I was at Permatang Pauh this morning – to see Anwar Ibrahim and Arif Shah file their nomination papers at Tengku Bainun’s – it turned out to be a 3 corner fight. Read it all in Malaysiakini.

 Met Anwar’s entourage. His wife Wan Azizah was close by his side, with Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, on his other side:

 Later, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat came by…and he was greeted ‘lovingly’ by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang:

I was there as early at 7.30am, and the vicinity was already full with Keadilan supporters. But we were greeted first of all by FRU trucks and their personnel ready with batons and head gears:

There was a carnival like feeling in the air. Keadilan supporters were in high spirits. They out numbered BN/UMNO supporters like 5 times. Except for the haze…I was amazed at the numbers. There was a time when supporters were scarce, but this…

Here’s the BN/UMNO side – I took photos in parts, of the entire area where the BN/UMNO supporters were gathering:

There were times when they teased the BN/UMNO supporters who tried to enter the area – by booing them like these poor Wanita UMNO Jihad, but they still went through the crowd with heads held high…

The Wanita MIC did not have it any better but there were still courageous to walk pass the jeering crowd:

  and blocking their cars. “Who says we are blocking them?” cried a female Keadilan supporter.

“Even Altantuya had managed to go in. Who says we are blocking them?” she queried. Altantuya is of course Najib Tun Razak, who is leading this by-election.

Najib was looking very cheerful, like he’s got something up his sleeves. With him were other high profile UMNO/BN leaders too – Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, Muhyiddin Yassin, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Sharizat Abdul Jalil, etc…


And guess who I saw at the BN/UMNO side of the fence:

It was truly like a carnival, with lots of kids around as well, and Chinese drummers:

Don’t let them fool you, these Anwar Ibrahim look alikes:

The other Opposition personalities around:

DAP supporters were there in big numbers – MP for Bukit Mertajam Chong Eng came with her ‘veterans’.

It was really fun…how you could feel the excitement by just looking at these pixs…now let the campaign begin…!

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  1. sivasoonasamba says:

    Feel like taking a rotten egg and throw it at that turncoat Ezam’s face!

  2. cinta Malaysia says:

    Thank you to all the photos.Wow! I am speechless when i get to see the photos.
    Hurrah to Anwar from all of us in Sarawak and Sabah!

  3. patek1472 says:

    Permatang Pauh Voters decide for Nation?
    Pengundi Permatang Pauh tentukan untuk Negara?

    1. Voters of Permatang Pauh will vote come 26 August 2008. Who to vote for and What to vote for? (Man of Honour in Nostradamus Quatrains on Wag the Dog?)

    Pengundi-pengundi Permatang Pauh akan undi menjelang 26 Ogos 2008. Mengundi Siapa and mengundi untuk Apa? (Man of Honour di Nostradamus Quatrains Wag the Dog?)

    2. 50 Questions to test your Conscience at Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia – Are You?

    50 Soalan untuk menguji Suara Hati anda di Jeyklls and Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah Anda?


  4. ismail hj jantan says:

    open up altantuya case again to make malaysian and malaysia to be respected as a nation with rule of law and not law of the richers and famous.tq

  5. Ex Neutral says:

    Wonderful pictures. I hope to be able the see the pictures or faces of especially BN ledeares, when results are announced. Kindly ensure that it can be posted- will appreciate it a lot.Also hoping that Pakatan Rakyat will not be complacent and do their utmost to ensure a clean by election.

  6. PureMalaysian says:

    Spectacular, speechless.

    This is even more dramatic than the last political tsunami!

  7. karadzic says:

    I should like to see the UMNO people clearing the drains, tar the roads, carpet the mosques and suraus, improve the temples and kuils, give schools computers, fertilisers to the farmers, give taxi licenses, give hawkers licenses and not least some “pocket money” to the old folks, senior citizens, the kampung boys,……..

    Please Permatang Pauh citizens regardless of affliations, ACCEPT all of these gifts and don’t curse them….

    smile at the UMNO fellows who come around to hand out gifts and money etc etc etc ….

    make sure the UMNO fellows get their last rewards of earthly deeds and let them spend RM millions now , now , now …. take it, take it, take it.

    but on voting day cast your vote for the best person on balance to run this country proeprly.

  8. Muda says:

    Thanks Susan ,

    Your pictures speaks more than a million words . Wish I were there . lol

  9. slyderrose says:

    Hidup anwar, hidup rakyat, Hidup Malaysia!!

    Hope those attended the nomination stay there to continue wooing the voters until polling day.

    To voters in Permatang Pauh. This is the time to request anything from BN. Afterall is your money that you have been asking from BN. You can even get your backyard tarred. If you faulty toilet just give them a shout. Those BN machai will definitely fix it for you in no time. But still you pangkah Anwar as he is going to be the PM and Permatang Pauh must be proud of that. If you pangkah the umno guy, he is not going anywhere. He still has to toe the line and report to pak lah, the most lousy pm Malaysia ever had. And don;t forget the umno guy brother, amin shah. Do you know what I mean…

  10. LukeSiaw says:

    Wanita UMNO and MIC Woman is there to jilat Anwar and not wage a jihad as claimed.

  11. Spawn says:

    I were there in Permatang Pauh too.. It’s really like a carnival. I can barely estimated about 50,000 PR supporters vs less than 5000 BN looser.

    If BN wins, there really got sumthing under their sleeves.

    I’ll be back to Permatang Pauh for voting! PEACE!

  12. DARA says:

    Beloved Malaysians in Permatang Pauh, the toughest fight has begun, beware of the dogs and the demons, give this election the best of what you have got, its a do or die for New Malaysia !!!

    They are going to corrupt you… with lies, promises, cash, etc. infect it has started with special allocation for the indian schools ?…. Vote the BN OUT that is your duty to save the Nation.

    Md. Najib the Nazak ( Ketua Pembangkang ) in waiting.

    V for Victory.

  13. Shiok Guy says:

    Thank for the picture, I don’t think the local TV or newspaper will show as much.

    Thank you very much..

    Shiok Guy

  14. Rakyat Malaysia Cina says:

    Can’t the Penang State Government declare 26 August as a holiday to be replaced by a Saturday?

    how on earth must polling day be on a tuesday ?
    they did it on purpose. a dirty trick by BN to reduce DSAI majority.
    dirty trick or not all voters 100% vote DSAI.

  15. Bornfree says:

    Thanks a million for the pictures. By the look of it Anwar should win hands down.

  16. Abdul says:

    Anwar will win by at least 25,000 majority vote. Hurrah!

  17. rpk4pm says:

    This Badawi is a dishonorable traitor. In the 2004 GE, he promised to fight corruptions, but to the contrary, he is nothing but a despicable corrupt politician.

    This Badawi’s reputation is the worst kind ala Tung Maddog.

    If they have the conscience and dignity, they should have committed the hara-kiri long ago.

    This two politicians are indeed the worst of orang manusia. They are a total disgrace to their race and the nation.

    Only devils of the lowest level will behave like this.

    They bring shame to the nation and their ancestors.

    Ghee! How on earth this kind of politicians can still have the gall to face the rakyat and people of the world, let alone leading Bolehland?

    This graceful devils should be booted out by people power.

    And now is the time to boot this 2 blatant corrupt racists/ devils in PP.

    “Money and Corruption Are ruining the land. Crooked politicians Betray the working man, Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep, And we’re tired of hearing promises That we know they’ll never keep”

  18. Taher Sherif says:

    Dear fellow permatang pauh voters, come out in full force on voting day, just like what you’ve done today..
    Come August 26, it will be time to send those umno bastards to hell for once and for all..

  19. mikewang says:

    Those are great photos that don’t lie.
    Let’s see what photos the MSM is going to print in their morning papers tomorrow.

  20. hahaha says:

    Susan, Your photos made me relive my good old days…the only difference was, we had the DAP rocket on a launching pad ready to shoot down all these Umno scumbags!
    Thanks for the photos, very refreshing and nice feelings to see the support accorded to Anwar. I will be closely watching and hoping a bigger margin win for

  21. kram says:

    Great Photos !!! Thanks for sharing.
    Many of us down here in KL wants to go,
    But the costs and time does not allow.

    So it is just great to participate in spirit with all the photos that you bloggers have posted.

    Voters in PP4, please for the sake of our country, go back and vote !!!!!!!!

  22. […] gambar daripada SuaraKeadilan.com dan Susan Loone […]

  23. khalib says:

    Just great at 10.30am the Pakatan Rakyat supporters simply reached more than 150,000,seeing is believing,it was very huge and strong.The lion and kavadi dances.It was a real malaysian scene for Anwar the great.

  24. Jo says:

    Thanks Susan for letting us know what happened at Permatang Pauh. It is so heartening to see the huge support for Anwar. Even though we can’t do much, we surely can pray the prayers published in the Catholic Herald, forbidden by Syed Hamid Albar –


    O God, we understand You today as Lord
    not only of individuals but also of nations and governments,

    We thank You for the graces you have given us
    to exercise our political charity in Malaysia.

    We also thank you for the opportunity of free choice offered to the people
    of the constituency of Permatang Pauh for electing a leader.

    Lord God, give them the courage to exercise their solemn duty
    as citizens of Malaysia to vote on behalf of the whole nation.

    Guide those voters with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
    so that they may choose a suitable and trustworthy candidate
    in becoming the next Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh

    We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  25. Dr Adrian says:

    Thank you Susan for posting this as being overseas it good to be able to follow this very important event.
    The choice here is between choosing
    Anwar Ibrahim stands for Truth,Integrity (remember he was sacked,framed & imprisoned by Mahathir when he,Anwar as Finance Minister refused to bail out Mahathir’s Son Shipping Company !) .
    The Altantuya killing,the Judiciary Scandal,the hunting down of Raja Petra who
    named those VVIPs involved in the ALTANTUYA cruesome shooting,C4 blow up & murder ,the missing Balasubramaniam who stated publicly the link between Najib-Altantuya, the shameful Saiful conspiracy etc etc etc-All
    Malaysians have a duty to save the Country from more damage.
    Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysia’s best Hope for a better future.

  26. Dr Adrian says:

    The Voters have to choose between TRUTH,INTEGRITY & GOOD GOVERNANCE
    Remember the Juciciary scandals,the Alatantuya murder,Raja Petra case,
    the millions & billions of Taxpayers money taken by corruption,the missing Balasubramaniam ( who link Najib-Altantuya),the deaths of Indians under Police custody,the ISA detention of Hindraf Leaders,the Saiful Conspiracy etc etc-All stink to high heaven !
    Anwar stands for Truth,Integrity & Good Governance !
    Thanks Susan for posting this as being overseas its good to follow this event.

  27. Lee says:

    WoW… I saw One MP girl so beautiful…. wear creamy Hat in blue shirt.. wea spec… so beautifullllllllll… is she elizebeth wong?? heheh

  28. azisirikit says:

    Anwar win or loose, RAKYAT must not forget the Altanthuya case!

  29. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    Congratulations & thank you for capturing those “Million” dollar moments in Permatang Pauh P44 -great “Photo Journalism” & rightly so, you have done justice to this nation & its rayaat. Those photos speak volumes on DSAI’s support.

    Keep up the good work Susan dear.

    May God continue to Bless & Protect our nation’s “Defenders of Truth, Justice & Freedom”. Insha’Allah.

  30. RizalJa says:

    To see thousands of thousands of people supporting DSAI and ‘booing’ the BN supporters right in front o their eyes was a great experience for me…

    And my journey from KL to Permatang Pauh…just to feel those…worth it!


  31. malayamuda says:


  32. artic turban says:

    SUSAN please read this article, it was in the star on friday,15/8.
    read the part highlighted and compare this to SINFOOL-SHITFUL’S lies, the logic being if a std 6 child can fight OFF an adult, why couldn’t SHITFULL, even if he looks pondannish, 6 footer full of muscle, fight back DSAI. highlight this, and sinful’S claim of sodomee becomes rubbish. below is the article.
    Friday August 15, 2008
    Teachers in molest claims

    LABIS: Two primary school teachers have been arrested for allegedly molesting and performing indecent acts on their pupils.
    The teachers, aged 35 and 27, from two different schools in Labis and Kluang respectively, were arrested after pupils lodged police reports.
    Investigations showed that the students were molested in different places, including a school’s counselling room, an art class and even in a park.
    In the latest report in Labis last week, a Year 6 pupil who failed to attend her extra classes was asked to see the discipline teacher in the counselling room.
    Sources said that instead of reprimanding her, the 35-year-old teacher started showing her pornographic pictures on his laptop and molested her.
    The family suspected something amiss when the girl refused to go to school the next day. The family then lodged a police report.
    In the other case in Kluang, several Year 6 pupils lodged separate reports after being molested by their 27-year-old teacher, allegedly since March this year.
    In one case, the teacher had offered a 12-year-old pupil a ride in his car to attend Friday prayers but took him to a secluded area instead and molested him and tried to sodomise him.
    The boy managed to fight him off and demanded to be sent home.
    Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Amer Awal appealed to those with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212 9999.

  33. mahyuddin says:

    These pic shows the beginning of a new malaysian, ppl got together united for the future, i’m really thankful to you susan for the photos

  34. NSWAB says:

    “Najib was looking very cheerful, like he’s got something up his sleeves.”

    Condoms. wink wink He is quick on the draw speedy gonsales.

  35. ahliPAS says:

    Terima kasih!

  36. szakif says:

    i think i know who’ll win the election in PP.

  37. Menyalak-er says:

    Wonderful pics, Susan.
    Ah – the beatific smile on ole’ syaitan himself, speaks volumes – the desert owl.
    How come so ‘few’ koreks of the ‘other unmentionable’ party?
    Blardy h.ll! Some of my staff – their supporters, said they going to PP to lend a helping hand, and took leave…, bluffers – have to sack them now!
    Really, its so good to see the old hands: Tuan Guru, LKS, Karpal etc. together.
    PR, DSAI, people of PP will massacre them fools who are with ‘beatific smiler’!

  38. sabahan says:


  39. raymond says:

    Permatang Pauh voters……….pls vote the right leader for the future of our beautiful country. We are the Malaysian Chinese from other part of Malaysia whom wish that the UMNO wall will be torn down.
    Vote for our future PM……….

  40. raymond says:

    My first comment to Susan’s blog…….. Well done , Susan. You did a great job for the country by letting the rest of the Malaysians from all part of the nation to view the pictures of the century…….

  41. Anonymous says:

    You’re fighting against truth and reality.
    You’re fighting against the rakyat’s will.
    You’re fighting against your stupidity.
    You’re fighting against your stubborness.
    You’re not only causing the defeat of your party but you totally wreck them as well.
    What is your real intention and what’s good for you , anyway?
    Wake up, Pak Lah!…… before it’s too late.
    Stop day dreaming, for the people wants you no more!

  42. caravanserai says:

    The nominations completed
    The show of strength finally over
    Now is the hard part
    Let the ball rolls

    The campaigns will be hard and dirty
    The troopers of BN will go behind the scenes
    Touting the stories of yesteryears and today
    They hope to crash the people spirit

    Likewise with PKR and partners
    They want the people to give Anwar the mandate
    It is now or never in Permatang Pauh
    For BN and UMNO know it is the Waterloo

    This by election is about forming next government
    For it is here the history of the nation will be made
    The people expect clean, transparent, corruption free rule
    For they have enough of BN/UMNO antics

    The faces of worry
    Amongst the political elites
    For the road to riches will become history
    It is Permatang Pauh, the Waterloo to sink it all

  43. shiver says:

    susan thanks for the photos;)
    speaks a thousand words!
    You’ll never walk alone, DSAI!

  44. Lim Bing Tik says:

    The Good Day Will Be 26 08.2008 and it is REVELATION!!!

    BN OFFER PKR CANDIDATE TO JOIN THEM AT THE COST OF RM 30 MILLION, luckily they did not accept !!!!



  45. Lallang exile says:


    Nice pics, but you gave wa…………..y too much coverage to Anwar.

    For your readers’ sakes, it would make your blog more credible if you highlight the unknown BN candidate.

    The rest is, hmm,,,,,,, old news really.

  46. Sabahan says:

    We From SABAHAN Pray That DSAI Not Being Cheated By UMNO/BN. Here aaa Got HANTU There HANTU All Around AIIIYAAA. Don’t Knowlah This UMNO/BN That whylah here more PTI coming rather than get than out from here.

  47. AHLI PKR says:







  48. lulai says:

    thanks for the wonderful pics, susan. so you are in penang now eh? well hopefully we’ll get to meet one day.

    i had wanted to go to the nominations centre too (as MAFREL member) but unfortunately i have to work in the morning so i can’t. what a waste! so disappointed.

    yes for this mother of all election, MAFREL members are at work. don’t mind if i publicise the MAFREL blog here, ok.

    everybody, do bookmark the MAFREL blog as we will bring you daily updated report of what happened during the campaigning period and the polling day. it will be report from first hand experience – something you can’t see at the MSM!

  49. Ukay_Guy says:

    It’s really fantastic to see all those pictures…..Excellent job Susan !. Lets expose all those big SINS committed by those in BeEnD during this election. God save PR and DS Anwar !! High Time for Change…High Time for Change…High Time for Change !! Otherwise we all will sink with the BeEnd ship. EuZone and World in recession right now…are we ready for it under Bodohwi inferior leadership ??? It is time for malaysian say NO to this flip-flop guy…

    Bravo PR supporters…

  50. AHLI PKR says:



    CONGRATULATION FOR 150,000 SUPPORTERS AND Urination for BN countable numbers of supporters!!


    AND WE WILL FLUSHED ALL NAJIS to sewage plant !!!!





  51. AHLI PKR says:

    Syed Hamid Albar – INDAH WATER WELCOMES YOU!

  52. AHLI PKR says:



  53. AHLI PKR says:








  54. second to none says:

    We have one from a party that rule for 51 years and failed us Malaysian, the other is a new hope. We don’t have a choice, we cannot vote for a party that had proven unable to lead us forward.

  55. Kunta Kinte says:

    One group within the Pakatan Rakyat camp shouted “Najib” and the other replied “Altantuya.” This went on and on.

    Then one group within the Pakatan Rakyat camp shouted “Lawan Tetap Lawan” while the other group, this time from the Barisan Nasional replied “Liwat Tetap Liwat.”

    Meanwhile, Santa Claus descended on this lovely morning in August – yes, August, because Christmas comes early this year, at least in Permatang Pauh – and gave a few million ringgit to the Chinese schools.

  56. AHLI PKR says:

    Thank you to YB Tan Wei Shu Assistant, “Ah yau” by arranging the Lion Dance!

    Well Done !

  57. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    The picture paints a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000WORDS.


    God Bless DSAI,DSWA, all PR/PKR supporters, volunteers, staff and family members.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  58. Pakcucing says:

    o you aware Road traffic sign in this photo 2766835993_78b42d7c59_o.jpg caption:There were times when they teased the BN/UMNO supporters who tried to enter the area – by booing them like these poor Wanita UMNO Jihad, but they still went through the crowd with heads held high…

    NOT follow Traffic sign Rule? This sign is sign no 12 , CHILDREN, of Traffic Signs(size,Colour and type) Rules(Amended) 1984. the Accurate DIMENSIONS: Equilateral triangle with one point upwards; lenght of side 2’6″ with of border 3″.
    COLOUR: White/Amber Background, black symbol.
    This is DANGER SIGN.

  59. Menyalak-er says:

    Ya-kah? “Liwat tetap Liwat”?
    Aiyoyo, that bad eh? Liwating themselves now… what shit slogan is that?
    Ahli PKR, hentam ‘chun-chun’ o.k.?!
    Hidup PR!

  60. AHLI PKR says:

    UMNO has just dug their own graveyard through SAIFUL SWEARING on the book of HOLY QURAN!

    As an ISLAMIC PERSON, SAIFUL Had brought down the value of ISLAM in the whole world! Congratulation SAI FOOL as HELL is waiting for you and JIN welcome you!!!

    I thought the MARA INTELLECTUALS should have good analytical skills and wont be trapped by TV1,2,3,7,8,9 and ASTRO in Malaysia instead they demonstrated by learning from HINDRAF and they should be caught and put into prison but Our PAK LAH LAH LAH , as u know double standard lah so called Mr. HOLY HOLY!He put Hindraf in ISA! ONE WAY TICKET!

    OUR UMNO MEDIA has brain washed even students whose future was forced to join UMNO in their graveyard.

    Poor MARA students!!!!! How can they be our future leaders when their mind are already joining UMNO in the graveyard.

    Now I understand Khalid Ibrahim better, as he has mentioned he will built a MARA UNI for Non Bumiputera!


  61. CYBERBOY says:


  62. wits0 says:

    Great photos Susan! Best I’ve come across yet in the Web.

    ‘Em Barisan Najis elites seem to love both those (trademark) extra gaudy batik shirts and dark goonish baju melayu.

  63. AHLI PKR says:

    AS for MCA/BN members who already prepared to migrate and join PKR, One advice-

    SEE AND FEEL through your results!


    DO NOT BE A “NATO” -NO ACTION TALK ONLY like KHOR TZU KOON TALK TALK TALK until Penang gone with the WIND!!!!!
    Now YOU C! Now U DON’T! – Now is LIM GUAN ENG!!!!!!

  64. wits0 says:

    “UMNO Youth Hishammuddin yesterday played the sympathy card when he “begged” Permatang Pauh voters to support the Barisan Nasional candidate “because we are the underdog”.”

    Yuck! Please don’t insult the noble mutt!!

  65. AHLI PKR says:

    Hishammudin- HISAP PUTING







    SAMY VELU- NO VALUE at all – Good Bye SAM!



    MAHATHIR- MAMAK THIR decendant from KERALA, INDIA claims to be BUMIPUTERA! macamlah orang tak tahu!

    TAIB MAHMUD(SARAWAK)- Nama pun Sudah Tahi! TAHI NAK MAMPUS! apa ni duk duduk di kabinet lagi! tunggu apa lagi ! KUBUR DAH SIAP, LUCIFER SUDAH PANGGIL! jangan lah menagis berani tanggungjahlah!

    All the above has already created a place for themselves in HELL! but I believe if ANWAR will forgive them they might have at least first class treatment in HELL by staying in FIVE star hotel !

    Good luck to them! I pity their children and spouses who is at no fault!

  66. very pissed says:

    Syed Hamid should use his so called sedition act to charge MARA chancellor and its students. Najib said UMNO not a racist party and please explain UITM incident? I’m so pissed and more pissed with MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc DOGs… you guys still can accept this racist party as your leader? please wake up! you dogs..

  67. Harrison says:

    Thanks for the photos Sue.

    In regards to what “Cinta malaysia” said “Hurrah to Anwar from all of us in Sarawak and Sabah!”.

    Exempting you my dear, if the east Malaysians come to a right sense, then the PR may have won the recent GE. It was because of the atavistice mentality and venality of East malaysians -those paloi and sakai who voted the rotten parties -the component parties of BN. :O

  68. Harrison says:

    sorry – atavistic mentality (typo) 🙂

  69. roy selvan says:

    Thanks Susan.
    Picture speak a thousand words.Komathi Komathi still loyal to dethrone King of Poo…………….Traitors of True Friendship and Respectors of true friendship. Lovers of Self Righteousness and Fighters of Freedom. True love Couples and Lover of Missing Lovers. Back Stabbers and Front Stabbers. Fathers and Sons fighting Hand in Hand.Rockets and FullMoon Supporting half Moon.Side by Side.What a Wonder Full World……………..Yeah Thanks again susan.

  70. Taher Sherif says:


  71. Fortified City says:

    There is hope for Malaysia. Well done all leaders of Pakatan.

    Exemplary leadership,supporters,MPs of Pakatan.

    Will Malaysia be respected worldwide from this special day? Is this the beginning of good times in Malaysia. Never should we look back from here.

    Will all our public servants be respected like they were today?
    We hope the police will show this professionalism always and more.

  72. merchant222 says:

    As I see it, the first person to jump ship and cross the bridge whe DSAI becomes MP, would be one ex-MB of Johor. No prize for guessing the correct answer lah! As ezy as ABC mah.

  73. Let the people voting be the ultimate winners
    For any victory does not belong to an individual
    Let all turn away from still being ‘sinners’
    By making wise decisions based on situations that are factual

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160808
    Sat. 16th Aug. 2008.

  74. wits0 says:

    Harrison, I share your opinion about Malaysian. It’s not the first time they have been disappointingly out of sync.

  75. Ahila says:

    Thanks a million Susan for the pixs. No media showed the public all these. Again , I am grateful to you.

    As for P44 voters, I hope you will give DSAI 100% of your support and VOTE Pakatan ! Dont let BN fool you in anyway . They dont care for the rakyat. A PM who stabs us on our back. Enough is enough. Most Malaysians are dying to see a new horizon in Malaysian politics; especially through DSAI. Dont let your fellow Malaysians down, wahai pengundi pengundi PPauh. Your vote is for justice; your vote is for anti corruption; your vote is for people loving gov.;your vote is for a true Malaysian identity – All for one and One for all.
    Pakatan Rakyat is your choice and mine. May God shower HIS blessings upon justice loving Malaysians.
    Let us think a second of an innocent Mongolian girl blasted in our country – its every Malaysians duty to cry out for justice to prevail. Double standards for UiTM demonstrators……….mana pi FRU???? I thought PM said’ Ini bukan BUDAYA kita’. SInce when it is suddenly our ‘budaya’ to demo in the streets??? Sickening is the only word that comes to my mind…when I see all these double standards.
    DSAI, I , urge you to WIN and THROW the unfavoured PM out………lead us, be fair and uphold justice! We are all behind you.

  76. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah wits0 (21:48), no wonder i feel so ‘under’ today…
    I mean to use that ‘underdog’ tag is so lame; i thought the only time they are ‘under’ is when they screwed the judiciary 180deg, with sodomee1 followed by 2… Which federal ruling party considers themselves underdogs? – not even that Mug-ape in Zimbabwe.
    How desperate can they be? 10,000 lil pig racists from their ‘ultimate’ kindergarden (UiTM) screaming, ranting and spewing forth venom (not heard since the dawn of mankind) squatting in P.P.! Where is the Varsities & Colleges Act (UCA)? FUBARED…

  77. Harrison says:

    My friend Wits0,

    I am still here enjoying our great sister’s Susan’s photo splashing over Anwar Ibrahim’s blog, it reminds me of Susan’s days as a journalist -an excellent 1just like one of my favourite -Christiane Amanpour, a Newsweek columnist.

    Well Wits, I hate to tell this, but in Sabah and Sarawak, the BN agents go from house to house bribing-RM1000 upfront per family/house, the rest RM1000 upon winning -BN candidate. In fact it was reported to the police and ACA, but the Government agencies as usual sits on it.

    The East malaysians has no one but themselves to be blame for being a backwater state but it soothe me to have people like “Cinta Malaysia”.

    I will contribute a bit for the Permatang Pauh by-election. By credit card- belongs to my friend which I used to contribute to RPK legal fund and others righteous person/ org. but I keep this in secret.

    Thanks to Susan for making our day. 😀

  78. WallingtonRob says:

    I wish DSAI and PR all the best in this coming by-election.

    Please dont call these stupids partys DOGS,,,Dogs got brian and they are very smart animal.


  79. loo seow pek says:

    Itu gambar dengan Anwar punya muka di belakang kepala mereka . I masih ingat ada orang Indian di kerala , bila meraka masok hutan untuk mengumpul getah , mereka pakai macam tu sebab takut harimau . Bila harimau nampak mereka dari belakang , harimau ingat mereka nampak harimau .

  80. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh bro. Ahila (22:47),
    Could you please use another word other than ‘behind’ in your last sentence, we’re a wee bit geli-la, after what happened to DSAI. Hahaha…
    Otherwise you said it so well, that i can’t add anything to it – Syabas Malaysia!
    Had enough of that boleh, boleh stuff…

  81. tamade says:

    Thanks a lot for the nice pix, Susan.

    Let’s kick the butts of all those evil racists and corrupt power brokers into the rubbish dump.

  82. colorsmalaysian says:


    Spoke Chinese fluently only wo ! What else ?!
    Aisay man………

    We have enough ethnic chinese from MCA and Gerakan who are Chinese speakers, yet they are “running dogs” for Umno ‘s bigots.
    If he is a “Jantan betul-betul” for the nation,regardless what language he speak we still accept.

    Stink !!!
    So…… what for !?

    We need someone who can fight against racism.

    We need someone who can bring back our secular society and judiciary.

    We need someone who can help all anak-anak bangsa Malaysia equally.

    “Harapan baru untuk anak-anak bangsa Malaysia”
    “New hope for all anak-anak bangsa Malaysia”
    ” 马来西亚子民的新希望 ”

    Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia with you in full force
    Godspeed Pakatan Rakyat

    RAKYAT the Power Of Nation

  83. AHLI PKR says:

    It has never been a BN government but it has always an UMNO urination for the past 50years!!!!!!

    Chronism in PAK LAH’s management system. Here he says TAK NAK for ROKOK but his son inlaw KHAIRI has shares in Cigarette & Beer manufacturing business.

    In Quran and Old testament of BIBLE, being A HYPOCRITE is an offence against the commandments and PAK LAH again set a new Quran called Islam Hadari like New Testament in Bible. Who he think he is Another Nabi Muhamad or should we called him Nabi Pak Lah !!!! Even Nik Aziz did not add or subtract anything from the Quran.

    Jin his new loved wife was converted to become a Muslim when she married Pak Lah brother inlaw or maybe outlaw. Now Pak Lah cuci mangkuk! What Islam Hadari is this?

    If a person can change and add to Quran than he must be greater than ALMIGHTY (YANG MAHA KUASA)
    I do not knowlah? You Muslimin Muslimat think about itlah? Only Pak Lah lah lah knows what the hell is HADARI?

  84. AHLI PKR says:

    UITM Chansellor also sleeping, asking for apology from Khalid.

    No wonder all the quality of MAra students were so poor because they got a chansellor who CANNOT THINK?

    The BLIND LEADING A TEAM OF BLIND and that is how shits are everywhere where MARA students are!


  85. Lid says:

    Thank you Susan for these awesome pictures. From where the Pakatan Rakyat supporters are standing you can’t even see the ground. These thousands of people are there not because they are paid to. They are there because they sincerely believe in the Pakatan Rakyat’s efforts in championing the rakyat’s rights in this country. They are the representatives of all Malaysians.

    About saiful’s oath by the Quran on the eve of the nomination day :
    God Almighty has shown us the truth. God condemns sodomy. In the Holy Quran God has revealed the history of the people during Prophet Loth’s era and how they were severely punished in this world for practicing sodomy. If Anwar is guilty as claimed by saiful then God will never implant in our hearts the love for Anwar. This is a clear proof from God of Anwar’s innocence. (Swearing by the Quran is not a practice taught in Islam. The Quran is not a “magical book” for people to swear by. The Quran is a book of guidance to righteousness. )

    All my best wishes to Anwar and all Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters. Although I’m not a voter in Permatang Pauh, I will give all my efforts in Pakatan Rakyat’s campaign to win the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat.
    “FROM PERMATANG PAUH TO PUTRA JAYA” InsyaAllah will come true.

  86. dlquill says:

    Datuk Annuar,
    I am going to Pematang Pauh to see you win the election even if I have to sleep in my car before election day! Join me, everyone from all over Malaysia. Be there and be a part of Malaysia’s History. See you there.

  87. Confused says:

    I only see one thing from all this picture .. one is multiracial team and one is racist team …

    I think the dacing seems like senget adi .. not balance anymore ..

  88. […] 1. Susan Loone’s (A MUST VISIT)- I was at P44, Mother of All Elections (with pixs) […]

  89. […] More Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Malaysia’s opposition leader files for by-election […]

  90. Lid says:

    Dear dlquill,
    I will surely join you in Permatang Pauh to see and celebrate Anwar’s victory. Anwar’s victory is the rakyat’s victory.

  91. Menyalak-er says:

    To Ahli PKR (23:34),
    Kindly refrain from comparing Islam hadhari or whatever, to the New Testament which is the only Christian Covenant.
    The Old testament is for the Hebrews and serves as a source of many sayings of the New Testament.
    The Christians do not look kindly on your blasphemous remarks.
    Do not be overexcited about your ramblings and ravings, and it is better you keep to things that you know of, intead of showing us your immaturity.
    Consider this your first warning and we shall keep DSAI apprised of this very grave insult!
    You are an insult to the freedom of religion that PKR and PR so encourages.

  92. AHLI PKR says:

    To : Menyalak-er (00:59:57)

    Chilled man!, it is just my thinking, if it hurt you, I am willing to apologize, of course is a freedom religion that we wanted!

    Thank you for your Kind warning, appreciate your concerned and please read my phrase carefully before commenting: I did not compare Islam and christianity?
    and hey thanks for your teaching.
    I am still learning and will never stop learning.

    Thanks for your friendly warning again!

    The immature: AHLI PKR

  93. AHLI PKR says:

    TO: Menyalak

    No hard feelings ok!

    From Learner (elimentary level): AHLI PKR

  94. Sang Harimau says:

    I think there is nothing wrong about what Ahli PKR has said.

    I support AHLI PKR, there is some sense in what mentioned.

    Just don’t assume and jump into conclusion. Ahli PKR is not comparing any religion matters.He is quoting example of PAK LAH which make sense.

    It is always good to share information with others, I do not think that is inmature!

    The one who is inmature, getting MAD and start hurting and warning people is the real inmature person.

    Wake up Menyalak-er! you should apologize to AHLI PKR!

    Sign off: Sang Harimau

  95. Non partisan says:

    Biar Ariff Shah terjun dengan labu-labunya,biarkan,biarkan . Biarkan Badawi terjun dengan labu-labunya,biarkan,biarkan……

  96. i feel kesian kat bn if rakyat stupid why there are so many thousand people come to support anwar without any pay. kita tidak mahu negara kita digadai tgk muka pak lah setiap kali mcm tak tidur and najib bunuh perempuan mongolia buat bodoh and khairi fikir pandai sngt nak jadi bakal perdana menteri jahanm negara mereka semua mana ada beli brg kat pasar kalau beli, baru tahu. keje tidur kat rumah manak nak faham hati rakyat pegi pagi keje potong getah balik petang baru faham susah lepas tu harga brg naik dia manak nak faham pasal dia bkn guna duit dia belik brg guna duit rakyat. lepas tu nak fitnah anwar buat liwat(sodomi) kau ingat saiful tu malika sherawat@ pamela anderson, lepas tu nak sumpah guna al,quran i malu nak tgk saiful tu umat islam meka ingat buku suci tu buku kartun boleh main sumpah2 pas tu pulak kes tak senonoh and last umur saiful 23 and anwar 60puluhlebih dia liwat knp saiful tak tolak and budak ni tak leh lari tak masuk akal aku rasa saiful kena baling batu sampai mati lepas tu pulak bapak dia beri salam senyum mcm keluarga tu bangga anak dapat ijazah doktor tak geti malu. bn aku order pls fikir cara untuk turunkan harga and pls bawa org yg bunuh perempuan mongolia kat muka keadilan jgn ingat boleh lepas dari segala kesilapan allah amt mengetahaui. jgn cemarkan nama negara dgn kes sodomi anwar pls harumkan nama negara dlm bidang ekonomi

  97. ttc says:

    Lots of great tasty photos here Susan Loone, so lotta, lotta thanks to you!

    🙂 And AHLI PKR and Menyalak-er:
    No worries, for don’t we all make an odd honest error here and there sometimes and hope for some good understanding and goodwill and learning to follow?

    WE SAY YEAH! 🙂

  98. Aiyoo Tambi says:

    loo seow pek;
    Lu betul kundi Garten fail punya anaklah. Low sek mesti takada Cina punya. Ini orang Kawan Mathir lah saya cakap pasal sama sama kerala mari.Hahaha. Otak ingat ada atas tapi dia lupa buntut dia ada simpan itu otak. Hanya orang selalu main belakang suka cakap pasai main belakanglah Tambi. Kini Anwar sudah mara Kedepan. Lu orang lagi lagi cakap pasai belakang. Porah Badewah Raskul.

  99. roy selvan says:

    Dear Ahli PKR.
    Like Tuan Haji Hadi Awang said, Saiful would not even have read the quran. for him to swear upon it.So it is not wise to Judge a book by its cover. You cant compare Islam Hadari to the New Testament in the Bible if you havent read and fully understand the contents of it Bro. Anyway,we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. Have a nice day.

  100. Enderson says:

    I am a friend of Ahli PKR, here I have read about (“Menyalak”=Dog Barking).

    I supposed this guy is Khairi or belongs t group of Khairi!

    No wonder so immature and full of anger!

    Well Menyalak,
    You can Reach me : Embassy Of Turkey(Follow Working Hours)-Look For No 2 man there.
    You wanted to Contact DSAI- He has read it too.He is Ok!

  101. Enderson says:

    Dear Roy Selvan,
    “You cant compare Islam Hadari to the New Testament in the Bible if you havent read and fully understand the contents of it Bro. ”

    How do you know we do not understand?

    Hello! Lets think before you quote! -that is the current Malaysian Government weaknesses.

    At least you are friendlier.

    Have a nice day.

  102. Sang Harimau says:

    Human Created all Nonsense! for political benefit!

    Those with Brain will not follow but those without brain will keep barking like a dog when they are under attacked because dogs are loyal to their Owner!

    Good dogs are expensive! Stray dogs bark their life away!

    Vietnamese will cook them alive!

    Continue Barking Lah!!!!

    WOw WoW! ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  103. hutchrun says:

    “UMNO Youth Hishammuddin yesterday played the sympathy card when he “begged” Permatang Pauh voters to support the Barisan Nasional candidate “because we are the underdog”.”

    Now Hissss thinks he`s an underdog after an illustrious career as a hounddog. Pity the Permatang Pauh voters won`t be able to see him running around with a keris since his demotion.
    Btw the way he hasn`t clarified if those MIC women there were prostitutes as his teachers assert in the schools.
    Hmmm maybe they were brought in for the Najib of many tastes.

  104. Menyalak-er says:

    To Ahli PKR and ttc,
    Thank you for your understanding, no hard feelings, as i’ve always trusted the righteous – it is well with us. All is forgiven. Continue with your good work!
    We just wanted to know whether you are true PR people. Thanks again.
    As for Sang Harimau and Enderson,
    you are the wasting your time, trying to stoke a fire, for you are the true cybertroopers of the unmentionable party/ies.
    Obviously who do not know who i am, for i can smell rats, very well thank you.

  105. Drachen says:

    If BN wins, they’ll think we are happy with the status quo and continue doing things the way they have been doing. Inflation will be sky high, corruption and abuse of power will remain. BN needs regular kicks in the butt to motivate them.

  106. wits0 says:

    It’s high time for the clearly repressive and unprincipled BN to go – for good. We should not be masochists and remain thoroughly screwed.

  107. hutchrun says:

    GEORGE TOWN: PKR has collected US$3,500 (RM11,550) from the party’s official Permatang Pauh by-election website for their campaign.

    Pantai Jerejak assemblyman Sim Tze Tzin, who is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary, said they were touched by the response.

    The appeal, posted on the party’s website http://www.permatangpauh.com started on Aug 6 after the Election Commission announced the by-election nomination and polling dates.

    He said donations came from supporters in Malaysia and overseas.

  108. loo seow pek says:

    wow Today I talk in English , bolih wof wof !

    All commentators yang tak agree with you wof wof are all branded cybertroopers of the unmentionable party/ies. !! Oh I see so you punya party PKR is the only mentionable party around ? One day you are going mad wof wof !
    For those in the unmentionable party/ies we are survivalist . Siapa menang , we menang . If BN wins we also win , If BN lose, PKR win we also win , our politics are much more advance than yours . Tapi if PKR lose or Anwar masok jail , whether you like it or not , your dreams are all going into the Najis . That’s when you are shattered ! If you can take it ok lah if you cannot habis lah ! Mr PKR think tankor Anwar punya right hand man .

    Obviously who do not know who i am, for i can smell rats, very well thank you. Oh we also know who you are and how you can get to know who we are , you can smell rats but we can smell snakes !

  109. loo seow pek says:

    Human Created all Nonsense! for political benefit!

    Those with Brain will not follow but those without brain will keep barking like a dog when they are under attacked because dogs are loyal to their Owner!

    Good dogs are expensive! Stray dogs bark their life away!

    Vietnamese will cook them alive!

    Continue Barking Lah!!!!

    WOw WoW! ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

    Call me when you cook a dog , we have a dog eating party !!! Faithful dogs taste better and tastier !

  110. hutchrun says:

    In 2008 against an unknown Ramli Bulat of PKR, Ariff Shah’s majority was only 553 votes, and most of the votes he received were said to be from postal votes.


  111. hutchrun says:

    In 2008 against an unknown Ramli Bulat of PKR, Ariff Shah’s majority was only 553 votes, and most of the votes he received were said to be from postal votes.


  112. Ariff says:

    Ariff Shah is also a member of the Trinity Church:

    BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 16 (Bernama) — The number ‘three’ is a good sign in starting the campaign, said Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, referring to his being listed third on the ballot paper.

    He said the number three or ‘san’ in Mandarin meant ‘hill’ or a high place and this provided him encouragement for the Aug 26 parliamentary by-election.

    Arif Shah’s name is in the third box on the ballot paper while those of the other two candidates, Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim)’s Hanafi Mamat, 61, and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, 61, are listed first and second respectively.

  113. loo seow pek says:

    wow Today I talk in English , bolih wof wof !

    All commentators yang tak agree with you wof wof are all branded cybertroopers of the unmentionable party/ies. !! Oh I see so you punya party PKR is the only mentionable party around ? One day you are going mad wof wof !

  114. loo seow pek says:

    For those in the unmentionable party/ies we are survivalist . Siapa menang , we menang . If BN wins we also win , If BN lose, PKR win we also win , our politics are much more advance than yours . Tapi if PKR lose or Anwar masok jail , whether you like it or not , your dreams are all going into the Najis . That’s when you are shattered ! If you can take it ok lah if you cannot habis lah ! Mr PKR think tankor Anwar punya right hand man .

    Obviously who do not know who i am, for i can smell rats, very well thank you. You can smell rats but we can smell snakes !

  115. histah says:

    Very nice quality pics on this blog.

  116. Kafir says:

    Look at those fat ugly tudung Puteri UMNO.
    Claimed PKR members fondled their ass.

    Who will believe????

  117. MBA says:

    SEBERANG PERAI (Aug 15, 2008) : Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has dismissed his BN opponent Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah’s proficiency in Chinese as an important determinant in wooing multi-racial voters in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election.

    “I don’t think that is the issue. The issue now is policy. It is about who can articulate the vision of the country, and represent the concerns of all Malaysians – Malays, Chinese and Indians,” the PKR de facto leader said today (Aug 15) ahead of nomination on Saturday.

    “You can speak Mandarin. But you represent Umno. There is a big difference there.”

    “You represent Umno when Umno is going on about a very racist agenda,” he added.

    Anwar said this while visiting the DAP’s 24-hour Permatang Pauh election operations centre in Taman Arowana in Seberang Jaya here. Also present was DAP secretary-general and chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

    Anwar also lamented that a minor issue like asking for a mere ten percent quota for international and non-Bumiputra students in UiTM, which would benefit the students at the university, had been blown out of proportion by Umno members.

    He explained that Selangor mentri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is also PKR secretary-general, had only suggested that one course like the MBA be opened to international and non-Bumiputra students.

    “Look at what the reaction is like – so strong, racist Malay line,” he said. “This is a very dangerous trend in this country after 51 years of independence.”

  118. MBA says:

    He also criticised Umno for organising a function in Penang themed on “saving” the state’s Malays and blaming Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

    “As if we are here bullying or killing the Malays of Penang,” Anwar said. He stressed that the PR’s focus was to ensure the welfare of all races.

    “Every time Umno and the ruling party are under threat, they resort to the race issue,” he said..

    He added that his team of supporters would have to work doubly hard to explain to Malay voters how the mainstream media is being manipulated by the ruling federal government to play up the race issue and denigrate the PR.

  119. MBA says:

    He is not Chinese savvy. He can speak a smattering of Hokkien and Mandarin that is about all.

    His brother Amin Shah Omar Shah is something else. I have seen him speaking Chinese journalists and they went gaga. Then he was one of the up and coming Malay tycoons. One of Daim’s high profile proteges.

    Arif Shah is just another of UMNO third liners.

  120. TigerChan says:


    Great work ! He he he ……I have been chuckling all along. How I wish I can know you in person. Just by coincidence ….if you happen to come to Kelantan, you should take a snapshot of me too. Take care anyway !!!!

  121. Harrison says:


    You opined :-

    “Look at those fat ugly tudung Puteri UMNO.
    Claimed PKR members fondled their ass.

    Who will believe????”

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Good point. Unless the sexual aggressor are uglier than them.

  122. Harrison says:

    Dear Susan,

    If I go to bangkok, I surely want to ask for your autograph. 😀

  123. wits0 says:

    MBA, of course , the issue is NEVER whether Ariff can speak/write Chinese or not at all! In fact I can also easily twist it around to say that he may be trying to insult the older “banana” Chinese for their lack of ability to do the same because of earlier schooling! He can keep his stupid MCA type of gimmickry!

    Fat hope he can win now, also given the amount of local “affections” that mamaks have earned over time with their past involvements in extremist politics over time in Penang. Briefly, the Kuan Yin Statue protest, Kg. Rawa Incident and recently, Komtar protest.

  124. loo seow pek says:

    To Ahli PKR and ttc and Sang Harimau (07:08:19) :

    Sudah kena left and right, warning lagi ! lepas itu thank you for your understanding, no hard feelings,

    woof woof !!

  125. Tok Cik says:

    The beginning of the end for Umno. Bye bye…..

  126. kai says:

    I hope Malaysiakini will cover the votes count live on it’s website just like they cover the nomination yesterday morning. This is going to be a quick count, I hope…….

    One vote for PR, PR, PR, PR, PR, PR, PR, PR, BN, PR, PR, PR, PR, BN, PR, PR, PR,PR, PR, BN, PR, Bn, PR, PR, PR, PR, PR, BN, PR, PR, PR, and the one for that third man, and so on and so. Hopefully should finish counting by say 7.30 pm LOL!

  127. this is just the beginning of a really hard battle! it will almost like 300 spartan warrior vs the whole goverment machinery.

  128. nikjoe says:

    first time i visit your blog. good n marvelous

  129. J.Y. says:

    Thanks so much for the photos.

    Love to all our PR brothers and sisters in Permatang Pauh.

    From your brothers and sisters in Sabah

  130. ah Long says:

    The pictures are very misleading. They only show those people who attended, they do not show those postal voters!!

    BN has a lot of postal voters, the election results are no means known and over. That is why Najib is smiling, that is his secret weapon.

  131. ttc says:

    Menyalak-er: 🙂

    Your welcome, thanks.

    Nothing to forgive either, as imo, forgiveness is for those BIG wrongs and clangers against people and also God.

    As to whether I am real PR people. Think I am for now but to be honest, don’t know if I can admit to that in the concrete sense, or guarantee it going forwards, because I can only ever be who I am.

    But for now, I like and fit with the abstract PR ethos and people!

    WE SAY YEAH! 🙂

  132. Ctizen Me says:

    Why is this election the mother of all elections. That is because the elite in this country have emasculated the institutions of this country to give them absolute power. It is awinner take all situation. As they say power corrupts and here absolute power allows you to play God. You cal virtually determine who fails and who wins. And no one can do anything abpout it.

    Look, a Chief Minister of a state can use government funds to bid for a car plate number and pay RM48,000 and then tell his people that he had to get that number ‘9’ because it was the largest single digit number and not number ‘1’ as we mortals are led to believe. If this does not matter then nothing else matters to us poor citizens.

  133. Mohzani says:

    Kudos PK and All DSAI supporters at Pematang Pauh on nomination day. Although, I can’t present myself physically during the nomination day, I was amazed at the turnout by DSAI supporters by PK. From my poinbt of view and feeling, Annuar Ibrahim will win, Insyallah. We PK supporters from sarawak support you DSAI, all the way from Pematang Pauh PutraJaya. Saiful (see fool – sinful) oath on the Quran is not valid and politically motivated. UMNO-BN can fool the mosque Kadi and officials but not the people of Pematang Pauh. I urge those university students who balik kampung for semester break to explain to their siblings and parents on the dirty tricks by UMNO-BN and what UMNO-BN have done to destroy Malaysia and the malays. Come all come to Pematang Pauh! Lend me your hands to make DSAI win on 26th August 2008. I hereby pray especially for you DSAI to wind this ever mother of all election ever in Malaysia. Tun Dr. Mahathir must be prepared to leave the country by Mid-nite of 26/08/2008 or first hour of 27/08/2008 as he had said so in his speech. Also Najib must be prepared to go to court witj Rosmah in their involvement on the death of Alunthuya. Pak Lah and Khairy must be prepared to sit on opposition chairs and to answer ACA on what they have done to Our national fund. Beware thou oo ministers. You can hide but you can’t for long. Either the court on earth get you or the God’s get you..either way. I think, after the result announced on 26/08/2008, most doctors will have to be ready for stroke cases and ensure enough beds at Institute Jantung Negara are enough. Freeze all goverment doctors and nurses leave during this time to cater for unforseen circumstances..ie..ministers with stroke.

  134. bamboo river says:

    Great Pixs Susan! 🙂

  135. Sang Harimau says:

    To: loo seow pek (13:37:27) :
    Menyalak-er (07:34:07) :

    Good evening, thanks anyway for all comments.

    If you are for RAKYAT, than do not waste time here, lets drive down to Permatang Pauh and join the Action Power Pack!

    Loo & Menyalak, thanks a lot!

  136. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Sang harimau,

    I am in Permatang Pauh now, call me if you are coming!


  137. AHLI PKR says:

    Sang Harimau,

    Just bring your soul and body down to Permatang pauh.

    I am with Joseph enjoying sleepless night.

    Ahli PKR

  138. AHLI PKR says:

    This is the time we should give ANWAR the help and support!

  139. roy selvan says:


    Please refrain from using we. Any comments done by an individual is his sole responsibility. Wishing a peaceful day to you.

  140. Menyalak-er says:

    Sorry, roy.
    I was with a friend having a drink and didn’t mean you, you, while writing this.
    My apologies, my mistake.

  141. Sam Elgemencharo says:

    Well Done!

    Keep the spirit high! US is ready for support if Anwar Ibrahim is being caught again!

    I like Ahli PKR,Sang Harimau and Joseph Lim Jin Seng fighting spirit!
    It is the FAITH you have for ANWAR IBRAHIM.

    By the way Enderson, I think I know who you are!
    Welcome back to Malaysia again!

    PKR needs you all!

    Good Luck and READY FOR THE CHANGE!

    Keep it Up!

    Always Alive with PKR

  142. AHLI PAS says:

    Saya bangga dengan Sang Harimau dan syabas kepada semangat yang ada pada Ahli PKR!

    Tetapi saya akan menyasat dengan mendalam tentang siapa itu “Menyalak”

  143. IPD Selangor says:

    Kepada semua di sini, apa yang tertera telah di baca dan tindakan akan di ambil dengan serta merta.

  144. harris says:

    i searched the web for nomination day pictures. Looks like yours are truly the best of all. like a story teller. keep posting.

  145. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Sang Harimau/Enderson/Ahli PKR,
    Thanks for the invite to P.Pauh.
    Guess we got our lines mixed up with the miscomm this am. Lets clear the air, because of the smoke and clutter.
    I was very wary of the ‘other’ side, and was worried that what AHLI PKR said was taken to mean that the dopeys bumno (whom i detest) hadhari stuff is comparable to the New Testament and that would be a no-go zone. Yeah, it was a knee jerk reaction – but that happens in any paranoid fella.
    Let it be clear, i’m no religious fanatic and i wish all our brothers and sisters in PR well and will support DSAI thru’ hell come hi-water.
    Well, God Speed, just be careful with the goons who are always messing us up; i can’t go to P.Pauh yet but will give them hell on this side, Cheers, bros.

  146. Ahli PKR says:

    Thanks Bro! (Menyalak)

    Is ok, nothing wrong. PKR needs you too, do help with what you can to ensure objective achieved.

    Again, here, I officially declare Full attack on BN UMNO in Permatang pauh, i wont give a slip of chance for BN UMNO to destroy PKR Vision & Mission.

    As for IPD Selangor- take what action you like, I already prepared to Sell MY LIFE for ANWAR. If is just Prison – nothing to loose (got free food)

  147. Sang Harimau says:


    I will arrived in Sunway Hotel at 10 am, get my room ready.

    Well menyalak, sorry if I have offended you sometimes the frustation just splash out. Come and join our MISSION OF BN UMNO TERMINATION.


  148. Sang Harimau says:


    Project A- completed and Project B launched at 11.30pm and 10x expected to be with us.

  149. Ahli PKR says:

    Bravo look forward to c our guys tommorow. Drive safely!

  150. Enderson says:


    I won’t be going, but I will Call DSAI and give him my support!

  151. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, AhliPKR/Sang Harimau, absolutely with you on bumno’s demise!
    Hey, i was the one who misunderstood ok. Just doing what we gotta do…
    With you guys around, i’m superflous as a dogtick! But, call if need something urgent.
    Aiya forget about that IPD fella-la, do this all the time here!
    Send regards to all troopers there.

  152. Enderson says:

    TO:Menyalak-er (23:51:21) :

    Thanks for support, well ACTION START NOW!

    C Me if you need any help!

  153. Sang Harimau says:

    Thanks Menyalak- Our troopers are ready for Mission!

  154. Bodohland says:

    Orang bodoh senang ditiru
    Sebab mereka suka orang liwat
    Orang cherdik susah kena tipu
    Sebab mereka benci orang liwat

  155. REFORMASI says:


  156. Menyalak-er says:

    People of Permatang Pauh, vote for bumno if you want to be sodomised!!!
    Vote PKR, if you value your butts!!!
    Blardy stupid ‘dog’ slogans, buggers damn desperate and their cybertroops mampus, even before the real thing!

  157. Phua Kai Lit says:

    BN – fast becoming the choice of the corrupt and the foolish!

  158. Kherry Scarry says:

    Didn’t expect Puteri Umno “Females” to be so distasteful, nasty and dirty…in Tudung but seen performing the sodomising act !! Yucks !! …jatuh standard…

  159. Kherry Scarry says:

    To Bodohland…with love n peace

    Orang Umno selalu meniru
    Sebab mereka tuduh orang liwat
    Orang PKR susah kena tipu
    Sebab mereka Umno kena liwat

  160. Prince says:

    Thanks Susan…

    And to all… the Brave Bloggers of Malaysia ….

    Keep on writting and shows the truth pictures…we all need it very very much..

    May God Bless you all….

  161. sinar says:

    thanks Susan…

    semuga kita semua akan berada di bawah pimpinan yg adil…
    dan cuba menjauhi isu sensitif sesuatu kaum..

    Islam adil untuk semua dan islam itu ugama yg mengajak kepada kedamaian..

    kita perlu tahu yg tidak ada satu ugama pun di dunia ini kecuali yahudi yg mengajak org utkmenjadi jahat ..

    walaupn fahaman kita berbeza..kita di bawah satu langit yang sama..
    marilah kita bersatu padu sebagai satu rakyat Malaysia yg harmoni..

    hidup di bawah kasih sayang…
    yang salah ialah manusia..bukan ugama


  162. Ahli PKR says:

    Tak kira siapa ANWAR tapi tiada lagi orang yang seberani dan berpengaruh seperti DSAI

    Lawan mati mati pun

  163. n wa says:

    I Agree with Rakyat Malaysia Cina,

    Penang state govt MUST declare a public holiday and replace on Saturday to allow ppl in PP to vote. BN is using dirty tactic to win. Election on weekday.

    Ppl in PP. pls go out n vote in full force. U r our voice. U must do your part. GET RID BN NOW!!. We need to change d present govt.

  164. […] Susan Loone’s blog. She was there on nomination day at Permatang Pauh and took the picture of Lim Kit Siang with Nik Aziz. I don’t know about other cynics but I would love to see such photos more […]

  165. Menyalak-er says:

    Are you guys sure that the foto’s are bumno Puteri-ah?
    I thought they resemble the ‘tong jihadist’ wanita bumno tergemuk more?
    Aiyah, if like that, i should’ve keep my jilat tongue to myself – pthui, pthui…
    No need-la to have public holiday in p’nang, too many public holidays oredi!
    But must make sure P.Pauh voters at voting booth – so bash the state constituition on the employers heads.
    Next day DSAI declare public holiday for whole nation, i’m sure only Johore, Pahang and Sarawak not on holiday – poor fellas! Syabas oredi…

  166. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er should know how frustrating to be walking behind these big butt broads in hospital corridors where they’ll waffle and slow all pedestrian traffic. These tongs have a forward to side motion ratio of commonly 1.5 : 1

  167. Ahli PKR says:

    Even on No pay Leave- I will come back to VOTE!

    Lawan Mati-Mati!!

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