Thailand’s political crisis deepened when the courts ruled that prime minister Samak must resign because he appears on TV as a chef, in a cooking programme.


I thought they’d rule that he must leave because of serious issues like “democratic legitimacy, murder in street fighting between the two opposing factions or trying to find a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis”.

My Thai colleague said only this: “Guess who controls the courts? The big guy up there”.

And “the big guy up there” does not mean God, but wait, for Thais, he does sometimes become God.

Anyway, Samak’s resignation would amount to nothing, because his party can reappoint him.

The law was originally drafted to reduce the influence of big business on Thai governments, but it seems to be used now to control cooking programmes.

Thais are joking that this decision is meant to promote Thai cooking and restaurants. it’s democracy and justice that’s been ‘fried’.

According to a controversial Thai academic, “those who have illusions in Thailand’s Constitutional Monarch as a “powerful and stabilising figure” might legitimately wonder why he is not intervening in order to bring about a peaceful and democratic solution”.

“Others may already have an answer,” he noted, cynically.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we can get somebody like ahmad albab to cook mee goreng/mamak and see what happens.

  2. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    How about our PM, Park Lah?

    He sleeps on his job!
    He lies
    He is incompetent
    Going for holiday in Australia to officiate a nasi kandar shop belonging to his family members while the whole of Johor was innudated with water.

    Can Malaysians sack him too?

  3. Bola Hangus says:

    I dont blame samak for liking food. Thai food is awesome.

  4. Dr Money says:

    That shows Samak is a “clean man” because he has to earn some side income by appearing in a cooking show!

  5. najib says:

    susan there a bigger things happening in this country that need better coverage from you. im quite disappointed that you are not covering local grounds and instead on foreign news. hope u can take this with a pinch of salt and start covering local topics especially ur views on ahmad ismail would be greatly appreciated.wake up susan

  6. […] murder in street fighting between the two opposing factions or trying to find a peaceful […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  7. geomark says:

    He was employed by a private media company while serving as prime minister, a simple and clear case of conflict of interest. Even in Thailand that is prohibited. Get a clue.

  8. goldenscreen says:

    So the old elites unconstitutional coup against Samak has finally succeeded. What a farce, the Thai courts are becoming a laughing stock like Malaysia’s Sodo Mee Courts. In other unrelatd news, don’t you think Samak looks a bit like Ahmad Ismail?

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    “don’t you think Samak looks a bit like Ahmad Ismail?” goldenscreen.
    Hahaha… no lah friend, one only cooks in front of TV, the other cooks up a whole boiling mess of racism and archaic angst.
    Can’t compare their ‘good’ looks too… only that both are thuggish.
    One is getting kicked out by hook or crook, the other is freely & haughtily waving his ‘genetic’ makeup without the ‘ingredients’ that make up a brain!

  10. Hahaha says:

    We have a bigger circus in town. The 54 ‘flying tigers’ performing the art of planting in a fertile area with viagra fertilizers. Sodomy, special display on modern broad screen by Sinful and uncle pete. Sleepy clown and star attraction, doing a Hindu ritual, milk cleansing of Mogolian ghost.
    Lastest attraction, Ugly Gorilla talking with a twisted tongue.

  11. monsterball says:

    When a country was ruled by Military…it is very hard to change it back to be a democratic one.
    Taksin was the first Thai PM…elected…democratically.
    He became so popular…amongst the poor..making him..the majority favourite.
    He has to run away….to avoid big huge clashes… amongst his people.
    Samak is his marchai….his right hand man…so to speak…doing everything possible…for Taksin…but with poor results…..as Taksin was doing exactly like Mahathir. He called Mahathir…his teacher.
    But in Thailand…Military is also very corrupted.
    So it boils down to ….which is most influencial… most corrupted with lots of money…can buy people…to stay in power …in Thailand.
    No matter what they do…only the King can keep peace. Everyone stop their nonsense….once the king said so.
    Yes…King is very old. What will happen….if he is dead?
    So right now..Thailand can be very peaceful…if the King shouts and yell at them.
    That’s the uniqueness of Thailand.
    King is so powerful….WHY? …King have shown…..more than 50 years…his love and care for his people and the country. King is an expert in agriculture….making whole country woke up…with enough food for all.
    Thailand ….under the King….is recognised as the world’s most advance.. in agriculture.
    So you see….very easy for Malaysian politicians to learn…how to win Malaysians confidence and respect.

  12. jeff says:

    King normally has extraordinary long life span due to extra care, well nourish meal and luxury living condition, plus nothing to worry life style , by the time he is dead, Thai probably will get on the right track. monsterball.

  13. saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya…

    lihatlah ni…

    Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

    Rakyat Malaysia!
    Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


  14. monsterball says:

    Yea….you may be right Jeff,…..King gone.. civil war starts……thousands die…and then they sit and talk..Republic or Monarchy
    All Revolutions are like that.

  15. flying bat says:

    This shows that Thailand army is neutral unlike Bolehland, the polis are nothing but legitimate gangsters in collaboration with the BN bandits.

    This government and the polis thugs should be rounded up and be sent to Sungei
    buloh performing hard labor jobs.

  16. flying bat says:

    This Ahmad Ismail still playing the racial politics and we have the Chinese Champion fighting for the Chinese.

    These two stupid idiots just didn’t learn the 3/8 Tsunami that racial politics doesn’t work anymore in Bolehland but this stupid idiots of the worst kind still harbor on the detested politics just shows that they are ignorant and corrupt to the core.

    This two corrupt racist can now reminisced the good and corrupt time when they were in power.

    It’s high time this two be charged in court, sentenced for life in prison and all their looted assets be confiscated.

    Now this can only happened in thailand but in Bolehland, they are the polis and therefore can fool around in public with racial politics.

    This two are devils of the lowest level and should be fired with hell fire.

  17. PostBangkok says:

    Everyone knows who the power behind the throne is (pardon the pun), former PM and Gen. Prem Tinasulanonda. He orchestrated the last coup and uses Limthongkul as his rabid dog. He represents old entrenched Bangkok interests that are pissed that they are no longer calling all the shots and keeping the cream for themselves. In the old days everything was Bangkokcentric….the provinces danced to their tune. Then Thaksin turned up and changed the equation and went over their heads directly to the provinces as his power base. So they removed him….and now they want to remove Samak.
    They lost the elections. The Democrats were unable to woo the provincial and lost. So they had to resort to these tactics.
    Susan…..you really need to clue in Malaysians onto the Thai sandiwara.

  18. chaptokam says:


    This Mamak is one of the Division Chairman who supported the Racist Ahmad Ismail.
    Ask the Mamak restuarants owners to sent the bills to Mamak Musa at Asenia Property Developers , Bukit Mertajam . He was one of the leaders and organiser in the Komtar demonstration and his name is Senator Musa Syed Fadzir , UMNO BM chairman. For your information he and Abdul Aziz Syed Fadzir the one who threaten to burn the Selangor Chinese Assembly Halls are BROTHERS . Together these two brothers are the owners Fadason Kia Sdn Bhd , Asenia Developers Sdn Bhd at Bandar Perda , Bukit Mertajam and Bandar Mutiara at Simpang Empat , Seberang Prai Selatan . Please Boycott their companies .

  19. tarnsamai says:

    i maintain it is sonthi limtongkul who is screwing up thailand because he has a personal agenda. he ignited the flame. but now probably a proxy for some powerful forces.

    many of the participants at the PAD “picnic” are from southern thai – stronghold for the Democrats. and southerners are supposedly “hua mo” (smart alecs). what a shame! they looked more like idiots shutting down airports, rail schedules and disrupting essential services! Silly unionists!

    People Alliance Democracy – democracy? What democracy? 40k mobster bringing down a legitimately elected government! You go figure that out.

    Anyway Thailand has a unique history. The same story will go on and on in circles without any solutions.

    However Thailand is fortunate in having a stable civil service that is “apolitical”. Politicians, generals. admirals come and go……….the country remain charming as ever.

    Whoever manages the country i will stilll perform my pilgrimage to the north come tanwarkom.

    the thais in mae hong son will say yin dee tawn rab kwab khun tarnsamai.

  20. Jez Joan says:

    Why are there no good men around anymore??

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