(sloone: we shall indeed hold him tight on this promise. You might also want to read Dr. Raffick Khan’s take on the Statutory Declaration by the controversial Pusrawi Doctor : Dr Osman Medical report No. 2?)

This press statement below is by ANWAR IBRAHIM (on Dr Osman Abdul Hamid’s SD that he stands firm by his initial findings):

I promise that under a Pakatan Rakyat government Malaysians will never again be subjected to such gross abuse of executive power as we are again witnessing today. Arbitrary arrest and detention, frivolous investigation and malicious prosecutions shall be a thing of the past.

Police officers and prosecutors who launch conspiracies to defame and humiliate the innocent will be severely punished. The use of police powers as well the office of the Attorney General to persecute political opponents will be criminalized so as to ensure a healthy and vibrant democracy where dissent is not only tolerated but nurtured.

In this regard every Malaysian’s fundamental liberties will be treated as sacrosanct and safeguarded by a truly independent judiciary guided by principles of utmost integrity and an adherence to the spirit of the federal constitution.

The politically motivated trial launched against me will, Insha’Allah, be the last of its kind. No Malaysian will suffer from this cruel injustice ever again.

Yesterday’s events confirm my innocence from the charges that recently surfaced. The medical report and statutory declaration by Dr. Osman Abdul Hamid of the Pusrawi Hospital that surfaced on Thursday shatter lingering doubts as to whether the alleged act ever took place. Dr. Osman’s statement also confirms what we have already stated regarding deplorable actions by the police to fabricate evidence in a manner identical to the manipulation of my case in 1998. Anything short of a thorough investigation into the mishandling of this investigation would further tarnish the credibility of the police.

The doctor’s personal safety is a matter of deep concern to us. Material witnesses in highprofile cases in Malaysia have gone missing in the past such as the PI Balasubramanian. I applaud those brave individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to freedom and justice by coming forward with important evidence, and call upon the authorities to ensure their protection.

Yesterday in court we learned that the prosecution’s case has, in a manner similar to the botched trials of 1998, shape-shifted from a charge of assault to one of a consensual act. The conspiracy launched against me in the final week of June 2008 is falling apart. There is a hasty attempt by some to patch up glaring holes in the complainant’s testimony. This will certainly fail given the preponderance of evidence confirming my innocence.

The Prime Minister has actively involved himself in this matter in an attempt to derail the process of transformational change in Malaysia and stave off his own political demise. But in soiling his hands with this sordid matter he has deepened the crisis within his own administration. His most ardent supporters among the Malays have also expressed their disgust with the matter. Furthermore Prime Minister Badawi now faces investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency for his involvement in corruption and money politics.

The shadow of corruption and mismanagement of the economy darkens the legacy of his Premiership. Prime Minister Badawi has still offered no convincing explanation over the huge profits reaped by his family in the Oil For Food scandal at the expense of dying Iraqis.

I advise those around him to leave the sinking ship of his leadership while there is still a chance to do so.

Pakatan Rakyat’s reform agenda is firmly back on track and the New Dawn for Malaysia is well within reach. We will mount a unified campaign to win in Permatang Pauh with a solid majority encompassing that constituency’s diverse population. I look forward to entering Parliament on August 27th with the support of my friends in the coalition.



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  1. Joshua says:

    I look forward to the day – new hope for Malaysia.

    Anyway, my two cents here on ‘no sodomy’ doc’s sd:

  2. jim says:

    i’ve read this same statement in malay language version.

    if Anwar made it to the top,we should remember all the things he said before that.if he dont commit to it,then he’s no better than the person the he accuse of corrupted and unreliable.things are easier said than done.

    just like Pakatan Rakyat on the last PRU.they didnt expected to win so things are quite chaotic and out of hands with their administration.i’ve read comments from Permatang Pauh residents that crime rates there keeps getting higher since PKR took over.

  3. San says:

    Despite Malaysia pretty economic growth over these past few months, something just doesn’t seem to be right. It is almost as if the GDP growth figures were manipulated or spiced up.

    Well, they weren’t. Contrary to popular belief, the government does not really “jack up” economic figures. It just found clever ways to “spice up” growth figures. That is all.

    Let us use last year as an example. Abdullah found out that the economic figures were not good, and it couldn’t have been at a worse time. Elections were just around the corner and he didn’t want the economy to appear weak.

    So he did something very clever – he increased the wages of civil servants. This of course, leads to higher spending. And as we know, spending helps boost the economy.

    I am not saying that civil servants do not deserve a pay rise. But the reason why they were given one couldn’t be any worse. Yes, Malaysia is actually a failing economy. China and India are fast replacing Malaysia as manufacturing powerhouses. Half of Malaysia GDP figure comes from the manufacturing sector.

    If oil and palm oil prices did not increase last year by a mile, Malaysia would have registered an economic growth of somewhere near 3.5%. This is a measly figure for a developing country.

    By 2014, Malaysia will no longer be a net exporter of oil. In turn, this translates to losses for every sen oil prices go up.

    To achieve developed status by 2020, Malaysia should have registered at least an 8% economic growth annually since 1995 (a developed country should have Purchasing Power Parity of at least RM25000, and GDP per capita should be close to PPP figures).

    Right now, Malaysia has a GDP per capita of RM6500 and PPP of RM14700.

    We have only done an average of 5% increase in GDP growth from 1995 – 2007. So Vision 2020 will not be achieved despite what the government might claim. Furthermore, for Malaysia to move up the value chain (I define this as a country that is able to innovate and produce high-quality products, e.g. companies such as LG, Samsung from Korea), large amounts of foreign direct investments (FDI) are needed.

    To show you how low our FDI is, Malaysia has a pathetic RM7 billion of FDI annually while Singapore, a country 100 times smaller than Malaysia, has FDI of RM55 billion annually. Last year, nearly 50% of our FDI went into the Iskandar Development Region.

    This, in my opinion, is a project bound to be a major failure. When Singaporeans were invited to invest, they did. But when they started to invest, our smart politicians said this would chase the malays into the jungles.

    To summarise everything up:

    1. All the people tax money is being used for stupid subsidies and unnecessary mega-projects.

    2. Immigrants from Indonesia, Philippines are causing wages to remain stagnant.

    3. Malaysia economic growth is now based on oil and palm oil prices. (Malaysia will soon be a net importer of oil, and palm oil prices have reached their peak, meaning it will be downhill from here on.)

    4. Malaysia is suffering from a “brain drain”. No qualified professionals want to work in Malaysia anymore.

    5. Malaysia manufacturing sector is shrinking, thus unemployment rates will go up.

  4. ruyom says:

    Many of those who worshiped Dr Mahathir cannot understand why Malaysians blame Mahathir for the woes of the country. I have compiled excerpts of reports which were published in the media in past years to refresh the memories of Malaysians, as to why many Malaysians feel that Mahathir did more bad than good for the country in his 22 years.

    These 22 fiascos were published in the form of questions directed to Mahathir:

    (1) Bakun Dam
    Why did your administration take over the construction of the dam by bailing out Ekran Bhd by almost RM200 million for ‘work done’?

    (2) Bank Bumiputra
    Why did you allow the mismanagement of Bank Bumiputra, to the extent that it had to be bailed out three times, costing the country a total of RM3 billion? Again, by dipping into Petronas funds?

    (3) Clean government
    You came to power in 1981 and introduced the slogan Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah (Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy). Did you ensure that chief ministers and ministers not have incomes beyond their legal means? Did you make the Anti Corruption Agency more effective and independent? How many big guns were prosecuted for corruption offences during your tenure? What did you do to further that? What happened to Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah?

    (4) Education
    Why did you allow our national school system, which is the ideal place to develop ties among young Malaysians, to become so divisive?

    (5) Forex losses
    Why did your administration dabble in speculation in the international money market which ultimately cost Bank Negara almost RM9.3 billion in losses?

    (6) Heavy industries
    Why did you push into heavy industries such as cement and steel in the 1980s, ignoring studies which suggested developing natural resource-based industries instead? They caused billions of ringgit in losses and major problems.

    (7) Immigration
    Why did you allow hordes of people to migrate, mainly from Indonesia, in such an unregulated way that there are as many or more illegal immigrants than legal ones now, accounting for some three million or more people?

    (8) Indah Water Konsortium
    Could you explain the RM1.4 billion soft loan to Indah Water Konsortium which clearly has irrecoverable losses?

    (9) InventQjaya
    What was the basis of inviting Libyan-American Sadeq Mustaffa to Malaysia to set up InventQjaya Sdn Bhd and to also give him a grant of RM440 million?

    (10) Judiciary
    What was your motive to take action in 1988 to remove the then Lord President and several Supreme Court judges from their positions under allegations of judicial misconduct, a move which was heavily criticised by the Bar Council and other bodies?

    (11) Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad
    Why did you rescue Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad (then owned by your son Mirzan) and which had debts of RM1.7 billion using funds from Petronas?

    (12) LRT
    Why did you bail out the light rail transit operators Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd (Putra) which belonged to Renong, and Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd (Star) using almost RM600 million from the EPF, which still resulted in EPF having to write off RM135 million with a share loss of RM96 million?

    (13) Malaysia Airlines
    Why did your government sell MAS (private sale) to Tajuddin Ramli who had no knowledge whatsoever about running an airline? Why did your government then later bail out Tajuddin Ramli by paying RM8 per share, when the shares were trading at only RM3.60 in the open market, costing close to RM1 billion of the publics money.

    (14) North-South Expressway
    Why did your administration award the North South Expressway concession to UEM (which then formed Plus) and then provide them with a loan of RM1.6 billion which was half of the tender price of RM3.2 billion?

    (15) Operasi Lallang
    Why did you have to resort to this move in October 1987, when you close down four newspapers, used the Internal Security Act (ISA) to detain over 100 people and cause a wave of fear throughout the country?

    (16) Perwaja Steel
    Why did your administration allow Perwaja Steel to be mismanaged resulting in RM2.9 million of the publics money being squandered?

    (17) Press freedom
    Your criticism of the present government got plenty of coverage in the local media whereas during your time, criticisms against you by two former prime ministers were muted in the mainstream newspapers. Editors in Umno-linked newspapers too, were removed for not toeing the line. What did you do to advance the cause of responsible press freedom?

    (18) Privatisation
    What was the justification of privatising the government medical stores to Southern Task Sdn Bhd and the resulting increase in the prices of medicines?

    Why did you allow privatisation to take place in such a manner that the most profitable parts of government operations were sold away like Pos Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional?

    Tolled roads had guaranteed toll rate increases and compensations in the event traffic projections were not met. Independent power producers (IPPs) had contracts that guaranteed them profits at the expense of Tenaga Nasional.

    (19) Proton
    You went ahead with the national car project in 1983 despite a number of experts disagreeing with you, especially with respect to the lack of economies of scale.

    Isn’t it true that Proton’s profits over the past 20 years came from the vastly higher prices that the Malaysian public has had to pay to subsidise Proton, resulting in considerable hardship for Malaysians who need cars because of the poor public transport system?

    Why was it necessary for Proton to buy a stake in a failed Italian motorcycle manufacturer when it could not even produce cars competitively?

    (20) PSC Industries Berhad
    Why did your administration in 1998 award a RM24.3 billion contract to PSC Industries Berhad, together with an advance of more than RM2.5 billion to build naval patrol boats?

    (21) Putrajaya
    What is the justification for spending RM20 billion on a grandiose government city at a time when office space was available in Kuala Lumpur?

    (22) Time Dotcom Bhd
    Did you not force the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to buy 81.6 million of the unsubscribed public portion of the initial public offering (IPO) of Time Dotcom Bhd at RM3.30 per share when the shares were trading at only between RM1.95 and RM2.10 and in the process incurring an instant loss of RM100 million?

    Why did your administration bail out Time Dotcom Bhd which was saddled with a RM5 billion debt?

    Why did your government use RM904 million from Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen to buy up 273.9 million of unwanted Time Dotcom Bhd shares incurring an instant loss of RM280 million?

    There you are – 22 fiascos in 22 years.

    The bad news is that there are actually more than 22. Remember the APs, Maminco, Renong and many more. Those who remember, please add on to this list.

  5. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    It will/is a dream come true: to have a democratic Malaysia with justice prevailing in all matters……..hopefully sooner then later.

    C4 Dee Pee M, Botak Alba, PIG Musang & AG Gani, Bakri Sin Sin, D/PIG Ismail and all police officers & prosecutors involved in this MALICIOUS, VEXATIOUS, MALA FIDE CONSPIRACIES MUST BE INCARCERATED FOR GOOD AS A LESSON TO ALL THE REST.

    The Mahaguru of these rascals is none other than Mahadey Kutty Mamak, the 22 years destructor of Malaysia, the independence of judiciary, police, AG chambers, “creator of dirty word ketuanan melayu” and dictator general of Malaysia. He too must be severely punished.

    This charade of “rule of law” by the authorities in DSAI’s sodomy II is a farce. God willing, the judiciary, with its image below par, will rise to the occasion and throw out the case saying, THERE IS NO CASE TO ANSWER.

    God bless DSAI, RPK, Dr Osman, informers and all rational Malaysians.

    Ravindran Kunjan

  6. fong says:

    The most important asset of a country is not its natural resources, but rather its human resources. This is especially true in a knowledge-based economy, which of course, will be the trend in the future if not already the trend in most of the western countries.

    My daughter, who is in her final year medicine in Auckland, told me that a team of Singapore recruitment officers have just visited Auckland and talked to the Malaysian students there, offering jobs and training prospects for the final year students once they graduate.

    My daughter also told me that over the last few years, quite a lot of her Malaysian seniors, after graduating from medical courses in New Zealand, have gone to Singapore to work as house officers and subsequently stayed back in Singapore for their postgraduate training. Similar teams are sent to Australia and UK for recruiting Malaysians there to work in Singapore.

    About a year ago, Reuters reported: ‘Malaysia is counting on bright, ambitious people like Tan Chye Ling for its future, to lead it away from manufacturing and into the knowledge age.’

    But the 32-year-old scientist, a postgraduate in molecular biology, is not counting on Malaysia to look after her future.

    ‘I felt very suppressed in Malaysia,’ said Tan, who moved to neighbouring Singapore, the region’s pacesetter for biotech investment, after a decade of research and study in Malaysia.

    ‘I have benefited from the better research environment and salary scheme here. Things are much smoother,’ she said by phone from the National University of Singapore where she is studying dust mites and allergies. Tan estimates that 60 percent of the research teams she works with in Singapore are from Malaysia, despite her country’s efforts over several years to develop a biotech industry.

    There is a serious problem facing Malaysia and that is the problem of ‘brain drain’. Why are Malaysians overseas not coming back to work? Well, pay may be part of the reasons but it is not the main reason. Singapore recruitment teams offer Malaysian medical students a salary which is a few times what they would expect to get in Malaysia S$40000 a year for houseman after tax (equivalent to RM86000) which is about five times the pay of a houseman in Malaysia.

    But as I say, pay is not the main problem. The living expense overseas is high. And for a person working overseas, the loneliness and the stress level is also high. So not everyone opts to work overseas because of the pay. Many would not mind to work for a lesser pay if they can stay near to their loved ones. So why do people choose to work overseas, away from their loved ones?

    Malaysia has many state-of-the-arts hospitals and research centres, which may even be the envy of many overseas countries. But hardware alone would not attract these experts to come home. In the medical field, I have so many classmates/friends working overseas, many in world-renowned centres. Why do they do that? Some of my classmates and friends did come back as specialists. After working a few years (many only lasted a few months), most got disillusioned and went off again.

    There is really not much prospect of career advancement here. How many can hope to become a professor even when they are an acknowledged expert in their field? How many of them can blend into the local team where the work attitude is vastly different from that overseas? How many of them can have a say about how things are to be run? On the other hands, lesser beings are being promoted to professorship for doing much less.

    There is an unwritten rule that even if the person is very good, the head of the team has to be someone from a certain ethnic group who may not be even half as good as him. In everyday life, some become disillusioned with the corruption, the red tape and the ‘tidak apa’ attitude of officialdom. For an overseas doctor applying to work back home, the application can take up to six months to get approved, whereas Singapore sends teams overseas to recruit them on the spot and offering them jobs immediately as long as they pass their final examinations. See the difference?

    It is the sense of being appreciated and being wanted that make these people stay overseas. Back here, they are often made to feel that they are of a lower class. They do not feel appreciated and they do not feel wanted. That is the main reason.

    For those with children, the education system further puts them off. Even school children can feel being discriminated against and one glaring example is the two system pre-university education.

    All these make them pack their bags and off they go again, leaving behind their parents, perhaps their siblings, the friends they grew up together with and their favourite food that is often not available overseas. No one likes to be away from home but circumstances and a sense of being recognised for their worth make them go away. It is really sad.

    Parents spend big sums of money on educating their children but the ones who benefit most are the Singaporeans, the Americans, the Australians, the British and so on. As long as race politics is not done away with, this problem of ‘brain drain’ will continue and Malaysia will always trail behind the advanced countries no matter how many Putrajaya and Twin Towers we build.

  7. mauryaII says:

    To me political manifestos are just bullshit to buy votes and make the voters feel they are voting in a good political party. Just like what happened in 2004 when AAb was given an overwhelming mandate. What happened? He did not have it in him to deliver on his promises.

    Coming to Anwar’s declaration he has no choice but to deliver on ALL HIS PROMISESfailing which he would be worse than the mamak, the sleepy head and even the playboy najis who have and are the masterminds to the never ending saga of sodomy.

    Hope this the last and final episode of SODOMY in Malaysia.

  8. Ahjajal says:

    Bravo, the light of a new true government (PKR) is on the horizon and approaching fast. Those that dream on BN/UMNO vessel should start to disembark before it is to late. The Captain of that vessel has locked its direction to doom with his evil crews.

  9. DSAI, me and my friends have agreed to contribute to the slaughter of a buffalo in our village to celebrate the occassion on September 16th.

  10. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    lets walk the talk all the way to Putrajaya and no turning back for there’s a new sliver lining on the horizon.

  11. fergie says:

    Wah .. people already putting pressure on Anwar before he even becomes PM. Why no pressure on the present regime which has caused our country to be in the state it’s in now?

  12. siewkhim says:

    I have to tell you AGAIN. This scum Mahatir is the worst shaitan created by God. He was made from the sperm of the Iblis in the womb of a she-devil.

    He will be burnt in hell 22 billion times and will be cut into 22 pieces in hell for 22 billion times.

    I predict he will be dump into the grave hole by the end of this year. Malaysia will celebrate because we know this shaitan is no now on the surface of the earth.

    Mahatir s/o Iskander Kutty – mampus lah dengan serta merta!!!!!

  13. george says:

    The New Dawn of Malaysia… a smell of merdeka once more… I deeply hope this is real and pray for it. We of all races are all in the same ship (not UMNO sinking ship)… we still can save ourselves… no point to sink together with the BN or UMNO ship… anyway they are destined to sink by 16 Sept.

    Well life goes on…my bro and sis… let move on and built a brand new generation of Malaysia… bring us back to our glory days…beyond vision 2020…

  14. patek1472 says:

    Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

    In the year of the great games started by the Greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before

    From: Patek1472.wordpress.com

  15. DSAI even if you did not make this promise it is okay. Why? Because you have been very consistent with your words and actions all this while. We trust you.

    Secondly, even if you did not make this promise we will still hold you accountable to the deliverables. Why? Because voters are sincerely devoted to making Malaysia a great future for all.

    And I pray and wish you BEST.

  16. marduk says:

    Fong, I’m in total agreement with your comments. I’ve reasons to believe that race politics in this country have also ruined potential candidates’ chances in becoming doctors to serve and save fellow citizens of the planet Earth. The reason being, qualified students but not from the ethnic group, were not allowed to pursue medical studies of their choice! Medical study costs a bomb and many just could not afford it on their own.

    Scholarships are not for 2nd Class citizen!

    What a waste. It’s really sad 😦

  17. kittykat46 says:

    Unfortunately, the night may get darker before the new dawn.
    The day after PR takes power, the Bursa Malaysia will crash as the cronies all do a massive sell off to take their ill gotten money out to Switzerland, Cayman Island, Panama, wherever.
    Not to mention UMNO may attempt to trigger another NOC to stay in power at whatever cost. Never underestimate UMNO’s will to survive, as the prosecution of DSAI shows.

  18. james chua says:





  19. wandererAUS says:

    Let’s not put our hopes too high. Theses Umno scumbags, has established an evil administration that is so deeply rooted that a fair amount of time will be needed to transform it back to a clean and efficient govt. I believe, Anwar who have experienced injustices done to him, will also serve a s reminder to him that his immediate task is to reform the tainted judiciary and weed out all the incompetence judges.

  20. imwatchingu says:

    Hail the next Malaysia PM. This is a new dawn for Malaysians. By next year, we’ll all regain our dignity and proud to be a Malaysian again. And may those corrupt and muderous ex-politicians pay for their crimes and put behind bars for a long time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Let there be change, UMNO has become untenable. If there is no change, malaysia will be dragged along like a dead dog.

  22. telur dua says:

    Yes, but first we must kick BN out in the next GE. BN is the cancerous organ which we must cut away.

  23. amoker says:

    This is a man with vision.

  24. David Chan says:

    Dear Friends,

    Do agree with Fong, as other than natural resource our country need talent for economy development.
    One more point, I just feel strange, with Malaysia current policy, a foreign spouse (especially wife) of a Malaysian citizen need so long (5 years plus for result, etc) just to get a Permanent Resident and some even wait longer than this, in other country the norm is only 3-6 month only for result…., guess lot of policy need to change if Malaysia want to remain competitive …

    Thank you…

  25. matt says:

    The one sob that needs to have his mouth shut is chandra muzafar,the guy has the gall to talk about ethics.Hope DSAI reforms the entire civil service when he comes into power.

  26. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    Those that plundered Malaysia will have to pay for it
    commencing from TDM, the Monster No. One .

  27. alvin lee says:

    i do agree with what kittykat46 said. UMNO’s will to remain in power may force them to take desperate measures like imposing emergency rule or create havoc in the country’s economy. After all, it is a well known fact that desperate people will do desperate things.

    I just hope that sanity will prevail at the end of the day.

  28. ah Long says:

    Very interesting to note that Razak Baginda is the man behind the first attempt to charge Anwar with sodomy.

    So now they have abandoned that asshole and let him rot in prison. Baginda you are getting your just deserves.

  29. mark c says:

    very interesting to see Dr Rafick still maintaining a conspiracy within a conspiracy theory.

    I’ve gone through what he has to opine in Dr Osman’s SD and there are too many holes in his argument..

    I’ve never been an anwarista but I reckon with events unfolding on a daily basis of cruelty, corruption, abuse of power, I’m inclined to believe what he has to say and trust him, … just because the fact that our country is in critical levels. How bad can it go anymore?

    Apart from genuinely being consistent is all his speeches regarding the need to save the country from it further rot, the very fact that what he has gone through, the last decade, from being high and mighty to being vilified, whacked, ridiculed, taunted as a sodomite, incarcerated, is I reckon enough suffering for a lifetime.

    Even after all these tumultuous times, kak wan has been firmly and stoically standing firm beside him. Doesn’t it speak volume about the character of a person? I reckon any misdemeanor by the male will be automatically picked up by the spouse, it’s an inborn instinct. See how strong the family values of a wronged man is? See how in every press conference, his whole family is firmly behind anwar?

    Even if he is a sodomite, so what? Even if he has warped sexual tendencies, so what? If he can deliver even half of what he is promising, I’d be more than happy. If anyone deserved to be given a chance, I’d say Anwar should be the forerunner.

  30. Terong says:

    good one.

  31. ah Long says:



    Can you do some research or get someone from Malaysia Today to confirm that Razak Baginda was the man behind the first sodomy charge to destroy Anwar.

    Someone who claims to be John Merlott the ex US Ambassador to Malaysia has revealed this information.

    Reading between the lines someone in Malaysia Today has contacts with him.

  32. ah Long says:


    Maybe RPK also have the contacts to confirm or deny the report. If it can be confirmed ….wala another timebomb. It will also explain Baginda’s sudden rags to riches story.

  33. Menyalak-er says:

    Wah, so nice-la, no canines sniffing around yet!
    Everything said so far koreck, korect, correct!
    San, ruyom, fong and others you said it all, you’re amongst the best this freakin’ nation can offer! Therefore we still have hope mah – sure thing!
    And i think i’ll retire for now to watch the Olympics opening ceremony.
    ah long hold that thought, very good one man… c u later.

  34. enemy of syaitan says:

    This Bodohlah has transformed from Mr. Clean cum Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Dirty Syaitan cum Mr. dirty Sodomite. How could it be in so short a time? H ah ha ha ha……

    It’s all because of Mr. Clean missing with the wrong devils……

    Sa titik nila, semankok susu pun rosak, ha ha ha…… Bodohlah is no saint but a little soul with worldly desires…….

    During the 5 past years, the rakyat has eye witnessing this Bodolah falling….. into the pit of devils into the deep deep abyss. Nobody could save this Bodolah now.

    Bodohlah has transformed into a real monstrous devil, and the solution is to obliterate this monstrous devil completely he he he he he…..

    Dei! AI, you are not the only hero in this world lah. It’s the people’s power that reigns supreme in Bolahland, kia kia kia kia…..

    So please take this into your numbskull, else the sodomy 3 will start again if you don’t take the people’s power seriously…….

    Yes! Son! It’s the people power > executive power + legislative power + judicial power.

    It’s the people’s power that destroys any despotic regime on this planet earth…… Ha ha ha ha Hails the people powers of the world.

    Mr. Bodolah is just a small potato when compared to people power. Dey! Bodolah, if the people’s power wants you to bungkus sekarang you better bungkus sekarang. You faham what is people power tak, you little no brainy syaitan?

    Better to make yourself disappeared as soon as possible before the power of people power comes to your doorsteps….. Didn’t you watch how Marcos ran the hell out of his life before people power came to him?

    You mata buta or deaf kah? Or you have some kind of mental problem or you are thinking all the while like the way a syaitan is thinking?

    Dey! This sodomy indictment can only comes from a dirty no soul syaitan lah, Bodohsyaitanlah…..

    Bodohlah, get yourself disappeared fast before so many heroes aka Anwar, RPK, Sloone, Rocky, Nik, Kit, and many others wanted to sink a long sharp sword into your mother of all soul-less heart………………

    Run syaitan run, running for your life, you asked for it, syaitan………….. wow wow ow wow…. Ha ha ha ha….

  35. matt says:

    Guys did you see the news just now about the bar council forum.Those guys who spoke should be pick up for sedition,they were virtually foaming at their mouths.

  36. ram says:

    Dear Susan,
    I’m an avid reader of your blog.I sure hope Anwar means no abuse at all AND NOT just “gross abuse”.Cheers!

  37. Honque says:

    Who’s the real master behind Anwar’s sodomy charges? Is it PM? Najib? Musa Hassan? Gani Patail? or Syed Hamid?
    The Famous Five
    Full Size Picture
    Ilusi Dalang

  38. Save the country says:

    This mamak has not only plundered the country wealth to the core for his family and cronies, he also a very synical racists pariah. Real arrogant and sarcastic behaving as if he was the smartest ah around.
    I used to respect him when he became PM. But after a few years seeing what he has done, Now I got sick just listening and seeing him on TV. Look at the country now. Has become third world country run by cronies with third world mentality. His by product.

  39. Menyalak-er says:

    Ah long, yeah, read that piece from dinobeanno’s blog. Ambassador Merlott, just mentioned Razak Baginda, as the ‘self-important snitch’ in passing.
    It was as if this buggero fella put himself as same rank as the good Amb.
    What the Amb. is most concerned about is the ‘due process’ that is occuring now, as a mirror image of what had happened in to dsai in ‘liwat ver.0I’. It is safe to assume that what is discussed is the truth, and adds to our simple logic of that conspiracy.
    That is why the U.S. State Dept. is repeatedly saying that they are very interested about this ‘no case’ and watching. Rais’in is shiting bricks, but dopeys still doped.
    What wits0 said about appearances in ‘legality’ in lieu of righteousness, will have some bearing on the mindset of the younger educated bumnoputras who have no idea about the depth of depravity in their present leaders.
    The majority of the malays are sick of this rubbish conspiracy ver.02, and this will show in the by-election.
    I’m not too sure this should be brought up by PR in the campaign, as the mindset of the rural folk are quite different with regards to their ‘Great Syaitan’.
    Razak B. with his master will be dealt with, no matter what – consider this another gram of c4 (manufactured in the US) to be added to the munitions.
    “Hell hath no fury like American Ambassador scorned!” Ta-pau already.

  40. shaydflin says:

    Dear Fong,

    It is almost natural for someone like the one you had mentioned above would be driven away from Malaysia. Yes I would agree with you on that point and certainly Malaysia is a big country. As the result, you cannot dictate that the post of a boss is for you no matter how brilliant are you.

    There are thousand brilliant Malays students as compared to some Chinese students as you had mentioned, and I am sorry to say that they are more loyal than most of their counterpart and come back home to work even with less pay.

    So please don’t worry about losing some Chinese students overseas, because the posts will be quickly filled up by so many brilliant Malays.

  41. shaydflin says:

    I have some pity to my Bangsa who writes terrible and bad English here. I like to let them know at least write good simple English, if you can. If you cannot do it, please write in simple Bahasa.

    By doing so, many people here would understand what you want to tell. If you don’t do that the people here tend to misinterpret the sentences to something else, and please be ashamed to people of the world as the comments will be read by people worldwide.

    If you still don’t know how to improve then I would suggest you make use some programs which help you improve your English such as white smoke etc.

  42. BobbyNZ says:

    I cant help but laugh cynically at AI’s remarks lah. All the abuses of power pale into the remotest insignificance after what he did in 1997. Yes legalising short selling of currency and stocks followed by “financial attack” of Clinton’s “financial henchmen” resulting in Malaysian economy almost bankcrupt. My estimate is easily $500billion robbed! Now the CROOKS are rallying to help him telling the Malaysian government not to honour the Rule of Law! Why???? Returning a favor??? Wake up Malaysians to the worst abuser of power – ANWAR IBRAHIM AKA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE



  43. abc says:

    Government’s which failed to revive their country economy after 1997 tragedy would considered a failed government. Simple as that. We desperately need a new government to reform all economic policies to attract more investor. By pointing finger to someone or country that involved only make you less intelligence or incapable of handling your own country economy.

  44. UNO says:

    Government’s which failed to revive their country economy after 1997 tragedy would considered a failed government. Simple as that. We desperately need a new government to reform all economic policies to attract more investor. By pointing finger to someone or country that involved only make you less intelligence or incapable of handling your own country economy.

  45. wits0 says:

    It sure is shady under the tempurong. She can’t stand the Light of Truth outside.

  46. pressure says:

    Yes legalising short selling of currency and stocks followed by “financial attack” of Clinton’s “financial henchmen” resulting in Malaysian economy almost bankcrupt. – BobbyNZ

    Filthy cry baby gambler!!! Malaysian economy bankrupt cos chinese gamblers taught vice to malays like mahathir. These chinese also sold their sisters and mothers to malays thus sharing their lust with malays. Sex and money was the driving force of chinese gamblers who ruined malaysia.
    Biggest culprit ling liong sik the sick bustard who even try to sell malaysia topographic maps to foreigners. In may 69 mca also cooperate with umno to kill fellow chinese.
    The corrupt mahathir dictatorship said no action on this threat to national security. MCA worms should be sent to spend their lives at middle rocks in the sea.

  47. pressure says:

    I have some pity to my Bangsa who writes terrible and bad English here. I like to let them know at least write good simple English, if you can. If you cannot do it, please write in simple Bahasa. ~ shadyfiln

    Can we expect you to follow your own advise. Janganlah macam ketam menyuruh anaknya berjalan betul.
    So while you study, the others can keep posting.

  48. pressure says:

    There are thousand brilliant Malays students ~ shadyfiln

    Idiot. Rocks in the head.

  49. […] Anwar promises NO MORE gross abuse of executive power (sloone: we shall indeed hold him tight on this promise. You might also want to read Dr. Raffick Khan’s […] […]

  50. Joe says:

    The quota system should not be extended to the critical disciplines and professions.

    Nst has driven many good people away. The top executives at Nst are fond of telling people: “If you are really that good, you won’t be here. You will be out there. You are here because nobody else wants you.” That may be true with many people and given the situation at the Nst but why don’t they let the good guys turn the paper around?

    Do you know that they hardly sell 100,000 copies a day i.e. after free copies included?

    I raised this point with Kalimullah once not so long ago and he replied: “We know what we are doing!” Of course, he doesn’t care. Nowadays, he doesn’t reply to my SMS.

    re the sex part, it’s true. Lots of stories going around. Salehuddin is not the only sex maniac around. He used to do drugs as well with the younger reporters and turn up for work bleary-eyed.

    AKJ used to fly to London at company expense to jump on his mistress who was attached to the BH section of the Nst office there. Everyone knew about it.

    Instead of buying new BMWs, the top executives once had new engines installed in their old vehicles so that we wouldn’t know. The union found out and told everybody. This was at a time when they were dragging their feet on the collective agreement.

    The plant at Jalan Riong is also a rip off. They paid double the price for some outdated stuff. Not satisfied, they built another new plant in Shah Alam. For what? They also built plants in Dungun and Senai. All scams for a paper that is selling less than 100,000 copies a day.

    At one time, Nst had a lot of land bank and they also had six months reserves. Now, all gone. They are in the red. They have sold off the magazine subsidiary to AKJ for RM 1 and MM to an ex-circulation clerk. They are left with only Nst and BH.

    They are not on good terms with the vendors because “the Melayus wanted to teach the Kelings a lesson for not handing over their business to Malay vendors”.

    Do you think a Malay will rise up at 3 am to collect the papers for distribution? He will say he has to pray etc etc.

    I raised all these points once with Kalimullah and he kept quiet about it.

    So, the vendors prefer to promote the Star and the Sun. The Star’s rise is mainly due to the Indian vendors, nothing else. Johan Jaffar wrote a very racist piece in UM not so long ago about the role of the Indian vendors as if it is their fault that the Malays don’t have a stake in the business.

  51. Bujang says:

    Shaydfln, I agree with you there are thousands of Malays who can replace the Chinese leaving. So why the Chinese is complaining? Leave leave lah.
    But unfortunately, I met many rich and well-to do Malays living overseas with their families after they had made their $$ here. Why they not stay back?
    Even our politicians are keeping their ill-gotten $$ overseas. But back home, they cry for more Malay rights…. and business to 100% bumi company?
    Save the Country, Ruyom, don’t you see Malaysia has been deceived by one Indian caled Mahatir Kutty. He will tell you to do one thng and he will do another. Clean, efficient and trustworthy? He earns the title as the most corrupted PM in Malaysia’s history!
    Malay Supremacy? Why so many outstanding Malays got bashed and he gets away scott free?
    Who sits in the tallest tower in the coutry built by no other than Kutty himself? Who is supreme? The stinging Indian!
    We suffer because of him. He still sits in the tall office occasionally kicking out dust to make himself relevant and cover his tail buying time and oppressing Anwar so that he will not be PM and dig out his past. Nobody would do it except Anwar.
    If you want to expose the Indian, Support Anwar.
    Because of him, charges could be cooked up and framed an innocent person. Why do we rot to such a state? Where is your future?
    If the nation wants to see light and justice, support Anwar.
    At least he has put on record that he would right things up.
    But he is 61. How much more time he needs to be a PM? How far he can go? I pray to God to help him out and to free us from the claws of the evil legacies left over by the Indian.

  52. struth says:

    Most malays who leave malaysia is because they get married to muslims from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
    Other malays leave because they cannot convert in Malaysia. I know one who will be following her husband back to Australia after his contract is over. She has converted.

  53. struth says:

    Who sits in the tallest tower in the coutry built by no other than Kutty himself? Who is supreme? The stinging Indian! – Bujang

    There is no such thing as pure malay. Even the Northern Malays look down on those from the impure ones from Johor and selangor. islander mentality is only good for singing and dancing, not working. Climb up the tree and pluck coconuts when hungry.

  54. chaptokam says:

    pressure (06:26:58) :In may 69 mca also cooperate with umno to kill fellow chinese.

    Pressure this is slanderous , defamation and highly irresponsible for you to make this statement . I suggest you withdraw this , failing which , I will will reserve my rights as a Chinese to report you .

  55. troother says:

    Because the Alliance participated in the Singapore elections in 1963, the PAP participated in the federal elections in 1964 and told the Chinese not to vote for MCA for betraying them to the Malays.


  56. troother says:

    Dictionary: gold digger – A woman who seeks money and expensive gifts from men.

  57. spin says:

    sinleong 23-01-2008 02:02 AM

    don’t worry folks… our malay brothers in PAS and PKR has pledged that they will protect the non-malays if those umno goons and their mca running dogs stage a “may13′ and attack the non-malays


  58. pokum says:

    Jalan Alor MCA ayam:

    It is hilarious to know that Dr Ayam ex-MP of Bukit Bintang Dr Lee Chong Meng is leading the Protest against the Bersih Rally claiming that it is “bad business” for traders.

  59. patek1472 says:

    Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

    In the month named of a Roman King
    The year of great games played by Greeks
    Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
    “Wag the Dog” the game is played

    A man defamed twice over
    Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
    A plot being hatched as night awaits
    Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

    People in Malaysie cry in vain
    Great turbulence and strife engulf
    Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
    Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

    Men in power rule with joy
    For winners, gold and lust awaits
    Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
    Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

    Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
    For keeping the turf and rule once more
    But alas, such is the game being played
    The time to repent is so in vain

    Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
    Seeking justice for those in pain
    A man of honor they seek within
    To play a game of which to gain

    Across the land, the people rose
    Silence and patience is the game being played
    Within the halls and corridors of fame
    Man of honor win the game

    From: http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  60. chaptokam says:

    troother that’s the malaysian bar version . How about the one by Dr Kua Kia Song ?

  61. beano says:

    Badak: Remember the incident where some UMNO and MCA thugs beat up girls in a campus,What happen to that incident,nothing ,so what is new.

    As long as BN rules this kind of things will keep on happening,Slowly we losing more and more of our human rights.


  62. skol says:

    Malaysiakini reports that MCA youth leader Liow Tiong Lai blames the arrogance of UMNO that caused the downfall of the Chinese party in the March 8 elections. How easy is it to blame others for your failure.

    He admits MCA was blamed for being weak, not standing up to UMNO.
    Is this the reason or, MCA felt the Chinese won’t push them away. MCA was confident the Chinese people will back them no matter what, and arising of this super duper confidence, they did nothing to gain the confidence of the people and eventually lost the election. It is simple as that.

    Come MCA be honest even in times of failure and you may gain the confidence of the people again. Your blame game will not go well with the Chinese.

  63. Orang Kampung says:

    Anwar suka main belakang
    Dah lama macham ini
    Politik pun pintu belakang
    Susah tukar sampai kini

  64. anomie says:

    If ever DSAI becomes the PM, I’ll hold HIM for the REMOVAL of ISA!

    Talk is cheap!

    Just dont be like Rais Yatim.

  65. Ayoyosamy says:

    I like Rais telling US to butt off !!!! Brave of him to do that cos those are THUGS with nuclear bomb man!!! Obviously they are behind “bribing” some MPs to cross over to Anwar’s camp

  66. wits0 says:

    “Malaysiakini reports that MCA youth leader Liow Tiong Lai blames the arrogance of UMNO that caused the downfall of the Chinese party in the March 8 elections…”

    MCA totally gave up its ghost after ’69. This statement is from the archives of the late MGG Pillai. It sure took the MCA 40 years to arrive at a semblance of honesty.

    Pot calling kettle black. The only honorable thing left and available is to commit Seppuku in atonement and dissolve away.

  67. 2 cents says:

    I Believe………..!!

  68. skol says:

    “I like Rais telling US to butt off !!!! Brave of him to do that cos those are THUGS with nuclear bomb man!!! Obviously they are behind “bribing” some MPs to cross over to Anwar’s camp”

    Why? MCA got no more money to do bribing for umno izzit? Rais now begging for rice from US.

  69. skol says:

    Blardy MCA also agreed to Mahathir declaration of Malaysia is islamic state.

  70. wits0 says:

    “Blardy MCA also agreed to Mahathir declaration of Malaysia is islamic state.”

    They would agree to sell their mom if the price is right.

  71. Towering Malay says:

    (The Sydney Morning Herald) – QANTAS has shelved plans to send two 737 planes to Malaysia for heavy maintenance checks.

    The decision was made while the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) investigated the airline over a series of incidents in recent weeks, including the emergency landing of a Melbourne-bound jumbo in Manila when a two-metre by four-metre hole was blown in its fuselage.

    The airline faced another maintenance problem yesterday. Flight QF107 was prevented from flying to Los Angeles because a screw needed to be replaced.

    The airline’s decision to send its 737s to Malaysia for maintenance checks has come under intense scrutiny after the first plane sent there two months ago came back with 95 defects. It was grounded in Melbourne on Thursday because of noise from an air-conditioning fault.

    Malaysia Airlines issued a statement yesterday defending its checks and calling Australian reports on defects unsubstantiated.

  72. cinta Malaysia says:

    The oil price has dropped to USD115.30 per barrel. Are we still being subsidized
    at rm .30 cents per liter or are we subsidizing the BN Government now??
    They will wait till 1st September to announce the new petrol and diesel price.The price of petrol has been on the declining curve from the base of USD135 per barrel the day the BN Government made a hefty 40% increase.
    Can anybody rationalize the what should be the price at the pumps now?

  73. cinta Malaysia says:

    correction on last para:
    ‘Can anybody rationalize the issue and what should be the price at the pumps now?’

  74. Tak Cinta Malaysia says:

    Iam wondering will Pak Lah reduce before the Permatang Pauh by-election and re-instated when the pre-election is over.? 😀

  75. Tak Cinta Malaysia says:

    Never trust Pak Lah. :embarrass:

  76. chop chop says:

    Aiya when comes to MCA dogs spear heading by the no:1 Mother of all Chinese traitor Ling Liong Sick, just chop chop chop…. and then chop chop chop again…… then we can make meat balls, habis cerita, ha ha ha ha ….

  77. Menyalak-er says:

    Correction, dear wits0 (10:37), not only their moms but also their hungry ghosts… in addition to their ancestors names.
    Speaking to some ‘middling’ businessmen (sme types) the other day, they are starting a mass exodus to PR, enuff is enuff sort of thing.
    Yes, it took them close to 40 yrs. to realize that their ‘benefactor’ politicos, were actually ‘ghosts’ – very hungry ones at that! Very rigid attitudes, these chaps. Corruption is bred into them, everything the ‘lubricated’ way.
    The 2nd. gen. of these guys are mostly graduates from western varsities, so you may count on their ‘unghostly’ countenance.
    The word ‘irrelevance’ can be considered to apply to race based politics from now on. Despite the ravings of the neo-feudal ones in this blog – paid and unpaid. They will definitely try…
    Chaptokam, exactly how many Chinese and Indians are signing up to join their racial based ghost parties today? Especially in PR states?

  78. chow kit road says:

    Dey! Why are you all still calling this Mr. Sodomite aka ex-Mr. Clean Pak Lah? Sooooo stupid and ignorant.

    All of you who call Mr. Sodomite as Pak Lah must be enjoying being mained by Mr. Sodomite, ha ha ha ha…

    Slooney’s website is akin to a brothel permitting this pervert thing to happen here he he he he….

  79. Abdul says:

    Follow the Permatang Pauh elections from:


  80. Aiyaya says:

    – shadyflin

    Hello everyone,
    U reckon many of these “brains” are now the the kakis walking in the corridor of power..or the tangans holding the hammer in the judiciary..or the mata mata in this country?? This kind of morphing is so scary , no wonder our country is making so much international news, and for the wrong reasons!

    Face it, the reality is that there is a brain drain, and the main reason you and i know, whether we want to admit it or not. This is not a problem? Please be honest and if you think it’s not, look how “brilliant” Malaysia looks right now! Just be thankful that the country is not brain dead YET. Many Malaysians, regardless of race, are starting to think, really think what we want for our country and our children’s future. Our thoughts, our dreams, our aspirations are in the blogs…there is much soul searching being done. We are not brilliant, but we care enough to want to see our country do well. But we cannot just stop and think, we got to act. Let racism and all other -isms continue to rear their ugly head and Malaysia will be a seething medusa. The time is now to make the change. Can we be change makers in whatever sphere of influence we are in? Pakat, cooperate, let’s just synergize our strengths..the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts because of our creativity, natural and human resoucres which God has blessed us with.

    Do you all know that the blood bank in hospitals will appeal for more donors during the fasting month? The supply runs low. For those who give, i really doubt whether they care whether the recipient of the blood is a malay, chinese, indian…. Life is in our blood, it makes us all part of the same human race…

    I end with a quote from a brilliant Malaysian…
    “Malaysians of all races, religions, and geographic locations need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have a place under the Malaysian sun. Only when each citizen believes that he or she has a common home and is working towards a common destiny, will he or she make the sacrifices needed for the long haul.”-” Raja Nazrin

    God bless Malaysia!

  81. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… Aiyaya, i like your ‘not brain dead yet’ comment!
    No we are not ‘brain dead’ as per Terry Schiavo’s case, we are creeping into presenile dementia i.e. Alzheimers Dis., where forgetfulness, loss of cognitive function, social awareness, incontinence etc.!
    For those who would like to refresh your memories (and English), kindly refer to the simple article on “ketuanan melayu” @ wikipedia. A bit long winded, but worth your effort…

  82. Towering Malay says:

    Malaysia is doomed. God save malaysia – or Saudi Arabia can.
    Btw the best sam lok bak kut teh is made from beating an mca dog in a gunny sack. The meat gets tender.

  83. chaptokam says:

    beano (10:10:49) :

    Badak: Remember the incident where some UMNO and MCA thugs beat up girls in a campus,What happen to that incident,nothing ,so what is new.

    Hey beano , don’t spin the issue . the issue is some damned racist UPM bumiputra campus security officer snatched the lap top of a chinese student for so called political involvement . I condemn that f***** security officer . Don’t twist to UMNO and MCA thugs beat up girls in a campus . You must have got a dead brain to do that .

  84. chaptokam says:

    Hey witsO crite
    They would agree to sell their mom if the price is right.

    Suddenly your grey matter in your brain has vanished . For an intellectual guy like you talking like a low standard Anwaritas cybertrooper . No wonder Monsterball call you a ********* (censored) . For a person to suggest that , maybe that person’s mom must have done that to send him to university . Quite a noble cause .

  85. Towering Malay says:

    It`s true that MCA would sell their mothers. It`s a common saying in the towns of malaysia. They would sell their mothers to umno.
    Monsterball and chapkotam will even hold auctions to show their love for their mothers and sisters. maybe they`ll throw in some condoms free oso.

  86. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (14:16:11) :

    Chaptokam, exactly how many Chinese and Indians are signing up to join their racial based ghost parties today? Especially in PR states?

    Have you heard of the word infiltration and opportunist ?? well my friend I really believe you do cause I also believe there’s nothing much I can tell you that you already don’t know off. Smart and clever guy , you are so much better than that witsopocrite guy .

    As for the Indians , no comments on them , I do not wish to open up another battle front with those indian commentators here . God bless them .

  87. Towering Malay says:

    The Cina usually pray to their GOD for money, wealth, 4D numbers and prosperity. Most Chinese dye their hair thinking that they can be like their Hong Kong or Korean idols. Some of them are Christians though and they dye red during Easter. While a small minority have ditched the Chinese culture and embraced Islam. This particular group won’t eat pork or participate in anything Chinese cause Allah says that it is Haram. Some classify themselves as Malays for more Government business and NEP privilege, these guys however, only converted for the Bumiputera benefits and will happily eat pork when no other Muslims are around. Instead of deities, Chinese Muslims pray to Allah for money, wealth, 4D numbers and prosperity. Dieyucks are mostly Christians and worship any kind of cross. They pray at the cross-junction of major roads and cause traffic jams.

    Indians practice no religion since all their temples has been demolished government. Indian are not allowed to have any religions because they are too much of a minority to make a difference in the coming erection (or so they think). WHO CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HINDU TEMPLES?!! YOU NOT HAPPY I REVOKE YOUR CITIZENSHIP, GO BACK INDIA!!! – Kerismudin


  88. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (14:16:11) :

    Did you notice why I didn’t respond to skol’s comment on MCA youth leader Liow Tiong Lai and the Blardy MCA also agreed to Mahathir declaration of Malaysia is islamic state. ?

    To me these are some of the greatests idiots in MCA and the MCA triad chief is the one who played silent politics in regards to the Islamic state issue . I fully agree with him , thats the reason we plotted to annihilate our own candidates in GE12 .

    chop chop (14:10:04) :

    Aiya when comes to MCA dogs spear heading by the no:1 Mother of all Chinese traitor Ling Liong Sick, just chop chop chop….

    This is another bastard . we call him rotten fish head .

    I agree with you. Please go ahead and whack these people , you have my blessings , its better you say it rather than me . Thanks to you skol and chop chop .

  89. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (14:16:11) :

    Did you notice why I didn’t respond to skol’s comment on MCA youth leader Liow Tiong Lai and the Blardy MCA also agreed to Mahathir declaration of Malaysia is islamic state. ?

    To me these are some of the greatests idiots in MCA and the MCA triad chief is the one who played silent politics in regards to the Islamic state issue . I fully agree with him , thats the reason we plotted to annihilate our own candidates in GE12 .

  90. chaptokam says:

    chop chop (14:10:04) :

    Aiya when comes to MCA dogs spear heading by the no:1 Mother of all Chinese traitor Ling Liong Sick, just chop chop chop….

    chop chop ,this is another bastard . we call him rotten fish head .

    I agree with you. Please go ahead and whack these people , you have my blessings , its better you say it rather than me . Thanks to you skol and chop chop .

  91. chaptokam says:

    Towering Malay (19:11:47) : must be other ‘goodman ‘

    And this site is another hate site http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Malaysia
    set up to create racial hatred .

  92. Towering Malay says:

    Dunno about goodman. I`m sure you think you are “bestman”. Enjoy the “hate” that you deserve. MCA must be hated and dragged through the sewers only then can they rejuvenate. They must go back to their amoebic origins (they all suffering from amoebic dysentry, like you).

  93. Towering Malay says:

    Anwar Sodomy II – challenge to MCA, Gerakan, MIC leaders to declare stand
    Two days ago, the MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said that instead of development and prosperity, the key issue during the Permatang Pauh by-election would be Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II charge.

    He said:

    “Permatang Pauh will be a battle of public confidence. The winner will be the side that most convincingly explains the situation surrounding Anwar’s charge.

    “If the opposition succeeds in painting a picture that Anwar is a victim of some government conspiracy, then they win. But if the Barisan Nasional can convincingly explain to the grassroots that what’s happening to Anwar is just a criminal justice process, then we win.”

    Ka Chuan should not be so fast to jump the gun.

    Before MCA leaders, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and MPs go down to the hustings in Permatang Pauh to woo the support of the 14,846 Chinese voters (comprising 24.8% of the 58,459 voters), they should publicly declare whether they fully support the latest persecution of Anwar and the gross abuse of the legal process to further the petty interests of Umno leaders.

    After the March 8 “political tsunami”, MCA leaders have been declaring that they have learnt the lesson and would no more be “dumb puppets” of UMNO whether in the Cabinet or the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council.

    The first question MCA leaders, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and MPs must answer before they start their campaign in Permatang Pauh is whether they have kept their post-March 8 pledge to speak up for justice and fair play in the Cabinet and the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council, or whether they are no different from the MCA of pre-March 8 “political tsunami” in being mere subservient puppets of Umno “Big Brother”!

    The same political challenge applies to the Gerakan and MIC leaders, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and MPs – have they spoken up in Barisan Nasional government and Supreme Council against the Sodomy II persecution of Anwar or are they in full support of the obsession of the top Umno leadership with one person regardless of the national trauma and international infamy it is creating?

    – Lim Kit Siang

  94. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (14:16:11) :

    The other chap whom I have absolutely no faith in is chop chop ‘s Mother of all Chinese traitor Ling Liong Sick, . He can f*** off for all I care .
    We call him Rotten Fish Head since the fish starts to rot from the head .

    Chop chop you have my blessings to whack him and say what you want to say .

  95. chaptokam says:

    The MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan and Ong Ka Ting , together known as the Ong Brothers Sdn Bhd , setting up a Ong Dynasty Has To be exterminated from MCA . These are the scrooges in the party . One is already a lame duck , the other is going to be expunge !!! in three months time .

  96. chaptokam says:

    Towering Malay
    I would not like to be drawn into a debate with you as I find your statements in Towering Malay (19:11:47) :offensive to not only people like me but also to others .

    Bye !

  97. Menyalak-er says:

    Well, chaps, just to let you know i was very actively wooed by your ghost party way back in the 80’s. There was nothing they wouldn’t have offered me, except of course their mothers and wives ‘cos i very geli la…
    Had the misfortune to meet up with some of the ‘august’ leaders including Lingaling and the vp’s then.
    Couldn’t stand their racism, corruption, feudalism, perversion of ideals blah, blah… so i belah – cabut lari and never look back… hahaha, might’ve ended up like oral sexologist fella or worse! I’m a socialist, and brook no racism mah. Never look at dap/gerakan – all oso very siau/sial.
    Remained pure virgin & apolitical since then – until this shit hit the fan – then i see the need to change drastically to save the drowning ‘mother’ we call Malaysia.
    DSAI is my only choice right now under these circumstances and i urge you friend to reconsider your stand, though i doubt you will listen… cheers.

  98. chaptokam says:

    Menyalak-er (20:13:39) :

    Best of luck to you , guess we all have different paths to take but shall lead us to the predestine place .


  99. Bujang says:

    struth (08:04:21) :

    “There is no such thing as pure malay. Even the Northern Malays look down on those from the impure ones from Johor and selangor. islander mentality is only good for singing and dancing, not working. Climb up the tree and pluck coconuts when hungry.”
    YOU are RIGHT. Then erase the RACE in ID and BC. Just put Malaysian. Let the good and able people rule and lead the country forward.
    This hapeens in the West and in Singapore. Why can’t we do so?

  100. Omitoufu says:

    The Foreign Ministry will send a letter to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to explain Malaysia’s view on what it sees as American interference in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim case. ” 9-08-08

    “There will be a series of meetings with foreign governments to explain what is going on, and the first will be in Washington, DC, at the end of next month. Then we will move on to European countries.”

    Now, we have a minister who has the sence to do this.
    He really has the people’s feelings in his heart…!!!!

    All the other countries will have the opportunities to participate and listen to you….. right up to the court room with their pressmen and they would help you to disseminate the event world wide for you.


    Thanks to the US for indirectly instigating and making this possible, or otherwise the said minister would, but “forced” to keep silent.

    Cheers to the foreign minister for this move. At least you are able to voice out now…very loud indeed…your true feeling for the country.

    Credit must also go to your boss.
    Please also “tidy up” your court room and make sure there is sufficient seats for these guests of honour.

    Cheers again tho the said minister.

    …………………….and at the same time please advise your tourism minister to prepare for the “welcome to Malysia” for this world “special event” (only every 10 years)……much better than the Olympic Game (every four years)…….

    These people from UN to EU USA, China, Japan, all over the world would be coming in large groups…100s of thousands….

    Good Invisible income comes in handle at this time.

    If the time is too short, ask the Home minister for the court date’s postponement………..to, say, November 10th 2008 or whatever date suitable.

  101. dendy says:

    Bearing the above possibility in mind, what would now happen if DSAI were to lodge a police report against Saiful alleging sodomy (either way)?

    This would certainly throw the powers-that-be into a downward tizzy, because this report would have to be considered very seriously in light of the report made by Saiful.

    Maybe the result would be that both parties would turn out to be witnesses against each other – but remember, that can’t happen.

    Witnesses are absolved from all liability to be prosecuted. So we end up with two witnesses who can’t be charged, so both charges would have to be dropped.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall if this happened, just to see the head-scratching.

    -Judge Judy

  102. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    Well said the promise of non-abuse of the Executive Powers thereafter but as justice must be done and as well as the corrections all the wrongs must be done

    All Malaysian Citizens of Permatang Pauh you are the Foremost Agent of Change, please vote and give the DSAI the largest majority possible to curb Inflation, Corruption and the urgent need for change to the Present Fiasco of the BN Government who betrayed all Malaysian Citizens of all races”

    The Sodomsiapaadabodowi Kiasu PeeM & the Sodomsiapaaltantuya Kiasi DPeeM are now both very corrupted power crazy desperadoes now under great desperate pressure within Umno and then also by all the Malaysian Citizens reading but not believing the suppressed News from the MSM for what they have done to Malaysia and in order to divert attention from themselves they have to initiate deflection of the great pressure by charging DSAI for Sodomy and in order to get rid of him at all costs from entering Parliament and put an end his planned overthrow of the present corrupted regime in order to cling on to their own posts uncontested.

    Why both the Kiasu PeeM and Kiasi DPeeM must go now because these liars who blocked and spinned lies & deceits in the MSM of the non-existent Oil Subsidies and hike the fuels prices to revenge against the Rakyats for their Poll Defeats in losing the 5 States & 2/3 majority in Parliament, cannot rule for long as they have destroyed the BN and lost the trust of all the Rakyats??? This is why Tun Dr. Mahathir is always correct, they must be removed with a surgical knife immediately internally or externally.

    Why the Malaysian Police is more interested in the allegation of DSAI than those against of DPeeM Najeeb??? Also, the Malaysian Police has now been tarnished by not serving the Rakyat’s interests but instead becomes the tools for the Kiasu BN to cling on to Power by bullying the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights!!!

    Also, why hasn’t the police found the source from where did the C4 came from and the culprit C4 expert who placed the charges and detonated the C4 on the Mongolian Woman, there could not be many real sources of the C4 and nor are there many C4 experts in Malaysia unless there is a conspiracy to cover up. Also, the Immigration Entry record of Altantuya’s coming into Malaysia was deleted but the Police did not get the Immigration Personnel Culprit who has had the access into the Immigration Computerized System for the Entry Records to have done this in his conspiracy with the Murderers, there could not be many who have authorized access to these Entry Records. The Malaysian Police has now become the tools of those in power to suppress the truths even Murder.

    The Malaysian Police are all not only bullying thugs but also all are cowards who are cowed by the mighty high ranking BN politician and are cowed into covering up for him. The Kiasi DPeeM has been denying that he ever met, nor never met Altantuya.

    The Malaysian Police are nothing but all bullying thugs who know how to bully the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights like fighting for the access road in Cheras and also bullying the ordinary citizens who recently protested the fuels price hikes, which did have a domino effect resulting in price hikes in foods and essentials, which should not have been hiked in the first place as well because Malaysia is the nett producer and exporter of Crude Oil and we should be enjoying the windfall profits from Crude Oil like all Oil Producers and Exporters if the Country’s resources are not badly mis-managed by the greedy, corrupted, incompetent & moronic high ranking Kiasu BN politician who helm the BN Government to hike the fuels prices not out of necessity but out of greed in order to plunder, cheat & rob the Malaysian Citizens of their Purchasing Power & reasonable cost of livelihood in revenge for their GE12’s losses to the opposition. Throw out that despotic moronic rotten tyranny soonest possible to stop the rot now otherwise Malaysia’s wealth could be decimated in no time with such chronic rotten tyranny. So therefore in order to desperately cling to Power they now attempt to use the Police to do their bidding by whatever dirty tricks and cook up false evidences & to hide PI Balasubramaniam, & to put RPK & DSAI away to save themselves harmless by their under-handed tactics shamelessly as can be seen by planting Saiful to work for DSAI in-order to trap and remove him at the slightest chance. Where has natural justice in Malaysia gone, perhaps most probably gone to the dogs, if Kiasu BN remains in power??? Probably perhaps that only justice will be done if there is a Royal Commission of Enquiry called-in to investigate these cases.

    Also PAS was not born yesterday to be taken in by the Kiasu Umno’s ploy to make use of the full support PAS is getting from the Rakyats of all races because of their present status in the fold of their membership in Pakatan Rakyat. If they leave Pakatan Rakyat to join the Kiasu power crazy Umno in an evil alliance it is obvious their popularity will be decimated in no time. No ordinary Malay, Chinese, Indian or other minor communities will ever benefit in this chaos unless except otherwise they are the cronies of Kiasu BN or Umnoputras ok???

    See for yourself whether the Kiasi DPeeM of Malaysia is lying that he never met Altantuya:-

    Najeeb lied about NOT meeting Altantuya.
    See attached pic yourself. You be the judge.
    She was blown to bits by C4.WHY?
    All of them, yes everyone involved in the murder are
    connected with Najeeb.
    Yet he said he is clean. Wakeup,….. Bodoh.

    See for yourself that the Photos are real or fake?

  103. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    Does this mean abuse of power will continue but in limited and more subtle forms as Anwar practices it through his continued incredulous conduct in public in his lust for power?

    A man who wishes to lead any nation ought to be careful with his words. No more “gross abuse of power” does not of itself mean no more abuse of power.

    Perhaps Anwar ought not to embarass himself with his gradious statements and concentrate n filling his policy vacuum first to give him credibility.

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