I just saw this advertisement on STAR online and had a good laugh. Bold text is mine.

Company Information
Company Name Star Publications (M) Bhd
Industry Printing & Publishing

Job Description
Writer for hire

We’re looking for a versatile writer with a cheerful disposition (grumpy ones with lots of complaints about the country, government and politics, do not apply), one who can speak well and make a toilet bowl sound interesting (HAHAHAHA! Now you know what kind of stories they write). You’ve got to have social skills and curiosity to write great stories, whether it’s speaking Ah Kau from Han Hin Sdn Bhd or Richard Branson from the Virgin Group (What about Muthu and Ali). Expect to meet lots and lots of people and join a team of happy (sounds like working for Disneyland or a kindergarten) supplement writers. Excellent English (spoken and written), safe driving (and how are they going to judge this? By taking the writer for a ride?!), a positive attitude and a charming smile (I am beginning to be really suspicious of this post) are a musts …

Oh, there’s more…

Oh yes, you should also be able to take the pressures of unplanned assignments at a moment’s notice and still be able to juggle some time to do presentations and clinch sales ! (Now I get the drift. This person is suppose to be a saleperson as well – but sell what? Their souls?).

We welcome fresh graduates (the poor unsuspecting fools) to apply . Send your comprehensive resume including current and expected salary, contact telephone numbers and a recent passport-size photograph (Post your photo in this blog first. Let us judge if you have a charming smile:)) to:

Senior Manager
(Human Resource & Administration)
Star Publications (M) Berhad (10894-9)
P.O. Box 8612 Kelana Jaya
46793 Petaling Jaya

not later than 29 August 2008
e-mail : hrd@thestar.com.my

Location Selangor – Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

Really! Good luck to the applicants. More still to the one who gets the job.


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  1. wits0 says:

    The Star
    -The EQUIVOCATION paper

  2. wits0 says:

    Make a Vocation
    Out of Equivocation,
    Live without Contrition
    Causing mental Affliction

    Draw from your Bowels
    Whatever that Devours
    Sanity and Wholesomeness,
    Nevermind its Loathsomeness

    Build a Condominium
    Lined with Palladium,
    O aspiring Scribes
    Peddling soulless Tripes!

  3. You have to love your toilet bowl
    Where you sometimes bare your soul
    Do it daily if you really know
    What’s your best side to show

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130808
    Wed. 13th Aug. 2008.

  4. aza says:

    Enjoyed your take on The People’s Paper & staff-to-be.

    Meanwhile, at The People’s Parliament, there are examples of the toilet bowl mentality exhibited by certain commentators vehemently defending a popular Star columnist.

    Btw, Susan, you’re mentioned in the above ‘Bloggers strike’ thread — in this comment,
    Odysseus Says:
    August 11, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    “As far as the ’strike’ is concerned, its entirely up to the blog owners. Susan loone had hers to say, and I say she is one sour puss. (from her denials that she was even nominated during the inaugural ‘allblogs’ meeting to the formation of whatever, but thats her right to say it in her blog.”

    Now my dear sir, that ‘historical’ but totally needless catty comment about Susan Loone being a sour puss in her relationship with allblogs has been quite personal, more so when it has buggerall to do with the post about ‘blggers strike’.

    Pot calling kettle black?”

    Yup, Alliedmarster was indeed a sanctimonious pot calling the kettle black, quite oblivious to his own self-contradiction.

  5. wits0 says:

    We love our “Drama Queen”, here. Assuredly!

    Firstly, the drama presented are everyday real life happenings and all too real. Secondly, she’s not a Queen, nor needs to be, nor even as a daughter to some big names. “Sour puss” labelling is that kneejerk finger pointing by sour grapes bloggers. 4 fingers unfailingly point backwards.

    Better to sound negative than infernally positive – like the ever spinning Star and MSM. What’s true is more important than the blustering reference to the matter of appearing negative or positive. Image is never the equal of substance. Only true believer in the SNAFU system think otherwise.

    AllBlogs was one inane conformistic project signifying nothing useful except sucking up for acceptance.

    What’s really so that personal, after all?

  6. hutchrun says:

    “make a toilet bowl sound interesting”

    Definitely vetted and approved by Datuk Waste Carrier Wai who is head honcho of the paper. He`s an art in transcending from waste carrier to toilet bowls.

  7. ironic_law says:

    sigh!! STAR.. If it was still the same as the years and days of Tunku (when he lead us to INDEPENDENCE) then I still might consider it’s news + comment contents legitimacy are still credible but it seems like everything else in BOLEHLAND.. BOLEH down the toilet bowl instead of BOLEH up to the sky… So basically WHAT IS SO WRONG ABOUT our BOLEHLAND la……….. Was it all mere TALK AND NO ACTION? Vision 2020.. yeah right! Developed Nation.. yeah right! MASUK TOILET BOWL got la

  8. Mr Smith says:

    Isn’t that’s what The Star have been doing all these years, making the BN and MCA toilet bowls sound interesting?
    And they don’t wash their hands after the clean up. And they too smell like toilets.

  9. hutchrun says:

    Come to think of it the Star is in fact like the Starship Enterprise.
    It goes round and round Uranus.

  10. loo seow pek says:

    lis job loi , veli goode , veli suitable por te head sahkiing lavindranachi cunjanachi minachi . Applyoo sur get te job .

  11. Klaw says:

    *prepares resume*

  12. hutchrun says:

    “whether it’s speaking Ah Kau from Han Hin Sdn Bhd or Richard Branson from the Virgin Group”

    Terrible. Richard Branson and Virgin Group are real entities. “Ah Kau from Han Hin Sdn Bhd” are not. The least they could have done is “W.C.Wai from Goh ban Huat S/B” the latter in actuality a real producer of toilet bowls.
    Even in their ads the toilet paper (tp-tepee?) lies.

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I recommend Kayteemoc for the Star writer’s position. He resume is ideal for their purposes.

  14. hutchrun says:

    Hey kittykat46 (08:39:51) you are right on target. That chap`s a toilet expert too.

  15. wits0 says:

    Indeed, that kooky comet is cut out for the Star job….in orbiting Uranus.

  16. hutchrun says:

    haha kooky comet(kc) makes it “KC & Sunshine Band”:
    “That’s the Way (I Like It)”, “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty”, “I’m Your Boogie Man”, “Keep It Comin’ Love”, “Get Down Tonight”, “Give It Up” “Please Don’t Go”.

  17. Patricia says:

    Good one, Susan! Hahaha. Nothing is funnier than taking something real and showing how ridiculous it is! Speaks volumes about the paper and the idiots who run it!


    Why does anyone need a photo on an application form? To discriminate, that’s why. Ugly people won’t get the job, ah? Is that what it means?

    Have you also seen ‘must be able to speak Mandarin’? Discrimination, again. But the jokes on them for this one, cos lots of non-chinese now go to chinese schools; so many can speak mandarin. So, back to the photo requirement, I guess!

  18. hutchrun says:

    The MCA mouth organ is following The Beijing Olympics:

    The girl in the red dress with the pigtails, called Lin Miaoke, 9, and from a Beijing primary school, has become a national sensation since Friday night, giving interviews to all the most popular newspapers.

    But the show’s musical designer felt forced to set the record straight. He gave an interview to Beijing radio saying the real singer was a seven-year-old girl who had won a gruelling competition to perform the anthem, a patriotic song called “Hymn to the Motherland.”

    At the last moment a member of the Chinese politburo who was watching a rehearsal pronounced that the winner, a girl called Yang Peiyi, might have a perfect voice but was unsuited to the lead role because of her buck teeth.


  19. wandererAUS says:


    I am in full agreement with you as far as K Temoc is concerned, yes, most suitable…. that son-of-bit*h has only rubbish in his head.
    Like Star, worth 2ct

  20. Jed Yoong says:

    What’s up with Barisan these days?
    Are they hiring a prostitute or writer? Charming smile?
    But the head of supplements is a woman now, so the recruit will be safe.
    Why doesn’t the Star just advertised “Media Slut Wanted”? Sounds like it? And add “Have seen the toilet bowl close-up so many times, that writing about one will have a distinct personal touch.”?

  21. Jed Yoong says:

    sorry that’s “advertise” in present tense…

  22. Jed Yoong says:


    Are you sure KT isn’t at The Star already?

  23. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, have you any idea whether this cranky comet isn’t a mutant. He has no caricature of himself or a name. Just like people have no idea what’s the full name of WCW’s mentor, VKChin even after all these years.

    These sort of people after spewing forth so much drivel, has no real identity it seems.

  24. hutchrun says:

    “Are you sure KT isn’t at The Star already?” – jed yoong

    WOW! The Enterprise Pilot. Wonder what the Kelingons say.

  25. wandererAUS says:

    Yes, I forgot. KT, BOBBYNZ’s ‘GREAT LOVER’. They enjoy buggering each other.
    Now you know, where all the KT’s shit comes from.

  26. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    No, I do not know how to make a toilet bowl interesting, nor do I know how to make its contents interesting as well. In fact, as far as I know, those who DO know how to make them interesting, must be out of their minds…

  27. bless u says:

    haha you don`t get the Star job then.

  28. My2cen says:

    Ah, The Star is actually looking for a sweet young thing who’s willing to submit to the whims and fancy of her boss/bosses anytime of the day!

    But then, doesn’t that sound like a GRO job?? hehehehe…..

  29. RKP says:

    Don’t look down on our toilets today, in the 50’s ,60’s,70’s people were using the ‘yakky’ bucket system. The ‘apek’ will appear in the wee hours of the morning to empty them for a charge. I think he uses the collection with great value for his vegetable farm as fresh manure. Those were the days of the bucket. I used to dread going to the toilet then. I even heard of someone falling with one leg right into the buket full of…….

    Today,we have this luxury of flushing……

    But what I don’t understand is: the toilets have changed but not its people.
    They have become from bad to worse. You can change the toilet system but you cannot change people’s mindset. Corporate trainers who keep yelling : change your minset,change your mindset isn’t effective I suppose. What is there to change. Their mind is already set.

    The toilets have gone forwards but we are still going backwards!!

  30. Jed Yoong says:


    I suspect VK Chin’s initials represent “Very Kiasu/Kiasi”…..

  31. snide says:

    GRO – Gormen Relaxation Officer?

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha again… RKP, we aren’t just going backwards – we are stepping downwards into that bucket of ‘night-soil’. MSM esp. the STAR, is as relevant to us as Perseid meteor showers – all display and no substance!
    A blunt instrument getting blunter, day by day – when more precison is needed they ask for toilet bowl-heads, not scalpels…
    Ah, another invaluable asset/superficiality of ‘unmentionable’ parties!
    Indeed ‘gu-sai’ (cow dung)!

  33. crazy says:

    Hmmm Mahathir has “anal fixation” and MCA-owned Star has “toilet-bowl fixation”.
    Not much difference.

  34. crazy says:

    Toilet talk by the Star:

    We are very open to communication with strangers. I mean, what other reason would a person called “Razak” and another called “Malik” have, to leave their phone numbers on the cubicle walls of a toilet.

  35. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Susan,

    Great conversational piece indeed! Besides grammatical mistakes, the content borders on the hilarious to the tragic.

    Tragic because the once spunky voice of Malaysia had morphed into an unrecognisable, clownish mutant. But then, even clowns possess a certain dignity, since it is not easy to really make people laugh.

    Even as Hutch highlights the Beijing girl who was disqualified because of her looks, VK and others must still be airdropping his cronies’ offsprings. So, the ad is just a formality. As for providing a photo, this is now banned in most countries.

    And, like in Beijing, don’t be surprised when the big bosses gets the bylines for stories they did not write. The ad is a good example of an (unedited?) piece by the big bosses. Edited or unedited, the appalling quality of the dreadful people running the rag is exemplified…………..

  36. Shooting star says:

    I thought by now there would at least be a cameo appearance by kooky comet.

  37. art says:

    Maybe the waste carrier paper is too much into Salvador Dali.
    Salvador Dalí’s “Diary Of A Genius” has a whole appendix dedicated to the “Art of Farting”.

  38. loo seow pek says:

    kong hor ka ki shiok ka ki , shiok sendiri , kaki kong , kaki cheau , seow lang ka liow . hahahah a

  39. kittykat46 says:

    I think “loo seow pek” is a trouble-making cyber-trooper out to create problems for Susan’s blog.

  40. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    looseowpek(8:32:28 & 13:30:17) the playmate racist, vulgar, corrupt, pornographic of his accomplice chaptokam(both penangites) are umnoputra/bn slaves out to destroy this wonderful Blog of Susan’s. Both are suffering from a disease more dangerous than AIDS, namely, “ANTI Malaysia for Malaysian” syndrome.

    Graduates from the umnoputra/bn psychological warfare school, BIRO TATANEGARA, are paid peanuts to viciously attack DSAI, PKR/Pakatan by ultimately, tarnishing this blog, reducing it to racial slurs, vulgarity, pornographic elements and instigating hatred amongst the comentors.

    DO NOT THIS BOLEHLAND GOONS TO SPOIL YOUR COMMENTS. We shall not stoop so low to these idiots who are out to destroy the harmony, peace and tranquilty of a Malaysian race…….not depicted by them, highlighting only their racial cause, as though the other chinese, are represented by them

    VERDICT: looseowpek & playmate chaptokam are displaying irrelevant umno/bn propaganda; stupidity; nonsensical & discriminative racial slurs; avoiding intellectual criticisms by chinese vulgarity and “sick in their head(both heads)”.

    Decorum shall prevail with the rational gentlemen & ladies in this blog…unlike these two rascals.

    God Bless.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  41. Jong says:

    “make a toilet bowl sound interesting”

    hahaha finally, they realise they had been writing shit all these while! It baffles how come it takes Star so long to realise so?

  42. loo seow pek says:

    kittykat46 (13:38:07) :I think “loo seow pek” is a trouble-making cyber-trooper out to create problems for Susan’s blog.

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi , cereya pochi . ini meow meow cakap sikit , lu suda gong cang sini sana . Bontut oi sini oi sana macam moanyet kena belachan. Bila tapong , tapong , tak untong , tak untong , lu lari sembunyi balakang pokok . Buat ape belakag pokok ? aiyoyoyoyo pokok pun boleh lah ! ada nampak moanyet selalu gosok bontut mereka atas pokok ?? wa lau! wahai meow meow lu sudah salah , wa tak bikin trouble , lagi wa bukan trouble-making cyber-trooper out to create problems for Susan’s blog. . Meow meow ini problem ada lah dengan moanyet ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi sahaja . Lain olang wa tak berani cakap . Assamalikum salam .

  43. NoktahHitam says:

    Loo Seow Pek, I had a great laugh reading your comments. You’re doing a stand up comedy?

    Susan: Write about UITM for NON-Bumi please!

  44. chaptokam says:

    Dear All

    There’s a mentally deranged ,frustrated sopobitch who keeps on attacking me and implying all sorts things about me and spoken by me . He has made it his personal vendetta to antagonise me , however I have chosen to ignore him as I would be wasting my effort and time to answer to this mentally deranged idiot .

    I would rather watch the olympics as hutchrun (09:11:1 8) :says

    The MCA mouth organ is following The Beijing Olympics:
    once in four years hutchrun .!!

    Concerning the mentally deranged sopobitch you noticed I have not mentioned his name , but you know who he is as he is bound to fabricate a and post a comment about me .

    With this sort of character around , he’s definetly doing a service to BN as he is tarnishing his image and that of PKR , DSAI of whom he represents . Syabus .

  45. loo seow pek says:

    NoktahHitam (16:44:07) : laughter is the best medicine . Am doing a puppet show . You know who the puppet is lah , betul , you pull the string the puppet sudah menari !!

    Allah bless you , my friend .

  46. Crankshaft says:

    …make a toilet bowl sound interesting …???

    What were they thinking? It’s already obvious they write nothing but crap, but advertising that fact is a bit overmuch, don’t you think?

  47. wits0 says:

    Serving crap with flippancy rightfully earns it the in-comings it deserves.

    we remember that Nero played his harp and composed poetry while watching Rome burned. At least it was so mentioned. Not very amusing.

  48. loo seow pek says:

    Aiyoyoy Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi (15:25:57) : :!
    PHd in murder, sexology, trumpology,sodomology,dvdology, pinchbacksideology,badsignology…

    wa lau ni pandi Phd manyak ke ! mesti le . semua dari University Makapodah dari Sodomland dekat Ceriya Pochi.

    Chaptokam & LooSeowPek, work to the precision of SOP alamak dei pandi lu tau ke ape ni SOP ! SOP ia ni Screw Oi Pandi le . Ne ni bontot pandi mesi gosok berseh , tau ke ! balu boleh liwat , kalau tak de nati boss kau pengsan .

    LOL ni Kunjan ape nama oi ia KUN untuk Kunzir JAN untuk Jantan
    Sambong KUN sam JAN ade KUNJAN , Sambong Kunzir sama Jantan ade
    Kunzir Jantan . Sambong menachi adoi wa pun tak tau nak panggil jadi kunzir jantan menachi .

    Di kamunting , bila nak tengok ni pandi berasmara dan liwat senang saja dia ini beli viagra dari ancestor dia CHUA Sway Lok, . Kasi itu pandi makan , mengikut kita puya pandi expert , professor ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi . Dan relax , tengok wayang pundak oi pandi meliwat . Shiok ini prof cakap . Sampai hali ini dia sudah jadi harimau , ya tiap , tiap hari mau wa itu viagra manyak bagus , satu kali makan , tiap tiap hari mau , bukan meow meow . ini cerita sudah panjang , simpan lain untuk lain hari cerita .

    Ini paandii dia cakap chaptookam sama looseowpekare umnoputra/bn slaves out to destroy this wonderful Blog of Susan’s. Ini prof paandii mulut sekalang macam paandii , selalu gnok! gnok! gnok! bila di liwat bunyi pun tukar ke shiok! shiok ! shiok! lepas tu pengsan , sude koyak mesti hantar ke hospital puspawi jumpe Dr Osman Mansor (dr perempuan) untuk direpair . Suda lah ni prof mangkok . Ayoyoyosamy pergilah melawat dia , sila !

  49. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    Am I right or am I right!! chaptokam(17:33:27) & looseowpek(16:07:53 & 19:15:47) “kings of Kings of vulgarity; lack of decorum; disrespectful(as they attacked many racially & hurled vulgar slurs against many commentors) – who have reciprocated accordingly describing chaptokam/looseowpek as “sampah sarap”/bn cybertroopers/another bn idiot out to create trouble for susan’s blog etc.

    It is my civil duty to stop such rascals of umnoputra/bn psychological warfare from the Biro Tatanegara school of thought from destroying the decency of the comments in this blog.

    It clearly shows their “failure” so their twisted taugeh brains trying their luck at reverse psychology to put the blame on the decent, disciplined, non vulgar, respectful comments of others.


    LET PUBLIC SENTIMENTS BE THE POLICE; not this two “idiots” of umnoputra/bn camp.

    Well, chaptokam & looseowpek go on and continue humiliating the Indians, Chinese, the Malays; Islam and at the same time try harder to pretend to be DSAI’s supporter or pretend to be brilliantly towing the line with other comments so that to hide your WAYANG KULIT ACTS.

    GO AHEAD! KEEP IT COMING! With proper decorum, respect and decency no one need to be warned; identified as a umnoputra/bn goon. I am not alone…. you idiots have attacked the LADIES & GENTLEMEN of this blog from time to time. I will monitor your rubbish and report.

    God Bless DSAI,DSWA,Dr Osman,RPK & all rational Malaysians.
    Ravindran Kunjan

  50. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    The vulgar looseowpek has become a chameleon…..now being a Malay…before this using Chinese vulgarity/language…….now using terms “ALLAH”; Assalamulaikum Salam.

    looseowpek disgracing(if not a muslim) religion….earlier full of chinese/indian vulgarity…now in a world of pretence….goody,goody muslim- does it not sound familiar like the strategy of bn.

    See for yourselves looseowpek(16:07:53); the lengths both chaptokam/looseowpek go to carry out bn propaganda( destroy DSAI at all costs) for mere peanuts…….selfish greed for bolehland benefits.

    God bless.

    Ravindran kunjan

  51. loo seow pek says:

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi

    looseowpek undies on fire kena api yang keluar dari bontut moanyet kling ini . Ada pernah nampak moanyet keling ? Ini moanyet semua nya hitam macam keling tapi muka nya puteh macam baru nampak hantu pontianak . Bontut nya selalu keluar api dan asap . Undies ah pek kena api sebab ah pek mau tangkap dia dan ah pek mau shaft satu batang chili ke dalam bontut si moanyet sial itu .

    Sekarang itu sial punya moanyet sudah tukar dia punya muka ke paandii . Tau ke apa paandii ini ?? Paandii ini rupa nya ia lah ape melayu panggil kunzir atau babi . Nama sial ini oi ia KUN untuk Kunzir JAN untuk Jantan
    Sambong KUN sam JAN ade KUNJAN , Sambong Kunzir sama Jantan ade
    Kunzir Jantan . Sambong menachi adoi wa pun tak tau nak panggil jadi kunzir jantan menachi .

    Dia ini borak nombor satu , selalu borak GREAT AN INDIAN ARSE MALAYSIAN IS! Tulis pun salah , English pun HP6 Aiyoo ini menachi , takpe wa buat betul kasi dia . GREATEST INDIAN ARSE atau ARSEHOLE IN MALAYSIA RAVINACHI KUNZIR MENACHI .

    Wa lupa , lia ada post dia punya TOES LAUGHING ? wa ape ini toes bolih laughing ? wa pun terkejut ? ini olang binatang betul ! Lia punya toe bolih laugh , bolih menagis , bolih liwat bontut lo ! Harap jaga blia mendekat sial paandi/babi ini

    Ah pek lia pu mau kacau . Sial betul ini olang/natang.

  52. loo seow pek says:

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi
    The vulgar looseowpek has become a chameleon…..now being a Malay…before this using Chinese vulgarity/language…….now using terms “ALLAH”; Assalamulaikum Salam.

    ah pek ini bolih cakap berbahasa tau ke sial ?? wa bolih cakap melayu , english , chinese, hokkien , cantonese , tamil , punjabi , japanese , cantonese . lu tak percaya ? menachi ?
    cuba ini dalam japanese . pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi , anatano , bagaro , konero , watashiwa omangko siri anata neh . Anatano wakarimasta ? hehe sila tanya olang jepun ape ini ok !
    Lagi in german . Itch wil ich fergen ashloff , dumnkoff ! ashloff achtung !.
    Sila tanya olang german ok !

  53. Anonymous says:

    BN troopers like sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam can only afford to bullsh*t easy targets.

    This sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam tried to act noble or to act religious everytimes he runs out of a proper argument.

    This sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam also tried to use dirty words or to act hooligan or to act like kinabatangan mp everytime he runs out of a proper argument.

    When all his no standard BN-cybertrooping tactics fail to have any influence on his targets, this sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam claimed that he wants to ignore certain difficult targets here.

    The truth is that they are more people out there who has all the while been ignoring sampah sarap poured in by sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam.

  54. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    SIAPA MAKAN CHILI RASA PEDAS!!!! loosemouthlooseowpek

    looseowpek=loosemouth vulgar,pornographic,racist idiot. No susbstance! No more modal! Kakakakaka

    I have gotcha! Malu betul! Mulut kotor!

    I have made you eat your own words. Great for this INDIAN”keling”.

    So what! For 51 years the Indians have been faced with idiots like loosewopek, chaptokam & umino/bn racial slurs, vulgarity, pornographics…….just see how the teacher recently used racial slurs on the indian students.

    This are the type of taugeh brains people just like loose mouth looseowpek, chaptokam & those out there to destroy the peace, harmony and a Malaysia for Malaysian vision.

    I have succeeded in ridiculing these two nutheads of birotatanegara psychological warfare school.

    The last laugh is always with the Ladies&Gentlemen with decorum in this blog.

    God bless DSAI,DSWA,DR Osman,RPK, Rational Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  55. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    After analysis of the words used by this vulgar loosemouth it is confirmed that loosemouth looseowpek is a MALAY – racist, hiding behind/ using chinese accronym to hurl racial slurs. Typical of you know who, bee ann, amino strategy & propaganda. Create conflict and racial tension amongst the malays and nons. In actual fact a malay pretending to be a chinese this loosemouth looseowpek. Diversion of all the screwed up trumpology of sodomology; so create blufalogy through racial hatredology.

    Hey loosemouth looseowpek (umnoputra malay) vulgar rascal… go on & on & on with your vulgar idiocy, indecency, sexist, racist slurs…..the joke is on you..hahahahahahaha.

    Ladies & Gentlemen of decorum we shall always have the last laugh if the loosemouth looseowpek & sampah sarap chaptokam( also suspicious of racial origin..probably pretending to be chinese) idiots.

    God Bless all rational decent malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  56. loo seow pek says:

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi

    SIAPA MAKAN CHILI RASA PEDAS!!!! loosemouthlooseowpek aiyoyo oi lavi lu manyal kurang ajar , sial moanyet . lu sudah jadi gila , macam moanyet suka makan lambutan ada satu tempat manyak sesuai untuk mu . Lanti wa talipon itu Tanjong lambutan punya supritendent panggil lis hantar satu limousine dengan eskort ke lumah kau dan menjemput boss kepada semua moanyet moanyet meng hadiri kemasokkan rasmi ke Tanjong Lambutan . di sana ape mau bikin pun bolih , tidak bolih di charge , tangkap , masok makhamah pun case buang . Manyak untong lo , liwat pun bolih , makan tiad lembu pun ok , tak payah pakai baju pun ok , lu punya ding a ling side kanan , kiri pun ok , lu cakap gnok! gnok ! gnok! pun ok , lu shiok a doo any hen (ayam) wil do ! pun bolih . sudah ini manyak panjang cerita .

    Saya sude potong , lu ade potong ? oh ya wa baru ingat lu tak paya potong ! menachi oi menachi oh perempuan pulak takde potong , scrap itu kichik bean sahja . Tau ke itu bean ? Wa pun tak pandai lu lebeh pandai p[rofessori ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi .

  57. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    loosemouth kena blow….no substance…talking kok!!!

    Loosemouthlooeowpek( 16:57:10), a aminoputra Malay pretending to be chinese hiding behind chinese accronym.
    A racist, vulgarity is the only vocabulary he is educated in by the bee anne, to create racial conflicts.

    He has no more substance….goes on and on with endless indecency, vulgarity and attacks commentors with racists slurs;religious slurs; defames names; racists remarks, etc.

    This loosemouth Malay pretender like Chinese vulgarity bee anne is depleting in his thoughts.

    Pee wee taugeh brains of his is now faced with INSECURITY & loss of confidence.

    Come On stupid loosemouth you can definitely talk more vulgarity than this…….you mean you do not know the dirty words……make an appointment with your gurus – Pinchbackside ex Minister; Chua sway Look; scandolous “sugar daddy” of TV3 mistress(later wife); MB Pahang bad signology professor.

    Come on lah! We want more rubbish, pornographics, vulgarity, racist sentiments……we love it when bee anne umnoputra malay loosemouthlooseowpek……LOOKS STUPID! FOOLISH! DUMB!

    Go ahead Try harder & harder & harder …….just how Saiful is trying so hard to use blufalogy on sodomology on trumpology on stupidology…..you rascal loosemouthlooseowpek uminoputramalay.

    LAST LAUGH WITH THE LADIES & GENTLEMEN WITH DECORUM in this wonderful blog. By now you should have realised with your pea sized taugeh brains, you rascal loosemouthlooseowpek, that you are finished!!!!

    Ravindran Kunjan

  58. Azmin says:

    Ravindran Kunjan, you are right. He is not a chinese, as common sense told us that; no one in his right mind would use his full name to write comments with those vulgarity/language.

    Therefore I would sincerely make a request to our Susan to delete/block this fellow to avoid misunderstanding among all the races in msia.

  59. data says:

    I sokong azmin

  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Ravindran, that is an acronym in Hokkien for “you mad uncle” or something to that effect, ok… Cheers.

  61. Raya says:

    I agreed with Azmin. Thanks pal

  62. wits0 says:

    I waste no time with the trolling from the loo and sewer. Neither do I care to read imbecilic squeaks from cybertroopers like the shady tempurong frog and ilks, which are of the lowest grade. Cybertroopers, by their own mission and nature, never convey any class from the integrity which they certainly don’t possess.

    AFAIK, Susan only ban those imitators of other people’s handles. However since spams are also automatically banned, maybe assholes and other malignancies too could also be included.

  63. dolphineOZ says:

    Susan’s blog is one of the best which we hold it dear to our heart. Please keep up that kind of quality writing and comments rather than using words that would scare the readers away especially those who are away from our homeland.

  64. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear dolphineOZ,
    With the number of hits that dear Susan gets, she has both her hands and feet full.
    These fellas are here just to irritate/frustrate and as you say, frighten some.
    Hey, get real, this is Malaysia today – at gut level – at its crossroads, and it certainly not going to be pleasant for any of us. Its do or ‘die’!
    So if you guys really love Malaysia, help us out – not block us out…
    I’m certain that even my id name scares you – who’d wanna talk to a barking dog? Or wits0 and others, who has to put up which so much angst from the vulgar cybertoopers? This is virtual war – and the only casualty is our sanity… which is transient in the best of times. We are the changers…
    Patriots, are we? It depends on one’s point of view.

  65. Grill says:

    – who’d wanna talk to a barking dog? – Menyalak-er

    Me, Me and Me. Oh you are ok.

  66. wits0 says:

    Dog’s man best friend.

  67. Menyalak-er says:

    Err, Grill, where’s my doggie biscuit?
    Btw, wits0, you’ve turned that shady into a whimpering ‘malay no speako engelis’ character outta Arabian Nights!

  68. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    This loosemouthlooseowpek(uminoputramalay) & chaptokam have been attacking many of us with vulgarity. I agree that we should weed them out & safeguard susan’s joyful blog.

    I suggest that we do not allow them space to use vulgarity, racist statements, religious fanaticism to create racial disharmony & tension leading to conflicts.

    We must speak our mind out against them, but, we should not stoop as low as them in doing so. Ofcourse, it maybe irritating but with perseverance & the majority disliking them, they will leave this blog with embarassment.

    These bee anne/amino cyber rascals have sold their souls to their devillish masters in bee anne and are salaried staff paid to do so, unlike most of us who believe that we participate in constructive comments towards a Malaysia for Malaysians.

    They use all kind of psychological warfare to create fear & hatred thus, succeeding to tarnish the blog.

    Get rid of this VULGAR VIRUSES BY WHACKING THEIR VULGARITY but with decorum, then they will realise that they have failed and will move out elsewhere.

    Thank you for your support. We must work hand in hand to get rid of vugarity by these bee anne goons. Lets identify them and reciprocate but with decorum.

    God Bless DSAI,DSWA,Dr Osman,RPK, brave informers, rational Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  69. wits0 says:

    Licensed for Flippancy and approved Cock Talk:


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