* Internal Security Act, Malaysia’s most vicious law *

I got the answer to my earlier posts which asked the question “Calls for ISA from Dap deputy chieft too?

Dap supremo Lim Kit Siang said in his blog today that ‘…Gunasekaran denies…’

I have checked with Gunasekaren and he has denied that he had made the remark about the ISA detention attributed to him.  DAP stand for the repeal of the nefarious detention-without-trial Internal Security Act is clear. All ISA detainees should be released immediately or be charged in court to avail them of an opportunity to defend themselves in an open trial. We disagree with the demonstrators though we respect their right to protest against the Bar Council forum, which must be done peacefully and civilly.

Earlier I blogged that PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub had not asked for the Bar Council (Conversion to Islam) Forum organisers to be ISA-ed. He denied so in Malaysiakini. He said he was not in favour of anyone being ISA-ed.

So why did Malaysiakini report it like this on 11 August?

Today, various leaders of Islamic NGOs, Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam, Umno Puteri information chief Shahaniza Shamsuddin and PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub were among those who have suggested that Ambiga and the Bar Council be cited under the ISA and Sedition Act for Saturday’s incident. (Malaysiakini).

Then on 12 August, the same online paper said that “a local daily” mentioned Salahuddin as one of the leaders who called for the organisers to be incarcerated under that draconian law:

The PAS leader was quoted in a local daily as being in favour of the Act being used against the Bar Council and it’s leaders. (Malaysiakini)

But at least Malaysiakini tried to correct the perception, but it has to be more careful, and do tell exactly which local daily carried the news. 

I can’t find the “local daily” which had featured Salahuddin’s alleged statement, though. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

What did we say about taking everything in the newspaper with a shovel of salt – whether mainstream, government owned or alternative?

Anyway, it appears that another Pakatan Rakyat MP had also suggested that the demonstrators be ISA-ed.

Its state deputy chief [DAP Negri Sembilan State] and Senawang asemblyman P. Gunasekaren said police should have arrested the demonstrators rather than allowed three of them to enter the Bar Council office, which was private property.

“It is sad that the police allowed them to dictate terms. The demonstrators should be arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act for stoking racial sentiments,” he said when met at the district police station in Seremban 2. (STAR, via Charles Hector’s blog)

Isn’t that shocking too?  But can we believe the newspapers now after the Salahuddin Ayub’s blunder, no matter what our personal opinions be about PAS or even the DAP?

I am awaiting P Gunasekaran’s denial, and so he has.

I am not sure who’s lying. We either have PAKATAN MPs who are two-faced or newspapers who have breached journalistic ethics and the readers’ trust.


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  1. fahra says:

    Does Islam need to be defended?
    By Fahri Azzat [Malaysian]


    Those who, stand either individually or in clumps, and claim that they are defending Islam do not trust in Allah and thereby blaspheme. Let us consider some of the more relevant and obvious repercussions of accepting Allah as the ‘The Originator of the heavens and the earth!’ (Surah 6:101) which is basically this Universe, and the many billion other universes out there, all that space, and clutter in between. We, in truth, don’t even make up an atom of a grain of sand in the entire scheme of things. And those are just His creations – so, in truth, we will never be able to even comprehend Allah. Whoever claims they do, makes false claims to godhood.

    Let us consider this starting point: that we are unfathomably small in His entire design. We die out just like all other living things on this earth. Our lifespan is short – a maximum of just over one hundred – with an average of about late 60s these days. We, as Homo Sapiens, only arrived on the scene relatively recently i.e. about 400,000 years ago, and our recorded history only stretches back to about 32,000 years ago with those cave paintings in Chauvet Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave, in southern France. The earth is estimated by scientists to be approximately between 4.5 – 6 billion years old. So that’s how we are even compared to the earth. Nothing much. And the universe? Scientists currently estimate it to be about 13.7 billion years old. So temporally our Homo Sapien race existence compared to the universe – our significance is 0.0000029197080. Now you then divide that by all the many people, animals, etc. and you come through and we realize how insignificant any of us are in the entire scheme of the universe. Even if you had the biological abilities, you just didn’t the time.

    When seen in this light, that Allah was long before us and shall be for ever, so what does it matter if some of his most insignificant creations on one of His billions, if not trillions, of galaxies and planet, does not believe in Him or infringes His injunctions? What does it matter that there are these non-believers who speak ill of Him? The truth is that no one can harm Allah or his religion because we are in His realm. What is more, going by scripture, we are all answerable to him on Judgment Day, so why should we have to answer to someone lesser whilst we are alive? A comparative analogy of the relationship between Allah and mankind/His Universe would be as a computer programmer to his program. Whatever program a programmer programs into his computer can never harm him (assuming it is your usual standard desktop PC and not some robotic killer machine whose sole purpose is to annihilate any living thing) – he can manipulate it, change it, do virtually anything to it but the computer or its programs or the product of its program can never, ever harm the programmer. So when there is no threat, there cannot be a defence.

    And Allah is Eternal and Creator of All – what possible threat can there be to the Supreme Being of the Universe? If even Satan himself cannot bring about such an event (because he will get his butt kicked in the End), then what more the mere sons of Adam? And what do these ants think they can do in Allah’s defence? That some of his sons thinks that Allah is in need of protection is to betray what they really think of themselves and Allah. The first is that they think too highly of himself and his worth to Allah and the Universe and secondly, they think too lowly of Allah and his Creations. They do not say this explicitly, but there is no need to because actions have always spoken louder than words.

    If Allah does not need defenders, neither then does Islam. So what is this Defence of Islam really about then?

    It’s the same thing that has happened over the centuries where religion is concerned: frustrated, unthinking, unlearned, morally and ethically corrupt human beings who want to achieve some control in their livese and that of others, and do so by piggybacking on a religion to establish a high moral position and to burn with righteous anger with supposed authority from God with which he can then carry out his psychosis. This Defence of Islam strategy is an attempt to play up their victimhood (defence presupposes an attack) to try and attract sympathy from concerned or related parties. But then in banding together and claiming defence they then allow themselves the possibility of a pre-attack strike (that is a ‘defence’ too which America used as a justification in attacking Iraq. Anybody notice the similarity in modus operandi between Muslim fundamentalists and USA foreign policy towards hostile countries?). Ultimately, the strategy is geared towards confrontation, violence and non-resolution.

    The truth of the matter is that the Defence of Islam was, is and never will be about Allah. It is about flawed human beings. It is about the corrupt, hypocritical human beings who seek not to worship Allah in humility but to try reach His exalted status by inflating further their massive ego; and then in failing so miserably and ending up ultimately becoming a disgrace both to Allah, Islam and human beings in general. Just because someone professes to be Muslim does not necessarily mean they practise Islam (i.e. submission) and just because one is practising Islam does not necessarily mean they are actually practising Islam. In either case, those questions are for Allah to decide, not us. If there’s one thing I am certain of it is this – there is no human being in existence that can equal Allah’s ability in deciding whether someone is a Muslim or not (and consequentially – a good enough one for that matter). One would have thought a Muslim would be very wary of assuming such a responsibility. That some are ready to do so with such casualness and vindictiveness provokes me to think they do not take their faith seriously in the ways that are important and meaningful for their own personal self-development (which must be distinguished from self-enrichment) and that of others.

  2. su says:

    Was just telling my dad the other day how we can never really believe everything at face value anymore.

    This just goes on to prove that point. What’s real, and what’s not?

  3. xy says:

    Indeed, if the age of Earth is 24 hours, then Homo Sapiens did not appear until just before the clock strike midnight.

    Labeling causes us blind. Just like the 7 blind men each proclaimed that their version of elephant was correct when they each only touched a part of the elephant.

    They were all correct and yet at the same time all wrong.

    Such can be said about all religions. They are all correct. To insist that only a particular religion is the only truth will lead us to the same conclusion of the 7 blind men.

  4. xy says:

    And the elephant itself, irrespective of the interpretation of each of the 7 blind men, remained a whole “elephant”. Trying to interpret the “elephant” will immediately creates a non-whole elephant.

  5. Margeemar says:

    The Malaysian government banned the demonstration on the ground that the protest may create “racial tensions”. Obviously, State-sponsored racism and racial preferences are allowed but any protest against such racism and racial discrimination is classified by the State as “seditious” and “criminal”…More http://margeemar.blogspot.com

  6. Freddy Toh says:

    On 1/8/2008 theStar carried an article that said OIL was at US129 per litre. Can you believe that?

  7. Patek1472 says:

    Q10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction)
    ISA diperlukan kerana pencegahan lebih baik daripada berubat kemudian. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

    Q13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan bersuara adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan ugama dan kepercayaan adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia (Betul atau Salah)

    Q15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan diri adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction)
    Semua rakyat Malaysia dan sedunia boleh diubahkan kepada suatu kebudayaan, ugama dan bangsa pada masa hadapan. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

    Answers at http://patek1472.wordpress.com
    Jawapan di http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  8. hutchrun says:

    Aiyah the best is to put the whole Cabinet in ISA. And daily beat the crap out of them. At least for 90 days after Sept 16.
    After 90 days the ISA is removed and the whole blardy lot be sent to various prisons throughout the country. e.g. Badawi can grow kangkong in Sg. Buloh and Rais can cook rice in Kajang.

  9. hutchrun says:

    Thank God I ain`t a muslim.
    That poor god of theirs need defending by mortals.

  10. whycares says:

    MSM media spin doctor put words into both DAP mouths?

  11. caravanserai says:

    When will be the day?
    Talking freely about religions
    Bridging the gap of religious divides
    Amongst the multitude of people
    Walking proud on Mother Earth

    Love your neighbor we told
    Help them too when they have problems
    Give an ear to listen to neighbors
    In reality it is religious dividing
    Amongst the people……….

    The days of kampong spirit is gone
    I don’t find it mushrooming anymore
    It has gone into the invading wind
    Taking it away in our hearts and souls

    Why can’t the educated people sit and talk?
    Sharing ideas, experiences and sorrows
    Our lives here aren’t forever
    Make it a happy ending for all of us

    The recent uproar
    Amongst the members of political parties
    PKR, Pas and UMNO
    These leaders and members never learn
    Without facing to honest discussion
    We will be no where when the world walks us by

    Shouting seditious remarks
    Demanding aggressively showing lack of decorum
    Where is the Merdeka spirit of the last 50 years?
    Nay……they want us to be colonized again…….

    Majority disagree
    The few hundreds gathered illegally
    For the country to progress in unity
    Let share our burdens, politics and religions

  12. hutchrun says:

    Malaysia in 10 years:

    Besides the terrible killings inflicted by the fanatics on those who refuse to pledge allegiance to them, Al-Qa’eda has lost credibility for enforcing a series of rules imposing their way of thought on the most mundane aspects of everyday life.

    They include a ban on women buying suggestively-shaped vegetables, according to one tribal leader in the western province of Anbar.

    Sheikh Hameed al-Hayyes, a Sunni elder, told Reuters: “They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tails were pointed upward, which they said was haram.

    “They regarded the cucumber as male and tomato as female. Women were not allowed to buy cucumbers, only men.”


  13. Taikohtai says:

    How blessed we are to witness again and again, the fact that Man has develop only horizontally, not vertically over the centuries.
    Man has grown rich materially but not spiritually. In fact, Man has deterioriarated badly in areas of spiritual wisdom, tolerance and brother/sisterhood.
    The TEMPURUNG mentality is well and truly alive.
    Alas, when will Man learn that our individual and collective EGO has inflated and ballooned so much in recent times?
    Only the Wise knoweth that Happiness corresponds invertedly to Ego, regardless of personal beliefs.

  14. human rights says:

    Ha ha ha ha …… Bolehland must teach this Universal Declaration of Human Rights in school and not the right to wielding keris……..

    To have a wielding keris nincompoop as the Minister of Education, education is doomed in Bolehland ……

    If one is against another person’s idea, just wield a keris and Isa-ed that bugger…… ha ha ha ha …….

    Bolehland is a joke with this bunch of stupid katak bawah tempurung…… go feed on mosquitoes-lah— pondan… ka ka ka …..

    universal declaration of human rights

  15. hutchrun says:

    Malaysia is not a signatory to the UN Declaration of Human Rights because it is a muslim country. Muslims cannot be equal to non-muslims.

  16. wandererAUS says:

    Why can’t the alternative govt of PK, DAP and PAS has a set policy on ISA….just work on the abolishment of this evil law. Introduce a policy, purely to cater for dangerous terrorists…maybe, include ‘political terrorists’ (many found in the Umno led govt.)

  17. hutchrun says:

    malaysian educational system and it`s only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other stories:

    the female history teacher had allegedly called Indian students in a Form Four and a Form Five class ‘keling pariah’, ‘Negro’, ‘black monkeys’ as well as other derogatory names.
    The teacher had also purportedly said that ‘Indians came from dogs’ and the community members were stupid and prone to thuggery and thievery.
    The police reports also alleged that the teacher had said that Indians were the ‘children of prostitutes’ and the community’s youths ‘did not have testicles’ on July 17 and 22, and had also purportedly beaten up some Indians students.

  18. blueMoon says:

    Well, read between words, i know what Guna means, HINDRAF leaders can be detain although they did not used any racial remarks against other races or religion, but in this case Malays are freely allowed to use racial remarks against non-Malays, in fact infront of Police. At least these people should be detain under normal sedition act for investigation but again this is Melayuland Bah!


  19. Jed Yoong says:

    Were they being sarcastic about being ISA-ed?
    I also joked that Shahrizat should be ISA-ed for “insulting Islam” and “stoking relgious hatred”, etc…
    HMMM, haiyah….I think only one reporter covered the fracas issit?
    Overstretched-lah =)

  20. kittykat46 says:

    I never support use of the ISA , it is an inhumane law.
    First of all the police should have carried out their duty to protect a legally constituted forum in private premises.
    If the protestors persisted in their attempt to disrupt the forum, they should have been arrested and charged with breach of the peace.
    There are ample laws covering penalties against mob violence.

    The police abdication of their responsibility towards to protect the forum, compared to their violent suppression of the Jelas and Hindraf rallies is despicable.

  21. Jed Yoong says:

    Actually now, I am suspicious of Salahuddin’s part. And how rowdy he was….
    I dunno-lah.
    What happened to Zulkifli-lah? MIA still ke?
    Anyway Hadi Awang has said no ISA-lah…

  22. rajes says:

    But then Hinraf and jelas are not muslim. Police are mostly muslim.

  23. rajes says:

    Hadi also opposed the forum. Only now he make noise on no isa.
    There were PAS, PKR, and UMNO muslims there led by PKR back stabber Zulkifli.

  24. veryupset says:

    I guess after 50 years of independance they still learn NOTHING…!

    Islam is about tolerence, patience, do good, be good, love thy neighbour, & much more. Why are these Muslim behaving Unislamic?

    Sharizat just called for ‘jihad’! Next Mujahiddin in the making…!??
    Hey… PAS, is this how a Muslim should behave???

    Instead of wasting time going to London to teach/preach about Islam to that maths prodigy, eh.. what’s her name…?
    Better they be here to re-educate these people about the true meaning about Islam. Right…?

    “Only a ‘Devil’ can tell us to go to HELL…!”
    “Only ‘God’ can tell us to go to heaven…!”

    So I guess this must be a “Devil” in disguise to tell us Chinese & Indians to go to hell…….!

    RPK was sent to jail for damning them to hell.
    So….. why not this “Devil”………………………………???

    One sided is it ??????????????

    Nowadays, our newspapers got nothing better to report other than just MPs, MPs, MPs, MPs & more MPs screwed up atittude & problems.

  25. jungleboy says:

    I believed those who said to isa the protestors were merely to highlight the double standard of the bolehland police

  26. jump says:

    “Islam is about tolerence, patience, do good, be good, love thy neighbour, & much more.”

    Nice joke.

  27. RKP says:

    Pakatan Rakyat is liken to wearing a white apparel,where, one tiny spot of dirt could be seen clearly. BN is likened to a black apparel,because over 50 years the white apparel given by the British has turned black.

    The difference is Pakatan Rakyat were given this white apparel by the rakyat themselves through God. When they come into power soon they must know how to appreciate that white apparel and keep it white forever for the people and God.

    The Guna’s act is not a black stain. He must have expressed it out of concern for the social unrest or the injustice of double-standards practised.

    I will tell you what is a ‘black stain’ on your clothing. Corruption is, injustice is, swindling of rakyat’s wealth is, unfairness is, abuse of power or authority is, misuse of public funds is, causing the failure of the judiciary is, amassing wealth for yourself only is, oppressing the poor is, misuing of God’s Name is,
    greed is, jealousy is, strife is, envy is,lying is,deceit is, malice is,murder is,
    making more beggars out of Malaysians is, making thugs out of Malaysians is, many many more that I may not know but you might know.

  28. JOHJ says:

    I fully agreed with the ISA cos it threaten national security. I would like to suggest PDRM (SB) arrest any politician irregardless of race who touch on race and religion. If Gov serious about peace and stability, use the ISA now, why wait? Put them in where they belong cos they are a menace to society.

  29. Diva Chin says:

    no point splitting hairs..who endorses ISA or not
    All those terrorist wannabee should be send back to the deepest jungle where they belong!

  30. the hindraf five says:

    If this Bodowi got any conscience, he should either join his ex-wife or the Hindraf 5 in Kemunting.

    Guess the Hinfraf 5 will like to isa-ed him through his belakang dau in and day out.

    Bodoei: Aiyo! Sakit sakit suckit……..

  31. Volcano says:

    Yes On the other side is practically people of one religion. Anyone out there can enligthened us? Is this what we call marginalisation or discrimination or bigotry, intolerance, bias, prejudice, unfairness?…..Is this what that religion preaches?
    With all the praying day and nite do they actually believe and understand the merciful and fairness of that releigion? Those actions speak louder than words.
    The loudest action comes from non other than our PM, flip flopping on his words and promises again.

  32. Do allah ask for defand from those pro-taliban protester?if he ask then it means he is god who cant take peopel critisize.lol allah is very sensitive thats why he mention in quran kill peopel who against me and jihad upon them.sorry allah i dont trust god like you who teach bad to your own sons.anyway to my dear malay brothers “apa la ni korang ni cam bahlol”cuba la ludah ke atas langgit mesti kena muka sendiri”.ha,ha,ha

  33. bless u says:

    Is this what that religion preaches?
    Yes, otherwise they won`t be doing it would they?

  34. sniper says:

    If this is in USA and if you simply isa-ed the Indians there, there is a civil war long ago aledi.

    Bodowilah, don’t play with api. You are wholly responsible for the civil war in Bolehland.

    Bodowi, squat you are iass-ed. Snipping fire is your first target.

  35. Edi神 says:

    PAS cunts, there are a88hole…

    we should just ask USA to bomb them before Msia become the next Terrorist base

  36. end voice says:

    islam is not evil.dont blame islam.blame the people that use Islam to cover and justify their wrong doing.

    ISA – it’s a prevention before a crime committed.but ISA become bad when politician mis-used it for their own political agenda.

  37. makan pasir says:

    All this politicians know how to enjoy themselves with the wealth plundered from the rakyat.

    These bunch of politicians is a blardy nuisance to Bolehland. They should be isa-ed asap before Bolehland became a desert ala the middle-east…..

    Then the rakyat will have to eat sand everyday for survival ohh…… jia jia jia jia….

  38. snide says:

    “blame the people that use Islam to”

    Then there has to be something there that allows it to be used in such manner is it not?
    Even RPK has complained about it but Najis Tun razak had said they would investigate his website and that no one should question the right of muslims to slander other religions.

  39. horanpuh says:

    This LKS has been in politics for 1/2 century and still wants to show off his political skill?

    Time for this LKS to be isaed before the Umnoputras sapu everything from Bolehland.

    This LKS is the biggest asshole aka horankan selling the rights of the non-Malays to BN-putras.

  40. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Susan, when one gives a little ‘power’ to ‘little’ people – they think they become omnipotent-la.
    When these lil’ nappies (little napoleons) open their trap: trash emerges very akin to the rubbish that emerges from their ‘enemies’.
    Therefore, it is incumbent on our ‘leaders’ to ensure that these cartoon characters undergo a rigorous bootcamp to weed out the unrecycleable landfills in their minds, if this were ever possible.
    The venom of ISA – bISAed to the very core, poor Malaysians!

  41. politicanalyst says:

    Agree with end-voice. Is true. The religion is not wrong, only the followers make wrong use of it. When situations are very risky which could cause riots and public disorder in the country, it is good to have agencies like ISA to prevents such incidents and maintain the peace of our country. But ISA was blamed because of selfish politicians used them for their personal interests.

  42. crazy says:

    “The religion is not wrong, only the followers make wrong use of it.”

    Then you should learn more about it.

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Rear polticalanalsyt,
    Can you describe to us what does an unselfish, impersonal poltician looks like and behaves like? I haven’t seen or heard of one since days of yore.
    ‘Mythical’ beings like M.Gandhi, N.Mandela and M.Luther King? But they were mainly social activists, weren’t they?
    Were they Malaysians? Think not.
    Can we propose something less draconian than bISA? Maybe…

  44. Menyalak-er says:

    Oops, sorry Rear, should read Dear… Apologies – too much rear stuff from Susan!

  45. DARA says:

    All religion belongs to god… because in the begining it was only god and his light, from his light he creates every thing and sustained it,.. when Quiamat comes all the creation will merged with the light again, one will be judged according to good / bad deed commited in this alam maya.

    JIHAD, fight our own self from the musuh rohani.. Nafsu, Dengki, Tamak, Benci & EGO.

    Selamat bermusabaha diri ( Life is short make it sweet by Loving the creator and its creations )

  46. art says:

    Who are we? The answer to this question is not only one of the tasks, but the task of science. — Erwin Schrödinger

  47. straps says:

    The four major categories of jihad that are recognized are Jihad against one’s own self (Jihad al-Nafs), Jihad of the tongue (Jihad al-lisan), Jihad of the hand (Jihad al-yad), and Jihad of the sword (Jihad as-sayf)


  48. navinda says:

    No religion teaches its followers to be evil. Only Satan does that. Islam, as others undoubtedly are, is a religion of peace. Along the line comes some pseudo propagators of the religion, who for their own evil intent turn the religion into one of bigotry and hate. I have never heard Nik Aziz preach hatred. He has always something good to say to everyone he meets. He is a fine example of what Islam is all about.
    People like Mahaguru58, who despite his beard and skullcap can never ever claim to be in the same league as Nik Aziz. It is people like him who have brought disrepute to the religion and as a Muslim I am ashamed.
    We hear of muzakarahs and muqabalahs. Can’t we muslims sit with the non-muslims for such muzakarahs, and discuss in civilized manner the problems facing Malaysians; especially when both parties are involved in a tussle to right the wrongs that have been committed.
    The comments by our PM and his cabinet is most disappointing as he had on many occasions claimed to be ‘a PM for all Malaysians” yet in his flip flops shows his true colour. Can he claim to be a proponent of Islam Hadhari (moderate Islam) when his statements are far from moderate?

  49. straps says:

    I always said that PAS is smarter and more matured than PKR. It has declared that it is even prepared to leave Pakatan Rakyat for the sake of Islam. .. And while everyone is so gung ho about the possibility of Anwar Ibrahim forming the new federal government in September, PAS has warned that it is only prepared to work with Pakatan Rakyat in the federal government if there are more Muslim than non-Muslim Members of Parliament, as reported by the New Straits Times: Condition for Pas to join any new govt.

    Okay, PAS may not win much Chinese and Indian support after this. Maybe, come the next election, PAS will see its support in the Chinese and Indian areas diminish. But that is not too important to PAS. As long as it can form the state governments in Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis and Kedah that is all that matters. Better PAS be in control of just four ‘Malay’ states rather than it becomes part of the federal government if it means they have to be the minority partner in a Chinese and Indian majority federal government.


  50. cuckoo bird says:

    Those who are corrupt should be isa-ed. This means that 80% of Muslims aka Bn politicians, cronies, family members, rayal families, government servants, polis, armies, navy, air-force etc. and those 80 % of non-Muslims aka MCA-putras, MIC-putras, Gerakaniputras, their cronies, members of families etc. must be isa-ed.

    Where got these criminals aka corrupt Muslims and non-Muslims are allowed to enjoy all the wealth plundered from the rakyat?

    Something must be very wrong to the denizens of Bolehland to allow this horrendous crimes to continue with impunity!

    Are the denizens of Bolehland some cuckoo birds?

  51. 69 virgins says:

    ha ha ha ha ha…. If you want PAS to do anything for you, just pray to allah in front of the gullible PAS that they will go to heaven and there are 69 beautiful virgins awaiting to embrace them passionately….

    Pas will even strap waist bombs and get themselves killed all because they want the 69 virgins in eavens….

    Ha ha ha….. this is the best carrot for the gullible Pas….

    Pas and the 69 virgins are in one entity, the 69 virgins from heaven are embedded in their undergarment…. ha ha ha ha

    You can do anything to them or ask them to do whatever you want them to do, but don’t forget that at the end of the day, they will have the 69 virgins…. kia kia kia ……..

    Ditto to the Umnoputra kampong folks ha ha ha ha

  52. kooky says:

    err Wrong book. It`s 72 lah. 69 is the other book karma sutra 🙂

  53. kittykat46 says:

    Shahrizat wants to be a Jihadi, so she can have the services of 72 virgin men in Paradise.

  54. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, I think she’s only entitled to only 18 and she better remember to take those Avons with her.

  55. Really stupid says:

    Religions and politics cannot be mixed, why until today still have some narrow minded people never open their mind to accept other races and religions? are we still living in a stone age? why University quota have to be based on their religion and race? If this religion and politic things didn’t stop and i believe one day Malaysia will be ruined. Some politician said this is very sensitive issue to Islam people and what about the non-Islam community? are they minority in Malaysia? Do you think they’re not sensitive too if you said only for Islam people? I’m very pissed and if like that we better create a non-Islamic state and have our own University, then again, only non-Islam community can apply for the university entry. Everyone’s in this country have their own rights and regarding to their race and religion, this country not owns by Malay, Bumiputra, Chinese, Indian etc, but owns by the whole Malaysian people that helped Malaysia to develop further since independence.

  56. idzan ismail says:


    Shahrizat doesn’t use Avon. I can vouch for that.
    It’s Chanel, Dior, M.A.C or YSL
    It’s an insult to her
    You forgot to tell her to bring the Coach handbag and the Louis Vitton luggage on her way to Paradise.

  57. wits0 says:

    Just a figure of speech only ler, ‘Avon’, also used by menyalak-er. Hahaha!

  58. No part in the world practise education on racial and skin base.all collage and university is open to all race and country man.But in bolehhan land(malay-sial country) there is one 3rd class University call UITM who 100% catter for only for the kampungs dums.this university should be listed in Guniess world book of record for the tittel”The Most Racist University Education Institution)”.by the way Uitm is not even can compete with some of small african country university in term of academic.)-u guys call ur self UITM a university ah?

  59. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,


    Please be warned that there are umnoputra/bn goons called chaptokam & looseowpek who are very fond of vulgarity, racial slurs, instigating racial sentiments to demoralise susan’s blog. This two goons are trained by the psychological warfare school, BiroTatanegara of umnoputra/bn & are penangites/or based there to attack LGE’s PR gomen.

    Do not allow these two rascals to instigate you. We shall not stoop so low to their level of stupidity, immorality, lack of decorum and working for pittance paid by bolehland masters.


    Voltaire:”I do not have to agree with what you say, but, will defend to death your right to say it.”

    The BAR Council has a right of opinion. Only by way of discussion without mixing emotion, politics and incitement to amicably resolve the conversion issue, with a win-win situation. The clamour of a particular race/religion to avoid the issue by putting an embargo to totally bar any citizen from questioning such discriminative “man made” laws of a dual judicial system of civil & syariah laws, is merely an attempt to stifle freedom of religion as per Article 11 of the Constitution.


    God Bless.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  60. Can everyone tell the difference between right and wrong
    Can everyone show the difference between weak and strong
    Can everyone measure the difference between short and long
    Can everyone promote peace and put it all into a love song

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130808
    Wed. 13th Aug. 2008.

  61. blueMoon says:

    Past two days i was thinking about ‘balik China and India’, In a peaceful manner i want the governmnet to declare refuge status to Chinese and Indians, inforn the UN, let the non-Malays to migrate to other states in stages. I’m just fed-up with all the racism claims. Please lets us go if you dont like the non-Malays and Malays can live happly after that.

  62. wandererAUS says:


    You should direct you comments on MCA and MIC for selling ours rights, certainly, not YB LKS.
    You are a licking Umno lapdog and talking nonsense. What have you contributed to this nation, fu*kall!
    If you have gone to jail like what LKS did….for his beliefs, then, you qualify to make comments on him. Otherwise, just zip up!

  63. xy says:

    true faith has no name, doesn’t need one to start with.

    For what’s in a name, that which we call a rose ?

    whoever is defending his/her religion against others is defending just a name, not the very religion itself.

    concepts/words, the more powerful they are, the more they make us blind, just like the 7 blind men each insisting their description of the elephant is the only correct one.

  64. loo seow pek says:

    loo seow pek (17:06:41) :

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi , poorah vuluk na vuluk

    Ravindran Kunjanachi Minachi thi mah roj apni mori bachdhiya kanjri dha kam karthi
    Ravindran Kunjanachi Minachi maira nandri kattan nahin poondah mona.

    quoet from starsky and hutch “The nation rots to this state because of one Indian.”
    tau ke siape ni olang ??? “The nation rots to this state because of one Indian pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi.”

  65. RKP says:

    There are only three other gods besides the True God who created the heavens and the earth and everthing in it.
    These are the three other gods that foolish men and women bow down to.
    These gods are the cause for all the human miseries.

    1) Stomach is a god- People who worship their stomach.They only live for their stomach.When they say god, they are refering to their stomach.They will do anything to fill their stomach. They won’t hesitate to even kill to fill their stomachs. They call this survival.

    2) Self is a god-People who worship self more than anything else. All that matters to them is Self must rule.They live for self. They are armed with selfish ambition.Anything they do must be for pleasing self. If the self is not
    satisfied they won’t hesitate to destroy others. They call this: self is god.
    When they are refering to god ,they are actually refering to ‘self’.

    3) Money is god- This is the most universal god and this is a very dangerous
    god.If you have fallen to this god, it will control you till you go to the grave.
    Man who bow to this god call ‘Money’ wil behave like they own the earth already.Money gives them corrupted power and is the root of all evil on earth.
    The more you worship it ,the more you will become greedy. They call this god: Money is power. When worshippers of money mention god, they are refering to none other than ‘Money’. They would think money is salvation and salvation is money until they are disillusioned one day.

    Leaving a very small minority that worship the True Creator God and they will never pose any problem to anyone because they know He doesn’t need to be protected by mere men like us. He knows how to take care of Himself. He created the sun and He is greater than the sun.Can anyone of us go near the sun? Does He needs us to protect Him when he is bigger than the sun and when we as humans cannot go near the sun. Does He need our help?

    When you refer to god ,which god are you refering to? Stomach,Self or Money?
    When you worship the true God, there is no disputes as to Who He is. We can see Him in control of everthing,absolutely everything. Just relax, if you are worshipping the True God. He is in Control.

  66. Ravindran Kunjanachi Minachi says:


    Why you all dunno ah? Never learn in school ah? We indians are children of prostitutes is what teachers teach.
    Say you love me still.

  67. chaptokam says:

    Dear All

    There’s a mentally deranged ,frustrated sopobitch who keeps on attacking me and implying all sorts things about me and spoken by me . He has made it his personal vendetta to antagonise me , however I have chosen to ignore him as I would be wasting my effort and time to answer to this mentally deranged idiot .

    I would rather watch the olympics as hutchrun (09:11:18) :says

    The MCA mouth organ is following The Beijing Olympics:
    once in four years hutchrun .!!

    Concerning the mentally deranged sopobitch you noticed I have not mentioned his name , but you know who he is as he is bound to fabricate a and post a comment about me .

    With this sort of character around , he’s definetly doing a service to BN as he is tarnishing his image and that of PKR , DSAI of whom he represents . Syabus .

  68. Edi神 says:


    They can change like Ular! typical politician

    but i still vote for them than UMNO!

  69. GoPmtgPauh! says:


    Clarification on “ISA statement”

    I received a call from MP for PJ Utara Sdr Tony Pua last night informing me that there are a lot of attacks on the DAP by many bloggers over the “statement” by DAP NS Deputy Chairman, Sdr P Gunasekaren which was reported by The Star online (reports attached below). The report quoted Sdr Guna as calling on the police to invoke ISA against the demonstrators.

    I have immediately called up Sdr Guna to clarify the matter and he denied making the statement and said he was misquoted. Guna and I went to the The Star’s office in Seremban this afternoon and spoke to the reporter who covered the event yesterday. The reporter admitted that he misinterpreted the statement and a correction over the confusion will be reported in The Star tomorrow. In actual fact, a group of DAP NS leaders went to lodge a police report yesterday over the threat by Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar to use ISA against the forum organizers. The report also called on the police to act against the demonstrators who disrupted the forum.

    I would like to reiterate that the DAP’s position on ISA has always been consistent that we call for the total abolishment of the Act. We never agreed to use ISA against anyone, not even to our political opponents or extreme views that we disagreed with such as those who disrupted the Bar Council forum. We believe that there are adequate laws to deal with them. As such, the so-called “statement” by DAP NS Deputy Chairman to call for the use of ISA is inaccurate and was misquoted.

    I hope this clarification will clear the confusion over the statement and I hope those who criticized the “statement” will publish my clarifications too.

    Thank you.

    Loke Siew Fook
    DAP NS Chairman

  70. mikewang says:

    Whatever political events reported by the Main Stream Media, please remember, always remember, to take it with a pinch of salt.

  71. loo seow pek says:

    Aiyoyoy Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi (15:25:57) : :!
    PHd in murder, sexology, trumpology,sodomology,dvdology, pinchbacksideology,badsignology…

    wa lau ni pandi Phd manyak ke ! mesti le . semua dari University Makapodah dari Sodomland dekat Ceriya Pochi.

    Chaptokam & LooSeowPek, work to the precision of SOP alamak dei pandi lu tau ke ape ni SOP ! SOP ia ni Screw Oi Pandi le . Ne ni bontot pandi mesi gosok berseh , tau ke ! balu boleh liwat , kalau tak de nati boss kau pengsan .

    LOL ni Kunjan ape nama oi ia KUN untuk Kunzir JAN untuk Jantan
    Sambong KUN sam JAN ade KUNJAN , Sambong Kunzir sama Jantan ade
    Kunzir Jantan . Sambong menachi adoi wa pun tak tau nak panggil jadi kunzir jantan menachi .

    Di kamunting , bila nak tengok ni pandi berasmara dan liwat senang saja dia ini beli viagra dari ancestor dia CHUA Sway Lok, . Kasi itu pandi makan , mengikut kita puya pandi expert , professor ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi . Dan relax , tengok wayang pundak oi pandi meliwat . Shiok ini prof cakap . Sampai hali ini dia sudah jadi harimau , ya tiap , tiap hari mau wa itu viagra manyak bagus , satu kali makan , tiap tiap hari mau , bukan meow meow . ini cerita sudah panjang , simpan lain untuk lain hari cerita .

    Ini paandii dia cakap chaptookam sama looseowpekare umnoputra/bn slaves out to destroy this wonderful Blog of Susan’s. Ini prof paandii mulut sekalang macam paandii , selalu gnok! gnok! gnok! bila di liwat bunyi pun tukar ke shiok! shiok ! shiok! lepas tu pengsan , sude koyak mesti hantar ke hospital puspawi jumpe Dr Osman Mansor (dr perempuan) untuk direpair . Suda lah ni prof mangkok . Ayoyoyosamy pergilah meliwat dia di hospital , sila !

  72. Seng says:

    Thinking about this issue more, I think Gunasekaren should sue The Star for the misreporting. If he doesn’t sue, then, there is reasonable basis to doubt DAP’s claim.

    Similarly, PAS Salahuddin should do the same thing to Malaysiakini. Otherwise, reasonable basis to doubt Salahuddin.

    Same rules applies to BN and UMNO politicians who claimed the MSM or Alternative Media misquoted them.

    The court sue should be serious enough, that both MSM and Alternative media will in future be more careful with what they report.

  73. Rakyat Malaysia Cina says:

    in the bible they are known as adam and eve
    in the quran they are known as adam dan mawa
    in the bible he is jesus
    in the quran he is nabi isa
    what is the relation between christianity and islam ?
    can someone please clarify.

  74. xy says:

    man chose to call them christianity and islam respectively.

    there are many paths to reach the summit of the same mountain, and the view from the summit is the same irrespective of paths.

    therefore, is there a path more superior than the others ?

    if there is, it is man’s own ego, nothing to do with the summit itself.

  75. sugarcane says:

    Ha ha ha! Dap is just another behkan political party run by a bunch of countryside sugarcane hokiens.

    If not for the sugarcanes, the Dap Hokkiens would have been rounded up by the Japanese.

    That’s why you can see all the Dap hokkiens carrying sugarcane stick and you know that when someone carries a sugarcane stick, you know it’s a Dap sugarcane Hokkien.

    Dap is worst than the MCA and Gerakan dogs. When you give some power to the Dap sugarcane hokkiens, they will wield sugarcane sticks to ask you to pis off.

    This is the cycle of Dap sugarcane sticks. The Dap sugarcane sticks can last the most only for one term. Come the next GE, the Chinese will vote for the BN’s Mca and Gerakan dogs.

    The Dap Hokkiens as usual, will protect their interest against other Chinese with different dialects.

    So this Dap is no different from the Umno dogs. So don’t expect the Dap sugarcane sticks fight for your rights or interests.

    The Dap sugarcane hokkiens can all be dumped into rockets blasting off to the moon and they can have sugarcane tea with the moon-lady for all I don’t give a damn.

    Long live Dap sugarcane sticks, but sorry, it lasts the most 1 term only, if lucky…

  76. 1/2 kati says:

    Wah! 20 % of the Maleyu (Umno) controls the wealth of the 80 % Melayu.

    20% of the Dap Hokkiens controls the wealth of the 80% Chinese.

    Dey! Ai, tough luck if you are the PM! PR is just another BN.

    It’s like half kati to 8 tails.

  77. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    The sold souls chaptokam & looseowpek speak vulgarity and talk like Mahadey kutty, ” Maybe DSAI inflicted the injuries himself”!!! They both started the indecent attacks(which is continued in every posting) for all to read!! Liar!Liar!chaptokamlooseowpek undies on fire!

    I told you….the last laugh is for the decorum ladies & gentlemen of this arena of comments, not you two idiots.

    Now you are tasting a piece of your own words, indecency and vulgarity….EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! I have made you eat your own words….see how GREAT AN INDIAN MALAYSIAN IS!

    Go Ahead! Come On! Attack with vulgarity, indecency, racial slurs, religious slurs! Keep On Showing Off Your Stupidity!

    You will not make anyone stoop as low as both you idiots!!!! You rascals.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  78. Terong says:

    Hamas leader’s son, now a Christian, says only Gospel can transform Mideast
    LA JOLLA, Calif. (BP)–When a volunteer from the United Kingdom met a young Middle Eastern man in Jerusalem’s old city and invited him to a Bible study, he had no idea he was talking to the son of a key figure in the Hamas terrorist organization. And while the volunteer surely hoped Masab Yousef would hear the Gospel and accept Christ, he had no clue how that invitation – and Yousef’s decision for Christ four years later…www.trunews.com

  79. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Rakyat Malaysia Cina (20:51),
    Adey, this is an open forum la…
    Are you truly so dense, as to ask a question like that here?
    Before some clown answers & because there’re always some ‘smart’ loose cannons running around -> even if i knew, i’ll tell you to fly your “chinese” kite somewhere far, far away from here! OK?
    Hahaha, xy (21:11), try not to climb too hard – oxygen deprivation syndrome! Cheers.

  80. hutchrun says:

    Before some clown answers & because there’re always some ’smart’ loose cannons running around : Menyalak-er

    Hahaha Rakyat Malaysia Cina can easily be answered by Obama Bin Hussein.

  81. loo seow pek says:

    Oi pandi ravindranachi cuntjanachi menachi

    looseowpek undies on fire kena api yang keluar dari bontut moanyet kling ini . Ada pernah nampak moanyet keling ? Ini moanyet semua nya hitam macam keling tapi muka nya puteh macam baru nampak hantu pontianak . Bontut nya selalu keluar api dan asap . Undies ah pek kena api sebab ah pek mau tangkap dia dan ah pek mau shaft satu batang chili ke dalam bontut si moanyet sial itu .

    Sekarang itu sial punya moanyet sudah tukar dia punya muka ke paandii . Tau ke apa paandii ini ?? Paandii ini rupa nya ia lah ape melayu panggil kunzir atau babi . Nama sial ini oi ia KUN untuk Kunzir JAN untuk Jantan
    Sambong KUN sam JAN ade KUNJAN , Sambong Kunzir sama Jantan ade
    Kunzir Jantan . Sambong menachi adoi wa pun tak tau nak panggil jadi kunzir jantan menachi .

    Dia ini borak nombor satu , selalu borak GREAT AN INDIAN ARSE MALAYSIAN IS! Tulis pun salah , English pun HP6 Aiyoo ini menachi , takpe wa buat betul kasi dia . GREATEST INDIAN ARSE atau ARSEHOLE IN MALAYSIA RAVINACHI KUNZIR MENACHI .

    Wa lupa , lia ada post dia punya TOES LAUGHING ? wa ape ini toes bolih laughing ? wa pun terkejut ? ini olang binatang betul ! Lia punya toe bolih laugh , bolih menagis , bolih liwat bontut lo ! Harap jaga blia mendekat sial paandi/babi ini

    Ah pek lia pu mau kacau . Sial betul ini olang/natang.

  82. hutchrun says:


    Anwar Ibrahim has come out of ‘hiding’ to comment on the aborted Bar Council’s forum on ‘Conversion to Islam’.

    And let it not be said that kaytee is not fair – I like what I hear from him, yes indeed, even if it’s a case of ‘better late than never’.

    In a Malaysiakini news article authored by no less than Steven Gan and Kabilan, titled PKR leader: Action will be taken against errant MP I get to hear some real leadership statements from him.

    No, it’s not about hunting down the Kulim Wonder, demagogue Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR MP who incited the storming of forum a la Apcet II, for him to face the music from his party, and who has since then mysteriously disappeared. Some claimed he has been detained by the police though the men in blue have denied that accusation.

    Incidentally, Haris Ibrahim has accused Zulkifli Noordin (and Salehuddin Ayub) as ‘lying, deceiving and manipulative politicians’ for fear-mongering about Article 11. Wow!

    Anyway, Anwar Ibrahim said he had argued that the Bar Council forum should be allowed to proceed … though we haven’t heard that until now …

    … but never mind …

    He averred: “We have communicated to the Bar Council our views. And PAS had came out with a statement. (Party leader Abdul) Hadi (Awang) had made it quite clear, that we must allow (the forum) … but it has to be close door.”

    “I have tried to get Muslim leaders to appreciate the fact that we must allow a discussion (on religious issues). If you’re not confident (to discuss the matter), then there’s something wrong with our belief and faith. You must be confident to express, counter and argue.”

    “If you feel that the Muslim representation (at such discussions) is not adequate, not competent (to argue the issues), then you send adequate and competent people there.”

    Well said!


  83. Anonymous says:

    loo seow pek (08:05:32) :
    “Wa lupa , lia ada post dia punya TOES LAUGHING ? wa ape ini toes bolih laughing ? ”

    Another BN cybertrooper easily spotted. This one even his command of languages also got problems. “ki..li…ku…lu..ki…li…ku…lu…”, really no standard.

  84. george says:

    Hi sugarcane,

    guess u must miss your sugarcane mca, mic, umno and bn brand damn much and leading to intoxicated by consuming it day in day out for over 50 years …

    let me tell u the truth that these sugarcane brands have currently withdrawn from the market due to very bad quality and low demand due to most consumers opt for a good and trusted brand, sugarcane DAP lah, sugarcane PKR lah, sugarcane PAS lah or sugarcane PR lah…

    Oh the latest news I heard that sugarcane MCA, MIC, UMNO and BN brand are going to close shop… and cheap cheap sale loh…and apparently no one want to buy them eventhough going very cheap…

    I guess it is true…! 🙂

  85. Anonymous says:

    “Ravindran Kunjan (23:15:34) :
    Dear All,
    The sold souls chaptokam & looseowpek speak vulgarity and talk like Mahadey kutty, ” Maybe DSAI inflicted the injuries himself”!!! They both started the indecent attacks(which is continued in every posting) for all to read!! Liar!Liar!chaptokamlooseowpek undies on fire!”

    BN cybertroopers like sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam & looseowpek are really no standard. Basically they will try as much to bullsh*t here. And they try to find some easy targets to bullsh*t to.

  86. hutchrun says:

    Years ago, a 13 or 14-year old Chinese girl was technically raped and kidnapped by her Malay teacher when they eloped. When the teenager’s parents sought justice in the civil court system to have their 14-year old daughter returned rightfully to their parental care, the civil court judges (all Malay Muslims) let them totally down, abandoning the law and legal precedence.

    Who had insulted Islam then? Who had misused and subverted the good name of Islam for their own interests, personal and political? Who had shown the world that a Muslim could rob the cradle with impunity to have a sexual relationship with an underage girl? And I am not talking about Malacca but Kelantan!


  87. Anonymous says:

    BN troopers like sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam can only afford to bullsh*t easy targets.

    This sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam tried to act noble or to act religious everytimes he runs out of a proper argument.

    This sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam also tried to use dirty words or to act hooligan or to act like kinabatangan mp everytime he runs out of a proper argument.

    When all his no standard BN-cybertrooping tactics fail to have any influence on his targets, this sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam claimed that he wants to ignore certain difficult targets here.

    The truth is that they are more people out there who have all the while been ignoring sampah sarap poured in by sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam.

  88. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    loosemouth looseowpek & chaptokam should be awarded Vulgar Malaysians of Year…….you sold souls; vulgar, racist, pornographic idiots!!!

    Tak ada modal ke? No substance..but full of vulgar, racist, fanatic slurs ….ooi wake uplah,rascals! This is multiracial malaysia which has destryed “your” bolehland 50 years discriminative dictatorship rule….!!!!

    We Indians( Chinese – see the BAR Council mob) have been faced with these type of name calling, racist, vulgarity & pornographics even before I was born……typical like you both loosemouthlooseowpek & bullshit chaptokam.

    Carryon with your indecency & vulgarity for all to see!!!

    Remember, I said I will make you eat your own words…both of you did!!!hahahahahaha.

    Last laugh always with decent, decorum comments people.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  89. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    This loosemouth looseowpek(08:05:32) is a umnoputra MALAY, hiding behind chinese accronym and chinese/indian vulgarity, racist and religious slurs, pornographics, indecency and lack of decorum, as we all know is bee ann strategy, to demoralise and demean susan’s blog instigating racial tensions and hatred.

    There is another called chaptokam( also been referred by many as sampah sarap malaysia), his origin too in question, as for now pretending to be chinese. Both these idiots and rascals have been using vulgarity, pornographics, racist slurs and attacking DSAI’s supporters and their comments. They pretend to be amused…. in actual fact, these aminoputra/bee anne goons and slaves, sold souls workers of devillish propaganda and strategy to create conflicts & hatred amongst the malays and the nons.

    Do Not be surprised with the lengths these two NUTHEADS will go to. They are surely not constructive, decent nor disciplined in proper political analysis, irrespective, of who you support.

    Democracy in Malaysia is in for reform… hopefully, a two party system can be realised. One may have his right of say, but, should never abuse that right to be vulgar, racial and creating religious & racial conflict.

    We shall not stoop so low as these two rascals. We shall always have the last laugh at their unscrpulous ways & indecent, racist, religious fanaticism comments.

    Go On you rascals show off your STUPIDITY!!!!! YOU BEE ANNE GOONS.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  90. Rakyat Malaysia Cina says:

    oh god nobody can answer my question.

  91. data says:

    oh god nobody can answer my question – Rakyat Malaysia Cina

    Obama Bin Hussein knows.

  92. Menyalak-er says:

    Thank God, you at last understand!
    Density of U238… go suck on your thumb/bigtoe or whatever you suck on…

  93. data says:

    he goes duh duh

  94. Menyalak-er says:

    Hey data,
    Has the i.q. their cybertroopers fallen so low that we literally have to scrape them off the floor? Or are they confused/concussed or whatever?
    Cheers, mate.

  95. White Light says:

    can those cyber troopers or UMNO puteras like chaptokam or the other one loose-something explain why thousands of Malay students were encouraged to participate in a protest march when innocent bystanders during the Hindraf cause were treated inhumanely? Expalin if you can in an adult mature cultured manner..otherwise shut-your -face.

    I have one more question for these people who do everything in name of bangsa dan negara: why is the field in Malacca where our first PM declared MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA now the home of a French Hypermart and other foreign concessionnaires? So much for the love of independence for the country…so who are the real paraiyahs?

  96. wits0 says:

    Before independence the British colonialist ruled ; they were fair and abide by acceptable principles. After independence, 10 years after, the system started to screw up big time and use propaganda to cover up everything that’s screwed.

  97. jeff says:

    wit0; during British ruled, i am a Malaysian loyal to UK throne, after British left, and several years later, i am a non-bumiputra Malaysian forced to pledge allegiance to UMNO -BN, why our forbears sacrificed their lives fight for Malaysia Independence in the first place?

  98. unoputra says:

    Gaining independence for Malaysia does not guarantee Freedom and Rights for all Malaysians, as the saying go, bodohland is owned by u#$@#oP*ra racist thugs.

  99. […] So the newspapers lied about Pakatan MPs supporting ISA * Internal Security Act, Malaysia’s most vicious law * I got the answer to my earlier posts which asked the […] […]

  100. hutchrun says:

    why our forbears sacrificed their lives fight for Malaysia Independence in the first place? – jeff

    Meaning of gullible (adjective) – easily fooled; naive

    Example of gullible
    The guy proved to be quite gullible in the area of business.
    Someone once told him that horse manure in his wellington boots would make him grow taller, but the boys at school had made fun of him and Mr Sunderland, the headmaster, had called him a stupid gullible boy and made him scrape his boots and wash them clean in the outside drain and scrub his feet in hot water and carbolic soap.

  101. wits0 says:

    “why our forbears sacrificed their lives fight for Malaysia Independence in the first place? “- jeff

    They’ve been had.

    When the Russians overthrow the oppressive Tsar’s rule in 1917, in the February Revolution, the roguish Bolshevik stole it in the October one.

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