PKR information chief and MP for Batu Tian Chua expressed concern over the recent violence against journalists on Permatang Pauh nomination day, last Saturday.

Tian said PKR will not tolerate such violence and will work with the police to resolve the case.

He added that any party member or supporter who were identified with the violence will be dealt with accordingly.

“There are photos ad we can easily identify who the culprits are,” said Tian.

He called for the police to be professiona in the matter.

At the same time, PKR strategist Saifuddin Nasution reminded journalists not to forget UMNO’s culture of violence.

“Remember 1986 in Padang Merbok. UMNO supporters killed a PAS supporter Osman Talib aged 33, who came from Pendang”.


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  1. Ayoyosamy says:

    Big deal. What about the suicides of those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the betrayal of PKR leader Anwar in 1997 when he collaborated with the CROOKS in 1997/8 dubbed the Asian Crisis????

  2. sunwayopal says:

    I think you must mean the poor father who could not even get a last minute to see his sying daughter because he was held under ISA.

    Another wornderful project by the ever ‘wonderful’ BeeEnd govt.

    Continue voting BeeEnd if you still want corruption! injustice! cronism!

    BARISAN BOLEH1!!!!!!!

  3. UMNO D.U says:

    Hie Susan,

    What is the point of Saifuddin bringing up an incident years ago?

    Ermm…I thought the whole point of PKR is to be different from UMNO. So does one’s culture of violence means the others can also be violent? Weird, twisted logic from another “political strategist”.

    These idiots, from both PR and Barisan…are they really strategists or bullshitters?

    Both sides of the camp engage in these untoward behaviors for years. But it does not negate the responsibility of Pakatan Rakyat to monitor the behavior of its people. Same goes to Barisan. We are definitely not that “nice and sweet” when it comes to election. Sad but true.

    This tit-4-tat will continue as long as neither party takes responsibility for the actions of its members.

  4. Patek1472 says:

    Ramalan Nostradamus atas Kemungkinan-kemungkinan di Malaysia.

    1. Is it possible that DSAI wins the Permatang Pauh elections and become the next Chief Minister of Penang as a stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister?
    Adakah mungkinnya DSAI memenangi pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menjadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri?

    2. Is it possible that DSAB resign as PM of Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh elections and handover to DSNTR earlier than expected?
    Adakah mungkinnya DSAB meletak jawatan sebagai PM Malaysia selepas pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menyerahkannya kepada DSNTR lebih awal dari jangkaan?

    3. Is it possible that UMNO and PKR will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya UMNO dan PKR akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    4. Is it possible that all other component parties of BN without UMNO will combine with PKR to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya parti-parti komponen BN lain kecuali UMNO akan bergabung dengan PKR untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    5. Is it possible that PKR and PAS will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya PKR dan PAS akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    6. Is it possible that PKR, DAP and HINDRAF will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya PKR,DAP dan HINDRAF akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru.

    7. Is it possible that TDM and all other Little Napoleons knows of these possibilities and are preparing to migrate?
    Adakah mungkinnya TDM dan semua “Little Napoleons” mengetahui kemungkinan-kemungkinan ini dan sedang bersedia untuk berhijrah?

    To be continued…….
    Akan disambung……

  5. UMNO D.U says:

    Hie Susan,

    Does one’s culture of violence allows the others to also propagate violence?

    That is what has been implied by Nasution, another in a long list of Malaysian so-called “strategists”.

    Sad. Partisanship is blinding everyone from the reality.


  6. Susan,

    There were more! Remember Memali? I was too small when it happened and only found out the truth just recently when I read about it recently and did a little bit research and came across this article:

    Memali, the massacred village, revisited
    By Abd Rahman in Kampung Memali

    About a decade ago, people in Malaysia had little choice but to rely on the tightly-controlled government media. There was no Internet, nor Harakah, the popular bilingual tabloid published by the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS). On November 21, 1985, news splashed across the UMNO-owned newspapers that 14 ‘criminals’ had died in clashes with the police. No one bothered to ask who the criminals were. No one really knew what had happened. Only Kampung Memali, a small village in the northern state of Kedah, bears witness to that shameful crime in contemporary Malaysian history.

    The people of Memali did not merely fight against plainclothes policemen or baton-wielding thugs, as is presently the case in Malaysia’s reformasi protests. They confronted live bullets fired from M-16 rifles, and armoured vehicles deployed by prime minister Mahathir Mohamed, who is also the minister of home affairs. And for that, they paid with their lives.

    Memali is still haunted. The villagers who were killed are now revered as martyrs, and their graves are visited regularly by Malaysian Muslims who are still in a state of shock. As Ustad Fadhil Noor, now president of PAS, had pointed out in the wake of the massacre, ‘They may be able to cover up history as it occurred today, but they will not be able to continue covering it up 10, 20 or 30 years from now.’

    Thirteen years after the massacre, during a recent trip, this writer decided to stop by in Kampung Memali. It has aquired for Muslims in Malaysia a hallowness similar to Karbala. This is where, they believe, a group of people decided to take a stand and fell as shuhada.

    Even before we passed the huge signboard announcing that we were in Kampung Memali, an air of contempt for the UMNO government could be felt. The white and green flags of PAS were visible everywhere. A huge banner hung across the telephone wire, just opposite the Madrasah where al-Shahid Ibrahim Mahmood – the man who was at the centre of the storm – had once taught..

    We had earlier planned to see the site where the massacre took place, the house of al-Shahid Ibrahim, to get a firsthand account of what had really happened. We did not know whom to ask. There was nobody around, except a woman stallkeeper who, in-between tending to her child, took our orders. There were some children playing Dam (chess) on a homemade checker board using Coca-Cola bottle seals. They were too young to know about the incident.

    We asked the woman about Ibrahim Mahmood without realising that we were actually sitting only a few metres from the house of the fallen martyr – the place where bullets from automatic machine guns were exchanged for sticks and shouts of Takbir.

    ‘How’s reformasi over there?’, someone asked us, obviously aware that we were from Kuala Lumpur which had witnessed huge anti-Mahathir protests in the wake of the sacking of deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. The woman called him Pak Long (Uncle). Pak Long came to sit with us. Then, perhaps encouraged by some eager looking people in front of him, he began to give an account of what had happened in the wee hours of November 20, 1985.

    ‘The police had surrounded the whole village by then. Motorists to and from Memali were stopped and their names taken. Ustaz Ibrahim had just finished delivering his daily lecture – kuliah Subuh – after prayers,’ he said.

    ‘On that day, the police numbered around 4,000; they were heavily armed and dangerous. They were acting on orders from Mahathir to arrest Ibrahim Mahmood, a man the villagers were ready to defend till their last drop of blood – which they did.’

    Better known as ‘Ibrahim Libya’, he was a well respected Islamic scholar who had studied at the University of Tripoli. He had also studied in India and at al-Azhar in Cairo. Upon his return, he had even appeared on the government’s television channel to give talks on Islam. But his close association with PAS worried the Mahathir regime so much that the country’s Islamic Religious Department (Pusat Islam) started making allegations of ‘deviation’ against him.

    Ustaz Ibrahim Mahmood was to be detained under the infamous Internal Security Act (ISA) but he had refused to give himself up. He had decided that the dreaded ISA – an act which gives unlimited powers to the home minister to detain without trial any person deemed a threat to the country – must be challenged at all costs. This is the same act under which Mahathir recently threw his deputy into jail, only to appear days later with a bruised back and black eye.

    Until now, the crimes allegedly committed by the villagers have yet to be specified. Mahathir who was abroad when the massacre took place, said upon his return from China that the villagers ‘had resisted arrest which was a crime.’ Since there was (and still is) an increasing tendency to use the ISA to silence political opposition, it is clear that the only crime the government could pin on Ustaz Ibrahim is said to have been committed after the police were sent in.

    ‘But we were all ready to die… it was for the sake of truth,’ Pak Long said without regrets. His own relatives were among those killed by the police. He narrated how almost all the villagers in Memali, including women and children, were thrown into police trucks and taken away. ‘The whole of Memali was almost deserted. There was no one to arrange a proper burial for those killed,’ he recalled.

    Even now, Memali looks deserted. Except for the occasional passing of motocycles, there is a strange air of silence hanging over the village. It was as if the Memali incident had just happened last week. And looking at the pathetic condition of the madrasah and the mosque, no one can dispute that the Malaysian government has ‘disowned’ the village. The prayer hall is dilapidated and poorly furnished, a far cry from any other mosque in the country. If any proof were needed to demolish the myth that Malaysia is a model Muslim country (as claimed by Mahathir) this would be sufficient.

    ‘His widow and the rest of his family still stay here,’ said Pak Long, pointing towards the house of al-Shahid Ibrahim. It was there that many villagers were shot dead by the notorious special action squad from the police force, the same group of thugs who have in recent weeks emerged in the streets of Kuala Lumpur attacking hapless demonstrators. At the entrance to the house, there were writings about the merit of jihad and martyrdom in Islam.

    As we left the village, some questions remained unanswered. If al-Shahid Ibrahim and his followers were not martyrs, as was so loudly proclaimed by Mahathir and other UMNO leaders at the time, and it has not yet been proved that they were criminals and deviants, who were they?

    Muslimedia: January 16-31, 1999

  7. Klaw says:

    Violence certainly doesnt beget violence.

    The point is that BN/UMNO is making it seem in the media like it has been an angel, and PKR are devils, when the fact is, BN supporters have a longer and ingrained culture of intimidation and violence. Google Ijok for reference.

    Faham tak, orang UMNO?

  8. Sejahat-jahat manusia adalah Mahathir Mohamad. Sejahat-jahat Parti adalah UMNO.

  9. matt says:

    aiyoyo samy better become pulti samy don’t think you know the meaning of that do you cyber umnoputera.

  10. wandererAUS says:

    Did’nt the report from MSM, there were 3000 FRU officers on duty on nomination day. How come no intervention by the police when this incident occurred. Very suspicious. Were those culprits responsible planted by Umno?
    The practice of double standards by the police will leave a lot of questions unanswered.

  11. Aiyoyosamy is a loser because only a loser will put the blame on others instead of doing self soul searching. He is stupid because he doesn’t know a thing about the 1997/98 crisis.

  12. I was totally surprised when I read about this over Media Islam. It looks like the Gomen has been using our PDRM since 1985 to intimidate people. If they can easily kill and murder innocent people 23 years ago, I shudder to think what they can do to us now.



    Berikut adalah catatan terperinci mengenai perkembangan di Kampung Memali, Mukim Siong, Baling yang berkesudahan dengan terkorbannya 13 nyawa bersama asy-Syahid Ibrahim Mahmud. Catatan yang dipaparkan di sini merupakan rakaman komputer daripada Signals Division pasukan PDRM yang mengikuti perjalanan tragedi Baling itu untuk maklumat perdana menteri. Di sini dicatitkan juga fakta mereka yang tercedera dan mereka yang berjaya melepaskan diri daripada kepungan pihak polis. TOP SECRET:

    001: Pada jam 1935 Hrs. (18/11/85) berpusat di Kem Pasukan Polis Hutan Sungai Petani, Kedah; 3600 anggota polis daripada pelbagai bahagian termasuk FRU (Penang), Pasukan Senoi Prak, Anggota Polis beruniform, Commando 69, sudah bersiap siaga untuk menerima arahan. Kumpulan ini diletakkan di bawah arahan seorang pegawai tinggi Ibu pejabat di Bukit Aman dan dibantu oleh beberapa pegawai daripada Bukit Aman, Kedah, Perlis, dan Penang.

    002: Tepat Jam 1945 (18/11/85) pegawai tinggi yang memerintah daripada Bukit Aman telah mengeluarkan arahan bahawa kumpulan yang bersiap-siaga itu akan menyerang hendap satu kem komunis dalam daerah Baling yang berdekatan dengan sempadan Thailand.

    003: Pada Jam 2005 (18/11/85) berlaku satu keributan di bilik operasi Sungai Petani di antara Pegawai Berkuasa pasukan Polis Hutan Sungai Petani dengan Pegawai Tinggi daripada Bukit Aman. Kekalutan ini berasaskan arahan palsu yang telah dikeluarkan. Arahan menyerang dan membunuh penghuni ‘kem komunis’ itu sebenarnya disasarkan ke arah Ibrahim Mahmood, pengikutnya dan sesiapa juga yang hadir di Madrasah yang dibina oleh orang kampung di situ. Pegawai yang mengetuai pasukan Polis Hutan itu telah memberi penerangan kepada Pegawai Tinggi daripada Bukit Aman betapa Ibrahim Mahmud dianggap oleh para pegawai pasukannya sebagai seorang ulama yang berwibawa. Malahan ramai di kalangan mereka adalah penuntutnya. Dilema yang tercetus ini mencetuskan satu suasana yang hening dan sunyi-sepi.

    004:(18/11/85) Pegawai Tinggi daripada Bukit Aman telah mencuba menghubungi Penolong Pesuruhjaya Polis di Bukit Aman, tetapi gagal. Kemudian dia berjaya menghubungi Musa Hitam yang ketika itu menjadi Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri. Pegawai Pemerintah Pasukan Polis Hutan Sungai Petani telah diberikan laluan untuk bercakap dengan Musa Hitam. Beliau telah merayu kepada Musa Hitam dan membuat penjelasan betapa Ibrahim Mahmud adalah seorang ulamak yang disegani dan telah banyak berjasa dalam usaha menaikan taraf hidup masyarakat Memali. Malahan, Ibrahim Memali sudah terkenal dan dihormati oleh para sahabat dan lawan. Tetapi, akhirnya diketahui juga Musa Hitam telah memberikan arahan agar serangan itu diteruskan.

    Nota Khas:

    Kebanyakan anggota polis yang terbabit dalam operasi ini adalah mereka yang bukan beragama Islam. Operasi Khas ini telah diberi-nama “Operasi Hapus” oleh Musa Hitam.

    005: Jam 2045 (18/11/85) sebuah majlis keraian telah diadakan di sebuah padang terbuka di Kem Polis Hutan di Sungai Petani. Di sana minuman bir dan minunam keras (arak) telah disediakan kepada semua unit. Namun, ada juga segelintir anggota Pasukan Polis Hutan itu yang tidak minum.

    006: Jam 2147 (18/11/85) pegawai pemerintah operasi telah menerima mesej melalui wireless. Mesej yang diterima mengatakan betapa 10 orang komando polis hutan telah berjaya masuk kawasan Memali dan telah pulang dengan laporan penuh. Laporan itu adalah mengenai pergerakan masyarakat yang menghuni Madrasah tajaan Ibrahim Mahmud, yang sudah pun disahkan sebagai sasaran serangan polis itu.

    007: Jam 21.47(18/11/85) semua unit telah bergerak di bawah pimpinan lapan pegawai muda. Mereka bergerak memasuki Baling dengan menggunakan dua kereta perisai. Pegawai pemerintah Unit Sungai Petani tidak menunjukkan minatnya ketika itu. Di waktu yang sama, Ibrahim Mahmud sedang memberikan kuliah kepada 50 orang penuntut yang hadir. Kuliah itu berlanjutan sehingga jam 23.45. Setelah selesai ada juga penuntutnya yang pulang ke rumah mereka sedangkan yang lainnya tidur bermalam di Madrasah itu.

    008: Pada Jam 24.00 (18/11/85) Pegawai pemerintah daripada Bukit Aman telah menerima arahan terakhir mengenai ‘Operasi Hapus’ itu. Ketika itu berlaku sedikit kekesalan di kalangan pasukan daripada Sungai Petani. Mereka mahukan operasi itu dilakukan dengan mengadakan sekatan dan kepungan untuk mendesak Ibrahim Mahmud menyerah diri. Ketika itu ditaksirkan, tindakan mengepung itu mungkin membawa kesan hanya selepas tiga bulan. Cadangan unit Sungai Petani itu telah disanggah oleh Pegawai pemerintah daripada Bukit Aman. Beliau telah disokong oleh pegawai lain yang datang daripada Bukit Aman, dan juga OCPD Baling. Mereka berpendapat bahawa strategi yang melecehkan itu mungkin membabitkan pergeseran di antara pihak polis dengan anggota tentera yang berkhemah di sempadan Malaysia/Thai di Sik dan Baling. Kecurigaan mereka ini muncul kerana 90% anggota tentera yang disebutkan itu memang menyokong pergerakan Islam dan juga Ibrahim Mahmud.

    Keadaan kelam kabut muncul lagi. Sekali lagi Musa Hitam di hubungi. Pada kali itu, pegawai yang berkuasa diberitahu bahawa Musa Hitam tidak dapat di hubungi kerana beliau telah pergi ke sebuah hotel di Kuala Lumpur. Di waktu yang sama Timbalan Menteri hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri, Radzi Ahmad sedang mengikuti perkembangan dengan berada di Ibu pejabat Polis Penang. Beliau sedang mengikuti perkembangan ‘Operasi Hapus’ itu. Tidak berapa lama kemudiannya Musa hitam telah menghubungi pihak polis dengan suara yang seolah marah dan rasa terganggu. Musa tidak banyak bercakap cuma mengeluarkan perintah untuk melakukan operasi penghapusan walaupun ia bermakna secara menyeluruhi Negeri Kedah.

    Catatan di Kampung Memali: Seorang pemandu motorsikal dilihat berhenti di hadapan pintu-gerbang rumah yang dihuni oleh Ibrahim Mahmud. Seorang muda dilihat berlari ke arah pintu rumah itu meminta kebenaran untuk masuk. Dia telah memberitahu penghuni rumah itu betapa dia ternampak satu kumpulan polis yang ramai di Baling setibanya di pekan itu. Ibrahim Mahmud telah dikejutkan dari tidurnya. Begitu juga halnya dengan 39 orang lain yang telah berjaga malam di Madrasah itu sebelumnya. Mereka dikerah bersiap sedia untuk mempertahankan diri. Mereka mula mengumpulkan segala alat yang ada di rumah kampung seperti kapak, pisau, buluh runcing dan sebagainya. Yang lebih berani telah membuat bom molotov pula. Dengan lain perkataan, setiap insan di situ ada alat senjata yang boleh dipergunakannya.

    Dalam kumpulan yang bertahan itu ada empat kanak-kanak dan lima kaum wanita. Ibrahim telah mengajak para pengikutnya untuk berwuduk daripada sebuah telaga yang berhampiran. Mereka telah melaksanakan solat sunat dan juga solat hajat. Mereka membaca Surah Yaasin dan berzikir. Ibrahim Mahmud kemudiannya memberi ucapan betapa beliau lebih rela bersyahadah daripada menyerahkan dirinya untuk dijadikan alat mereka yang mahu menaikkan semangat nasionalisme. Ibrahim telah meminta sesiapa yang curiga dengan hasratnya itu meninggalkan kumpulan mereka. Tidak ada sesiapa yagn mahu berganjak daripada tempat duduknya. Laungan Allahuakbar mula bergema, bertalu-talu dan memecah keheningan Kampung Memali. Yang hadir lebih memilih jalan ‘syahid’ daripada terus hidup mengabdikan diri ke jalan yang hina. Di waktu yang sama di Stesen Polis Daerah Baling, segala persiapan untuk menyerang kampung Memali semakin dipercepatkan. Semua itu dilakukan oleh kebanyakan anggota polis yang telah mabuk ataupun tidak keruan fikirannya.

    009: Jam 0100 (19/11/85) 3,600 (Tiga Ribu Enam Ratus) anggota polis bersama pegawainya telah tiba di Kampung Memali. Mereka lengkap bersenjata automatik dan tiba dengan kereta perisai. Mereka mula mengepung kampung itu. Ketika itu Musa Hitam tentu sekali masih lagi berada di hotel kerana dia tidak dapat dihubungi. Semua urusan komunikasi dilakukan pula dengan timbalannya yang bertahan di Ibu pejabat Polis di Penang. Kebanyakan anggota polis yang tiba di Kampung Memali itu masih lagi beranggapan mereka akan menyerang sebuah kem komunis. Itulah maklumat yang diberitahu kepada mereka oleh Pegawai Tinggi daripada Bukit Aman. Di waktu yang sama kumpulan daripada Sungai petani hanya kecil sahaja dan masih samar akan tugas mereka.

    010: Jam 0300 (19/11/85) Kampong Memali telah dikepung seluruhnya oleh pihak polis. Polis yang beruniform ditugaskan membuat sekatan jalan raya. Pasukan Polis Hutan telah diarahkan ke bahagian Selatan. Pasukan FRU (Polis Gerak Khas: kaki-pukul) diarahkan ke bahagian utara. Pasukan Komando 69 (Polis Hutan) telah dikerahkan di bahagian belakang rumah Ibrahim Mahmud yang juga merupakan sekolah agamanya.

    011: Jam 0336 (19/11/85) Pegawai Tinggi daripada Bukit Aman yang memerintah Operasi Hapus itu telah bercakap menggunakan pembesar suara. Dia mahukan Ibrahim Mahmud menyerah diri. Ibrahim Mahmud berbincang dengan penghuni rumahnya itu. Mereka membuat pendirian untuk tidak menyerah diri walaupun pasukan yang datang itu berpakaian seragam melambangkan wakil negara. Mereka bertakbir dan laungan Allahuakbar mula berkumandang semula.

    012: Jam 0400 pagi (19/11/85) satu kumpulan manusia yang berjumlah 30 orang termasuk wanita dan kanak-kanak tiba-tiba muncul daripada bahagian utara . Mereka berlari di tengah-tengah benteng pasukan Polis Hutan dan juga Komando 69 dan membawa senjata tajam yang sering mereka gunakan ketika bertanam padi. Mereka cuba memasuki rumah Ibrahim Mahmud untuk memberikan sokongan. Anggota pasukan Komando 69, yang masih lagi mabuk dan kurang berdisiplin itu telah menembak ke arah penduduk kampung yang sedang berlari itu. Tetapi, mereka tersalah sasar, maklumlah kerana masih mabuk lagi. Namun tindakan mereka itu membuatkan orang kampung berpatah balik kerana ketakutan. Tindakan melulu Pasukan komando itu telah mengena seorang pegawai kanan Pasukan Polis Hutan. Seorang pegawai rendah dan juga seorang konstabel pun turut terkorban. Tembakan ke arah orang kampung yang tidak berdosa oleh satu pasukan yang khayal telah tersesat kepada badan pasukan kawan sendiri.

    Satu perundingan telah diatur untuk menenangkan keadaan. Operasi mengepung masih lagi berkuatkuasa. Tetapi, beberapa pegawai daripada Alor Star telah meminta agar pengepungan itu dibatalkan sahaja. Mereka telah mengambil iktibar daripada kematian tiga orang sendiri disebabkan tindakan yang songsang. Permintaan mereka telah ditolak oleh pegawai pemerintah.


    013: Jam 0521 (19/11/85) Azan subuh berkumandang di rumah Ibrahim Mahmud. Suara yang sungguh sayu itu menjentik sentimen anggota polis daripada Alor Star. Mereka semakin mencurigai matlamat operasi polis itu. Ibrahim Mahmud mengimamkan solat pagi itu dan suaranya semakin jelas ketika itu. Di waktu itu Pegawai pemerintah Operasi telah mengeluarkan arahan agar pasukannya mula menyerang. Beliau telah ditentang oleh pegawai yang beragama Islam.

    014; Jam 0559 (19/11/85) Solat Subuh pun selesai dan pengepungan diketatkan lagi. Tiba tiba, satu kumpulan orang kampung muncul untuk memasuki perkarangan rumah Ibrahim Mahmud. Mereka terpaksa menentang pasukan Polis Hutan. Mereka menyerbu ke rumah Ibrahim bersenjatakan senjata kampung dan sambil menggenggam tangan mereka melaungkan Allahuakbar. Melihatkan perbuatan orang kampung itu pegawai pasukan Polis Hutan mengarahkan pasukannya untuk berundur dan tidak menentang mereka. Mereka hanya diarahkan bertahan sambil bersiap sedia sahaja. Masa terus berlalu, operasi untuk menghapuskan Ibrahim Mahmud itu semakin menyerlahkan kejijikannya. Keadaan hari yang semakin siang telah menyerlahkan betapa operasi itu bertujuan melindungi rahsia kejijikan perancangannya. Kini, unsur kerahsiaan itu telah terdedah sama sekali.

    Nota Khas: Sebelum operasi itu dilancarkan ramai pemimpin beragama Islam telah ditangkap. Kita boleh menyoal diri kita apakah keheningan malam telah mampu menggelapkan kejijikan operasi semacam itu ?

    015: Jam 08.15 (19/11/85) setelah mendapat kelulusan timbalan menteri hal ehwal dalam negeri pegawai pemerintah operasi telah memberi arahan agar dua kereta perisai mula menyerang rumah Ibrahim Mahmud. Mereka telah dihalang oleh balingan bom molotov.

    Ini membuatkan pasukan polis itu berundur sambil terus memuntahkan peluru senjata automatik ke arah rumah yang dikepung itu. Di waktu yang sama empat orang wanita dan tiga orang kanak-kanak berlari keluar rumah itu. Mereke diarahkan oleh Ibrahim agar melarikan diri. Mereka telah dikepung dan ditangkap oleh pihak polis dan dihumbankan ke dalam trak polis yang diawasi oleh anjing penjaga. Ketika itu juga serangan diteruskan. Tembakan pihak polis disambut dengan laungan Allahuakbar sahaja secara berterusan.

    016: Jam 11.05 (19/11/86) Komando 69 diarahkan menyerang rumah Ibrahim.

    017: Jam 1136 (19/11/85) pasukan Komando 69 telah menyerbu masuk dengan senjata yang dipetik. Berlaku beberapa pergelutan di mana Ibrahim dan orang-orang yang masih bertenaga terus melawan. Ada juga ahli rumah yang keluar untuk berlawan dengan anggota polis di kawasan halaman. Polis terus menembak mereka walaupun mereka sudah tidak bersenjata lagi. Hanya Allahuakbar yakin mampu mereka ucapkan sehinggalah nyawa hilang dalam perjuangan itu. Ramai yang mati sedangkan ada juga bilangannya yang cedera teruk sahaja. Beberapa orang anggota komando telah menyerang Ibrahiml Beliau telah melawat merka dan mampu membunuh salah seorang yang menyerangnya. Tetapi beliau terkorban akhirnya setelah dada sebelah kanannya dituju berpuluh kali. Ibrahim gugur dengan genggaman tangannya berkepal ke atas sedangkan mulutnya masih lagi melaungkan Allahuakbar. Seorang pegawai polis berlari meluru ke arahnya untuk mengepung kepala Ibrahim ke ribanya. Ibrahim kedengaran bersuara: “Alhamdullilah, kerana mengorbankan kami ke jalan mati syahid.”

    018: Jam 1213. Serangan pihak polis ditamatkan. Mereka yang telah ditangkap telah disungkup dengan karung guni. Beberapa anggota Komando 69 telah dilihat menendang badan yang terbujur itu untuk menentukan mereka sudah mati. Ada pula yang terus menembak mereka lagi sambil berkata; “Pergi jahanam dengan Islam”.

    019: Jam 1305 (19/11/85) Pegawai pemerintah operasi telah membuat laporan kepada Ibupejabat Polis Penang dan juga kepada Musa Hitam di Kuala Lumpur. Musa Hitam mengarahkan agar semua orang kampung ditangkap untuk menahan agar rahsia operasi itu tidak terdedah.

    020: Jam 1500 (19/11/85) kerja-kerja menangkap saki baki orang kampung dilakukan. Mereka diterbangkan dengan dua helikopter polis. Mereka yang cedera dan mati dihantar ke hospital di Sungai Petani dan Alor Star. 4 mati syahid di Sungai Petani dan 10 yang sudah mati dibawa ke Alor Star, termasuklah Ibrahim Mahmud.

    021: Jam 1510 (19/11/85) Sektiar 30 anggota tentera lengkap dengan senjata automatik tiba di hadapan rumah Al syahid Ibrahim. Berlakulah pertelagahan di antara pegawai petugas di kalangan pasukan polis yang mengwasi tempat itu dengan ketua anggota tentera yang tiba di situ. Anggota polis yang ramai itu diberikan arahan untuk bersiap sedia dengan senjata mereka. Menyedari betapa bilangan mereka kecil dibandingkan dengan anggota polis yang bertugas di situ pihak tentera pun meredakan keadaan. Ketuanya pernah berkata: Hari ini hari kau…..Kau boleh lakukan apa yang kalian mahu. Tetapi ingat, akan timbul satu hari nanti, kami akan menentang kamu dengan kekuatan yang setara. ”


    Setiap insan yang waras di kalangan marhaen di negara ini tentu dapat membuat penilaian akan lapuran mengenai Al syahid Ibrahim Mahmud. Beliau bukannya seorang penjenayah seperti yang digambarkan oleh Musa Hitam. Namun, akhbar New Straits Times bertarikh 21/11/85 menerbitkan satu tajuk yang bertulis: Empat anggota polis dan 14 penjenayah mati dalam pertempuran. Di akhbar yang sama Musa Hitam telah menuduh Ibrahim Mahmud bersama 13 rakannya sebagai penjenayah dan penganut ajaran sesat. Beliau telah menyanggah kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh majlis Agama Islam Kedah yang berkata: “Ustaz Ibrahim hanya memberikan ceramah agama. Lagipun dalam satu pertemuannya dengan pihak akhbar Musa Hitam telah mengulangkan cerita bagaimana dia telah diseranah dua kali oleh persidangan UMNO kerana tidak bertindak tegas terhadap aktiviti keagamaan seperti yang dilakukan oleh Ibrahim Mahmud itu. Kalau kita pertimbangkan segala fakta yang terserlah, termasuk keputusan pemilu di mana BN hanya mampu menang tipis, kita boleh membuat kesimpulan betapa ‘Operasi Hapus’ adalah satu tipu muslihat untuk menghapuskan Ibrahim Mahmud bagi kepentingan politik UMNO. Mereka mahu menentukan terhapusnya rintangan dalam menentukan kemenangan kerusi Bayu/Baling dalam pemilu yang mendatang.

    Dilemma UMNO

    Di manakah prioriti UMNO selepas episod Memali? Kalau UMNO memperakukan ianya sebuah parti Islam, episod Memali membawa erti bahawa para pemimpinnya telah memperlekehkan Allah. Bukankah mereka yang telah merencana pembunuhan di Memali itu sehingga tergolongnya beberapa insan sebagai mati syahid? Kalau para pemimpin UMNO memperakui bahawa parti itu condong ke arah nasionalistik, ia bererti bahawa para pemimpin itu sudah menderhaka kepada banganya kerana terbunuhnya orang Melayu. Bukankah itu kaum yang mahu dilindungi oleh UMNO? Tindakan yang dilakukan oleh segelintir pemimpin UMNO ini akan mencetuskan peperangan saudara di kalangan orang Melayu. Cara nyawa diperlekehkan telah membuatkan ramai ahli UMNO yang kecewa dengan kepimpinan Timbalan Presiden Parti, Musa Hitam. Beliau memang semacam giankan kesamsengan dan kini menerima padahnya. Rakan sejawatnya dalam kerajaan Idonesia bernama General Benny Murdani pernah berkelakuan serupa dan dibenci oleh rakyatnya. Kini Musa menerima jolokan sebagai ‘haiwan politik’ dan juga ‘penghapus orang Islam’. Murdani adalah seorang agen Zionis, kerana dia bukan beragama Islam. Tetai kenapakah Musa Hitam mengikuti gelagat Murdani?

    Tindakan yang dilakukan oleh UMNO menunjukkan parti itu bukan lagi memberi kepentingan terhadap keluhuran Islam dan juga orang melayu. Ironisnya Islam dan Bangsa Melayu menjadi alat UMNO untuk terus mempertahankan kuasanya. Kumpulan ultra Cina dan India sedang bersepakat secara senyap di kalangan mereka. Mereka berjaya memperalatkan individu Melayu yang ternama sebagai juara tempelan mereka. Untuk menyelesaikan keadaan yang semakin menjadi satu masalah besar ini, Dr. Mahathir perlu menulis lagi mengenai dilemma UMNO. Kesan tragedi Memali telah membuatkan Kampung Memali bertukar rupa daripada sebuah kampung yang aktif menjadi sebuah kampung yang dihantui seribu kenangan pahit. Ramai penduduk asal kampung itu telah melarikan diri kerana takutkan ancaman polis.

    Seramai 159 penduduk kampung pernah ditahan oleh polis Dosa mereka terletak kepada keyakinan diri mahukan ajaran Islam yang direstui Allah. Mereka ini termasuk beberapa anak-anak kecil dan warga tua sedang ditahan dalam tiga buah bilik kecil di sebuah kem tahanan. Kaum wanita dibiarkan berkumpul dengan kaum lelaki. Tidak ada kemudahan bersolat. Mereka kerap didera dan diaibkan. Anak-anak kecil dilihat menangis mencari ibu-ibu yang sengaja dipisahkan dari mereka. Setiap tahanan diberikan makanan berupa satu mangkuk kanji setiap hari. Sesiapa yang cedera parah dihantar ke hospital Sungai Petani ataupun Alor Star. Mereka hanya diberikan layanan pesakit luar, satu penghinaan yang berlanjutan. Kalau keadaan tidak diperbaiki ada di kalangan mereka yang akan mati syahid pula.

    Tiga belas daripada yang mati syahid termasuk Ibrahim Mahmud telah disemadikan di satu kubur panjang di Parit Panjang, Baling. Mereka disemadikan dengan pakaian mereka yang berlumuran darah itu. Seorang mangsa lagi telah disemadikan di Alor Star di atas permintaan ibunya. Kes ini kini dianggap sudah tamat oleh Musa Hitam dan juga pengarah Operasi Hapus itu. Kumpulan ultra yang bukan beragama Islam memang menantikan berlakunya peperangan saudara hasil episod Memali ini. Kini, orang Melayu sudah sedar betapa berbahayanya semangat nasionalisme dan kuasa yang didorong oleh semangat semacam itu.

    Kepada golongan yang mati syahid, episod yang berlaku adalah merupakan kemuncak kehidupan mereka. Mereka sudah pulang kepada pencipta-Nya dan di waktu yang sama mereka telah membawa satu arus kesedaran kepada orang melayu di negara ini.

    Mereka telah menyedarkan betapa orang Melayu harus berganding bahu dengan saudara Islam di seluruh dunia. Dengan cara itu barulah kita faham apa ertinya menjadi seorang muslim.

    Dengan arahan yang dibuat oleh Musa Hitam, ramai orang yang tidak berdosa telah ditangkap dan ditahan. Mereka dikumpulkan di satu tempat yang tidak selesa dan menjiikkan. Hingga hari ini jumlah merka yang ditahan dan nama yang telah ditahan secara tersilaf tidak pun diterbitkan. Mereka yang ditahan itu tidak pernah dibawa ke hadapan mahkamah untuk didakwa. Kenapakah kerajaan tidak melakukan tindakan yang serupa seperti kes BMF? Apakah Episod Penghapusan Memali itu dilaksanakan sebagai melencongkan perhatian rakyat terhadap rompakan di siang hari yang paling terbesar dalam sejarah negara ini? Berbilion dana kepunyaan rakyat telah lesap dan seorang insan yang jujur telah dibunuh.

    Namun, pihak kerajaan masih mahu berahsia dalam hal BMF itu dan perkara itu masih belum mampu diselesaikan. Sebaliknya pula, apabila seorang ulama cuba memberikan khidmatnya kepada rakyat jelata, dan membantu mereka menaikan taraf hidupnya, beliau telah dikepung dan ditahan untuk dibunuh dengan kejam. Di manakah letaknya erti kehakiman, keadilan dan kebenaran itu? Mereka yang bertanggungjawab dalam Episod Memali harus ditangkap dan dibawa ke mahkamah. Darah orang Melayu tidak sepatutnya dibiarkan mengalir di atas bumi orang Melayu dengan alasan songsang betapa Islam menyokong nasionalisme. PAS dan juga seluruh organisasi Islam telah mendesak agar ditubuhkan satu suruhanjaya diraja untuk membongkar kisah Tragedi Memali itu.

    Satu Kertas Putih perlu dikeluarkan dan untuk sementara waktu sebarang usaha untuk mengadakan pemilu harus ditangguhkan.

    Kata-kata Kenangan Kepada Yang Syahid:

    “Janganlah kamu mengira bahawa orang yang gugur di jalan Allah itu mati; bahkan mereka itu hidup di sisi Tuhannya dengan mendapat rezeki.”

    27 hb November, 1985 14 hb Rabi-ul-awal 1406.

    Suara Islam Malaysia.

  13. Sikembanglimau says:

    Aiyoyosamy, BobbyNZ needs psychiatric medication lah. They are under the care of Dr. Ismail (can’t really remember the exact name of that doc). 😀 but like someone said -they should have shoot themselves in the head. Hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaa. Wooooooooooo hooooooooo. 😛

  14. politicanalyst says:

    Why they are so back-minded? The past is the past. We should move on. There’s no use reminding people with the past, people now changes. Talking about violence, better take care of your supporter who simply attack people to your liking. That is the present time of your violence act. I wonder who taught such act?

  15. wits0 says:

    It seemed that whenever bad things happened, Mahathir was conveniently overseas. It appeared that at his returned, according to the piece and pieces of mutilated news of the MSM, Musa Hitam resigned because Mahathir put the blame of mishandling of Memali on him.

    In the following year, when Najib drew and wave his keris in that TPCA stadium, Mahathir was also overseas. Then he returned and ordered that infamous Op Lallang (tipped off, Najib and Lee Kim Sai fled to Ozzieland for a spell) for which he has never apologized. Nor for the further and permanent emasculation of the MSM like the Star.

  16. back2012 says:

    “Expect the unexpected”
    By now Special Branch have disguised as PKR supporters or have influenced some of PKR supporters to jointly act as such. Remember Batu Buruk !!!

  17. RKP says:

    Do you know there are more people suffering quietly in this land than those who voice out openly.

    They know something is terribly wrong with their lives. They have no earning power because everyone seems to be either selfish,greedy,or not giving others a chance. Everyone is saying “for me,for me,for me but not for him” because either his colour is different,or he speaks a different language,he is not our kind,
    his mentality is not the same as ours and so on.

    We say progress but…. what progress are you talking about? It looks more like tribal men trying to survive with a very limited game to hunt down. If someone poses as a threat to their survival, they would use violence to shoo them away or even anihilate them if they have to.

    Though they claim to have studied,or are learned,they still maintain that tribal man mentality of survival. Large buildings come up at business centres but that mentality doen’t change at all. Whats the point of that progress if it only helps a small group of people. A lot of people are queitly suffering.

    When will there be justice and fairness? Why do a small group benefit much while the majority suffers? This is sinful man’s way of running affairs in God’s world.

    But the only comfort we have is, God will soon run this earth with His way and sinful man will have no part in it. We are waiting for that day.

  18. queequeg says:

    I’m not surprised to find that it is actually the SBs acting as agent provocateurs behind the incident to tarnish PKR’s image during the by-election campaign period. MSM seem to play on this incident to the hilt believing that the Rakyat is still deaf, dumb & blind. Well, I got news for you MSM! We are not born stupid like the UMNOputras. We can think, analyse and make informed decisions. We are intelligent enough to separate fact from fiction, propaganda and lies told arrogantly.

    As for the Memali incident, I believe that UMNO is still paying for their mistake till now. With all the fighting & jostling for posts, money politics aka bribery being the norm rather than the exception, this party is definitely heading towards oblivion.
    I was 15 years old when the incident happened and was aghast at the extremely high-handedness of the government in dealing with the ordinary kampung folk. They were not terrorists! Mahathir knew from his soothsayers that Ibrahim Libya is a threat to him politically so he decided to neutralise the Ustaz. The result? Utter chaos (and might I add, divine retribution)- 1986: Musa Hitam resigned, country in recession. 1987: UMNO in crisis/Ops Lalang/Prebet Adam incident.

    No one dared to reveal the truth then. Only now when Mahathir is no longer in power shall the truth reveal itself. God purposely ensured Mahathir to live long enough so that he will bear witness to the destruction of his legacy and maybe, just maybe, repent for all his sins.

  19. queequeg,

    to be honest, after looking at all these happenings, I see the truth and the power in Karma. That what goes around must always come. See what had happened to the Sodomy I gang:
    Dr Ristina – disowned by his father and later on died while giving speech in Jakarta. She died without asking forgiveness from her father
    Shamsudin Ali – met an accident and his wife died on the spot
    Azizan Abu Bakar – met an accident and his wife also died on the spot. Later on, Azizan was caught in close proximity with a woman (not his wife)
    Ummi Hafilda – disowned by her father who passed away without forgiving her
    The AG of the case (can’t remember the name) – fell, hit his head and comatose for 1 year. To stop the brain from internal bleeding, the doctor had to open his skull but couldn’t put it together again because it swelled, so the doctor had to just plaster it.

    In Islam, it’s bad to talk about others esp those who had passed away. But my main intention is to remind us who are still alive that whatever we sow, we must inevitably reap.

  20. ANg Kong says:

    supporters attacking supporters of different political party?

    does this not resemble some of the poorest and most corrupted countries in the world? and we want to talk abt wawasan 2020? gee….semua samseng!

  21. wits0 says:

    “The AG of the case (can’t remember the name) – fell, hit his head and comatose for 1 year.” – sikembangcina (13:26:52)

    That’ll be that arrogant looking(and speaking) Mohtar Abdullah. I marveled then how quickly he could tar no more.

    As the late MGG Pillai puts it, “It’s customary not to speak bad of the dead but there are exceptions…” Indeed. And we speak only well of MGG Pillai.

  22. ROOM619 says:

    Kerajaan Hong Kong Rampas Wang Musa Aman

    Monday, 18 August 2008 13:20

    Oleh: ‘Deep Throat’ Sabah

    Penangkapan adik angkat Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman iaitu Michael Chia di Hong Kong pada jam 2.35 petang khamis (14 Ogos 2008) telah membongkar misteri di sebalik enigma.

    Michael Chia ditangkap polis Hong Kong di Lapangan Terbang Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong ketika ingin menyertai penerbangan ke Kuala Lumpur.

    Menurut sumber rapat Polis Hong Kong dan Interpol, mereka telah memantau kegiatan haram Michael Chia sejak tiga tahun lalu dan akhirnya berjaya menangkap Michael bersama bukti wang tunai Singapura bernilai RM16 juta yang diseludup keluar daripada Hong Kong di dalam beg pakaiannya.

    Setelah disoalsiasat, Michael merayu agar dibebaskan kerana wang berkenaan milik Musa Aman dan beliau hanyalah agen membawa keluar wang berkenaan ke Kuala Lumpur bagi membantu meringankan beban kewangan Barisan Nasional dalam proses penamaan calon di Permatang Pauh dan sebahagiannya untuk kegunaan pilihanraya kecil berkenaan.

    Penangkapan ini membuatkan Musa Aman berang dan bimbang beliau akan terjerat berikutan penahanan Michael Chia bersama bukti dan lebih malang lagi apabila akaunnya di beberapa bank di Hong Kong dibekukan serta merta.

    “CM (Musa) marah betul atas kebodohan Michael Chia kerana bawa wang tunai. Kenapa tidak TT (Telegraphic Transfer) saja? Saya rasa CM kita dalam bahaya,” ujar Datuk Amin Khan, seorang proksi Musa Aman ketika memberitahu rakannya yang juga Datuk melalui telefon di sebuah coffe house hotel terkemuka yang sempat didengar wakil Malaysia Today di Sabah yang secara kebetulan menikmati makan malam di situ.

    Penangkapan suspek ini mengejutkan semua pihak terutama Badan Pencegah Rasuah Sabah kerana Michael Chia tidak boleh meninggalkan Negara ini tanpa mendapat izin BPR kerana pasportnya dalam simpanan BPR atas beberapa pertuduhan rasuah bersama Loh Man Heng.

    Michael yang sebelum ini ditangkap bersama rakan kongsi Musa Aman, Loh Man Heng dan Chong ‘Khung Long’ (Chong Dinasour) kemungkinan akan dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Tinggi Hong Kong pada hari ini bagi menghadapi pertuduhan penyeludupan wang dan pengurupan wang haram (Money Traficking dan Money Laundering).

    Penangkapan Michael ini memberi tamparan hebat kepada Ketua Pengarah BPR, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan kerana desas desus yang tersebar meluas mengatakan bahawa Kes Rasuah Loh Man Heng telah ditutup berikutan pengakuan Loh Man Heng sendiri bahawa beliau telah membayar sejumlah RM4 juta melalui pegawai kanan BPR, Mohd Jamidan Abdullah yang sebelum ini menutup kes Musa Aman dalam kegiatan pembalakan haram di Keningau.

    Sebelum ini, Pengurus Besar Operasi Kumpulan Yayasan Sabah, Mohd Daud Tampokong yang sering kelihatan bersama dengan Michael Chia di Hong Kong dan Singapura untuk menjalankan transaksi kewangan bagi pihak Musa Aman.

    Namun bak kata pepatah modern, sepandai-pandai ayam melompat, akhirnya menjadi KFC, Michael Chia terjebak walaupun sebelum ini telah berjaya melakukan traksaksi pemindahan wang dalam jumlah yang besar, namun kali ini tertangkap kerana gelojoh membawa wang tunai dengan jumlah melebihi had yang dibenarkan.

    Musa Aman begitu mempercayai Michael Chia kerana syarikat bapa Michael, Chia & Sons telah banyak membantu Musa di era beliau membina kerjaya dalam bidang pembalakan dan kontrak, terutama penyewaaan skau (tongkang) untuk menarik kayu balak Musa.

    Apabila Musa menjadi Pengarah Yayasan Sabah dan Ketua Menteri Sabah, Michael telah menjadi ‘Taiko’ dalam bidang perhutanan terutama di konsesi Yayasan Sabah.

    Michael turut dibantu oleh Chong ‘Khung Long’ atau yang digelar ‘Dinosour’ kerana kegiatannya dalam bidang pembalakan haram untuk membekalkan balak kepada Michael selain daripada konsesi dengan kerjasama Pengarah Perhutanan Sabah, Datuk Sam Mannan @ Sam Singh.

    Berita penangkapan Michael Chia belum diketahui umum namun tidak mengejutkan penduduk Sandakan kerana selama ini beliau menunjukkan kekayaan luar biasa dan hidup mewah dengan memiliki sekurang-kurangnya dua bungalow dan 17 kereta mewah, selain harta yang dibeli di Hong Kong dan Singapura.

    “Satu sport rim keretanya sama nilainya dengan sebuah proton wira,” ujar William, seorang mekanik yang menyelenggara keretanya sejak tujuh tahun lalu.

    Dalam pada itu, hubungan antara Daud Tampokong dan Michael Chia terlalu rapat kerana mereka sering dilihat bersama di Shang Hai, Shang Zen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapura dan Quang Zhou untuk menguruskan ‘ang pau’ untuk Musa Khan yang kebanyakannya dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Hajjah Rosmawati Haji Lasuki (Gundik Musa Aman) yang juga Pengurus Sumber Manusia dan Pentadbiran Yayasan Sabah.

  23. Menyalak-er says:

    Memali incident? No, it was the Memali “massacre”. Musa hitam ordered the firing of live ammo, and yes he took the fall. You can kill the body but you cannot kill the ‘soul’, and that soul will haunt you – not in a physical nor ‘psychic’ sense even, but a surreptitious ‘guilty complex’ that will force you to persist in that evil, until you fall. Justice is eternal.
    Many conveniently forget the horrors perpetuated by evil because they themselves have no moral-ethical compass. The Memali Massacre is nerver mentioned by the powers that be and PAS seems to be the only party who ‘remembers’. It has passed into the fogginess of human awareness…
    How sad that our present day schools History subject/curricula is relegated to bumno history and Chinese tin-miners gansta wars!
    A religious person is not defined by the religion he swears by, but his political, monetary expediency and his self interests ala hypermammak and now by dopey & cohorts – where swearing on the Holy Quran seems to be righteous!
    Lest we forget, the ‘leaders’, without fail offer scapegoats for every stumbling block, every evil and every disaster on others. And if it were impossible: out comes: “The will of God!” where their God takes the fall. And who are we to argue? Accountability is not in anyones vocabulary in Bumno…

  24. RAI says:

    Please read Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger article by Dr. Bakri Musa.

    I would like to quote “I would have never imagined that the future of our Prime Minister and his Deputy would hang on whether a young man’s posterior had been violated. That is what Abdullah’s and Najib’s leadership has been reduced to, and how it will end, on Saiful’s end.” How aptly put Dr. Bakri . How aptly written. It sickens me to watch and read MSM. Gives me palpitations to hear lies repeated continously. Many of us who are able to access the internet are lucky to have the other side of the story. We can afford to avoid these spin masters news.I feel really sad for those who have no other access than the UMNO fed MSM. What is their fate ? What lies are being churned into them. How are those in Permatang Pauh going to differentiate what is true and what has been reeled by the barisan machinery with OUR billions of ringgits. They have by no means earned it by themselves to spend on bribing the public against voting for Dato Seri Anwar. Is the Pakatan Rakyat able to disseminate the truth. This is the Mother of all Elections. Our future lies in the hands of the voters of Permatang Pauh. We cannot afford to be complacent. Every effort needs to be taken by all those in the Pakatan Rakyat be it PKR, DAP AND PAS. This is the time to show our solidarity and work towards a common goal. To Win this Election should be our sole agenda right now. None of the Pakatan MPs should come out with unwitting statements to reduce our chances of winning with a greater majority.
    Every one of us from the leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat to an ordinary citizen like me need to be conscious and make moves that will not harm this election. Our disagreements and differences can be put off to after the election. I especially beg the leaders of the PR to be alert and vigil. HIDUP DSAI !

  25. wits0 says:

    Musa Hitam lost his grandson in the Highland Towers collapse, for which he grieved. Coincidence?

  26. rozlan says:

    Yes I did remember the Memali and Padang Merbok inciddents until now.I(N Memali inciddent Tan Sri Musa Hitam was the fall guy to take the brunt from public criticism.Ustaz Osman Talib death was never being investigated throughly by the polices…As far as I know no arrest had been made..

    You see guys…The memories were too bitter for us PAS members to reconciled with UMNO.Other than DSAI,we are the one who suffer most in the hands of UMNO

  27. Jsss says:

    Ayoyosamy!!!! janganlah temberang.

  28. javabean says:

    One is a MSM journalist. The other is a foreign photojournalist who coincidently has a photo book out on Kuala Lumpur

    “Journey Through Kuala Lumpur: A Pictorial Guide to Malaysia’s Modern Capital

    Bringing the city to life as captured by Berbar?s gorgeous photographs, the book also provides an overview to the people, government, food and economy of Malaysia.”

    Boleh percaya ke?

  29. ciltra says:

    Ya, I too read Dr Bakri Musa”s article and was very impressed.PAS admits that they have suffered more than DSAI under BN rule, yet the present leaders are just dying to sleep with them.The attack on the journalists reeks of sabotage.We know for sure its one of BN’s dirty trick.All too suddenly the polis and FRU are looking the other way!!!

  30. LiwatLand says:

    “OPERASI ANJING” ie DARI BELAKANG. Warning Warning!!!! Malaysia could become LIWATLAND !!!!

  31. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:


    the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

    to my malay and indian friends
    come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
    behind DSAI.

    forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

    just go all out and vote DSAI your MP and our next PM of all Malaysian.

    long live DSAI and may god bless you and your family.


  32. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear bangsa Cina Malaysia,
    No we must not forget that sayfool idiot. Many see that this is a weapon of bumno. It actually is the keris that they shafted into their own arse.
    Their absolute rubbish ‘evidence’, ‘legality’ and ‘swearing’ coupled with their own air of ‘invincibility’, can and will be turned against them…
    Ever heard of “reverse psychology”? Ah yes, ‘main belakang’ – a powerful tool to turn their very words against themselves & bumno will be no more.
    Turn everything said about ‘liwat’ and show the people about the abuse of power, corruption, unrighteousness, selective persecution/perversion of justice etc. and let the people of P.Pauh, show their own sense of righteousness.
    No use shouting, use reason – which DSAI is all wise at.
    Truth will prevail! Use all truth to counter all lies…
    Have a good day and may the PKR troopers remain wise and steel strong.

  33. wits0 says:

    Similarly what Bad awi said :
    Monday, 18 August 2008
    Pak lah says it again: Saiful is a victim, who’s seeking justice, so leave him alone
    Translated : Losing it bad. He want that to be established as an indisputeable fact!

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    That ‘dopey the victim’ is trying very hard not to appear clueless. I really doubt anything important resides between his audtory apparati.
    Whatever is being strategized by the L4 clowns are probably sent to him for ‘chop and sign’ without him ever having a clue of what transpires.

  35. wits0 says:

    Even a lobotomy will not save Dopey. Without which the prognosis can’t be much different either. He cannot really awake. The day of reckoning for him and company ominously approaches.

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Somnambulist par excellence eh, wits0? He really ought to stay out of the fray, being as irrelevant as he is. At worst he’ll be judged as ‘of no relevance’ in the annals of history; but he keeps muttering his dysphasic opinions probably spurred on by his corterie of buffoons. Wonder what spews forth next…

  37. hawk says:

    Lingam’s lawyer accuses Shafee of case-fixing

    by V. Anbalagan and Hafiz A. Yatim, the New Straits Times

    Two lawyers provided a sideshow during proceedings yesterday with one of them accusing the other of fixing a case. The “accused” was Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and the accuser was R. Thayalan who is appearing for Datuk V.K. Lingam.

    The allegation drew murmurs from those present.

  38. hawk says:

    Thayalan told the commission that a police report was lodged against Shafee in 1996 and added that they would go deeper into the matter if the situation arose. The matter came about after Shafee had tendered a written application on why he should be called to testify in the ongoing inquiry.

    written by ahmadneil, August 18, 2008 | 14:10:22
    Fantastic,super Admin.I hope more will be release to show the rakyat how corrupted is the judiciary initiated during Racist Mahathir’s time till now.Let us all take a closer look at this National Shame or Our Nation Darkest Years.May be one day I will try and write a book or two with these titles.

  39. anakdesa says:


  40. tamade says:

    Everyone in the Bolehland knows very well which political party produces the most “samseng” members in order to intimidate others. They always disguise as other parties’ members and they are the worst Agent Provocateurs.

    The Police definitely know who they are. Has the authority taken any actions and charge them for the crimes they have committed?

    This is the question the RAKYAT asks and we want to know the answers because our tax monies are being used to pay the police.

  41. tamade says:

    So the Botak Min has rushed to push the DNA ID Bill in the Parliament. The Fox’s tail is shown clearly now.

    Well, It only shows how desperate these evil power brokers can become.

    These evil corrupts will definitely want to see DSAI in prison, that’s the only way to save their ill gotten-wealth and to hold on to the power.

    The RAKYAT and the NEXT GENERATION will be the losers, while these evil corrupts, will siphon all the monies away quietly , and hide it in other continents.

    Some will even declare bankruptcy locally and yet enjoying themselves oversea.

    If we allow these to go on, the RAKYAT and the NEXT Generations will be in deep shit. Everyone is going to suffer, except those evil corrupts and their cronies.

    Enough is enough. Lets hope that all these evil corrupts will be put into the prison for their crimes against the RAKYAT and their ill gotten wealth be distributed to the needy.

  42. REFORMASI says:

    Since we cant win any gold in the Olympics, we will win Gold and a world record for Anjing Politics. Our PKR politicians all “dari belakang”. Watch out for the longkang!!!!

  43. loo seow pek says:

    hawk (20:33:24) :

    Lingam’s lawyer accuses Shafee of arse-fixing

    by V. Anbalagan and Hafiz A. Yatim, the New Straits Times

    Two lawyers provided a tigers how during proceedings yesterday with one of them accusing the other of faking the case. The “accused” was Datuk Hawk and the accuser was lin dan who is appearing for lin dan fan

    The allegation drew murmurs from those present.

  44. loo seow pek says:

    hawk (20:37:04) :

    Tha lan told the commission that a police report was lodged against Shaf him in 1996 and added that they would go deeper into the matter if the situation arose. The matter came about after Shaf him had tendered a written application on why he should be called to testify in the ongoing inquiry.

    written by mad neil, August 18, 2008 | 14:10:22
    Fantastic,super Admin.I hope more will be release to show the rakyat how corrupted is the judiciary initiated during Racimahathir’s time till now.Let us all take a closer look at this National Shame or Our Nation Darkest Years.May be one day I will try and write a book or two with these fak titles.

  45. amirbotak says:

    Hi Susan

    I’m sick shit of Malaysian Politics. Be it any combination (left, right, center left or center right and what have you).

    None has assured me of a positive future for my kids. Are we turning of age of just political turmoil with no end in sight.

    Throw in the mix the non political parties (the NGO’s, the ‘Councils’, the bloggers and every other T,D&H [oops not forgetting the lesser gender]) and what they have to say.

    The whole country should go off for a ‘cooling of period’. Employ some professional to run the economics and the administration. Set them a target with a quarterly review.

    The rest of us go for Politics 101, Democracy 101, Sensitivity 101 and maybe Love 101.

    Moi….. I’m chilling on a beach.

  46. […] / FAVES / ARCHIVES submit_url = “”; Susan Loone reported […]

  47. musharaf says:

    Aug 20 2008

    Is there a plan to erase Hindu temples and crematoriums in Kuala Lumpur by 2020?

    More than 120 temple representatives present at a meeting organised by Malaysia Hindu Sangam at the Dewan Tan Sri K R Soma, KL yesterday were shocked that their temples and 2 existing Hindu crematoriums were not identified at the master Plan of City of Kuala Lumpur by 2020.

    The leaders were wondering whether there is a plan to erase off hundreds of Hindu temples and 2 crematoriums at Jalan Loke Yew and Sentul by the year 2020.

    There was a feeling of disappointment and disgust when they were briefed on the Master Plan. They were informed that they have to send their note of protest using the appropriate DBKL Form by 30th August 2008. About 100 forms were distributed at the meeting.

    Briefings were made by MHS president Datuk A. Vaithilingam, IT Consultant Chin Meng Sun, MHS Temples advisor Ariathavaratnam, MHS temples affairs committee chairman G. Gunaraj and Bukit Jalil social worker Thiagarajan. All those who are not able to obtain the DBKL Master Plan Books are requested to go online and visit and try and identify the location of their temple. It does not matter whether the temple is registered with ROS or with our MHS or is said to be illegal and if the temple is not identified in the plan please get the forms from DBKL or ring 012-392 5995 (Gunaraj), 012-328 7823 (Chin), 016-3674304 (Thiagaraj) or 016-277 1495 (Ariathavaratnam) for advice or on how to obtain the forms.

    All temples are advised to immediately submit their protests to DBKL and send a copy of the protest form to Malaysian Hindu Sangam at No. 67, Jalan PJS 1/48, Taman Petaling Utama 7, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, fax 03-77847304

    All protests must reach DBKL by 30th August 2008

    Thank you.

    Datuk A. Vaithilingam
    Malaysia Hindu Sangam

  48. rashid awang says:

    No matter what you say,I am UMNO.No matter what you do I am UMNO.No matter what you curse I am still UMNO.I live and die for UMNO and in UMNO.

  49. I just read the book MEMALI A POLICEMAN REMEBERS.
    Being a Retired Policeman myself and one who served in the Riot Squad and who had faced emotionally-charged situations where the Political Masters thought that they were the very ones to call the shots, I empathise with the throes that the Police had to undergo. The Human Person is indeed a complex being and the Policeman’s Lot is never as simple as ABC.

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