaq | Susan Loone | Kickdefella | Ed | […]

  181. Bola Hangus says:

    cool man, i support you 100%. let me know when youre leaving.

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