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Cont’d from my post “Why UMNO got trashed on August 26”.

Both Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Tun Razakshould resign for bringing UMNO and Malaysian politics to the lowest levels of the country’s history. Mahathir Mohamad’s migration plan may come true after all.

Not that I mind that they are giving UMNO a bad name. Birds of feathers CRASH together.

I was having teh tarik in a mamak stall and the Malay guy that runs the internet cafe upstairs joins me. He was born in 1982 and has his roots in Permatang Pauh.

“I’ve know Anwar (Ibrahim) all my life, so do many youths. We follow his politics. He is convincing, a good strategist and we respect him”.

He expressed delight at Anwar’s return to Parliament. “Cukup best,” he said. We spoke awhile longer, contemplating ‘what’s next?’ now that Anwar has taken his oath as MP in the Dewan Rakyat.

“There seems to be a slight improvement, in spirits, in Malaysia,” he added, referring to the Euphoria of the last few days, after Anwar maintained the Permatang Pauh seat with a bigger majority.

Things are happening as planned, step by step, the guy winked, as if he was privy to PKR’s ‘secret plans’ of staging a coup de tat come September 16.

“We are happy he is now in Parliament. With the other Opposition members, he’ll bring life to Parliament again. Beside, laws can no longer be passed according to the whims and fancies of the powers that be”.

According to this chap, UMNO’s choice to have Najib lead the Permatang Pauh campaign was either ‘purposely planned to make Najib look stupid or it was a poorly thought out strategy”.

In order words, a BIG mistake.

“The Altantuya (Shariibuu) case hangs over him. He has a lot to explain. Moreover, he does not inspire others, the way Anwar can attract people. Najib does not speak well, and cannot command respect from others”.

This is not far from Mahathir Mohammad’s remark that Anwar “can even make the devil follow him”. And if the devil leads him to Putrajaya, will Mahathir migrate as he had promised?

Meanwhile, sending Khairy Jamaluddin (the son-in-law) to Permatang Pauh was also another miscalculation, says my friend. The same goes for Ezam Mohd Nor and S Nallakurapan.

“These characters do not have any credibility – one seems to have amassed lots of wealth from his prime minister father in law. The other two are great betrayers of friendships, to which the Malays frown upon”.

During ceramahs, Khairy raised several points to discredit Anwar. Other than referring to him as a sodomite, Khairy called Anwar a flip-flop and American agent, and vowed to bury the P44 candidate in his home constituency.

Ezam and Nalla threatened to ‘expose’ dark secrets about Anwar, though reporters are still waiting for that fateful day.

“I don’t think Khairy can enter Permatang Pauh again. He did not only criticised Anwar but slandered him,” said my friend.

This boy believes, based on his past observations, that as a Parliamentarian, Anwar will ‘take good care” of Permatang Pauh.

People are NOT buying UMNO’s political gimmicks

The government’s announcement of fuel price reduction of 15 cents in the midst of the campaign period was laughed at by many quarters.

“Everyone knew that it was because of Anwar that the price is down. Without this by-election, we do not think that this will ever see the light of day,” says my Internet cafe chef again.

“And what is so grand about 15 cents? Kepala hotak mereka… We can’t even feel a thing with this reduction. My friends who are doing business are already changing cars, from merc to kancil, just to save on fuel,” he ventured to add.

He also feels that since Abdullah and Najib took over the leadership of the country, things have been going down…down…down…hill.

“Hopefully, with a new government, things will be back to normal and business will start trickling in”.

Playing the race card and losing the game:

“Take the money but vote for Anwar’

UMNO never seem to learn their lessons and want to repeat old methods of working which are already obsolete in this age of Internet, and nuclear bombs.

Trying to instigate the Malays against non-Malays and vice-versa, instilling fear in people’s hearts, especially those who seem to have a collective memory of the MAY 13 bloody riots, failed to bring the desired results – vote BN/UMNO to maintain the so-called ‘peace and stability’.

I knew that we have hope of becoming truly Malaysians when my internet cafe friend remarked:

“Remember that space tourist who Malaysia sent to space? How much money had been spent on him? It is a disgrace. If only we had used that money for something more benefiting like medicine, or bio-chemical, it would not have been so bad.

“And does he deserve a datukship? Isn’t it too soon? what has he achieved for this nation? Look at world champion (tennis player) Nicole David – she had contributed so much and waited so long, and now only conferred a datukship”.

“The unfairness of it all,” he exclaimed. “And now using Olympic badminton player Lee Chong Wei to win Chinese votes in Permatang Pauh. Does he deserve a datukship so soon?”.

I told him I do not think the Olympic gimmick had any bearing on Chinese voters. UMNO had to hide the fact that there was so little support from its other coalition partners, especially MCA and Gerakan that it had to use Lee as a “pawn” to deflect the shame.

Flyers distributed in Permatang pauh accusing Anwar of being a traitor of the Malay race and thus used by Lim Guan Eng to defend Chinese rights.

However, the racist propaganda of a rerun of May 13 still lingers in some minds, especially the elderly.

My mom’s friend call me to ‘check about the current political situation’. “Have you heard any news?” she asks.

“What news?” I asked her instead.

“Oh, will there be trouble if Anwar takes over the federal government? Are the frogs really jumping?”

“Er…I don’t know for sure, everything now is merely speculative,” I tell her.

Then I find out that she had actually planned to go to Gentings with her family.

“Should I go? I had planned the trip earlier,” she admits.

“Why not?” I asked. “If anything bad happens, it might happen to Anwar or his family, not really to us’.

“I heard there will be fighting,” she said.

“WHO wants to fight with them? If no one wants to fight with them, can a fight happen,” I assured her.

There are fears that UMNO “will do anything” to stop Anwar from realising his ambitions.

But why must life take a back seat just because frogs are planning to jump, Anwar is set to take over the Federal government and there is a rumour about a looming civil crisis when that happens?

For all we know, Anwar may just be pulling a stunt to destabilise UMNO and BN, making it easier for them to lose the REAL elections in 2013.

When I told my mom about it, this smart lady says: “Whatever it is, we are now prepared if something like that (May 13) happens again. Last time we were taken by surprise”.

My mom never fails to amaze me. I realise that fear tactics are indeed beginning to lose its appeal and grip on progressive thoughts and actions.

Before my mum’s friend went off the hook, she asked about Malaysia-Today. I updated her on the facts – that the website had been blocked by the government.

We both cursed the action. I then assured her that Raja Petra Kamaruddin is unstoppable.

Deep in my heart, I know that similarly, the people’s desire for change is also UNSTOPPABLE.

UMNO used to be an ‘immovable object’ (borrowing from the movie DARK NIGHT) not long ago.

But UMNO must remember, that nothing in life is permanent.


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  1. Dala says:

    Great stuff Susan, good write and well said.
    You said it ‘nothing in life is permanent’
    To all Malaysians – Merdeka – celebrate it – it’s your Freedom!
    Here’s a song dedication to all Malaysians – [URL=]FREEDOM[/URL]
    View Here Freedom by George Michael –

  2. Edi神 says:


    hahahaa A VRY G00D one….

    CHange change…

    the s00ner the umn0 fall. the better

  3. C.S.I.S. says:

    Very bold condemnation, Sue, but don’t you sense the proverbial rifle’s cross-hair aimed at you will come into full focus soon, as their sensitivity towards criticism reaches a boiling point? Like you said, they’d stop at absolutely nothing when their chips are down, which they are at the moment. Do watch your back and keep it lit.


  4. Pak Sedih says:

    Sabarlah semua orang
    Kebenaran guna DNA
    Sedarlah semua orang
    Anwar tak boleh jadi Menteri Perdana

  5. Observer says:

    Oh Sloone, your whoring for Anwar Ibrahim is laughable. I think it is more likely Anwar will be exiled out of the country or go back to jail before Dr M migrates away. The truth is non-Malay support for Anwar right now is tepid at best. Of course, you probably won’t realize it because you are drunk on the kool-aid that that phony, Anwar, feeds you.

  6. Observer says:

    I am still waiting for petrol prices to drop after that phony, Anwar, has been elected. Didn’t he say petrol prices will drop the next day after he gets elected back as an MP?

  7. Observer says:

    “The unfairness of it all,” he exclaimed. “And now using Olympic badminton player Lee Chong Wei to win Chinese votes in Permatang Pauh. Does he deserve a datukship so soon?”.


    Of course Chong Wei deserves a Datukship, you moron. He won a Silver Olympic Medal, Malaysia’s first in 12 years and only medal this Olympics. Did Nicol David win one and will she ever? (Answer: She won’t because squash is not an Olympic sport, unfortunately…) Did you win one? Did spaceman win one?

    Chong Wei is as deserving of the honor as Nicol David.

  8. Observer says:

    When I told my mom about it, this smart lady says: “Whatever it is, we are now prepared if something like that (May 13) happens again. Last time we were taken by surprise”.


    Trust me, if another May 13 happens again, people won’t be surprise by it. But it will still be very shocking, nonetheless. Pray it doesn’t happen. Tell your “messiah”, Anwar, to be a good boy and behave.

  9. Abdul says:


    You are a buffoon beyond salvation point who because of his notorious, uncouth Mamak slithery nature thinks you can hide yourself and deceive even real Malays as you lambaste others for “touching” Malays. Boy or hermaphrodite, go and seek life because the people want ideas not scandals and petty rantings, the typica nature of AMENO. If you can’t fend for yourself, people can donate few cents but don’t puke here in the typical Mamak slithery nature. Sheesh!

  10. mugabe says:

    We are pleased to announce that our Removals Business for the following destinations: Argentina, Perth, London

    are strictly by Appointments Only ie. ex-Prime Ministers, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

    Packing with Louis Vuitton upon request.

    Wife, Children and Son-in-laws are extras.

    For Zimbabwe, we provide in gratis .

  11. loseowpek says:

    Observer you need hearing aid and a new pair of specs.

    Anwar never said Petrol price will be reduced by RM0.50 when he is elected. He say once BN fall and PKR take over as Givernment, that will happen.

    See you are putting Saiful’s plastic vibrator into peoples mouth and that is bad.

  12. SiapaJahat? says:

    This is funny, why people blindly supporting UMNO/BN? Are u blind?

    Hopefully Anwar will make it into Putrajaya, and expose all the wrong doing by present UMNO/BN just like in Penang where the previous govenrtment has been scamming it’s people.

    UMNO/BN : Corrupt! Power Abuse! EX-CM Sabah Datuk HAJI Osu Sukam who used to gamble million RM of public money was not even investigate by ACA! Now he’s back to politic! LoL What a joke By UMNO!

  13. myvoice says:


    You should change your name, you are not fit to observe anything. It’s time for you to pack up and follow the Mamak Kutty to Israel. I really don’t understand what type of brain you have, maybe you’re one of the AMNO cronies. how much have you earned from being AMNO doggy, huh? You are still waiting for the petrol price to drop, who are you to ask for that, you are not fit to! You have better go to AMNO and offer yourself as one of the Saiful’s team, you sure will get a lot more compared to fuel price drop.

  14. johorlaki says:


    Anwar did said about the RM0.50 pretrol price reduction. In fact when the petrol price fell to USD112.00, Anwar said he will reduce the price by RM0.70.

    You must have been sleeping apparently. If do not know the facts, best advice is to zip up your mouth or put a cucumber into it.

  15. myvoice says:


    Oh yeah, forget to tell you … please do not talk lah, you mouth is stink…really stink!

  16. alrawa says:

    Observer will make a splendid BN Minister.

  17. clearwater says:

    Anwar Ibrahim may be far from perfect but he is the only viable alternative we have now. Do you still expect current BN-Umno leaders to undertake reform from within ? I don’t. They have lost it completely. I can understand change can be unsettling and uncharted waters frightening, but we have little choice now. It is change now or be forever damned. Better sharp painful adjustment in the present than a spiraling descent into certain failure as a nation. I hold Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat allies to their promises to the people, to their new dawn for all. BN-Umno can play a useful check and balance role in opposition. It is a better place to reform than in government.

  18. cinta Malaysia says:

    The way the BN government is going is destructive to national unity, destructive to the economy,destructive to harmony and destructive to the future of this country.
    The BN government is rudderless, no leadership, no wisdom and worst very corrupted detrimental to the fabric of this country.
    We need change, we need leadership , we need to take back the back the government and reinstate the promise of Malaysia!
    The answer is Anwar Ibrahim.

  19. bamboo river says:

    PM,DPM and his SIL should take permanent retirement . This for sure at least the rakyat will throw out 50% of their hatred towards them. The other 50% will remain for this is for the amount of taxpayers’ money LOST for all the gullible projects they carried out.

    Altantuya’s murder case will come to an ‘explosive’ closing. (Not the C4 kind) but more like the Merdeka fireworks. This will definitely let the Late Altantuya Rest In Peace.

    Susan, you can also tell your mum, Genting /KL is very safe. The positive sentiments on DSAI victory in PP is strong over here. No Malays ,Chinese or Indians will let anyone create May13 ever!
    What’s more , the Genting’s Polis Bantuan is very dependable, trustworthy and you can bet your safety is guaranteed in Genting. Tell your mum to have a good time in Genting. Oppps! I am not promoting Genting here! Just telling the true facts about Genting. 🙂

  20. queequeg says:

    Agree with you, Susan. Nothing in life is permanent. Only people clinging on DESPERATELY to power wished that things will remain the same. We Malaysians are experiencing an euphoria the likes of our grandparents & parents way back in 1957. Things will definitely be better from now on as I sincerely believe that nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come. (I think the German philosopher Goethe said that).

  21. cinta Malaysia says:

    The result of PP by-election was a referendum whether we want BN or the birth of a new government led by Anwar and the answer was a resounding YES!

  22. Observer 2 says:

    Observer ……don’t kid yourself, you’re in total denial. You and your ilks are under siege and one would expect a cohesive and educated defense from you, instead of foaming in the mouth and spitting expletives. Take a deep deep breathe and come back with a clean and clear mind for further sabre-rattling.

  23. hutchrun says:

    Haha Mahathir`s family in another scam?:

    In Indonesia, a joint-venture into a pay-TV business has turned hostile. Allegations of embezzlement and fraud, including charges that unauthorised payments were made to an unnamed family member of former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad, have been levelled.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Observer posts were registered between 03:46:16 am and 03:57:39 am.

    Who is the one that is really drunk ?
    If not drunk also sleepy lah?
    If not sleepy then stressful mah ?

    This idiot can’t even think straight; four posts within 11 min 13 s; let alone think right.

    People says there are two faces to a coin; but this Observer is faceless.

  25. hutchrun says:

    Ezam & UMNO attempting a May13 in S`gor:

    Tuduhan Ezam jijik: Khalid

    Pakatan Rakyat tidak pernah bincang untuk salurkan 30 peratus peruntukan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor bagi pembangunan penganut agama lain

    Tak ada langsung niat kerajaan negeri untuk mencampuradukkan kumpulan wang yang dikuasai oleh MAIS (Majlis Agama Islam Selangor) dan LZS (Lembaga Zakat Selangor) dengan wang yang ditadbir oleh kerajaan negeri”

    Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim

  26. hutchrun says:

    Ezam & UMNO attempting a May13 in S`gor:

    Tuduhan Ezam jijik: Khalid

    Pakatan Rakyat tidak pernah bincang untuk salurkan 30 peratus peruntukan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor bagi pembangunan penganut agama lain

    Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim

  27. hutchrun says:

    MCA warned the chinese to vote BN to prevent May13

  28. TwilightYears says:

    PP is a true reflection of not only the racial distribution in Malaysia, but also what UMNO/BN will have to face in the next election, whether its a by-election or GE.
    The action to block bloggers like RPK is a sign of desperation. Blogger like RPK is unstoppable. Support to bloggers like me is unstoppable and “unblockable”.
    “When the Mind is without FEAR, and the Head is Held High……where knowledge is free… Where the clear stream of reason has not lost it ways into the dreary desert of dead habit…” Tagore….Oh Tagore.. How true! How contemporary is your Gitanjali.

  29. hutchrun says:

    Even my dad who is not net savvy at all now wants to donate to RPKs defence fund. A sign of the times.

  30. chris chong says:

    hehe, i just made my donation 2 weeks ago, though i’m poor. 🙂

    btw, a very well writtern article with nice illustration.

  31. ktteokt says:

    If like what the BN moron said earlier, “Cina balik China and India balik India”, who else is there to carry back the silver medal from the Olympics?

  32. Jebat says:

    The present governement is clearly facing leadership problem. I concurred with Tengku Razaliegh who said that present PM is not capable of leading the country to face today’s challenges.
    DPM looses his credibilty. He has to do few hundred more swearings to clear himself. Hence, a change is necessary. I would love to see DSAI walks to Putrajaya anytime this year.

  33. giggle says:

    “who else is there to carry back the silver medal from the Olympics?”

    Burial expert Khairy with the help of his FIL Ulamak Badawi and the world famous C4 Najis a/l Raze ark

  34. kevyeoh says:

    as much as i would like to see the frogs jumping come this 16 September, i have my doubts and don’t think it will happen… do you think it will be that easy for UMNO to loose its grip on power? I bet they will use all means to stop Anwar…

    But if Sep 16 does not happen, Anwar will lose his credibility as well… as he has been repeatedly telling us about the Sept 16 plans…..

  35. giggle says:

    By now special branch must be keeping a very close eye on all BN MPs
    Those who cross will be in court on sodomy (sex) and corruption charges.

  36. giggle says:

    Anwar in parliament walkout

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in to parliament yesterday, only to stage a dramatic walkout hours later in a row over controversial DNA sampling legislation.

    Anwar won a seat in parliament by a landslide in a by-election this week in his home state of Penang, ending a long political exile after he was sacked as deputy premier in 1998 and jailed for sodomy and corruption.

    “I’m glad to be back after a decade,” Anwar said, insisting he was on track to topple the government within weeks with the help of defecting lawmakers.

    The first order of business was a new bill which would force suspected criminals to give DNA samples – legislation Anwar says is targeted at him, as he refused to provide a sample after again being arrested on sodomy charges.

    He walked out with his 81 opposition lawmakers after the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition refused to establish a special committee to review the bill.

    “We have walked out because they have refused to respond. Many MPs requested a select committee to be formed but the minister (Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar) refused,” Anwar said.

    “There is no point staying and participating in the debate,” he said.

    Syed Hamid condemned the actions of the three-party opposition alliance.

    “They walked out contrary to the rules because they don’t want to accept defeat. They know that they will be defeated,” he said.

    “They walked out because they don’t want it to appear like a failure for its leader who has said that he will be able to win over Barisan Nasional MPs.” Anwar arrived at parliament with his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who held his seat in northern Penang during his exile, and his daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar, who is also a parliamentarian.

    Dressed in a dark blue traditional Malay outfit and black “songkok” hat, he was sworn in during a brief ceremony.

  37. Bigjoe says:

    Its not only Dr. M that has to migrate if Anwar comes to power. I see Malaysia Airline having a very bonus month or two if Anwar comes into power. AG, Chief of police and BPR etc. all have to book flights now…

  38. kittykat46 says:

    The government is trying to ram the DNA bill down our throats.
    If you set aside the emotive issue of its targetting Anwar Ibrahim, it is still an unjust law.

    a) The bill makes it mandatory for the court to accept DNA as overiding evidence.

    Courts in many countries have already realised that DNA evidence has to be considered in the context of how, when, where the DNA was found, and how the sample was handled in the aftermath.
    In fact the case in Malaysia of Norita Samsudin’s murder is a good example. The accused semen DNA was found in the murder victim’s genitals – pretty damning evidence you would think. But they also found the semen DNA from 2 other unknown persons. So the judge was correct in considering the evidence of the accused DNA as NOT conclusive.

    b) The bill places testimony of government employees handling the DNA – technicians, analysts, doctors out of bounds of legal challenge.

    This is nonsensical. Evidence or testimony presented in court is ALWAYS subject to legal challenge. It is up to the judge to rule whether the legal challeng is valid or a frivolous one.

    This DNA evidence act has the potential for much injustice, and I’m afraid Anwar Ibrahim may be its first victim

  39. wits0 says:

    “This DNA evidence act has the potential for much injustice, and I’m afraid Anwar Ibrahim may be its first victim” – Kittykat46

    All too darn true.

  40. apapunboleh says:


    It’s time for you to go to sleep premanently and stop watching those kiddie porn. Your whoring crack mother should have told you earlier.

  41. monsterball says:

    The return of the Jedi.

  42. giggle says:

    SELANGOR Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim slammed accusations that the state government would be using 30% of the state’s RM140mil Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) allocation for other religious groups, calling the claims “disgusting,” Sinar Harian reported.

    Khalid was responding to former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Noor’s allegations that a state exco member had proposed the idea during an exco meeting last month.

  43. giggle says:

    EZam is new UMNO kerisman

  44. wakaka says:

    Lee Chong Wei’s big dilemma:

    Bronze medal— PJK only
    Silver medal— Datukship only


    Gold medal— Tunship Plus RM1 million cash and RM10,000 a month pension!!

  45. ah long says:

    It is hard to make a buck. So fast already got competition in the Putrajaya removalist business from Mugabe.

    But I still provide the best document destruction service next to Najib. I cannot get C4 to blow up all the boxes. But since the price of petrol has come down, I can pour more petrol on the bonfire.

    So don’t be alarmed if you see lots of smoke coming out of Putrajaya after Sept 16.

  46. kittykat46 says:

    Hey Monty….welcome back…Long Time No See…

  47. Fortified City says:

    The parliament sessions are not solving the peoples problems but rather their
    unnecessary ‘personal pride’ problems. Egos are bruised so the only platform they can use is the Parliament now.

    They are always abusing something to get back at DSAI each time their egos are bruised. At PP, the religious platform(swearing) was abused.

    If abusing the parliament platform fails, they will go on abusing something else.
    Always abusing something. What kind of example are they setting for Malaysians? They are teaching Malaysians how to abuse their powers if they are entrusted with one. Thats why we don’t want them.

  48. Eric says:

    Yea….i think BN is using time in Parlimen for its own political agenda, and without the intention of serving the community…..

    BN must go…

  49. wandererAUS says:


    You have dung in your head and your mouth oozes out shit. Another UMNO monkey in disguise….not really a bad idea, join mamak when he migrates and be his coffe boy.
    Time to zip up, climb a few more coconut trees!

  50. giggle says:

    Parliament has been converted by the Ulamak Badawi into a slaughterhouse.
    Another record for Guiness perhaps? “First Parliment in the world to slaughter animals in its premises to celebrate Prime Minister’s wedding” category.

  51. Hahaha says:

    Tun Mamak, Mugube has just formed a new govt, it is safe now for you to emigrate to Zambawe. Plenty of opportunities for you to talk to the animals…we are not listening to you here.

  52. machitam says:

    susan, i thought Nicole David is a squash player. if she is a Tennis player, she will be a billionaire for being world nos 1…keh ke heh

  53. navinda says:

    Observer has probably hidden his head in his arse-hole as as Bernard would have illustrated. He deserves a stint in Bernard’s fart chambers.
    He is very impervious to whats happening in the country, doesn’t understand statements or would rather distort the truth to suit his needs to insult. Anwar at no time said that he would reduce the price of petrol on his winning Permatang Pauh. He will do it on taking over the government.
    Susan has been very fair to both parties in her journalism even if her leaning are towards Pakatan Rakyat and rightly so. BN and UMNO in particular are clueless as to the aspiration of the ‘rakyat’; which Susan has many times raised and probably has resigned to the fact that the present Federal government is both deaf and blind to feedbacks. Observer should just shut-up and stop accessing Susan’s blog. His comments tend to pollute an otherwise thoughtful and concise summary of what happened at P{ermatang Pauh.

  54. John Daniel says:

    Malaysia is for Malaysian and does not belong to one race, if you qualified enough to fill in the top post and be it, we want to have good government.

  55. wandererAUS says:

    Susan, was my comment on this Umno extremist observer, blocked intentionally or was it a technical problem?

  56. wits0 says:

    There was/is a resident jackass denier in Social Culture M’sia with the handle of “Observer”, too, one who sees not, hears not and talks rots. No way this type ever graduate from puerile SCuM talks to decent blog commenting, it seems.

  57. billauchris says:

    Congrats to DSAI for his thumping victory in the recent Permatang Pauh bi-election. You victory is the victory of the people not only in PP but the whole country.

    The Rakyat have confidently placed their trust into your good palms to bring about not only Reformasi but Transformasi of the whole BN machinery.

    We see a new dawn, a new hope and a new political era in the country. May the Almighty God continue to guide you in both spirit and wisdom to restore socio-economic justice to the whole population of Malaysia.

    PR needs your leadership to bring about a dual political system in Malaysia.

  58. Futureman says:

    Congratulations to DSAI for his PP by-election win. It is also a win for the Malaysians as a whole. I hope he takes over the federal government soon. Please abolish the National service and only introduce it when the camps are fit for humans to live in. I as a parent am disgusted at BN from making money out of these poor kids who just finish the SPM and now into hard labour. This is done so that their cronies can make money.


  59. kittykat46 says:

    “Malaysia censors web after poll losses” is how the Financial Times in London is reporting it.

    The world is laughing at us….thank you very much Botak Kota Tinggi.

  60. Countryman says:

    While everybody seems to be in a jubilant mood to celebrate DSAI’s victory in Permatant Pauh, has anyone noticed or taken note of the racialist and offensive remarks uttered by the UMNO Divisioanl Chairman of Bukit Bendera Ahmad Ismail? He said that Chinese in Malaysia were merely “Penumpang” who temporarily stayed in this country, literally inferring they have no rights to enjoy what they are enjoying now in the country.

    What a racialist man you are, Ahmad Ismail! Why until now we have not heard a word from PR, whether it is PKR, DAP or PAS to condemn such racialist and offensive remarks by the UMNO politician.

    Ahmad Ismail deserves the strongest condemnation by all right thinking Malaysians, the Pakatan Rakyat, please, don’t forget your duty as a responsible political party when you have the Malaysian people on your side.

    Last but not least, Ahmad Ismail, SHAME ON YOU! You don’t deserve to live in Malaysia.

  61. wits0 says:

    DSAI has called Ahmad Ismail a low class politicians.

    DSAI was a bit kind with that. There are quite a number of such in umno.

  62. colorsmalaysian says:

    Er………………nobody steping down or resign ?!

    Shame on you(Umno-BN the toothless bigots,the powerless evil ) !
    Shame on you(Umno-BN the toothless bigots,the powerless evil ) !
    Shame on you(Umno-BN the toothless bigots,the powerless evil ) !

    Er………………is Chedet has done his migration yet ?!
    Oh …! Not yet. I know he won’t .
    Still seeing him walking around in our motherland ?!
    Haaaaaaaa………..! Just another liar.

    Well !
    Let’s not spoilt our “Merdekah day” mode by all these liars , racists , nation destroyers from “Umno-BN the toothless bigots , the powerless evil”.

    Let’s celebrate our national day with heartiest way !

    Merdekah !
    Merdekah !
    Merdekah !
    Long live Malaysia.
    We anak-anak bangsa Malaysia proud of you.

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  63. gregwar says:

    Well done Susan,
    In spite of people like the stupid Observer you continue to provide us with intelligent and insightful coments on the situation in this beautiful country of ours I am proud that you are a fellow church member of CHS. Hope to meet you personally and thank you. May the blessings of Almighty God be with always.

  64. Drachen says:

    Problem is that after you get used to a certain standard of living, it’s hard to live as a normal Malaysian again. It’s too humiliating. Imagine riding a Mercs for years and then forced to use a Proton! That’s why these desperados will do all they can to hold on to power!

  65. LimDokSa says:

    After watching the many speeches delivered by various UMNO leaders, and comparing them to DSAI’s……it is without any doubt that at this moment there is not a single person in UMNO who can match up to Anwar’s standard…!!! Anwar’s speeches are full of power and humour…! Besides, he really has leadership qualities. Cheers!

  66. Ken says:

    1. Ketuanan melayu has to go. Chinese & Indians are NOT penumpang, we pay more taxes so if anything the penumpang is not the Nons.

    2. MCA and MIC should wake up now, forget about stupid Ahmad Ismail, we don’t want him to retract his idiotic statement, it doesn’t do me any good. And in response to DPM on keeping my chinese name, he can DREAM ON being the PM. If he does, Ill migrate.

    3. MCA & MIC should have 2 things to do. A) Demand UMNO to abolish the “social contract” or B) just quit BN and support Pakatan Rakyat on Ketuanan Rakyat. If they don’t do this due to their own benefits, they are RESPONSIBLE on the sufferings the NONs will face in the future. As I said, MCA & MIC it is time to act!

  67. alvin lee says:

    UMNO knows that their days are numbered with Anwar returning to politics.

    Their leaders know that they will have to neutralize him fast in order to remain in power. With the entire government machineries under their control, it will be very easy for them to come up with something. Sodomy? Corruption? Abuse of power?

    I just hope that UMNO will not become so desperate that they no longer care about the country’s economy in their attempts to neutralize him.

    Look at Bangkok and you will know what I am saying.

  68. idzan ismail says:

    Assalamualaikum Pak Sedih

    Mereka tak nampak
    Dia penyangak,
    Laungan ala katak,
    Kotor macam gagak

    Kejap begini
    kejap begitu
    Tidakkah ini
    kaki penipu

  69. amoker says:

    Observer tried 4 times to put his view through and I must say that , it was a lousy effort.

    Susan, amen to your statement on change. Malaysia is in need of change.

  70. I like chopin says:

    Thanks Susan,for this excellent piece! Resign and migrate?I think we should not let these devils off the hook so easily.For all the damage they have done to this nation and it’s people,nothing short of a trial and jail is sufficient.Their crimes are as heinous as those of rapists and murderers!Yes,they should step down and migrate to jail,not anywhere else in the world to live out the rest of lives comfortably!

  71. giggle says:

    Kejap begini
    kejap begitu
    Tidakkah ini
    kaki penipu

    Ulamak Badawi mahatipu just like Bapak Sodomy.

  72. When the political game is up and they can’t keep up
    Then it’s advisable that they take a break and step down
    Especially when all the truths are no longer in their cup
    It’s best that they retire and give up their home-made crowns

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290808
    Fri. 29th Aug. 2008.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Botak albar thinks he is smart . He wouldn’t be suprise the world is laughing at his capabililty.

  74. giggle says:

    His father`s snakeoil dont work on his head even. Outside empty, inside empty. Otak oonta ni.

  75. wapot says:

    botak albar thinks he is smart but wouldn’t be suprise the world is laughing at his capability & credibility.

  76. monsterball says:

    Thanks kittykat46 I miss you too.

  77. idzan ismail says:

    Love Ya Giggle

    Got a question for you.
    Anwar can only become PM through UMNO.
    If he jumps to UMNO, will you idolise him too?
    Or you will stat disparaging him.
    Me, I am okay with PKR except Anwar.
    Okay too with DAP or PAS.
    But I see with you guys, it’s just “in” to be anti-govt.
    Party Fashionista, the apt word.
    When no more trendy, discard it, right?.

  78. wta says:

    Dear Observer,

    Before open your smelly mouth, please make sure you got the right fact. I’m sure with your brain that you have now.. you’re far behind. Are you still dreaming or something like that? How much they pay you? i think you should get lower than “THE GIGOLO SAIFUL” . DSAI won PP because the rakyat want the current corrupted gov OUT and we believe DSAI will make Malaysia to be a better place to live. So, go back to your cave and close your bloody smelly mouth. GO and fill your mouth with Saiful dick!

  79. chris says:

    ”See you are putting Saiful’s plastic vibrator into peoples mouth and that is bad.;”

    damn funny.cant stop laughing, guys please get some information before commenting… anwar promised t reduce the price after pkr take over the goverment……not after he become pm….use ur brain laaa…..if he never keep his promise goverment must have been ‘kecoh’ abt he is not reducing the price…why they are silent? because anwar said the price reduce ill be after 16th of sept which means after bn is toppled………ok?

  80. monsterball says:

    idzan ismail…We are not ‘in’ or anti-govt….just for fun.
    5 are in ISA. All those walks with thousands of discontented Malaysians …risking their lives….is not just for fun.
    And the list goes on and on.
    I thought the Permatang Pauh by election…with UMNO full force there..and the result…should show you clearly…what it is.
    I guess you are still young with no sense of proportions’
    Or if you are an old man like me…then you are talking cock.

  81. chris says:

    correction: damn funny.cant stop laughing, guys please get some information before commenting… anwar promised t reduce the price after pkr take over the goverment……not after he become mp

  82. monsterball says:

    And idzan ismail…Don’t be too smart to blame all on Dollah.
    Blame Mahathir and his you.

  83. free says:

    In may13 riot, the malays kill the chinese because the malays thought the chinese are the whole cause of their economy setback. However, this time, the economy set back is not only felt by malays but all malaysian, it is caused by BN, not the chinese. I am wondering who will kill who?

  84. free says:

    At least the ACA is doing their job now. When credit is due, must be given.

  85. najib says:

    i know u are khairy jamaluddin
    go bury urself
    and never come out again u piece of shit

  86. idzan ismail says:


    Excuse me. Please check all my postings.
    Neither did I blame Dollah nor Najib.
    My only crusade is against Anwar

  87. kkk says:

    Great article Susan. Just keep up the good work.
    BTW that stupid “observer” said that DSAI has promised to bring fuel price down after becoming MP must be either a dum dum or not able to understand “englishi”. I remembered he said he will bring fuel price down IF HE RUNS THE GOVERNMENT.
    Hei, arsehole, please do not confuse the readers on this blog.
    otherwise please ddd=dudok diam diam.
    On another episode, mamak kutty do not hv to wait for DSAI to become PM, the rakyat will gladly welcome him to migrate. Um…Zimbabwe will be the best place for him and his family. He got great company like great Mugabe n his cronies. If fact, rakyat will also be glad to foot the airfares.
    Oh, b4 i 4get, he can also go back to his country of origin, possibly India or Pakistan. With his trememdrous wealth, he will sire be welcome la. Please go la.

  88. monsterball says:

    Idzan Ismail….If you are against Anwar….who are you supporting?
    Husam to be PM?

  89. ROOM619 says:

    “Rahsia Besar” yang menjerut leher

    Zam mungkin tidak menjangkakan bahawa Ust Taib akan mengadakan sidang media yang mendedahkan apa isi “Rahsia Besar”,yang sebenarnya bukan lagi menjadi rahsia kepada sesetengah orang.Mungkin sebelum ini orang ramai menjangkakan bahawa berita-berita angin yang tersebar yang melibatkan pimpinan negara sebagai palsu kerana tiada sumber atau individu yang mendedahkannya untuk maklumat awam.Bila Zam mencabar Ust Taib supaya mendedahkan isipati “rahsia besar” yang selama ini disimpan olehnya,seolah-olah mengesahkan secara jelas isu yang pernah heboh dulu di laman-laman web dan pernah satu dua isu yang disiarkan secara sepintas lalu di dada akhbar yang mempunyai agenda tertentu semasa Zam menjadi ketua pengarangnya dulu untuk menjatuhkan tokoh tertentu di dalam UMNO seperti Mat Taib , Rahim Tambi Chik dan Abu Hassan.

    Di antara “Rahsia Besar” yang merupakan perkara yang pernah dirujuk kepada YB USTAZ HAJI.TAIB AZAMUDDEN BIN MD. TAIB semasa beliau memegang jawatan Imam Besar Masjid Negera ( Ust Taib hanya memberikan pembayang tanpa menyebut nama individu terbabit)Disini penulis memasukkan nama mereka-mereka terbabit supaya kita jelas siapakan dia yang termasuk dalam senarai ” Rahsia Besar ” itu:

    1.Masalah Zainuddin Maidin (ZAM) yang mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan seorang gadis semasa isterinya terbaring sakit dan hampir lumpuh;

    2.Masalah kesahihan kahwin lari yang dilakukan oleh Mohammad Mohd Taib membabitkan seorang janda di Selatan Thai;

    3.Masalah tangkapan khalwat Najib Tun Razak dengan Ziana Zain di bilek hotel di Port Dickson (Pegawai penguatkuasa terbabit ditukarkan serta meta);

    4.Masalah Ruhaini Ahmad bermain kayu tiga dengan isteri orang dan akhirnya menyebabkan perceraian wanita tersebut;

    5. Masalah Rahim Tambi Chik mempunyai hubungan dengan gadis bawah umur yang bernama Hayati( sehinggakan menyebabkan Lin Guan Eng merengkok dalam penjara akibat memperjuangkan kepentingan gadis ini)

    6. Masalah Shahidan Kassim mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan seorang gadis yang akhirnya gadis tersebut mengandung dan melahirkan anak hasil hubungan itu;

    7. Masalah Shahidan Kassim yang menyimpan dan mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan seorang pelajar bawah umur disebuah perumahan mewah ( ditempat Shahidan melakukan perkara sumbang inilah anak Shahidan mati bila terjatuh dari pangsapuri tahun lepas) di Kuala Lumpur;

    8. Masalah Ismail Ibrahim, Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, yang mengadakan hubungan sulit tanpa nikah dengan seorang wanita, dan kemudiannya menggunakan kedudukannya untuk menganiaya wanita tersebut;

    9. Masalah Abu Hassan Omar didakwa mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan iparnya dan melahirkan anak ( anak itu dibinkan dgn nama Abu Hassan Tan Abdullah) dari hubungan tersebut;

    10.Masalah Ruhaini Ahmad dan isterinya bersabit daripada pemimpin tersebut mempunyai hubungan dengan wanita lain dan permasaalahan tuntutan perceraian, tuntutan harta sepencarian, nafkah dan lain-lain;

    11.Masalah Ketua Bahagian UMNO Bandar Tun Razak ( Noh Omar pernah mendakwa memonton CD yang dirakan ini)yang didakwa oleh isterinya memaksa beliau (isterinya) melakukan hubungan seks diluar tabi’i dan berakhir dengan penceraian;

    Sepatutnya kita ucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada Zainuddin Maidin yang memberikan credit point yang cukup baik kepada pihak pembangkang disaat kita akan menghadapi pilihanraya yang dijangkakan seawal tahun 2003.Tapi orang Munafik yang bersifat seperti anjing tidak layak

    mendapat ucapan terima kasih.Kerana bila dia lepas dari tersepit dia akan kembali menggigit tangan orang yang melepaskannya dulu.Itulah sifat anjing Zainuddin maidin yang dipelihara oleh Dr Mahathir Mohamad,hanya tahu menyalak demi seketul tulang bangkai yang busuk.

  90. monsterball says:

    Or Hadi Awang?
    Speak clearly la.

  91. Futureman says:

    So this means Datuk Seri Najibsamy and Rosmaletchmi having a Deepavali open house in his residence. Is he also carry the Kavadi next year on Thaipusam and boil milk and rice under over flow on Ponggol day.

    Wishing Najibsamy and Rosmalechmi a very happy Deepaval , Thaipusam and Ponggol. Do not forget when you see me and give me a very very big Ang p Pow like a contract to supply a couple of recondition aircraft carries and a couple of reconditioned Space shuttles ( after USA retire the space shuttles ) so Malaysia under your leadership can attack India and claim that Hindusim started in Malaysia and convert all the Malays in Malaysia back to their former religion Hindusim. The space shuttles will project Malaysia stupidity in space under your leadership. Best of luck and wanicam

  92. monsterball says:

    Crusades are used by Christians.
    Muslim is Jihat.
    And what is a crusader….you tell me.
    Are you one of the Knight’s Templar reincarnated?
    What you mean….you hate Anwar so much…you have a personal vendetta against him.

  93. amoi permatang pauh says:

    idzan ismail…
    your only crusade is against Anwar,so you say..
    but we say :-u dont have to b a wet blanket,bro ~ we are all united against the ones you seem to adore – the likes of Bad O la.. Najib al-tantuya, KJ and those synonymous to corruption.
    Anyway..come to think of it..ur very name sounds similar to Ezam except for the change of a vowel/letter or two .Hmm…no wonder..birds of a feather they tend to go cuckoo together!

  94. Futureman says:

    Hi guys is Najibsamy and Rosmaletchmi celebrating Deepavali this year or not.

  95. idzan ismail says:


    Husam or Hadi okay.
    I have said before on KTemoc and my ex-colleague Chun Wai’s blog that Karpal and Kit Siang okay too.
    But I am realistic.
    Muhyiddin or Najib will be the best bet

  96. idzan ismail says:

    Amoi PP

    Glad to know you.
    I have stated earlier that Ezam is not my man.
    He’s a clone of Anwar. Two peas in a pod.
    Stance, the way he speaks, all a carbon-copy.
    A fake too just like his ex-boss.
    He’s male and I am female.

  97. Futureman says:

    idzan ismail you sound like a spurned lover on DSAI. Why he did not scrw your arse

  98. machitam says:

    even minus drM i’m not ok with umno
    even minius bodhwi, kj, najis or any one, i’m not ok with umno
    even minus every single member in umno, i’m still not ok…
    i’m not ok with any racist party….
    a multiracial and multireligious malayisa will be in danger with any racist party, so to speak…..

  99. machitam says:

    what transpired before they decide to block blogs…
    kj – jack! we must stop this rpk nuisances. kita hacked.. dia ada, hack lagi dia ada lagi…

    bodohwi – nak buat macam mana? sheepishly and sleepeely, grabbing a pillow and rest his head.(as usual )

    kj – abah! come on!. PP election habis dia neutralise balik. o.k can i…er i’ll talk to syed botak

    bodohwi – biarq pi lah rpk tuh. dia dah kena dah. ada banyak saman dah keluarq! nanti dia kena penjaralah….tak lepas dia siap nak tulong dia.

    kj – abah, kalu time drM sudah tentu rpk pun dah masuk dalam kena tuduh sodomy. may be dia kata anwar sodomi dia..(dlm hati “drM nih tak suka aku jugak….)

    kj(on the phone) – helo albo, can we do something with rpk’s malaysia today?. voters in PP semua sudah kena neutral…mcm nih mampus….mam mana nak menang…?

    albo(answering phone, with a reflection on his head.. strikingly ) – hola kj, what’s up we’ve taken care msm oledi what. why are you takut with blogs like mt. only those goons and some journo read blogs. the “stupid” voters in PP and our stupid umno members & kampong people don’t read blog. they read utusan. we already bluff them. PP voters also kena “makan” dgn utusan. don’t worry! anwar will lose. saiful sudah sumpah. najis sudah sumpah(bila abah hang nak sumpah? gigling jokingly. we will get his dna soon. habislah dia!

    kj- i don’t care albo. i want mt. this comments on mt going overboard. they have the nick to call me ox fart lah, kerajantan lah, beruk makyeh lah, c4 lah, sd, medico, polis nak ikut plan kita pun susah..macam macam lagi…bengang lah

    albo(laughing & smiling), heh heh kee ke hee heee aahah they call you that! !they also call me names also, ….like albotak, aba aba alba…er…ade yg panggil aku jessica alba….hee heh..but what is that man ..i don’t care lah what lah . you also call me albo what. i don’t mine. mcm idzan ismail orang call diaa hey bumiputra he don’t mine. what so deal about calling bumiputra. so don’t call me alkohol ahh!

    kj – o.k before 26 september(PP election) i want mt to be “out” for good. the rest of blogger kita mark dia later. i don’t care how you do it….just shut out this damn mt….%$$%(*))_

  100. idzan ismail says:

    Whoa futureman

    Scaryman. I am speechless.
    Susan, A correction.
    Umno tradition has it that it’s always the DPM who handles by-elections.
    Since aeons ago. If you know Umno politics that is.
    So what is so different about Permatang Pauh.
    Just another by-election.
    But with so much hoo ha, whacking people, pushing old people to prevent voting, throwing mineral bottles to the DPM.
    The most violent by-election in our history.

  101. navinda says:

    What’s your problem with Anwar. I did not condone his joining UMNO years ago neither did I appreciate his lifestyle then. However, I took to him when he was charged with sodomy. I could not stand the unfair and trumped up charges against him. The whole court case was a circus with more clowning than usual. Since then I have watched him being jailed. Imagine a man behind bars for 6 years for an alleged felon. Since his release he has stood by his words. He has toned down his rhetorics, has more purpose in his statements and has not wavered from his mission of being PM. What is wrong with that.
    Can you show me one man in the present cabinet who could match his ability.
    As I started out, I admire his courage, his single mindedness and his search for fair play and equality. If he has a weakness, it is personal. Thousands are involved in all kinds of unnatural sex. Why is this man being singled out for persecution on the mere allegation of a 23 year old, who claims he was literally raped 9 times over a period of 2 months, yet he waited for the 9th occasion to report the act. Any one in their right frame of mind would have reported it the first time if such allegations had been true. Yet the doctor had certified him ‘not sodomized’ And yet again, the police have no time for the hundreds of rapes and other molestation reports made.
    Ezam has tried to emulate Anwar, yet he is not even in the same league, yet you call him a clone. He is no where near.

    Najib is what the country needs the least, and muhyuddin has never ever seemed PM material at any time. He is in fact a poor replacement for Rafidah in MITI.
    Come on, get off your high horses and be real.

  102. Jimmy Page says:

    “najib will be the best bet”???
    You have just lost all your credibility.
    Thank you for confirming that people at the Star and yourself are the biggest idiots in KL.
    You must be from Pahang because I cannot see any other reason for your idiocy other than state loyalty.

  103. giggle says:

    Assunta Convent, Kuantan dropout?

  104. Jimmy Page says:

    Don’t know what’s wrong with her
    “Just another by-election”
    Right Anwar becomes Opposition leader is just another by election.
    The same arrogance that UMNO had when they thought they would never ever lose.
    Some people never learn. And humility is a concept alien to winners for the past 50 years. God will humble them in the eyes of His servants, and that is exactly whay is happening to Idzan now. But she is too arrogant to believe that she is a laughing stock.

  105. giggle says:

    Barisan leaders’ talk of pullout from coalition worries Muhyiddin

    SINGAPORE: Some Barisan Nasional component party leaders’ comments about the possibility of their parties leaving Barisan has Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin concerned.

    “The is a new trend we have not seen in the past and this time around it is being done openly. I am concerned about that,” Muhyiddin told reporters, referring to remarks made by MCA and Gerakan leaders recently.

    “Are these remarks brought up because of sheer disappointment? They have to explain,” he said, adding that any random survey would show that there was a mindset shift among the rakyat and not merely in Permatang Pauh.

  106. giggle says:

    Malay “sami” begs Indians:

    Don’t look elsewhere, Indians urged

    KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on the Indian community to “not look elsewhere” if they have grouses or grievances.

  107. Jimmy Page says:

    They don’t have to explain anything to the biggest losers in UMNO and BN history.
    If you play for a lousy football club, do you have to explain why you have to leave for a far better one? Everybody understands this, except the kepala batu’s at UMNO.
    Rats leave a sinking ship first, just like animals leave for the hills when they feel a tsunami coming.

  108. giggle says:

    KUALA LUMPUR 28 Ogos – Yang Dipertua Badan Amal Kebajikan Isteri Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri (Bakti), Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah meminta isteri-isteri wakil rakyat melaksanakan peranan sebagai seorang ‘ibu’ di kawasan suami mereka.

    Jeanne yang juga isteri Perdana Menteri berkata, sebaik sahaja suami dilantik menjadi wakil rakyat, secara automatik isterinya perlu berperanan sebagai ibu di kawasan berkenaan.

    Kah kah kah…. Ramai orang daerah Pekan dan Pahang dah mula nak lari takut dengan Bik Mama… kah kah kah…. Bik IBU Mama….kah kah kah
    Posted by Tukar Tiub at 8/29/2008 12:12:00 PM 15 comments Links to this post

  109. kram says:

    You have spirit and passion Susan.
    And you are being significant by standing up for a cause.

    Likewise, may I aks how many of us are prepared and have the courage to pursue his ambitions and aspirations like what Anwar is doing now knowing the landmines and dangers.

    His age, having just served a jail term. He has a beautiful family, adoring wife. money. recognition local and international.

    Yet he is putting himself through all this.
    You need to be a leader, a great leader to be doing this.

    For many of us, because we have to leave our Identification card details to sign a petition, there is already so much hesitancy and fear.

    I know that because I feel that fear and I am not ashame to admit. But I went ahead drawing courage from leaders like RPK, Anuar. LKS etc

    So I am not an Anuar fan nor I into politics. I have 2 daughters that I need to provide a future for them.

    So just for his courage alone, I will support Anuar.
    And for what he stands for now, I dont have another choice.

    We now have Hope. So cut the crab please Observer

  110. kram says:

    And also Observer, what have you to offer ?

    And you dont have an alternative too !

    And what have you contributed ?
    So you have not earn any right to critise or condemn.
    So just shut up will you.

  111. machitam says:

    idzan ismail : Umno tradition has it that it’s always the DPM who handles by-elections.Since aeons ago. If you know Umno politics that is.So what is so different about Permatang Pauh.

    hola idzan,
    there is a lot of different. anwar was contesting. that umno is dying since mrch 8. DPM lost credibility(altantuya kes) BN in dire straits. that mca and mic hanya tinggal chief without indians.
    worst of all your idol drM was sidelines. sad to say if he hd open his mouth at PP the other day, Ariff might have lost his deposit. more….if dpm kept away from the “stupid” tradition, Ariff might have narrowed the majority lah 2,3 vote only. jangan jadi outdated lah idzan. ikut perkembangan zaman!
    what else umno outdated tradition? ketuanan melayu! tell us lah. i know you are die hard umnoist and drM…

  112. tamade says:

    These goons from UltaManNo control all the MSM, and now they want to control the Cyberspace. My goodness, they have sodomised each other now.

    Are they insane?

    Not only Google will shun Bolehland, but most multi-nationals FDI will also stop coming to Bolehland.

    What a brilliant move by the UltaManNo genius botak minister and the other brainless evil power brokers..

    You flurs must be joking. Are you all sabotaging your President?

    The Sleepy PeeM has just announced that billions are being allocated to those White Elephant Mega Corridors. The foolish act by MCMC and the second reading of DNA Id Act will chase away all the potential FDI and investors.

    How ironic and pathetic.

    All BeeEnd MPs better watch out and beware. The DNA Act will be used against all those who don’t kow-tow to UltaManNo and also to threaten those who want to jump ship. He, He.

    It’s better to abandon this sunken ship before it is too late.

    Don’t worry, go back to your own constituencies now and LISTEN to the voices of the Rakyat:

    Do you hear them say: Jump, jump, jump. Join the RIGHTEOUS, abandon the RACISTS, EXTREMISTS, CORRUPTS.

    So, what are you people waiting for? Durian Runtuh from UltaManNo?

  113. Seng says:


    Excellent article. Thumbs up!


  114. Azmin says:

    I truly pity mak cik idzan based on those of her comments, her old mindset is yet to change, still living in the past, pitiful indeed.

  115. machitam says:

    Anwar on the 2009 budget, ““We continue to be in a state of denial. We are not able to shift from the obsolete economic policy, the rampant corruption and the failure to become more competitive because we are stuck in old policies.”

    nasi tambah, “stuck in old policies, kehabisan idea, flip-flop, lost direction,…
    itulah, still want to cling onto the dumb tradition. ”

    i’m still waiting for idzan to elaborate more on the bumno old tradition of “ketuanan Melayu” this will be a very good lesson from the very mouth of an old umno stooge. she said he is not racist. i believe shim. she is a traditionalist, and i respect her…not yet lor…”ketuanan melayu” first

  116. Berapit says:

    Mamak Kutty can migrate 6-ft below to meet Zakaria (chiak-ka-leow) if DSAI becomes PM. Another ‘ attack’ will be the best thing for him. Selamat pulang.

  117. pak lah-lah says:

    aku nak cakap satu benda jer.. korang ni semua kalo dah dibagi negara ni boleh ke pimpin? korang ingat pimpin negara ni mcm jaga kelas darjah satu kah?

    kalau korang dah kat atas, korang rasa korang ingat tak orang-orang bawahan mcam aku nie? ko pilih la, antara aku nie ka, kawan kau ka, atau keluarga kau? korang fikir sendiri la.. dah kat atas.. nak ka turun nie? atau nak tunggu org kick buntut ko baru nak turun?

    nie.. cakap nak bentuk sebuah negara yang buat equality, make it simple la kwn2.. kita ada tiga bijik pai lepas tu ada tiga kumpulan.. pai tu sama besar tapi kumpulan tu pulak tak sama besar.. satu kumpulan ada 5 org satu lagi ada 3 org dan satu lagi ada dua org.. dah tu satu kumpulan satu satu pai.. mcm mana? yg 5 tu dpt tak mkn sekenyang yg 3 org dan dua org tu? pandai korg ya.. mcm tu pun tak boleh faham ke?

    bukan ka elok, kalau yg kumpulan yg kecil tu tadi bahagi2 kan bahagia yg lebih tu utk kumpulan yg satu lagi.. kalau nak lahap semua pun tak pa.. tak kesah.. tp jgn la sampai nak ganggu pai org lain ya tak? FAHAM??

    aku benar2 takut kalau Malaysia diserang oleh kuasa asing. aku rasa yg kedepan semestinya orang-orang bumiputera kerana mereka tahu bumi ini mereka yang punya.. dan ku pasti..teramat la pasti.. ada mereka yg akan awal2 lagi dah book flight ke luar dari bumi Malaysia.. nie nak goyah kan sana, nak goyah kat sini.. tu lah yang akan lari dulu.. BOLEH ‘TUI’ APA!

    aku fade up la dengar cerita2 blogger ke aper ke, kalau nak masuk politik, daftar jd pemilih.. lepas tu ikut parti politik.. suara bukan main meletup sana sini.. tapi tak pegi ngundi… KENAPA TAK PEGI NGUNDI? cakap malas, election tak adil, SPR tak telus.. dah tu nak telus mcm mana lagi.. nak jadi mcm survivor ke cakap undi depan camera? lepas tu kalau tak undi korang ko nak carik org tu ke acah pistol dan parang kat leher dier org ke??

    aku rasa, one day Anwar Ibrahim akan menang jadi perdana menteri, tapi akan kalah dengan demand dari mereka2 yang rasa lebih pandai dari Anwar sendiri sebab anwar tak pegang Keris mcm pak lah dan najib mahupun hishamudin.. tengok la nanti… bagi aku kebanyakan penyokong anwar (bukan 100% tetapi kebanyakan) adalah mereka yg terlepas pandang dr wakil rakyat BN, dan mereka yang rasa mereka mampu memperkotak-katikkan anwar ibrahim untuk dijadikan boneka cheritera “satu bangsa, satu negara” mereka…

  118. micon02 says:

    AMENO BN & THE BLIND FOLLOWERS being awarded for………….

    Ampu sana ampu sini
    fitnah sana fitnah sini
    tipu sana tipu sini

  119. Ayoyosamy says:

    If Anwar was banished for his betrayal of the country in 1997/8, US would readily have accepted him as a political refugee. What does that tell you?

  120. ncwall says:

    inserts poopy comment

  121. I must say… the news and media in Malaysia concurs…

  122. […] Abdulla & Najib can now resign, Mahathir can migrate Image by Wits! Cont’d from my post “Why UMNO got trashed on August 26″. […]

  123. Observer 3 says:

    If the one-sided discussion here is a reflection of what it’d be like once the pro-Anwar camp takes over, I really don’t see how it’ll differ from the “police state” that we’re in right now.

    Looks like the PKR camp will also want to “gag” the non-believers exactly like how the ruling party is doing it now…

    It’s amazing that the very people who support “freedom of speech” etc are the very people who quash opinions different from their own. Do you even understand what the concept of “freedom of speech” is???

    ‘Observer’ brought up a really good point – Anwar is a phony. While everyone is now high on his current promises and performance, note that:

    1. he is STILL a politician i.e. “One primarily devoted to his own advancement in public office, or to the success of a political party”
    2. he has a silver tongue i.e. “he can convince even the Devil to join him”. How really different will he be from the current orators with empty promises?
    3. he is a media darling and he knows just how to milk this cow. What does the media want, esp the US/international media? Sensation. Blood. Suffering. Anti-establishment comments. And Anwar is primed up now to give them exactly what they want.
    4. he is anti-Mahathir. Boo-hoo, the “little boy” got whacked by his “dad” for being naughty. And acting like a “sullen teen”, what does he do? Go to his “uncle Sam” and whine about how bad “Dad” is treating everyone else at home.

    Of course, “Uncle Sam” who always wants to be the popular one, grabs this golden opportunity to really wreck Dad’s house.

    I really hope that the jail term Anwar served makes him less wet behind the ears because what Malaysia needs is a visonary leader who will lead us beyond 2020.

    We do not need another smart-mouthed, rebellious, vengeful “teen” who’s still smarting from the lashing Dad gave him for wanting to drive the car before he’s eligible for a driver’s license.

    Mahathir is also a politician but he really had the vision for Malaysia – whatever his critics may say, he’s introduced many revolutionary and innovative gems, including the MSC, which now allows the very people who’s buzzing for “freedom of speech” to shoot down other voices.

  124. observer 2 says:

    observer 3 you are dead right . These are the anwars cultist . If anwar tells them to commit suicide and there are 29 virgins waiting for them in heaven they’ll readily do it .!!
    If the one-sided discussion here is a reflection of what it’d be like once the pro-Anwar camp takes over, I really don’t see how it’ll differ from the “police state” that we’re in right now.

    Looks like the PKR camp will also want to “gag” the non-believers exactly like how the ruling party is doing it now…

  125. road smoke says:

    Observer, you are a real ‘karat’ BN brainless bum. Your are beyond redemption. Cannot see what is right and wrong. Frankly you know nuts about politics. Easily bluffed and tickled. This 2008 the Cyber Era and you still cannot think.

  126. machitam says:

    observer 3 said “I really hope that the jail term Anwar served makes him less wet behind the ears because what Malaysia needs is a visonary leader who will lead us beyond 2020.”

    again he said ” Mahathir is also a politician but he really had the vision for Malaysia – whatever his critics may say, he’s introduced many revolutionary and innovative gems, including the MSC, which now allows the very people who’s buzzing for “freedom of speech” to shoot down other voices.”

    observer ” just finish watching movie “back to the future” huh? visionary leader like anwar may see 2020. mahathir cannot one lah!!??

    a vision for what?? MSC? MSC behind timelah. the world are moving forward. new it era. MSC need a lot of catch up. singapore are far ahead. why? because of your idol drM and his legacy. what is he now? been sideline, been irated by bodohwi. bukak mata lah….lihat betul2….jangan jadi mcm…%&^%&&

  127. lauyee says:

    yea Nicole David is indeed a squash player and she’s from Penang.

    Well whatever the Anwar’s plan can be a lot of people who I know are thanking Anwar for the reduction of taxes etc as announced in budget 2009. I personally think that the government is running of of tricks to keep their votes, to them our votes are merely products that they can buy, by either direct cash payment or in form of tax reduction. Bah… If they really think that way I’d say they under estimated our will to uphold our rights, or they under estimated the price of our votes.

    With all the reduction in taxes, I doubt if the tax saving will be transfer to the end user. Those products which had increase in price will not go back, most likely the merchants maintain the price or at best repack their stuff like “Now with 20% XXX(whatever food) inside!”.

    Whatever the situation is, I can’t really feel the possible saving that I might obtain after the budget 2009 announcement. Hmm… the only effect on me? I’ll be spending 3 cents more to slowly kill myself 🙂

  128. almostrich says:

    Aiseh, just when i am reaching the stage in my life when i can give bribe and get project to become rich the government is going to change? cheh! what a life….

  129. Pendrive says:

    idzwan Ismail

    ……But with so much hoo ha, whacking people, pushing old people to prevent voting, throwing mineral bottles to the DPM.
    The most violent by-election in our history.

    Dei don’t be naive, please, UMNO/BN has DONE worse than that



  130. nocrid says:

    TO all bro and sis Malaysians.(Except for Idzan and the Observers bros)

    Aiyah, you guys don’t waste time reasons with those dimwits like Observers and Idzan…

    Those are UMNO/BN cyberpricker…er I mean cybertroupers. By the way of them commenting already know-lah. Can compare when you youtubing “UMNO-BN-MP-Parliment” in youtube. They are all with one really distinct feature one…Bull-dung and no substances one…..

  131. says:

    Not only that susan…. the Son-in-law better exit Umno youth post, and clean the toilet for the rakyat!! angry now!

  132. jason says:

    well, i dont know .. much about all these hype …. i see – at its peak… M’sia is divided…. now its a mind and word game .. newspapers, internet as tools… the imageries created on May 16, the faces of leaders -doesn’t make sense anymore.

    I just want to live a quiet live ….

    Susan u might think its right to let people know about things….the facts…. believe u, that if a bloodshed happens in M’sia ….. i dont call u, bloggers heroed… and so is the UMNOs.

    Heroes often unsung…..the good hearted, the well-raised, the peace lovers, the compleasant… the victims… u started a riot …. and so are the other side…

    Once we were peaceful-corrupted but peaceful….

    so what if im not rich, i just want to live happily….

    I dont care anything more than that … my mother is sick… and i dont think she can stand another riot … think about it……my friend….

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