His sodomy case is put off until 24 September, while the AG wants to transfer his case to the High Court.

Anwar Ibrahim now says that he has to defer plans to form a new government as BN MPs are all having an all paid holiday in Taiwan.

And while the BN MPs are there…Strong Earthquake Jolts Taiwan.

I said it already, do NOT give Ahmad Ismail the racist of those BN goons the time of day, as the Army Chief wants action to be taken on those who bring up racial issues. Shameless, using the army for this!


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  1. […] has to defer plans to form a new government as BN MPs are all having an all paid holiday in Taiwan. Go to Source This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You […]

  2. PureMalaysian says:

    It would be very sad if DSAI and Co. is unable to topple the current BN govt – due to the dirty tricks they are playing.

  3. tungau says:

    couldnt wait any longer….. cant stand the current arrogant/snob leaders!

  4. bgees says:

    we respect the Army personnel on the remark’s, where it should not have an impact on the unrest for the public and the country.
    Whatever the intention is, either it noble or other way around. Get the but’s out of politics and comment’s , it should not come form the army what need to be done.

  5. Joe Banano says:

    I think the Army General could very well have been whispered to by the King as Badawi was flip flopping like a fish:

    For His Highness military backround read here:

    This is a big setback for Badawi.

  6. Joe Banano says:

    I think the Army General could very well have been whispered to by the King as Badawi was flip flopping like a fish:

    This is a big setback for Badawi.

  7. Spawn says:

    Earthquake and they have to go back to Malaysia due to that.
    I think the MP must be scared because they never experience that 6.1scale before.

    Book your flight fast!

  8. Edi神 says:

    Just ignore ahmad ismail…

    he is nobody…

    he just like a kid who want attention!

    Baby without his toys!

    give him attention, he will cry more LOL!

  9. Joe Hunter says:

    Oh my god all BN MP’S…….die huh,I think definitely there will be a change after 17/09/2008.UMNO and BN get the hell out there.Let the people rule this country.

  10. Joe Banano says:

    So in this earthquake what agriculture are the MPs going to study. Better if they are given shovels and sent to clear rubble. Their going is very “suay” for the Taiwanese.

  11. LeeZ says:

    I hope they ALL die in the earthquake!!!


  12. Charli88 says:

    How can anyone challenge the nature law ? No way lah. The righteous forces are with PR now. Let’s wait and see.

  13. jungleboy says:

    Bad omen for the MPs in Taiwan. Sorry visit to the papaya farms for male MPs and banana farms for female MPs has to be cancelled due to the earthquake.

  14. sklee says:

    Defering plans to form a new government is a wise move.If Pakatan really has the numbers postponing the date to a later date does not make any difference…or does it?The objective of announcing Sept16 so many times have been achieved!Regarding the AG’s directive to transfer Anwar’s case to the High court, the person asking for the transfer should be the Deputy AG and not the AG as he had been ordered not to be involved in the case!His directive is therefore null and void.As for the Army Chief’s statement, I think it is timely.The General’s statement is meant mainly for UMNO….
    in case UMNO cannot or do not know how to decide!

  15. Harrison says:

    “His sodomy case is put off until 24 September, while the AG wants to transfer his case to the High Court.”-YB Susan “Sassy” Loone 😀

    The meddling of the current AG., Gani Patail was disputed by the lawyers’ of AI on grounds that Pak Lah has ordered the said AG to withdraw from the AI’s sodomy trial. My question is whether AAB is still in control which is concomitant with another question- the Military chief cautioning all parties not to “fan” racial issues. He may be an UMNO/partisan/PR man, but his position as an institutional arm of the Government-the military deters him from political comments or seem s to be political.

    The Biggest Question in my mind since the Ahmad Ismail racist remarks and the inability of the most powerful man in Malaysia- AAB-to control him, makes me ask- “Is AAB still in control?”

  16. Joe Banano says:

    AAB is out of control. The King it must be tremembered has a Military Background also. That warning by the General, should be sufficient to make Badawi step down. Badawi must resign.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Off the topic while the whole of Malaysia is debating about our futuire i read in malaysiakini new food court,first kot this yb officiating. Pls la post something of importance to rakyat not your faces cutting ribbons,give up la pr or bn all the same-polticans.

  18. Harrison says:

    “And while the BN MPs are there…Strong Earthquake Jolts Taiwan.” -Susan “Sassy” Loone 😀

    An act of God?

  19. […] an all paid holiday in Taiwan. And while the BN MPs are there…Strong Earthquake Jolts […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You […]

  20. For Pakatan's Govt. says:

    Psalm 52:1-9 (New International Version)

    1 Why do you boast of evil, you mighty man?
    Why do you boast all day long,
    you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God?

    2 Your tongue plots destruction;
    it is like a sharpened razor,
    you who practice deceit.

    3 You love evil rather than good,
    falsehood rather than speaking the truth.

    4 You love every harmful word,
    O you deceitful tongue!

    5 Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin:
    He will snatch you up and tear you from your tent;
    he will uproot you from the land of the living.

    6 The righteous will see and fear;
    they will laugh at him, saying,

    7 “Here now is the man
    who did not make God his stronghold
    but trusted in his great wealth
    and grew strong by destroying others!”

    8 But I am like an olive tree
    flourishing in the house of God;
    I trust in God’s unfailing love
    for ever and ever.

    9 I will praise you forever for what you have done;
    in your name I will hope, for your name is good.
    I will praise you in the presence of your saints.

  21. hahaha says:

    Sial BN MPs earthquake Taiwan. Pity they escaped.

  22. Anonymous says:

    It was very obvious that the politician who intend to manipulate the racist issues to retaliate against PM’s inlaw who had a final say on the awarding of tender which involves Penang Outer Ring Road and etc in Penang. The former premier and some other UMNO chieftains also capitalise on this current turmoil to gain some support for the upcoming UMNO election.

    We arre quite lucky to bestowed with a young, caring, considerate and modern AGUNG, thousands applause to Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Mirzan! The army chief’s advise was timely to do away from racial politics fool play !!! Lastly DSAI must become the greateat reformist of Rakyat even after 916 who can unite whole Malaysians under one dream !!!!!!

  23. funtrip says:

    blur blur blur trip
    mung cha cha trip
    another looking ke east polisi.
    earthquake there.
    maybe they will rush home sooner,
    and face another tsunami/avalanche/hurricane.

  24. hahaha says:

    Anyway, here is the latest news from our 50 or so Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament who are now in Taiwan. I was told they have each been given RM50,000 pocket money. But they may not be able to spend it all from the looks of things, judging by the Reuters report below:


    Taiwan shuts last brothel

    TAIPEI – AUTHORITIES in central Taiwan have turned off the red light at the county’s last legal brothel after the death of its pimp aged 87, newspapers said on Friday.


  25. hahaha says:

    chaptokam: Yeas you are right

  26. ktteokt says:

    Even the divine powers above are against these goons going to Taiwan to study agriculture using golf equipment! How I wish they are “punished” by the divine powers and never to return to Malaysia!

  27. wandererAUS says:

    Hahaha, earth quake in Taiwan, these 54 kerbaus must rocking in bed…… with their lady companions.
    Pray that your plane does not encounter problems in mid air. Evil minds, do not deserve any less.
    Army chief entering into the political arena, something new. Is this a sign, of a eventual army take over or a threat to the Malaysian public. Unbelievable, a so called vibrant Democracy has degraded to UMNO democracy. Let us wait and see what these UMNO scumbags will do next. To Sabahans and Sarawakians, wake up!

  28. ISA says:

    If the earth quake was meant for BN MP’s, God please spare the life of Taiwanesse.

  29. Kherry Scarry says:

    Earth quake 6.1 Ricther scale….or 1.6 Sept scale…..anyway now already postponed.

  30. chris chong says:


    wow, so rich this indon.

  31. LHKeng says:

    Plse read below one blogger comments:-
    After reading some of the bloggers comments, I laughed till I dropped. What a bunch of clowns we have now in Taipei.
    The people of Taipei were so mesmerized on these clowns.
    Probably these clowns also caused the 6.1 earthquake in Taipei recently. I suggest the people of Taipei, caged all these clowns, throw them in a cargo military plane and send these clowns back to Malasia jungle before further damage is done. And it will be real fun to have the Orang Asli welcome them with real BIG “bananas”. Hope they oil their a_se properly. U know what I mean….
    Our sleepy flipflop and Mr.C4 have really made Malaysia the BIGGEST laughing stock to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Not to forget that they are supposed to be the No. 1 and 2 in the country. Amazing, really beat Zimbabwe great Mugabe hands down on the way they manage the country. No fight la!

    I like the part Adam WROTE:-
    “malaysia is now an exporter of exotic or bizzare creatures. yb, you really have a way with words. they will be treated with bo bo cha cha while in taipeh. haha.
    since dsai have announced the defer of 916, i believe they will be back by next week for the tanglung festival, and eat kacang . and bo bo cha cha to the tune of cha cha mambo.”

  32. ROOM619 says:

    those Mps were give RM50,000 poket money ! WTF !
    Taiwan’s reporter asked them wat they doing at taiwan? there simply said dunno..
    ini study??? ka??? lam pa lar…

  33. Kah Seng says:

    May be the MPs walking around Taiwan will realize how far Taiwan has gone in the last 51 years, when it was poorer than Malaysia. Then they’ll know what BN has done. And they will know what to do when they come back.

    For earthquake news, see
    (But I don’t see 6.1, only 5.3)

    Typhoon-like low pressure zone is also forming just east of Taiwan, see

    Is it true the Shell station at Green Lane next to MacDonald belongs to Ahmad Ismail? If true, boycotting it is the best way to hit that business loser, since we don’t advocate the use of Sedition Act and ISA.

  34. kittykat46 says:

    Wow, the BN MPs pumping their heads off until the earth moved.

    I hope they still have the strength to crawl off the plane coming back…otherwise we’ll be having 50 By-Elections. That would be the end of Bee End for sure.

  35. yylew says:

    God, they say works in mysterious ways.

    50K pocket money ? And an earthquake to start the day?

    Even the spirits on this island are agitated by the evil that this horde brings along.

    God have mercy. You don’t actually need to wipe the whole lot out. Leave a couple to entertain us with their true life tales. We will roll on the floor laughing.

  36. Harrison says:

    For Pakatan’s Govt. (12:06:14) ,

    Amen brother. Amen. 😀

  37. Scott Thong says:

    Perhaps it’s the weight of conscience and/or all the kickbacks they are bearing!

  38. kittykat46 says:

    In a way I quite like Ahmad Ismail’s style.
    He’s doing a more effective job helping demolish BN than 10 Anwar mega-ceramahs.

    Maybe there’s some truth he is an Anwar conspirator under super-deep cover?….kakakakak

  39. Harrison says:

    Dear Sweet Sister Suzanne,

    To invoke a deeper thought on why the BN MPs chose Taiwan as their designation. They are smart in fact coz Taiwan has no diplomatic ties with Malaysia and if PR takes over the Malaysian Government, the new Government has no warrant to exercise deportation protocol. look at the luggages they took with them. If that was not money inside, i m not sure what is in them. The golf bags was acting as a smokesceen to cover the money laundering act. ;D

  40. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… now the AG signs huh. What happened to the SG? Biding his time.
    By the time they get their ‘act’ together, the kataks will’ve amphibiously landed on PR’s shores. Well, i certainly think that dopey couldn’t or won’t interfere with the shenanigans, because he’s inundated with controversies due to his lack of ‘spine’. He probably conjured up or was instrumental in that Ah-mad barking.
    Suddenly, out of the wild blue yonder, came this short, curt and seemingly ‘neutral’ growl from none other than the Chief, Armed Forces! Military types are not supposed to yelp! Imagine this scenario:
    “Now, now… down boy, down boy, don’t growl!” Dopey and cohorts, trembling with primal fear… and shitting bricks, with a homongous bleeding piles dangling from his whithers. “Why bother about that case of insignicant cockroach ‘which’ was set up to snare the Mandater (DSAI). I’m bleeding!”
    Then the peri-anal entrance of not so senile nemesis, Hypermamak!!
    I agree with Joe Banano, in all his postings above, including the part about our most esteemed DYMM YDP Agung, who truly loves his subjects and is obviously trying hard not to get involved in this political snafu.
    Taiwan Earthquake today = 6.1 Richter Scale (RS);
    Malaysia’s political earthquake = 10 on Rakyats Scale (also RS, Max.)!
    DSAI’s not worried. His backbone feels stronger and blasah he will!

  41. tagan says:

    if all the BN MPs are not return, or most probably MIA, there is a good sign for another PRK.Therefor no need for the katak lompat.Sure win one la ’cause Anwar is already in what.U waaaaah

  42. Harrison says:

    “Maybe there’s some truth he is an Anwar conspirator under super-deep cover?….kakakakak” -Kittykat

    Highly unlikely, but Mahathir and other local despots maybe. Their last resort is to incite racial tensions to divert the problems-at-hands as this is an old story.

  43. rozlan says:

    What Taiwan got earthquake?? Haiya anywhere BN go always sui one

  44. mesoso says:

    i believe PR should really go for it. do not delay the take-over any longer. with the case pushed to the 24th and that old fella trying to manouvre his back in, bad things can happen down the road. do it now. for the rakyat..!!


  45. caravanserai says:

    It is going
    Don’t you know?
    The end is near
    So the sailors get ready
    Putting on life jackets
    The tugboats lowered to the sea

    The stormy weather
    Lashing on the sinking ship
    The captain gets whacked
    For sailing into rocks

    The ship grounded
    Into the deep sea
    It is going
    Don’t you know?

    The SOS
    Nobody cares
    Into the stormy sea
    The sailors have to fight

    The captain stands on the deck
    Tears flowing misty eyes
    Knowing he makes mistakes
    Sleeping on the stormy weather

    It is going
    Don’t you know?
    The abandoning ship
    Echo in the stormy sea

  46. matt says:

    One thing for sure even if 16;0 this guys are peeing in their pants and sarong.

  47. matt says:

    SORI TYPO even if 16/9 doesn’t happen

  48. crazy hoss says:

    “.on sept 24 she may decide to try the case in her court as there no where stated that she cannot do so as her court has the jurisdiction.”

    They may transfer the judge before Sept 24.

  49. mesoso says:

    crazy hoss (15:13:49) :

    “.on sept 24 she may decide to try the case in her court as there no where stated that she cannot do so as her court has the jurisdiction.”

    They may transfer the judge before Sept 24.

    Not if 916 happens before 916..!!


  50. crazy hoss says:

    Instead of conducting themselves as proud elected representatives of a nation held in high esteem in international circles, the 54 BN MPs are caught in a hide-and-seek with journalists as if they are fugitives from justice or agents of rogue nations as they are unable to give a honest and honourable explanation of the real purpose and reason for their sudden trip to Taiwan.

    A Guang Ming Daily columnist has rightly coined the phrase “mong cha-cha” or “blur blur” tour to describe BN MPs junket to Taiwan, for the BN MPs were in a “blur” when summoned by SMS to submit their passports for the “trip to nowhere” as the country destination was not known and undecided, “blur” when they boarded the flight and continue to be “blur” when they landed in Taiwan.

    The 54 BN MPs know that they have become a laughing stock in Taiwan and a standing joke wherever they go in the island republic. As a result, they cannot hold their heads high when appearing in public in Taiwan.


  51. Kopi Anan says:

    Even Taiwan cannot accept this kind of visitors the feet are too dirty !

  52. Nadia Ismail says:

    Just out of curiosity I ask, if the present day govt is so crap, corrupt useless, why is Anwar recruiting from the very same mould. Strangely still delays in his plans are now blamed on the MPs who have gone on this much mocked trip…still if they were to cross over why would they bother going on this trip? Shouldn’t they have already given allegiance to him?

    Maybe the crowd in M’sia who so hate the present day govt ( are for fair reasons) should do a scrutiny as they do in the US elections on experience of leader. If current ones are useless what is the PM in waiting (DSAI) bringing to the table which is different in ACTUAL recordable experience. What is his track record. He has only worked for BN and UMNO. Apart from organising a good rally for elections , which kudos they won some big stakes…what are his executive experience that makes him better than the current. He has not even worked as an opposition MP properly since his election win. They say in mgt give them 100 days and you will know if they can do the job!! He has barely recorded 20 days and Malaysians are giving their lives on his promises.
    Some bare points:
    1. He comes from the current mould – i.e. his past
    2. Recruiting from the current to make the new govt albeit under different brand banner

    So are we gonna get the same old same old under different brand name…..

  53. ANg Kong says:

    plan deferred, what a disappointment…..
    can DSAI not obtain signed declaration fr individual MPs ?
    or announce it regardless, the trip will then hav to be cut short, everyone come home on the same day…. business sorted!

    if there is another delay, there will be a huge blow not just to DSAI but to us all…. and DSAI will be the biggest loser of all.

  54. kittykat46 says:

    Backbencher MPs who declined to go on the trip were visited by Special Branch…..wow , this “Agricultural Study Trip” had national security implications.

  55. matt says:

    nadia idzan what is in a name, true what you have said but remember people change(some) afterall with DSAI what worse can come,afteraal we are in the dumps already.

  56. amoker says:

    Boycott those UMNO Penang. Someone in Pg should come out with a comprehensive list. Thanks Chaptokam.

    I was just wondering how the MCA and Gerakan MPs were feeling in Taiwan when their leaders got slapped? Golfing?

  57. dd says:

    DSAI should announce a date to take over the Government EVERY MONTH. The BN will be forced to send its MPs overseas on “study tours” every month to ensure that none of its members “defect.” And then, when Parliament is in session, and the BN MPs are on study tour to Outer Mongolia, North Korea, or some such place like that, the PKR can call for a vote of no-confidence, and there will simply not be enough BN members to win such a vote. QED

  58. Kah Seng says:

    After the earthquake … perhaps a typhoon will hit Taiwan.

    You can now see the eye of the typhoon as of the 830 universal time satellite picture at

  59. alvin lee says:

    Anything that threatens racial harmony must be addressed immediately. This responsibility rests not only with our leaders but also with ourselves. We must remember that all of us, regardless of race,sex and religion, will suffer if peace is lost in our country.

  60. a says:

    I am happy with the 3 yrs suspension. Thats should be the way.

  61. Azmin says:

    nadia IDZAN??? reminded me of someone I knew before ?????

  62. kittykat46 says:

    This won’t go down well in UMNO.
    All the feedback is that UMNO members (not Malays in general) are very much in support of Ahmad Ismail.

  63. road smoke says:

    The first time in history on the earth of Malaysia, the country of Bolehland has got 54 MPs in the Ministry of Agriculture.

  64. Wong Chee Kong says:

    No one escapes the wrath of bad karma. It will finally catch up with you; your next generation; and generations to come. Bad karma ensures ill gotten wealth will not last nor can be enjoyed. Don’t believe it? We know you don’t otherwise you won’t do it in the first place. But it’s true & you have no way out!

  65. Bujang says:

    chaptokam (12:17:39) :



    This Mamak is one of the Division Chairman who supported the Racist Ahmad Ismail.
    Ask the Mamak restuarants owners to sent the bills to Mamak Musa at Asenia Property Developers , Bukit Mertajam . He was one of the leaders and organiser in the Komtar demonstration and his name is Senator Musa Syed Fadzir , UMNO BM chairman. For your information he and Abdul Aziz Syed Fadzir the one who threaten to burn the Selangor Chinese Assembly Halls are BROTHERS . Together these two brothers are the owners Fadason Kia Sdn Bhd , Asenia Developers Sdn Bhd at Bandar Perda , Bukit Mertajam and Bandar Mutiara at Simpang Empat , Seberang Prai Selatan . Please Boycott their companies .

    chaptokam, I like your observation. But many Chinese are blind. Recently I read an article about Mahatir, the Malays avoided him but the Chinese went near him!
    After all what he had done to the Chinese, preventing them from getting rich, rather gave Malaysia to Indonesia than see Chinese getting rich…..May 13 and many other remarks he made to the disadvantage of the Chinese…. some still went near him!!!
    I won’t be surprised, tomorrow you go to the Mamak stall and see Chinese eating in his stall!!!!
    Sometimes, I just dont understand….??????
    Any good suggestion?????
    This mamak follows the footstep of the chief Mamak Mahatir and hope to dig some gold out of this behavior never cares or (as the Indians say, “knows the venom of he inflicts on the others”. What to do? Mahatir had taught and brain-washed them and had made billions out of it. So he thinks he could be in the same shoe too.
    Time, has changed. I hope he will be in for some trouble.
    I hope the Chinese remember this!
    There is no place for the racist now. Now and forever!
    We are all Malaysians.

  66. Kenny Gan says:

    Obviously, the AG wants to transfer the Anwar’s case to the High Court because they don’t stand a chance under a fair-minded judge, they want someone the likes of Augustine Paul to hear the case. There is no reason why a simple sodomy charge which does not carry the death penalty cannot be heard in the sessions court. The prosecution’s argument that it involves a prominent person so it has to be transferred to the High Court holds no water. What if a minister is on trial for pinching a girl’s buttocks, does it also have to be transferred to the HC?

    Anwar’s lawyers should bring up cases where trials of prominent persons are heard in the sessions or magistrate court. His lawyers should fight tooth and nail over the transfer. However, I’m unclear whether judge Komathy has the authority to deny the AG’s order.

  67. Bola Hangus says:

    nadia, anwars is recruiting from the same mould cos he got no other choice, its the only tciket togo aboard the express bus to putrajaya. He’s also promising this and that to various communities, whatever it takes to get him in office. I cant wait till sept 16 to see if there will we a saviour or a judas unmasked.

  68. chaptokam says:

    Bujang (18:41:04) :
    chaptokam, I like your observation. But many Chinese are blind.

    I also like your observations and fair play and for justice . In fact most of us consider ourselves as Malaysians rather than as Malays , Chinese , Indians and what not . We will see to it that we will take on any racist whoever he may be or whatever he is .As such Bujang I fully agree with you that
    Time, has changed. I hope he will be in for some trouble.
    I hope the Chinese will be united on this issue and remember this!
    There is no place for the racists now. Now and forever!
    We are all Malaysians.

    So for a start we shall boycott his petrol station and that of the BM mamak’s companies .

  69. tamade says:

    This is strong proof that the Al-Mighty has again warned those evil power brokers of UltamanNo in the holy month of Ramadhan.

    You see, UltaMaNo has made so many blunders recently.

    First, the sodomy case has raised many questions from abroad and it hurts the reputation of Bolehland as well as the stock and financial market badly.

    Most probably, the mad bull’s racist remarks have angered the Jews and USA and it could be the main reason why the Malaysian Ringgit was hammered down sharply within these few weeks. (Satisfied now, UltaManNo?)

    And then, the stupid study tour (most probably using the Rakyat’s monies) of BN MPs could also draw protest from mainland China.

    This could add more salt to the wound as the economy of Bolehland has become more shaky now.

    Is it worth for Bolehland? What are these evil power brokers of UltamanNo trying to prove?

    International heroes, perhaps?

    In fact, UltaManNo’s brainless ministers and evil power brokers could have disturbed the hornet’s nest of the west unnecessarily, and it could spell further disaster for the Bolehland’s economy in the coming months.

    Never undermine the western blocs and the Jews, all must always remember the 1997 financial meltdown.

    We have a cause to worry because these mad bulls have insulted the Jews, and on top of that, Mamak Kutty, famous for his ferocious attacks on Jews has rejoined UltaManNo.

    So, to all Bolehlanders out there, be prepared for more bad news. “Thanks to these goons of UltaManNo”

  70. Taoyuan Man says:

    I left malaysia long time ago overseas and now posted in Taiwan. Cant stand the in-equality in Malaysia.

    Those cowards that came here cant hide from anything.
    – They go to Ilan they get the Earthquake. In fact there is another one today.
    – They go to KaoShiung, they get Typhoon.

    Hope it sends signals to the goons who sold my rights away many years ago. My hatred for this current government goes deep into my bone.

    All my friends here in Taiwan laugh at such “low level” tactics. Basically those that is on board the trip has “bo lampa” .

    Hope they learn something from “real democracy” in Taiwan.

  71. isaac says:

    The Chief of Armed Forces reminder was timely. If the govt doesnt act on those who incite racial discord, everyone of us would be in trouble. He was merely warning the govt and the rest of us to tone down and take it easy. For the Malays, don’t be too arrogant and for the non-malays, don’t over demand. Believe me, what it takes is just a small incident that may not reflect or relate to any of the issues at hand, and unrest could occur.
    My suggestion to my Malay brethren…if you so do not want other races to live in this country…make that decision, you are after all the majority. Call in the UN peacekeepers and set a deadline…we shall all leave the country.
    My suggestion to my non Malay brethren, if you so do not respect the constitution vis a vis malay position in this country…Malaysia is just a small country, many of us have gone to Australia, Canada, US NZ…and stayed there. We could have been asked to carry some unfamiliar names or not able to send our kids to the chinese school in tropicana..
    Damn…my mum is Malay and my dad is Chinese and am married to an Indian!!! I’m broken…

  72. rozlan says:

    It seem the army chief know whose side will be in power in future

  73. […] No jail or 16 Sept for Anwar, but earthquake in Taiwan His sodomy case is put off until 24 September, while the AG wants to transfer his case to the High Court. Anwar Ibrahim […] […]

  74. dd says:

    Isaac, speak only for yourself. The Non-Malays are not about to up and migrate to any other country like your parents apparently did, taking you along with them. Why should we? Malaysia is OUR country, every much as it is the country of the Malays (and, not to forget, the Orang Asli and Tribal East Malaysians who, come to think of it, must be watching all of these Malay-Non-Malay goings on in horror and saying to themselves, why don’t they BOTH get out, and leave us, the undisputed original inhabitants of Malaysia to leave in peace and prosperity!)

  75. dd says:

    Isaac, speak only for yourself. The Non-Malays are not about to up and migrate to any other country like your parents apparently did, taking you along with them. Why should we? Malaysia is OUR country, every much as it is the country of the Malays (and, not to forget, the Orang Asli and Tribal East Malaysians who, come to think of it, must be watching all of these Malay-Non-Malay goings on in horror and saying to themselves, why don’t they BOTH get out, and leave us, the undisputed original inhabitants of Malaysia to LIVE in peace and prosperity!)…… sorry, dear Pribumi, the Devil must have influenced my typing fingers………

  76. Detektif Conan says:

    Will somebody tell the army general to spank ahmad on his butt for being racist. 3 years not enough maa. should be for life.

  77. Issac2 says:

    Issac is right.
    Those non malays who don`t want to leave can stay back and abide by the Tuan Rules. That is their right.
    But as for repatriation of those who chose to leave, the M`sian Govt should bear the expenses of their resettlement.
    There is precedence in this in the formation of Liberia.

  78. honeyelize says:

    i like this blog, it has jumped to top 100 blog now

  79. dd says:

    Isaac2………… do you mean to tell me that when you migrate, you are NOT going to be living under somebody’ else’s “Tuan Rules”? Let us not kid ourselves that when you migrate to another country, the people of that country, fed up as most of them are with floods of immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, etc are going to welcome you with open arms. They are NOT. You look different, Talk different. Your religion may well be different. What you will have with you is that extra determination to get ahead that immigrants the world over bring with them. And the “bumiputeras” of your new home will hate you for this determination, in exactly the same way the bumiputera’s back home did, and which “drove” you migrate, once again. So, when is all this migrating going to come to an end? Never! Even if you decided to go back to where your ancestors may have originally come from (China, India, whatever), do not for one moment think the folk there are going to ever welcome you with open arms. They are NOT. They going to think of you as “foreign,” come to take their jobs, and use your money to buy their land, and marry their women, and they will treat you as “the enemy.”. And that, alas, is a basic truth of life.

  80. Menyalak-er says:

    We’ve some very stupid comments being made here – ‘ketuanan”, this and that, but never about ketuanan rakyat and makkal sakthi…, freedom, equality, democracy, social/economic reform & equity, human rights, nationalism…
    Never can grow up these infantile cretins – no sense of humanity nor shred of decency, esp. with that ‘Liberian’ remark – now this sort of comment are for those who think perineally… who don’t understand the true significance of what they say, thinking that they are eructing a joke. Podah!

  81. Issac2 says:

    Liberia is not a joke – it is a country. Anyone wanting to comment has to study the history first.

  82. dd says:

    Liberia? General Charles Taylor’s Liberia? Blood Diamonds (with neighboring Sierra Leone)? That Liberia? That disaster was created because some former slaves in North America thought it would be best for them to go back to Mother Africa. And what happened? The local bumiputera Africans howled in protest. And, all things considered, Liberia is one almighty disaster of a country.

    And as for those who stayed on in North America, despite all the hardships, and throught the Civil Rights Movements, Martin Luther King, etc one of their own is now heading the Democratic Party ticket………… oh, OK, half of him is from Kenya…………… I know, I know……………… but I think you know what I mean.

    Say NO to migration, Isaac and Isaac2. Stay, and make things right. And if you doubt that advice, just think of what happened to Liberia, and you will never ever think of migrating.

    This idea of migrating to Liberia is almost as bad as the idea put forward in the 1950s for the Eurasians of then Malaya to have their own “homeland.” And guess where was that going to be? The Island of New Guinea. I kid you not. Did anybody ever migrate there? Hell no. The community almost died laughing at the stupidity of it all.

    Er, the truth must be told, many then upped and migrated to Perth. Couldn’t stand the thought of living in the newly independent countries of Asia no longer governed by the White Folk. And to think, if they had migrated to that proposed colony in New Guinea, they would today be governed by indigenous Tuan who just one generation ago walked around with you know strategically covering their ……………. never mind.

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    Exactly, Isaac2 – not only history, it also includes geograpy, socioeconomics, tribalism etc. as dd above has put it. So what were you trying to say? Not all of us are ignoramus you see… no to tribalistic thinking.

  84. equaliser says:


    The Cabinet has ordered the MCMC to lift its ban on all blogs and websites, including Malaysia Today.

  85. Bujang says:

    chaptokam,….So for a start we shall boycott his petrol station and that of the BM mamak’s companies .
    Wish you success.
    tamade We have a cause to worry because these mad bulls have insulted the Jews, and on top of that, Mamak Kutty, famous for his ferocious attacks on Jews has rejoined UltaManNo.
    Tamade, This mamak has no shame and would do anything to get into power for his own selfish good. Haven’t you known him after so long????
    Ketuan this and that, just a smokescreen to numb and inflate false pride into the simple minded men while he stole the nation blind.
    If I were near him, I would punch him hard and let him suffer some pains. If anyone could tell me where his grave would be I would be there and unload ………over his head.
    I can’t forget the suffereings he has made me to bear.
    Can you?

  86. […] seen many delirious news surfaced this year, Anwar’s gimmick, Police rapist, RPK ISA’ed, Petrol Hike but this stupidity is a notch […]

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