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Najib Tun Razak. Sorry no cure.

The fact that he was present when Bukit Bendera UMNO chief Ahmad Ismail uttered those damning words to Malaysian Chinese during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign period, and did nothing, makes him guilty by association.

The apology has come a little too late. Better late than never? But it had also meant that Najib had endorsed the statement by Ahmad. Najib represents UMNO.

His “sorry’ simply means nothing now.

What is the appropriate action that can be taken against Ahmad? That is what the UMNO supreme council intends to do now. The damage has been done.

But was Ahmad really wrong in saying that the Chinese in Malaysia were mere immigrants and thus are not entitled to equal rights?

He was echoing his exact thoughts, observations and beliefs while being a member of UMNO. He is at least not a hypocrite like MCA and Gerakan.

For many, under UMNO, the Malaysian Chinese felt exactly as if they were immigrants, being reminded constantly to ‘balik China’.

So I wonder why MCA and GERAKAN are still fretting about the issue, asking Ahmad to apologise?

MCA was in cohorts with UMNO for the last 51 years, kowtowing to all those racist policies. And saying nothing when the constituency they are supposed to defend gets treated badly.

If those Chinese based parties have suddenly awaken and “found enlightenment”, why not just jump over to PAKATAN RAKYAT, like their grassroots have already done?

Perhaps, there’s time yet to save themselves, restore somedignity in their parties, for their members, and who knows, in the process, save Malaysia, too.

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  1. yesterday once more says:

    why the trouble to ask for Chinese vote, Najib?

  2. ah long says:

    MCA is like UMNO dog. The master say sit, MCA sit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Najib will say anything and even to the extent of swearing, but not means it.

  4. wits0 says:

    LKY is a smelly spittle spewer pretending to elementary bravado and Ah Koon is a spineless PhD-ed apologist wimp, whole life dwelling in ivory towers. Soiled (n) Leaked, likewise another pretender to relevancy.

    Why is the DPM seemingly apologising for this occasion? What about that infamous event in 1987 at the TPCA Stadium? Oh yeah, politics is all about perception as he is wont to preach! Their kind of is assuredly devoid of reality and honesty as demonstrated hence.

  5. As I have stressed time and again that Malaysia does not need racial based parties. If the MCA, MIC and other racial based parties would realise the new era of Malaysians, they would not stick to the parties. Leave as soon as possible. Unless they want to have the chance to shout and their heads ( pic) appear in the local MSM.

  6. sklee says:

    MCA is an association masquerading as a political party.Except for the founding father Sir Tan Cheng Lock and Dr.Lim Chong Eu ( when he was president briefly ), the other leaders including Tan Siew Sin did not..dared not… articulate the aspirations of the chinese community they were supposed to represent..that is to be equal and rightful citizens of Malaya/Malaysia.They were afraid to “offend” UMNO and prefered to take whatever “crumbs” UMNO had to offer from time to time taking into considerations their own interests.That , in a nutshell, is why many Malaysian chinese do not support the association!Now, it seems, the majority of the chinese community,have decided that it is about time to forgo racial politics and to look for a political party for all malaysians irregardless of race and religions.The chinese do not need an association masquerading as a political party to represents us!

  7. ANg Kong says:

    My instinct tells me that this fiasco will slowly, gradually but surely disappear fr the public eyes.
    charge his with ‘sedition’… HAHAHA…you must be a joker! you might as well send UMNO to the jail.

    I do not expect such OTT reaction, I say stay out of the jail but strips him off the datukship, slabs him with M$100,000 (to be donated to charities) and bans him fr taking part in any political affairs for 5 yrs would suffice. Is this too much to ask?

  8. OPPS says:

    oppsss ssssooorry

    p/s i’ll do it again. just a simple sorry will pacify them Again and again….so sorry for now?

  9. sklee says:

    The Chinese do not need an association masquerading as a political party to represent them!

  10. cinta Malaysia says:

    This Ahmad fella can never be forgiven until he is brought to court to face justice.
    No Malaysian should tell another Malaysian that they are not Malaysian!

  11. machitam says:

    a half-past six apology. looking at Najis face, i couldn’t be bemused that there is no sincerity in him. there is always an hidden agenda.

    yes, he was there when this racist bigot ahmad kauman made the statement. he didn’t clear the air. he didn’t attempt to apologise later. even after PP election result was announced, he kept mumb. why? because bumno is facing an “identity” crisis” or “split personality” sort of. of course there is an hidden agenda. no doubt about it.

    and this bodohwi said ” i know he didn’t ment what he said….”
    WHY NOT SWEAR ON THE QURAN that Ahmad didn’t ment what he said.

    just like saifool had said “anwar liwat me against my will” and bodohwi said “we want to be fair on anwar but we also must be fair to saifool.” but he charge anwar on “consentual” sodomy. what a circus!

    you what? and this Ahmad is smiling so wide that his mouth touch his ears.

    and i have always condemn racism …i’ll be damned!!!

  12. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    MCA & GERAKAN got no balls one lar…their balls long time already gone…
    When comes to election votes, these BN & UMNO morons will desperate enough until call all upon the Chinese to vote for them..when they become goverment they just treat Chinese like dogs..this is what the fact is when goverment is rule by BN..face it..those who previously simply votes for BN should not only open up their eyes and they should open up their ears lol..make sure this time their mind and hands do vote wisely for Oppossition party..DAP & PAKATAN!!!
    If not they will face the same thing again and these morons will shout the same bloody word “Balik Cina” or “Balik Tong San”..but we Chinese in Malaysia doesnot deserve to be halau (expel) by them lol.
    Just look at our recent badminton match in olympic game, I strongly believe if BN did not put pressure on our badminton hero, definately he will be able to win the gold medal..isn’t it???
    In chinese there is a word “Once crossed the bridge, then burn the bridge” this is what UMNO & BN does all the time..

  13. mftms13 says:

    I find your blog site most very interesting. I feel however that your post is showing us what is going to become of our country. It will take time to get there but regrettably i think its started. Perhaps blogging will go a long way to help slow things down but I really don’t know. Although its occurring in Mississippi as shown on our blog site and as i’ve seen on your the ekco rings clearly NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

  14. A true Malaysian says:

    Anak Malaysia,

    You are right. Last good deed that these racist parties can do for Malaysia, OUT OF BN NOW.

    If not, dig and buried in your own graves soon.

  15. Kenny Gan says:

    When will the next time we hear Umno MPs shout “Cina balik China” in Parliament? The last time was before the Permatang Pauh by-election. Believe me, we’ll hear it again.

  16. if sorry is not enough, what will?

  17. Menyalak-er says:

    I don’t actually care if that benighted consience of Temujin’s daughter ‘apologises’ or not. It doesn’t matter one iota, because these frogs sit in their swamp and croak: ‘We are the only bumis! What is ours is ours, what is yours must also be ours!”
    This is beyond fascism and rascism: This is greed, pride, fanaticism and devilry masquerading in false humility!
    Cynical, because they derive real pleasure in doing something that is forbidden.
    “The evil in them was foul, but they loved it” (paraphrased fr. Augustine of Hippo)
    Forget your platitudes bumno, for your time is near and your “invicta bumno aeterna” (Latin: eternal unconquerable bumno) burns!

  18. bubble&squeak says:

    Faced with the very real threat of extinction, the component parties finally speak out against their Master. Hmmm…better late than never? I beg to differ. Now that voters have other realistic alternatives on hand it really makes little difference if they speak out or not. Sorry but there is such a thing as too little too late.

    We all know that they have been towing the BN line for years. The BN position is nothing new. It’s a good little show MCA but not good enough to win my vote. I’ll keep mine for the people/parties who deserve it.

    What was said that day in PP is probably said at every single UMNO meeting anyway. Only this time the general public caught wind of it at time when the Malaysian voter can really make a political difference. That’s the only significance of this case.

    Ahmad is probably sitting back in disbelief now that he is in exile. Noone in his party has ever been denied the opportunity to speak like this before.
    The little slap on the wrist by the PM actually seemed more of a pat on the back.

    Don’t worry, I have lost no sleep over the PM’s reaction. What can we expect anyway.

    By the way, I am Chinese but my vote in March went to the PAS candidate because, Muslim or otherwise, I believe the PAS candidate has more honourable intentions than a BN guy ever would. You see, as an ordinary voter I will vote for the BEST PERSON for the job – I couldn’t care less if you are Chinese or not. I don’t care if you only eat pork or not. You don’t have to speak Chinese either. I just want someone who can look after the community in the position you hold. Simple as that.

    Some people just don’t get it.

  19. […] On a serious note, this Ahmad-bashing (read Malaysiakini) is also too late. How many others have made even more seditious remarks and they got away? This Ahmad is just mimicking his ketuas. And there are hundreds and thousands who will repeat the same thing in future. What more, the lame excuse given by our PM to cover the issue is just so frustrating for us. Many Gerakan and MCA members have condoned them for so long, they took it for granted already. I am tired of seeing this ‘two sets of laws for two different races’ style adopted by the Barisan Nasional. I hate double standards. SusanLoone too said, “Sorry no cure, Najib”. […]

  20. alan bane says:

    If Najib is in a apologetic mood, he himself must first and foremost apologise to every Malaysian Chinese when in 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib defended special Malay privileges in a widely documented speech where he vowed to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood.

    Secondly the Ahmad racist moron uttered the seditious words in his presence. Why was there a deafening silence from him for several weeks before he open his mouth.

    Thirdly by merely apologising can he absolve the sins of Ahmad racist moron just like he absolve all his Altantuya’s sins by merely swearing at a mosque??

  21. james dean says:

    Susan, you make a good judge. I would be hounered to recomend you for the bench. This Najib has shown his coulers so often that somtimes I wonder if he knows what he is doing.

  22. lucia says:

    “What about that infamous event in 1987 at the TPCA Stadium?”

    i wrote this in anil’s blog:

    much as i dislike najib, i think i have to speak up that it is not fair or proper to bring up his ‘keris will be washed in chinese blood’ remark.

    first of all that happened 21 years ago when he was still a youth. secondly if we can say that the umnoputeras should not bring up anwar’s past dealings (esp. when he was a DPM), then to be fair we should not bring up najib’s too. for sure, when anwar was a DPM he had made racist bigoted remarks (or actions!) too and we had said it is not proper for umno to ‘assisinate his character’ based on his past. if that’s so, then we shouldn’t do that to najib too.

    i don’t know with you guys but that’s how i feel. i criticise umno a lot for bringing up anwar’s past, therefore i feel i should not go back to najib’s past to criticise him.

    anyway back to topic, i feel ahmad ismail should be the one to apoligise, not najib!

  23. AM says:

    This kind of UMNO vs MCA/Gerakan sandiwara is rehashed again and again, making the actors look more stupid and irrelevant.

    Gerakan and MCA leaders will never have the guts to take their parties out of BN.

  24. aiyoo tambi says:

    Kita semua squatters di bumi ini lah. Janji jangan jadi Permanent resident di Neraka. Lagi baik Jadi Citizen di Shurga…………..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Chinese in Malaysia were mere immigrants and thus are not entitled to equal rights?

    So the number of registered voters in P44 should be 39,000 instead of 60,000 since pendatang are not entitled equal rights including rights to votes.

    So why EC bother registering pendatang voters?

    So EPF should refund all monies to pendatang ?

    So why are pendatang given IC instead of visas ?

    So why lived on pendatang taxes contributions ?

    So malaysia never win olympic medal; pendatang won it ?

    So why contribute funds to pendatang school during by elections ?

    So why Arif speaks pendatang language ?

    So many Sos.

  26. Adam & The Ants says:

    14 more days to go….

  27. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam, loo siew pek, sodomiser, BobbyNZ

    after all your efforts countering fella bloggers in support of UMNO you are only seen as pendatang.

    He He He He

  28. ORANGUTAN says:

    Najis is just trying to please the other compent party in Barisan Najis.
    Another wany kulit, kenapa tak menagis, Najis. Why the PDRM is keeping quiet,
    What if PR MP, said those remark, you will see UMNO MP will line up at Bukit Aman, Dang Wangi and PDRM will take action……..
    This is what you say 2 set of Law, double standard…….
    The Jungle Law.
    Semua nya sudah terlambat.

  29. wits0 says:

    “if sorry is not enough, what will?” – ruzaimi ramza (20:47:17) :

    It’s faked that’s why, for there is no sincerity, no admisssion of wrong doing. How can there be any contriteness of spirit when even the so-called apology has to be dressed in absurd conditional terms. In fact it becomes addition of insult to people’s intelligence. As Menyalak-er puts it as, “…greed, pride, fanaticism and devilry masquerading in false humility!”

    With these historically persistent evil, the imputation of Schadenfreude from them is clearly NOT unjustified.

  30. Ex Neutral says:

    Makes me sick when I heard it again and I was even close to fainting when I read Badawi said ” I ‘ll ask him not to do it again”. I mean it’s that the best this PM could do. This Ahmad guy is insulting all Malaysian Chinese. This is how much he value us? Oh how many times must they do this to us? Can’t they have an open mind? And yes I think we”ll hear it again.
    (Again I say to all leaders. if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. ) And to MCA – irrelavant already.

  31. alan bane says:

    Okay Lucia if you don’t think Najib should apologise for the ‘bathing his keris with Chinese blood’ incident perhaps he should apologise to:

    1. Altantuya’s father and mother
    2. Altantuya’s young sons who are now orphans
    3. Altantuya’s family and relatives
    4. The Mongolian people
    5. To all Malaysians for lying, lying and lying
    6. To Allah, for making use of his name in all his hollow swears.

  32. Unbelievably Ahmad Ismail is still. Najib is falling over himself apologizing for this person no one has heard of. This fellow also has got the PM himself Abdullah explaining his actions for him. UMNO oh UMNO… when will you learn….

  33. Casey says:

    Do not expect MCA or GErakan to say a word against Ahmad’s utterance. Theirs is always a delayed reaction – well after the PP by-election.
    Gerakan has seen better days, and will never, never recover from the defeat. PKR and DAP can ignore their presence.

    MCA lacks leaders of substance; they have to beg the porn actor to make a come back. The Puchong MCA man and the lady representing the interest of Malaysian women, Ng Yen Yen have given the support to the greatest sex show in the century. And now, MCA want to present to all Malaysians, the greatest ERECTION in MCA history. MCA leaders represent the greatest jerks of all time. I do not expect any MCA MPs to walk over to PKR after having enjoyed the crumps thrown by their political master, the UMNOputra. It is really a pity that the lone ranger, OTK has to stand all these nonsense.

    Bye-bye to racist politics of UMNO, MCA , MIC …… it is written on the wall….

  34. wits0 says:

    Lucia, the Anwar of ’87 wasn’t the same as the one today. That was the umno Anwar bound to cheer his ilks then.

    After going through a personal Hell, carries with it the opportunity and potential of growth in him, the result of which can be seen today.

    Najib, otoh, cannot be excused by his ‘youth’ then in ’87. He is committed to the same moribund umno ideology and have accumulated even more similar Karma.

  35. veonszu says:

    Some may say it better late than never. But we say it is too little and too late.

    Who knows public apology will soon be elevated to the same status like “statutory declaration” and “swearing in mosque”” in Boleh Land!


  36. cekka says:

    I hate very much if Umno quote racist issues.. and I hate Pakatan Rakyat too, to pour an oil into fire. They’re politicians, and they want our votes.. BN will do whatever.. so do with Pakatan Rakyat.

    Please be rational, there still a light ahead.. Malaysia will be in harmony if all peoples respect each other, for what races their are or for what they believe.

    Please don’t follow low-minded people.. with racist issues.

  37. veonszu says:

    Some may say it is better late than never. But we say it is too little and too late.

    Who knows public apology will soon be elevated to the same status like “statutory declaration” and “swearing in mosque”” in Boleh Land!


  38. kittykat46 says:

    Ok-lah. I’m in a good, forgiving mood….but why is it not Ahmad Ismail apologising?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Najib should swear in a mosque that he is sincere about apologizing on behalf of Ahmad and play video of his swearing repeatedly over RTM and P44 on big screen.

  40. machitam says:

    lucia said “…for sure, when anwar was a DPM he had made racist bigoted remarks (or actions!)…”

    irresponsible and disgusting statement. please quote if anwar ever made a racist statement 10, 15, 20 or 50 yrs ago….my goodness. i can sense that there is “dark spot” in your “innocense”

  41. Menyalak-er says:

    Ex Neutral:”… I was even close to fainting when I read Badawi said:…” (21:16)
    Geez, friend don’t faint, ‘cos dopey only appears clueless… its only when one of his dwarves shafts something sinister into his nerther parts does he awake! By the time that ‘sinister ‘sensation reaches his processing equipment, he becomes “faster than a speeding bullet blah, blah” – El Sinistro, bumno personified!
    By which time, no ‘squatter on this bumi’ (aiyoo thambi, 21:07) is safe, that’s why my friend thambi is much more circumspect than all of us here: “Janji jgn. jadi PR di Neraka.” He’s a genius – that boy!

  42. apapunboleh says:

    Chinese – balik China, can no problem
    Indian – balik India, also no problem
    If all balik, then the Malay must balik Indonesia cause you all are really not the Bumiputera, the Orang Asli are the ‘prince of the earth’

    Please take note, UMNO racists, if other races doesn’t belong here, so do you all.

  43. 4peace says:


    You should be gracious enough to admit your mistake and apologize for the 1987 statement. We had never forgotten that yet.
    I must say that you’re foolish to apologize on behalf of the bloody racist Ahmad

  44. 4peace says:

    Only the Orang Asli has the right to tell everyone to balik Indonesia, Pakistan, china, India……not Umno

  45. joey says:

    To Lucia: Najib’s past is diffentiated from Anwar’s past. Anwar has experienced the top, and has fallen all the way to the very bottom, being arrested, charged, jailed and beaten. Such an experience will change anyone, hence his past doesnt matter anymore and thats why he’s given benefit of the doubt. Whereas Najib is still the same Najib of 21 years ago as far as i am concerned, he is still racist and doesnt regret what he said 21 years ago. Hence his past matters, unless he says and does more to undo the damage, and his words and action can convince the people he is a changed man.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Chandra has been advocating against crossover again.

    He lambast all the baddies of Anwar again and caution that those who supported him will regret and ponders at his (Chandra) advise.

    It is interesting to note that Chandra was once a staunch supporter of Anwar but has changed his stance.

    Chandra always consider himself as the man most knowledgeable of malaysian politics thinks that only he (Chandra) can change and others (like Anwar) won’t.

    I got only this to tell Chandra.

    Political Scientist my foot.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Lucia said:
    i don’t know with you guys but that’s how i feel. i criticise umno a lot for bringing up anwar’s past, therefore i feel i should not go back to najib’s past to criticise him.

    anyway back to topic, i feel ahmad ismail should be the one to apoligise, not najib!

    Lucia, that’s ahmad past. stop picking on him.

  48. Jay says:

    Please pause for a moment and look at yourselves. When a Malay teacher uttered racist words targetting Indians, the silence from even the most vocal in Malaysian cyberspace was deafening. It really made me both angry and sad. If only all those making noise now had spoken up then, the voice against all kinds of racism would have made a big impact to send out a very strong message that racism of any form is wrong. Now, just look at yourselves… how angry you get! Next time, try to be speak up for all, not just your own kind, because then, you are no different from people like UMNO’s Ahmad Ismail!

  49. 4peace says:

    I believe the word “bumiputra” originated from India. Why on earth Umno claimed sole-right to this word.

  50. apapunboleh says:

    The next thing UMNO will instigate will be ethnic cleansing or even jihad against other races.

    Their only chance to survive Anwar is to create chaos and declare emergency.

  51. Surind says:

    Thanks Susan. Have added ya to my blogroll. Feel free to add me to yours if you are cool with it. Thanks 🙂

    A fan.

  52. Johnny Cheah says:

    Well!Well!Well! Lots of comments from you guys. Some right some not so right. Forget about MCA and Gerakan. They will not leave BN to join anybody. They know they only receive crumbs from UMNO but to them it is better than nothing. The only thing for all the races in this country is not to vote them in future elections. This Ahmad Ismail guy shoulld be charged for sedition, nothing more nothing less, PERIOD. If nothing is done to put an end to this racist slur, worse will happen in future. What have this got to do with the DPM, apologising on behalf of this moron. I am a Chinese. What will happen if I were to utter racist slur against the Malays. YOU TELL ME!

  53. Anonymous says:


    You have not been reading much have you.

  54. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    Be gentleman … when people crying for maaf …. ok we accept it.
    However. Umno is still Umno. What have Admad say is what in Umno feels.
    No quiestion. Umno is a RASICT PARTY. We shall reject Umno forever.

    Opsss …. it should be same to the rest racist MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

    😛 more BN

  55. machitam says:

    i don’t see any different between you and Ahmad Ismail. it does make you less racist than him. you know why?

  56. machitam says:

    ..i don’t see any different between you and Ahmad Ismail. it does not make you less racist than him. you want.. to know why?

  57. For Pakatan's Govt. says:

    Discrimination is everywhere!!! Who is free from commiting this sin against mankind.The rich discriminate against the poor. The ‘holy’ discriminate against the ‘unholy’ in their own eyes. The malay discriminate against the chinese,the chinese discriminate against the indians,the malays again discriminate against indians.

    With this vicious cycle going on and on,the educated discriminate against the uneducated,the majority rule discriminating against the minority,the urban against the rural,the healthy against the sick,the young against the old,the man against the feeble woman, the government servants against the public,
    People of titles before their names against the people without any.

    People who walk like they own the whole world against those who don’t own one.Superiors against their inferiors. Teachers against their students, Mercedes car owners against the Kancil owners on the roads. bungalow house owners against the flat dwellers and so on.Please read below Susan,

    James 2:1-13 (New International Version)

    Favoritism( Discrimination) Forbidden

    My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in shabby clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

    Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him? But you have insulted the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court? Are they not the ones who are slandering the noble name of him to whom you belong?

    If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,”you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. For he who said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.

    Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment!

    If all Malaysians repent from this sin of discrimination and ask God truly to forgive them of this sin they are are guilty of, then Malaysia will be a better place to live in. Everyone in Malaysia needs to change. You set the example as parents and your children will follow.

  58. Anonymous says:


    open your eyes and you will see the difference btw 4peace aand Ahmad, open wide. you want to know how ?

  59. conspirator says:

    Has anyone ever thought that this may all be a political conspiracy hatched by none other that the mother-of-all conspirators, Najib.

    Just maybe, he enlist an unknown rotten deadwood MP like Ahmad to utter the most seditious statement ever just to riled up the Chinese community in Malaysia. He expects the brouhaha to occur like it did just as planned.

    He then comes in and put up a stupid sympathetic face and apologises to look good in the eyes of the Chinese and gain their political support.

  60. Anonymous says:


    ahmad could have been planted by anwar to whip up the sentiments of MCA and Gerakan making the person who never apologise apologises.

  61. Amin says:

    Ahmad Ismail is an UMNO member. UMNO is a race-based party (or racist party — if you choose to call it) . There are many UMNO members think like Ahmad. He speaks out. Others don’t. So what is wrong? In a democratic country, people are free to speak their mind. If MCA or Gerakan has the guts, then condemn UMNO and cross over to Pakatan Rakyat in protest. Don’t pretend by saying only one member Ahmad is racist, as if other UMNO members are magnanimous and fair to other races. Stop acting.

  62. Anonymous says:


    I believe you are a migrant and lacks understanding in malaysia politics.

  63. machitam says:

    chandra, the Political Scientist my foot,
    for worldly gains had clouded his eyes. ezam also said ” i had to distance myself from anwar because he had swayed ” swayed from what? and this chandra is also playing the same tune….

    political scientist tahi kucing….

  64. Anonymous says:



  65. wandererAUS says:

    Ahmad Ismail, you made an irresponsible statement. Now that you are challenged, you went into hiding. Are you too ashamed or your arrogance as a self-claimed superior race, restrain you from facing the ‘second class’ citizens to explain yourself.
    You statement was offensive and went against the laws of the land. You should be man enough, to apologize without reservation to the Chinese community that you have hurt. Failing which, you deserve the condemnation for your folly….no quarter should be spared and the full arm of the law should fall on your head.

  66. wits0 says:

    Chandra was one of the bright sparks for a little while when he was with Aliran which started in the very dark days of the late seventies but by the mid eighties the cracks began to appear. Today his credibility is totally shot.

  67. citizenken says:

    like to the song chorus line “it’s too late to say goodbye”
    indeed when the titanic leaks, the captain and co-capitain will say all prayers and forgiveness.
    Najib should not appologizes on behalf of Ahmad, he should instead appologize for his “keris gimmick and bath with chinese blood incident.” They(uMno) will only appologizes when they are truly desperate. an act of a desperado.Najib was in the audience when it happen , he could immediate comment the next day in the media. however not. after countless pressure , he gave in , on the behalf on an idiotic ambitious race card raiser.
    should UMNO wins an by-election, no appologize will be given , only sheer arrogances. i am shock MCA, Gerakan raises this issues , they should have pack their bags earlier. wonder what happen after that silly appologetic event. it’s beginning to like swearing ceremony.
    a cornered animal behavior prior september 16.

  68. demon says:

    The Chinese has a saying:’Bitter meat tactic’;and I feel this controversy might be one of those tactic.So everyone,be very careful so as to not fall into UMNO/MCA,GERAKAN trap.

  69. Pegasus says:

    What Ahmad says is what UMNO thinks about the Chinese.

    MCA and Gerakan and for the matter MIC are in BN to make up the numbers only, the initial reason all of them are formed are thrown aside. Self interest have over shadowed the initial struggle by our fore fathers. A Mongolian has been blasted away by the Malaysian police, the Chinese and the Indians does not matter for Umno, they simply don’t give a damn if they have hurt the feelings of the Chinese. There will be more Indons registered as citizen and their children born here will in future makes the Indians and Chinese votes irrelevant.For Najib to be present when Ahmad says his piece goes to show how much respect they have for follow Malaysians from other community. Its certainly time to kick BN out for good. They have grown too arrogant and are simply bias in everything they see, this is certainly against the concept of unity the BN leaders are talking about.
    Those Umno S-holes including Bodowi who is sleep walking even in day time is a shame,it’s unfortunate we have such a calibre of person to lead the nation ,no thanks to the Mamak. Telling Ahmad not to repeat that again shows how shallow he is, that Ahmad guy should be sack from his post immediately and sent to Ulu Yam for counselling or just wish he could be arrested under ISA for those seditious speech he gave. All the more reason why we need Pakatan to come into power.
    BN is totally irrelevant at this age and time, the people have wise up and have out grown from the shell they were in the past. The PP people have done their part, now its for the MP’s turn to support the party that the people of this nation wants to see coming into power. Hope we can see that happening soon enough to makes us all live as a true Malaysian !!!

  70. Penang Tionghua says:

    I am wondering how old this guy is to declare all Chinese Malaysians as immigrants.

    If he insists that all Chinese Malaysians born in this land are immigrants then what is he?

    Personal capacity entails personal responsibility. No one can adequately undertake another person’s responsibility with utmost good faith and true feelings.

    Just an apology is not a good deterrent. There have been many such guys and many more habitual pepetrators to come, declaring only their own sensitiveness which is not offensive to others.

  71. jonathan says:

    Najib is just carrying on his jibs against the rakyat. It’s political survival he is saying sorry…. should swear that he is sorry that may put his sorry more sorrier. we chinese inure to being called second class blah2 and did we get into a fit and issue fatwas or sedition act? this is not the last slur lung at us believe me…it’s aa dirty habit of them politicians it’s in their DNA if u care to check! and since PM said he didn’t meant it is Najib doubting his PM? saying sorry means what? PM wrong, or he meant what he said? see I Meant What I Said, It’s You Who Heard Wrongly. Double Standards http://www.jonathan66my@blogspot.ccom

  72. citizenken says:

    dont rush the DNA bill, push the racial incitement bill, any malaysians found guilty, to be jailed and penaltied. this would prevent future blunder by politicians fishing for votes , punishes any politicians raising the race card and wards off any rakyat who speaks ills of any other races in Malaysia. period

  73. SITI says:

    tHIS BLOG really means something.

    No. 1 is to make it one of the best visited sites.
    No. 2 to please the owner who is a Chinese descendant from China and her patrons who have chosen to live in Malaysia to condemn orang asli (melayu and all, as these people said here, so oklah, np) as bodoh or in mat salleh “stupid”.
    No. 3 To see how long this blog will stay here unblocked, what limit it will be here,
    No. 4. to show that this blog is paid by IRI amerika jews organsiation to porak peranda the country and rule

    Ok lah one day I will win, and I alway win.

  74. SITI says:

    And when I win I will go to Bangkok and see all all pakatan people there, get some opinion.

  75. SITI says:

    when you don’t hormat orang tua, we shout a lot more, and that what we will do, forever.

  76. SITI says:

    The fact that you guys had started these racial issues all along from day one, and when some other guys get annoyed and started to scream back, so look at you, so weak and came back with poison remarks. Serve you right.

    Or , am I right somehow this blog is financed by Israel? .

  77. Hahaha says:

    Siti, Truth always hurt is’nt it.
    If you found this blog inappropriate to you, you should view your grand master,
    Mamak’s blog. Who sponsor anyone’s blog should have very little concern of yours.
    Is it a crime or against the law?
    Grow up, until you understand what democracy means, then, you are more ready
    to debate in a public arena or else, just play with your toys…they will make you
    feel more comfortable. Sudah lah!

  78. sang kancil says:


    Same shit different day.

    MCA is history. A bunch of UMNO goons. What a waste of space.

  79. Payback Time says:

    Those bumi’s as they call themselves especially in politics will any moment shed their skin and reveal it’s true colours…colour of fear. Deep down inside they have nothing or acheivment to show or prove to it’s people that they are capable. The NEP policy makes them lazy… and those in power will like to keep it this way so that they can reap everything for themselves. MCA,MIC , GERAKAN , PPP , should call themselves Bumi’s not PENDATANG!!!

  80. fed up says:

    MCA and Gerakan is really useless bunch of chinese, they disgrace chinese comunity, always sucking UMNO cock coz they got no cock.

  81. Hairy Creature says:

    Dear Siti,

    Please go some other place to play. What are u rubbishing here about Thailand, Israel, China or Amerika…… What we blog here is about the future of our country runs by our politicians elected by the people of this country – Malaysia.

    Don’t come here and start to stir yr own agenda that is not related in this blog. Go away. Please grow up too. Listen to the older folks here. Have respect.(This is what you said mah)

  82. saade naal says:

    siti oh siti……
    di mana ko dapat ilham mu
    nampak gaya otak ko berserabut..
    tapi apa boleh buat ya rabbi..
    bak kata tun mamak..”melayu mudah lupa…”
    kaum pendatang menyumbang 90% ke tabung cukai tanah melayu….tapi no problem…hidup tetap hidup..

    siti oh siti….i hope u get a major yeast infection…pun intended..!

    akhir kata….siti oh sti….poooooooodaaaahhhhhhhhhh…

    dari pendatang di perantauan…..
    carpe diem..

  83. monsterball says:

    I admire Siti dare to speak out her thoughts…without fear.
    But she is somewhat saying all of us are fools…only she is the smartest.
    I hope she goes over and read Mahathir’s blog…his latest post on Tun Salleh Abbas.
    Mahathir as PM…used to say…Rulers are figure heads and should not be involved in politics. He said….Agong is to sign everything UMNO gives him to sign…and if the Agong under his Premiership.. does not. co-operate….then UMNO can hold a Parliament meeting in three months…to push whatever not signed…through Parliament.
    He then made certain…Royalties understand this….and put out something to control all….getting Malaysians so happy…..with his actions.
    He made it very clear…..the Agong …the Sultan of Johore….was just figure head…no power….during his time as PM.
    NOW!!…He is saying sacking of Tun Salleh was the Agong’s idea….and putting so much explainations….he was helpless and Agong was all powerful.
    Mahathir sure know how to twist and turn….but he does not realise….every time he utters anything…he is shaming his own race…and still trying to treat Malaysians….like suckers,
    I will appreciate SITI comment on this.

  84. reaction says:

    Aiya! Slooney,

    If you were in the system, will you quit also?

    Mahakuty had created a corrupt system where when anyone is in it will never come out of the corrupt system.

    All these political addicts have been in this corrupt system for as long as they live so much so that the only solution to this eternal problem is to put them in cells by force and there is no other way?

    Can you ask a drug addict to quit taking drugs just like that?

    Why the Japanese Prime ministers can quit the top post at ease? Well! There is nothing worth for them clinging to the top post but in Bolehland, they are so much stakes at risks for the corrupt political addicts!

    These corrupt political addicts had been living like warlords at the expense of the Rakyat for uncouth years so much so that they will never quit their glamorous lifestyles!

    Why the political addicts, whether it’s BN or PR, once in it will never want to quit? Well! These people are power crazy. Hence we have this axiom: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    Why we have the French Revolution and many other revolutionts in the history of the world? Well! The political addicts have becoming numb-skulls so much so that they just acquiesce to the call of the Rakyat!

    What are the ramifications if these political addicts lose their political power? Their looted assets will be confiscated and they will be cornered and put serving prison terms.

    To the political addicts, this is akin to survival! Will these political addicts giving up their glamorous lifestyles and live like an ordinary Rakyat?

    Not when these corrupt political addicts are still in power, and they will fight to their deaths to defend that power, let alone quitting their political power.

    Dey! Dear slooney! If you were given a golden key to a treasure vault, will you desert the treasure vault and throw away that golden key into an ocean? May yes and may be no for you, slooney.

    But to those rotten-to-the-core corrupt political addicts, they will cling to the treasure vault holding to the golden key even they have mangpus oledi.

    “Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” — Edmund Burke

    “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.” — Thomas Paine

    “The attempt to make heaven on earth invariably produces hell.” — Karl Popper

    “Voting is no substitute for the eternal vigilance that every friend of freedom must demonstrate towards government. If our freedom is to survive, Americans must become far better informed of the dangers from Washington — regardless of who wins the Presidency.” — James Bovard in Voting is Overrated

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”
    — Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”, December 23rd, 1776

    “If we become a people who are willing to give up our money and our freedom in exchange for rhetoric and promises, then nothing can save us.” — Thomas Sowell

    “If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too.” — Somerset Maugham

    “The trade-off between freedom and security, so often proposed so seductively, very often leads to the loss of both.” — Christopher Hitchens in the August, 2003 issue of Reason.

    “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” — General Douglas MacArthur

    “FREEDOM IS NOT FOR THE TIMID.” — posted as an announcement outside a Unitarian Church in Texas on Sept. 17, 2001

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain

    “History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower, First Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1953

    “The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted. It belongs to the brave.” — Ronald Reagan

    “The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.” — Patrick Henry

    “The land of the free will cease to be when it’s no longer the home of the brave.”– Rick Gaber

    “Perhaps the meek shall inherit the Earth, but they’ll do it in very small plots . . . about 6′ by 3′.” — Robert A. Heinlein

  85. ruyom says:

    Malays are a diverse group of Austronesian peoples inhabiting the malay archipelago and malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

    The original Austronesians from southern China crossed the strait of Taiwan and settled modern day Taiwan around 8000 – 4000 BCE.

    These first settlers landed in northern Luzon in the Philippines. Over the next thousand years up until 1500 BCE, their descendants started to spread south to the rest of the Philippine islands, Celebes, northern Borneo, Moluccas, and Java.

    The settlers in Moluccas sailed eastward and began to spread to the islands of Melanesia and Micronesia between 1200 BCE and 500 BCE respectively. Those that spread westward reached Sumatra, the malay Peninsula and southern Vietnam by 500 BCE.

    According to the Encyclopedia of Malaysia, the Negritos, who number approximately 2000, are regarded as the earliest inhabitants of the malay Peninsula.

    They are of Australo-Melanesian affinity and probably descend from the people of Hoabinhian cultural period, with many of their burials found dating back 10000 years ago.

    They speak Austroasiatic languages, as do their Senoi agriculturalist neighbours. The Senoi and Proto malay arrived much later probably during the Neolithic period.

  86. monsterball says:

    Not all people can be bought by temptations to steal and cheat…with 100% guarantee …very safe.
    There are principles in life and integrities of human kind..far more priceless than to steal money.
    If money comes in ….by lawful ways…one feels real proud…and start thinking.. how to help…the less fortunate.
    Quotations are mostly…by US politicians..and American politicians pray to money as God. They will do anything to get them….especially from helpless Nations.

  87. aston says:

    Indonesia is a very corrupted country. Honestly, the people there are not educated at all. In addition, they don’t know what is the important of Chinese there.

    They hate Chinese is because Chinese do business well and have a well-planned future. We earn money with our own hand. Therefore, that is why we have a better live than the so called native malays.

    Like Chinese always said, if you want to have a better live than you must use your own hand to earn it. You cannot just sit at home and waiting for the money drop from the sky. Think logic!

    Why did the Chinese wanted to stay in Indonesia? Because we are not stupid, that is why. They do business in Indonesia is because; they can easily earn more money there. The competitors are also less there. If you try to visit every country in this world even Africa, you will always the existent of Chinese there. As a Chinese proverb said, as long there is water in that country, we will sail to that country.

    You can’t let Chinese alone because of your extreme jealousy, it is your evil-mindedness that causes malays to have such a bad reputation, not because of Chinese bad mouthing you.

    There are no malays that are naturally rich, they got rich because of the bribes they received from Chinese (not proud saying that, but need to bribe for survival). Most malays that are rich have political positions, governs commerce/trade that Chinese need to get through to.

    Chinese Indonesians comprised of only 5% of the total population, and yet we control Indonesia economy entirely. That is fact.

    I must add however, not all Chinese are rich, there are many also that are less than middle-class, they own food stands on the street, they run small shops, etc. But all managed to live a very decent life.

    Where are you living now? If you are still in Indonesia/Malaysia, take the chance and earn as more money there. With the lack of competition there, business can be easily built up. Earn as much money as you can. When it is enough, take all the money out of that Indonesia. Close the business, and start a new live in another better place.

    Move to somewhere like Australia. Forget about Indonesia. That country is useless. Junk malays are stuck there. The reason they riot because they are stupid! They jealous of what the Chinese have.

    I am happy to hear that you are in oversea next. Indonesia is not your home, your real home is in China. Indonesia treats Chinese badly, so as a Chinese we must think smart. Since that Chinese only have 3 to 5% in Indonesia, we shall not continue to live there and fight. We cannot fight them because they control the armies as well the government.

    We should think smart, we have the brains. Earn as more money as we can and when it is enough like 1 to 10 million, take all of them and move to other country. This is call smart, try to imagine when each person get 1 million out of Indonesia, and the country will collapse badly. And I mean it very badly.

    Sometime it is quite funny when all the rich Chinese move their money out of Indonesia, and the country collapse right away.

    The truth is the truth, don’t try to make stupid articles and insult Chinese how weak Chinese is.

    You malays people are lazy. You will never be like us Chinese, we are far more superior than you all combined. We even dominated this earth and you are just guests here, you malays don’t belong in Asia, but China for Asia. Malays are just islanders. Give us time and soon we will conquer your puny little islands just to throw our garbage and waste.

  88. fargowin says:

    The primary motive for emigration is not always pure economics.

    There are push and pull factors involved. An emigrant is both trying to escape something and advance towards another thing at the same time.

    For instance, a scientist who cannot flourish in his own country will want to go somewhere where his expertise is appreciated.

    Perhaps he finds the anti-intellectualism in his milieu too stifling (unfortunately, this is very true in Malaysia), or the government of the day too partial when it comes to resource allocation.

    You see, the major problem with a not insignificant number of Malaysians is that there is a lot of false pride around. This is a vestige of Mahathirianism. Small achievements are overblown so as to build up national pride. It is Malaysia Boleh this and Malaysia Boleh that.

    Anyway, I say cheer the emigrants on. Let people do what they want with their lives – they should not be beholden to the country. Do not blame their lack of patriotism for not staying – patriotism is poor persuasion.

  89. Shower says:

    Siti oh siti

    No 1 “”Ok lah one day I will win, and I alway win.'” —–macham school kid after a small quarrel.
    No. 2 to please the owner who is a Chinese descendant from China and her patrons who have chosen to live in Malaysia to condemn orang asli (melayu and all, as these people said here, so oklah, np) as bodoh or in mat salleh “stupid”.——–Are saying Melayu are orang asli,what a claim ( should know how to wear trouser with atap leave)

  90. Anonymous says:


    Please donate your brain to the Institution of Pea Size Brain Research Centre.

    Your brain have shrunk so much that you survive better in the jungle.

    We in the human society have different races; your kind as an animal have different species.

    Just because you have learned to read and write doesn’t mean you understand human being; your post definitely reflect that you dont.

    Unfortunately, that’s all a pea size is capable of functioning; day to day existence function incapable of thinking further.

    By the way, are you a student of the self proclaimed political scientist Chandra.

  91. […] Najib’s non-apology Susan Loone said: Sorry no cure. […]

  92. Anonymous says:


    Talking about Chandra, you see this guy is not too smart.

    However he managed to portray an image that he is smart in politics by expounding borrowed political ideas from great politicians.

    He then rephrase these sentences to make them sound like his own ideas.

    After getting commended by some, he gets his friends to proclaim his a political scientist.

    Since he is only capable of borrowing a few ideas and rewrite them in a few sentences, he runs out of ideas and sentences.

    That is why he kept repeating the same things when he post in various blogs.

    You see, this fella still thinks that crossing over is not the answer; just because he couldn’t find an answer.

    Thinking that he is the smartest and only political scientist in malaysia, he could not accept of someone else by the name of anwar has a solution to change the only ruling gomen in this country.

    He is more interested in delivering his idealogy that saving the Rakyat; bcos the rakyat means nothing to him.

    Just bcos crossover is the his idea, he goes all out to kill the idea eg portray anwar as a bad guy.

    This fella chandra is worst and selfish.

    And for this fella I only have this to tell him.


  93. Anonymous says:


    go enrol yourself in SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TEACHING (SHIT) program specially designed for your kind by the self proclaim political scientist chandra.

    Once you have your shared of SHIT in the program, you will be transfered to DEPARTMENTAL EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION PROGRAMS for SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TEACHING (DEEP SHIT).


    After this your name will be added in BASIC UNDERSTANDING LECTURE LIST of SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TEACHING (BULL SHIT) together with chandra.


    Graduating you can face the society as HEAD OF TEACHING SPECIAL HIGH INTENSITY TEACHING (HOT SHIT).


  94. 104East says:

    These racists remarks have been made over and over. mca, gerakan, supp and other non umno bn component parties are the ones who should apologise for allowing it to happen again and again.

  95. chandran says:

    “Or , am I right somehow this blog is financed by Israel? .” -siti

    If it is financed by Israel so what. I do not hate israel, but you must. See the difference? You should in fact not even use the pc at all if your beliefs are strong.

  96. Margeemar says:

    This Scribe was curious as to why the BN/Umno leadership were so afraid to take action against Ahmad Ismail for his seditious remark. After doing a Sherlock Holmes, this Scribe begin to get the big picture. It appears that Ahmad Ismail is a big time Umno warlord in Penang. Ahmad Ismail was cleared of bankruptcy by the Insolvency Department in 2006. Ahmad Ismail is the figure linked to the controversial PORR project in Penang. He is the director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd., the concessionaire for the project. Ahmad is an influential Umno divisional leader and former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was beholden to him for support. That was why Koh was powerless when Ahmad Ismail a mere Umno division leader could wield so much influence over him and accused him of not paying attention to the Malays in Penang.The CM’s former constituency of Tanjong Bungah happens to be in the Bukit Bendera division.

    It gets more interesting here, The Scribe discovered that PM Abdullah Badawi was named as a director of Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang, who owns 34% of the PMW share via two wholly-owned companies, Kumpulan Pinang and Kumpulan Perhubungan. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is linked to the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) project’s concessionaire company, Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd. (PMW) According to corporate information obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Abdullah (I.C. No.391126-07-5077) was first appointed director of the Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd. His name is still listed as a director.Yayasan Bumiputra now controls 34.78 percent of PMW through its two subsidiary companies; Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. and Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd…More http://margeemar.blogspot.com

  97. Kherry Scarry says:

    Ahmad Ismail….if you are a man, come out and admit what you have said and stop hiding inside the old & dirty sarong. Wonder if you dare to come out ???

    Are you man enough ??

    Forget about Bodohwee, he’s still sleeping anyway….

  98. chandran says:

    “anyway back to topic, i feel ahmad ismail should be the one to apoligise, not najib!”

    Najis was standing next to Ahmad when those words were uttered, and as a feudal Lord he graciously smiled. There is an old adage in the Law that “Silence is assent”.
    Further it is noted that the Mahaulamak Badawi reaction to it was “I will tell him not to do it again”

    NO. THIS IS UMNO RUBBISH. PM & DPM must both personally apologise as well.

  99. chandran says:

    And now Ahmad will have a great time, I pray he goes to jail for a very long time:

    GEORGE TOWN (Sept 2, 2008): The Penang Development Corporation is lodging police and Anti-Corruption Agency reports against a now-defunct company, of which Umno Bukit Bendera division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail was a director, over its failure to return some RM500,000 to the state after a failed land deal.

  100. apapunboleh says:

    Ahmad please go to jail and rot in hell later……

  101. Steve says:

    Based on yesterday’s news, Badawi said that UMNO Div chief did not mean that. So what exactly he meant, asshole? Please stop treated us as retarded!

  102. wits0 says:

    Pampering the selective base Ego of some….extolling the atrophy and death of commonsense.

    Namely, some people have huge leeway for being insensitive while others must simply STFU!
    An Excuse Called “Sensitive”

    “…The word “sensitive” is really a cure-all. With it, freedom of expression must make a concession, freedom and equality must step aside while the truth will be swept under the carpet and will never be revealed.

    When can we get rid of our fear to challenge the authority and go beyond sensitivity?”

  103. chandran says:

    Mahaulamak Badawi knows all, omnipotent and omnipresent.
    He also knows that Najis is a very good boy and RPK is a Liar.

  104. bamboo river says:

    I agree with kk46. Why is that Ahmad Ismail not apologizing? How come the PM is asking the DPM to apologise?
    I am wondering why is the Umno Youth too is keeping quiet . But when the BN component parties made a statement against their master, this Umno youth will be the first to open their mouth all over MSM.
    MCA,Gerakan, MIC are just lame ducks. Forget about PPP. They already had their last piece of bone at the Malacca AGM courtesy of that MB Tajol.

    Until now, this MCA , Gerakan and MIC is still that dumb to follow their master. Go and get SPCA to rescue them.

    Anon 05.49. just name UTHO already good enough. (University Tun Hussein Onn)

  105. chandran says:

    “How come the PM is asking the DPM to apologise?”

    Simple, mahaulamak believes what the other other ahmad said so he gets najis to do the dirty job, and even there najis used the word `If`. That means it is qualified apology not a real apology.
    In islam hadhari muslims can never be equal to non muslims, they can only be above kafirs and this `pendatang` issue is only camouflage over the real issue.

  106. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, expect the umno louts’ hubris. They’re still stirring the witches cauldron and chanting spells.

    “Go and get SPCA to rescue them.”

    Rescue vampires? The real 4 legged animals are more deserving of being rescued.

  107. People like Ahmad especially those in UMNO should not throw stone when they themselves are immigrants living in a glass house (Malaysia) !
    Soon it will rain and those living in it will get drown !

  108. People like Ahmad especially those in UMNO should not throw stone when they themselves are immigrants living in a glass house (Malaysia) !
    Soon it will rain and those living in it will get drowned !

  109. Anonymous says:

    PM is putting DPM in all sorts of embarassing situations and come 2010 PM subordinates will say DPM not ready to take over.

  110. ktteokt says:

    Why didn’t he wait till GE13 to apologize?

  111. livegoeson says:

    we are all “pendating” to this world, whether it orang asli, malay, chinese, indians, english, german etc.

    but the word “pendatang” as used by the malay MP is a racial slur, a racial discrimination, a racial hatred. He had lowered himself to a level unfit to be an MP.

    it is all about the education, and it reflects the education he had. while it is a regretable comment, it is even more sad for him.

    For it is said, “if he has brain, he will kill himself right away”.

  112. colorsmalaysian says:

    Sorry no cure, my dear Najib C4 Altantuya………..Oops……it’s Najib woh……….
    Haaaaaaaaaa……………………….if you feel this is offensive then sorry lor …………..I know you won’t mind one !

    Ahmad Ismail bin Natang from Bukit Bendera’s Umno is a pig farmer and he is also one of the person in-charge of pigs farming which is Umno main business.

    Why sorry ? !
    We will not expect any sorry from these “top-shit” gays.

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  113. Anonymous says:

    People like Ahmad who called other races pendatang has no respect for people of his own race lower in stature than him.

    He will despise people of his own race lower in stature than him more than pendatang cos it is pendatang that feeds him.

  114. amoker says:

    That is the most insincere apology that I heard, and bringing the whole party ( means everybody ) of UMNO into it. Now, the UMNO goons will be mad and said that the MCA and Gerakan forces it upon them. Good work Najib in bringing further divide.

    Najib was there, he kept quiet.
    Najib apologizes, belatedly.
    Ahmad have a happy holiday and went about preaching his ketuanan.

  115. suckers says:

    Najib didn`t apologize, all he said was something like: if you pendatang are offended we are sorry. Is that an apology? If people not offended then why the police reports? This idiot duno meaning of “If”. He was there when the words were said and what did he do then. He was enjoying it Right?

  116. wits0 says:

    Anonymous (08:40:03) :

    “People like Ahmad who called other races pendatang has no respect for people of his own race lower in stature than him.”

    Most naturally, because elitism is the natural progression from racism/fascism/communism. You don’t throw sh*t without getting it on your own hands over time.

    Harris Ibrahim rubs it in nicely here: http://tinyurl.com/5dtlm4

  117. navinda says:

    Najib it is a bit too late and a lot insincere. If you were sorry, you should not have waited this long.
    What made Najib apologize when Dollah did not? Is it the sudden realization that the chinese based parties would leave the coalition and seek refuge with Pakatan Rakyat?

  118. suckers says:

    What made Najib apologize when Dollah did not? – u/q

    After May 13 National Operations Council was an emergency government which assumed all government authority .Badawi was the assistant secretary. He was part of the rot that began then, and the leopard cannot change his shorts.

  119. suckers says:

    badauiecons – (The Star) – After investing RM537.04mil in the US-based Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (CAMC) through Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM), the Government only managed to get back RM25mil.

  120. chandran says:

    Many police reports have been lodged against Ahmad for violating the Sedition Act. Is Najib’s apology meant to be a message to the Police and the Attorney-General that Ahmad should get off scot-free instead of having to face the full weight of the law?

    Thirdly, Najib should apologise on behalf of himself and not on behalf of Ahmad as Najib had failed to take immediate or prompt action to reprimand Ahmad for the latter’s racist and seditious speech at a Permatang Pauh by-election ceramah on August 24 which was attended by Najib.

    Fourthly, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself should make a public apology for trying to protect and excuse Ahmad Ibrahim for the racist and seditious speech, with the totally unacceptable claim that the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief had not meant what he said and that he would “tell him not to do it again”.


  121. A.Thiru says:

    Enough of race-politics. If America, a world power, can transcend race and propose a black for its President, i don’t comprehend why we Malaysians under the UMNOputras are still playing the race cards! It is the 21st Century man! Enough of the family rules- Razaks, Hussains and Mamak Mahathirs. Let’s get rid of the race-based parties and built a United Bangsa Malaysia.

  122. suckers says:

    If wishes were true, beggars would ride horses

  123. popppycock says:

    hey guys, Check-out an artical on Margeemar’s blog and u will understand why PM/Ammo is so quite about this fellow Ahmad. MCA/GERAKAN is only making noise to show ppl espeacially the chinese that they care but actually mca/gerakan is only sounding like ‘ tin kosong ‘. Ahmad must be charge under seditious act, say what u home minister.

  124. hamstrung says:

    It appears that Ahmad Ismail is a big time Umno warlord in Penang.
    Ahmad Ismail was cleared of bankruptcy by the Insolvency Department in 2006. Ahmad Ismail is the figure linked to the controversial PORR project in Penang. He is the director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd., the concessionaire for the project. Ahmad is an influential Umno divisional leader and former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was beholden to him for support. That was why Koh was powerless when Ahmad Ismail a mere Umno division leader could wield so much influence over him and accused him of not paying attention to the Malays in Penang.The CM’s former constituency of Tanjong Bungah happens to be in the Bukit Bendera division.

    It gets more interesting here, The Scribe discovered that PM Abdullah Badawi was named as a director of ……….


  125. Warmaster says:

    R.I.P. BN
    Your days are numbered.

  126. Azmin says:

    when will be the good day when the Orang Asli comes forward to utter their rightful word “you all go back to your land of origin, and leave us alone”. Then malay, chinese and indian etc can all pack and leave malaysia for good.

  127. Anonymous says:


    margeemar research has made ahmad a bendalu

  128. hamstrung says:

    That’s the reason why PM Badawi, Najib and the rest of the BN/Umno leadership are just giving Ahmad Ismail a slap on the wrist over this seditious remark. Don’t be surprised if Liow Tiong Lai, Ong Ka Ting, Ong Ka Chuan Ng Yen Yen, Chor Chee Heung, Koh Tsu Koon, Chia Kwang Chye et al will come and say to the Chinese community to accept Najib’s and Umno’s apology while heaping praises on the Umno leadership for their ‘courage’ in apologizing.

  129. Anonymous says:

    that is exactly what najib has done.

    write the tune for these goons to sing the tune.

  130. kwai lan says:

    delayed action = insincerity …..

  131. Anonymous says:

    Chandra said : As I have explained umpteen times since 3 March 2008, my criticism of Anwar Ibrahim at the Star forum on that day was prompted by a question from the floor. Whatever subsequent comments I made were at the behest of the media. Though I stand by every word I uttered about Anwar, my criticism of him was neither pre-planned nor “perfectly timed.”

    Hard to believe that a political scientist needs to explain umteem times.

    Even harder to believe that a political scientist do not plan and time his statement made.

    So this is all I can say:


  132. Orang Utan says:

    Hold on all of u. Ahmad may be secretly helping Pakatan to win d election. U see during d WW2 may spies just acted they hate their own race in front of d Japanese. I think Ahmad is intelligent enough to realise that these remarks will instigate others to vote for d other party. So we must not made d conclusion on d surface.

  133. wits0 says:

    Great work by Margeemar. Whereas previously one only has some impression about the suspected connections among the pieces, Margeemar has put them all nicely together and succinctly. The very things which the MSM will NEVER want to mention fpr obvious reason.

    Anonymous (10:20:16) : , Chandra is only a political opportunist. Fully QED-ed.

  134. wanadoo says:

    I will tell him not to do it again……that mean what Ahmad said is acceptable???????

  135. shamsudin says:

    Tidak terkejut apabila Najib yang muncul di TV bukan sang ADUN yang seronok berceramah sambil air liur meleleh-leleh sambil keluarkan hujah racist nya. Kenapa bukan ADUN tersebut yang keluar TV, minta maaf. Gentleman la sikit.

    Aku bayangkan, Menteri Besar Selangor atau pemimpin pembangkang yang lain buat kenyataan macam tu, entah berapa banyak demonstrasi agaknya dipaparkan dalam TV. Oh Encik ADUN yang otak sedalam satu inci jarum, kaum Cina dan India pendatang pada tahun 1930an ke 1940an paling lambat pun 1950-an. Tahun 2008 tidak tepat lagi untuk panggil mereka pendatang. Sudah ada kad pengenalan, sudah jadi warganegara. Tak belajar sejarah kah?

    Tahun 2008 ini, kalau Encik ADUN nak tahu, yang kita panggil pendatang ialah warga Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Filipina, Africa, Indonesia et al. Tidak dinafikan ramai warga Filipina sudah menjadi warga negara Malaysia dengan mudahnya di Sabah. Yang itu baru kita panggil pendatang. Alangkah asal usul Melayu pun masih kabur, entah berasal dari mana. Kita pun pendatang juga satu ketika dulu cik mamat oi.


  136. Anonymous says:


    thanks for highlighting.

    Now it makes more sense.

  137. shamsudin says:

    Tidak terkejut apabila Najib yang muncul di TV bukan sang ADUN yang seronok berceramah sambil air liur meleleh-leleh sambil keluarkan hujah racist nya. Kenapa bukan ADUN tersebut yang keluar TV, minta maaf. Gentleman la sikit.

    Aku bayangkan, Menteri Besar Selangor atau pemimpin pembangkang yang lain buat kenyataan macam tu, entah berapa banyak demonstrasi agaknya dipaparkan dalam TV. Oh Encik ADUN yang otak sedalam satu inci jarum, kaum Cina dan India pendatang pada tahun 1930an ke 1940an paling lambat pun 1950-an. Tahun 2008 tidak tepat lagi untuk panggil mereka pendatang. Sudah ada kad pengenalan, sudah jadi warganegara. Tak belajar sejarah kah?

    Tahun 2008 ini, kalau Encik ADUN nak tahu, yang kita panggil pendatang ialah warga Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Filipina, Africa, Indonesia et al. Tidak dinafikan ramai warga Filipina sudah menjadi warga negara Malaysia dengan mudahnya di Sabah. Yang itu baru kita panggil pendatang. Alangkah asal usul Melayu pun masih kabur, entah berasal dari mana. Kita pun pendatang juga satu ketika dulu cik mamat oi.


  138. Orang Utan says:

    Most porbably some of d Malays r suffering from inferiority complex.So all of us need to assure them that if we practice equality everything will b OK.The country will be b very prosperous & everyone of us will benefit greatly.We have to coax them out of the 19th Century mentality bcos we r already in the 21st Century. They r still trapped in the twilight zones of d 19th Century. Sometimes we all also must have some compassion for them for they no not what they r doing bocs they do not know that we have already moved to d 21st C.

  139. Anonymous says:

    Orang Utan,

    Intriguing, a pendatang’s spy.

  140. nikki says:

    Its so pointless to apologise and somewhere down the road someone will utter similar remarks.

    Lets learn to let live. We are all in the same ship. We sink or swim together.

  141. suchfun says:

    Ahmad should apologize, not Najib. Maybe they will wake up only when one day, all the talented, capable, highly skilled, well educated, non Malay leave Msia.
    Msia will then pay foreigners (some could be ex Msian), to do even jobs like teaching English, overhaul bus engine, maintain building Mech. & Elec. system, build road flyover etc. operating a district hospital, build a 20 storey hotel etc.

  142. Anonymous says:


    We hope that the non-Malays will not be too disturbed with the statement and we apologise IF it has incurred the sensitivities or unhappiness over the statement.

    An IF in an apology statement will just negates the intention or sincerity.

  143. monsterball says:

    Najib or Dollah can apologise as much as they want.
    UMNO members can never dare to utter such words…..if their leaders do not encourage them.
    Najib and Dollah may not have call us squatters….but neither have they corrected their members in the past…except now…..when they they are cornered.
    Just recall….how boastful they are…and always defending their ministers…no matter how much filth they talk….just one or two years ago.
    See the 180% change? Why?
    Trying hard to win votes la.
    Hussein feeling sorry for ‘kris’ act…..mainly because UMNO lost votes through his ‘act’. He is apologizing to UMNO members …indirectly.
    Don’t be fooled by all UMNO hypocrites!!
    These are sick…thick skinned daylight robbers…that we squart and shit at them…and throw them into the dustbins.

  144. popppycock says:

    may be Ahmad is helping Pakatan or maybe he’s a Pakatan spy, who cares but hooraay for Pakatan.He still has to be punish for what he did like anyone else. Not being vengeful here but to be fair to those who was victimised by this seditious act to the fancy of BN gang.

  145. Salaried Man says:

    Look at the success of the recent Olympic in Beijing, especiallay the opening ceremony, ‘balik China’ is not a bad idea at all! I dont mind ‘ balik China’ , maybe stay in Shanghai or Beijing, come back to KL or Penang for Hokkien mee, mee goreng, char kueh teow and Laksa only.

  146. bbgin says:

    MCA and Gerakan,
    How much will it take you to realize that your stay in the the Barisan is the cause of all this. Do you want a few thousands Chinese slaughtered before you come to your senses.
    I say enough is enough, no more protest.
    If you seriously claim to represent the Chinese do the right thing. Get out of Barisan and join Pakatan. If this is not your cue the least you should do is to
    be king maker and be independent and support any resolutions that is good for this nation. Then and only then will you have Chinese honour.
    Currently you are nothing but LAP DOGS.

  147. Siti says:

    Do the MCA and Gerakan really represent the Voice of the Chinese community? As far as I know, those chinese that I have approached recently gave me the same answer “we hope one day the opposition would be the ruling party.” But then how come the MCA and Gerakan still surviving when most chinese are supporting the opposition. Some told me that those MCA & Gerakan people receiving too much business opportunities/goodies individually from BN as the ruling party. Therefore it would be hard for them to sacrify their wealth to quit and join Opposition even though they are not happy with amno. So don’t expect any chinese hero from these parties. The best career is be a politican and earn a handsome income, and all you need to do is kowtow and Ya, Tuan.

  148. snide says:

    Burial Party coming up:

    MCA Heading into Oblivion

    None of the (MCA) leaders seem to have any idea where the party is heading.

    If the current groundswell of discontent among the non-Malays is any indication, MCA would have been history after the 13th General Election.

    Therefore it becomes IRRELEVANT and of NO consequence WHO should lead MCA if their intent is to remain in the Barisan National.

    MCA (by remaining in the BN) will die a natural death after the next general election.

    This has been confirmed by the by-election in Permatang Pauh, where the majority of the Chinese voted for Anwar. And this despite the promise of monetary contributions to Chinese schools. In previous elections, such strategies would have bought the support of the Chinese community.


  149. monsterball says:

    You balik cina…you will miss Malaysia so much.
    That’s for sure.
    We are Malaysians..no Chinese and China will treat you as a foreigner…..and slowly…you will be very lonely…as Chinese citizens will also look down on you. One migrate or venture out to other countries….out of no choice..no work opportunities in Malaysia.
    If an UMNO man call you a squatter …and you run away….means he has succeeded to frustrating you.

  150. snide says:

    Hungry Ghosts:

    Meanwhile, there’s already a debate within Gerakan on whether they should stay on in the BN. If a vote was to be taken today among party leaders and members, what would it be?

    “Out,” responds KY, but then adds that no vote has been taken because “they are not ready”.


  151. wits0 says:

    “Out,” responds KY, but then adds that no vote has been taken because “they are not ready”.

    Very expected of this saliva sprinkler. Normally it’s bad taste to exhibit schadenfreude but with him it’s justified to say that his son’s failure in politics according to his hopes was most satisfying, being thoroughly trounced by Tian in the last GE. 😀

  152. CYBERBOY says:




  153. wits0 says:

    “Fifthly, the bona fide of Najib’s apology comes into question when this news is blacked out in the Malay mainstream newspapers owned and controlled by UMNO, in particular Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. A check with Bernama online shows that Najib’s apology is reported in Bernama’s English news but blacked out in Bernama’s Bahasa Malaysia news.

    With such media manipulation of his apology, how much is one to believe Najib when he said that Ahmad’s statement did not reflect the position and attitude of Umno or the leadership of Umno?

    If Najib is fully sincere and serious about this statement of the stand of Umno and Umno leadership in dissociating from Ahmad’s speech, why is his statement only allowed to be reported in the non-Malay mainstream media but not in the Malay mainstream media?” u/q


  154. datuk lee chong From sungai way says:

    Ada satu cina balik cina.

    Bila pulang ada pingat ada latuk.

    Dia pandai main bulu tangkis.

    Sudah ada wang sudah ada datuk, memang bagus balik cina !!

  155. No amount of apologies are enough !
    When the heart overflows the mouth speaks, you should and would be the first to balik Indonesia- you pirates. The ‘monsoon’ is coming soon for you and everyone in UMNO, living in glass houses, to ‘drown’ all of you- so better run or better still just vanish into oblivion. The Chineses have China to back to and the Indians have India to balik but you have nowhere to go to but only Indonesia to go back to !

  156. Kaninah-boh says:

    The Orang Asli is truly the original people of Malaysia. The rest are just squatters. Give the land back to the Orang asli and the rest return to their kampung in Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, etc etc

  157. wits0 says:

    And how many doctors came from the Orang Asli’s community? The last time I counted in 2002, there was only one. A certain Dr. Ayob.

  158. Arab Mali says:

    Tarak Cina, Malaysia hilang di dunia..

    Tarak Chong Wei, Malaysia bawak teluq balik dari China.

  159. LimDokSa says:

    If the majority of chinese already supporting the oppositions, then MCA has become redundant…..so the only logical sense is to join the oppositions. Otherwise, who will MCA represent if they stay on..!!

    If MCA’s decision is to stay, then it confirmed that there is fear in them. For the pass 50 years we can see fear was instilled upon them by UMNO and it became somewhat of a culture. MCA dare not retaliate when provokedand humiliated, they have tread carefully in order not to anger UMNO…etc, etc… Whoever made the first move to cross over the other side fears persecutions – any tpye of charges that UMNO able to fix on them. The tactic here is applying this fear factor. It’s 50 years already, can MCA overcome this fear..? Watching and waiting to see who will make the first move…? Hooooo…..aku mau crossover tapi…….takut lah….!

  160. george says:

    It’s just make no different rite now, an apology would not change the fact that all Malaysian Chinese are “Pendatang” in the eyes of UMNO Malay…

    For all these years we lived in fear with it and just remain quiet and did not try to protest loudly, reason being worry that these UMNO and they cronies will use their force and double standard law against us cruelly here…

    Now, we will not sit and remain silent or pretend did not hear what those ill minded racist remarks…we rakyat have fed up with what the wayang kulit BN did all these years… enough is enough…we rakyat want to unite as one nation, one dream… a truely Malaysian dream.

    Sorry will not change the fact that UMNO Malay had repeatedly insulted Non-Malay in Malaysia over and over again… It is the fact… and it will goes down the the history of Malaysia as the most unwelcome incidents… and all will take a good lesson from it… and may the next generation to understand and to compromise all being a Malaysia…

    I have a dream, and it is going to real…

  161. In fact, he is wrong.
    So wrong.
    How dare he said so to the chinese, hoping to gain more votes?

    Hello, datuk, please la even 19yrs old of me are taught to love everyone despites of races and skin colours la…

    He really has no idea how angry and hot m now…

    Gonna scold him WT*

  162. HOw if chinese forget this issue and datuk resigns?

    Ok? Settle?

  163. orange says:


  164. novice101 says:

    Wonder why those in UMNO still care to carry on with the ‘kulit wayang’ shows. The ‘sweeteners’ before the elections and by-election didn’t work, nor had the veiled threats, nor the ‘posturings’, nor the threat of another racial disturbance. Why do they keep on trying with such shenanigans – plain and simple – they have really run out of ideas to fool the people.

    One up for the people!

  165. KAKINANG says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ??? 21ST CENTURY Got tis ty pper ? Always BALAKAn main main.D long n winding road ending-Boh cai ccccc!!!!!!

  166. ktteokt says:

    So it was a PENDATANG who has brought back a silver from the Olympics! Mahukah? Kalau tak mahu Pendatang, buang saja silver itu!

  167. Harrison says:

    I normally did not go back to the old threads but this once makes me jumps out- Darth Vader montage, who’s the other man? Hahaha. The UMno Bikit Bendera MP. Hahaha. U r notti Wits. Haha

  168. Kakinang says:

    Local Malays are very polite , mild manners,tak sombong,very tolong-menolong ok ok ok. SO WILL THE REAL MALAYS STAND-UP AND TELL THOSE “SAKAI” TO SHUT-UP ? KITA MALAYSIAN.

  169. roy selvan says:

    The Bible is filled with teachings on the brevity of life. To make the most of life I need to realize that compared with eternity, life is fleeting. I also need to realize that earth is a temporary residence and, as we covered on day four, is only a staging area for eternity. It is important that I live with a view of eternity, realizing that I am an ambassador here on earth. I am only a temporary resident and as a Christian my real homeland is heaven. When I have this view I will understand why sometimes God’s promises seem to go unfulfilled and prayers seem to go unanswered. In the light of eternity no promise goes unanswered and no prayer unheard and in the end it will all make sense. Of course this realization should also help me place much higher value on eternal rather than temporal factors. It teaches that as a fish will never be at home outside of water, so I will never really feel at home on earth. Because I have eternity in my heart and heaven is my real home, I will always feel some measure of discontent with life on earth.
    “In God’s eyes, the greatest heroes of faith are not those who achieve prosperity, success, and power in this life, but those who treat this life as a temporary assignment and serve faithfully, expecting their promised reward in eternity.”

  170. pendrive says:

    Local Malays are very polite , mild manners,tak sombong,very tolong-menolong ok ok ok. :… My foot to you lah, not many are like that anymore, they think they are ketuanan melayu… my foot malay are very polite, do you know how arrogent they are in goverment service( not only in gov also every where)….. my foot to youlah malay are polite…….

    for Melayu,

    everything is borrowed from others races; ( language, cultures and so on )
    i don’t have to go deeper on this subject… faham faham ajalah.

    still they want to bully others!? and claim they are the best of the best and other race are at their feet!?

  171. pendrive says:

    vision 2020 by mahathir

    all non muslim should work below muslim Bumiputra, all the companies should be own by bumiputra, all the top post in goverment services should be hold by muslim bumiputra, tukang sampah is indian, budak pejabat is chinese, pencuci tandas orang sarawak dan sabah……. what do you expect from modern malays….. ketuanan melayu……from UMNO/BN….

    hope PKR will change these these policies.

  172. Since MCA and Gerakan (who were supposed to stand for the minor rights of the Chinese for the past 50 years) have not lifted a finger to assist in expressing the rights of the Chinese community as a componen party of the BN, why not close shop or better still join PR?

    MCA and Gerakan are fast loosing their grassroots, who have now come to realise that they were and will not be representing them in Parliment, will for their own future cross over to support PR.

    It is, therefore, important that ALL the Chinese in Malaysia think straight and shift their support from MCA and Gerakan to DAP or PKR. This is benefit our childrens’ future in this lovely country of ours.

  173. KAKINANG says:

    2 pendrive.r u a malay ? those praises r for non-umno malays.Anyway the real malays pls free 2 commment.

  174. monsterball says:

    Najib apologizing is the on going sickening art of UMNO…..using third party to apologise….which means UMNO supports what was spoken by this braggart racialist.,,.Ahmad.
    Had Ahmad apologise openly…this also means he spoke on behalf of UMNO.
    If Ahmad is sacked….then Najib aplogised..then it make sense.
    But Ahmad is still a division chief in UMNO….so go and conclude….what UMNO is..trying to be too smart …with their idiotic stunts.
    All these half past sixes are the students of Mahathir…not Dollah.
    Dollah is a selfish… hypocrite idiot……with no balls…as PM.
    As ordinary minister….like before…he was a nice guy….quietly doing his job…minding his own business.
    Mahathir chosed the two most idiotic and no balls men…to be PM and DPM.
    So you think..Mahathir really wanted to retire?
    He is shouting like hell…as his two idiots are united..to give him hell………all for personal benefits…never for Malaysians.
    Smart ones are usually under controlled and have no future in UMNO.
    All are corrupted…so they stick together……like a band of robbers….ignoring Mahathir….to find ways and means to save themselves.
    You can bet…many have spent hours cleaning up their desks….leaving no evidences….on corruptions. Rafidah was caught..surprised….no time to clean up. It is a matter of time….she will be exposed.
    16th Sept is just 12 days away……and counting.
    Real Merdeka is at hand.
    Allah be praised!!

  175. snipe snips says:


    An excellent job on that “Darth” mock-up there. Real good job, and have a great day.

  176. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// ruzaimi ramza (20:47:17) :
    if sorry is not enough, what will? ///

    1) Sack Ahmad from UMNO.
    2) Throw him into slammer by using the ISA.
    3) Charge him with Sedition.

  177. Anonymous says:

    /// ruzaimi ramza (20:47:17) :
    if sorry is not enough, what will? ///


    if some one from a big group of influential and powerful people questioned your very existence as a citizen of malaysia and intent to deprive your generations a future in equality and someone else said sorry on his behalf, will you forgive and forget?

    If you answer yes, you are just a hypocrite or someone related to Ahmad.

  178. giggle says:

    NILAI: The apology by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak over the alleged remarks made by Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail recently has received a positive response from the MCA.

    “The deputy prime minister’s apology shows that he is aware and understands the people’s sentiments over the issue, especially the non-Malays,” MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said yesterday.

    “We appreciate and accept his apology and are confident that it will calm the emotions of those who were deeply upset.


  179. wits0 says:

    Ong Ka Ting = fatt fa ting
    nst = nasty shit tales

  180. giggle says:

    Ong Ka Ting = fatt fa ting

    OKT (police jargon Orang Kena Tuduh) fatt fa ting Certified BN madman on the loose

  181. dano says:

    Yes race-based groups must be dissolved! MCA, MIC and UMNO, back-off!

  182. giggle says:

    “Let us forget what has happened and move forward.” – OKT

    This is not the first time something like this has happened, OKT, have we moved forward? Sit boy, stay!

  183. yellow fever says:

    Thank you Mr. Ong Ka Ting. You have just proven me right, i.e. that there is NO difference between MCA and MIC. Both parties are servants and will lick the balls of their masters anytime and anywhere. You and Samy Vellu should do a “sandwich” with Najib. You both have sold out your community for so long and continue to do so. And all for what? For that “extra” money. You scum!

  184. wits0 says:

    “Let us forget what has happened and move forward.” – OKT

    He could help things by moving out of our face!

  185. Ugly MCA says:

    The much hated Najis and OKT are also responsible for this,

    BTN’s racist and divisive indoctrination courses

    As part of the course, which is mandatory before they are sent overseas, all non-Malays are segrgated and given lectures on the history of the country and how the immigration of the Chinese and Indians had taken place. And finally how the Chinese and Indians were given citizenship. The Malays too had their own similar sessions.

    The instructors blatantly told them that they should not question the rights and privileges of the Malays as the non-Malays should be thankful that they were given citizenship status and a place to stay on their soil. My daughter together with the other non-Malay students was shocked and went back to their dormitories depressed. And to the Malay students, the instructors told them to be aware of this fact and not to mix too freely with the non-Malays.

    A Malay friend of my daughter came back crying to the dormitory saying that she could not take the racist position taken by the government authority. My daughter then began questioning the bumiputra policy and was disgusted with such blatant indoctrination. This incident has also made the students harbour anger and resentment. Their fear for the authorities and losing their scholarships made them keep their cool. I am not exaggerating here – ask all the JPA students to write in anonymously and you will know the truth.


  186. billauchris says:

    What is UMNO trying to do? Trying to induce the masses to adopt a bizzare culture alien to the Asians.

    That bigotted Ahmad Ismail made a damning, diparaging and seditious racist remark against the Chinese community during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign. His remark, in my opinion,was uncalled for, unwarranted and odious and if he has any decency and dignity left in him as a leader of UMNO and therefor BN, he must have the moral courage to personally and publicly apologise to the whole Chinese community. You cannot be hiding under the DPM’s skirt.

    The DPM has by his act sent a wrong signal to the masses by undertaking to apologise in UMNO and BN’s name for and on behalf of Ahmad to the Chinese community.

    Can we accept this ignominious alien culture. Someone commits a wrong but another pays for it. If this principle is acceptable, a situation may seriously arise where a person kills someone but another stands trial and gets convicted eventually on his behalf.

    Men of all all faiths, can we accept such ridiculous and vicarious advocacy?

    I am a second generation Chinese and I believe I am more Malayan and Malaysian than any such Ahmad. In terms of loyalty, patriotism and contribution to the nation, I am proud to state that I am equal to none and confess that I am a true blue Malaysian. For a young man like Ahmad to utter such irresponsible remarks against the whole Chinese communality who stood through thick and thin to fight with the Malays and Indians to attain independence from the British, I feel greatly insulted, disappointed, embarrassed and flabbergasted with ultras like him. Remember all ye true Malaysians, without the collaboration of all the three major races, we would not be able to celebrate the 51st Independence Day.

    We should be talking more in terms of acceptance rather than tolerance at this juncture of our political development and maturity. I will certainly sokong if he is sent for a 6-month’s brain-washing at the UMNO boot-camp.

    All political parties should avoid henceforth apologising for the wrong of their members. They must shoulder their own resposibilities and liabilities for any civil, tortuous and criminal offences that they commit, consciously or unconsciously. No one is above the law. For heaven sake, apply the rule of law as a lesson to all.

    It is a shame to notice that this is not the first time such vicarious apology is tendered on behalf of an offensive political leader. Remember not too long ago, two MPs uttered sexist remarks against YB Theresa Kok while the Parliament was in session; but someone as puerile and unthinking as the deposed Sharizat udertook the unpleasant task of aplogising to Theresa Kok on behalf of these two recalcitrant MPs.

    The public is more discerning and closely monitoring the performance of the elected leaders these days. They know what is going on in the country. If one is wrong, then one must be gentleman or ladylike enough to say sorry personally to the aggrieved party and not allowed another to do the dirty job. This is neither Malaysian nor Asian nor Western culture! Certainly not BN’s nor UMNO’s culture. Otherwise, it makes us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

    Even though DPM indirectly and suavely apoligise for Ahmad, I feel strongly that Ahmad should stand up as a man and say sorry to the Chinese Community. Be a man and stop being a political coward!

  187. chaptokam says:

    Margeemar (07:26:37) :

    This picture may be valid before the march General Election but it is no more valid and I am surprised you didn’t get the political picture .
    All along we knew all the facts that you posted here but what you didn’t revealed is the problem that when you do research and pick up your info from here and there is this :
    Penangites wanted the PORR to be scrapped , that was why there was the campaign for NO PORR .The voters in these constituency voted out the BN to make sure PORR is DEAD . After PRU12 , Pak Lah announced the cancellation of PORR so the companies mentioned by you also suffered a similar fate , DEAD , but guess who asked Badawi for 4.2 billion to want the PORR and monorail project revive ? Sad you omitted this ! Is your DAP fella LIM Guan Eng .

    FYI pls check since you claim to know all these below:

    a) Ahmad Ismail and Goh Choon Lai were both croonies of Anwar Ibrahim when he was the DPM and Finance Minister . Ahmad was the warlord of UMNO who practically held Koh Tsu Koon by his balls being able to dictate whether KTK wins or loses since he controlled the Malay votes in Bukit Bendera . He not only controlled the ex CM but the council MPPP President as well .
    This joker has such a long history of corruption including demanding millions from developers for their plan approvals in Tg Bungah and B. Ferringhi areas otherwise no approval will be given as I said earlier the MPPP president is under his control . KTK at one time refuse to endorse his nomination as a MPPP ahli majlis for being a bankrupt but he fought back and denied being a bankrupt .

    Coming back to the MAIN issue why Badawi did not take action on him !!I have this to say . Why did Ahmad Ismail take that moment of time to say that ! Every wondered why ! Did it ever crossed your mind that he might be doing that to help his old nemesis Anwar Ibrahim ? That he could be contemplating of joining PKR ? To him there is no more money to bleed from UMNO as BUMNO is no more the gomen. In other words he sees there is no more ” kang tau ” .
    Don’t you think that by making that statement who actually benefits from that ? PKR or BN ? Its obvious isn’t it , that’s very important as you can very well even see this in the comments in this blog . Chinese all get riled up and pissed off by that joker’s statement and voted for PKR especially it was made during the last few days of campaigning. This could also be one of the factors contributing to Anwars increased majority .
    For him to quit UMNO and join PKR would see him being labeled by BUMNO as a running dog and by his supporters also but to be expelled or kick out by UMNO would see him as a overnight HERO just like Bala the SD fella or Dr Osman . ! and that would certainly raise his image in PKR ,don’t you think so !
    Read DSAI statement on this chap , very mild isn’t it “low class politician ” I expected Anwar to chew him off but LOL no such thing and that was all Anwar said period !. After that nothing more from him , so what does this tell you ? that this is a sandiwara by them. Look at Badawi’s statement . also very soft why ? Badawi knew that Ahmad Ismail wanted UMNO to kick him out or expel him so as to make him a household name in PKR but he is not going to play to their gallery or stage play !.Period . Thats my take as I see it .

    Orang Utan (10:25:20) :

    Hold on all of u. Ahmad may be secretly helping Pakatan to win d election. U see during d WW2 may spies just acted they hate their own race in front of d Japanese. I think Ahmad is intelligent enough to realise that these remarks will instigate others to vote for d other party. So we must not made d conclusion on d surface.

    Orang Utan you have more political instincts in you than a lot of others . You manage to see thru the fog and the haze rather than following the crowd in outright condemnation .

  188. giggle says:

    So what chaptokam is saying is that Najib who was present on stage with Ahmad and smiling and nodding assent is working for Anwar. And we are to believe that also.
    Then we will believe saifools also, what more when they swear. And Najib is working for anwar, so saifool is working for anwar.
    The only foggy bottoms here are chappies who make Sept 16 reality through convoluted thinking. Hmmm nalla must have been right also.

  189. giggle says:

    Psssst everyone, we are now “reliably” informed by chaptokam and coterie that mahathir was working for anwar when getting him sentenced also, and badawi and anwar are having secret meetings also.

  190. wits0 says:

    Orang Utan, your conspiracy theory about Ahmad Ismail is implausible. For one thing, why should he serve any better ideals apart from his own utterly selfish interests via bumno? Nope, one would be imputing a higher “nobility “to another obvious and typical political goon.

  191. ktteokt says:

    Latest news is that this racist Ahmad announced in the press that his statement was referring to Pre-independence days! Let me remind him that in Pre-independence days, the Malays, Chinese and Indians in Malaya were all “SQUATTING” on British Land!!!!!! So does that make anybody a “more superior” squatter than the others???

  192. […] guilty by association. The apology has come a little too late. Better late than never? But it […] Go to Source This entry was posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 and is filed under From Blogs. You can […]

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