If he goes to jail when he turns up at court tomorrow, there will be protests, says Keadilan. It seems to be a warning.

Anwar Ibrahim returns to the court house tomorrow due to the sodomy allegations against him by Quran swearing Saiful Bukhary Azlan.

I heard there will probably have a new mention date. The public has such a low opinion of the courts these days, that sending Anwar Ibrahim to jail for his sodomy allegations would be counter-productive.

It would seem again that the government or rather the prime minister has interfered in the court process by sending him to jail, in a way, trying to prevent Anwar from staging a coup on 16 September.

We’re not even sure if 16 September will happen. Anwar says it’s now 17 September, after the BN MPs return from their Taiwan trip.

September 16, 17 or nothing at all, it surely has rattled the hell out of U-M-N-O!


And this man’s return to UMNO? What would that achieve? It’s also very shameful for a former prime minister who seems like a demi-God to some, though he can try to convince me that he is going back because there are many appeals for him to do so?

After resigning four months ago, and asking everyone else to follow suit, though hardly anyone did except his wife and son, not even his UMNO-MP son, Mukriz, he nows want to rejoin UMNO.


What happen to all that pressure to ask Abdullah to resign? Even Najib Tun Razak, Mahathir’s preferred PM, has clinched a deal with Abdullah, to step down in 2010.

Remember Mahathir said in May that he would only return to UMNO if there was a leadership change?

Leadership change in UMNO or goverment?

There might be both in the VERY near future.


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  1. najib says:

    UMNO. bunch of racist hippocrits. Lets all pray for a leadership change with DSAI at the helm. Doesnt matter if its 16 th or 17th. Change, my dear is inevitable. Its the government that should be afraid of the people and not the other way around. Allah bless Malaysia and her people

  2. captain marvel says:

    The day of reckoning for UMNO is near with so many things happening all pointing to their desperation to keep Anwar Ibrahim out of Putrajaya. UMNO is now like a wounded tiger in its last gasp striking at all and sundry, friend and foe, and pitiably displaying its severe injuries before dying eventually. I think by now the people, including the Malays can judge for themselves who is the trouble maker and harbinger of evil events in the country. UMNO’s racist incitements no more work among the kampong Malays. Let them continue to persecute Anwar. Let Mahathir return with all his 22 years of mess as PM. I think these last 2 events will make the people, including the Malays wake up and give the wounded tiger the final death blow to end it miserable and pitiable state.

  3. Dani says:

    feel like the time moves so so slow… can’t wait for sept 16

    Dani of lonelyhurts

  4. For Pakatan's Govt. says:

    Which party is bankrupt of leadership?

    Which party is moving backwards?

    Which party does not have young talents?

    Which party have leadership crisis, all the time?

    Which party cannot train leaders to succeed them?

  5. mca74justice says:

    Whimpering MCA, Gerakan and MIC Leaders Wilt in Face of Big Brother UMNO!
    So, the BN component parties have agreed to allow UMNO to decide on any action to be taken against that unworthy recipient of the Datukship title Ahmad Ismail, for uttering racist remarks against Chinese.

    What a useless bunch of leaders we have in MCA and Gerakan and MIC. This Ahmad goes round openly flouting the ISA and Sedition Act and what not, yet MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not demand at the BN Supreme Council meeting today that such a seditious utterer be charged under the existing laws. How they can delegate the actions to be taken against Ahmad, to UMNO solely, is beyond comprehension. Should not the law of the country apply to Ahmad instead? Should the police not take steps to charge Ahmad instead? How is it that the MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders do not insist at the BN Supreme Council Meeting that the law be applied to Ahmad, instead, they are preferring internal UMNO party procedures take precedent over the laws of the land?

    If this is the case, then it is best that ISA and Sedition Act be abolished altogether, for it seems that the present government is indulging in selective prosecution yet again. And in fact, this is our stand, that the ISA and Sedition Act are draconian laws that should be abolished for it is increasingly appearing to be as a tool to be used only when convenient. If UMNO procedures can take precedence over these laws, then there really is no point in having these laws.

    Utterly Useless Whimpering MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders!


  6. Abukar says:

    I think Mahathir coming back into UMNO will mean nothing. Because his leaving was meant to be more effective than him coming in after he utterly failed to make inroads into Abdullah’s turf. His wife and son only followed him and you can see his limited ability to influence the goings on in UMNO. It will be humiliating for him to return because his sole condition for leaving UMNO was that he will only return after Abdullah leaves. With Abdullah still in charge, Mahathir can’t effect changes. Furthermore, he is driven by an Anwar fear more than that he needs to change UMNO, after all, he was the one who created the pussyfooters and bodek culture in UMNO when he was in charge. It is not good for him because he is perceived to be desperate rather than someone who is needed to correct what went wrong.

    Muhyiddin may be pushing for Ku-li and him ticket for the sole reason that he believes once Ku Li retires after 5 years since he is old, he will take over. In this case, you don’t expect Abdullah/Najib axis who wield power and state institutions and UMNO’s purse to sit idly and watch as other UMNO leaders pull the rug under their feet. It is here that the struggle for power between team A and B will result in Anwar victory since he has already 82 MPs, he only needs few desperate UMNO and directionless Sabah and Sarawak MPs and voila.

    The change Mukhriz talks about is replacing Abdullah and not restoring the institutions his father destroyed so no one buys his “change” rhetoric unlike that of Pakatan. In UMNO, the person who is the PM is the only winner. In no way, can Mahathir win because he controls no institutions or financial rewards unlike Abdullah who is in control and the intelligence helps him. With corrupt Division leaders who are bribed and coaxed, how do you expect Ku li to get 58 nominations? It will be a record if he gets 15 nominations let alone the needed 58 and this seals his fate and that of Mahathir. Can you imagine Mahathir saying Malaysia needs change? Change against who? For what? On what? About what? So, he can’t succeed with that theory and that’s why he resorted to fear mongering and tribal bashing after March 08, but it didn’t go far and he couldn’t obtain any help, even from a single UMNO division including the one he represented for 4 decades. That’s how UMNO works. You lose power, you perish. Any other attempt is futile and pure posturing. My bet is that Abdullah will triumph, not bcoz he is liked or strong, but bcoz he has the state instruments of power and money printing machines. That’s how Mahathir survived against Anwar. Otherwise if it was a level playing field, Mahathir would have been floored by Anwar.

    The fact that he ditched Najib also shows a sign of desperation and not a mature idea that’s based on well calculated ideals and benefits. One day, he supports this, another day that, and this doesn’t auger well for him. The other thing is Ku li doesn’t have power base, neither does Muhyiddin has any, may be he can get 4-10 nominations but that’s all bcoz the Division leaders will be bribed by Abdullah and Najib and that’s what works in UMNO. It is not a question of grassroots and the truth, it is the one who holds the yam and the knife and that’s Abdullah and Najib. This power struggle will come to and by UMNO losing power since there is a formidable man waiting in the back and he knows what to do, where and when to do. Let’s see how it ends. May the best win.

  7. Bola Hangus says:

    the 2nd photo reminds me of fidel’s triumphant speech right after he drove out batista. Sans the white dove.

  8. Abukar says:

    The Dollah controlled UMNO Supreme Council will simply frustrate Mahathir’s application paper by neither accepting it nor rejecting it. Dilly-dally and flip-flop.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes the best way to hurt this mamaks is through their pockets as such boycott mamak stalls n restorens.

  10. Jong says:

    ” it surely has rattled the hell out of U-M-N-O! ”

    Yes, very well put Susan! We have waited 51 years and what difference will it make if we wait another 51 days as long as change comes? Anwar can wait, so can Pakatan rakyat!

    Seeing them in umno run helter-skelter yet having to keep that straight face, is most amusing! 😀

  11. […] Saiful Bukhary Azlan. I heard there will probably have a new mention date. The public […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

  12. PeoplePower says:

    Now is 2008, not 1998. Don’t be naive to think that the Kangaroo Court can simply sentence DSAI to jail! The Rakyat will never allow this to happen again!
    Abt that Mamak who want to rejoin umno, just don’t care abt him. He is not worth of 2 cents for us to comment.
    He is just making shame out of himself during his end life! This is the Dosa he supposed to carry for all the bad he had did in the past!

  13. monsterball says:

    16th September will not happen…not because Anwar is a liar…but because Najib have someone spending great sum of money…to make sure….they return after 16th instant.
    Such is the low class unfair…sickening politics…Najib and his gang are playing.
    You see….Anwar have the numbers..and he must get all …to see the Agong…to prove it.
    UMNO is day by day….clinging to power….already lost….doing and saying crazy things.
    Dollah is not amused …but powerless.
    Lets hope he will do the decent thing…to see others in UMNO…do not go overboard…with crazy ideas..like planning a riot…then declare Emergency Rule.
    Malaysians are much smarter than 1969!!
    So expect it to happen..AFTER …17th Sept.
    Think smart…think logically and give Anwar full support.
    He deserves to be PM. Malaysians have spoken.

  14. Pegasus says:

    BN is running scared but the change is inevitable,sooner or later the change will be done and by then BN will be history with or without DSAI. Its the destiny of this nation,eventually the Rakyat will rise up against corruption and the mismanagement of the nation by BN regime. Bodowi is not in control as a lot of things are happening openly and even the small warlords are not afraid nor respect him,they override him in all matters till he is turning out to be a mere puppet where others are pulling the string.
    If DSAI is taken in,then it is for the people to carry on with the fight,where a majority of the people are in favour of Pakatan Rakyat.BN days are numbered, hopefully all happens as what have been plan, 916 or not,the Rakyat are still in mood for change and the change is coming.!!! DSAI will be there and he is the man who will change the face of history of this great nation.!!!

  15. Kenny Gan says:

    How is Umno going to change if Mahathir comes back and wield influence behind the scenes? This is the father of corruption, patronage and racism. Some call him the Father of Thailand’s auto industry for chasing all auto investments to Thailand with his ill-conceived protectionism for Proton. He is also responsible for damaging all our cherished institutions of democracy such as the police, the judiciary, the AG and the media.

    Mahathir is totally unprincipled, even if the country goes down in flames to satisfy his ego, it is acceptable collateral damage. His unprincipled nature is exhibited in his blog where he only publishes handpicked favourable comments.

    Mahathir will be best remembered for his cruelty and injustice to Anwar Ibrahim on whom he orchestrated fake sodomy charges and jailed in a show trial worthy of Stalin and Hitler.

    This tyrant and megalomaniac is still revered by some due to his tight control of the media which he abused to whitewash him as a demi-god and “great leader” during his 22 years in power. 22 years of constant brainwashing in the mass media has had its effect. But for those who can look through his deceit, he is nothing but a dunghill covered with flowers.

  16. ktteokt says:

    Lousy Horse because good horses never turn back to graze on pastures they have left. What’s more this is the second time he is doing it! Sick Horse!

  17. monsterball says:

    Less said about Mahathir..one of the dirtiest kind of politician in the world…..the better.
    He does not care two hoots about himself.
    Everything he is doing…are to protect his sons.
    Just look at UMNO most weird leaders….at their best.
    Mahathir the teacher… Najib…the student…at their best…at their most idiotic class. Such thick skin corrupted liars.
    May UMNO be very proud of such leaders.
    That will give us more reasons to back Anwar…till next election…besides proving so clear……Malaysians want change of government.
    Are they such idiots..that cannot read clear signs…or is it….the CM of Melaka….bragging…UMNO will rule forever…is true.
    I wonder how.
    It must be over dead of thousands of bodies..arresting thousands under ISA…to make it possible.
    Lets see.

  18. Kenny Gan says:

    monsterball said, “He does not care two hoots about himself.”

    It should be, “He does not care two hoots about Malaysians.

  19. monsterball says:

    I am right….you are right……Kenny Gan.

  20. khalaai says:

    mahatir u done feel shame? i feel shame to say that u r my former prime minister. pls dont show yr face in tv anymore, i will vomit.

  21. apapunboleh says:

    The leaders of MCA, MIC and Gerakan only thinks about their business dealings which allows them to make big and fast bucks. NONE of these politicians are sincere and would be willing to sacrfice for their own race. I consider these them useless bastards and bitches.

  22. saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya…

    lihatlah ni…

    Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

    Rakyat Malaysia!
    Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


  23. tamade says:

    I am from Peninsular Malaysia, but after reading the few letters written by doctors who are stationed in Sabah (published in MalaysianKini recently), my heart really sink.

    I feel so sad and it’s really a betrayal to the Rakyat in Sabah if these MPs were to stick to BeeEnd.

    Your people in the rural areas are suffering, laden with poverty, yet MPs are forced to attend the stupid study tour in Taiwan. What kind of nonsense is this?

    You flurs~MPs are the community leaders and yet for the past 50 years, you people have neglected your people and let them suffer in silence. Where is your conscience? What kind of leaders are these?

    The evil power brokers in UltaManNo have successfully segregated the people and these racists are still so arrogant and never repent despite the recent blow in the 8 March GE.

    Somehow the Botak Minister has the audacity to ask the MSM not to play racial issues and must remain in low profile. How ironic? He thinks all Bolehlanders are fools? The truth is:

    The UltaManNo’s MSM are the ones that always stir up the racial sentiments and they are playing fire. Yet no action by the police and the Botak Minister thus far.

    The UltaManNo’s mad bull from PP has asked his followers to stage the demonstration surrounding Komtar immediately after the 12th GE. The MSM of UltaManNo stirs up racial sentiments at the same time, pouring kerosene into the fire.

    This is what Botak Minister called ~ Responsible MSM?

    So who is the racist and who are the trouble makers?

    This mad bull has further insulted the Chinese during the PP by-election, and everyone knows that without the Chinese, Indians and Malays standing together, there will be no Merdeka.

    This mad bull is out of his mind and he must have gone insane. Is he? Or is he taking orders from someone up there? (Mamak Kutty , I suppose.)

    So, who are the master-minds that disrupt the peace and harmony among the races in Bolehland? The answer is: UltaManNo, of course. (So, General, I bet you know who are the culprits, right?)

    I guess most of the Rakyat will agree that the political party which condone these racists must be disbanded. (How can they say that this is a personal view of the mad bull and it is not the party’s stand? Mind you, 13 division heads are behind this arrogant mad bull).

    Any action by the police and Botak Minister?

    Yet this mad bull mentioned about the Jews in USA. But, the Chinese in Bolehland are not Jews and Bolehland is not USA. Is he insane?

    Now the worst scenario is that these UltaManNo’s mad bulls have offended the Jews and USA, what will be the consequences?

    Use your logical reasoning and your guess is as good as mine. (Botak Minister and UltaManNo, do you still want to talk about sodomy? )

    The conclusion is that this Botak Minister in particular, must be sacked since he has condoned the act of that insane and arrogant bull from PP and he has failed miserably as a Minister.

    Anyway, RPK is right in saying that these goons are just trying very hard to stir up another racial conflict (judging from the return of Mamak Kutty to UltamanNo, it’s very true), so his suggestion to PR in order to delay a while their 916 plan of taking over the Fed Guomen is pretty wise.

    Yes, a month or two, no problem, we can wait.

    MPs from BeeEnd, just get ready with your jumping gears, the Rakyat definitely wants a change, a swift and beautiful change for the sake of the next genegration.

  24. jeff says:

    Racist versus religious extremist ? which one will have a upper hand ? Any one know….

  25. Menyalak-er says:

    jeff (23:27); Answer: God.

  26. Bola Hangus says:

    I see DSAI as the only glue hoding together the fragile PR alliance with taliban PAS and chinese supremacist DAP . Without him the whole plot will crumble. who will take over? lim kit siang? yeah yeah yeah. Lets face it all we have in common is a common hatred for BN. Thats all.

  27. bexe says:

    I think Abubakar is right. Great understanding and insights into how UMNO works and the power of incumbency. But to what avail? Pak Lah will be President of the opposition at best. Th Opposition in turn will be disseminated with the unraveling of its coalition with other racially composed Parties, as well as the implosion from UMNO itself.

  28. ALSALAM says:


  29. wandererAUS says:

    This old bag Mamak better send him to the old folks home. His crony supporters think,
    happy days are here again, he will again line their pockets. Sorry boys, no such luck. Mamak limited time in life is to boost his ego, prepare his beloved and doggy son to take over as Prime Minister. Good try old man, it will not work.

  30. Harrison says:

    1st to answer ” For Pakatan’s Govt. (21:43:05)” posting, the answer is UMNO. haha.

    Mahathir Mohamad is a master-con-artist. Nothing more. I bet one of the instigators of Ahmad Ismail’s racial slur is that con-man. For shame on Mahahtir Mohamad.

  31. KAKINANG says:

    Sakai Politicians>ketuanan melayu what superior race but need tongkat to walk! Walk straight n ran to compete in 100m race. Baru lah MALALYSIABOLEH.

  32. kluangman says:

    Mahathir akan bawa ‘all the penumpang’ naik tongsan.. lu berani lu terjun. lu takut..lu lari siam maa..

  33. Kopi Anan says:

    Ms. Sloone,

    I dread to think such behaviour among UMNO members [putting down opponents thru’ foul means] is practised in UMNO companies, UMNO Universities, UMNO Government Departments and basically UMNO GLCs.

    UMNO has from the beginning dislike other Malays in PAS, Party Raayat, Party negara and Anwar Ibrahim in particular, after 1998 !

    It goes on and on and never seems to end.

  34. caravanserai says:

    UMNO soldiers try
    Make the day hard to come by
    Trying all sorts of tricks
    Wasting time and public funds

    Stroking racial slurs
    Unwarranted yet no apology
    BN leaders get stuck in time warp
    They can’t decide what to do

    Stroking race supremacy
    In the country of multi-racial people
    We can’t be living just for a race
    We are “Anak Bangsa Malaysia’
    Get it UMNO?

    Action should have taken quickly
    UMNO drags on hoping for something else to happen
    The coalition partners never exerted enough pressures
    The issue of racial slurs scoring points for the politician(s)

    We are Malaysians
    Nothing should say about race
    What are BN doing?
    After 51 years we still talk about skin color
    About immigrants about rights
    Just let the FC pointing the way
    In it earlier confirmation…….

    Now get on with it
    We are Malaysians
    Don’t use race for political expediency
    It doesn’t work in this century

  35. jeff says:

    Old sly fox Dr M demands HINDRAF leaders n namewee to apologize before he go into retirement for good!!! He is growing impatience over ABB refusal to quit PM post in time he set.

  36. navinda says:

    Despite his ‘so called’ retirement and promise not to interfere in government matters, Dr. M has constantly meddled. His disappointment with Mr. Flip-flop seems to be mainly on the canceled crooked bridge and the double tracking of the railway lines. He too has the task of promoting his son Mukriz, and probably writes the script for Mukriz statements, as often they sound distinctly Dr. M.
    His resignation from UMNO in a huff was widley reported in the MSMs, yet there was on significant numbers from his cronies opting to do the same, lending credence, that in UMNO, loyalty is the the party chief who wields the purse string. Dr. Ms’ return to UMNO is not going to make any difference either.

    DSAI has shown determination unmatched by anyone in the field. His rebound from his sacking and jailing has been phenomenal and he has not wavered in his stand of heading a government for the people. Ketuanan Rakyat has to be realized soon before the idiots in charge ruin the nation more and it is reason enough why we wish DSAI well.

    The Ahmad Ismail incidents in Penang is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of racial fanatics in our midst. Look at the incidents of teachers, the moral guardians of our children, who have constantly abused them with degrading names, neglected their duties to impart what they are supposed to,
    and to continue being protected by the officers in the ministry of education down t the local education offices. These together with the now exposed BTN brainwashing sessions have to be acted on and stern action taken against the offenders. Unless action is seen to be taken, the racial divide will continue to flourish and more Ahmad Ismails will surface.

  37. snipe snips says:

    Anwar’s case adjourned to Sept 24
    Sep 10, 08 8:08am

    breaking news updated 10.40am Justice Komathy fixed Sept 24 for the parties to argue on the validity of an order signed by Attorney General Abdul Gani to transfer the case to the High Court.M


  38. anak pulau pinang says:

    Sedition Act, ISA laws not used on Ahmad Ismail. Raja Petra facing the law for so-called seditions, ISA related activities.
    Hullo Bodohwi, RPK did not scream like the moron AI and threaten that there will be repeat of May 13. That sleepy, is incitement to rioting, racial troubles.
    Obvious, there are laws and THERE ARE LAWS. One for the Rakyat (especially immigrants) and one for UMNOputeras.
    Enough lah, Don’t bloody care whether it is Sept 16th 2008, 2009, 2010 or whatever, we will back PR to tendang all you UMNO immigrants including the UMNO Mamaks out.
    Yup, Bodohwi and Najis wants to see DSAI locked up again so that there will be no Sept 16.
    No problems mah, Kak Azizah will come back and she will have our support.
    Even more shiok when you Umno mail chauvinistig animals get F ****D by a woman!

  39. kittykat46 says:

    A lot of Malays (Malaysians, for that matter) still have respect for Mahathir, but he mistook that for political power, which he doesn’t have anymore.
    His resignation from UMNO was a fizzle, even his own son did not follow him.

    His sheepish return, like a naughty child returning home after running away isn’t going to make any difference.

  40. NorHaslim says:

    Tun’s comeback to UMNO smells fishy to me.
    Muhyiddin must be smiling all the way right now.
    A ‘big’ backup for him to get to higher post.

  41. numbo says:

    good job chapokam .
    any other business he has that you know ?

  42. dev says:

    Dear all,

    What Abukar describes is actually what happens, even if it is not on the 16th, it will definetly come before the end of September 08. They are not interested in change and reform which has caused all this rot, they are only worried about their pecuniary interest which is at stake therefore their change is actually to see how much change($) they can pocket. The people know that and they know that very well. They will have to hand over power.

    The new administration had better start clean and walk their talk as the people will be closely watching. The people have no more trust on the media and neither to they trust the leaders therefore for a start, the new PM should stay in his own house as oppose to move in to the PM’s palace in Putrajaya. He should travel from his own house to his office everyday so that he sees for himself how many are travelling in motorcycles with children on tow, how the public transport works and what the Drainage & Irrigation Department together with the other authorities are doing.

    The new PM should make Putrajaya more people friendly by ensuring that more road side shops and restaurants are put up for the people to come to Putrajaya to make it lively. If the PM’s palace can be converted into a hotel, then the new PM should to do and allow a foreign group of Hotels to run it. The PM should make it a practice to appear in departments without prior notice so that the new reform agenda is seen to take place. The new PM must live amongst the people and not in isolation on a man-made hill in Putrajaya, only then will all follow suit in seeing the reform agenda take place. So the people are waiting, we hope that we will not be disappointed.

  43. Scott Thong says:

    Posterizing for your amusement:

    Drama-laaah, Dr M!

  44. LHKeng says:

    What a useless bunch of spineless leaders we have in MCA and Gerakan and MIC. This AI= Arsehole Idiot goes round openly flouting the ISA and Sedition Act and what not, yet MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not demand at the BN Supreme Council meeting today that such a seditious utterer be charged under the existing laws. What a shame and digrace on these so call rakyat represented component parties scumbags.
    This racist and his cronies including that black mamak especially, should be arrested and charged by our “efficient” police force.
    And yet these so call law upholding b_ms did nothing. I can bet if a non-malay acted like this idiot, guarantee to be arrested immediately by a band of 100+ headscarves clad commandos and charged with sedition, ISA etc… in no time. And there will be big headlines in all local MSMs news expounding the great job done by our so call law upholding force. Bravo!!!!
    Now we hear that mamak kutty was asked to come back to Umno. This guy in the past 20 yerars has already done enough damage to the country in terms of judiciary, race, religion to mentioned a few. Yet we have some Umnoputras asking for his return. What a sad case. heard that rakyat believes he is already in dementia and senile mode now.
    How come we do not have guys in Umno capable of running the the country after 50 years of Umno control is incomprehensible?? Another sad scenario for the country.

    MIC/MCA/Gerakan please disband before you b_ms further destroy the communities you claimed you b_ms represented.
    As that idiot AI=arsehole idiot said, you guys balik china and india la.

  45. maxtor says:

    Takkan Anwar sorang je yang betul kot. Sampai kalau dia masuk jail nak mengamuk pulak. Kalau dah betul dia salah, takkan nak kasi lepas je. Kalau dah tahap pencacai Anwar tu cakap apa pun tak jalan, habis semua orang bodoh, semua orang tak betul, Anwar dah jadi tahap dewa da.

  46. maxtor says:

    Nanti lepas ni adalah lagi tunda tarikh tu. Kalau dengan Anwar ni semua benda ada dolak dalih. Alasan bagi macam2. Jangan berharap sangat dengan kaki sembang ni.

  47. sharon says:

    there’ll be a day when all malays will be subjugated just like the palestinians by the zionist jews

  48. […] he is thinking about rejoining UMNO… Probably due to the threat of the person he dislikes the most returning to […]

  49. ktteokt says:

    The “TUN” made a comeback? How do you spell a comeback “TUN”?

  50. Menyalak-er says:

    Ktteokt (11:55): “Nut”, he is.

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