BRAVO! The Burmese doctor who examined the alleged sodomy victim made a statutory declaration on August 1, and says he stands firm on his “no sodomy” findings.

Today however, Anwar Ibrahim is charged for having sex according to the order of nature. HAHAHA. If there’s really a charge for this, looks like the entire world population would be in jail.

Consensual Sex? This is trying to say that Anwar and Saiful Bukhairy agreed to have carnal sex, both are adults, so why charge only Anwar and not Saiful? Will the police pick up Saiful, too?

I think even my 10 year old niece can ask this silly question. The charge carries a jail sentence of 20 years.

But I guess Anwar is thankful at least for the part where he does not have to fight the Permatang Pauh by-election from 16-26 August, behind bars.

He can have a field day running down the government for sodomy II, where the BN/UMNO is not even sure who their candidate is.

Judge Komathy was quite professional to add:

“A man is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think there’s any likelihood that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will abscond. I will release him on a personal bond. There is no possibility of Datuk Seri absconding or tampering with evidence”.

So she lets him off on a personal bond of RM20,000. The case will be mentioned on September 10, and then transferred to High Court.

Here is where Saiful will also get to have his say. Oh, am I sooo looking forward to this.


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  1. crash says:

    againts the order? blowjob consider ma?

  2. susah2saja says:

    What is this nation turning to? We have become the laughing stock of the planet earth! Are we going backward instead of becoming a developed country? I agree with you Susan, if it’s a consensual sex, there’re many adults and couples that will be brought to justice soon!

  3. Abdullah says:

    Muslim scholars say oral sex is ok, but Malaysia’s constitution says “against nature”. Ha ha ha! AMEMO style repressive regime that uses evil apparatus to nail its opponents.

  4. Abdullah says:

    Anwar has a question to the nefarious regime led by Dollah:

    Breaking News:

  5. 377b says:

    from this charge, is it means saiful is a gay? he agreed to have Consensual Sex for 8 times? but if so, saiful should b get charge with the same section!

    and thanks to dr. osman for the SD.

  6. MelaysiaScrewedUp says:

    Dr Chua also did oral sex ma …. in video somemore …. what not charge him ?

  7. Muda says:

    Kudos to Madam Komathy . Hopefully the High Court Judge who will be assigned to try this case will be as proffessional . I’m praying for Justice Hishamuddin Yunus to be appointed . Besides seniority , Justice Hishamuddin does not believe in kowtiming with his bosses . That’s why , despite his seniority in service , he is still a High Court Judge while some of his juniors are now in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court including Augustine Paul !

  8. simplejoe says:

    If so, why didn’t they charge the ex Health Minister under the same penal code?
    He was caught on tape having oral sex wasn’t he?

  9. wits0 says:

    How is the Gomen to enforce this sort of law wrt a heterosexual married couple?
    “Sex against order of nature” – that’s a very interesting statement that’s open to rightful derision and contempt.

  10. neutronic says:

    I liken this sodomy 2 something similar to muzakarah thing i.e how Paklah & UMNO handle the issue.

    In a week a too, the issue falls apart like always and it is too glaring for everyone ( xcept the cybertroopers & hardcore UMNOs) to see that it is politically motivated.

    DSAI has shoot one solid salvo – if its a consensual carnal sex, why isnt saiful jointly charged today?……hahahaha. That wud redicule AAB assertion that saiful has a right to to be heard.

    Lets lay back and wait what hamid alba or the police got to say why isnt saiful jointly charged?


    maybe SIL will explain why in his blog. So much for an oxford man……hahahaha

  11. Kunju Baba says:

    The whole nation is getting sodomized by the cruel government.
    The only man can safe this nation is someone who in power and can act like our honorable Mahatma Gandhi.

    Saiful was sodomized or not sodomized, the nation become the victim of this bloody hardcore sodomized issue.

    With or without lubricant, the cruel government hardcore sodomy game are really give a direct impact the the whole nation.

    Believed me, we PERMATANG PAUH people’s are not stupid.

    Lets boycott agendadaily as 1 of the government main culprit and irresponsible media.

    Kunju Baba,
    P144 Permatang Pauh
    Pulau Pinang

  12. kittykat46 says:

    I suspect Saiful is going to have a very, very tough time with Anwar’s lawyers during the trial, assuming we have a fair and impartial judge (which we unfortunately can’t be sure of).

    The psychological and physical trauma which rape victims go through is very well documented. Many developed countries provide medical and social counselling services on 24 hours standby to help such victims through the crisis.

    Nothing that we have seen of Saiful’s behaviour since June 28 remotely suggests of him being a traumatised victim.

  13. 2 cents says:

    this is so stupid..i am speechless..

  14. alrawa says:

    I thought Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the last pariah leader that Malaysia had. Along came Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badua(oops Badawi). Sigh…..

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, strictly speaking Chuah Soi Lek was caught “having sex against the order of nature” on camera.

  16. eagle says:

    then why CHUA the X-HEALTH MINISTER not charged ?…. oral sex< not allowed too ? … why ? why ?

  17. Muda says:

    BTW Susan ,

    Just to add here ,

    Madam M.S.Komathy is very much senior to all the JC’s appointed by the disgraced Fairuz just prior to his retirement . Infact , she was unceremoniusly transfered out of Seremban by Fairus for no apparent reason in 2003 .

  18. ROOM619 says:

    lol blowjob will be charge under panel code section 377B ?? whole world will be charge soon…..

  19. i think the best way saiful proof he been sodmy is show his ass hole to the public by showing on mainstream media control by umno……open the pants and proof.i belive 90% of malaysian will be admited to hospital after watch it.there remain 10% UMMO fagots which will enjoy watching it again and again..the person who love much saiful ass is Najib cos he is anal lover.

  20. navi says:

    Dr Osman stands by his statement that there was no signs of Saiful being sodomized by anyone. That, with his Statutory Declaration should be enough for the prosecution to withdraw all charges against DSAI.
    Saiful should then be charged for making a false report.

  21. Patek1472 says:

    Q1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction)
    Altantuya dibunuh dan diletupkan berkecai. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

    Q2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False)
    Sodomi sejahat Membunuh. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False)
    Si tertuduh adalah tidak bersalah/berdosa sahingga dibuktikan. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True or False)
    Pengakuan “Statutory” dan Laporan Polis boleh dibuat oleh untuk mengelirukan orang. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his/her own skin. (True or False)
    Sesiapa pun akan menangkat sumpah atas ugama atau kepercayaannya demi menyelamatkan dirinya. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction)
    Ketuanan bangsa diperlukan untuk memerintah negara. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

    Q7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction)
    Ketuanan ugama diperlukan untuk memerintah Negara. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

    ……….cont’d to Q 50.
    ……….sambungan sahingga Soalan 50.

    Answers at
    Jawapan di

  22. SadMalaysian says:

    I think UMNO has set a trap on Anwar but in the end only got themselves ended up in the “you know where” of a person named Saiful. Fancy them all swimming in his s##t now.
    We thank God that there are still good people in Malaysia, eg. Doctor Osman & Judge Komathy who stand firm on their professional integrity. May God protect them from the evil one.

  23. Jombie UM-NO says:

    Gays are a accepted community of civilized countries. Nobody ask to be born a gay…it is also, God’s creation. What ever our moral standings, we should show sympathy and understanding. This government, instead of introducing an education scheme to educate the public, they used it for their
    political purposes. I honestly hope, they will have within their families a member, who is a gay! This will probably, make them search their conscience.

  24. SameSame says:

    Bcos Chua is ;

    not DSAI – not a threat to BN – UMNO

    not muslim…….also mah

  25. Menyalak-er says:

    Apologies friend ‘muda’, let’s not put the cart before the horse. Please do not drivel because it harms more than helps. There’re certain things that need not be divulged at this point in time, before the fact. I’m sorry, but please do not do this… soon too many bocors ya?
    A child in time (deep purple).

  26. wits0 says:

    With M’sia, it’s always about image, not substance. An image obsession here which includes an obscene presumption of (superior)puritanical morality so that even its maximum jail sentence for “Sex against order of nature”, must remain at 20 years while in S’pore it’s 2 years.

    I think this is a fair explanation of why a flawed law remained unchanged over time. Of course laziness and poor quality law makers contribute as well.

  27. crash says:

    Anyone can help me with a qeustion?

    “commiting carnal intercourse againts the order of nature” this is a law apply to all malaysian or only muslim?

    by the way, how they define order of nature? (male top female below, angkat tolak masuk finish) ?

  28. Pemudamalaysia says:

    I wonder if the government used it for political purposes, who’s the initial person use his case for political purpose then? Mind telling me who is it? 🙂

  29. William Eow says:

    Tonight I must ask my wife to SD first before we make love.If not…….after having my sperm(DNA) in her……..she will says that it is not natural sex.Habis liao…. I go to jail…….She have my property or tape it on tape to proof in court……….in case relationship turns sour.Can i call it ‘insurance’?LOL

  30. CYBERBOY says:


  31. amoker says:

    Just because she got brains, am sure that this judge will not preside over the actual case. They will pick a compliant, kow tow , kow tim person.

  32. matt says:

    Saifool is hereby inducted into world sodomy fame as first sodomy victim to openly give press statements even though his ass is intact.

  33. chaptokam says:


    Mamak Kutty !!!!

  34. chaptokam says:


    Ever heard of SUBMARINES !

  35. Javablues says:

    Dear Ms Sloone
    I too am sooooooo looking forward for Saiful to having his say in court. If you haven’t noticed, statements made by Saiful were either made through his lawyer, his uncle, his fiance (via her blog) and through his own blog BUT never made by him personally in public or face to face. Isnt that a bit strange?
    Its as though that an invisible (or rather invincible?) hand is at play here and judging by the numerous statements made, it is unlikely that the statements were made from a person who traumatised by such grave incident.
    For the records, I & many other Malaysians out there have not come accross any instances of rape victim issuing statements similar to that of Saiful’s.

  36. SameSame says:

    I like our joker, sleepy PM’s denial that he is not involved….AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ….he is INVOLVED!!!!

    He truly should keep his mouth shut…someone please tape his mouth shut or clip it FOR GOOD! He is doing more damage than good for HIMSELF!

    Aiyoo….what a PM Malaysia has!

  37. CJFOO says:

    I am totally lost for words. Malaysia Boleh!

  38. wudan says:

    Tu lah. SG kata jangan. Itu kerja bodoh. Tapi Pak Lah cakap polis bukan bodoh.
    Sekarang Pak Lah nampak BODOH.

    They have not charge Saiful because the prosecution can prove that he is not an accomplice. Pheet! Come here coffe boy. Tonggeng! Don’t waste time and you will desecrate the Quran only.

  39. This joker Saiful may not be aware that he can be charged too under the same section!!
    He is presently blurred with the ringgits floating infront of him.
    He may be able to consumate with his fiancee when he goes to prison.No matter how the end game of this case, i have every reason to believe that Saiful will eventually go to prison.
    His lawyer will have a shit time too for not advising this foolish boy.
    Cant blame this saiful fella, he is a dropout!He has a peanut brain!

  40. have fun says:

    what’s all this noise.huh?’s Anwar sodomy case.

    just wait and see and lah what happen next either Anwar is guilty or need to say anyone is “bodoh”.

  41. apapunboleh says:

    Saiful should be jailed for letting a old man poke him in the ass. Just imagine, Anwar told Saiful ‘Undress and lie down on the bed and I’m going sodomize you’ and Saiful replies ‘Ok, better use lots of lubricant as I’ve a small asshole’.

  42. doggone says:

    First it was sodomy by force.
    Then it was sodomy with a plas-dick.
    After Dr.Osman’s medical report was leaked, the sodomy charge is one of consenting adults.
    In the end, we will find out that it was actually self-inflicted. Saiful had forced that plastic thingy up himself, and there was consent by his anal orifice to accommodate the unnatural foreign object. Anwar will be acquitted of all charges, and Saiful will be incarcerated in Sg.Buloh for a real taste of sodomy by its famished inmates.

  43. nur says:

    Maybe they just want to jail Anwar till old age. By putting him out of the equation, perhaps KJ has a better chance to become the PM? Fat chance. If that happens, I can guarantee you that Dr. Wan Azizah will be the PM.

  44. wudan says:

    I never called anybody bodoh only Pak Lah. Not only bodoh but bodoh sombong.
    Of course, we law abiding Rakyat will let the court decide.

  45. Pemudamalaysia says:

    Owh, so sorry your paid by someone to influence all these commentators. So sorry..but i’m very concern about politics as you are, but I’m not the kind to BODEK ur so called future PM DSAI. He is an evil, crook person. So sorry but no offense in here Anwar’s supporters!!

  46. NorHaslim says:

    …and now the curtain finally rises, we just have to sit back, take a sip of teh tarik and enjoy the show.
    with the election around the corner and anwar’s self-prophecy of becoming the next PM, for sure he will have to project a mega deafening noise to block all distractions to ‘pancing’ the rakyats’ sympathy.
    This will be a nice play indeed!

  47. matt says:

    Never know next they might say dr. osman did it and no wonder he left the country.

  48. oik says:

    I missed the bit where the doctor got thrown in jail for 3 days. Surely the SD was made under duress. RPK would never make up stuff like that.

  49. PHUA KL says:

    Dear Susan and Friends

    I have some bright ideas to promote government efficiency in Malaysia:

    Set up a “BN University” with the following departments and schools:

    a. Medical school with a “Department of Anal Anatomy and Anal Pathology” (the aim is to train govt docs who can certify sexual assault/nonconsensual sodomy in spite of evidence to the contrary)

    b. Law school to train legal staff who can achieve high conviction rates in spite of lack of evidence

    c. Journalism school to train reporters and mass media people to be better propagandists and spin doctors as the present batch of KJ-appointees are doing such an inadequate job

    d. Economics department to train government economic advisors who
    can closely monitor the price of primary commodities such as oil so that government subsidies can be adjusted quickly with minimal delay (preferably downwards)whenever there are siginificant price movements.

    e. Finally, there should be a school of police science to train more efficient and effective police officers. Less to ctach common criminals and more to catch other categories of criminals who are more detrimental to national security and stability.

    What do you think??

    Phua Kai Lit

  50. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    In that case, we should also charge BobbyNZ for shagging sheep…


  51. Anonymous says:

    clearly lies after lies from BN government.
    consensual now?
    saiful claimed to be a victim and now police charge DSAI based on 377B.

    apalah ini BN government? why protect saiful specifically if he has sex consensually with anwar?

  52. SameSame says:

    Phua…yes very good idea!

    er by the way entry qualifiications…BUMI ONLY CAN APPLY

    P/S this all i see when i read the Ads for Jobs for sometime now!

    P/S chedet the mahakutty trying to justify his take on NEP in his blogsite! He is the creator of all these and now he is justifying his so called actions..(in NEP Case)

  53. apapunboleh says:

    Here’s the answer on why Saiful is not charged: Najib is protecting him cause he went to seek Najib’s advise earlier.

  54. matt says:

    Thewrathofgrapes good one man really good .

  55. wudan says:

    Maybe Saiful need to seek Najib’s advise again later.

  56. Anonymous says:

    yeah why chua soi lek not charged for 377B even with video evidences.
    why BN government so free and keen to charge DSAI 377B only, not even saiful????
    what the fuss saiful has been complaining about then???

  57. It is the Rakyat that has been sodomised by Bodawi and his deputy. Now that crude oil has dropped by almost 30 cents from its peak of USD147 what has the govt doing about this? Singapore, and that is a country whose leaders are worth every cents of the huge salary they earned, has already reduced their price at the pump twice . This is a country genuinely cares for its rakyat and is squeaky clean.

    If UMNO is unable to rule the country, just move aside and let DSAI has his day.

  58. It is the Rakyat that has been sodomised by Bodawi and his deputy. Singapre-now that is a country whose leaders are worth every cents of their huge salary-has already reduced the price of oil at the pump twice. What is the govt doing about this since crude oil has dropped by almst USD30 from its peak of USD147.

    The present govt is hugely incapable of running this country efficiently and it is the honourable thing for it to step aside and let DSAI has his day.

  59. Noname says:

    Why Anwar is charged under this Act?

    This is to rule out question such as :
    why 7~8 times ? (consensual)
    why Shaiful still follow Anwar to oversea? ( consensual)
    why no mark in Shaiful’s anus? (use lubricant)

    Off cause it seam ridiculous to charge only Anwar one person, rather then everyone in Malaysia who have oral including Dr-Chua, and all those gay and “sex worker” stand in the dark corner or Chaw Kit street

    But there is how low BN willing to go.
    Put Anwar behind bar, regardless the reputation of country and people.

  60. Ahila says:

    So Saiful…….is in the frying pan now…ouch ouch !
    Padan muka……….if sumpah upon the Quran…your guilt vanishes, kot?
    Now it is ‘suka sama suka’ charges. How Now,Saiful…need to run back to DPM office for advice,ah?
    I cant wait to see you getting’fried’ in court by Anwar’s lawyers.
    ‘your sin is getting to you’……….

  61. Noname says:

    For the comment above :
    one more question leave out :
    Anwar is 60years and have a back pain and Shaiful is young and almost 6 feet tall.

  62. Agent Mulder says:


    and thanks to dr. osman for the SD.

    Remember about X-files : when those saw aliens would disappear

    Malaysian version X-files : Those who make SD will disappear in no time

    ****come here doc come here doc let me do MAGIC!!!

  63. Kunju Baba says:


    stop talking nonsense. open your mind and look far if you need to know the truth. truth is always truth, dont manipulate. Anwar should co-operate with the cops if he is innocent. I don’t understand why you guys jumping around and talk nonsense!

    Be matured and be a real Malaysian’s!

  64. SameSame says:

    Actually..sorry Susan digressing here…why hasn’t the petrol price in M’sia come down? Looks like AAB and his cronies are having a good time at our expense…we are paying more even when price is DOWN!!!

    Bl**** H***! Why isn’t the papers running those stories instead of DSAI and his ‘drama minggu ini’

  65. SameSame says:

    Is he AAB and cronies stocking up their reserves knowing that they time is numbered?? just thinking out loud…..

  66. matador says:

    against order of nature????

    CSL also can be charge ma. Let women suck….

  67. Iron Pillar says:

    Two things in DSAI’s mind now I suppose,

    1) Win the PP By-Election with the a big majority to represent PP people.

    2) Take over government before Sept. 16 to lead the country with Pakatan.

    One step at a time, the PP win first. Lets go with him……..unitedly behind him.
    He needs our full support!!

  68. Joombala says:

    If Shitful was a willing partner, then why make a police report? Maybe he wasnt shafted hard enuf or no satisfaction received? By the way, why is he being under “police protection” and the other party alone is being prosecuted. Sama sama enjoy, sama sama kena maa….

  69. Kampung Pisang says:

    If DSAI ever takes over the Gomen, wonder how many will fled the country…off course we know who will be the first one…

  70. have fun says:


    “why hasn’t the petrol price in M’sia come down?”

    haiya…the oil price due to decrease in 1st september la.not in the current moment lah.

  71. Ctizen Me says:

    In 1957 when we got our independence The People’s Republic of China had a per capita income lower than Malaysia and was not even recognised by the so-called civilsed world. Tomorrow China will host the Olympics and we are going to host an Olymp[ics of another kind.

  72. SameSame says:

    lol…lets see if it does reduce on 1st Sept.

    When singapore does it pronto…why cant malaysia…unless they are making money ‘on our behalf’!

  73. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Kani-niah Boh (14:54:34) :

    It is the Rakyat that has been sodomised by Bodawi and his deputy. Singapre-now that is a country whose leaders are worth every cents of their huge salary-has already reduced the price of oil at the pump twice. What is the govt doing about this since crude oil has dropped by almst USD30 from its peak of USD147. ///

    KNB – correction, Singapore has reduced pump prices five times in the last few weeks. However, the current price of around S$2 or RM4.75 per litre is still much higher than Malaysian pump prices.

    The fact is, Malaysian pump prices are still below market rate, while Singapore’s are above market (instead of subsidy, Singapore impose an ad valorem tax on petrol and diesel).

    Yes, crude oil has dropped by almost US$30 from its peak. But it is still very high compared to the US$40-50 per barrel before the hikes.

  74. chris chong says:

    i expect to see the change of judge very soon.

  75. cinta Malaysia says:

    It is good for Pak Lah to continue to retain the most hated personalities in the country i.e AG and IGP. The longer they remain in their positions the faster this government will fall!

  76. Anonymous says:

    As I see it. The puppet is pak dollah, the one pulling the string is KJ. Now pak dollah thinks his SIL is very smart so let him do anything. Najis is caught in between this two clowns. Since Najis himself had load and loads of Shit to hide, he jus have to go along with thier plans no matter how stupid it looks or sounds

  77. The WrathOfGrapes-You are a bit dumb. Do you know anything about income parity? Do you know how much Singaporean earn before you make a comparision. I just came back from London last Sunday and the pump price there is GBP1.18 or RM7.60. However, the British are earning in pound which is like RM1.18 a litre.

    Similarly, for the Singaporean their currency is about 2.5x ours and with their salary they can well afford the SGD2.00 per litre

  78. black crow says:

    Can anyone offer me an answer? If Saiful is complaining of forcible sodomy (based on his police report) who then is complaining of consensual sodomy between Saiful and DSAI? (according to the preferred charge today).

  79. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    My day was blessed with the good news of DSAI release & news that the Puan Hakim SM Komathy braved the odds and allowed BAIL ON PERSONAL BOND-no need surety/guarantor; she even disagreed with Solicitor General that the passport be surrendered to the court, and said Dato Seri will not be absconding nor tampering with any evidence.

    PIG Musa & Gani Pak Taik must be doomed. They now have to try to “PLANT” a crony judge(like Augus Hacks Tin Poll) to be in the High Court mention.

    Hopefully, the defence team may submit a P.O.(preliminary objection) to say that there is NO CASE TO ANSWER as there is cogent evidence of alibi; medical report that negates sodomy; conspiracy – 1) Room 619 Rodwan/Si Ful meeting on 25/6/08, a day befoere actual act of “crime”;2) 1/8/08 SD of Dr Osman which threatens him to sign a statement which he says he did not make;3) Najis “confession” that Si Ful met him at his residence to inform him of “liwat” not “biasiswa”; double standards of charging only DSAI & not Si Ful( How can a consensual act lead to a police complaint report???)

    The Judiciary is an embarassed lot; they may rise up to the occasion….GOD willing.

    ONE THING IS FOR SURE……..DSAI wil WIN P44 Ptg Pauh,& become a pain in evey umnoputra/bn a*** hole, especially flip flop idiot & najis shit C4.

    GOD BLESS DSAI, Dr Osman, Rational Malaysians……Malaysia for Malaysians…..A NEW DAWN OF DEMOCRACY! REFORMASI!REFORMASI!REFORMASI!

    Ravindran Kunjan

  80. TigerChan says:


    You are into politics now. Welcome aboard the bandwagon.

  81. noevil says:

    To AAB Government, stop embarrassing yourself and drop the charges, the whole world is watching and ridiculing Malaysia & Malaysian. Even if you have to lose in the by election, lose it with dignity. How you expect Malaysian to face the world now?

  82. TheWrathOfGrapes says:


    Yes I know all about income parity and ppp. All I am saying is Malaysian petrol and diesel are subsidised and below market rate. Any problem with that? The market for petroleum is a global market. Doesn’t mean you earn less therefore you should pay less. So, the Indonesians who are paid in Rupiah should pay RP5 per litre?

    Please refrain from personal attack. You don’t even know who I am and you call me dumb?

  83. better future for all says:

    All this is a sham to distract Anwar and PKR in their rally for the upcoming by-election.
    This puts a lot of stress n strain on him.
    But a lot of ammo for his rival.
    Umno/BN dirty tactics, at the end of the day the court will declare the case null n void.
    Saiful will be Umno hero, but is shit to the world.
    Of course he n family n uncle will be much, much richer.
    Maybe its all worth it for this young fool.

  84. Jsss says:

    No such thing as sodomy. All this create by the stupied Najib fella to trap DSAI. Anyway, bad time for Najip.. That’s all i should say. Siappppppppp lah kau Najip.

  85. SitOnThis says:

    Menyalak-er……….I agree with you, there are cybertroopers lurking around. I am sad and angry for I cannot comment freely. It would like given hints away. The gomen have the upper-hand, they had sacrified the PAWN for the KNIGHT……..that SaiFOOL Bugger will be charged too. He will sacrifies a few years in the cell, will walk out a free man laughing to the bank.So frustrate Arggggggggggggggggggg!!

  86. bao baru says:

    Once the countdown has begun, the show has to go on let alone this is a mother of all scams, ha ha ha ha ha………

    Those goons just want to save face and by hook and by crook, they will nail Anwar down ala Sodomy 1.

    When the judiciary, prosecutors, the polis, korek korek korek and almost everything is at the disposal of the powers-that-be, Anwar is helpless and is akin to a tortoise waiting for dying hi hi hi hi……

    So sad there is no justice Bao here in Bolehland. Only Justice Bao could conduct the trial with the utmost justice.

    Alas, justice Bao could only watch from the sky high up, sorry son, you were born in the wrong era. If during my time, this Saiful would be castrated long ago and rendered to a little eunuch of the lowest level waiting to be sodomized by the 7 foot soldiers in the palace, ha ha ha ha.

    So sad the Melayu culture doesn’t have this justice culture derived from history, else these mother of all scams will never surface…….

    The justice in Bolehland is a disgrace to mankind and is suitable for reptiles only ah ha ah ah ah….

    So don’t play the fool even with this modern era, the historical justice is there for modern human beings to refer/assimilate to, kia kia kia kia…..

    <a href=”

  87. Tantan says:

    After the Sodomy I and II, Malaysia is poised to become the first country in the world with her universities and colleges offering further studies in the subject of sex against the order of nature: Diploma in Sodomy, BA in Sodomy, MA (Sodomy), MBA (specialised in Sodomy), PhD (Sodomy). Malaysia Boleh !

  88. Want to come home says:

    DSAI charged under consensual unnatural sex because:

    1. DSAI’s blood sample cannot be planted on Saiful’s undrwear.

    2. Saiful will be prosecution witness who will readily admit to consensual sex to fix DSAI

  89. 4th Floor says:

    Obviously the polis don`t belief anwar alibi for 26th June, between 3.01 pm and 4.30 pm at Desa Damansara when saiful kena main belakang.

  90. hellboy says:

    padan muka bodohwi, now plan backfire!

  91. azlan says:

    I can’t stop believing that BADAWI, NAJIS, ALBAR, GPATAIL, MUSAHASSAN, KJ ar all stupid, damned stupid, moron, bitch. Now because of them Malaysia is thrown to the dogs. Malaysia Boleh, UMNOPUTRA Boleh…boleh blah!!!!

    There is one common denominator among these morons…U guess what?

  92. ah Long says:

    You all sure or not Saiful got paid 5 million ringgits?
    How do I apply for his job? I hear he only got paid 1 million ringgits. This is how Saiful got the job.

    Najib interview 3 people for the job, first he interview Saiful, He told Najib he want Rm1 million, Najib told him to f off, because that was too expensive.

    Next Najib interview one of Semi Value’s Indian friend. He wanted Rm2 million. So Najib chased him out with a broomstick.

    The third person Najib interviewed was a Chinaman. He told Najib he wanted Rm5 million, Najib was very angry but the Chinaman quickly explain to Najib “you go and tell Pak Lah it is going to cost Rm5 million. Then you keep 2 million and I keep 2 million. We give 1 million to that stupid Saifool and let Anwar screw his ass.

  93. Anak Pulau Pinang says:

    A few points that need to be considered.
    1. The ‘coffee boy’ Mohd. Shitfull bin Azlan, file a police report that he was sodomised by DSAI- presumably forced to submit to buggery by an old man with a bad back, not once but 7-8 times.
    Q1. Old Man 61 years, bad bacan all. Young man, 23 years old. You expect the world to believe he can force you down and submit . Maybe you forgot to mention that he could possibly be pointing a gun at you, you know, his water pistol and you so very shit scared for you life when he said “Your arse hole or your life’ so you give arsehole! Did he have to chase you round the room?? If so, he must be out of breath so out of pity, you gave him blow job to ‘revitalise’ his libido. Right. If so, where got force? Where got Rape? You give , he give – so all consensual what? Also why he kena you one time you still go back for 6-7 more times – Haiyah, like that -call consensual man!
    2. You visit Pusrawi, Dr Osman say your Anus as pure as the day you were born – only penetration so far was his (the Doctor’s) proctoscope what sodo-mee?
    3. You met with SAC Roswan in hotel room 3 days before you report sodo-mee. Why-ah? Discuss plans for police report ‘ah? Maybe, to make the case realistic, you let Inspector ‘taroh’ you. possible, No ?
    4. Before report, you visit Najis, many time-oh. So easy to go his house ah? He like to listen to your story about Sodomee also ah? You never offer your backside ah?
    5. After report, you disappear and remain protected by who – ah? Where you stay? Must be living in luxury compliments of your benefactor huh? After all, you are key witness and secret weapon to hantam DSAI down, right or not??
    6. Yesterday, Bodowi say you got raped but today the rape become consensual sex. So how now? Now The prosecution also say same same. Like that, you also must be charged what? Why the FOOL, Syed the Awtar AllBlurr talk cock? AllBluur fast become clone of Nazri – the dingbat who told Aljazeerah that malaysia has “erection” every 5 years.
    Conclusion, Bodowi Admin full of Yes men unfortunately with Sodo-Mee in their brains. God Help Malaysia

  94. telur dua says:

    The cops just shot themselves in the foot. How stupid can they get.

    They amended the charge to consensual sex in response to RPK’s late posting of of Dr Osman’s SD declaring that there was no sodomy.

    The big question now is to charge Saiful or not? In all this, and with the full support of Uncle Pet and the whole cheering team, Saiful certainly didn’t expect going to prison as part of the bargain.

  95. 4th Floor says:

    A list of probable questionnaire would look like this:

    Who f**ked yout ass?
    How did he pin you down? With his hand, his body or his prick?
    Were there more than one perpetrator?
    Any liquid aid used? Like KY jelly? Curry powder used?
    How deep is the penetration? How long? I meant the duration.
    Did he achieve orgasm? Did you?
    Is this the first time you got butt f**ked?
    You put up any fight or struggle?
    You scream for help? He screamed in delight afterwards?
    Are you tied up? How did he get you up to the condo unit? By lift or transported up in suitcase?

  96. telur dua says:

    The prosecution’s case is so full of holes I don’t see how this case can proceed, let alone be won in a fair trial.

    In a true democracy, the judge would throw out this case when it goes to trial. He/She would even give the prosecution a scolding for wasting court time and taxpayers’ money.

    Perhaps the cops are thinking that with a bit of luck and the ‘right’ judge they can make it stick. A. Paul, where are you?

  97. the joker says:

    Now Saiful asshole is still virgin according to Dr. Osman’s medical report. So to charge Anwar, the possibility now is that Saiful taroked Anwar.

    A new report will have to be produced and this is up on the prosecutors’ sleeves.

    Ha ha ha ha…… now the new charge is Sialful sodomized Anwar with Anwar’s consent. Anwar will have his asshole examined for sodomy by Sialful.

    The verdict: Anwar is guilty of letting other people main his belakang, also 20 years in jail.

    This Bolehland is really a joke! Ha ha ha haaaaa……….

    Making my toes also want to laugh………..

  98. BobbyNZ says:

    Hey guys,

    This is another interesting chapter of Malaysian history where all the evidences will be presented in the court of law. The Rule of Law has prevailed and all Malaysians will know the truth about AI’s perversion. Worse still, he has proven himself to be the greatest traitor the nation ever produced.



  99. adzha says:


    I am today ashamed to be a malay in Malaysia. The whole world will no longer look up to us anymore. The charges brought up against DSAI does not even pass to be the screenplay of a TV movie. The conduct of the so called malay leaders really portrays malays as a disgusting race. Pak Lah, Najib, KJ and co please stop this nonsense thus embarrassing us malays. Repent and seek forgiveness from ALLAH and from the people you have slandered. God will not wait for retribution, it can come sooner than you think. When it comes all the money in the world will become worthless.

  100. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Malays don’t have a problem here. It is the sinful and self righteous Malays who holds to lies, unfairness, corrupted, and live under lies that should be shameful.

    They brought shame to the Malays, yes, but why should Malays who are upright be shameful?

    Don’t bring condemnation to ourselves. We are children of God and deserves the best God can bless us, but we must be righteous.

    Those in power who says it is ok to be corrupted must be ashamed of themselves.

    The Education Minister who insists that all other children in Malaysia study science and math in Malay but send their children to UK, Australia, America… they must be ashamed of themselves.

    The Malays who takes bribes as drinking water daily must be ashamed of themselves.

    Those Malays who hide under UMNO and connived all type of lies to misled the ordinary Malays must be ashamed.

    You and I who live by the rules of God do not be ashamed OK?

  101. Patek1472 says:

    Q11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False)
    Pendidikan percuma adalah hak semua anak-anak rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Perubatan percuma adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan bersuara adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    Q14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan ugama dan kepercayaan adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia (Betul atau Salah)

    Q15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True or False)
    Kebebasan diri adalah hak semua rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

    ……….cont’d to Q 50.
    ……….sambungan sahingga Soalan 50.

    Answers at
    Jawapan di

  102. god had spoken says:

    Pak Lah is God choosen to lead a mission to sink UMNO and to kill off race based politics in Malaysia. Every action taken by Pak Lah will give a extra mileage for a new party to take over the government.

    Anwar mission given by God is to unit Malaysian of all races.

  103. chaptokam says:

    ah Long
    I thought that piece you just wrote was supposed to be Najib interviewing three guys for the astronaut position . wa you so very clever and convert the story la .Hahaha

  104. maxtor says:

    Bila dah kena tangkap, macam2 laa si Anwar ni bercakap. Dia bengang yang ‘awek’ dia tak kena angkut sekali.

  105. Diva Chin says:

    Monkey see, Monkey do!
    The master chooses the right student…The art of Sodomy!
    After 22 years, he left behind his heir to continue screwing the country!
    Hidup Melayu…Hee Hee!

  106. Wong Chee Kong says:

    Dear Alrawa,
    There’s a B-I-G difference between a pariah with brains and a pariah without brains. There’s a H-U-G-E difference between a pariah with brains and knows that he’s got brains and a pariah without brains but doesn’t know he hasn’t got brains. There’s also H-E-L-L-U-V-A difference between a pariah with brains and that knows he’s got brains equipped with a lot of guts….and a pariah without brains but doesn’t know he hasn’t got brains that are equipped with recklessness instead of guts.

  107. Ravindran Kunjan says:

    Dear All,

    It is so ridiculous to read comments “that the rule of law has taken place”(BobbyNZ); in the first place, there is NO CASE TO ANSWER. There should never be charges preferred against DSAI at all.

    The stupidity of the prosecution is confirmed by DSAI’s latest statement( can be read in Malaysiakini)”Watertight Alibi:He had meeting with 5 people at the time and place of the sodomy act as per the charge”.

    An alibi, according to Section 402A Criminal Procedure Code(CPC) for the benefit of BobbyNZ, is, DSAI was not committing the said criminal act at the time and place, becoz, HE WAS ELSEWHERE(NOT IN THE ROOM SCREWING SIALFUL) CONFIRMED BY INDEPENDENT WITNESSES, as against what Sialful has claimed. THE WORLD OF RATIONAL THINKING HUMAN BEINGS( EVEN A 5 YEAR OLD) WILL KNOW WHO IS THE BIGGEST LIAR!

    The witnesses have provided their statements. Notice has been given to IO. The police & AG’s chambers had to change the charge to”consensual sodomy” as they had an imagination of convicting DSAI with converting SIALFUL into Crown Witness.( the Botak Minister doesn’t know this he says how can we charge a complainant- then one can have sex with an underage girl, ie statutory rape, and to avoid prosecution, he can lodge a police complaint, he shall not be charged according to Home Minister).

    Now, they have to finish something which they started, even if it is foolish, even if the drama scripts were developed at 1) C4 Mama & Tee PEE M’s residence, office & toilets 2) Room 619 Concorde Hotel with Rodwan as Director Pornographic movies 3) even very much earlier(b4 March 8) umno lawyer’s M Safi AB Dulla meeting room( who with RM 70million, is unsatisfied & wants to have more POWER in the post of AG).

    HOW STuPID CAN THEY GET! Amnesty International says it is politically motivated; Human Rights Watch Asia says the same; BBC/CNN/Al Jazeera has all reported this stupidity to the World. CONGRATS aMENOPUTRAS/BEE ANNE TO HAVE FINALLY PUT MALAYSIA IN THE WORLD RECORDS FOR STUPIDITY SODOMY II DRAMA SCRIPTS & TRUMPED UP CHARGES AGAINST DSAI.

    God Bless DSAI, Dr Osman, RPK, Penarik Beca, rational Malaysians.

    Malaysia for Malaysians. Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi!

    Ravindran Kunjan.

  108. our-monkeygovernment says:

    hahahaha…malaysia boleh….hahahaha..

  109. our-monkeygovernment says:

    hahahaha…anak pulau pinang ,i like your comment ….hahahaha i can’t stop laughing….

  110. rage says:

    dont worry bout Bobbynz, he is probably aunty pet or saifool or the few and rare ignorant who belive the sodomy job.heard that auntie pet also surf the blogs and got intimidate by RPK, becareful guys in the blogs, u dont want to be challange with a fist fight with an auntie.

  111. LimDokSa says:

    kittykat46 wrote :-
    I suspect Saiful is going to have a very, very tough time with Anwar’s lawyers during the trial, assuming we have a fair and impartial judge (which we unfortunately can’t be sure of).

    The psychological and physical trauma which rape victims go through is very well documented. Many developed countries provide medical and social counselling services on 24 hours standby to help such victims through the crisis.

    Nothing that we have seen of Saiful’s behaviour since June 28 remotely suggests of him being a traumatised victim.
    That’s right…! He was having a good time resting in HKL….like in a holiday camp…so relax…!! Now all are waiting eagerly to see what he has to spell out in court about Anwar…!!

    Mr “Ful of Shit Bukero bin Arse Lan”,
    Your act in not convincing..!!!, suggest you go to Hollywood, provided they accept you..!!

  112. rage says:

    if they cant prove on the judicial court, they will now try the al quran swearing, heard that now they are preparing saifol to carry the quran with him all the time and swear upon it to all non beliver.

  113. azlan says:

    the whole world didnt believe the charges aginst anwar. But UMNO leadership, Badawi, Najis, Keldai (albar), pentium boy-KJ, tried to me it real. Everybody knows that they are fabricating the allegation, framing DSAI like hell. They even have the guts to tell C.Rice, foreign diplomats that the allegation against DSAI is real. How come these people so stupid? By the logic of it, they have lost the case.

    There is a malay saying “menegakkan benang basah”. Bodowi, Najis, keldai, Musanghassan, Gani”Katil” or “Tahil” all got it wrong. Worst, they have been using taxpayers money to do their dirty works, consume precious times to discuss about petty issues/lies etc.

    malaysia is going down the hill…foreign investment will go down, economy tambah meleset..Wish u the best MALAY sia..

  114. merchant222 says:

    Please-lah BN government UMNOputras, you guys look real silly, stupid and running down your own so called “race” if there was ever a so called “Malay Race”.

    Indianan Jones Mamak took you guys for a ride in geology and got to be your GOD for 22 years, but he really is not a Malay, and he was talking about “Ketuanan Merayu”??? HA, HA, HA. You Umnoputras were SODOMIZED for 22 years and never knew about it till today. WAKE UP lah, Kah! Kah! Kah! stupid Umno and Melayu supporters of BN just don’t know what is black or white.

    The Cinakui got their MCA “CHOW-KOW”, The Indians got their MIC
    “Keling Snakes”, form where? BN mah! Hand in hand, they screwed you stupid flers and till today still want to “do the same trick twice”…BODOMEE!

  115. PAK BENGGAP LAH says:


    Pak Lah is indeed BENGGAP. Thank GOD that he created Pak Lah as BENGGAP, or else Najib would be sodomised by him if not SayFool. Guess what, the day Datok Sri Anwar Ibrahim becomes the Prime Minister, Syed Hamid will get a shock of his life with “Real Hair” blooming on his head, and the “lower-covered-hair” dies of double-shocked.

    Cannot wait for New Malaysia under leadership of Anwar Ibrahim, agent of all races in Malaysia.

    Long Live Anwar Ibrahim!

  116. hyperinvestigatorscrotum says:

    great just great

  117. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear adzha (19:17), listen to the truth:
    In this world,
    There is only one race – the human race.
    There is only one nation called Malaysia.
    There is only one nationality called Malaysian.
    Malaysians are made of different ‘tribes’ – the orang asli, malay, chinese, indian and others.
    These ‘tribes’ even when they have different cultures, customs and religions are still Malaysian.
    When one Malaysian is hurt, all Malaysians are hurt; if one is insulted all are insulted. All are brothers and sisters under God.
    What has happened to Malaysia? The leaders are bad – not only those who’re malay, but also the chinese, indians and others.
    If you are ashamed as a malay, we are all to be ashamed as malay, chinese, indian or others since we are Malaysians.
    Why do we have bad leaders? Because we don’t bother when times are good.
    Why can’t we be one ‘bangsa Malaysia’? Because our leaders divide and rule us.
    Why do they do that? For their own selfish reasons.
    Can we change? Yes, we must.
    How to change?
    We kick all the racists/fundamentalists/terrorists/corrupters/bad shit etc. out and share the wealth as per the true Malaysian agenda – not ‘ketuanan’ this and that. As you say right the only real ‘ketuanan’ we have is ‘liwat-ing’. No, this is false nation building.
    When will Malaysians exist with full potential of liberty, honor, peace and happiness? When the true Malaysian agenda is reality.
    Is it easy? No, it is not.
    But we are Malaysian… ‘Hidup Malaysia’! Not ‘Malaysia boleh’!
    How can we ‘boleh’ before we ‘hidup’? The leaders have lied…
    Kidnergarden stuff.

  118. matt says:

    BOBBY NZ keep shagging sheep that is the only thing you are capable of, thank the weather suits you.

  119. wits0 says:

    Mr X said it plainly, “By charging Anwar for sodomy, it simply means UMNO has no qualm to fuck anyone just so they can continue to fuck the nation!” 😀

  120. wits0 says:

    “I say not only half of Malaysians, but virtually ALL Malaysians should be charged and sent to jail for 20 years because virtually ALL Malaysians have committed ‘UNNATURAL’ sex of some sort including but not limited oral sex, masturbation, wet dream etc.”

  121. silverfish says:

    Hello auntie Pet where are you? Anything to say????? Wow…you show your beautiful and long fingers when you talk waa…waa… Why you are quiet now???

  122. Menyalak-er says:

    No, no, no wits0, i swear i’m virginal with 10 kids (human not goats kids), 2 dogs and a cat…
    But hey 377B is law no matter how ‘unreal’ it is.
    It will be indeed a very humorous court case, without any precedent!
    Can’t help but laugh…

  123. IndependenceKid says:

    Dr Mohamed Osman said that some time in early July, he was visited by an officer from the Brickfields district police’s criminal division, ASP Rosmi Mat Derus, who interviewed him about the medical examination on Mohd Saiful.

    He said ASP Rosmi recorded the statement in in his own handwriting in Bahasa Malaysia.

    The following week the same officer returned with a typed statement in Bahasa Malaysia for him to read and sign.

    However, he said certain facts that were not discussed in the previous meeting had been introduced in the typed statement, namely Anwar’s name.

    Dr Mohamed Osman claimed Anwar’s name was never brought up during the first interview and Mohd Saiful also never confided to him about the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

    About a week later I was visited by a plainclothes police officer by the name of DSP Choo from the criminal division of the Jalan Hang Tuah district police, who impressed on me that I would be charged if I refused to cooperate with the police,” he added.

    What do you call this……? Was this taken into account by the S-G who prepared the charge…..

  124. Menyalak-er says:

    IndependenceKid, yes the SG was aware.

  125. Terong says:

    I wish RPK is the future Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  126. alan says:

    Who define ‘order of nature’ ? Something not the ‘order of nature’ to somebody but not necessary to everybody ! hahaha!

  127. jokar says:

    Two people went to kill. One guy reported, Hamid says the reported guy is not guilty. Two guys went robbing. One reported, Hamid says the guy who reported is not guilty. Two guys went fucking. One fucker reported, Hamid says the guy is OK. I heard Hamid prays alot. He disgraces Islam and the Malays.

  128. jokar says:

    2 guys went robbing, one guy reported,Hamid says the reported guy can go scot free.2 men went murdering, one reported, Hamid says the one who reported is free to go. This is what Hamid leared from Islam. His farther must have thought him this.

  129. BobbyNZ says:

    It is certainly a watertight case with foreign expert forensic scientists providing DNA evidences on the witness box as the Police do not want to make the same mistake twice. But AI’s blind followers will choose to believe otherwise and the CIA will capitalise and exploit this stupidity. But thank God, the majority of Malaysians are not gullible and they know what DNA means!

  130. donplaypuks says:

    Pawn To Q4 Opening Gambit. Anwar has perfect alibi for 3.00-4.30 pm 26th June 2008.

    Check-mate? What do you think susan?

    Read ‘NEP New Deal Goes Hollywood’ at

  131. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, bobbyNZ, we certainly can distinguish sheep dna from other species of mammals, assuming you’re a mammal. Btw, i prefer the cia buggering us than the NaZi’s exterminating us. Besides i’m myopic. Kindly ruminate on this before u answer, because if we stupid you’re an absolute cretin, possibly related to H. floresensis, you know – closer to present-day Jakarta than we.
    I once said you’re merely annoying, but now i think the OCD is overwhelming your amygdala, besides shorting out your corpus striatum.
    Don’t worry its cheers again.

  132. BobbyNZ says:


    You sure sound mixed up and messed up. Please take my advice to consult a psychiatrist asap to sedate your wild delusions. Then follow up with a good psychologist to keep your mental balance. It’s good for you I guarantee. I feel sorry for you.

    That sodomite is not worth fighting for. He “sodomised” the country’s economy in 1997/8 and now he wants to sodomise the minds of Malaysians. Yours is a typical end result.

    Cheers mate


  133. rage says:

    look what stupid home minister say in Star, he says that saifool is not charged becos he is the key witness. and saifol says that he is glad that Anwar is finally brought to justice. what a spin, kepala pusing.

    a) alamak akbar, r u telling us if both parties is having consensual sex, one person comes forward and report ,the other party will be guilty of sodomy.
    beware to all homo lovers, if u piss ur partner off,ur partner then lodge a report and u will be guilty of sodomy.all the tranvestites at chow kit can blackmail their customers. pay up or i will lodge police report.also all gays couples.beware of the wrath of ur partners. the law of malaysia will protect homosexuals,if u had bad sex,just lodge a report and ur partner can be locked up to 20years jail.

    and to SAIFOOL, the political gigolo, what justice do u mean?anwar already guity before charge? aint u the consenting consensual sex partner? which means justice must be serve both ends. if these dont work on judicial court, u can carry the holy book and swear relligiously to the non belivers. u want judicial court for justice, then u want to swear relligiously on the book, what’s next ? dare to challange urself to take the lie detector test on scientific ground.

    what a circus. clowns everywhere including the press , whose intergrity stoop so low.RPK really caught them offguard with a last minute SD, they make a u-turn with 37B instead, which inturn make malaysian a laughing stocks in front of a whole wide world.dear , permatang pauh voters, pls kick those clowns out of office

  134. Bigdawg says:

    I was wondering if 10 defense witnesses volunteer to sodomise Saiful in court behind a cubicle of curtains, and

    1. these 10 volunteers including Anwar find they cannot by sight the Saiful’s smelly
    ugly arse or,

    2 Saiful refuses to down pants and flees from the cubicle….

    will the prosecutors be persuaded to drop the case against Anwar.
    Or the judge allows an acquittal.

    If so, then I wish to volunteer to be among the witnesses for this acid test.

  135. rage says:

    dear bobbynz,

    Anwar is not on trail, its “malaysians on trail” can real justice be serve righteously to all malaysians including Anwar.
    U may hate anwar does that means u dont mind being sodomized by the goverment. neway , this is the internet, free speech is always welcome. to me u r always a prick and an anwarphobic.

  136. doggone says:

    According to Sankara Nair, DSAI was having a meeting with 5 person at the time of the alledged buggery. He did not elaborate if Saiful was present at the time. Let’s say he was. How would this play out in court?

    DSAI’s Defense – Five person would testify that DSAI was in conference at the time between 3.01pm to 4.30pm, and at no time did he excuse himself or were physically absent at the aforementioned time.

    Saiful’s Testimony – Saiful would testify that DSAI did excused himself before 3.01pm and told everyone that he needed to discuss certain matters with Saiful ‘behind closed doors’. It was during this phase that buggery took place.

    Unless Saiful’s lawyers can prove that those five people present at the meeting were LIARS, I don’t see how the 23year old dropout can convince the judge that he was backpacked.

  137. Bigdawg says:

    Correction :

    1. these 10 volunteers including Anwar find they cannot by sight the Saiful’s smelly
    ugly arse or,

  138. Bigdawg says:

    Sorry Susanne.

    Correction again

    1. these 10 volunteers including Anwar find they cannot be aroused by the sight of Saiful’s smelly ugly arse or,

  139. god had spoken says:

    Is back to correct, correct, correct court again.

    The aim is to put Anwar away from active politics and how is done is simple, shift the goal post and admit only evidence that will make Anwar guilty.

    All this are done by Ketuanan Melayu supporters who will make sure UMNO continue to rule at all cost.

  140. wits0 says:

    That umno god IOW declared thus as against the Order of Nature:
    Unnatural Sex Unlimited

  141. wits0 says:

    Hubris is exaggerated pride or self-confidence often resulting in retribution. It is a common theme in Greek tragedies and mythology, whose stories often featured protagonists suffering from hubris and subsequently being punished by the gods for it. The word carries the connotation of the perpetrator comparing him/herself as equal to or greater than a/the god/ess/es.

    There was also a god called Hubris (or Hybris), the personification of the above concept, insolence, lack of restraint and instinct. He spent most of his time among mortals.

    Greek mythological characters punished for their hubris:

    1. Arachne
    2. Bellerophon
    3. Chione
    4. Cinyras
    5. Ephialtes
    6. Iasion
    7. Marsyas
    8. Niobe
    9. Otus
    10. Salmoneus
    11. Thamyris
    Bumno qualifies for above list and is not even Greek.

  142. CYBERBOY says:


  143. yeo boon kin says:

    Saiful is panic now that he will also be charged for consentual sodomy. So, he
    called Najib for advice. Najib subsequently sms Saiful with the remarks “2morrow I will be meeting AG and IGP, so dnt worry & stay cool”

  144. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Menyalak-er (01:39:19) :

    Yep, bobbyNZ, we certainly can distinguish sheep dna from other species of mammals, assuming you’re a mammal. Btw, i prefer the cia buggering us than the NaZi’s exterminating us. Besides i’m myopic. Kindly ruminate on this before u answer.. ///

    Yup, Menyalak-er – I second that. This boobyNZ, aka NaZi, is spewing udder nonsense and is milking this Anwar case for all its worth. He’s full of excreta taurus.

    Come to think of it, on hind sight, we got his beastiality backwards – he was rammed in his behind by a ram, instead of him shagging sheep…

  145. kesava says:

    The goat-god Aegipan was nurtured by Amalthea with the infant Zeus in Crete. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat,..

    Pan inspired sudden fear in lonely places, Panic (panikon deima). Following the Titans’ assault on Olympus, Pan claimed credit for the victory of the gods because he had inspired disorder and fear in the attackers resulting in the word ‘panic’ to describe these emotions. Of course, Pan was later known for his music, capable of arousing inspiration, sexuality, or panic, depending on his intentions. In the Battle of Marathon (490 BC), it is said that Pan favored the Athenians and so inspired panic in the hearts of their enemies, the Persians.

  146. makotpahc says:

    Cukup memalukan. Yang kita gelar kafir tu pun boleh nampak mana betul dan tak betul. Memalukan.

  147. makotpahc says:

    Cops will allow the Court to find anwar not guilty, then they will have much easier time getting convictions on “Sai the Fool” and the other coconspirators.
    Lots of perjury to look forward to.

  148. wits0 says:

    “Saya telah diliwat…tanpa kerelaan saya.”, sez Saifull :

    We sez, “Poppycock!”

    A 60 tear old man of average built and saddled with a bad back can forcefully overcome a young, strong and healthy 23 year old fella? That’s really against the Order of Nature!

  149. kittykat46 says:

    Botak’s brain is falling apart from the weight of his lies. Is Saiful an consensual party, or isn’t he ?

    In the US, many of the prosecution cases against major Mafia leaders depended on internal informers who were pretty low life scum themselves – so there is a legal precedent (morally smelly, though it is) of offering immunity to witnesses who are themselves criminals. But the authorities need to come clean on this.

    After analysing the torrents of often conflicting information coming out on this, my reading is

    a) This is a conspiracy with UMNO people and probably senior members of the Police force behind it.

    b) But its likely not a Top Level Class A conspiracy like 1998. They don’t have control of the entire government machinery at their disposal, unlike 1998, where Da Big Man as Director-in-Chief.

    c) Since this case serves to embarrass and distract Anwar and PR at this critical juncture, the top UMNO guys have simply hitched a ride on the case since it appeared.

    d) The case against DSAI is weak. The first signs of weakness are already apparent – the DPP has avoided attempting to prove rape, violence or other forms of coercion, most likely because they have none. This concurs with the Pusrawi doctor’s medical examination.

    They are left with proving the simple act of carnal intercourse at the time and place. That’s usually a lot harder, without the kind of physical evidence amounting to rape.

    They probably don’t have the evidence to make any conviction, but you never know how creative Bolehland can be, just stay tuned.

    So to conclude, the objective is probably to embarrass and damage Anwar politically in terms of image, character and most of all, timing through a long and nasty trial.

  150. wits0 says:

    Which party changed it to “Consensual”? Doesn’t sound like Saifull, so shouldn’t he be charged for false report?

  151. makotpahc says:

    Dpm najis also like backbreaking as he confes to razak baginda. It must be part of umno culture. Maybe soon there will be more cases where najib`s lovers will confess to consensual back door entries.

  152. makotpahc says:

    Saiful went to HKL doctor so he could get his rectum lubricted by the examining doctor, for the real sodomy that was take to place later. So while the meeting between anwar and those 5 witnesses was going on at that alleged crime scene, the Fool, Sai, went into the toilet and sodomised himself.

  153. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyoyo, it will be interesting to watch when the prosecution puts Saiful on the witness stand, and Anwar’s lawyers start to rip into him….

    I don’t really enjoy watching blood sports, but this one may be too good to miss….

  154. Sparks says:

    “Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya.” – Saiful`s original report.

    So when and how did ‘tanpa kerelaan saya’ become ‘dengan kerelaan dan kesudian saya’, so that Anwar might today be charged with consensual carnal knowledge against the order of nature?

  155. wits0 says:

    Looking forward to the show of the century which is more karut than kowsai!

  156. pressure says:


    and then we have some who are shivering scared
    word has it that the accuser has sought the comforting arms of
    pet uncle mohd.hazli.

  157. Bodolah's boss says:

    Dey, Bodolah, apa ini, hari hari main belakang, tak jaga negara baik-baik?

    What the fuck are you doing, if you are hired to look after the country, do it lah properly, don’t play the fool everyday playing backsides. You are a stupid no good use syaitan.

    What is this snatching dead bodies from aggrieved families, snatching thieves ever where in Bolehland, inflation at its highest point in history of Bolehland, unemployment at its all time high, corruptions every where, practicing racial favoritism, AP in robbing rakyats’ money, bribing Umno members for supporting you, colleges education only producing wielding keris samsen etc…

    Now you want to main belakang. Dey! Bodoh-lah you are the impossible man. How could this snake of the century appointed you to be the PM of Bolehland?

    You better get lost before you asshole becomes like open flowers!

    Get the hell out of here before you are c4ed, ha ha ha.

    No use Bodohlah, hari hari main belakang, kerja pun tak mahu buat. You are just a waste of tax payers’ money.

    Siapkan minyak Omega dan you balik kampong kasil kerbau tendang/hentam belakang -lah. Buat boss awak masa saja…. porahhhh ha ha ha ha…… Bodohlah, tak layat untuk ini kerja lah!

  158. pressure says:

    Now what that blardy fool badawi wanto say? His boyfriend saiful say it was consensual, first was rape. This idiot bardawi dunno how to fix up case jubo pun. Very badly educated PM this one.

  159. CYBERBOY says:




  160. jokar says:

    How many Islam Menteris and police officers are involved in Saiful-Anwar’s case. Hamid Albar is surely one of them. Hamid is not an ordinary man but a lawyer and a politician. But the way Hamid acted and said did not look and sound like an educated Minister. Hamid has brought down the name of Islam and the Malay race. They have heard and see what has been happenings; words changed, charge changed. No wonder once upon a time UMNO was charged as ‘munafiq’. No wonder Malaysian Islamic Malays were despise by some Malaysians. They go to pray for show, built the crystal mosque for show and when they die they have no choice to be buried as Islam. Ask them does Islam teach them to be that smelly ?

  161. pressure says:

    “But it’s not up to Dollah Badawi to decide who can represent the people but the voters themselves,” he said to back his claim that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was behind the Sodomy II charge.

    “One day he says it is rape, the next it’s not. It changes according to his fancy, how shameful.”

  162. CYBERBOY says:


  163. whispering9 says:

    “THE REASON THAT WAS GIVEN- THAT SAY-FOOL WAS A WITNESS WAS UTTERLY UNCONVINCING.”….the term “witness” was a spun MSM version. Any ethical editor would have printed the quote as “……(Saiful) was a (witness).” He actually stammered it out as “he was a complainer….he was a complainer….how to charge him” when cornered by the reporters. The expression ‘complainer’ has many meanings to say the least.

  164. ybk says:

    Syed Hamid quoted “I cannot go into detail”. “The Police have done the investigation, the AG’s chambers have looked at it and they now decided to charge; let is be determined by the Court.”

    The rakyat is not interested in your details, please keep it to yourself. Rakyat has concluded that this is a conspired fabricated case by the government. Rakyat will be grateful and happy if you will just” SHUT YOUR MOUTH” about this conspiracy.

  165. drrafick says:

    Please read my views on the issue of the latest medical report at


  166. What a shamble !
    Get out of this God forsaken country until and when all the back side f…… and the UMNO goons are gone. Until then best of luck !

  167. Detektif Conan says:

    Welcome to Law of the Jungle

    Ulasan Shit amid bebal tua terkutuk botak licin sekali lagi menyerlahkan kebodohannya, pengadu tidak didakwa katanya, begitu juga dlm kes rasuah. Habistu apa pasal pengadu rasuah dikenakan ISA.

    Apa kata sekiranya DSAI lebih dulu membuat pengaduan, adakah DSAI juga akan dilindungi oleh Polis dan tidak didakwa?. Silapnya DSAI lambat buat aduan?. No, according to the Law of the Jungle, sekiranya DSAI terlebih dahulu membuat aduan, sudah tentu Shit amid bebal tua terkutuk botak licin akan mengatakan undang-undang akan melindungi tertuduh, hanya pengadu akan didakwa.

    Everything is boleh in this Boleh land, but now the Boleh Land is turning to Bodoh Land. Why not rebranding Malaysia as Liwatsia, it sounds good to me.

    Bodowi kata ini untuk keadilan kpd Sayfool, bagaimana dengan Norita Samsuddin, sampai sekarang tidak tahu siapa yg membunuh beliau.

  168. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, theWrathof Grapes… i absolutely forgot about the reverse ‘ramming’ by the horny merino ram! I think it was only paid to harp on one issue, but mind you, as the desperation mounts the range of issues will ‘mount’ exponentially.
    Yes kittykat, the case was so weak, that the Legal Eagles from their chambers almost gave up without a fight. It is not as its seems… there is a distinct possibility that dopey big boss didn’t ‘force’ the issue, and SG felt that there was no case. He was just going thru’ the motions.
    You’re absolutely right that their ranks are breaking apart, and there is much squabbling at the top. Much consternation and i think RPK is probably mistaken that ‘a shot to take out 2 birds at the same time’.
    This time, i feel that he’s only targeting no.2, the ag & pig! Whatever, lets watch this kowsai dog & pony show as wits0 so kindly puts it!

  169. xy says:

    I have been watching the arguments for and against dsai.

    Well, from the perspective of Quantum Mechanics, there is no absolute certainty of path of a certain event. We can only assign a certain probability to all possible paths.

    We should not confuse the most probable outcome (path with highest probability) with the actual outcome, since any outlying path with remote probability has a chance of expressing itself.

    So, all else being equal, 100% certainty of a particular outcome is contrary to Quantum Mechanics. But then again, are all else equal ?

  170. Menyalak-er says:

    Btw, wits0, this classical bumno Greek tragedy thingy, will have them search the encyclopedia for the next 48 hrs! Hahaha… wonder what’s in their pathetic, karut & karat minds right now. Hubris definitely…

  171. wits0 says:

    Well, Menyalak-er, it isn’t our problem if the supremacist outlook under the tempurong of umnoputraism underpinning local education has made people sorely wanting in terms of knowledge for decades. Chapto-drivel is an example where some others have described as a, “no standard one’. But he’s not being ripped for that but for the untruth he tries to sell here in support of the Forces of Darkness. Where has he gone? It’s time for next work-over on him. LOL!

  172. AAW says:

    Saifool either has a hyperactive imagination/fantasy, got posessed by an UMNO Bomo ghost, having a “happy” ass, or happily getting paid to have his ass on the line.
    Now that it is “consectual”, i wouldnt think “happy” is still appropriate; [no matter what that ALba fella says]
    He’s probably having diarohea now thinking of what he’s got himself into.
    [i dont think they counted on that leaked report claiming that the ass was one fine intact specimen] The police have now no choice but to charge him as well.. unless they claim again “clerical error” and ammend the charge. ANYway, what was it that Najib said about the poor guy having cold sweat, and looking so distressed when he was counceling him?…consectual mah; should be happy.

  173. Anonymous says:

    There is a space where DSAI can actuallu sue Saiful.
    Saiful has told everybody that he had been “forced” sodomised by DSAI.
    But the fact that now police can only trigger 377B.
    The three possibilities here:-

    Worst case In-between Best case
    ——— ——— ——–
    Forced sodomised Consensual sex None of them
    (Saiful stand) (Police current stand) (DSAI stand)

    Police currently already rules out forced sodomy, the charge by police based on 377B; the outcome could only be YES(Got consensual sex) or NO. Thus DSAI can actually sue Saiful now.

  174. noevil says:

    On the lighter side of things:

    Anwar: “Saiful, why u so like dat, after we play play, you complain to the police”
    Saiful: “becos it is not fair, you get the pleasure and I get the pain”
    Anwar: “who tell you dat, let me ask u, if you dig your ear, you think which one gets the pleasure, the finger or the ear?”

  175. chaptokam says:

    wits0ycrite I am here , monitoring and downloading all your comments , for future reference .

  176. chaptokam says:

    Witsocrite ;
    But he’s not being ripped for that but for the untruth he tries to sell here in support of the Forces of Darkness. Where has he gone? It’s time for next work-over on him. LOL!


  177. kittykat46 says:

    You have to understand this isn’t Ktemoc’s blog, full of like-minded UMNO-cybertroopers.

  178. Menyalak-er says:

    wits0, chaps is way back trying his ‘udder’ best to defend the Be-eN-ded lackeys, he’ll show up soon with his hungry ghost (his very own) soon.
    Btw, we also have a quantum physicist on tow, xy, welcome!
    I don’t get your quantum drift? Is it about Hawkings ‘Black hole radiation/decay’ or are you working on the ‘grand unification/string-m theories’ or merely stating what is seen but not neccesarily so, in accordance to quantum priciples.
    If its the latter statement, i fully agree.
    If its the former, then i get your ‘general’ drift’, I may agree.
    But if its the intermediate, then you’re definitely talking to yourself.

  179. chaptokam says:

    kittykat46 I didn’t start it . It seems he wants to take put shots at me all the time . and to me “” It’s time for next work-over on him. LOL!”” I welcome his challenge if he wants to work -over on him . To me I take it as he wants to declare war !

  180. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, he has to be one, a (MCA) cybertrooper. There can be little reason why he persists in making an ass of himself for less. No standard one, too. Hahaha!

  181. Tilted says:

    By charging Anwar for the offence of consensual anal sex with a person of the same sex, the prosecution is in effect prosecuting him for the “crime of homosexuality”.

    For the Malaysian homosexual community’s take on this whole debacle, please see

  182. Detektif Conan says:

    It said clearly under 377B “whoever bla bla bla …”. Seem like Sayfool is not “who” then what is he?

  183. george says:

    Pls do not forget about syariah court…which AI have lodged an false accusation report… all come part and part la. PR will change the government for sure now… all rakyat r support PR propaganda for new dawn of Malaysia…

  184. chaptokam says:

    wits0crite so what ! ! If I am a MCA cybertrooper , What can you do about it ?

  185. Darren says:

    Dear Malaysians, if it’s *consensual* sodomy, why isn’t the accuser being arrested, too?

  186. joeawk says:

    Our jail will be too small if all ass screwers are put to jail. That would include many UMNO leaders.

    who has not attemted to screw their wife’s ass finding that their wife’s cunt does not fit their prick tightly?

    Put them all into jail?

    Stupid UMNO guys.

    If u must charge Anwar for beating the traffic, and find him RM300.00 to embarass him, it is still more acceptable than charging him with sodomy.

  187. jonathan says:

    Looks like the moral of this all is. Make the police report first you got analised so that you will not be convicted. Is this also implying if you commit rape or you make the report first that you have been raped even if it was consensual.
    read my take on this

  188. troother says:

    THREE visits from police officers made me fear for my safety and that of my family.

    That is reason given by the doctor who examined alleged sodomy victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan on why he decided to leave Malaysia.,4136,172727,00.html

  189. troother says:

    If I am a MCA cybertrooper , What can you do about it ? – chaptokam

    Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.
    — James Carswell

  190. chaptokam says:

    Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.
    James Carswell

    But he forgot , nature immediately comes out with a better mouse , man will come out with a better mouse trap . So this is an on going process .

  191. chaptokam says:

    But he forgot , nature immediately comes out with a better mouse , man will come out with a better improved mouse trap . So this is an on going process .

  192. chaptokam says:

    troother , forget about that , lets go and watch the olympics , see how our boys and girls performing .

  193. Anonymous says:

    “If I am a MCA cybertrooper , What can you do about it ?” chaptokam

    sampah sarap malaysia called chaptokam, the fact that he talked nonsense here suggest his level of tong sampah.
    chaptokam now sounds like a hooligan (forgetting his religious behaviour he claimed).
    well based on how chaptokam blindly supports to BN even to BN’s political conspiracies and the way he spins some nonsense here, we are not surprised that chaptokam is BN or UMNO cybertrooper.
    whether bn or mca cybertrooper, bn or mca is really self destructing… with this level of tong sampah cybertrooper.

  194. Omitoufu says:

    The Foreign Ministry will send a letter to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to explain Malaysia’s view on what it sees as American interference in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim case. ” 9-08-08

    “There will be a series of meetings with foreign governments to explain what is going on, and the first will be in Washington, DC, at the end of next month. Then we will move on to European countries.” 9-08-08

    Now, we have a minister who has the sence to do this.
    He really has the people’s feelings in his heart…!!!!

    All the other countries will have the opportunities to participate and listen to you….. right up to the court room with their pressmen and they would help you to disseminate the event world wide for you.


    Thanks to the US for indirectly instigating and making this possible, or otherwise the said minister would, but “forced” to keep silent.

    Cheers to the foreign minister for this move. At least you are able to voice out now…very loud indeed…your true feeling for the country.

    Credit must also go to your boss.
    Please also “tidy up” your court room and make sure there is sufficient seats for these guests of honour.

    Cheers again tho the said minister.

    …………………….and at the same time please advise your tourism minister to prepare for the “welcome to Malysia” for this world “special event” (only every 10 years)……much better than the Olympic Game (every four years)…….

    These people from UN to EU USA, China, Japan, all over the world would be coming in large groups…100s of thousands….

    Good Invisible income comes in handle at this time.

    If the time is too short, ask the Home minister for the court date’s postponement………, say, November 10th 2008 or whatever date suitable.

  195. joke says:

    Again its dear Najib. In Altantuya case, Razak scrambled to Najib for help, Najib “kow-tim” (settle) and “save” his buddy in this sex case no. 1. Now, in Anwar sodomy case, Saiful scramble to Najib again for help, Najib again “kow-tim” (settle) and “save” his buddy in another sex case no. 2. So, is Najib a sex saviour?.Did he also get syiockalingam from saiful. BTW, what is this thingy about “unnatural sex”. Is it not natural for 2 consenting adults to engage in sex in whatever way they wish as long as it is done in a private, safe way and not in public areas? You mean all the Umno and BN men do not engage in this type of sex i.e. no backass and blow job biz..ah, so good boy ah so holy one ah?Ask Pas men, surely got do also. Surely all men did that or try at least once with their wife or girlfriend or their partners for gays. You mean gays cannot have sex ah? Then how is a gay suppose to have sex with no blowjob and back.Ask Umno for prescription for gays to have sex, hold hand only and kissing only?Poor gays those who commit unnatural sex all have to jail for 20 years.Jail will be pack with not only gays but natural couples too? So Edison chen and all his girls also guilty by displaying worldwide their unnatural sex.So our poor Saiful is now a gay celebrity, he is announcing to the world he is gay and got “poked” by a politician. Najib’s style – use Razak and now use Saiful for his political agenda. How to respect this kind of government.Another dictator like the previous PM. Anwar, quickly be PM LAH we rakyat cant wait for the petrol price to drop. This petrol price is killing everyone and every business in Malaysia.Cepat-lah. Rakyat setengah mati oredy with this high cost of living.Our country produce oil and other rich resources but rakyat getting poorer and life tougher by the day!No logic.The 1Billion spend to space could feed the rakyat for 10 years!Now Govenment no money becoz spend unwisely go after and squeeze the poor rakyat.Also besides petrol drop, abolish tolls within city and suburbans and property assessments (very high).Clean up DBKL cepat kaya approvals for developments.Cause lots of miseries to people for bad planning.

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