“I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Ahmad Ismail, the Umno division leader from Penang told Malaysiakini via telephone today. 
“I have never been racist and will never be. It is rubbish to suggest that I am a racist,” blasted Ahmad, who sounded calm and in good spirit despite the storm swirling around him, according to Malaysiakini reporter.

SO, what will the police do with this guy? And do we really want his apology? I don’t!

Earlier I blogged in this post entitled: ‘Racist’ Ahmad joins the list of Malaysia’s disappeared. He later turned up to record his statement.

First it was P Balasubramaniam who claimed in a statutory declaration that Najib Tun Razak was involved with the Altantuya Shariibuu murder case, and that he had sex with the woman, including anal sex.

Bala disappeared after he claimed otherwise. He has been cited in Bangkok. And for all we know, in other ASEAN countries as well.

Then it was PKR’s Zulkifli Noordin who disappeared for awhile after storming into a freedom of religious conference organised by the Bar Council. PKR has yet to take action against Zulkifli.

(Addition at 2.13pm Bkk time) How about the Burmese-Muslim doctor from Pusrawi Hospital who also made a SD that confirms Anwar Ibrahim did not sodomise Saiful Bukhairy Azlan? He, too, went missing, when his report was leaked to the nation.

He has now “resurfaced to set the record straight“. He stands by his statement that he found no evidence of sodomy in his examination.

Only yesterday, I heard it’s S Nallakurappan, after he made boisterous and comical remarks of Anwar Ibrahim in the Permatang Pauh by-election in August, claiming, among others, that Anwar played ‘hanky-panky’ after he played tennis with Nalla. Nalla also accused Anwar of taking RM60 mil from him.

And now, it’s Ahamd Ismail who called Malaysian Chinese ‘immigrants’ in his campaign speech at Permatang Pauh and made Najib apologise on his behalf. Everyone’s questioning why is Najib doing the apologising, shouldn’t it be Ahmad himself?

What has happened to this racist? Did he do an ‘immigrant’ and leave the country instead?

According to the STAR, who did some investigate work by going to his house, he is “nowhere to be found”, as police are investigating five police reports lodge against him in George Town, Bukit Mertajam, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

He is currently being investigated under the Sedition Act for labelling Chinese as “immigrants” who do not deserve equal rights in the country.

He was supposed to turn up in BM district police HQ yesterday, but did not. Everyone else has given their statement.

Even Ahmad’s personal assistant and state Umno leaders are having difficulty trying to reach him.

A visit by The Star to his house in Taman Robina in Butterworth showed that his luxury bungalow, complete with a swimming pool, had been torn down. Letters were left uncollected in the letterbox.

It is learnt that Ahmad and his family are now staying at a penthouse in a guarded condominium in Tanjong Tokong, pending the construction of his new bungalow.

Bukit Mertajam Umno division chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir said several state Umno leaders had attempted to contact Ahmad to find out what actually transpired.

“We want to know the truth as we believe his remark was taken out of context. It is best that we hear his side of the story,” said Musa.

Oh, dear…isn’t it dangerous to be in politics these days?


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  1. giggle says:

    Last seen heading for Golok.
    Or did he take the ferry to the land he came from – Sumatra.

  2. giggle says:

    “We want to know the truth as we believe his remark was taken out of context. It is best that we hear his side of the story,” said Musa.

    Musa Sheikh Fadzir is talking a whole load of crock, “taken out of context” it seems. Musa does not know the meaning of the phrase. Anuar Musa also warned Gerakam to stop makin an issue.
    Was it not Musa`s brother who once tried to climb the gates of the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL to set fire to it? An idiot in that mamak family – in fact they are all idiots.

  3. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Susan

    Remember what Dorothy said in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”
    about people coming and going and disappearing?

    Perhaps we are actually living in Oz? And we do have
    Wizards in power??

  4. monsterball says:

    His bangalow with a swimming pool destroyed…no complaints.
    Must have built it on illegal land with no approval.
    You know how UMNO people are….they can do all sorts of things..we cannot do.
    Disappear… you say?
    Why sooner or late Mahathir will also disappear.
    If these rouges spoke what they meant and meant what they spoke….why disappear?
    UMNO is still governing…or is it so?
    Looks like in name only.
    Khairy said….if Anwar do not become PM on 16th Sept…he is finished.
    He stopped short to say….what will happen to him..if Anwar is PM on that day.
    This young man…bragged at Permatang Pauh…Anwar…’dot dot dot Saiful…and love kopi kau kau”…..now should eat his words…..what happen?
    Look at him..a lost child..talking nonsense.
    So Ahmad disappeared!! Next will be a warrant of arrest by the police. He better stay away from Malaysia.

  5. makahani says:

    Racist policy is what had been practised by the Apartheid regime in South Africa. By the Nazis in Germany and by the early Americans against the Red Indians. Susan Loone might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.

  6. giggle says:

    The man in a suitcase wants “another chance”:

    The Malaysian Insider

    Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib has urged Gerakan members to be patient in facing tough times and not to be fooled by promises made by the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat.

    “Like the Malay saying Dengar guruh di langit curah air di tempayan (emptying water out of its tank at the sound of thunder.),” he told The Malaysian Insider.

    He added that the crisis faced by Umno and the Barisan Nasional should be resolved through discussion and dialogue among the component parties.

    “The view is being made when the BN is at its weakest point. I think it is better for all of us to sit down and discuss the problems and how to win back the people’s support,” said the Rural Development Minister.

    “It is easy for anyone to make such statement when the BN is weak,” he added.

  7. hamid says:

    wak – dengan bahasa lain nya
    …. Oh oh Gerakan … kasihanilah daku, berikan ku satu peluang … wooo woo

  8. jojo says:

    “Oh dear, isn’t it dangerous to be in politics these days?”

    Indeed it is… 😮 ha ha!

  9. raktamrittika says:

    This kind of people are better disappeared for good!!…
    Their existance are just a ‘mockery’ over the unity we were “building for decades.
    I dont mind if he shall never appear again.
    This ‘racist’ and liar… are not welcome as MALAYSIAN, so he might as well migrate..and become the immigrant of other country himself. Then will he learn what is “immigrant” really stands for!!..MORON!!
    To those who wish to learn basic skill to detect liars..feel free to visit my weblog:


  10. wits0 says:

    “Musa Sheikh Fadzir is talking a whole load of crock, “taken out of context” it seems. Musa does not know the meaning of the phrase.” – Giggle

    No, he doesn’t. Besides he thinks the MSM has managed to zombied everyone and inflicted total amnesia to the entire populace over time.

    M2M and SHA are also the dopey PM’s hand picked men and reflects the abject mediocrities of himself and his own moribund party. They never fail to offend the astute by their blatant utterances and hypocrisies.

  11. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Bala disappeared after he claimed otherwise. He has been cited in Bangkok. ///

    Well, I guess he has been CITED by some eye-witnesses who SIGHTED him in Patpong where his new abode is now SITED.

  12. apapunboleh says:

    Ahmad, you stinking good for nothing corrupted pig, go back to Indonesia!

  13. It is learnt that Ahmad and his family are now staying at a penthouse in a guarded condominium in Tanjong Tokong, pending the construction of his new bungalow.

    next to me. i’m so going to fucking slap him. call me immigrant!!!

  14. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    What about the shocking disclosure that the BTN has been carrying out racist indoctrination of both Malay and non-Malay JPA scholars? Will past JPA scholars who have served their bonds come out to attest to this?

    BTN is under the PM Dept. By carrying out and pursuing active racial segregation of the scholars, does this mean that it is the official policy of the BN govt? Who is now going to apologise to all Malaysians on such active pursuit by an official agency of the Federal Govt.? Going to sweep under the carpet again on this shocking revelation!

    Will BN now come clean, apologise and then rebrand itself by ridding itself of its racist policies? Failure to do so is going to make BN irrelevant much sooner than it thinks.

  15. “Susan Loone might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.”

    Apartheid regime and the Nazis are proof that if racial policies are allowed rampant, a nation can be torn to bits. Though the racial situation in Malaysia is still considered tolerable, what we’re seeing here my friend, is efforts from right-thinking Malaysians to tackle problem of racism before it gets out of hand.

    If Ahmad Ismail’s racist remark seem insignificant to you, how about this?

    Unless you want your kids to grow up believing an aura of supremacy surrounds his own race. Believing he is above all other races in Malaysia. Believing he can slack thanks to being exempted from competing based on meritocracy. Thorough-bred jaguh kampungs.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe people like chaptokam@loo siew pek@sodomiser also did an “immigrant”.

    Disappeared in Golok.

  17. TJ says:

    His remarks “taken out of context”??? We have heard this lame “context” excuse
    time and time and time again.

    My gawd, what possible context or contexts could there be? Do the BN goons think we are idiots or what?

  18. wits0 says:

    Heck, what about those bumno big-wigs sponsored post SPM “Sedar Negara” thing that has been going on for more than a decade? The same racist indoctrination was also used. How many ppl realized that? The abetting MSM and craven lapdog parties were all simply mute.

  19. bgees says:

    Good to have this type of racist bast@#ds permenently gone from this earth. Good for nothing.

  20. i killed the prom queen says:

    i agree with what makahani commented.other races might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.

    since independence,we’ve proved that we can live in a harmonious surrounding regardless of our religion and race.of course there are some problems and difficulties along the way but we managed to get through it.

    it seems like a trend now for people to make mistake then dissapear.hmm…

  21. you need some facial done! muka berminyak dan berlemak!!


  22. wits0 says:

    Susan Loone might not have to seek employment in Bangkok had there been suitable opportunities here. Why would a person seek employment elsewhere and afar if there is an equally good one locally?

    Makahani, you’re pathetic in the attempted spinning.

  23. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….Now we may see…dozens of UMNO…so call..”sons of the land’….leaving ……and….not other Malaysians.
    Anwar Ibrahim….is the fear factor of UMNO………all along.
    Allah kept him alive……to finish the job.
    Dollah knows it very well.
    I have the gut feeling…many professional smart Chinese and Indian Malaysians will return home….if Anwar request them to do so.
    But I think..we do have enough real smart people…..right here,
    Professional head hunters ….with no race discriminations…must be employed.
    Better get foreigners to do that job.

  24. matt says:

    The face alone tells you this is a guy from the samseng ranks and the irony of it all a ex senator,wants to make you puke.

  25. artemus22 says:

    What do all these tell us? Man has lost his honour.

  26. KC says:

    Which ever kampung you go, chances are:-

    1.The biggest house belongs to the local UMNO bigwig!
    2. There’s at least three to four cars parked in the compound, of which not even one is a Kancil or Proton!
    3. UMNO bigwig is a contractor!

    Betul tak?

  27. Maybe he’s meeting up with Zakaria Deros…

  28. wits0 says:

    Matt, Physiognomy was never complete nonsense. In fact I expect that to be more than 60+ % accurate(a normal lie detector’s reliability). We all have a certain degree of intuitive capability too. One’s predisposing Karma mould your physical appearance and can suggest your innate proclivity.

    H.C. Linguere is known to say “Physiognomics provides a great tactical advantage in achieving objectives. The body never lies.

  29. hamid says:

    “Susan Loone might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.”

    “Ethnic cleansing” has also been used to describe a group of people of similar nationality, race, or religion who are experiencing any kind of action which they consider objectionable. Some people feel they are forced from their home countries because of prejudices that make their lives difficult or intolerable, though they may not actually fear for their physical safety.

    It is difficult for Mara and similar graduates to understand the meaning. The badly educated, and badly brought up will say it does not exist in Malaysia.

  30. wandererAUS says:

    Since the police is so incapable of finding lost people (including all the children missing) in this country, is it not about time we have a special Ministry to trace all these lost people? Of late, too many voluntarily ‘lost persons’ are glaring in our eyes, it is a very dangerous state of affair. Perhaps, Susan you should do a little bit of detective work…hahaha

  31. Robert Teh says:

    Hi! Susan,

    Remember I once mentioned in your blog about the UMNO chap who went overseas and invited a German factory owner to relocate his plant to Penang. When the German guy came over, this UMNO chap got a big fat loan from a local bank to fund a “technology transfer” project. After giving the German guy some initial capital from the bank’s money he left “everything” to him and “vanished” with the rest of the bank loan.

    The factory couldn’t get started as the German guy had no money to purchase raw material for production. Soon the bank went after them and the factory was sealed and the plant machinery was consficated by the bank. The poor German chap lost his plant, his customers in Europe, his family business (handed down from his grandfather to his father to him), and of course his money. He tried getting his losses back from this UMNO chap but this UMNO chap avoided him like the plague. He finally went back to Germany broke and broken – swearing he will never trust a Malaysian ever again.

    Well you all know who this UMNO chap is – I don’t have to mention his name. His name has made headlines lately in the printed press and internet.

  32. hamid says:

    “Susan Loone might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.”

    Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship.
    – Encyclopaedia Brittanica
    (illegal for mara graduates and umno members to read)

  33. monsterball says:

    Are you the Robert Teh…from Malaysian Chinese Recreation Club?

  34. hamid says:

    more ethnic cleansing:

    The Malaysian Hindus also are awaiting an apology from the PM, DPM, DBKL and the BN government for the “missing temples”, which are now existing and have existed for many many years, in the KL Draft Plan 2020. To make it worse, DBKL calls these existing temples as “illegitimate”…


  35. Robert Teh says:

    Hi! monsterball,

    No, I’m not a member of any club, or NGO or political party.

    I’m just a man on the street, the average Joe.

    (Sorry, Susan for taking up your precious space).

  36. amoker says:

    The police should give him a dateline, send a convoy of cars with man in baklavas one hour before the appointed time and close up half of Penang. They were scared that DSAI would run away but obviously did not care if Ahmad did.

  37. Ex Neutral says:

    He’s hidding because PDC made a police and ACA report against him regarding a land deal involving a loss of state funds.
    No guilt or remorse shown at all.
    I wonder if during that day, if the PM’s wife is present, will he have made that remark. – Ex N

  38. wandererAUS says:

    Which crime is more serious and dangerous, SEDITION or SODOMY?
    Perhaps, HM Botak Hamid can enlighten me!
    Of late, he has lost his power of speech….also in the list of ‘missing person’

  39. Patek1472 says:

    To Be Or Not To Be, That is the Question. (Nak jadi ke tak jadi, Itu Soalannya)

    Phrase from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    To be, or not to be, that is the Question:
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the minde to suffer
    The Slings and Arrowes of outragious Fortune,
    Or to take Armes against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them: to dye, to sleepe
    No more; and by a sleepe, to say we end
    The Heart-ake, and the thousand Naturall shockes
    That Flesh is heyre too? ‘Tis a consummation
    Deuoutly to be wish’d. To dye to sleepe,
    To sleepe, perchance to Dreame; I, there’s the rub,
    For in that sleepe of death, what dreames may come,
    When we haue shuffel’d off this mortall coile,
    Must giue vs pawse. There’s the respect
    That makes Calamity of so long life:
    For who would beare the Whips and Scornes of time,
    The Oppressors wrong, the poore mans Contumely,
    The pangs of dispriz’d Loue, the Lawes delay,
    The insolence of Office, and the Spurnes
    That patient merit of the vnworthy takes,
    When he himselfe might his Quietus make
    With a bare Bodkin? Who would Fardles beare
    To grunt and sweat vnder a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The vndiscouered Countrey, from whose Borne
    No Traueller returnes, Puzels the will,
    And makes vs rather beare those illes we haue,
    Then flye to others that we know not of.
    Thus Conscience does make Cowards of vs all,
    And thus the Natiue hew of Resolution
    Is sicklied o’re, with the pale cast of Thought,
    And enterprizes of great pith and moment,
    With this regard their Currants turne away,
    And loose the name of Action.


    QUE SERA, SERA -(What Will Be, Will Be)(Apa Yang akan Jadi akan Terjadi)

    Meaning of Que Sera, Sera:
    (Maksud Que Sera, Sera:)

    The expression “What will be,will be” is used to describe the notion that fate will decide the outcome of a course of events, even if action is taken to try to alter it.

    (Ungkapan “Apa yang akan jadi akan terjadi digunakan untuk maksud Takdir akan menentukan keputusan kejadian-kejadian seterusnya walaupun tindakan diambil untuk cuba menghalangnya.)

    (Lyrics written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
    for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 re-make of his 1934 film
    “The Man Who Knew Too Much” starring Doris Day and James Stewart.)

    When I was just a little girl,
    I asked my mother, “What will I be?
    Will I be pretty?
    Will I be rich?”
    Here’s what she said to me:

    “Que sera, sera,
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    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    When I was just a child in school,
    I asked my teacher, “What will I try?
    Should I paint pictures”
    Should I sing songs?”
    This was her wise reply:

    “Que sera, sera,
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    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    When I grew up and fell in love.
    I asked my sweetheart, “What lies ahead?
    Will we have rainbows
    Day after day?”
    Here’s what my sweetheart said:

    “Que sera, sera,
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    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    Now I have Children of my own.
    They ask their mother, “What will I be?”
    Will I be handsome?
    Will I be rich?”
    I tell them tenderly:

    “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be;
    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.
    Que Sera, Sera!”


  40. Fortune Teller says:

    I am not worry about the above but worry about Ktemoc. I forsee that after Ktemoc’s dissapearence he will be declaring in a SD that whatever “hatchet” he rehashed about Anwar Ibrahim was because he was paid by someone and he is ever-willing to kiss AI’s foot. yah Hahaha. 😛

    We care for you Kaytemoc. Please repent before your ass is in the ringer. 🙂

  41. usan says:

    this guy doesnt look malay .but giving lots of problem to the malay .

  42. chaptokam says:

    Ahmad Ismail the PKR mole in UMNO

    On the issue why Badawi did not take action on Ahmad Ismail’s racist statement terming Chinese as Pendatang Haram !!I have this to say . Why did Ahmad Ismail take that moment of time to say that ! Every wondered why ! Did it ever crossed your mind that he might be doing that to help his old nemesis Anwar Ibrahim ? That he could be contemplating of joining PKR ? To him there is no more money to bleed from UMNO as BUMNO is no more the gomen. In other words he sees there is no more ” kang tau ” .
    Don’t you think that by making that statement who actually benefits from that ? PKR or BN ? Its obvious isn’t it , that’s very important as you can very well even see this in the comments in this blog . Chinese all get riled up and pissed off by that joker’s statement and voted for PKR especially it was made during the last few days of campaigning. This could also be one of the factors contributing to Anwars increased majority .
    For him to quit UMNO and join PKR would see him being labeled by BUMNO as a running dog and by his supporters also but to be expelled or kick out by UMNO would see him as a overnight HERO just like Bala the SD fella or Dr Osman . ! and that would certainly raise his image in PKR ,don’t you think so !
    Read DSAI statement on this chap , very mild isn’t it “low class politician ” I expected Anwar to chew him off but LOL no such thing and that was all Anwar said period !. After that nothing more from him , so what does this tell you ? that this is a sandiwara by them. Look at Badawi’s statement . also very soft why ? Badawi knew that Ahmad Ismail wanted UMNO to kick him out or expel him so as to make him a household name in PKR but he is not going to play to their gallery or stage play !.Period . Thats my take as I see it .

    2:59 PM, September 04, 2008

  43. giggle says:

    Perak UMNO Youth Chief Zainol Padzi Paharudin (left) explained that Ahmad Ismail’s actions were actually justified and should not be blown out of proportions.

  44. Puzzle ?! says:

    Mahathir’s father who speak Malayalam came from Kerala, Southern India.

    Badawi’s grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan, Southern China.

    Syed Hamid Albar is of Hadhrami Arab descent.

    Khir Toyo His father, Joyo Erodikromo, was an immigrant from Java, Indonesia.

    This Ahmad Ismail came from Sumatra.

    And all these f.ker dare to say we Indians and even Chinese are immigrants ?!

  45. giggle says:

    Why did Ahmad Ismail take that moment of time to say that ! Every wondered why ! Did it ever crossed your mind that he might be doing that to help his old nemesis Anwar Ibrahim ? – chaptokam

    Yeah right!! Especially with Najib standing next to him and agreeing grinning ear to ear.
    Najib is PKR mole in BN also.

  46. Kaninah-boh says:

    This moron, this gangreous blot of humanity has destroyed whatever little reference point for our children to be patriotic to our country. We are here by a freak of history, not by choice, we should damn our ancestor for choosing this country to settle when they could have settle say maybe just next door, in Singapore.

    The point of this is that if we have a choice, this is the last place on earth now, that anybody in his right frame of mind would consider settling. So Mr Ahmad why don,t you negotiate with the Chinese or Indian government to take us “squatters” back. It,s not too bad to like you say “balik kampung” provided we are allowed to take all which is rightfully ours by virtue of our sweat and tears along. Let,s see whether you will be then.

  47. raktamrittika says:

    Tipu lagi..lagi-lagi tipu..tak habis-habis ngan tipu.. dah dasar penipu..tipulah, apalagi selain tipu yang pandai dibuat penipu. Yang kesian..yang kena tipu!

    Nak belajar macamana nak kenal penipu? Teknik asasnya saja. Silalah ke weblog:


    Boleh la belajar nak kenal penipu dan boleh juga belajar menipu agar tak nampak sangat macam penipu.

  48. chaptokam says:

    giggle (14:21:08) :
    Yeah right!! Especially with Najib standing next to him and agreeing grinning ear to ear.

    If that is so then don’t apologise let Ahmad Ismail apologise !! gigigigigi

    Do you think when Ahmad Ismail wanted to say that he whispered to Najib and so oh today I’m going to call the chinese penadatng haram ! and Najib smile !? gigigigigi

  49. bamboo river says:

    Did you all tried looking into some abandoned huts up in Penang Hill?
    He might be there disguising as some hill farmers planting jagung.
    Or maybe he could be hiding in Botanical Garden disguising as a monkey. Look for an unusual big fat monkey with a big nose among the groups of monkeys. You might spot him.

  50. chaptokam says:

    Findings of the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United State, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia

    The graves of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and their close friends have been found and their skeletons had been analysed. Their DNA had been analysed and it is found that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu etc. are not Malay, but Chinese (Islamic Chinese, just like the famous Admiral Cheng Ho). Malacca was a protectorate of China at that time, and the Emperor of China sent the Sultan of Malacca “yellow gifts’ as a token of his sovereignty. The 5 warrior brothers were believed to be sent to help protect Malacca and its Sultan from Siam (Thailand). The Chinese Princess who married Parameswara was named Hang Li Poh .All carried the Hang surname . Until today I have yet to see a Malay with the surname of Hang . Malay names do not carry a surname but their parents names unlike Chinese where their surnames follow thru the generations .

    The Sultans of Malacca was directly descended from the Parameswara from Indonesia who fled to Tamasek (Singapore) and then to Malacca. The Malaccan Sulatanate family eventually spread and became the Sultanate of the other Malay states of Perak and Johor. Therefore, the Sultanate royal court and the aristocrats of the Malay sultanates are actually foreigners from Sumatra and Java. Hang Tuah and his friends were the protectors of the Indonesian aristocratic Parameswara family who came to Malaya around 1400 AD and claimed sovereignty of the land.

    So who is Pendatang or Pendatang Haram now ???

  51. giggle says:

    Do you think when Ahmad Ismail wanted to say that he whispered to Najib and so oh today I’m going to call the chinese penadatng haram ! and Najib smile !? gigigigigi – chaptokam

    If something wrong with your gigi go to dentist.
    As for Najib he should have set it right on stage and that could have been done very easily. Like Tuanku Abdul Rahman set right Syed Hamid Albar`s father who was spewing even more inflammatory rubbish at the Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka in the presence of a few thousand.

    You better go to the dentist quickly, looks like yours might fall out any time.

  52. chaptokam says:

    In the Sejarah Melayu why did this suddenly disappeared as a subject in school in 2000, is it because of this findings above that Hang Tuah , Hang Jebat , Hang Kesturi and Hang Lekir were all linked to Hang Li Poh and were in fact Chinese Muslims from China ??

    So who is Pendatang or Pendatang Haram now ???

  53. chaptokam says:

    The Bujang Valley or Lembah Bujang is a sprawling historical complex and has an area of approximately 224 square km. Situated near Merbok, Kedah, between Gunung Jerai in the north and Muda River in the south, it is the richest archaeological area in Malaysia.

    Archaeological research indicates that there was an old Hindu-Buddhist empire built here. The name itself is roughly translated into “Dragon Valley”. The area consists of ruins that may date more than 1,500 years old. More than fifty ancient tomb temples, called candi, have also been unearthed, many of which were built during the Bujang Valley civilization’s heyday. The most impressive and well-preserved of these is located in Pengkalan Bayang Merbok. The Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum is also located here.

    Research also indicates that an ancient Hindu-Buddhist kingdom ruled here as early as 300 CE. Relics found at the site are now on display at the archaeological museum. Items include inscribed stone caskets and tablets, metal tools and ornaments, ceramics, pottery, and Hindu icons.
    In ancient Kedah there is an important and unmistakably Hindu settlement which has been known for about a century now from the discoveries reported by Col. Low and has recently been subjected to a fairly exhaustive investigation by Dr. Quaritch Wales. Dr. Wales investigated no fewer than thirty sites round about Kedah. The results attained show that this site was in continuous occupation by people who came under strong South Indian influences, Buddhist and Hindu, for centuries.[3]

    An inscribed stone bar, rectangular in shape, bears the ye-dharmma formula in South Indian characters of the fourth century A.D., thus proclaiming the Buddhist character of the shrine near the find-spot (site I) of which only the basement survives. It is inscribed on three faces in Pallava script, or Vatteluttu rounded writing of the sixth century CE, possibly earlier.[3]

    In Kedah an inscription in Sanskrit dated 1086 CE has been found. This was left by Kulothunga Chola I (of the Chola empire, Tamil country). This too shows the commercial contacts the Chola Empire had with Malaya.[4]

    So the Hindus and the Buddhist were also here long long time ago ..

    So who is Pendatang or Pendatang Haram now ???

  54. matt says:

    One thing to say this bumno guys care a rats arse about the nons accept themselves and stop making excuses for them.Dulu,kini dan selamanya menghina.

  55. giggle says:

    This is what I received on a SMS it could well be true in a country where the official media has little or no credence. Its supposed to begin tomorrow, let`s wait and see :-

    Romour has it that the events of September 16 will begin to unfold from tomorrow the chronology given to me today is as follows;

    September 5, All component BN parties in Sabah and Sarawak will withdraw from the BN.

    6 September, all component parties with the exception of MIC and MCA will withdraw from the Barisan.

    7 September, 10 BN MPs join PKR

    8 September 5 Ministers and Deputy Ministers will resign

    9 September Parliament Emergency meeting convened

    10 September Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will be forced to resign form his post as PM of Malaysia

    12 September Emergency meeting DSAI takes over as caretaker PM

    15 September DSAI announces formation of new Government. Meets Agung at 6.15 p.m

    16 September Malaysia Day officially a National Holiday

  56. wits0 says:

    As Captain Kirk would have said, “Make it so, Mr Sulu(Mr Giggle)!

  57. LeeKH says:

    “We want to know the truth as we believe his remark was taken out of context. It is best that we hear his side of the story,” said “the mamak musang”.
    Most of the mamaks in Malaysia behave that they are malays and bumiputras. They did not know that they are “pendatang also.
    They corrupt the real malays here. These are the bums who also contributed to the current country racial and religious divide issues.

    And we have this idiotic mamak “Musang Shake Fartzir” talking a whole load of co_k, “taken out of context” it seems. He do not even know the real meaning of this phrase. This mamak behave as if he is a champion of the malays. Just look at his stupid face will 100% tell one that he is a “pendatang” .
    His brother, another idiotic mamak, once tried to climb the gates of the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL to set fire to it?
    Another mamak trying also to be hero of the malay race. How low can these bums stoop to portray themselves “I am son of the soil” to the rakyat and claim they are bumiputras..
    Hope the rakyat will not be hoodwinked by these real idiotic scumbags.

  58. Wong Chee Kong says:

    To: AI (sorry this is not Anwar Ibrahim)….

    It only shows your shallow mentality, that is if you have any at all.

    If you have the guts to say this, why don’t you have the guts to face up to the music. It only shows that you are nothing but a coward. The Chinese has a saying for such behaviour… “the dog only barks in its own backyard”.

    We would ask you to say that to the Australians and see what you will get from them. The only non-immigrants there are the aborigines. In case you have forgotten, or not aware of this, that is also the case here in Malaysia.

    So please think (that is, if you are capable of that) before you open that gap of yours. If you choose to keep quiet people won’t know that you have little substance up there. Opening that gap only proves beyond all doubt what you have (or worse still don’t have) up there resting on your shoulders!

  59. gs says:

    This is the holy month of Ramadan, the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year, when self-accountability, humbleness, purity of thought, speech and action are emphasized. Ahmad could have gone into retreat/isolation for some deep soul searching and contemplation. Maybe he will arrive at the realization that being ‘angkuh’ is a sin and that he has to show remorse for his past misdeeds and finally focus on self-reformation. ONLY THEN can he be a better person and qualify to call himself a good muslim.

    An advice to Perak UMNO chief, Zainol Padzi Paharudin – if you can only speak through the wrong orifice, SHUT UP. “Gerakan has to understand the meaning of ‘power-sharing’ …….Oh ya? ….. how much power-sharing has UMNO given to the component parties during the last 5 years??
    “Let’s not be too sensitive”….. sure… If the shoe is on the other foot : supposing a Gerakan member were to tell UMNO, “Pendatang! Go back to Indonesia!!” won’t UMNO be like ‘Cacing kena abu’? There will be thousands of demonstrators screaming for his blood and calls to strip him of his citizenship and hundreds of police report for sedition made against him!!!

    It is people like Ahmad, Zainol, KJ and the umnoputras who have made more and more people reject BN

  60. matt says:

    gs don’t tell me now there are pr moles lol.

  61. giggle says:

    Ahmad could have gone into retreat/isolation for some deep soul searching and contemplation ~u/q

    That`s like in ancient times when houses of worship were inviolate and sanctuary was accorded to those who sought refuge there.
    Here there ought to be a police APB (all points bulletin) out on him esp with the PDC police report. He is evading despite having made appointments to give his statement.
    OTOH BN members are generally exempt from police action.

  62. gs says:

    Matt, God help PR if Ahmad is a pr mole!!! Yes, he is a coward and evading the police and the wrath of the people or too proud to admit his misdeeds. That is why he can never be a good muslim.

  63. Dave says:

    Why is he not arrested for not turning up at the police station??? F******* double standard.

  64. monsterball says:

    hi patek1472…Nick asked you to explain in simple English…what was Hamlet saying…in another site.
    No answer from you.
    Now …you are repeating same old message over and over again…in other blogs too.
    What are you trying to say or do?

  65. Mamak Sungai Puyu says:

    Take a closer look at Puncak Alam.
    Probably c4ed by you know who.
    That’s the reason why he apologised on Ahmad’s behalf.

  66. […] Oh, dear…isn’t it dangerous to be in politics these days? – by Kickdefella […]

  67. Siti says:

    “We want to know the truth as we believe his remark was taken out of context. It is best that we hear his side of the story,” said Musa.”

    These umno leaders are insulting the intelligence of the people, as if we are all the foolish lots, dictating us to think this and that. We want action to be taken against ahmad, period! If possible, send him back to where his ancestor came from, Sumatra!!! Otherwise let the “godfather” takes care of him.

  68. delcapo says:

    ahhh….. he finally sneaked in & gave his statement…



  69. kittykat46 says:

    Time honoured rule – It always pays to be a racial supremacist in UMNO.
    The anything to the contrary is just “wayang”

  70. kai says:

    A man without ‘bola’. Dare to make that kind of statement but no guts to face up to the music. No where to be seem, like an ostrich’s head buried in the sands. Just gutless and no balls too!

  71. LimDokSa says:

    By their own misdeeds…Ahmad and Nalla were caught in a tight situation and the heat is very tense..!! Cannot tahan, so they cabut and hide lah…..take cover!!!

  72. caravanserai says:

    Be a man
    Don’t hide away
    Dare to say
    The racist in the crowd

    Are you born yesterday?
    Don’t you know your history?
    This is the cheap pot leader
    The country doesn’t need

    Be a man
    Come out to face your music
    Sing your tune
    Why hide away?

    Police asked him
    Appointment made yet never came
    Police wait again
    He doesn’t want to show

    Be a man
    Admit you are a racist
    Don’t go hiding away
    This is Malaysia
    It isn’t about race!

    For we are Anak Bangsa Malaysia
    We are born and die on this land
    So be a man
    Come out take your dues
    Don’t hide away

  73. suchfun says:

    Come out lah, and repeat your comment, Ahmad Ismail, better give a Press conference (include foreign journalists), publish a book, etc, stress your new discovery from your research on these “squatter”, “pendatang”. You must be proud of your words !

  74. giggle says:

    “From Hero to Zero” nice title

  75. kittykat46 says:

    Nalla’s case is a bit different.
    I’m told he has a really credible death threat against him, made by the type of people who don’t make idle threats…

    If he’s not careful, you may find Nalla floating face down in the Klang River or something like that…not that we will miss him much, but I never support that kind of solution….kakakakak…

  76. ketuanan melayu says:

    Ahmad Ismail: I’ll not apologise
    Athi Veeranggan | Sep 4, 08 6:14pm
    The elusive Ahmad Ismail, the man at the centre of a ‘racial slur’ controversy, said today he would not apologise even after the deputy prime minister has already done so on his behalf.

    The Bukit Bendera Umno division chief expressed that he does not feel sorry and will not recant his alleged racist remarks against Chinese Malaysians during the recent by-election campaign in Permatang Pauh.
    ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’
    Ahmad slams media reports

  77. Anonymous says:

    That bast**d just made a press statement claiming that he will not apologize and claimed he had done nothing wrong.

  78. SITI says:

    I will never ask for maaf. What maaf, tiada maaf bagi mu. Out, go to hell. gth.
    I sokong,
    Hidup Melayu
    Hidup melayu
    Hidup Jakarta 1998.

  79. chaptokam says:

    Hope he goes and meet his good friend the godfather from Klang soon.

  80. ketuanan melayu says:

    A recent survey commissioned by a government agency showed that many Malaysians seemed dissatisfied in the manner the BN operates.

    More than 60 per cent of Chinese and Indians polled wanted the BN to become one single multiracial political party. Surprisingly, 71 per cent of Malays, Indians and Chinese polled said that BN race-based affirmative action policy is obsolete and must be replaced with a merit-based system.

    Taken individually, 63 per cent of Malays support this change in policy, 83 per cent Chinese and 85 per cent Indians and 63 per cent non-Muslim Bumiputeras.

    These findings make nonsense of some of the assumptions Umno politicians have relied on even after Election 2008.


  81. SITI says:

    I think we are heading forward in a broken ship.

    Someone might jump out of the boat and die.

    Someone might push some others out too.

    Someone may get killed as the result of it.

    So what do we want now?.

    Don’t know. I think we should talk a lot more about racial slurs to all other people here. NP>

  82. chaptokam says:

    Anonymous (18:10:52) : what do you expect from a f***king bast**d like him ! Hope he suffers the same fate like Zakaria .

  83. ketuanan melayu says:

    He knows he`s going to prison anyway on the PDC report on fraud. So now he got nothing to lose.
    He dont know the inmates will take care of him once he is in.

  84. Facial says:

    He said” he’ll not apologise” . How to apologise b’cos he is campuran.

  85. matt says:

    Dulu,kini dan selamanya racist SOB.

  86. ‘This land is your land, this land is my land’ (From song)
    So what is there really to give name to and brand
    When we all have our feet in water to share the same sand
    Why don’t we extend and help each other with our free hands

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 040908
    Thu. 4th Sept. 2008.

  87. Siti says:

    let some professional to take care of him, so that no repetition of such irresponsible racist statement occur in the future. wakekeke

  88. ah long says:

    Wah…..you all do some mental arithmatic and see. This fellow Bala take whole family for long long holiday is very expensive. Makes you wonder how much Najib paid him.

    This Najib and Baginda mut be pressing their balls every night in frustration. If, only if they can wind back the clock, I am sure they will be more than happy to pay Altantuya her half million dollars and be spared what they are going through now. Stupid bastards, serve them right.

    Between what they paid Bala and the lawyers and the judges and everyone elses it must be costing them a mint. But we don’t hear a ingle word of complain from them. So you can imagine the wealth that they have.

    I also want an extended holiday with my family and a healthy retirement fund. So tell me people, how do I make a SD saying I saw Najib sodomising Rosmah.

  89. Anonymous says:

    this ahmad is going to met Pak Lah and hide under his underpants for protection this weekend.

    He prefers those smelly balls than apologize; an apology the community doesn’t want.

    Whe he dies GOD will not make him a pendatang in HELL.

  90. javabean says:

    Is it just me or does this racist look like the Michelin Man with a botched hair transplant job???

  91. This Ahmad Ismail sure is one heck of an arrogant fella huh. Pak Lah and Najis pening now. Good! As UMNO’s credibility do a titanic, the chances of them falling out of federal government seats look brighter every day.

    Proof again that UMNO members from top to grassroots, can never learn the lesson of March 08. We need 916 to hammer it home guys.

  92. matt says:

    And peem says not our umno culture to do this ,still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  93. annoynimous says:

    okay. that’s fine. we have our pride. subject closed. his picture & quotes archived – would be of some use in the future. no more of his apologies. bye bye ahmad. bye bye mca. bye bye gerakan. bye bye forever BN.

  94. cinta Malaysia says:

    This Ahamad fella must be prosecuted and put to jail. PERIOD!

  95. chaptokam says:

    Whe he dies GOD will not make him a pendatang in HELL.
    Citizenship on arrival and immediate approval .
    First go to tongue stretching , follwed by cutting off his balls , eyes pierce out , heart dug out , body thrown into boiling oil , his dick chopped up and fed to the pigs .

  96. wandererAUS says:

    At least the white Australians never dispute, they are migrants too. Not like that squatter from Sumatra. Ahmad, we don’t need your apology, we want you to be caged.
    Arrogant coward!

  97. free says:

    Playing the racial card is REALLY dangerous. His apology… nah forget about it! Hope he learnt his lesson despite his stubbornness.

  98. Bola Hangus says:

    i think he has more bolas than the people here. He said it in public and maintain that he will not apologize. Most of the people here just moans and hide behind a keyboard….

    btw, kedah sultanate is the longest sultanate in this country and is not from sumatra, captongkang. And when did they dug up your grandpas grave mistakening it for hang tuahs?

  99. Orang Utan says:

    When some politicians uttered some racial remarks I am sure they have certain intention/agenda such as a) to get some attention & support from people with the same intention i.e racist.b) to divert attention. c) to purposely stir up racial sentiment /create some chaos (with d intention of diverting atttention to some serious problems d)to keep himself in power with d support of d racists bcos they have d same enemy. etc etc.

  100. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Truly coward and talk shit Si Ahmad….totally brainless brain like ass..

    More over the mastermind is even more shit!!!!

    This is bloody UMNO BN go to end and never come back, rakyat puke at your face as you create chaos among Malaysian and if the police not gonna take him nand charge him in ISA then we know what to do…right!!!

    Puke the BN Goverment!!!

  101. sivasoonasamba says:

    Beware. This Ahmad is not as stupid as all you people who are bashing him like nobody’s business think! He certainly has an agenda, and that is to stir up racial tension for his UMNO samsengs to start another May 13. I think Ahmad Ismail was certainly aware of what he was saying on the night of 25 Aug, last day in Permatang Pauh by-election campaign before voters go to the polls the next day. Ahmad was calling Chinese squatters and pendatangs who don’t deserve equality with Malays in presence of Najib. I am sure he had the tacit agreement of Pak Lah and Najib to say what he said. Ahmad did not care two hoots about the feelings of the Chinese MCA and Gerakan leaders and certainly he reflected the thinking of Najib and Pak Lah that UMNO was ruling out completely the 25% Chinese and also 5% Indian vote in order to secure an overwhelming majority of the Malay vote (70%) to win and on such basis, go racist all the way..JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED AFTER MAY 13.

    Now that Ahmad and UMNO’s agenda of winning Permatang on the strength of Malay votes has failed, Ahmad is still unrepentant and seems to spit right in the face of MCA and Gerakan leaders who demand his apology. I wonder what Gerakan and MCA will do now if Pak Lah and Najib still back Ahmad for fear of getting a big UMNO rebuff in the party elections in Dec if they do not. Most likely Koh Tsu Koon, Ong Tee Keat, Fong Chan Onn and others will either have to flush their faces down the toilet, resign, or if they have what little dignity or maruah left…withdraw from BN and let UMNO stew in its own racial juice!

    Watch out for more racial mischief from the likes of UMNO extremists like Ahmad Ismail who, with the full backing of his fellow UMNO extremists, are daring the non-Malays to bash him more so that he can use it as further excuse to stoke more racial tension like ripples in a pond till the stage where UMNO samsengs will go on the rampage like what they did on May 13, 1969. It is imperative that Anwar go all out to preempt this dangerous possibility which will rob him of his studious moves to take over the federal govt by 16 Sept. Anwar must kill the wounded UMNO tiger now in its last dying gasp, but do it in such a way to prevent the condemned animal from causing one big harm before its miserable demise!

  102. Casey says:

    Ahmad’s refusal to apologise is a slap on the faces of the PM and his deputy Najib. It shows that the President and his deputy have no control over his followers. Their advice has fallen on deaf ears. It is an omen bad for UMNO for as sure tommorrow is a new day, Ahmad will never see the light of another day after the next election as he will not be voted in. Hopefully, UMNO will continue to field him so that this type of man will see the people power and the might of good thinking Malaysian.

  103. Bola Hangus says:

    i dont think there will be a may 13th. The malays are a very tolerant race. Only when they belive that their religion and rights have been trangressed will they fight back. So far many of us have put our faith in PR to protect these rights so they will not be violated. Many have given up on corrupt umno but that doesnt mean we will give up our inalenable rights. If anwar chooses to abandon malay interest in favor to appease the other races, that will be his biggest mistake.

  104. colorsmalaysian says:

    No apology from ‘racist’ Ahmad

    “ I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Ahmad Ismail, the Umno division ………………………………………. ”

    We , anak-anak bangsa Malaysia never expect any apology from Ahmad Ismail bin Natang, who originated from Java, Indonesia.
    How can we expect an animal to say sorry ? !

    No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
    Author: Mary Wallstonecraft

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  105. ktteokt says:

    Racist Ahmad will go down in history as an abettor in bringing down UMNO and BN!

  106. day of no return says:

    UMNO is a party for racist, those who are not racist should start moving away from this party. I am a member of MCA, use to be active but now everything is on hold and if MCA is still supporting BN by 16th Sep I will resign as member and will join PKR or DAP.

  107. wits0 says:

    Ahmad Ismail’s way of showing balls is the way of hubris by fascists and bullies. Bola Hangus way of praising the showing of balls can best be accomplished by strapping on a suicide vest. Non disputum, that way! Hahaha!

  108. sloone says:

    kerisman, what you brought up is old news. Please do not bring this up again. I dont exactly approve of what simon wee had done to monsterball.

    kerisman, i am deleting your comments.

  109. Bola Hangus says:

    well witso, it’s much better than being an online pussy. Standing up for ones right these days have often been confused with racism. But having a separate but equal school, newspaper, language and refusing to assimilate is given the name malaysian malaysia.

    Time to take that double edge hypocrite dagger and shove it up your ass lor..

  110. Orang Utan says:

    My analysis is that Ahmad may be secretly helping Anwar.He knows that by not apologising he is putting pressure on MCA/Gerakan bcos their grassroot members will be instigated. Either MCA/gerakan pullout from BN or theie leaders will be finished. I think the top UMNo leaders r aware of this but openly they r not admitting.I think by now they must have sense that Ahamd might b up to something. logically if u want to win an election u MUST say/promise all the nice thing & Ahmad is doing just d opposite. So we can easily deduce that Ahamd must have someting behind his remarks.

  111. Orang Utan says:

    Logically during an election campaign u r trying yr best to win votes is’nt it?.However Ahmad remarks is very damaging so how to win votes in this way? It is like telling yr customers to f…. off.In fact the real loser is BN.Personally I am not perturb at all by these remarks bocs it wont change anything other than making d Chinese angry.

  112. Bola Hangus says:

    they way i see it. this a democracy, the people will ultimately decide. What is this childish nonsense of asking for apology etc etc. Even in the USA the KKK can hold a parade. If the people think his remarks are insignificant, it wont help him politically. Just like the time when witso’s granpa said he saw a trex in the toilet. I didnt pay any attention cos it was probably his mother..

  113. kerisman says:

    BTN’s racist and divisive indoctrination courses

    Malaysiakini has reported YB Lim’s expose on BTN and published the anguished parent’s letter in its entirety. Let’s see what the response from PM and DPM are. Or will there no response hoping the issue will blow away?

    Malaysiakini is a mainstream media in its own right. BTN has been exposed along with the complicity of MCA, MIC & Gerakan.

    Another nail in BN’s coffin.


  114. Anak Bangsa Malaysia says:

    Technically, I’m not an immigrant. I’m not an immigrant, Susan. I was born here. Day by day, I’ve lost my pride for the country. So, what if it’s multiracial? At home, it isn’t even like that. It’s like state-sanctioned churches in communist countries. Superficial.

  115. lost is bolehland says:

    Aiyo this racist Ahmad how to win vote for Arif in PP by-election.
    Arif say to the Chinese he is half Malay and half Chinese, when he can’t sleep he sing Chinese song. The next day Ahmad damage everything and all the Chinese run far far away from Arif. Poor Arif, if I were him I would left UMNO and join PKR so that he can sing Chinese song happily.

  116. kerisman says:

    No need to worry about ahmad but good to keep the issue alive of state sanctioned discrimination.
    As for ahmad he will be an immigrant in the prison where he will be taken care after the Penang Development Corporation lodged police and Anti-Corruption Agency reports against a now-defunct company, of which Umno Bukit Bendera division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail was a director, over its failure to return some RM500,000 to the state after a failed land deal.

  117. kerisman says:

    Even in the USA the KKK can hold a parade but in malaysia 250 black children were arrested for trying to present roses to the PM.

  118. Menyalak-er says:

    Orang Utan: “My analysis is that Ahmad maybe secretly helping Anwar.” (21:55)
    Are you saying this flur is an Anwar plant, a ‘terung’?
    This was what they said about the Kulim flur Zul Nordin – a ‘bayam’ izzn’t it?
    I’m not a vegetarian and i don’t buy any of this – ‘defective’ means defective.
    No more, no less.

  119. wits0 says:

    Bola Hangus, your understanding of what’s human rights is about as skewered as that of those who strap on suicide vest and solved problems that instantly. Your hero Ahmad Ismail has become rather pussified lately as he is getting rarefied and he’s a great jaguh kampong too.

    Why talk of rights when you have no actually feel and understanding of them? Such was the impassioned understanding of Hitler’s youth in his era. Somehow their “rights” became exceedingly oppressive and the world calamity of WW2 had to happen.

  120. wits0 says:

    Mad conspiracy theory category, Menyalak-er, that. 😀

  121. abx says:

    ahmad looks like chinese, is he really pure breed ? check check check

  122. chaptokam says:

    I don’t see any May 13 happening here as the conditions have changed . Its no more a Malay/ Chinese issue but rather a Malay/Malay issue . Period ! I hope no one brings up this issue cause its over and done with ! The malays today are not the same as the Malays of 1969 as both as lots to lose rather than the Chinese being the one affected .

  123. abx says:

    nola, ahmad stands by his decision. the next day, bn or umno will trash him like no tomorrow. umno and bn will gain back its popularity from the people by proving that they arent race based party, thus rejecting ahmad.. is all plotted, and the story line is so good. CUT! CUT! CUT! said the director of malaysian politics.

  124. livegoeson says:

    ahmad ismall actually doesn’t give a damn whether you are malay, chinese, indian or sakai etc.

    all he cares is about his political currency and ability to therefore pocket some vit M along the way.

  125. chaptokam says:

    kerisman (22:16:50) :

    No need to worry about ahmad but good to keep the issue alive of state sanctioned discrimination.
    As for ahmad he will be an immigrant in the prison where he will be taken care after the Penang Development Corporation lodged police and Anti-Corruption Agency reports against a now-defunct company, of which Umno Bukit Bendera division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail was a director, over its failure to return some RM500,000 to the state after a failed land deal.

    I believe there will be more cases coming up . Like I said he has big big problems and I don’t think he can pay either ! I also think he is NOT happy with UMNO refering to the case where they refused to appoint him as Ahli Majlis MPPP last year as according to the State gomen at that time , he was an undischarged bankrupt . Prompting him to openly challenged the ex CM and the State gomen . There is already bad blood between the two and it is perceived that UMNO did not lift a finger to help him . The courts this time will not be playing to his tune !

  126. kerisman says:

    No may 13 and no inestigation into Taman Medan.

    The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad should give the topmost priority to stamp out the worst ethnic clashes in Malaysia in 32 years, stop its spread to other areas and establish a commission of inquiry to identify the causes and map out the solutions to prevent any recurrence.

    For the last two days, Malaysians have been told by one top leader after another, including the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, not to listen to rumours, that the incidents were isolated ones and that the situation was under control, but the in the last 24 hours, the official death count has increased from one to three, the number of arrests have ballooned from 15 to 70, the injured have increased greatly from 18 to an unascertained figure, with numerous incidents reported not only in the several ghetto settlements off Old Klang Road in Petaling Jaya, most notably Kampung Lindungan, Kampung Medan, Kampung Ghandi, Taman Desa Ria and Kampung Datuk Harun, but also outside this area.The press today again carried front-age reports of the assurance of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Datuk Mohamad Jamil Johari, like the Sunday Star’s “Under control – Police arrest 70 and beef up security after clashes”. If the trebling of deaths, quadrupling of arrests, and sharp increases in the number of injured and incidents can still be termed “Under Control”, what is the meaning when the situation is ” Not Under Control” – would it mean tens and hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests?


  127. chaptokam says:

    Mad conspiracy theory category, ??
    Looks like there are lots of scientists , consultants , metallurgists and professors who fits into this category when they openly challenged the US Governments view that 911 was not an inside job . They have claimed that the Bush’s government was responsible to enable it to invade Iraq under the pretext of terrorism . They have even disputed the findings of the commission set up to investigate 911 with their own proofs and evidence .
    I rest my opinion and that of Orang Utan . Where we have people who refuse to believe even though the truth is out there !

  128. sosong says:

    Ya, Good, Ahmad Ismail, You stands by your words, go on, repeat it, put it in the international media.
    Ensure, you dont use any thing from the Chinese (include Chinese, from China, Taiwan, Spore, HK, Macau), You dont trust them, dont use any money, tax, donation from them, ensure Penang 2nd bridge, not built by Chinese, dont use their loan, dont use any handphone, TV, computer, clothing, etc, etc made by Chinese, or eggs, chicken, vegetable, cooking oil etc, produced or processed by Chinese, OK?
    Also, all yr RM100 or RM50, not touched by the dirty hands of the Chinese.

  129. kerisman says:

    The preaching of hatred in UMNO is not the monopoly of village bumpkins in some far flung kampong who could be at least forgiven for their inability to grasp the social graces of living in a multi racial community and respecting the rights of others. What is alarming is that it prevails across UMNO right down from the supreme council to its ordinary members. In fact, one can even say that it has come to the dangerous situation where it is acceptable for significant number of people in Malaysia, irrespective of political affiliation to hurl racist remarks and treat others as second class citizens. The case of the school teacher abusing her Indian students is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg as there are countless cases that just go unreported as the victims are so powerless to act and seem destined to accept the reality that getting abused is part and parcel of the imagined social contract.

    I have no doubt that the founding fathers of UMNO had any intentions of creating a party that would be so blatantly contemptuous of other communities in Malaysia. Neither is it the nature of Malays to be intolerant and abusive of others. Rather it is the current leaders of UMNO who through selfishness and dereliction of duty have enabled the spread of racism which is growing roots and tentacles in Malaysia rapidly.

  130. sosong says:

    Oh, Yes, Ahmad Ismail, You must ensure, Our Great BN gomen ,dont sell any of our “superior” product likes, palm oil, rubber, tin, etc to that untrustworthy, “pendatang” country , Cina

  131. Menyalak-er says:

    “I don’t see any May13 happening here as conditions have changed.” chaptokam (23:01)
    Well chaps, this is September ’08, and yes – conditions have changed, but not for the better, in fact it’s worse. Race relations are at its lowest ebb due to political expediency with the ‘unmentionables’ helping to divide and rule, blah, blah…
    I guess it is quite difficult for you to see that we are indeed in perilous times and that we’ve got to to keep together during this paradigm shift? Anyway, i don’t want to talk about this racial thing otherwise we will lose our Malaysian Malaysia dream. I hope its not a dream, besides we are not all visionaries like you…

  132. Pegasus says:

    The whole drama seems likely to be staged in order to stir racial provocations. Umno knows well in advance that they will lose the PP by-election, Ahmad speech could well be written or discussed much earlier with Najib or Bodowi to create unrest later, and bring in the security forces against the so called violent people later to maintain order and in the process control the marching of DSAI,..well just a hunch..Anything can happen in Bolehland,anyway, coming to this S-hole,this Ramadhan month would have been just right to ask for forgiveness for what he had said but just like all the other Umno S-holes leaders he has been over-fed with arrogance and blinded by greed and power. They will NEVER learn, Umno 2008 is not the Umno 1957, over the years they have diverted way off the line and surely heading for doom.
    As the big brother ,Umno should have played a bigger role in not only safe guarding their own race but others too as their leaders are the country’s PM and DPM and they are to represent all the other races in this country, sadly ,this is eroding fast and lately both the leaders and the rest of the Umno leaders are not only sickening but shows total lack of respect for the other races in various issues. We don’t need such people to spearhead this nation as their behaviour are becoming despicable to speak. Time is running out fast for BN,when PR takes over,this Umno/BN leaders have to go,the time is fast approaching, let PR form the government and watch how it will fare. Hopefully they will live up to the Rakyat’s expectations!!!.

  133. chaptokam says:

    Bola Hangus (20:22:10) :
    btw, kedah sultanate is the longest sultanate in this country and is not from sumatra, captongkang. And when did they dug up your grandpas grave mistakening it for hang tuahs?

    Why don’t you read what I wrote again ? O is it you are short sighted ? btw when did I mention about the kedah sultanate ? as to the other go and do your own research , I couldn’t be bothered with illiterate people like you . FYI what i wrote here can be back up and obtained at the respective sites .

  134. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi chaptokam,

    Your pointing towards our Malayan history clearly reaffirms that apart from the orang asli, we’re all descendants of immigrants! Parameswara’s origin is from Palembang and at that time under the influence of hinduism. The historical relics in Kedah and in Melaka serve to prove that we’re all immigrants! As our birthrights, all of us are Malaysians!

    So, this Ahmad Ismail fellow is also a descendant of immigrants. Some of you claim that he may be a PKR mole in BN. I doubt this as he has been enjoying lots and lots of privileges as an UMNOputra. If he intends to abandon ship and join PKR, I am certain PKR would not accept him. By accepting him, PKR would only stand to lose its credibility!!

  135. wira says:

    One cannot uphold a ketuanan Melayu policy without saying others have less or no rights.
    I wonder why anyone in UMNO needs to apologise for the declared stand of the party.
    It is just like expecting the Ku Klux Klan to apologise for apartheid.

  136. monsterball says:

    BROVO…..tan, tanjong bungah.

  137. monsterball says:

    Some pro UMNO guys like to point out the history of our country..up to the point..where it proves other races are all immigrants. …except the Malays.
    Talk till the cows come home.
    Who are the….when it is written so clear….all are Malaysians.
    51 years is enough of the race and religion dirty politics.
    Certain outsiders love to see our country disunited for reasons…they know best.
    So is UMNO and BN…disuniting Malaysians…to keep their evil dreams alive.
    We need more like “tan, tanjong bungah” writers.
    As for me….I am counting the days….to 16th Sept…to see my dream comes true.

  138. Jimmy Page says:

    Hi, Giggle..
    Just responding to your “chronology of dates” post/comment. Sounds to good to be true. Badawi to resign on Sept 10th? Too soon. The earliest we can hope for is when he is challenged for top spot in the UMNO general assembly later this year and loses. He could very well lose to Razaleigh, or Hishamuddin, I don’t think Najib will survive either.
    But Badawi, being a rather clumsy operator, will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. He does not have the intelligence or wherewithal to resign. And he won’t resign before elections because that would mean handing the Party ot Najib, albeit temporarily. As for the other dates in your post, when I see Gerakan leave then I will believe it, again, they are not too bright and will know that they will be looked upon as the second class chinese party after DAP, and their pride will not allow them to do that.

    I think there is a long way to go. And for all of this to be pulled off within a week seems just like what it is, another SMS sent out by someone with too much time on his hands.

  139. reaction says:

    This world was a perfect world until God put a man and a woman into this world. Now with all kinds of people in this world, this world is now no more perfect but with all sorts of problems created by men.

    This has to do with the culture of each race. What is the culture of this creature called Ahmad Ismail?

    And why we have this Ketuanan Melayu culture in Bolehland? And why the fear of the Melayu race being disappearred from the face of the earth?

    Well! If you look at the history of Melayu, the Melayu culture is still developing, and is akin to the culture of an third world African country!

    Why the Melayu race will permit this outrageous racial slur to continue without condemning this racist, corrupt and parasitic apparatchik? Is this the culture of the Malayu race to disparage another fellow race?

    Why the Melayu race is forever in constant gostan mode? Well! This has to do with the Melayu culture!

    And the damn all of culture for the Melayu race is :’Kais pagi makan pagi, kais malam makan malam’. Hence we have the Melayu race on the ‘tidak apa mode’ as the culture! Can a nation excels if her denizens are the tidak apa type?

    This Ahmad Ismail just demonstrated the lackadaisical attitude of the Melayu race!

  140. reaction says:

    Why Bolehland is in such a sorry state?

    Well! It’s because of the culture and the lackadaisical attitude of the Melayu race. What is the ramification of Ahmad in blurting such racial slur which is detrimental to the peace, harmony and prosperity of all the people in Bolehlland?

    Nothing! Ahmad Ismail will be hailed as the hero, the champion of the Melayu race. Yes, that is the culture and lackadaisical attitude of the Melayu race.

    The Melayu culture doesn’t teach them how to respect other races, even among themselves! That is why we have this Ketuanan Melayu, Glocal, corruptions, divide and rule system, religious issues, power grasping, sodomy, c4, GLC, Putrajaya, KLIA and etc… in common practice in Bolehland.

    They are endless problems in Bolehland and all these Melayu politicians aka Ahmad Ismail doesn’t help in ameliorate the milieu but further exacerbate it!

    If AAB doesn’t sack this racist guy and acquiesce this racial slur, this implies that AAB is of the same genre with the same culture and lackadaisical attitude.

    This also implies the this AAB just doesn’t fit to helm Bolehland…… unless Bolehland wants to be in the same category of those war stricken nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Herzegovina etc…. and Bolehland is heading in that direction, into the abyss….

    The Melayu race is just not fit to lead a nation to grater height like the four dragons, period! It’s the Melayu culture that the Melayu must be developing, or step aside and let other race or worse still, other race outside Bolehland to rule Bolehland!

    The Chinese has 6 thousands of Culture! according the Chinese culture, all people within the four seas are brothers and sisters, therefore with this axiom, the Chinese always treat the Melayu race like brothers and sisters….. that’s why the Chinese race are never trouble makers but are always victims of trouble makers like Ahmad Ismail for his parochial personal interests!

    This Ahmad Ismail is detrimental to the unity of Bolehland and therefore must be removed from the domain of politics.

    If he is still around, then he must be condemned and sent for catharsis until he repented, else, there is no hope in Bolehland with this kind of racist apparatchik doing harm to the peace and harmony of Bolehland.

  141. reaction says:

    The Chinese are the overall Champions of the just concluded 2008 Beijing Olympic! Will the Chinese feel proud and rest on its laurels and be complacent with their success? Have the Melayu race attended the Olympic game embracing the Olympic Spirit?

    Sigh! If the Melayu race has witnessed the One World one Dream in Beijing Olympics, this Ahamd Ismail will never utter such racist slur.

    The Chinese are tolerant, patient and kind type of people! If the Chinese are like those Barbarians, the Melayu race would be kicked out of Bolehland long ago!

    But no, the Bolehland Chinese just want to live peacefully and harmoniously with the other races, working diligently and contributing to the well beings of the nation!

    But alas! The Melayu race because of lack of culture and hence the lackadaisical attitude, wants to manipulate the people of Bolehland for their selfish interests at the expense of the Rakyat!

    Can China be the overall Champions of the 2008 Beijing Olympics if the Chinese were like the Melayu race with lackadaisical attitude?

    What did Bolehland get in the Beijing Olympics? Yes! Just a silver medal despite Bolehland is labeled as the Kingdom of Badminton!

    The Chinese in China will climb to a higher level, working harder to attain greater success. But alas, we have a stupid racist like Ahmad Ismail playing the racial politics dividing the people of Bolehland!

    Do you think Bolehland can get a gold medal in the 1012 Olympics? Gold in a kampong in Bolehland Yes, but not in the 2012 London Olympics.

    Hence for Bolehland to succeed nationally and internationally, this Melayu Culture must be changed from a convergent scope to a divergent scope, otherwise Bolehland will have this kind of demeaning apparatchik creating troubles and chaos among the races in Bolehland.

    The Melayu race must condemn this demeaning apparatchik if the Melayu race wants to breakthrough the narrow boundary they encompass and soar to greater height…. who knows, a Melayu might get a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics if they don’t play racial politics but unity politics…..

  142. bamboo river says:

    Look, this Ahmad chap is doing himself a great disservice to the multi racial society in Penang. He is doing this to gain support from bumno for the coming party election in December.
    Bumno Penang already lost in the GE 12. Fingers must be pointing at him for failing to garner majority support. To show his so called ‘loyalty’ to the bumno leaders (especially DPM ) he took the opportunity to show he is still fighting for bumno.What perfect timing than to say it in front of the DPM? Or he is collaberating with DPM to tarnish the PM ?
    Remember how the SIL raised the keris and all of a sudden he was ‘accepted’ as a true blood bumno?

    He action may benefit him in December but I doubt it will last by October if and when DSAI with PR takes over the leadership .
    The funny part is, the incident took place in PM’s home ground. Mutiny in the island perhaps?

  143. tangkup says:

    To Reaction, I like your “convergent” and “divergent” concepts which I find interesting.

    The “convergent” formula reminds me of my younger days when I was in a High School. Do you all remember the common phrase “Pulang Kampong?”. I was a High School student (the school is in a bigger town and one of the best school in the State) and supposedly looking for more knowledge. Every school holiday I “Pulang Kampong”. What do I find in the kampong?…the same old sleepy village with the same old menfolks smoking “kirai” and the same old womenfolks ‘chewing beetlenuts!!’ and the youths either hunting birds or are kidding around each day wasting their useful days aimlessly.. These folks working in their padi fileds, small farm lots, feasting as usual and so on… (I am not belittling these folks but sadly this is still true until now). Did I get extra knowledge & education from these folks? Sadly the answer is NO!! I was like “a katak balik masuk tempurong” la. I may have been a “star?” in my kampong but a sadly a star among kataks. This is the effects of the “convergent”.

    Let us look at the “divergent” concept. My friends who did not “pulang kampong” but instead made used of their holidays broadening their minds by climbing mountains, going to Scout Jamborees, going to holiday seminars and visiting places of interests. Wow when we returned to school from holidays, my friends, who during their holidays, had widened their knowledge and views had interesting stories to tell while I who “Balik Kampong” had to tell the same old stale stories about of my folks ,who were growing old each day and not knowing anything about the rest of the world.

    Our cultures like “Balik Kampong” create us “narrow mindedness’, which I believe is recflected in the actions by this so called Datuk Amad Ismail. I believe when he “balik kampong” he is a Super Star in his kampong but when he is in the world of the “divergent minded people” he becomes lost and the only thing he knows is to describe the ‘HARD WORKING CHINESE as PENDATANG” and it is sad la.

    The leaders of our beloved nation ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ must incalculate, in our youths the concept of Divergent and not indoctrinate the youts wit “Pulang Kampong” attitude. I am not saying “pulang kampong” is bad but Leaders of our Nation, please do not put it as a priority in our daily lives. There seems to be this habit of “pulang kampong” among our bumiputras in this lovely Nation of ours, every time there is a holiday, a feastive gathering, a birthday, a wedding anniversaries etc etc etc.

    Malaysians lets have and adopt the “Divergent” attitude for the sake of our beloved nation, in this time of Globalisation. Its very competitive. If we can win a gold medal in our country by creating an understanding multiracial society is good enough. No need to win any Olympiv gold medal or any medal at all. Let us all start becoming stars in our multiracial society.

    I sincerely believe that the Malaysian Economic Agenda promulgated by DSAI will make us all champions of our beloved Malaysia.

    “Happy Birthday Malaysia on 16 September”

  144. Kherry Scarry says:

    Baling batu sembunyi tangan
    Minta maaf Ahmad Mamak kata dia enggan
    Pasal Ahmad pun bukan anak jati watan
    Sekarang nie Dollah tertekan

    Baling batu pakai lastik
    Lagi naik kadar elektrik
    Kata paper yang tulis bombastik
    Pasal umno tak boleh dikritik

    Itu Cina Ahmad Mamak sudai kasi bantai
    Takut pasal nanti umno tibai
    Macam biasa MCA cakap selesai
    Betul ini MCA macam kaldai
    Ini MCA banyak sor hai
    Sikit hari MCA boleh bai bai

  145. giggle says:

    What is the culture of this creature called Ahmad Ismail? – u/q

    Agriculture and Pissiculture (AP)

  146. giggle says:

    Khairy`s keris mentality HQ in his ulamak FIL`s “house of racism” (HOR)-

  147. giggle says:

    PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional MPs have been asked to submit their passports for an overseas study trip ahead of Sept 16, the date that is being bandied about for supposed defections to take place.

    Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the trip was the brainchild of the club but rejected suggestions that it was organised because of the Sept 16 claim.

  148. giggle says:

    Barisan Nasional MPs have been asked to submit their passports for an overseas study trip ahead of Sept 16, the date that is being bandied about for supposed defections to take place.

    Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the trip was the brainchild of the club but rejected suggestions that it was organised because of the Sept 16 claim.

  149. chaptokam says:

    tan, tanjong bungah (01:00:59) :

    The historical relics in Kedah and in Melaka serve to prove that we’re all immigrants! As our birthrights, all of us are Malaysians!


    Here’s another one for you reading :

    Kota Gelanggi is a potential archaeological site believed to be the first capital of the ancient Hindu Buddhist Empire of Srivijaya ca. 650-900
    The Naksat cities are a chain of twelve inter-linked cities or muangs of the ancient Malay empire of Langkasuka. The cities acted as an outer shield, surrounding the capital Nakorn Si Thammarat .
    Eleven of the twelve cities have been identified and are all located on the Thai/Malaysian Peninsula. The site of this ancient city is reportedly located in the dense jungles of the southern Malaysian state of Johor . Specific reference to Kota Gelanggi is made in the Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals, an early 17th century Malay historical text. In it, Kota Gelanggi is said to be found on the upper reaches of the Johor River. The main fort of Kota Gelanggi was reportedly made of black stone (or Kota Batu Hitam in Malay). Its name ‘Kota Gelanggi’ was apparently derived from the Malay mispronunciation of the Thai word ‘Ghlong-Keow’ or ‘Box of Emeralds’. The eleven cities with their associated animal “years” are Narathiwat (Rat), Pattani (Ox), Kelantan (Tiger), Kedah (Big Snake), Patalung (Little Snake), Trang (Horse), Chumporn (Goat), Krabi (Monkey), Kanchanadit (Chicken), Phuket or Takuapa (Dog) and Kraburi (Pig). The missing city, Muang Pahang, is associated with the Year of the Rabbit. It has also been speculated that Kota Gelanggi is the twelfth city.

    Reference to the cities appear in the chronicles of Nakorn Si Thammarat and the chronicles of the Phra Dhatu Nakorn.

  150. ktteokt says:

    reaction, and don’t forget the one and only silver brought back from the Beijing Olympics was done by none other than a “pendatang”!

  151. chaptokam says:


    For more than a thousand years, Indian Hindu/Buddhist influence was therefore the major factor that brought a certain level of cultural unity to the various countries of the region. The Pali and Sanskrit languages and the Indian script, together with Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, Brahmanism and Hinduism, were transmitted from direct contact as well as through sacred texts and Indian literature, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epics.

    From the 5th to the 13th century, South-East Asia had very powerful Indian colonial empires and became extremely active in Buddhist architectural and artistic creation. The Sri Vijaya Empire (5th to the 15thcentury)to the south and the Khmer Empire to the north competed for influence.

    Langkasuka (-langkha Sanskrit for “resplendent land” -sukkha of “bliss”) was a ancient Hindu kingdom located in the Malay Peninsula. The kingdom, along with Old Kedah settlement, are probably the earliest territorial footholds founded on the Malay Peninsula. According to tradition, the founding of the kingdom happened in the 2nd century; Malay legends claim that Langkasuka was founded at Kedah, and later moved to Pattani.

  152. giggle says:

    Today, when a Malay speaks a sentence of ten words, at least three or
    four of them will be Sanskrit words, three Arabic and the remaining
    either of English, Chinese, Persian or of some other origin. One expert
    has even suggested that there are only four words in the Malay
    vocabulary which are genuinely Malay. The are “api” or fire, “besi” or
    iron. “padi” or rice, and “nasi” or cooked rice. This is rather a
    sweeping claim, but no one will deny that AT LEAST a third of Malay
    vocabulary has originated from Indian tongues.

    Words such as putera, puteri, asmara, samudra, belantra, kenchana,
    sukma, and literally thousands of other words are all Sanscrit words,
    either in original or in modified form.

  153. giggle says:

    I hope events of recent weeks – if not recent years – make two things very clear with respect to the Asian values propaganda. There is nothing about our Asian values that would make our so-called ‘leaders’ inherently capable, competent, or even legitimate to lead. That propaganda worked brilliantly for some time to give various dictators the camouflage to concentrate and abuse power. Second, there is nothing about our Asian values that predisposes us to accept the kind of failure, abuse and arrogance of a morally, ethically and, arguably, legally bankrupt regime. On the contrary, if there is anything to be said about Asian values, it is that arrogance and abuse of power is loathsome, abhorrent, and vile; not worthy of respect.

  154. kai says:

    Oh dear! Please check out Malaysian Insider reports today. BN backbenchers are all asked to take an all expenses paid overseas retreat to Australia, and this is compulsory. Yes, all expenses paid, with your tax money, free holidays, with families I suppose, especially those have families!

    Of course this is related to 916 topic!

    Perhaps I can run a quick meeting when they are here for a quickie count on those who want to hop, jump or cross over on 916.

    Like the reports said, what a stupid idea. Perhaps BN should also tell those backbenchers not to take their mobile phones with too, just in case they too get calls to discuss the 916.

    How stupid they can be. Isn’t recent instruction from the PM that no one is to allow to have holidays outside SEA? Now they are asked to come to Australia?

    Just ISA all the BN backbenchers for 2 weeks and you would save tons of money with no personal contact whatsoever without the PM’s approval. Isn’t that is a better choice? Gee, you don’t need an Oxford graduate to figure that out, do you?


  155. Kherry Scarry says:

    Too many coincidences….thought Rakyat stupid or what ??

    Submit passport, so umno can check on those that have met up for meeting before the historical Sep 16. First signing of pledge, then now submit passport for trip, what an insult to the BN reps to Parliament !!!!

    Don’t trust your own people huh ?

    Back to Ahmad the racist, if MCA n Gerakan keeping quiet, we are not surprise. MIC watch your back….or if there’s still Mic – key …….

  156. giggle says:

    MIC watch your back….u/q

    semi value doing that…………after he swears in maha mariamman temple:

    Samy Vellu used MIC’s name to buy a RM52 million piece of state land for only RM3.8 million. And to ensure that MIC would not cheat him of his ‘Indian rights’, he registered his name on the title as a beneficiary.

  157. free says:

    Guys, just take a gulp and swallow the those harsh words. We are cool. No need to get angry and no need to ask for any apology. Let them be happy if they want it that way.

  158. LeeKH says:

    Barisan Nasional MPs have been asked to submit their passports for an overseas study trip ahead of Sept 16, the date that is being bandied about for supposed defections to take place.

    “A_sebenchers Club” chairman Batok Seri TKS(Technical Knockout Shit) said the trip was the brainchild of the club but rejected suggestions that it was organised because of the Sept 16 claim. What a crap this bum is talking. “Brainchild”, rubbish, this type of bum where got brain la?? Oh.. yes, his brains is under his a_se.
    The way this bum acted, proved that the whole bunch of MCA bums are really shitting in their pants. Their days are numbered.
    See how our racist idiot said today in the MSM. “Why should I apologise”. I bet u bums DO NOT have the guts to challenge this idiot??
    One more thing, why go on a study trip la. You bums are goners as far as the rakyat is concern. Dont waste our rakyat money.
    Maybe they know this is the last apportunity to go for the holiday expense paid trip before they became irrelevant to the chinese.

  159. Amin says:

    I don’t see why so many people hopping mad about his remark and why they are demanding his apology which he refused. Like rapists and thieves, they may apologise and swear they would never do it again but can your trust them. You can force them to say what you like to hear but the vicious minds would not change. So folks, forget about it. There are many more in the racist party think like him, and would likewise talk like him from time to time.

  160. Jesie says:

    This is my 1st post on politics soap opera. It would have been extremely amusing if I not a Malaysian. After 37 years of silence and cocooned in my own house and work, I came out to vote on 8 Mar. After 8 Mar, I am convinced that my vote counts.
    Has Anwar learnt his lesson and polished his political career? Yes.
    Can he bring about a better Malaysia? I hope so.
    After 8 Mar, I have seen BN fell on it’s face many times. This is what happened when one is too complacent. See how a spoilt child trying to survive in the real world? Fell flat on the face and lost 2 front teeth.
    Much of Anwar’s work have been done by BN. I am imagining him folding his arms while looking at how BN topples itself.
    Najib apologized knowing this is the only chance to salvage more support. Ahamd defended himself publicly. Najib no face.
    Badawi said cannot reached Ahmad. Tzek tzek tezk…..Ahamd tak nak hiraukan dia! What does this tell you about Badawi’s? By him saying that he cannot reach Ahmad renders me speechless.
    Many times when BN made a stupid stunt, I sincerely believe that I can be a much better person to take care of the people’s interest. Too bad, dirty tricks and corruption is not my cup of tea. So, back to the cooking and cleaning.

    By the way, I like your blog, Susan. Gutsy.
    By the way, I also don’t need an apology from this er…er…er… oklah…person.

  161. wits0 says:

    Hopping mad? Not necessary so. Actually some may be silently delighting in the complete demolishing of the false supremacist premises involved after the initial irritation. Goes to show how faked and insupportable is their hallowed racist/fascism involved. How inept and arrogant their root assumption. I think we’re mostly the cool sorts here.

  162. sjchange says:

    He is correct. He did nothing wrong!

    BUMNO has cultivated them to be racist. He has been taught and ordered to be racist since they are young.

    Malaysian Cabaret/Coward Association should agree with him too because they say this before “Chinese, do not break the BIG EFFORT we have built for so hard and so long which has maintained the harmonious between Chinese and Malays.”

    Malaysian Cabaret/Coward Association, they are just like the old ancient timer, trade their own daughter or any possession even respect, dignity and pride for their personal survival.

    I wish them happy and good luck!

  163. mist clearing says:

    najis is an obvious racist.no amount of apology can cleanse his soul.it’s obvious from his track record
    1] youth chief claiming a need to embellish his keris with chinese blood
    2]his ‘machai’ rustam from malacca admitting he has the consent from najis to kick the indian sorry ass from PPP back to india if they demanded for extra seats during the general election

    he is only acting kind now to hang on to his sorry life.he may lose his citizenship if DSAI comes into power.

    somehow he is not a racist with regard to whom he sleeps with

  164. Solo Miss says:

    The Bn goons can go to hell for all we care! BN/UMNO are irrelevant & obsolete. One should now fortify PKR & PR. What is their vision, mission and immediate steps towards a democratic Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Zipped……nothing more nothing less.

  165. NewsObserver says:

    ahmad ismail, a breed from the Taliban in racist malay blood who join UMNO (Undemocratic Malay Nazi Organisation) to show his superamacy in Malaysia when Taliban have fallen to pieces. Now, the whole BN with the current drift will fall like cards with this bloody racist outspoken statement on behalf of umno. New Malaysia sees the new dawn coming soon.

  166. Jimmy Page says:

    Giggle, apropos “words” you forgot one–“Amok” . In fact it is the only malay word to have made its way into the English language. Hey, wanna go to a casino? Some Malays will finally get to enter one soon, I hear..maybe Badawi will fall asleep playing blackjack.
    Too taxing for his puny mind, I’m afraid.

  167. Davidka says:

    Badawi will fall asleep playing blackjack ~said jimmy page

    Sure one, Pakatan blackjack put badawi to sleep when Agung meet anwar. Sure he get whacked one

    A truncheon or baton (also called a cosh, billystick, billy club, nightstick, sap, or blackjack) is essentially a stick of less than arms-length, usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and carried by law enforcement, corrections, security, and (to a less common degree) military personnel for less-lethal self-defense, as well as control and to disperse combative and non-compliant subjects. A truncheon may be used to strike, jab, block, and aid in the application of armlocks. Truncheons are used to a lesser extent by non-officials because of their easy concealment, and are outlawed in many jurisdictions.

  168. chaptokam says:

    Here an open letter to DAP by Mr Benjamin Loi

    An Open Letter to all DAP Leaders and Members:

    9 August 2008 17:20
    The majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!
    Without doubt, DAP has struggled and fought fearlessly and tirelessly over the past 4 decades aspiring to build a democratic and progressive Malaysia regardless of race and religion. However, I can only conclude that over the past 4 decades, DAP has completely failed to fight against the UMNO hegemony in the country.
    DAP had never prepared itself to be the alternative of BN until 08 March 2008. And we have to acknowledge that DAP had been dragged and manipulated by UMNO to become or at least seen to become a Chinese-Chauvinist political party. The fact is that without PAS or Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will NEVER be able to engage the Malay electorate. The leadership of DAP has long been luxuriating in being recognized as the “Chinese Hero” or “Non-Muslims’ Rights Defender”.
    Since DAP’s inception in 1966, the Party has failed to recognize the basic and simple fact that it is the Malays who decide the sort of leaders they want and they have voted UMNO in for 12 consecutive General Elections.
    UMNO had always been perceived as the sole defender of Malay supremacy with their special rights and privileges, even if it is at the expense of other ethnic groups. It doesn’t require complex political analysis to understand that the MAJORITY of Malays had always been staunch supporters of UMNO. If they refuse to change their voting preference, the status quo is going to remain. The more we challenge it, the stronger UMNO will be. Thus, for DAP to directly clash with UMNO will further enhance its image as a Chinese-based party and provide UMNO with an opportunity to have more Malay sympathizers.
    An example is, if they increase the number of scholarships for non-bumis, UMNO can easily tell the Kampong Malays that they have succumbed to the pressure of MCA, Gerakan and MIC. The Malays will immediately give their strong endorsement to UMNO to defend their rights. DAP, as one of the strongest opposition parties in Malaysia, is still failing to comprehend the racial game played by UMNO.
    Instead of directly engaging the Malay electorate, DAP chooses to play the ZERO SUM GAME with MCA and Gerakan. These 3 Chinese-based political parties lack the basic political wisdom to survive independently in our multi-racial country where Malays/Muslims are the majority. At least we know UMNO can easily survive by means of communalism and form the government with smaller political parties.
    No matter how hard DAP argues or debates with MCA or Gerakan, it won’t change the fixed mindset or mentality of the Malay electorate. Neither will MCA or Gerakan be forced to change the mindset of the Malays by DAP!
    Remember the iron fact that the majority of the Malays support UMNO; and UMNO has plundered and mismanaged the wealth of this country with impunity. Therefore, to change the fate of our nation is to change the mentality of the Malays. This is the ONLY solution!
    As our most respected Regent of Perak, Dr. Nazrin Shah put it, “The Malay mindset is a crucial factor in our nation’s stability”. Dr. Nazrin further elaborated that, “racial prejudice can be erased if the Malay mindset is stable and comfortable towards forging harmony. It is a pre-condition to our nation’s stability”.
    May I ask Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, or even the writer Liew Chin Tong, how much has DAP done over the past 40 years to change the mindset of the Malays? How much has DAP done to win the trust of the Malays? How many times has DAP challenged UMNO in open debate on the academic performance of Malay students?
    Instead of getting closer and winning the hearts and trust of the Malay electorate, DAP has chosen to fight with MCA and Gerakan to play the role of Chinese Hero.
    Worse still, after struggling for more than 40 years in Malaysia’s political history, DAP still doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what “political courtship” is all about. Even the MOST STUPID salesman knows how to be courteous to customers and win their trust.
    DAP chooses to shun Malay electorate and frighten them by:
    a) Refusing to wear songkok,
    b) Raising the issue of Social Contract,
    c) Immediate abolition of positive discrimination policies
    It’s made me wonder whether DAP is paid by UMNO to strengthen their grass root supporters! If I were a DAP leader, I would ostentatiously wear the Songkok to pro-actively court and seek Malay support for DAP. I would put aside the issue of the Social Contract and would clearly and carefully pinpoint the weaknesses of the NEP to the Malay masses before revising it.
    If the Umnoputras liken the fate of the Malays in Penang to the Malays in Singapore, how is YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng going to answer this question or “accusation”? What YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng will do is to imitate his predecessor Dr. Koh by keeping his mouth shut and be speechless. Silence means consent!
    DAP should pro-actively and sincerely urge the Malay masses to look beyond the tiny island of Singapore and focus on the plight of Malays in Batam, Bintang, Karimun and even the slum areas in Jakarta. Ask them to compare whether Singapore Malays are better off or Batam Malays are better off.
    I can help organize special tours for all the Malays/bumiputras in Malaysia to visit all the Indonesian islands surrounding Singapore to see for themselves how the Malays there are living in abject poverty and sordid conditions. Many young girls in Batam, Bintang and Karimun have to prostitute themselves to feed their family. They are also deprived of the opportunity to receive basic education and training. And we know many of them have to leave their families to become maids in Singapore and Malaysia.
    We should challenge UMNO – NOT to protect the Malays in Singapore, but the Malays in Batam, Bintang and Karimun! We are not defending Singapore, but we have to speak the truth to the Malay masses. Enlighten them and so they won’t be blinded and misguided by UMNO. Shame on our Education Minister who expressed the need to travel to the UK to save “our” so-called prodigy Sufiah. He should go to Batam Island to join the UN’s efforts to curb child prostitution!
    For DAP’s information, Singapore Malays have progressed very well. Over the last 15 years, they have improved significantly in their academic performance. Singapore Malays have the highest percentage of home ownership as compared to the Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia! DAP does not have to defend PAP, but I would encourage YAB Mr. Lim to invite Dr. Mahathir for a telecast debate on the plight of Malays in Singapore.
    Dr. Mahathir always reminds the Malays in our country to look at the Malays in Singapore, how “miserable” they are without firm control in politics. For Mahathir’s information, the Singapore Parliament Speaker is a Malay and the Finance Minister an Indian Muslim like Mahathir. And so far, I have not heard of Singapore Malays being maids in Malaysia or Indonesia, and neither have I heard of a large number of young Malay girls in Singapore prostituting themselves to feed their family.
    As Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, DAP leaders should openly and publicly support the teachings of the Quran in our country. I voted for PAS on 8th March to close down casinos, horse-racing, 4D and TOTO. Non-Muslims have long been paying a second tax to the UMNO government by “gambling-off” their whole family savings and children’s education to win the trust and respect of Malays and Muslims.
    DAP should advocate the closure of casinos, 4D, TOTO, and horse-racing as all these vice activities operators are UMNO agents. They take gambling money from non-Muslims and pay it to their UMNO Master. To cut off this source of revenue for UMNO, DAP should explain to the non-Muslim community how this gambling system works in Malaysia – and teach UMNO a lesson as we must expose UMNO’s hypocrisy!
    Unfortunately, DAP leaders don’t appear to have the intelligence, wit, courage and political will to have the paradigm shift and think out of the box politically. As mentioned earlier, DAP is just a political party helplessly manipulated by UMNO. By just simply advocating the banning of gambling, DAP could win the respect and trust of Malays and Muslims plus save many non-Muslims from bankruptcy and family problems. But most importantly, it cuts off a large chunk of revenue from UMNO. ONE stone killing 3 birds.
    Instead of shouting and arguing with ridiculous Umnoputras in Parliament, I urge DAP to instruct each of their members to befriend at least 10 Malays to explain to them the challenge of this ever-changing globalized economy and how we have to work together regardless of race and religion for a better Malaysia. When the Malay mindsets change, Malaysia will change; and vice-versa.
    DAP, hear me and hear me well. You may be sincere, but you are sincerely wrong in Malaysian politics. Go and study what made UMNO strong. Do your political analysis. Also, DAP, you must remember that PAS is your true friend, even though they talked with UMNO. They are righteous and godly people that won’t succumb to the temptation of money. That is not the case with Keadilan. Except Anwar and a few top leaders, many Keadilan people are still carrying the UMNO-DNA, as we have witnessed with the running dog Ezam and Nalla betraying the party.
    DAP, you should acknowledge the fact that the special rights and position of Malays/bumiputras are enshrined in our constitution. You have to respect it. You must have a complete and comprehensive Malay agenda to compete with UMNO. For example, the Penang state government can provide free but compulsory tuition for Penang Malay students at schools. DAP must cultivate and nurture the Malays in Penang to excel in academics and be able to compete on equal footing with others. Penang Malays must be the locomotive change of mindset to the rest of the Malays in our country. If DAP fails to change the Malay mindset in Penang, DAP will never be qualified to be addressed as a “National” party.

    Lastly, DAP, you still have a long way to go and you really have to learn again who’s given UMNO power. Go to their power base, seize their power and cut off their power supply! For a progressive and better Malaysia, wearing the songkok is a trivial matter.
    If necessary, let Anwar’s new cabinet be full of capable Malays like Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Dr. Azly Rahman, Dr. Bakri Musa, Tuanku Abdul Aziz, etc. to prove to the Malay masses that we, Chinese, are not power hungry; we don’t choose to “pegang” so as to destroy their livelihood as UMNO has claimed. We can prove to them that even though there is only 1 Chinese Minister in the Cabinet, it is still okay to us if the highly capable and honest Malay leaders can lead our country to greater heights and serve the rakyat wholeheartedly regardless of race, language and religion!
    Please learn, understand and even master the UMNO’s Art of War in Politics.
    “Know your enemies and know yourself, hundred battles hundred victories” – “Sun Tzu’s Art of War”.
    Hidup Malaysia…
    Mr. Loi Bih Siang Benjamin
    Political Scientist

  169. Jimmy Page says:

    what the heck are you talking about?
    I’m talking about gambling in Australia
    you’re talking about truncheons and batons…
    Happy Hour started already for you, ah?
    Just kidding , man
    but I still don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

  170. tamade says:

    This fool said that he has many Chinese friends since childhood.

    But who are those Chinese? Those who deal with him the Ali Baba style?

    May be. But I really doubt there is any Chinese who wants to befriend this shit.

    However, this racist is having his secret agenda~ he wants to be the Hero among his race.

    My Theory of Conspiracy goes like this:

    He is trying to force the Gerakan, MCA, SUPP etc to leave Bee-End in order to strike fear among his own race.

    Then he hopes that the PAS and UltaManNo will resume talk and combine to form a new party.

    Yes, he is slapping the face of his president and deputy president, but who cares? He knows they have no more dignity and they are like toothless tigers.

    He is definitely in the camp of Mamak Kutty and son who want to topple the sleepy PM and the murderer of the Mongolian woman relentlessly.

    It’s now purely UltaManNo’s dirty and evil politics, so to all brothers and sisters out there , be careful.

    The Rakyat have no reasons to dance to the tunes of these UltaManNo racists, just make police reports as many as possible and we shall see what is the follow through action by the authority.

  171. Davidka says:

    Truncheon, blackjack …badawi head…..sleep very well, yes?
    Kepala sakit ooooooo

  172. Jimmy Page says:

    Ok, la, David.. gua sama lu….

  173. monsterball says:

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.
    Do you know how?

  174. Dollah Bodowee says:


    Penang Umno backs Ahmad Ismail
    Sep 5, 08 4:10pm
    All 13 Umno divisions in Penang today supported embattled Bukit Bendera Umno chief Ahmad Ismail over his stand not to apologise for making racist remarks against the Chinese community.

    The decision was made after a special meeting held by all the divisions last night and announced at a press conference today.

    The meeting was chaired by the party’s state level deputy leader Rashid Abdullah.

    Prime Minister and Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is the state Umno chief, was not present at the meeting.

    He is however expected to hold a meeting with state Umno leaders tomorrow.

    Previously Abdullah had urged Ahmad to apologise over his alleged remarks against the Chinese community.

    Ahmad told Malaysiakini yesterday that he did not feel sorry and would not recant his alleged racist remarks against Chinese Malaysians made during the recent by-election campaign in Permatang Pauh.

    “I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” the Umno division leader told Malaysiakini via telephone yesterday.

    Ahmad’s alleged remarks sparked a nationwide furore forcing Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Najib Abdul Razak to make an open apology to the minority community.

    Despite Najib’s overture, many are still demanding Ahmad to personally apologise for his alleged remarks, and not through an intermediary.

    Ahmad, during a Barisan Nasional by-election rally in Kampung Belah Dua on Aug 25, was accused to have uttered seditious remarks describing the Chinese as “immigrants squatting in the country, thus were not entitled to equal rights in Malaysia”.

    The former municipal councillor also questioned the Chinese community’s willingness to share their wealth with other races.

    Finally…..Penang people wake up….umno have shown their true colours…

  175. livegoeson says:

    there is no point in pushing for an formal apology, because it wil just be formal apology, not really from the heart.

    disciplinary action is a more genuine way for the party to show it cares for all people in the country, disciplinary action against any person who made the slur and the branches which supported him. Otherwise it is implicit that the whole party support him.

    if the later is the case, then it is easier. the said party has already lost the mandate to govern. Election will just be a formal procedure.

  176. Azmin says:

    Chaptokam Ooi Chaptokam, your comment is too long, like “love letter” but then it was neither exciting nor interesting. I have a suggestion, may be just post each paragraph at a time and continue tmr, or else we would fall asleep while reading it. ZzzzzzZzzzz

  177. Balannambiar says:


    The simple question is:The UMNO badly need Chineese vote in Permatang Pauh by-election.These chinese votes is the king Maker’s,In this case why a UMNO top person can simply harm and hurt the Chinese Feeling by saying the word “Immigrant”!.Why?.Actually this fellow is having problem’s with the goverment or may be he been investigated by the ACA..so he just wanted to turn the plate!.Now if he been caught,All the UMNO stooges will angry to the goverment because a lot of them support this hooligan out there!.This what our political scnerio ….racial use become weopon to some of these people!.If you want a pose just blew the racial issue to sure in will million back you up!.Just see how many comment were in your blog!.Are we same as this moron…are we also a racist!.

  178. bamboo river says:

    My sympathy to Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon. After losing in the GE 12. Now Ahmad is telling you to go fly kite . Betut betut Suei Siau lah.
    So, Tan Sri , want to have another debate with Ahmad or start to pack up and leave BN.

  179. simon says:

    Ahmad should not be allowed to apologise.

    If Ahmad is allowed to apologise BN gomen will not fall.

    Since everybody and their mother wants BN gomen to fall Ahmad must drag the racist thingy on forever and ever and claim that he did not do anything wrong.

  180. Crankshaft says:

    Good to know Ahmad Ismail is back. I have news for him.

  181. Omitoufu says:

    This mamak ex-leader of umno said he is not a racialist and also his cronies But………xxyyzz……

    Anyone under him cried racialist agenda, the louder the bigger the price/reward.

    Anyone under him yelled at the other races and scared them, also get the prices.

    Anyone – non malay, under him dared to talked back against him, also can get prices/reward…the louder, the bigger prices/reward.

    Ahmad Ismail needs some money…after getting the blessing from the “VIP” …
    yelled out……..whaaah……..prices/rewards later……but must hide in penthouse first……easy way to get money……..

    Anyone now..better take this chance to squeese some prices/rewards before it is too late………

    Never could get this easiest technique to make money….another 9 days more.

    This mamak ex-leader is sick…from Indian to mamak to malay……created and poisoned the malays….to feel big…..so that mamak could get all the money and position and keep on bluffing the malays……..but he is not a racialist…!!!!!???

    Hi you malay, wake up..he is going to migrate…leaving you malay behind….
    Hi you malay, wake up..better act fast…go to Kedah…claim your money before he escapes with all YOUR money……..go quickly……..

    What an opportunity…to make money from your ex-mamak ..malay leader…

    Next time if your were to meet him…he is Muthasamy s/o Malayami..with long white beard……..!!!!????

    At least your DPM is not planning to migrate to Sulawesi….but…also got chance to make money from him…..his house is open for any grievances….but not for solomie matter…stale already…..tell him…you are going to run amok and with keris for the non malay……so much $$$ per person, with some down payment…….

    Hi malay, wake up from your years of sleep and being di tipu-ed and hold hands together with all the “immigrants”..also with the aborigines… in Malaysia and lets build the country together.

    Wake up, wake up, wake up………….NOW

  182. Josephtc says:

    The Malays as they are also “pendatangs” or immigrants from Srivijaya, Palembang, Indonesia, Southern China and other countries. This is recorded in the HISTORY OF MALAYSIA. So, what is the big issue of the remarks made by the racist Ahmad Ismail. He is very angry becos’ Pakatan Rakyat has taken over Penang and his PORR project awarded by UMNO had been shelved. I believe his ancestors are also “pendatangs.”

    Scientists have found archaeological evidence of human inhabitants in the Niah Caves in Sarawak from about 40,000 years ago. The earliest evidence of inhabitants on the Malay Peninsula that has been found is from about 10,000 years ago. Neolithic culture was well established by 2500-1500 BC. Most scholars believe the earliest settlers on the Malay Peninsula came overland from southern China in small groups over a period of thousands of years. These early inhabitants became the ancestors of the Orang Asli.

    Read further at this site:

  183. wits0 says:

    Dear Bamboo, not sure Ah Koon deserve any sympathy today. He could have packed long ago but he chose to be abetting as a useless traitor. All his old classmates/contemporaries are now all retired. For him, there would have been no loss of a good life at all, especially.

  184. ktteokt says:

    Latest news is that racist Ahmad claims he was referring his racist statement to the pre-independence days! I say it is a bloody lame and stupid excuse. Prior to independence, Malaya was a British colony, making everyone, Chinese, Indians and Malays, British subjects and all of us were just SQUATTING on British Land!

  185. Ctizen Me says:

    Apart from the the Orang Asli we are all orang pendatang. The only difference we came at different times. The fragrance of the flower remains in the hands of the giver so does a backhanded copliment . It belongs to the giver so return it to him.

  186. james chua says:

    Joseph is correct that Malays should also be classified as Pendatangs.

    The true bumiputras in Malaysia are the Orang Asli.

    But their rights was high jacked by other Pendatangs.

    Isnt it curious that the majority of muslim practitioners in Malaysia, have no shame in calling others pendatangs when they are also pendatangs in the first place?

    And if I am to to be called a Pendatang, would it be worng to call my Malay brothers and sisters, penakuts because they ran away from Palembang, and penipus because they hijacked the rights of the Orang Aslis as the true Bumiputras?

    But, such classification would only serve to do more wrong. It is for these reasons that I believe that politics of race should be banned in Malaysia, and racially delineated parties such as UMNO, MIC and MCA should be banned because it perpetuates the politics of race.

  187. chaptokam says:

    Azmin (16:56:23) :

    Noted and thanks for the feedback !.

  188. wits0 says:

    Eight generation Baba Damian ain’t amused:

    Sabri Zain’s “The Malays” :

    James Chua: “The true bumiputras in Malaysia are the Orang Asli.”
    But Mahathir ISA-ed people in ’87 for saying so. Has he and ilks apologised?

  189. chaptokam says:

    monsterball (15:57:24) :

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.

    1) is a letter bloody long long ? not my letter , I posted it for all to see as it was addressed to the DAP .
    2) why don’t you come out with something pleasing for everyone to read using your brain instead of using your brain to write things unpleasing to others like the snide postings with Maria and living in Indon divorcee all thrown in with smelling and eating crap stuff ! Cheers !! Be a good boy ! Don’t create havoc here like what you did in Dr Hsu . Has cilipadi forgiven you ??

  190. Devan says:

    New facts on Ismail…
    a. When he was the MD of Popular Profile…a company in Prai….. he used to come to work as he likes..on a big motobike.
    b. His company was 100% Malay employees…..
    c. Heard he had a liking for handsome males !!! Used to do like ‘ SLURP” whenever he sees handsome men……

  191. Azmin says:

    Chaptokam, honestly speaking, you guys here are very well informed and knowledgeable. Proud of you all as Truly Malaysians.

  192. colorsmalaysian says:

    According to the Malaysian Insider


    All 13 Umno divisions in Penang have backed Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail bin Natang’s decision not to apologise for…………………..

    We can not expect any apology from an animal to say sorry !
    So why expect so much ?
    They (Umno-BN the bigots the racist) have no culture, no dignity and no soul indeed.
    We are rightful anak-anak bangsa Malaysia.
    Why bother ?
    Ignore it ! Moreover it not harmful anymore because their days just number faway rom “916”.

    Beware !
    It’s a trap to the RAKYAT !

    Since theirs(Umno-BN the bigots the racist)days are number, by right they have to do more right in order for them to win back the confident from anak-anak bangsa Malaysia.
    In contrary they make more racist sentiments.We can see from the recent incidents , it’s obvious that they are creating problems to stop ”916” to succeed.

    Again ! It’s a trap or an ambush which planned by Umno-BN the bigots the racist.
    Please don’t let these devils have a single chance.

    Alarm !!!!!!! Alarm!!!!!!!!!!! Alarm!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be wise and wisdom !

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916

    Be patient !
    Don’t get trapped !
    Their days just number from 916.

    All anak-anak bangsa Malaysia , please beware of the remaining devils from “half sinking” ship of Umno-BN ! They are harmful devils.

    They will try whatever evil ways to stir our society into chaotic condition.
    To rock our society is their main aim now.

    Be unite . Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia as one !
    Be unite . We need a better Malaysia !
    Be unite . We need a better tomorrow for Malaysia !

    ” Godspeed PAKATAN RAKYAT ”

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  193. Master says:

    In my opinion,i think AHMAD fail his history very badly.He said chinese come as an outsider then how about malay.They come from indon.This beautiful land in malaysia is 1st own by orang asli.Besides,Chinese come as an outsider..Ya he is right,but is not true that he said that chinese use the malay properties in malaysia.Chinese come to malaysia with empty hand and they work hard to earn that.’No one plant, do trees grow??’ As a DATO he didnt think before he talked.Shame of himself.Besides,i think there is no use in studying history any more.He forget about the incident happen in 13 MAY.I think he is glad that the part 2 (13MAY) come again.
    Today news,he said there is no point in apologize,because he think that he is still right.As a chinese i also dont want his apology..too fake.Does he think before…without chinese,there wont be any MERDEKA.According to history,that time the population of Malays is low and with only malay population British does not allow the independant.Such a small population how to independant.Besides,chinese does not get any benefit from the government much.Yet Malay are the 1 utilizing all the resourse that had in malaysia now.So why is malay still complaining.Chinese is the 1 should make the complain.
    In a mutiracial country,we are the only country which divide races..Why just we can call ourself as MALAYSIAN.Why must call ourself malay,chinese,indian…This shows our “unity” in Malaysia.Even indon does not divide themselves like that.This is call what—–racist…
    Why Ahmad have to do this??I still dont understand..What is his point?Is it neccesary?? I think he is just creating problem and racist.
    BN still lost not enough is it?
    Funny thing is BN fighting among themselve(UMNO vs MCA)
    I think our PM should do something.Ahmad should be punish….if not there will be more people like AHMAD coming up and creating problems and make malaysia a racist and unpeaceful place. .

  194. reaction says:

    tangkup (07:22:37) :

    To Reaction, I like your “convergent” and “divergent” concepts which I find interesting

    This shows that we have the same frequency, +- 5%.

    giggle (07:47:13) :

    What is the culture of this creature called Ahmad Ismail? – u/q

    Agriculture and Pissiculture (AP)

    Ha ha ha ha! You are cute, just like our slooney. You really made me giggling…… he h e he he….

    ktteokt (08:09:35) :

    reaction, and don’t forget the one and only silver brought back from the Beijing Olympics was done by none other than a “pendatang”!

    Deng Xiaoping: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a white cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice it’s a good cat.

    China welcomes all good cats, irrespective of whether its a white or black cat! If Bolehland doesn’t want good cats including the one holding the AK47 cat on looneys domain, then we shall welcome all the good cats to China with open arms, he he he he….

  195. Pegasus says:

    Racist Ahmad only says what the Umno of today thinks. With Penang under DAP control ,Ahmad must have lost a lot of contracts which otherwise would have enrich him further. This Shit should be arrested immediately under ISA for giving seditious speech, but that will never happened.Soon, another Umno bum will come along and will proclaimed that the Chinese and Indians are not immigrants….. but illegal immigrants !!!! Ha! Ha!Ha!. Anything goes in Bolehland, while the former Jasin MP ask custom officials to close one eye when dealing with them, our PM close both his eyes most of the time till he is unaware what’s happening in the country,he need to take a train to experience for himself the discomfort when the transportation problem has been around for years!!. The next 2 years if he is still the PM,the country would be in slumber mode.If a Umno division head does not listen to him,what more his ministers. The country is like a headless chicken with too much controversy and racial provocations ,more so in the last few months but have been in place silently for the past 20 years or so, no thanks to the Mamak policies which were quietly implemented in various civil services and places of higher learning, and today we have such people like the racist Ahmad with the retarded ideologies imprinted in their heads.
    God save the country and may PR form the government that we are hoping for and give us back the MERDEKA we want!!!.

  196. sosong says:

    There may be hidden agenda, This Ahmad is trying to fan up sentiment, be aware!

  197. sosong says:

    This Ahmad blame Sin Chew for inaccurate reporting. biasa lah!

  198. Menyalak-er says:

    With the 12 Penang bumno divisions backing him, el-bankrupto et al have blamed everything on the reporter who ‘maligned’ him by quoting out of context.
    Their secretary said that the reporter should have been ‘shot’, implying…
    There are many stratagems to this ‘dog and pony show’ but it is a foretaste of what is going to come:
    1. The goons are going to rachet up their racist rheatoric, so don’t get hypersensitive, and use all sorts of ‘unhelpful’ terms.
    2. Dopey has ‘ceded’ whatever semblance of ‘nominal’ control over them. He may/may not be actually still in charge, who knows what goes on in their lilliputian minds?
    3. Therefore whatever happens now, will appear to the ignorant masses – to be on our heads! So don’t stoke the flame as per suggestion of ‘colorsmalaysian’ (21:24); because they are provoking and have lost ‘control’. Amok easily you see.
    4. The ‘unmentionable parties’ in bumnos coalition will be doing the stoking, due to their facial water loss…, therefore do not at anytime, suggest that they ‘katak’ en masse to PR. Let them stew in their irrelevancy, after all they’re having their so called party elections which already resembles chaos.
    5. Utmost caution in Seberang Perai, as per reasons cited above and the fact that it is Penang’s divisions that are recalcitrant. Although things can heat up anywhere…, it is most likely in the ‘backyard’.
    6. There must be no reason whatsoever for dopey to declare a state of emergency, before the new parliment is secured and his postion is made absolutely untenable.
    7. Wisdom, patience, peace and preserverance my friends – just 2 weeks more…
    Btw, watch out for agent provocateurs on all blogs.

  199. sosong says:

    So, what is next, will Ahmad ask Sin Chew to apologize? If not, maybe suspend for 5 days??

  200. Solo Miss says:

    This crazy racist mad ismail has alot of $$$$; luxury bungalow with swimming pool demolished in Butterworth; now staying in luxury penthouse in tg tokong pending new bungalow being constructed as we speak.

    How rich is this NEP UMNOPUTRA? How did he get his monies? This knuckle brains the size of a pea is a worthless corrupt, umnoputra with greed as big & wide as the oceans, selfish & wants it for himself not even willing to share with his poor malay brotherhood.

    ACA should start tracing his monetary gains to ascertain whether it has been ill gotten gains immediately. His fat face denotes his greed and well fed monetarily.

    He is actually worried of his personal standing and his monies/investments, if any, or even the fear of future investigations by the PR government.

    He should be spat at by all irrespective of races, if we see him in public for his unmalaysian comments. Who is he to dictate the terms of the Constitution, in doubt if he has seen or even read one.

    This unscrupulous idiot should be charged for sedition, as compared to RPK, who was merely speaking the truth, evidence which was hidden, trumped up, tampered, in a murder case; how a lawyer was in cohorts with the police to trump up sodo mee charges against DSAI;etc etc

    He should not be allowed to walk freely, he should be condemned to shame.

    An adult with racist, fanatical mind like him should never be in politics, be a lone a leader…….my ass.

    Malaysia is for all Malaysians….not for a particular race; neither is man-made law forever there to be stale, obsolete, unreformed….there will be reforms; even amendments in the future after future after future.

    A citizen is born everyday, irrespective of race; they are not “tumpang” as depicted by this mad ismail as they could be historically immigrant based to be chinese, indians, javanese, portuguesse, malay polenesians, indonesians, arabs, thais, myanmars etcetc

    Compromise, tolerance and respect is the ultimatum for a sovereign multiracial nation, as in USA, UK, Australia and many nations with multiracial breakdowns.

    So be it a malay, indian, chinese, sabahan, sarawakian, etc one should respect each other as a human being; be tolerant to one’s religion(unlike Zulkifli Nordin), cultures and practices. No one is asking the other to be the race of the other; practice or embrace the religion of the other nor their cultures.

    So respect begets respect. Trust begets trust. Then only will Malaysia will prosper and progress to a developed nation.

    DSAI has this vision. Many have this vision. But the few greedy umnoputra/bee ann rascals are out to destroy the future of a beautiful new dawn in Malaysia.

  201. Menyalak-er says:

    Beautiful, Solo Miss (23:15) – now that is excellent! Bravo!
    Way to go, mates – personal, and not all that generalized racist shit!
    We are Malaysian Malaysians! Hidup PR, Hidup DSAI, Hidup Malaysia!

  202. cendana287 says:

    When it comes to Malay-Chinese or inter-racial matters; If only some of the Malays – leaders and followers alike – would learn something from this great man from Pulau Melaka in Pengkalan Chepa. It is remarkable what many Chinese say of him – those who have followed him and have some knowledge of him, at least.

    Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is a true leader for all with his tolerance for other races and religions.

    Looking back to a few years ago, was it not an affront that some people, with malicious and selfish motives, had gone out of their way to purposely misquote, highlight and magnify some of his comments … just so to make him/Kelantan look intolerant and `extremist’?… just to provoke ridicule against him from the simpletons, and score a few cheap political points? What do these benefit us all actually?

    Take this report and statement, for instance

    This is in front of a Malay/Muslim audience deep in the Malay heartland. Nik Aziz sure wasn’t playing to the crowd; trying to falsely impress anyone with various pretensions, trying to win votes.

    Instead, he was/is trying something even more important and lasting: of building bridges between different races. Among what he had reminded the Malay audience:

    Kata Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Islam sejak awal lagi Islam tidak memberi ruang kepada isu perkauman kerana Islam mahu merapatkan hubungan sesama bangsa.

    “Saya sentiasa sebut, kalau Allah yang buat rupa paras manusia termasuk Cina atau Melayu sama sahaja, sudah tentu tidak akan mengenali antara satu sama lain,” ujarnya.

    So to which religion do the blatantly discriminatory and racist Malay politicians profess to actually? Can’t be Islam, cause Nik Aziz had made this matter clear.

  203. snipe snips says:

    Mamak kutty is shivering after opening his useless big mouth. Just becuase you tone down in your article does not mean you are bloody innocent and that we should all forgive you.

  204. snipe snips says:

    UMNO death threat against reporter:

    GEORGE TOWN, Sept 5 – Penang opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, who was at the press conference to show support for Bukit Bendera Umno head Datuk Ahmad Ismail, criticised the reporter from the Chinese newspaper who allegedly twisted Ahmad’s words during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign.

    However, the state Umno secretary did not name the reporter but claimed that only one Chinese publication reported Ahmad’s statement.

    “What was written may lead to a racial riot. If such a thing happens, he is the first person that should be shot,” he said to loud cheers from Umno supporters who packed the meeting room at Menara Umno here.


  205. bamboo river says:

    Dear Witso,
    Ah Koon should be given 10¢ at the least . 🙂
    That is what he is worth now. Enough to make a phone call in a public phone to get help from the Welfare Dept.
    He is down and out, fortunately, we Malaysians are still caring lot.

    BTW, there was some news that Ahmad is stirring the race shit. All be cool. May13 will never repeat!

  206. wits0 says:

    Well, Bamboo, Ah Koon is a testament o the elitist academics(and their admirers) that you’ll need a PHd or two to be decoupled from commonsense, become a jellyfish and superficial and commonly worldly.

  207. wanadoo says:

    A BIG mo to PORR

  208. wits0 says:

    “Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said Ahmad’s refusal to apologise shows that he was against the policies of Umno and Barisan.”

    Fudging it, this 10 sen Ah Koon, yet again.

  209. giggle says:

    PETALING JAYA: Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad will stand by its reporter who wrote the story about Bukit Bendera Umno chief Ahmad Ismail’s alleged racist statements.

    Its chief editor Pook Ah Lek said the newspaper would not apologise as it had done nothing wrong.

    “It is a normal tactic by politicians to look for a scapegoat when they are under attack. It is just something he is doing to divert attention,” said Pook.

  210. livegoeson says:

    kill somebody.

    got reported by the news media.

    blame the news media.

    Great !

  211. facial says:

    This is a normal practice in a family ::

    Where a real “Campuran” who has 13 fathers and a grandfather (Tun) to support him. There are some hiding under the big sarong except the murderer and sleeping Pm.

  212. giggle says:

    “Well, Bamboo, Ah Koon is a testament o the elitist academics(and their admirers) that you’ll need a PHd or two to be decoupled from commonsense, become a jellyfish and superficial and commonly worldly.” – wits0

    The Tan Sri jellyfish is beached and can only be exported to Japan as a culinary delite:

    GEORGE TOWN: Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail has not only refused to apologise over his alleged racist remark but has demanded that Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Chinese community leaders apologise to him instead for asking him to express regret.

    Ahmad said these leaders, including those in Barisan Nasional, had “blindly” made unnecessary comments to inflame the issue.

    “Dr Koh is diverting from his own weakness by claiming that this issue resulted in Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    “He should accept the fact that the Chinese no longer support him or Gerakan. Therefore, there is no need for him to look for a scapegoat,” he said during a one-hour press conference at Menara Umno here yesterday.

    At the press conference, state Umno liaison committee deputy chairman Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah said Umno’s 13 divisions in the state supported Ahmad’s decision not to apologise over his remark.

  213. Cry says:

    “has demanded that Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Chinese community leaders apologise to him”

    !00% sure police will not take action on police reports.
    Koh&Co. made False Reports and should be charged.
    If no police action, ACA must investigate police for abuse of power.

  214. Orang Utan says:

    Ahmad is definitely playing the racial card games. I agreed with colorsmalaysian and Sosong not to fall into their trap. They are trying to stir up the Malay sentiments in order to divert attention. Let’s us ignore him.Whether he apologise or not does not matter. However the ACA should continue to investigate on him. U see even Mahathir supported him that shows that they are desperately trying to divert attention.Next they may accuse the PKR of being traitors to the Malays.Then they may even orgainise protest to divert attention.So all of you please dont get pulled into their TRAP!!!!.

  215. Orang Utan says:

    U see if once the issue turn racial then all common sense is gone. They will use all means to stir up the racial sentiments of the people. THey wanted to make it look bad on Anwar. Stirring racial sentiments is the easiest way out for them.They wanted the Malays to go against the Chinese and vice versa.So all of you just ignore this Ahmad and that is the best way to counter them. Whatever he said have not changed anything yet unless the constitution is being amended.If we got angry over his remarks then he will be very happy. Then he will even so more things to get the Chinese to be angrier as evident by his recent reply.

  216. Orang Utan says:

    By the look of things I think he got the blessing of his party to divert attention by racial means. U see the more u ask him to apologise the more he said thing to the opposite.This tactice have been use many times before the first is the May 13 and each time ti work to a certain extent. So all of U beware of his trap.

  217. Observer says:

    monsterball (15:57:24) :

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.
    Do you know how?


    I find your postings on Kota Gelanggi and other stuff on pre-Islamic Malaysian history very interesting. Continue with such postings as there are many people who find them interesting and useful. And disregard the rantings of this idiot called monsterball who uses anything except his brains (btw he has none) to spew the nonsense he has been spewing all this while.

    Please take note that this monsterball, someone called SS Goh, is nothing but a cheap publicity seeker who even dares to show his stupid face in one of Jeff Ooi’s earlier postings on screenshots smoking a cigar..as if he is some celebrity or so. Some of the stuff he wrote, all in bad English, wrong spelling are damn irritating, enough to make one vomit, but still he shamelessly persisted. In doing so, monsterball offended a lot of people who were baying for his blood..You should go to the archives of Malaysia Today to see all the nonsense that he wrote…and all the missiles thrown at him..until he was forced crawl out of Malaysia Today and latched himself to blogs like Susan’s, Elizabeth Wong’s and Rocky’s bru.

    Once again, keep up the good work chaptokam….and disregard the rantings of this super irritant Monsterball….

  218. Sophie Marie says:

    Wow, u r handsome Monsterball. hahahahahahahhahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah

  219. Orang Utan says:

    Of course they will try all means to divert attention. This racial tatics is the best means for them bcos it got everyone to be very emotional. So let us be calm. Let us show that by remaining calm our tatics is even higher than them. It is just like playing a chess game.They try to make u seems that they have a free piece for u and if U take that then u are trapped and checkmate!!.

  220. Orang Utan says:

    The best tatic is not to get involve in any argument with him.Why must we argue with him since he already has an agenda? So dont waste your time to argue with this Ahmad.

  221. snipe snips says:

    “And disregard the rantings of this idiot called monsterball who uses anything except his brains” – u/q

    rantings equal to rat droppings

  222. wishuponastar says:


  223. koloi says:


    UMNO tak Rasis!

    Ketua UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, didakwa berkata, orang Cina adalah pendatang yang menumpang di Malaysia dan oleh itu mereka boleh mengharap mendapat layanan sama rata.

    Ini di petik dari laporan http://www.malaysiakini.com. Kenyataan ini telah di bantah oleh UMNO sendiri sebagai bukan suara UMNO. Pemuda DAP (Dapsy) telah membuat laporan polis di Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Pulau Pinang dan Negeri Sembilan. Tindakan membuat laporan polis juga di buat oleh MCA dan Gerakan.

    Datuk Ahmad Ismail memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak akan memohon maaf walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah berbuat demikian.

    Sebaliknya, kata Ahmad, beliau tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan.

    Ini merupakan reaksi pertamanya sejak tercetusnya kontroversi itu minggu lalu, ekoran ceramahnya sewaktu pilihanraya kecil parlimen Permatang Pauh yang didakwa telah menyinggung perasaan masyarakat Cina negara ini.

    Menurut Ahmad, beliau tidak berkata atau melakukan sebarang kesalahan, dan oleh itu, tiada sebab baginya untuk memohon maaf.

    Katanya, beliau akan mengadakan sidang akhbar khas di bangunan Umno Pulau Pinang Sabtu ini berhubung isu tersebut.

    Sidang akhbar itu akan diadakan selepas mesyuarat badan perhubungan Umno negeri yang akan dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Sambil menafikan bahawa kenyataannya itu berbaur perkauman, Ahmad berkata, beliau berkawan dengan orang Cina dan India sejak kecil lagi.

    Sehubungan itu, katanya, beliau tidak pernah dan tidak akan menjadi seorang yang bersifat perkauman.

    Ahmad turut mengecam laporan media yang menuduh beliau mengelak daripada bertemu dengan wartawan dan jurugambar yang menunggunya di luar balai polis Seberang Perai Pusat di Bandar Baru Perda sejak dua hari lalu.

    “Saya tidak minta mereka tunggu. Jadi mengapa mereka tuduh saya lari dari mereka?” soalnya.

    Ahmad telah memberi kenyataan di balai polis negeri di Georgetown malam tadi, ekoran beberapa laporan yang telah dibuat terhadapnya.

    Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 4 (1)(B) Akta Hasutan 1948 yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM5,000 dan penjara minimum tiga tahun, atau kedua-duanya sekali.

  224. chaptokam says:

    Observer (11:29:25) :

    Thank You for the support . I find this monstrousball irritating . He has not posted something worth reading and yet keep on posting stupid remarks , He also created havoc in Dr Hsu’s blog . Looks like he’s unwanted everywhere he goes .
    Will keep on posting things of interest to everyone .

    Cheerio and have a nice day today .

  225. Syed Ali Alhabshi says:

    Dear Susan,

    I note of late there have been a lot of complaints about monsterball being a nuisance, not to your blog but to others as well. It is people like monsterball who irritate others with his insensitive postings which veer from the topic. If you ban him from your blog like other bloggers do, then at least we can have some peace and meaningful postings. Thank you.

  226. Ctizen Me says:

    Why should he apologise? So many abusive statements have been made in this blog and other blogs. No one has apologised. I know that many of are angry. But we must learn to make known our views in a manner in which they will be effective and produce results.

  227. Socialist Party says:

    Syed Ali Alhabshi (16:59:19).

    Leave Monstersball alone. I reasoned out that he may have been provoked every now and then to justified his ill-past. However, today is not yesteryears, and if Susan ever peruse, someone is trying to instigate Monsterball so that their gangs could persecute him.

    Susan is always fair and rationale. U can’t be boorish or humiliate any criminals who did a crime 10 years ago, can u? if Monsterball did nuanced, WHERE and WHEN? 😀

    Let’s not humiliate Monsterball at will shall we?

  228. Cry says:

    But monsterball can humiliate at will.

  229. Cry says:

    “then to justified his ill-past.”

    He got an ill past? Was he in prison or what? All I know is he is a towkay – that`s not ill now.

  230. Socialist Party says:

    “But monsterball can humiliate at will.” -cry

    His sarcasm do not tantamount to humiliation. If you really can point out your cause like I mentioned WHERE AND WHEN then you will be making your point rightfully. Let’s not harbour any sorts of hatchet against that old man shall we? Peace brothers and sisters. We come here in Susan’s blog to utter our anger against BN misrule not the trivialities of Monsterball. Peace again brother. I am not for Monsterball and neither am I against him. Peace to all.

  231. Cry says:

    If I call you idiot for writing that you will consider it as sarcasm then and leave all alone “brother”?

  232. chaptokam says:

    Socialist Party (21:20:49) :

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.
    Do you know how?

    Nobody provoke him , neither did I , I got the above remark ! pls classify this comment of his !

  233. kesava says:

    He thinks it is “sarcasm” justified by “ill past”.

  234. Socialist Party says:

    Wah hahahha. Three prosecutors and probably more incoming against me – one defense attorney.

    To address the honourable Judge Susan Loone, I question

    1) Chaptokam – In retrospect, I put it to you, by your own merits of conscience
    and knowledge, would it be accurate to say that you Ma’am Chaptokam has disputes with many commentators here including Wits0, Hutchrun among others?

    2) Cry- You kicked-off your cynosure by using multiple nicks, one as “Bola Hangus” calling Chinese greedy and all sorts of knaveries in the thread “the Star…….” story. So would it be accurate to say that you are a Chinese and nuanced at that material time and only coming to your senses later, say now?
    So, would it be justifiable for anyone to chide you (the commentators that you offended) this very minute exhuming your past every now and then?

    +Susan knows my e-mail and I believe she is just. I gotta go. But in order to conduct appropriate and justifiable defense of Monsterball, please bring in your point or it will render yourself in futility.

    See you all tomorrow. Oh yeah, the questions needed to be answered or else you are prejudicial of being ill-willed and malicious scums. hahahaha.

    I rest my case your Honour, I mean tonite. 🙂

  235. chaptokam says:

    Socialist Party (22:21:45) :
    would it be accurate to say that you Ma’am Chaptokam has disputes with many commentators here including Wits0, Hutchrun among others?

    Disputes is part and parcel of the day , nobody has the same thinking . I don’t polish apples neither do I do it to pleases whoever it may be . Is there anything inappropriate to have run in or disputes with anyone ? Mr advocate ? And btw I am no ma’am . I did not ask for him to be banned however I did ask you to classify his comment on my posting.

    I also rest my case for the plantiff .

  236. Syed Ali Alhabshi says:

    monsterball (15:57:24) :

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.
    Do you know how?

    Socialist Party (21:20:49) :

    hi….chaptokan….Stop your bloody long long…irritating open letters..posted in all sites.
    Use your brain and talk something new and original.
    Do you know how?



    Do you see the similarity between the two posts above? This Socialist Party is none other than Monsterball using another nick to defend himself! He has betrayed himself by using the same expressions. Observe the same kind of bad English, wrong spelling in his writing style. This Monsterball can’t even lie properly, just like his Hero Pak Lah whose balls he shamelessly carried. Go see this in the archives of Malaysia Today. The are all on record.

    Now you can see what a trouble maker and super irritant that idiot monsterball is. Now he is masquerading as Socialist Party to defend himself. Let’s all chuck this super duper trouble maker and irritant back to his master Pak Lah and Khairy! Monsterball is nothing but a big hypocrite who is always seeking cheap publicity despite being whacked like a dog by all those whom he has offended and made to run howling back to his master – his ever beloved Pak Lah – with his tail behind his legs!! Get lost Monsterball!

  237. tamade says:

    In the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the arrogant racist of UltaManNo has shown his ugliest traits to the whole world. A disgrace to his party and to the Bolehland.

    He has thrown the dignity of his race and religion into the drain.

    This dirty bugger has a lot of shit with him and he is now trying to potray himself as a hero (but actually he brings destruction to UltaManNo instead). this is his way to divert public’s attention. So pathetic.

    As I have said, the Pee-Am and DPeeAm are toothless tigers. Looks like none of the youth chief and division chief respects them.

    This racist has slapped the face of these two flurs left and right, and what are their responses? Till now, the answer is nil.

    As anticipated, the sleepy Pee-Am has toned down and chided the reporters instead. What a shame.

    Anyway, these sandiwaras only reinforce some findings:

    The party that plays on racial sentiments in Bolehland~ UltaManNo.

    The party which never respect the mandate of the people and never want to listen to the people~UltaManNo

    The division chief who is most arrogant, recalcitrant and a racist who never respect the other fellow Rakyat comes from UltaManNo.

    The evil power brokers who use the MSM, the ISA, the OSA, the DNA Act on righteous people, comes from UltaManNo.

    The evil power brokers who will sink the future of the next generations of Bolehland come from UltaManNo.

    So, to all MPs with conscience and righteousness, what are you people waiting for?

    Are you all waiting to see the next generation in Bolehland living in shambles?

    This UltaManNo is beyond repair and it is hopeless.

    Jump ship now before these evil power brokers bring all of you down to the bottom of the ocean.

  238. kai says:

    No, no, no! Ahmad is right. He didn’t said that the Chinese are squatters in Malaysia. No apology is required! You ain’t did no wrong!

    What he really meant was that MCA and Gerakan are the real squatters in BN.

    He didn’t insulted the Chinese! How can he be? Imagine if it was not becaues of the Ming Dynasty’s help and protection given to the Malay rulers in those days, this BODOHLand could be known as ‘T-H-A-I-L-A-N-D, right? Agree?

  239. giggle says:

    Badawi says Ahmad Ismail right, Najis Razak wrong:

    TASEK GELUGOR, Sept 6 – Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi declared today that Datuk Ahmad Ismail, the Bukit Bendera division chief, is not a racist.

    A tense-looking Abdullah also told reporters after a two-hour meeting with Penang Umno division heads, including Ahmad, that the freedom of speech had been abused in recent days, resulting in rising racial tensions.

    His comments are not likely to end the debate sparked off by Ahmad’s remarks about the Chinese being squatters in Malaysia during the recent Permatang Pauh by-election campaign.

    Various leaders of Chinese-based parties in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition have demanded their parties pull out of the coalition if Umno did not take action against Ahmad.

    The prime minister’s decision not to take action against Ahmad comes as a surprise especially after deputy Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak had apologised for the remarks on behalf of the Bukit Bendera Umno chief.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that the Umno president came under severe pressure from his state’s division heads to back Ahmad during the meeting today.

    While he did not explicitly back Ahmad, he repeated to the press Ahmad’s explanations that what he said was “historical fact” and that his remarks had been misinterpreted.

    “As the Bukit Bendera division head, he has been supporting non-Umno candidates in the constituency, so that shows that he is not racist,” said Abdullah, while flanked by all the division heads who attended the meeting, including Ahmad.

    The Umno president said that Ahmad had presented his case during the meeting.

    “This was the first time we are hearing from Ahmad and he said that the remark was historical fact and he reiterated that he is not racist,” said Abdullah.

    “He was also upset as what he said was misinterpreted,” he added.

    Abdullah urged everyone to refrain from making racial remarks.

    “Sensitive matters that may cause tension whether it is on religion, social contract, shouldn’t be brought up. What happen is, freedom of speech is being abused,” he added.

    e hoped that the media would also be careful when reporting sensitive issues.

    “I hope the newspapers do not manipulate issues that may cause tension and distrust among the people,” said Abdullah.

    “We must realise that this is a multi-racial country, and we have been handling race relation issues effectively,” he added.

    Yesterday Ahmad with the support of all Umno divisions in Penang said that he would not apologise for allegedly calling the Chinese squatters at a rally in Kampung Pelet near Bukit Mertajam, last month.

    “It was the reporter who twisted my words who should apologise to every Malay and Muslim for inciting racial hatred,” added Ahmad.

    Last Thursday, Abdullah said apologising was the right thing to do, after his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak apologised to the Chinese community over Ahmad’s remark.

    – The Malaysian Insider

  240. giggle says:

    So now, MCA and Gerakan what will you do after making all those police reports?
    Will you beg forgiveness of UMNO and stay, or will you leave BN?
    Badawi has already shown you the middle finger.

  241. giggle says:

    Koh Tsu Koon takes cover:

    KOTA KINABALU: Do not let the act of one leader destroy the harmony and unity of the country, says Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

    “We don’t want the criticisms against one Malay leader, over his personal view, to be taken as criticism against the whole community.


    He got his people to make police reports, now he runs for cover and blames everyone else especially the non malays. Jellyfish.

  242. For Pakatan's Govt. says:

    Words are swords. The reason we ‘cross-swords’ now is because of words.

    If you want to see what these mere words can do, just observe carefully that, a nation can be reduced to the size of a piece of flesh called the ‘tongue’.

    The tongue is the most dangerous part of our human body. The tongue articulates whatever the intelligent human mind and heart thinks or feels.
    Just imagine that, if all Malaysians were dumb or mute today, we won’t have this problem we are facing today.

    One tongue rolled the ‘wrong’ way and it hurts. There is so much power in the words that come from the tongue. Words can hurt, more so, when we are emotional beings. Words bring emotional response.

    What was the ‘sharp side’ of those words. The ‘sharp side’ of those words were the intentions of the heart and motive of the mind to hurt. We can easily hurt one’s feelings with words. All of us should take this as a lesson learnt that we should be more careful about the use of our tongue to one another.

    This is not the first time. For this sort of hurts has happened in the past, many times. We Malaysians don’t really seem to learn from our past mistakes.

    Susan, I remembered this counsel of God:

    James 1:26 (New International Version)

    “If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless”.

    We must keep a tight control over our own tongue. We own our tongue given by God to us and it is in our charge to control it. If all of us do not know how to control this small piece of flesh in our own bodies, than it is going to a lot harm to many.

    Controlling the tongue, on how it wags, is a sign of good self control and self management. if you cannot manage that small piece of flesh in you own body, then, how are you going to manage other things in your life?
    If there is one thing we must not loose in life, its good self control.
    If you loose self control, it will be like this proverbs:

    Proverbs 29:11 (New International Version)

    ” A fool gives full vent to his anger,
    but a wise man keeps himself under control”.

    Proverbs 25:28 (New International Version)

    “Like a city whose walls are broken down
    is a man who lacks self-control”.

    The tongue needs out taming. Taming our tongue is the most difficult thing to do,I agree but we have no other choice but to tame it or else it will ‘bite’.
    All of us are guilty of this sin and we should repent from this sin and ask God to forgive us.
    Something usefull for us to remember,Susan:

    James 3:2-12 (New International Version)

    “We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.

    When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

    All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and creatures of the sea are being tamed and have been tamed by man, but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

    With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water”.

    How do we react when someone wags their tongue the wrong way at you?

    Just tell that person kindly that ” You can fool man but you cannot fool God, you will know it someday” and leave things at that peacefully and don’t hold a grudge on him. Be at peace with each other.

    Words can trigger more words, so lets together control our tongues for the benefit of all Malaysians.

  243. wits0 says:

    Ah Koon: ““We don’t want the criticisms against one Malay leader, over his personal view, to be taken as criticism against the whole community.”

    This is his typical way of using his high academic qualifications – to spin, distort, condescend and lie. He’s always aggravating by talking down blandly to the people, saying things that are obvious. Who does he mean also by, “We”, anyway?

  244. giggle says:

    Who does he mean also by, “We”, anyway? – wits0

    Him and his dick (where his brains are)

  245. giggle says:

    RHINA BHAR, ex-Gerakan Wanita chief is expected to join PKR on Monday.

  246. peace brother says:

    A big fat face of a gangster is all i see in him, noting special.

  247. Rissa says:

    Bloody Hell this incarnation of Pig regardless what form he becomes still looked like Pig. Hmmmm, where the hell is my magic wand?

  248. Bola Hangus says:

    witso, hitler is my idol. He and mel gibson are right, the zionists caused all of the worlds problems, then and now. Because they are pendatangs in germany and because they force fully stole the palestinian lands just like what the nonbumis are trying to do here. Malays have fought, bled and died against the portuguese, siam, dutch, english, japs, communist etc. I’m sure they can rise to protect whats theirs from encroachment,exploitation and blatant provocation by the leeches with or without your recommended suicide vest.

  249. Bola Hangus says:

    cap rongkang, your point was that malay are immigrants cos parameswara came from indon. You choose to show that aspect only to strengthen your lies while overlooking the fact that the kedah sultante is the longest continuing sultanate in malaysia, establish way before malacca. Hinduism was a religuon practised then, that doesnt mean they were indians. Just like islam is now. Malays are not arabs. If you want to go back using historical DNA tracing, then we all come from somewhere. If you use darwinism then your granpa is a monkey, thats why you behave like one. Just because your forbears are simians that doesnt mean that we will give the babboon, monyets and apes at the zoo our rights. Dum dum

  250. billauchris says:

    What is going on in BN?

    DPM saw it fit to tender an apology to the Chinese community for the racist remarks made by Ahmad in his absence in Thailand while PM merely said that Ahmad did not mean what he said and subsequently took the opportunity to admonish the masses to stay clear of all sensitive issues to preserve the needful tolerance and harmony state “nurtured” by BN since 1957.

    I find the statements from the two leaders confusing. Someone did the wrong and refused to admit the wrong and apologise but his big boss protected the recalcitrant leader.

    If punishment was to be meted out, the UMNO leaders should take on Ahmad and not try to evade the issue.

  251. BenM says:

    If the rascal doesnt wanna apologise. Leave it. No point in forcing him to and it wouldnt be sincere.

  252. AGogo says:

    Look at this Ahmad … cunning pig face !

  253. MH says:

    Hinduism was a religuon practised then, that doesnt mean they were indians. bola hangus

    It was Indians and not malays were there. Malays came much much later. Before that were orang asli.

  254. MH says:

    n June 1998, the government of Malaysia had hired a team of experts from all over the world to be gathered here in Malaysia for a research project to compliment the history studies that we undertook in our secondary school. The objective of the research is simply:

    1. To find proof and evidence that show the Malays were the origins of Malaysia and they were the first race and religion that landed their feet in Malaysia.

    2. To further strengthen their claims, first they need to find the graveyard of the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat,
    Hang Lekiu and etc.. to show the existence of their pioneers.

    3. The Batu bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that the islamic religion has landed in Malaysia for more than a hundred years ago which furtherstrengthen their claims!

    BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Go and ask your brother, sister, niece, nephew etc. Since the year 1999 (if i’m not mistaken) or year 2000, do they study about HANG TUAH
    anymore ???

    Why is that popular subject GONE ??? Missing in action ??? or evidence reveals something else that caused the government to stop the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH ???

    Here are the Evidences of the findings by the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia.

    The evidence are:

    1) They finally found the graveyard of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat etc…, their skeleton had been analized and samples of DNA taken with the results show:
    Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and mates were NOT MALAY!!! They were CHINESE (islamic) from China!!! Why were they here in Malacca???
    If go back in history, you would know that they were on a mission to protect the UNGRATEFUL MALAY Sultanate from the frequent attacks by the Kingdom of SIAM (Thailand) !!!
    So Hang Tuah was not Malay hero!!! They were the protectors of the useless and ungrateful Parameswara (who was from INDONESIA) landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him!!!

    The Hang Tuah bunch of people were all from China, they were being assigned to Malacca Sultanate because Parameswara requested the
    Ming Dynasty Emporer for protection!!! Hence, the rich historical heritage of the Babas & Nyonya being closely linked to the Seven
    Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who incidentally was a Chinese Muslim himself!

    That’s why the Hang Tuah series of history is MISSING from the Malaysian SEJARAH today! !!

    Note : Remember Princess Hang Li Poh ? – All surname ‘HANG’

    Second Evidence:

    The researchers hired by the government found the oldest tomb stones (graveyard) in Kelantan in year 2000. Suprisingly the tomb stones were at least 900 years old!!! Older than the so-called batu bersurat. And the best thing was that they all belonged to the CHINESE !!!

    Being landed first in Malacca doesn’t mean
    Malay is the first in Malaysia because during that time, the road was too long or undeveloped for them to reach or see the other side of the coast where the Chinese had landed much earlier. If you want the black and white hard evidence of what the truth of the Research reveals, please write to The Federal Association of Archaeology & Research of Michigan, USA. This is a good reason to remind the Bumiputras NOT to ask the Chinese or Indians to go back to their Motherlands because the evidence had shown that Malays were NOT the original people of Malaysia! The Truth Revealed (with evidence) and anthropologists have yet to ascertain if there was indeed a Malay race!

  255. style ada says:

    BUTTERWORTH: Fed up of becoming the frequent target of false SMS messages, nasi kandar operators are appealing to Malaysians to stop spreading rumours about them.

    Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Operators Association president K.K. Sihabutheen said mobile phone users should stop forwarding messages calling for a boycott of nasi kandar (a popular savoury curry dish) outlets.

  256. Bola Hangus says:

    MT, stop speading your lies. I have not seen a single article that supports you claims. Are you telling me that there are no malays living here even before malacca sultanate? There was already malay living in KL before gangter aloi came did you knopw that? You must be smoking crack. The constitunional definition of a malay is someone who embrace islam and prcatised its culture and language. It never mentioned anything about DNA. If orang asli came here beforehand, they did not establish any permanent settlement, they roam the jungle and thus did not claim a stake in this country.Besides they are also considered as bumiputra. whats the big deal.

    Malays wre already in langkasuka kedah and they wre not indians. It was later invaded by that hindraf chola because he was jealous on this golden land. So thats why we see remnant of hindu temple there. Using your line of argument, if ancient malays had hiduism they must ne indian. And if buddha came from india his followers who practise buddhism are indians too? This must be the makkal sakthi theory cos it dont fly by me.

    Malays had culture,language, civilization, governance and most important claimed this land. Even if tuah is chinese muslims, so what? if he came to malacca, practise islam and malay culture hes one of us. He is not a threat to our state of existence.We’re very open and accomodating that is why our hospitality is often taken advantage of. This is the weakness of the malays. We should then said NO and just give these people PR status without any voting priviledge. Then they will truly be 2nd class like what they are whining about. Ini sekolah pun ada, newspaper, bahasa sendiri, controll the economy, own the big houses and cars nak kata 2nd class. bagi muka dah kurang ajar.

    . Malaaca requested the friendship and asistant of ancient china because they were the superpower then just like the USA is today not the later degenerates monyet that migrated here. Now these pendatangs who came here wanting to create a mini china and refusing to assimilate and still says we malays are racist. Wake up and dont test our patience so much . The english broughty these pendatangs here without our approval. The english wre gentlemen enough to leave when not welcome but the same cant be said about the greedy exploiting pendatang. The only requst by the malay to accept your sorry asses in this land is that you recognize or special positions, priviledges and respect for the malay rulers. Being ancestors of pimps, pirates, cetak rompak and judi, of course they agreed. 50 years on you want to renege? Thisd show that these people cant be trusted. That are here to just to exploit this land just like their ancestors. No desire to assimilate and build a nation. malysia malaysia is another nonsense aimed at creating a big umbrella so the pendatang can hide under to further their pillage.

  257. bolehland says:

    If Malaysian chinese are “immigrants” then Malaysian Malays are also immigrants, most of them with foreparents from Indonesia, Sumatera, Egypt, Pakistan eg our Tun Mahathir’s foreparents were from Pakistan (Mamak descendents).The latest Ahmad immigrant issue was sparked off from Permatang Pauh by election.It was for obvious reason to gain votes from the local Malays by trying to instill hatred towards non-Malays as BN found that they would not get anymore vote from non-Malay, so had to “keris” the Malays – only for votes but turned sour.BN now and obviously our Tun Mamakthir is keen to spark off a riot and all past wrongdoings would be ride off. People of Rakyat are not so stupid to do that.The real “riot” not is in BN-Umno and the real “immigrant” is BN-umno. The majority rakyat are living in harmony with each other.It is only the BN-Umnoputera/ris who are trying to disharmonious the rakyat and the nation for their own agenda. We rakyat had been fooled for 23 years and will would not b fooled again for the next 50 years or 100 years. Our Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman had a vision and foresight by implementing “Muhibbah” but Umno destroyed that vision by segregation and decentralisation.Without Muhibbah our country is still not Merdeka yet.Assuming all Malaysians were Malays, would there be harmony.Right now the Malays are “fighting” amongst themselves, mud slinging each other and condemning each other.This goes to show we cant mix religion with politics and vice versa. We want Muhibbah Malaysia & Merdeka Malaysia.Colonisation is outdated and not relevant,Globalisation is relevant in our era now.Do not fear colonisation by the British we fear most colonisation by one particular Party.Welcome globalisation within the country and people, do not colonise the people!”Merdeka” with “Muhibbah”, “Globalisation” & “Harmony” (3 new Parties not Parties according to races – obselete.)!!!

  258. zam88 says:

    kenapa apabila orang cina yang ekstrem spt DAP mempersoalkan kedudukan kaum bumiputera dianggap sebagai suara demokrasi,tetapi apabila pemimpin bumiputera bercakap tentang fakta kedatangan orang cina ke malaysi semasa penjajahan british,dianggap sebagai perkauman atau racist.siapa sebenarnya yang racist.tkami bumiputera telah setuju beri hak kewarganegaraan kepada kaum cina dan india. malah semasa penjajahan british,british telah merompak hak bumiputera untuk diaberikan kepada kaum cina dan india.malah kedudukan raja-raja melayu dan pemimpin bumiputera tidak langsung dihormati oleh penjajah british.british merampas tanah orang bumiputera dan diberikan kepada orang cina dan orang eropah untuk dijadikan ladang.namun itu semua sudah berlalu.sudah 51 tahun kita merdeka.kami orang bumiputera menghormati hak kaum cina dan india sebagai warganegara.sebagai timbal balasnya,orang cina dan india kenalah hormat dan tidak mempertikaikan kedudukan istimewa kaum bumiputera walau atas apa alasan pun.harap kaum cina,india dan bumiputera menghormati kontrak sosial yang telah dipersetujui bersama.kontrak sosial tersebut tidak boleh dipersoalkan lagi.tolonglah berfikiran matang.

  259. anak pulau pinang says:

    With the latest development in the saga of Ahmad Ismail, it is clear that that bugger does not care a toss for what Bodohla says. But than again who would care a damn for a spineles creature who changes his mind everytime he opens his mouth. Bodhla had said that he would speak to Ahmad when he attended the Penang UMNO meeting and had indicated that Ahmad had been wrong when he uttered the seditious statements about the Chinese. However, he comes out of the meeting sounding like a chastised kid caught playing with his own willy. There was no fire nor reprimand for Ahmad. In fact what came out was a bloody poor excuse that he gave for Ahmad’s racist statement.
    Can you blame the Sumatran (yup, he is also a descendant of an immigrant and is also a squatter on this land) for feeling his bloody head swell, hence his second Press Conference. The details of his second Press Conference are well documented and reported by all media. But what does Bodohla now say ??? We (Najib and he) will meet Ahmad and talk to him again – of course with what can only be passed off as a very serious view to reprimand Ahmad. If people such as Raja Petra can be hauled up by the cops for his exposure of the misdemeanors of the ruling party and threatened with ISA and whatever else, what the FxxK is Bodohla doing dealing with this charactr with kid glove. At his second Press Conference, this madman has openly challenged the PM and it only takes a fool not to consider his statements as provocative and that he is openly inciting the Malays and Muslims to cause trouble. He makes no apology for his seditious statements and as reported, he has succeeded to incite members of the Penang UMNO present to act very aggressively. What is the police doing about this?? Are they waiting for someone to file a police report? Are they waiting for the trouble to erupt before they take action. And why the F**king hell is Bodohla still talking about meeting the trouble maker. talking with the trouble maker etc.
    Be the Prime Minister you claim to be, kick that poor excuse of a “retreaded” Malaysian into jail NOW. Or can it be true that the bloke has got you, Mr Prime Minister by the balls for some really juicy hush hush deal in Penang that some little birdie has sung about top other bloggers.
    And by the way, remember that by Ahmad’s classification, your are also an immigrant, not to mention Jeanne baby too.

  260. ktteokt says:

    It looks like BN is still trying to bang on the RUKUNEGARA, saying that it will bring about harmony to the nation. I have repeatedly harped on these four words in the Rukunegara – “membina masyarakat yang adil” in the preamble. What masyarakat yang adil is there when Malay Special Rights exists? I think it is for this reason that the preamble is purposely “censored” from the “modern day” Rukunegara!

    Below is a translation of the article from the 8th September 2008 issue of Utusan Melayu:

    8hb September 2008

    Oleh Mohamad Sidek Mohamad Salleh
    Gambar Irman Yusof

    Kuala Lumpur – Sebanyak 20,000 naskhah buku Rukun Negara telah diterbitkan semula baru-baru ini untuk diedarkan kepada orang ramai termasuk para pelajar diseluruh Negara.

    Rukunegara telah dijadikan tunjang kepada dasar Negara membentuk masyarakat pelbagai kaum dan pegangan agama bersatu padu, harmoni dan toleransi.

    Yang Dipertuan Agung ketika itu, Almarhum Tuanku Ismail Nasaruddin Shah kali pertama telah melancarkan buku Rukunegara pada 31 Ogos 1970.

    Kali ini, Menteri Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan, Dato’ Sri Mohamed Shafie Apdal pula telah menyempurnakan pelancaran semula buku Rukunegara yang berwajah baru dan berwarna-warni.

    Pelancarannya di Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah, Kuala Lumpur telah diadakan sempena ulangtahun ke-51 kemerdekaan Malaysia.

    Turut hadir Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan, Doktor Muzahid Masuri, Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Warisan) Kementerian berkenaan Dato’ Nor Azmal Mohamed Nadir, Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia, Dato’ Kamarudin Mohamed Dom dan Ketua Pengarah Arkib Negara, Sidik Jamil.

    Buku Rukunegara terbaru dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris berukuran 15 x 21 sentimeter setebal 36 muka surat telah diterbitkan semula Arkib Negara Malaysia. Terbitan asal oleh Jabatan Penerangan. (Butiran penuh muka 8).

    Shafie dalam peruntusannya didalam buku tersebut berkata, adalah wajar usaha berterusan memupuk pemahaman dasar Rukunegara ini digilap kepada rakyat Malaysia terutama dikalangan generasi muda.

    Ini adalah untuk memastikan kelangsungan perpaduan, keharmonian dan keamanan masyarakat majmuk dinegara ini.

    “Rukunegara yang kita pegang berupaya membenihkan semangat jati diri, kekitaan serta nasionalisme didalam sanobri seseorang agar menjadi warganegara yang prihatin dan bertanggungjawab berhadap kebudayaan, warisan bangsa, toleransi antara kaum serta kekitaan dalam masyarakat,” katanya.

    Beliau berharap buku tersebut akan menjadi bahan rujukan ringkas yang berguna mengenai warisan perjuangan perpaduan yang diusahakan kerajaan demi menanam semangat perpaduan dan keharmonian berterusan dikalangan rakyat agar dapat terus hidup aman sejahtera dan bersatu padu dibumi Malaysia yang tercinta ini.

    If BN is at all serious about trying to maintain harmony among the races based on the Rukunegara, then it should not have failed to implement what it has written, but what we have seen so far is that for the 38 years this “Holy document” was in existence, nothing has been done to realize its objectives!

  261. ktteokt says:

    This racist idiot should get a copy of the Rukunegara and read every word in it to see if he is “abiding” by this Holy National Document!

  262. Inspector Joget says:

    In my previous capacity as a humanitarian and peacekeeping volunteer, I have seen the effects and atrocities of war and turmoil in other countries.

    To those idiots in our country who easily preaches their ideals edging on racial issues with blatant disregard to the country’s peace and harmony, I say you are not fit to be called a Malaysian, let alone representing the people. Yes, you are NOT FIT to be a leader at all…

    When I was abroad for my voluntary work in war torn countries, I felt overwhelmingly grateful that Malaysia is a country blessed with peace and harmony. Reminiscing even simple things like having teh tarik roti canai with friends in the middle of the night brought tears to my eyes.

    I am a malay. I married a chinese. I have relatives both malay and chinese. I celebrate Raya and Chinese New Year every year. I have many friends from all races in Malaysia. We love each other and we dont have problems at all. For these love, unity and bond I have with my other fellow friends to be disrupted by thoughtless rantings from an ignorant prick like one Ahmad Ismail, I say we dont need such mindless individual like him here…get rid of this guy! Heck, get rid of all the Ahmad Ismails now!!!

  263. These politicians are living in the old ages.

    Leave them alone.

  264. nera says:


    Much as the remarks or behaviour of Ahmad Ismail are detestable, his right to express his opinion must be respected. In a mature democracy, freedom of expression is respected. A climate of free debate is better than physical violence. Gone are the days when the citizens can be silent. If Ahmad’s views are archaic, he will not find a market for them. Much as he rants, not many will take notice. However, if he is charged with sedition, it will turn him into a matyr in the eyes of his supporters. Pay no attention to him, soon he will end up in the dustbin of history.

  265. worldattended says:

    There was already malay living in KL before gangter aloi came did you knopw that? – bola hangus

    What a stupid fellow. MT talking of long before Ah Loy bodoh. Even before Malacca Sultanate If you cannot understand what MT wrote dont comment. Tak paya merepek. Just proving your stupidity like that.

  266. livegoeson says:

    there are just as many malays who migrated to malaysia in the last 50 yrs from across the straits, they are even more recent pendatangs.

    it is thus a very low level discussion as to who was here first and therefore regards themselves having more rights over others.

    the global village waits for no man and this low level mindset will not improve the competitive advantage of the country a wee bit.

    if the country insists on treating some sections of its very own rakyat as pendatangs, then it has lose its sovereign moral in the global village.

    And within a generation, even Vietnam will over-take us.

    all this in the name of self satisfaction of being ketuanan. in another 30 to 50 years, you may have your ketuanan, but a begger in the global village.

  267. Bola Hangus says:

    worldattended, hang la bodo. the points your monkey cousin MT was making is that just because parameswara established malacca in 14th century means that no malay were living there then. My example is to show how donkey brain he and you are. Thare are already malay settlemenst all along the peninsula but because they were not as big or as great as the malacca EMPIRE, they were forgotten. Bodoh bahlol punya sepet merempat tak sedag diri..

  268. livegoeson says:

    u can continue to dig, and of course before the malays were the orang utans, the monkeys, babis etc but not any other races.

    wonder where the malays came from ?

    it is pointless and meaningless.

  269. Repeat says:

    MH (21:58:26) :

    In June 1998, the government of Malaysia had hired a team of experts from all over the world to be gathered here in Malaysia for a research project to compliment the history studies that we undertook in our secondary school. The objective of the research is simply:

    1. To find proof and evidence that show the Malays were the origins of Malaysia and they were the first race and religion that landed their feet in Malaysia.

    2. To further strengthen their claims, first they need to find the graveyard of the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and etc.. to show the existence of their pioneers.

    3. The Batu bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that the islamic religion has landed in Malaysia for more than a hundred years ago which furtherstrengthen their claims!

    BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Go and ask your brother, sister, niece, nephew etc. Since the year 1999 (if i’m not mistaken) or year 2000, do they study about HANG TUAH anymore ???

    Why is that popular subject GONE ??? Missing in action ??? or evidence reveals something else that caused the government to stop the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH ???

    Here are the Evidences of the findings by the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia.

    The evidence are:

    1) They finally found the graveyard of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat etc…, their skeleton had been analized and samples of DNA taken with the results show:
    Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and mates were NOT MALAY!!! They were CHINESE (islamic) from China!!! Why were they here in Malacca???
    If go back in history, you would know that they were on a mission to protect the UNGRATEFUL MALAY Sultanate from the frequent attacks by the Kingdom of SIAM (Thailand) !!!
    So Hang Tuah was not Malay hero!!! They were the protectors of the useless and ungrateful Parameswara (who was from INDONESIA) landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him!!!

    The Hang Tuah bunch of people were all from China, they were being assigned to Malacca Sultanate because Parameswara requested the
    Ming Dynasty Emporer for protection!!! Hence, the rich historical heritage of the Babas & Nyonya being closely linked to the Seven
    Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who incidentally was a Chinese Muslim himself!

    That’s why the Hang Tuah series of history is MISSING from the Malaysian SEJARAH today! !!

    Note : Remember Princess Hang Li Poh ? – All surname ‘HANG’

  270. Repeat says:

    Second Evidence:

    The researchers hired by the government found the oldest tomb stones (graveyard) in Kelantan in year 2000. Suprisingly the tomb stones were at least 900 years old!!! Older than the so-called batu bersurat. And the best thing was that they all belonged to the CHINESE !!!

    Being landed first in Malacca doesn’t mean Malay is the first in Malaysia because during that time, the road was too long or undeveloped for them to reach or see the other side of the coast where the Chinese had landed much earlier. If you want the black and white hard evidence of what the truth of the Research reveals, please write to The Federal Association of Archaeology & Research of Michigan, USA. This is a good reason to remind the Bumiputras NOT to ask the Chinese or Indians to go back to their Motherlands because the evidence had shown that Malays were NOT the original people of Malaysia! The Truth Revealed (with evidence) and anthropologists have yet to ascertain if there was indeed a Malay race!

  271. wont be long now says:

    .. Is there really a race called the “Malays”? All anthropologists DO NOT SEEM TO THINK SO.

    Neither do the “Malays” who live on the West Coast of Johor. They’d rather be called Javanese. What about the inhabitants on the west coast of Kedah who prefer to be known as “Achenese”? or the Ibans who simply want to be known as IBANS. Try calling a Kelabit a “Malay” and see what response you get… you’ll be so glad that their Head-Hunting days are over.

    Here is an excerpt from an article in the Star, dated: 3 Dec 2006. :

    The Malays – taken as an aggregation of people of different ethnic backgrounds but who speak the same language or family of languages and share common cultural and traditional ties – are essentially a new race, compared to the Chinese, Indians and the Arabs with their long histories of quests and conquests.

    The Malay nation, therefore, covers people of various ethnic stock, including Javanese, Bugis, Bawean, Achehnese, Thai, orang asli, the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak and descendants of Indian Muslims who had married local women.

  272. wont be long now says:

    The definition of “Malay” is therefore simply a collection of peoples who speak a similar type language. With what is meant by a similar type language does not mean that the words are similar. Linguists call this the “Lego-type” language, where words are added on to the root word to make meaning and give tenses and such. Somehow, the Indonesians disagree with this classification and insist on being called “Indonesians” even though the majority of “Malays” have their roots in parts of Indonesia. They refuse to be called “Malay”…. Any way you may define it.

    The Star newspaper writer failed to identify (probably didn’t know), that the “Malay” definition also includes, the Champa, Dong Song, Hoa Binhian, The Taiwanese Alisan and the Filipino Aetas. He also did not identify that the “Orang Asli” are (for lack of a better term) ex-Africans. If you try to call any one of our East Malaysian brothers an “Orang Asli”, they WILL BEAT YOU UP! I had to repeat this because almost all West Malaysians make the same mistake when we cross the South China Sea. Worse, somehow, they feel even more insulted when you call them “Malay”. Somehow, “kurang ajar” is uttered below their breath as if “Malay” was a really bad word for them. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

  273. wont be long now says:

    With this classification, they MUST also include the Filipinos, the Papua New Guineans, the Australian aborigines, as well as the Polynesian aborigines. These are of the Australo Melanesians who migrated out of Africa 60,000yrs ago.

    Getting interesting? Read on…

    “Malay” should also include the Taiwanese singer “Ah Mei” who is Alisan as her tribe are the ancestors of the “Malays”. And finally, you will need to define the Southern Chinese (Southern Province) as Malay also, since they are from the same stock 6,000yrs ago.

    Try calling the Bugis a “Malay”. Interestingly, the Bugis, who predominantly live on Sulawesi are not even Indonesians. Neither do they fall into the same group as the migrating Southern Chinese of 6,000yrs ago nor the Australo Melanesian group from Africa.

  274. wont be long now says:

    Of the 3 books listed, “Contesting Malayness” (about S$32 for soft cover) is “banned” in Malaysia; you will need to “smuggle” it into Malaysia; or read it in Singapore if you don’t feel like breaking the law.

    The other, “Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago, and the Malay Peninsular” (about RM84) are openly sold at all leading bookshops; Kinokuniya, MPH, Borders, Popular, Times, etc. You should be able to find a fair bit of what I’ve been quoting in this book too, but mind you, it is very heavy reading material, and you will struggle through the initial 200+ pages. It is extremely technical in nature. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t banned (yet)… because our authorities couldn’t make head or tail of it?

  275. livegoeson says:

    The constitutional definition of “Malay” and along with it the special rights, will prove to be the undoing of the “Malay race” or rather “Malays Group”.

    In an ironic sense, the “non-Malays” are made tougher and more competitive as a result.

    Just look at the spoon-fed domesticated animals. They dare not venture into the wild, and if they do, won’t survive for long.

    The policy, right from the very beginning, sows the seed of destruction of the very people that it intended to help.

    But domesticated animals will never realise spoon-feeding is bad for them in the long-run and will keep coming back for more.

  276. Bola Hangus says:

    and what is the definition of a chinese? are they the warring monkeys and beruks conquered by the first emperor chin under his rule? or a seperate ape species? Did they speak diiferent labguages before being subjugated or one common language? lets dig up the tomb of chin to find out if he is related to lucy or the flatnoodle shall we?

  277. Bola Hangus says:

    lives goes on, as in nature when an aggressive introduced species is set loose in an eco system, it will create havoc and ruin the natural order of things be it domesticated animals or not. In britain they hunt and shoot the intoduced grey squirrel because it is a threat to the red squirrel. An ecology that is face with such destruction, the animals are left with 2 choices, spoodfeeding or euthanasia. And every one lives happily ever after..

  278. livegoeson says:

    spoonfeeding or euthanasia, only 2 choices for the protected group.

    God Bless.

  279. Orang Utan says:

    All of u who debated on remarks made by Ahmad should take note on why he made such remarks particularly at this point of time.Do u think he is not aware that such remark will create a furore especially among the Chinese?I dont think so.My analysis is that this remark is made on purpose.We should ignore him completely.Actually it is the BN who lose the most from these remarks.So why are we so upset over this?

  280. chaptokam says:

    Recommend you all to read up on the historical journey to the west.

    In historical legend in the story of monkey go west , there are three people who followed the monk to India to get the holy scripts from Buddha and to bring back the Buddhist scriptures to China. Along the way, he picks up some disciples that will assist him on his perilous journey to India. First up is Sun Wukong or pronounced su mo kong the legendary monkey king who shook the pillars of heaven, only to be cast down by the Lord Buddha to await the coming of the Tang Priest or monk. In due course, three other compatriots will join the brotherhood: a disgraced Dragon Prince, a Water Demon, and most famously, the gluttonous and lustful Pig ( tu pak kuai ), a demoted Heavenly General whose numerous vices make him a less than ideal Buddhist monk.
    Of course, the members of this ragtag group after getting the holy scriptures headed back to China . Its interesting to note that these ragtag group are today worshipped in a lot of Chinese temples except for one odd man out . Try to figure what happen to that odd man out ?

  281. Orang Utan says:

    U see his tactics is to pull everybody into this controversy.The more u ask him to apologise the more he will say things to instigate u & make u angrier.I think he is laughing in his heart that his tactics really work.So please dont ask him to apologise & make him look like a hero.

  282. chaptokam says:

    Orang Utan (22:03:40) :
    I support what you say about him however we are not asking him to apologise , after all what’s the use of an apology if he doesn’t mean it , for the fun of it . We don’t need it but we would like him to eat nasi lemak for breakfast , lunch and dinner .!

  283. Inspector Joget says:

    I’ll say it again, especially to all racist,”Every human has equal right to stupidity, but there’s some who will abuse the privilege…”

  284. ktteokt says:

    Put in an application to WWF for protection of a new species – “UMNOPUTRAS”

  285. smallman says:

    whatever happened to freedom of speech friends?

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