To Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi;

Do you think by getting the MCMC to block Raja Petra kamaruddin’s MALAYSIA TODAY, you can block the blogs and minds of others as well?

You have shown how cowardly you responded to the defeat of UMNO at Pematang Pauh.

We are not blogging for Anwar Ibrahim alone.

One day you might find us useful because if he does wrong, we are going to criticise him in our blogs as well.

So try to appreciate us a little lah.


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  1. imwatchingu says:

    This rotten government is getting more and more repressive and evil. It’s acting like a sore loser and childishly. It’s time for it to go, the sooner the better for all of us.

  2. Margeemar says:

    One doesn’t need to have a ‘Phd.’ like Arif Shah to see that this DNA Bill is all about sending patriotic citizens such as YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to jail. The Rakyat (People) must not remain silent on this. We can’t wait for another 4 years for a regime change. WE NEED REGIME CHANGE NOW!!!…More

  3. mbc says:

    I just would like to inform everyone who is using Streamyx, to change your DNS setting from using TM to OpenDNS server setting, If you still can’t get through, you’ll need to run the following command at your command prompt, “ipconfig /flushdns”.

    After you done that, You’ll not be blocked from assessing Malaysia-Today, and perhaps any other site that the “outgoing-government” decided to block.

  4. TwilightYears says:

    Well said. I would , in similar veins, perhaps even louder, if Anwar were to lead his coalition into the wrong path. We are not like UMNO nor BN supporters who would follow the herd where there is crumps to be picked up to enrich ourselves. We compliment when there is compliments to be given, and we throw brickbats where there are things not right. We guide the misguided into the straight path, and we advise the extremist the middle way.

    Bloggers are not blind, we are not greedy and we have our own ethics – much loftier than those in power. We aim for the best and the highest, and we expect no less.

  5. wits0 says:

    Nope, they can disrupt the blogs, not block ’em. In the process of doing so, many surfers become rapidly more tech-savvy as to the means of how to beat that “block”.

  6. GoodWilll says:

    Loser, a gomen afraid of a website . what a joke. Porn site and torrent site also not block .. but a news website is block ..shame.

    If want to block , block the utusan malaysia ..

  7. wits0 says:

    Yes, block the utusan malaysia ..and all similar sickening demagoguery mills pretending to be newspapers but are purveyors of crass bias, hate and bigotry for many decades.

  8. Thurai says:

    You said it, Susan!

  9. myvoice says:

    As YB RPK said, the son is born and will be getting much fiercer, well folks, we shall stand united to support “Keadilan” for all rakyat, for our next younger generation to come….or else, we as parents will be regret forever!

    The present gomen is screwed. Yeh, yeh … kita menang!!!!

  10. apple says:

    Of course you’re right, you can’t block the mind, but if your blogs are blocked, about half of the mind of the people who now can’t read your blogs also will be blocked from reading your mind.

  11. mugabe says:

    lets flush down these fellows into …you know where ….

    [in response to mbc with thanks .. from an old timer used to 80 column cards]

  12. Dax Low says:

    Such an act comes under trait No.5 in “The traits of the Malaysian Politicians”


  13. george says:

    go block on the MSM that always bias and proparganding racism… that i say it is fair…

    Rakyat confidence and faith towards BN government is going down the drain each day… their day is numbered… meanwhile they are surviving via ICU…

  14. yh says:

    huh, can ah? let me check with my ministers first and i will revert.


    Out-going PM soon

  15. monsterball says:

    Those goboloks want to block out MT?
    The blog is very much alive and active.
    The return of the Jedi in Parliament…. waiting for Dollah’s Budget speech.
    First thing…minyat turun again and few more goodies…to make sure Anwar…the Jedi.. smile and be contented…..but Anwar waited 10 years to take on the whole of UMNO.
    With more than 65% Malays backing him up at Permatang Pauh…..and more to come..these UMNO idiots are now blaming poor Dollah alone.
    Khairy keeping a full beard……loosing chance to make Karin Maya …his mistress…..loosing to an Italaino. Also getting ready to resign…and run like hell…when Anwar sits at Putra Jaya.
    He should be the first to resign…as he bragged PP will bury Anwar…..but knowing UMNO and BN…no one will take any blame…even KLCC is on fire again.
    This bunch of corrupted idiots…must be voted out…if Anwar cannot deliver on 16th Sept.
    He is trying his best….but we must help him..if he fails…as we all know..what is UMNO.
    BN??….just shell parties…no more important.

  16. in a rebellion … you can kill 1000 fighters but the mission will be continued

    renaissance.MY’s last blog … Mission : 3P).

  17. veonszu says:

    A desperate move by desperados;

    A silly step by silly people;

    A doomed act by the doomed.

  18. Eric says:

    Looking at the current situation and past 51 years history, it seems merdeka is not meaningful. Only with BN out of power, then it is true Merdeka.

  19. God's army says:

    The more dirty you play, the more harder you’ll fall!
    All these have been proven to you over and over again.
    Anwar is no ordinary man that most of you think that you could easily deal with.
    With the help of the rakyat and the blessing of the highest divine, the only way you could save yourself is to prepare for the consequences.
    As I’ve predicted before, he’s going to make it to the putrajaya even if you’ll to force all those Sabah MP’s to swear or sign any declaration that prevent them from hopping.
    Anwar is playing a game of strategy and a game of “poker” as well.
    What I could assure you is that some of you are gonna get a heart attack by Sept 16th, while some would follow the steps of Zakaria.
    I predicted that alot of cash have been brought out of this country lately as most are prepare to flee once Anwar announce his takeover.
    The whole world now is following the countdown so to those who are still stubborn, just prepare for the worse.

  20. kittykat46 says:

    I’m still happily reading Malaysia Today using a Streamyx account.
    No problem, plenty of ways around the block….

    For non-technical people, just switch to the alternate domain name which RPK has started up.
    If they block THAT domain, another one will sprout out.
    If they throw RPK in jail, other people will take over.

    This is Malaysia’s “V” moment….

    Botak Kota Tinggi – Kepala Otak tau liwat saja..

  21. wandererAUS says:

    This despicable action by UMNO goons may have a short term gain but, a long term destruction to themselves. Think before you act.
    There are too many leaks in your sinking ship, deflate your ego, accept defeat gracefully and sail towards the sunset.

  22. A hundred mirror sites of MT can pop up all over the place. What is Hamid Albar going to do about that?
    In fact, I’m thinking of setting one up too…

  23. Ahjajal says:

    We should ask him to go and back to the small wooded place in Kota Tinggi
    not the Kota Tinggi in Sumatra Barat where the famous vice president of Indonesia came from.
    Let him fresh up his brain , perhaps he is now lawless and may change to be
    a lawyer in actual and talk sense.

  24. billauchris says:

    To the Power That Be (PTB)

    You guys are noted and ought to be given an A+ for putting up attractive projects or investment reports and policies. But when it comes to implementation and enforcement, you tend to suffer from memory lapses and have proven to fail miserably all the time. E- for you G4N fellows.

    Can you remember what you concocted in your MSC Charter when you launched the MSC? You attracted some of the big IT boys from overseas who were induced to invest in Malaysia because of the forward looking philosophy of the MSC Charter. Now you intend to take a retrogressive step.
    Remember, these companies are also very mobile, they can pack and move out of the country lock stock and barrel the next day to another country like PRC, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

    Now you contemplate to block out some of the active bloggers who are not happy with UMNO inparticular and BN in general. In my view, these blogs provide a very good source of the rakyat’s feed back about how they view and rate your performance and the grouses that they have. If only you chappies up there take these comments and suggestions positively and act on some of these grouses, your coalition would restore tis fast sinking credibility and confidence of the masses.

    By embarking on selective blocking, you are going to create a furore among the big boys and court international condemnation for reneging on your words, which is totally and fundamentally contrary to the spirit in which the MSC Charter was conceived and promoted to the world.

    I can assure you the whole MSC Scheme would collapse by your blog-blocking policy which is also doomed to failure. The WWW is so wide, hugh and extensive that it is not possible to impose any block on any blog. Please take note that blogs are not stagnant and immobile. They are unemotional and insensitive to gornmental autocracy, tyranny and persecution.. You close one down, it will surface elsewhere. You guys in UMNO will be on a wild goose chase or on a ghost hunt all the time; thereby wasting the public funds unnecessarily. Please for heaven sake, you cannot fight the world on IT. We are just a midget where IT is concerned. That goes with some if not most of the aging UMNosaurs. If you do not keep abreast with the IT develepment and progress, you will meet you enemy of extinction in now time. You will just be irrelevant,

    Just imagine, even our former PM Dr Mahathir has gone IT and is know blogging widely. I dare you guys in UMNO – try to block his blog! I will salute you. I bet you, the moment you block out his blog, he will move it to another site, where you cannot touch his blog at all.

    You block any blog, you will meet with international backward blessing showoring on the whold BN machinery.

    If you have so much time, try to dig into the Tourism DG’ Saga. Do take apprpropriate action against the fomentor of the saga. The country is looking at how far you go and allow nepotism to continue. Let justice prevail.

    Long live Malaysian Bloggers, who will continue without fear or favour to champion the cause of the down-trodden, marginalised, oppressed, persecuted, corruption busters and the the cause of those who desire to make multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia work for the betterment of all caring citizens.

  25. Willy says:

    Yes, The more dirty they play, the more harder they’ll fall!
    Ouch….! Ouch…..! Ouch…..!!!

  26. ella-mae says:

    my contract with streamyx is ending next month. i will not be renewing it. let’s teach them a lesson, y’all. enough is enough. how long more do these people expect to keep us in shackles. the chains started breaking 10 years ago and its come off loose since march 8th.

  27. apapunboleh says:

    BN is getting more similiar to the Nazi party.

    Seig Heil Badawi

    Seig Heil Najib

  28. Eric says:

    bloggster info – the problem with blocking MT is it will lose at lot of traffics.
    Even if minor sites come out, many visitors don’t know the url and therefore unable to visit. By blocking MT, real harm is done..

  29. Eric says:

    So BN is successful by greatly reducing the number of visitors the the website

  30. wits0 says:

    “..If it’s the fight that these dinosaurs want, then it will be good fight to the finish. I think that there could be a point where allegations that are actually through could leak out. One touch of the button that goes out to the international press and certain people in the Malaysian political scenario will be indeed finished. It can be anyone..Abdullah, Najib, and even Pakatan Rakyat as well. Well, Abdullah got whacked last week for calling bloggers ‘evil’ and I wonder who would be the next person to become the punching bag?..”

    So, bloggers are ‘evil’, eh? But we already knew for a very long time that he’s no statesman.

  31. colorsmalaysian says:

    Well !
    Umno-BN,the racist bigots, the toothless evil power.

    You can block our blogs but not our minds

    You can’t block this open space from telling the truth.
    If you think so, you are reall y left behind the era.

    It’s the era of RAKYAT who make their own decision .
    You fool can keep blocking us.
    The more you block, the more headached and heartached you will be encountered.
    Be more realistic !

    Time for you to admit all your wrong doings, failures and sins have done so far.
    Time to correct yourself(Umno-BN the racist bigots).

    We celebrate “National day” is for our motherland , strictly NOT for “Umno-BN the toothless bigots”. They(Umno-BN the toothless bigots) not fit to have this auspicious day.

    Let’s celebrate our National day in mass skill.

    We have loves towards our motherland , our brothers and sisters of all anak-anak bangsa Malaysia and our family .
    That’s all our dream.One dream.Only dream we are all dreaming to make it happen.

    Happy 31st Aug
    Merdekah !
    Merdekah !
    Merdekah !
    Malaysia , we anal-anak bagnsa Malaysia will always protect you from evil power.
    We all proud of you !

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  32. drMpower says:

    Susan Loone never want to expose the rights or wrongs of our politicians.

    Neither the rest of you giving comments here.

    The fact that matter is, you lot would love it to Kick the current government out, regardless of whatever they are bad or good.

    You want YOUR PREFERRED people to rule the country. you dont care whether that ‘preferred people’ good or not. so far you CHOOSE not to say anything about his/ her bad side. thats all about it.

    nothing about those corruptions or ‘exposing bad politicians’.

    i read one people saying Anwar’s a good charm because fuel down even before he got to Parliament. well, thats a total BS.

    you lot want to hear things that you LOVE to hear onli. and anwar is telling those things you love to hear. thats it.

    u call this mature? my bottom.

  33. kai says:

    What blocked? I just Googled and got the site up. Last posting on the site was titled “Barisan leaders’ talk of pullout from coalition worries Muhyiddin’ and dated 29/08/2008.

    Perhaps this is the alternate site set-up after the original one was blocked.

  34. fergie says:

    Sorry lah .. PM and gang can’t and never will learn from the rakyat cos they have a vacuum between their ears!!! Let them sleep forever!!!

  35. giggle says:

    In Iran, Egypt,Saudi Arabia also there is blockage.
    So under Islam Hadhari and its Ulamak Badawi this trend to Islamofascism is not surprising.

  36. Phua Kai Lit says:

    The blockheads are trying to block access to the alternative media?

    Question of the day: what are their chances of success?

  37. Zubli Zainordin says:

    A leader who is good and do good need not ask for love, naturally followers will love her or him. A leader who is bad and do bad, cannot earn such love, when wanting to appear strong steps on the mouth of the weak. Because the weak, has a mind unstoppable.

  38. choongs says:

    The Eagles – Desperado, last verse

    “Desperado, why dont you come to your senses?
    Come down from your fences, open the gate
    It may be rainin, but theres a rainbow above you
    You better let somebody love you, before its too late”

  39. BobbNZ says:

    Malaysia Today is crap!!!

    History will tell you Economic Problems lead to change of governments like Hitler in Germany, Mao in China and etc. So few Malaysians knew that it was Anwar that opened the door for the Clinton Adm to paralyse the Malaysian economy in 1997/8 and its after effects to this day. The situation is now exercerbated by the “credit crunch” afflicting economies worldwide. If not for his betrayal, Malaysia would be poised like China to deal with this present crisis!

    Wake up Malaysians. Dont be fooled by him or RPK. Your future is at stake. Dr M knew him too well to say : “he can even convince the Devil to follow him”.



  40. wits0 says:

    “..Abdullah Badawi, the prime minister, recently admitted the government had underestimated the influence of the internet in the March general election. News sites, such as subscriber-based Malaysiakini, have emerged as credible alternatives to the state-controlled media…”

    What he didn’t and couldn’t admit is that there’s a definite limit to systematic lies and dissemblings used to prop up a half century of decadence.

  41. chris says:

    a major reformation must be carried out once mr anwar become the PM…..must clean all the goverment agencies…..we as rakyat have the right to do so………….do u guys agree? all these old aged gusy must be flushed and replaced but young energetic youth who think modernly and have a piece of meat called brain…………….maybe they can lead malaysia to become a better place……..cant they see all the step they taking is actually make them to look so mean, stupid and desperate? oh my my……………i know u r stupid but i never expected you to prove it………………by simply blocking the site you think its done? no u r wrong……… are provoking us to become more rebellious and hate u…………….just till 16th sept…..u will get what u deserved…………..stupidos…..

  42. giggle says:

    Ulamak Badawi is a corrupt ulamak whose family has benefitted in raping the country.

  43. kittykat46 says:

    Ah….Malaysia Today is 50% crap…I agree…It is also 50% gold and diamond….that’s why BUMNO wants it shut down.

    A lot of people inside the government machinery are feeding data and information to RPK which the government never wants the public to see.

  44. machitam says:


  45. Until fundamental freedom no longer exists
    Then all bloggers can’t say their own piece
    Any interference they will all strongly resist
    Since bloggers want their last say to be at peace

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290808
    Fri. 29th Aug. 2008.

  46. wits0 says:

    Ulamak Badawi never approaches anywhere near worthy to be likened to Justice Bao of the Chinese legend( so strongly promoted by BN radio ads during the ’04 GE campaign) nor anything like ‘Mr. Clean’. Sheer perversity in attributing lies get punished by Heaven!

  47. SODOFUL says:




  48. rozlan says:

    Yap…One day UMNO leaders will find the blogs are useful to them when they were not in power anymore.Tun M found the facts in hard way…

  49. monsterball says:

    What is this crap talk by BobbyNZ?
    i guess he is a New Zelander policeman…got alot of tips from Mahathir..without realizing….it is stole money from us!!
    But if he is a Malaysian name Roberto….or translate to Chinese…Lopak Tow..cannot blame him la.
    MT is not 50% crap.
    MT is 100% gold and diamond. That is why his site is the only one..a threat to UMNO.
    RPK did convert hundreds of voters from UMNO to Pakatan Ratyat.
    You think a crab man can do that?
    Yes….UMNO using Saiful’s video… swearing at Permatang Pauh is full of crab….and the biggest lobster of all…is non other than Mahathir.
    And that lobster is so smart to resign and thinking…by doing so..he is forgiven from all sins?
    Will reveal my thoughts on Saiful…why he did that…if you all behave and want to learn more.

  50. matt says:

    oops alert sheep shagger is back.

  51. monsterball says:

    Yes…you all sheep…talk alot of cock and bull…get ready to be shaggered.

  52. Eric says:

    wits0 – I totally agree with u!!

    Justice Bao for badawi??? This must be the biggest joke of the decade!
    he doesn’t feel ashamed..

  53. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, your “fav” Botak should have stuck to his dad’s original trade of selling snakeoil. Accumulates less bad Karma that way.

  54. Honque says:

    As usual they will blame others for their losses. They still dont get it, its not because of RPK or blogs that they lost. They are still busy with their own ego trip and can’t see clearly what’s going on. Even the deputy minister commented that he never visited Malaysia Today and yet he talked like he read every single article on MT.

    Stupid BN, Stupid Pak Lah

  55. monsterball says:

    Get it clear…it is for or against Anwar.
    No if….buts …maybe…or why.
    It’s this way..until he is PM.
    So you all smart ass against Anwar..or People’s Party..or RPK….come learn from monsterball…and stop making a fool of yourself.
    Ask questions. Don’t be too smart to judge them or me….with your response…unless you are as smart a monsterball…….daring to judge others and debate with them……hahahahahahaha

  56. amoker says:

    UMNO chaps cannot think la, try to show off their power. Wait till companies move out of Malaysia..

  57. giggle says:

    Ularmak Badawi is no Justice Bao

  58. giggle says:

    oops typo that should have been: Ulamak Badawi is no Justice Bao


    When bloggers are being outright frank

    Try to woo and win them over to your ranks

    But never attempt to roll them over with your tanks

    Otherwise there’ll be floods on both sides of the river banks

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290808

    Fri. 29th Aug. 2008.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Botak Albar is a stupid corrupted BN nut never think before talk. Now let everyone bamboo… him left & right.

  61. Anonymous says:

    The Botak albar is a real stupid beeend nut. His brain also corrupted like him. Never think before talk. Now let everyone bamboo… him left & right. The botak deserve it.

  62. idzan ismail says:


    Thanks so much BN for the great budget
    People-friendly indeed
    Great Ramadan ahead
    Selamat Berpuasa
    A toast of Happy Merdeka to all
    Let’s make some noise

  63. sklee says:

    MCMC has no power to censor the internet.Malaysia has given an undertaking for the internet to be free when it was promoting the Multimedia Super corridor.The promise still stand as it has not been withdrawn.What the MCMC is trying to do is to try and block people from visiting Malaysia-Today.It should be blocking pornographic and ultra-religious sites, which can be detrimental to our youths.Instead it is trying to block people from going to a socio-political site which is rendering Malaysians a good service by providing news and views which are lacking in our main stream medias.How far it can be effective is left to be seen!Wonder who is directing the MCMC?

  64. monsterball says:

    Like Anwar…RPK will get stronger and stronger.
    UMNO can apply all their dirty tricks….but the dirtiest of all is using Saiful.
    I guess Anwar needs daily massages for his bad back.
    So he picked one to do it and make him to serve him personally…but no sex!!
    All ministers bring all sorts of butlers and masseurs…when wife follows them.
    When they go alone…they arrange all shapes and sizes… ladies in waiting….traveling different planes…but to same destinations.
    Their so call expenses is ten times more than the salaries they get….all charged to our accounts.
    So UMNO knows….Anwar will not say….Saiful is to massage him…day and night.
    That’s how dirty UMNO can be.
    And you can see….vast majority Malaysians…especially the Muslims…do not care two hoots over UMNO’s accusations.
    So they say..back to the drawing board….or to analyse this or that….what went wrong.
    What they mean….is what new steps to take….to stop Anwar from being PM.

  65. monsterball says:

    And on 31st Aug… to show UMNO ..who is their boss to apply Mahatma Gandhi’s disobedience with non violence by staying at home…do not celebrate their Merdeka Parade celebrations.
    Make it a day of rest….to be with your love ones.
    Our Merdeka has just started with Anwar back in Parliament…only the first small step. Until the day Anwar Ibrahim is our PM…there is actually no Merdeka for Malaysians per se.

  66. idzan ismail says:

    Hiya Monty

    Who is RPK?
    A nothing hiding behind a cloak of a royal name.

  67. monsterball says:

    If you do not know who is RPK…you are an idiot.
    Don’t waste my time asking silly questions.

  68. monsterball says:

    He never hides.
    Don’t use his royal blood against him.
    That’s a low down son of a gun style.

  69. kittykat46 says:

    RPK is a brave ordinary Malaysian who is standing up for the truth.

  70. siewkhim says:

    I am a Muslim. I think this Islam Hadhari is most repulsive fucking religious sect in the whole universe till doomsday.

    It is worst that the Gestapo, communist regime and KKK idealogies.

    They worship corruption, nepotisism, cronism and cunts. Their kiblat is Putra Jaya. Even shaitan is afraid of these type of Malay bastards.

  71. DumbRat says:

    Hi Susan,

    Dolah will answered you he is not aware of this as he is busy preparing the budget.

    After all most of the secrets revealed in Malaysia Today is on mongolia Jeep.

  72. Eric says:

    For those who have read or watched Justice Bao movies, they will laugh till stomachache to equate pak lah with him…..

  73. loo seow pek says:

    Home Minister say a total of 100+ blogs that is pro anwar will be block and all commentators investigated and charged under ISA.

    They ask me to tell you all. I was the the meeting.

  74. kgb says:

    This blog is being monitored very closely. Stay tuned for possible recrimination. They don’t like being bashed nor ridiculed.

  75. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hey Guys

    As Franklin Roosevelt said,
    “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
    Continue to speak up without fear.

    There is strength in numbers — you can’t jail the whole population!

    The people who are sweating in fear now are the corrupt and the wicked.
    With a regime change, all their thievery and nasty deeds will be exposed.

    Remember that even police states such as the Eastern European Communist regimes have fallen in the face of People Power. “The People United Cannot Be Defeated”!

  76. monsterball says:

    Who cares what they like or don’t like.
    Malaysians of today are no more like….previous years.
    They have so much hope and if the TRUTHS hurts them…then they are weird fellas.
    They should start to be humble….listen to Malaysians..respect us…and prepare themselves to be sincere oppositions…to Anwar’s government….for true democracy.
    They should be like sportsmen…be sporting loosers.
    But if they choose to think they own the country and can do as they like….more and more Malaysians will go against them…until…they become ac shell party.
    The choice is theirs.

  77. artemus22 says:

    To access Malaysia Today please go to:

  78. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Guys

    1. Do they dare to arrest Dr M who is openly advocating for
    the leadership change in UMNO? Dr M is the biggest thorn in their
    side, much bigger than other puny bloggers because Dr M
    continues to command respect within UMNO.

    2. In the Internet age, only political dinosaurs use repression to sat in power.
    To stay in power, UMNO needs to implement true reform like the
    Guomindang of Taiwan or the PDS/Party of Democratic Socialism of
    former East Germany (new name of the ex-communist SED or “Socialist
    Unity Party”)

    3. Those who use violence and repression will have to account for it later
    e.g. Slobodan Milosevich of Serbia, Radovan Karadzich, the
    blood-thirsty Khmer Rouge leaders currently being tried in Cambodia.
    Today’s BBC also mentions the trial of Argentine Generals who murdered
    political opponents during the 1970s. The lesson here: if you commit
    crimes to sat in power, sooner or later, you will have to answer for your
    crimes in a democratic regime.

  79. bamboo river says:

    “Hiya Monty
    Who is RPK?
    A nothing hiding behind a cloak of a royal name” – idzan isamil.

    Don’t insult the malays! Typical bumno facist.

    [Hello Monty.Good to see you back here.]

  80. monsterball says:

    Thanks bamboo river.

  81. monsterball says:

    idzan ismail…Don’t yoohoo here and yoohoo there to us.
    Trying to be too smart…..applying….”can’t beat them …join them” stuff??
    We are at war!!
    If you declare …you will support Anwar…then we can yoohoo to each other..with me singing….Slim Whitman….’Indian Love Song”……to you…with all the yoohoo and yoohaa….as much as you like.
    Meanwhile..shaft all your yoohoo into your arse.

  82. idzan ismail says:

    Hey y’all

    Ha, ha, ha. You guys are like the Piped Piper of Hamelin.
    On plays the pipe, all the rats follow.
    Then sort of a cheering mob squad.
    One will be saying something, the others will applause.
    Those dissenting got whacked.
    Mana boleh macam ini anak-anak Malaysia.
    Unity in diversitykan.
    But it’s still okay. Salut.
    Zorro unmasked can’t even listen to reason..

  83. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Kak Idzan

    Can I propose my “Fifth Law Of Malaysian Politics”?

    i.e. “The political importance of a blogger is directly proportional to the number of lawsuits and threats aimed at the blogger”

    Question of the day for Kak Idzan : How many lawsuits has RPK accumulated??

  84. cendana287 says:

    @drMpower (10:06:49) :
    @BobbNZ (10:30:26) :

    While I may not agree with a few things that these two say, I like what they say. Almost everyone joins in the chorus to condemn but most did not add in anything useful.

    There are exceptions, of course. Among others: mbc on how to change the DNS … kittykat46 the “50-50 truth-lies ratio” is worth pondering … billauchris good points

    BTW, why are some people targetting Tmnet here?? They are just an ISP who are subject to receiving and implementing the decisions of others. It’s the MCMC here who is the culprit. Tmnet has to block Malaysia Today when MCMC says so.

  85. monsterball says:

    hi idfzan ismail…Anaik anak Malaysia dalam ini blog…tak nak orang ada agin…otak tak center…boleh tukar chakapan tak lakku.
    Berapa kali nak saya ucapkan….sokong Anwar atau tidak.
    Tidak…kamu boleh balik kem UMNO.
    Kita tak nak sama kamu mian2….bela chakap Anwar pahal.
    This is serious stuff!!

  86. small tarzan says:

    Yelp! Bodolah, closing down all the internet servers locally and confiscating all the computers from all the homes in Bolehland.

    Then all the rakyat can join you sleeping in Batu caves together with you and Jean…. that’s where we supposed to live…. ha ha ha….

    Bodolah, it’s will be nice to live in caves and, on trees and wearing banana leaves…. islam hadhari way of life ha ha ha ha…..

    It will be fun to see Khairy eating banana on a tree with those beruks…… ha ha ha ha

    Bodolah will save a lot of petrol money by becoming a Tarzan traveling by rope swinging from one tree to another tree with Jean on one hand in a jungle….. he he he he….

    Mr. Tarzan, time to eat banana …. courtesy from the rakyat of Bolehland….. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha………………..

    Thanks Mr. zzzzzz aka Mr. Tarzan for bringing us back to the jungle era of Tarzan ha ha ha ha ha…….

    Mr. Tarzan

  87. giggle says:

    “Me Ulamak, You Jean”

  88. cendana287 says:

    @SODOFUL (11:00:42) :

    I did; if you mean this one (the very latest is Dr Mahathir’s post on the Malaysia Today blocking at 12.52PM today) :

    It appears that `someone’ here needs to read it again, for I don’t quite see what SODOFUL has claimed here.

    Anyway, Dr Mahathir is also against the MCMC order to the ISPs. I’ll paste it here in full:
    [Cut & Paste of

    Blocking Blogs

    1. When a Government makes a promise to the country and then reneges on its promise, then not only will the Government lose credibility but also any respect that the public may have for it.

    2. I do not often agree with and Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He had been sometimes quite irresponsible. But court action had already been taken against him. He is not above the law and if he is found guilty there are already adequate punishment that can be passed against.

    3. But to break a promise and to openly show that you can meddle with the security of the internet is to expose a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian state.

    4. I had once before written to a Government Minister that Malaysia has become a police state because the Government instructed the police to call up people who invited me to give talks and coerce them into withdrawing their invitation. The police is not supposed to do that. When the Government makes use of the police for extralegal work then the Government is guilty of abuse of power.

    5. The Minister simply replied that I had retired and it was better for me to literally shut up.

    6. Now this blockage of the blog is another evidence that this has become an authoritarian state, elections notwithstanding.

    7. Where are we heading? The censorship of news in the mainstream media is known to the public. Certainly I know of the blackout on me and the spins on any news about me. Now this.

    8. I know that things have been engineered to ensure Khairy Jamaluddin will win as UMNO Youth leader and Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi as President. Democracy in UMNO is dead. And when democracy dies in UMNO, the party itself will die.

    9. I would like to say this to the Prime Minister and his minions. You may have the power now. But as in five States, you may lose power some day. And this will certainly happen because of your obsession to block all contrary opinion from being heard. It will blind you to the reality of the situation so that you will continue to do wrong things and the people will reject you totally.
    [END of Cut & Paste]

  89. Jimmy Page says:

    who is Najib ?
    A coward hiding behind his father’s name
    and a liar who swore on the Quran who will burn in hell.
    Even worse a man who needs his wife to kill his mistress.
    There is nothing worse than a man who needs a woman to do his dirty work.
    But you are the same doing the dirty work for people the citizens have rejected.
    If I were you I would mengucap , and fear the wrath of god. But your skin is too thick just like your skull. Al Fatihah, Idzan.

  90. giggle says:

    Today Star –

    Sabah MPs reject loyalty pledge

    KOTA KINABALU: Many of the 24 Sabah Barisan Nasional MPs are rejecting a move to get them to sign a loyalty pledge to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    State Barisan Backbenchers Club chairman Datuk Anifah Aman said the move proposed by Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal was an insult to the Sabah MPs. He added that the pledge should instead be signed by all Barisan MPs nationwide.

  91. giggle says:

    He knows he`s next:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr does not agree with the Communication and Multimedia Commission’s move to block access to the Malaysia Today website.

    He said the Government broke its promise and had openly shown it could meddle with the security of the Internet.

    He said in his website,, that such an action exposed “a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian state”, and that the Government would soon lose credibility and respect among the people.

  92. Jimmy Page says:

    Dr M had his good points, but nowadays he sounds like the biggest hypocrite that ever walked the earth of Malaysia. He is the last man to talk about a totalitarian state, when we all know about “operasi Lallang” in the 1980’s. Poor guy, he must be going senile.

  93. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hey Giggle and Jimmy Page

    Shall we be charitable and say that

    “When Dr M was in office, he was drunken with power.
    Now that he is out of office, he is sober and is talks sense”?

    Heh! Heh!

  94. cendana287 says:

    As an extension to the comment and tips by mbc, here’s what I found at Rocky’s Bru on dealing with MCMC/the government’s attempt to impose censorship/blocking:

    [Cut & Paste]
    2:00 AM Blogger MalaysianToday said…

    In the event that MCMC decides to further implement a full blocking of websites or blogs perceived as not friendly, the followings can be used as an effective way to circumvent internet censorship:

    1. Accessing a mirror site
    2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
    3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

    1. Access a mirror site
    For instance, Malaysia Today can still be accessed at this moment at . Using mirror sites may not be effective as they may start blocking these sites too.

    2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
    Change your DNS to OpenDNS server or .

    Click for more info on how to set DNS.

    3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

    (i) Proxy Sites
    More effectively, this blocking can be circumvented by surfing through a proxy sites, such as:

    There are many proxy sites available, just google for them.

    (ii) Proxy Tunnelling Software
    Another better and most effective way to circumvent internet censor is by using Ultrasurf. It is developed by the people against internet censorship in China. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background.

    Download Ultrasurf software from:

    Then extract the file and run, that’s it.

    If you are using browser other than IE, then you have to manually change your proxy IP address to with port :9666 .

    (iii) TOR and TOR based browsers
    For those who are more IT savvy, they can try TOR. TOR based browsers are also available, such as xb Browser and OperaTor. But TOR solution tends to give slower internet surfing experience.

    Say NO to internet censorship.

    drsd1665 @

  95. Jimmy Page says:

    Phua, ok, I will give you that, but he still has no chance to return to the top. And Dr. M knows this, too. Muhiyiddin and Hishamuddin will fight it out, but heaven knows who their coalition partners will be. So even if they take over UMNO, they have no chance of winning back the government. It is the biggest disaster in BN history, and there is no real way they can recover, when even Sultans and the the lowest strata of society will not give them another chance again. What States are they going to win?

  96. cendana287 says:

    @small tarzan

    HAHAHA! That’s a good posting! The best laugh I’ve had today, especially the one on Khairy!:-)

  97. TheWrathOfGrapes says:


    You are beginning to sound like a broken record. Let me summarize your rants, ravings and drivels in 3 points:
    1) Anwar is a sodomizer.
    2) Anwar is a US stooge/agent/traitor.
    3) The US is out to do Malaysia in.

    Okay – now that we all know the sum total of your grand conspiracy theories, can you do everybody a favour and save Susan some bandwidth?


  98. giggle says:

    Monkeys at least have some brains. Syed Ham id, the arab masquerading as malay is however a donkey – and even there a donkey has more brains

  99. giggle says:

    Btw I can hear the dopey ulamak`s voice on TV somewhere. Inspector Gadget on budget.

  100. giggle says:

    Friday, August 29, 2008
    Perdana Menteri Malaysia Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telah dilihat sampai ke bangunan Parlimen dengan membawa dua buah beg.

    Sebuah beg berisi dokument/ucapan tentang Belanjawan 2009 yang akan dibentangkan hari ini.

    Sebuah lagi beg membawa pampers.
    Posted by Tukar Tiub at 8/29/2008 03:47:00 PM

  101. kittykat46 says:

    I have to admit even in 1998/1999 , at the peak of Reformasi, Mahathir kept to his promise not to censor the internet. A number of websites were much nastier towards the regime than Malaysia Today – I know, cause I used to frequent them.

    My favourite was

    Apart from that, Mr. Operasi Lallang / Mr. Liwat Version 1 has no standing to talk about repressive regimes.

  102. Jimmy Page says:

    I wonder if Khairy is thinking of divorcing his wife and marrying that beautiful and talented actress Maya Karin. I only say this in case this blog site is shut down so might as well say what we can while we still have some time left. Censorship works, so hey, Khairy, your wife is damn fat lah! My God ! Shes’s like a hippopotamus!! Now that you have no chance to be DPM or future PM why don’t you do yourself a favour and divorce her and make an honest woman of Maya Karin? Come on , man, think of your future, d’you want to be stuck with Badawi your whole whole life? Be a good malay like Najib and be a playboy! Maya Karin is ten times more gorgeous than Altantuya , and probably can get you a small part in a movie, too, for example as a concierge in an hotel. I am sure you have enough money left over for a wedding and reception in a 3 star hotel in London.

  103. wits0 says:

    The “Harapan” alternative link to MT is now apparently dead but what the hack?! We haft veys of accessing MT, hahaha!

  104. giggle says:

    Jimmy, Khairy oledi marry, unless you mean Khairy tu rompak bini like the Malay “sami” Najis.

  105. kittykat46 says:

    I think the Government just dug the grave for the Multimedia Super Corridor.

    The foreign MNCs don’t care much about local politics, but they do care about the credibility of the Terms and Conditions governing the MSC.

    The Multimedia Bill of Guarantees is now just a piece of toilet paper courtesyof BUMNO.

  106. Jimmy Page says:

    Giggle, divorce “kacang” for malays, most often don’t have to tell also, just find a kadi who is not sleeping , give 400, kao tim. If Maya is married I apologize, didn’t know.
    But Khairy needs to bounce back, and perhaps running away with or without a woman would be the best thing for this graduate of Oxford.

  107. giggle says:

    Jimmy, no need kadi oso, jus say talak can

  108. Jimmy Page says:

    Giggle, I really feel sorry for Khairy, he was so close
    now he is absolutely finished, imagine , from manager
    and boss and son in law to another failure in so few
    years. His future was set, but his father in law was a
    moron. He wanted to be the youngest PM in history,
    now he won’t even be on the council. How the mighty
    have fallen , and long may they suffer, rot and
    eventually disappear. You can fool rembau some time
    but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  109. ktteokt says:

    It is an absolute insult to equate AAB with Justice Bao! AAB is not even 1% near Justice Bao and if Justice Bao had been alive today, AAB would definitely be facing the Tiger Head Guillotine!

  110. giggle says:

    Never say die. His father is an Ulamak. Like a wounded cockroach, he will now retire to let his wounds heal.
    Then he will emerge from the darkess again to spread disease.

  111. teenanger says:

    i am not sure if this the work of Pak Lah.perhaps this is the work of those under Ministry of Information and SKMM.dang!

  112. giggle says:

    oops his FIL is an ulamak…

  113. wits0 says:

    Message from MT:
    Malaysia Today is being blocked by Malaysian government. To access use the address You can check the site status at or google for “Malaysia Today”.

    Just one of the ways… 😉

  114. asiaone says:

    malaysia today blocked again 5.20pm(friday 29th)… please help if any alternative url available

  115. greeneyesjelly says:

    somebody care to publish a list of email addresses so that we can all send our complaint letters in?

  116. matt says:

    DR.M the one guy who sums him up the best is Hisamuddin rais.

  117. giggle says:

    9 – Tahukah anda dimana Samy Veloo dan Siti Hasmah membuat rambut palsu?
    ROTFLMAO… now i know why u called this place tukar tiub…. Everytime I read your blog I laugh sampai pancit!
    U come up on top as always sham!

  118. giggle says:

    9 – Tahukah anda dimana Samy Veloo dan Siti Hasmah membuat rambut palsu?
    ROTFLMAO… now i know why u called this place tukar tiub…. Everytime I read your blog I laugh sampai pancit!
    U come up on top as always sham!

  119. asiaone says:

    ok …MT back as normal

  120. kittykat46 says:

    I am told is on a shortlist of blogs to be blocked later down the line.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Where is the lady who had declared a “jihad” war against Anwar before election in PP?
    The only holy war she can fight now is to strap on a jacket with full of “C4”, hug and blast that fake ulamak off for good.

  122. kittykat46 says:

    The ex-Pantai Jihadi ?
    Aiyo…she won’t get her 72 virgin men in paradise now…

  123. matt says:

    That jihad is now looking for jilat urrgggh the thought of someone doing it to her.

  124. justice bao baru says:

    ktteokt (16:08:50) :

    It is an absolute insult to equate AAB with Justice Bao! AAB is not even 1% near Justice Bao and if Justice Bao had been alive today, AAB would definitely be facing the Tiger Head Guillotine!

    Aiyoyo! Using the Tiger Head Guillotine is very messy and cruel. Human Rights groups would definitely totally against this method nowadays.

    I would provide AAB a few puffs to get him in ecstasy state first before giving a cocktail injection.

    I hope human rights groups will find this method acceptable.

  125. allen ng says:

    This is the mentality of the Barisan National’s government.Their brain is so narrow and try to shut down on all bloggers who are critical to this type of incompetent and corrupted regime.No wonder the by-election of Permatang Pauh costed them a heavy defeat when they used personal attacks on Anwar rather than the economy.

  126. GHANDHI says:

    tuan syed & kuncu2,
    u’ll are hurting
    mad & angry..hah
    so blocked !! than wat?
    arrest, beat-up, ISA
    People…they are admitting RPK were telling
    congratulation tuan syed..RPK has a healthy, strong baby boy.

  127. kkk says:

    I am no IT expert. I managed to access MT just now.
    Anyone who want to access MT, just click the START button on your computer, select SETTING. Type cmd on space provided and press ENTER key. A black screen will appear. Finally type ipconfig/fushdns and press ENTER key.
    Then try entering MT using “”
    I was able to access is because of one of our bloggers in this blog.
    I would like to thank him.
    BN g_ons especially baldie get screwed la.

  128. tamade says:

    Susan, the Rakyat of Bolehland can now draw a conclusion: The evil and corrupt power brokers of UltaManNo in Bolehland has never changed, will never change, and will always resistant to change.

    The defeat on 8th Mac GE and Permatang Pauh have not made them awaken, and they are still day dreaming. They will never listen to the voices of the Rakyat.

    Just look at the clown~ ShellFish Akta from Sabah on the 26th August, the MSM reported that he sneaked into a polling station in Permatang Pauh, and he knew that the policemen would not dare to stop him because he is a minister. What a blatant act of irresponsible attitude as a Minister.

    So, you are a Minister, so what? You still have to obey the law. Botak Minister always says that.

    Later when the PKR workers complained to the police, then only he was chased out, and yet he scolded those workers. This ShellFish Akta has really flushed the dignity of a MP into the drain. So malu.

    The most ironic thing was that he told everyone that HE HAS DIGNITY and those MPs from Sabah are loyal to BeeEnd and UltaManNo. So they have signed a pledge of loyalty.

    This flur must be insane for there are many voters in the Sabah constituencies also rejected BeeEnd in 8th Mac. Even though he has won but it does not mean that he can sodomise the rights of others in Sabah who want a change.

    This ShellFish Akta has damaged the good name of the MPs from Sabah and Sarawak. Why must they sign the letters? Don’t they have dignity? Are they so unreliable and they have to kow-tow to UltaManNo?

    May be all of them should follow SinFool’s way of asking 9 Imams to witness their swearing on the Holy Book. Looks more real and authentic, right? No wonder Anifah and Gapur are so mad with him.

    Come on, MPs from East Malaysia, switch to the RIGHTEOUS side as soon as possible.

    If you people are not sure about the voters responses after the 8th Mac and 26th Aug, then do listen to their voices and then you people will get the real answers.

    I am sure majority of the voters in your constituency will kick your ass if you don’t switch camp now.

  129. pboi says:

    I am so pissed and angry that I am lost for words!!!

    I don’t normally indulge in expletives but this is like absolutely overboard!!!

    I, in no uncertain terms, join the throngs of angry netizens in condemning this downright despicable act from the infantile-mentality government.

    I am now absolutely and resolutely convinced that we do not have any other choices but to have a complete change of government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. giggle says:

    “I would provide AAB a few puffs to get him in ecstasy state first before giving a cocktail injection.”

    But how sure can we be his tail`s not been cocked yet?

  131. jonathan says:

    BolehLand’s MSC, is heading the road of becoming Malaysia’s Sick Cyberworld Corridor with the actions of its custodian the MCMC.

    Seems that the government is afraid of the ‘truths’ that may be behind the blocking of Malaysia Today? Are they showing their ‘sore loser’ mentality again? And by doing what they did, they are even losing more sympathy and support of many BolehLanders who are finding reasons to believe and give the present government opportunities to get their act together and regain back their dignity and most important the trust of the people.
    see my blog on Malaysia’s Coward CyberWorld Mentality

  132. orange says:

    kill 1 and 10 will come to its funeral – bodoh…

  133. machitam says:

    drM said(just after result of P. Pauh election was announced) “Dalam sidang akhbar itu saya secara terus terang berkata sidang akhbar tidak berguna kerana mereka tidak akan dibenar melaporkan jawapan-jawapan saya melainkan yang boleh diputar supaya ternampak saya menyokong Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Kerajaannya.

    the irony is, he did the same thing when he was holding the reign.

    this is what censorship is all about. if the news or infomation is not toeing bumno or bodohwi line. it’s “inappropriate and against national interest”
    it can turn the mind of others against the “propaganda” of bumno.
    it is telling the truth that the police acting under bumno, the impartiality of the AG is questionable.
    the gomen is controlling the msm i.e unseen hands are at works behind the scene.

    so what do yo u expect from MCMC.. i can feel what pboi felt. ..
    drM also can feel the heat that we have been undergoing for so long.

    i wonder this idzan can feel what his idol is feeling???

  134. Ctizen Me says:

    Wise Chinese man say ‘you can dam a river but you cannot dam the mind.’Internet is only a tool. There are also other tools to get the message out.

  135. Shiok Guy says:

    They are plenty of way to visit Malaysia Today or any blocked site, just use proxy server la!

    Shiok Guy

    P/S: I have proxy server setup at my blog

  136. CYBERBOY says:


  137. kajang satay says:

    This shows that ‘dia yang makan cili padi rasa pedas’.

    If one is innocent, why be afraid what rpk wrote?

    This implies that what rpk wrote in his web-blog is genuine.

    All those culprit should volunteer to lock themselves up in Sungei Buloh and a 30% NEP jail term will be accorded, else the penalty will be doubled.

  138. wits0 says:

    The Mentality of Prescribed Obfuscation like thus:

    Malaysia is ranked 124th out of 169 countries in the Reporters Without Borders world press freedom index.

    Here’s something the Gomen can’t juggle upwards like with the GNP or lower with the CPI.

    Nor this either:

    “According to the World Bank, individual inequality in Malaysia as
    measured by the GINI coefficient is the second worst in all of the Asian countries for
    which data is available. Only Papua New Guinea ranks worse.”

  139. wits0 says:

    Ya, Shiok Guy, we ain’t broadcasting openly the easiest to use ones, lah. The Enemy is eavesdropping.

  140. wengerkhairy says:

    I, Wenger Khairy, master strategist to Menantu Sakti have outlined his political strategy as TCB which is Tanam, Cantas and Bayar!
    Read at

  141. pak lah-lah says:

    this b*llsh*t blogger has misused this Web2.0 technology…

    kalo dah nak sangat, jgn blog.. bukak saja negara sendiri..

  142. Hunk says:

    Witso, The Government planted spy in Hindraf? Few suspicious characters here and there but I presumed u ain’t one, my friend. 😀

  143. wits0 says:

    Hunk, I’ve been telling my old friends on the Net that the Gomen would renege on the “no censorship” promise for a few years now and now here it comes. The reason was to try to inspire them to garner beforehand greater IT skill to beat that eventuality but hardly any apparently listened. Not all of us are coincidentally slotted into the IT tech thing like Kittykat 46 but it’s not all that difficult to learn a few tricks for the eventuality of any wrongful invasion of privacy, e.g. Naturally, Susan has my confidence, not any suspicious seekers fishing around to find out how much we know. 😀

  144. kittykat46 says:

    You are right. Though I’ve had no problems getting round whatever block TMNet has put up, I find that Malaysia-Today’s site is extremely fast – so that probably means a lot of normal users are NOT getting on.

    So while the blockage is almost useless from an IT technology point of view, it has served its political purpose.

  145. apple says:

    Perhaps, Susan blog will also be targeted and blocked. So, no one can read your mind anymore. BTW, you can write on the wall of toilets at RR along the north south highway, there also some dumb nuts who can read some thoughts of your mind.

  146. ella-mae says:

    I trust the government is doing what best for nut heads like some of you.

  147. witsO says:

    Yes, i agree with ela-mae

  148. hantu says:

    hello, what’s up?

  149. President Bush says:

    Yes, everyone must obey the rules.

  150. BobbNZ says:


    Anwar’s betrayal to the Rakyat in 1997/8 is not to be forgotten so easily. The damage is not over as the economy is still hemorraghing from the financial attack by the Clinton Adm. With the present “credit crunch”, is wound is bleeding again. Otherwise, as I said earlier, Malaysia would be well poised like China to stay on top of the recession waves battering nations world over.

    Do not be fooled by this traitor who even visited the Pentagon in 1998 to seal his friendship with the worst CROOKS the world has ever witnessed. Good riddance, I find extreme consolation that the holy scriptures has foretold its demise in the very near future.

    Have a good day Malaysians!!!.


  151. Siti says:

    Well, I think Annuar will betray DAP and PAS sooner or later, because support from these parties is only for him to win the election. Once on the top of the ladder and growing support from Malays, Annuar will retreat supporting DAP and PAS. He is a Malay and by the nature will support Malays no matter what he had said in the past about not supporting them.

    So, what lie ahead for Chinese DAP and Muslim PAS?.


  152. Anonymous says:


    You are at it again. Twisting the facts to confuse new blog readers.

    If Anwar had betrayed the Rakyat, Old Man TDM would have sacked and jailed him for betraying the country and do not need to trump up sodomy charges to jail him.

    If visiting Pentagon and sealing friendship with American is considered a traitor then many Malaysia PMs will be classified too.

    Perhaps the greatest traitor to Malaysia is you; trying to twist facts.

  153. […] You can block our blogs but not out minds No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI Leave a comment Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTML allowed: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> […]

  154. monsterball says:

    There is always one or two shit commentator in every popular blog….and BobbyNZ is one of them.
    He is just having fun…trying to… irritate us…to get attention.
    The messages he puts out…have no substances… he is not an enemy.
    He is itchy to be f..k.
    I have a strange feeling he is Saiful type…..typing and laughing….at a internet cafe…while waiting for a customer to pick him up.
    So this is not a real enemy.
    This is the itchfy type..who perhaps cannot forget a New Zealander .

  155. monsterball says:

    What happen to my response to BobbyNZ?

  156. bamboo river says:

    10.17,01.18, 01.19,01.20 all this comments are from the same person imposting the nicks of regulars.
    Aiya, kerja tak da keh?
    Go, take five sleeping pills and don’t wake up.

    Siti, you are talking about Annuar Musa or Anwar Ibrahim?
    Why you tak caya orang melayu kah?

  157. Siti says:

    Mana boleh, lu tengok semua Melayu kena tangkap ambil duit. Lu caya ke bamboo river?.

  158. giggle says:

    BobbyNZ run out of steam after shagging mustafa ong`s sheep. Now just spamming (repeating) same comment – just like BN who have done it for 50 years. kekeke khairy digging graves for this dying breed.

  159. bamboo river says:

    “Mana boleh, lu tengok semua Melayu kena tangkap ambil duit. Lu caya ke bamboo river?.” – Siti.

    Jadi orang melayu tak boleh tangkap orang melayu yang ‘ambil’ duit keh?
    Jadi macamana?
    Kalau orang melayu tidak ‘pilih kasih’, kan itu satu petanda yang baik?
    Jadi nak tangkap ke tidak?

  160. cendana287 says:

    @BobbNZ (01:36:20) :

    For what it’s worth, I have to say that Anwar Ibrahim was one of the people whom I extremely disliked. But that was 10 years ago…

    People change – For the better or the worse. Now this is a fact of life. In Anwar’s case, I feel that he has changed for the better.

    And I also honestly feel that he’s our only chance for a better Malaysia. Previously, I had thought that Abdullah Badawi “might be the one”. But after more than four years, it’s obvious that he isn’t.

    Yes, Abdullah “is a good person” – I know that his heart is good. But that’s not quite enough – I mean to be “our leader”. And I don’t want to wait another four years for this rot to continue.

    If it’s not Anwar, then who?

  161. Perry says:

    Gestapo state! DNA bill, then Malaysia Today… What next? BN is a disgrace and so are all people who still support it. Filth!

  162. cendana287 says:

    As an addition to what I had already written, here is a comment that I saw just now. It was from one of the sites linked to Malaysia Today (forgot what it was, sorry)

    written by cheekhiaw, August 30, 2008 | 10:11:02
    He wasn’t and will never be perfect. Who is?

    But he at least has awoken from the terrible stupor, thievery, lies and arrogance of the organisation he was part of.

    And he has the guts to own up and want to be given the opportunity to do his part in making things right for the sake of the common people.

    Whether he will live up to his words remain to be seen but more than the gods shall bear witness. An entire nation of decent people are placing their hopes and future on him.

    We forfeit our right to call ourselves humans, not to say leaders, when we lose our sense of regard and compassion for all things around us.

  163. monsterball says:

    Glad that sickening BobbyNZ running out of steam.
    I guess…I got deleted with few foul words…suited for him..but not in blogging.
    Never mind…all are united and that cracko is repeating his message….a sure sign like all the usual UMNO guys…no more ideas…just talk cock and bull….all night long.
    Khairy should bury his head in shame…unable to bury Anwar at Permatang Pauh.
    This braggart Oxford University guy does not know..all old folks are Oxford University students..for Form 5 exams.
    And during out time…no bogus certificates from Bahamas Island..some UMNO members are so proud to have.
    Dot dot dot…kopi kau kau…..that gets into my nerves!!

  164. Siti says:

    hey, saya kata banyak melayu kena tangkap, jadi, melayulah banyak pandai rasuah. Lu fahamke ?

  165. machitam says:

    tch tch siti, marah nampak….jangan marah nanti kena jual seluruhnya..keh heh

  166. Siti says:

    If we can get both, the person who takes rasuah and the person who gives rasuah, then we can see whether this notion that malays are rasuah people is justified.

    BTW, heard that runners give 10% of what they charged their clients (mostly Chinese runner and clients) , that amount to about RM400 each, thus, the runners get RM4, 000.00 for each complicated case. If an officer gets RM55, 000 how much the runners get a month? , RM550, 000, half millionaire. Then run away to live in overseas when they got really rich. That is only in one sectors, what about other sectors?.

  167. tamade says:

    Susan it is too late now for the guomen and UltaManNo to block the cyberspace.

    Thousands of young Malaysians are studying oversea, their mind set are totally different now, unlike those in Zimbabwe, Manymar and North Korea.

    It’s a tidal wave in terms of mental revolution in Bolehland. The MSM is too obsolete to most of the young intellectuals.

    It’s almost an impossible task for the MSM to seek popularity among the Rakyat now.

    They have gone too far in following the words of the evil power brokers in UltaManNo.

    It will be a suicide mission for Bee~End and UltaManNo if they still want to control the MSM and cyberspace.

    The only way fot them to survive in the future is to let go of the control of MSM and also the Cyberworld, have a fair competition platform for both Fed Guomen and the opposition.

    Then, maybe there is still hope.

    But are these evil nuts and brainless ministers willing to listen to the Rakyat?

    Are they willing to change?

  168. giggle says:

    AMIM -Another Malaysian Idiot Minister

    Ministerial block-head
    Minister of Energy, Water and Communications Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said:

    “The decision to block access to Malaysia-Today website was not politically motivated and was not a government directive. Instead it was done as the website had contravened Section 211 and 233(1) of the Communications and Multimedia Act.”

    “There’s no specific directive from me or the government to block any website. I leave it to MCMC to run things on their own. I only told them that any action taken by them must be in accordance with the Act.”

    It is okay to be stupid and it is okay if ministers are stupid; but don’t transfer and inflict the people with your disease, dear minister. We were not born yesterday and we were not blind and without brains. We know why and we understand the phobias, paranoia and frustrations of the reality and facts that were in the public domain. We can differentiate stupidity and lies with intelligible knowledge and facts.

  169. Hunk says:

    hey, saya kata banyak melayu kena tangkap, jadi, melayulah banyak pandai rasuah. Lu fahamke ?

    Faham. Errr, u talking to me? Sorry, salah pintu…

  170. giggle says:

    Siti (12:09:47) – Maybe if your ulamak badawi set a better example it could filter down. And you really need to get the “sami” najis out of your mouth. Can think better then.

  171. Anonymous says:

    ulamak bodohwi ulamak islam hadhari, a new islam created by umno. you can rob rakyat money, you can “blinded” the eyes of rakyat by censorship, you can tipu sana sini, use political persecution, isa, there is no rule of law i.e you can charge a person you regard as your enemy by fabrication of evidences. only sumpah can prove your innocent and charge your enemy guilty

    najis, botak, shitfei bebal, mcmcetc….all these are hadhari ulamak. their god is RM. RM can make a person sumpah, rm can make person follow you, rm can do wonders!

  172. cendana287 says:

    Here is what Syed Hamid had said about Malaysia Today:

    Malaysia Today has no respect for religion: Syed Hamid

    “If he wants to criticise ‘this is wrong, that is wrong, this is corrupt’, that is okay but you must not create public fear, or send a message that would cause uncertainty and a lot of damage to the country in terms of public confidence and investor confidence,” he told reporters Saturday after attending the Merdeka celebrations at the Kajang Prison.

    The problem here is, where exactly is this “public fear” that RPK/MT had created?? This issue of blocking a website is a serious one, and Syed Hamid should have been prepared to show us in detail what the offences were.

  173. tamade says:

    Another big blunder made by the brainless nut of the UltaManNo.

    His comment on the SickFool’s case has caused the defeat of PP~one of the main factor. Has he realised that?

    How can such a mediocre flur be appointed as a minister? This Sleeping Pee Am must be out of his mind.

    His comment on MCMC’s act is again another big flaw.

    Terrific UltamanNo.

  174. myke says:


  175. BobbyNZ says:

    If my remarks on Malaysia Today were deleted, why not the Government shutting it down due to its defamatory contents, seditious articles, propaganda and lies ????

    The reason I called Anwar a Traitor is because is one! He collaborated with the CROOKS in 1997/8 to destroy the Malaysian economy and my fellow Malaysians fell victims without even know this fact! So being in the know, it is my responsilibity to inform the Rakyat. His visit to the Pentagon in 1998 was his presumption of assuming the PM post at the expense of his countryman. That’s why he is the most despicable traitor the country has ever produced!

    Wake up Malaysians! Your woes today is 90% caused by Anwar Ibrahim aka ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

    Have a good weekend and know what Merdeka means!


  176. giggle says:

    “So being in the know,…”

    You know f*uck all only. Go run after mustafa ong`s sheep, they love you.

  177. giggle says:

    Anwar was also serious about fiscal policies to take account of distributive justice in the months between December, 1997 and April, 1998. In fact, he had dismissed a report prepared by a team of IMF-style consultants on measures to rescue the East Asian economies affected by the 1997-98 Financial crisis. He had written on the cover of that report that it must be rewritten to address problems of social justice.

    I was approached by his advisors to rewrite the report and took it on eventually after his team headed by Khalid Jaafar agreed to allow me to change it completely. It was unfortunate that Anwar did not manage to present it as he was replaced by Daim Zainuddin and sacked by Mahathir.Yet, there is enough historical evidence to back Anwar’s claim that he is a believer in social justice. After all, mentored by the widely respected social activist and former University of Malaya academic Professor Dr Syed Husin Ali during his undergraduate days, Anwar was arrested and jailed for his role in championing the rights of the poor during the Baling riots and the protests he commandeered as a student union leader at University of Malaya in 1974.

    It must be said that the young and brash leader of the 1970s was then a champion of the poor at a time when government policy was very much in line with the dictates of the IMF and the World Bank.

  178. wits0 says:

    “Wake up Malaysians! Your woes today is 90% caused by Anwar Ibrahim aka ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

    Have a good weekend and know what Merdeka means!” – BobbyNZ

    Scatological spew from you BobbyNZ!

  179. hamid says:

    Malaysia`s woes were/are caused by all these boobies like BobbyNZ. Black sheep carrying parasites. Thank god many of them got wiped out in the `98 crisis, including their godfather kutty.

  180. observer says:

    UMNO chaps cannot think la, try to show off their power. Wait till companies move out of Malaysia..

    Sounds Good to me ! Lots of Senior Managers working in Companies here have lots of free time to write and post comments against the democratically elected government while getting paid by American companies .

  181. observer says:

    Maybe the gomen should invoke the RR or EO on certain commentators here . Wis should be top on the list.

  182. giggle says:

    “write and post comments against the democratically elected government”

    Mara graduate Herr Observer is top on the list. You will get in-voked the way you behave kekeke. Maybe a little bit of najis ya will make the medicine go down in the mooost delightful way kekeke. PI Bala knows all.

  183. hamid says:

    “Maybe the gomen should invoke the RR or EO on certain commentators here .”

    Kepala buth* hijau kau. Anak kaki sodomy jaga bontot sinajis.

  184. hamid says:

    kahkahkah ini observer mata keranjanglah pandai sembunyi tengok orang kencing saje

  185. hamid says:


    (mStar Online) – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari ini mengulangi sasaran 16 September masih kekal sambil menegaskan, beliau mempunyai agenda ketat mengadakan pertemuan dengan wakil-wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam tempoh beberapa hari akan datang bagi membincangkan soal menyertai Pakatan Rakyat.

    Wakil-wakil rakyat berkenaan termasuk mereka dari Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak – antara lain laluan bagi membentuk kerajaan baru persekutuan.

    mStar Online difahamkan kelmarin beliau telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan enam wakil rakyat BN dari Sarawak di ibu negara – beberapa jam selepas mengangkat sumpah sebagai anggota Dewan Rakyat.

    Malah mStar Online, Anwar juga telah dijemput untuk menghadiri pertemuan khas dengan ahli-ahli Parlimen Sarawak di Kuching esok.

  186. hamid says:

    Berita Terkini:

    (mStar Online) – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari ini mengulangi sasaran 16 September masih kekal sambil menegaskan, beliau mempunyai agenda ketat mengadakan pertemuan dengan wakil-wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) dalam tempoh beberapa hari akan datang bagi membincangkan soal menyertai Pakatan Rakyat.

    Wakil-wakil rakyat berkenaan termasuk mereka dari Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak – antara lain laluan bagi membentuk kerajaan baru persekutuan.

    mStar Online difahamkan kelmarin beliau telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan enam wakil rakyat BN dari Sarawak di ibu negara – beberapa jam selepas mengangkat sumpah sebagai anggota Dewan Rakyat.

    Malah mStar Online, Anwar juga telah dijemput untuk menghadiri pertemuan khas dengan ahli-ahli Parlimen Sarawak di Kuching esok.

    Kata Anwar, tidak menjadi masalah bagi beliau jika ada pihak yang mempersendakannya dan sasaran 16 September untuk membentuk kerajaan.

    “Pada awalnya mereka mendakwa jika saya menang di Permatang Pauh, saya hanya akan memperoleh majoriti lebih 1,000 undi sahaja.

    “Mereka juga mengatakan bahawa tiada negeri yang akan jatuh kepada pembangkang dalam pilihan raya umum Mac lalu. Tetapi satu pun daripada tanggapan sedemikian menjadi,” katanya.

  187. giggle says:

    3 hamids vs 1 observer = ?

  188. zam88 says:

    raja petra kamaruddin and anuar ibrahim is the evil.they like to destroy the harmony and peaceful of malaysian people just for their importance.people like them should be shoot until they die.and then throw away their body to the sea.let the shark eat their the malaysian people can live in peaceful and harmony.dont let this kind man live in malaysia…hapuskan syaitan seperti anwar ibrahim dan rpk dari muka bumi ini demi kesejahteraan umat manusia!!…

  189. peace brother says:

    All hear, we back to 1957

  190. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi fellas,
    I’ve a feeling that wits0’s ‘scatological spewer’ is actually a ‘diam daim’ cybertrooper who has an obsessive-compulsive monomania/mantra. He may not be in NZ, due to the active timelines indicated – besides the fact that he is more dangerous to sheep (ewes) than wolves i.e. N.Z. would have eliminated him asap.
    No point reading his comments or responding to him; and others who are under bumno’s demonic influence. Pure unadulterated, unreasoned hatred. They just do not get the point of our manifesto.

  191. wits0 says:

    He’s a “diam daim” CT alright. We read his sh*t and barf at our own discretion to mash him at times – according to our pleasure. On the whole, he talks pure vitriol that only a paid CT would persist in. Not even half as good enough as a mullah KT! LOL!

  192. wits0 says:

    BTW, an interesting happening – one of LKY lashing out at umno:
    Keng Yaik lashes out at Umno’s arrogance

    “I just hope interviewers Ho Kay Tat and Jason Tan were sitting a safe distance away, if you know what I mean. 🙂 ”

    (It’s true then that he literally does spew saliva!)

  193. BobbyNZ says:

    By the way, Anwar went to the Pentagon in 1998 with his gay lover, Jamal

  194. BobbyNZ says:

    OOps, without his bodyguards……… Interesting eh???

    Does that make you wonder?

  195. BobbyNZ says:

    DPM visting Pentagon?? Not many world leaders allowed into Pentagon, the Head Office of CIA unless such one is a mole right??? Or easily used for US political agenda right???

  196. BobbyNZ says:

    BTW, Kiwis are deadly against US foreign policies like the attack on Iraq

  197. BobbyNZ says:

    Now you all know why the American are so keen to help Anwar become PM so that Malaysian can be their stooge nation for good like others!!!

    Makes sense????

  198. Menyalak-er says:

    When words (therefore blogs) & reason fail, the predators resort to ‘kinetic’ logic as per zam88.
    A call for divine retribution on corrupt powers that be, surely cannot be equated to dipensation of bullets by assasins. The curious thing is that the actual assasinator/s tends to be from within, not without, e.g. M.Gandhi, Abe Lincoln.
    So pure vitriol i guess releases a lot of pent up intestinal gas as eructance/fart. Relieves distension and discomforts.
    Mullah KT, wits0, is not even in my horizon of reality, but definitely for chaps and his alter-ego. None, take his pontifications and nincompoopism seriously… i think for the moment they’re too mired in the internecene war that’s erupted within their unmentionable party! Trying to outdo each other in lily-livered bravado, from what i heard…
    Hahaha – the irrelevant waging cyberwarfare on their own kind? Ridiculous.

  199. Hunk says:

    wits0 (13:07:56) :,

    Witso, Lim Keng Yaik bashing UMNo. U gota be kidding me! He’s a “running dogs” for UMNO. 😀

  200. wits0 says:

    Mullah KT writes for uncle aunties whose horizons have stayed stagnant for more than 2 to 3 decades. A sort of Penangite Walter Mitty reinvented under a retainer from Araby Big Oil. A claimed-to -be “Airline Pilot” , one who stays on the ground 90 % of the time. A surviving Dodo bird that flies? His tales don’t tally. A claimed-to-be DAP supporter – but one who hates Anwar who has become his fixated psychological derangement!

  201. Hunk says:

    wits0 (13:42:04) :,

    Hehehehe, my friend. I only need one guess. hahaha. LOV(ery)L. Just like WCW>hahaha

  202. marbles says:

    people like them should be shoot until they die. -zam88 (11:12:40)

    That`s a death threat similar to the one over which Jeff Ooi had much problems I think.
    Recently a commentor on another blog was forced to apologise to Karpal similarly. Soon zam88 will be in the papers one way umno people get famous – making death threats.

  203. wits0 says:

    Hunk, that’s why if you have read the article, you’ll find that LKY’s last line is that it’s still not time for Gerakan to leave the BN. He not only spews smelly saliva aplenty but always swallow back a load of the same at the bottom line.

    Keng Yaik thinks that Anwar is not the right leader and says he will never be PM because of his “impatience”. u/q

    What complete balderdash and fake remonstration against the nether system of governance whose time has come for perdition! What a dishonest nincompoop die hard!

  204. giggle says:

    LKY interview in The Edge:

    Meanwhile, there’s already a debate within Gerakan on whether they should stay on in the BN. If a vote was to be taken today among party leaders and members, what would it be?

    “Out,” responds KY, but then adds that no vote has been taken because “they are not ready”.

    Ai-yah, still not ready, ah? (From the poll on this blog, 36 per cent of you feel Gerakan should join Pakatan.)

    Go get a copy of Off the Edge and read the full interview. It’s worth a few laughs – good value for RM6!

  205. giggle says:

    Q: Where did the BN and Umno go wrong especially in their response to Anwar’s ‘branding’ of Ketuanan Rakyat?

    LKY: The more they hammer Anwar, the more they popularise him. I was also part of it, hammering Anwar, telling all the stories about Anwar.

    Didn’t work. [The people responded by saying], ‘Lu kong si ha mi ah? Lu boh aneh cham ah, lu boh eong eh lang, sway lang, chau lang lai.’ (In Hokkien: what are you all in BN talking about? Aren’t you so bad yourself? BN is useless, a pox on the people, and a bunch of rogues.’)

    I blame this purely on the arrogance, abuse of power and non-transparency of Umno, the interference of the ‘Fourth Floor’ boys who think they know best, and the inability to keep the civil servants at bay….

  206. angel says:

    10 Reasons for downfall of BN-Umno:-
    1. Enrich themselves not thy rakyat.
    2. Driven and possessed by the Greedy Syaitan & Vampire to suck rakyat’s blood.(everything they have and own and spend are paid by the rakyat and yet squeeze the rakyat and nation dry and try to suck every drop of blood available).
    3. Robin Hood had more conscience – rob the rich to give to poor but BN-Umno Hood – rob the poor to feed/give to the rich & powerfool cronies.
    4. Hypocrite – do not practice what they preached. They are the real devils.
    5.Racist – obvious (MCA/MIC only window dressing for BN)
    6. Colonisation – instil false fear in Malays when there is no more colonisation (outdated) but gloablisation. Driven by the Hatred Devils (TDM-Devil of all devils)
    7. Poor governance, management and planning (corruption the cause)
    8. Corruption is their trade mark.
    9. Arrogance and ignorant and dictator mentality.
    10. A deaf ear to rakyats’ cries.

  207. The BN-UMNO is just scared of the truth. They controi the media and as such the media will not tell the truth like the blogs do.
    Anyway, this BN-UMNO will not be able to block all blogs as blogs can be posted overseas, I am told. Is this true?
    If this is true, then it will be good as the world will know of how dirty and corrupt our Federal government is.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    In 2004 GE11, the Malaysian Voters have had given the PeeM AAB 90% of the seats in Parliament with a Mandate of almost full support but what had he done to Malaysia, with his arrogance, he tried to oppress & betray the Rakyats and mismanage the Government and suppressed the MSM News and spun lies and deceits. What could PeeM AAB ever do anything to Ahmad Ismail??? As he himself professes & shares like-minded with Ahmad Ismail the same common seditious thoughts.

    Light-up the Candles now and but justice for all ISA detainees come the new dawn of Malaysia soon.

    Where is the justice & freedom of expression because all our MSM News are suppressed or spun, where have the Truth and Merdeka gone to, perhaps the goons under BN Government, ok??? Malaysia is going backwards after 51 years instead of going forward under the Racist UMNO, calling the “Chinese Squatters” to leave and “Babi Cabinet” if Anwar wins Permantang Pauh and if he forms the Pakatan Rakyats’ Federal Government. What independence is there when there is none but a Police State in the making and where is the Justice for Altantuya and those in the ISA detention without trial or rights of appeal to seek natural justice???
    The UMNO Government is afraid that more cans of worms will be spilled by RPK and therefore they banned his blogsite which is a futile attempt to block information in this IT age, of course this is because of this Present Moronic Government is corrupt and dirty therefore on the pretext of helping the Rakyats, they could extract, swindle and plunder more money from the Budget Deficit and with most of the Deficit Money coming from Petronas. Look for example at the Crystal Mosque’s and Mariner Club’s Fiasco in Terengganu’s Billions in Wang Ehsan, Billions had been lost as white elephants. The cancellation of the Johore Scenic Bridge, Penang Second Bridge and LRT Projects at the whims and fancies of the Flip Flop, Incompetent and Sleeping PeeM at the last minutes is wasting Multi Millions Ringgits in Public Funds had shown proof of the PeeM’s mismanagement of the Government and wastage of the Public Financial Resources and all these wasted funds could not be salvaged to aid and assist the Malaysian Poor Citizens of all races. If Malaysia still keep him in power it will further damage and erode the Wealth of our Nation and our National Wealth could be decimated in no time.
    The same could happen to all the empty promises of aid and help to the Rakyats these could all be lip service only unless it is monitored by reputable NGOs. On the irreversible Food Prices inflation, the unnecessary Moronic previous price hike on Petrol & Diesel had caused great permanent damage to the Food Price Structure and even if the price cut to Petrol and Diesel revert to their original prices prior to their hike, it will not revert the Food prices back to their original state and only the PeeM is to be solely blamed for his unwarranted Fuel Price Hike. His 2009 budget did not help the Rakyats’ quelled their immediate hardship suffered nor did that help them solve their Transport Problems immediately with multiple schemes but none available immediately with all the empty rhetorics but nothing concrete that could solve their immediate problems after years of neglect from this incompetent sleeping PeeM. As it is he is still sleeping and still unaware of what the 27 Million Rakyats wanted, needed and aspired to have coming soon??? Come Sept 16, 2008 send him home to sleep forever he is no longer needed.

  209. says:

    Yes!!!!!! Don’t think rakyat is stupid!!!, don use dirty tactics…

  210. As I See It says:

    If Anwar is successful to play dirty by getting BNs to crossover on 16 Sep, he cannot expect any mercy when the Rule of Law catches up on him for sodomy and puts him behind bar again! Dirt for dirt, the same treatment he got for charging Dr M for corruption in 1997.

  211. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi All

    If you suspect that a posting is from an UMNO cybertrooper, or certain
    people are cybertrooper provocateurs (e.g. making racist comments),
    just ignore the fellows completely. This will neutralise the cybertroopers

    After that, they can only resort to multiple postings and spamming.
    And this gives the game away! 🙂

  212. billauchris says:

    In my opinion what MCMC did by blocking Raja Petra’s blog was another ill-conceived and puerile action by the BN Government. It once again shows to the public that its level of tolerance for public criticisms is ebb low.

    Does MCMC realise how gigantic the world website is? Does the corporation realise that it is very difficult to obliterate a blog-site completely. You can do it now but the next moment I can assure you similar sites may spring up the next minutes or so.

    What I am most flabbergasted is the selective blocking that MCMC is doing. I am sure, there are many more blog-sites that MCMC have not visited that contain even more inflammatory articles and comments. The No.1 offence that MCMC committed against human right is Prejudice and Selective Persecution against Freedom of Expression.

    There are worse racialistic blokes in UMNO and within the preponderantly Malay civil service who uttered racist remarks every now and again and why are they spared the rod? They should be sent to the “Malaysian Gulag” for rehabilation.

    The local media, NST and The Star, which carry lies. defamatory articles and fabricated stories should be pulled up to show cause why their licences should not be revoked.

    Please do not create distractions unnecesarily. Do focus on the prevailing problems facing UMNO in particular and BN in general. We need solutions and not lip services. Rampant corruption, untrustworthy police, the questionable judiciary, the bleeding GLCs, the divisive NEP, squandering of national resources, the higher education entrance quota system, the generally selfish, insincere and arrogant politicans in BN, the divide and rule policy cutting across race, religion and colour. The cabinet does receive much public confidence for reasons best known to AB.

    The public is closing monitoring and evaluating your performance for the next 4 or 5 years. Hence, pull up your socks and put your efforts on your shoulder and work hard and smart towards racial integration, inter-religious harmony and peace, justice and transparency.

  213. Billau Chris says:


    1 Last sentence of last but one paragraph should read thus:

    The cabinet does not receive much public confidence for reasons best known to AB.

    2 Last paragaraph 1st line: delete “closling” and insert “closely”

    Inconvenience regretted..

  214. mftms13 says:

    Agreed. bloggers do what faint hearted officials won’t and that’s face the facts. Mississippi must be in the lead in anti public rights. after being blog blocked on the comment section of local news papers i’m now the center of their nightmares with the states stealing of millions from my family. In Their Face.

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