“Who do you think will win?” – This is the MOST over-asked question in the last ten days, but I still asked two guys behind me, who came early to “jom” a space so we could witness the final countdown of the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign on PKR side.

They sounded excited and the reason why I turned to ask them the question was because they kept harping (behind me) that “kita mesti menang, kita mesti menang” (we must win).

“Anwar (Ibrahim) will win,” said one of the boys. “But UMNO will play dirty tricks. They are very quiet this time and that is dan-ge—-rous. They are quietly going into kampungs to buy votes”.

“Phantom voters are making their way here. This time they are smart. They are not coming by bus. The police has already warned and asked us not to act like the police”.

“Don’t you think they are planning something?” Er, yes…maybe…but maybe not, I thought.

But the other boy added: “It’s ok. We are used to it. We will keep watch and be careful. As for the money, these days, we take it and vote for who we like”. Then they both laughed.

In various ceramahs over the last few days, Pakatan leaders, including PAS, continue to tell the people to take the money offered to them by ‘the other side’ but when it came to casting their votes, they must know ‘what to do’.

*                    *                    *                     *                     *

PKR’s sms says that the final event at Jalan Baru will start at 9pm. When we arrived from Penang about 40 minutes later, a string of cars had already lined the road along the ceramah site.

By ‘We’, I mean: yours truly, Mustafa K Annuar and P Ramakrishnan from ALIRAN. The other ALIRAN member Anil Netto, who blogs live and from ground zero said he would be there, but went ‘missing’ later.

We suspect he was busy blogging somewhere under the rain 🙂

The crowd started to fill the empty field minutes later, and soon there were a sea of faces. What was nice about those faces was the fact that they were multi-coloured. What a sight.

My companions were already counting the numbers. 10,000, 30,000, 60,000? The reporter next to me estimated the crowd at 3,000 (hmm…). No, she is not from the mainstream media.

Anil’s ‘source’ at the scene (I think I know who!) estimates the crowd between 50-60,000.

By the time Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng spoke (video inside), my face, hair and clothes, were wet with rain water.

I stood in the rain with the pak chiks, makchiks and children with their umbrellas, some people just wore caps, others pulled their coats and vests over their heads, and others like me, was ‘unprotected’.

Eventhough a pak chik chided me for blocking his view of Lim Guan Eng, as he was sitting on the wet ground listening intently to his ‘Chief Minister’, I forgave him.

I tried to take several pixs (not so fine, forgive me) and video-taped Guan Eng, who thrilled the crowd with his fiery, yet humorous speech.

The mostly Malay crowd simply loved Guan Eng, responding to his remarks with cheers or suggestions, always clapping when he said something ‘witty’.

When our neighborhood helicopter hovered over us, flooding the field with its beams, the crowd jeered passionately at it. I suspected the PKR de facto and prime minister in waiting was on his way here.

True enough, Anwar was coming from Seberang Jaya, where they had also been a large crowd.

The reporter next to me had received sms-es saying the crowd at BN UMNO Youth (minus Khairy Jamaluddin) was about 150, and the one with Najib Tun Razak, deputy prime minister and campaign director, known as ‘Mongolia’ to PKR supporters, was visited by about 400 only.

When my friends knew about the vast gap between the number of perceived supporters for both camps, their prediction of Anwar’s big victory tomorrow was justified.

One of them said it would be a moral victory for Malaysians as a whole, not just for Permatang Pauh voters as we are sending the next Prime Minister to Putrajaya.

It wasn’t so much the Anwar factor as prime minister. It was the fact that the people had the power to determine who to put in Parliament and who to kick out.

Anwar is nothing but for the policies he represent. Just as we find it hard to support Arif Shah, the BN candidate, no matter what a nice and kind man he is (can speak Chinese some more!).

Unfortunately, he endorses UMNo’s racist and corrupt policies.

And if tomorrow, Anwar promotes racial politics, corruption, cronyism and nepotism, WE SAY GOODBYE TO HIM as well!

“Well, if he (Anwar) does not perform, we will kick him out,” said my friend. I totally agree with such progressive thoughts.

Over dinner earlier, we laughed over the thought that after 50 years of BN leadership, we couldn’t do worse. We could even run out of mistakes to make.

“We could only repeat the mistakes,” said one of us.

*                    *                    *                     *                     *

But can Anwar maintain his wife’s Wan Azizah’s majority (13,338) in the March 8 elections? – On March 8, PKR won 64.16% of total valid votes, beating BN which took 35.84% by a margin of 28.31%  (People are Boss).

Almost everyone I met, save a few UMNO hardcore supporters, one of them a former colleague said Anwar will win, the question is ‘how much”.

This former co-worker is Ezam Mohd Nor’s supporter. I used to see him in reformasi gatherings, especially in Lunas in 2000. “Our eyes are open now. We now know what kind of person Anwar is,” he ttold me when I met him at one UMNO Youth gathering.

There could be many who think like him, and would be the reason for a slashed majority.

Less majority would give BN/UMNO a chance to go to town with their moral victory. A higher majority spells doom for BN/UMNO, at least, psychologically; and presents PAKATAN the opportunity to pursue the much needed ‘agenda for change’ and ‘bangsa Malaysia’.

Which is why, Paktan leaders on stage continued to remind voters to come out early to vote, and not to give anyone any reason to prevent them from voting.

There were many leaders from PKR, DAP and PAS last night – Lim Kit Siang, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Husam Musa, Azmin Ali, Chong Eng, Chow Kon Yeow, Jeff Ooi, Nuru Izzah, Saifuddin Nasution and Jonson Chong, among others.

Anwar arrived at about 11pm, and was greeted as usual with loud cries of ‘reformasi’.

When he approached the stage, a man came over to garland him with flowers. The guy managed to give Anwar a peck on his cheek.

That drew laughter from the crowd, and a smile from Anwar as well. Someone, in the crowd said playfully “Oi…that’s dangerous!”.

Considering the two sodomy related allegations, Anwar has reasons to be cautious 🙂

*                    *                    *                     *                     *

I do not want to repeat the contents of Anwar’s speech because most of them were repetitious.

But I did feel a sense of hope for Malayians when he ended his speech with shouts of ‘reformasi’ and ‘merdeka’.

As I was leaving the field when the ceramah ended, several men were happily saying “I think we can bury UMNO this time”.

They were oblivious to the massive traffic and ensuing rain. “It was ‘hujan keramat’ they said. “Holy or heavenly rain? Either way, everyone who left the ceramah left with a look of satisfaction on their faces.

The pak chik who was selling drinks outside the ceramah site said he had never experienced such a crowd, and the younger man selling fried mushrooms added he was elated because he had never supported UMNO before, and the results of this election may spell doom for the Malay party.

“I may not be highly educated, but I will never support UMNO. I live by working hard,” he said, while deep frying those delicious mushrooms admist waiting customers.

A customer who overheard our conversation, chipped in “We support PAS, and when a PAS candidate did not contest, we voted for DAP”.

How wise. How politically aware and matured. I stood a while longer at this hawker stall and chatted with the locals.

Before Anwar ended his speech, he crooned Elvis Presley’s “It’s now or never…hold me tight”, appealing to the voter’s conscience that a time like this may never repeat and that they may lose the chance to decide their future. 

The song brought home a very important message for all Malaysians. We don’t get many opportunities to decide who is our next leader.

Perhaps, the time has come. Truly, it’s now or never.  So, happy voting, Permatang Pauh!

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  1. deekay says:

    Very well written, Susan. Hope I could be there to experience this once in a lifetime thing.

    Yes, Permatang Pauh folks, vote wisely…..you decide it for us.

  2. Abdul says:

    Yes, it is now or never. There comes a time when we need to cross a new frontier and decide on a new destiny. That time is now and we must rise to the occassion.

  3. wengerkhairy says:

    check out an analysis of 82 events from tsunami to permatang pauh d-day on wwww.padedoh.wordpress.com

  4. Ahmad says:

    Even Islamic greeting style of embracing each other and kissing each other is being dirtified by AMNO. Huh! Do I need to swear now? Ha ha ha! There are many Muslim socities where if you don’t hug the man or woman and exchange kisses, not passionate but sideway, it is considered an affront and utterly insensitive. It happened to me while in Turkey where kissing each other is a must and absolutely needed greeting etiquette. Anwar enjoys fanatical support due to the persecution he faces and many people will hug, kiss and touch him out of immense emotion. Hanief blogspot has some men and women crying in DSAI’s Ceremahs in Permantang Pauh.

  5. darkmatter says:

    I was there. Unprotected front row, sitting beside with two Malay abang, who kind enough to share his box of cigarette with me, while i provided my “rain-proof” lighter… hehe…bad example of how different race berpakat.. 😛

    Nevertheless, we all hope for a better Malaysia tomorrow..starting from today. Please support DSAI for this re-election. If he is not good after that, vote him out. It is Now or Never….

  6. NoktahHitam says:

    Once again susan, you gave me a good shiver + excitement while in the midst of my work. Thank you for reporting such a wonderful piece. I hope we will win this time around.

  7. Shower says:

    After Pakatan had won by 25k votes, the Sleeping Price was very angry and sermoned the OX from the animals farm (Rembau) He told him not just to drink coffee in 4th floor and go to instruct the coffee boy to swear again that he was forced on the sodomized drama.

    Pondan Ox asked: what for

    Sleeping Price said: I want to nail the Najis and Nakir. They are disturbing my area at Permantang Pauh.

    Ox said: okay let wait b’cos the IGP is repairing his pump.I know what to do.

    Folks: let see what will happened in the binatang farm before 15th September 2008!!!

  8. why no fuss says:

    Aiya slooney, why make so mush fuss over a racist, corrupt and lawless government who has been oppressing, exploiting and suppressing the rakyat by practicing the divide and rule system for 50 years plundering the wealth and resources of the rakyat with impunity across all boards vertically and laterally just to replace by another dynastic, nepotistic, and talibanic PR dogs who don’t practice what they preach but will milk the rakyat worse than the BN dogs, not declaring their assets, advocating the third tier of democracy and putting all those BNdogs/culprits behind bars but will continue to oppress, exploit and suppress the rakyat with impunity ala the BN dogs for another 50 long years, why no fuss then?

  9. kai says:

    For those who are lucky enough to be at PP today, please provide some exit poll results if you can.

  10. why no fuss says:

    Aiya, dear slooney, why make so much fuss over this ‘mother of all by-election’ when Mahakutty and Bodowi who have been plundering the wealth and resources of the Rakyat for as long as they like with all kinds of divide and rule racist and religious policies, self electing them as the PM with freehold tenure, ignoring the rights of the Rakyat to choose their own PM at the Rakyat’s own volition, selecting their cronies for privatizing golden-goose public utilities at the expense of the Rakyat, spending $$$$$$$$ billions and billions Petronas money which belongs to the Rakyat as if it belongs to their grandfathers, rescuing failed privatized projects with $$$$$$$$ billions and billions using the Rakyat’s blood and sweat hard-earned money, implementing all kinds of specious and lavish projects like Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Twin Towers, KLIA, NEP1-9 etc. which only benefit the BNdogs, setting up of expensive and blood sucking tolls all across Bolehland, raising fuel and electric prices at their whims and fancies but when the PR dogs supersede the BN dogs taking over the governments, it will be business as usual practicing cronyism, nepotism and all the corrupt, nepotistic, dynastic systems remain intact, it’s akin to booting out the BN dogs just to replacing the BN dogs with another PR dogs further squandering the resources and wealth of the Rakyat perpetually without winking an eye using the same BN dog’s corrupt, dynastic and talibanic systems with all the PR subordinate dogs licking their master’s balls ala the BN dogs, why no fuss then?

  11. bamboo river says:

    To all Malaysians voting in Permatang Pauh P44, I wish you all the best and when you ‘pangkah’ next to DSAI, you are making a small step on paper for us to make a giant step for a new gomen ,new policy ,new MALAYSIA!
    Make this 51st Anniversary of our motherland meaningful.
    Many of us outside Permatang Pauh is BANKING on you all.
    GOD Bless You All in Permatang Pauh.
    I had a premonition, DSAI will win with a majority of 27366 votes.:-)

  12. Shweta Rai says:

    Thank you Susan for the report from Permatang Pauh. We have to thank you and all the other bloggers who are our eyes and ears.Though we are not there our hearts are there and our only honest and unbiased news comes from people like you guys. There is such an electrifying feeling within my heart when I read all these articles . You bring warmth to our hearts and make us feel that we too are there in the ceramahs. Thank you once again and we appreciate all of your hard work. This comment is a tribute to all you bloggers out there ! Thanks again.

  13. wits0 says:

    This is the longest day for M’sia! The One to end the internal subjugation by bumno.

  14. 26th of August 2008 will be the day Malaysia will be re-born … thanks for the update

    renaissance.MY‘s last blog post … Are We Getting The RM0.30 Subsidy ?

  15. Kenny Gan says:

    The winds of change are blowing strongly and they will blow Umno away. Civil society has coalesced towards a push for better governance. Malaysian society has matured to reject the racist policies of Umno. It is all coming together and Permatang Pauh is the focal point of the battle for the soul of the country.

    Despite the cheating and polling on a working day, Anwar must win by at least 15,000 votes for a moral victory over BN. Let’s all hope Anwar wins by at least 20,000 votes and bury Umno psychologically, hastening the process of change.

  16. cinta Malaysia says:

    Somehow i am provoked by this sense of excitement about the outcome of the by-election with DSAI winning the Voters of Permatang Pauh today.Yet nervousness also pervades with this continuous thoughts streaming in my mind that the BN in cohort with the Election Comssion will do their utmost to cheat with vote rigging and postal votes.
    I can only pray.

  17. Underdog says:

    Thank you Susan for a detailed report. All the best to DSAI. It’s now or never. And it WILL be now!

  18. mac anjing says:

    Thanks looney for all the sweat and untiring hard work just for your audience. Keep up the good work.

    To all the pp voters, please don’t forget pangkah for dsai and when inserting the voting slit, just imagine you are inserting this loo seow pek belakang for he deserves this for allowing the BN anjing to tarok his belakang, then chop his batang into pieces and feed the ikan bandaraya in taman PP lake.

    Seow one this loo seow pek, hantu pun takut ini loo seow pek…….

  19. Kherry Scarry says:

    I could see the mixture of all races there in most PKR ceramah…….everyone unite…that’s very good.

    Compared to Ariff Shah who focussed on racial propaganda during campaign, desperately getting Chinese votes….and I mean desperate….

  20. nasrudin says:

    Pity. If it had been heavy rain Penang would have been able to see the Big Ears Yacht (“Bey” made in Turkey) kekeke

  21. ka na sai says:


  22. tony says:

    Excuse me, did he said Hold Me Tight??? oh not again …..hahahahaaaaaaaaa

  23. sklee says:

    Thank you for the on the ground report from Permatang Pauh.
    Best wishes to DSAI for a substantial majority.Vote wisely for us voters of Permatang Pauh!

  24. nasrudin says:

    Racist Home Minister warns malaysians:

    The contest for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat is the most unusual by-election ever witnessed in this country, according to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar today.
    “I have never seen a by-election that is as militant, aggressive and violent as this one,” he told a press conference in the Parliament lobby.

    His father was a rioter also.

  25. nasrudin says:

    Racist Home Minister warns malaysians:

    The contest for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat is the most unusual by-election ever witnessed in this country, according to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar today.
    “I have never seen a by-election that is as militant, aggressive and violent as this one,” he told a press conference in the Parliament lobby.
    His father was a rioter also.

  26. wits0 says:

    Bamboo River : “I had a premonition, DSAI will win with a majority of 27366 votes.:-) ”

    And mine was a 28900 majority. 😉 .

    Let’s hum the old Beatles’ hit, “Let It Be”.

  27. Fair says:

    Hi Susan, thanks for the excellence report.
    Yes this is the golden opportunity to have a two party system.
    If PR doesn’t practise what they preach while in power federally , we will kick them out comes next GE.

  28. Hasni says:


    For a very long time now, I’ve been filling out the space marked RACE on forms with the word MALAYSIAN and not malay. Looking at pics of Permatang Pauh many ceramahs justify that, don’t you think?

    I’m a proud Malaysian Moslem – that’s what I am. The Prophet Mohammad s.a.w NEVER championed ONE single race, and being a Sunni Moslem I try to live by his actions most of the time. To profess a single race as THE race reflects zionism( read:but NOT Jews) not Islam.


  29. […] 0845: For eye-witness accounts of last night’s big ceramah, check out the coverage by Aliran members Mustafa K Anuar and Susan Loone. […]

  30. elizabeth says:

    My heart is beating so fast… Malaysia is on the threshold of rebirth. Winning P44 is not enough, PP voters must deliver a landslide victory to send a clear message.

    As it is, our honorable speaker of parlimen already indicated their next step… the winner of P44 may not get to sit till the next session in October. BN people are really a bunch of shameless, spineless people, with absolute no fear of God.

    Those of us who are not voting in PP, let us spend our spare moments to pray. Pray for voters to act decisively, to vote wisely. Pray for peace to prevail and that the police & FRU personnel will act justly to maintain law and order. Pray and ask God to expose every scheme of deception to commit election frauds, and to render all such schemes ineffective. Pray for good weather so that all voters can turn up. Pray for the EC officers to execise their duty without fear or favour. Pray for the polling agents appointed to be vigilant and responsible to carry out their tasks. Lastly, pray for calm for everyone, esp for supporters to keep a cool head no matter what.

    Finally, pray for God’s protection upon DSAI and his family. Lets give God no rest, until His purpose for Malaysia is fulfilled.


  31. ram.ayer says:


    Thank you for the reports. You and the rest of the bloggers have done a wonderful job in letting us feel that we were there and letting us know the other side. For that, you are all as much a part of this victory from all of us seeking for a new and wonderful Malaysia. Thank you.

  32. For Pakatan's win says:

    A truly Malaysian spirit,PKR,PAS,DAP,All the Bloggers,all the people of Malaysia coming together unitedly to support their Prime Minister-to-be.You have all shown that a big win for DSAI is a major win for Malaysia.

    We have not seen this kind of ‘oneness’ for a very ,very long time in Malaysia.

    Thank you, Susan,RPK,and the bloggers,if not for you we will have to just settle for the gloomy local news thats not worth our money.We hope you great bloggers will publish your own Newspapers together, as soon as DSAI and Pakatan comes into power soon. We want an alternative national newspaper from YOU.

    Permatang Pauh,we will remember you for giving us the Prime Minster of Malaysia. Penang we appreciate your great contribution towards the nation.

  33. caravanserai says:

    Today is the day
    The voters in PP will decide
    Who is the candidate?
    An ordinary MP or one who will walk in Putrajaya
    The voters have to make the right choice

    The 10 days intense campaigns
    The big guns and small cowboys
    Running, walking, smiling
    Capturing the hearts and souls
    Of the people in Permatang Pauh

    Dramas and threats
    Spies and bribes
    The long list can’t be forgotten
    Today is the day
    The voters in PP will decide

    Think of it
    Race base party or multi-racial
    Malaysia of many races
    Voters you decide today

    The country dreams
    The demons walk
    Make today a light for all
    We have seen the ‘dark’ too long

  34. LeeZ says:

    Oh my… I almost shed in tears (by reading this post)….

    Thank you Susan for all the reports during this by-election from myself here in KL…


  35. kittykat46 says:

    BN is basically resigned to losing today, just unsure by how much.
    Anwar’s majority will probably be less than Wan Azizah’s on March 8.
    Wan Azizah comes across as a very warm person, a lot of people like her, whatever their political leanings. A lot of BN people voted for her.

    Lets face it, there is a hard core of people who really dislike Anwar, whatever he does or doesn’t say or act.

    A BN supporter was complaining bitterly how they have not been able to get their message across on-line. How ironic, considering their total control of all mainstream media. The round-the-clock in-your-face promotion of the Saiful swearing was a mistake. The conservative Malay group – the main target for this effort – was turned off by the graphic verbal detail in the video.
    “Muak” was the word I heard many times.
    Plus the appearance of the Imam who took Saiful’s sumpah.

  36. nuetral says:

    The way the Malaysians opposition plays the game, is really by criticizing/condemning the current government all the way down to the drain… Well, maybe the criticism is true… However, by doing so, they are putting standards that they themselves have to meet if they come to power… Once in power, if those standards are not meet ..well…all I can say is that Pakatan is just another Barisan with a different name ..we see

    In some country, a strong opposition like Anwar would have end up in jail in negative seconds.. He would not even have a chance to appear on TV !

  37. ah long says:

    Malaysia everything is boleh. Suppose, just suppose BN wins, what do you think is going to happen?

    SIL losted Rembau by a small margin after the first count but after the recount he won by a big margin due to “postal” votes. Can “postal” votes also turn BN’s fortunes around this time. Who knows?

    I reckon if DSAI lose and BN win all hell will break lose.

  38. temenggong says:

    We are expecting a 33,000 majority win, beating Teresa Kok’s record of the biggest win.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Dear Permatang Pauh people,
    Please reject BN (Barisan Najis). Barisan Najis cuma tau fitnah orang liwat dan goreng kes liwat. Malaysia akan juga jadi najis kalau Barisan Najis terus perintah negara ini.

  40. peacelovekindness says:

    TV Reality shows… eat your hearts out Akademi Fantasia and American Idol! Susan Loone has got the moves to make Blog Reality a hit amongst the Rakyat of Malaysia! Yes, Susan, I’ll croon to you anytime, babe… It’s now or never, come hold me tight, kiss me my darlin’, be mine tonight… tomorrow maybe too late, it’s now or never … Pak Lah can’t wait (to be ousted, that is!)> YEAH!

  41. oknyua says:

    “”In some country, a strong opposition like Anwar would have end up in jail in negative seconds.. He would not even have a chance to appear on TV !”” Nuetral

    So much for a neutral comment. By the way, is it “nuetral” or “neutral”?

    In some countries, yeah, are you referring specifically to Malaysia, Myanmar, Zimbaddwe, Sudan and Ethiopia?

  42. roy selvan says:

    Today,we shall know the tree by its fruit,
    Will good triump over evil?
    Will the a new day unfold in this Nation?
    Will the truth burst out and the evil shriek in fear ?

    Is our prayers for this Nation being answered?

    Are we really Democratic like we claim?

    My answer is Yes Yes Yes.Thats my heart desire.

  43. shankar says:

    Thanks for your report to us both Malaysians and ex-Malaysians in America. Malaysia needs a change just like we here do. Wish elections were fair in Malaysia like here. So much of equal access to the media, and Obama is not a faggot !! Like the Umno is claiming Anwar is. Once the opposition is in power, fire the police chief abolish the ISA and equal rights for all. Malays living here feel the same as me. Oh !! watch the democratic convention now. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS staions will cover both the democratic and republican conventions. Hey RTM it belongs to the people not to UMNO and shame on you STAR and the Straits Times. you know what you are spewing.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Permatang Pauh people,
    Lets exercise our conscience. Let us altogether reject BN this time round. Lets work hard to reject Barisan Najis. BN members please also reject BN this time round.
    Lets make the result:-
    58,458 (PKR)
    1 (BN) – candidate himself

    Haha, looking forward to the history-in-the-making tonite!!

  45. wandererAUS says:

    Susan, thanks for your ‘Now or Never’ report, it brought back old memories.
    I experienced such a fight between Dr Chen (DAP) and San Choon(MCA) in Seremban. The tactics used by BN were almost the same, using hantu, bribery and threats are similar…only this time it is worst, UMNO has stooped so low to use filth and ‘ugly sex’ as an election issue, it is simply repulsive.
    This is certainly an act of desperation, just to clinch on to power. It is time to drive these BN asses out, a time for a Change!

  46. bamboo river says:

    On the subject of postal votes. Be reminded that postal voters have a clear indication in this by-election that they too can make a difference.
    During the GE 12, no one, even the PR parties expected a huge support from the rakyat. The postal voters was in a bind, they wished to vote for PR but they do not know how is their vote going to make that difference during the GE12.
    Now, they only had to worry nothing at all. They are free to vote for PR as they know very well, only one by-election and not General Election is their call.
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all when the majority in the votes for DSAI came from postal voters too.
    It’s like the axe is in your hand and there is no one to stop you from chopping off that dying tree which is going to fall on your house .
    Oh, how is wished I am in PP now.

  47. machitam says:

    susan ” We now know what kind of person Anwar is,” he told me when I met him at one UMNO Youth gathering.

    that is an “escapeism” statement common not only to the malay but all races. usually they made this statement out of desperation i.e have reached a dead end, no other ways to use, have done all, to smear Anwar. yet, “force” one mind to enclose it… i.e give up.

    this is a feel guilty notion. they are the ones who are guilty and unable to overturn the mind of others…..”sekarang kita tahu siapa Anwar sebenarnya”

    Perngundi Permatang Pauh “sekarang inilah masanya untuk Anwar…”

    Hidup reformasi

  48. delcapo says:

    PP – Permatang Pauh
    PP – !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!
    PP – Permatang Pauh
    PP – !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!

    new kid on d blogWagon

  49. amoker says:

    Its now or never.

    UMNO can go back with its money politics, uses of police and ACA etc.

    The rakyat is not stupid.

  50. kittykat46 says:

    We must thank you for your excellent coverage on the ground throughout this by-election.

    And you are well on the way to 4 Million hits, by September, I think.

  51. ella-mae says:

    thanks for everything, susan. i pray for a just outcome tonight. i pray we will see a better malaysia tonight.


  52. yc hong says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thanks and appreciate your on site reporting and hardwork.
    voters of permantang pauh, remember you are not only voting for yourselves, you are voting for us as well. It is now or never! Let’s give DSAI a landslide Victory!!!

  53. nuet says:

    Observation: BN/Umno always instill fear to the rakyat to win votes.They are hypocrite. They say Bangsa Malaysia but now true colours emerge.They play fire with racial issues.Always using race to instill fear (old tactics) like predecessor TDM use May 13 to instill fear to prevent “reformasi” to the nation.Where have all the wealth in our country gone to over the last 22 years!Malaysia is wealthy but the rakyat is poorer by the month!Life is tougher for the poor and middle income group when the rich and powerful gets richer by the month.Now, it is people in the street POWER!Malaysia belongs to all HER PEOPLE regardless of race not to only ONE group of people.God help Malaysia who is blessed with plentiful not plentyFOOLS!

  54. matt says:

    Even the bee n candidate is gong liua nobody wants to shake hands with him at his polling station.

  55. i almost tears from getting too excited reading this one.

    We; The Peoples MUST and WILL WIN!


  56. idzan ismail says:

    Hola everyone

    Goood day ain’t it?
    Is it the last hurrah for the man who thinks he’s the alpha and omega of politicians?
    Pray so, Pak Sedih and Loo Seow Pek.
    We want peace, No?

  57. 2 cents says:

    i had a dream too..and it was a majority of 48, 888 votes for DSAI…
    YES !!

  58. 1st Battle:
    Barisan Rakyat broke 2/3 majority and won 5 states.

    2nd Battle:
    Pakatan Rakyat wins the mother of all by-elections.

    3rd Battle & Final:
    Paduan Rakyat should be named with blessings from God to take over Parliament at a later date.

    Paduan Rakyat:
    Signifying a highly harmonious populace ever willing to get together and work as one hence Paduan Rakyat means “We are One:-)Malaysian”

    PAS, Anwar & DAP Uniting A Nation.

  59. Damocles says:

    “Well, if he (Anwar) does not perform, we will kick him out,” said my friend. I totally agree with such progressive thoughts.

    If you kicked out Anwar (PKR), you’re most probably kicking out the PR.
    Since you’ve kicked out the BN, who will govern this country?
    Can anyone give an alternative.

  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi folks,
    Well i’m still hoping for pek moh not-so Arif to lose his deposit, but 23k+ majority by DSAI would be enough for me to burst out in Halleluia. What’shisname Akim mole fella will lose his sarong.
    Nuke them DSAI! Take no prisoners, for they are corruption.
    Alpha & omega? Has someone been reading Revelations? Premellineal i presume?

  61. Edi神 says:

    i Hope BN win less than 1000 votes…

    that would send the right signal!

    f8cked up team of BN crony.

  62. machitam says:

    hi there Menyalak-er ,

    idzan ismail (10:43:13) : “Is it the last hurrah for the man who thinks he’s the alpha and omega of politicians?”

    i think he is saying that Anwar project himself to be the great or god of politician. he’s envious of ANWAR. 10 yrs ago he already concluded that anwar was gone for good. but dsai came back…with a bang and more to come. he’s a
    typical malay bankrupt politician this idzan is?

    there are more to come idzan…..don’t run away…

  63. suchfun says:

    PKR workers to counting centres, bring at least 2 powerful torchlights each tonight, in case EC play power failure game !

  64. giggle says:

    Mahathir, Badawi and Najib will cabut on the same plane?

  65. wits0 says:

    Machitam, anyhow, Idzan will eat crow tonight. 😀

  66. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Machitam

    Correction. It’s she not he.
    I am not and never envious of Anwar.
    Meluat or pity more like it.
    Still wanting to be PM when it’s nigh impossible.
    I am staying here. Can’t run to Turkish embassy.
    Did you hear his one-time friend Nalla saying on TV : ” Anwar lepas main tennis, pergi main….”
    If he wins he will be another noise in Parliament.
    The country has no time for a rabble-rouser

  67. SameSame says:

    Actually truly must thank you susan and the rest of the team too Anil, Zorro, and stream of them for the tremendous coverage we are receiving here at blogspace!

    MSM would only cover the ‘darker’ sides story and not so much of our ‘brighter’ end (PKR).

    Good luck and keep us posted! Cheers….

  68. SameSame says:

    LOL…tomorrows headlines…KJ resigns!!!!

    Thats something to cheer for!!

  69. mesoso says:

    idzan..u believed nalla?..u might want to check a bit deeper into this character..

  70. Mercuntanduk says:

    your article brings a tear while at work. I have never seen or experience where all races sat together and remained united to hear one great speaker in msia. Most will go home cos it was raining or watch olympics or tried to sell u something. Not this time. It was different!!Ppl realise that the time has come for a change, a big change. Now is the time for all msians to rise and fight for what you believe in!!! Talking has finished, now we want talk translated into votes!!

  71. giggle says:

    Correction. It’s she not he. – or a frustrated “Shim”
    I am not and never envious of Anwar.-hopeful shim
    Meluat or pity more like it.-or sour grapes
    Still wanting to be PM when it’s nigh impossible.-50% malaysians say possible
    I am staying here. Can’t run to Turkish embassy.-take off those high heels can
    Did you hear his one-time friend Nalla saying on TV : ” Anwar lepas main tennis, pergi main….”-shim conquest a former mic thug
    If he wins he will be another noise in Parliament.- shim wants dictatorship
    The country has no time for a rabble-rouser – the country got shims with knives oledi

  72. D.Zin says:

    Taxi Drivers Wisdom

    MrA: Aise bros, what do you think of Msia having a real two party system?

    Mr B : Aise boss, its already difficult dealing with the devil you know but now we have to contend with two devils

    Mr C: But they say its good for check and balance

    Taxi Driver: O yeh ! Good if only that Devil A returns 3 ringgit after ripping of 10 ringit and greedy Devil B rips of 10 ringgit but returns only 1 ringgit. Thats “check and balance”

  73. giggle says:

    More reports from Permatang Pauh dot Com
    Polling Day: LIVE reports from Ground Zero, by Anil Netto


    More than 50% have come out to cast their votes.

    11.30am from Azmin Ali

    UMNO and the police are attempting to prevent the Chinese and Indian voters from coming out to vote.


    Some PKR ‘pondok panas’ were abandoned. It is reported that BN may have bought off some party workers so that there would be no PKR pondok panas to service the voters.

    There is a reported heavy presence of security personnel in the Chinese areas. It is suspected that this move is meant to intimidate the Chinese voters so that they do not come out to vote. Some security personnel were seen ‘marching in formation’ as if ready for confrontation.


  74. giggle says:

    Taxi wisdom:

    Evil, dear Pak Lah, is a person who steals from the orphans, who uses religion to mislead others, who tells lies about others, who abandons his people in pursuit of worldly pleasures, and anyone who aniaya orang lain.

  75. giggle says:

    Taxi wisdom:

    Evil, dear Pak Lah, is a person who steals from the orphans, who uses religion to mislead others, who tells lies about others, who abandons his people in pursuit of worldly pleasures, and anyone who aniaya orang lain.

  76. SameSame says:

    After all this and some of you still want BN!!! Shame shame shame……..

    They (BN) are the gangsters actually….

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hi mac, wits0 and friends,
    Well he’s a she, it seems, but nevermind-la.
    The alpha-omega term is seldom used in secular discourses, and yes it means “God” in Christian theology. Mentioned only once in the Book of Revelations (last book of the Bible), which narrates the end times…
    What is interesting is that she used this unwittingly(?), or as a ‘Freudian’ slip(?) to depict DSAI as a “God” of politicians. Its a very serious offence to speak about another person in these terms. Or it may be just a way to insult the DSAI, whom she despises.
    Who knows…? Maybe she just wanted to showoff her English being a non-Christian.
    The ‘premellineal’ part is a reference to the end days of bumno, as wits0 kindly puts it! This is just theological view point used in reference to the shenanigans going on now. ‘Premellineal’ is seldom the view of Christians nowadays, because of the 2 World Wars in the preceding century against fascism.
    Yes, if one resorts to terms like this – their end is near.

  78. Anonymous says:

    UPDATES from Permatang Pauh.
    Got updates from people observing outside different polling stations.
    Things look good for DSAI!

    Some words of caution nevertheless.
    Everyone in Permatang Pauh area must still be on guard and be very vigilant. Don’t let our guard down. Don’t let BN have any opportunity to carry out massive dirty tactics at last minutes.

  79. Anonymous says:

    it rains becoz heaven forbids anwar win ….. (coz najib, saiful already swore)…

    ppl always say anwar will win, but wat happen if anwar lose with majority ~500, and aab and najib will start chanting “This is democracy, ppl clearly reject anwar. large turnout in ceramah does not mean ppl will chose him!”

    it will be sweet victory aka political tsunami to aab and najib then ….

  80. giggle says:

    Van INOKOM berwarna putih dengan nombor pendaftaran WJP 3975 yang membawa pengundi hantu dari Johor baru sahaja keluar dari Bertam menuju ke Permatang Pauh.
    Sila ambil perhatian.

  81. giggle says:

    Van INOKOM berwarna putih dengan nombor pendaftaran WJP 3975 yang membawa pengundi hantu dari Johor baru sahaja keluar dari Bertam menuju ke Permatang Pauh.
    Sila ambil perhatian

  82. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi mac, wits0 and friends,
    Seems to have lost some comments i just posted about idzan’s reference to alpha-omega thingy, p’haps due to the ‘net traffic.
    Never mind, yes she does mean what you say, mac, but she has taken it out of context. There is only one mention of this term in the Bible and it is found in the Book of Revelations (the last book) which is a narrative of endtimes.
    Since she is theologically shallow in a Christian sense, the inclusion of DSAI into this term is a highly personal insult.
    Whatever the case, wits0 has hit it on the head – by saying that now, is indeed the endtimes for bumno.
    Premillenial is theological concept whose core idea is that the metaphorical 1000 yrs. of God’s rule on earth.

  83. kittykat46 says:

    Its raining in Seberang Jaya. All my colleagues who are voters there have gone out to vote. Almost everyone I know is for Anwar, apart from one who is the daughter of an MCA-type towkay , and another guy who is active in Belia 4B (UMNO outfit)

    The atmosphere is electric, especially close to the polling stations. My employer is working as normal today (too big a disruption to have a sudden holiday), but I can tell you not a lot of work is being done in the office……lots of chit-chat about you-know-what.

    Seen a few cars with Diplomatic number plates – looks like many foreign embassies have sent their own staff to observe the by-election. Maybe the CIA and MI6 are here too….Wow ! The world is watching Permatang Pauh.

    Once the results are announced, Anwar will be pushing to be sworn in by Thursday, at the latest.

    Badawi will likely be facing Anwar for the debate on the 2009 Budget. I’d love to watch that one…

  84. Menyalak-er says:

    Apologies, comments @ 12:19 are mine, lau apek like me can’t seem to remember to type in the IP. Hahaha.

  85. Orang Utan says:

    If ever PR were to form d next govt. I think we have to face a lot of uncertain realities:First of all whether DAP can work with PAS. They can cooperate closely now is because they have a common enemy.e.g during WW 2 d Kuomintang cooperated with d communist to fight the Jap.however after WW2 both of them fought each other like mad.What happen if PAS insist on implementing Islamic law for the whole nation?. What happen if they were to be given Education portfolio & implement Islamic regulations for all school.Think of these impact on d nation. So all of u dont b that happy yet.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Updates from Permatang Pauh

    More than 50% people have casted their votes before 1pm. It is expected the voting turn-out rate (by 5pm) to be exceeding 80%.

  87. Orang Utan says:

    No doubt PAS can be quite an honest party however when it comes to development they r not that quite urgent. They prefer to go slow i.e taking care of the spiritual first.If they insist on closing down all gaming outlets including casino they will do it. They r not bothered much about d economy. So what if our economy were to stagnate.

  88. Orang Utan says:

    So all of u after d euphoria b prepared to face realities.

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh no, Orang Utan (12:44), we’re not oblivious to that fact that DAP and PAS have polar views, nor are we ‘deifying’ DSAI. The point is – a change in governance is imperative now, a new hope for a truly Malaysian Malaysia.
    I don’t think any of us are so immature or naive as to think that there will be political peace. We must evolve or we’ll die as a nation…
    Are you saying that we shouldn’t have hope for a new beginning?

  90. giggle says:

    I can handle that, utusan also – Leading Malay daily Utusan Malaysia has apologised to opposition leader Karpal Singh for publishing an article which portrayed the DAP national chairperson as anti-Islam.

  91. dlquill says:

    one of the way to judge our pm popularity is to look at the star online “most read” everyday, most of the article is not relevant to the pm speeches, i already noticed this for quite sometime. why? is he irrelevant?

  92. Anonymous says:

    orang utan, can you worry all those things later or not?
    or are u assuming DSAI has already won and
    DSAI has already formed the federal government??

  93. Orang Utan says:

    Now only DSAI is the only person that can hold the coalition together. So what will happen next when DSAI is gone?. If ever PAS were to take over d govt I think they will not give a second thought in implementing hudud law. So gain all u people just dont b that happy yet.

  94. daryl says:

    I think PAS and DAP are smarter than that. If they decide to have conflict I can bet my money they only rule for one term…. So, don’t worry just enjoy how the BeeNds are tremling and peeing in their pants.

  95. kram says:

    Hi Susan,
    We donot know how to thank you and your fellow bloggers for all the effort put up to keep us updated.

    It is such an emotional moment for many of us I am sure.
    I bought a mainstream newsprint for news and yet could not get myself to read it.

    It is really sad isn’t it…..
    But thanks again to people like yourself and the others, for the contributions.

    Now for the nervous wait ……

  96. ella-mae says:

    looks like BN is up to new tricks…

    found this at tukartiub



    Di Kampung Pelet terdapat satu aduan daripada pengundi.

    Kertas undi untuk kotak Anwar Ibrahim telah disapu dengan lilin.

    Pengundi sukar untuk memangkah PKR.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Menyalak-er (12:53:29) :
    “The point is – a change in governance is imperative now, a new hope for a truly Malaysian Malaysia.”

    Menyalak-er , I think your answer is appropriate and straight to the point. Many people tend to think like this nowadays.

  98. rein says:

    Polling continues, 53% turnout by 1pm – mkini.
    That is not very good. 4 hours to go hope there`s a rush but no high hopes. Many would have stayed home thinking anwar was sure to win

  99. kai says:

    For those who were reporting the by election, keep them coming please.

  100. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, Orang Utan, we won’t be happy yet, but we remain hopeful. Thanks.

  101. Orang Utan says:

    I can bet with u DSAI will surely win this by election.I am just talking about realities.Yes everybody can b very euphoric now however when reality begin to sink in then it might b too late.So d coalition need to have a very clear cut agreement on governing this country if really they were to come to power.

  102. ella-mae says:

    orang utan, dont think like that la. we are on our way to become a real democracy. the people to vote for only those who can do good works for the country. this time its pakatan rakyat… we throw them out if they cannot perform. this way we teach the politicians that we the people are their “employers” la… power to the people 🙂

  103. squint88 says:

    Dear Susan,
    thanx 4 de latest info.
    Dont u think its coincidence… PKR, PRK & RPK ??
    Smile always ;))

  104. giggle says:

    rein (13:02:26) : Polling continues, 53% turnout by 1pm – mkini.
    That is not very good. 4 hours to go hope there`s a rush but no high hopes. Many would have stayed home thinking anwar was sure to win

    OR, Di Seberang Jaya, hujan telah turun dengan agak lebat.

  105. giggle says:

    rein (13:02:26) : Polling continues, 53% turnout by 1pm – mkini.
    That is not very good. 4 hours to go hope there`s a rush but no high hopes. Many would have stayed home thinking anwar was sure to win

    OR, Di Seberang Jaya, hujan telah turun dengan agak lebat.

  106. soresm says:

    Hope everyting works out.
    lagerhall ridhus

  107. Anonymous says:

    Yes, rain continued in some areas of Permatang Pauh.

    DSAI supporters in Penang/ Malaysia,

    If you have friends/relatives staying in Permatang Pauh area, please advise them to proceed to the polling stations early before 5pm, and DESPITE the rainy weather.
    This will ensure DSAI win with larger margin. Together we shall make history in the history of Malaysia.

  108. ella-mae says:

    rain stopped olredi in PP. i pray more will come out to vote…

  109. wits0 says:

    Orang Utan, b4 you learn how to run, you first learn how to walk. That’s the natural order of things in nature. Incidentally it has always been bumno who was stirring sh*t over partisan religiosity – something which was never a problem before Merdeka. And they pretended to secularity while doing exactly that stirring!

  110. giggle says:

    Calon BN Ariff Shah terlalu taksub dengan nombor. Dia juga percaya dia akan menang.
    Ariff Shah telah mengundi pada jam 0808 pagi. Untuk mendapatkan tuah angka 8, menurut kepercayaan Cina.
    Esok nanti Ariff atau pun petugas khasnya Nallakaruppan boleh dijumpai kat bilik gerak khasnya dimagnum

  111. temenggong says:

    I guess no one believes that Anwar can win with a 33,000 majority.

    Well, Ronnie Liew assesses that Anwar has already won by 1.00 pm.

  112. ella-mae says:

    oye, u guys heard about the heli incident ah??


    from the people’s parliament

    2.14pm : Update by Viveg & Balraj on the helicopter incident and the situation in Permatang Pauh

    Confirmed that it was a PDRM helicopter that was hovering quite low in heavy rain, it seems, to monitor DSAI’s entourage that had just arrived at the polling centre.

    Apart from the blown off roof, mango trees were also uprooted.

  113. Patek1472 says:

    Malaysiakini Bloggers Headlines on 27 August 2008.

    “Man of Honour” won Landslide Victory in P44 Permatang Pauh!

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

    A defining moment in Malaysian History was achieved when DSAI won the by-election in Permatang Pauh yesterday with a landslide victory over his opponent just 3 days prior to Parliament presenting it’s 2009 Budget (29 August 2008) and 5 days prior to Malaysians celebrating it’s 51st Anniversary of Merdeka (Liberty Day) on 31st August 2008.

    Sit tight for the next episode on 29 August 2008, the preview to 16 September 2008 when Malaysia celebrates “Freedom Day”.

    More Prophesies at Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog” and Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysia.


  114. birdlean says:

    Churches in Sarawak are praying for you Anwar….. May Cyrus’ annointing be upon you… Whatever your past is your ceiling, your future is of God of heavens & earth ,… do His will… fear Him … you will be king.

  115. bamboo river says:

    If anyone can believe what Nalla claimed. Then I believe Rafael Nadal played tennis in Beijing 2008 using a shot put ball.

  116. giggle says:

    1315: Muhammad Firdaus Christopher shares some unconfirmed information:

    I have unofficial reports that the percentage of voter turnout as of noon is between 49 and 50 per cent. Reckon that this is pretty high and should hit above 80 per cent by 5.00pm.

    I hear from my running mates that there is intimidation of voters not only in Seberang Jaya but at Tanah Liat area as well but the folks there ain’t bothered.

  117. giggle says:

    If anyone can believe what Nalla claimed – shims belief new reigion “Shimism” High Priestess Idzan

  118. kittykat46 says:

    This sounds a lot like the excuses I’ve heard earlier for the sleepy BN campaign – “Just wait for the last few days – we’ll do a full powered blitz to blanket the whole area”. It never materialised, most of their campaigners already went home in the last 2 days.

  119. hutchrun says:

    TM salesman Loo Pakai 019 give up digi dan maxis kekekekekeke

  120. hutchrun says:

    I use digi and maxis after giving up 019

  121. hutchrun says:

    On Anil`s site:
    1452: Selvarajah Somiah reports on the unofficial turnout: I have unofficial reports that the turnout at 2.00pm is at 65-70 per cent. At this rate, the voter turnout before 5.00pm should be more than 80 per cent. More people are coming out to vote now.
    Anwar should be winning with more than 10,000 votes if this is the trend.

  122. temenggong says:


    Latest estimates are that Anwar wins with a 26,000 majority!

  123. hutchrun says:

    1452: Selvarajah Somiah reports on the unofficial turnout:
    I have unofficial reports that the turnout at 2.00pm is at 65-70 per cent. At this rate, the voter turnout before 5.00pm should be more than 80 per cent. More people are coming out to vote now.
    Anwar should be winning with more than 10,000 votes if this is the trend.

  124. hutchrun says:


    Voter turn-out is very low, estimated about 60%. Many factories refuse to declare today a public holiday. They will, however, allow their workers time off for a couple of hours but the massive traffic jams due to the many police road blocks are deterring the voters from going to the polling stations.

    PKR is mobilising cars and motorcycles and is knocking on the doors of the voters who are yet to come out to vote and is ferrying them to the polling stations. The rain is also a stumbling block, especially when many depend on motorcycles for transportation.

  125. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, I heard about the police helicopter flying super-low.
    In clear violation of Civil Aviation regulations. If it were a civilian helicopter, the pilot could be facing a suspension of his licence.

    I guess the PDRM are not subject to such regulations.

    The heavy police roadblocks are definitely deterring some voters from coming out to vote, especially those already loaded with heavy commitments elsewhere.

  126. hutchrun says:

    I have unofficial reports that the turnout at 2.00pm is at 65-70 per cent. At this rate, the voter turnout before 5.00pm should be more than 80 per cent. More people are coming out to vote now.

    Anwar should be winning with more than 10,000 votes if this is the trend. – Anil Netto

  127. ella-mae says:

    just about 90 mins more before polling closes……

    i just realised i havent had breakfast or lunch… just coffee all day. better go eat something…

    kittykat46, the owner of the house… the one who lost his roof, has lodged a police report. well.. lets see what happens la 😉 i wonder who will pay compensation for the uprooted mango trees la…

  128. kai says:

    Thanks Hutchrun for your updates. Both MKini and MInsider are not updating their news quick enough. Perhaps nothing new to report!

  129. bangmalaysia says:



    3.30pm more sms on invading hordes of phantom voters. The last minutes of the polling time is expected to be critical for the monitoring of phantoms…


  130. hutchrun says:

    kai, one has to keep surfin, here`s anor at anil`s:

    Meanwhile, the Election Commission is reported as saying that the turnout could exceed 80 per cent. A friend of mine estimates turnout at 75 per cent. So we know turnout won’t be low.

  131. ella-mae says:

    go to anilnetto.com or the people’s parliament.

    very good updates from these two sites. also got coffin photo at anilnetto.com

    and dont forget to go to tukartiub.blogspot.com

  132. hutchrun says:

    And that could be on account of then hantus. Tukartiub`s watching them:

    Tempat persembunyian hantu-hantu pilihanraya telah dikesan.
    UiTM Seberang Jaya telah menjadi lokasi persembunyian hantu-hantu.
    Sila perhatikan individu dan kenderaan yang keluar masuk.


  133. hutchrun says:

    And that could be on account of then hantus. Tukartiub`s watching them:

    Tempat persembunyian hantu-hantu pilihanraya telah dikesan.
    UiTM Seberang Jaya telah menjadi lokasi persembunyian hantu-hantu.
    Sila perhatikan individu dan kenderaan yang keluar masuk.


  134. matt says:

    No worries idzan n loo najis needs some guest for a defeat dinner to be held around 730pm, for you he says no need to confirm just come.

  135. hutchrun says:

    Naib`s britches lost their stitches:

    BUTTERWORTH: PKR supporters threw mineral water bottles at Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when he visited the polling centre in Jalan Semilang on Tuesday.

    It is learnt the 11am incident happened when Najib was heading back to his car when a group of people believed to be PKR supporters started throwing mineral water bottles at him.

    His bodyguards quickly pushed him into the car and they sped away.

    Enraged Barisan Nasional supporters who witnessed the incident, retaliated by throwing sticks believed to be bamboo flag poles at the PKR supporters.

    That caused a throwing match of sticks and mineral water bottles between the two parties when FRU stationed there stepped in to defuse the situation.

    It is estimated that there were about 100 supporters on each side when the incident happened.

    Police confirmed the incident. No arrests have been made yet.

    – The Star

  136. hutchrun says:

    Ulamak Badawi`s coffee boy bottled up haha

  137. equaliser says:


    Malaysia Today has received a phone call from a reliable source that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has conceded defeat and has left for the airport. Can Malaysia Today’s readers please confirm this information or whether this is a Red Herring meant to lull PKR supporters into complacency so that they don’t work too hard to get the voters to come out and vote.

  138. ella-mae says:

    oye read this read this from tukartiub


    2 Buah bas yang penuh dengan pengundi hantu telah pun berjaya ditahan.

    Pada jam 1530 tadi bas ini telah dikesan dan ditahan di Mengkuang.

    Bas ini sekarang telah dibawa ke Balai Polis Seberang Jaya.

  139. ella-mae says:

    badawi left malaysia?

    i dont think so la…. cannot happen just like that. how come RPK says its a reliable source but still have to ask MT readers to confirm??? tak logic babe!!

  140. bangmalaysia says:


    PKR workers have detained two busloads of phantom voters at Mengkuang Titi. Many police reports about fraud and vote-rigging have been made. Voter turn-out has exceeded 60% but still far short of expectations. UMNO, however, reports a 70% voter turn-out.

    From Malaysia Today

  141. erniejean says:

    It’s amazing how the people are coming together to get this nation back on track……

    UMNO and BN should get it into their thick skulls that it’s not just about DSAI or the fuel price…….it’s about us M’sians, who just about had enough of the pilferaging and destruction of our beloved nation by those who have been in power for far far too long…..

    To all those who are sitting comfortably in their plushy political seats, be warned for the Malaysian voters have found their voices….POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

  142. hutchrun says:

    Pic Gallery

  143. bangmalaysia says:

    No ella-mae, left for the airport not Malaysia.

  144. bangmalaysia says:

    3.55pm : Viveg & Balraj reporting on bas pengundi hantu

    Another bus was earlier stopped by the PKR ghosbuster team at Tanah Liat, Penanti, with 40 passengers. the bus has been taken to the Tanah Liat Balai Polis.

    Unconfirmed reports also have it that two vans have also been apprehended by the ghostbusters.

  145. wits0 says:


    Anwar leads with 61% of vote

    PERMATANG PAUH (Malaysia) – MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s party said on Tuesday its exit polls indicate he has won 61 per cent of the votes in a by-election expected to return him to parliament.

    ‘From our exit poll figures and what we are tracking, Anwar is safely leading in the polls and… I think it is right to say about 61 per cent,’ said Mr Sivarasa Rasiah, vice-president of the Keadilan party.

    Mr Sivarasa said that the candidate from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, Mr Arif Shah Omar Shah, had garnered about 39 per cent of the vote.

    ‘ We are still not declaring victory as we will wait for the official election results from the Election Commission,’ he said.

    Poll booths opened at 10am and are due to close at 5pm.

    Results are expected to be released by 10 pm.

  146. bangmalaysia says:

    Tukang Tiub reports that the nest for the ghosts and phantoms is at UiTM Seberang Jaya. Be on the look out.


    Tempat persembunyian hantu-hantu pilihanraya telah dikesan.

    UiTM Seberang Jaya telah menjadi lokasi persembunyian hantu-hantu.

    Sila perhatikan individu dan kenderaan yang keluar masuk.

  147. hutchrun says:

    BUKIT MERTAJAM: Police yesterday advised Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat against organising victory parades after the results are announced tonight.

    Police liaison officer Superintendent Shaharon Anuar Abdul Latif said this was to prevent any untoward incident.

    He warned that those caught in a group of more than five could be detained for unlawful assembly.

    Police expect a large crowd at Tuanku Bainun Teacher Training College, the tallying centre. They estimate that between 30,000 and 40,000 outsiders are already in the constituency.

  148. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Well, the campaign speech ended with Elvis Presley’s “Its Now Or Never.”
    Without a doubt, Anwar will win, and win big.
    But whether he will be allowed to take office is another question.
    But knowing UMNO’s dirty tricks and underhand tactics, I am willing to bet that Anwar will end up either in “Heartbreak Hotel”, or doing his “Jailhouse Rock” soon.

    There Goes My Everything…


  149. giggle says:

    tukartiub – ANWAR TANGKAP HANTU
    Calon PKR Anwar Ibrahim bersama dengan penyokongnya telah menangkap “hantu”.

  150. Patek1472 says:

    “Victory Cries” After Permatang Pauh By-Election.
    “Laungan-Laungan Kemenangan” Selepas Pilihanraya Kecil di Permatang Pauh.

    “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!”

    “Hail! Man of Honour” walks again in the Corridors of Power

    Posted at http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  151. giggle says:


    It has been confirmed that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has flown back to KL, indicating that UMNO has lost and that he no longer sees any purpose in remaining in Penang. A few more busloads of phantom voters have been stopped. With barely an hour left till the polling stations close, and the thousands still stuck in massive traffic jams at police road-blocks, it is feared that many will not be able to vote — thereby denying Anwar the 15,000-17,000 majority.

  152. ella-mae says:

    oh he left PP la… not malaysia…

  153. machitam says:

    hi there menyalak-er, anonymous, wits0 and friends, …not forgetting idzan,

    i’m shocked to hear that you are actually a she. are you sure about that. you sound more like a he (my compliment)

    but if you are a shim, then you should understand better on this liwat thingy.

    you are absolutely right when you admitted that Anwar is an Alpha & Omega of politician. He’s a great man. well known and respected at home and internationally. his performance, when he was with the gomen was extraordinaire. British PM maggi Thatcher once cited Anwar the like of a top footballer of an EPL. every giant club would pay a fortune for him.

    he overshadowed your idol drM. and got the wrath..er sodomy 1.
    he came back. to unite malaysian. no politician in malaysia who can unite all races in malaysia to work together except Anwar. his trade mark is to protect and gave justice to the grassroot i.e the rakyat but not to forget the “orang kaya”, the think tanks, the upper society who can build the economy as well as run the country.

    have you read his book “the Asian Renaissance”. i’m sure you have read it but blocked your mind to understand it.

    i like it when you said that you did not envy Anwar but meluat and pity. i like because you use the word “pity” which can be understood on different contexts. what ‘s yours?

    5 minnute to polling to end… Anwar is expected to win handsomely….

    if you a really a she…..

  154. ella-mae says:

    voting extended until 6 pm

  155. idzan ismail says:

    Hola again Amigas/Amigos

    Whoa,Whoa. Don’t be so overwrought. So much ado about nothing.
    It’s only a process to elect an MP who will use your money to further his cause.
    Listen to Orang Utan. He’s the sober one.
    Good thinking Orang Utan.
    Giggle, thanks for annointing me High Priestess.
    Of course if there’s Alpha and Onega, there must be Priests and Priestess.
    Menyalak-er and Mac, I meant it as a derogatory term. Anwar’s not God.
    For your info, I attended kindergarten at Assunta Convent in Kuantan.
    I also know about catechism, retreat etc. So definitely not showing off or shallow.
    Giggle, I love your “Shim’ verses. I thought I was the only who got A in English literature for O level
    You better giggle now while the going is good.
    You guys never give a thought that the Permatang Pauh folks may shame Anwar.
    Matt you are iinvited to our dinner at Marche. The place where Anwar celebrated his birthday recently.
    Sad to say Witso, crow meat is not served there. If it’s on the menu, I am inviting you.
    Thanks guys for making me happy. I have printed this and binding it into a book for the benefit of my grandkids.
    Their parents don’t have to spend money buying Mr Bean or Dandy and Beano.

  156. Palang Ris says:

    Hai (sigh)….I was 100% for anwar, until this last minute ….. I am very much confused after someone told me that he was very anti-chinese when he was the DPM. Hmmmm, but with years in the prison, will that change a person? But I believe that we should give him a chance or whatsoever, as long as we could have a new leader to lead us. We just need a change, and HOPE.

  157. bangmalaysia says:

    According to Malaysiakini:

    Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR said today its exit polls indicate he has won 61 percent of the votes in a by-election expected to return him to parliament.

    If the turnout is about 80 percent, this will translate into about 28,000 votes for Anwar against Arif’s 18,000, with a majority of around 10,000.

    Its still below 13,000 which Wan Azizah obtained. I wonder if this will attract the potential crossovers.

    Anyway I hope those MPs wishing to crossover to DO IT NOW, have the balls and courage to do it.

  158. giggle says:

    You better giggle now while the going is good-kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

  159. giggle says:

    You guys never give a thought that the Permatang Pauh folks may shame Anwar-kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

  160. ella-mae says:

    palang ris, people can change la especially after what anwar has gone true… i blogged abt this earlier. while every man has a past… he also has a future


    giggles, i join u and giggle together gether…

  161. bangmalaysia says:

    5pm: Polling ends for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    4.35pm: Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is understood to have left Penang to Kuala Lumpur, an early indication that the premier has accepted defeat and has no reason to stay back.

    4.25pm Voter turnout stands at 53.5 percent, according to EC secretary Kamaruzaman at 3pm.

    He also denied rumours that the EC had extended the voting hours to 6pm. Polls will close at 5pm.

    Ella-mae Malaysiakini reports polling ends at 5pm and pak lah has accepted defeat and flew back to KL. But believe me when Anwar takes over many of these plunderers will make a beeline overseas with their loot. (Billions of RM, all rakyat’s money)

  162. banglamalaysia says:

    many of these plunderers will make a beeline overseas with their loot

    Dhaka is open to fdi and improve trade relation with malaysia. Chittagong also welcome all.

  163. ella-mae says:

    tukartiub said polling time extended…

  164. ella-mae says:

    ok tukartiub said… source unreliable for extension of polling time

  165. bangmalaysia says:

    Hey, susan, ella, guys,

    Just read this over M Insider…. they are going to declare war on bloggers next. These desperate morons.

    Government to target blogosphere next

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 26 Next up: a crackdown on bloggers. This possibility looms large after the government reached a sober assessment that it could all end in tears for the Barisan Nasional at the next general election if tough action is not taken to counter allegations on the Net and hold owners of blogs accountable.

    This conclusion was reached during a meeting last week involving several Cabinet ministers and senior government officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

  166. popppycock says:

    It does not matter if DSAI wins by big margin or small margin as long as he wins and goes on to Parlimen and “gegarkan” Parlimen. Who cares what the BN says, full of rubbish. Peace.

  167. 2 cents says:

    dont worry..there probably wont be a next general election for them to bother with..it is game over come sep 16th..

  168. kittykat46 says:

    “Government to target blogosphere next”
    The idio*tic fo*ls never learn – its the message, not the medium.

    On-line media are popular because they provide information you never see in the MSM. Old-fashioned me still prefers to read from a piece of paper rather than a computer screen, if everything else is equal. But I refuse to spend money to buy either the Najis Sh*t Times or the Star Toilet Paper.

  169. Eric says:

    come against the bloggers? what about gov pledge of uncensored internet in 1996 or 98?
    dishonour promise again?

  170. Azmin says:

    hey, can anyone tell me who is the winner??? Anxiety is killing me….can’t wait any longer for a new gomen to take place. Hello!!! anyone has a crystal ball??

  171. Jeffripower says:

    It is not impossible Anwar to win in this election but IMPOSSIBLE Anwar to be PM on 16 Sept like what he was told before this if he win…

  172. nasrudin says:

    YB Gobala with 2 sons arrested by police.

  173. idzan ismail says:

    Hey again guys

    Ella-Mae with the beautiful name.
    Polling time cannot be extended. It’s gazetted.
    Better learn elections 101 before you go overboard.
    Foks, forgot to tell you. A member of my family promised to remodel my kitchen and bathrooms plus new doors and windows if Anwar wins.
    None in my family like Anwar.
    But this man is darn sure he will win. So the bet.
    But I’d rather forgo the creature comforts than see Anwar become MP again.
    Let alone be PM

  174. nasrudin says:

    Mahathir will forgo creature comforts and leave the country if Anwar become PM.
    No loss.

  175. hutchrun says:

    5.52pm : Lillian reporting from the Seberang Jaya police station

    Lillian reported that as she spoke to me, she was staring directly at an angry-looking FRU water cannon.

    She could also see the three ‘pengundi hantu’ buses, now empty, in the police compound.

    Many PKR supporters have converged on the station and are becoming increasingly patient.

    YB Ronnie Liu is in the station. It is rumoured that YB Karpal Singh is also in there.

    Gobalakrishnan, who is reported to have been beaten up by police, together with hiis sons, and then arrested, is also reported to be held at this station.

    Word is that Gobala saw police escorting one of the buses and wanted to know why they were escorting the bus into Permatang Pauh.


  176. Menyalak-er says:

    Well idzan,
    Looks like you’d have to have the backdoors etc, whether u like or not ‘cos exit polls show DSAI won by 61%. May be quite comfortable.
    Oh, by the way, that term that u used is not a catchecism, it is a description. Furthermore, not all Christians use catechism, only Catholics and Anglicans.
    It really doesn’t matter much whether you despise Anwar or not, just make sure that there are no playgrounds in your mind, because this is reality.
    You are free to choose fascist feudalism of the past or a future vibrant democracy, which allows your say.

  177. kittykat46 says:

    Counting at the main hall of Maktab Perguruan Tengku Bainun tonight.

    I’ll be there, bringing my Blackberry along (hahaha…my new toy) . I’ll try to do a running comments update to Susan’s blog, but not sure of the Maxis data link there.

    I’m still learning how to use this new toy…

  178. hutchrun says:

    haris 6.35pm : Update

    News just in. Average voter turnout 81%.
    Unofficial report from one counting centre is that Anwar garnered 80% of the votes. In one more centre, Anwar is said to have garnered 72% of the votes.

  179. wits0 says:

    Idzan : “Ella-Mae with the beautiful name.
    Polling time cannot be extended. It’s gazetted.
    Better learn elections 101 before you go overboard.”

    This is Bolehland, everything not thought of as possible becomes possible.
    Menyalak-er most likely have read the Gomen GO and knew how futile that is because things changes all the time with a continuous stream of amendments forever introduced. Given such a system, anything is changeable at will to some peoples’ benefits with little announcement.

    I don’t see Ella-Mae as having gone overboard, perhaps misheard. Not certainly like imputing that Anwar thinks himself God.

  180. idzan ismail says:

    Hey Everyone

    And the winner is…..Hanafi Mamat
    Susan will be singing Its Now Or Never solo.
    Like Wraths of Grapes said Anwar will soon be crooning Jailhouse Rock and Heartbreak Hotel.
    Me dancing with Tun Dr M to the strains of Days of Wine and Roses
    My wish and hope before I go to sleep
    Nitey nite.
    A beauty sleep to face another beautiful and peaceful day tomorrow

  181. hutchrun says:

    Rasmi daripada pihak SPR sendiri.
    Jumlah yang keluar mengundi adalah sebanyak 65%.
    Pengumuman daripada pihak SPR di dalam sidang akhbar mereka.

  182. ella-mae says:

    idzan, my mistake. i was repeating what i saw at tukar tiub. i did rectify myself 🙂

    witso, thanks 😉

    anyhoo… SPR reports only 65% came out to vite in PP??

  183. hutchrun says:

    – – – – – – – – – – – 7:05PM – – – – – – – – – – –
    Unofficially, 1472 more votes for KeADILan and 602 more for BN. Haji Pi still have 3 votes so far.

    – – – – – – – – – – – 6:45PM – – – – – – – – – – –
    The unofficial results from two areas are: 3377 votes for KeADILan, 911 for BN and Haji Pi only secured 3 votes.
    Please take note that results are not official nor final, and might not be accurate.


  184. Menyalak-er says:

    Actually wits0, the GOs, are absolutely on an ad hoc basis and definitely futile – ‘cos it changes according to the Gomens ‘state of mind’, which is not much nowadays… Sort of like the Trengganu mercs.
    Polling time can be extended on the whims and fancies of the lil’ naps.
    So, idzan is a mahatirian, says a lot doesn’t it?
    Sorta ‘cutting off your nose to spite the face’. Haha, and now shes gone to slumber viz. dopey.

  185. najib bin altantuya says:

    Congratulation to Anwar Ibrahim for his success if claiming the set back.

  186. Search the Web on Snap.com says:

    Huh? Haris is reporting a 80% voter turnout woh…

  187. hutchrun says:

    haris 7.02pm : Din Merican reporting from the counting centre

    Anwar has won Seberang Jaya ( Arif Shah’s stronghold ) by a huge majority. Unofficial figures in have it that Anwar garnered 5,865 votes while Arif Shah got 1,977 votes

  188. matt says:

    Idzan oh idzan how little you know pru 12 the time was extended so forget about gazettes the govt does things to their whim and fancy.

  189. temenggong says:

    Latest updated estimated majority for Anwar: 24,000 votes.

    Close to the earlier prediction of 26,000 majority.

  190. ella-mae says:

    I cant access mkini. can any of you?

  191. hutchrun says:

    1936: Out of 9,000 votes tallied, the BN has secured just over 2,000. Anwar is leading by almost a 5 to 1 margin. The BN has even lost Seberang Jaya, according to my source. – anil netto

  192. machitam says:

    matt (18:17:47),
    what do you expect fr a mahathirian like idzan. always go overboard at times. i could “smell” him from far away. how could she(he) learn advance theology at kindergarten( idzan ” I attended kindergarten at Assunta Convent in Kuantan. I also know about catechism, retreat etc. So definitely not showing off or shallow.”) and she trying to show off. you know it’s rare that a women would show off her “ilmu”. most women would prefer to show off their dress….sorry

    idzan please be real, we aren’t a bunch of bumno who only got RM in their mind…

  193. hutchrun says:

    Dopey`s dreams

  194. kai says:

    Shouldn’t be the counting be finished by now?

  195. matt says:

    machitam what to expect from bumno which will now be known as the end.

  196. temenggong says:

    In case you can’t get MK:

    7.43pm The EC starts to announce official results as per the ballot boxes it has counted. As it stands, Anwar is leading by 3,507 votes (or 48.11 percent).

    The breakdown is as follows: Akim’s Hanafi Hamat (nine votes), Anwar (5,398 votes) and Arif Shah (1,891).

    So far 20 ballot boxes of a total of 111 have been opened and counted. Anwar had won in ALL these 20 boxes. In one particular box, he had obtained 441 votes compared to Arif’s 14.

  197. kai says:

    It’s okay with Mkini. However they are also slow in their reporting on the election. Last update was 7.17pm

  198. hutchrun says:

    Unofficial – Anwar has won
    The word in Permatang Pauh is that Anwar Ibrahim is way ahead. Counting has started and so far, according to reporters and workers, Anwar is already on the way to victory. The official result is likely to be made only at around 10pm but for many, it is a foregone conclusion and the majority likely to be big. The results would be a watershed because it means the return of Anwar to Parliament. It is history in the making tonight. The press has been informed that Anwar would be declaring his victory at 7.45pm. Watch this space.

  199. hutchrun says:

    Unofficial – Anwar has won
    The word in Permatang Pauh is that Anwar Ibrahim is way ahead. Counting has started and so far, according to reporters and workers, Anwar is already on the way to victory. The official result is likely to be made only at around 10pm but for many, it is a foregone conclusion and the majority likely to be big. The results would be a watershed because it means the return of Anwar to Parliament. It is history in the making tonight. The press has been informed that Anwar would be declaring his victory at 7.45pm. Watch this space.

  200. hutchrun says:


  201. hutchrun says:

    ANWAR 16010
    BN 6071
    Posted by Tukar Tiub at 8/26/2008 07:59:00 PM

  202. Splc says:

    Based to Malaysia-Today, the turnout is 81%, it exceeded the 8th March GE!





    source: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/776227/+200#entry19484383

  203. wits0 says:

    Try http://malaysia-today.net/2008/
    for malaysiakini.
    Slow tho’.

  204. ah long says:

    A cross section of Malaysians, the people of PP has send a loud and clear message to BN/UMNO. “We are sick and tired of your irresponsible and arrogant Government. Treat the Rakyat like intelligent people, make some real reforms, get rid of the cronies and the stupid or else we the Rakyat will throw you out!!!”

    Your time is running out.

  205. goldenscreen says:

    Yesterday while driving home from work on MRR2 saw at least 10 express buses heading up north with police outriders and 2 army trucks following closely behind. Does anybody know the result yet? I’m confused Malaysiakini report turnout at 65% but MalaysiaToday at 80%??

  206. Aiyoo Tambi says:

    just received sms from pp. anwar26646 -Arif 10,436

  207. ah long says:

    Besides money lending I also do furniture removalist work. I offer special discount for membrs of BN and UMNO should they have to move out of Putra Jaya.

    Oversea removals are my speciality especially to countries like Zimbawee & Mongolia.

    I also provide secure document shredding and destruction. As financial dealings are my speciality, I can also arrange money transfers to safe havens. No amounts too big for me to handle. Strict confidentiality guaranteed, I swear.

    Ring me on 0412 11967 for special quote. Don’t forget to mention you are UMNO member to qualify for special rates. This offer valid until the 16th of September. Get in before the mad rush starts.

    Ah Long

  208. nonya says:

    Breaking news on The Straits Times (Singapore)
    Malaysian govt concedes

    PERMATANG PAUH (Malaysia) – MALAYSIA’S ruling coalition on Tuesday declared defeat in a by-election against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who is bidding to return to parliament after a decade-long absence.
    ‘Yes of course we have lost…we were the underdogs going into this race,’ said Mr Muhammad Muhammad Taib, information chief of the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) which leads the Barisan Nasional coalition. . . .
    ‘We declare victory, the margin is very huge,’ said Mr Tian Chua, information chief of Anwar’s Keadilan party which leads a three-member opposition alliance.
    ‘I think it’s a landslide victory.’
    Mr Chua said that with half of the vote counted, Anwar had garnered at least 65 percent of the ballots and that the figure could rise as high as 70 percent once all the 38,144 votes cast were tallied. . . .

  209. nikki says:

    ah long, that was funny LOL

  210. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey ah long, some fellas cannot leave yet la, money laundering ok or not? say a coupla billion? what diskaun for RM 1 bil ah?

  211. matt says:

    Three cheers to all the bloggers who did so much over this period of time.SALUTA.

  212. Margeemar says:

    This thumping 17,662 majority victory by DSAI represents a clear mandate from the Rakyat (People) for DSAI and his PR Alliance to capture the Malaysian Federal Government currently ruled by the BN/Umno regime since independence from Britain in 1957. Many see this victory as Independence for Malaysia from the corrupt and authoritarian BN/Umno regime of PM Abdullah Badawi…More http://margeemar.blogspot.com

  213. nonya2 says:


    Malaysia’s Anwar claims vote win

    Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim casts his vote at Permatang Pauh
    Mr Anwar said Malaysians see the vote as a critical point in their history

    Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has won a landslide victory in a by-election in Penang, his party claims.

    “We won already. We are far ahead,” said Ginie Lim, spokeswoman for Mr Anwar’s People’s Justice Party, but she did not detail the size of the win.

    Votes are still being counted and there is no official result in the poll, which may return Mr Anwar to parliament after a decade’s absence.

    Turnout was high, and there was a heavy police presence around polling booths.

  214. nonya2 says:


    Malaysia opposition claims victory

    Anwar was tipped to win the vote on the back of promises of change [AFP]

    Malaysia’s opposition has claimed a landslide victory for Anwar Ibrahim, its leader, in a special by-election for a parliamentary seat.

    Anwar’s party, the Keadilan, or People’s Justice, said on Tuesday that he is expected to win at least 70 per cent of the vote for the Permatang Pauh constituency in the state of Penang, just hours after polling closed.

    The projected win comes despite the former deputy prime minister fighting charges of – and due to go on trial soon for – allegedly committing sodomy with a male aide.

    Tian Chua, an official of the Keadilan party, said voters have given “a sound endorsement to Anwar”.

    There is “firm indication of a landslide victory for Anwar”, Chua said.

    The 61-year-old is pitted against Arif Shah Omar Shah, who represents the Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition.

    Anwar was tipped to win the vote on the back of promises to bring about change and forge national unity.

  215. ella-mae says:

    ah long, that was really funny. u should make a poster for display la 😉 then all of us can display it at our respective blogs.

  216. Patek1472 says:

    “Victory Cries” After Permatang Pauh By-Election.
    “Laungan-Laungan Kemenangan” Selepas Pilihanraya Kecil di Permatang Pauh.

    “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!”

    “Hail! Man of Honour” walks again in the Corridors of Power

    Posted at http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  217. CYBERBOY says:



  218. ah long @ (20:10:59)

    I had a good laugh. If u could create a poster corresponding
    your said services, I’ll bet they will sell like hot cakes and you will be rich soon.

  219. ANg Kong says:

    hey.. this victory opens the doors…. resembles something when Neil Amstrong plugged the flag on the moon and said….”A small step for ..something something…’


  220. Pegasus says:

    We are on track now!!!. Congratulations to Anwar , the people of PP who voted for him!! and all the bloggers whose contribution were inspiring and stimulating to the point that we make the change. This is the beginning of the new dawn for Malaysia, history is make for Anwar who was kick out from the cabinet,framed and jailed ,its a amazing story of a man’s journey in Malaysian politic who experience the downfall and to rise again. Simply astounding!!. May this be the start that all peace loving Malaysian are looking forward,the end for BN is here, now if we have enough MP’s from the other side, then we are on the way to form the government we are hoping for. MERDEKA!!!

  221. Hunk says:


    To be honest, I have never seen any avatar funnier than urs. hahahahhahahahahahahaa. Susah mahu cari laki lah macam tu. Eh sorry. Out of topic. 😀

  222. Anonymous says:

    While everyone is watching the P44 election, this Chaptokam is watching Saifool erection.

  223. Bujang says:

    The show begins……
    I will wait to see how much Kutty has stolen from the nation. The truth, the truth……..
    I want to see an end to racial politics……..
    I want to see how the toll contract was written…….
    I want to see how the judiciary will be revamped……. What corrupted judges would do….
    I want to see……..
    Oh the list so long, I want to sleep already……..
    One thing at a time……..
    See ya.
    Cheers to Anwar.

  224. Anonymous says:

    Chaptokam loose big in this P44 election.

    He bets Anwar lose. Ha ha he is the one who lost big money.

    Idiot Chaptokam.

  225. Anonymous says:

    Susan, wake up don’t sleep.

    There is an imposter here.

  226. Aiyoo Tambi says:

    hahahahah, selalu cakap pasai main belakang , sekarang rakyat PP,sudah tarok cukup cukup dari belakang. Sekarang, cakap tak mau kasi sumpah sama anwar,masuk parlimen. Aiyoo,macam sore loser lah,berani kerana benarlah.Berani bertaruh macam jantan lah.

    Kita sama-sama wait and see.

    Loo Sek Pek pun cakap dia kalah……Semua yang cakap ini itu pasai anwar,Kita yang support anwar cakap……………Podah ,Otak Udang.Mata Kerang.Sudah kalah mulut tutup diam-diam.Selamat Malam.

  227. belacan says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha… Thank you for all the big makan, duit saguhati, sarong, batik shirt, kasut, baisikal, gelan tanah, rice packet, minyak turun, electric turun, maxis turun, astro turun…..

    Tapi kita pangkah PR dsai, ha ha ha ha ha ha….. Bodowi, lu ingat kita boleh beli murah? Pergi lah tarok wayang di kelantan dengan Nik Aziz…..

  228. Pak Sedih says:

    The results reflect the people’s choice : PAKAI KASUT RECON !!! Sedih Hari Ini

  229. ella-mae says:

    cis hunk! berani kau kata aku tak lawa 😉 aku sumpah ko jadi teruna sampai tua 😉

  230. machitam says:

    bumno mentality….only RM RM RM RM RM RM…..but when they lost, suddenly there was no RM coming..er.. RM tak kunjung tiba……

    “Terkini – penyokong UMNO merusuh di Bangunan UMNO Semambu ketika ini. kami dimaklumkan bahawa para penyokong UMNO merusuh kerana TIDAK MENDAPAT BAYARAN UPAH atas kerja-kerja yang mereka lakukan semasa kempen Piliharaya Kecil P-044.”

    FRU undecided what to do….waiting for hamid botak to give the green light.

    bodoh betul umnobodoh nih…the money is with khairy the Ox Fart lah….

    tak mau sumpah ke?

  231. […] Stephanella I was moved to tears yesterday reading Susan Loone’s entry on her blog “It’s now or never for Permatang Pauh” She highlighted the crowd in Permatang Pauh that gathered to listen to speeches by DS Anwar and […]

  232. daryl says:

    Pak Sedih
    There are always two sides of coins. Thank God Permatang Pauh voters are more mature than you. Your lost is my (our) gain….
    God Bless and have fun out there.

  233. cincaru says:

    If Bodolah has got the conscience and dignity, Bodolah should apologize to Tun Mahathir for his defiance against Tun Mahathir.

    Then they can put tali round the neck helping each other, and then commit the gantung together.

    Then there is justice (keadilan) in Malaysia. Mampus to all the BN dogs aka MCA, Gerakan, Mic dogs. All will be rounded up, confiscate their loots plundered from Bolehland……

    Ling Liong Sick, Lim Keng Aid, Raapidah, Mohd Taib, OKT, LKS, Lee Kim Sai (shit), Sami no value…….all can tied together and sent for castration and dumped into Malaysia’s alcartraz……

    All the illegal money deposited/ hiding in foreign banks /fixed assets will be confiscated….. and their children also be castrated to prevent further crimes be committed.

  234. Hunk says:

    ella-mae (22:17:46) :

    “cis hunk! berani kau kata aku tak lawa 😉 aku sumpah ko jadi teruna sampai tua ;)”


    All the colleens and womens out there will be thanking you if you “sumpah aku jadi teruna sampai mati”. Thank you for making my point and my dream come true. 😀

    Btw, you surely looks quite pretty in real life. I was just kidding just now. U R CUTE! So cute.. Ahhhhh hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Aiyuh hui. hahahahahha. 😀 I like u. hahaha.


    BN is and will be atavistic and no longer functions well in this ever changing world.

  235. Menyalak-er says:

    Pak Sedih (22:12),
    Memanglah kita ‘pakai kasut recon’, tak kisah lah.
    Jgn. lupa Mother Theresa pun pakai kasut recon sebegini…
    Tahuke siapa Mother Theresa ni?
    But no worries friend, we will take care of all Anak Bangsa Malaysia…
    Hidup Malaysia! Syabas DSAI & PR! Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!

  236. Anonymous says:

    loo seow pek,

    The person who impersonate is actually Chaptokam.

    This guy is a cheapo pervert. He likes to lick dog’s prick.

  237. Jimmy Page says:

    It’s now or never for Badawi and Najib. Time for Hishamuddin to plan his takeover of UMNO. Khairy Jamaluddin is probably selling his shares for cash and liquidity right now, I bet ten bucks the guy moves to London and becomes a Chelsea Supporter.
    Hey Khairy, maybe you can bring one of your football players with you to become your driver…!

  238. eafarmihar says:

    Horayyyyy horayyyyy horayyyyyy


  239. Julie Kentwood says:

    Your post is beautiful

    I loved reading it

    thanks for sharing all the pictures

    good luck!

  240. […] It’s now or never for Permatang Pauh “Who do you think will win?” – This is the MOST over-asked question in the last ten days, but I still […] […]

  241. zahari says:

    i was attracted by the words ‘sending the next PM to PutraJaya’ but how to achieve this, by persuading 30 over BN Mps to cross over or by dissolving PKR and rejoin UMNO. It looks like the former option is more risky to get its done, however the latter option by dissolving PKR is much more easier in order to achieve his personal goal to become PM.

    Based on earlier prediction of the chaining process since the formation of PKR till today indicates the tendency to disolve PKR and rejoin UMNO will be realised soon. 16 September is what for ???

  242. To perpetuate the “Dr. Arif Shah” deception, he got someone to actually create a website for this so-called Edison University of Technology.
    You can see it at http://www.eut.org.uk/

    Unfortunately the aspiring “doctor” was not smart enough and overlooked these things in his scam:

    1. The domain eut.org.uk was registered by someone in Penang who originally gave his address as Sungai Dua, Pg. (This detail has since been removed from the whois record of the domain name.)

    2. The domain is parked at the nameservers of a web development company in Bukit Mertajam (how convenient); the site was probably developed by the same company, wsatp.com.

    3. Domains’s IP address is and IP location: Selangor – Puchong – Telekom Multimedia Of Telekom Malaysia Berhad

    4. Most of the text on the EUT site have been “borrowed” i.e. STOLEN from several other legitimate sites e.g. Honolulu University

    Here is just ONE example:

    Compare the text on:

    with this:

    Just in case, the aspiring doctor (who did complete his SPM by the way) decides to pull the plug on his website, you can see the Google cache of the site here while it is still available:

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