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Since they don’t want us, all of us who are Babi(s) or pigs,swines, whatever, can perhaps make our home in Spratlys Island. But are we going to lose it, too.

After Pulau Batu Putih, can we be sure anymore?

Read this: Taiwan refutes Malaysia’s claim on Spratlys Islet.

Taipei on Wednesday refuted Malaysia’s claim over a controversial South China Sea islet, saying the island belongs to Taiwan.

“Pulau Layang-Layang belongs to the Republic of China (Taiwan’s formal title), either from the point of view of history, or geography or international law. We hope claimants of Spatlys islands put aside sovereignty disputes and jointly develop resources (near the islands),” the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The ROC government is willing to hold talks (with related countries) and solve the dispute over Spratlys island through peaceful means,” it added.

On Monday, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Malaysia would safeguard its sovereignty over Pulau Layang Layang off Sabah because it does not want a repeat of its “loss” of Pulau Batu Puteh, off Johor.

“If we want oil or other products from the earth, we have to safeguard the sovereignty of this island,” Najib said as a group of Malaysian journalists visited Pulau Layang Layang, located in the South China Sea about 300 kilometres north-west of Kota Kinabalu.

Najib, who is also the defence minister, said the visit was necessary to help create awareness in the people on the sovereignty of the nation.

He also said the stationing of strategic assets such as combat aircraft and warships, as well as a Royal Malaysian Navy base to protect the island, were a form of assurance for the country.

Pulau Layang Layang is located near the Spratly Islands, a group of about 600 islands and atolls claimed in all or part by several countries including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. The waters around the island are believed to straddle substantial petroleum reserves.

In May, the International Court of Justice handed sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh, located off Johor, to Singapore and granted ownership of Middle Rocks to Malaysia.


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  1. NoktahHitam says:

    fingers crossed, please win please win.. please Lee Chong Wei, show them babi can actually fly!

    Lee Chong Wei to rob RM 1 million from Rakyat, imagine that kind of headline. Hahaha.

    Let’s just hope this isnt a repercussion of Pulau Batu Puteh.

  2. chaptokam says:

    Lee Chong Wei to rob RM 1 million from UMNO hahaha or is it our money ??
    Anyway show it to them you can do it man !

  3. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear naughty Susan, this is called ‘baiting’ you know,,, Hahaha!
    I guess, we’d better take off soon, and end up on Mischief Reef, twiddling my toes on the surf then get drowned in when the next tide comes in…what a pig’s life, even for a dog!
    Yeah, a discussion of our foreign policies or rather its lack, is indeed timely.
    That Rai’sin is still asleep, and will leave it to some dimwit ‘lawyer buruk’ from Kg. Liwatpusat, with a QC from Fogsorebottom to sort this out, if it ever goes to ICJ.
    I would rather use Scorpenes (has anyone actually seen one?), our RMN Hang Lekir, our PM’s ‘yatch’ and a couple of PAS perahus give the rascally Taiwanese a fight – then say that they bullied us!
    Before all that though, i’ll fly the ‘wau keris’ on Spratlys to remind all comers that Malaysia still depends on keris-to-arse combat!
    Chaps you’re really irrelevant at times, send to Mischief Reef first ok?

  4. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh… before i forget, it was rumored that N-name landed on P.Layang2 with the sole purpose of building a complex of attap huts to accomodate his ex-mentor, entertainers, slaves and his own family… just like in old times.
    “This is to ensure that if things go awry in that tepid swamp (putrajaya), we have already made contingency plans to continue our policy in inbreeding like the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt! Understand?!” Quote & unquote, the man.
    So, i’m sure Susan is wrong about us pig-dogs, flying into the Spratly’s to occupy. But we must never be too complacent.

  5. simplejoe says:

    Please let LCW to do his own battle. Malaysian athletes don’t seem to work well under pressure. Let him do his job and he might deliver. LCW, good luck to you just enjoy your game.

  6. ttc says:

    Susan, howdee 🙂

    You made me rofl about with your irreverent irrelevence (and that machine-gunning feline) so thanks!

    But just to clarify: Is it Pulau Batu Puteh or Batu Putih? And is it the Spratlys or as Najib Razak says, the Spatlys?

    And do you think it could be this lackadaisical legal approach to clarity (as to which island entity the legal suit was in fact about) that may have led to Malaysia losing PBP on a technicality at the ICJ?


  7. wits0 says:

    Integrity being not found within “Unity”, sprats become like caviar, so remote from the common needs.

  8. taiwan rapid fire says:

    Ha ha ha… This Umnoputras can only bully the weaponless Malaysian Chinese. When confronting against the Taiwanese or Singaporean armies, can our Bolehland Umnoputras’ armies stand any chance?

    Guess the Taiwanese or Singaporean armies got to give a 30% NEP discount to the Umnoputras’ armies when there is a war between the Taiwanese/Singaporean armies!

    Yes! The Taiwanese army got to let the Umnoputras’ armies bombard first and supply weaponries to the Umnoputras’ armies for them to bombard them ala the NEP- Malaysian Chinese provide taxes for the Umnoputras to whack the Malaysian Chinese.

    This Bodolah is a disgrace to mankind and a useless pig! Sorry to all the piggies, this Bodolah doesn’t deserve to be a pig, this Bodolah is very much worst than pigs…..

  9. it takes a thief says:

    Dear all with esteems,

    There is an axiom: If you want to catch thieves, get their king. No point directing against small thives.

    Go against this Bodolah (their king) until Bodolah is gone NOW! Ditto to RPK!

  10. lin dan says:

    LCW is a MCA dog! If LCW wins, the MCA dogs will parade this LCW like a dog to the Chinese to woo the Malaysian Chinese to vote for the MCA dogs.

    So LCW better loose to save him from parading like a dog by MCA dogs, especially the horrendous dogs aka Ling Liong Sick and son, Liow Tiong Lai, Lee Kim Sai….

    I will make sure this mca dog doesn’t win.. ha ha ha ha ….

  11. doggone says:

    Pulau Layang Layang.

    See, even the name suggest it’s going to fly AWAY from us. Now if only we have a Pulau Cifor, that would definitely be a deterrent to would be claimants.

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  13. bamboo river says:

    I recalled in the MSM seeing the DPM with his entourage had a good time doing some shooting practice in PLL. I thought this is a bird sanctuary?
    Well, to show Taiwan their firepower I guessed.
    Too bad their firepower is nothing compared to Taiwan’s mouth and physical power.Even the microphone on the rostrum is a deadly weapon.

  14. songsong says:

    Dont be surprise, some BN fellow will ask Govt to declare war on Taiwan, since Msia is much bigger than Taiwan lah, so no problem to kick them out!

  15. ah long says:

    Taiwan is part of China. Therefore if you f with Taiwan you are also f-ing with the PRC. Should Malaysia f with the PRC?? I don’t think so, at least no over a little rocky outcrop with no commercial value.

  16. songsong says:

    No, Mr Ah Long, BN fellow will disagree with U,
    U no see Taiwan n China always quarrel meh? So if Msia fight with Taiwan, China should be happy lah !

  17. hutchrun says:

    Najib to go to war with China, Taiwan, Phillipines and everyone else on earth. He just got the submarines and planes for the great Malaysian Armed Forces that once ruled the world.

  18. wits0 says:

    Najib made keris waving popular and cultural. This much may be said for him. United d nation by d back door.

  19. hutchrun says:

    Back door`s right. PI Bala says Najis Razak stormed Mongolia similarly.
    This Anwar should carry out negotiations with other claimants as to setting up a prison there a la Alcatraz to house the BN ministers in future. Then they can happily back door the turtles.

  20. wits0 says:

    Mahakutty never had half the firm astuteness of Temujin. When Bad awi flip flopped between Semangat and umno baru he was accepted back.

    When Jamukha(Temujin’s chief adversary)was betrayed by his own officers, Temujin aka Jenghis Khan had ’em beheaded. He could not trust traitors/turn coats.

    No wonder they screwed themselves as well. Sprats your dish, not ours.

  21. Freddy Toh says:

    He also said the stationing of strategic assets such as combat aircraft and warships, as well as a Royal Malaysian Navy base to protect the island, were a form of assurance for the country.
    OMG If what Mahathir claimed is true that it only took RM200 to buy UMNOputra vote and the current report of up to RM500 to buy their votes, I’m really worried that we might even lose the army we station there.

    Anyway, latest Merdeka jokes. Q&A.

    Q: What does the dark blue canton in Jalur Gemilang mean?
    A: Malaysian Unity!

    Q: What does the yellow crescent mean?
    A: Islam is the official religion.

    Q What does yellow signifies?
    A: Their Majesties.

    Q. What do the alternating red white stripes mean?
    A: Errr…… Badawi’s flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop

  22. george says:

    looking at the MSM posted photo of Najis, Musang and the rest of doggies showing off their weapons… and claim to protect our nation sovereignty…from the other countries such like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei who also claim to ownership to this isles… Well, the actual fact is not true… Can they fight with Taiwan and China??? hahaha… dream on la… don’t ever dream of matching our country with them… we r way behind now…

    Perhaps it is good to propose that we mark the isle as an exile place for najis & his defenseless liwat forces, musang & his Thugs, bodowi and son inlaw, C4 rosma, Syed Homed, OKT, Shahjihad, Azalima, Sammi Values, MM Tahi and the rest of they gang2 and send them to hell and war to protect our nation being destroy… This definitely a good idea…

    hahaha… Oh ya BTW, also send their group of MSM to the war zone too to give a live coverage and latest news updates… “)

  23. kittykat46 says:

    For the last decade the Malaysian military’s procurement, and especially maintenance procurement has been treated as a piggy bank for Naguib Sdn. Bhd.
    At this moment, it is best for Malaysia to stay peaceful will all countries at any cost, because if our military ever had to go into mobilisation, 50% of the equipment will likely break down within a few hours.

    A lot of our armoured vehicles are at marginal readiness. If your average family car had that level of reliability, you would be late for work several times a week.

    50% of the Mig-29s are in the maintenance hangar at any one time.

    Our Nuris – no need to mention.

    Our Patrol boats – Amin Shah’s PSC-built Kedah-class patrol boats are sub-standard, never met performance specifications, and the UMNOputra still managed to use political leverage to force the Navy to accept 4 of them.

    By the way Ariff Shah, UMNOputra candidate for Permatang Pauh is his brother.
    Another brother was also a PSC director. All in the family.

    Anybody mentioned Scorpene submarines ?

  24. veryupset says:

    A…ha !
    “Babi balik Cina !”

    Now a Malaysian Chinese is back in China ! But for what..?
    LCW (badminton) to represent Malaysia…
    If he wins? Yeah….. Malaysia got 1 gold medal !
    Mind you … ! Malaysia got gold.
    NOT a “babi” !

    If he lose ?
    Well…. I guess he has to go to ‘hell’ !

    What about Nicol David?
    She’s half Chinese & Indian.
    She’s WORLD ranking…
    I guess she’ll be busy shuttling between China & “Hell”.
    Yah… ?

  25. toots says:

    The second point to note is that Arif Shah is the brother of Tan Sri Amin Shah Omar Shah who is in now in self-imposed exile in the UK. He shuttles between London and Dubai but would never dare come close to Malaysia because there are criminal breaches of trust (CBT) allegations he may have to answer to.


  26. and hoots says:

    Who will pay back the country to refill Defence Ministry’s coffers? Ask Najib.


  27. matt says:

    In this moment of madness here in malaysia lets offer a prayer that a MALAYSIAN triumphs in the olympics.

  28. wandererAUS says:

    Najib tried to impress the claimants we have a strong army, hahaha!
    MD make sure all your sub-standard war machines are reliable. America will not be on your side. Your intelligence is unable even to locate Bala. The babi have all gone back to cina, so you are your own. A warrior wearing kid gloves!

  29. and hoots says:

    Yawwwn. Itu MCA boleh pray. dont win gold and embarass main religion. Be sensitif lah.

  30. and hoots says:

    Ini Najis betoi betoi sudah gila. His father time also Konfrontasi is won by Commonwealth Forces and US sent warships. Only then his bodo father can win.
    Now the son think he is Gengiz khan? Kepala buto hijau ini budak mentah.

  31. The ‘Babi’ chinese muslims who are 20 million strong in china can migrate to Malaysia and become Melayu and thus become Malaysian citizens!
    Zaid Hamidi “Melayu ada Islam dan Islam adalah Melayu”
    This is a stupid assumption from a minister in Malaysia.

  32. and hoots says:

    MCA President also stupid idiot:

    “THE intake for UiTM would help create a positive academic culture and enhance students’ competitiveness if made open to other communities, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.”

    OKT- Orang Kena Tuduh

  33. sbiswas says:

    All non malays/non muslims be warned. If you enter a mara or some muslim malay dominated educational institution you`ll have a wretched time with the abuse that is thrown at you daily by them.

    Further, you will never be able to score as the muslim malays will always be given better marks than you. Be warned and don`t believe that mca fool.

  34. Drachen says:

    Re Batu Putih, it was basically a wank – going to international court without doing proper homework and hoping for a miracle. (And promising to abide by the court’s decision!) As expected, we lost.

    Now we are praying for an even bigger miracle – the Spratleys! Maybe we are hoping that a fight with the Taiwanese will distract the rakyat from our little dispute with the Mongolians.

  35. kittykat46 says:

    OKT had to say something, no matter how shallow and meaningless.

    The heat on-line and in Chinese newspapers over MCA’s silence was growing, implying MCA was in agreement with UMNO.

    MCA has learnt the hard way that “elegant silence” gets interpreted as “agreement” by the public.

  36. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Well, to prevent any untoward incidents and to foster a win-win-win-win situation, all Chinese babis (and their female equivalents – sows – oops, I mean babes) from Malaysia should be trans-migrated to Pulau Layang Layang to fly kites. Likewise, the Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese should send their unwanted Chinese to these pieces of rocks and set up a new colony. This will truly become Greater China.

    So, yes, let’s go to Pulau Layang Layang and go fly kites…


  37. 123 says:

    There is the case of this Indian student who went to some muslim dominated govt college for an electrical course. He was told he could only get the certificate if he converted, now the bugger is f*****d for life as he cannot get out of it.

    If OKT so concerned he and all top mca officials should immediately convert and set example for everyone to follow. Why OKT hate islam so much and don want to convert?

  38. matt says:

    When the so called demo was on i dont think there more than 500 students around as usual the msm spin put the figure as much higher.Was told that most students took the day off.

  39. chris chong says:

    to stir up the racial issue is BN infamous tactic

  40. Grill says:

    There is the case of this Indian student who went to some muslim dominated govt college for an electrical course. He was told he could only get the certificate if he converted, now the bugger is f*****d for life as he cannot get out of it.

    If OKT so concerned he and all top mca officials should immediately convert and set example for everyone to follow.

  41. jungleboy says:

    Ialso will not consider to send any of my children to UiTM if offerred a place. If the bumiputras from east malaysia (2nd class maybe) can be bullied by the UMNO brainwashed malays in UiTM, I shudder to imagine the fate of non-malays

  42. wits0 says:

    Fight with anyone external? You don’t have that unity ; most certainly not the leadership or integrity. All it’s got is that ragged gambit, the openly(and closing) mantra of “Internal affair” – of “Sodomality and (farty)Intestinality”.

  43. Grill says:

    If Thailand take back kedah 4 bunga mas I don care also. najib want to go fight he can.

  44. jungleboy says:

    MCA is only interested to be part of the corrupted BN to line their pockets. OKT is the Oh Kui Thau for the UMNO elites.

  45. Q-rious Qitty says:

    more than three quarters of the language is a mish mash of other languages spelt the BM way, over the years their favourite kuih raya has evolved from kuih tat to corn flake cookies to london almond to cupcakes… served on platters with English roses on them… the art of drinking tea… didn’t originate here…. nor did the all time favourite soya bean milk … or char kway teow or nasi ayam or roti naan and canai…. when they get married, they colour their hands with henna and we all know where that was borrowed from… honestly.. for a race who are really steadfast on keeping to the traditions, they sure are doing a bad job at maintaining it.

    so kindly don’t call us babi… unless u want to admit that some of our babi-ness rubbed off on you….

  46. stripes says:

    MCA leaders should have mass conversion at MCA HQ.
    OKT new name Abdullah Ong.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Pulau Batu Putih, less than 30 km from Johor coast also lose, now want to protect Pulau Layang Layang, about 300km from Sabah coast?
    If fight with Taiwan too “susah”, then maybe can fight with Brunei lah, to teach others not to mess up with Great Malaysia Royal Navy !

  48. suchfun says:

    Pulau Batu Putih, less than 30km from Johor acoast also lose, Can protect Pulau Layang Layang, about 300km from Sabah coast?? If fight with Taiwan too “susah”, maybe can fight with Brunei lah, to show others NOT to mess up with Great Malaysia Royal Navy.

  49. dugong says:

    Dungu Ong Abdullah president of MCA can go and fight on spratly islands with his gang friends.

  50. Tamil_Tiger(cawangan MAS) says:

    Brothers & sisters,don’t worry.It’s just a media gimmick by Najis Razak playing. His comments about Taiwan is to domestic malaysian media.He has no guts to publicly declare animosity against Taiwan.Why they don’t want to learn???????
    They”re mindset is fixed,we cannot change them.
    Najib first of all,,you n ur sorry-ass keris yielding Umnoputras & malaysian army don’t even stand a chance against Taiwan.Haaa!!!!Haaa!!! Dei Najib,Abdullah,Khairy,UMNO goons call Batman/Hellboy then you can give some light fighting.

  51. JOHJ says:

    No problem, if war break out against Taiwan or PRC, MCA/MIC can mobilise its members into the Police/army. Just like during the communist emergency where chinese were absorbed into the special Branch and the army intelligence. Sadly to say, these fighters were also called babi, balik Cina. I am still surviving despite serving the Govt 32 years. Surprisingly, not much has been recorded and appreciated for their role and sacrifice except for one race only.

  52. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Tamil_Tiger MAS,
    You’re absolutely right about that fella, using this for ‘domestic consumption’.
    One of the ways to divert attention from our national problems is to use an ‘external excuse/threat’ as wits0 (11:20), pointed out.
    This ‘statement’ was not for Taipeh per se – but as everyone noticed, Taiwan is Chinese. Its timing smacks on some sort of ‘rallying cry’ for rabid nationalism.
    All the other competing claimants did/have not shown any reaction to this ‘innocous’ statement and have already stated many times past that the sovreignity issue will be solved amicably between all the parties.
    Why then, the ‘knee jerk’ reaction from Taipeh?
    Is it part of a political ‘expediency’ crafted by our ‘unmentionable’ babi party with their cohorts in the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry – to show that they are still indespensibly relevant to the ‘nonexistent’ coalition?

  53. ah long says:

    Song song…fingers always bend inwards, never outwards. Taiwan & China may quarrel all the time just like brother and brother fight. But once an outsider come and fight with one brother the other brother will usually side with his own blood.

    But Malaysians are different, once the fighting starts they will quarrel amongst themselves because Malaysians got different blood-lines and different Gods also.

    To be perfectly honest if toward Malaysia goes to war in the Spirtely Islands I won’t want to go. NO Freaking Way.

    Different if Taiwan invade my homeland, then I will fight.

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey theWrathOfGrapes, when are u going? Layang-Layang i mean.
    Will join asap with my ‘wau keris’. Don’t tell me you are going to fly a ‘bung-hole’ kite?! Cannot like this la – laughing stock to the Viets and Greater China!
    Maybe, we go and play marbles o.k? Just like what our ‘dear’ leader is doing right now… Hahaha
    Cheers, mate

  55. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    doesn’t looks good. Umno puteras very poor in debat lah, C4 pandai lah … tapi
    vs China … C4 is nothing… hahahaha sure the Island will be gone … a new revised Malaysia map soon be available.

  56. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    fight with small Singapore already we lose…. now China …… lucky not Mogolia ….. Najip will be gone missing like….. Bala and Dr Osman.

  57. wits0 says:

    Ah long, in a hypothetical impending war situation, guess who’ll be the ones who’ll fly out first? The clueless true believers will die for their country.

  58. bgees says:

    Dare to show ketuanan melayu to PRC with keris ,,, Sukoi Jet and Sub marine?
    We bet our last ringgit…..please…..dont show only the jaguh kampung attitute to the minority here. Ever with the red dot you’ll finish.

  59. Budak Cina says:

    I guess if Lee Choong Wei wins, it means a BABI is bringing glory to the nation or should it be to China? go figure.

  60. suchfun says:

    Will Najis get organize a 10,000 men anti-Taiwan demonstration to show Msia determination to defense Pulau Layang Layang??

  61. dugong says:

    Eh jangan main2 with Najis keris. It is legendary and is said to have brought out the army in PD. Fear the wrath of Keris Najis all ye.

  62. dugong says:

    To be perfectly honest if toward Malaysia goes to war in the Spirtely Islands I won’t want to go. NO Freaking Way. – ah long

    Yeah man, me oso. Let the other stupid brave idiots die for their stoopid islands. UiTM students can go there by shipload and get blown out of the water.

  63. chaptokam says:

    Today 6.30pm live from Peking . Best of luck Lee Chong Wei

  64. dugong says:

    But perhaps, the “hero” of the day should go to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religion Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

    “Those who question the position of UiTM will have to walk over the GPMS’ dead body first.”

    I look forward to his funeral soon then.

  65. What’s there really to rudely shout or to fight about
    When the mind is easily misled and not clear with bout
    Why put on with lots of bravado and pretend to be stout
    When all along the country should first kick the illegals out

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150808
    Fri. 15th Aug. 2008.

  66. Terong says:

    lets us not dance to their tunes…

  67. tamade says:

    Hi Susan, the beautiful island has been dirtied by the foot steps of the notorious Mongolian Woman’s murderer in Bolehland.

    Beware, there are countless spirits from the past surrounding these islands, upholding justice while looking for revenge on these CRUEL MURDERERS as well as CORRUPTED, EVIL power brokers.

    Anybody who studies History of East Asia will know that it’s an uphill task for Bolehland to claim the sovereignty of these islands.

    We can’t even defend a nearby Batu Putih, Spratlys… it’s too far away…the Rakyat can forget about this political gimmick.

  68. tamade says:

    If a handful of Non-Bumi U students protest, stern actions will be taken against them, but if hundreds of UltaManNo students protest, permit will be granted and no action will be taken.

    What sorts of nonsense is this? Why are these EVIL power brokers of UltaManNo always forgo the Well-beings of the Rakyat and try to destabilize the country through their dirty tricks?

    To the UiTM students and my fellow Bolehland Rakyat out there, I thought Islam treats everyone the same, education opportunity should be provided for the needy and there should be no walls in between.

    UTAR and the Chinese Private Secondary Schools are opened to all, whether Bumi or Non-bumi, none of the Chinese community ever make noise about this, so what’s the fuss, it’s just a mere suggestion, what’s wrong with it? I am confused , really.

    Can’t we talk more about MALAYSIAN, rather than Bumi, Non-bumi, Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Dayak, India…?

  69. wits0 says:

    Tamade: “Can’t we talk more about MALAYSIAN, rather than Bumi, Non-bumi, Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Dayak, India…?”

    Only when it momentarily suits umno’s fork tongue.

    In the 16th Commonwealth Games of ’98, MahaKutty told(pep talked) the lain lain participants to forget about race and other such issues.

    Otherwise it goes against its grains and raison d’être.

  70. yuking says:


  71. oster says:

    Whatn nonsense is this? Surely it belongs to a sovereign Sabah?

  72. Shih Mah Yen says:

    Another case for The World Court again. For your info. Taiwan’s military is more powerful than China.

  73. 104East says:

    Do we have the documents to support these claims or not? If not we better get to work. We already lost the documents for Pulau Putih leh. What is the use shouting, with no proof? This is the 21st Century, not Hang Tuah, eh sorry I mean Hang Jebat era any more. If this tak-apa attitude goes on we might lose land 10,000 times larger than Layang-layang, like Limbang, Sarawak. Not to mention Sabah. We cannot even stop the illegal immigrations from coming in. Our navy, marine police can’t even stop the illegal fishing boats. what hope is there if there is a military invasion?

  74. histah says:

    what hope is there if there is a military invasion? – 104East

    For sanity to go back to malaysia there has to be war in which malaysia suffers severe casualties.

  75. teoh says:

    Its time Malaysian wake up.There is no way we can fight with Taiwan.Just remember its defences forces are train and arm to fight a short full scale war with mainland China.So try other peacefull way out.Do not waste our limited defence resources.

  76. Matiumno says:

    Najib send the Armed Forces there. Show your power. Dont listen to disbelievers. malays are greatest fighters. Takkan melayu hilang dibumi.

  77. wits0 says:

    “Takkan melayu hilang dibumi.”

    Is there any doubt? But if melayu keeps aping and sucking up to the superlative hubris of Ayrabs they will experience “kehilangan kepercayaan” to the world.

  78. Matiumno says:

    Why worry. At least the population will decrease. Royal Malay Regiment is best fighter in the world. Show them Najis, declare war kalau ada koteh. If not just shut up.

  79. Billy Diaz says:

    Hi… You are all scoundrels. Its Our’s the Philippines is the nearest country from spratlys. why don’t you mind your own business malaysian. singaporean or chinese DOGS and PIGS. your all the same F to all of you guys. hahahaha

  80. Billy Diaz says:

    By the way you you all suK. china might be strong when it comes to military power. But lucky for us the UNITED STATES is on our side hahahahaha. You want to challenge the Americans?? anyway if we have the chance to own the SPRATLYS island. Im sure the US government will really have the full custody of the island, and do you think even if all of your F army could stand against the might of the UNITED STATES ARMY hahaha. They’ll just drop each NUKE on your beloved countries anyway so goodluck with you guys hahaha.

  81. By the way you you all suK. china might be strong when it comes to military power. But lucky for us the UNITED STATES is on our side hahahahaha. You want to challenge the Americans?? anyway if we have the chance to own the SPRATLYS island. Im sure the US government will really have the full custody of the island, and do you think even if all of your F army could stand against the might of the UNITED STATES ARMY hahaha. They’ll just drop each NUKE on your beloved countries anyway so goodluck with you guys hahaha.

  82. second home says:

    At least the population will decrease. Royal Malay Regiment is best fighter in the world

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