And Saiful did not swear right.

Ustaz Ramlang Porigi, who witnessed Saiful Bukhairy swear on the Quran that he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim, stood on PKR’s platform in Padang Ibu, Penanti, last night and admitted that he was “ordered” by his boss (the chief religious head) to witness the controversial oath.

I read somewhere that Ramlang revealed that Najib Tun Razak’s special assistant who arranged the ceremony. He was one of the four imams present at Saiful’s swearing.

In front of about 6,000 strong crowd, many women and children, Ramlang said he needed to clear his name and explain exactly what had happened (with regards to the oath incident) as he did not want to be blamed for ‘conspiring’ with UMNO.

In not so many words, he sought the understanding of the Permatang Pauh people not to fault him for this incident.

“I did not arrange it (the oath taking ceremony)”, he said. The content of Saiful’s text, from which he read the oath, may have been ‘advised’ by his lawyer, perhaps “someone else”. “No need for me to say who at this momentt”.

“Saiful’s swear was a ‘sumpah laknat’ only upon himself. Based on my knowledge, for something like ‘sumpah mabalah’ which Saiful did was to be done, both persons must be present, and it has to be after the evidence taking process has been exhausted” he added. “The case is still pending in court, so this is a ‘sumpah mubalah’ and was done upon himself only”.

The Ustaz also commented on Saiful’s disposition when swearing on the Quran, that he was unfazed (did not look guilty). “Usually, for a pious Muslim, if we wanted to swear, we would be very afraid. About what will happen to that sumpah”.

“Perhaps because he read from the text, he did not feel at all at fault”.

Ramlang also clarified that Saiful uttered the wrong  (Islamic) words when swearing. Furthermore, Saiful did a mistake twice with the dates when he was purportedly sodomised.

Later (after the ceramah, which saw several PAS leaders like Mahfuz Omar and Husam Musa present to support Anwar), PKR organised a press conference at Yayasan Aman, where Ramlang fielded questions from several journalists, who were keen to cross examine his intentions, although the clock already showed past midnight.

I was there, too. I can tell you, it was an ‘explosive’ night.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Ramlang was queried: Who actually ‘forced’ you – Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi ) or Najib (Tun Razak) to witness the oath?

Ramlang said he did not represent any party. He refused to reveal if Abdullah or Najib had a hand in the matter.

“Suffice to say it was a higher authority who asked me to do it”.

He denied receiving any money to witness Saiful’s oath taking. “It is slander if anyone ever said I received money to witness…”. His voice was quite raised when saying this.

“As a government servant, we have to obey orders from above from time to time”.

*      *      *      *      *      *

So, what motivated him to make this confession? Why is he only making this relevation NOW, and not earlier (for example, right after Saiful made his oath)? And why did he choose PKR’s platform to reveal this?

Ramlang siad : I was accused of many things, among others, of not being a real imam, that I masqueraded as an Imam. The truth is, I am an imam. So I am doing this to explain that I am a (real) imam and to clear my name and credibility.

Ramlan said he did not make this confession sooner as he did not feel any pressure earlier – especially two or three days after the oath taking incident.

However, in the past few days, he received several sms-es and phone calls insulting him, which made him feel he needed to explain himself.

“For example, I received a call which asked me if I was Ustaz Ramlang, and when I said yes, the person on the phone said I lacked manners (kurang ajar). Would an Ustaz want to be insulted as such?”

On why he spoke on PKR’s platform  last night, Ramlang said when he was insulted, he was not defended by anyone.

“I must be thankful that PKR offered its platform for me to reveal the real situation, especially in Permatang Pauh”.

*      *      *      *      *      *

As at press time, Ramlang is still working with the government and he is a voter at Permatang Pauh.

He explains about his UMNO membership.

Ramlang became an UMNO member around 2003 to “help his friend”, before he migrated to Kuala Lumpur in 2004. He was not an active member. “You can say I was a fake member”.

He maintained that he was not representing any party or any sector.

He did not hold any positions in UMNO. So, was he afraid of being sacked from UMNO or disciplined by the party after this?

Ramlang said he was not affected as he never held any post in the party.  “I have no interests in UMNO”.

*      *      *      *      *      *

It was indeed a wild night. Ramlang looked calm as he took the questions from the floor. Too many hands were up. Amazing. Reporters seem excited as well. Reporters were disappointed that their question time was cut short.

Some fear for Ramlang’s safety now. Some wondered if he would disappear after this, or if he would be making a statutory declaration.

*      *      *      *      *      *

From L-R: Christopher Choong, Lucia Lai, Ong Boon Keong and Ng Hock Lai.

Earlier, I visited MAFREL’s office in Permatang Pauh, met with the election observers, and discussed how we could work together to share information regarding the by-election.

Co-incidently, all of us are bloggers. And I met Lucia Lai of mental jog for the first time :). I also met Jong, who did not want her pixs in my blog. But she was a wonderful lady and had written a sort of ‘expose‘ here.

I interviewed the MAFREL crew about their experiences observing the campaigns on both sides since nomination day. They received many complaints from the public or while they are conducting their monitoring.

Do hop onto their website for treasures they have discovered the last few days.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Word is going around that the Election Commission might call off the by-election as ‘violent incidents’ are mounting. You must have know about the HINDRAF incident in Seberang Jaya yesterday. 9  were arrested, including two women.

Today they released the two women but sms-es are going aroung provoking HINDRAF supporters to gather in front of the Butterworth police station for protest.

The above sms, which challenged the police to release the detainees “Or we will show our color”, was definitely not from HINDRAF supporters, said a seasoned journalist, who covered the Makkal Sakti events often.

So, who is it from?

More coming, be patient.

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  1. suresh says:

    I think this young uztaz deserves kudos from Malaysians. He is quite good. He did not name anyone except saying the instruction was from his superiors. At the same time he was willing to come down to clear his own name with general public.

    Anyway I find all these are good omens. No matter how much you try to discredit a man, if he has the blessing of god and trust of good people around him he could overcome almost anything.

    I blieve Anwar has both, god’s blessing and peoples trust. All Best Our Hero, Anwar!

  2. Ahmad says:

    AMNO is haram. No wonder the AMNO legendary hypocrites hide behind oathing. Islam and the Quran warn against oathing since it is the shield of hypocrites.

    “They (hypocrites) have made their oaths a screen (for their misdeeds): thus they obstruct (men) from the Path of Allah: truly evil are their deeds.” (Quran: 63: 02)

    And since aothing is used as a shield by the hypocrites and the slanderers, God warsn against falling for their trick, machination and evil.

    “Don’t obey the type of despicable men,- ready with oaths.

    Defamer, going about with slander.

    Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin.

    Ignoble, besides all that, base-born” (Quran 68: 10-13)

  3. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    This is definitely game, set & match for UMNO/ Barisan Neraka and I can’t imagine how their loose arses are feeling now.

    Kudos to the Imam and I sincerely hope that there would be another major “surprise/ annoucement” during the final 24hrs lap today..

    God Bless, Christopher

  4. GeoGeo says:

    Greetings Susan

    Just keep ’em coming…

    God bless, GeoGeo

  5. […] are some videos of what transpired on Susan’s blog HERE. I have yet to watch them, so I have nothing to comment as yet. According to Susan, it was […]

  6. For Pakatan's win says:

    DSAI will be vindicated by these revelations…….

    Why the people of Malaysia are taken on a ride always, by some irresponsible people…….

    Justice must be done to everyone victimised by these lies.

    Concerned Malaysian.

  7. Antares says:

    PHEW!!! That’s all I can say. Thanks, Susan 🙂

  8. matt says:

    Game,set and match DSAI.

  9. philipy says:

    that’s why i always believe that this swearing does not proved or meant party swore yes and the other party were to swear no.So, controversial swearing,right?.Only confusing,right?if u r the judge,who to believe?

  10. little angel says:

    Bolehland is domed with all these devils in charge. All these devils must be sent to jails asap, starting from tomorrow to save Bolehland from doomed.

    Using allah and backsides generously for selfish own interests, all these devils are mother of all devils………

  11. cinta Malaysia says:

    When one is forced to act against your will,one day your conscience will poke your feelings that inflame your soul.I guess this is what happenened to Imam Ramlang Porigi.This goes to show that it is not worthwhile to force people to act against their will.
    The next bombshell if Anwar ever succeed in wrestling the federal government would be Saiful Bukhari confessing that he was bribed to accuse Anwar!

  12. bamboo river says:

    So, this is the big revelation that MT is talking about.
    May another one comes out tonight!

  13. Justine says:

    Dear Susan,
    If the police wants to know the source of the sms, they just have to contact the telco’s to get the info. (note: the police previously traced sms that were sent to the parents of Nurin)
    If the sms source is from the BN thugs, nothing will be done and vice versa.
    Wish u bloggers Godspeed.

  14. shamsudin says:

    UMNO takes Allah for a ride?
    Since Ulamak Badawi took over and Najis Razak started dating Master Ji.

  15. Alan says:

    Hope all is well with everybody… vote in peace.

    free contents and tools for all schools in the world.

  16. Kherry Scarry says:

    Respect !!! Truth !!! Kudos to Ramlang.

    Be careful…BN is capable of making people “dissapear” and delete your existence from Bolehland.

    Btw, Abdullah should also try the transportation in Penang and Butterworth since he was also from Butterworth. Make sure there is follow up and results from Abdullah, not just a show of face and complain….Rakyat is waiting for your response and results after tested the KL train ride, else we’ll just wait for 16 Septemebr.

  17. Kenny Gan says:

    Unlike Mahathir’s time, there is no more climate of fear. Brave men have come forward. The alternative media has come of age. The government has lost control of the flow of information. The public has matured and are not willing to believe anything the govt. spews out.

    In this time, there are politicians who dare to concoct a false sodomy case against an opposition leader. The truth will come out.

    As for the 2 PKR exco to be charged in court today, we’ll see whether the charge has any substance. If they are trumped up, the truth will also come out and dirt will rebound on the ACA.

    Malaysia has entered a new age but there are still politicians in power mentally in the stone age.

  18. ka na sai says:


  19. shamsudin says:

    “Nasib si Najib”. A DPM whom nobody wants? Watch the video

  20. shamsudin says:

    Ulamak Badawi will be spreading haram in PP today

  21. Abdullah Jusoh says:

    He then opined that ’sumpah laknat Saiful adalah atas dirinya sendiri’ and then based on his knowledge, and that if something akin to what Saiful had done ( sumpah mubahalah ) was to be carried out, it had to be after the evidence taking process had been exhausted and in the presence of both parties concerned.

    He said that in his experience someone who was steeped in faith, when going through a sumpah mubahalah would display signs of fear. Saiful, he said, showed none of those signs.

    In fact, in the course of uttering the recitations, he said, Saiful had made mistakes of pronunciation and the date of the alleged offence.

    Finally, he asked that the people of Permatang Pauh would not fault him for this entire episode.

  22. chris chong says:

    what, rumours of calling off the by election???

    c’mon UMNO, are you really that afraid of anwar???

  23. little angel says:

    It’s either the end of Bolehland or BN aka Bontut Nasional.

    Guess Bontut Nasional got to go as Bolehland will be here for many more hundreds and thousands of years.

  24. ktteokt says:

    We will see the effect of this “confession” in the PP by-election results! This will truly be detrimental to BN. What’s more with the bribing by Ng Yen Yen which was revealed yesterday. BN is going for its last straw and this may just mark its END!

  25. shamsudin says:

    Najib`s songkok of evil reincarnate by UMNO diehard

  26. Dax Low says:

    The traits of the Malaysian politicians


  27. crop duster says:

    Mr. Black Goodman is thrilled on UMNO site:

    Dalam pada hilang kepercayaan kepada sistem perundangan negara ini, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah menyerahkan surat saman kepada rakan sepermaninan tenisnya, Datuk S Nallakarupan kerana mendedahkan beliau menerima RM60 juta wang dari syarikat judi Magnum Corporation.

    Perkara ini diberitahu sendiri oleh Nallakarupan bahawa beliau telah menerima surat saman itu yang menuntut beliau membayar ganti rugi sebanyak RM50 juta.

    Sekali imbas, surat saman itu akan memberikan persepsi bahawa Anwar berani menyaman orang kerana merasakan pendedahan itu tidak benar dan satu pembohongan.

    Namun apabila ditanya kepada Nallakarupan mengenai perkara itu, beliau memberikan jawapan yang agak menarik “Ini adalah hari paling gembira buat saya kerana pada akhirnya saya akan dapat jumpa Anwar di mahkamah.

    Nanti di mahkamah saya akan dedah dan buktikan semuanya mengenai wang RM60 juta itu. “Saya juga akan dedahkan mengenai lima pita rakaman yang saya simpan di luar negara mengenai Anwar”.

  28. little angel says:

    loo seow pek, no need to defend any more for your boss aka the Australian whore. Please take your next flight out to Australian kangaroo land before your bontut bocor together with nyy by the angry pp folks……

    Only a stupid evil devil like you and nyy will harbor on such mother of all dirty tricks to the poor and illiterate old folks…

    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Strike these two Hokkien Chinese traitors before more old folks being conned by these two Chinese Hokkien devils…. and their BN Bosses also will kena strike more and harder, hahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  29. Bigjoe says:

    Hmm. I think you make a good point about violence and potentially cancelling the election.

    Frankly FT Imam statement is more than just Pematang Pauh, I think it makes Anwar PMship very likely.

    The Imam basically just screams Najib is an incompetent fool. Those warlords in Sabah and Sarawak is going to say, look where Badawi’s poor leadership has taken Kedah, Perak and Selangor. If Najib is just in insidious incompetent fool, then it will only take 2011/12 before Sabah and Sarawak politician suffer the same fate.

    Words definitely need to be send out to PKR people to calm down and look for ‘fake incidences’. A 1969 UMNO-triggered incident is likely – Najib clearly has the lack of intelligence and scruples to do that…

  30. cinta Malaysia says:

    Can we ask Najib to swear on the Quran that he never committed Khalwat in Port Dickson? He seems to be very evasive with the issue.He should have no qualms after all he had sworn not to know Altantuya . The lingering percetion on Najib is that he is lying again.He is using religion to stifle this perception that he or a member of his family was not involved with the killing of Altantuya.Do you think that a selected group of disciplined bodyguards will act on their own to C4 Altantuya without covert blessing from the Boss??

    ‘If it is true that i committed Khalwat my wife would have killed me’ refer to Najib’s interview on Altantuya and Khalwat in Port Dickson.
    This affirm the perception that his wife Rosmah can really kill !

  31. crop duster says:

    That khalwat thing was not in PD but in KL. Najib should swear. Ezam also has to swear about the 6 boxes that he claimed he had, rakyat want to know where they are.
    Nalla has to…..ahhhh just forget that ex-mic gangster.

  32. danet7882 says:

    The final plot is to abandon the by-election citing “potential violent”.. So those AMNO scumbags can buy time to plot more lies against DSAI.. I must say round one and two is won by DSAI, so the final round “Election Day” will be just icing on the cake.. that is unless they abandon the final round…

  33. crop duster says:

    Chew Mei Fun: Another May 13 if Chinese representation in BN is insufficient
    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 · 20 Comments

  34. […] Susan Loone […]

  35. muff it says:

    So while the muslims are going around insulting islam, the muftis are cowering and Syariah Courts are impotent. The penguat kuasa are like eunuchs only raiding pubs.
    This the laugh of the century on the abuse of islam under the Ulamak Badawi. It is ok to insult islam by muslims themselves. Non muslims only have to watch and laugh at these showmen. Islam is turned into comedy and mosques are comedy theatres.
    Islam is a joke now!

  36. A Little Space says:

    What can I say ….. I am truly sick of this Government. This blinking lot even makes Mahathir looks good!

  37. Patek1472 says:

    Malaysiakini Bloggers Headlines on 27 September 2008.

    “Man of Honour” won Landslide Victory in P44 Permatang Pauh!

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

    A defining moment in Malaysian History was achieved when DSAI won the by-election in Permatang Pauh yesterday with a landslide victory over his opponent just 3 days prior to Parliament presenting it’s 2009 Budget (29 August 2008) and 5 days prior to Malaysians celebrating it’s 51st Anniversary of Merdeka (Liberty Day) on 31st August 2008.

    Sit tight for the next episode on 29 September 2008, the preview to 16 September 2008 when Malaysia celebrates “Freedom Day”.

    More Prophesies at Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog” and Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysia.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Malaysians and Permatang Pauh people,

    BN people have taken the photo-copies of IC from Permatang Pauh people for various excuses. What Permatang Pauh people needs to do on 26 Aug 08:-

    1) Goto the polling station early in the morning. Don’t let anyone else have the opportunity to sneak in using photo-copies of ICs to vote, depriving your absolute right to vote.

    2) If there is any crook tries to use photo-copy of your IC to deprive your right to vote, report the case to:-
    a) Election Monitoring bodies
    b) SPR
    c) All medias (including internet medias like Susan Loone’s blog)
    d) Let the stakeholders know including BN and PKR etc…
    e) Police

    3) REMEMBER 26 Aug 08 is public holiday in Penang. Permatang Pauh people please exercise your duty to vote for a better Malaysia.

    4) Penangnites and Malaysians, please also do your duty to advise your friends and relatives in Permatang Pauh to vote for a better Malaysia.

    5) Use your conscience to vote. Vote for a better Malaysia. Reject Barang Naik& Barisan Najis government.

  39. […] Imam was ‘ordered’ to witness Saiful’s oath (videos) […]

  40. cinta Malaysia says:

    I am reliably informed from a joker that MR Ji has told Datuk Kenneth Eswaran that it was a mistake to have Najib as the Director of Operation for Permatang Pauh.BN will lose more votes and Anwar will be victorious!
    He also advised Datuk Kenneth Eswaran that Najib has to bath the milk of a thousand cows before he can become the PM of Malaysia.

  41. fergie says:

    Thank you, Susan, for updates. A BIG THANK YOU to all the good men/women working tirelessly to free our beloved country from 51 years of Umno/BN bondage! People of Permatang Pauh please take the first step on 26.8.08 to a brighter future! God be with you all!

  42. loo seow pek says:

    little angel no need to defend any more for your boss aka the bontot basher Please take your next flight out to Australian kangaroo land before your bontut gets penetrated and you are no more little angel but big devil .

  43. muff it says:

    “Najib has to bath the milk of a thousand cows before he can become the PM of Malaysia..”

    Could be atonement for turning parliament into an abatoir when they were celebrating the ulamak`s wedding.

  44. loo seow pek says:

    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Strike the devil aka little angel and anonymous . Send them to hell . Pull out their tongues and cut them . Pull their heart for their heart are full of shit .

  45. kittykat46 says:

    PKR and PAS better protect this man for coming out with the revelation.
    Otherwise he will just “disappear” and there will be more SD’s and swearing-on-the-Quran to contradict last night’s statement.
    Special Branch may come after him, too…..

    By the way, I was at the Penanti gathering, too, for a short while. For this sleepy part of Penang, the crowd could be considered gigantic..

  46. muff it says:

    What transpired today at Butterworth is a blatant insult to the intelligence of all HINDRAF supporters. Ramaji and Regu had placed various advertisements and news in the local tamil daily over the last few days about gathering 20 000 people for a Yaagam for the release of the 5 HINDRAF and for the promotion of the 18 demands submitted by HINDRAF in August 2007 under their organisations ie HSS (Hindu Sevai Sangam) and an organisation loosely named Makkal Sakti.

    This event that was organised deliberately in the Permatang Pauh Constituency where there the Ex deputy Prime Minister is contesting in a by-election next Tuesday.

    By using the name Makkal sakti both ramaji and Regu had expected a huge crowd to bolster their grip on HINDRAF by the Prime Minister personally attending their Maha Yagam which was organised in a Chinese Temple (1st time of its kind) and entertained by a local famous pop band group.

    I urge all HINDRAF supporters to remain calm during this crucial moment and urge all look out for news in our website and for the latest news.

  47. John says:

    Chew Mei Fun: Another May 13 if Chinese representation in BN is insufficient.

    Chew is a decent politician only if she didn’t say the above. It cost her the seat!
    The people are no longer stupid to believe all the lies.

  48. koolgeek says:

    was it ng hock lai or muthusamy there?

  49. elizabeth says:

    During Liwal Episode 1, I was disgusted with the ruling govt, particularly TDM. Then AAB ascended the throne, and I thought, maybe this is a God fearing man who could make Malaysia better for all. But AAB cld only fool us for a while.. then came GE12, attending ceramah for the 1st time, having participated as a voter, donor, and polling agent, I felt that things may change for the better.

    But a leopard does not change its spot.. UMNO only give the nation lip service. Instead of directing their resouces and brain power to save the economy, bring the people together and make Malaysia more liveable, they spent the past 5 months drumming up charges against DSAI and PR. I am truly fed up.

    Being fed up does not mean I lose hope though… As I hve believed, GE12 did not happen becuz of men’s genius or resourcefulness. GE12 was the work of God.

    BN can do what they want… they can control the ACA, PDRM, MSM, EC, etc.. but all the plans of men will be in vain. They cannot fight God.

    Thank you God, for loving Malaysia and saving us from the tyranny of UMNO.

  50. shamsudin says:

    Imam saksi sumpah Saiful mohon maaf depan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz

    Alamak! tu ulamak badawi tak guna tak boleh pakai lagi

  51. shamsudin says:

    Imam saksi sumpah Saiful mohon maaf depan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz

    Alamak! tu ulamak badawi tak guna tak boleh pakai lagi

  52. amoker says:

    It shows that the Islamic institution is not apolitical. How sad the state of affairs in the country when all institutions are used by ‘higher’ authorities. The separation of power must be enforced.

  53. wandererAUS says:

    GOD works in a very mysterious way…the truth will always be the winner.
    These scums in particular UMNO and to a lesser degree MCA an MIC have alot to answer for their evil deeds. It proves only one thing, the charge on Anwar is unquestionably, a political conspiracy.
    True believers of PK, now is your opportunity to go for the kill of this wounded bull, UMNO.

    Saiful, better use an Ass Guard, your credibility is ZERO!

  54. Nico says:

    Yet another example of the lies that this government perpetrates to cling on to its very tenuous hold on power. God bless DSAI and God save Malaysia!

  55. Malaysian Light says:

    Brightest heavenly light predicted and planned in Heaven for a NEW MALAYSIA after Anwar’s VICTORY.

    27th August the Whole World is waiting for………….

    Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on August 27th when Mars comes within 34.65M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on August 27th 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons.

    The next time Mars maycome this close is in 2287.
    Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.

  56. shamsudin says:

    But possibly the most damaging statement Ramlan uttered last night against the BN was when he was asked if he thought the oath a conspiracy by Saiful.

    “For me, maybe, because it was done on the eve of nomination day,” said Ramlan.

  57. Am I missing something? I don’t see what is so “explosive” about Imam Ramlang’s revelation. So he was instructed by his superior (presumably the head imam?) to attend the swearing. And he says Saiful didn’t do the sumpah correctly. And also the text was prepared by someone else.
    OK, so that still does not show that Saiful was lying, does it?

  58. machitam says:

    i agree with suresh comment on this imam
    from my observation on this Imam(imam of a mosque), Ramlang

    that he look sincere enough to stand up for himself. he want to clear his name of which he was accused of been an umno stooge, collaborated with unislamic act.
    this man has a little bit of dignity left in him…a small harassment will upset him much. though a minnow, he do not want to be accused as a illegal immigrant, to be part of a dirty plot etc..

    and the best thing is, he took leave and went back to p.pauh to vote…

    do you know who he’s going to vote for? i can smell and can tell….

  59. shamsudin says:

    `OK, so that still does not show that Saiful was lying, does it?`

    Kalau awak percaya saiful, itu hak awak.

  60. shamsudin says:

    Najib sama Ulamak Badawi pun percaya saiful.

  61. loo seow pek says:

    Morons, please wake up. BN ppl ask me to give you all RM300.00 and you know why. sh sh sh

    Call me at 0194446789 and bring along you ic and after that bring your girlfriend and family shopping.

    Once in a lifetime you get this deal from me.

  62. loo seow pek says:

    Morons, I have this to disclose, PM ask him to confess as it is DPM who ask him to witness.

    Dont believe, call me and I arrange you to meet PM and SIL

  63. Volcano says:

    See liao la…mati ohhh….more people is going to disappear. All Journalists no
    leave for next few days get ready yr cameras for the fireworks using C4. May ALLAH bless Malaysia. BN is cornered. They will be literally fighting for their positions. Chaos will be injected to …………..EC Rashid will be instructed……Time for you EC Rashid to expose the truth.

  64. rakyat says:

    People of PP.Easy decision who to vote.Just look for the one who is FIT to take care of the people and affairs of the PP by looking at the belly.Who is more “fit”. Do you want an MP who “makan kenyang kenyang sampai perut buncit” (big belly) or an MP to really work for you who is fit (look at the belly).Just for laugh.No joke.Big belly shows/makes one clumsy and lazy in doing any task.Also shows one is only taking care of his own “perut”(stomach) and not the “perut” of the rakyat.Vote with eyes open not just hearsay.Happy voting PP!

  65. Karim says:

    Hahaha now if saiful fall down somewhere and break his leg, all muslims will blame it on God and vote dsai.
    Saiful better just lie in bed for next 48 hours. Anything can happen.

  66. artemus22 says:

    Posted by MarGeeMar at 6:22 PM
    Saturday, August 23, 2008


    Ini untuk para pengundi di Permatang Pauh. Artikel ini sangat penting. Bacalah, kemudian fikir-fikirkan dan renung-renungkan.

    1. Calon BN/Umno Arif Shah Omar Shah berkata beliau telah berhenti mengikuti pengajian Phd. Di Edision University of Technology. Soalannya, bagaimanakah seorang yang hanya mempunyai kelulusan Diploma sahaja seperti Arif ini,boleh terus melangkah sampai keperingkat Phd. pula? Pelik tapi benar! Takkan Si Arif ini tak tahu bahawa sesiapapun boleh membeli Phd dari universiti ini? Samada Si Arif ini bodoh sial ataupun cuba menipu Rakyat dengan Phdnya.

    2. Sogok RM500 kepada penduduk Permatang Pauh upah sebagai perisik.

    3. Tidak membayar wang caruman KWSP.

    4. Menyertai perarakan haram Umno di Komtar apabila Pakatan Rakyat mengambil-alih Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang. Perarakan haram ini disertai Arif kerana kononnya kedudukan kaum Melayu di Pulau Pinang diancam oleh kerajaan PR.

    5. Ariff Shah adalah adik kepada Tan Sri Amin Shah Omar Shah (Foto atas kanan) yang kini tinggal di UK kerana terlibat dalam skandal . Skandal ini melibatkan kes penipuan PSC Industries Berhad, dimana Amin Shah telah diberi kontrak bernilai lebih daripada RM24 billion dalam bentuk kontak TLDM sekitar tahun 1998 pada ketika Timbalan Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak memegang jawatan Menteri Pertahanan. Kerajaan Malaysia telah membayar Amin Shah berbillion Ringgit sebagai ‘duit hangus’ tetapi malangnya Amin Shah tidak menunaikan bahagiannya. Berbillion Ringgit wang Rakyat Malaysian telah lenyap begitu sahaja. Ini merupakan skandal kewangan terbesar dalam sejarah Negara! Mustahil jika Arif Shah mengatakan bahawa beliau tidak terlibat dalam perkara ini.

    6. Demi mempopularkan dirinya dikalangan orazng Melayu yang menyoal laterbelangnya sebagai seorang India Muslim, Arif Shah telahcuba munukarkan nama George Town kepada “Bandar Datuk Abdullah Fahim”.

    7. Arif Shah inilah yang telah mendesak Pak Lah bersama pemimpin Unmo Pulau Pinang lain untuk membatalkan semua Projek Mega di Pulau Pinang sebagai hukuman kepada Rakyat Pulau Pinang kerana mengundi Pakatan Rakyat.

    Pada pendapat saya, jika seseorang itu boleh bercakap bohong tentang kelulusan akademiknya, beliau juga boleh berbohong tentang pembabitannya dalam perniagaan abangnya, Amin Shah. Di Negara demokrasi lain, seorang individu seperti Arif Shah tidak akan diletakkan bertanding segai seorang calon sama sekali.


  67. cinta Malaysia says:

    Najib continues to awe me with his nonsensical remarks!
    Lim Guan Eng’s declaration tomorrow as a public holiday is a waste of productivity! Naijb said that 2 hours is good enough for them to exercise their vote.
    !. I bet you Najib that tomorrow people will be queuing for hours to vote for Anwar!That is one thing, the traffic jam not included if the nomination day is any measure.Your 2 hours is nonsense!
    2.What about the federal officers asked to campaign in Permatang Pauh.Dont you think that they have wasted a lot of productivity and wasting the rakyat money?
    3.What about all the ministers, deputy ministers,political secretaries,BN Mps using government facilities campaigning since before the nomination day.Are they not wasting their productivity that they should have been in their respective offices to administer the government? You included Najib.
    4.Is it not the mistake of the BN Government to allow polling day on a working day in the first place.Displacing students from school and now factories to lose workers.Is it not prudent to have polling day on the weekend?
    5.Is it not the intention of BN to deny Anwar of a larger majority by denying factory workers to come to vote?
    BN always think they are smart but this incident has exposed their utmost stupidity!You Najib seems to top them all!

  68. Hot Lips says:

    Najib only know how to run through town wearing underwear and waving keris. Look at his lips – LECHERY

  69. 50 years malaysian says:

    I guess the ruling party might not have learned their lesson dearly after the 13th GE.
    Just look at everywhere around you.
    Merdeka is down the corner and nobody even bothers to fly the flag, especially on their cars anymore.
    It’s in the mind of everyone that everyone is not happy with the present ruling government and as for the Permatang Pauh voters, I’m pretty sure most were cast their votes on Anwar.
    Like it or not, it’ll have to be that way.
    I’m not involve in politics nor do I really care who will win but what I do see is what the situation our country are facing now.
    I really can’t guarantee that Anwar will be a good PM when he takes over the government but I really think that it’s the only way out for most of us malaysian to get out of this ailling economy.
    Faking attacks, bribing voters, falsely accusing, threatening and holding illegal gambling are no longer useful anymore.
    After all these 50 years of independence, most malaysian are fully matured.
    What we only believe is the present truth and not of what is of dirty tactics and lies.
    Also, not all BN people are heartless creatures.
    All of this, will be reveal after tommorrow’s election and from what I sees, Anwar will receive a thumping majority after all.

  70. nuetral says:

    Hello, is the swearing in court our new judiciary reform profess by our BN/Badawee/Najit. Firstly, why swearing when case in syariah court.Does it mean the Quran Court is a higher court or powerful court than our syariah court. Got new Court in town, only in Malaysia. What about other islamic countries, got such courts?Secondly, can a homosexual do this in the mosque (is Saiful “suci”/holy to hold and swear on the Quran).Swearing also means to curse the other person for the act. Saiful was also in the act, it takes two to tango. Thirdly, Saiful swear on the Quran that he is confirm a gay, so if he is gay then he must have done such “buntut”(backside) acts on other consenting guys, so those consenting guys can swear on Quran that they have been sodomised by Saiful…no end to it.Thirdly, can Mahathir, Najib and Razak do the swearing business and claim innocence in the mosques, if BN allows and approves Saiful’s swearing as the truth.High courts, syariah court, all courts, Bar council “semua tutup kedai” (all close shop), there is a new Court in town or new kid on the block. Now mosques going to be very busy.Please employ more ulamas for the swearing ceremonies.Mosques turn to judiciary courts for the BN/Umnos only.Malays can talk politics in mosques but Christians are banned from talking in churches.What kind of justice or rule of law or law of who? rule is this?Just a neutral comment, take no sides.

  71. 50 years malaysian says:

    Believe it or not, just look at what the IGP is facing now!
    Laying in the hospital bed after the heart bypass.
    Is it the work of god or just a co-incidence???

  72. Hot Lips says:

    Lecherous Najib planning trouble if Anwar wins:

  73. Volcano says:

    Dei..MIC, MCA, Gerakan, SAPP etc etc You are all party to this unscrupulous setup. Now I know why all of you are so obedient and quiet like a dog. At least SAPP barks very loud but no bite. The rest obeys… down doggie, down!….sit!!…..sit. Words of Advice get out now before its too late, Titanic is sinking. Don’t sink together with those scum and scoundrels. Not worth it. Their SHIT will smear your name.

  74. Anonymous says:

    “loo seow pek (10:08:54) :

    Morons, please wake up. BN ppl ask me to give you all RM300.00 and you know why. sh sh sh

    Call me at 0194446789 and bring along you ic and after that bring your girlfriend and family shopping.

    Once in a lifetime you get this deal from me.”

    Dear Susan,

    This loo seow pek is actually creating troubles in your blog. First of all, look at the way he put his mobile phone number here. If not mistaken, he wanted to sabotage someone. (thinking to fool and to make use of some agitated readers [by his low quality postings] to do sabotage)

    If not, still he blatantly encourages election corruption here. Too, he ought to be BANNED for this lowly act of blatant election corruption.

    In short, kick out this no standard hooligan called loo seow pek.

  75. cinta Malaysia says:

    26 TH AUGUST 2008.




  76. Anonymous says:

    50 years malaysian (10:37:05) :
    “Believe it or not, just look at what the IGP is facing now!
    Laying in the hospital bed after the heart bypass.
    Is it the work of god or just a co-incidence???”

    You know why? Knowing that PKR would take over the federal government anytime soon, IGP sure got some sort of heart attacks.

  77. Ismandy Hamza says:

    Dear Susan,

    Ai yo, yo.
    What’s happening now?
    Before the revealation of the imam, we in East Malaysia already received the news. But I was sceptical. I thought it was some kind of a joke.
    True enough! It wasn’t.
    Very glad that a imam is willing to come forward to clear the foul air which is polluting Malaysian airspace at the moment.
    Why not, with the sudden swearings here and there lately by the desperados to tell the world that they are indeed ‘clean’.
    Hello!!! The people are not that naive and stupid, okay?
    How can they shout out loud and pump their own chests and say that they are innocent of all the despicable actions which are happening in the country now?
    One need not have to listen to a liar to know that a liar is, indeed a liar.
    Even if the imam did not come out in the open to clear HIS name, the people still believe that that Shit-Fool boy is Evil.
    He is just one of the scapegoats being used by a desperate few to serve their evil egenda. These are the kind of animals created purposely by God to ruin and destroy our beloved country.
    And WE are duty-bound to stop them at all costs and punish them eternally.
    TQVM Susan and your gangs. Credit to you for highlighting the matter.
    As I said above, the readers (people) are not stupid. They know which report is true and false.
    They understand and are intelligent enough to read between the lines of what have been reported. Whether the reports come from the mainstream papers or the alternatives.
    Indeed, the imam has dropped a Bombshell. He, he, he.
    Let the masses know of the evil deeds that some Devilish followers did to the country and its people.
    After the whistle has been blown, I just sincerely hope DSAI will win the PP by-election by a resounding majority.
    If not, I wouldn’t dare to think what will happen next to all of us, especially to DSAI and family.
    I hope the rakyat there will open their eyes wide open to all the misfortunes that are befalling the country lately.
    Especially the Malay voters!!!!!!! Don’t be easily swayed by the handouts and little goodies, promised of projects and etc from the desperados.
    To the desperados, the people are just like PEANUTS.
    They crack the shells, swallow the peanuts and throw the shells away after eating.
    So, same with you. They give you the little goodies, wins the election and after that, bye-bye you go.
    But where are projects as promised? Sorry Bro…. it goes into their own pockets. Commissions alone earn them Millions and billions of RM. Not to say the profits yet.
    But you, what do you get? Still want to be so Loyal. HUH!!!!
    Remember you are choosing a leader for the country. Your own representative in Parliament.
    Vote for the future of the country, pray hard and never sell your souls to any David, Ahmad or Ah Kow.
    Think wishfully and vote wisely.
    Rakyat Merdeka!

  78. nuetral says:

    I pity Malaysians, Already a non-efficient ruling government, and now you have ridiculos opposition….

    Where I came from, we call it “SAME-SAME”

  79. SAME-SAME says:

    I heard an Owl call my name

  80. man, I love Malaysia politics. you can’t denied that it’s interesting.
    now where is this saifool gonna hide himself afer the election. disgrace!!

    lawan tetap lawan!!


  81. cinta Malaysia says:

    Ustaz Ramlang Porigi confirmed that it was Najib’s special assistant that organised Saiful oath taking at the wilayah mosque.This is another labyrinth of Najib’s involvement in the conspiracy saga to kill Anwar’s political career.
    What say you Abdullah Badawi?Do you endorse your future prime minister condoning this activity?
    Those BN MPs whose conscience are still clean, please move to Pakatan and save Malaysia from economic disaster.

  82. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    One way to disseminate the news on “Ramlang’s ‘revelation’ that cast doubt over the recent Saiful swearing,… ” is to distribute CDs and phamphlets to as many households in PP immediately. Mobilise all the available workforce to do this.

    Immediately post hardcopies of the phamphlets and video of Ramlang’s ceramah speech in as many of the alternative media.

    Another way is to appeal to those with access to the alternative media is for them to download and print as many copies as possible to be distributed to their friends and relatives in PP. At the same time, go on the ground today to speak and show the downloaded phamphlets to as many voters as possible.

  83. Patek1472 says:

    Sorry Correction. Please ignore the above comment. It’s the month of the Great Games. Corrected Article below:

    Malaysiakini Bloggers Headlines on 27 August 2008.

    “Man of Honour” won Landslide Victory in P44 Permatang Pauh!

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

    A defining moment in Malaysian History was achieved when DSAI won the by-election in Permatang Pauh yesterday with a landslide victory over his opponent just 3 days prior to Parliament presenting it’s 2009 Budget (29 August 2008) and 5 days prior to Malaysians celebrating it’s 51st Anniversary of Merdeka (Liberty Day) on 31st August 2008.

    Sit tight for the next episode on 29 August 2008, the preview to 16 September 2008 when Malaysia celebrates “Freedom Day”.

    More Prophesies at Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog” and Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysia.

  84. Billau Chris says:

    I believe that all forms of swearing on religious or holy books is fundamentally wrong. It is an abuse and a sacrilege. Swearing does not help at all reverse the commission of an offense.

    Any oath given by a person is at best regarded as a personal matter. It is between him and the God for whom he worships. Religious swearing should be discouraged and should not be admitted as part of the evidential procedure.

    What would happen if a person committd a murder and swore that he did not do it on the holy book? Would he be exonerated of the crime he committed and be able to get away scot-free?

    If the oaths were admissible as if they were the truths, it would turn our local courts into kangaroo courts.

    If one is true to one’s religion, one must follow its teachings seriously and avoid doing all harms, killings and untoward and unjust wrongs to one’s fellow human beings.

    Please do not abuse the sanctity of any religion. It is a terrible abomination in the eyes of God.

  85. jungleboy says:

    Piece of advise to the PKR. The so-called gathering of Hindraf could be the work of MIC to plant their people there to create trouble. Remember Semi Value gangsters during gatherings?

  86. wengerkhairy says:

    an exlcusive insightful look at the effect of Ustaz Ramlan Porigi’s atom bond is now available at

    In it, Padedoh explains in great detail using System Dynamics how the entire ‘liwat’ issue was doomed from the start and all it takes is one part of an ever increasingly complex operation to bring the entire BN system down.

  87. SAME-SAME says:

    “Pegawai Khas Najib Atur Sumpah Saiful” – Ustaz Ramlang

  88. 50 years malaysian says:

    Below are some of the important “figures” who defy the law of truth and reality!!!

    President Chen Shu Bian -outsted!
    President Musharraf _outsted!
    Thaksin -outsted!
    President Bush _out by the end of this year!
    Abdullah Badawi -maybe next month or end of december!!!

  89. Hahaha says:

    IGP he can stay in his hospital bed and not reopen his eyes again, for all I care.
    For a sumb like him, I will hold my tongue until he is laid 6′ under round…be quick, I have exercise my right to keep the other UMNO bas*ards honest!

  90. Joseph says:

    Shame on BN, shame on UMNO ! This is unbelievable. What else will they use in order to cling on their power & status quo??

  91. SAME-SAME says:


  92. ChitChat says:

    Time now is 1pm, Monday. How come I don’t see the same headline here about the “imam’s confession” in the STAR or NST online? Ha, ha…directive from the BeeAn to close report, could be!

    Keep up the good work PKR and it’s supporters at PP. May you have a blessful good voting day tomorrow and a big WIN!!!!!!! Cheers for DSAI.

  93. Edi神 says:

    BN to Fall?

    Are you sure?

    Bcoz they will make sure you fall with them!!!

  94. Hunk says:

    Najib’s impending Premiership in 2 years will reminisce that of Mahathir Mohamad. During the 1997/8 financial crisis, Mahathir’s boorishness against the West who truly practices Democracies not only riled the West but his loyalist (withinn BN )themselves not to mentioned how much venom he has spewed on “PAS”. Can’t you see, whenever he’s was oversea, the Ringgit soared.

    To blatantly condemns the West for criticizing us in any area of weakness by the same dishonest reasons of justifications-“NON-INTERFERENCE-POLICY” is as good to bluff that the BN led Gevenment’s is practicing TRUE DEMOCRACY under the UN Declaration of Human Rights in interfering the internal affairs of countries like Zimbabwe and Myanmar which the BN deemed to be rogue. It just don’t work anymore, at all.

    Do anyone believe Najib is honest? I rather believe in O.J. that he never killed anyone.

  95. veryupset says:

    Ok… Every night BN screen Saifol’s swearing.

    Now PKR can screen the Iman’s statement too.

    By Saifol not swearing the right way….. that means he will NOT be punish by Allah..! What is there for him to fear for now & his so call afterlife…???

    You all still want to vote for BN…? They will be forever swearing on the Quran. And if that no longer works, they’ll start swearing on their mother’s grave……………………… !

    Is this how a goverment govern by BN adults suppose to behave ? I presume all the BN goons are highly educated to get all these positions…!

    We the rakyat elect you to govern Malaysia for us. Which means you BN goons work for us rakyat. We are your Masters…! Faham tak…

    Instead you act like we the rakyat owe you coz you’re MPs. What the bloody hell….!

    When Anwar is PM, 1st thing he should do is revoke all their passport. 1st is PM & DPM & family…! Freeze all their accounts locally & internationally.

    Give us back our money………………. !

    And….. Thank you !

  96. bn haramjadah says:

    najib involved, hear from the horses mouth,

    UMNO HOLDS no more moral high ground as the guardians of “bangsa dan agama” after the revelations by the FT ustaz that NAJIB’S AIDE WAS INVOLVED WITH THE SWEARING on the Koran by SAIFUL.

    This is a very brave soul the ustaz, who takes his job and religion very very seriously, THIS MAN FEARS FOR HIS SOUL, HE FEELS THAT THE RELIGEON OF ISLAM HAS BEEN MANIPULATED indiscriminately, BY UMNO scumbags. This just goes to show who is actually insulting Islam, nobody else has tarnished Islam more than najib and his umno gang.
    I ask all the MALAYSIANS, muslims AND NON-MUSLIMS of this nation to come FORWARD and together demand the resignation of Najib TUN RAZAK, SYED HAMID ALBAR, the IGP, AG and all those involved in this conspiracy, directly or indirectly, all those involved inclusive of SAIFUL BUKHARI TO BE INVESTIGATED AND to be charged by BOTH THE CIVIL (ABUSE OF POWER, FALSE POLICE REPORTS, INVESTIGATIONS, TRUMPTED UP CHARGES AGAINST DSAI,AND the shariah court for insulting, MANIPULATING, CORRUPTION, INVOLVEMENT IN THE FALSE SWEARING AND ALSO SEDETIOUS BEHAVIOUR FOR INSULTING AND TARNISHING THE NAME OF ISLAM. THE IS THE WORST SCANDAL, THIS IS SO low down and dirty that UMNO has shown they are so corrupt, they will abuse and manipulate Islam to deceive the nation’s muslims. This has shown UMNO holds no moral high ground as per regarding ISLAM, IS THIS HADHARI ISLAM; I think the BADAWI HAS A LOT TO ANSWER ABOUT THIS, AS BY BEING THE PRESIDENT OF UMNO AND THE PRIME MINISTER THE BUCK STOPS WITH HIM. SHAME UMNO SHAME, you are scum. HOW YOU CAN DO THIS TO A FELLOW MUSLIM FOR THAT MATTER, DON’T YOU HAVE A CONSCIENCE, or have you all been blinded by the false gold of wealth and power, where will that bring you when you face your maker.
    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

  97. Hunk says:

    I e-mailed Susan for bursting into uncontrollable laughter after viewing that the BN are inclined on Islamic style “swearing” to substantiate their truths and the opposition by SD to substantiate theirs. Hahaha.

  98. kittykat46 says:

    Najib thinks Non-Malays in the country should be thankful they have been allowed to keep their awful Chinese or Indian sounding names…

    Just shows you the mentality of UMNO’s next-PM designate….

  99. Menyalak-er says:

    Jungleboy(11:25): ‘..gathering of Hindraf..’
    Yes, much caution please. Not only this, many more within the next 12hrs.
    Definitely danger of ‘extreme desperation’ (‘in extremis’) leading to spr/pdrm/other blunt instruments of bumno throwing in wet blanket!
    Kudo’s to young, righteous Uztaz Rameli; i apologize for any ignorant disparaging statements i’ve made on you.
    Hidup DSAI! Hidup PR! Makkal Sakthi! Merdeka!

  100. SameSame says:

    BN is trying very hard not to have this elections or what knowing fairly well that they are going to loose so big. Maybe thats why the imposters of HINDRAF are sending the sms…you know scapegoats for BN to use in this situation.

    I can bet that BN is the ones behind the SMSes….. just cause and stir trouble!!

    Hope people of PP are more level headed!!!

  101. Ganesan says:

    Beware the UMNO cronies who are sending Sms’s to gather to create triuble and prevent voters. Please voters stay calm and do your national duty to elect your next PM. Anything the Umno putra’s will do to to create tension among races. They have inflirtrated hindraf to create trouble. So voters the future of Malaysia is in your hands. Vote for change.

  102. Menyalak-er says:

    Well, SameSame(12:30), am chewing on my paws right now!
    From what i hear, ‘they’ are pulling all stops now, but there is resistance from their own ranks and beyond!
    Still don’t be suprised if they do pull out a ‘fast’ one.

  103. SAD says:

    Tomorrow we will celebrated Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka.

  104. sudahlah says:

    PERMATANG PAUH, Aug 25 — With defeat staring them in the face in Permatang Pauh, Barisan Nasional politicians have been pulling out all the stops to damage Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s image.

    Over the past 24 hours, several politicians on house-to-house visits in the by-election campaign have been talking about details of the sodomy charge against the Opposition icon, even pointing out that the stains on accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s undergarments and body matched Anwar’s DNA.

    And when faced with scepticism, some ruling coalition politicians have gone a step further — providing details of DNA tests conducted by the Chemistry Department.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that the tests were conducted on several samples from the underwear and body parts a few days after Saiful lodged a police report on June 28. The tests allegedly confirm that the DNA on the samples belonged to Saiful and Anwar.

  105. Anonymous says:


  106. machitam says:

    poor najib, he must swear again…
    najib lambasted Anwar for not swearing in as sign of guilt and worst still, a sign of Anwar did not trust anything, the police, AG and even Allah. He is proud of his action for he trust Allah when he swear at Guar Perahu(i have no idea how he swear). a God trusting man is he?
    now he must swear that he has nothing to do with this saifool liwat and swear thing. he should swear live on TV on this saifool liwat and that he didn’t arranged for saifool. i’m looking forward for this, in the last lap of P. Pauh race.

    anyway, it make no different if he swear in the mosque. i want to see him swear as witness in Altantuya case. and not to forget bala’s sd case if …

    najis najis! your days are numbered!

  107. Patek1472 says:

    “War Cries” Before The Mother of All Battles in Permatang Pauh.
    “Laungan-Laungan Perang” Sebelum Perang Terbesar di Permatang Pauh.

    “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” – PKR

    “Sodomy! Sodomy! Sodomy!” – BN

    “Taliban! Taliban! Taliban!” – Akim

    Posted at

  108. idzan ismail says:

    Hi boys and girls

    Kudos for telling the the truth.
    The imam is alleged to be coerced.
    But the fact remains Saiful is not lying in his swearing.
    He said it in Allah’s name.
    God is his witness and not Anwar Ibrahim.
    So is Najib’s willingness to swear before God. Twice mind you.
    You guys are barking at the wrong tree

  109. Orang Utan says:

    If ever the PR were to come to power they must seriously plan for the coalition to last for the long term.Since PR consist of 3 party coalition with different ideology (only DAP & PKR are similar) there must be solid agreement (Better to be in written form) among the partners only on how to share d power.There r many issues needed to be resolved such as who is to hold what portfolio.Apparently now the only person who can hold the coalition is DSAI.So what happen when DSAI is gone?Will d DAP accept PAS leader to be PM? What happen if PAS were to pass the hudud law? such as closing all gaming outlet including Genting?. So all these needed to sorted out first.So dont be too happy if PR were to come to power if they cannot agree on all these issue.

  110. machitam says:

    idzan ismail (13:48:42) :
    “But the fact remains Saiful is not lying in his swearing.
    He said it in Allah’s name.”

    How do you attest that saifool is not lying? because he swear..ya

    P.Ramlee pun swear jugak …in the name of Allah….he said sumpah wallah!
    mike tyson(muhammad taib) pun swear jugak depat almarhum sultan selangor…tapi dia bohong.

    my friend! swear is cheap nowdays, not like gasolin(petrol)

  111. Orang Utan says:

    So in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy. 10 years ago who would have even imagine that DSAI would cooperate with DAP? If ever PR were to come to power the scenario will change if the coalition started arguing on many important issues such as religion etc.Therefore we have to reserve our judgement until they can be proven that they can resolve these issue.In order for the coalition to work out for the whole country PAS must abandon their ideology of turning this country into an Islamic state.Issues such as diffent swimming pools for men /women,all women must wear tudong etc which infringe on the religous freedom.

  112. Orang Utan says:

    So the emotions r very high now but after the euphoria reality will begin to sink in.Therefore we must be prepared for all these.R we willing to submit to PAS ideology?Thus a solid agreemnt is very vital for the coalition.They r able to cooperate now is because they have a common enemy.What happen when they do not have the common agenda later on? Will they begin to fight among themselves?

  113. Hahaha says:

    Perhaps, we should be considering making PM’s residence as an UMNO museum, 51 years of their greatest achievements, how to be billionaires…not forgetting a special section for Tun Mamak, father of Sodomy and a colorful display of Sinful’s ass!

  114. chaneen says:

    idzan ismail (13:48:42) :
    “But the fact remains Saiful is not lying in his swearing.
    He said it in Allah’s name.”

    dear idzan,
    how do u know Saiful is not lying? Haven’t u read Ustaz Ramlan’s saying that Saiful even made mistakes during the ‘lafaz’, including when reciting the date(s) of the alleged ‘crime’? That shows that the date(s) themselves might be fabricated, isn’t it? I mean, really, for any ‘traumatic’ event those dates should be etched even in ur subsconcious.

    And even the ‘sumpah’ ritual is not right i.e. both parties should be present there at the same time, and it can only take place if indeed all evidence have been exhausted or meet with a dead-end (but in fact is is a pending court case, seems like Saifool takut masuk court??), and of course the ‘lafaz’ must be correct and many more other conditions

  115. Orang Utan says:

    Another issue is what happen if PAS were to hold the Education portfolio and implement their Islamic ideology for all school?So all u people must think of these issue seriously before we ever rejoice.

  116. Ismandy Hamza says:

    Hi All,
    I beg to refer and correct the article written by Sudahlah.
    This fellow said: “The Malaysian Insider understands that the tests were conducted on several samples from the underwear and body parts a few days after Saiful lodged a police report on June 28. The tests allegedly confirm that the DNA on the samples belonged to Saiful and Anwar.”
    If this allegation is true, then why in HELL in the frst place did the police want more DNA samples from DSAI, knowing fully well to them that they have got Anwar’s stain on Saiful’s bodies and underwear are legit.
    Why need more DNA samples from DSAI then?
    You see there is no logic to all these comedies.
    This just goes to show they need new samples from DSAI to implicate him in the new sodomy charges knowing that the old samples cannot be matched to the underwear that Saiful is wearing!
    Remember this is a new case that they try to orchastrate to accuse DSAI. Definitely they cannot use the old DNA samples restored by the hospital.
    What stupid blockheads! Even a kindergarten pupil knows that this is sheer rubbish.
    I don’tmean you Sudahlah! I understand that you are just trying to relate the story.

  117. idzan ismail says:

    Ye all Anwar faithfuls

    Wow, u guys sure change tacks so fast like your idol.
    Last week you all were running down the poor imam.
    Suddenly now you guys are putting him on a pedestal.
    Just because he is seen in favour of Anwar.
    Come off it. Be consistentla.
    Better still we all go back to be devout to God.
    If Anwar wins or loses, he will bring us all down and our nation too.
    So only God can save us.
    Praise be to him

  118. Anonymous says:

    Permatang Pauh voters,

    Keadaan: BN bagi gula-gula.
    Jawapan: Ambil sahajalah. Wang rakyat tu.

    Keadaan: BN beri makanan percuma.
    Jawapan: Makan sahajalah. Wang rakyat tu.

    Keadaan: BN suruh kita pangkah BN dalam pilihanraya.
    Jawapan: Haha, tak usah pangkah BN. Siapa kita nak undi, kita punya
    pasal. Hak rakyat tu.

  119. Sam Sambal says:

    Idzan Ismail

    Let’s be clear on this: The imam is NOT favouring Anwar. He is just clearing his name and his conscience. He has expressly refused to state his support for either BN or PR when asked.

    Respect this imam for his integrity. Don’t run him down.

  120. izan bukan mail says:

    Be consistentla. – idzan ismail

    Aiyah katak dibawa tempurung is always consistentla. Cannot think out of the box.

  121. izan bukan mail says:

    Badly brought up merican mamak corrupting malays:

    Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said that they were “still waiting to know how it was leaked out”.

    “They (Hospital Pusrawi) say they want to do an investigation, but my medical practices director says they haven’t done it.

    “But we have gone to Pusrawi and we have done our own investigations. We are waiting,” he told the press Monday after opening National Regulatory Conference here in Subang Jaya…….STAR

  122. […] , Religion Tags: Journalism, Malaysian politics, Permatang Pauh The blogs (see, for e.g. here), websites and newsportal were abuzz since early this morning with the Ramlang’s […]

  123. izan bukan mail says:

    idzan your boyfriend why dont swear:
    Since Najib appears to have this hang-up on swearing on the Quran, and since he was the mastermind behind the idea to get Saiful to do the same, why not he now swear on the Quran that he DID NOT sign this letter below?

  124. machitam says:

    idzan ismail (15:08:29) :
    “Wow, u guys sure change tacks so fast like your idol.
    Last week you all were running down the poor imam.”

    wow, we don’t change tacks, but we uphold the truth. this imam speak out and we respect his courage to tell the truth. anyway, it’s bumno who run him down(the phone call etc). he don’t want to be dragged into it. he refused to be gagged.

    look here idzan, if saiful suddenly change his mine and tell all i.e about the liwat conspiracy, tonight, he will be GUN down in no time…tactics ehh..

  125. suchfun says:

    will this imam be forced to resign ??

  126. suchfun says:

    dont put a “cross” bside bn candidate’s name, the “cross” look like a christian symbol, haram to bn

  127. shamsudin says:

    The Malays in Permatang Pauh, comprising 69% of the voters, are roughly split 60-30 in favour of Anwar Ibrahim over the sodomy claim against the PKR candidate.

  128. Congratulations Malayu.
    Finally the tricks installed correctly, embedded.
    CM Penang will change hands and denied all entry at State and Nation?
    Anwar + Pak Lah is sure a Malay national agenda.
    Malay for Malay…hmmm..a matter of which horse is in front now..
    Goodluck to LKS / LGE and DAP, afterall Tunku Who Aziz 74 years old pain in the hips man is theer to take over DAP..hmmm..
    Age of Pisces..A moslem nation..?
    Haji Hadi..
    Pak Lah won’t leave, till another year..
    As long as Malay holds the politics..

    As for the imam, of course he has to make way for the taboo..
    all family member from north..
    see?..the north conection..?

    as long as Malay runs and hold the tabloid..
    soon, free certificate for Bumiputera-ship whoever surrender their daughter to marry Malay from Permatang Pauh..Pauh lah kut mana pun..

    Cheers !

  129. machitam says:

    i smell a dirty rat…….
    this rat, was thrown out of the dungeon(racist slur township) or lost his way.

    soorry, no takers Ko Yem Binjai…

  130. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah mac, the Yingerliss Manglish sucks, you understand ah? i don’t. Filthy rat must’ve come out from some gutter highschool or madrasah!
    Hahaha, cheers mate.

  131. wits0 says:

    What’s virtually unintelligible can be safely ignored and plonked. It’s the dissimulative presentation that may need a response. Chap, e.g., have been upset and moved elsewhere. 😉 The MCA is utterly indefensible today.

  132. Han says:


    Thanks for the by-election coverage. You’re doing a great job! Malaysian Insider is reporting that the Federal Territory Mufti is claiming Saiful’s oath is valid. He makes no reference to Ramlang’s arguments except to agree with him on the point that an oath requires the presence of both parties to be “sumpah muhabalah”. I don’t know what that means.

    This sentence sums it up for me: “Seeking to assert his authority on the matter, he added that this was why he had a book of scripture in front of him throughout the press conference.”


  133. If the Olympics recognises new game called “Politics”, I’ll bet Malaysia will take “Gold” and BN will claim “Platinum”

  134. storm62 says:

    before – Malaya

    now – Malaysia

    after – United States of Malaysia

  135. loo seow pek says:

    Dear Susan
    Dear all

    This guy is an imposter ! and the comments are not written by me !

    loo seow pek (10:08:54) :
    loo seow pek (10:13:52) :

    My identikon is blue in color whereas the imposter is green in color .

  136. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… wits0, old chaps will be back in no time when he senses his ‘unmentionable’ party’s name uttered! Otherwise his ignoramus alter ego, will.
    Btw, anybody willing to forecast the winning margin or DSAI? Not that i’m a gambling man… err, canine actually.

  137. loo seow pek says:

    It is a fact that if a superior asked you to witness the ceremony , you have to do your duty , nothing wrong with that !
    Before this came out he was cursed , called all sorts of names ,called a BN and UMNO dog etc .

    Ramlang also revealed that he was only instructed to witness the ceremony by his superiors.

    “I also wish to deny that I received any money to witness the swearing. I was only acting on instructions,” said Ramlang

    Well it proves that he was not paid by BN or UMNO to witness the swearing .

    And he has to explain the matter to protect the role of the mosques and the institution.

    He is indeed a righteous guy .

    “It is a political conspiracy by Umno to use religion to save themselves.

    What conpiracy ? Everything here is a conspiracy ! Including the arrest of the two Perak exco s ?
    In the first place why are they discussing that in a hotel ? So BN paid them to discuss that in a hotel !When they were arrested by the ACA , they shifted the blame to Tajol Rosli the former Perak MB . If they have nothing to hide ,what can Tajol Rosli do ? What can the ACA do ? Oh yes this is another conspiracy ! To be caught !

    But surprising Big News like this , nothing written in Susan Loone !

    When the guys who were arrested by the polis for assaulting the two photographers also nothing in those blogs . When the photographers were assaulted , The conspiracy theory were that they were BN people pretending to be PKR people who assaulted them , next they were saying they were agent provocaters by BN , not to be left out , were they were Special Branch operatives . Now that they have been caught and found that they were indeed PKR members , Divisional heads of PKR , suddenly very quite , even if a hornet were to sting them , also no sound from them .

    Back to the swearing thing , the main thing is not the imam witnessing the ceremony , whether senior or junior or chief imam is not the issue . Whether the imam is an UMNO or PKR member is also not the issue . That was just a procedure that someone from the mosque must be around to witness .
    As for the text , whether it is written by him or written by someone is inmaterial . It is still a text . If I were him I would have done the same thing , have it all written down what I want say , just in case I said the wrong thing or missed out certain things as this is a sumpah laknat between him and god .

    But the most important factor is that he swore with a Koran and inside a mosque . Whether I am a muslim or not , I believe NO sane person would hold a religious book and swore something that is not true in a religious place .
    Therefore I believe him NOT the guy who has until today dared not repeat what that young man has done .

  138. Jimmy Page says:

    A little space…”this blinking lot even makes Mahathir look good”
    -Totally agree with you, man. Whose bright idea was it to make
    Najib the Director of Operations for Permatang Pauh? Their
    stupidity is mind boggling. Najib was a huge reason they lost
    in March and Badawi and Unmo still haven’t ‘got it’, after all this
    time. Remarkable. If Anwar doesn’t win by at least 10,000 the
    result was rigged. The people should not give in to provocation.

  139. creeping says:

    Indeed – is taking oath on the Quran haram or halal?

  140. machitam says:

    loo seow pek (22:20:31) :- “imam ramlang, He is indeed a righteous guy.”

    indeed he is. does it make saifool righteous? i don’t think so and he is a liar! he said it’s a coincidence that he didn’t know that the swearing day a day before Pauh nomination day. and no one coax him. imam confessed that it was arranged by najis office…i’m tired???

    loo seow pek – “I believe NO sane person would hold a religious book and swore something that is not true in a religious place .”
    are you a fool or a dongkey? he swear and you believe. look at saifool (don’t look at his face only ahh)

    about the assault, agent provocateur is BN track record. we investigate and took action what? i’m still tired maa..

    Perak PKR exco and ACA , wow very fast lo! go to court already olympic record!

    what is wrong in discussing at a hotel? what only drink drink, pray play and women in hotel. business, training, convention in hotel can what? what must discuss in the mosque one ahhh?

    why shouting when hornet stung you ahh? go to hospital lah…..i’m vely tired lah….

    you believe all this fellow najis, dr M, lingam, saiful, musang, petai, ka ting, sami ahh? why not ask them to swear….then later they do anything they want….they swear what….believe in them

    i don’t believe them ma aa!

  141. dlquill says:

    all these swearing must stop and is making us stupid in front of the whole world, please do no more disgusting insults to god. for example, if i dare to steal or kill a fellow human, you think i am afraid of god!

  142. Payback Time says:

    Hi Susan::: Our Tourism minister can get some ideas and work out a good campaign slogan for the next visit malaysia year…” Welcome to the land of mosque swearing and sd’s.” malaysia truly boleh… When will our country leaders grow up.. we are currently the laughing stock of the world

  143. tamade says:

    Susan, another strong evidence of how EVIL these power brokers of UltaManNo can become.

    They have tarnished the good name of the HOLY RELIGION and the RACE. Pathetic.

  144. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi loo seow pek 22:20:31

    I’m very surprised to see proper English issue forth from your
    keyboard (rather than the usual pornography and juvenile attempts
    at “humour” and “satire” ).

    You wrote: “It is a fact that if a superior asked you to witness the ceremony , you have to do your duty , nothing wrong with that !”

    What kind of logic is that?
    If you are “asked” by your superior to do something that you think is morally wrong, you should refuse to follow the order at the very beginning. This is integrity. So this imam guy should have refused the order right from the beginning.

    “I was only following orders” is the excuse/rationalisation given by the lower-ranking Nazis in the Nuremberg Trials, you know!

  145. ktteokt says:

    Phua Kai Lit, do you know what the Chinese saying “君要臣死,臣不死,视为不忠“ mean?

  146. Anonymous says:

    Dear Permatang Pauh people,
    Please reject BN (Barisan Najis). Barisan Najis cuma tau fitnah orang liwat dan goreng kes liwat. Malaysia akan juga jadi najis kalau Barisan Najis terus perintah negara ini.

  147. we are live @ renaissance.MY … hourly update

    renaissance.MYs last blog post … [P44] D-Day – Hour 4

  148. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi All

    Chaptokam says (in “comments” section of Ktemoc’s blog)
    that the piece in loo seow pek 22:20:31 was actually written
    by him (chaptokam). Chaptokam gave loo seow pek permission to post the
    piece here.

    So, loo seow pek is not only a vulgar disrupter (most likely an
    UMNO cybertrooper) but also a plagiariser i.e. posts the piece without properly acknowledging Chaptokam. No wonder the quality of the post improved considerably as compared to previous pornographic ones!

    I suggest that those of us who want intelligent discussions just ignore this sorry specimen of humanity.

    Phua Kai Lit

    P.S. Ktteokt: unfortunately I don’t read Chinese.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Chaptokam was also ordered to lick his own arse.

    Wonder how he does it.

    Heard he also likes dog’s pricky.

  150. Anonymous says:

    Are you sleeping ?

    Are you sleeping ? Susan Loone

  151. billauchris says:

    I cannot imagine a person of such tender age could have sold his soul to take an oath on the Koran to tell the world that his posterior had been violated!

    In my view, the oath is only good and valid between you and God; but you still have to produce hard evidence that you had been sodomised by someone in the criminal court.

    My advice to you Saiful is this: there is no easy way to success – certainly not through the “back-door”. Who was the lecturer or professor that thought you to stoop so low to climb the political ladder?

    Your whole future is ruined, The public had wasted its investment in you. How can you pay back the public? It is indeed shameful and disgraceful to learn of you through the media.

    Instead of swearing, you should be feeling contrite, confessing your sin and asking God to forgive you for engaging in sodomic activities.

  152. ktteokt says:

    Thank you Ustaz Ramlang! Your explanation was TIMELY!

  153. ktteokt says:

    Phua Kai Lit, the Chinese words meant “You are disloyal if the Emperor wants you dead and if you are notl!”

  154. zam88 says:

    ramlang porigi adalah imam masjid Wilayah Persekutuan tempat Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan melafazkan sumpahnya.ketika upacara melafaz sumpah oleh saiful bukhari,ramlang porigi sedang bertugas ketika itu dan wajar baginya hadir dlm upacara tersebut kerana upacara tersebut dibuat oleh orang luar(saiful bukhari) di dalam masjid tersebut.lagipun soal menentukan sama ada sumpah yg dilafaz oleh saiful bukhari sah atau tidak bukanlah dalam bidang atau kepakaran beliau.hanya mereka yang pakar dlm bidang tersebut saja yang layak mengeluarkan kenyataan mengenai status sumpah tersebut.jadi tidak wajar ramlang porigi bercakap tentang soal hukum.lagipun para mufti yang pakar tentang hukum agama telah pun mengesahkn bahawa sumpah yang dilafaz oleh saiful bukhari adalah sah disisi Islam.takkanlah orang Islam nak percaya dengan kata2 org yg tidak pakar dlm soal hukum agama.sebaliknya kata2 orang yang pakar dlm soal hukum agama ditolak ke tepi.fikirlah dengan sebaik-baiknya.ini soal hukum agama.

  155. Abunawaz says:

    Permatang Pauh telah mengajar kami untuk menderhaka kepada UMNO, walaupun permulaan yang berat, saya dan rakan-rakan terpaksa memilih jalan keluar untuk menderhaka kepada UMNO.
    Kami sememangnya ahli UMNO Parlimen Permatang Pauh yang tidak mempunyai apa apa jawatan sekadar ahli dan pengundi biasa sahaja.
    Benar sebagaimana kata Tun Mahathir PKR tidak menang tetapi BN yang kalah. .Undi kami adalah untuk mesej yang jelas kepada UMNO hentikan budaya pak turut, politik wang dan takut untuk membuat perubahan. Bukan saja Pak Lah tidak layak memimpin UMNO malah bakal pengantinya Najib pun tidak layak.

    Rtm dan TV3 yang berulang kali menyiarkan akuan bersumpah Saifol serta ceramah di selitkan pasal sumpah Najib pula bersumpah, Tajul Rosli pula bersumpah ini semua membuat kami benci . apakahkah tidak sedar perangai orang melayu sejak sekian lama lagi budaya orang melayu suka mengucapkan kalimah sumpah DemiAllah dimana saja apabila berlaku pembohongan.Zaman kanak kanak sering bergaduh dan bersumpah membuat pembohongan untuk meyakin orang . tetapi apabila dirotan barulah mengaku kebenaranya. Pada mulanya memang kami bersimpati kepada Saifol dalam kes liwat dan kami percaya. dan apabila sahaja ia bersumpah untuk meyakin kebenaranya maka hilang kepercayaan kami kepada beliau.. Apakah kita tidak yakin pada ALLAH S.W.T.untuk membantu sekiranya benar, mengapa perlu takut sehingga bersumpah sumpah untuk memberikan kepercayaan pada orang lain . Akibat daripada perbuatan ini bersumpah bukan pada masanya dan tidak serta bersama sama tertuduh kami berangapan pembohongan telah bermula.

    Apakah UMNO takut untuk membuat perubahan, ujudnya team penyokong pemimpin tertentu membuat UMNO pak turut takut hilang jawatan ,takut projek tak dapat dan menyokong untuk dapat projek semata mata. Dari peringkat daerah dan bahagian lagi telah dapat dilihat betapa mudahnya mereka mereka yang rapat dengan pemimpin yang tinggi senang dapar projek dan kerjaya. Bagi kami ahli biasa cuma memenuhi dewan untuk mendengar syarahan serta makan kuah kuah yang lebih.

    UMNO tidak usah untuk mewawarkan pembangunan kemajuan untuk melayu, sedangkan pembangunan yang ada menghimpit orang melayu. Melayu akan terpinggir daripada pembangunan, berapa ramai orang melayu yang mampu membeli bangunan dikawasan yang dibangunkan. Kami tidak mahu melayu Permatang Pauh akan jadi melayu Telok Bahang,Bukit Jambul yang terpaksa meninggalkan kampung halaman dirangkus kemajuan era pemerintahan BN.
    Sedar atau tidak sedar pada UMNO agenda ekonomi untuk rakyat adalah kami pandang amat penting. Tun Razak telah berjaya dalam usahanya dengan mengujudkan LKTP yang kini dikenali Felda. Tun Mahathir telah membuka peluang perkerjaan dalam industri kepada rakyat. Pak Lah membebankan rakyat dengan kenaikan perubahan harga minyak mendadak… apa salahnya naik sikit skit dulu.

    Walau apa pun disini kami sebagai ahli UMNO tetap akan melakukan perubahan untuk negara sekiranya UMNO tidak berubah dan masih dengan budaya lama politik wang, PRU yang akan datang UMNO akan menjadi pembangkan atau pun berkubur ,amin.

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