The title of this post is just a gimmick. Following the campaign trail of what is dubbed the mother of all by-elections, one learns very fast.

It was a gloomy day in Permatang Pauh today.  The rain spoilt most of the fun, which included, field visits by both the candidates for the P44 battle field.

Till yet, I have not attended any of Anwar Ibrahim’s or Parti Keadilan’s ceramah (I only attended one ceramah by UMNO with Ezam Mohd Nor as the superstar).

Ceramahs can be boring with the speakers recycling their issues day after day.  Keadilan’s or PAKATAN’s message to the people is quite clear: You are voting for the next Prime Minister. It is now or never.

And by voting for the next PM, you can bet there will be lots of miracles, like this one:

Do you believe him?

“Lets give him a chance and see if he can do it,” said some hopefuls.

Barisan Nasional or UMNO’s message is exactly the opposite, as they try to capitalise on the Malay ground, thinking they have captured the Chinese voters by presenting Arif Shah, a candidate who can speak Mandarin well.

Arif looks very much older than Anwar, his opponent, though the former is only in his 50s, while Anwar is 61. Not a big deal, huh?

But the ability to speak Chinese? I wonder if that is the only thing in the minds of Malaysian Chinese these days?

What my aunty said could be shared by many others, too, and explains the reason why BN/UMNO continues to win some gounds in all elections.

“If we vote in Keadilan, there will be Malays in the party, unlike MCA,” she added. I was rather speechless, at the ‘wisdom’ of my 70 year old aunt. 

But I was around Yayasan Aman today, waiting for a group of sacked workers from a multi-national company bring their case to the Permatang Pauh candidate.

I noticed Keadilan was very well equipped with a wifi connected media centre for journalists this time. This centre dishes out information about Anwar’s whereabout every day.

“I must salute them. The BN isn’t well prepared at all this time. I called them up for information on Arif Shah’s whereabouts and they told me to call them back at 1am. Can you imagine that?” said a senior female journalist from The STAR.

For me, I was only too happy to find a spot for blogger(s) with my blog’s URL pasted in one corner. If you are a blogger and you tell them u need a spot, they’ll do the same for you 🙂

Then I met Anwar and his wife Wan Azizah.

Anwar looked weary after making several rounds of home visits, which was cut short by a heavy downpour at noon today, but was still his cheerful self. Azizah was talkactive.

Anwar wanted to know what was the current response on the ground, he was told that it was hard to tell. There is word going around that Anwar is losing support.

Could it be due to Saiful Bukhairy latest stunt of swearing on the Quran that he was indeed sodomised by Anwar, and it was without his consent?

Could it be due to Ezam’s incessant ‘expose’ about Anwar’s ‘deep and wild’ secrets, forever taunting his former friend and colleague to answer all this allegations?

Could it be the bad image Keadilan had earned after several reports of violence against journalists/photographers lodged against the party?

(The question that goes around the fraternity these days include: why those journalists and not one of us?)

Perhaps Anwar is losing support due to Najib Tun Razak’s excellent election strategy in Permatang Pauh? (Which does not include a really huge poster of Altantuya hanging hauntingly in Seberang Jaya – promise to snap a shot tomorrow).

Whichever it was, we wanted to know what was Anwar’s response to all the allegations made by Ezam, his former political aide, ever since the latter joined UMNO.

But Anwar refused to be dragged into any prolonged conversation regarding Ezam.

“I do not want to entertain him,” said Anwar.

What about the six boxes of secrets which he said was in your safekeeping, we asked.

“All this while, he said he had them. Now suddenly, they are with me. How come?” he asked innocently.

And the RM1billion each to 15 crony companies under a special contractor scheme while he was finance minister?

“If he has evidence, ask him to make a police report,” Anwar added.

The answers were crisp and concise. He wasn’t even angry when confronted with the questions. There was naught a trace of bitterness in his voice. Anwar looks like he is well over Ezam.

But can he put up a good fight against Arif Shah? He has confidently said he can beat Anwar. Well, with all the BN machineries behind him, I am not surprised that he will.

“I have nothing against him. But he represents UMNO and racial politics,” says Anwar, who mostly takes an offensive, sometimes defensive approach in his campaign, fighting off all the allegations against him.

Do the fence sitters still want to dabble in racial politics while their friends and relatives shift, cross and jump over to a new beginning?

That is a grave challenge to Permatang Pauh voters,and truth be told, for all Malaysians as well.

Would Permatang Pauh voters set the pace for the possible change of the Malaysian political scenario or would they cave in and choose to die another day with the ‘devil they know’?

If ever I had faith in politics, it is to believe that voters are not stupid, only too practical, and sometimes not really for their own good.

But whether their practicality, good sense or calculated risks, translate into votes that count for Keadilan and PAKATAN, depends very much on whether the Election Commission is free and fair.

We await reports from MAFREL, Malaysia’s very own free and fair election monitoring outfit which has set up office at 1508, Tingkat 1, Arowana Road, Taman Arowana, in Seberang Jaya.

Click on the website and see some ‘lucah’ pixs of BN supporters immitating a sodomy act. Utterly disgusting indeed.

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  1. Ghani says:

    Susan, the AMNO mat rempits are doing it in broad day light. That’s the nefarious culture AMNO taught the Malays, part of islam hadhari you know. Anyway, don’t be “cruel” on AMNO by making them sleep as you entertain them with jokes like that they are gaining ground. “Gimmick” as you said though! The fact is, they may end up scraping through to retain their desposit. And now Gerakan practically endorses the PR leader in one way (of saying let’s quit BN) or another (Dr. Toh supporting DSAI). For more details:

    “Even bookies are getting into the act, taking bets on a 10,000 to 15,000 majority win for the Pakatan de facto leader. Reliable intelligence places the lead at 18,000-vote majority”

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  3. Ghani says:

    How comes Ezam didn’t lodge a police report against the “corrupt” Anwar? Ha ha ha! But how comes he literally worshipped a corrupt man and went to jail worshipping him and nothing but him? Why was he worshipping Anwar before? Literally crying and saying Anwar is related to Prophet Muhammad and that he is an angel sent from the heavens? Sheesh! I’m falling from my chair laughing. Yes, that’s how cheap charlatans work. People who always move like hungary birds looking for “makan” and settle on every tree. I wish he knows how people including AMNO people view him, but that realisation only applies to men and women who are alive, not a walking dead man. His loyalty was to the face rather than values. Today, he has the temerity to tell us Dollah is fighting corruption and taking Malaysia into the developed states league! Huh! Give me a glass of water, I’m barfing.

  4. Ghani says:

    Dead man walking not “walking dead man.” Sorry for the mishap.

  5. Richard Loh says:

    I hope that PKR see your last picture of the two dogs in the act. They can get your negative and have them printed out in big banner form and hang them throughout PP.

  6. shaydflin says:


    Everything is possible in politics. Luck too is an important factor. You may go up and you may down.

    Allah will decide who will win.

  7. Halfpasssix says:

    Looking at your photo my grandson asked me “How come the daching is always lopsided?” I wonder what that means. Can some wise guy elaborate? Please?

  8. wits0 says:

    The last picture is priceless for working against bumno for it demonstrates what it has been doing to the country for 40+ of the 51 years.

  9. doggone says:

    Actually those pictures says a lot.

    With some titbits and the promise of a brighter future, many mentally challenged youth are taught and then cajoled to demonstrate the art-of-sodomy to public galleries. They must really feel proud since they have their 60 seconds of fame while appeasing the power that be. New bikes for the best actors…if only one would pull down his pants while the other stick it in.

  10. future 10 generation kid says:

    Ha ha ha! Harimau mati meninggal kulit, orang mati meninggal nama……

    Mahathir (pukimak), Badawi (pukimak), Ghafa (pukimak), Ling Liong Sik (pukimak), Samy Vellu (pukimak), Lim Keng Aik (pukimak), OKT (pukimak), Lee Kim Sai (pukimak), Harun (pukimak), Azazan (pukimak), Umi Helmi (pukimak), Paul augustine(pukimak), Zam(pukimak), LKS (pukimak), ……

  11. no way says:

    Ha ha ha! Harimau mati meninggal kulit, orang mati meninggal nama……

    Mahathir (pukimak), Badawi (pukimak), Ghafa (pukimak), Ling Liong Sik (pukimak), Samy Vellu (pukimak), Lim Keng Aik (pukimak), OKT (pukimak), Lee Kim Sai (pukimak), Harun (pukimak), Azazan (pukimak), Umi Helmi (pukimak), Paul augustine(pukimak), Zam(pukimak), LKS (pukimak), ……

    “Man is not free unless government is limited.” — Ronald Reagan: Farewell Speech, 1988

    “We’re dealing with the oldest political error: the belief that because everyone wants something, government should or must provide it. If the error is pervasive, the result is the total state. If it is completely uprooted, the result is the purely free society.” — Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

  12. Feroz Merican says:

    I’ll put 10 ringgit on an 18,000 majority. I give you half ball, you just pay 5 bucks cukup. This will be the end of Umno; and definitely, surely, absolutely, the end of Barisan Nasional. I would hire more bodyguards for Anwar, though, that will be the only recourse left to Badawi and Najib. They can easily say a guy went amok and stabbed Anwar with a knife –a keris would be a more fitting touch–remember, Gandhi and Rabin and JFK were killed by their own. Do you trust the Police? Do you trust the Army?
    Then you better make sure Anwar has the wherewithal to defend himself. As soon as he wins, his life will be in serious danger, and I say that as someone who wants to see the end of UMNO and Barisan. And avoid helicopters and light aircraft, Mr. Anwar.

  13. no pain no gain says:

    Dear sloone, thanks for all the reports and keeping us up to date the latest news in PP.

    Yes! The kampong folks are gullible. Can’t blame them as the ‘salesmen’ from the BN are very good indeed in by-election sale talks. They can even convince the Eskimos to buy freezer from them, let alone the gullible kampong folks….

    “Without consistent recognition and protection of individual rights, no civilization can last long. People’s ability and willingness to simply live in close proximity to one another, let alone their ability and willingness to cooperate with one another, would be lost (Of course, the importance of rights is irrelevant to anyone who lives as a hermit in permanent isolation.). Anyone who uses even the tiniest product or benefit of civilization to advocate even the “tiniest” violation of human rights is guilty of perpetrating the fallacy of the stolen concept (in this case trying to use rights to deny rights), the inconsistency which destroys civilization, and all its benefits, in the long run (in effect using civilization to destroy civilization).” — Rick Gaber

  14. Kherry Scarry says:

    Difficult and never trust politicians..especially the BN govt …so why not give Anwar a chance, after all BN already had 50 years…and we are behind most of our neighbours….

    We already losing out under BN…why not give a change….

  15. zackdanial says:

    Lets pay that Anwar wins . If he wins by 1 vote majority , so be it . BN spending millions in P.Pauh . I wish im as lucky as P.Pauh voters . My kawasan “pandan” need lots of freebeeis

  16. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Susan and Friends

    The NST does this ALL the time!
    That is, the NST gives slanted titles like these
    to its articles that report on the Pakatan Rakyat!

    They beat you to it, Susan! 🙂

  17. Banker says:

    If Ezam can be trusted, shit also can eat.

    Afterall I was given to understand TDZ is behind him and those older small rubber plantation owners know very well who to trust having been cheated of their own land by him in the guise of Kedah State Government and which is now “Aman Jaya at Sg Petani”

  18. chris chong says:

    UMNO has no agenda. they promote only sodomy. and they are very proud of that.
    yet they got some supports… malaysians boleh!

  19. omg says:

    soli side track abit as i cant post comment in MT

    RPK article – Shafee Abdullah: sodomologist extraordinaire DATED 6 August
    “As soon as Parliament convenes later this month they will rush through a new law that will make it mandatory for you to hand over your specimen if the police demands that you do so.”

    AP – Malaysia Debates DNA Bill With Eye On Anwar Case DATED 18 August

    omg omg…RPK prove his claim again!!!

  20. Freddy Toh says:

    But the ability to speak Chinese? I wonder if that is the only thing in the minds of Malaysian Chinese these days?

    so this arif shah was educated in chinese vernacular school and sends his kids to such schools. the question in the mind of many today …. if that is so, doesn’t he understand the needs and/or aspirations of the chinese? the community would want to believe that he does but why the party he belongs to is RACIST to the core? unless he proves himself that he’s ready to dismantle racist instutitions, i guess the answer is clear …. pangkah anwar!

    btw, thestar reported that arif shah is currently doing a PhD at Edison University of Technology. so far, all those who seek info about this university has failed!!! no such universityleh. maybe a secret university from umno?

  21. Muslim says:


  22. daryl says:

    Look at the dogs….. must be the season for making more babies… But, no look again they are BN dogs and now I know why they have to use the “liwat” method. They need to enjoy themselves and charge it to someone else. Dogs will always be dogs….

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Devan says:

    Those two are UMNO Dogs. Now who are the troublemakers??? These type of acts riles up anybody. Why dont PKR make a mock dead body and tie it up with C4???
    But I dont think PKR will do that ..only morally corrupt Umno link Mat Rempits will do thAT…!!!!

  25. mark c says:

    not taking everything in account, just from the appearance of the candidates, it would seem, to me at least, that DSAI has got a more pleasant demeanor.

    furthermore, that ezam chap looks like a double headed snake…..together with those shifty eyes…..i can understand why Ghani barfed…:)

  26. disgusted says:

    Suggest that all bloggers use every mean to publicise this picture, focus to make it SO popular under the heading such as “Is this the bunch we want to trust with the ducation and welfare of our children?”, or something like that.

  27. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…I saw the Altantuya poster yesterday evening…..very scary lah..its the 7th month you know…

    Yeah, I heard the BN campaign has had some effect, possibly eat into Anwar’s majority. but not enough to win.
    Arif Shah is quite popular in Seberang Jaya for his constituency work. A fair number of Chinese residents like him for his down-to-earth ways.

    In rural Malay areas, the ceramahs painting Anwar as a “traitor” possibly has some effect. Then again Arif Shah is not well known in the kampung areas.

  28. Farah says:

    “Do the fence sitters still want to dabble in racial politics while their friends and relatives shift, cross and jump over to a new beginning?” -Susan

    Sear Susan,

    It’s at best you can proffer the aforesaid question to your racist friend -Ktemoc -wherein Anwar’s promise is to release all political prisoners incarcerated under the ISA. The likes of Ktemoc can only be compared to Wong Chun Wai. They sleuthed on every trivial gaffe of AI, magnified and disinformed the trivialities to support their own ill-wills. RTMs, Ktemocs and his underlings – BobbyNZ and Ayoyosamy, WCW, whenever they speaks, I switched channels.

    Staff Nurse Farah,
    Assistant Nurse to Dr. Ismail Merican.

  29. bamboo river says:

    About 64% of the PP voters are Malays . This should be the main priority of Umno at this time. However, what about the non malays? What are their impression and views of the various accusations thrown at DSAI? Ezam is working overtime to convince the malays but what about the rest of the component parties? MCA ,MIC and Gerakan not compaigning too?

  30. streamer says:

    SEBERANG JAYA, Aug 19 — The crowds who throng Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s nightly ceramahs number in the thousands, but Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah’s ceramahs only muster a few hundred — most of them party workers.

    By way of explaining the poor turnout, Barisan Nasional loyalists say they prefer house-to-house campaigning, claiming that big rallies do not necessarily translate into votes.

    The problem is this is the same answer BN candidates gave during the March 8 general election campaign. And back then, former MP Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, who was contesting in Permatang Pauh, did not hold nightly rallies like her husband is doing now. And she ended up winning with a 13,000-plus majority.

    – The Malaysian Insider

  31. politicanalyst says:

    Owh offense but arif shah is well known in the kampung areas in permatang pauh and also in penang as well. So please don’t twist the facts up.

    BN know they might not win the election because its the stronghold of PKR anyway, but politics are complicated because BN has their strategy so does the PKR. I don’t wish to elaborate the strategies in this comment. However I think that the results may turn out different than expected.

  32. yang says:

    Aiyah after Sept 16 Ariff also will joing PKR.

  33. Pah Eng Cheong says:

    I don’t understand why BN are still having its component parties suffering for AMNO, despite massive amount of negative reports surfacing against this particular party. The leaders of those components parties can be ‘bought’ but how about all its members ? Are they that dumb ?

  34. Seberang Ah Vun says:

    We dont care you WHITE Hair Speak Chinese, speak Hokkien Speak Indian AS LONG YOU FROM BN UMNO ! WE NOT VOTE FOR YOU !

  35. ciltra says:

    YES.The only way to let everyone know how low BN mentality is,is to make huge posters of these obscene photos and display not only in PP but whole of Malaysia,Sabah and Sarawak too.It will be even better if we can display one during Merdeka Day.How low can a human being stoop when he is desperate!!!!!

  36. wits0 says:

    Tuna sings a song of crummy scraps:
    Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN
    Aug 19, 08 10:10am
    # And specifically for the Indian voters in Permatang Pauh – standing at about 3,500 of them – Najib said the government has agreed to approve scrap metal collector’s licence for them.
    Try offering to free the Hindraf detainees ler, cheapie dummkopf!
    Might just make a mite more difference.

  37. Non-partisan says:

    While I am in favour of a decisive PR victory in Permatang Pauh, the country is facing intelectual choices that are more complex than just choosing between PR and BN.

    Internally, both these parties will continue to be divided and weakened by two paradoxical political philosophies: individualism and statism.

    There is a middle way, which is distributism. Could this be the answer to a stronger and more stable coalition for PR? More thoughts at

  38. idzan ismail says:

    Hi guys

    Do yoi believe him? Of course not. Not on my life.
    A rabble rouser. Dragging the rakyat to make a choice just to massage his ego.
    Let’s pray the Permatang Pauh folks will make him fade into oblivion.
    Then we can have a peaceful Malaysia.
    If he wins he won’t get a big majority.
    Dont be schocked if he lose, okay

  39. Menyalak-er says:

    A ha… A hedger to the extreme – is this a new idealogy ‘distributism’? Like ‘botulinism’, deadly food poisoning? Want to have a cake to eat, but don’t want to count the calories?
    As far as i’m aware the govts are one of these types: democratic, communistic, socialistic, anarchic (Somalia), fascist, monarchic, theocratic but ‘distributic’?
    Must be new theory i’ve never come across, cos i’m a moron.
    At least sdr. idzan ismail knows he’s with the fascists which is his right.
    Wahai, Non-partisan, please don’t say two things in the same breath! It’s putrid, just say you want DSAI to win, full-stop.

  40. Fortified City says:

    If they need someone to speak chinese, I think YB LKS is the best candidate to be the Prime Minster of Malaysia.He can speak perfect chinese to all Malaysians.

    This excuse is just to put the easily ‘saleable’ Chinese under their control.There are Chinese who cannot be bought over. LKS and his ‘gang’ cannot be bought over all through these 50 years. They have proven themselves to be clean of the evil pull of money. I think the Gerakan Mr. Toh is also one of them who cannot be bought over with money. He can walk out clean.

    How many BN men can walk out clean that way, not many left I suppose.

    Why do they want to stop DSAI? Its because of this great evil motivation for mankind, the evil called ‘Money’. They want control of the country’s money.
    But for DSAI his motivation for the post of Prime Minister is to lead the country to be corrupt free.

    This time BN is in for the greatest surprise of the worst kind. It will be the first for many things in this country. This is coming soon in multi-pronged ways.

  41. NorHaslim says:

    too early for us to predict the outcome of this election. Say anything that you may want to say but the people of Permatang Pauh has the final vote.
    If in PRU12 PR can create a shocking result, BN also has a fair chance of creating a suprise in this by-election.

  42. idzan ismail says:

    Hi menyalak-er

    I respect your opinion. By the way I am a lady. Proud to be one

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh dear, forgive me, idzan. Shows you how well we can get along, if we’re mature enough. True ‘salt of the earth’ – Well good luck on our respective candidates.

  44. selvaraja somiah says:

    Yes you are right Susan, “The question that goes around the fraternity these days include: why those journalists and not one of us?” Say it again, why those journalist is not one of us??

  45. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:


    Excellent campaign materials to be shared & printed out ASAP.

    Please disseminate at once. Thanks

  46. Leo says:

    Najib wants t Indian votes???????? BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT Pak Najib must release the 5 Hindraf and talk to them. They are not a threat. If one of them can win the Kota Alam Shah shows rakyat are not stupid to vote a terrorist. Since Uncle Samy do not know our needs so u hv to talk to the Hindraf 5. Pak Najib!!! we r human and we are not perfect. So please realise NOW and bertaubat before its too late.

  47. loo seow pek says:

    idzan ismail (11:33:28) : may your prediction come true ! We will all celebrate !

  48. loo seow pek says:

    NorHaslim (12:51:57) : the pendulum has swung to the BN side . Lets hope the liwat man looses . Hahaha

  49. loo seow pek says:

    hello Farah (09:20:52) :
    Staff Nurse Farah,
    Assistant Nurse to Dr. Ismail Merican.

    I just called Dr Ismail merican on his handphone , you are very lucky , he says no such person otherwise sorry lah ! so cut the crap about assistant nurse to the Dr Ismail , but he say got ass nurse ade !!

  50. Hahaha says:

    The art of consensual sodomy, brought about from the ‘Father of Sodomy’ Mamak, was performed faultless by his followers. Mamak, now can rest in peace, his greatest achievement for his Bolehland is recognised by the world for this fine art!

  51. […] read it from Susan Loone’s blog. I noticed Keadilan was very well equipped with a wifi connected media centre for journalists this […]

  52. sklee says:

    Arif Shah , the Seberang Jaya assemblyman, does have some support from the chinese community mainly because of his service record.However, because of the importance of the Permatang Pauh by-election, the chinese community will not support him.Just because he can speak Hokkien and Mandarin will not make any difference!Most of the voters are politically aware.Arif Shah represents a racially biased party, and will not get most of the chinese votes.If DSAI do have majority Malay support as predicted,he should win comfortably.The few Indian votes are definitely for Pakatan.

  53. daeng says:

    August 18, 2008

    What a response it was! 40,000 residents of the Bukit Jelutong-Permatang Pasir ceramah yesterday evening (August 17) which featured PAS and PKR leaders with special appearance of the candidate for Permatang Pauh constituency and local wira (hero), Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Not even the presence of the FRU could prevent this massive turnout.

  54. daeng says:

    When Saiful emerged from the department at about 1.10pm, he did not smile for cameras nor acknowledge the media presence unlike his previous run-ins with the press.

    He was flanked by several unidentified men before entering the Proton Waja which screeched off the tarmac.

    Witnesses to the incident said that the car had four other men on board, all in dark glasses.

  55. Doc says:

    An Old Timer: I read in one of the local papers that the BN candidate for Permatang Pauh, Arif Shah has a diploma in civil engineering from Grabel International and is currently pursuing a Ph.d from Edison University of Technology.

    I did a quick Internet search and could not find any information on either of the institutions.

    Could it be that Grabel International is one of those unaccredited private colleges located in one those shophouses in Chow Kit Road and could it be that Edison University of Technology one of those many diploma mills churning out Bachelors, Masters and Phd degrees at prices ranging from US$100 to US$1,000?

  56. Ridxuan says:

    Lets give DSAI a chance to turn malaysia into new era. We do not know what will be happening in the future but we know what was /is happening with our current government’s practise.We need changes.We bored with them.We hope DSAI win.We support u

  57. Dr. Rosli says:

    Susan, DSAI will win. I have no doubt in my mind.

    The only way DSAI can be defeated is through a massive cheating. Don’t discount the ability of UMNO to do this. Hence, Pakatan must make sure room for cheating is minimised.

    For that beast act, can someone please make a police report of indecency act or report the case to Mahkamah Syariah. That kind of act in public is a punishable offence under our law.

  58. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Loo Seow Pek

    Thanks. You have got a friend in me.
    Loks like only two of us on this site for BN.
    Anyways, I am certain we are celebrating soon. No kidding
    Minority rules here

  59. xy says:

    rome is not made in a day and thru’ changes we hope to make a better rome.

    beware also it can be a long road.

    chen shui bian and DPP came to power with a image and promise of clean government and justice for the underdogs.

    8 years on, chen shui bian turned out to be one of the most corrupt and deceitful player taiwan has even seen.

    a healthy system should be dependent on a few individuals for power over corrupt the minds.

    lots of things need to be overhauled, in fact surgical overhaul. but the whole system is in stage III cancer so the process of overhaul will be a long and painful one.

  60. xy says:

    sorry, correction :

    “..a healthy system should be INDEPEDNENT…..”

  61. xy says:

    sorry should be :

    ” …. should NOT be dependent on…….power over TIME corrupt the minds.”

  62. kittykat46 says:

    Najib made the stupidest statement offering Indians in Permatang Pauh scrap collection licences. He’s just perpetuating the stereotype of Indian scrap bottle collectors.

    Right now Indian support for BN, especially among the lower income group is at rock bottom. If he’s serious about winning back their support , he needs to address the Hindraf detainees issue. No amount of MIC rebranding is going to do any good.

    About 1/4 of my office staff are Seberang Jaya voters. We did a survey as Aug 26 is a working day, but we have to allow the relevant employees time out to go to vote. Most of the staff are young, twenties to thirties, the usual mix of all races.
    My informal assessment – with a few exceptions, its Anwar all the way. I didn’t think most of them are polictically aware, but it seems people understand very well whats at stake. Its not just about electing Anwar as MP, its about sending Anwar and PR to Putrajaya.

    A heck of a lot of Penangites will be cheering him on.

  63. chaptokam says:

    idzan ismail

    We have three here , that includes me ! Maybe more ! Been to other sites like ktemoc so loo seow pek is here . lets work together !

  64. chaptokam says:

    daryl (08:24:14) :

    Look at the dogs….. must be the season for making more babies… But, no look again they are BN dogs and now I know why they have to use the “liwat” method. They need to enjoy themselves and charge it to someone else. Dogs will always be dogs….

    Trained by Anwar , the master !

  65. daryl says:


    LOL… show me the evidence and I will agree with you. Don’t give me PDRM, saiful, Dr M. said this or that. I mean real evidence. Don’t defile the Quran by bringing it up that Saiful swear by it. I will swear on anything just to avoid jail time for filling false report.

    Than again. I am talking to a dog so I expect him to bark loudly or run away with his tail between the hind legs…

  66. RBY says:

    I heard from a friend that BN is going around houses to house offering RM100.00 (rather cheap) to ppl who will vote for BN. They would just take your ic particulars. If this true may God have mercy with Malaysia.

    Even if Anwar were to win the gov can just throw him into jail and this time may put him in longer as a second time offender. What hope have we got?

    Everyone needs change but as we can see unless we get the majority of the seats there can be hardly any change. The present gov does not support the PR state gov and the police are making life hard for those elected PR rep.

    All we need is someone who wares PKR T.shirts or proclaimed to be PKR and causes some ruckus here and there…that will be it. Ppl will believe anything. The medias are all pro gov. When can we learn the truth?

    To many misdirection and wag the dog is occurring. We should stay focused on the most important issue: WE WANT CHANGE.

  67. Farah says:

    “Well well who have we got here. “Chamkamlan”. I have seen others complaining about this sneaky weasel however in overlooking his comments I make it my absence to hold you no business in mine. Looks like your critics are right, your ass is in the ringer -PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT.

    Staff Nurse Farah
    Assistant to Dr. Ismail Merican

  68. RBY says:

    “The UiTM student demonstration is a sensitive issue but the people need to look at the bigger picture because Malaysia has a liberal education system that offers all students opportunities,” he said. As quoted from the star 19 of Aug. by our DPM. So it is ok for malays to demo and gov is ok for that?

    When the Bar council hold a forum, it is being criticized as anti islam. Don’t you think the bar council knows what they are doing? They are lawyers by profession and they certainly know what can be said and what can’t and yet a bald headed guy said that they are asking for it (the street demo) when they hold that forum. Is he/ them the gov in power seriously telling us THE GOV condones street demos as long as it is for the benefit of the malays?

    Help me please anyone out there…for I am very confused about our gov. Tell me what is happening. Why are our very highly educated leaders doing to the country? Once the malays, indian and chinese can sit together and enjoy each other company without fears and distrust. We can call each other abang adik. Now we can only dream that those days once existed. Our Pak lah champions for the Malays, Samy champions for the Indians and MCA (too disgusted to mention) champions for themselves and Anwar Ibrahim CHAMPIONS for MALAYSIANS. Please who ever is sane enough see through the lies. The truth is with the CHAMPIONS for Malaysian. I am proud to be malaysian.

  69. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 (IPS) – A series of tough measures in recent weeks has raised fears of a major crackdown against tolerance and dissent as rival political forces battle for state power in a society made fragile by economic uncertainties and decades of autocratic rule.

    An influential Catholic newsletter faces closure, an inter-ethnic forum on religious freedom gets forcibly disrupted, a popular book on Islam by a respected Malaysian academic is banned and a senior judge has ordered a prominent blogger to reveal his sources as well as the identities of hundreds of thousands of net users who wrote comments to his postings.

    “Taken together there is a growing climate of fear and intolerance,’’ said Yap Swee Seng, executive director of Suaram, a leading human rights organisation.

    “Tolerance for dissent and freedom of media is narrowing,” he told IPS. “What little media freedom existed is now under severe threat.”

  70. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 (IPS) – A series of tough measures in recent weeks has raised fears of a major crackdown against tolerance and dissent as rival political forces battle for state power in a society made fragile by economic uncertainties and decades of autocratic rule.

    An influential Catholic newsletter faces closure, an inter-ethnic forum on religious freedom gets forcibly disrupted, a popular book on Islam by a respected Malaysian academic is banned and a senior judge has ordered a prominent blogger to reveal his sources as well as the identities of hundreds of thousands of net users who wrote comments to his postings.

    “Taken together there is a growing climate of fear and intolerance,’’ said Yap Swee Seng, executive director of Suaram, a leading human rights organisation.

    “Tolerance for dissent and freedom of media is narrowing,” he told IPS. “What little media freedom existed is now under severe threat.”

  71. hutchrun says:

    Last month the Federal Court of Malaysia ruled Anwar could challenge the constitutionality of his original dismissal from office.

  72. rajraman666 says:

    Anwar losing support?
    Dont be kidding lah warlords

    rajraman.I calling anwar as MY PAPA (pak anuar) because i fed fed up with one call himself (Pak Laaah) as PM for all Malaysian (but yes for his cronies).

  73. Feroz Merican says:

    Scrap collection licence. Beautiful. Najib is a genius. Now Anwar will win with a 20, 000 vote majority. Isn’t it great when your enemies hang themselves with their own rope?
    I think Najib is hoping for a disastrous defeat so that Badawi’s postion is untenable and he will resign within a month. That’s the only reason Najib is talking about scrap collection. A huge victory for Anwar and PKR reflects badly on Badawi, so he will have no chance of surviving the UMNO General Assembly. Najib is so greedy all he can see is the prize. He doesn’t realize he will be voted out, too. Beautiful. Who is in third place?
    Does anybody know?

  74. Muming says:

    Secondly, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan, IC No: 850706-01-5687, of No. 29, Jalan BU 7/6, Selangor, swore on the Quran at 6.00pm on 15 August in the Federal Territory Mosque in front of Ramlang Bin Porigi, UMNO Member No. 03405853 of Cawangan Seri Macang, Bahagian Bukit Mertajam, Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

    Can you now see the comedy of the whole thing? Ramlang Porigi, the so-called ‘Imam’ who conducted Saiful’s swearing on the Quran, other than possessing a name that sounds like an illegal Indonesian immigrant who has just been given a ‘blue’ IC, is an UMNO member from Permatang Pauh. Any wonder why Anwar ‘tak layan’ this whole matter? It was all a circus show for the benefit of the Permatang Pauh voters.

  75. Menyalak-er says:

    Ramlang b. Poringe? Isn’t his brother “Engaporigey”?
    Tamil for “where are you going?”

  76. Eric says:

    I don’t understand why people can be affected by Ezam talking about what Anwar did while he was in UMNO. That was long time ago. Is that relevant? Today is 2008! Guys, do u agree?

  77. Eric says:

    Furthermore, Anwar has gone to jail. Whatever in the past does it really matter?

    If I”m P.Pauh voter, I’ll be angry as I will consider Ezam insulting my intelligence

  78. bee says:

    i live in pmtg pauh,i can 100% told u all malaysians dat anwar will win 100% in tis election!!! bcoz he is our hope,n we,all the citizens from pmtg pauh will fully support him no matter we r chineses,malays or indians.we r all malaysians!i don like umno alwaz playing the different races btween us!why ??totally hate the bn!hate umno!hate mca!hate kor shu khoon!n for arisah,i think he should join the pakatan rakyat.anwar will win tis war!!!

  79. Kah Seng says:

    The other question is: Does Arif Shah really have the support as the state assemblymen? This is supposedly part of his legitimacy to challenge Anwar.

    Apparently Arif’s Seberang Jaya DUN seat majority dropped to 553 in GE 2008. But then postal voters increased by 404 before GE2008. So had there been no increase in these postal votes …

    See our analysis at

  80. bee says:

    oh,i 4got 2 say thanx 2 anwar!bcoz he decided 2 choose my hometown, so my primary school now only can received the money from BN.BN alwaz like dat,only when they need our vote,they thinkthey can use the money 2 get our vote ar??!plz la!the money we deserve 2 get it!but the vote will still 4 anwar!!plz vote 4 anwar if u guys also come from pmtg pauh!

  81. Pegasus says:

    Anwar winning the PP by-election is a foregone conclusion,the question will be
    1) how much will be the majority.
    2) will the BN candidate lose his deposit

    The people of Malaysia wants to see a change in the government, they are fed-up with lying liars and big time robbers.The government can’t hoodwink the public again like 10 or 20 years ago. The current alternative news through the internet are eye-opening and accurate then the national mass-media,SMS too plays a big role in getting the message to travel in speed mode to all.Only the kampung folks are buying their stories. Anwar will win hands down, Arif will have to depend on the postal votes and phantom votes.

  82. Menyalak-er says:

    Well said Pegasus (22:14), actually i’m hoping the Komtar ‘disturber’ Arif, whose gene pool is hiding somewhere else on this planet (due to dubious dealings) will loose his deposit!
    But let’s be realistic, DSAI is too kind to let this happen and bumno’s machinery is awfully awesome especially, with their ‘megastars’ (i.e.astronomical black holes, that ‘suck’ out even our light) sallying forth and spewing forth their (i mean our) largese.
    58k+ voters? I’d be comfortable with a 23k margin.
    Ahli PKR can you deliver? Sup-sup swei…

  83. SameSame says:

    I JUST WISH I WAS IN PP VOTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure will vote for PKR la! Shicchhhsssshhh!!! Well people like the chapto’kum’ hehehe and idnan…and thier cronies cannot accept that their so beloved BN is going downhill soon.

    Likewise..if PKR loses (hell hope not) there will be the next GE and you know what…BN will not even fullfill any of their promises making people more angry that they had voted these ‘gangsters’ (BN) in. That should give the opposition enuff to fullfill the true Malaysian Dream for Change.

    Leave all his (anwar) past behind and look at the future.Honestly future with BN is going to be BLEAK with such a blur and sleepy PM plus his ‘pond**’ SIL and not to mention next year it will be C4 Najib/Rosmee Do-IT team…LOL…what a laugh for malaysia.

    Tsk tsk tsk…habisla Malaysia….

  84. cekka says:

    …Kamu dituduh liwat.. kami tidak percaya. Mengapa?

    Hati kami diliputi benci kepada BN yang teramat-sangat. Kami benci dengan penyalah-gunaan kuasa, monopoli, cakap menipu, dasar kronisme yang berlindung disebalik DEB, penindasan, dasar ekonomi berat sebelah rakyat vs korporat dan banyak lagi..

    Dan kami harapkan kamu dapat mengubahnya kesemua karut-marut itu…

  85. Malaysianatheart says:

    Voters in PP – please – vote intelligently. This hateful BN Government MUST be toppled as soon as possible. There is NO OTHER hope for this country. Our ONLY hope is DSAI. Remember, we have lost ground and lagging far behind in every field, in every sector to our neighbours because the UMNOPUTRAs have robbed, raped and plundered this country for almost 50 years. The most despicable robber baron was undoubtedly Mahathir. And guess what – MCA, MIC Gerakan and the rest of them just sat back and let it happen – so that they could enrich themselves personally!

    Somehow, we must ensure that this Amir Shah fellow, or whoever he is, loses his deposit. It is important that he loses his deposit – That is the message we want to send to the BN Govt and to the rest of the nation! Come on people of Permatang Pauh – the nation’s hopes are on you. Send the message on behalf of all the Rakyat that we want the BN Govt OUT!

  86. comedytime says:

    SEBERANG PERAI (Aug 22, 2008): Barisan Nasional candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah today admitted to paying local residents to help gather information and gauge voter sentiments, saying that this should not be taken to mean vote buying.

    Without disclosing how many people were recruited for this purpose, he said the money was paid not only to BN campaign workers but also to some residents to act as “spies”, although they are not told who they were working for.

  87. rakyat says:

    People of PP.Easy decision who to vote.Just look for the one who is FIT to take care of the people and affairs of the PP by looking at the belly.Who is more “fit”. Do you want an MP who “makan kenyang kenyang sampai perut buncit” (big belly) or an MP to really work for you who is fit (look at the belly).Just for laugh.No joke.Big belly shows/makes one clumsy and lazy in doing any task.Also shows one is only taking care of his own “perut”(stomach) and not the “perut” of the rakyat.Vote with eyes open not just hearsay.Happy voting PP!

  88. numeroUNO says:

    Hurm.. this is how DSAI will “bang” your Father, Brother, etc. 😛

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