“When he was finance minister, he gave away RM1 billion each to 15 crony companies, without tenders and negotiations – all under the Skim Kontraktor Wibawa” – said Ezam Mohd Nor on Anwar Ibrahim at UMNO’s ceramah.

I met Anwar Ibrahim’s arch enemy last night in Tanah Liat – the ‘incorruptible’ (according to Aliran) Ezam Mohd Noor. He was at UMNo Permatang Pauh, getting ready to expose his great secrets.

I spoke to him and he gave me his card – he is currently based in Jakarta, has an NGO called The New Generation of Nusantara, which works on Malaysia-Indonesia relations.

Before that, his side kick, who used to be a strong PKR supporter Abdul Ghani, met me too and asked “So, you don’t want to see Ezam these days?”.

I said “Come on, then why am I here? But I would like to know his secrets”. We both laughed.

By the way, outside the UMNO centre is a big screen showing examples of those who ‘menghina Islam” (or those who insult Islam), for example, activities of the Inter-Faith Council.

The overt message was of course: Anwar supports those who insult Islam. Below, pamphlets going around accusing Anwar of being a traitor to Islam, and the Malay race.

The crowd was quite happy when Ezam criticised his former boss.

Anyway,  Ezam did try to expose those ‘secrets’ in his speech last night. But he tried to convince himself, more than anything or anyone else, of why he deserted Anwar.

He said it was a very difficult decision but at the end it came down to choosing between an individual and race, religion and country. So he chose UMNO!

He added that Anwar had betrayed his race, religion and country by opposing the New Economic Policy.

“Anwar is the first leader, among the Malays and non-Malays to have criticised and opposed the NEP,” he stressed.

He later talked about the six boxes which were supposedly under his safe keeping.

“I only said I knew about the boxes. I don’t have it. Anwar Ibrahim has it”.

Ezam also openly chided Anwar and his wife for having gone overboard (melampau) for accusing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for conspiring against Anwar in the sodomy II case.

He revealed that in those days, Azizah had begged Abdullah for help when Anwar was in prison, and it was he who arranged a meeting between Azizah and Abdullah.

At that time, Azizah asked for 3 things:

1. Release Anwar and let him seek medical treatement in the hospital;

2. Seek medical treatment overseas and

3. Do not interfere in the court process.

“Pak Lah kept to his commitment. He did not interfere in the court process and Anwar was finally freed”.

“Pak Lah had even said he was a Muslim, and he had never been cruel to anyone, what more to Anwar and Azizah”.

Ezam sang Abdullah’s praises through out his speech. According to him, no leader had ever been so committed to fighting corruption as Pak Lah.

Then he ended his speech by asking Permatang Pauh folks to vote for BN/UMNO or Arif Shah (image), who was also present at the ceramah.

Truth is, at the end of the speech, I wonder if Ezam had managed to convince himself.

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  1. Duit says:

    So that is where Ezam made his money? 10% commission

  2. Duit says:

    Why are we waiting:

    BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 3 (Bernama) — Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth chief Mohamad Ezam Mohd Noor stressed that he would swear on the Quran to preserve his dignity following the allegation that he lacked principle for leaving the PKR to join Umno.

  3. astora says:

    And this Ezam want to fight for ketuanan melayu?
    Why he dont give name of malay contractors who got the money? Who paying for Ezam`s house> How much money Ezam got in Jakarta?
    Did dsai liwat Ezam.? Why so shy., more hansome than saifool sure got kena wan kekeke now jealous

  4. Fortified City says:

    A cheapskate is always a cheapskate.

    His ‘principles’ are flip-flopping ones. When on this side, he speaks against the other. He has no principles at all in the eyes of the public. Zero principles.

    His words are not reliable. He is a snake and slithers and plots for his prey silently.He had personality clashes with PKR leadership and is not fit for leadership position.

    The more he speaks against DSAI, the more people are going to flock behind DSAI. Call it quits and go home.

  5. Kapitan says:

    If Anwar could have given so easily RM1billion each to his 15 crony companies than EZAM & CO must have been given more than the RM1 billion !!!!!! Because Ezam was Anwar ‘s right hand man at that time and should be more important than Anwar’s cronies!!! Correct? Please let all the voters of P. Pauh put this question to Ezam.

  6. azizi says:

    who wants to listen to ezam? he’s a spineless swine… that much i can say… go eat your heart out…

  7. astora says:

    Mahathir denied that he and his family had billions dollars of deposits in Israel National Bank, S`pore details which were leaked to harakah by Ezam.

  8. Ismail says:

    I will spit on his face should I ever come acroos this leper! I know him too well.

  9. astora says:

    It looks like he has this habit of “collecting” or taking “secret documents” in his imagination.
    He did it then,(when he was in PKR) remember, the 6 boxes of files on corruption by the BN lead Government. I, and i guess many of us are still waiting for him to expose that, it has been like 10years now, so until that happens, then only will he be taken seriously

  10. astora says:

    I think Ezam is gay and he liwat Sukma but anwar forced to take rap by umno becos convenient for mahathir. Ezam gave info to M to fix dsai.

  11. watan says:

    Julai 26, 2008 oleh antikhairy

    Saya menerima email dari seorang Hamba Allah yang tidak dikenali. Kata Hamba Allah tersebut, dalam jangka masa terdekat ini,

    Ezam Mohd Noor, bekas hulubalang Anwar Ibrahim yang baru sahaja diterima menyertai UMNO akan membuat satu Pengakuan Bersumpah untuk mengaku bahawa beliau pernah diliwat oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Email tersebut menyatakan Ezam diliwat oleh Anwar ketika beliau menjadi Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Kewangan pada tahun 1996 ketika Anwar masih lagi dalam UMNO sebelum dipecat pada tahun 1998.

    Apakah benar? Entahlah… Pening politik hari ini.

    Kita tunggu dan lihat.

    Anak Jati Rembau


    Lepas ni sapa pulak?

  12. wits0 says:

    There’s a Three Gorges Dam in China and there’s a Six Boxes Damn for Ezam. His name reminds one of Epsom salt for constipation but one that does not work. Anyway its relationship to the colon/rectal area makes it akin to the Sudomee Kid, Sai_full. Nice coincidence for anal retentives! Relatives by all appearance.

  13. azizi says:

    how can he claim that he only know about the boxes, when he said it loud and clear “ada dalam simpanan saya”. who’s gonna believe him anyway?

  14. watan says:

    `Anyway its relationship to the colon/rectal area makes it akin to the Sudomee Kid, Sai_full`

    Baca lagi:

    “Yang sahihnya Saiful berjumpa dengan Ezam, sehari sebelum Saiful membuat laporan polis ke atas Anwar. Rakan-rakan lain juga ada, mereka tidak dibenarkan menyertai perbincangan empat mata antara Ezam dengan Saiful,” dakwa satu sumber lain.


  15. DARA says:

    Dear Ezam … go fly kite, a swine like you will forever be a swine, I saw your video where you swear to down UMNO/BN, sekarang lain pulak cerita dah kena Rm????…, sumpah menyumpah ini perkara remeh kah ?? .

    Ezam kau tanggung lah azab di akhirat nanti.

  16. rozlan says:

    Is that all he could tell??? Wasting my time only..

  17. Shiok Guy says:

    Yeah,, if what you have reported is exactly what he is saying. I see a man who struggle within.

    blockquote cite=”Pak Lah kep to his commitment. He did not interfere in the court process and Anwar was finally freed”>

    Is this mean that the PM has a say in the outcome of the court process? Or am I naive to think otherwise? What I can say is poor Ezam, I hope the reward if any for going back to UMNO hence talk bad against you buddy is worth it. At the end of the day we should be able to look at the mirror and proud of what we see…

    My open later to Permatang Pauh voters
    Action First and then ask for vote

    Shiok Guy

  18. dev says:

    I hope PKR is countering everything that Ezam is saying by putting up a huge screen of all his ceramahs during his reformasi days.

  19. Pengundi Senyap says:

    Wah dulu dakwa 6 kotak rahsia ada dlm simpanan dia, sekarang dakwa 6 kotak rahsia ada pada DSAI….. Ezam ni memang ular nombor satu…..
    Kalau DSAI bagi RM1billion projek kpd kroni …..si-Ezam ni sudah tentu dpt habuan…sebab dia jadi penjaga tol kat ofis DSAI.

    Hoi Ezam..sudah la..cakap kamu dah tak laku lagi….yg dtg ramai dengar ceramah kamu adalah ahli UMNO yg diupah nasi bungkus dan diangkut dgn bas….mereka bukan pengundi Permatang Pauh pun…poorrraaahhh.

  20. karadzic says:

    Observe, that Malays who are localised, parochialized at the Village or fringes of townships , their world are revolved around the Village, Village Surau or Masjid , Village Gossip, Village Ketua Kampung, Cawangan Chief, Bahagian Chief and the occasional trips to the towns.

    The ADUN and MP would come occasionally but in the meantime, it is the go-betweens are their contact to the outside world of politics. This is nothing more nothing less than the world of FEUDALISM.

    It is just a continuation of the Istana-Centric society leaving the Kampung Malays to be complacent and happyt go lucky in their Villages when everywhere else people and things are moving in a fast pace.

    The Malays never quite follow what their Prophet did , ie. to develop a Madinah society , a city, town, commerce, trading, education, centred society.

    Learning and knowledge of the world comes from the Village Politician, Village Ustadz, Village Mr Knows All and the ASTRO TV and Utusan Malaysia papers and the Rumour-machines coming from the “Istana or now the Putrajaya” palaces.

    So, when a clever boy with a University degree comes around speaking words of wisdom which nobody listens but they just like the sound of fury from it all; the Villagers would quickly find and make them somebody or a leader of sorts.

    This is the beginning of the rise of “FALSE LEADERS”. These FALSE LEADERS would spew FEARs and more FEARs about other races taking over their lands and properties, their rights and privileges.

    The Kampung folks would, out of fear itself, readily flock to such False Leaders. And they would rather, in fact for the last 600 years prefer the Kampung Folks to remain ignorant and docile about the going-ons outside.

    For the past 600 years the Malays have not quite move from the “Istana-centric worldview” but continue with another form of a modern “Putrajaya-Centric” of Fedualism.

    Just to remind the Malay Kampung folks and even to the Malay Town folks {but still with the kampung mentality set] , the first thing their Prophet did was to establish a Market Place, a Mosque as a Centre of Knowledge dessimination [in fact a University] and Networking .

    And this ex-PKR chappie, is a pepertrator of this form of modern Malay Feudalism making them a glaring example of False Leaders.

  21. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    You wrote “I spoke to him and he gave me his card – he is currently based in Jakarta, has an NGO called The New Generation of Nusantara, which works on Malaysia-Indonesia relations.”
    _ _ _ _ _

    Did you not asked Ezam how much $ did UMNO bribed him to disseminate lies and falsehoods ? 🙂

  22. EZ am says:

    Maybe Ezam can take advantage of the 16-25 August 2008 Permatang Pauh by-election campaign (no more campaigning allowed on Polling Day) to explain what happened to the ‘six boxes’ of evidence he has hidden that proves almost everyone in Umno and Barisan Nasional are corrupted. He can also explain why his mother took an oath in the name of Allah and declared it haram for any member of her family to join or rejoin Umno.

    And while he is at it, he can also explain the sumpah keramat or sacred oath that he took where he swore he would never rejoin Umno even if he died and was reborn.

    And while he is at it, he can also do what Rafidah Aziz suggested: that he apologise to all the Umno leaders who he ‘slandered’ while he was the PKR (then PKN) Youth Leader.


  23. Kapitan says:

    Talk of Billions of ringgits to the kampong folks????
    Let’s figure out how much is 1 billion.
    Ist, if you start counting from one to a MILLION non stop, without eat,sleep or rest, it will probably takes up 15 days , yes 1/2 aMonth!!!!
    NOW one BILLION = 1000 MILLIONS !!!! ok, ok ,ok we don’t have millions of years.
    Simpliied: RMl billion can build 25,000 low cost houses @ RM40,000 each.
    So just 2bill ringgit, all Permatang Pauh’s voters can have a house FREE!!!
    FOLKS, now imaginations comes in…….. those billions squandered, misappropriated, or pocketed by BN and UMNOputras over the years!!!???

  24. Francis Xavier says:

    Ezie Boy has weakened in his resolve because he cannot take the tough life. After his stints at fighting national corruption he throws in the towel and sighs: ‘if you cant beat them might as well join them.’

    To do that he had to prove himself, hence his back stabbing attacks at DSAI. Let him be. Folks who bite the hand that feeds them are turncoats, renegades and would not amount to much. It would not profit a man to give his soul for the world, but for UMno?

  25. malayamuda says:

    UMNO should be wary of this guy Ezam.

    while in UMNO he collected boxes of UMNO secrets, then he betrayed UMNO and took 6 boxes with him, He sang praises of Anwar

    then he sat and enjoyed with Anwar , secretly collecting secrets about Anwar to be used against him should his liason with Anwar break, then when the time came he betrayed Anwar [ with more secrets ] and ran back to UMNO.

    What is the guarantee that he wont be collecting UMNO secrets once again and use it against UMNO come the next GE ?

    Ezam is a double headed snake.

  26. EZ am says:

    Ezam is based in jakarta taking care of this:

    The most expensive party election in Umno’s history
    Posted by Super Admin
    Tuesday, 17 June 2008 10:50

    Daim, however, does not want Abdullah to retire just yet. He needs Abdullah around until at least 2010 because it will take him two years to slowly bring back RM3 billion in cash. Yes, more than ten years ago, RM3 billion in RM500 and RM1,000 notes were smuggled out to Indonesia. When Tun Dr Mahathir found out he discontinued the usage of RM500 and RM1,000 notes. So the money is now stuck. The notes can, of course, be brought back, but they can’t be used in the open market. Instead, you have to send them to Bank Negara to be changed into smaller notes.

    And this is where the problem lies. How to bring back RM3 billion in RM500 and RM1,000 notes unless you do it over two years and unless the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister gives his permission for Bank Negara to accept them? So Daim has to ensure that the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister stays on at least until 2010 when the entire RM3 billion can be safely brought back and sent to Bank Negara for conversion into smaller notes. And to ensure that the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister is not kicked out of office, Daim is prepared to spend half the amount to defeat the challengers like Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin.


  27. man says:

    Assume that Ezam is right, you must remember Anwar was not PM then, TDM was. What was TDM doing if Anar did the wrong thing ? If Anwar is a ‘liwater’, is he worst then the murderer, the liar and the cheater ? If Anwar betrays the Malay didn’t UMNO are worst betrayel ? Among the many evils I would have to choose the lesser among all. I hate tolls after tolls, Indah Water after Indah Water, tyranical rules and murderers.

    A person like Ezam actually worth nothing. It is this kind of person who would prostitute even his daughter for money.

  28. EZ am says:

    Assume that Ezam is right – man

    What about semi value who gave more than 1 billion to Bumi contractors without tenders blah blah?
    Also how much did Mahathir`s sons get?

  29. The voters is intelligent enough to weigh on all information tabled. Character assassination is the lowest level of politics. I believe many intelligent Malaysian will like to drive the 2 Party System of Democracy. Not hearing the sodomy or DSAI weaknesses when he was in the Government.

    Really sad to see the BN struggles after the March 8 General Election.
    The BN should pull their socks and come up strongly on the following committed actions which they promised : I strongly believe this will turn around the rakyat supports…….

    (1) Declaration of assets and made public – No Actions todate. The PR is equally non committal on this item …. only heard Lim Guan Eng mentioned waiting the BN to execute for standardisation. Both Fail in this score !!

    (2) What about the Judicial Reform, Judges appointment,….. No Actions and Update to-date. Bad deal as the Rakyat has no transparency on this. Be brave to review with the Public even there are constrains or not implementable. Let the whole world know we are dead serious about it.

    (3) Independent body of ACA – What takes so long ???? No progress again, sad case as the Rakyat has no update on this important item as committed by BN. The people and the world is sceptical on this political will to fight corruption.

    (4) How we want to fine tune the NEP which can erase the highly suspicious and non transparency on the awards of contracts to help the handful Bumiputras. This Cronyism needs to confront head on and it requires Political Will. Not too difficult if we benchmark good governance countries like New Zealand, or probably our neighbour Singapore.

    (5) PR needs to come up with the Domestic and International Policies if they come into Power to convince the Rakyat on the 2 Party System and not just changing faces in the Government. I personally do not believe PR can take us to a differnet plane even there are cross over in Sep 16 as claimed. PR needs to put in tremendous efforts on the Domestic and International Policies … example to look at Democratic and Replubican Parties in USA as one fine example.

    I truly love Malaysia. With today scenerio, Let me put it very bluntly, the people have little choice to choose from – BN or PR until they have bring themselves to a higher level of expectations from the Rakyat….. The Intelligent Rakyat will make the Choice even they have to choose between the devil and ugly.

    Hope the BN and PR will compete to be Good and Better for the Rakyat to choose. All are Malaysian, there is no traitors and Politicians please do not drag the innocent rakyat into your wars of Power without efforts to make your commitments good.

    Really hope to see the next 9 days with more solid stuffs from both BN and PR leaders to let the World Know Malaysia is far ahead in the Democracy !!!

    BN review the above commitments and I strongly believe the supports will be swing ….. Not the Sodomy or character assasination type of politiking.
    Good Luck and Malaysia Prospers.

  30. Edi神 says:

    The thing about ezam is that, a man lose his credibility once he betray what he standed for.

    Just another dog barking on the road side

  31. sam lok says:

    O O now loo will be coming for dog meat

  32. Dear Mr Ezam,

    Please STOP taking the learned, informed and concerned rakyat for fools.

    Take a good look at your NON-VERBAL messages spewing out from you.

    Take a look at the paraphanalia of literature that is being churned out discrediting DSAI.

    Don’t you know that all these arsenal that you purportedly think will give you an insurance to whack DSAI is actually going to catapult back on you?

    You have left a political trail behind you and you are still unaware that the rakyat will soon be over you.

    Remember you can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Politics is not about how cunning one can be. But it is all about transparency, integrity and good governance. This is the 21st century mantra of political success.

    So my boy, you got your equation all wrong.

  33. Perry says:

    I am writing a comment exposing Kamal aBadawi’s and KJ’s corruption, but it is not appearing. Why?

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    Well as far as i know, he wasn’t as close to Sdr. Anwar as Azmin or the others. He was and remains a very sulky fella.
    He’s a shade of himself after he was chucked under bISA to Sg. Buloh – just wonder what they did to him there – probably tore up his ‘you know what’! The BTN was most efficent in his case…, and he’ll soon be the head of that sinister fascist organization. Any bets?
    You can’t just ask for leniency from the Enemy for your ‘boss’ then turn around, then spit at Sivaji the Boss!
    It’s time he divulges with full evidence, the so called 15 bil crony stuff he labelled DSAI with, from his 6 boxes of tricks and magic – which he now conveniently claims to with Anwar.
    The reason why he’s loafing around in Jakarta is to turn the Indonesians into rabid ‘Ketuanan Indons’ and then trying to set up shop in cahoots with the Jab. Immigresen crooks.
    This may be our 3rd. front in regards to the anachrostic “Ketuanan” motto: “The hills are alive with the Sound of Indons…” (sung to the sound of music).
    Decency, Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Honor etc. are not in his ‘minimal’ vocabulary.
    He is truly a “hung dog”.

  35. Perry says:

    Excuse my French: Farking bas.ard Ezam! Motherfaker! Liar and hypocrite! He said he had the boxes, now he says Anwar has the boxes… Ezam, bast.rd, name those “15 companies” to whom Anwar gave 1 billion… Pak Lah against corruption???!!! Fak you! Kamal Badawi was given Dewina before Pak Lah became PM and he totally bankrupted the company. It collapsed. Kamal also had some Italian restaurants, Ancelloti, or something like that and it was a total failure. He tried again some F&B business in Bangsar, again collapse. Suddenly, Pak Lah was named PM-to-be and Kamal’s fortunes changed. By the 3rd year of Pak Lah’s premiership Kamal was listed as one of the richest individuals in Malaysia. He owns properties in UK and Australia, charters private jets, owns private yacht, etc. KJ – the famous SIL – is worth hundreds of millions even though he is “unemployed”. He built his new mega bungalow house in Damansara Heights, to be near his office. His fleet of cars includes luxury Lexus Jeep, Volvo Jeep, BMW, Audi, etc. He opens a multi-million dollar shop in Pavillion, just for fun. And the “clean” father in law never asks where he got those millions? Fak you Ezam and your farking Pak Lah! Go to hell!

  36. Perry says:

    Wow, Susan got censorship… Macam Guantanamo Bay…

  37. Muslim says:


  38. WhereisJean? says:

    To believe Ezam Mohd. has any honesty and truth in him is equally as good as to believe that the author cum director of Jeancumlately is indifferent from the author cum director of Sofiairdina. ;D

  39. WhereisJean? says:

    Sorry, should read;-
    To believe Ezam Mohd. has any honesty and truth in him is equally as good as to believe that the author cum director of Jeancumlately is different from the author cum director of Sofiairdina. =)

  40. Apollos says:

    [quote] 3. Do not interfere in the court process.

    “Pak Lah kep to his commitment. He did not interfere in the court process and Anwar was finally freed”. [unquote]

    Pak Lah kept his commitment? Or else Anwar would have remained in jail? You mean to say that Pak Lah could have INTEREFERED in the court process???!!! That’s frightening. Where is the separation of power of the executive and the judiciary?

  41. sam lok says:

    Smoking too much ganja killed his brain cells

  42. sosong says:

    This Mohd Ezam, go on and swear, Make this land Malswearia !
    PP Folks, when Anwar was Fin. Minister, who was Prime Minister? In BN Msia, all ministers more or less = puppet only, all must be approved by PM !

  43. sam lok says:

    Ezam best song indon quality-


  44. better future for all says:

    Ezam admitted in
    3. Do not interfere in the court process.
    meaning TDM had fixed the court process earlier.
    Now he making money not only here but in Indonesia as well.
    Where the boxes of evidence – sold to Umno, just as Saifull sold his ‘sodomised’ arse to Umno.
    Both are the same – one seems intellectual, the latter a moronic slut.

  45. wandererAUS says:

    Sloone, your collection of those awesome photos on nomination day, brought me great hope for the future of this country…not until, a picture of this assface, Ezam appeared. It simply spoiled my moment of delight!
    Perhaps, you should categorized your photos in 3 sections, “GOOD, BAD and UGLY” I need not suggest where you should place this ass.
    Ezam the double headed snake has shown his true colors..a racist, corrupt and un-islamic. A man living in a glass house throwing stones at others…a typical UMNO scum!!

  46. Vendetta says:

    The biggest show of the day must have been how the PKR projected its newly reinvigorated stature and influence, and how they made their boisterous presence felt in droves, complete with Anwar masks — V for Vendetta style. Everybody was Anwar. And Anwar was everybody.


  47. anarky says:

    So, this is where all the slime ball hang out

  48. straws says:

    Ezam wore an Anwar Mask to liwat Saiful ????

  49. Vendetta says:

    PERMATANG PAUH, Aug 17 – With one medical report in hand that debunks his accuser’s sodomy claim, opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today revealed he will have no case to answer as a second report from Hospital Kuala Lumpur makes the same conclusion.

    “I have seen the first report and I am privy to the second report, and based on that they have no case against me,” Anwar told a a press conference here in between campaigning for the Permatang Pauh by-election on Aug 26.


  50. patek1472 says:

    Permatang Pauh Voters decide for Nation?
    Pengundi Permatang Pauh tentukan untuk Negara?

    1. Voters of Permatang Pauh will vote come 26 August 2008. Who to vote for and What to vote for? (Man of Honour in Nostradamus Quatrains on Wag the Dog?)

    Pengundi-pengundi Permatang Pauh akan undi menjelang 26 Ogos 2008. Mengundi Siapa and mengundi untuk Apa? (Man of Honour di Nostradamus Quatrains Wag the Dog?)

    2. 50 Questions to test your Conscience at Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia – Are You?

    50 Soalan untuk menguji Suara Hati anda di Jeyklls and Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah Anda?


  51. Ahjajal says:

    This is interesting that he is now in JAKARTA I will get my boys to trace him up.
    Any phone no or address of contact please.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Go on and say what you want,Ezam!
    Nobody cares about you.
    You’re just trying to make a comeback, but for a traitor like you, who would really believe in you.
    You betrayed Umno before and after that PKR.
    Then you go back to Umno and start the whole process again.
    If Umno guys will to believe in you, pigs can then climb trees too.
    That’s why you was rejected to contest in PP even though you had offered yourself several times.
    You are just making a monkey out of yourself.
    Look in the mirror and your face will reveal it all.
    You try to behave and talk like Anwar during your ceramah but problem is that you sounded real ugly.
    Come this September and there’ll be no place for you here in Malaysia.
    So pack up and be ready to head for Indonesia!!!

  53. Vendetta says:

    He`s in jakarta setting up a terrorist network and create mayhem:

    Selasa, 08 Julai 2008

    BEKAS Pengerusi Gerakan Rakyat Anti Korupsi (GERAK) Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor akan mengetuai badan serantau untuk pembaharuan dan pembanggunan ummat Islam di Malaysia dan Indonesia yang akan diumumkan secara rasmi minggu hadapan.


    They must be using their people in immigration to bring in the headhunters to kill the non believers so ketuanan melayu is intact.

    Also check:

  54. mustafa says:

    Dear Friends,

    Ezam is an example of the worst scum of a human being ever created by God. There are many worst scums in the BN-UMNO leadership including Mahatir s/o Iskander Kutty.

    So let us not waste our time and life with scums like these. Let us pray that God will destroy each of these scums one by one.

  55. loo seow pek says:

    Woof woof

    Semua cakap macam Rambo di sini , fak ini olang fak itu olang , semua fak , fak , fak , , slim ball ada , scum ada , colon/rectal area ada , Three Gorges Dam in China and there’s a Six Boxes Damn pun ada , lagi , “hung dog”. lagi . so sini ade Rambo 1 rambo 2 , rambo 3 , woof woof , wisky boy , ini perry atau peli , dia mulut manyak chao , busuk , buka mulut satu kilometer jauh pun bolih smeell itu bau , macam satu tahun tak de gosok gigi , makan itu rotten flesh sama itu satu bulan tak pergi loo , semua campor itu bau !! Kalau bolih , pergi stand tepi , Anwar , ingat dia pengsan.

  56. Vendetta says:

    Another RM1 bil double-track job for Ingress?
    By Yeow Pooi Ling, The Star

    INGRESS Corp Bhd is tipped to have secured another RM1 billion worth of contracts to supply signalling and communication systems for the Ipoh-Padang Besar double-tracking railway project. An industry source said the contract would be awarded to a joint-venture company between Ingress and Italy-based Ansaldo Group.

    Yes, Rameli is involved in Malaysian government contracts in a big way. He has billions at stake and can’t afford to rub the government the wrong way. His pay-off in helping to fix Anwar in the latest sodomy allegation amounts to more than RM1 billion in government contracts. There are people who would sell their own mothers for much less than that.


  57. Devan says:

    EZAM, you are a man who wants desperate money to settle your bank debts, housing ,,,,,which were all settle by UMNO. You were paid well,,,in millions to speak bad about Anwar,,,hahahaa the rakyat knows all and are not stupid.
    You are a man who will prostitute your own wife and daughter for money especially to those in Umno.
    Why dont you too swear on the Holy Book …you didnt take any money,,,,,, and also you didnt LIWAT saiful !!!!
    I suspect you DID LIWAT SAIFUL…..

  58. bennyloy says:

    He is there to learn to be a Full-Chinese from this ..


  59. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey folks,
    Isn’t that ‘Nusantara’ idea from Majapahit’s (West Java) vizier Gajah Mada, in the 14th cent. Hindu kingdom, who wanted to conquer all of the Malay Archipelago from Aceh to Borneo?
    The Jemayaah Islamiah (JI) has a similar agenda but extends to the Southern Phillipines, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya etc. by violent means.
    Although the concept of ‘Nusantara’ nowadays is limited to the idea of Indonesian Nationalism, its seems that ‘hung dog’ is trying to perpetuate the idea to Malaysia. Is he a JI operative?

  60. bennyloy says:

    He is a small fry now, has to learn as much as possible…from this Half-Chinese,
    he should find this lullaby easy to learn from…


  61. bennyloy says:

    Bugger this old man with poor vision changes his surname! Should be bennyloh

  62. Matiumno says:

    Malay terrorisme of Ezam:

    Malaysiakini today quotes the following of Ezam :

    “Other races respect the rights of Malay Muslims as the leaders of this country and we in turn must respect them. The Malay foundation must be maintained but the term of Ketuanan Melayu must be replaced”


    Other races – that’s you, Dompok, Ongkili, Teck Lee, Ka Ting, Tsu Khoon, Samy – respect the rights of Malay Muslims – read this as UMNO – as leaders of this country!

    YB Liow, this is where you step in and hail this man’s re-entry into UMNO as signs of a growing confidence in UMNO’s resurgence!

    Step aside, Kerismuddin, you are out of flavour and out of favour!

    Watch out KJ, there’s a new kid in town!


  63. wits0 says:

    “its seems that ‘hung dog’ is trying to perpetuate the idea to Malaysia. Is he a JI operative?”

    Dunno, but he sure is reeking enough already.

  64. loo seow pek says:


    Bugger this old man with poor vision changes his surname! Should be bennyloh

    Apek here also lah , is it bennyloy ? bennyjoy ? bennyloh ? or bent low ?


  65. WhereisJean? says:

    YB Liow, the Health Minister has to run errand for UMNo. These people are no better than UMNO themselves.

  66. loo seow pek says:

    WhereisJean? (14:18:40) :

    YB Liow, the Health Minister has to run errand for UMNo. These people are no better than UMNO themselves.

    He has to supply pampers and sanitary towels to those UMNo who are having premature ejaculation .

  67. chaptokam says:

    Guess I miss out all the action here lah !! this is more interesting than the Olympics lah !

    Anyway today 6.30 pm live from Peking , Lee Chong Wei Versus Lin Dan . My bet , he’ll win our first Olympic GOLD medal .

    Happy watching !!

  68. loo seow pek says:

    hey woof woof !
    Isn’t that ‘Nusantara’ idea from Majapahit’s (West Java) vizier Gajah Mada, in the 14th cent. Hindu kingdom, who wanted to conquer all of the Malay Archipelago from Aceh to Borneo? its seems that ‘hung dog’ is trying to perpetuate the idea to Malaysia. Is he a JI operative?

    Not so easy lah !! dia bukan superman !!

  69. ka na sai says:

    Hello Ezam,If you think you are so great in fighting,you were saying anywhere
    Anwar goes you want to go against him.how com you are not nominated,you are not trusted , understand???.you are only treated as a cheapskate spy
    sorrylah you are not in the eyes of umno no where near don’t try to bolek.
    Anwar has not paid you enough.so when you can’t manage the grapes you classified as sour.

  70. EdmondDantes says:

    Ezam is the piece of government shit and get paid for his shit. soon, he’ll get paid for his sins to all malaysian. He will suffered like Ariel Sharon and the George Bush! Hell door is open for this guy. And dont forget SayFool also will burn in hell!!

  71. ka na sai says:

    loo seow pek.
    you are absolute right,i think leow teong lai is showing himself towards the exit.
    you remember all health minister do not stay very long in this position,serves him right if he is trying to be hero,it is better to be kaybo(motherhen) than to Hero.hahaha

  72. Ayoyosamy says:

    RM$1 billion here and there kacang puteh lah compared to at least RM$500 billion he legalised short selling for Clinton’s financial henchmen to wipe off from the Malaysian economy in 1997/8.

  73. Confused says:

    If anwar really did give 1billion to cronies country during 1996, I am Ok with that.

    We should give a chance to him to bring back 100 times the money to the people .Thats it. Even prisoner also given a chance after they released from jail.

    As long as he managed to take over the gov, catch all the corrupted big fish , RM1 billon is peanut. I am sure the corrupted big fish is more than RM100 billion

  74. Banker says:

    I will always remember the day when Josephine Premla Sivaratnam who quicky exited all her directorship told me … “If you want your job, just do as you are told …” Not long after that, most of us got investigated by the authorities for granting loans to Plenitude, Aman jaya and back yard factories destined for listing and that just because we want to keep our job and feed our families!!!”

    Imagine a non executive director sitting on all board meetings of a bank deciding on loan application by crony related companies!!! Where are you, Bank Negara, you very well know the rules right. What say you Tan Soo Soon now at Alliance Bank.

  75. slyderrose says:

    I feel like vomitting everytime I heard about this asshole side of stories. Pls do not write story about him anymore. You are giving him free publicity and that what he likes most. This asshole is nobody till 1998. Nobody knew him then. he always think he was the only one fighting for Anwar. Bullshits!. There were thousands more. Till now he still talk and sound like Anwar . His is trying to copy anwar but Anwar knows his political game that why anwar trusted Azmin Ali better than him.

  76. loo seow pek says:

    ka na sai

    this liow teong lai fella , damn useless bugger . kaybo kachoi ( chicken backside)

  77. ybk says:

    Voters of P. Pauh. Think positively and think of your livelihood and your childrens future. I’m sure you voters are aware of the corrupted Ministers in the present Government. They are enjoying life at the expense of the rakyat. So, why keep them. It’s time to change the government. Ezam would have been a Minister by now if he is a clever & trusted person!!!! He is just a useless dog and a hypocrite. I would rather go to sleep than listen to Ezam’s speech.

  78. permatang pauh voter says:

    Bodolah under the banners as Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice Guy before the 2004 GE promised to wipe out corruptions. After that 2994 GE, what has happening to Bolehland?

    This Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice Guy has shown after not only the filthiest man on earth but also the filthiest devil in the Universe.

    This Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice Guy appointed all the corrupt and racist devils to his cabinet, screwing Bolehland upside down.

    The rakyat elected him to replaced the corrupt, racist and despotic Mamakkutty but alas, this Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice just assumes the Mamakutty’s evil policy.

    Bolehland is in its worst quagmire no thanks to this Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice Guy.

    This Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice Guy is after all another corrupt, racist and religious fanatic ala a evil Devil without a Soul.

    Hence we have all this sodomy, body snatching, Allah is exclusive for the use by the Umno devils, banning others from using Allah…….

    The Rakyat aka the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, bidayu, Sakai, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus are finding this Messrs Mr. Super Clean and Mr. super Nice aka Devil without a Soul is not very people friendly but are animal and devil friendly.

    Yes! This Devil without a Soul is just wasting our time running Bolehland. This Devil without a Soul is having everyday his honeymoon playing belakang in the palace at the Rakyat’s expense.

    Time to elect DSAI and let DSAI send this useless bugger to Balik Pulau eating buffaloes dungs…..

    This Devil without a Soul is just a parasite and a public nuisance to Bolehland, ha ha ha ha

    It took one Super Devil aka Mahakutty to ruin Bolehland. Now the Super Devil Mamakutty brought in another useless Super Devil masquerading as Mr. Cleand and Mr. Nive Guy into Bolehland.

    Habis-lah Bolehland, all the resources and wealth of Bolehland are being korek korek by all this Super league Devils…..

    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” — Elie Wiesel

    “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.” — Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1982

    “Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression.” — Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801

  79. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Banker (14:57),
    We share your disgust – their hands or shall i say, tentacles are everywhere where there a single sen. They are stifling our trade and industries with all that bureaucracy. Our FDI’s are on negative trend, blah, blah… (too much rubbish, waste of space).
    Bank Negara is very much a creature made by that hypermamak; they have selective memories, procedures and persecution methods.
    It has not changed for the better but is getting worse – until the new govt, takes over. I know they do have some very bright and honest people in there, but they too like you, are being muzzled, sometimes because of ‘wrong color’.
    Meanwhile bro. be patient, stay honest (i’m sure you are), hang in there and salvation will come…

  80. telur dua says:

    He has joined the Dark Side.

    Pity, he would have made a very good foot soldier in PKR.

  81. daniel says:

    the truth will be out soon…

    ezam is dsa’s spy in umno!

    HE’S A HERO, afterall!

  82. Kelmarin Shaifool dan bersumpah
    Ezam pun mau bersumpah
    Mahathir suruh DS Anwar bersumpah

    Apa kata semua menteri bersumpah dan mengaku tidak pernah seleweng
    selalu amanah dan jujjur
    Ingat kalau banyak yang bersumpah laknat – Malaysia pun akan dilaknat Allah swt.

    Rakyat telah banyak menderita. usah lah tambahkan lagi pendertiaan kita dengan perbuatan perbuatan orang orang yang dilaknati Allah swt.

    Maha suci Allah, limpahkan lah Rahmat mu kaatas kami yang hina ini. Sesungguhnya kau lah maha pemberi Rahmat dan Hidayah. Amin.

  83. bamboo river says:

    Ezam? Don’t want to waste my bytes commenting on him.

  84. 104East says:

    Edge: Saiful’s swearing act borders contempt – Karpal.
    Oh dear. It is going to hit the fan.
    Will karpal be be accused of questioning islam? Lets see in the next few days.

  85. Kenny Gan says:

    “Ezam sang Abdullah’s praises through out his speech. According to him, no leader had ever been so committed to fighting corruption as Pak Lah.”

    Ezam talks like sewage spewing from a broken pipe. Corruption has gotten much much worse under Pak Lah. As for his “reforms” (the reason why Ezam said he joined back Umno), they are all stillborn.

    Obviously, Ezam is playing on race and religion in the Permatang Pauh by-election. Nothing but a pure scoundrel who couldn’t care less about the country as long as he’s well fed.

  86. Bronze Wall says:

    Proverbs 6:12-19 (New International Version)

    12 A scoundrel and villain,
    who goes about with a corrupt mouth,

    13 who winks with his eye,
    signals with his feet
    and motions with his fingers,

    14 who plots evil with deceit in his heart—
    he always stirs up dissension.

    15 Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant;
    he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.

    16 There are six things the LORD hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:

    17 haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that shed innocent blood,

    18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
    feet that are quick to rush into evil,

    19 a false witness who pours out lies
    and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

  87. yh says:

    if what Ezam said its the truth, then Anwar was fixed up by Mahatir and UMNO.
    why did he rejoin UMNO then, a party that abuses the court processes to jail Anwar?

  88. telur dua says:

    Bodekism is a respected virtue in UMNO/BN. This is how all those fools end up in the Cabinet.

    But Ezam will have to wait. There is a very long queue of arse lickers ahead of him.

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, telur dua,
    Yes, Bodekism aka asslicking has truly been refined to a new level never seen before. The only thing possibly ‘good’ going for crafty devil mamakutty, is that he had a greater sensitivity to see thru these deceptions when the mood strikes him, but then again he ‘forgets’…
    Dopey and gang are suckers for bodekism and they are totally clueless! By the time he wakes up, it’s game-over.
    Nusantara fella will be long gone by then.

  90. suresh says:

    isn’t that quite easy to counter Ezam with his accusation. All PKR needs to do is to distribute Ezam’s video in which he speaks and mocks BN and their leaders. Is PKR going to do that?

  91. tamade says:

    This guy has lost his credibility thoroughly and the rascist remarks made by him after he rejoined UltaManNo only proved that he is no different from the evil power brokers in the most corrupt party in BOLEHLAND.

    It’s sad, isn’t it? Why are these people (including the liar who claimed he was sodomised) so blatantly throw the good names of their religion, their race , their family’s good name and their own dignity into the drain?

    What kind of people are these? Can someone please enlighten the Rakyat in Bolehland?

  92. Bodohland says:

    Those who vote Anwar Ibrahim is voting for “recon shoes”. That’s what PKR stands for: Pakai Kasut Recon. Very sad lah. Please dont change Malaysia from Bolehland to Bodohland????

  93. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya, Bodohland, how to change la. Too poor, after being FuBARED all this time, so must wear recon shoes la. All this bolehland stuff, bad for our digestion, vomit all the time, not to mention the cirit birit oso la. So we very stupid – food, business, petrol all stolen from us – so called bodoh la. What to do – only after Sept 16th, if all goes well, i belanja you roti canai & teh tarik wearing my recon kasut ok?
    New country called Syabasland la, aka Malaysia Malaysian not Bodohland/Bolehland/Nusabongkok.
    Yalah what you say about this Anwar fella ‘chun’ man -go to prison for nothing la, really nothing la – he don’t know be kaki bodekism to master of thieves la… No hope fella-ah? Never mind i wear his ‘fung-keong’ 1974shoes

  94. […] I found this photo from Susan’s blog HERE. […]

  95. wits0 says:

    Bodekism in Malaya was already there during the time the Anwar and many others went to primary school on a $1 pair of Fung Keong shoes. They were cheaper than Bata. A venerable footwear company that didn’t survive on sick bodekism of a later epoch.

    It was a relatively harmless sort of bodekism then until the umnoputras adopted bodekism as a prerequisite which the lapdog BN component parties effortlessly assimilated(its in their nature already, wat) and MahaKutty really wrote Bodekism in stone afterwards.

    So what if people can have body hugging Adidas and Nike today? They don’t guarantee the quality of the integrity within.

  96. hutchrun says:

    Them Fung Keong shoes used to last. I used to have them too.

  97. bamboo river says:

    Nowadays Bodekism is no more asslicking but the new trend is Bodekpusat.Bodek the main gomen and get some sweets in return.

    Another comment caught my eyes..
    “I will spit on his face should I ever come acroos this leper! I know him too well.” – Ismail.

    Come on bro, Leprosy is a disease aka Hansen’s Disease. It is not a ‘Curse’.
    Save some dignity and compassion for the victims of this disease. They are innocent .

  98. […] Ezam in full force against Anwar in Permatang Pauh […]

  99. hutchrun says:

    Now look at them yo-yo’s, that’s the way you do it
    You play the guitar on that MTV
    That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free
    Now that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Lemme tell ya, them guys ain’t dumb

    – Dire Straits “TITLE: Money for Nothing”

    But this BN running dog wants his Tan Sri:

  100. Hawk says:

    Come on bro, Leprosy is a disease aka Hansen’s Disease. It is not a ‘Curse’.
    Save some dignity and compassion for the victims of this disease. They are innocent . – bamboo river

    Is that all you know of that word? The term ‘leper’ has taken on derogatory connotations and nowadays the politically correct term is “people affected by Hansen’s disease”.

    These days “leper” means “A person who is avoided by others; a pariah.” (that`s from the dictionary). The usage in Ismail`s context is perfectly correct.

  101. wits0 says:

    But this BN running dog wants his Tan Sri:
    http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/87992 – hutchrun.

    This one with a string of premier university qualifications and perhaps 2 PhDs couldn’t even grow a spine. The BN running dog parties simply love to field such people whose over-qualifications come full circle to naught substance. Being born with a silver spoon in the mouth has its own inherent disadvantage.

  102. Phua Kai Lit says:

    This shows where ethnic chauvinism leads you.

    Malaysia is a Rainbow Nation.

    Only multiculturalism
    (coupled with well designed affirmative action programmes for
    the poor – irrespective of race – and for underprivileged
    groups such as rural Malays and the Orang Asli) will work in
    Malaysia. Ezam and UMNO represent the past, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR represent the future!

  103. hutchrun says:

    “Sumpahan” Ezam for everyone
    Ezam seorang oportunis tersohor dan pandai cari makan besar.
    Lain cakap lain bikin. Sumpah tu sumpah ni. Orang yang senang bersumpah dan pendendam. Vedio ini menampakkan semuanya itu.


  104. kittykat46 says:

    My feeling is the very negative attacks UMNO is using among the Malay population against Anwar is backfiring.
    Anwar is a local boy here, people don’t take kindly to “orang luar” coming to throw dirt at the man. UMNO would do better with a positive message. It still won’t be enough to win, no matter what, but it may persuade some to change their votes to BN.

    As for the Chinese, you can see Koh TK trying hard to spin around an imploding Gerakan party. It’s no secret that there are Gerakan and MCA members openly helping out Anwar’s campaign. One young lass told me the UMNO sponsored UITM student protests last week just reminded her what UMNO really stood for.

    People don’t even care about possible disciplinary action from the party anymore. If they want to sack me, sack-lar ! was the answer.

  105. Drachen says:

    I feel sorry for Ezam. If he had stuck with AI, he would still be a hero. Now he is just a zero.

    Umno is a party in every sense of the word. Everyone wants the biggest piece of the pie. Ezam gate-crashed the party and hopes he will be given a nice big piece as well. Nobody in Umno wants to share with him. That’s why he has to prove himself by working overtime to destroy AI. He will fail and be treated by both BN and PR with utter contempt. He is stuck in no man’s land. Poor guy!

  106. Ayoyosamy says:

    Nowadays, its Anjing Politics because Anwar wants to come to power using “dari belakang” strategy. Must have learnt from CIA.

  107. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hello Ayoyosamy

    Your attempts to insinuate that Anwar is a
    U.S. agent are pathetic and laughable!

    Please go back for more lessons in propaganda and disinformation!
    Please convey this message to the 4th Floor Boys too.

  108. politicanalyst says:

    Looks like Ezam is going all out against ANWAR. If his claimed on revealing ANWAR’s secret is truth, then its going to be tough for him in the coming election.

  109. kittykat46 says:

    What happened to Ezam’s boxes of evidence of UMNO corruption ?

  110. choongs says:

    “Di mana ada gula, di situ ada semut.”

  111. bamboo river says:

    “What happened to Ezam’s boxes of evidence of UMNO corruption ?” – kk46

    Exchanged for a box of chocolate with Forrest Gump.

  112. hawk says:

    Penangkapan adik angkat Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman iaitu Michael Chia di Hong Kong pada jam 2.35 petang khamis (14 Ogos 2008) telah membongkar misteri di sebalik enigma.

    Michael Chia ditangkap polis Hong Kong di Lapangan Terbang Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong ketika ingin menyertai penerbangan ke Kuala Lumpur.

    Menurut sumber rapat Polis Hong Kong dan Interpol, mereka telah memantau kegiatan haram Michael Chia sejak tiga tahun lalu dan akhirnya berjaya menangkap Michael bersama bukti wang tunai Singapura bernilai RM16 juta yang diseludup keluar daripada Hong Kong di dalam beg pakaiannya.


  113. loo seow pek says:

    Hawk (07:16:05) :

    Come on bro, Leprosy is a disease aka Hansen’s Disease. It is not a ‘Curse’. i am having this – hawk.

  114. the big boss says:

    Wow! The Rakyat is paying this apparatchik to do all the dirty works for Bodolah and Najigsaw.

    DeY! Bodolah, why don’t you and Jean to do the doggy style during polling day? This is what the rakyat paying you to do! Otherwise you and Jean are fired!

    Don’t waste tax payers’ money hiring useful idiots to do all the dirty jobs.

    The rakyat, your bosses, want you to do the dooggy style on Jean during polling day, then the rakyat your bossses will only vote for you.

  115. the big boss says:

    If you want our vote, let the rakyat tarok you and jean during polling day.

    I want jean rear end.

  116. ahmad ali chong samy says:

    we also want to tarok jean rear end.

  117. endom says:

    this numbskull batang is totally useless. All of you rakyat can naik and better tarok this sob dalam-dalam.

  118. buyong says:

    The time to make good of our stay here is limited. The earth is spitting its content and about to spit much much more. and it is crumbling at a faster rate with time. What is there to cling for, to fight for?
    Is he, DSAI, fighting to accumulate the bounties here?
    I think he only want to do what is good before he expire.
    And we all are expiring.
    Do what is good then. in our own capacity. Support no tyranny n exploitation.

  119. miea76 says:

    kemana halatuju si ezam,khairi sekarang. dah tak menjadi fitnah dia sekarang. La ni si ezam akan duk umah duk pikir nak beniaga cendol ker air tahu tuk cari duit raya coz apa yang dijaja kat pp44 tak dibeli langsung.Ingat,menfitnah lebih besar dosanya dari membunuh…………….hukuman didunia….rejam sampai mati.

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