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IF and WHEN Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime Minister on 16 September (mSTAR); his former boss, Mahathir Mohammad plans to migrate.

Mahathir will be joining the ranks of thousands of Malaysians who migrate every year. Poor Malaysia.

One thinks that Mahathir loathes being in a country ruled by his former deputy, whom he tried so hard to eliminate, as far back as 1998 (aka sodomy I).

But alas, I believe he plans to leave the country for fear that the current repressive laws – from ISA to OSA, Sedition, Sodomy, Emergency, etc – would be used against him instead.

Dictators never learn that the same laws that put them in power may some day become the noose around their necks.

Laws which they summon at their whims and fancies to send political dissidents and social activists behind bars. They forget they may become the Opposition one day, too, like Mahathir.

Mahathir also says he does not want a man who “stepped him in the back” while being his deputy to run the country. We respect his opinion, but this is getting too personal.

It appears now that Mahathir had been ‘sodomised’ by Anwar, too, in those years when they were at the country’s top leadership, both happily in cohorts, while screwing away the various public institutions .

But it is uncertain, whether the act (sodomy) was consensual or otherwise.

The former PM’s statement was reported in Malay daily Mingguan Malaysia last night, where he also predicted that Anwar will not have a chance to be PM come September 16, although he might be able to win Permatang Pauh.

Mahathir is becoming such an oracle these days.

Anwar, on the hand, becomes benevolent and says he has ‘forgiven’ Mahathir, but still questioned the sodomy charges against him.

The question is whether Anwar would launch his revenge on Mahathir if ever he becomes PM. That I believe is the one and only deciding factor whether Mahathir migrates or not.

It’s not really migration that Mahathir is thinking about or plans to seek, but political asylum, when the un-imaginable or (to some) inevitable happens on the much hyped about 1609 (Malaysia Day).

Anwar turns 61 yesterday, and is gearing himself up for the by-election (not bi-erection, ok!) of his life, from 16-26 August 2008.

“On 27 August I enter Parliament, on the 30 August the PM presents the 2008 Budget, then we shake the Parliament and take over the government” (Anwar).

Talk about positive thinking, an impending coup and the father of all brain-drain!


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  1. BobbyNZ says:

    Get real lah. Anwar will never be PM. So Dr M no need to migrate. Dr M built the country to be an economic powerhouse over less than 2 decades and all Malaysians were inspired by such a leader with Vision 2020. Sad to say, his deputy, a traitor of the most despicable sort, abused his power to legalise short selling of currency and stocks and facilitated the CROOKS to come and devalued them by 90%, a measure meant to destroy our economy. Even their Dow Jones dropped 20% and they started new rules against short selling to prevent an economic disaster. Wake up Malaysians to this reality; Anwar is a traitor and he will never be the PM of Malaysia. In fact he should migrate to US to lead his depraved lifestyle.

    Cheers and have a good day!!!


  2. doggone says:

    There goes another taint-drain..sorry, I mean brain-drain.

  3. NoktahHitam says:

    If Anwar launches a revenge campaign to his former boss, we all know what to do for GE13.

    If Anwar makes it to PM, please-lah take a good look at Government’s procurement committee, also care for the poor. I hate watching Bersamamu TV3. I hope to less of that in the coming years.

  4. Orang Pantun says:

    Jika suka main belakang
    Migrate lah keAmerika
    Jike suka pintu belakang
    Orang semua tak suka

  5. cooloc says:

    Yes – bapa of corruption want go back to India – project run away.

  6. Bank wise says:

    Get real Bobby NZ. Mahathir drove 2 million Chinese out of Malaysia andr replace d them with 2 million illegals.The man should be sent back to Kerala but methinks he’ll go to Australia. He is not welcome in U.K.As far as I’m concerned the man built nothing but discrimination and strife among the races- the architect of institutional racism.

  7. tiumat says:

    Mahathir should be c4ed and habis cerita.

  8. Micha says:

    ‘Mahathir built Malaysia as economic powerhouse during his tenure.’ What a farce! roflol. That mamak and his broods should disappear from Malaysia the sooner the better. He is no good to the Malays, Chinese and Indians other than himself. The current politic and economic turmoils are attributed to his mismanagement for 22 years. Pak Lah and his cronies only perpetuate his practice. Hence, stop idolising that Mamak.

  9. Jed Yoong says:

    so evil-lah you susan…

  10. allen ng says:

    The reason why Mahathir stated that he would migrate if Anwar becomes the PM Is obvious.He must be the first chap Anwar would put behind bars so he has to flee fast or else he would spend his remaining days in prison.

  11. karadzic says:

    Pick your choice Encik Mahathir Mohammed, either we prosecute you to the fullest or you go voluntarily to Argentina or back to your ancestor’s land Kerala.

    Learn from history what happened to Mussolini, Ceausescu and many more Megalomaniacs.

    Perhaps, like Idi Amin he should go to Jeddah or Riyahd, places good for the soul.

  12. hostage88 says:

    Spot on Susan.

    Even before this article whether true or not, many malaysians and even overseas friends already say there will be panic flight away from the Country, particularly those involved in 1998 scam against DSAI.

    No man or woman will let this go no matter how which god you pray to and how much you fear.

    But with his frequent travels overseas now, TDM have already set up his safe haven long ago.

    Now everday, I pray silently to evil gods to curse him and the BN regime and hope all suffering Malaysians do the same.

  13. AimanAUS says:

    Get real BobbyNZ I think you need a reality check.Mamak Mahathir is the reason why the country is in this state of affairs.If you rule a country for over 20 years and are extremely repressive and control every facet of the nation(ie police,media,government departments) then people just give up hope.This meglamaniac thought by building bigger and bigger he could be remembered as the greatest Malaysian of all time.But just down the road from KLCC there were people living in estates with no piped water in their homes.This is a man who was Indian but he would even swear on his mothers life that he wasnt.He wanted to be more malay than a malay could ever be.He became a racist facist pig forgetting who he really was.He lied to himself from the beginning of his public life to the day he retired.When people challenged him to be fair honest and not rape and pillage the rakyat he would create lies about them.This man is so shameless that he still has not repented his sins even at such an elderly age.Which makes be conclude that he still thinks that he is the greatest Malaysian(malay) of all time.

  14. Jed Yoong says:

    Karadzic , Dr M is your pal too? He also sent ppl to cover the war in Serbia…
    Eh, Susan, Dr M can go live in Zimbabwe with his pal, Mugabe-lor.

  15. Jojo says:

    Maybe Dr M will go to ‘Batu Dua’ dulu. Anyway i hope he face the reality when Anwar take over. Kencing dalam seluar!!!!.

  16. Dr Adrian says:

    Mahathir -the Father of ‘Racial Discrimination & Disunity ‘
    Mahathir -the Man who framed Anwar becos Anwar as Finance Minister refused to bail out Mahaathir’s Son business using taxpayers money.
    He should be afraid ,very afraid indeed should Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime MInsiter

  17. leela says:

    Nobody stabbed you but you stepped DSAI and his families life. To any religion, there no forgiveness for u.People like you will never learn. Stop accusing and face the fact .I hate your twist and turn comments too. You should stay and see the celebration when the government change. Be shame for what BN has become now.All is nothing but corruption .

  18. ah long says:

    Mahathir, I suggest you migrate to Zimbawee or Mongolia.

  19. YG says:

    I absolutely agree with you…!!!

    Susan Loone,
    When are you going to write 10 reasons why Mahathir should be arrested and charged???

  20. leela says:

    Most of you any many more in UMNO are actually using the beautiful islam as a weapon to get your way.You’ll pay for it.

  21. alrawa says:

    Ever wonder why he went to the North Pole with a large entourage?

  22. donplaypuks says:

    No big loss to M’sia. I’m sure Dr.M will be very welcome in Zimbabwe, while Kerala might take him back on compassionate ‘Indian-origin’ grounds.


  23. Bujang says:

    Bank wise (04:43:07) :
    “… man should be sent back to Kerala …. He is not welcome in U.K….”

    Kutty Mahatir is never welcome anywhere but (maybe) Zimbawe.
    You know what the did to the Indians in Fiji? It is just like what he’s done to Samy V now!
    In the mind of this egoist man, no body is good except him and he would do all his can to destroy others just to inflate his ego inside.
    This man just has no shame but possesses a malicious mind with perverted priorities. How there are still Malaysians holding him in “awe and admiration” I don’t understand?
    He bulit Malaysia? He used the nation’s money to buid big and to get big kickbacks!!!! What economic benefits do we derive for all the big structures he had put up? With the toll? the IPP? The twin tower to house himself during his retirement? The MSC?………….
    An Indian tries to be more Malay & ashamed of his bloodline. So let it be. Trial him in the court and see how they hand out the punishments on him in accordance to the Muslim laws. He has to face it this way after all he had declared that Malaysia is an Islamic country.
    How could a man ruin 6 + years of Anwar’s life with thrump up charges and buylling his family members and all other distinguished Malay corporate leaders?
    There are good Malay leaders but many are intimidated until they found it useless to stick their heads up. Take Tun S Abbas and several Supreme Court judges……
    He is responsible to breed a bunch of unashamed officers who would frame charges on innocent people…. Where do you stand as a nation?
    We must get him to anwer for Operasi Lallang, May 13….
    He must not get away without paying for them.

  24. tiusihmathai says:

    Mahatiu should return every sen he stold from Bolehland during the 22 years of his outta reign in bolehland, then he can join Saddam, Marcos and Suharto and others notorious dictators in hell.

    They are waiting for Mahathiu to migrate over there to play dam everyday…..

  25. operasi lallang bin mahathir says:

    Is good to see this father of corruption returning to India where his origin is from. Hope he will bring two good for nothing sons with him.

  26. Kittyy Hawk says:

    If the Mamak Kutty is clean and not guilty of wrong doings, why ponder
    migration? It is DSAI will reveal all his ill gains or will it be better to enjoy
    your ill gains overseas?

    Kutty, don’t run but face it like DSAI!

  27. Faith Righteous says:

    Wow! Great News. How far can he runs? How much has he really done for the country? The country has almost everything; rich resources etc..BUT look at the RM. It should be ashame for him.

  28. Patek1472 says:

    Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

    In the month named of a Roman King
    The year of great games played by Greeks
    Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
    “Wag the Dog” the game is played

    A man defamed twice over
    Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
    A plot being hatched as night awaits
    Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

    People in Malaysie cry in vain
    Great turbulence and strife engulf
    Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
    Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

    Men in power rule with joy
    For winners, gold and lust awaits
    Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
    Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

    Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
    For keeping the turf and rule once more
    But alas, such is the game being played
    The time to repent is so in vain

    Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
    Seeking justice for those in pain
    A man of honor they seek within
    To play a game of which to gain

    Across the land, the people rose
    Silence and patience is the game being played
    Within the halls and corridors of fame
    Man of honor win the game

    From: http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  29. Harrison says:

    Political asylum or migration cheekily asked by Sloone.

    I say “abscond” and many will join Mahathir. 🙂

  30. Joshua says:


    obviously, the answer to your question is the former…

    my two cents here:

  31. Harrison says:

    Weirdo asked –
    Susan Loone,
    When are you going to write 10 reasons why Mahathir should be arrested and charged???

    Simple. He was implicated by the RCI with “dark-hands” fixing of the judiciary during his tenure as PM as has not being charged for his misdeeds. Why need 10 reasons when you only needs 1. 😀

  32. ktteokt says:

    “He who digs a hole for his brother will one day fall into it himself!”

  33. whispering9 says:

    I learned a new word ‘Democratic Dictator’ from http://tinyurl.com/6lud8o .
    From a distant, TDM was a good democratic dictator. How about DSAI? Well, if he makes PM, I hope it is the start of a maximum two terms office. We do not need another demigod or democratic dictator who overstays the office until it breeds little napoleons.

  34. whispering9 says:

    Ooops. The tiny doesn’t work. Here is the link…if anyone is interested.


    It is good to have contradicting views to grow intelligence. Have a Wonderful Monday Everyone!

  35. kittykat46 says:

    If you manage to read real economic analysis, and not just the Mainstream Media propaganda, you will realise that one of the key root causes of the 1998 Malaysian meltdown, which you keep harping about, is Dr. Mahathir’s own “development” policies. The runaway misallocation of national resources into Megaprojects with few economic returns other than enrichment of Mahathir cronies.

    If and when Dr. Mahathir decides to migrate, I will be at KLIA to bid him a not-so-fond farewell, and wish him never to step foot in Malaysia again…

  36. Mamak Mahathir,

    I told you before to stay alive until you are indicted and get your black eye and the bad back until your final heart attack. These are coming very soon !

    To avoid the inevitable now you are talking of immigrating, this is divine attribution for you and your family for the atrocities you have committed. You are never a Malay !
    Remember I told you that every action has an opposite reaction.

    Can I suggest that aside from Zimbabwe, may be you and your family should consider Pakistan or Bangladesh. But before you and your family leave do not forget to return the tens of millions you took under the name of NEP because you and your children never are Malays in the first place. They belong to Malaysia.

    Of course rightly you should go back to Kerala and do not forget to take your children along too, where your ancestor came from like mine from China.

  37. PHUA KL says:

    Dear Friends

    Sad, isn’t it?

    This proves that “rule of law” and “democracy” should guide and always be followed to ensure good governance.

    I feel that Dr M is as patriotic as any other Malaysian but in his
    single-minded quest to make Malaysia a “developed country” by 2020, he allowed the political institutions of Malaysia to be misused and abused. Hence their sorry state today.

    I still think his bold handling of the economic crisis of the late 1990s was admirable i.e. he kept us out of the clutches of the IMF and its “conditionality” and harsh and bullying “structural adjustment” programmes.

    But there is great truth in the saying “What goes around comes around”.

    Phua Kai Lit

  38. souse says:

    If Anwar stabbed Mahathir in the back, then Mahathir used BobbyNZs to stab Anwar in the arse. Equal.
    Someone should open a register for those who will join Mahathir and flee the country. MAS will give free tickets or at least discounted rates.

  39. souse says:

    “I still think his bold handling of the economic crisis of the late 1990s was admirable…”

    Sigh!! Sigh!! It was also Mahathir and his cronies who made millions speculating on malaysian ringgit during the crisis. Malaysians who keep repeating that he was admirable during the crisis do not know the full picture.
    Daim (UMNO treasurer) alone is reputed to be holding a few billion overseas.

  40. RakyatTulin says:

    TDM shall consider migrate to Australia and buy a house next to Keating, the former Aussy PM.It will be fun to watch both of them ‘recalcitrant’ one another.There is one thing in common between them: they both have passed the used-by date.

  41. souse says:

    Bank wise (04:43:07) :
    “… man should be sent back to Kerala …. He is not welcome in U.K….”

    Why you want him to start riots in Kerala where his ancestors were involved?
    Google “Mopla Riots” to see what this skunk`s relatives were doing in Kerala. That is why his father probably ran away to malaysia.
    We keralites dont want him. He comes and we feed him to the crabs.

  42. clearwater says:

    When DSAI takes over the government, we may lose Dr. M , a geriatric past shelf life human like product who masqueraded as a Malaysian leader in the past. On the other hand, we may regain young talent and brains who left this country because of failed policies that can now be corrected under a PR government. What a choice! I hope I’ll be given a chance to choose.

  43. souse says:

    TDM shall consider migrate to Australia – RakyatTulin

    Another reason is there are lots of cat meat in Oz and its closer to BobbyNZ.
    Both can riot on Bondi Beach.

  44. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// It appears now that Mahathir had been ’sodomised’ by Anwar, too, in those years when they were at the country’s top leadership, both happily in cohorts, while screwing away the various public institutions . ///

    Susan – I believe you meant “in cahoots” – makes a lot of difference…

  45. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    Not to worry too much la. there is a lot of holes, very welcome to Sudan or Zimbabwe.

  46. jean says:

    Anwar is the saviour. Godsend.

    He is pious. He is a family man who only loves Azizah. He fights for justice. He dont have crony. He never tolerate corruption and still drives his old proton saga and lives in a kampong house in Permatang Pauh. He could’ve save Malaysia with IMF help. He should be PM for 22 years and not TDM.

    Kepercayaan kepada Anwar. Kesetiaan kepada Anwar. Eat anwar. Sleep anwar. Drean anwar.

    Saiful had a change of mind but still, thousands are lining up. He must be good even with his back pain.

  47. Ash says:

    What are you guys talking about? If indeed Anwar becomes the PM and if he is indeed innocent, then so be it that he takes those responsible to justice…. Even if you are in his shoes, you would work towards that! You would seek justice. If Anwar’s journey to become a PM is the only way he could seek justice and thus change the country as he promised… I’d call this ‘Kill 2 birds with 1 stone’…..

    Therefore, those who wronged him shall fear for the day will come…. be it already a decade ago…. remember, justice prevail…

    So if you ask me, this is not about Anwar alone, because this is about A Man Seeking Justice. May the power be with the Innocent!

  48. LeeZ says:

    Let us all go to KLIA to bid CheDet his ‘not so benign’ farewell to vallhalla!!!! Hiks…

  49. wandererAUS says:

    Mamak better send in your application quick, Mugube may not in power soon.
    Australia is not very keen to have you. Perhaps, try in India as well.
    KARMA in action!!

  50. souse says:

    How much is Saiful`s arse worth? RM10, RM20…………..? I can see him following the Father Of Malaysian Sodomy, Mahathir, into fleeing the country to Afghanistan. Plenty young boys there cheep, cheep, for both to play with.

  51. Justice says:

    Hey Tun Mahathir , how was the feeling in your arse when you got screwed by DSAI , was it better feeling then when you screwed the Malaysian public

  52. Hahaha says:


    Maybe, both you can enjoy all the kiwi lamb asses or better still, with each other.
    Make sure you bend lower for your BN master, he is blooming old man!

  53. temenggong says:

    Quite a number of delusional people here in Malaysia who still cannot conceive the certainty of a new Pakatan govt under Anwar. These people should migrate too for they were formerly voters of Gerakan and BN, and who not knowing the behind the scenes political developments, hold all sorts of hearsay views on the economic crisis of 1997.

    It would be more accurate to say that if Anwar does NOT become PM by end of next month, then Malaysia will indeed descend into political and economic chaos. Any economist or accountant knows that. The real riots will begin then.

    I don’t think some of the posters here comprehend the level of anger and resentment of the rakyat, towards Badawi and BN govt, towards Mahathir. They think its a game still.

    Do you really think that we are going to let them all walk away just like that? Does Najib, Hishamuddin, Ling Liong Sik, Lingam, Fairuz, AG, Musa and the others think they can walk away clean? Just like that?

    A billion, two billion, five billion ringgit and immunity, whatever it takes, be it ten billion ringgit, will be promised to MPs to walk over to form the new govt.

    Don’t kid us. The rakyat would rather throw Anwar than let all these people walk away clean. For Anwar is now our prisoner!

  54. rajes says:


  55. ameen says:

    Mamak… Please bring along your family and not forgetting your best friend Semi Value. Malaysians not interested to see any of them here too.

  56. joeawk says:

    Going thru’ the comments by readers, I am surprised that there are still readers who think a great deal about mahatir. He left behind all the mess that we see now and the few readers must be great beneficiaries of mahatir. Not too ba, at least, they still kiss mahatir’s ass even today.

  57. Scorpion says:

    “You know what the did to the Indians in Fiji? ”

    Fiji had a PM/president from Indian origin. But Mahatir went to Fiji and brainwashed the natives to topple the government thus the coup happened in Fiji. Mahatir is a number one racist…he should be seeing a psyhciatrist/psyhcologyist!

  58. SameSame says:

    I think India too wont want a half-baked Mamak with them!

    Send him (and his family) to a far away land and never should he and family ever come back..for the good of this country. He has done more harm than good if you ask me. Yes we have the tallest building (onceuponatime) and the state of art airport (with not much air traffic) mega projects (all thanks to OUR TAX MONEY and not his or his cronies and family portion in it). We cry when we pay tax but they smile when they see their bank balance (mind you the money is not even in MALAYSIA!!) What traitors…. and BobbyNZ loves them more….maybe he too is a MM crony..who knows!

  59. SameSame says:

    By the way..please save some space for AAB Najib and the rest…send them in the same plane!!!

  60. We will all ask why the need to be on the run
    Afterall you already had your full share of fun
    Don’t we all world wide share the same blazing sun
    And nobody likes to be given the label ‘Son of a gun’

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110808
    Mon. 11th Aug. 2008.

  61. Pisa says:

    And nobody likes to be given the label ‘Son of a gun’ – Samuel GKE

    Nice rhyming. But Mahathir like someone posted up there is also:
    FOMS – Father Of Malaysian Sodomy

    In fact sodomy could turn out to be a big factor in enhancing the GDP.
    There are so many in umno who are so inclined, starting with the next PM – Najis Tun Razak.

  62. Scorpion says:

    Kerala >>Mopla Riots>>>Why Mamak Kutty came to Malaysia? And Why Mahatir is so racist! This explains it.

    “Annie Besant stated: “They Moplahs murdered and plundered abundantly, and killed or drove away all Hindus who would not apostatise. Somewhere about a lakh (100,000) of people were driven from their homes with nothing but their clothes they had on, stripped of everything…Malabar has taught us what Islamic rule still means, and we do not want to see another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India.”[2]

    Between 2500 and 3500 hindus were killed during the Moplah riots, and an estimated 30,000 were forcibly converted to Islam. The conversion ceremonies included the customary eating of beef. Gandhi said that “our muslim brothers have gone mad in Malabar” while Babasaheb Ambedkar lamented the “inhuman savagery” of the anti-hindu pogrom. Between 100,000 and quarter of a million hindus were forced to leave their homes.

    Excerpts from a heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of the then Viceroy of India from Rani of Nilambur”

  63. caravanserai says:

    The circle roping home
    The truth will triumph in the end
    Freedom of the mind
    Choices of the eyes
    Cooperation to harmony
    Don’t destroy it

    The tools of government
    Use wisely else the demons will come
    It will suck it dry
    When playing the dark forces
    It isn’t free at all

    Now the sleepless nights
    The corrupted leaders dream
    What life will be testing own medicines?
    The heat of the dreaming flight
    Minds pray it never happens

    Day by day
    Remembering the years of yesterdays
    Division of people by color
    Never as a nation of many multi-racial people
    It will end when new page of history begins

    The circle of lies and deceits
    It never goes away
    Now it has come to haunt
    Leaders who plot and twist their ways

    The blue oceans and the land
    Face like a man admit mistakes
    It is no shame to say it so
    It will free one soul
    Peacefully into the nation

  64. padmanathan says:

    When I was Ethiopia not so long ago, someone asked me where was Mahathir , now that he is no more the PM. I told him that he is in Malaysia “enjoying ‘ his retirement. “How come he is still in Malaysia!” . “In Africa no retiring head of state stays in his country. He normally seeks asylum somewhere else” Perhaps it is time for Mahathir to go. In Asia too heads of state face mountain of problems when they retire, See what happened to Marcos and Suharto! Mahathir will likely face the same music when Anwar comes to power.

  65. longman says:

    no need to migrate… just make a cosmetic change will do (ala radovan karadzic)…

  66. Pisa says:

    After the Moplah Riots as described by scorpion above where his father was probably involved, Mahathir was involved in May 13 in Malaysia.
    Today the malay racist (of indian descent) again against hindus and others. Blood sucking leech and FOMS. The best thing to do is hang him and plant a mango tree on his grave.
    The birds can eat the mangoes.

  67. Pemudamalaysia says:

    Sorry guys, but I agree with bobbyNZ. DSAI will never be the PM, and should never be.

    Regarding the sodomy case, anal sex is an everyday occurrence, is it not. According to Mr Saiful’s allegations, the last incident of sodomy at the posh Damansara condo was not the first. While considering the popular logic that 6-foot Saiful could not have been overpowered by 60-year old Anwar, does bleeding, skin tearing or pus at the anal area happen without fail during anal sex? To rephrase, does anal penetration always lead to a visit to a doctor for bleeding, etc? Sorry, I’m totally unfamiliar with gay porn. Of course, to quote Seinfeld: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” 🙂

  68. Shanker says:

    I was joking couple of months ago….that shd DSAI & team take over the reins of gov’n – TDM will cabut out of Malaysia….

    Wow – maybe I too have the gift of an oracle……

    DSAI represents the hope in all of us fair-minded, justice & peace loving Malaysians, that things are gonna get better in the days ahead. Whether he’s the best solution or not, remains to be seen. But the reason why he has so much public support with him at this point, has to do with this hope that is us. It is very much the same reason why AAB got such a huge endorsement in the 12th GE – ppl wanted change. Change that would do away with the Mahathir regime. And let’s face it – Mahathir was no real genius with the economy. What he did was to create an environment for hot money to be dumped in, during the so-called 90s boom. That’s why the regional markets collapsed overnight when these money started to move out.

    For all those who worship the Mahathir idol cos they think he is some of sort economic miracle working God (this includes bell-boy Matthias Chang among others), well, take a look at this simple list & judge for yourselves:-

    1. Failure of MAS/BBMB/Renong
    2. Unfair IPP contracts
    3. Failure of Putrajaya development
    4. Failure of education system

    Well, I can go on, but we all have got the picture. If you want a real economic strategist powerhouse, just take a look at our Southern neighbour. TDM’s ecomonic style was confined to “spend money, create jobs, & also do some hand-me-downs to my kids, cronies etc etc.” The problem, amongst others, was that he had an absolutely shit-style management of affairs.

    In other words, a house of cards was built.

    Ah Tun Mahathir – as I said in a letter of mine to this blog, you may have written the Malay Dilemma, but in all honesty, what’s unravelling now arose due to The Mahathir Dilemma.

  69. Hahaha says:

    Possibly the only place left for this slimy Mamak, is TIMBAKTU!

  70. SameSame says:

    Pemuda..you orang UMNO kah? Cakap macam satu saja.

    Please dont insult our intelligence. Save yourself from being bomb-barded ok…

  71. Pisa says:

    In Timbaktu the blacks with big dicks can give mahathir a good time every hour of the day.

  72. PHUA KL says:

    Hi Souse 8:27:41

    Perhaps you can enlighten us on your statements?
    (While avoiding libel of course 😉 )

    Phua Kai Lit

  73. rajes says:

    While considering the popular logic that 6-foot Saiful could not have been overpowered by 60-year old Anwar, does bleeding, skin tearing or pus at the anal area happen without fail during anal sex? – Pemudamalaysia

    Ni betul pemuda umno bodoh. You can easily find out if you ask the famous sodomist Najis Tun Razak to play play with yours. Then you`ll find out if the doctor was wrong.

  74. IMH says:

    All Politicians and their children must not allowed to migrate, only corrupted politician got the mind to migrate. This is clearly showing they’re trying to run away with our sweat and blood money. Malaysia should comes out with new law to restrict their activities at overseas.

    BTW, what happened to the declaration of assets for every politician in the country? seem like another empty promises from our so called clean PM? sigh~~ speechless.

  75. Ayoyosamy says:

    Between Mahathir and Anwar, its too big a comparison lah. Dr M was a leader with Vision 2020 and many became leaders. But Anwar is an arsehole banger and many becoming arseholes haha

  76. rajes says:

    Dr M was a leader with Vision 2020 – Ayoyosamy

    Mahathir also comes from kerala family of crab catchers. Hahaha vision 2020???
    F-D up vision. Why the bloody fool wearing glasses if vision 2020. mata keranjang. racist peegs.

  77. SameSame says:


    AIyoooooyyoooooo..why are there people like you still around???

    I think he is Mahathirs ar*e-licker lah, during and after mahathir’s regime!

  78. Scorpion says:

    Ayoyosamy is an imposter! UMNO cybertrooper!

  79. rasta says:

    Heehee that`s “sutal adi” (back play) semi value lah.
    After TDM, Father Of Sodomy, play his back now semi value ayoyo. No wonder the wife run away.

  80. Taikohtai says:

    I think even a clone of TDM will find it hard to stay on his right side before falling out of favour. Remember when TDM went about ‘tak ingat this, sudah lupa that’ during the Lingamgate RC?
    It is hard to take TDM seriously these days. But some poor souls can definitely be fooled all the time!

  81. DalaiLlama says:

    The only countries that will accept him will be the African Countries!
    After all he is the hero of Africa next to Najib (Najib will join him later).

    Why not try Zimbabwe….After all his Bosom Buddy may still be able to retain power after the coming negotiations with the opposition.

    And.. the Malaysian Ringgit will be highly valued compared to the Zimbabwe,n currency, but he will have to bring all his mamak food from here, as Zimbabwe has infaltion running into 1000s%.

  82. Ayoyosamy says:

    No need to be rascist lah. Only arseholes are rascists and so true of Anwar’s supporters hehe.

  83. Senior Economist says:

    Hi there

    As a senior economist, I fully agree with BobbyNZ’s comments about short selling. It was used as a “weapon of mass destruction” to paralyse Malaysia’s economy in 1997/8. The same was true of Indonesia and Thailand. It’s interesting BobbyNZ was able to tie the 3 countries together in their joint venture to deforest Brazil to replant with oil palm. And it’s true Anwar legalised short selling in 1997. Something sinister in the chain or events for sure!

  84. george says:

    It is a cicle of life…or wheel…now your turn and time is up?

    what to say? just face it… TDM…

    You can run but you cannot hide away the truth… same goes to all the BN and UMNO doggies…

  85. temenggong says:

    Short selling of currencies and stocks?

    The floating down of the currencies and the Crisis started on July 2nd 1997. By end of August the money had already left the country to Singapore. Short selling came months later!!!

    The economic damage was already done by mid August 1997. Policies instituted after that were only of academic interest. But I agree it was a good thing to fix the exchange rate.

  86. SameSame says:

    Why talk about the past…talk about the future. What had been done is already done. Move on obviously Bobby not able to.

    Whilst we ‘discuss’ here, MM is laughing anyhow. So is AAB,Najib and the rest of the crew. Ah let him leave la..no love loss here.

    Actually the lot of them can leave…leave malaysia to people who really care…the Rakyat…for better or worst we are the one who is riding the storm they created.

  87. rasta says:

    As a senior economist, I fully agree with BobbyNZ’s comments about short selling. – Senior economist

    More like Rubbish Economist who con their way into financial sector. Nuts they are.
    Just because they are foreign, does not mean they are good. The Bursa is ladened with bureaucracy, red tape, nothing ever gets decided, in the end any decision will take two months to make, and the bulk of people never really touch securities before… some even sell Avon products before joining, for god’s sake (and a very senior position as well)! So, I guess, the next CEO to replace Yusli would have to be someone who has been selling Hai-O products or Amway… good luck!!! Well, interesting reading on RSS and Bursa on my historical postings on them.

  88. suresh says:

    It is quite funny to me. At times I wonder whether to forgive MM for his old age or take him seriously. During Tunku’s time Mahathir was his fieriest critic. Many years later when became PM, the Tunku did not come out saying he wanted to migrate because the man he sacked once became a PM of Malaysia. Why Dr.Mahathir?

    The difference is “Statesmanship”. while I’m sure of Tunku’s , I question Mahathir’s.

  89. SameSame says:

    sorry grammar mistake….

    …for better or worst we are the one who are riding the storm they created.


  90. kittykat46 says:

    “Senior Economist” must be one of those UMNOputra economists who got Malaysia into the deep hole in the first place.

    “joint venture to deforest Brazil to replant with oil palm”
    The total area under cultivation for Oil Palm in Malaysia is 38,000 square kilometers.

    The total area under cultivation for Oil Palm in the entire Amazon basin back in 1998 was virtually Zero. Even today, its about 300 square km. Just a drop in the ocean. Soybeans are much, much bigger in Brazil.

    Whatever investments Malaysia has made on Oil Palms in South America have been made under AAB, not Anwar.

    Don’t try to bullshit too much on-line. You can be surprised, depending on the subject being touched on, some of Susan’s readers may be very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

  91. rasta says:

    And it’s true Anwar legalised short selling in 1997. – Senior Economist

    According to an internal bank analysis, collaborated by the corporate community, and from Daim crony Amin Shah, Daim’s wealth, in ringgit and foreign currencies kept overseas currently amounts to RM20billion. With so much money at his disposal, Daim can manipulate the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. He showed his hand in 1991, just to prove how much influence he wielded. After selling off his stocks, he made a statement to the effect that the market would crash. And crash it did. As we can all recall, even Mahathir could not help but make a wry remark when Daim boasted that he invested in KLSE only for pocket money. But to his good friend, Daim said he could turn in profit on RM90 million a day when the market was up. When the market plummeted in October 1991 Daim bought back his share on the cheap. When the market turned bullish again 1995 and 1996, Daim made billions of ringgit it. This, then, is what the work of an economic adviser amounts to.


  92. kittykat46 says:

    “Senior Economist” must be one of those UMNOputra economists who got Malaysia into the deep hole in the first place.

    “joint venture to deforest Brazil to replant with oil palm”
    The total area under cultivation for Oil Palm in Malaysia is 38,000 square kilometers.

    The total area under cultivation for Oil Palm in the entire Amazon basin back in 1998 was virtually Zero. Even today, its about 300 square km. Just a drop in the ocean. Soybeans are much, much bigger in Brazil.

    Whatever investments Malaysia has made on Oil Palms in South America have been made under AAB, not Anwar.

    Don’t try to bulls*t too much on-line. You can be surprised, depending on the subject being touched on, some of Susan’s readers may be very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

  93. rasta says:

    Deforestation in South America is carried out by this East Malaysian chinese thuggish company which is in cahoots with BN.
    After the deforestation, UMNO moves in with their Sime Darby.

  94. rasta says:

    BTW it was Daim Zainuddin, UMNO Treasurer who started cross-selling. So if anyone`s upset they go beat him up first.
    All thes gamblers and economists and anal-ysts were playing the market like there`s no tomorrow. At that time short selling was OK.
    When the market turned the gamblers become cry babies.

  95. choongs says:

    April 25, 1999
    One Dollar, One Vote

    No government, the author believes, can escape the thundering hoofbeats of the ‘electronic herd.’


    By Thomas L. Friedman.
    394 pp. New York:
    Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $27.50.

    What is globalization? Here is one of the best answers. It is the ”constant revolutionizing of production” and the ”endless disturbance of all social conditions.” It is ”everlasting uncertainty.” Everything ”fixed and frozen” is ”swept away,” and ”all that is solid melts into air.”

    Yes, you have read this before. It is from the Communist Manifesto, by Messrs. Marx and Engels. One hundred and fifty years ago, they marveled at a ”constantly expanding market,” the ”daily destruction of old established industries,” the emergence of ever ”new wants,” the ”universal interdependence of nations” and ”intercourse in every direction.” Substitute 21st-century English for the Marx-speak, and the Manifesto would read as if written by Andy Grove, Bill Gates or John (”Megatrends”) Naisbitt.

    Indeed, go back 500 years for the real birth of globalization. After a millennium of slow change or none, the explosion of science and technology during the Renaissance, as well as the invention of modern banking, cranked up the Western wealth machine, which is still accelerating. The great discoveries beginning in the 15th century brought the Americas and the far side of Asia into the not-so-global market that was Europe plus the Mediterranean. So what’s the big deal?

    First, a few things have changed since Vasco da Gama and Karl Marx. It is now a few industrial revolutions later, and with the exception of Africa, the Islamic Middle East and central Asia, the market has become truly global. For the first time in history, it operates like one big domestic market. In the past, trade was complementary and compartmentalized. It was Sheffield steel for Indian silks, and the two worlds never really met. Today, trade is competitive while ”center” and ”periphery” are one. Bombay and Seattle produce the same high-value-added software that they sell to each other and the rest of the world.

    Second, things have revved up. Communication is now virtually in real time, but the more interesting event is the implosion of costs. Already in Marx’s day, telegrams crossed oceans and continents, if at prohibitive prices. Real relief came only in the last part of this century. Indeed, the Internet, another word for communication at zero-marginal cost, is still in its toddler age. But the message is plain. If anybody can communicate, anybody can leapfrog time and space.

    These dimensions have shrunk in yet another way. The cost of modern transportation, with jets setting the pace, has dropped precipitously, especially relative to the value of traded goods. Back then, it was grain for pig iron, heavy stuff that was expensive to lug around. Today, it is pricey chips that take pennies to ship — or bytes moving around at no cost whatsoever.

    Finally, finance. Indeed, when we ponder globalization, especially since the Asian crash of 1997, we think mainly about that legendary trillion dollars said to circle the planet each day — docking here, escaping there. The reason is the progressive liberalization of capital markets since 1945, taking us back to the borderless world before 1914 — with a twist: there is a lot more gelt glutting the globe, and instead of traveling as letters of credit on ships, the money zooms through glass fiber nets.

    But what does it all mean? For the general reader, Thomas L. Friedman, in ”The Lexus and the Olive Tree,” delivers the best (and most enjoyable) answer yet. A seasoned journalist and a columnist for The New York Times, Friedman knows how to cut through the arcana of high tech and high finance with vivid images and compelling analogies. But his mind is too analytical to churn out the ”globaloney” that clutters so much reporting today. His approach, perhaps inspired by his friend and theology teacher Rabbi Tzvi Marx, is a Talmudic one. It is homily plus dialectics. It is a torrent of stories, vignettes and anecdotes, but each with a larger conceptual point attached. And the dialectical habit injects just the right dose of caution. Friedman does not take the obvious for an answer, nor does he hype a historical triumph where there is only a tiny trend; relentlessly inquisitive, he will always sniff out and bring in the countertrend. This adds a fine intellectual edge to a delightfully readable book.

    One of my favorite stories (with a powerful moral) concerns the Prime Minister of Thailand, to whom Friedman confesses: ”I helped oust your predecessor — and I didn’t even know his name. You see, I was sitting home . . . watching the Thai baht sink (and watching your predecessor completely mismanage your economy). So I called my broker and told him to get me out of East Asian emerging markets. I could have sold you out myself, via the Internet, but I decided to get my broker’s advice instead. It’s one dollar, one vote, Mr. Prime Minister. How does it feel to have Tom Friedman as a constituent?”

    Once you join the global economy, it is the ”equivalent of turning your country into a public company,” the author notes, and whereas in centuries past, the ”public” was a few dozen banks, now anybody can play, provided he has a computer and some spare cash. Which leads directly to my other favorite morality tale, this one about the Malaysian autocrat Mahathir Mohamad, a most voluble enemy of the open global system.

    Friedman recounts how Mahathir, at the height of the 1997 Asian crisis, kept accusing the Jews and George Soros of deliberately debasing the Malaysian currency. So his advisers finally went to him with a warning that probably sounded something like this: ”Look, you said this about Soros on Monday, and the Malaysian ringgit fell to here. You said this about the Jews on Tuesday, and the ringgit fell to here. . . . SHUT UP!” The moral? The market rules.

    This point is not totally new either. Marx and Engels confidently predicted the ”withering away of the state” as ultimate victim of an almighty economic ”substructure.” Friedman overstates, too, when he claims that ”all world leaders” have to think like American state governors now, meaning that their ”main job” is keeping investors happy while ”constantly living in dread that they will leave.”

    Has globocracy really emasculated presidents and prime ministers? The Talmud cautions, ” ‘For example’ is not proof.” Take the seemingly tell-it-all example of Mahathir. Sure, he was punished by the ”electronic herd,” as Friedman calls the fickle nomadic horde of global investors. But then Malaysia struck back. When it largely unlinked from the global financial system it reaped not devastation but a rising ringgit and stock market. Nor has Mahathir’s grip on the country weakened.


    “For several years, I, like everyone else, just referred to ‘the post-Cold War world.’ We knew some new system was aborning that constituted a different framework for international relations, but we couldn’t define what it was, so we defined it by what it wasn’t. It wasn’t the Cold War. So we called it the post-Cold War world.

    “The more I traveled, though, the more it became apparent to me that this system had its own logic and deserved its own name: ‘globalization.’ Globalization is not a phenomenon. It is not just some passing trend. Today it is the overarching international system shaping the domestic politics and foreign relations of virtually every country, and we need to understand it as such.”

    — from the first chapter of ‘The Lexus and the Olive Tree’

    Another countertrend is the European Union, now dominated by leftist parties that have hardly capitulated to capitalism. One ambition behind the euro is that the common currency will soften globocracy’s knout while tax harmonization within the E.U. will discipline those companies that would wiggle out from under the grasping hand of government by escaping to low-tax member states. Watch also for attempts to slap punitive exit taxes on capital.

    So it isn’t quite true that globalization is like the daily dawn, about which ”there isn’t much I could do,” as Friedman asserts. Nor is it quite true that ”your politics shrinks” as ”your economy grows.” Though globocapitalism severely constrains some political choices, the state is not withering away. Indeed, it is flourishing nicely, taking an ever bigger bite out of gross domestic product. In Europe, the state now grabs a bit more than one-half, up from less than one-quarter 50 years ago. If the state is dwindling, how come it spends and regulates so much?

    But Friedman is far too perceptive to fall for such fallacies. So elsewhere in the book he calls the state bashers ”dead wrong.” In fact, because of ”globalization and the increasing openness of borders, the quality of your state matters more, not less.” Failed states like Russia screw up hopelessly in the global market because there is no oversight, no bankruptcy law, no legitimate power that enforces contracts and protects investors. Crony-capitalist countries in East Asia have learned a similar lesson.

    Globalization has been around for 500 years, but right now we are surely witnessing the most tumultuous part of an ancient drama because what we call globalization is driven above all by technology. That force, especially information technology, is transforming itself and the world with extraordinary speed. So Friedman may be right when he predicts, ”You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” In the meantime, he has written a brilliant guide for the here and now.

    Josef Joffe is an editorial page editor and columnist for Sddeutsche Zeitung in Munich and an associate of the Olin Center for Strategic Studies at Harvard University.

  96. rasta says:

    On 28 August 1997, Mahathir announced a plan to intervene directly in share market operation with a view to punishing speculators. (Hale 1997). This involved banning the short-selling of 100 blue-chip stocks and rules were introduced to discourage the selling of stocks by requiring sellers to deliver physical share certificates to their brokers before selling and reducing the settlement period from five to two days. This rather ill conceived measure also affected buying and exacerbated the decline in the market.

    On 3 September, the government announced a plan to use the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) amounting to 60 billion ringgit to prop up share prices by buying stocks from Malaysian shareholders but not foreigners at a price premium above the prevailing price. This measure was widely viewed as a means of assisting selected well-connected individuals through the use of public funds. These moves backfired triggering a massive sell-off of stocks on the KLSE by both foreign and local investors and also undermined sentiments on other regional bourses. The threat by the government to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) (3) to detain anyone suspected of sabotaging the economy, including analysts and journalists filing unfavourable reports on Malaysia further weakened market confidence (Nesadurai 1998, Jomo 1998). On 5 September, the ban on short-selling of stocks on the KLSE was lifted.

  97. drat says:

    Ayoyo no lubricant very painful yoyo.

  98. SameSame says:

    drat…aiyo-samy can ask his best buddy samyV for the lubricant…and maybe do a threesome!

    Anyways..good comments rasta.

  99. xy says:

    nothing to celebrate if anwar’s first act was to seek revenge after assuming office. it will just be a case of tit for tat and this political game will persist and rot the country.

    the existing governing machinery needs to be cleaned up, to improve the livelihood of the people. it is people first and last. politicians’ grudge against each other should not become a prominent factor in governance.

  100. Observer says:

    My god, this is shameful.

    I thought I might vote for Anwar Ibrahim, but if Anwar intends to take revenge against Dr M when he comes into power, then I’m going to do everything in my power to stop Anwar Ibrahim.

    The silent majority of Malaysians are behind Dr M!


  101. latest says:

    The man who is the real mastermind behind this latest conspiracy to frame Anwar is Shafee Abdullah. Just days before the sodomy allegation exploded, and even before Saiful’s meeting with Rodwan on 25 June 2008, Shafee was in Najib’s house to attend a gathering. And in front of scores of witnesses he asked to be excused early because he ‘had a very big fish to catch’. Shafee conveniently made it known that he is behind the move to catch the ‘big fish’ and he wanted all those in Najib’s house to be aware that Najib was in the know. Actually, Najib did not know what he was talking about and assumed that the ‘big fish’ meant Raja Petra Kamarudin and was with regards to the Statutory Declaration that he had signed just days earlier on 18 June 2008.

    Shafee was supposed to have led the prosecution against Anwar. A provision in the law called FIAT allows the Attorney-General to appoint an outsider to conduct the prosecution. If Shafee does well then he would most likely be appointed the next Attorney-General. When word got out that he is heading the special police operations centre, which was located in his office, they had to abandon the whole idea.

    Shafee’s hands are behind the whole thing. And this can only happen with Abdullah’s blessing. No, it is not Mahathir who is behind this. And it is not Abdullah, Najib and Anwar who are the three victims. The victims are Mahathir, Najib and Anwar. Abdullah is the hidden hand and Shafee is the henchman who was tasked with the job of implementing the evil deed. Politics is not what it always appears to be in Malaysia. That is how Malay politics is played out.

  102. latest says:

    Shafee’s hands are behind the whole thing. And this can only happen with Abdullah’s blessing. No, it is not Mahathir who is behind this. And it is not Abdullah, Najib and Anwar who are the three victims. The victims are Mahathir, Najib and Anwar. Abdullah is the hidden hand and Shafee is the henchman who was tasked with the job of implementing the evil deed. Politics is not what it always appears to be in Malaysia. That is how Malay politics is played out.

  103. latest says:

    Observer and XY need not attend the hangings. The rest of us malaysian are waiting for the tumbrils to roll.

  104. Antares says:

    I used to think… wow! how does Susan manage to get hundreds of comments on almost every blogpost when I don’t usually get more than half a dozen, if any. But looking at some of the early comments on this post, I realize how lucky I am that such pathetic creeps don’t hang around MY blog 🙂

  105. chant says:

    “The silent majority of Malaysians are behind Dr M!”

    Haha semua kaki jubo belakang dia kekeke. Sekarang jadi brokeback pioneer.

  106. mikewang says:

    No ISA should be used against anyone.

    Let’s not fight evil with evil, but evil with justice.

  107. chant says:

    UMNO tak bayar hutang:

    Umno ordered to pay RM218 mil

  108. xy says:


    hatred doesn’t help us. while we should not forget (lest we repeat the same mistakes that we disapproved of), lets not also indulge in history.

    lets look slightly further, so they hanged saddam, they felt happy for a moment. But lives have to go on, lives of ordinary folks and their children.

  109. kittykat46 says:

    Anwar Ibrahim had already spoken about his forgiveness for Mahathir.

    It is Dr. M who cannot get over his anal fixation.

    A lot of Malaysians are willing to give respect to Dr. M in dignified retirement.
    But if he continues to try to be a political operative, then he better be prepared for cuts and blows, like any other active political player.


  110. Knight Rider says:

    Did Anwar says that he’ll take revenge if he’ll to become a PM?
    Did Mahathir says personally that he’ll flee Malaysia if Anwar will to become PM?
    If Mahathir did said that, then I could assure you people out there it’s just a tactic to prevent Anwar from being a PM.
    You guys really want to fall for that?

  111. chant says:

    No ISA should be used against anyone.
    Let’s not fight evil with evil, but evil with justice. – mike wang

    Yes. But it will take time to remove it from the statutes once a new govt comes in.
    Meanwhile, it is poetic justice that perpetrators like mahathir, hamid albar, badawi, najis etc enjoy the hotel accomodation in kamunting while charges to prosecute them in court are drawn up.
    Already the scoundrels are talking of fleeing the country. Remember these rascals have looted money stashed away overseas, and that must be returned to the Treasury.

  112. KNB says:

    Pakai janggut macam Karadzic.

  113. chant says:

    I dunno all these peace lovers talking of hatred lah, history lah…..What rubbish is that.
    If a poor guy selling a few ganja can be hanged why can`t the lead organizer/participant of May 13 be hanged?
    There are many other charges that can be levied against him also. Also his family.

  114. trieste says:

    It cannot be political asylum as he is not really involved in politics. The rat flea is making plans to FLEE.
    No. he knows he will be brought to Court for his misdeeds. All he can say is “I cannot remember”.
    But the evidence will outweigh that. It could well mean a short trial, and then he can go in for life.
    At which point, he`ll have another heart attack and go to hospital with policemen sitting outside his room.
    The question is if he will be handcuffed to his bed.

  115. ktteokt says:

    September 16 is just around the corner! So has he begun packing up his luggage?

  116. trieste says:

    ‘These are revolutionary times, Chandra!’

  117. Gayonese says:

    oh malaysia …. malaysia true…

  118. Knight Rider says:

    If Mahathir feels that he has to leave the country, if Anwar is to become a PM,
    then it is his guilt deep inside that really made him to do so.
    Even he himself could’nt forgive himself fo his sin.
    Also, with so many mess that he had created in this country, how many years more can he enjoy in his life here?
    Just ask his “god” for mercy!

  119. rizal says:

    God can mercy him. The people want our money back.

  120. rizal says:

    Haha ACA tidur,

    Muhyiddin: Vote-buying rampant in Umno


    “As party members, we must view this problem seriously and I regard Umno now being in a danger zone if money politics continues unabated,” party vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin said, according to the state Bernama news agency.

    “I’ve received unofficial reports that it has become rampant at all levels and it is frightening if this becomes normal practice in future.”

    It has been normal practice for UMNO since 1957.

  121. RKP says:

    Don’t shift your mind here and there like ‘lalang’,one minute for DSAI another minute for some other guy.Make up your mind.Don’t live like you are doing a favour for someone.Thats how the BN goons think high mighty of themselves.

    It’s your responsibilty and duty to ensure justice,peace,upright-conduct,accountability,integrity,honesty,respect,,growth,unity,

    It is not about siding a person or which side you want to be.

    We want to be on the side you will find these qualities and not on the side that boast about its quantities only.How big you are,How much you have,How great you are,how many people you have….

    How ever great your quantity if you do not have the quality, you will fail eventually.Proven in history!!!!

    For the time being DSAI fits in the requirements for the job with these qualities mentioned above. Lets humbly face the facts and Malaysia will be a beautiful land. About punishing Dr.M, Anwar is not God.I think God will take revenge if we give room for Him and not take law into our own hands.

    Thats why they say, “You can run but you cannot hide from God.”

  122. rizal says:

    The Malaysia that Mahathir made:

    What alternative does Murali have besides selling his kidney?

  123. daviegan says:

    Dr. M presided as the PM during the best economic times in this region with the wave of emerging ‘tiger’ economies and money from Petronas. Even if we elected a piece of stone to be the PM, our economy will still have grown as much, if not more. He is no hero to the economy, just a lucky man getting a lucky free ride.

    The only difference between him and AAB was the fact that he has higher IQ and bigger balls. Realizing this, AAB now pays top dollar to cunning people with bigger IQ to make sure he step down with amazing legacy and maybe completing his 5 years term. (like engineer Anwar & Najib down fall)

    Dr. M might get political immunity from Mugabe if he begged hard enough. There isn’t any country who would welcome him nowadays since he has offended most of them during his premiership. He should just hang around and ask for forgiveness when Anwar became PM. (Actually Anwar has already forgiven him.) He has no other rock solid choice I am afraid.

  124. Hahaha says:

    Aiyo-yo, how is your ass feeling now, after all the bangings? If you still having have enough, you too join Mamak to TIMBAKTU, I was just told, the Africans there have Big Pricks. Satisfaction assured!

  125. Rissa says:

    Dr M has a place reserved for him not long ago, i.e. purgatory. God is merciful & forgiving.

  126. DARA says:

    Dear Tun Mahathir..

    Stop talking politic, just concentrate on preparation for the final journey, we are old already. No doubt you have done some goodness but rather great sins to the malaysian… still got some time for kifayah, be generous.. share your wealth with the needy Malaysian of all races and religions.

    ” Looking down on another human being is tantamount to looking down on the creator himself ”

    You don’t have to run away, just give your full support to PR, may be the rakyat will forgive your past deed .. we still have some respect for you …

  127. chaptokam says:

    temenggong (09:10:06) :

    Quite a number of delusional people here in Malaysia who still cannot conceive the certainty of a new Pakatan govt under Anwar. These people should migrate too for they were formerly voters of Gerakan and BN,

    temenggong , I thought only those racists and ultra racists are callling for chinese and indians to balek china or balek india . Coming from you ??? I find it hard to believe !! Are you nuts or what , so those who cannot accept PR should migrate wow , even the umno or bn fellas didn’t resort to that . I hate to say it , better go for a psychiatric check up .

    It would be more accurate to say that if Anwar does NOT become PM by end of next month, then Malaysia will indeed descend into political and economic chaos. Any economist or accountant knows that. The real riots will begin then.

    Here again temenggong are you saying there will be rioting and anarchy will engulf Malaysia just because DSAI doesn’t become PM by next month ?? These are very serious statements you are making . You better hope that this doesn’t happen otherwise you be top on the suspect list for creating rioting and fighting .

    temenggong better read this by Susan .
    “Do not speak about freedom of speech if you are not prepared for the consequences” – susan loone, 24 April 2007, Bangkok.

  128. Eric says:

    Hi Dara – I don’t think Mahathir fear God. If he does, he won’t have done so much evil and remain unrepentant at such age.

    Btw, I always believe Anwar won’t take action against him. Anwar won’t spend so much energy and effort to punish Mahathir as probably Anwar thinks it is not worth it.

    Of coz, I would love to see evil man being punished and as a deterrent to other future leaders too……Anwar may know that but if Anwar really take action against Mahathir, many people would protest and disagree

  129. Meyalak-er says:

    Yes, DARA, we ‘sama-sama’ idea, but hypermamak will never listen to peasants like us. He doesn’t even listen to God or rather God does not speak to him…
    He always speaks AT others not to others, thus all our efforts will be in vain.
    Btw, we shouldn’t just concentrate on economics, with regards to hypermamak’s policies.
    What about the judiciary (too tired?), royalty (not interested, afraid?), racial-religious (too fedup?), foreign affairs ( ignorance?), education (too angry?)
    mega projects/tolls (too idiotic to mention?), etc.
    Lets give him a good ‘ketuk’ before we send him to Palau in Micronesia, shall we?
    Oh, by the way, Rissa, if you’re truly a ‘freethinker’ you must not have ideas of God & purgatory! Very confusing for peasants like me… and dangerous for you. A lot of predatory types hanging around, and if the latch on to you – ‘musnah’++. Be consistent like what my friend RKP says.
    G’day, and have a nice time.

  130. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    It is difficult for LOSERs like BobbyNZ & Ayo!Ayo!samy!Vellu! to accept the TRUTH ie umnoputras/bn are OBSOLETE;IRRELEVANT; CORRUPT; RASCISTS;NULL & VOID – PURE REJECTS even the BUNDLE secondhand guys will refuse to buy & sell; PROSTITUTES of Politics.

    Sore losers will cry foul! Only the blind, idiots of mahadey kutty kind are running away from the truth – DSAI WILL BE PM! You bloody idiots will be traced;identified, crucified; prosecuted and incarcerated for GOOD.

    Go ahead try saying something foolish again – BobNZ & Ayo!Ayo!samy.

    God Bless DSAI;DSWA;Dr Osman;informers and rational Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  131. Dave says:

    Bobby NZ go to hell….

  132. wits0 says:

    DARA, you can’t tell anything to the most self-righteous and narcissistic man in M’sia. He was very much already so even without the clueless electorate rewarding him further with 22 years as as PM. “Incalcitrant” was such a mild word from an Aussie PM.

  133. Drachen says:

    I think Dr M has been reading blogs and realising Malaysians are not as stupid as he though we were. He is moving on because he can’t use his old tricks anymore.

    BobbyNZ knew Dr M was taking us down and quickly jumped ship to New Zealand. Now that we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, he is jealous and wants us to be as miserable as he is.

  134. navinda says:

    I would like to recommend Zimbabwe to Tun M, if he is serious of migrating. After all he was an important adviser to Tun Mugabe, and would be welcomed with open arms.

  135. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan

    DSAI WILL BE PM! You bloody idiots will be traced;identified, crucified; prosecuted and incarcerated for GOOD.

    So the gomen under DSAI will be no different than the Myanmar , Zimbabwe gomen !! With you keep on talking like this , people will have second thoughts about a DSAI gomen .

    Anyway please keep on talking like this , more people will be awaken to the dangers of having people like you in his team . First the choke hold on the Guang Ming reporter , second by the PKR Kulim Bandar Bahru MP , and now YOU !! . Ya keep on talking like this . Thank You .

  136. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam (14:01:29) :

    [These are very serious statements you are making ……
    temenggong better read this by Susan .
    “Do not speak about freedom of speech if you are not prepared for the consequences” ]

    sampah sarah Malaysia called chaptokam tried to bullsh*t people again.

    when sampah sarap Malaysia talked nonsense like his religious behaviour etc, chaptokam claimed that it is his right and his freedom of speech.

    when sampah sarap Malaysia bullied the ladies by telling them to kiss his ass and fly kite etc, chaptokam also claimed that it is his right and his freedom of speech.


    ironically when sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam claimed his right and his freedom of speech, this sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam ‘unshameful’ly thought that his sampah sarap is prepared for the so-called consequences.

  137. Cook says:

    Anwar will never do what others have done to him.

  138. rizal says:

    stoopid chapkotam dunno difference between “migrate” and “balik”.
    Must be an idiot from BN.

  139. Gan KC says:

    Mugabe and Soros will be glad to have Mahathir retire with them!

  140. smile says:

    Chapkotam will carry his beloved Mahathir`s bags

  141. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    For the benefit of Chaptokam(14:01:29) please do not be the “police” of public sentiments. You are neither qualified nor able to distinguish right from wrong. As far as I am concerned, the truth will & must always prevail; the government must have checks & balances; the government, too, must be vary of enemies who are out to destroy the sacred of good governance. ( see what went wrong in the PKR team with Si Fool there….don’t you believe intelligence is important).

    Public sentiments will determine the government of the day. The Lingam Royal Commission has put mahadey kutty as a “culprit” to the judiciary’s non independence; he has committed so much corruption etc…….are you in support of criminals who commit a criminal act in accordance with the law. The law should incarcerate all the corrupt, rapists, murderers etc…….

    BUT YOU SEEM TO FOLLOW THE UMNOPUTRA/BN WAY, even with cogent evidence presented by DSAI, he is charged; RPK is the whistle blower & he is charged; PI Bala dissappears ie cover up?
    But, with cogent evidence against Tee Pee M C4; PIG Musang, Gani Pak Taik no action….still allowed to walk the corridors of power.

    You seem to lack legal knowledge, as when we speak of incarceration, the action will be by the independent legal system. Any person who has committed an offence to deplead the nation of its monies, economic and political security will be properly dealt with the law. Even if it is mahadey, BobNZ, Ayo!Ayo!Samy!Vellu!, you and I, too.

    I believe the real supporters of PKR/PR understand what I have said, unlike you. But, I have to respect your right to say it, and will defend that right to death…Rousseau.

    God Bless DSAI,DSWA, Dr Osman, Informers, Rational Malaysians. Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  142. smile says:

    Mahathir can`t even stay back to face the music. Pengecut, Kaki temberang dan `Bapa Sodomy` buat chapkotam suka hati.

  143. smile says:

    I see chapkotam personifies evil. Macam Lim Keng Yaik kata “beggar of UMNO”

  144. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (15:34:23) :

    I only quoted this ; DSAI WILL BE PM! You bloody idiots will be traced;identified, crucified; prosecuted and incarcerated for GOOD.

    And you talk hell of a lot , aiyoo typical of the Tamil Naidu Indians same clique with Samy Vellu always talk with twisted tongues or fork tongues don’t know which .

  145. chaptokam says:

    I see chapkotam personifies evil.

    Smile It makes people wonder what you are up to ! Smile !!!!!!

  146. badman says:

    mahafiraun can go to hell for i what i care. and oh bring bobbyNZ along

  147. chaptokam says:

    rizal (15:27:13) :

    stoopid chapkotam dunno difference between “migrate” and “balik”.
    Must be an idiot from BN.

    Whats the difference from asking people to migrate and balek kampong or balek china ? its just like Lam Pa and Pa Lam , thats in hokkien , no difference .

  148. chaptokam says:

    Oh by the way this guy is DEAD as far as I am concerned . Anonymous (14:58:55) :

  149. smile says:

    and oh bring bobbyNZ along – badman

    Ahem hope you don`t mind but suddenly i felt like rephrasing that for the oomph. So how about:

    “mahafiraun can go to hell for what i care. and oh take bobbyNZ along” (my addition -bagcarriers and all).

  150. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    It is confirmed Chapkotam is umnoputra/bn goon. Rascists, sore loser “tin Kosong”.

    Please do not disgrace the intelligence the many learned people in this column. Suggest you go and suck an egg.

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  151. artemus22 says:

    Please go to the following link and read this interesting article by K Raveendran Nair.



  152. smile says:

    Samy Vellu always talk with twisted tongues – chapkotam

    Ling Liong Sik was better. He sold the country`s topographic maps. Could have got hanged for treachery, but what to do that`s MCA. They even sell their women folk. Nothing new there.

  153. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam (14:51:33) :

    “Ravindran Kunjan

    Anyway please keep on talking like this …. Ya keep on talking like this . Thank You .”

    sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam tried to bullsh*t other people again.

    when Ravindran mentioned BN crooks and their gangs ought to be prosecuted for their wrong doings, sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam seemed to be quite ‘troubled’.

    well may be that is the way how sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam wanted to rubbish to turn around attacking dsai and Pakatan Rakyat by LITERALLY interprete a statement from Ravindran.

    But again may be sampah sarap malaysia forgets about what he LITERALLY said here by asking the ladies here to ‘kiss his ass’.

    Based on sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam’s logic and interpretation, that would have meant that:-
    “So the current BN gomen with pervert type of supporters like sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam, could therefore be much worse than Myanmar , Zimbabwe gomen by asking the ladies to kiss BN leaders and supporters’ ass!!”

    sampah sarap malaysia is still sampah sarap malaysia!!

  154. smile says:

    It is confirmed Chapkotam is umnoputra/bn goon. Rascists, sore loser “tin Kosong”. – Ravindran Kunjan

    No problemo matey. Chapkotam is like that chinese estate towkay who kept his indian workers as slaves.

  155. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyoh, people like that only know how to play “Eunuch” roles.

  156. KL Folk says:

    Mahathir starts talking like Taksin, thinking of seeking political asylum.

    Hey, if you did nothing wrong to the country, what is there to fear and seek political asylum?!

    Dr M is running away from his shadow. The man who has caused so much damage and screwed up the country democratic system and constitution is now living in fear though no one pursuing.

  157. rajes says:

    Interpol needs to be alerted about this fellow preparing to abscond.
    DSAI must write a letter to Heads of all foreign Govts that Malaysia will view their action of giving sanctuary to the conman mahathir most unfavorably.

  158. tomthumb says:

    I personall urge Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to forgive Dr. Mahathir
    to show Dr. Mahathir that, not only as a muslim, all living soul
    should forgive and Dr. Mahathir should be able to take a few steps
    back and realised that one should not be to carried away when the
    power is your hand. Datuk Seri Wnwar Ibrahim, run this country for
    the sake of the well being of the people. A country is made up of
    people and it is the people that choose a representative to run the
    country. Let us not forget that not only we are in this earth for a
    short journey, but we are also facing tremendous amount of pressure
    in respect of enviroment. In a documentary 6% increase in the temperature will lead to disaster in this world. Having all the power,
    wealth and what not and living in disaster??

  159. chaptokam says:

    smile but what to do that`s MCA. They even sell their women folk. Nothing new there.
    Ya one of them must be related to you .

  160. chaptokam says:

    No problemo matey. Chapkotam is like that chinese estate towkay who kept his indian workers as slaves.

    Ya even DSAI got played out by three of the same kind mentioned , go figure out yourself who they are !

  161. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (15:54:08) :

    Dear All,

    It is confirmed Chapkotam is umnoputra/bn goon. Rascists, sore loser “tin Kosong”.

    Please do not disgrace the intelligence the many learned people in this column. Suggest you go and suck an egg.

    I never deny what you call me , I’m no hypocrite , but one thing I never trusted people of your kind , always talk with double meaning , say something , do something different . Its with this wisdom , that I have never been spin by people of this kind ., My personal opinion .

  162. rajes says:

    Future Headlines Today:


  163. rajes says:

    always talk with double meaning , say something , do something different – chapkotam

    MCA Chineses even worse. They can never live up to promises. Make deals and then swipe all the monmey and play indians out.
    At least those DAP fellow got some honor. But MCA are Bast-rds.

  164. rajes says:

    One of these MCA bas_ards is Ting Teong Keow.

  165. rajes says:

    Ya even DSAI got played out by three of the same kind mentioned , go figure out yourself who they are ! – chapkotam

    DSAI can handle himself. But you rotters are just plain evil.

  166. rajes says:

    chaptokam (16:18:42) :

    smile but what to do that`s MCA. They even sell their women folk. Nothing new there.
    Ya one of them must be related to you .

    I think he talking of you selling your mum and sis for UMNO handouts lah.

  167. colorsmalaysian says:

    Well , well, well….
    ……………the former goon and dictator of BN is paving his way to escape now !……………………..

    He has destroyed us and our younger generations by implementing what so call his idea of ” 3 Ms ” for our education system.

    Now !
    We only realised that the ” 3 M’s ” true meaning from CheDet

    *) “Membodoh” instead of “Menulis”
    **) “Merasuah” instead of “Membaca”
    & ***) “Meliwat” instead of “Mengira”

    What we see today was yesterday’s works from the goons of “B”alik “N”eraka coalitions (umno,mca,mic and gerakan too).

    It’s not too late to stop the law breaker(s) from escaping .

    Stop “the ideology of ketuanan melayu”.
    We are all Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia of multiracial , multireligious and multicultural **************************************************************************************

    Bring back our secularism in judiciary .
    Sec·u·lar·ism [sékyələ rìzzəm]
    1. exclusion of religion from public affairs: the belief that religion and religious bodies should have no part in political or civic affairs or in running public institutions, especially schools

    Microsoft® Encarta® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  168. rajes says:

    Whom to contact in case mamak run to India:

    Extradition may be briefly described as the surrender of an alleged or convicted criminal by one State to another. More precisely, extradition may be defined as the process by which one State upon the request of another surrenders to the latter a person found within its jurisdiction for trial and punishment or, if he has been already convicted, only for punishment, on account of a crime punishable by the laws of the requesting State and committed outside the territory of the requested State.

  169. smile says:

    smile but what to do that`s MCA. They even sell their women folk. Nothing new there.
    Ya one of them must be related to you . – chapkotam

    You must be a real moron. I`m not MCA so how can I? If you cannot understand even that, how good can MCA really be.
    It proves that from the head of the snake to its tail, MCA are all OKT (Orang Kena Tuduh) and are a great evil to society.

  170. smile says:

    MCA all out to “kill” Anwar:

  171. chaptokam says:

    rajes (16:41:23) :

    chaptokam (16:18:42) :

    I don’t have a sis , sorry to disappoint you . as for my mum you are invited to visit her at the Mt Erskine columbarium .

  172. smile says:

    Awww. Itu small matter. That sort of thing never stopped MCA.
    Could just as easily have been someone else`s mum or sis you sold.

  173. chaptokam says:

    smile (16:52:38) :
    hahaha just like a monkey kena belacan .hahaha
    you want to bring up on selling their women folk , ask your friend the other kind ,Chinese do not sell their women folk , only the other kind does , hahaha

  174. rajes says:

    No lah MCA chinese sell their mothers and sisters. Don`t be shy. Once this kepong china sold his sister on contract to my boss (wink wink you know what that means I hope). Even the chinese say that to one another anyway.
    Stop talking c***k and go swindle an indian.

  175. rajes says:

    Actually the way that MCA monkey chaptokam talking it more like some indian put red chilli up his anus.
    What to do? With a name like chap-to-kam

  176. Volcano says:

    Forgive that Mamak? Yes DSAI had forgiven him. Unfortunately, he cunt handle his guilt and the feeling will haunt him for the rest of his life. Probably, migrating may help, at least away from all the failures and the racist segregation and marginalisation of malaysians. But where? his good friend Mugabe is planning to migrate to malaysia after losing the election but with a chest full of money.
    Mugabe after learning from DR M, implemented the NEP in Zimbabwe. They killed some of the whites farmers, robbed and evicted the rest, and marginalise them under their NEP and the results are shocking. Now a 100 billion note can’t even buy a loaf of bread. After robbing the whites, they have full owneship of the land. But realised too late that they can’t managed the farms.
    Knowingly or unknowingly. The scenario is already repeating itself here in Malaysia. Many Companies taken over by so call bumiputras are reporting massive losses. Our currency is weakening. If all the Babis’ were to go back to china. China will benefit and we will own the whole Malaysia like Mugabe owning the whole of Zimbabwe. Then we will be holding 100 billion ringgit note hoping to buy a loaf of Gardenia Bread. Oh, Sorry, Gardenia has moved their factory to China.
    Dear GPMS and Zulklifli Nordin, your actions are reckless. One day after the Chinese are gone we will be begging them to come back.

  177. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyoyo, MCA has been opening its legs wide for UMNO for ages.
    No need to sell their female relatives.

    MCA have nothing to say to counter Anwar’s policy proposals, as anything they say will just embarass them with regard to UMNO.

    How do you defend Ketuanan Melayu with the Chinese community, when PKR is openly promoting Ketuanan Rakyat ?

    That’s why they resort to personal attacks on Anwar.

  178. member123 says:

    Those who have nothing else better to say than label Dr M a mamak, or any other derogative term, are utterly insensitive if not outright racists themselves.

    You can rant, scream, and demand for legal action to be taken against him and the rest of the corrupted cohorts, but to stoop so low to name-calling is pure pathetic on your part. You are no different from the morons who yell “Balik China” indiscriminately at the Bar Council forum.

    Show some sensitivity – do you not have acquaintances of mixed races? and just because they’ve done wrong, do you launch into a tirade of racial expletives? and don’t even try to justify it, i trust this is not the way our parents brought us up, and neither will we accept our own children behaving in such ways.

    And stick to the main issues concerned.

  179. chaptokam says:

    rajes (17:13:18) :
    there’s a saying don’t get involved with other peoples business . It didn’t involve you , why want to get involved ?

    But you made laugh today until I fell out of my chair with this comment of yours ; Stop talking c***k and go swindle an indian. hahahah !!!!!

    Have a good day and cheerio !!

  180. chaptokam says:


    BTW , you posted some very sensible views and comments other than our side shows , no hard feelings !!

  181. data says:

    Those who have nothing else better to say than label Dr M a mamak, or any other derogative term, are utterly insensitive if not outright racists themselves. -member123

    In way you are right. Mamaks are from tamil nad, kakas are from kerala.
    Way I see it, anyone showing sensitivity to mahathir is a sucker. That kaka (now a malay) deserves all that he`s getting.
    And the more the better for that descendant of crab catchers in malabar.

  182. Ayoyosamy says:

    A yo yo. Cant believe the feedback I hear lah. Anwar supporters after my arse. All just like him lah. Confirms my suspicions that Anwar is indeed an arse banger haha.

  183. data says:

    ina tambi suthal adiah?

  184. Lallang exile says:

    Hi everyone!

    What? Let the old snake slither away without doing anything?

    Surely, we don’t need Anwar to be PM first before the old snake is brought to justice? Do we just stand by while he attempts a Karadzic?

    Why, saudara and saudari? Have we given up on taking him to court to face up to what he did? What’s happening to the Lingam tapes inquiry? Have we forgotten to pursue the case just coz A is now in high spin about him becoming the PM in September? And what if Anwar’s wish does not come true?

    And dear Mr PM, now is the best time to live up to your promises and offer Malaysians a closure to the 22 years of er, mismanagement and tax evasion – among others – under M. Please start the court case ASAP and showcase to the world that you are stronger than they think………………see what’s happening at at neighbor Thailand’s house. Thaksin has announced he will seek political asylum in the UK.

  185. styx says:

    MCA towkays to pay RM218 mil for UMNO?
    Semi value to sell his backside for MIC contribution to UMNO.

  186. BobbyNZ says:

    George Soros bragged about devaluing the Soviet currency and stocks in his book “The Theory of Reflexivity” in early 90’s which caused the Soviet Union to break up. What was Malaysian currency and stocks to him in 1997/8? A piece of cake. Nothing the Malaysian govt did could withstand the onslaught of this US Operative who came with trillions to destroy the economies of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand involved in the Brazil deforestation project. Even Bill Clinton confirmed this when he stated that some countries had to be taught a lesson on ecology in his speech at Christchurch in 2003. What a bunch of CROOKS behind destroying the economies of their enemies. Of course Anwar is their friend.

  187. 104East says:

    Ha? He from Pakistan? How he got bumi status ah? Why I not hear Umnoputra’s shout “Oi, mamak go back pakistan”?

  188. misty says:

    Badawi punya kawan itu George Bush saved Badawi`s son arse in scomi scandal by turning a blind eye to the centrifuge scandal.
    The international money rapist mahathir (goes to play polo in S.America) crawling on his knees to get picture taken with Bush. Somemore had to pay. Only a kaka can think off such things.

  189. misty says:

    No lah. mahathir is descended from kerala crab catchers. He is a kaka.
    Not paki. Paki is that other nut from Malacca.

  190. Talkies says:

    Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad has denied speculation he will run against his arch-foe, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, in a by-election expected to return Anwar to parliament.

    Anwar was Mahathir’s deputy and heir apparent until 1998 when he was sacked and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges widely seen as retribution for challenging his one-time mentor.

    Mahathir, who has also had a serious falling out with his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said the ruling party has no one who can beat Anwar in the August 26 by-election.

    “At the moment I do not see anyone who can give Anwar a run for his money,” Mahathir said, according to the New Straits Times newspaper.


  191. Menyalak-er says:

    Why are we stoking ‘racial’ sentiments here? Is not ‘mamak’ a generic term, as in ‘chinapek’? You see the trap we have fallen into? Labels…
    I use the term hypermamak, mamakutty etc. for only one specific person, and is certainly not generic! Just like if you use Menyalak-er for me. So when you bark at this blog, do you not ‘menyalak’?
    Is that degoratary? Not for me!
    Why the hypersenstivity? After all people can call others they don’t know babi, snakes, kuttu etc. but those of the receiving end don’t retort? Swallow humble pie?
    Or has ‘mamak’ morphed into something we cannot mention like ‘bumiputra’? Dey, get a life!

  192. Menyalak-er says:

    Erm, Susan, why didn’t you give us another 1-2 more options e.g. economic asylum, mental asylum, novaeu very-rich asylum, geriatric asylum etc…
    I would have preferred the Mental Asylum – due to obscessive compulsive disorder with delusions of grandeur, omnipotency and omniscience; with tendency to coprolalia (literally, talk-shit).
    Btw, BobbyNZ, i’m psycho. remember?! By all definitions, will meet up with you and theWrathofGrapes who is equally sicko soon…

  193. Vindica says:

    After reading through all that were written here, I am amazed that countrymen are putting forth inflammatory and personal attacks against each other. Seriously, I suggest you all should sit back and reflect on your participation/contribution to this topic. Any person no matter from which ethnicity, race, religion and culture might get offended in some way after reading a few of such vitriolic and abusive language. I called for all to respect other people’s right to their opinions no matter how strongly you feel that it is wrong. Likewise the same will be shown to you by others who felt your opinions are too extreme. No one have the right to impose their views on another by way of personal attacks, name calling or using inflammatory language on another.

    Internet users should know that there are people who BAIT others by deliberately posting a provocative post that would offend others and thus instigate hostilities. In turn the person who feels insulted will start flaming the baiter and others may sympathise with whoever they feel is right and then begin the FLAME WARS. At the end of the day, no one wins, but everyone loses as those involved may be personally hurt, the objective of the blog hijacked and diverted to mud slinging and all sorts of abuses. The country and countrymen are more divisive (as though they were integrated in the first place, which imho they are not). As there are cybertroopers around, and may be the source of the Baiting, they will be happy to see the ruckus they started and you are one of their victims.

    So please respect the other internet users especially the Host Susan and refrain from such activities. Be wary of Baiters (who may or not be cybertroopers), sit down and think through before jumping up and shooting from the hips in respond to what you feel is a hostile attack on you. It is better to ignore those posters you know who often bait and if a respond is needed, be coorteous and present your side of the arguement in a very constructive manner. You will be respected for that.

  194. Concern about PKR says:

    Dear Miss Loone

    Just got a SMS and also heard that RPK was waylaid by some persons wearing masks. He was badly mugged with a torn lip ,broken teeth , a fractured skull , broken legs and a baseball bat ramed up his arse. I think to my opinion is a message to him to refrain getting invloved and keep im mouth shut. Heard that he is in a opeartion theater in Damansara Medical center getting the baseball bat removed. I could not get to submit this on his website as no log in details are provided.

    Can you please confirm if it is only a rumour or a fact. You should have his contact info.

  195. second to none says:

    chinapek? Please think again! Without Chinapek this country is nothing.
    I just heard one Chinapek had done our country proud by beating Tulfik of Indonesia the defending champion in the single badminton game in the Olympic. Let be kind to your Chinapek.

  196. cyber trooper says:

    Hi mate do not belief all this SMS rumours. All these are bunch of crap shit by persons who have nothing to do.

    Who wants to hurt RPK , he is doing justice.

  197. mamat ranchah says:

    iooooooo what is happening now. he goons now using baseball bats to sodomise. I better throw away my baseball bat or the police will accuse all ownersw of baseball bat of sodomising Raja Petra.

  198. mamat ranchah says:

    Is it true raja have the baseball bat shaft into his arse

  199. Truth Seeker says:

    The Seven Basic Principles of Public Life … and the Benchmark for Good Governance.

    PLEASE Pass these freely to those among us who care for the future of our beloved Country, MALAYSIA.


    These are:

    Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.

    Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

    In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.

    Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

    Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

    Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

    Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

    What is Good Governance?


    What is good governance?
    The debate on the quality of governance has been clouded by a slew of slightly differing definitions and understanding of what is actually meant by the term. Typically, it is defined in terms of the mechanisms thought to be needed to promote it. For example, in various places, good governance has been associated with democracy and good civil rights, with transparency, with the rule of law, and with efficient public services.

    Good governance

    It is among other things participatory, transparent and accountable. It is also effective and equitable. And it promotes the rule of law. UNDP

    It “… encompasses the role of public authorities in establishing the environment in which economic operators function and in determining the distribution of benefits as well as the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. OECD (www.oecd.org/dac/)

    It is “… epitomized by predictable, open and enlightened policy making; a bureaucracy imbued with a professional ethos; an executive arm of government accountable for its actions; and a strong civil society participating in public affairs; and all behaving under the rule of law. World Bank 1994: Governance: The World Bank’s Experience.

    Mechanisms for assuring good governance have three key elements: Internal rules and restraints (for example, internal accounting and auditing systems, independence of the judiciary and the central bank, civil service and budgeting rules); Voice and partnership (for example, public-private deliberation councils, and service delivery surveys to solicit client feedback); and Competition (for example, competitive social service delivery, private participation in infrastructure, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and outright privatization of certain market-driven activities). WDR 1997.

    In other cases, the definition of good governance goes further than mechanisms and proposes that good governance be equated with specific outcomes – in a Rawlsian sense of assuring that everyone, irrespective of social or economic status, has a voice in governing and receives just, fair, equitable treatment. For example, the UNDP notes that: Good governance is, among other things, participatory, transparent and accountable. It is also effective and equitable. And it promotes the rule of law. Good governance ensures that political, social and economic priorities are based on broad consensus in society and that the voices of the poorest and the most vulnerable are heard in decision-making over the allocation of development resources.”[1]

    In general, this initiative will take as a starting point the five dimensions of good governance that was developed in the World Bank’s Corruption study for Europe and Central Asia and contained in the Bank’s most recent update of its public sector strategy: public sector management, competitive private sector, structure of government, civil society participation and voice, and political accountability.[2] This definition goes well beyond effective delivery of public services (even if that is a benchmark indicator of the quality of governance, a lightning rod for public sentiments about government, and a useful starting point for assessing the quality of governance). And it can also go well beyond the notion of “economic governance” which is typically the focus of most World Bank work on governance.

    Of these dimensions, the most problematic for this work are those of civil society voice and participation and political accountability. However, the consensus of the team is that neither better public sector management nor a competitive private sector can be reliably and sustainably achieved without voice and accountability, especially in MNA countries which typically score low on measures of these indices.


    Civil Society Essential Benchmarks for WSIS

    The essential benchmarks listed in this document reflect work in progress by the civil society content and themes group of the WSIS process. While there is consensus on the priorities stated here this document does not represent absolute consensus, nor does the order of the essential benchmarks constitute a strict ranking in order of importance. For more information on the WSIS CS CT group, contact: Sally Burch,

    1. Introduction

    The approach to the “Information Society” on which the WSIS has been based reflects, to a large extent, a narrow understanding in which ICTs means telecommunications and the Internet. This approach has marginalised key issues relating to the development potential inherent in the combination of knowledge and technology and thus conflicts with the broader development mandate given in UNGA Resolution 56/183.

    Civil society is committed to a people-centred, inclusive approach based on respect for human rights principles and development priorities. We believe these principles and priorities should be embedded throughout the WSIS Declaration of Principles and Action Plan. This paper sets out the benchmarks against which civil society will assess the outcomes of the WSIS process and the commitment of all stakeholders to achieving its mandate.

    2. Human rights

    The WSIS Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action, should take as their foundations the international human rights framework. This implies the full integration, concrete application and enforcement of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including labour rights, the right to development, as well as the principle of non-discrimination. The universality, indivisibility, interrelatedness and interdependence of all human rights should be clearly recognized, together with their centrality to democracy and the rule of law.

    All Principles of the Declaration and all activities in the Action Plan, should be in full compliance with international human rights standards, which should prevail over national legislative frameworks. The “information society” must not result in any discrimination or deprivation of human rights resulting from the acts or omissions of governments or of non-state actors under their jurisdictions. Any restriction on the use of ICTs must pursue a legitimate aim under international law, be prescribed by law, be strictly proportionate to such an aim, and be necessary in a democratic society.

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is of fundamental and specific importance to the information society, requiring that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    3. Poverty reduction and the Right to Development

    Given the unequal distribution of wealth among and within nations, the struggle against poverty should be the top priority on the agenda of the World Summit on the Information Society. It is not possible to achieve sustainable development by embracing new communication technologies without challenging existing inequalities.

    Civil society organisations from different parts of the world unite in their call to governments to take this matter very seriously. We want to emphasise that challenging poverty requires more than setting of ‘development agendas’. It requires the commitment of significant financial and other resources, linked with social and digital solidarity, channeled through existing and new financing mechanisms that are managed transparently and inclusively of all sectors of society.

    4. Sustainable development

    An equitable Information Society must be shaped by the needs of people and communities and based on sustainable economic, social development and democratic principles, including the Millennium Development Goals.

    Only development that embraces the principles of social justice and gender equality can be said to centrally address fundamental social, cultural and economic divides. Market-based development solutions often fail to address more deep-rooted and persistent inequalities in and between countries of the North and South.

    Democratic and sustainable development of in the information society can therefore not be left solely to market forces and the propagation of technology. In order to balance commercial objectives with legitimate social interests, recognition should be given to the need for responsibility of the public sector, appropriate regulation and development of public services, and the principle of equitable and affordable access to services.

    People and communities must be empowered to develop their own solutions within the information society, in particular to fight poverty and to participate in development through fully democratic processes that allow community access to and participation in decision-making.

    5. Social Justice

    5.1 Gender Equality

    An equitable and inclusive Information Society must be based on gender justice and be particularly guided by the interpretation of principles of gender equality, non-discrimination and women’s empowerment as contained in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the CEDAW Convention. The Action Plan must demonstrate a strong commitment to an intersectional approach to redressing discrimination resulting from unequal power relations at all levels of society. To empower girls and women throughout their life cycle, as shapers and leaders of society, gender responsive educational programs and appropriate learning environments need to be promoted. Gender analysis and the development of both quantitative and qualitative indicators in measuring gender equality through an extensive and integrated national system of monitoring and evaluation are “musts”.

    5.2 Disability

    Specific needs and requirements of all stakeholders, including those with disabilities, must be considered in ICT development. Accessibility and inclusiveness of ICTs is best done at an early stage of design, development and production, so that the Information Society is to become the society for all, at minimum cost.

    5.3 Labour rights

    Essential human rights, such as privacy, freedom of expression, and the right of trade unions to communicate with employees, should be respected in the workplace. ICTs are progressively changing our way of working and the creation of a secure, safe and healthy working environment , appropriate to the utilisation of ICTs, respecting core labour standards, is fundamental. ICTs should be used to promote awareness of, respect for and enforcement of universal human rights standards and core labor standards.

    5.4 Indigenous Peoples

    The evolution of the Information Society must be founded on the respect and promotion of the recognition of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and their distinctiveness as outlined in the ILO Convention 169 and the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. They have fundamental rights to protect, preserve and strengthen their own identity and cultural diversity. ICT’s should be used to support and promote the rights and means of Indigenous Peoples to benefit fully and with priority from their cultural, intellectual and so-called natural resources.

    6. Literacy, Education and Research

    Literacy and free universal access to education is a key principle. All initiatives must embrace this principle and respond to needs of all. Knowledge societies require an informed and educated citizenry. Capacity building needs to include skills to use ICTs, media and information literacy, and the skills needed for active citizenship including the ability to find, appraise, use and create information and technology. Approaches that are local, horizontal, gender-responsive and socially-driven and mediated should be prioritised. A combination of traditional and new media as well as open access to knowledge and information should be encouraged.

    7. Cultural and linguistic diversity

    Communications media and information technologies have a particularly important role to play in sustaining and developing the world’s cultures and languages. The implementation of this principle requires support for a plurality of means of information and communication and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity, as outlined in UNESCO’s Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

    8. Access and Infrastructure

    Global universal access to communication and information should be a target of the WSIS action plan and the expansion of the global information infrastructure should be based on principles of equality and partnership and guided by rules of fair competition and regulation at both national and international levels. The integration of access, infrastructure and training of the citizenry and the generation of local content, in a framework of social networks and clear public or private policies, is a key basis for the development of egalitarian and inclusive information societies. The evolution of policy should be coordinated internationally but enable a diversity of appropriate solutions based on national and regional input and international sharing of information and resources. This should be people-centered and process-orientated, rather than technologically determined and expert dominated.

    9. Governance and enabling environment

    9.1 Democratic governance

    Good governance in a democratic society implies openness, transparency, accountability, and compliance with the rule of law. Respect for these principles is needed to enforce the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs. Public access to information produced or maintained by governments should be enforced, ensuring that the information is timely, complete and accessible in a format and language the public can understand. This also applies to access to information produced or maintained by corporations where this relates to activities affecting the public interest.

    While allowing for government information services to communicate their message, state-controlled media at the national level should be transformed into editorially independent public service media organisations and/or privatised. Efforts which encourage pluralism and diversity of media ownership must be encouraged to avoid excessive media concentration

    9.3 Community media

    Community media, that is media which are independent, community-driven and civil-society based, have a specific and crucial role to play in enabling access and participation for all to the information society, especially the poorest and most marginalised communities. Community media should be supported and promoted. Governments should assure that legal frameworks for community media are non-discriminatory and provide for equitable allocation of frequencies through transparent and accountable mechanisms.

    9.4 Internet governance

    The global governance of ICT must be based on the values of open participation, inclusiveness, transparency, and democratic accountability. It should establish and support universal participation in addressing new international policy and technical issues raised by the Internet and ICT. No single body and no single stakeholder group is able to manage all of the issues alone. Many stakeholders, cooperating in strict accordance with widely supported rules and procedures, must define the global agenda.

    The non-government sector has played a historically critical role in Internet Governance, and this must be recognized. The strength of the Internet as an open non-Government platform should be reinforced, with an explicit and stronger role for Civil Society. The role of Governments should be no greater than that of any other stakeholder group.

    10 Public Domain of Global Knowledge

    10.1 Limited intellectual monopolies

    Human knowledge, including the knowledge of all peoples and communities, also those who are remote and excluded, is the heritage of all humankind and the reservoir from which new knowledge is created. A rich public domain is essential to inclusive information societies. Limited intellectual monopolies, such as copyrights or patents, are granted only for the benefit of society, most notably to encourage creativity and innovation. The benchmark against which they must be reviewed and adjusted regularly is how well they fulfill their purpose.

    10.2 Free Software

    Software is the cultural technique of the digital age and access to it determines who may participate in a digital world. Free Software with its freedoms of use for any purpose, studying, modification and redistribution is an essential building block for an empowering, sustainable and inclusive information society. No software model should be forbidden or negatively regulated, but Free Software should be promoted for its unique social, educational, scientific, political and economic benefits and opportunities.

    10.3 Access to information in the public domain

    Today, more than 80% of mankind has no access to the reservoir of human knowledge that is the public domain and from which our new knowledge is created. Their intellectual power remains uninitialized and consequently unused, lost to all humankind. The reservoir of human knowledge must be made equally available to all in online and offline media by means of Free Documentation, public libraries and other initiatives to disseminate information.

    10.4 Open access to scientific information

    Free scientific information is a requirement for sustainable development. Science is the source of the technological development that empowers the Information Society, including the World Wide Web. In the best tradition of science, scientific authors donate their work to humankind and therefore, it must be equally available to all, on the Web, in online Open Access journals and online Open Archives.

    11. Security and privacy

    11.1 Integrity and security

    Definitions of criminal and terrorist purposes in existing and emerging policies and legislation are ambiguous and prevent the use of information resources for legitimate purposes. The legitimate need for infrastructure integrity must avoid shift to the highly politicized agenda characterized by language referring to the integrity of the military field and the use of information resources for criminal and terrorist purposes.

    11.2 Right to privacy

    The right to privacy should be affirmed in the context of the information society. It must be defended in public spaces, online, offline, at home and in the workplace. Every person must have the right to decide freely whether and in what manner he or she wants to receive information and communicate with others. The possibility of communicating anonymously must be ensured for everyone. The collection, retention, use and disclosure of personal data, no matter by whom, should remain under the control of the individual concerned. The power of the private sector and governments over personal data, including monitoring and surveillance, increases the risk of abuse, and must be kept to a minimum under clearly specified, legal conditions.



    Regional IIAS Conference on Transparency for Good Governance
    17 July 2006
    Monterrey, Mexico
    Speech by Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD

    It gives me great pleasure to take part in this important Conference and in this connection
    I am grateful to the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, the National Institute of
    Public Administration and the Government of the State of Nuevo León for having been kind
    enough to invite me.

    The subject that has brought us together is, moreover, fascinating. We are faced with the
    major challenge of our generation in all its dimensions: good governance in order to find solutions
    to common challenges. Governance in the context of the nation state but also governance in the
    international arena.

    The link between governance and transparency appears to be faithfully reflected in the
    objectives of this conference given that transparency is a prerequisite for bolstering governmental
    efficiency, enhancing the design of public policies and promoting trust in governments. To the
    extent that democratic governments favour transparency, there is a concomitant free flow of
    information not only about government policies but their implementation and rationale. This is a
    beneficial dynamic that flows in two directions. Governments are obliged to inform but they are
    also under obligation to listen and use the information that is generated in different sectors in order
    to evaluate their own performance and the success or failure of their policies. In the last resort,
    what matters is accountability regarding what should in theory be the core functions of
    government: in other words, the goal is to facilitate optimal economic and social performance to
    benefit the governed.

    In addition, transparency favours the adoption of public policies that are far more credible
    and effective. In submitting them to an open and pluralist evaluation process, with trustworthy
    performance indicators, these policies become richer and can have a greater impact or be
    reformulated in accordance with their results. The design of efficient policies is a subject that is
    particularly interesting for the OECD given that our main function is to support our member
    countries as they seek to identify best practices with regard to public policies. As a result, the
    OECD has come to be identified as “the home of best practices”. Our task is based precisely on the
    exchange of information and experience among policymakers in various sectors, based on
    comparable indicators that are internationally trusted.

    Transparency is also a mechanism that ensures general trust in the government. This is
    especially important at a time when all over the world this trust would appear to be at a low ebb
    even in cases in which there is a concern to have “open governments” in place. It is therefore of
    paramount importance to redouble our efforts in order to demonstrate that what the government
    does is important and that it does it in the best manner. The culture of transparency helps to
    promote this message and also contributes to strengthening the institutional development that has
    been identified as one of the central ingredients of economic development.

    Cases of corruption in the governmental sphere go a long way to explaining the fall in
    confidence on the part of citizens. It is precisely for this reason that transparency is a fundamental
    tool in avoiding the emergence of such incidents. As Benjamin Franklin remarked, transparency is
    “the most effective corruption deterrent”. A lack of transparency merely fuels inappropriate
    conduct, especially when it goes hand-in-hand with an indiscriminate use of power. Greater
    transparency, as reflected in greater information about public expenditure, administrative
    simplification or public employment provides a long-term strategy that can help to fend off
    corruption by weakening its roots.

    The foregoing considerations have highlighted the factors that account for why we need
    greater transparency in the exercise of governance. Now I would like to set about discussing the
    ways that have been selected by the OECD countries to strengthen this transparency, underlining
    the fact that there is more than one way to achieve this goal. Building a culture of transparency is
    the result of a long learning curve. Successful transparency policies require a combination of legal
    frameworks, effective mechanisms for implementation and control, and a supportive environment
    in both the private and the public sector as well as in society at large.

    Transparency also has different historical phases given that it is a continuous process.
    While it is the case that in Sweden legislation about access to information was adopted two
    centuries ago, most OECD members have only gained access over the last 15 years. As of now, 29
    OECD countries are equipped with this legal framework. At the same time, a number of
    independent institutions have also sprung up, such as the higher Audit Authorities or Ombudsmen.
    At present, 27 countries of the OECD can point to the existence of watchdog agencies of this type
    which principally seek to guarantee access to information.

    A particularly important factor in the promotion of transparency is ensuring the
    participation of some important stakeholders. Among these, the parliament/congress are guarantors
    of the efficient functioning of transparency mechanisms. By the same token, the media plays a
    vital role. In a system of checks and balances, the media, through investigative journalism, can
    play a crucial part in publicizing both good practices and malfeasance.

    Finally, technological advances have led to the creation of more effective bridges to help
    establish contact with citizens. Countries are exploring how best they can harness the benefits of
    information technology so as to live up to the expectations of a technological society. In fact, these
    technologies maximize potential for transparency and innovation. The application of the ICTs has
    generated important cultural change, particularly in sensitive areas such as tax administration,
    public works concessions and governmental procurement.

    These are ostensibly abstract issues; however, in order to achieve efficient and consistent
    performance, great political leadership is required. Leaders who have pursued its implementation
    know that by investing in transparency they are guaranteed valuable input and crucial new ideas in
    the public policy sphere when making decisions and building up public trust, increasing the quality
    of democracy and bolstering civic capacity.

    In any case, the path for changing the culture of transparency is long and ever-changing.
    And maintaining the culture of transparency is a permanent challenge for all countries. It calls for
    continuous investment of scarce public resources in order to ensure that public information is
    complete, objective, trustworthy, relevant and easy to understand. A case in point is that even
    though Sweden adopted free access to information two centuries ago, the government still had to
    launch a campaign in 2001 because “transparency is something that should be learnt by each and
    every one of us”.

    I would now like to take a look at a number of studies and analyses which have been
    carried out by the OECD with regard to good governance. We are talking here especially about the
    development of best practices, courses of action and principles to strengthen good governance,
    whether public or private. Some examples of this include:

    • The OECD Best Practices for Budget Transparency. These best practices seek to
    support countries in their efforts to evaluate and improve their budgetary information

    • Guidelines for the management of conflicts of interest in the public sector. These
    were approved in 2003 and provide the first comprehensive international benchmark
    for supporting governments in their endeavours to revise and modernize their policies
    for managing conflicts of interest with the participation of the private sector and civil

    • OECD Principles on Corporate Governance. These were approved in 2004 and
    include recommendations about transparency in the interest of promoting good
    practices in corporate behaviour the better to rebuild and maintain public confidence
    in companies and stock markets. The revised principles promote transparency and the
    disclosure of information as well as the adoption of controls to prevent conflicts of

    • Parastatal Companies. The principles are also applied to parastatals given that in
    many countries these are a key sector in which political interference in day-to-day
    operations should be avoided. The principles establish transparent objectives for
    companies in this field which need to be carried out by accountable and transparent
    governing bodies.

    The OECD also promotes international dialogue on transparency, extending beyond its
    members countries. For example, the OECD launched an initiative to generate dialogue with the
    Organization of American States to develop a framework of integrity that would support the
    development of preventive mechanisms in the context of the Inter-American Convention against

    The OECD is one more ally in the promotion of transparency in the governments of
    member and non-member countries. As I noted earlier, the goal is to achieve transparency so as to
    generate greater trust in public matters, transparency to promote better policies and, in a word,
    transparency to achieve governmental objectives so as to improve the living conditions of the
    population. This is the ultimate objective and good governance is one of the most important tools
    for achieving this.

    In this connection, there is an additional contribution that the culture of transparency can
    make to underpin effective governance. The task of exchanging and providing information about
    governmental decisions and public policies tends to bolster them purely by exposure to feedback
    from citizens. At the same time, citizens can contribute to their success by taking ownership of
    these policies and lending them their public support. This is particularly important in the context of
    structural reform.

    In many countries we have witnessed the difficulties involved in pursuing efforts to adopt
    the necessary reforms to ensure that economic growth rests on sound foundations. Now it is not
    only necessary to have serious and rigorous policy planning but also negotiation and persuasion of
    the various stakeholders to facilitate the approval of reform. And many times this involves
    challenging different vested interests of well-organized groups that are resistant to change. In this
    context, actions taken by citizens that are well-informed and aware of all the issues at stake can be
    a decisive factor. And it is the case that a government that provides information and puts the
    options on the table can be an invaluable source of support and thereby create a virtuous circle to
    facilitate the attainment of progress for our economies.

    The OECD has taken a keen interest in supporting member countries in their attempts to
    achieve progress in structural reform. This is not only an important mandate which has been
    conferred upon us by the Ministers of the member countries but also a cornerstone in the agenda of
    public policies of our member countries. Our mission is to promote maximum economic growth
    and to this end the restructuring and modernization of different sectors is often necessary. Seeking
    the support of citizens and public opinion for structural reforms is also part of the Organization’s

    Transparency and good governance thereby acquire additional importance by becoming
    prerequisites for making headway in addressing the challenges of economic growth. If this is
    significant for advanced countries in the OECD, it is especially vital for countries like Mexico, or
    developing countries. As a result I am delighted to share with you the results of our analysis. I
    hope that this will provide helpful input for discussions conducted in the course of this conference
    and I further hope that the experiences of the different participants will result in the development
    of some proposals that will help address our common challenges.

    Many thanks.


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  220. matt says:


  221. ktteokt says:

    He made so many enemies during his reign due to his arrogance. So where the hell in this world can he “hide” in peace? Perhaps he should approach our “astronaut” and learn how to get to outer space where he can live in peace happily ever after!

  222. Bujang says:

    104East, how this Indian Kutty got his bumiputra status….? Was my question long ago. The whole nation was deceived by this Indian and he could get what he wanted to satisfy his ego by beating this “Malay Bumiputra” drumb! His face is Indian, his name is Indian… His father is Indian. What more do you want to see?
    How much he has destroyed the country, stolen fromt he country, twisted its mindsets, and mke us suffer robbing us of our $$ and opportunities?? All under this cloak of “Bumiputraism”.
    Yet, we have to take more than 22 years to wake up and see this.
    I’m happy we are seeing it now.
    So if the sufferings he had unjustifyly imposed on Anwar are not brought up to justice and let people know the truth, I’ll spit on Anwar as he would disgrace himself and his family and the nation for the rest of his life!
    Does he want to go down in history in this manner? It is not revenge; it’s the TRUTH, THE TRUTH! We need to have in our histroty the TRUTH! Not through Kutty’s looking-glass!
    He told people he was not corrupted and asked them to prove it. Why? Cos he was never convicted, could you believe him? Do I need to say more why he must be convicted?
    Xy & Observer, where do you get the silent “majority” from? Still so blind to see the evils from this Indian? Let it be; if you choose to be blind, please yourself?

  223. PHUA KL says:

    Dear All

    Vindica 20:27:20 is absolutely correct!

    Some people will sell their souls to the devil for money.

    As more and more decent Malaysians desert the BN, it is
    fast becoming the choice of the utterly corrupt (including BN cybertroopers pretending to be honest commentators) and the foolish!

    Phua Kai Lit

  224. wits0 says:

    Sophistry and Arrogance, ktteok. With that characteristic slight back tilt of his head, he assume the stance of utmost self-righteousness on the podium and facing the mike, talking down to all and sundry.

    He has cause to feel worry.

  225. Talkies says:

    The whole nation was deceived by this Indian..Bujang

    The kaka is a muslim whose ancestor was from the crab catching coastal area of malabar in kerala. His father banged a malay woman and out popped this runt sometime in 1925.

    The law says one parent a malay makes the progeny malay. So the kaka is malay as far as the law is concerned. But his innate characteristics, descended from crab catchers remain the same. As a malay the kaka has been consistently “ketam menyuruh anaknya jalan betul”.
    His most exemplary performance was in 1969. MCA`s

  226. Steppes says:

    First of all, it will be stripped of its power and transferred to the United Nations. – The Prophet

    Really? Thank god. Then that f****d up muslim organisation can move its HQ to Mecca and stop wasting the world`s time.

  227. Steppes says:

    I asked this question to a retired politician at the top : Why did Anwar take on Dr M in 1997 when he would be PM soon? His answer: US wanted him to act fast due to the Brazil deforestation project. – BobbyNZ

    Hahaha this is the calibre of malaysian idiots from sekolah pondok.

  228. xy says:


    sorry you missed my point altogether.

    after 51 years of independence, we still see hatreds and there are plenty of hatreds amongst the bloggers in this forum. Evidence, just count the numbers of name calling and abusive languages. Are these jokes and humour ? If they are, sorry I will choose not to be party to.

    if this cyberspace is a reflection of our real society, then we can kiss goodbye our dream of a harmonious society. i fear for the society, for, at this rate, we will certainly see blood, it is just a matter of time.

  229. PHUA KL says:

    Dear Friends

    Read this!


    Phua Kai Lit

  230. hutchrun says:

    xy hopefully we will not see your comments then in the future. Mahaguru58 and Menj await you. You`ll love their blogs, just up your street.

  231. hutchrun says:

    Btw xy thank you for bringing this on with your comment:

    Ahhhhhhh feels so good having said that.

  232. das says:

    It is GOOD to HATE EVIL and its supporters.

  233. Knight Rider says:

    Hatred are caused by those who took their religion as the most supreme of all in this world.
    Hatred are caused by those who thought that their race are the most supreme of all in this world.
    That’s why when we talk or compare to religion and race, we will be real suckers after that.
    We’re born in the same way and with same features, except for our skin colour and our believe.
    That only, will create problems among us.
    What the bloody heck!!!

  234. PHUA KL says:

    Dear Susan and Friends


    If Indonesia can do this, so can we!

    Phua Kai Lit

  235. kittykat46 says:

    XY should stick to reading MyKMU…

  236. Vision2020 says:

    XY and chaptokam and BobbyNZ would love this:

    allegedly called Indian students in a Form Four and a Form Five class ‘keling pariah’, ‘Negro’, ‘black monkeys’ as well as other derogatory names.

    The teacher had also purportedly said that ‘Indians came from dogs’ and the community members were stupid and prone to thuggery and thievery.

    The police reports also alleged that the teacher had said that Indians were the ‘children of prostitutes’ and the community’s youths ‘did not have testicles’

  237. Vision2020 says:

    Recently, about 500 angry parents and other members of the Indian community gathered outside the school to stage a protest over racial slurs and abuse allegedly uttered by a teacher against Indian students recently.

    The slurs by the teacher was apparently included in the police report and it somehow managed to appear on the The Star’s online version, although it appears to have been taken down afterwards. Blogger Poobalan managed to post the original Star report.

    Star being an MCA paper would have tried to hide it. Semi value was ayoyo only.

  238. Vision2020 says:

    The slurs by the teacher was apparently included in the police report and it somehow managed to appear on the The Star’s online version, although it appears to have been taken down afterwards. Blogger Poobalan managed to post the original Star report.

    Star being an MCA paper tried to hide it.

  239. Friend of RPK says:

    Any news on what is happening to our dear RPK. Getting worried as his website MT is also silent

  240. Vision2020 says:

    Blogger Poobalan managed to post the original Star report. Caution – The words mentioned might put off some. Read it here

  241. Vision2020 says:

    BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.
    The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.
    To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

  242. Eric says:

    by the way, Volcano, I don’t think Mahathir feel guilty. I believe he has no sense of guilt. Only good man has.

  243. Knight Rider says:

    Did Islam teaches us to be racist?
    Did Buddhism teaches us to be racist?
    Did Christianity teaches us to be racist?
    If there are no racist, never will there be any incident like, May13th.
    But in the present days, we’ve seen lots and lots of racist around especially in the parliament house alone.
    It’s only a matter of time of when the “time bomb” will explode!

  244. whispering9 says:

    BobbyNZ “I asked this question to a retired politician at the top. His answer: US wanted him to act fast due to the Brazil deforestation project.” Hahahahahaha….this really really funny. You make me so happy this morning with such heartful laughter. You now sound so intelligent now. Hahahahaha. Every Malaysians ‘appreciates’ the IQ of our (most, anyway) politicians.

  245. zorop says:

    yes eric. leaders begat leaders.
    it’s the former prime minister’s
    duty to see absolute powers are in good hands.
    he is definitely NOT not guilty!

  246. Frank Vaiyapurry says:

    Mahathir should leave Malaysia and go to Boratland Khazakstan. I believe he is a honorary citizen of that country. But before he takes off, we have to arrest him and charge him with treason as he is the bastard who screwed the Constution, the Judiciary, the Police, UMNO, Barisan, Anwar, Razaleigh, Musa, economy and Malaysias international standing.

  247. hutchrun says:

    Did Islam teaches us to be racist? – Knight Rider

    Dr Mahathir has now declared Malaysia an Islamic state, and played into the hands of those who want Malaysia ruled by a Muslim ummah, in which the non-Malays are reduced to non-entities. He can moan as he likes about the declining and reduced multiracialism in an increasingly Islamic Malaysia, but it is crocodile tears he sheds. He allowed the rot to seep in, allowing the Islamic zealots in Malaysian life — every ministry has its own Islamic vanguard which vets and prevents non-Muslims from promotions and even the perks of the jobs they hold. One now retired senior non-Malay civil servant told me how he, as deputy head of the department, was never allowed to act for his superior; the third in line, a Malay, always was. His promotion itself was so resented by this group that the head of department nearly got transferred out himself. Dr Mahathir is aware of all this, but he is powerless, in the circumstances by which he now governs, to act.


  248. Kitty Hawk says:

    Dear all

    Raja Petra is okay. The surgery was all fine and he is now a wake. Just like a blushing pride after the wedding night and his first words were ” Opps I guess I can not claim to have a virgin arse anymore”

  249. xy says:

    religion itself has got nothing to do with race.

    however, if religion is bundled to a particular race (especially the majority race) in a multi-racial society, then we are building a time bomb.

    stripped naked of our skin colours and cultures, all human beings are the same. Promoting racism is just a reflection of ignorance of true human being.

  250. xy says:

    correction : “….true human being.” ==> “…true human nature.” sori.

  251. wits0 says:

    XY, pease take a moment to ponder on this famous conversation between two well known personalities . You should know who they were if you’re a learned Buddhist:

    “King Milind: If you speak honestly to someone about how badly they behave,
    is this not abuse, which might lead to a breach of the peace?

    Nagasena: Do you bow down and show respect to a criminal? Or do you
    show him the error of his ways? Do you try to cure vigorous diseases with
    soft drugs? ”

    Therefore, XY, your own position on the matter is flawed even if some orthodox school of Buddhism holds blindly on to it. Do not also impute hatred into a natural response unnecessarily. That does not brighten your own astral or serve any practical function at the end of the day but may mislead others too.

  252. dendy says:

    By hook or crook ALL must convert to islam.

  253. xy says:


    tks for your wisdom.

    I am far from being a learned Buddhist.


    Have a great day.

  254. Knight Rider says:

    I do believe that not all malays nowadays are racist type like Tun “M”.
    I’ve travelled alot of places around Malaysia and even to Kelantan where majority of them are of religious type but I find alot of them friendly and they never even bother interfere with others lives.
    Just look at all those Siamese temples in Kelantan and you’ll understand.
    I believe that Tun “M” is just a handful of those “suvivors” who is trying to revive the “racist” tradition.
    Anyway, it’s not he who decide the fate of Malaysia for the newer generation are more smarter in thinking.
    I believe that Anwar might have learned his mistakes in the past and no longer share the ideology with Tun “M”.
    That’s why I prefer to see him as the next PM rather than hoping for those who are corrupted or those who’re the “creation” of Tun “M”.
    Otherwise, never will there be anymore Malaysia and will be the next indonesia then.
    Most malays here are not hoping for that!

  255. I like chopin says:

    The only place Mahathir should migrate to is HELL.Period.

  256. Joe says:

    It would be a good idea to have a systematic witch hunt in this country after 50 years of being virtually a one party state. Those who don’t want to be caught with their pants down, should flee the country now while there is still time. This applies especially toMahathir and family, Najib and family, Rafidah Aziz &Co, the IGP and the AG, among others.

    The first act of the Reformasi Government should be the confiscation of the passports of prime suspects, a travel ban, and the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the May 13 Race Riots and the Taman Medan riots. Many of the perpetrators are still around and they need to be brought to justice.

    We also need to investigate the botched attempt to corner the International Tin Market, the billion dollar forex losses by Bank Negara and the secret accounts of Petronas, among others.

  257. dendy says:

    Today`s Star headlines: Thaksin On The Run
    Sept 17 Star headlines : Mahathir On The Run

  258. smite says:

    One key personality in the Youth Movement, who is now in Umno, related how he used to act as the courier between Rameli and Ezam. He was tasked with the job of carrying large sums of money from Rameli to Ezam. Ezam, of course, paid him a commission for the job. This was in the days of 2001-2003 when Ezam was under Internal Security Act detention and was not able to collect the money himself. Later, after Ezam was released, he cut out the middleman, who soon after that left the party to rejoin Umno since it was no longer profitable to remain in the opposition.

    Yes, it’s all about money. Rameli, Nalla and Ezam are united by their love for the Ringgit. And they can make even more money if they successfully fix up Anwar on sodomy charges. Ever wondered why Shafee Abdullah and Daim Zainuddin are also involved? Yes, they are involved. And this is because these two also worship money and bow five times a day to the mighty Ringgit.

  259. wits0 says:

    I agree with Joe, because those are the things that are logical and also in the natural order of things that should be addressed if there’s to be a real and purposeful tackling of the nagging problems by way of justice in any Reformation.

    We know too well, e.g., that the Tun’s (in)famous book was/is a book of demagoguery with doctored “facts”.

  260. kittykat46 says:

    Sept 18 – Mahathir arrives in Zimbabwe.

    Yes, hardly anybody seems to have noted Mahathir “the genius” behind Maminco’s attempt to manipulate the global tin market, which led to the collapse of the price of tin – it took more than 10 years to recover.

    It led to most of the tin mines in Perak to close down, throwing thousands of people out of a job, and the economy of Ipoh and Perak has never recovered, even today.

    What say, you , BobbyNZ ?

  261. raja says:

    BobbyNZ is Tinman lah. Full of dents with all the knocking.

  262. noevil says:

    Hey guys, some of you are tainting susan’s blog with racist insult and personal attack, how can Malaysia have a cohesive & tolerant multi-racial society if everybody behave and think like that.

  263. EEEjam says:

    noevil taints susan`s blog by dumbing down freedom of expression under false accusations. noevil is full of evil.

  264. EEEjam says:

    noevil now threatens susan`s blog readers and commentors a la zulkifli of kulim (now missing).

  265. Anonymous says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (23:31:01) :
    “Only those who fear of losing their grip on RAKYAT’s monies for their own benefit, as the umnoputras/bn goons, as in chaptokam….”

    Precisely. It is quite clear that this sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam is ONLY concerned about his own benefits made available to him by BN government. Thus no matter how rotten the current administration, sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam does not really care.

    What sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam does here is to throw in as much rubbish here “ranging from… his religious behaviour…, women period…., kiss his as…. etc” to confuse and bullsh*t people by saying “Oh after all sort of discussions, there is no right and wrong. Lets go for status quo”

    While this sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam has been uttering a lot of rubbish, what this sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam didn’t tell all is that his bottomline is to safeguard his own benefits made available to him by BN government.

  266. sweetners says:

    Holy War against fellow muslim by UMNO:

    KUALA LUMPUR – THE women’s wing of Malaysia’s ruling party has reportedly declared a ‘jihad’ or holy war to prevent opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim returning to parliament in a by-election this month.

  267. PHUA KL says:

    Hi Joe 10:31:13

    I think you forgot the following:

    New Government to get back the rakyat’s hard-earned money from the many Swiss bank accounts.

    Phua Kai Lit

  268. PHUA KL says:

    Indonesia is doing it.
    We can do it too (under new management, naturally).
    Malaysia Boleh!


    Phua Kai Lit

  269. PHUA KL says:

    Hi All

    Indonesia is doing it.
    We can do it too (under new management, naturally).
    Malaysia Boleh!

    Take a look at this article from the BBC:


    Phua Kai Lit

  270. Anonymous says:

    “KUALA LUMPUR – THE women’s wing of Malaysia’s ruling party has reportedly declared a ‘jihad’ or holy war to prevent opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim returning to parliament in a by-election this month.
    ‘It is a jihad because this individual should not be given the chance to destroy the country’s political stability and prosperity’, women’s wing deputy chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said according to The Star newspaper.

    Ms Shahrizat, a former cabinet minister, lost her seat in parliament to Mr Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah in landmark March elections that handed the opposition unprecedented gains against the ruling coalition. ”

    A former cabinet minister of BN government got this kind of standard to interprete jihad. Disrupting democracy process(preventing dsai returning to parliament in a by-election) means ‘jihad’???

    A BN cabinet minister can be so no standard.
    No wonder BN cybertrooper like sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam is so so no standard.

  271. kittykat46 says:

    I had considered Sharhrizat one of the semi-decent BN ministers.
    I was wrong – she’s just another BN apparatchik.

  272. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear friends,
    It is apparent that while most of us argue from one side of the fence or the other, there are many here who remain fence sitters with comments about “no evil”. Personal attacks are fine as witnessed by rajes, Ravindran K, Anonymous, chaptokam etc. It is one’s duty to defend and pary an atttack.
    Generalizations of particular religion or race is not good.
    Some are unable to read between the lines or their grasp of ‘nuances’ are poor.
    Why is there so much hypersensitivity or ‘allergic’ reactions to seemingly benign comments?
    Because we have been subjected to this ‘division’ by no other that ‘ketuanan this and that’ by …. We are conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs!
    In times past, before the great divide of 513 and susequent enforcement of ‘ketuanan’ ideology, the people of this nation were all considered equal.
    Then the both the ‘nons’ and the ‘malay’ fascists came, divided and ruled.
    Thus the ‘great wall’, which i need not belabor about.
    In that bygone era, I was not insulted by a malay friend who called me ‘china-kui’, neither was he when i called him ‘cheong-chway’ (protruding mouth), nor was our mutual Indian friend, ‘keling’.
    But look at us now, 40 yrs downstream where we are so cowed by simple ‘joke’ words. You call this progress?
    It is perfectly ok if you call me chinapek, but look at the new generation – they take it as degoratary!
    Then again we have ‘intelligent’ people who on one hand praise another, pretending to be humble, then using putonghua which 90% of us can’t read!
    And we have outright pliagarism, with massive tomes in these blogs…
    Who is responsible for all this rubbish?
    I really think all of us are ‘barking’ up the wrong tree – the operative word is – not to be overly sensitive, as what hypermamak policies are all about!
    It is to desensitize… and take a good look at ourselves. Pride indeed – with all that Boleh shit! Podah…

  273. temenggong says:

    She could not take on his daughter, but now trying to take him on! Have umnomalay women become so stupid?

  274. wits0 says:

    BN apparatchik has no normal decency for their loyalty is only to their party.

  275. matt says:

    Sharizat declares jihad,now you know the true meaning with petrol bombs being tossed into her compound.Malaysia is really on auto pilot and looks like the aircraft is on a free fall,with monkeys like this what would you expect.

  276. loo seow pek says:

    Anonymous (11:07:25) : hello loo kuai lan ?? loo bo wa kong loo mai joo seow
    ma ka chi bai lu anonymous . Lu kwee jit kong saing wa , lu a chooi tad lan chau .

  277. Menyalak-er says:

    Sharhizat as one of the semi decent kayu’s?
    One thing going for her is that family is mega rich – I&P etc, secondary to bumnos policies. She is definitely better than the present log that is in the ministerial seat right now. That one, very geli…
    Shahri in fact was very enthusiastic about conflict resolution and negotiation; but then she got whacked in GE 2 because on unfulfilled pledges to the rakyat.
    Yeah, she has morphed into another goon, with all that heavy duty avon(?) products

  278. ripcurl says:

    wei susan, on what evidence did you say that tun m plans to migrate? is it just wishful thinking?

    or are you just another rumor monger and wrting hate articles?

    susan susan,… u just lost my respect. seriously. write credible articles next time please.

  279. kittykat46 says:

    Dr. M is the one who is saying he will migrate if Anwar becomes PM, as quoted in m-Star.
    Unless m-Star is rumor mongering and writing hate articles ?

  280. CYBERBOY says:

    Thaksin has fled to Britain; Mahathir, what are you waiting for!

    Zimbabwee’s Mugabe can’t help you either – he’s busy saving his own arse too. Where can you go?

  281. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Guys

    Thaksin has fled to Britain. When will Anwar flee to the States.? Afrter Sept 16?
    He’s creating and instigating so much divisiveness amongst us.
    The hallmark of a great leader is bringing together the people.
    Dr Mahathir will stay and die in this country. He will be accorded a warrior’s burial at Masjid Negara okay.

  282. CYBERBOY says:


  283. Prai people says:

    loo seow pek, scold others with Hokkien dirty words???
    Oi loo seow pek, you BN cronies kah?

  284. Spiderman says:

    Ayoyosamy and BobbyNz, take care of themselves only lar.

  285. kittykat46 says:

    “The hallmark of a great leader is bringing together the people.”
    I don’t know if Anwar will make a great leader, but he sure is bringing together a heck of a lot of people, all over the country.

    Its mainly the UMNOputras and their lap dogs who are running scared…for obvious reasons. Decades worth of dung are about to hit the fan…

  286. loo seow pek says:

    Prai people (14:35:23) : bo kuan loo a tai chi , lu mai lai loo seow seow .

  287. matt says:

    idzan ismail class of 2007 uitm majored in mahatirism.

  288. wits0 says:

    One thing is apparent, however, race relation has worsened in some 40 years and people are living in an Apartheid manner because of wanton umno supremacists’ doings and policies.

  289. loo seow pek says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (00:05:18) :.very infuriated by this nonsensical character, an umnoputra goon & a racist.

    hahaha your blood boiling !! I hope it goes up to 100 degrees centigrade . Better go straighten your tongue , its too twisted . Next time you might not be able to eat with your tongue like that , can only jilat . hahaha .

    Ravindran Kunjan you are talking thru your tiny hole located between your buttocks! quote unquote !

    ” DSAI WILL BE PM! You bloody idiots will be traced;identified, crucified; prosecuted and incarcerated for GOOD. “

  290. Anonymous says:

    loo seow pek (15:28:23) :

    “hahaha your blood boiling !! I hope it goes up to 100 degrees centigrade . Better go straighten your tongue , its too twisted . Next time you might not be able to eat with your tongue like that , can only jilat . hahaha . Ravindran Kunjan you are talking thru your tiny hole located between your buttocks! quote unquote !”

    another idiot BN-cybertrooper here.

  291. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    We have another umnoputra/bn goon idiot loo seow pek(15:28:23) who thinks his vulgarity is enormously convincing…..go ahead you selfish, rascist, corrupt nuthead……playmate of “sampah sarap” chaptokam.

    We know for a fact indecency is a characteristic of umnoputra/bn sorelosers, corrupt, racists, fanatics, greedy and scandalous.

    Great job another sampah sarap loo seow pek…keep on showing off your vulgar vocabulary.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  292. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (15:48:25) :

    What are you talking about ? this playmate you are refering to ” loo seow pek ”

    I think Ravi your otaksudah jadi tak betul ok . I have not posted any comments and you still talk with a , what this loo seow pek say ” oh ya twisted tongue ”
    just like the monitor lizards tongue , jutting in and out .

    No point talking to people like you , if DSAI ask you to jump into the shit bucket ,I am very sure you will do it , or maybe just put your head into the shit bucket .You know what’s a shit bucket ? In the olden days people shit into a bucket , That’s the bucket i am referring to .

  293. MggPillai says:

    THE GATHERING OF THE converted met yesterday (12 March 2006) to discuss the inexhorable move in Malaysia to be an Islamic state. No governmnent or official representative was there to give its view. That is not to say no UMNO representative was there. He was, but to chart his own support base outside UMNO, after his suspension as an UMNO member. Would he have said what he did had he been in the good books of the party? He got claps and cheers but did he mean what he said? Would his speech have been different had he been an official UMNO representative? No official explanation is given at the best of times for moves taken about Islam and its role in Malaysia. Every one shies of discussing it, is presumed not to discuss it, especially by non-Muslims. So, Malaysia becomes Islamic by default. The non-Malay political parties in the National Front will not discuss, even with UMNO, and will agree with any moves on Islam that UMNO takes. As they did, as they would do if pesky questions about it are asked by opposition members of parliament.

    So publicly, the non-Muslim parties in the National Front agree with UMNO’s move to make Malaysia an Islamic state – they would not be in the cabinet otherwise – but privately look to NGOs and others to persuade them to oppose it. What was discussed then was not new, but it came too late for it to be useful. But is this how the position of religion should be discussed? It is now an issue even with the Malay-Muslim community. But the National Front government keeps mum as it turns the country Islamic. The constitution is turned upside down, with the Malay version made the primary version, although it was translated into Malay more than 20 years later, and the words have a different meaning when translated into Malay. At the discussion yesterday in Petaling Jaya, one example was given: precepts have been translated into Malay as order. In a dispute, the Malay version holds supreme, so the English meaning is ignored, although that was not the intention of the framers.

    At the same time, the Malays, constitutionally Muslims, have accepted as untouchable by the non-Muslim any moves to make Malaysia more Islamic, not on legal principles but on what they think it should be. They may decide otherwise in private, but in public they show a different face, that of the mob, to force Islam and its precepts on the non-Malay. This is challenged by Malays and non-Malays alike, but usually in secret. The speakers at yesterday’s forum, including Muslims, said the Malay ground had this fixation that Islam was not allowed to be discussed by the non-believers, who must accept what is given them. History is suspended – whatever the struggle for independence, Malaya would not have got it had not the Malaysian Chinese Association and the Malaysian Indian Congress joined with the UMNO. Today, officially the non-Malay is a lesser breed, and their leaders accept it.

    But such gathering as yesterday’s would not matter as it is of outsiders in Kuala Lumpur. Some speakers said that similar groups in the state should be enouraged to agree with their views. That is dangerous. There should already be such groups there, in tandem with the capital, that could be brought together to form a united bloc. Any attempt to form it will play into the National Front’s scheme of things. This gathering was allowed because the people’s problems are put into constitutional focus. It was academic, at best, and what was discussed would never see the light of day. People like to hear contrary views, especially on what the government does, and this was one such. It would not be surprising if the government used the gathering to prove their case.

    There is however no discussion on what the man-in-the-street is worried of. He suddenly finds he has no recourse to the courts because of his religion or some other matter. The judiciary, which is his arbiter when he has a problem, now deserts him. The narrow interpretation it gives is mixed up with his religion, and usually denies the relief the non-Muslim asks for. The critical voices have developed now because enough citizens deny the National Front has a right to continued rule. The National Front and its government do not explain, and announces its decisions, as if from Mount Olympus. That is now questioned – by UMNO members and non-Muslim and non-Malay members of the National Front.

    Even Islam says there should be discussion before a decision is reached, especially if it affects non-Muslims. So first the government should welcome criticism of its plans, even of making Malaysia an Islamic state, and adopt some of it into its laws. But that would be difficult for a start because it has acted, certainly for more than 35 years, as if its electoral victories gave it the right not to discuss with others what they had planned. This has resulted in passing laws that were soon amended because of the opposition. The Islamic Family Laws Bill is one such. The Muslim women protested. The bill is held in escrow. Plans are afoot to amend it, but the minister in charge, a woman, thought it fit to discuss with the Islamic authorities first before amending it. The question of asking the women is out in the present system.

    UMNO has tied itself in knots over Islam. It is pushed by UMNO as a counterweight to the non-Malays, who denied their place in the government and uniformed services, make hay in the private sector. Some of whom get what they want by being close to the prime minister. Since all Malays in Malaysia are by constitutional definition Muslim, this march into an Islamic state would keep out the non-Malays. When it makes laws affecting only Muslims, it finds opposition from the Malays. Out of the blue, Malaysians are told that Islamic Hadhari, an ill-thought politicial version of Islam accepted only in Malaysia, takes precedence over Islam, which Prophet Mohamed had founded in the 7th century. There is a move in Malaysia to judge Islam by its punishments not on what it stands for. There is no attempt to explain Islam, and this is also PAS’s fault, to the non-Muslim, whose doubts are ignored because he is not a Muslim.

    Islam is seen narrowly by the courts, by Malay judges, who unfortunately confuse precepts in Islam as orders, and their judgment is often not by logic but by their subconscious memory of Islam. This is why there is no avenue for the non-Muslim in seeking justice over a spouse, usually a husband, who has become a Muslim. She cannot go to the civil courts, nor to the sharia courts, which will not entertain her because she is not a Muslim. The confusion has come about because Islam has been introduced into the mainstream unthinkingly. Islam is more than what UMNO or PAS say it is. But UMNO, as head of the National Front, takes a narrow interpretation so that it can better PAS politically, and that spreads to the federal government, and those states it controls. It is confusion today because the non-Malays in the National Front agreed with UMNO on this.

    The public forum yesterday brought this out. But the speakers are not in the mainstream of UMNO politics, and those present were mostly non-Muslims. That represented the divide over Islam, even if most of the speakers were Muslim and Malay. If the government continues to keep mum over explaining its policies to the general public, then these views would dominate. The people get their information from other than government sources, and are angry. Continuing to keep quiet and sitting on its high horse will not work, even if Islam is discussed. The importance of this forum is that more Malaysians are interested. But is this debate taking place elsewhere in the country? Perhaps. But unless that also happens independently of Kuala Lumpur, the National Front is safe, and not only on Islam but the government as well.

    M.G.G. Pillai

  294. loo seow pek says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (15:48:25) : loo bo lam pah , loo pi jilat hantu itu . pandi poraaaah , pundak puya kaki . Langsong tak guna , cakap macam hantu pontianak .

  295. MggPillai says:

    Someone please teach Sharizat how to make molotov cocktails. She`s in the mood.

  296. MggPillai says:

    THE NATIONAL FRONT IS caught between two stools. The Islamic establishment, unelected but wants its say in how the country is run, on one side, and the empowered people on the other, who see they are not members of the Malaysia the National Front has created. Malaysia is now a nation of exclusion. As the widow of Corporal Moorthy’s widow, found out she had no claim on his body, and no court would hear her complaint. Under the Federal Constitution she can get the courts to hear her complaint. The National Front has amended it unconstitutionally so that she cannot. It has created three courts: the civil courts, which hears all matters except those in the preserve of the Syrariah courts, which only hears matters raised by Muslims. They rank pari passu with each other. There is a third court, which only tries Sultans, to which of course Malaysians have no access to. There is now talk of a fourth court, a Constitutional Court, which would hear cases the other three would not.

    This is clearly unconstitutional, as the National Front now feels. It has passed laws which turned Malaysia into an Islamic state, allowed its civil servants in its IRD to do what it liked, and if the non-Muslims and others protested, they are told to shut up. The National Front came a cropper in passing these laws because it assumed that since it had won election after election since independence with more than two-thirds majority, it could do as it liked. The non-Malay party leaders in the cabinet are there to feather their own nests, not look after the community the represent. They become willing henchmen to UMNO, the lead party in the National Front, plans. In the early days of independence, the UMNO president, then as now also the prime minister, would not pass any law that the MCA or MIC leader did not agree; today these leaders, and others, would make sure UMNO would have its way. Every unconstitutional act passed by UMNO had their support.

    Ten non-Muslim cabinet ministers have sided with the people, against the National Front government. It has been widely reported. It is the first time since independence they have rebelled in public. It is one way to divert the issue at hand. After all, they should have objected in the cabinet when the bill was discussed, and when the non-Malay was marginalised by illegal amendments to the constitution and the laws written into law as a result. Now even they are in trouble with their people, and this is an attempt to get their support by being in the forefront of the debate. But their opposition now is seen as an attempt to save UMNO by diverting the main issue, which is bothering UMNO. These non-Malay leaders kept quiet when the laws were passed, and are interested now because they are being marginalised by the people. But many are in the National Front solely so that they do not join the Opposition.

    The People’s Progressive Party is an example. It joined the National Front in the 1970s, after its leading light, D.R. Seenivasagam, died. And it began its downfall. An MCA minister became its president so that he could remain in the cabinet. Its president after that became a senator, but was not allowed to contest elections. When Mr Kayveas, who was known as K.V.S. (for K.V. Sundaram) which he transliterated after his conversion to Catholicism, became President, UMNO negotiated with MIC to allow him to contest Cameron Highlands. He will remain president so long as he remains in the cabinet but whether his successor would be is doubtful. To remain in power and UMNO support, he will do anything. He has acquired many of the bad habits of ministers: he would arrive late at functions, would not go to his stomping ground, does not know his former friends. UMNO could get away with such behaviour, but not the non-Malay partners in the National Front.

    The Islamic religious department officials, who are civil servants, are a law into themselves. Jawi, as the IRD in the Federal Terrority is known, has said it would have the snoop squad to work only with Islamic couples in lovers’ lanes. The Prime Minister is ignored. It has defied Malaysians to say the snoop squad will be formed. Two previous religious affairs department heads – Ustadz Dahalan in Selangor in 1969/70; Ustadz Ngah in Trengannu in 1979.80 – is known to Malays and Muslims, for they set up snoop squads, who later became licenced extortionists. They would take the jewellery or have sex with lthe women so that they are not reported. It is happening today in the University of Malaya campus. The guards find young undergraduates in lonely places, are told they would not be reported if the girl had sex with him. The University authorities take a harsh line on the students, because they students often do not support the National Front. No cabinet minister go to the university campus. When Pak Lah went there, the unversity authorities told the students they would be expelled if they went out of line when Pak Lah arrived.

    PAS, which had used National Front legislation to push forward its agenda of an Islamic state, today held a demonstration after Friday prayers at the National Mosque. It accused Pak Lah’s administration of weak kneed response to make Malaysia an Islamic state. National Front MPs now say that Islam cannot be downgraded, dividing the Muslims and non-Muslims in a country where it is not provided under the Constitution that gave Malaya, as it was then known, its independence. UMNO cannot escape this taunt, particularly the PAS claim that the syariah court is downgraded in Malaysia because there is no Attornety-General for syariah matters. The general assumption is that only those who can talk about Islam are those learned in it. The non-Malay is forbidden to talk of it, and take a subservient role.

    This National Front plan of excluding Malaysians in laws and policies has gone awry. The Muslim women are on the warpath to plans to make them second class citizens. They have got the Hindus, and now the other religions, upset. It has ignored its own ruling of the primacy of Islamic law. It has given all money due to Corpal Moorthy’s widow, offered her a job which she refused because it was too far, has asked the private sector to give her a job. He was ignored after the climbed Everest in 1997. But after the furore following his death, he was given a posthumous promotion, and given all due denied when he was living. But the issue has become a cause celebre among the other religions. The National Front realises it can lose if the opposition were the women, and the other religions. So it has ignored the Islamic laws it passed. But it has in the meanwhile allowed the country to be divided on racial and religions grounds. What it should worry is that it has done all this by ignoring the Federal Constitution.

    M.G.G. Pillai

  297. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (15:48:25) :

    hey Ravi , do you have to bring up chaptokam ? Have you gone nuts or what ?
    what do you mean by go ahead you selfish, rascist, corrupt nuthead……playmate of “sampah sarap” chaptokam. Are you on heat ??

  298. rajes says:

    PETALING JAYA: Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed has filed a writ of summons against a PKR politician and a website editor for publishing defamatory allegations.

    Faizal Mustaffa, who is Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne’s parliamentary secretary, and Ahmad Lufti Othman of Detikdaily Suara Reformasi Rakyat were served the writ on April 18.

    The duo were alleged to have defamed Mohd Zin in an article on Detikdaily on March 24, saying that the Minister was involved in money laundering between Malaysia and Bangladesh.

    Faizal said he would defend himself as he had not done anything wrong.

    “We will file our defence in court. A lot of the information in the article was from Bangladeshi news reports anyway,” he said.

  299. rajes says:

    PETALING JAYA: Two former leaders of the Bandar Tun Razak Umno division led 148 members to cross over to PKR.

    Norasida Silam, who was the deputy chairman of the division, and Azmi Hassan, a former deputy chairman, handed over application forms to Bandar Tun Razak MP Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is also Selangor Mentri Besar, at the division’s PKR office on Monday.

    “Norasida wanted to join us because he said he could no longer tolerate the non-existence of democracy practice in Umno, for instance the quota system for party elections,” said Bandar Tun Razak PKR deputy chief Othman Karim.

    “He said … he prefers to work for the people, not only for the Malays,” said Othman.

  300. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam (16:16:31) :
    “hey Ravi , do you have to bring up chaptokam ? Have you gone nuts or what ?
    what do you mean by go ahead you selfish, rascist, corrupt nuthead……playmate of “sampah sarap” chaptokam. Are you on heat ??”

    sampah sarap Malaysia called chaptokam, of course there are similarities between loo seow pek and chaptokam.
    1) they worried about their benefits (made available to them by BN) get affected if BN government steps down.
    2) they got no substance. Dirty words or rubbish all over the place, sampah sarap in short.

    it is actually a waste of time to blast these ‘sampah-sarap’s.

  301. deuce says:

    Islam hadhari founder, Badawi say non muslims SHUT UP:


  302. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    When there is no decorum in comments, the heat is on. If one is a gentleman/lady in the comments, I believe no rational person will retaliate furiously, as being a victim of vulgarity & unfair comment, which only deserves reciprocation.

    I am definitely right, read the comments of loo seow pek(16:11:57), simarlar to his “guru” chaptokam, the vulgarity, rascism, corrupt mind only reflects an umnoputra/bn goon, an idiot from the biro tatanegara school of thought; with no respect and desire for a MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS as the greed, selfishness, as shown by the umnoputra/bn “broad daylight” robbers of RAKYAT’s monies etc.

    Discipline breeds respect; trust begets trust; rascalism,rascism, corrupt, vulgrity, selfishness, greed will only see retaliation. Sentiments, especially, public sentiment is the actual police of comments…….not chaptokam….loo seow pek and their rascism and vulgarism.

    GOD BLESS DSAI,DSWA. Rational Malaysians, Dr Osman, brave informers.


    Ravindran Kunjan

  303. deuce says:

    PAS to f***k off from Pakatan soon and join umno. Perak to go to BN:

  304. chaptokam says:

    For a start we need to reform the educational system particularly in regards to islamic studies .We should do away with religious schools which do not produce graduates who can help turn Malaysia into a technological advance country . Further more these religious studies students , how are they going to be absorbed into the employment market when there’s no place or vacancies for religious studies graduates , I wonder !!

  305. deuce says:

    PAS prez says it will leave Pakatan

    Very good. They are a curse.

  306. deuce says:

    From AsiaOne, Singapore
    It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here. The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

  307. busker says:

    Today, two politicians suffering from sexual scandals are launching a new political game respectively. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is going to contest in the Permatang Pauh by-election as a major step taken for his 916 power seizing plan. Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek declared that he will be contesting in MCA’s party elections in October, marking his comeback to politics.

    Compared to Anwar, Chua is undoubtedly “lucky”. Anwar was imprisoned before, got punched in the eyes and he is now facing another charge. As for Chua, he can still unashamedly face the media, talking about his “courage to admit mistakes”.


  308. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Matt

    Thanks for sending me to UITM, dad. My preferred choice would be a degree in Anwarism.
    Till I die, I will not graduate. Waste of your money dad.
    Mahathir I think I know him. Clear as day. Better the devil I know than the angel (is it) I don’t know.
    Have an ingrained mistrust against Anwar. Come to a point where I’d rather Kit Siang be our PM.

  309. busker says:

    Till I die, I will not graduate.- idzan ismail

    Not surprising, so do a saiful, umno pay well.

  310. Menyalak-er says:

    So much, for ideas of ethics and morality in politics don’t you think ‘busker’?
    Some people have no inkling of what ‘Oblivion’ is.
    The cohorts of “unmentionable” party still don’t see their irrelevance – truly playgrounds playing in their mind.

  311. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Busker

    I am the wrong sex for Anwar. Rather you than me.

  312. busker says:

    No idzan you are the perfect sex and race for Anwar. He play only malay backside. There is an SD that says Najib also is playback singer. Most UMNO politicians` supporters should go for arse exams to see how many arses are torn.
    And that is one way to get into the Guiness Records Book. “Race With Most Torn Arses”.
    I do hope you`ll excuse me for not addressing you as “Dear” for obvious reasons.

  313. busker says:

    in Umno politics, having heterosexual extramarital affairs is no big thing because almost everyone is doing it.

    It is the Umno Malays who are giving the Malays a bad name because these Umno cronies are the ones who are making good money without putting in an honest day’s job.

    The proof for this can be seen during general elections and Umno party elections when these Umno men are making big bucks as brokers and ‘fixers’ for ministers and other Umno candidates who need all the help they can get to get votes.

    Mahathir has also betrayed the country and the Malays by undermining and marginalising the Malay language as the national language so much so that our national education policy is in total disarray.

  314. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    Look! Chaptokam( 16:54:11) the rascist is at it again! Trying to instigate religious hatred by commenting on ISLAMIC education system. As far as religious education syllabus is concerned, be it any religious studies, is an all rounded syllabus. I believe, we, especially chaptokam, are/is neither qualified nor an expert on islamic studies to say that a graduate from such education will not perform………just look at DSAI; Tok Guru Nik Aziz; Tok Guru Hadi Awang and many more. Honesty, trustworthy, morality and sincerity will do to run an efficient government; the experts are civil servants. In corporate positions, too, the same principles apply. What a fantic this chaptokam fella.

    I hada served in Terengganu, the PAS govt had built new hospitals, schools, public libraries in each districts as compared to the corrupt umnoputra/bn goons who had used RAKYAT’s monies on unnecessary luxurious projects like the crystal mosque; monsoon cup etc.

    Definitely, chaptokam is a racist; trying to trump up religious sentiments, in times, when the BAR Council HOT religious conversion issue is still on…..a umnoputra/bn goon. Duty bound and has to “halalkan” monies paid to him to do so, I presume. An attempt to incite seditious and religious issues to destroy DSAI’s hopes in Permatang Pauh.

    People, don’t let this type of racist, fanatical, corrupt, selfish goons like chaptokam;lee seow pek to spoil the respectful discussion in this blog which promotes a Malaysia for Malaysians and a honet government, with a democratic two party system, with a clean, independent judiciary, police, civil service and cabinet.

    God Bless DSAI,DSWA,RPK,Dr Osman,Informers and Rational Malaysians.

    Malaysia for Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  315. idzan ismail says:

    Dear Busker

    Thanks for acknowledging Anwar is an arse lover. Not rebutting your racism remarks. I am non-plussed.
    That proved my earler point that Anwar is the cause of divisiveness amongst us. Why quarrel over one man?
    You must know Islam has strict guidelines on sexual relations. We read verses from Quran before doing it to produce good kids, okay. Back-door is a no-no
    So please dont just swipe other Malays just because one man is doing it.

  316. matt says:

    IDZAN OH IDZAN wrong blog buddy or should i say beb,kat sini umnoputeras are not welcome.

  317. busker says:

    idzan, you are very not well educated, backside playing is very common in pakistan, afghanistan, saudi arabia (they bang those imported bangla desh kids there), iran, egypt, turkey etc.
    Even lawrence Of arabia had his arse torn by a muslim arab sheikh which made him love arabs.
    Mahathir backside must be examine first. His father must have torn it i`m quite sure and that`s how M became Malaysia`s Father of Sodomy. (FOS).
    Until an examination is done of all malay arses your protestations are of no use.

  318. busker says:

    Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, homosexual and otherwise, lives in the closet

    “God, they freaked me out,” Yasser said. As he resumed his narration, I recalled something he had told me earlier. “It’s a lot easier to be gay than straight here,” he had said.

  319. sweet dreams says:

    idzan oh idzan belajarlah baik2:

    It is so unfortunate that the unnatural and detestable practice of homosexuality is on the rise these days. What’s more appalling is that this moral disease, mostly known in the West, is now spreading fast among the Arabs and Muslims. I was shocked to learn about the mass wedding that was recently held in a hotel in UAE.

    “The Interior Ministry said police raided a hotel chalet earlier this month and arrested 26 men as they celebrated the mass wedding ceremony – one of string of recent group arrests of homosexuals in the emirates.” (Khaleej Times, November 27,2005, “Gay party men maybe given hormone treatment”).

    It further says, “The 26 men arrested include those from the Emirates as well as an Indian disc jockey and three men from neighboring Arab states”.
    A similar incident took place in Peshawar where a gay couple marriage was arranged for the first time in Pakistan!

    “A 42-year-old Afghan refugee tied the knot with a local tribesman of 16 in snow-covered Tirah Valley, part of the remote Khyber tribal region which borders Afghanistan, they said.” (Khaleej Times, October 6,2005, “First gay marriage in Pakistan prompts tribal death threats”).

    Most of these malays go for religous studies to pakistan and mid-east where they pick up this loving of man. Nik aziz and his son also sudied there.

  320. klse says:

    SINGAPORE, Aug 12 (Bernama) – Foreign businessmen who are contemplating to invest in Malaysia have been advised not to believe claims by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that he would take over the Malaysian Government in September.

    “Don’t believe it,” Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told Singaporean businessmen at a trade dialogue here Tuesday.

    HAHAHAHA and the KLSE drops each time they make such comments. No more confidence by foreign investors in BN.

  321. GilaPower says:


  322. Kitty Hawk says:

    anynews on RPK arse operation to remove the baseball bat

  323. idzan ismail says:

    Dear pals

    Specially to Matt and Busker. I lead a very sheltered an closed life. My late dad bought us encyclopaedias, Shakespeare and fiction books. That’s good education enough.
    Don’t know much about Sodomy untiil Anwar comes along.
    Thought it’s gone after Sodom and Gomorrah.
    I am in no way party to depravity. Busker, it takes one to know one.
    Now mau titunlah. Sweet dreams to sweet dreams.
    Matt, first time entered this site. Will be coming back to educate you guys on the stratght road. At least you guys can bash someone. See ya. Ta

  324. matt says:

    Guys did you see the news about the protest by uitm students,should have seen the vc talk, virtually foaming.Should have check out his glasses,MB Selangor 1 UITM 0.

  325. wits0 says:

    Muhyiddin forgets foreigners will make up their own minds. Even locals already have, in disbelief in the Gomen version. There’s something about talking down to people when you control the local servile MSM that makes one becomes carried away by one’s own propaganda. The point of counter productiveness in old Pravda pronouncements have long been exceeded. The Gomen itself being the last to know.

  326. shaydflin says:

    WitsO talks about economics, very funny, kepong graduated!

  327. shaydflin says:

    kalu graduate kedai buloh, punya, tak payahlah masuk longkang lah,

  328. chaptokam says:

    Ravindran Kunjan (17:47:08) :

    I just beat the drums , and the music hardly started , but you are already dancing, head shaking , butts oozing , eyes going side to side , jumping up and down , your feet stomping , but this is not bollywood , your type of dancing to my tune is shaking arse dance only found in arsewood studios .

    Hahahahahahahaha !!!!! so easy to manipulate this moanyet

  329. loo seow pek says:

    hello chaptookam ,

    This monkey god very clever to dance lah !! got 72 tricks including soodoomee and liwatimee , aiyoyo samy , tangachi raviminachi kunjanachi aiyoyoyo .

  330. Anonymous says:

    chaptokam (20:01:38) :
    “Ravindran Kunjan (17:47:0
    I just beat the drums , and the music hardly started , but you are already dancing, head shaking , butts oozing , eyes going side to side , jumping up and down , your feet stomping , but this is not bollywood , your type of dancing to my tune is shaking arse dance only found in arsewood studios .
    Hahahahahahahaha !!!!! so easy to manipulate this moanyet”

    sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam totally forgot about his religious behaviour he likes to proclaim from time to time.
    Now the whole world can see the true colors of this sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam.
    And the whole world can also see clearly the lousiness of BN cybertroopers as shown by this sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam.

  331. Omitoufu says:

    Soeharto never dream of running away from the country.

    Soekarno never thought of running away from the country.

    Habibie did not run away from the country.

    Neither, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd……?……..5th (???) Malaysia PM.

    Nor any USA, EU, Japan, China…. president or PM,,,ever think of that……

    Whatever rights or wrong that they had done, they faced the situations.

    Face the situations………….. like a man.


    Whatever ill gotten wealth, return to the country.

    Running away is the coward and man full of guilts.

    Such is the man, thinking of running away even before DSAI take over!!!???

    People, people, peolpe, wake up, 22 years of stolen country’s wealth

    must be blocked/prevented from escaping.

    Corrupted gotten wealth by law have to be returned to the country.

    Unfortunately, such wealth is already parked/hidden overseas…only he knows….selfish…..blood sucking…..man….what a cheat..

    All these cheated Malays, Indians, Chinese, negritos, khadarsan, etc.

    take turns to PI this crook to make sure he stays put in the country.

    Do not allow him to escape……or otherwise the banks keeping the stolen

    wealth will be laughing through.

    Admit the mistakes, return the money, take whatever you need to live for the next 10 to 15 years..the best of your life…if peopel could forgive him…..

    After that, the people would burn 7th month money for him to spend in the nether world…hopefully….

    Once again, people….. wake up….such is the man, wanting to escape…!!!!!?????

    Act ……NOW…… NOW…… NOW……

  332. ZINDABAD says:

    Wow susan your blog gone paki

  333. Damn! Susan u really got balls (or haven’t u hahaha) to write this article. BTW love U la and your blog as well…*blush* *blush*

  334. storm62 says:

    hi all,

    pls don’t waste this space and spoil this blog…that’s not Malaysian’s style…hope you guys grow up soon…and get ready to vote guys, vote for a better Malaysia.

  335. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    The racist, corrupt, uneducated & vulgar umnoputra/bn slaves chaptokam(20:01:38) & loo seow pek ( 20:36:05) showing off their “sorelosers” vulgarity as no substance……..only interested in sexual insinuations, scandals & corruption…….of umnoputra/bn kind.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing the puppets of wayang kulit vulgarity the bolehland kind…….chaptokam & loo seow pek. Cartoons of bolehland pornography…….tutors: cigar smoking, drunk ex minister who hugs and pinches waitresses in hotel; najis C4 ERASER who screws & uses C4 to wipe out evidence; flip flop who marries Maid of Putrajaya.

    Surely, malaysians, both penangites, this chaptokam & loo seow pek must be “dreading the expose of the PR LGE government.

    Go ahead show off your pornographic ability some more…..as we , gentlemen & ladies, would not stoop that low, but respect constructive criticisms with an open heart.

    Yeah, Chaptokam & loo seow pek rascals & idiots show off your PHD in Vulgarity/Pornography from Biro TataNegara…..yeah…clap everyone, umnoputra slaves at work for meagre sum of peanuts…sold their souls to the DEVILS of Bolehland.

    We will always have the last laugh! Hahahahahaha….

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  336. songsong says:

    klse ,pls dont waste space here lah! Thanksin oledi ran away, dont know when will this MHTr follow Thaksin footstep?

  337. maxtor says:

    Lari selamatkan diri!!Kalau Anwar jadi PM Malaysia akan hancur. Kita akan dijual dekat US. Tak payah percaya cakap pembohong besar Anwar tu!!

  338. proverb says:

    The words of the wicked are to lie in wait for blood: but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.

    Wicked men use words to slander and snare their victims. They want to destroy the helpless, the oppressed, or the righteous. They conspire to steal their assets; they pursue them to death (1:11-19). But upright men use their mouths to deliver the helpless, the oppressed, and the righteous from trouble. They only want to speak the truth and help.

    You cannot trust the words of wicked men. They speak to confuse, to entice, to slander, or to trap. Their goals are to injure, steal, or kill. Since the object of their envy, greed, or malice is not their own blood, it must be understood as the blood of the helpless, the oppressed, or the righteous. It is these persecuted ones that the upright man saves.

    Good men always speak the truth, and it is their desire to help any man in trouble. King Lemuel’s mother exhorted him to use his mouth to deliver the poor, the needy, and any unjustly appointed to destruction (31:8-9). As king, he would have a golden opportunity to righteously judge the cases of those who were being pursued by deceitful murderers.

    Consider the pronoun “them” in this proverb. What is the plural antecedent? Who are those the upright man delivers? It cannot be the wicked, because that would be confusion. It cannot be the words of the wicked, because they cannot be delivered. It cannot be the upright, because that sacrifices the proverb’s parallelism, and it also is singular. It must be the victims of the wicked, understood elliptically from the first clause.

    The wicked Haman flattered and deceived King Ahasuerus of the Persian Empire to pass a law for the extermination of the Jews. His words were to lie in wait for blood, not only for his enemy Mordecai, but for all of Mordecai’s people as well. However, it was the mouth of Queen Esther that delivered both Mordecai and his people from the decree.

    Jesus Christ once ate at the house of Simon the Pharisee, who despised a sinful woman that came to beg for mercy (Luke 7:36-39). But the Lord Jesus, the most upright Man ever, used His mouth to condemn Simon and deliver the woman (Luke 7:40-50). He did a very similar thing with the adulteress brought to Him by the Pharisees (John 8:1-11).

    God despises men who use words to harm others (26:24-26). Death and life are in the power of the tongue, so be careful how you use it (18:21). The tongue is an unruly evil that must be guarded and ruled (Jas 3:1-12). The Lord considers unjustified name-calling to violate the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” (Matt 5:21-26). He ground to powder a generation of Jews that used words to snare His Son (Matt 21:44; Luke 20:20).

    Avoid angry and deceitful men (22:24-25; 23:6-8). Look out for arrogance, backbiting, deceit, flattery, railing, scorn, sedition, or talebearing. Drive away such wicked tongues (25:23). Always use your words to help those in trouble, because the holy and just God will reward or punish you in kind (24:11-12; 31:8-9; Eph 4:29). Is there a helpless, oppressed, or righteous person you could deliver today with your mouth? Do it.

  339. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear pastor proverb,
    TQ for your sermon.
    Now can you elucidate for us the meanings of “fool” in scripture? Awaiting in anticipation.

  340. Pegasus says:

    Mahathir would have bought a house somewhere in Kerala by now to assimilate himself with his roots.
    Mongolia,UK,US won’t be a wise choice for him. He could go to Uganda,but Idi Amin is dead. Zimbabwe maybe an option,Indon might welcome him and the Japanese may be still interested in him. Then again, he could go to Beijing now for a soccer match and disappear with the crowd ala “Escape to Victory”, whatever ,the right place will be Kamunting prison under ISA. This man in his 22 years of rule has destroyed the hope and divided the people. Today,the country is in this deplorable situation due to his doing.He had silently instill fear of other races and sowed the seeds of hatred among the people . He had gone out of the way to spoon fed the Malays and when they bite the hand that feed them, he cried and told them” Melayu mudah lupa”, the problem is that much was done for his cronies, the majority of the poor Malays along with the Chinese and Indians were neglected and were marginalised. Today,the robbing by the BN regime is still going on,the bloody BN leaders are ensuring that they fill up their bank account for their generations to come. The civil government are full of little Napoleons and we have teachers whose behaviours are despicable to speak , all products created by Dr.M during his rule. When Anwar stands up to be the PM, Dr.M should be sitting down in Kamunting Prison. ISA should not be abolished yet, it should be use on the current and ex-crop of BN leaders. Let the change take place and hopefully then the nation will be on the track of recovery and moves forward.

  341. GilaPower says:

    BODOH LAH LU SEMUA!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. Tunglang says:

    There will be a mass migration of corrupts from Malaysia comes 16 September!
    A phenomenon of social, economical & political change for the better. (Like what U see on National Geographic of ants on mass migration) Avoid KLIA if U can!

  343. ktteokt says:

    Maybe what happened to Zakaria will also happen to TDM! Zakaria was frightened out of his wits and dropped dead when PR won the GE12. Would TDM have the same reaction when DSAI wins PP?

  344. Bujang says:

    xy (08:13:39) :


    “sorry you missed my point altogether.
    after 51 years of independence, we still see hatreds and there are plenty of hatreds amongst the bloggers in this forum. Evidence, just count the numbers of name calling and abusive languages. Are these jokes and humour ? If they are, sorry I will choose not to be party to.”

    No Sir, I don’t missed your point. This is the same point. The nation rots to this state because of one Indian. Now it has bred like mosquitoes. The only way is to halt this is to catch this “head criminal” and put him in jail. The rest can be dealt with later one by one.
    Do you remember how he tried his best to stop Chinese to get rich? He prefers to give the country to the Inodesian rather than to see the Chinese grow rich?
    He taught this mentality to his gang! What a twisted evil man!
    If this mentality continues how is Malaysia going to proceed?
    Every good and progressive country even small nation like Australia is pushing his people to fight and win as much gold as they can. And we have an Indian who despised his own people just for his own gain!
    He preached Malay Supremacy, why? What has that cause to the society? Who actually is gaining from that?
    Time has come we have to see that this evil and deceitful man is kicked and receives Saddan H’s treatment!

  345. hutchrun says:

    “The nation rots to this state because of one Indian.”

    Wrong. He may have Indian blood, but the major portion of his blood is melayu. Just as badawi has chinese blood but the major portion of his blood is melayu.
    To prove that they are more melayu than melayu they have to work very hard at it. That`s why M is often touted as a major player in May 13, after which the other player Badawi was Secy of the emergency council as both fought for ketuanan melayu.

  346. hutchrun says:

    Of course that`s no reason not to impound their passports after Sept 16 to prevent them fleeing the country like thaksin.

  347. xy says:


    you hv some valid points.

    however, we are probably in Stage III~IV of cancer. most practitioners will not hold an optimistic view beyond Stage II.

    the cancer has infected both the administrative and executive arms at Stage III to IV.

    For Stage IV cancer, which typically is given “carpet bombing” treatment via chemo and radio therapies, the likely result is an acceleration of an violent end.

  348. wits0 says:

    Hutch, “Badawi was Secy of the emergency council as both fought for ketuanan melayu.”

    He was sneaking in lots of unqualified melayu/mamaks into the Gomen Service as boss of the PSD while the country was still under TAR. That was how he played politics then, abusing his position.

  349. Vindica says:

    Taking a helicopter view of the postings here, 80% of the contents are from 20% of posters bad mouthing each other. The country is run on auto-pilot, no direction as the BN is more concerned with “domestic issues” such as trying to hold on to power. If the people here represents the entire country, then you can see why any gorblock can run this country. Be it Hindraf, Bar Council, Anwar Ibrahim, RPK, all they need to do is raise one or two racial or religious issues and the entire nation is overcome with fervour to defend their race or religion. Amongst the chaos created, whatever the good intentions by Groups or Individuals to right any wrongs in the country is negated.
    After more than a century living together, Malaysians have still not learn to live together in social harmony. The peace they enjoy right now is deceiving and the BN Government knows this very well. Should there be a likelihood of them losing power, all they need is to let loose another May 13th. The fear that racial riots will rear its ugly head is very real, a time bomb waiting to explode at any time. All BN needs to do is just pull the trigger for that to happen.

    Just reflect on your posts here all of you, as it displays your true colours and the respect you have for your fellow countrymen. No sensible Government will ever want such a thing to happen, but here all can see they are instrumental in perpetuating this and will not hesitate to use it to hold on to power, no matter the cost. You all are a party to the hate permeating in here and throughout the country. Be it on your head then should this bring about the downfall of the Malaysia and everything you have build for yourself and the future of the coming generations.

  350. wits0 says:

    “The downfall of the Malaysia”, is not going to happen by those who brought up the facts. Don’t impute hate everywhere in trying to avoid knowing the facts. This is dishonest and self-defeating.

    The downfall of Malaysia will be abetted by those who’ll rather pretend that we can have the cake and eat it too in the tradition of sweeping all things under the carpet in the contrived name of skewered partisan “sensitivities”

    Problems are solved only when the facts are first made known, not by those who keeps denying them. This sort of ostrich position can hardly be sustained forever. The fall outs are already plainly affecting everyone.

  351. hutchrun says:

    Be it on your head then should this bring about the downfall of the Malaysia and everything you have build for yourself and the future of the coming generations. – vindica

    Awww you pore thing you so worried about our heads.
    But then at least speaking for myself, I certainly am not a masochist like MCA and MIC. I lived through taman Medan. Thank you for your concern.

  352. hutchrun says:

    Perhaps we see here the return of “rice bowl” daniel chan.

  353. hutchrun says:

    Dictators never learn that the same laws that put them in power may some day become the noose around their necks.

    Rice bowls be damned. Let the tumbrils roll.

  354. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, a rerun of Mdm. Chew CF, ex-MP of PJ utara.
    Boy, are we sick of this. Passitivity breeds idiocy, complacence & selfishness.
    Are we a democracy? No, not when we cannot criticise our ‘dear’ leaders.
    No governance? Absolutely.
    If there is any mote of governance it surely smacks on racial-religious apartheid as dear wits0 says, accompanied by a large dose of corruption, nepotism, cronyism and other -isms – all negative and inimical to humanity and social responsibity.
    But i do agree that 80-90% of comments here are biased and skewed, to the wrong side of Vidicas view of ‘stability’, if one were to exclude those pre- pubertal insults traded, and also some bad ‘language’.
    Now what does tell you? We are insisting on a Malaysian Malaysia, loyal to the YDP Agung, not a political party/ies practicing virtual apartheid!
    Be it on our heads if we allow this to continue!

  355. Anonymous says:

    When TDM took over in 1981, SG$1 = RM1.08, when he left in 2003, SG$1 = RM2.28, similarly, with GB Pounds, JP Yen etc. only an idiot will said he built Msia into an economic powerhouse.

  356. tacobell says:

    Aiyoh, some of you suggested that Mahathir goes to Zimbabwe and live with his great friend Mugabe. But Mugabe himself is thinking of fleeing. Apparently his wife urged him to take the family and flee to Malaysia since they have a sprawling estate in Bukit Tunku or somewhere near there. If Anwar becomes PM, both Mahathir and Mugabe will be in trouble. Where to run to? Saudi is one option for Mahathir but probably not for Mugabe. Perhaps they should join the Nazis in Argentina. Some of them Nazis are probably still alive, considering that they could be of the same age as Mahathir and Mugabe, or only slightly older, maybe about 25 years old at the end of the Second World War. jawohl Herr Doktor! (Herr Doktor Mahathir, that is).

  357. yambo says:

    tacobell’s argentina idea is funny. imagine the 3Ms: MAHATHIR, MUGABE, MENGELE

  358. wow wee says:

    wow, so many Mahathir bashers here!

    for sure An-war will never be PM, not now, never!
    you guys all “batu api” commentators, bloody fools are ever ready for your butts to get screwed by him must have pea brain.

    go get real by letting him to fock up your bloody arse for a test. if you feel you enjoy it. then you are a real An-war fanatic.
    i reserve my comment.

  359. wow wee says:

    eye for an eye
    arse for an arse
    – PM in waiting.

  360. roy selvan says:

    Susan, sin is creeping at your door every day.

  361. hutchrun says:

    KLANG: Former MIC Klang division chief Alex Thiagarasan will join the DAP with about 1,000 supporters this Sunday. He is expected to hand over the application forms to DAP leader Ronnie Liu, the state Local Government and Research Committee chairman at Dewan Hamzah here.

    Thiagarasan said his move to join DAP would give him another platform to continue serving the people here.

    He was sacked from MIC after he lodged reports with the police and Anti-Corruption Agency against party chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. The reports alleged Samy Vellu had misappropriated funds meant for the Indian community.

    Samy Vellu has since filed a RM10 million suit against Thiagarasan and has obtained an injunction barring him from making any statement relating to the issue.

    Thiagarasan said members from the MIC Palm Grove branch here, which he had headed, would be resigning en-bloc to join him on Sunday.

    Prior to joining MIC, Thiagarasan was the state People’s Progressive Party chairman.

    – nst

  362. BobbyNZ says:

    With all due respect to Dr M as much as I dislike his leadership style, he has brought Malaysia to the pinnacle of economic success only to be shot down by the CROOKS aka Clinton Adm kindly assisted by Anwar. So on the scale of balances of Justice, I say leave him alone. I couldnt help but laugh cynically what Anwar said that he would “forgive but not forget”. He should realise that he is the worst of the lot!!!

    Cheers Malaysian. You are smarter than he thinks!!!


  363. suchfun says:

    Just surprise, there are still so many ppl think TDM is great? A fair assessment of him will only come when there is other party (other than BN) ruling Msia in future, but will this day ever come within the next 10 years??
    Why some ppl always think US want to shoot down Msia, what make you think Msia is so important to US kah? Fact: Msia is not so important to US lah, whether as raw material supplier, trade partner or anything else! Msia needs US more than US need Msia lah!

  364. tourman53 says:

    Those who support Mahathir are nuts. NUTS!

  365. […] Malaysian politics to the lowest levels of the country’s history. Mahathir Mohamad’s migration plan may come true after […]

  366. Altantuya says:

    Kuku Chiaw , Lan Chiaw, Pundek

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