BARISAN NASIONAL is the ultimate powerless tool!

And the non-Malays aren’t really buying the May 13 threats anymore. Sorry lah, but we are not interested. We’re not in the least excited even. Call us immigrants for all you want. We can call you the same or even worse.

That’s what even my old aunties are saying 🙂

After 3 hours at a boring BN supreme council meeting, all those BN jerks can come up with is a:

“BN component party leaders have expressed their disappointment and anger over Ahmad’s statements. I can say all have expressed that they cannot accept Ahmad’s views and in fact reject it in total”.

Stale news lah!

And adds, no other than the biggest jerk, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, at a press conference tonight :

“They want action to be taken against Ahmad but because Ahmad is an Umno member, only Umno have the authority to deal with him and present component party leaders have admitted that this is the right procedure and want Umno to deal with him accordingly”.

Then why the hell have that BN meeting over this issue and waste the precious time of my reporter friends waiting there to report what happens to racist Ahmad?

By the way, Ahmad is having a field day as story after story is written about him and some even considers him a hero!

Truth is, will Ahmad Ismail be sacked from UMNO?  My answer is : Who cares!

Do you want to be a tool of those who ochestrated this Ahmad racist comment, giving everyone in BN and UMNO a reason to resuscitate and survive, and thus, justifying their existence?

It’s an overkill now even to mention the name A-H-M-A-D, you hear. I am not playing into their hands.

Furthermore, there are talks in many quarters that this racist episode is an excuse to ignite a racial clash similar to May 13, 1969.

They are already starting by threatening those poor reporters who were there when the racist uttered those words.

And all for one reason – to divert Anwar Ibrahim from forming a new government come 16 September?!

Why so fearful of Anwar if everyone says 16 September is not going to happen???????

And we still want to play along with BN – UMNO + MCA + GERAKAN, even Pakatan Rakyat, and PKR, to make this a reality?

This racist Ahmad Ismail episode has been used by all and sundry to justify their actions.

(1) For UMNO to sound like it is genuinely for the non-Malays when Najib Tun Razak apologised on Ahmad’s behalf, and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ‘asked him to explain’.  You see, Malays also not giving UMNO the time of day anymore.

(2) For GERAKAN, to pretend as if it still cares for Chinese rights although it sold out the Chinese long ago. And of course, with the common enemy, to consolidate ranks between Gerakan members itself.

(3) For MCA and GERAKAN to justify why they have not left UMNO or BN yet, and to justify why they must leave now. Truth is their grassroots are pressuring them to answer why the hell are they still in BN? And when will they have the balls to stay independent if not become a froggie?

(4) For PAKATAN RAKYAT to really find a good excuse to stage a coup that many quarters feel is “undemocratic”. To really make the moral question disappear because “What choice do we have?”

(5) Worst of all – to justify the INTERNAL SECURITY ACT!!! Haven’t all of you got enough of the ISA? To ask Ahmad to be detained in Kamunting? Please lah. See how easily we have all been made use of to justify their means?

So, now you know why we should NOT give Ahmad Ismail and the likes of him the time of our day?


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  1. ktteokt says:

    Why bother the UMNO supreme council, just use the famous ISA!

  2. Orang Utan says:

    I think the best strategy is to ignore him totally.Let him say whatever he wants if possible invite him to Jay Leno Late Night show & make a joke on whoever he likes bcos nobody cares about him.

  3. ANg Kong says:

    as long as you r in the public arena, the ppl hav the right to expect certain code of conducts or manners of behaviour.

    personal views are restrict to yr ‘rumah’… whether one thinks chinese r all pigs, malays r kambing or indians r lembu or someone prefers 3-some, 4-some or backdoor is yr personal long as U keep them behind yr front gate. I don blady care.

    codes of conduct…?! does it exist in Malaysia nowadays? my lawyer whom I sacked 1 yrs ago still holding on to the file that I have requested to be passed over to my newly appointed lawyer. Equally, doctors prescribe more expensive proprietary drugs over cheaper generic ones because of personal perks…..tell me, where is the code of conducts?

  4. Orang Utan says:

    I dont think there will be a repeat of May 13 bcos now the Malays are much better off than previouly. If any such nonsense were to happen then they have much to lose.

  5. monsterball says:

    Malaysians are so cool…so steady in mind…so composed.
    This poker bluff will never work now.
    He can go to hell…..but nice to wait and see what UMNO will do with Ahmad Ismail.
    I have the strange feeling…Dollah will announce….Ahmad is he has repented….bla bla bla…just to keep himself…buddy buddy with Najib….to keep his PMship on going.
    Why must Dollah said..he needs to consult Najib?
    Can’t he make such simple decision…to sack Ahmad or put him in ISA?
    Is Dollah afraid of Najib now….or the return of the devil….Mahathir….Dollah now needs Najib more than before.
    Actually.. who care….but nice to let both of them know…Malaysians are thinking..and talking out loud…..not afraid.

  6. Azzrai says:

    13th May 1969…makes me shiver. It was ugly. I was the middle of it all. I was only 10 years old. I remember my mum had to queue for supplies of rice, sardine and ikan bilis.We had experienced the tear gas twice. My sister was rescued by a Chinese taxi driver, my other sister was stucked in an army camp for a week.

    So..please not again. Let’s live peacfully. Person like AhmadIsmail don’t have much brains. Bercakap dengan kepala lutut dia..

  7. basho says:


    Much as I would like to ignore Ahmed Ismail, I do not think that is possible. In my view, he actually represents the heart of UMNO. He is merely voicing what many in UMNO already believe but do not say publicly. The reality is that many in UMNO believe Malaysia belongs to the Malays and that the non-Malays are unwelcome guests. They are actually incensed that the non-Malays are not grateful for their citizenship and lot in life in Malaysia. Now, ignoring their thinking is not an option given how endemic this opinion is in Malaysia. You have to engage with it, deconstruct the assumptions and expose the irrationality, bigotry and blind hatred. Ignoring this point of view will only allow it to fester.

  8. Elvis Bob Marley says:

    Structure determines behaviour. Behaviour does not determine structure. People like Ahmad Ismail crawls so freely in Malaysia because the social structure allows for such behaviour. Such person will not find a social or political status as he is today (as a UMNO leader) in any other civilized society because those societies had ingrained upon itself a structure of equality among mankind. In Malaysia, 51 years on, the psycho-social structure is a strata of race supremacy. Even when the whole drama of Ahmad Ismail unfolds in front of us, in year 2008, the whole nation is hesitant not because it doesnt want to behave otherwise, the structure doesn’t allow for it. We have to break this collective psyche of an inferior nationhood. Change the structure of this nationhood or we will cease to exist as a nation.

  9. PeoplePower says:

    For all the Pakatan Rakyat supporters,

    Many sign shows that the 13th General Election will be coming very soon.

    Do you ever wonder why the Ahmad issue can drag for so long and keep on be the headlines in the Main Stream Media which control by BeeNd?

    The Ahmad case is one of the sign for UMNO to woo for Malay voters and MCA & Gerakan to woo for Chinese voters.

    The UMNO Supreme Council will meeting tomorrow to discuss the punishment on Ahmad.
    But the outcome is very clear! Ahmad will be either suspended or sack by UMNO.
    Ahmad is just a chess for UMNO to letgo but inreturn to woo for Malays supports.

    Then the MCA and Gerakan can proudly tell the Chinese community that they had successfully voice out to UMNO about the racial issue. They are no longer the ‘Yes Man’. So the Chinese community will have different view on them from now on.
    And UMNO had take action to it member to show to Chinese community UMNO is not a racist party.

    On the other hand, the UMNO will also take this issue as a warning to the Malay community that the Malay must stay united inorder to remain strong!

    Pls tell others don’t be fool and fall into the trap set by BeeNd govt on this sandiwara.

    Once there is a defection regardless on 16th Sept or later, BeeNd govt will dismiss the Parlimen.
    For the state govt control by PR, most likely will not follow.
    That will be great as we can concerntrate on all the parlimen seats.
    We want to make dorah bodohwi and najis loss their seats this time round.


  10. hasilox says:

    Ahmad is just a hired backside for farting around. For almost 2 weeks he gone hiding like a mouse. Is that a sign of someone who behaves like he does now? He is just another saifool, a hired backside.

  11. Anonymous says:

    anybody heard about that guy before? i mean… before this incident 🙂

  12. bb says:

    anybody heard about this guy before? i mean… before this incident 🙂

  13. lpplmala says:

    Yes this Indian Muslim is a political ploy of a bigger game plan to regain power by playing one race agianst the other.

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  15. Pegasus says:

    Racial stirs are not our cup of coffee,its sickening to read about this racialist Ahmad,his comments are meant to stir the racial cards to bring matters to disrepute, there might be riots arranged and maybe the notorious BN will bring in the army to keep things in control and declared the country under Emergency as anything can happen in Bolehland!!,but the Rakyat are wide awake this time around,they are more politically savvy and matured.Its 2008,the age of Internet and high tech is here ,where the right information spreads faster then the BN cabinet can think. Malaysians are much more intelligent then that and have their own views rather then what MSM are trying to shove down our throat with their incorrect and bias news.
    No action will be taken,as the Umno warlord is able to control the General , Bodowi doesn’t seem to know where he stands as things are out of control from his hands. These people seems to be thinking maybe Bodowi is the Hollow Man.
    May God save our country, may we have the strength to carry the reforms that is badly needed. God bless us all!!!

  16. young says:

    UMNO may have bad PR but its chess strategies nevertheless deserve some applaud. The whole Ahmad Racist Episode is just another ploy to declare a state of Emergency in Malaysia even as Sept 16 draws near.

    All events point to it –

    1. 41 Barisan reps flown off to Taiwan on a study trip, a trip wholly endorsed by DPM Najib. It was timed to get them outside of the country before Anwar could entice them to cross over. Devastatingly simple. Even a school kid can see through it.

    2. Ahmad’s theatrical display of gross racism designed to whip up outrage and chaos among the races especially Malays vs Chinese. Racial riots on the cards?

    3. The other Ahmad aka Badawi pussy-footing on what to do with his “recalcitrant” namesake. Deliberate delay which is one of lawyers’ most frequent court strategies. A brainless little strategy requiring little effort which Badawi has become internationally renowned for.

    4. Sept 10th revoke of Anwar’s bail – perhaps? A possibility to cause even more chaos.

    5. When riots break out as they are calculated to, Badawi can then declare a state of emergency, supported by the Army Chief and Police Chief. Both Army Chief and Deputy Police Chief have already made veiled public warnings against persons “stoking racial sentiments”. Who might that be? The 2 Ahmads, Mahathir, Najib, Dr Koh, leaders of MCA and Gerakan who spoke out against “racist” Ahmad, and the alternative press’ editors?

    6. If Plan A fails to materialise (racial riots), then Plan B can be executed. Mass arrrests under ISA as happened during the 1988 Operation Lallang, under Mahathir’s leadership. Guess what? Mahathir had reportedly re-joined UMNO just today! This is Plan B and C overlap. It is hoped that Mahathir’s presence at this great moment of crisis would restore confidence in UMNO being on top of things (as in suppressing all dissension). Mahathir has a great track record in cowing all his enemies. He is the best person to oversee either the 1) state of emergency or 2) Operation Lallang 2. His son is running for UMNO Youth Chief, hoping to smoothen his father’s return to politics.

    7. End result? Anwar behind bars again. No doubt aided by the DNA Act. Sept 16th foiled. Chinese cowed again, or should I say “babi-ed” (translation – “porked”) . Resurgence of UMNO and Malay supremacy. The Malay Dilemma resolved. The rise of Mahathir and son, and other cronies. Sorry, Badawi – you failed to even orchestrate a successful racial riot. Malaysia is obviously too complicated for Badawi to govern.

    Is it such a great tactic? Possibly, seeing that the Queen aka UMNO is constantly under check. It’s a desperate calculated move – it works 99% of the time. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    It worked during Sept 11, 2001 in the US. Crash some planes into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon and you get the public crying out for justice. Enter the Patriot Act which gives massive powers to the State to invade the privacy of suspected terrorists. It’s a tired but wildly successful tactic when the State requires more powers against those whom they perceive as their enemies – and as a bonus allow them potential powers to control the entire population too. Unlimited power in the hands of a few can only mean tyranny and loss of freedom.

    Malaysia is straddling between the Middle and the End game in this great Chess game. Wanna bet who comes out the winner? Why not? The Sports Toto 6/52 has just reached RM20 million today, possibly the highest payout amount in its history.

  17. jeff says:

    What can be better than stir up racist sentiment on minority Malaysians to overturn election and by-election result ? By creating chaos in Malaysia, state of emergency can be declared and umno-BN can regain loss ground again, 49% of Malaysian electorates and loss constituency can be legally ignored by ruling elite.

  18. saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya…

    lihatlah ni…

    Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

    Rakyat Malaysia!
    Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


  19. wandererAUS says:

    Yes I agree, why glorify this ugly racist gorilla! Playing the broken record with the same old tune, is only for retarded old minds. The present generation is not buying it. Threats and lies will only quicken their demise.
    The fact of the matter is, this ass Ahmad in the last GE has lost his fertile ground to harvest his ill gotten wealth. Now he and likes, are trying to stir up trouble to suit their evil aim…to regain power by any means. Let’s not play their game. Why bother with the apology, if not given in earnest is no apology at all.
    Let us be patient, UMNO days are numbered. Let them bury themselves. I will not shed a tear!

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    Wah, good conpiracy theorists at work, very much terrabyte CPU calculations being made, burning calories ++. Healthy, mates!
    Just one more ‘theory’ for this ‘ungoverned’ nation of ours; fresh GE lah…
    Notice Chief, Armed Forces said?
    Nothing more, nothing less, so put lets the case to rest…
    Hey, i’m an optimist o.k? Then PR will whup them blue green, and all shades in between!

  21. anarky says:

    One things for sure :

    If Sodomy 2 doesn’t work, May 13 ii will not work either, it could backfire again.


  22. Bola Hangus says:

    Ha ha ha. the same people who wants to abolish ISa are now asking it to be used against this guy. What hypocrites. May 13 wont happen unless PR sell out the malay rights..

  23. spectator says:

    Finally ….. after 1/2 a century of total political grip, the party is beginning to experience some formidable competition, and having to resort to intrique and intimidation to counter the challenge is a clear manifestation of its true weakness and desparation. Is this an omen of ‘people power’ looming in the horizon, the likes of which have toppled many dictators, some very close to home?

  24. tamade says:

    Susan well said.

    You are absolutely right in pointing the hidden agenda of this Sandiwara by UltaManNo and the BeeEnd.

    Yes, these parties are putting up a good show trying very hard to convince the Rakyat that they are looking after the welfare of the people.

    They can go to hell.

    The Rakyat is not stupid and they will vote out the BeeEnd and UltaManNo sooner or later.

  25. KAKINANG says:

    sotong mee, roti canai,mamak mee,mat snail DAMN……..makak tak kenyang!!!!!

  26. monsterball says:

    Yes… we want ISA to be abolished..but it is active and on going by UMNO.
    So….why not ISA this fella?
    But we know…UMNO always have double standards.
    So don’t expect Ahmad to be expelled or anything.’
    He is UMNO’S hero now.
    Those leaders dare not admit it. They are all hyporitical… corrupted.. racialists.
    Hope the ordinary active members…wake up and leave UMNO.
    Latest news…Mahathir is joining back UMNO.
    Does that not prove UMNO members are totally not sincere to MALAYSIANS?

  27. Harrison says:

    Sear Sue,

    I like it when u end up with “Idiot”. Absolutely. 😀

  28. bexe says:

    The Malays have been divided by the haves and have nots. All this war-mongering is done by the haves as they need to protect their gilded rice bowl. By numbers they are the minority. The majority of Malays do not have this quarrel. Regrettably the haves are in the driver’s seat in UMNO. Interesting battle. I just hope that nothing ricochets out of this and injure us innocents, who are used as hostages as well as the target of blame.

  29. billauchris says:

    Shock treatment as a strategy is quite an effective method, or attempt to arrest the attention of the masses in the hope of regaining their confidence,
    trust and support.

    What is happening in Penang could be another of BN’s ingenious ploy to salvage back the waning support of the Malays in Penang.

    The deliberate lackadaisical action of BN merely proved one point – they just want to leverage the racial incident to their political advantage. No wonder the BN leaderships are trying to play it hot and cold and allowing the incident to drag on unresolved for as long as it takes until it reaches the flash point.

    In my view, the BN should be responsible and capable of dealing with its leaders/members who misbehaved and misconducted themselves. In the case in point, referring the Chinese as “Pendatang” during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    So the point of intolerance has reached – MCA and Gerakan have resolved to severe ties with and boycotting all Penang UMNO’s Bukit Bendera Division’s programmes and activities including its supporters. This spelt the doom of the BN Coalition in the Penang State.

    In my view, stern action must be taken against Ahamd Ismail – nothing short of a suspension or expulsion would pacify the Chinese masses who had been so insulted, inflamed and hurt by his disparaging racist remarks that he now denied and tried to attribute the blame to the poor Chinese Press reporter for misinterpreing his speech. As I see it, his denial would carry any weight.
    There were present DPM and many BN leaders listening to his “cheramah” and all of them could not have heard him wrongly or misunderstood or mistaken what he uttered.

    In order to ensure that such a wrong is not repeated or pertpetrated by any leader of the BN Coalition, a stringent rule shall need to be formulated such that any racist remark or utterance by any BN leaders shall be severely dealt with after an inquiry and shall on conviction be facing instant expulsion from their respective political parties including removal from their elected positions.

    In my view, UMNO should not be the proper forum to handle the case. It should be left to the properly-constituted BN Disciplinary Committee to deal with it. The Committee will carry out the inquiry and submit its report with recommendations to UMNO of the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against the recalcitrant accused.

    A properly-constituted BN Disciplinary Committee should comprise senior members of coalition parties that are not directly or indirectly involved in the reported misdemeanour.

    Well I do hope sincerely the Cabinet will be able to resolve the inter-party dispute fairly, expeditiously and appropriately.

    The whole nation is watching your action. Good Luck

  30. SadMalaysian says:

    On the surface , it seems AAB is caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand he needs every support he can get from all the UMNO divisions so that he can stay at the top as president of UMNO hence Prime Minister in December, so he may not dare to come down too hard on Ahmad Ismail who claimed to have a lot of grassroots support from ALL OVER the country, especially he is now awared that TDM is fast on the returning trail. How frightening!

    On the other hand AAB does not want to lose 2 Chinese component partners MCA & Gerakan ( at least not now since they don’t have 100% Malay support to have a majority in the august house) who want to see “STERN ACTION” being taken against Abdul Ismail. Losing them would mean certain “close shop” for BN rule.

    But only God knows what is actually cooking behind the scene but we pray that justice will prevail.

  31. whispering9 says:

    Yeah…I don’t care. I don’t give a damn. I have given up on MCA, MIC, Gerakan, UMNO, whatever BN. I just don’t care anymore. Yelp all they like…we Malaysians still have to cari makan whilst they curi-curi Malaysia. Why should we listen to raving lunatics anyway.

  32. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    The “Dreaded” time & language has finally arrived – yes, the “Critical, Dangerous & Ugly” Political situation developing in this great nation, precipated by the “Evil & Desperate” Powers-that-be, provoking & inciting “Racial & Religious” divide amongst the downtrodden “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”.

    Just give them more rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn towards their “Demise” soon.

    “Devine Intervention” works wonders & with the “Anarchy” developing within their ranks of “Wannabe Young UMNO Ketetuanan Heroes” aka “Pendatangs” also, they have their own “Enemies” from within !

    PM & DPM have lost the “Plot” altogether & this “UMNO Anarchy” will be the “Mother of the BN Self-Desruct” mechanism in full action.

    We have to be virgilant, stay UNITED, stay calm, have Faith in God Almighty for His Blessings, Protection & Guidance so that we will not fall into the BN “Chaos Trap”.

  33. raktamrittika says:

    This time you are definately right, Susan!!
    Let us all stop fooling around with this “dangerous” issue.

    Ahmad purportedly to have said that Chinese are squatters in this land called Malaysia. Well he is wrong! Malaysian-Chinese is part of this country and in a very large part helped this country grows to be where it is today. And as citizens they have every right to get angry over such an insensitive statement.

    The right thing for UMNO to do now is to take a VERY STERN action regarding this IDIOT!.. nothing less than what they would have done if he is not an UMNO member.

    Be even if they didn’t ( as i believe so), let him be lah.. he’s not worth it!! To go through 13th MAY again over this man’s statement? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!

  34. raktamrittika says:

    Wish to know what happened on SEPTEMBER 16??..
    PLZ feel free to visit

  35. Kopi Anan says:

    No. Racist comment to stir May 13? Defintiely NOT.

    Both sides have allowed FALSE & WEAK Leaders to speak on their behalf.

    All sides and every greater Groups , political or non-politcal, must allow and encouarge only good and true Leaders to speak on their behalf.

    The rest must shut-up. The rest must be good followers.

  36. muhibbah says:

    Only the racist Ketuanan Melayu believe in May 13. They think that Malay race will run amok if they get angry which is not true, only the real slow learner where their head is “Otak Kosong” runs amok. Now majority of the Malays are smart and forward looking to build a better Malaysia for all Malaysian.

  37. hadi says:

    Those who want to fight can go to hell la.. or let Pak Lah, Najib, KTK and OKT and the rest in BN fight la. C’mon Malaysians ignore them.

  38. siti fatimah says:

    i would say, when i saw ahmad on tv last night. my heart was saying this,
    “this man could have been killed by his statement!”

    But by reading your post make me think the otherwise. u or me don’t bother about what he was saying. non-malays wont bother, right?

    but yet if he cross the line (which he is almost or already)..who knows.

    oh and he actually was saying..

    “sy ckp betul kn? apa sy ckp betul kn?” with full of arrogant.

  39. muhibbah says:

    Ask Ahmad if he is proud of Proton car and if the Proton is made in Japan car instead of made in Malaysia car since the engine is really make in Japan.

  40. Azmin says:

    May 13 would only happen among the arrogant and brainless umno members. We the rakyat have more brain and wont waste our blood for you idiot lots.

  41. Jambu says:

    Hah ! ! Talk about freedom of speech ?

    Once a stupid Susan said “may the truth save us all” – truth is not a law, it is a right, so take it into your own hands, and face the consequences.

    Yeah right!! Nam Wee humiliate national anthem, then what? Not a single sepet people apologise, the sepet people brings communist and kill the people, did they apologise? The sepet people ignite the May 13th 1969 but did they apologise?

    Please, migrate back to China or India if you feel that this Tanah Melayu not fair enough. STUPID!! So scared that SUSAN run to Thailand and say that she love this country? Susan must be joking.

    Talk about fair, please abolish all the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan and Universiti Tungku Abdul Rahman then we will talk about fair in all the things.

  42. Kherry Scarry says:

    Penangites, …heard the petrol station next to McDonald Green Lane belongs to this IDIOT !!

    Btw, nasi kandar people also supported him….

    You guys know what to do right….

    Show him that Penang people cannot be taken lightly….

  43. rozlan says:

    It seem it wa a personal grudge overblown…Ahmd tore Dr Koh potrait.Why Dr Koh?? It is not political reason .I was made to understand that Ahmad was dissatisfied with Dr Koh for not allocatting some state projects to him….

  44. Margeemar says:

    Now that the BN is no more in power in Penang and the projects being scrapped, there’s nothing to feed these hungry ghosts from Umno. You must understand that an Umno Warlord like Ahmad Ismail also needs to feed his supporters as well to be relevant to them. Where do you think he and the rest of the Umno Warlords get their power from? That’s why Ahmad Ismail is so pissed that he is like a child in tantrum. However, this Scribe believes the thing that really got this guy to go berserk was that Badawi’s son-in-law’s involvement in the Second Penang Bridge Project which is the only project apart from the Mengkuang Dam expansion to get federal funding. It is great Patriots like Brother YM Raja Petra who is putting people like this racist and opportunist Ahamd Ismail in their rightful places. This Scribe stands by RPK…More

  45. livegoeson says:

    “saya cakap betul kan? saya cakap betul kan?”

    crude but calculated to instigate emotional hatred.

    haven’t us noticed it? only the discriminated are calling for calm, while the other side continue to stir emotion up.

    the motive is crystal clear, if there is tragedy, it is a pre-meditated and self-directed movie.

    expect more to come.

  46. snipe snips says:

    Mad cow disease in Penang

    Researchers in University Science Malaysia (USM), Penang, have traced local beef as the source of the recent outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. According to Professor Abdool Rehman Maideen, the university decided to conduct this research when it was discovered that many Indians of the Muslim faith appeared to be acting very strange one hour after a heavy meal that comprised of beef.

    “The Indians of the Hindu faith did not seem to catch this disease,” explained Professor Abdool Rehman. “It is only those Indians of the Muslim faith who got it. So we suspected that it must have something to do with their diet since many Hindus are vegetarians and most would not consume beef.”

    “But what is most perplexing,” said Professor Abdool Rehman, “Malays also eat the same thing but they do not appear to be prone to this disease. In fact, many Chinese, Thais, and others as well eat local beef but how come they are immune from this disease?”

  47. livegoeson says:

    snipe snips (07:49:41) :

    that’s low.

    mad cow disease develops over years, not an hour after consumption.

    stop this race and faith nonsense.

  48. Anonymous says:

    My writing on related issues:
    As September 16 Grows Near, COINCIDENCE occurences increase


  49. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on related issues:
    As September 16 Grows Near, COINCIDENCE occurences increase


  50. P2 says:

    Be cool brothers, we are living in a new era. May 13? Lets forget it. Move on. tell you what, first time in my life as Malaysian i feel free to express myself openly to Chinese, Indian etc. on anything…we are in a harmonious society as long as we respect each other. Mutual respect please. Chinese must feel as Malaysian as Malays, Indian must behave like Malaysian too…Malays too. All must behave. Dont try to be a hero by racist remarks. All true religions are for peace and harmony. All people love peace. Bad slurs vs bad slurs create hatred. For Ahmad and others, engage your head before uttering words. Peace and harmony to all Malaysians…regards.

  51. P2 says:

    Susan, this is special for you…


    Melayu itu orang yang bijaksana
    Nakalnya bersulam jenaka
    Budi bahasanya tidak terkira
    Kurang ajarnya tetap santun
    Jika menipu pun masih bersopan
    Bila mengampu bijak beralas tangan.
    Melayu itu berani jika bersalah
    Kecut takut kerana benar,
    Janji simpan di perut Selalu pecah di mulut,
    Biar mati adat Jangan mati anak.
    Melayu di tanah Semenanjung luas maknanya:
    Jawa itu Melayu, Bugis itu Melayu
    Banjar juga disebut Melayu, Minangkabau memang Melayu,
    Keturunan Acheh adalah Melayu, Jakun dan Sakai asli Melayu,
    Arab dan Pakistani semua Melayu, Mamak dan Malbari serap ke Melayu
    Malah mua’alaf bertakrif Melayu (Setelah disunat anunya itu)
    Dalam sejarahnya Melayu itu pengembara lautan
    Melorongkan jalur sejarah zaman Begitu luas daerah sempadan
    Sayangnya kini segala kehilangan
    Melayu itu kaya falsafahnya, Kias kata bidal pusaka
    Akar budi bersulamkan daya, Gedung akal laut bicara
    Malangnya Melayu itu kuat bersorak
    Terlalu ghairah pesta temasya, Sedangkan kampung telah tergadai
    Sawah sejalur tinggal sejengkal, Tanah sebidang mudah terjual
    Meski telah memiliki telaga
    Tangan masih memegang tali, Sedang orang mencapai timba.
    Berbuahlah pisang tiga kali Melayu itu masih bermimpi
    Walaupun sudah mengenal universiti
    Masih berdagang di rumah sendiri.

    Berkelahi cara Melayu
    Menikam dengan pantun
    Menyanggah dengan senyum
    Marahnya dengan diam
    Merendah bukan menyembah
    Meninggi bukan melonjak.
    Watak Melayu menolak permusuhan
    Setia dan sabar tiada sempadan
    Tapi jika marah tak nampak telinga
    Musuh dicari ke lubang cacing
    Tak dapat tanduk telinga dijinjing
    Maruah dan agama dihina jangan
    Hebat amuknya tak kenal lawan.
    Berdamai cara Melayu indah sekali
    Silaturrahim hati yang murni
    Maaf diungkap senantiasa bersahut
    Tangan dihulur sentiasa bersambut
    Luka pun tidak lagi berparut.
    Baiknya hati Melayu itu tak terbandingkan
    Selagi yang ada sanggup diberikan
    Sehingga tercipta sebuah kiasan:
    “Dagang lalu nasi ditanakkan
    Suami pulang lapar tak makan
    Kera di hutan disusu-susukan
    Anak di pangkuan mati kebuluran”
    Bagaimanakah Melayu abad dua puluh satu
    Masihkan tunduk tersipu-sipu?
    Jangan takut melanggar pantang
    Jika pantang menghalang kemajuan;
    Jangan segan menentang larangan
    Jika yakin kepada kebenaran;
    Jangan malu mengucapkan keyakinan
    Jika percaya kepada keADILan.
    Jadilah bangsa yang bijaksana
    Memegang tali memegang timba
    Memiliki ekonomi mencipta budaya
    Menjadi tuan di negara Merdeka!

    Allahyarham Sasterawan Negara USMAN AWANG

  52. snipe snips says:

    livegoeson (07:56:27) : that’s low. mad cow disease develops over years, not an hour after consumption. stop this race and faith nonsense.

    But not low enough.
    When Jonathan Swift wrote “Gullivers Travels” the English were hounding him. Today it ranks high among satirical works.
    So where does that put you? Very low indeed when you do not understand satire. In any event, it is written by RPK and he is more widely read than you. A quick look there and the first comment is already voted + with 657 votes.
    657 against 1 is in my favor.

  53. snipe snips says:

    Squirm, baby, squirm

  54. Another Mamak, that is Ahmad, UMNO is almost if not all are only half breeds, is this how the Indonesians immigrants calling themselves Malays become majority in this country ?
    Who are the Orang Aslis ? Immigrants ?
    My great grand father came to this country even well before Ahmad’s grand father or the racist Mamak Mahathir’s father came from India. Who then are the real immigrants?
    For that matter we were here two or three generations before the Home Minister’s father came from Indonesia.
    Now who are the immigrants ?

    Now Mamak Mahathir is going back to join UMNO like a dog with its tale in between its legs ? Nothing has changed, it is the same leader when he left. Just like a dog he is !

  55. justice M says:

    Badawi’s mother is Chinese.In fact she is a Hainanese from Hainan in China. So she must be an immigrant-no doubt about it.
    So this Ahmad guy has insulted Badawi’s mother.Imagine an UMNO divisional chief insulting the UMNO president’s mother.
    And Badawai takes it lying down….. you are not only a disgrace to your party but a disgrace to your mother and a disgrace to the human race.

  56. Businessman says:

    Jambu, if you are reading this…. there are few things I want you to know…

    1) About the Malaysian students changing the lyrics of Negaraku and make his own song of Negarakuku. But do you read the lyrics of his song. In his lyric, he is saying he is proud as Malaysian and Malaysian is the best home to him. To me, I think this is another way of saying how much he loves Malaysia. But I dont know why you all hate him so much

    2) You said that it is the Chinese that ignite the May 13. How old are you at that time? Do you witness it yourself? Do you have proof? If Chinese really ignite the May 13, how come they are bitten left and right? Who is the real benificiary for this May 13? Is it those Umno politician or hard bitten Chinese? Try to common sense. Maybe someone purposely make this May 13 to happen so that they can gained something from it.

    3) You want to close all sekolah jenis kebangsaan and replace with only sekolah kebangsaan. If that is the case, how about sekolah agama? Please understand the concept of bertolak ansur. If one can really bertolak ansur, then all should not be a problem already.

    4) Freedom of speech got its limit. You can say anything as you like but please dont touch on anyone else. Imagine if I said Mr ABC’s mother is a whore and anyone can f**k her. Do you think Mr ABC will angry? Now he is angry and confront you to apologise, but you refuse to apologise and give excuse that you have your freedom of speech and what you say is truth. No matter what you say is true or not, there are always something never meant to speak out. Again, the concept of bertolak ansur come into picture

  57. veryupset says:

    Susan… you are sooooo.. right ! Let’s not give a s**t about this Ahmad fella!
    Actually never heard of him till his racist remarks. Yeah..???

    U see… there was not much of a reaction from the whole of the Chinese community when he made the racist remarks. So…. that’s why he made it bigger now to get attention, which he did…!

    And this PM still want to do a meeting… Meet what some more lah…???
    What the bloody hell…! Till now why is he not under ISA ?
    He’s creating racial tension together with is gangster goons…..!

    Since when an army Chief have to butt in his nose..???????????????????????

    PM said our AGUNG is happy with the way things are in Malaysia….
    Really…. ??????????????

    AGUNG should meet the rakyat & we will tell “you” (Agung) how we actually feel right now………!

    PM & DPM have to step down..!

    Your own BN & UMNO goons are soooo…….. disrespectful of u 2…………..!

    You guys not fed-up arr………………?
    Problems after problems………………………

    I am sure the PM & DPM knows their own stituation. They are just hanging on lah !

    Now Tun Mahatir is back…
    He’s gonna make things worst for u 2…!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Jambu, is funny to read your comment, it’s no point at all la 🙂 read more before you write ya. Have a nice day!

  59. Nudibranch says:

    These people are old school. Im sure they do not have any skill or education to sustain a livelihood. They incite racial disharmony to maintain their position in UMNO in order to remain relevant but in the wrong way. There are many people of this category in UMNO. It make them feel important and seen as the defender of the Malay race. However many true blue educated Malay know their true intention and are disgusted by their action.

    After 51 yrs in a modern society, there are still people from this old school of thought running the country based on racial divide.

    Presently i have to save-up for my daughter’s education as non of our Universities are listed in the top 200 best Uni in the world. I would have rather spent the education fee in Malaysia but I have no confident on the standard of education in Malaysia. I have no choice. All our gains from natural resources should have been spent in giving better health care, better education and to help the needy irregardeless of race but…… Sigh!!!!!

  60. veryupset says:

    Actually all these BN & UMNO fellas are afraid they will be kicked out once Datuk Anwar becomes PM….

    Which they will….

    They’ve been so…. comfortable living a life of doing nothing much & getting paid !

    Well… start this issue & blame it on PKR..!

    Even the racist teacher was given just a slap on the hand & transfered. The Indians didn’t make much of a hoo-ha. They did earlier but the teacher was just let off just like that..
    Not fair right..?

    What makes you think this Ahmad fell will be punish? Why no ISA on him?
    If its another race…… habis lah you…..!

    Don’t waste your time, anger & frustrations on this Ahmad fella. He just want some attention.
    This is how his goons & he behaves during Ramadan month…

    Hidup PKR………………………………….!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Now our economy is weak, and possibly, we are not earning much from the outside world… even our resources, are not fully utilized to developed wealth, and basic infrastructures among nations. So if this funny fellow stir society instability at this time, how serious will our country got affected? Think about our day, it is not a joke to play this kind of things particularly in this few years. Just if our economy slumps… So, fellow nations please be united, regardless of race, we unite for the better tomorrow of Malaysia. Never get blinded by any politician that manipulates us for their own good (e.g., gaining power, etc)… because they should not have the right to do so. We shall only support a visionary leader, for the sake of Malaysia.

  62. anak pulau pinang says:

    Justice M,
    Uou forgot to mention theat PM’s late wife Rojak Person, Present wife even more rojak – all immigrants.
    Ahmad Ismail, asal Sumatra lah, What Malaysian Melayu- also rojak one lah. Really a pot calling a kettle black. If AI tells all pendatang to Balik Kampong, Orang Asli only very happy. Malaysia immediately revert to population of less than 100,000.
    Ahmad, you ask Non Malays, Chinese to balik kampong, you might as well Pordah!!!!

  63. Azmin says:

    Jembu, Just learn to read more and get more knowledge before writing your comments to avoid embarrassing yourself, Cheers 🙂

  64. snipe snips says:

    Azmin, Maybe jambu gets a kick out of being embarassed

  65. snipe snips says:

    RPK is right. Most of the political troubles in Malaysia are createdby the racist Mamaks behaving more Malay and more Islamic than the Malays and Arabs. I think it’s time we called a spade a spade. Ahmad Ismail is a mamak who is a racist. Mahathir is a kaka who is a racist. Syed Hamid Albar is a Arab/Mamak who is a racist.

  66. I quote; “For GERAKAN, to pretend as if it still cares for Chinese rights although it sold out the Chinese long ago.”

    What do you mean by “sold out the Chinese” ?
    Maybe it’s just me but do I sense a tinge of elitism here?
    Or a well disguised racist sentiment perhaps?
    You are lambasting the racist Ahmad while at the same time talking about CHINESE RIGHTS and how Gerakan supposedly SOLD OUT THE CHINESE.

    Hey, I am all for equality for everyone in Malaysia. (Note that in that sentence I did not mention the word RACE ), in fact, I don’t give a two pence worth about all that race shit drivel.

    But I am sick and tired of fucking hypocrites who get an orgasmic spasm talking about Malaysian Malaysia, equality, Makkal Sahkti and all that shit while at the same time talking about Chinese Rights, Malay Rights, Martian Right, Jawa Rights, Uranus Rights and Your Anus Rights.

    Have a nice day.


  67. nur says:

    The way I see it, racial tensions only happen within BN. The rest of the country couldn’t be bothered. These BN people are just like nyamuks…. Buat bising je.

  68. Tut Tut says:

    The common people seldom create, nor have troubles with our neighbours, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian. More often than not, it is the bigoted poiliticians, who, in trying to steal the limelight and gaining extra political mileage etc, created some sensational, sensitive remarks along the racial or religious lines, that eventually put the nation through a political/social upheaval.

  69. Ingat Ingat says:

    This Ahmad will get no worst than just a suspension. If you look carefully, he is involved in many affairs in Penang; Batu Kawan land, etc. He probably the ‘running boy’ or proxy to the people on top; which will give him all the support there is. Unfortunately, this Ahmad had blew the situation out of proportion. Too much too late. Funny, somehow Najib was there and did not make any correction!… Does this meant that he actually sanctioned it. Or maybe his conscience let him know it is wrong; where he made a public apology on Ahmad’s behalf.

    Another hypothesis is that, Gerakan knows TOO MUCH of his affairs/involvement. Should Gerakan blow the trumpet (if and when they are still in BN), then a lot of shits will fly. It is always easier to rebutt any claims by Gerakan if they decide to move out of BN. Justifications such as “they are sour prunes”, “they are out to get us” would be one of the many lines that UMNO Penang would be using.

    Well …

  70. Joe Banano says:

    The Penang State Govt has also made a police report against Ahmad for fraud on RM500,000. To stay out of prison, he creates a racial issue. When he is prosecuted he will yell “persecution”.

  71. Joe Banano says:

    Chaptokam`s alert on boycotting Ahmad`s Shell Station is a good start. It should be widely circulated so all are aware and boycott that racist station.
    Shell too should make a statement before they are dragged in.

  72. Joe Banano says:

    Badawi also supported Ahmad earlier (after Najib apologized).
    Emboldened Ahmad held a press conference (where KTK picture was torn – that I dont mind) and poured oil on fire.
    So is Badawi any different from Ahmad?

  73. PostBangkok says:

    Ahmad Ismail is doing the bidding of DrM who is out to destabilise the Badawi government by any and all means possible. Ahmad and all the Penang UMNO apparaychiks are now in dire economic straits as all their old avenues of revenue are now closed to them. They need money to defend their positions and to maintain their lavish lifestyles. This is a man who was till recently a bankrupt and yet has a bungalow as his registered address and is staying in a luxury condo?
    DrM, or rather his coterie of henchmen has promised Ahmad and all the Penang UMNO leaders to fund their divisional level campaigns (understanding that some of this will go to personal expenses…..) in return for making trouble and defying Badawi.
    Ultimately the goal is not only to remove Badawi but to install a Presidential Council in UMNO which would effectively rule from behind the curtain.
    Ahmad is a pawn to be sacrificed. Like Saiful he has little option since he has no real future. An UMNO division chief in Penang is now a giant millstone with all the anak buah coming to look for ‘projek’ and no way to thug the State Government for any like wen KohTsuKoon was in KOMTAR.

    Now you see the reasons.

  74. Nudibranch says:

    Jambu is old school. He/She do not see the forest but only the trees around him/her. That is the problem when you do not have an adequate education. Jambu reasoning is limited to what has been taught to him/her which is very shallow. This are the same people that uses violence to settle matter when there run out of words, just like the fellow that tore up Dr Koh pic.

    These negative mindset of some Malaysian’s like Jambu posting is a product of an education system that is based on racial divides and by educators themselves having racial values. Our leaders, practicing racial politics indirectly condones to the present state of divisions in Malaysia.. Shouldn’t we be choosing to live in an enlightened world and to support ideas which can bring greater peace, happiness and prosperity to all the people and not by race. An enlightened society involves recognizing and reinforcing those things we have in common while simultaneously celebrating the diversity of every individual.

    After 51 yrs we still have people like Jambu…..sigh!!!!!

  75. bubble&squeak says:

    The status quo is crumbling away. Even my Malay friends are turning against this distasteful charade. Most Malaysians are educated nowadays. They can make informed choices about what is best for them and this country.

    The more ‘they’ voice their opinions, no holds barred, the more we despise the injustice that they have come to represent. Keep it up and their own graves shall only be dug deeper. I can’t believe these guys can be so thickskinned.
    Actions like tearing up photos, raising the keris, all-round inciting violence and hatred belongs to the triads. Why must we accept it as standard behaviour from those that govern us? It’s an embarrassment to have people who hold the keys to the country behave worse than children. Parents across the country need to censor the evening news from the living room lest our children grow up to believe that such outright crudeness is accepted.

    September 16 or otherwise…the people will have their day. Unless the BN plan on emigrating their MP’s for good (in which case they’d only make it easier for DSAI), the crossovers will happen. AND if this plan is sabotaged, DSAI needn’t worry, the people will make it happen at the next election.

    It’s not just about Anwar anymore. It’s about bringing the country back to the people. It does not belong to a group of elitist bullies who keep raping it for all it’s worth.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Chaptokam`s alert on boycotting Ahmad`s Shell Station is a good start.

    This Chaptokam is known to be an umno cyber trooper.

    We better verify the info before taken necessary action.

  77. Anonymous says:

    With Old Man TDM rejoining ARM NO, there is a possibility he will instigate the feeling for 513 revival.

    That’s the only way he can destabilise Lah and gain control of the party again.

  78. UMNODU says:

    Dear Susan,

    The situation is appalling to say the least. You might not care, but I do, simply because it matters that this issue be dealt with expeditiously, justly and fairly.

    But would that come about with the present leadership?

    Doubt it.


  79. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous (11:21:58) :

    Chaptokam`s alert on boycotting Ahmad`s Shell Station is a good start.

    This Chaptokam is known to be an umno cyber trooper.

    We better verify the info before taken necessary action.

    So better verify whether its owned by a PAS , DAP , or PKR chap or better still whether its owned by Anwar !
    Better verify and check with Shell or better still check with the Registrar of Companies .

  80. Nor says:

    its a pity to see how many more narrow minded people like Jembusss existing our country. Hmmmm

  81. kkk says:

    “I WILL TAKE STERN ACTIONS ON AI=ARSEHOLE IDIOT” said our usual sleepy flipflop lame duck guy. Wow …what a brave guy la!!!. But see what came out of the BN meeting yesterday. Same old stories same old tales going round and round. If those scumbags said that actions against this racial idiot can only be carried out by Umno, then why have this BN meeting la. Perhaps trying to show to the rakyat that Umnoputras are “fair”. Just a complete waste of time gesture. Again our spineless so-called rakyat component parties b_ums have been made like real stupid dumb dumb running dogs. Maybe, somebody never seem to learn.
    Again, this sleepy flipflop lame duck guy “stern actions” actually meant to tell AI u did a great job and “ddddd=dudok diam diam dapat duit” and let me take care of these begging “dogs”. Another great puppet show.
    One more thing, on TV there is this black guy sitting on the right of AI talking. Looks like a mamak la. If he is one, then I wont be surprise the so call “Melayus” in Penang Umno have become so arrogant, racist etc.. today.
    RPK was right. Most of the political troubles in Malaysia are createdby the racist Mamaks behaving more Malay and more Islamic than the Malays and Arabs. I think it’s time we called a spade a spade. AI is a mamak who is a racist. Mamak Kutty is a kaka who is a racist. Great Baldie is a Arab/Mamak who is a racist. Just to mention a few.
    Anyway, will someone check out this black guy if he is really a mamak behind the scene. He seem to behave he got that stupid dumb dumb AI=arsehole idiot by the balls. Just look his gold ROLEX watch and the brand new chauffer driven MERCEDES car this AI is using. Hm….wonder where he got all this $$$$$?????

  82. Scott Thong says:

    Are we srue he isn’t actually an Anwar mole agent? His continued, ever-more-controversial actions are really ripping BN apart! Lol!

  83. Nudibranch says:

    Jambu, Jambu, Jambu,

    Why so much hate to fellow Malaysian. Sepet contribute 90% of the income tax that goes to pay civil servant salary.

    However once again you look at the tree and not the forest. Every race, every country has its bad people and good people. As a Malaysian I deplore all these activities. I look at myself as a human being first and as a Malaysian second. From your posting your are a racist. You ask sepet to go back but most sepet are borned here and are Malaysian. We should be helping each other to ensure that our country progress with the rest of the develop world and to be significant player on this planet.

    Your posting reflect your stupidity so don’t call other people stupid. What is your objective in life??? Do you want to go trhough life hating other races ? What makes you so special??? What have you contributed to this country ???
    Do you think your god agree with your racist behaviour ??? Please be more contructive in your thinking and make you country proud of you. I have many Malay friends some are Tengkus and they always reming me that its people like you that gives Malays a bad name.

    Come on brother we are all Malaysian ! We should do the right thing to get rid of corruption and move toward progress and not backward.

  84. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey, friend chaptokam (12:04), what happened? You got fever ah…? Before we close that petrol station down due to lack of business, can you find gainful employment for the poor staff there first ah? Then teach them some Makkal Shakti… ok?
    Otherwise bad karma (i think so only la, being not well versed) for instigators.
    Wish you well.

  85. james chua says:


    Ahmad is simply opening the doors for the biggest bigot of all times – Mahathir Mohd to return to UMNO. The minorities are just pawns and everyone took Ahmad’s bait – hook line and sinker, now Dollah looks like an idiot. Ahmad is greasing the way for Mahathir because he will be laughing all the way to the bank while you all fight against each other to topple Dollah.

    The only way for Dollah is to kick out Ahmad, and strengthen his troops because the BIGOT is trying to claw back into UMNO.

    The genesis of bigotry started in Malaysia with Mahathir and it is not for any other reason that our Tuanku send Mahathir to the lockup. Beware, the giant serpent is poised to return and he is very hungry.

  86. Kaninah-boh says:

    The antics of this asshole is like giving PM and DPM the middle finger and if both of them can stomach this and do nothing to show their displeasure, then it justifies the common understanding that both PM and DPM are spineless and unable to rule this country firmly and decisively.

    No wonder BN is in such pathetic state if such bigot can do what he likes with impunity.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it… what on the earth that make Jambu thinks that way… he really should read more la… hhaha.

    I think we should equip our self more on things like economy, sociology kinds of thinking… don’t fight like an uneducated people la..

    By the way Jambu, why not we make friends with them ha? no harm what 🙂

  88. Kherry Scarry says:

    Beware of Mamak Mahathir….Be very Beware of that Mamak……

  89. Pahlawan Melayu atau Pengkhianat Bangsa?

    Perwatakan dan gaya Dato’ Ahmad Ismail menampakkan beliau seorang Panglima Perang Besar bangsa Melayu yang begitu garang dan tegas. Seolah-olah tidak ada seinci pun yang akan diberikan oleh panglima ini dalam menegakkan kedaulatan dan keagungan bangsa
    Tetapi adakah ini kebenaran atau persepsi semata-mata? Kalau benar ia hanya persepsi, silat persepsi sebegini rupa hanya boleh diajar oleh seorang ahli politik sahaja. Ahli politik yang ketandusan prinsip. Ahli politik yang dahulunya berwajah pejuang bangsa dan kini sudah bertukar rupa untuk menjadi musuh bangsa Melayu nombor satu, Anwar Ibrahim.
    Seni halus yang dimainkan oleh Ahmad Ismail berbau Anwar. Anwar dengan liciknya menarik perhatian orang ramai kenegeri Sabah dan Sarawak sedangkan pergerakannya banyak tertumpu di Semenanjung Malaysia, terutamanya di negeri kuatnya Pulau Pinang.
    Fakta yang sahih menunjukkan Anwar Ibrahim telah mengambil Ahmad Ismail sebagai anak didik politiknya ketika Anwar menjadi Ketua Perhubungan Negeri. Dari ahli biasa, Ahmad Ismail diangkat oleh Anwar hingga beliau memegang tampuk kepimpinan Bukit Bendera. Dalam tempoh ini, segala kemahuan dan nafsu duniawi Ahmad Ismail dipuaskan oleh Anwar. Ahmad Ismail begitu terhutang budi dengan jasa yang telah ditabur oleh mentor politiknya.
    Pada tahun 2008, Anwar meraih hutang budinya dari Ahmad Ismail. Namun, bukanlah kenangan kisah silam sahaja yang berjaya membuat Ahmad Ismail mengkhianat bangsa sendiri. Kerakusan dan ketamakan Ahmad Ismail menjadi pendorong utama mengapa dia sanggup menggadai maruah diri, maruah bangsa dan maruah UMNO.
    Setelah Pulau Pinang jatuh ketangan Pakatan Rakyat. Dunia Ahamad Ismail menjadi semakin gelap. Dia seolah-olah karam dalam lautan politik yang bergelora ini.Hanya Anwar sahaja yang boleh menyelamatkannya.
    Dengan sekelip mata, Ahmad Ismail dengan relanya menjayakan wayang dan mengupas agenda sebenar Anwar Ibrahim yang telah menggegar negara baru-baru ini. Ketika sidang akhbar itu berjalan, pesan Anwar Ibrahim bergema di dalam Ahmad Ismail – “Bakar semangat Melayu, Pastikan BN berpecah tanggal 16 Sepetember ini. Pastikan Gerakan dan MCA keluar dari Barisan. Bila aku kembali berkuasa kau akan menerima habuannya.”
    Tanggungjawab UMNO ialah untuk memperjuangkan nasib anak bangsa, dan dengan nada yang sama, kepada pemimpin yang sengaja membelakangi tanggungjawab ini demi kepentingan peribadi, UMNO harus berani menjatuhkan hukuman seberat beratnya. Kerana UMNO alaf baru ini tiada tempat untuk pengkhianat anak bangsa dan boneka Anwar Ibrahim seperti Ahmad Ismail ini.

  90. chaptokam says:



    This Mamak is one of the Division Chairman who supported the Racist Ahmad Ismail.
    Ask the Mamak restuarants owners to sent the bills to Mamak Musa at Asenia Property Developers , Bukit Mertajam . He was one of the leaders and organiser in the Komtar demonstration and his name is Senator Musa Syed Fadzir , UMNO BM chairman. For your information he and Abdul Aziz Syed Fadzir the one who threaten to burn the Selangor Chinese Assembly Halls are BROTHERS . Together these two brothers are the owners Fadason Kia Sdn Bhd , Asenia Developers Sdn Bhd at Bandar Perda , Bukit Mertajam and Bandar Mutiara at Simpang Empat , Seberang Prai Selatan . Please Boycott their companies .

  91. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (14:03:15) :
    you find gainful employment for the poor staff there first ah?
    Who cares !! They are his lap dogs probably the guy who tore up the picture of KTK is working there as a manager !! That racist will take care of his people , not to worry , let him worry about it .

    Otherwise bad karma (i think so only la, being not well versed) for instigators.

    We reap good karma from this , not bad karma . We closed down devil’s or shaitan’s petrol station we sure reap good karma . So you better help me to spread the word around ok !!!

  92. F.Idrus says:

    I can’ help but comment here.
    It’s tiring to elaborate, to explain… even to write about this racist issues in Malaysia. We are indeed very racist. ALL OF US, deep deep deep down inside, we are all guilty from it. What Ahmad said is bad, tactless and just plain stupidity. We are all immigrants in this land we call Malaysia, unless you are a Dayak, Dusun, Kadazan (and the likes) or Org Asli in Semenanjung. If you are none of the above, we are all initially immigrants. The Chinese are from China, Indians from India and the Malays, obviously from Indonesia.

    But let’s not get into this because it’s stale. I say we should focus on what’s good for US and our country, disregard the race and let these racist idiots laugh at their own funeral.

    I always heard the remark ‘migrate lar from this country if u don’t like it’. Well, that’s what I did. Call me unpatriotic, whatever. I had enough of the crap and take the advice and leave.

    Oh by the way, I am Malay. Contrary to popular belief, even I don’t belong.

  93. dd says:


    It is undisputed that between 30-40 per cent (higher in some districts) of the Malays in the West Coast States of Peninsular Malaysa (especially the Western Districts of Johor, Negeri Semibilan, Selangor, and Perak) are in fact descendants of migrants from Indonesia (Java, and Sumatra) who started coming in large numbers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, for the SAME reasons, that the Chinese and Indians were coming to Peninsular Malaysia at the same time, that is, to participate in the economic boom following the “opening up” of the West Coast states when the British built roads and the railway. Then, of course, there were earlier migrations from Sumatra (the MInangkabau of Negeri Semibilan), from the Celebes (Bugis, of which Raja Petra likes to tell us he is a proud descendant of), etc.

    Not ALL Malay-Muslims are such recent migrants, but in many areas, very many ARE. The problem arises when there is NO attempt to differentiate between (these recent) immigrant Malays from other Malays and counting ALL Malays as one, as “indigenous.” It is precisely this sleight of hand trick that so annoys the non-Malays whom, I suspect, would be quite happy to grant genuine indigenous peoples (Orang Asli, tribal East Malaysians, and, yes, those Malays now-Muslim peoples who have been long before Parameswara (another immigrant, and a Hindu at that too) their indigenous status. But they are obviously not at all happy to have this indigeneity extended to so obviously recent immigrant peoples from (mostly) Indonesia.

  94. Anonymous says:

    sigh… sometime i just wonder… what good can this kind of people do for a country. ok you chase all none-aborigins (non-bumi) out… then? what malaysia will becomes? if racists can make a better tomorrow for our country, then it may be ok to say so. But, is it so? And how many of you here are aborigins? come again?

  95. Bola Hangus says:

    anonymous, nobody is chasing any nonbumi. If they want to leave, its their choise. But the fact remains that malays have special rights in this country as a condition of accepting these pendatangs. That is a social contract.

  96. Bola Hangus says:

    F.Idrus, i respect you for your opinion as a pendatang from indon. But myself as a malay from kedah, we have evolved for thousands of years even before parameswara so i dont consider myself as pendatang. Before you shoot your mouth off to please your coffee bean malays, please state that youre only speaking for yourself and not for the rest of us malays. Selamat berbuka puasa.

  97. F.Idrus says:

    @dd: I’m glad you have those facts and figures, thanks. But still, it means a lot of Malays are originally not from this land we call Malaysia, yes?

    @bola hangus: Thanks for respecting my opinion and I respect that you claim your ancestors came earlier than Parameswara. Me on the other hand, my ancestors came from Sumatra, not earlier than Parameswara I’m afraid.

    But so you know, just because your ancestors came way before Parameswara, it does not grant you to name calling other people pendatang Indon nor coffee bean malays 🙂

    PS: One thing I realised about Malays, they are very defensive and can’t take critism. But well, pardon me, what do I know, I am afterall just a Coffee Bean Malays. 😉

  98. Bola Hangus says:

    Thats rite F.Idrus, the next $10 cup of coffee is on me. Oh, before i forget, you need to plug in that laptop first for it to function.

  99. F.Idrus says:

    @bola hangus:
    Sarcasm doesn’t suit you. I like you better when you act arrogant and almighty 🙂

    I really like to comment more, be pissed, swear, justify etc etc but this is the same scenario all over again over issues like this, esp on the net where people can say things anonymously.

    I’m glad I migrated, altho I’ve to say, when I see those rich malay kids, prancing around with their designer clothings, studying in this part of the world under full scholarship from the government, did piss me off because I know there are brighter malay students back home who doesn’t get to go. If only their dad has a title in front of their name.

    Oh, don’t let me start with the ‘other races’ bright students, haha!

  100. miwaki says:

    Bola hangus,
    My pendatang friend from Kedah,please grow up and be a human.It seems that Kedah is the only place you can survive.I wonder whether you have any friend other than your ilk ? No matter how many thousand years you can live,you are still a pendatang like me !

  101. NorHaslim says:

    We need to remember that Ahmad’s statement didn’t reflect what UMNO feels towards the Chinese as a whole. This is an individual statement made by a silly fella who thinks that he will gain more votes from the Malays by doing so.

  102. Bola Hangus,
    If the ‘Malays’ (they really are Indonesian Immigrants) are so smart how come the 30 Bumi medical students sent to Dunedin in NZ study for only the first 4 years and in places bought and paid for by Malaysia. And not because these 30 students are qualified as medical students by NZ varsity or any medical varsity elsewhere.
    The Malaysian authority knows that their ‘medical students’ do not have the ‘brains’ to sit and pass for the 5th & final year for them to be graded or should I say to pass their exams as doctors. Hence they only bought 30 places for 4 years.
    They are then brought back to Malaysia to sit and be graded for the 5th and final year just to be passed by the Malaysian varsities as half cooked doctors.
    Is this why, yearly, you see these half cooked Malaysian ‘doctors’ are taken to court for their incompetence or better still for their experiments.

  103. kittykat46 says:

    Why the sudden Chameleon act ?

    I thought you were happily campaigning and cheering on the UMNOputras just 2 weeks ago in Permatang Pauh ?

  104. ktteokt says:

    A crime committed will always remain a crime! It cannot be pardoned by the President of a political party, otherwise what is the law for? What are the courts for? What are judges for? Better put AAB on the bench to try all cases and do all “sentencing” by way of suspension!

    Now AAB thinks he is above the law? Above the courts? Above the judges? Shut down the Courts then and have a new department with AAB assuming another responsibility, as HAKIM BESAR in the UMNO PM Court!

  105. Bola Hangus says:

    najib of minatang kerbau, thats probably because instead of picking the right malays, as pointed out by F.idrus, the places were given to the malays related or cronies of the ruling elite. You cant just use 30 malays to condemn an entire race who has built an empires in this land (srivijaya, langkasuka, malacca) ect when your stinking ass forebears were applying to get on a rotten junk to come here.

  106. chaptokam says:

    kittykat46 (09:24:26) :

    I don’t condone racist whoever they may be . I still call a spade a spade . And I’m no Chameleon either .

  107. billauchris says:

    As I commented earlier, any punishment meted out to Ahmad Ismail for his inflammatory racist remarks against the Chinese should not be any less than a suspension or expulsion to assuage and appease the Chinese ire.

    Despite the disciplinary action, the man is not feeling contrite at all. And, he promised to come back in three years time. As it stands, I feel that he should have been permanently expelled from UMNO.

    Racial politics are already outdated. The people are fed up with it. Hence, kris bannishing during the UMNO Assembly was not well received. These despicable means to seek recognition and fame are outmoded and ancient. The masses will receive them with contempt.

    Let the suspension of Ahmad be a lesson to all politicians regardless of the parties they belong to. It does not pay to belittle your neighbours and your own citizens to get up the political ladders.

    Let us show our responsible leadership to the rakyat – which I think is the only factor that a politician gets voted in. He must be sincere, truthful and tactful.

    The path to political success is narrow as time goes by. Many will continue to try out politics but it is trying business. Many will fail the test. But, do not try to climb up the ladder through the back door! It does not work anymore!

  108. SameSame says:

    Did anyone watch Jeff Ooi with Pasir Mas AP Ismail tonight. I did and found Jeff to be cool and our Pasir mAS to be very heated. Why?

    The social contract…..what is it? and who benefits from it? Actually Pasir Mas gave statistic…he left out one great point. Money or power of money is earned it doesnt come free. Many non (sorry but lets face it la) we have to work hard as nothing is given on the plate. Our bumi friends get all these perks but it is only felt by the elite few…so why do they blame the non-bumis when we have to workhard to get what we have. Dont forget we have no special privileges.

    As for history of this country….lets not even go there. Its a topic too much proded over these last few days.

    Bola Hangus…either you UMNO man or leaving in denial. You think we get all the privileges and on top of that abuse it? Er i think not. We actually are greatful if we only get 5% of what bumis get.

    Bottom line…just ask yourself why the whole NEP failed…do some research.No offense la…i know its easy to point fingers dont forget the balance fingers pointing back at you. I honestly can say i am my own person with no help from government (even dont take advantage of GH!!!). I pay my taxes on time!!!! I am also not a member or MIC or any for that matter.

    There are lots of us like these in this country.

  109. james chua says:

    We need Bola Hangus and his burnt balls because

    1. He instigates the non Malays so that they get heated up and fight for their rights as Malaysian Citizens.
    2. He supports ketuanan Melayu so that the Malays will forever need subsidies and help and preferences in contracts so that the Malays will never have to truly compete, but the non Malays have to surpass barriers and expectations and hence rise the bar which results in the Non Malays ever being competitively superior and impossible for the Malays to match
    3. He is championing the special rights of Malays and lying about the true origins of Malays who are not the original people of Malaya while the true original people in Malaysia are being marginalized.

    Bola Hangus is the personification of UMNO, and the best example of how racial politics are being used to ensure that racial integration is halted in order that they can always have a breast to suck on and never grow up.

    But it is this very discrimination process that results in non Malays being imposed higher barriers and expectations which in the end, only serves to widen the competitive divide to the point where most Malays cannot catch up. And this is exactly what concerns the leaders of PKR and PAS, they know the true problems of NEP.

    BUT for Bola Hangus, he dont care whether his people has to be competitive. He prefers an unlevel playing field to show that he is superior. He likes the unlevel playing field because then, he could parade around and show his success. Well, show me a successful Malaysian Malay business man outside of Malaysia who started green field outside Malaysia.

    Anyway, I salute you Bola Hangus and keep up the good work. We need maggots like you to stire up the younger generation.

    Oh, I hope you are not a Muslim, because it will taint a beautiful religion.

  110. Bola Hangus says:

    james oh james, how is NEP helping me not become competitive. If i further my educatiopn overseas the university will accept me on my merits and not because i’m a malay. Thats a fact. You are trying to condemn NEP because of mismanagement by UMNO. That is not fair to the rest of the malays who still need the NEP to get to the “level playing field” which has never been level. Do you think that all the non business are “successful”because they are hardworking? No hanky panky, bayar rasuah to get your way, manipulate NEP to your advantage etc etc? No discrimination towards malays even though they qualify etc etc? Singapore practices meritocracy, where are their malays? I wasnt born yesterday. If you are truly competitive and have no problem competing on the global scale then good 4u. Why are your eyes turning green forever trying to take what belongs to the malays? Its not enough that you want to deprive them a piece of the economy and now you want to deprive them of education too? Its always with your kind that you just want to take take take isnt it? Maybe the building of wealth is not as paramount to us as the building of our nation. NEp have helped many malays graduate fom ivy leagues and top universities and many have and are working around the globe. A family member of mine is a graduate of Brown, an ivyleague american university and working on equal basis in NYC at merill lynch. So dont tell me that malays cant compete.I dont know what green field you are referring to apart of your perut hijau hasad dengki.Why cant you come up with a solution to the problem that doesnt involve taking away what belongs to the malays?

    btw, muslims or not that is my business with God. Its got nothing to do with a shit eating monkey like you james chua.God will be the one judging me. Not you.

  111. james chua says:

    I like your reply Bola Hangus,

    But you can keep your NEP.

    By the way, a Malay in Merill Lynch? I dont know of any, you ass, jangan sombong dan pandai tipu lah. Kalau ada Melayu di Merill Lynch mesti saya tahu. Mungkin bukin Merill Lynch di NY, Merill Lynch office di KL only ada, lain tempat mana ada Kawan?

    Oh, you must be a good muslim then? Then apa ni hati busuk dan pandai fork you? Ajaran Islam or Ajaran UMNO?

  112. SameSame says:

    Actually James…are we really so hard-up for the benefits? Actually must ask susan to poll it. Are the nons so hard-up for the benefits or ‘rights’ or ‘taking away the rights of the malays’. Are we?

    Have we not gone far without it..and yes there are many nons who are also left behind..but some are brave to handle their own fate..and yes some fall into wrong doings.

    My family are in the mid earning group yet my dad made sure we studied hard and work ourselves up. He had not much money in his hands to educate all of us equally, he gave us basic education and made sure we got better ourselves (self-sustain and study while working) and I am so greatful to him for that. Enuff said there.

    I am sure many parents are like that too, even some of my malay friends are of that category. Its actually sad that we have come down to this level of bickering about rights.


  113. Bola Hangus says:

    merill lynch tarak in NYC? Whos living under the tempurung now? Hang ingat meryll Lynch to syarikat cinakui petaling street bapak hang punya ka? Stupid sepet nak kata orang lain bodoh.

  114. james chua says:


    I am not hard up for NEP, I dont need it, nor do my family, we are independent, we work hard, and we dont need NO CRUTCHES LIKE THE DISABLED.

  115. MECINDIA says:


  116. Aiyoo Tambi says:

    Susan nice picture- Its like a tamil movie villan. He seems to be Saying>>> Dai ,Tambi Adi Paen— duit pocket sudah kosong sekarang jangan kasi tension. Many more Dramas ahead.Brace yourself for the once in 20 years ride, He Haw. Rollin rollin rollin keep them dogys movein….. Rawhide.

  117. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  118. chedet says:

    Bola Hangus Says:
    September 11, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    merill lynch tarak in NYC? Whos living under the tempurung now? Hang ingat meryll Lynch to syarikat cinakui petaling street bapak hang punya ka?

    heehee NEP melayu memang bodo.
    ketam menyuruh anaknya jalan betul. The mamak was getting the help of jews frpm Salomon Smith Barney, bot chinese coolies from petaling street.
    Btw the umno leader near my house now selling goreng pisang.

  119. chedet says:

    Bola Hangus Says:
    September 11, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    merill lynch tarak in NYC? Whos living under the tempurung now? Hang ingat meryll Lynch to syarikat cinakui petaling street bapak hang punya ka?

    heehee NEP melayu memang bodo.
    ketam menyuruh anaknya jalan betul. The mamak was getting the help of jews frpm Salomon Smith Barney, not chinese coolies from petaling street.
    Btw the umno leader near my house now selling goreng pisang.

  120. but this event already long will

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