Since PM Samak of Thailand declared a state of emergency in Bangkok yesterday, it is illegal to gather more than 5 in any part of the city.

Despite the threat, a group of about 50 youths and student activists, gathered on the train station between the National Stadium and Siam last night to share their messages of peace.

Photo above: A lone candlelight vigilant at the gathering – contemplating what’s next after the state of emergency. Will Samak resign?

Saying no to violence in the midst of Bangkok’s current political upheaval.

Background: skycrapper. Think Bangkok, think shopping, shopping and more shopping? But maybe, not anymore?

It was quite noticeable that shoppers tried to avert the rally, preferring to look the other way, while motorcyclist and passer by touted or honked at the group.

Student and youth activists carrying their messages of non-violence and peace across the train station. Public transport workers continue to be on strike until their demands are met. A new prime minister. And then what?

More candlelight vigilants. Are they praying for a more peaceful Bangkok?

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  1. matt says:

    Make sure you are safe susan.

  2. snide says:

    Nalla`s candle dance:

    RPK in his blog exposed Nalla’s press statement made in 1998, in Malaysia Today.

    The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is investigating the allegation that Nallakarruppan paid Anwar Ibrahim RM60 million. This was revealed during the recent Permatang Pauh by-election. Well, read what Nalla said in two excerpts of his press statement released by his lawyer ten years ago on 7 September 1998.

  3. Menyalak-er says:

    “Will Samak resign?”
    Undoubtedly, Susan, as recent history dictates. The army doesn’t seem to want bloodshed, and they definitely have a hand in this, after all PAD is just an acronym for the ex-generals cabal.
    Although Thaksin did open up the Thai economy (fiscal competency), was more ‘democratic’ and had a sounder foreign policy; his rule also reeked of the nepotim, cronyism and corruption that besmirched the govt – no comparison to our local politics though.
    He made the situation in the restive south worse with draconian policies.
    Having met a Thai royal personality while in Chiangmai some time ago, i do know that they have a peculiar ‘abhorrence’ (sudden coldness – shiver, shiver) when one mentions his name.
    The ‘intelligensia’ otoh, feels that Samak, being a Thaks goon will propogate his kind of policies, which they say run counter with the Thai culture.
    Samak may be taking a flight to London soon, and be Thaks bouncer in 5-star ‘Pagoda’ Niteclub, Piccadilly Circus.

  4. wandererAUS says:

    Most countries have students coming out leading demonstrations against a corrupted and evil govt who oppresses the people. In this country, student stay very silent and almost zero participation. Are’nt they suppose to be involved with events unfolding in the country…as part of growing up and social awareness. Obviously, they are the contented lot, well look after by this UMNO led administration…with a political motive. So not surprising, we have arrogant, dumb head graduates offer to the job market…such students are not seen favorable as employees to big companies.
    What a waste to taxpayers’ money!

  5. suchfun says:

    Samak may hv to resign soon! Thai ppl had very little patience, Samak hardly warmed his seat

  6. monsterball says:

    Yes…..when Thai King dies…all hell goes loose…in Thailand.
    Taksin is known to be the Robin Hood of Thailand…robbed the rich and fed the poor.
    For that…..Taksin really have the majority Thais…want PM.
    But the Military and King….seems to want him out.
    Everyone knows….Samak is Taksin’s…puppet.
    The situation is so complex….for the past two years… it is no fun to go to Thailand……not knowing what comes next.
    I was caught with such clashes….in Bangkok….last year…and a bomb scare at Hatyai…now deciding…no more Thailand holidays…until i feel it is OK to go there again.

  7. snipe snips says:


    The composition of that 1st pic is very good. The flautist reminds of a “snake charmer”, so does he intend something to “rise” from the “box” in front of him. Or is it symbolic of their “hopes”.
    If you ever hold a pic exhibition you could make that as a theme. Good one.

  8. snipe snips says:

    Btw got a call from my bkk chums yesterday that they got no problemo over there. Apparently its the “protesters” who are at each other throats only and no children arrested (like by badawi).

    P.S. Is Boon Hooi in bkk oso?

  9. snipe snips says:

    OK here`s a little story (somewhat OT) that belongs in the history of journalism in M`sia.

    Boon Hooi went for an interview to the NST but did not get a job, as the paper was then in the process of “ethnic cleansing”. Times were not good then – financially wise. So Boon Hooi headed north, teamed up with a Japanese photographer and crossed the border into Burma.

    There he was able to arrange an interview with Khun Sa under very difficult circumstances, and became the 1st person to do so. On his return he went to the NST and “sold” the story (to his good luck at a tidy sum-they tried to batgain and he told them take it or leace it) which was then published in full page supplements. He became famous and was held in awe by the “punks” then established in NST.

    He also went into hiding `cos the American Embassy began looking for him as he had exposed the CIA-opium trade connections. (Can`t blame him for that as ASWJ journo Jonathan Kwitny died under mysterious circumstances for somewhat similar expose later tied to NuganHand Bank),

    Boon Hooi then left the country again and went back to Thailand. Later when things died down he returned and held a picture exhibition at the Hyatt, KL.
    WHAT A GUY!! He made history.

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